What is America’s Economic Breaking Point?

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    If there exists a single factor that can put enough pressure on the whole of the American economy and force it to crumble under its own weight, it’s the price the average American pays for gas. Extreme up-side gas price swings have preceded seven of the last eight American recessions, most recently in the summer of 2008 when drivers were forced to pay an all time high in excess of $4.50 per gallon at the pumps. What followed this spike – caused in part by tightening supplies, rising demand, easy money and a health dose of financial propaganda – was nothing short of the most severe financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression.

    Nearly four years on the country finds itself in the midst of difficult times that have taken their toll on millions of Americans through job losses, home foreclosures, un-servicable debt, and ever dwindling retirement savings. By all accounts, Americans are worse off today than they were ten years ago, and the state of our nation, despite what Washington’s media masters report, is fiscally, economically, and socially dire.

    With an estimated national debt that will approach $20 trillion in just a couple of years, some $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities over the next twenty five years, scores of millions of Americans dependent on overburdened government safety nets to survive, and a rapidly shrinking domestic economy, the key question becomes,”what is America’s economic breaking point?”

    The answer to this question becomes apparent in a recent documentary from Future Money Trends, which suggests that the breaking point for the U.S. economy comes when the cheap energy we have enjoyed for the better part of a century finally dries up.

    Future Money Trends is expecting the U.S. to face the perfect storm of events that, when combined, will send gas prices past the breaking point for the average American.

    There are three major catalysts that will cause gas prices to reach this breaking point.

    Number one, the dollar is in a state of collapse caused by a continuous increase of the money supply by America’s central bank.

    Two, instability in the middle east and a potential war with Iran would great disrupt the supply of oil.

    Three, the supply of cheap, recoverable oil is dwindling along with a major increase in demand.

    America is built for $50 oil and $2 a gallon gasoline. The seriousness of our situation should not be overlooked. We have multiple forces that will drive gas prices past America’s $5 per gallon breaking point… Rising gas prices caused by these three catalysts will break the backs of the American consumer, spiking prices to the point where present day normalcy is no longer the reality.

    Via Future Money Trends

    Though there is evidence that the peak oil theory of physical shortages is accurate, it’s not even so much that the world will run out of oil per se, as it is that we simply don’t have the technology to extract that oil at a cheap enough cost to maintain our current way of life.

    If you consider the significant pressures currently facing the United States financial and economically, it’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that even a minimal rise in the price of gas could seriously hamper the consumption habits of the majority of our population, which in turn will further reduce economic growth. As Future Money Trends‘ Daniel Ameduri notes in the above documentary, even a $1 gas price move has a significant impact with the potential to extract $100 billion from the broader economy.

    With gas prices at or above $4 in most parts of the country, we’re quickly approaching 2008’s breaking point. And for those who don’t think prices could exceed those historic highs of 2008, consider that most Europeans are already paying nearly $10 per gallon.

    With rising demand from BRIC nations like China and India, tensions in the middle east and unprecedented monetary expansion, ten dollars may very well become a reality. Such a swing in prices would immediately shave some $600 billion in direct consumer consumption and shrink our economy by 5% almost instantly. And that doesn’t even include the consequences that will inevitably hit small businesses and their employees in the months following.

    Going into 2008 Americans felt fairly confident about their savings, their ability to find work, and their overall outlook. After four years of malaise, the majority of Americans have lost that confidence, as their ability to maintain the standard of living to which they became accustomed over decades of rampant government spending and easy money has been seriously undermined.

    At this point, as suggested by Ameduri, even a one or two dollar increase in the price of gas could be the breaking point that sends our economy and global financial markets into an unrecoverable tailspin. The psychological impact of $5 or $6 gas may cause more of a panic than the price itself, because the only thing keeping the system afloat at this point is confidence in our leadership and that the best-and-brightest will be able to mitigate the crisis.

    We were able to suspend the worst when governments around the world stepped in previously and let loose everything in the quiver to abate a collapse. This time, however, with our debts piling up at unsustainable levels and our lenders rapidly diversifying out of U.S. based assets, we will not be so lucky.

    Whether the breaking point has been breached is up for debate, but there’s a strong possibility the die has already been cast. With trillions of dollars in capital flows, government intervention and financial machinations behind the scenes, it’s impossible to predict the exact timeline or occurrence of events, but we may well have already crossed the Rubicon.

    Assuming that a breaking point is inevitable simply because of our failure to fundamentally change anything since the original crisis took hold in 2008, we should look to history as a guide as a way to anticipate the consequences that follow unsustainable governance and monetary policy.

    If history surrounding such events has taught us anything, it’s that we must presume whatever is coming will be brutal, violent and it will transpire so quickly that most people won’t realize what happened until they’re walking the streets with worthless paper money in their pockets looking for morsels of food to stock their pantries – we’re talking end of the world type stuff.

    The collapse of nations and conventional paradigms is never an orderly thing.


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      1. I think the price if gas holding back the economy along with the shrinking middle class not supporting the economy is the start of the great spin down the drain. Now how long this will take is not known but could be a slow spiral unless some big disater, collapse or world event helps to jumpstart the process. With more and more pepople on govt. aid and working for the ever expanding govt. there are fewer and fewer middle class amrericans supporting all the govt. jobs and welfare parisites. We are on the edge and need some stability to rebuild the middle class but there are to many factors that if just one or two minor setbacks happen it could start a cascade effect into oblivion. Prep for the worst and hope for the best and vote that communnist/socialist president out in nov. if we make it that far.

        • Good talking points, but I don’t think there is a “breaking point” per se – nor will it happen everywhere all at once.

          I think the specific event or period of time will be undefinable, but it will become apparent as whole neighborhoods become vacant (due to foreclosure or failure to sell), As local social services can no longer provide for any but the absolute most emergency funds for the newly impoverished. As banks can no longer keep up with people squatting in the abandoned properties. As thefts of basic essentials begin to skyrocket, and thefts of luxury goods begins to drop.

          Eventually, the riots begin.

          • I agree., I don’t believe that there will be a “breaking point”…, the best analogy I could give is when you know you are gaining weight., but didn’t realize you gained 20 pounds, because it slowly creeps up on you. Just like are economy, it’s creeping ever so slowly downward and people will wake up almost to the bitter end.


            • I’m hearing you guys and I agree. I really think that what Mac has identified the price of gas as the thing that puts the most pressure on the economy. Sure, the housing collapse was a big deal but the economy roared on for another year until the gas prices rose above a certain point.

              Myself, I’ve not received a raise since 2008. In fact, on the contrary, since everyone else is getting a raise, I’m cutting stuff. Insurance, entertainment, eating out, gas, all of it has gone up since my last raise. Admittedly, I make a good chunk, however, it angers me. Why is everyone else getting raises, but me? They all say they have to charge me more because THEIR prices are going up. Uh, *HELLO!!!* Mine are too! But, I can’t raise mine…

              This is how the Federal Reserve, a private bank that controls our “money” (I use the term very loosely…) has wrecked this nation. Inflation raises prices and companies are very willing to increase their prices but very unwilling to raise wages. We, the people who do the work, get left behind.

              The deeper this depression gets the more I’m glad I bought this 30 acres around me. Between the wood I can glean from the 20 acres of woods to the coal I can mine to the ground I can grow stuff on, it all makes very good sense now. My wife questioned the wisdom of it years ago when we did it. She does not now.

            • A nice big fat war with Iran would be a breaking point.

              Plan on gas at $7.00-$9.00 a gallon.

              Think that won’t tank the economy in short order?

            • @Net:

              Yep – I do agree insofar as gasoline, though I have no real idea as to what price point would tear things down.

              If all other factors were in good shape (employment, sales, etc), and overall consumer confidence were at an all-time high and growing, then gas prices would have to be way higher before it would cause damage. OTOH, if we have our current economy, then gas prices hiking up by too much would only make things more dire.

              Thing is, we really have no idea at what point the price would make things irreversible, or rather, at what point gas prices would touch off a vicious and unstoppable cycle.

              As far as raises? I got exactly two since 2008. The first was by $15k/yr, when I switched jobs. The second was by $13k/yr, when I switched jobs again. That is how one raises his own personal prices – by finding better opportunities. My last employer found this out when they refused to give me a raise, and after I left they realized to their horror that I was the only guy who knew anything at all about their email (Microsoft Exchange) system. My response to their panicked phone call a couple months later (after a junior administrator accidentally broke it) was that my rates are $250/hr, 4 hour minimum. Believe it or not, they would up paying some outside consultant $75/hr for 20 hours of work (it likely took him that long to figure out the customizations, and fix it so that nothing else broke while applying the fix). It was a hard lesson for the employer, but sometimes they have to learn the hard way.

              To avoid boring everyone to death, I guess what I’m saying is that you have to make your own raises.

          • odd questioner
            all of these things have happened already. thats the point. in history the period from 2007-201? will be looked at as a depression much greater than the 30s. while we are in the midst of it , it doesnt actually occur to many just what they are part of.

            • They have, and they haven’t. It all depends on what area you’re talking about.

              Personally, I won’t start heading for the bunker until we see the following:

              * widespread rioting (not the bullshit Occupy stuff, I mean real riots)

              * an overall situation where martial law is invoked regularly in the cities (I don’t live in any city, so…)

              * basic services (electricity, food distribution, etc) experience sporadic outages.

              At that point, we’ll know that feces is meeting fan.

            • odd questioner
              in other words you will wait til its too late!

            • Quite the opposite, actually.

              You see, I live outside of town. When shit meets fan, the only real change would be to ramp up preps while I still could (above/beyond my ongoing rate), find non-electronic means of entertainment, start working the alternate water sources once the water main dried up, and to throw wood in the stove instead of turning the thermostat up.

              If things began to get dangerous in the city, I’d merely work from home full-time.

              Reactions will differ from person to person, depending on what they have, where they are, and how well prepared they are.

          • then everyone will quit paying their debts, say fuck it to taxes and then exercise their right to bare arms.

            said bare arms purposely…fuck them all.

            “live free or die”

            • Sit back and relax kids. What we are seeing here is how to legally take down a president. The oil companies are for the most part is on our side. They are well aware of obama and his “green,enviro” horseshit. They know high gas prices will defeat obama in the end, and as long as they keep them up, obama is going down. Obama might be the president but he his bucking up against real horsepower. We have to suffer through the next few months and get shit4brains the fuck out and retired. Maybe send him back to his homeland, Kenya.

            • hammerun

              There’s another camp like Guatenemo in Somalia that hasn’t made the MSM that was opened under Obmama. Mandela warned Bush re Libya & the torture of Ghadaffi is regarded as an abominable act of Satan by Christians and Muslims alike. The drone attacks on Yemen are considered unforgiveable (civilians are suffering).

              Obama really isn’t wanted on the African continent. Moderates/liberals say you can keep him, hardliners won’t sink to the depths associated with Ghaddafi’s death, but he’s safer staying in the US. Many ordnary Africans feel totally betrayed by Obama.

              From a prepping perspective if you have land – enrich your soil NOW with commercial fertiisers if needed. Coorporate agriculture is very oil dependent, and will monpolise stocks. Grocery prices will rise due to both fertiliser and fuel costs. Food at the grocery store may become unaffordable.

              Do what you can to get your soil in the best possible condition NOW, so that you can cope when poop from your chickens is all that’s avaiable. Think about permaculture, green manures etc to maintain the productivity of your land. It often taks 3-7 years for soil to reach full productivity and then you gotta maintain it.

              For those of us with a handkerchief sized plots, skill at making decent compost and a wormery might be neat project for this year.

              If you are part of a good community then it might be worth taking a look at the Transition town movement. Here in the UK Todmorden is pretty amazing in this regard with food grown in all public spaces.

              Look at altering your transport habits – can you carshare or cycle to work? Can you make bio-diesel on your own land? How fuel efficient is your vehicle? Can you work from home a day or two a week? Do you need to find work closer to home out of the city as the commute negates the higher city salery you earn currently?

            • “lastmanstanding says:

              then everyone will quit paying their debts, say fuck it to taxes and then exercise their right to bare arms.

              said bare arms purposely…fuck them all.”


              And what purpose will wearing tee shirts or wife-beater shirts serve?

            • lastmanstanding – You got it right about the bare arms. Sleeves are all that separate us from the Apocalypse.

          • @OQ hmmmmmmmm … What Happens when when they (THE PTB – THE MAN) ATTACK us civvies again with another fedzionistgov FALSE_FLAG???

            Do We ALL , just continue to just LAY HERE WHIMPERING IN
            F E A R of a Handful of Psychotic Sociopaths
            and TAKE IT???

            hmmmmmmmm… Isn’t it time we called them out and DEFENDED ourselves against them! We know WHO they are! We know WHAT they are doing! We know WHERE they ALL live!



            AnyOne??? Bueller???


            • nina, precisely, this is what im saying… good grief… this is painful…. we live amongst fucking sissies.

            • “What Happens when when they (THE PTB – THE MAN) ATTACK us civvies again with another fedzionistgov FALSE_FLAG???”

              The more likely scenario is to consider what happens when they start drowning in a futile attempt to keep order in the cities.

              Like prepping at large, you have to pick the most likely events and prep for those.

              You see, there’s a reason I don’t prep for asteroid impacts, EMPs, Godzilla, Nuclear Winters, or any of that fluff… because the odds are so damned low of it occurring that gearing everything for any one of them actually gets in the way of prepping in general.

              For instance, let’s talk EMP for a moment. Ditching a newer off-road rig for an old off-road rig because the new one might be susceptible to an electromagnetic pulse? The older rig leaves you with worn-down/worn-out parts, shitty gas mileage (reducing your range and/or cargo capacity), and structural defects (rust, etc) that need to be constantly repaired or guarded against. Overall, it becomes a waste of money, and it cripples your overall plans.

              The smartest thing you can do is to prep in general,and forget the tin-foil stuff.

          • Simply put, the collapse is a process, not an event. We are in it now.

          • Lets see….
            Housing numbers….FAKE
            Unemployment numbers….FAKE
            Interest numbers….FAKE
            Inflation numbers….FAKE
            Election numbers….FAKE
            Oil demand…FAKE
            Green loans…FAKE
            Student loan numbers….FAKE
            Food prices….FAKE
            Gas prices….FAKE
            False flag attack…ON THE WAY,can you say 911
            I really dont see what the hoopla is about??

          • After a week people will be too hungry and weak to riot. That’s the plan. They will gladly get on the FEMA bus.

        • Recent history (last time around)showed that $4 per gallon was the price point that started to slow the economy. Gasoline prices have moderated a bit since their recent highs.

          Clearly the oil giants are going to squeeze every nickel they can out of US; but supplies are rising in advance of an Israeli first strike. Saudi Arabia has been shipping boo coo oil to US in anticipation of this event.

          That’s how you know that oil is NOT going to be priced in anything other than dollars for a while, so forget that. Protection has a price.

          Prices will spike when the strike occurs, but the larder will be full before that happens and a new pipeline to the Arabian Sea will circumvent the Iranians.

          Long tern there is a 700 year supply of natural gas that could be liquified for use here in the USA. As it is WE are planning to ship that to China and Europe. It can replace diesel.

          The energy shortage is ARTIFICIAL and an attempt to impose Agenda 21 upon US. This is the way that the NWO PTB will force you to relocate to the inner city and support “light rail” as the transportation of choice.

          The dollar is not “collapsing” it is declining in value; and THAT has been planned by the GB’s for a long time to reduce OUR debt in real terms.

          Engage your managers my peeps or be enslaved by them: one gallon of gas at a time.

          • One of my favorite sayings is “change before you have to”. Here in California, we’ve been paying around $4.29 average for a gallon of gas. It sucks but you learn to cope. 🙁

        • Big event: Like Japan now looking at moving 1/3rd (40 Mill)of their population in to China to soak up the vacant houses due to the reactors spewing out radiation.
          If the Jap gov tells 40M whats the real figure think of the cost involved never been such a migration in history, What happens if the reactors go BOOM and send toxic gas all around the world like it is doing now to USA, then get back to sinking USD, Spain etc gong broke 4 large banks in USA on the verge, student loans,etc etc.

          • i agree Glen…radiation from fukashima is the last nail in the coffin…the worlds 3rd largest economy on the brink of collapse from a forced evacuation of tokyo…and 256% debt to gdp ratio, and we thought US’s and greece’s 107% and 140% was bad. people with half a brain will panic, go into bunker mode, accelerating the death of a debt based global economic system. and given no UN based council meetings to address fukashima, nor MSM coverage, and plenty of japan and US govt coverup evidence regarding the severity and impact….invites the question, was this event engineered to facilitate the elites call for global depopulation? a stretch i know…but we’re dealing with evil criminal people with bad intent

            ~I HAVE THE “ALL SEEING EYE” ‘0) BOOGA BOOGA ;0)

            • no nina , you dont have an all seing eye.. you just have common sense and foresight like me. and the ability to see and call the truth.

            • some medical people have a name for our “condition” . they call it “aspbergers disease” LMAO..LOL.. these twits have actually labelled people like us as some kind of disease ridden twits! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Maybe we can swap a bunch of people that look like Obamas son for some of those hard working law abiding Japanese.

        • Fukushima is the breaking point. When the cooling pool for the spent fuel rods collapse in the next earthquake the chaos will be immediate. when the radiation clouds that are 85 times worse than chernobyl hit watch out. The Northern Hemisphere Jet stream will bathe North America in very very deadly radiation which will get into the food chain very fast. Buy real estate on the Big Island of Hawaii. You can get 3 acres now for 30,000.00. god knows how expensive it will be when the masses start arriving.

        • if the free market were truly allowed to work unfettered, rising gas prices would cause innovation which would produce new fuels which would reduce prices…but we will never have that as long as the globalist eugenicist collectivist monarch social engineers have the helm

      2. With all the talk of the price of gas in Europe, why has no one pointed out what the price of gas is in, say, Venezuela, or Kuwait or Saudi?

        • The price of gas at the pump in Saudi was $.25 per gallon
          in 1998-1999 when I commuted to work in the Kingdom.(equivelent in dollar to rial).

        • Thanks to an incredibly government-subsidized lifestyle, there’s a saying common to the Mideast: “The heaviest thing a Saudi will lift is his wallet”.

          The Saudi kingdom rolls most of their oil money back into the population.

      3. Energy policy is a lot of the cause of the mess we are in. The freemarketamerica video on utube summs it up good

        • What policy? You mean the one designed to prevent any energy from being extracted and developed? Wait until most of the coal plants are shut down. Those back East who voted for obama can enjoy sitting in the dark and cold on Christmas morning. Just like old times.

      4. The cost of gas has all but killed my convenience store. Higher prices will be a catastrophy.

        • My Boss juggled, put everything he had into the business, but the fuel cost wasn’t all that caused him to quit. It was the regulations: DOT, IRS, EPA, and especially ObamaCare regulations begin in August took their toll. And the amazing number of people who just never paid their freight bill. Yet, it also was two weeks after local diesel hit $4.29 that the paychecks were delayed. And now has stopped.

      5. at this point the only thing we can do is stock up on food, and try to survive the best we can.

        • Stock up on gas too.
          dh is instructed to fill 2-5 gallons and 3-2 gallons tomorrow to add to what’s in the storage.
          Lacking a motivation, this article reminded me to do this.

          • I hear people always saying “stock up gasoline” and such. When it really all collapses, due to the mass-hysteria once MSM and the sheeple can no longer deny it, You wouldn’t be able to drive your vehicles on the streets. And if you need gas for a generator in that scenario, that wouldn’t be a great idea because you become a target because you still have lights, and people will hear the generator.

            • Might be a good time to acquire a good quality bicycle.

            • I think having a few gallons on hand is a good idea. When this all starts, people will just siphon and drill every gas tank they see. Keep some gas hidden in cans and if you can hold out long enough after the chaos, plug the holes in your tank, fill up with the emergency gas, and drive out cautiously. You’ll still be a target but if you wait long enough you might outlast the competition.

            • Oh, I just meant stock up with 3.50 before it hits 5.00 or 6.00.

            • go solar panels for generating electricity…access to pumps for gas based generators may be gated via gas rationing coupons like issued in the 40s…we’re in for a rough ride like never witnessed

            • honda makes a small generator eu2000 that is very quiet and sips gas because its a inverter generator. it will run a fridge and freezer at the same time no problem. however i wouldnt recomend running lights after all it is a shtf scenario. there are cheaper inverter generators available but honda is a very reliable unit

            • You cannot stock up on gasoline. It goes bad fairly quickly and will hose your engine. How do I know this? Because I quit driving an older vehicle and let it sit for months when I got a new one. Took months to get it working right.

            • John W.
              There are ways to store gas. Any gas stabilizer will allow you to store, then remember to rotate your stock. Should have ask, you may have been able to save that car.

              Check out http://www.patriotprovisions.com for some great survival and tactical gear. Great prices, items being added everyday

      6. When I was in high school I had a part-time job at a gas station pumping gas at 39 cents a gallon and providing full service ( cleaning windshield, checking and capping off fluids under the hood, check tire pressure,,,,,).
        We will never see that price again with the fiat currency the Federal Reserve Bank is printing/peddling today.

        • The old gas station days in High School, been there done that…

          Based on 32.00 dollars a ounce for silver.pre 64 dimes will buy you.

          20 cents = 4.56 a gallon
          30 cents = 6.84 a gallon
          40 cents = 9.12 a gallon
          50 cents = 11.40 a gallon

          That is a example how our Gov. has taken care of business in America.

          • What your saying then is gas is still a bargain when priced in REAL money.Silver and lead bitchez!

            • Yeah. Too bad no one PAID in REAL money….just Federal Reserve Tokens.

        • You need to adjust for inflation. When you were in high school 39 cents was worth a lot more. From what I’ve observed and heard gas prices just measure inflation.

          • I remember when gas was ninteen cents a gallon. In 1970 AMACO av gas was 33 cents a gallon SUNOCO 260 was the same, both hundred plus octane. Those were the days 427 Chevy with 12 to 1 compression. 7.99 a gallon now.

        • when i was in high school, gas was about 50 cents a liter, or about 2 dollars a gallon. this was in the late 80s early 90s.

          • Yea, when I started mowing yards with a “push mower”, age 7, gas was 28 cents per leaded gallon. We thought the shit was starting to hit the fan when it jumped to .50 cents a gal. Ah! but those were the days.

      7. The million dollar question: WHEN?????

        • Dawgawnit! I thought the million dollar question was “WHAT?”!

          Sorry, misread the memo.

          Back to the drawing board.


          • No million dollars for you today, Mac!!!

            • wheres my million dais!

          • Sorry M.S. Et Al: the million dollar question has and will always be: Will she or won’t she? Far more important than the price of gas.

        • I personally believe they will be able to hold it together until after the election even if they run out of bullets and have to throw the gun. I expect we will coast through the end of the year and the tax breaks that expire at the end of the year will be the last nail in the coffin.

          That’s my opinion and like noses everyone has one and they usually have a couple holes in them.

          • Yo PP ~

            I think that the PTB desperately want to ‘kick-the-can’ on down the road until at least after the November elections and then hopefully past Christmas and the New Year and into the beginning of 2013. After all, don’t you really want to enjoy at least one last, final, joyful ‘ho-ho-holiday-season’ before we all ‘bite-the-big-one’???

            I’m just not all that sure that the assholes running the show are going to be able to pull ‘IT’ off. This summer promises to be interesting on a lot of fronts. As the temperatures, the rhetoric and the tempers begin to rise this summer, anything could happen. There are a whole lot of extremely pissed-off people out there who don’t see much of a very desirable future ahead for themselves or their families. They lost their jobs, their homes, their retirement savings, many lost their families through divorce ……. and perhaps most important of all, they lost their hope for a better future.

            Please become very aware of your immediate surroundings and what is going on around you at all times, and especially whenever you are out of your home and moving about in public. Learn how to spot a potential problem and ‘slide-to-the-side’, get out of harm’s way before a situation turns ugly.

            God Bless and good luck to all.

          • Yea PP, easy on the “coasting” part.

          • Good summation. I would add that as long as oil is traded in dollars we will be able to fake our way through. If that changes then things will get very bad very fast. We are rapidly getting like the old Soviet Union a third world nation with lots of military that makes people let us get away with really stupid stuff. That will end.

        • after the election….ever ounce of effort to defer the collapse will be exercised….unless public panic and runs of banks in the US begin…this is why MSM, the gov’t mouthpiece, is not covering these stories…it’s all about controlling panic…for the 99% whom are incapable of thinking and prefer a life of blind faith…

      8. Thankx Mac, this might be the article to send me over the edge. Been thinking about
        a LNG tank for the diesel truck for some time, particularly when diesel is 10% higher than regular. Problem is, only one fueling station in hick ville. I remember in 1970 my buddys dad had LNG on his truck. With 35 gal of diesel, the tank could be worth the investment.

        No, I am not trading. I figured it would be the last truck I buy.
        Funny how things work out.

        We have been asleep at the wheel.
        The answers are out there. The Feds are selling our oil, they like the inflated price.
        Why is common sense so uncommon?

        And, on a final note, we need an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
        If you don’t pay taxes, you do not vote
        Thatsa start!

        • The Demoncrats will never go for that… That’s 3/4 of their voting block – people who don’t pay taxes, but vote.

      9. Probably around $5.00 in some areas, maybe $6.00 in other areas would be a breaking point. Retail is already down. People are going to Sams and Wal Mart to fill up. Meat is pricy; gotto watch the sales every week.

        • Me too, Mona. I just got done rummaging thru the clearance table at my grocery store(Kroger). Most people will not take the time or too embarassed to even go over there. I find great bargains. They mark down perfectly good household and grocery items, to make room for new merchandise. I could be shot two times and I have enough Band Aids w/Neoporin and I wouldn’t have to worry. (just kiddin’) Good to see you again. You and Mona got me thru a rough patch when I got laid off. Thanks for your help 🙂

          • Sorry Laura M. I had Mona on the brain. I have been thinking about her husband and his heart condition lately and I am so tired!!!

          • took trip to the military commissary here in n.e.mississippi last week…the meat was about 80 cents a pound less than the regular grocery store but wow! the canned good and shelf stock was marked up pretty high compared to regular grocery store. flour, sugar, rice, were still cheap but no big bags of beans in sight.

        • Yep–told dh to fill those cans at chinamart- I just saw that gas at chinamart is 3.47 here.
          Most other stations are 3.70.

        • Market Basket here in New England finally had to up the price of their loss leading rotisserie cooked chicken. It’s been $3.99+tax for about six or seven years. Last week they raised it to $4.79+tax or 20%. Talk about the price of meat!

          • They still have Weathervane Seafood Restaurants in New England? Discovered them when I used to go to Kittery Maine. All kinds of great places all up and down the coast.

      10. “You are in the middle of nowhere. And then you look down over the side of the ship and you realize that every man and every woman who didn’t make it into a lifeboat had to make that decision, of when to jump or stay on the ship as the lights went out.”

        Titanic Memorial Cruise passenger Jane Allen spoke about the sinking of the Titanic on April 14, 1912.

        Do you jump into the water and freeze to death, or do you get into a life boat before the chaos begins? Prepare and spread the word, the world as we know it is going down.

        • About them lifeboats…

          First-class (read: rich) women and children got priority. Everyone else had to be either lucky, clever, or strong.

          • Odd Questioner,

            I was using the quote as a metaphor. I believe we are all capable of creating our own life boat, rich or poor. If we go down with the ship metaphorically, it will be because we ignored the signs that are all around us.You do not have to be lucky, clever, or strong, just aware and prepared to jump into your own life boat before it is taken from you. My life boat has quite a bit of extra room in it.

          • you forgot one

            “or cared more about someone elses life than their own to let them get on the boat”

            no more people like that in the world, one reason why when it hits, it will be ugly squared

          • There were not enough lifeboats onboard in the first place. The crew was poorly trained and by the time they got around to trying to deploy them the ships list was so bad many lifeboats crashed into the ship. Many were launched almost empty or dropped . A cluster f-ck all around. Most of the foreign crewed liners running around today would suffer a similiar fate.

        • And a strange coincidence that JP Morgan cancelled at the last minute and all the bankers opposed to the Federal Reserve Act on board drowned.

          • ~JRS~

            Funny, you should bring up that little factoid!

            Betcha’ a beer…only 2 or 3 here caught the significance of your post.

            Wish I could give you a thousand thumbs-up!!!

            Alas….I’m limited to one. Good post “JRS”…keep hammering them out…………..!!!

            • The guys against the Fed, drowned!

            • 1913 was a great year for jpm…get rid of the competition by sinking the world’s most elite vessel on its maiden voyage…who would image!…then establish the fed and get a 100 year contract which is soon to be up for renewal and finally, the establishment of the 16 th amendment…these bastards will be dealt with.

              • Actually, JP Morgan was the owner of the Titanic.

                White Star Line was controlled by the International Mercantile Marine (IMM), which was a big conglomerate put together by Morgan.

                IMM was one of Morgan’s few unsuccessful ventures. In particular the trio of ships Olympic, Titanic and Brittanic were big money losers. Titanic sank on her maiden voyage. Brittanic never operated commercially because she was completed only after the Great War had broken out–then she was sunk while serving as a hospital ship in the Mediterranean. Olympic had a more normal operating career, but between the war years, the postwar slump in Europe, and then the Depression a decade later, there was never enough of the sort of luxury passenger traffic to pay off the investment in building her.

            • Why is it that the sinking of the titanic is celebrated, and then not a peep about the louisitanis?

              Possible answers-

              A-One cleared the way for the federal reserve, and the other WAS smuggling weapons of war when the USA was supposed to be neutral. Then the government and media lied and then it was off to ww1.(sound familiar)

              B.We should always celebrate engineering f^ck-ups, and hell ww1 wasn’t important anyhow.

              C-It was the democrats and republicans fault.

              D.-The drummer for def leppard only has 1 arm?

              (this is also a demonstration of multible choice test answers that our schools put out there)

        • And the guys in charge continue to arrange the deck chairs…..that is if they are not down in the ship opening the water-tight doors.

        • Wasnt it just a banker and a wall street guy that squirmed their way on to the life boats(at least in the movie) and all the peasants went down with the ship(into the water)? A hidden message in the movie perhaps? Bankers and wall street types are scum perhaps?

      11. Good one Guano.
        OR distinguish the SIZE of Europe, in square miles, versus the land area of the U.S.?
        Texas? Look at their rail system.

        Wheedle, I remember driving from Memphis to Pensacola in a VW beetle with 11-gal tank. Think we filled her up twice. I was bit chin’ when it costs $3.60 a tank!

      12. Daisy the answer to your question is one you should be aware of each morning when you awake. It is TODAY… Regards Crafty.

      13. Good article Mac! A wake-up call for many just getting the big picture. Energy prices dictate everything. All of the wise are getting their house in order, in order to handle the burst in price increases for everything. The slack will lack! The prepared will prevail. Voting either way won’t make much difference in the economy, but voting for a more conservative agenda, just may give us a little more time; if, it’s not too late by then.

      14. A bigger push will be when the US dollar loses status as the world’s currency. Having said that, Cheer up! Things are going get worse!

        • I’m concerned that you’re correct on that call.

      15. here in CA, the price is higher. Summer it will be five dollars almost guaranteed.

      16. Hi Mac,
        Very little oil is “biotic” made from dead organisms; most is actually abiotic and it renews over time. We have a LOT of oil that the oil companies will not produce until they’ve managed to get the price of oil to $150 to $200 a barrel. Between the Gull Island (off the north slope of Alaska) discovery in the 1970s, the western end of the Pennsylvania oil fields south of the Great Lakes, the Bakken and that massive field under the middle of Texas (under 2 layers of granite they’ve just figured how to get at)… there is more than enough to replace all oil we get from the Middle East. The oil companies are out there drilling and capping like crazy.

        Also… please be aware that the price of oil and all other commodities are being set on the futures markets… not based on actual supply and demand at all. That 40% increase in your morning coffee is not due to the farmers or the grocery store, it is because the bankers are taking a huge cut.

        • Suzanne,

          Does ‘abiotic and it renews over time’ mean spontaneous creation? What is the mechanism for that? Let us in on that little secret, and we could make oil in factories!

          • The mechanism is the biological processes of microbes. Attempts are already under way to do this and some progress has been made by a number of start ups; including one financed by Exxon.

        • Suzanne

          Abiotic oil is BS. Do a little research !!

      17. It deserves repeating that this is a purely manufactured energy crisis, and not the result of forces beyond our control. It’s a myth that we are running out of oil and other fossil fuels – absolute myth espoused by liberals, Marxists, and global warming zealots.

        The oil is there, as is the natural gas and coal. Our government is dominated by leftists who see fossil fuel usage as an engine of capitalism. And it is, and that’s why they can’t have that. If we explore, drill, and refine in earnest we could have more than enough fuel for the 50 years.

        • Even if you were right (And you aren’t, I was a Geologist/ Engineer in oil for 25 years) At the end of 50 years then what? The first oil shock was 40 years ago and we have done nothing.

        • Hydrocarbon resources are finite, but more than enough to last the USA 1,000 years at current consumption rates: which is enough time to develop other sources of energy like Thorium reactors, high tech solar, and other more esoteric energies.

          • and magnetic generators

            • Not again eeder. I thought we cleared this up last time.

            • m2245 th
              its only cleared up in your mind. i havent forgotten your lies. and why is it that you only appear when i say MAGNETIC GENERATOR? i smell a govt troll /weasal…. go to hell you lying saCK of shit.

            • how much do you get paid to wait for me to say MAGNETIC GENERATor and than attempt to discredit me? HOW MUCH DOES BARACK OBAMA AND THE OIL INDUSTRY PAY YOU?

            • spit it out you fucking sack of zionist shit.

            • interesting concept, have you got one working?
              any build plans?

            • VRF
              yes, i plan to attempt this during the summer.from what else i have read, this has been suppressed by unknown entities and their are patents, however it has never been allowed to be produced and is kept very quiet of ever being knowledge. my hunch is their is definitiely something to it but only time will tell. as well my own attempt at making one.

          • There may be something to magnetic power since levitation can occur that way.

            WE just haven’t figured it out yet, but it might be related to high energy colliders.

            Gotta be a reason for those saucer shapes, don’cha think? 🙂

            • eeder if hojo generators really work…Then tell me why they aren’t powering shit? Do you really think the power companies are suppressing their existence? That’s a line of bullshit you were fed by the idiots pushing it. If they worked you bet your canadian bacon eating ass they would be using them instead of buying coal and shipping it vast distances to fire their boilers.

              So your going to build one this summer? Do you have access to CNC milling equipment? What about rare earth magnets? Do you have access to them or rare earth metals? What are your kw output goals for the generator you build? You would need about 15kw of capacity to power your average house with electric appliances. It takes about 2hp to power 1kw worth of generating capacity. You would need a 30 hp hojo motor. The shear size of this thing would be huge!

              I would like to see that in operation. Shit, you prove it works and I’ll pay that $49.99 cost you paid those scammers.

              Like I said before, I have looked into it. It’s nothing but a wet dream. So now you can stomp your feet, scream and swear at me, call me names, but the fact of the matter is IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK! You would be better off figuring out a cheap build of a gasifer. That’s what I think post SHTF power will be coming from.

          • m2445th
            you are a moron. the fact you dont see why it is suppressed is comical. its also about the fucking serivce companies and their stocks you twit!there is more than the hojo too so stop going there.

      18. The whole collapse is being orchestrated. It is not like we have leadership acting like the little Dutch boy putting his finger in the dike. They are controlled by bankers and do as they are damn well told to do. Sometimes the control is based on blackmail. A lot of Americans don’t know it; but this is how it works: Newly elected congressmen are invited to big parties put on and paid for by Wall Street Bankers. They are wined and dined and EVERYTHING made available for them, tailored one might say, to their sexual taste. The encounters are of course recorded. This is how it begins. Most people who run for elected office, are not paragons of virtue, and progressively get worse when they make it to Washington. And that, gentile reader, is why we are about to see a time like no other in history!

        • Wouldn’t matter..party or no party; technology is out there that’d make one believe what is on that video, even if an alibi was presented..scary, huh??

        • so true swift…an how these criminals think they’re bulletproof from roaming death squads seeking the culprits is beyond me. they’ll have to crawl out from their hole one day

      19. The US population like all civilian populations will complain to each other how bad things are, how bad their elected leadership is and so forth and so on. They will not become a force of real political change unless they are physically hungry. Not hungry for a better standard of living but stomach pains hungry. That was the catalyst that brought down the Eastern Block starting with Poland when the USSR could not keep up with guns and butter and chose guns.

        What did Marie say when she was told the people have no bread? “Let them eat cake”!

        • Yes Kevin, the hunger makes things happen.
          Ex-USSR didn’t collapse because of hunger but because the Zionists brought it down on its knees.
          This time however it will be truly the hunger! Unfortunately!

          • Funny how most history books NEVER point out that the russian commies were jewish. I wonder why?

            I know, I’m an anti-semite.

      20. ummmmmmmmmm ;0) is it just me??? i coulda sworn , i mean i thought … the “United Socialistic Fascist Prison States of AmeriKa” economy physically “broke” back in October 2008…

        The Crash of 2008 was when it “THE END” Began…

        Although the market arguably started its crash back on October 1, 2008, the Black Week began on October 6th and lasted five trading sessions. During that week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average would fall 1,874 points or 18.1%. In that same week, the S&P 500 would fall more than 20%.

        The Zionists NEO-Christian NWO BILDERBOYBUGGERS Bankers running ameriKa even threatened israeli’s zionist jew bitch Aipac cplc illegally controlled insider-trading ussa goyim puss bribed Congress critters with MARTIAL LAW nation wide!!!

        ummmmmm … THE Shitteth.has.Hit.The.Fan already folks!

        hate to burst that bubble you call a brain … it happened back in 2008!

        your dollars are worthless… monopoly money … buy pm’s. while you still can!


        then “Your All , Properly Phucked by the NWO ZIONISTS YALE -n- HARVARD fairy boys secret hide-the-salami in da’ grotto clubhouse BILDERBOYBUGGERS!!!”

        whatcha gonna do then preppers??? buy some vaseline , bend over and take it???

        or FIGHT and TAKE BACK AMERICA???

        arm up stock up prepare… predator or prey of the U.N. NWO ILLUMINATI BILDERBOYBUGGER ZIONISTS the choice is yours!!!


          • crapolla… apologies … “constructional” was suppose to be “CONSTITUTIONAL” … this is what happens when you “Drink eye-talian import” and try to use spell checker while eating a veggie burger loaded with local non-gmo beef patties and radiated fda cheese … trying “not” to get greasy fingers on your keyboard!

            ;0p pssszzt

            • How about some pancakes to go with the veggie burger???

            • ;0( not funny… she was just a dumb IDEALIST kid… tryin to change the world for the better! RESPECT HER (RACHEL CORRIES) SACRIFICE! ya’ zionist douche bag.

        • Ninao- The great thing about being “aware” of certain things is that the sheep are still worshiping the FRN, so we can still purchase what we will need from them and from stores(but I’m preaching to the quire). I am a hard(to create) money guy, so I agree pm’s(silver, and lead for us commom folk) are a MUST. ALL the central banks are buyers, so WE should be also.

          P.S.- That young lady being killed oversees in palistine was a tragedy for sure(just as that young american guy on that aid boat was, and all our service men are) and our media says NOTHING about americans citizens dying, and then if a jewish guy in new york spray paints a swatchka on his OWN DOOR, I have to hear about it for a month, and they never mention it when he finally admits he did it to himself. Our media is a DISGRACE!! A bunch of race baitors and religion bators.

          For you ignorant(without knowledge) people who were saying palastinians DON”T belong in Palistine. Look at old and ancient maps.

          QUESTION- WHY has that area ALWAYS been named PALISTINE?

          QUESTION-WHY do you think they are called PALASTINIANS?
          (Hint question-why don’t they call americans tibetans??)

          SOME jews are semites(NOT all of them)
          SOME arabs are semites(NOT all of them)
          ALL, I WILL REPEAT- ALL the palastinians are semites

          When I hear those words(anti-semite) I LAUGH at the american sheeple who fall for that ignorant mind control crap, its like the blacks who ALLWAYS, ALLWAYS, fall for the race baitors bullshit.!! GROW UP!!!!

          So before you people start calling others(and me) “anti-semite” EDUCATE YOURSELVES! Just don’t listen to beck and linbaugh.

          I say:

          F^CK-Saudi Arabia
          F^CK-South America

          F^CK EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          We have alot of problems over here, and a government out of control that is corrupted and doesn’t give a rats A$$ about its citizens and a central bank that is destroying our currency and and controlling our lives.

          • @Kev ~ You win the prize for Best Rant of the Day.


          • Israel’s ability to kill Americans with impunity

            by Paul Woodward on September 6, 2011

            Roger Cohen writes:

            Here’s what the United Nations report on Israel’s raid last year on the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara had to say about the killing of a 19-year-old U.S. citizen on board:

            “At least one of those killed, Furkan Dogan, was shot at extremely close range. Mr. Dogan sustained wounds to the face, back of the skull, back and left leg. That suggests he may already have been lying wounded when the fatal shot was delivered, as suggested by witness accounts to that effect.”

            The four-member panel, led by Sir Geoffrey Palmer, a former prime minister of New Zealand, appears with these words to raise the possibility of an execution or something close.

            Dogan, born in upstate New York, was an aspiring doctor. Little interested in politics, he’d won a lottery to travel on the Gaza-bound vessel. The report says of him and the other eight people killed that, “No evidence has been provided to establish that any of the deceased were armed with lethal weapons.”

            I met Dogan’s father, Ahmet, a professor at Erciyes University in Kayseri, last year in Ankara: His grief was as deep as his dismay at U.S. evasiveness. It’s hard to imagine any other circumstances in which the slaying in international waters, at point-blank range, of a U.S. citizen by forces of a foreign power would prompt such a singular American silence.

          • It’s “Cool” for Israel to Kill Americans
            by Sami Jadallah

            It is hard to believe the total silence of Obama’s White House, Clinton’s State Department, Justice Department, the FBI and Home Land Security and lack of taking legal actions against those who openly call on Israel to kill and murder unarmed American civilians aboard the Freedom Flotilla heading toward Gaza.


        • yes nina, i remember that week. I was in america that week. the upper peninsula of michigan to be precise.

          • unfortuneately i will not be returning to america any time soon, if ever. I refuse to get a passport to travel to america ,and frankly, until i see massive changes, i simply do not feel safe in very many places in america. it is a beautiful land, but a sick land with too much drama , that i already have to deal with on a lesser scale here. i do not wish anymore of americas and israels problems be downloaded on me in any way and will no longer tolerate it. we have been paying 5 dollars here for a long time….it hasnt been below 4 really for many years… so save the whining anyway. it about makes me sick the influence these vile scum have and use to abuse us all.

            • eeder….Quite a few years ago, when we would go fishing up to Black Lake you could just drive back and forth across the border. No charge. Now they want $500 for a passport.WTF!! I don’t think I will be coming fishing anytime soon.

            • JRS i agree, and dont blame you… it is insane.. sad thing is i love america… shes beautiful.. but she aint my home… i need to stay close to home now.

        • I LIKE IT!

        • we pay no attention to the dow nina. it is simply for sheeple to focus on while we focus on the s@p.. just so you all know.

      21. The United States’ breaking point has to do with other countries. When oil is no longer sold using U.S. dollars this is a breaking point. When other countries decide to stop trusting U.S. debt this is a breaking point. If China decides to cash in some of the U.S. debt for whatever reason, especially in regards to U.S. support of Taiwan independence, that is a breaking point. War in the Middle East is a breaking point. War because of further encircling Russia is not only a breaking point but the end of civilization.

        Many people also forget about the San Andreas fault and the New Madrid fault which have broken together in the same year, 1812. A geophysical calamity could easily be a breaking point for the U.S. Yellowstone is another issue, and been noticing some activity in the Long Valley area in the Sierra Nevada range recently. That 8.6 earthquake in the Indonesia area was the largest strike slip ever recorded and some say it took 2000 years to build up that much pressure to break with that much energy. This fault removed many plates around the globe.

        Terrorism is also something that could be the breaking point of the U.S. Just look at the cost of 19 terrorists from taking down 4 planes. Trillions in cost from 2 prolonged wars. A widespread terrorist attack to several cities would kill the U.S. economy. Not even a Jericho type TV show attack would do it. Dirty bombs could cost tens of trillions if the dirty bombs where from high grade radioactive material, not the low grade medical waste stuff. Plutonuim powder spread over a couple dozen cities would be way more destructive that making one or two nuclear bombs from the material. The media doesn’t describe the true horror of “real” dirty bombs.

        Another breaking point that few realize is that the economy could have some sort of fear factor that just doesn’t stop, unfounded or not. Even the so called stop breaks that the stocks have could still see a runaway sell off even on rumors of some sort. Brokers are ONLY human and are prone to run offs and fear just like anyone else and the VIX (instability and volatility of the markets) might just one day explode above 100 and stay there. Then there are the wonderful banks that could be waiting for the next criminal act to throw it over the edge. The housing market still sucks and the commericial real estate market is another tettering on the brink.

        The fact that I look at is that the stocks do not match an increase in comparison to real money, gold, silver and platinum. Stocks have risen, doubled, over their low point of 6500 to over 13000 Dow Jones Index. Gold and silver have also more than doubled or tripled in price during this period. So in regards to “real” money stocks are still worth the same or less than when they were rock bottom and everyone was talking next depression. You can print up plenty of money and raise the Dow to 30000, and also jack gold up $5000 an ounce and a gallon of milk to $10. FIGURES DON’T LIE, THE ECONOMY STILL SUCKS FOR EVERYBODY AND IS STILL ON THE BRINK.

        Those like the people on this site that are willing to plug in the figures KNOW THE TRUTH. Those that don’t are living it up AGAIN on credit and have once again failed to prepare and are so totally screwed. Many people don’t even have a 3 day supply of food and water for the economic collapse or other disasters looming. Figures don’t lie, the economic is a sick wounded beast.

        • ~~Terrorism is also something that could be the breaking point of the U.S. Just look at the cost of 19 terrorists from taking down 4 planes~~

          And your signature is ‘be informed’!!! You’re kidding?

          • Thank you, JayJay.

          • @ JayJay. Just a catalyst those 19 terrorists, just like lighting a fuse, just the ignition to further chaos. Just like the act of pushing over one domino in a long line of future dominoes. This was my point. Doesn’t matter whom was behind this, the mere act set everything into motion. By the way I try to be informed about everything, this is a personal goal. If you feel that I was not in this case please explain yourself, I am hardly anything from perfect.

            Ask yourself this, if the attack didn’t occur on 9/11 what would have happened between 2001 and 2012. Would the U.S. be bogged down in 2 wars for years? Would Junior have had enough popularity to gain a second term and or take the economy into the toilet by these idiotic banking regulations and the loan minimum wage earners the cost of a home that they could never pay off in 500 years if they lived that long. Ask yourself what IF this had never occurred, would the country be so bad off now, or in much better shape. Idle speculation here, sure, but what would have happened?

            Terrorism in the future could be catastrophic, nothing like anyone has seen. The media would have everyone believe that a group of terrorists cannot do that much. One terrorist with some bizarre mutated Marburg or Lassa Fever, or even a vaccine resistant Smallpox could end civilization, not to say the economy. Something like the movie 12 Monkeys is not out of the realm of possibility. Terrorism all depends on the volume of initial and then future destruction of the act.

            • Oh, sorry–sort of got a different reaction to that sentence..most on this site are waaaaaaaaaaay past being informed. We ARE the informed.

              Prep folks…and then prep some more!!

        • china are net sellers of t notes already, and huge buyers of gold.

        • agree…a number of natural and banker produced disasters will generate panic, the reason why MSM will not cover these events or put positive spin when they do….

          let me add one more to your list…fukashima…some experts say,potentially, 85 times more deadly than chernolby…the japan, US govt and TEPCO has purposely covered how close the end is near. japan has drafted evacuation plans for 30M tokyo citizens. independent expert readings disclose tokyo is a radiation wasteland by US NRC definitions. the home grown food supply, maybe even fishing is contaminated as TEPCO dumped millions of gallons of contaminated water into the sea. US west coast radiation readings are skyrocketing. dont believe me? do some independent online research

          Why no MSM coverage….simple…to control PANIC…it’s all about controlling panic, hence no runs on US banks like is being witnessed in europe….

      22. I am convinced our “breaking point” will either be the big one in california, or having a massive earthquake along the new madrid fault line.

        How could we afford rebuilding the mid-west?

        How could we afford rebuilding kalifornia?

        Would we even want to? I’m sorry kalifornians, but most of the bullshit policies that have ruined america originated from the land of fruits and nuts. Like locusts, once kaliforia was devoured, you moved to other places(like my state) and are doing the same thing. You relocate then run for stae, local and federal offices. You become so called ‘les’s”, you become judges, and then you want to protect an enviroment and regulate our industries you know NOTHING about.

        I recently saw that movie 2012. I found myself with a smile on my face, and saying YEAH(outloud) when LA was slipping into the see. LEARN TO SWIM BITCHEZ!

        • I am in agreement with a disastrous event, but it’s the “Red Flag” one that has my group concerned. Most have experienced serious natural events & weathered them successfully. The man caused events such as nuclear, biological, chemical and societal are the ones that have a high unpredictability. We have a government that has extensive resources to employ such event triggers. Most have very little resources to defend against such events. We do have evil bustards that will take full advantage of a natural dister to subdue & profit from people. New Orleans is a good example. As for the breaking point, we are close enough to roast hot dogs.

          • I am in agreement with your “red flag” event also. I am concerned(very concerned) about that also.

          • Fukushima? Sounds like a real possibility.

      23. The is a two hunderd year supply oil and and natural gas off the coast of Florida in an area know as the Destin Dome. It’s easy to get to…all that is needed is testicular and intestinal fortitude to stand up to the Enviro-Nazi’s !

        • Sorry but that’s not true

          • Soryy, but yes it is.

      24. The breaking point is so far out its incomprehensible

        • RICH 99,

          Perhaps it is far out for you, but for many it is here and it is painful. Your reality is not necessarily the same as others. What would you consider the breaking point to be? I would be very interested in hearing your opinion.

      25. yep. the poo poo has been hitting the fan since october of 2008 and since then the spinning velocity of said fan is going faster and faster…i have noticed in recent months that more people are waking up to this sad fact, at least in my neck of the woods anyway…but there is still alot of idiots up the road and over the hill…guess the idiots waiting to see what is gonna happen and not prepping are the ones bitching the most about gas and food prices.

      26. America will stumble on as long as Joe Sixpack can continue to eat and drink like a pig, Jane Doe can watch Dancing with the Stars, and Homeies can continue to do as they please.

        The parasites are working overtime to break the backbone of this country, when they feel they’ve gotten all, or at least most of what they want, America as we know it will cease to exist.

      27. Good artical Mac, THX.

      28. Sidebar Question:

        The Question:
        What happens to expertise and technological know-how in a systemic economical collapse?

        We dont have much info during the last Depression but we do have 2 events that could be used as model: Russian and Argentinian economies both collapsed once in the last 12years.

        So what will happen to our technologies globally in the aftermath of a major global catastrophic event? If the event is severe enough I postulate that much knowledge would be lost for decades. We use iphones and computers everyday but even though I have been in IT for 30years, rebuilding any tech from a component level is not my forte. Yes I could piece meal something into existence but the parts would need to work first. Life would in theory revolve around survival and so-called nerds do not necessarily make great farmers or marksman… 😉

        Perhaps theres a better way to phrase this issue…

      29. Lets not forget the value of gas is nearly a constant same with most need to have items it’s not that their values have grown it’s that the value of us that has gone down. In 1930 a dime would get you a gallon of gas today a 1930 dime will get you a gallon of gas funny how it works. We just work now for worthless paper tomorrow worth — less net day worth —less someday worth nothing!!! Some day soon I fear!

      30. Joe Sack-Scratch and Jane Hair-Dew ain’t going to grasp any of this until the wolf is at their door. Also, a massive LoL @ “the best and brightest minds”, which should read “Most corrupt and ruthless thieves”. Bring it on, tired of all this waiting around. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy what little is left while I can.

        After it finally caves in, maybe we can burn an image so vivid in history as to never let these lying, cheating, thieving, swindling, corrupt fucking whore psychopaths into any position of power, whatsoever! Not even a crossing guard for fuck’s fucking sake. Identify them and keep them away from anything that has to do with leading, finance, policy, et cetera.

        The most important thing for the future is to make DAMNED sure nobody forgets what happens when you let psychopath swine run the show. They end spreading shit everywhere.

        • Gee Joe, don’t sugar coat it.

        • The historical problem is that ‘psycopath swine’ just so much more want to run the show than normal people and keep going ‘oink, oink, oink’ until we let them…

          Happens over and over and over.

      31. ~~~because the only thing keeping the system afloat at this point is confidence in our leadership and that the best-and-brightest will be able to mitigate the crisis~~~

        Say what?? I’m still laughing with this statement–it WAS meant to be facitious–right??

        • JayJay

          The majority has an underlying faith in the overall leadership. Obviously that has nothing to do with being correct. If the majority was right a democracy would be a better form of government than a republic.

          Your looking at everything through educated eyes. Remember the majority are myopic.

          • I’ll try to think that way..it sure fits the attitude of my neighborhood..
            Sheeples..and some are proud of it.

      32. Well, watched the video.
        The time length was “11:11”. (Just saying).
        Show me oil that comes from fossils! Most fossils are embedded HARD in rocks. (Just saying).
        Just how far away from Mother Earth is that camera anyway?
        The ‘rock in the foreground’ would make me wonder how well things fair “up there”!
        Just saying hmmmmmmmm.

      33. One year ago..
        Gasoline in Venezuela costs about 12 cents a gallon, well below the $4 a gallon or more paid in most of the industrialized world.

        The price of 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas in Kuwait is $1.55 (Dinar 0.431)
        So, $6.20 per gal.

        Gas Prices in Saudi Arabia
        Gasoline (1 liter) 0.14 $
        $.56 per gal

        Can’t say how recent these are as 2 of the pages had
        no date on them.

        • Reasons for their prices are because those countries have along with our government have worked hard to bankrupt America and its people rather than their own people and that’s the way it should be, don’t be the welfare office for the world, take care of your own.

          I know even after 3 months, comment waiting for moderation

      34. The fed corp has been “ridin dirty” for way too long.Time to permanantly “revoke” their privileges.

        • only one round per “revocation”…i hate waste.

      35. Next eco-collapse will come with a series of natural disasters combined with humans in major panic mode combined with war or govenment stupidity or some really strange combo just like that!!!Be ready as most of us crazy people think anything can happen anytime!!

      36. I’m not worried. As long as Obozo gets re-elected his buddies in the green energy biz will be able to save us all……in twenty or thirty years.

      37. If the USD looses reserve currency status those dollars come home to roost and we get ultra high prices especially on imported goods and unemployment occurs on a massive scale as measures are instituted to remove as much currency from circulation and lower money velocity through high interest rates to control inflation. We lived way beyond our means both public and private. Many may say “I lived within my means” and I can well claim that. However the overall “prosperity” was false and fueled by debt and fiat money creation. Therefore we’re all taking a collective fall with some of us dropping harder then others.

        For the scam to continue the US needs to raise the standard of living in more third world nations having them become manufactures and thereby require more items for import (namely oil) so there is an increasing demand for the ever increasing supply of USDs. Expect more and more meddling in other nations in the 3rd world of course for very nobel reasons. The standard of living within the US needs to be maintained above the revolt threshold but no more. Funds for the military are but a printing press and computer stroke key away with the MIC.

        The one global currency the power brokers want is the USD. It fuels a military under their control to be used as the enforcer for Wall Street.

        It’s my belief that Abe Lincoln was correct about fooling people. I cannot see our present system continuing forever.

        • I agree Kevin2. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get down to Nature’s “standard of living”. Food and water and survival of the fittest. Eventually everything reverts back to nature. Not in my lifetime, I hope.

          • JRS

            The Power Elite need the US military and it’s useful for them to maintain the illusion within the US of self rule. To facilitate that they need to maintain the US standard of living above the revolt datum. I think in the end something on the order of 1950 America with the 900 sq/ft home with 30 year mortgage, grocery bill of 50% of your income, one older car and unlike 1950 EVERYONE working to maintain it. With Mom working day care will raise the kids and with it indoctrination of the children. This standard may drop below the above for a while to train “The People” to be satisfied with the new level of prosperity.

            Two items are required to facilitate this; food and circus. Expect plenty of circus and sufficient food.

        • “There has never been a golden age of liberty, and there never will be. People who value freedom will always have to defend it from those who claim the right to wield power over others.” – David Boaz

      38. Get a clue here: nothing will happen until after the elections here in America. They’ll hold it together until then. In just about every case, doom is on after the elections. Usually either immediately after the elections or after the swearing ins.

        This year, I see it happening right after the election. I think the elections will be an upset and TPTB will, essentially, retaliate, if they have any power left.

        But, who knows until it happens.

        • Thats what I keep saying. Its the same as 2008. Only 2012 is going to make ’08 look like a picnic.

        • Ever consider the possibility that they will want the collapse to take place BEFORE the election so that in the ensuing chaos, they can implement martial law…suspend the election…and Obama can retain power by fiat?

          • Walt, sorry but I believe we’re still under martial law. Since it was never “repealed” or whatever since the civil war. In fact, TPTB have used this “civil ware martial law” (national emergency) to implement many things, such as, but not limited to:

            A New Constitution – They changed it in 1868 from “The Constitution for the united States of America” to “The Constitution of The United States of America” and they dropped the 13th amendment without the approval of the people. They just didn’t print it. They didn’t repeal it or change it, they just didn’t print it. Then, as people forgot about it, they created a new 13th amendment.

            Government Incorporation – The Act of 1871 created “The United States Federal Corporation” and gave it the authority to govern “The United States of America”. In law, the “United States of America” is the 10 square miles of DC, the US Territories and the ships at sea, however, you didn’t know that, did you? You think you live in the USA.

            Much has been done with what’s called word magic and it is evil. They redefine terms and make what looks like subtle changes that are actually game changing massive changes. When the constitution changed from “for the united States” to “of the United States” few people noticed, but, in law its a *BFD*. (*BIG* *F’ING* *DIFFERENCE*) Little change in language, BIG CHANGE IN LAWFUL MEANING.

            The fact is, they were able to do all these things because the martial law of the civil war, the “national emergency” was never removed. This is why they are able to do to us what is obviously unconstitutional and continue to get away with it. The fact is, between 1861 and 1871 our government did an about face. They did it in as subtle way as they could but in reality it changed from a government that we threw out to, essentially, that same government we threw out in less than 100 years. Now, 140 years after that it continues to creep in and become the slave master it always intended to be.

            You see, I used to get on here and say “The civil war was not about slavery!!!” Well, I was wrong. It wasn’t about “Black Slave Laborers” but it was about slavery. It was about the enslaving of a nation via financial and regulatory “color of law”, that is to say, fooling the people into thinking they are free in words but in reality, they are enslaved.

            Our common law government still exists. Its mostly powerless but its there. You can put yourself back under it with a certain amount of success.

            The crooks and thieves in Washington, mostly, don’t even realize what they are. The best conspiracy is that which the perpetrators don’t even know they are part of it. Its just habit and “law”, in this case, color of law.

            The sheople, really are sheople. Even many that think they are not. They never get through the veneer of lies and into the real truth. With all that said, there are very few of us that are actually part of “We The People”. America and its ideas are based in her people but most people don’t realize they can reject the post 1868 government. The habit of calling this cesspool of turds rotating around the District of Criminals is killing our society. …a society of slaves.

            The fact is, there is no slavery other than the slavery in your own mind. They have talked to into believing that you are free but what they have done, with their word magic, is redefined “free”. Be really free. Free you mind. It will help you understand why it all must come unglued.

      39. I’m still worried the “event” might be the collapse of the storage pools at Fukashima. Some describe the worst case scenario as the end of everything. The Northern Hemispere (US) is directly in the path of any fallout.

        Has anyone seen a good summation/timeline on what to expect if the worse happens? Can we survive? What is the time line to act and respond? How do we prepare for something like that? Most of us common folk can’t go underground for years. How long will the effects be felt? Can we hunker down long enough for the effects to pass?

        Any good guidance out there? Something to add to the prep plans?

        I really don’t want to leave the last surviving remmants of humanity to the ultra rich criminal elite who created this mess in the first place!

        • i still think if it was that serious all the world would be ptiching in money to do something to this but maybe not, maybe its what it is I dont know. get a mask, dont want to inhale the dust! that is the biggest one. stay indoors as long as you can, potassium idodine tabs on ebay get a few, but dont take until we know its really here, stops the thyroid from absorbing the radiation metal. the effects will be given off im guessing not sure.

        • Has anyone thought about this:

          Fukishima propaganda to poison America so they have to take our lands and run us out because the radiation is so bad, but, in reality, its just a ploy to evacuate us so they can take over? They’ll run us into FEMA camps so we can be safe from the radiation?

          It was just a passing thought and, as such, has gaping holes in it, but, in desperation to keep their power, do you think TPTB wouldn’t do that? No, they’ll do ANYTHING to hold onto their power including this.


            Our physical human DNA will scramble like a fallen glass crystal pitcher upon a concrete floor – shattered forever , our bodies cells is/ are going to become weak and destroyed , sperm eggs cells deformed mutated!





            …only a ignorant fool would choose to ignore what is happening in fukushima japan!


            • why are my posts being blocked censored ???

              whatsa matter mac can’t handle the truth???

              GULF OF MEXICO – BRITISH PETROLEUM OIL RIG EXPLOSION DUE TO INDUSTRIAL “INTENTIONAL” SABOTAGE BY BP BRITISH PETROLEUM – BP BRITISH PETROLEUM then uses illegal “known” industrial poison oil disperser – COREXIT , POURS MILIONS OF GALLONS OF IT IN THE GULF of MEXICO (still is using it , pouring it into the ocean) to hide the massive oil leaking from the ocean floor fractures!!! Literally destroying like acid – physically melting dissolving Alive Dolphins , Sharks , Fish , Turtles , Birds an their babies and other aquatic sea life … their DNA will be Destroyed Deformed Forever … BP BRITISH PETROLEUM is INTENTIONALLY permanently destroying the Gulf of Mexico seafood chain forever!!! FOREVER!!! To hide their criminal intentional Global Poisoning Crimes!!!

              There are at minimum, poisons and oil being lifted into the atmosphere by hurricanes and tossed on land, poisoning it for a long time. In addition, the methylene chloride, hydrogen sulfide, and benzene, along with the petroleum itself, is now flowing in the Gulf Stream of the Atlantic Ocean, and where it goes, it will, like a Dementor from the Harry Potter novels, kiss the ocean floor with death, creating dead zones all over the Atlantic as the current carries it through the seas. It will kill plankton and all life it touches, and therefore all life dependent on the plankton will also die. That is happening already. The worst, as already mentioned, is the caldera event developing underneath the ocean floor, causing it to rise and fall like a sheet on a bed, and causing a tsunami that can kill millions of people. That tsunami can result, over time, in the permanent destruction of about a quarter of the United States. In sum, this is an Extinction Level Event, which is a nice way of saying that lots of people, animals, and plants die over a short period of time.

            • it aint mac nina, its the godforesaken government trolls who do it. thats my conclusion.

            • i think the dirty little bastards work for AIPAC and the oil lobbyists.

            • The fact is, you can’t believe ANYTHING you hear. The conspiracy theorists are saying its all over us now but the governments are saying there is nothing to worry about.

              There has to be a purpose for someone to do something. Do you think there was a purpose in the Fukishima problems?

              Has anyone ACTUALLY tested food and water? (…someone WITHOUT a tinfoil hat, I mean…) …and found it to be contaminated with radiation? I know you hear about it but I’ve never heard anything credible. Do we REALLY know that there is radiation in our food? I think if there was someone credible would be screaming about it.

              What are your credible sources for this radiation poisoning? Where is the proof? While I don’t necessarily say you’re wrong, if you haven’t any credible sources then you’re no better than the guy that sits home and believes CBS, NBC and ABC.

              There are different colored sheople. There are the standard sheople and then there are black sheople, those who will believe anything outside of the mainstream.

              I don’t give a flying rat’s ass what anyone says, I want to know the truth. You don’t get that easily. if you’re just tying into alternative web sites and believing what they say then you’re just a black sheople instead. Many say, “I’m awake!” but they end up just repeating the black sheople stuff. Often black sheople will also deride and defame any source that doesn’t agree with them saying its put out by unawakened sheople.

              Sometimes what they tell you is the truth. Ever think about that? The government doesn’t lie ALL THE TIME. The mainstream media isn’t ALWAYS WRONG and isn’t ALWAYS LIEING.

            • Gov’t Report: Kansas detected Iodine-131 in grass at over 2,000 pCi/kg — “Attributed to Fukushima” — About 700% higher than highest levels reported by UC Berkeley

            • University Researcher: U.S. topsoil with up to 8,000 pCi/kg of cesium from Fukushima — Over 10,000% higher than highest levels found by UC Berkeley

            • Hot particles found at 2 out of 3 US monitoring stations during April, including Boston — “There will be an increase in cancers, especially on the West Coast” says nuke expert

            • Alaska Press: First seals, then walruses, and now polar bears getting skin disease.

            • The Chysallids by John Wyndham was one of my favourite childhood novels – an all time great!

              More prescient than George Orwell perhaps?

            • USGS issues announcement about polar bears with oozing sores, hair loss in Alaska — Gov’t testing for radiation — 3 of 4 captured yesterday affected — Similar symptoms as recent mystery seal deaths

            • @NetRanger … as i stated quoted above

              … only an ignorant fool would choose to ignore what is happening in fukushima japan!


            • “the power of gods in the hands of children”.


            Both of these …


            * GULF OF MEXICO BP OIL RIG EXPLOSION , COREXIT oil disperser POISONING from the complete waters of gulf of mexico , along the east coast states to Iceland and England and all the industrial fishing grounds in between

            *you All are eating drinking corexit industrial liquid draino oil disperser and now active lethal radiation daily…

            … these are two “intentional” human industrial sabotage FALSE-FLAG events are ELE – EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENTS just by themselves!!! Add them together??? WE ARE ALL… “Properly —-ed!”

            What is an Extinction Level Event?
            An extinction event (also extinction-level event, ELE) is a period in time when a large number of species die out. The normal background rate of extinctions is about two to five families of marine invertebrates and vertebrates every million years. Since life began on Earth, this background extinction rate has been punctuated by seven major extinction events.

            500 million years ago a series of mass extinctions at the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary (the Cambrian-Ordovician extinction events) eliminated many brachiopods and conodonts and severely reduced the number of trilobite species.
            440 million years ago at the Ordovician-Silurian transition two Ordovician-Silurian extinction events occurred, probably as the result of a period of glaciation. Marine habitats changed drastically as sea levels decreased, causing the first die-off, then another occurred between 500 thousand and a million years later when sea levels rose rapidly.
            365 million years ago in the transition from the Devonian period to the Carboniferous period about 70% of all species were eliminated. This was not a sudden event; evidence suggests that the extinctions took place over a period of some three million years.
            252 million years ago, in the Permian-Triassic extinction event, about 95% of all marine species went extinct. This catastrophe was Earth’s worst mass extinction, killing 53% of marine families, 84% of marine genera, and an estimated 70% of land species (including plants, insects, and vertebrate animals.)
            195 million years ago, the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event eliminated about 20% of all marine families as well as most non-dinosaurian archosaurs, most therapsids, and the last of the large amphibians.
            65 million years ago, the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event killed about 50% of all species, including the dinosaurs.
            20 thousand years ago through today, humans are causing another extinction event. Hunting and overfishing have already caused extinctions and population collapses of many large land animals and fish species. Industrial development is causing habit destruction and climate changes which are bringing about the extinction of many animals and plants throughout the world.

        • Planet of the Apes comes to mind, the humans under ground had to wear masks so they could stand to look at each other.. Lol

      40. It’ll be hard to predict the time, but you’ll know the season – and you know this is the season. The music ends when we don’t have anything left to trade. No t-bill buyers, no petro-dollars coming in, Fort Knox is empty and the final SDR has been issued – only to give that value to the last creditor nation. Then the IMF comes to call to offer us a new form of credit – the form they offered to Argentina, Jamaica, the PIGS, and other nations – a chance to sign up for the debt that never gets paid. Washington is transitioning us and all our families to serfdom. Break the cycle; don’t sign on – vote Ron Paul 2012.

      41. “I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves, and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to William C. Jarvis, September 28, 1820

      42. of course all this is in the plans. its to get rid of welfare and handouts and debt all gone and start over. think about it, if things were that bad we have the technology to drill here but we dont, all these detenion centers around the US ready for trouble makers. it makes sense that we cant pay this back and the only way is a fresh start so they know exactly how to control this and to make sure chaos doesnt break out. that is what i believe. Makes sense more and more everyday to me. maybe not to you but that is how i feel

        • All the moochers think they are playing the system. They actually think the powera above love them. Wait until they find out they are expendable. In the end, the big guys need people who will produce. Most of the moochers can never be motivated to carry their weight. They and their offspring will always be minimalists, doing just enough to get by.

      43. We’ve been paying $4.20+ for months now here in Alaska.

      44. I remember making the statement on several internet forums (not here), in the early stages of this crisis, that the economy would not sustain gas at even $3.00/gal. The economy was starting to tank before gas ever hit $4.00.

        That’s why these lunatics who are all fired up to go to war with Iran piss me off so much. You think $4.00 a gallon is bad…..wait until it hits $7.00….or $9.00. This country will come to a screeching halt. Everything….and I mean everything we buy has to be delivered over the roads. Not to mention the direct costs of products that require petroleum to make them.

        This is probably one of the reasons why the government is gearing up for civil unrest. We’ll go to war with Iran….oil will go through the roof…the economy will totally tank…and people will be rioting in the streets.

        • Perhaps there was MORE civil unrest durring the great depression then they lead us to believe.

          I have heard rumors that there were some “insurrections” in the mid west in the 30’s(storming of town halls, people defending neighbors property from the banksters with firearms)

          With roosevelt stealing the gold, stacking the supreme court, and starting un-contitutional programs, it wouldn’t surprise me the least.

        • Walt, you have so much common sense and clear communication of it, I am very glad you visit here. I get tired of wading thru some of the BS, but I do it just so I can read comments from people like you that I can relate to. Anyone with half a brain cell can see that the world has no place for a nuclear armed, terrorist supporting, America hating, bunch of idiots on a power trip and tripping over a false religion, regime such as Iran. They have to be stopped or anyone that survives the blasts will have to live underground or with protective gear on. God will not let them nuke this planet,much less USA or Israel. I see it happening before 2014 and see some retaliation that shoots oil prices thru the roof. We all know what happens after that.

      45. We are a lot poorer than say 1970. I will show you what has happened. 1970 is only a year to make comparisons. 1970 Minimum Wage – 1.65
        1970 Gallon of Gas – .35
        1970 Gallon of Milk – 1.15
        1970 A ounce of Silver 1.76
        2012 Minimum Wage – 7.25
        2012 Gallon of Gas – 3.75
        2012 Gallon of Milk – 3.50
        2012 A ounce of Silver 32.00
        Not only we have greater efficiencies because of the internet but a lot of this degradation is from constant wars and Fed deficit spending. Jobs are scarce compared to 1970 so expect a continuance of working more and getting a LOT less.

        • In 1972 I was making $2.45 an hour (my union’s rate). I was paying $15 a week for room and board. I could still go and get a quarter pound of weed for $40 and sell 3 oz at $15 a piece. I then got my smoke for free.I could put $3.00 of gas in my GTO and drive around all Friday nite.Ah yes, the good old days.

      46. If the rising cost of gasoline reduces our $15T economy by $100B, that is a whopping 2/3 of 1%. Somehow, I think that we can survive that. The real question is, “Would that even be noticed or would it just be considered a “rounding error”?

        The USA is awash in natural gas. We have more energy in that form than Saudi Arabia has in oil. Additionally, we have at least another Saudi Arabia’s worth of energy in coal. Coal gasification has been known for a long time and so has the manufacture of liquid fuels via the Fischer-Tropsch reaction. Doing this is a matter of national will. Instead, we continue to make it a matter of economics; approaching this as fuel prices climb and then shying away when fuel prices drop. JFDI, already!

        If we would simply grab an ear in each hand and pull our head out, we could power this country for the next 200+ years with this energy and we would not need a single drop of imported oil. By that time efficient nuclear fusion power should be available for cheap.

        • …we don’t need a drop of foreign oil now.

          Its a myth to keep you guessing. More word magic to keep you fearful.

          We are a net exporter of oil by 100 million barrels a year. We import for conveinience not necessity. These people that “make” the news are truly “making it” and not reporting it.

          Frankly, we’ve been lied to so much that we think that a lie is easier to believe than the truth.

          WE DON’T NEED TO IMPORT OIL! …and never have. We do it because of pricing and logistics. Our “dependence of foreign oil” is absolute bullshit. All one has to do is study it.

          But, it sure does keep you all scared about it and, thus, more controllable.

          Baaaaah! Baaaaah!

          We’re all sheople to some extent when we are starved of the truth. I am no exception. Think on that for a while.

          • The more you dig, the deeper the rabbit hole goes.

            • Yea and the more you know about how deep it goes, the more pissed off you get, because you want to change it, but can’t; except on a personal level.

            • Yep. On a personal level as best you can and inform as many people as practical. Beyond that, you just have to steer clear of the sand traps.

      47. “It astonishes me to find… [that so many] of our countrymen… should be contented to live under a system which leaves to their governors the power of taking from them the trial by jury in civil cases, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of commerce, the habeas corpus laws, and of yoking them with a standing army. This is a degeneracy in the principles of liberty… which I [would not have expected for at least] four centuries.” – Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1788

      48. I must say, this is the most interesting bunch of comments I’ve ever come across. Why to go people. Keep it up.

        For my 2¢. History has shown us there are 7 stages of Empire. To see a synopsis of it I went searching on google. I found a nice short version. The writer is also a member of The Elevation Group. No sales pitch, he just mentions it and that he can sleep better at night because or it…. just so you won’t think I’m trying to sell something.

        No empire has lasted for long after going off a gold or silver or other precious metal standard. Our currency ceased to be backed by gold in 1971. We have been using Fiat currency ever since. We are in the first stage or two of the 7th stage of Empire.

        there are people out there who have been planning this for probably generations. I’m not sure we can stop it and I’m sure going to try. We aren’t out yet.

        I’m going to assume most of you folks know the TV news is owned and run by multi-national conglomerates, many of which are NOT owned by Americans. A prime is example is Rupert Murdoch, he owns FOX and several other U.S. TV stations.

        Personally I’m pinning my hopes on Ron Paul… You know, the guy the nightly news keeps ignoring or out right lying about? He has a plan that will work. If we elect people who are also constitutionalists. He wants to bring the troops home. He says “We just marched in, we can just march out!”

        He wants to cut 6 Federal departments. Give the states back their constitutional rights to make laws within their borders as their citizens see fit. He is personally against abortion. He none the less states it is not within the power of the federal government or the President to tell the states what to do.

        If a state wishes to allow or not allow abortion or to teach creationism or evolution, it is their right to do so. If a citizen of a state doesn’t agree, that person/family can move to a state more in sync with their beliefs.

        He will get rid of the FEMA, Let the airports and airlines run airport security, they have a strong vested interest in keeping their passenger safe…profit!

        He wants to eliminate personal income tax and set business tax at 15% across the board.

        I don’t know how many of you are aware of this. U.S. companies who have offices overseas have to pay a huge tax penalty to repatriate the dollars they have made outside the U.S. We’re talking billions or even a few Trillion dollars that can’t come home and be spent here. Dr. Paul will eliminate this tax. Getting those dollars back home will bring cash and jobs here when we need both desperately.

        His plan will cut the deficit by 1.1 trillion in the first year and balance the budget in year 4 of his presidency. He believes in free markets. Get the goverment out of our pockets and out of our businesses and let the market find its own level. Its worked on the past. It made us the great nation we were and could be again.

        Did you know we have 900 military bases in 150 countries around the world and in most of those countries we arrived under a pretense and then never left, built bases, put up check points…. What if China did that to us? We’d be taking up arms and fighting back. which is what those people over their are doing.

        Iran, by the way, is so poor it can’t even afford to build plants in its own country to process their own oil into gasoline. They sell the oil to other nations and then buy the gas their oil made from the other countries. Its all insane.

        In 1953 the U.S. wanted to buy oil from Iran. At that time Iran had an elected government and a very popular President, who was building infrastructure, schools for girls and boys.. a new thing their. Iran refused to sell the U.S. oil. So what did our government do? they sent in the CIA, assassinatedand there much belove Presient and installed the Shah if Iran… a bloody Dictator. They don’t hate us because we are free and rich, they hate us because our country is over there medeling in their affairs and making their lives misserable. The people of Iran, for example, have lived in terror, first under the Shah, the Komeinin and now abadinijad. (sp?) FYI Iran has never attacked us. and we put Sadam Hussein into power after overthrowing the Iragis government too. It comes back and bites in the butt and we wonder why. The CIA calls it Blowback.

        Not that I’m justifying what happened on 9/11. Although I think it was an inside job. The farmer, whose field the plane that supposedly crashed with all those people in it, according the farmer, their was no blood, no body parts, just stuff, clothes, suit cases.. stuff. ???

        And why are we still providing a military presence for Germany? We’re broke! So we pay for their military, us, and they use the money they’ve saved to support their welfare state. ???

        We’re borrowing 50¢ of every dollar Washington is spending… from China! They OWN us! there is a picture I saw online of Barack Obama shaking the hand of the Chinese head guy and bowing low to him. An acknowledgment that The Chinese have more power over our country they we do. :-O

        I never dreamed I would see an American President bowing to anyone except out of politeness, like to the Queen of England or something.

        We also have bases in Japan, So. Korea, Saudi Arabia..and they are NOT happy about it! We are building a consulet/military base in the Kurdish area of Iraq bigger than the entire Vatican Complex PLUS 19 other bases. The elite have no intension of ever leaving Iraq. Halliburiton and BP have offices their, they are setting up shop. The entire ‘war’ was to secure the oil for the elite. Out kids have been dying for Halliburton and BP oil. I’m horrified, furious, stunned and wide awake.

        So I’ve ranted enough. 🙂 You get the picture. I support Ron Paul. He’s the only one that makes sense. You can find videos of his TV debates on You Tube. Most of them were never aired on TV. The power elite are afraid of him I Think. He has been true to his beliefs for 30 years. He has always voted in congress the way he said he would. He give back around $100k a year back to the congressional office the gives the rep and senators the money to run their offices. He has never taken a government paid junket and he does not participate in the very lucrative congressional retirement fund.

        He also has almost all the delegates he needs to win the republican nomination in August.

        He is the last great statesman we will probably ever have. If he is not elected I fear it is all over for the Great American Experiment. Romney is Obama waving a Republican flag. He voted for Obamacare, the NDAA, all of the bills that take away our freedom, he has voted for. Don’t be fooled people. Do your homework. We have the Internet, at least for now. there is another bill incongress called CISPA. It will also take away our Inet freedom and no one is hardly even talking about it. We can do all the research from home. its easy and convenient. You tube is a great resource.

        To Freedom. To the Survival and resurrection of Our Great Nation.

        I’ll be coming back to see y’all’s take on what I had to share. and probably add my 2¢ to the conversation too.

        • Even if Ron Paul wins nothing will change.
          We are at the point where IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS IN OFFICE any more!
          Too late, the Rubicon has been crossed!
          Even if we are WIDE AWAKE it makes absolutely no difference.
          It is too late!
          The system is hopelessly beyond repair!
          The system still works, however the Titanic is too close to the iceberg. It’s destiny is sealed by now!

          • You are right, but wrong. There are many “czar” positions that can be eliminated. ALL executive orders from past presidents can be delcared void. He can order ALL troops back home(good side and bad sides to that).He can STOP the war. NO holder as attorney general(and probably prosecuted by new patriot attorney general, stewart rhodes perhaps?.

            I’m with ya, the system is ALL F^CED UP, but it took 100 years(since the fed res and income taxes)to get here, and it will take TIME to get back there. WE HAVE TO TRY, because the alternative SUCKS for us and for the little ones.

          • Once you clear the edge, it doesn’t matter whether you stand on the gas or brake.

        • I agree with everything you say…..but Ron Paul is not going to be our next President.

          The fix is already in, and our choices are two sides of the same coin. To mix metaphors here…..pick your poison.

          If voting could really change anything, it would be illegal.

          The collapse is coming. And I fear that the only way the cause of freedom will triumph, is through the only means by which it has been won in the past…..through blood.

          • Amen again! The stage is set by TPTB. Most of those are not even American or living within America. They sit behind walls and have private islands. They have their “Gestapo forces” trained,armed, and standing at the ready. They are called the United Nations,the strong arm of the NWO. They aren’t going anywhere. They are everywhere. Some of your own neighbors have already signed on to the system. Billery just agreed to put USA gun owners/buyers on their hit list, allowing the UN to mandate international gun laws. It is time for people to stop their fiddle-farting around and buy up un-registered guns as soon as possible. Before long they will be worth their weight in silver

        • “I believe to fix our country, it will take work, but it doesn’t take sacrifice.
          People say, oh to get over this we all have to sacrifice.
          If I return your liberty to you, give you the chance to work hard and keep what you earn. Keep the govt. out of your life, out of your wallet, out of your bedroom, and leave you alone. That’s not sacrifice.”…Ron Paul

          Preach it, brother, preach it!!!

      49. This isn’t really anything new to those of us who are aware of what is going on. I will continue with my strategy for dealing with what I see coming. I call it the four “G”s: Gold, Guns, Gardening and Geo Metros.

        Gold represents precious metals like silver, platinum, Palladium and Rhodium as well as gold as they are the most likely to remain fungible in a collapse.

        Guns… well… that’s self explanatory.

        Gardening means using every available bit of space to try and grow food. It also means using a diversified portfolio of varieties of plants to hedge against disease and insect damage. Hybrid varieties often offer better disease and insect resistance than heirloom varieties and some are also able to open pollinate. So, don’t just grow one variety of tomatoes, for example. Plant 4 or 5 varieties to make sure you have production. In the end, the worst case scenario is that they all survive and thrive, in which case you have too much food.

        Geo Metros means get yourself a fuel efficient vehicle you can afford cash. It could be a Metro but it could also be something like an older Prius or Insight hybrid as well. Even a dead one is not always a bad deal as hybrid specialists can often rejuvenate dead battery packs for relatively low cost. Whatever you get, it should get a MINIMUM of 40 mpg in the city and around 50mpg on the highway. Some alternative choices include the Ford Festiva and Aspire, Suzuki Swift, Pontiac Firefly, Civic VX or HX, VW Rabbit diesel or later TDI car or even a 5 speed Toyota Tercel or Nissan Sentra from the 1990’s (although they only get 30-35 mpg city). If you want a 4 wheel drive, consider the Suzuki Samurai and Sidekick or Geo Tracker . Avoid Yugos unless you have a line on parts for them or the Fiat 127 they were based on. Likewise, avoid early Kias and Hyundais, all Daewoos or Chevy (Daewoo) Aveos. You want something that has a good chance at reliability when sorted, not something that was known to be junk when new. Above all, don’t rely on a gigantic SUV as your only transportation! In a really negative situation, like an oil embargo, you may not be able to get enough fuel to use it at any price due to rationing. SUVs have their place but they are resource hogs to run and in a collapse or further downturn due to high oil prices, they may cease to be viable transportation. Also consider learning how to hypermile effectively. If gas becomes scarce, it may be a necessary skill to have.

        • You can’t save seeds from hybrids for next year’s planting. They may not produce, and if they do at all, they won’t be true…so you definitly won’t be able to use them the following year. You’d only be able to eat your hybrid veggies for the first year, whereas heirloom seed has been passed on for generations. Some of it can even be traced backed to the 1700’s. lonemum has the right idea; prep your soil and stock up on seed that can be overwintered to help nourish the soil.

          Try companion planting (i.e. Carrots love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte) to help discourage pests and promote plant health. And crop rotation to help decrease pests.

          Yep, all them city folks that think they’ll just move to the caountry and start a garden are in for a fw surprises!

          • Yeah, prep your soil! If you don’t want to garden yet, plant your garden in something like clover that will fix nitrogen in the soil. Keep plowing it in till you want to garden.

            You have to let some heirloom plants go all the way to seed, when they fall over, they will send up thousands of little plants all bunched together for redistribution throughout your garden. Save some of the seeds for next year. Freeze some for up to 10 years.

            The Garden of Eden still works! Just takes about 2-3 hours of weeding and picking per day.

      50. Former Libyan Oil Minister Found dead…yeah Im sure this was completely by accident

      51. did yu guys hear that ron paul took louisiana caucaus

        • eeder- no surprise here. The games the republican party played there in 08 were MINDBLOWING(as in my state), so the RP people there got REALLY pissed off, organized, and adapted to the situation. The system can’t do that, they just do the same scam over and over.

          I am across the country from sportsmans paradise, and even I called the republican headquarters to yell at them. They said it was “complicated”, what happened there. I told them-“only a moron makes something so simple complicated, you are a den of thieves!!!!”

          • Then I hung up on them in disgust(I forgot that point)

        • eeder…yea and Iowa and Minnesota and…?He gots a good game plan and WILL be a force at the convention. I was wondering if you still were following him. Didn’t see any more “Ron Paul 2012” posts from you.

          • yes guys i know he won those.. but they are actually admitting and officialy saying he won louisiana!

          • jrs
            i had essentially given up hope that ron paul could be president. however i am not certain what is going on.im afraid no matter what happens will be terribly sensible at this point. but we have to start somewhere.

      52. I am absolutely NOT worried for the next 3 to 4 years.
        The year 2016/2017 is only the beginning of the end, and even then, I wouldn’t be overly worried.
        Once we get into 2020 and beyond, this website will become obsolete because, by then EVERYBODY will know that the Sh*t Has Hit The Fan.
        You want to get blown away?
        See this!

      53. The Fed may have a plan to keep the dollar hegemony alive for as long as possible. We are in a currency war with China. The Fed exports FRNs and the price of oil inflates in double digits. Since the majority of oil China buys is denominated in FRNs this effectively causes them to have to use more of the ones they hold as US debt. This reduces the debt we owe them. Of course, the poor people of the earth will suffer immensely,but don’t think for one minute the Fed or the gov corp of the US care about that. They have been exporting misery to the rest of the world (and now us) for decades.Invest in hemp and pointy garden tools.

      54. On the same topic….I believe the gov corp is now refocusing their military efforts to East Asian and Western Pacific waters to keep China from the supposedly new oil fields off their coasts.And Russia and the US corp are grabbing up Artic claims for deep oil. China wants in on this too. Don’t look for it.Whoever controls the “black gold” is the best looking horse in the glue factory. Meanwhile the masses starve.

        • JRS

          I believe your correct. There is oil off the coast of Vietnam; fancy that. Damn and we were taught that we were there for the whole freedom democracy thing.

          I would not be a bit surprised if the US reoccupied Cam Ran Bay Naval base. The grandchildren of NVA / VC standing along side the grandchildren of Vietnam vets opposing Chinese advancement.

          It’s not surprising how money alters political alliances and military usage. It’s amazing how the public buys into the “official” reasons like freedom and democracy.

          • We’re going to free the shit out of Iran. We’ll free them back to the stone age. If Tiawan has nothing we need, they will find themselves under the bus. Don’t rule out them cutting a deal with China.


        Obama Releases $147M in Aid to Palestinians

        • … yeah i guarantee just like all the other supplies send to the Palestinians , da’ israeli zionist jews steal it and they’ll give the Palestinians maybe get a $100. bucks during a $10,000,000 dollar publicized zionist propaganda p.r. celebration of friendship across borders b.s. event!!!

          … don’t believe the hype!

          • “Through Deception we will Wage War , Conquer the World!”
            ~Israeli Jew Mossad Motto

            • through my fist the fucking mossad can feel pain, and conquer their demise.

            • Through Deception we will Wage War, Conquer the World!!!!
              Mohammad, the PEdophile prophet’s Motto

            • Through Deception we will Wage War, Conquer the World!!!!
              Mohammad the Pedophile’s motto from the Koran

          • IMF, we know you are a fucking muslim POS who worships a pedophile prophet and a putrid Allah. When America wakes up it will surgically remove the cancer of Islam.
            Palestinians is a made up story propagated by the pedophile muslims seeking to enslave the world.

            • AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaJeeeeeeeeeeeeeew… ;0P pssszzt

              “Jesus Bless me!” “Oh that’s right the Greedy Thieving Corrupt Diseased Incestuous baby raping baby killing Jeeeeeeeeeeeews… Killed Jesus – Crucified “GODS” Child for “Kicking” their asses in the Temple for being Thieving Banker Jeeeeew Scum!!!”

              Any time … Any Time!!! ;0)

          • You are truely disturbed. Tell the voices in your head to scream less.

        • why is this abreaking point

          • figure this…we keep blowing money like this , with a diminished tax payer base, and a failing economy eventually the fuckin check book becomes dry.

            And why keep funding the friken packi’s? its quite obvious to some of us that they are just taking the money and thumbing thier noses at our government..and why on earth do we need to send them fuckin money when our own dam country could benifit from that money?

            Its it hush money? is it so they can continue the bullshit over there with out them yelling too much about it?

            pal, thats our fuckin money going over there..(that is if you work and pay taxes, I do) and im not happy about the fact that Millions if not trillions of US dollars are going off to these countries that dont appreciate it, dont give two shits about us, and would just as well put a crosshair on your forehead as they would mine.

            • Ok,, so maybe this is not THE breaking point..but added with all the other shit..its a path to the breaking point

          • eeder, the mossad will be around long after your pus filled pedophile dick and your fat ass is consumed by worms

      56. on Drudge Report…

        Occupy Wall Street Plans Global Disruption on May 1

      57. Compelling evidence points to oil not being a fossil fuel, instead it is abiotic and not organic in nature. Thus, the theory of peak oil, based upon a finite supply of fossil material is not only full of holes, but was produced, in large part by J.D. Rockefeller in order to place a premium on the price of oil being a very limited and declining supply. Hydrocarbons have been discovered that contain carbon-13 isotopes, which are appear to be formed not from any biological material, such as fossils, but as a natural formation that continues in the mantle of the earth.

        This makes far more sense because back in 2005, the NASA probe that explored Titan, monitored massive amounts of carbon-13 methane on Saturn’s largest moon. With hydrocarbons being found where no fossils exist, there should be questions raised as to the origin of our own hydrocarbon resources being abiotic rather than by-products of fossilization, thus limited. Granted, those resources are difficult to harvest, but I dare say that it is not a matter of the size of actual reserves, but the technology to retrieve and utilize those reserves. Thus, if oil, coal and natural gas are abiotic and evidence points to a degree of renewal through natural processes, it appears that instead of running out of them, the earth is more likely producing such resources, it’s just a matter of discovery.

        The peak oil theory tends to play well in the Statist Corporatist script, it allows for a generalized grasp for power that would not otherwise be possible without the theory or the impression that these resources are limited. The price of gas however, is generally not a matter of supply and demand, but is a product of the demise of fiat currencies, the contradiction in regulation and government oversight, as well as the Mercantilist character of this and other governments.

        • Even as a kid I knew there were never enough dinosaurs to make all the oil we were using. Maybe the world is outstripping replenishment, but it’s not dino guts. Dead animals almost always get eaten by scavengers.

      58. WE ARE DONE..

        END GAME IS HERE..

      59. By destroying our currency over the last 50 years or so, the government has deleveraged our standard of living. This was by design. The demographic destruction of our civilization was by design. They are not through with us quite yet. They are trying to do this gradually, but I think it’s very possible they might lose their grip on the situation. We can only hope. And I really dislike the word Hope. Hope is where failure hides.

      60. This article is just telling us what we already know. If gas gets too high, what’s the point of going to work if you are just working to pay for your car trip to and from the office? More people choosing not to work means a mass exodus from the workforce to the easy street entitlement systems and the levy is already about to break on those. You may see more and more gas thefts like siphonings, pump hacking, or credit card fraud at the pumps (the days of pump and run are pretty much gone). Also not to mention the increase in prices at the store for goods because everyone from the farmer, factory, and freight driver will be passing their costs off to the consumer. We will see less consumption but according to the Gub’mint figures it will look like consumer spending is on the rise and those green shoots they were talking about are sprouting rapidly (but by then people will have stopped eating the fertilizer). The shock and awe will set in when people wonder why businesses are closing at an alarming rate (happening now), their neighborhoods look like ghost towns (its happening now), their credit cards never seem to get paid off (its happening now), and crime skyrockets (although violent crime is going down due to lax carry laws burglaries and thefts are currently on the rise) when their benevolent leaders told them that everything was on the mend and the worst had passed.

      61. Our voices don’t count. Our opinions don’t count. Our votes don’t count. Our bullets count. Hmmm. What’s the solution?

      62. America’s breaking point started when the government had to borrow money. So you can see this is not sudden and accidental, it started on Jekyll Island in 1910. Then came the Federal Reserve, Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, Removal of the Gold Standard, The community Reinvestment Act, NAFTA, Bank Deregulation, Rx Drug Plan and on and on.

        So you see we are more then Broke and have been for a while. The unfunded liabilities are now starting to kick into gear and there is no way to out run what was promised. All government pension are now in peril.

        The only real question is when? And when could be a long time from now, but when we can no longer finance the deficit the Shit will hit the fan. We have kicked the can around the globe so there isn’t much more kicking to be had.

        Everyone needs to get out of the frame of mind that this just started in 2008, it didn’t.

      63. Public Pension Fund Files Bankruptcy

        “The retirement fund was $640,000,000 in the hole. So, it filed for bankruptcy.”


      64. Any gas above $6 a gallon and I think there will be riots in the streets. At this level, most people will not be able to afford gas to get to work for a whole week. People who work in the city and close to home will be OK maybe, but people outside of the city and in the suburbs who travel far to work will be really struggling to get by already living paycheck-to-paycheck.

        Even if they drove gas to $7-8 a gallon, they couldn’t possibly sustain it there for to long. The economy would completely shut down and nobody would be buying gas. This would drastically reduce demand and prices would rapidly fall.

        Even gas at $4 is considered cheap now. We enjoy low gas prices and benefit from the dollars reserve status for now. That will probably soon be coming to an end in the future as more and more countries are trying to move away from the dollar and trade oil in other currencies.

      65. I’m urging those around me to empty their bank accounts and buy what they can, while they still can. Every penny I get my hands on goes to hard goods and non-perishable supplies like guns, bullets, fuel, food, and other stuff.


        • omg you seen it on youtube…….must be true

        • I guess there IS a free lunch after all.

      67. @ John W says.

        “One could bomb the hell out of Detroit and who could tell or care?”

        “I have no sympathy for the Kent State crowd. Waco and Ruby Ridge are another matter alltogether. That was murder plain and simple.”

        Detroit is a separate issue for now but I think you just made the “Domestic Terrorist List.” Say the same after posting your name, address and phone number!

        I was one of the Kent State crowd and right there at the time. Kevin 2 says it very well. Me, I just want to ask you the following:

        How old are you?

        Where were you at the KSU shootings?

        Which do you prefer …sucking on rocks, eating shit or pissing up a rope?

        Is that your face or did your ass grow ears?

        If you need some extra TP to wipe your mouth, sorry I’m all out.

        What’s your opinion Funky Butt?

        Y’all Beware! Let me hear it – please!

      68. What the hell is going on here. The news is reporting manufacturing in China is on the uptick, the stock market is improving yet the middle class Joe is getting his balls broken on a daily basis when he hits the grocery store, gas pumps, pharmacy,etc. I’m calling BS on this foolishness.

      69. “America”‘s breaking point, just as any other country, will be when it’s no longer economically or practically feasible for the small percentage of people that are actually productive to carry the weight of the rest of the people of the WORLD their backs.

        They’ll shed the shackles of useless slavery and pounce on the bandwagon of government gravy that all their neighbors seem to enjoy, to expedite the inevitable demise of the system and a reset to the new system of government that will seem really cool at first, and then seek to enslave them even further.

        After that, bad people will mysteriously start dying by the scores in accidental explosive crossbow poison ballistically anomalous ways and a big rainbow will shine in the sky.

        Then there will be peace until the next time.

        The Beginning….again.

      70. We are so far past the breaking point that we are looking ahead for it. Principal,is the amount due and owing to satisfy the payoff of the underlying obligation. When was the last payment was made on the principal of the national debt? We cannot even handle the interest.

      71. If gas gets up to $10 per gallon, we’re all going to be a lot skinnier. We’ll be walking or biking everywhere.

        Europe can handle it, everything is very compact & walkable. The USA cannot. We are set up to drive.

        If it happens, you’ll rapidly see a return to “local” communities. Locally grown produce, locally made products, you know, the way it used to be. It think we’ll adapt as long as this happens slowly.

      72. I think the breaking point will be when wallsmart runs out of size xxxL ladies stretch pants. Or when Ted Nugget and Dick Cheney decide to re-switch brains. Maybe when a 5.7 liter diesel engyne doesn’t give you morning wood. Perhaps when you have to actually walk somewhere, you know walk, like with yer legs and all, no ATV or golf cart. Maybe when the airconditioner and central heater stop running 24/7 and heaven forbid you have to open the windows. Maybe when food portions are the size that humans actually eat, not livestock, maybe, maybe then.

      73. If only Rob Paul would win and be president everythign would be fine fine fine. Yep, the free merket that had been runnin so smood from Ronnie Rapeum till George BushholeI and
        his little buddy bunghole II , well that there free merket was the lynchpin of the whole soft white underbelly, things had been runnin so smooth on the back of that there dtrickle down rapenomics that we had to invade some desert countrys somewhere, don’t know why but wes had to do it I tells ya. Now that other fellow with the chin up had to come and mess everything up on us poor folks. He promised the sun moon and stars and now the budget deficit is a bazillion macaroons! That there chin up feller had planned all this from his apartment in Moscow I tell yer. He done sold us down the river, calamity.

      74. If only Rob Paul would win and be president everythign would be fine fine fine. Yep, the free merket that had been runnin so smood from Ronnie Rabeum till George BushhaleI and
        his little buddy benghole II , well that there free merket was the lunchpin of the whole soft white underbelly, things had been runnin so smooth on the back of that there dtrickle down rupenomics that we had to invade some desert countrys somewhere, don’t know why but wes had to do it I tells ya. Now that other fellow with the chin up had to come and mess everything up on us poor folks. He promised the sun moon and stars and now the budget deficit is a bazillion macaroons! That there chin up feller had planned all this from his apartment in Moscow I tell yer. He done sold us down the river, calamity.

      75. Never before have so many wasted so much time for so little return, bless you shtplan.fan

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