What If Your Preparedness Plan Isn’t As Sound As You Think?

by | May 24, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition on April 28, 2017. 

    Consider this a “coaching” segment and some advice on how to follow a Thomas Hardy “Far from the Madding Crowd” mindset.  Look at the world situation right now.

    North Korea is rattling the saber as the U.S. naval armada sails toward the area.  We just gave Syria a foretaste of what is to come with the Tomahawk strike.  Relations with Russia just hit a low point, and the President is not backing down on Syria and North Korea.  Chances are good that we’ll be involved in a war very shortly.  The possibility also exists that it could become a world war.

    What does that mean to you, the Reader?  It means that you’re going to have to assess yourself and correctly determine whether you’re prepared for the times to come.


    Part of that is to think outside of the box, to think differently in terms of planning and preparation.  Most everyone has the same type of mindset: “I’m going to acquire all kinds of supplies, practice hard, and when the time comes, I’ll be as ready as I can be.”

    Did you ever stop and consider that everyone else has the same idea, to one degree or another?  Most people want to be “spoon-fed” everything, and the preparation is of the mindset that everything will be in place when disaster hits.  Most do not “war game” the situation realistically.  Everyone will have a rallying point of the closest park to hide.  The problem: everyone is thinking of that.  Everyone will take to the roads (Katrina was proof of that) if there’s advance warning.


    In preparedness, you must “take the road less traveled by,” to paraphrase Frost.  When the IHM (Incredible Human Mob) is running in one direction, the odds are good that you should not be in their midst.  The art of doing the opposite of the majority is one of the things that will keep you alive and intact.  The mob all runs to an area where there are limited supplies, such as food and water.  What do you think will happen next?  A singing of Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to Be an American” with Bic lighters aflame?  No, they’ll rip one another to shreds for the last bottles of water.

    So, how do we compress thinking and acting differently from the majority into one short article?  In reality, we can’t.  What we can do here, however, are considered some possibilities.  Perhaps you and/or your family can sit down and brainstorm some other options for yourselves.  Let’s take it from a SHTF-scenario, shall we?

    1. Safe House: Occupied or Unoccupied – This will involve a retreat where you either can meet up with someone you trust (occupied) or go there with your family (unoccupied) and set up camp.  English Property Law does not necessarily apply.  Do you know of an abandoned barn or shed in a remote location?  Do you know of an abandoned cabin or a partially-ruined building somewhere?  If so, it might be good to preposition some supplies or even a cache there.  If you have someone who you can meet up with…well, you can assure a place for yourself to flee to and promise that person more…and a share of what you bring.  That will be for you to gauge as to whether or not to trust someone this much, as anyone can go bad in an instant.
    2. Move when they are stationary; Be stationary when they’re on the move: this will be a shock to your circadian rhythm. This step is necessary, however, to cut down on the “new friends” you may not want to “meet” along the way.  You and your family need to sleep in a covered and/or concealed location and post a guard…in shifts.  When it’s night, that’s the time to move and forage for food or supplies.
    3. Attractive to you? Attractive to them, too: Do you see a nice lake with a stream feeding into it in front of you?  Maybe a nice waterfall dropping into it?  A nice cleared area with a bunch of rocks and dead timber strewed about?  If it’s pleasing to your eye, it’ll be pleasing to another person’s eyes as well.  “Attractive” and “High Traffic” areas are almost synonymous.  Avoid what looks perfect, or you’ll bed down and have “guests” when (and if) you wake up.
    4. What you need, they need: This is the reason for a change in the time of activity. Did you find food?  Others will need it, and others will come.  You must bank on that.  Just because you’re “paranoid” does not mean that the world is not out to get you…or your supplies.  If you find a food supply and a water supply, you’ll have to either hide it in some way, share it, or defend it.  If you pick “option 2,” that doesn’t mean your altruistic qualities are held by those you share with.
    5. Path of Least Resistance: A happy trail right into the woods.  The part of the mountain without the boulders and stickers all over it to climb.  The open field to cross, as opposed to the woods filled with stickers and thorns.  Don’t you take that path, as others will take it also.

    Most will not be thinking outside of the box.  Most will see you and yours in a grid down/SHTF situation as their opportunity.  They will see your belongings as theirs.  For the greatest example of this, see the movie “The Time of the Wolf.”  The first five minutes of the movie tells it all…what happens to the family that packed it all up in a disaster (unspecified) and went to their retreat…that scenario is the “real deal.”  The movie is in French with English subtitles…adding to the horror of the situation.

    The bottom line: you can’t expect to survive the disaster…and the mob that makes it through the “first gate” after the initial pandemonium…unless you think and do things differently from them.  Make no mistake about it: the time to prep is far from over.  You cannot trust your future and the welfare of your family in the hands of those who can enmesh us into a world war, and then…on your taxpayer dime…be whisked away to a mountain fortress replete with food, supplies, and an army to defend them.  You only have your wits and the guts to use them.  Stay in that good fight by thinking outside of the box.  JJ out!


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      1. Abolish the stock market and starve the beasts in order to restore America and restore peace. 

        The stock market bail outs gains have mostly gone to China and Jews and the Chinese government anyways. China and Jewish multi billionaires and hedge fund managers got most of the bail out money, since that is where the corporations are in reality.

        Trump is a Chi-Com Zi-com traitor! 

        Another conspiracy proves to be true on the US census, asking for races and origins of everyone, except Jews, who claim, as well as Trump admin. that Judaism is a race and a relogion, so why when it asks White, white Asian, white Latino, does it not ask white Jew? Because they are worried that people will start adding it up. It cannot be for reasons of religious or ethnic discrimination, since it has long been official U.S. and Zionist policy to discriminate against Muslims, and people are asked which countries they are from. It is a special protection for Jews alone that is just another sign of Jewish supremacy policy. What are they so afraid of? Why do they deserve special secrecy that nobody else is entiltled to? Are they worried that people might start investigating them for Kosha Nostra involvement? Why are they supposed to be expempt from organized crime investigations, that Netenyahu and the Mossad even sent a cable to the State Department to warn of stock market manipulation, illegal gambling, prostitutioon, black market organ sales, human trafficking, illegal slavery, sex trafficking, sex trafficking of minors, cyber- crimes, and acts of terrorism? 

        It seems to me that that is suspicious as hell! Were the Japanese in concentration camps in America? Yes. Were the Jews in concentration camps in America? No. Were blacks discriminated against in America ? Yes. Were Jews discriminated in America? It is impossible to claim that since they are controlling the media, the financial sector, the tech sector, and foreign policy. They are not being discriminated against. They are discriminating against everyone else. If they were discriminated against, they would be unemployed, broke, with a high prison population, and low percentage higher education acceptances and degrees. Bernie Madoff was the token Jew of the U.S. prison system.

        I have a lot to be mad as hell about presently, as do most Americans! So if you don’t like it, move to China and get the hell away from us so that we can get on with our lives!

        None of these psychopaths are even prepared to face reality, let alone anything else! We know that for an absolute fact, because all that they do is lie!

      2. Thomas Hardy. I remember him. He had 2 brothers Frank and Joe and they were called the Hardy Boys.

        Nancy Drew was their kissin cousin

      3. Corruption conspiracy deniers are not prepared. They are not prepared to face reality, and admit their monstrous predatory crimes, therefore they have no chance of survival.

      4. Oh yeah, PTPO is still kicking. My small group is virus free. God knows what lifetime organ damage this critter inflicts. My plan, keep your vitamin D high. It helps.

        Cracks are appearing. Outside family forces are pressuring us. I’ve led the group, another outsider, who is a party animal wants in. Hmmm. Keep your Vitamin D high and don’t die. Owwe, I want to copy right that saying….

        At this point most preppers are depending on freezers and refrigerators to keep months of food. We are seeing shortages however. We might have a summer reprieve, I’ll add more preps. Been buying nuts, still plentiful and they are a meat equivalent protein. Don’t tell the riffraff.

        I have always kept a good supply in my freezer, then the big hurricane hit and no power for ten days. Do you have a plan? Oh yeah I had a generator and lost nothing. Don’t put it past the powers that shouldn’t be to cause a power failure this summer. These same creeps did manage to let this virus lose.

        Been buying extra eggs, I discovered they keep about a month, but if you crack them into a silicone muffin pan, freeze them and put them in a zip lock bag in a freezer, they keep for a year. I’ve even managed to resurrect an unbroken yoke to make an over easy egg. What a treat.. Next best thing to having an egg laying chicken. Egg laying chickens are unobtainium.

      5. Our country is compromised by communist China CCP being allowed to control USA mass media-schools-and public dialog.
        Your children are being brainwashed in school, by pop culture, by the commie controlled antiAmerican media.

        Did you know that China pilots are trained in USA? Did you know that AMERICAN civilian aviation manufacturing and parts companies are owned by China. Did you know that foreigners own most of USA mass media outlets, newspaper-TV-Radio? China CCP has offices on most American college campus. Foreigners also own LARGE amounts of USA farmland. WHY is Any of this THIS ALLOWED?

        Why are tech monopolies allowed to censor and control speech and thought?

        What you can do:
        Stand -Resist -Push back -Go to work -Open your Business -Go to church -Plant a garden -Raise small backyard Livestock -Reload Ammo -Exercise, get in shape -Cancel cable tv -Cancel cell phone -Become educated on useful skills -Train children and grandchildren to be God Fearing-self reliant-self sufficient-Thinkers not Followers -and to respect God and Traditional American values.

        • Thanks for the information. I was clueless that Rupert Murdoch and Michael Bloomberg are Chinese communists.

      6. eggs rubbed in mineral or any oil keeps them fresh and edible for 9 months. Oh yeah save only the pretty liberal women and toss the rest.

        • To Hell with that – get rid of all of them.

        • Keep Commie Liberal Baby Killer women out of your bed.
          Don’t breed with them. No matter how “pretty” or appealing.
          These women are often willing to murder a child in their womb. So how do you think they will treat you when they want to move on? Don’t be an idiot, stay away from them. These women are poison to your life/wallet/bank account.
          Keep antiAmerican, antiGod, man haters out of your life. Don’t be stupid and be used as an ATM.

          Advice for young men: Disreguard at your own extreme peril.
          When selecting a woman:
          No women into drugs. No 420 women(420 causes birth and genetic damage). No cig smokers women (when they reach 50 or so years old Lung Cancer/death). No women boozers( Bar/Nightcluub women are continuous CONSTANT problems.) No permiscuous women(They often carry STD’s and will pass them on to you. Sometimes intentionally!.) No gambling women. No shopaholics women(they keep you BROKE). No “Liberal” “modern women.
          As you can see. This makes having an American wife a challenge and difficult. That is one reason why Trump seems to go for European women? (Why many over 40 men select an foreign wife after a fail with one of the described American/Western types of women.)

          Let the grumbling and attacks begin on the comment. But as a young man the lure of the easy exciting women seems fun. But you WILL pay a HUGE price. These “Liberal” women sleep around, spend ALL of your money, keep you Broke and in debt, they will murder your child in their womb, and when you break up they will use the system to DESTROY and GUT you Financially. Any children you do have with these “Liberal” women will be used as pawns by them against you. You will NEVER win in court.

          I’ve seen more good Marines DESTROYED by these type of women than KIA due to combat. So you can Listen or not. Your life. Your assured destruction if you play with “Liberal” women. They are very dangerous. They use the system and your children against you. YOU WILL LOOSE.

          God fearing women that Love God, Love America, are a Much better choice. If a woman Loves the Lord God and Loves America, she will likely Love you and your children. A woman Faithful to God and Faithful to America, will more likely be faithful to you.

          A much wiser man told me, “With all things there are assumed risks. But at least know how to remain calm as the earth draws near, cut away your main chute and deploy a reserve before you go splat.” “Don’t be stupid, arrogant, careless. Think and be calm.”

      7. Jeremiah Johnson, thanks for pointing out another part of critical thinking. Great thinkers always critique & update Plans (Preps). This type of introspection can save lots of trouble when the SHTF.

      8. The virus and lockdown orders are a blessing in disguise because they exposed the weaknesses of some of my planning and preparations. One thing I never figured on was the lengthy lockdown orders and travel restrictions. Now that I know how the government will respond to a “second wave”, I will be making sure that I have a few more mobility options so I can get out of Dodge if I really need to. I’m also trying to figure out what to do about contact tracing via cell phone, mandatory vaccinations, and government-issued “proof of vaccination” cards. The control freaks in government are never going to let this crisis go to waste so we better have a plan for dealing with it when the time comes.

      9. NO ONE is ever totally prepared. You have to adapt and reconfigure you preps and survival strategies. Once the war starts every plan has to be rethought. Nothing ever goes as planned when you have more than one person to make plans for.

      10. bilge. I’ll have them do the dishes and all the dirty work as punishment for being tards. Good _ _ _k suckers also.

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