What Happens to Nuclear Power Plants Following an EMP?

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    This report was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition

    radiation-warning2 radiation-warning

    We have covered some bases on the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and how to prepare the home and supplies against it.  One of the major problems with the EMP is not just what will not work regarding unshielded equipment, but what will happen when certain things do not run anymore.  What I’m referring to the real danger of nuclear power plants throughout the United States.  Not only will there be a shortage of power, but there will be a larger problem: radiation.

    A large percentage of electricity goes into maintaining and cooling the spent fuel rods in a nuclear power plant installation.  A prime example is a Nuclear Facility that may have one working (running) reactor and two that are shut down with spent fuel rods.  This is not uncommon to find.  Now, follow the reasoning: when the primary power shuts down and the backup is rendered inoperable, how is coolant water to be pumped to cool the spent fuel rods?

    We saw what happened with Fukushima, and most of us remember the horror story that almost emerged with Three Mile Island nuclear power facility in Harrisburg, PA.  The reason this is being mentioned here is that these things need to be taken into account with regard to your preparations.  What good is it to make it through the initial nuclear attack when the attack renders your nearest nuclear power facility a ticking time bomb regarding spent fuel rods?

    Advanced Tactical Gas Mask – Are You Ready for a Nuclear, Biological or Chemical Disaster? (Ad)

    I strongly recommend reading Cresson Kearney’s materials (downloadable for free) on Nuclear War Survival.  You will learn about doses and dosimeters, rads and fallout.  You will receive the plans on how to construct your own Kearney Fallout Meter from household materials.  The series contains a wealth of information that you can burn off…information that may save your life.

    There was an interesting movie entitled Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerald Butler.  The premise revolved around terrorists wishing to turn the tables and utilize all of the US nuclear sites against itself…missiles, reactors, and what not.  This is not far-fetched.  A good thing to research would be the proximity of the nuclear sites to your home.  This photo comes from the International Nuclear Safety Center, and I think it substantiates my concerns.

    You can see by the photo that the largest concentration of nuclear power facilities is located in the Northeast and the Great Lakes regions of the United States.  Localize these facilities in your home state and you can then conduct the kind of research you need that will help protect you.  There are some questions you should ask.  What are the containment procedures in case of a power loss?  How much material is being stored in the facility?  What are all your distances of the facility from your home, where you and your family work and go to school, etc.  What routes would you use should the unthinkable actually occur?

    You may wish to consider a good fallout meter (also known as a radiological survey meter, or Geiger counter), along with dosimeters and other cumulative radiation monitors.  The Nukalert monitor will actually let out a “chirping” noise when you come into a nuclear-irradiated area.  There are also hazmat suits/NBC suits that you may purchase.  As in all dangers and disasters, there are a certain amount of things that are out of your control; however, there are also many things you can do to prepare for them.  Research and planning is crucial in your preparations, and I highly recommend studying your area for as much information as you can find regarding this important topic.  Have a good day, and keep up the good work!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition.com.

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      1. The way I see it is; when the reactors stop and the cooling water quits flowing GAME OVER no matter where your at. Soon than latter the rads will get you.

        • And just think that China wants to build a couple hundred NPP in the next 10 years. Think Chinese drywall. 😉

          • …and floor laminate from lumber liquidators.

        • Go to Veterans Today, search for:

          “Your radiation this week No 46”


          1,803 CPM, 360.6 Times Normal, Miami, FL. Beta, Gamma.
          1,508 CPM, 301.6 Times Normal, Little Rock, AR. Beta, Gamma.
          1,385 CPM, 277 Times Normal, San Diego, CA. Beta, Gamma.
          1,357 CPM, 271.4 Times Normal, Yuma, AZ. Beta, Gamma.

          Read it and weep…

          • It’s unbelievable. …..I check it every weekend.
            Just Neverending. …..

          • JustMe,

            I assume the increase in radiation in Miami is due to the nearby leaking beachfront nuclear reactor.

            According to reports in the Miami Herald, the FPL nuclear plant is leaking into Biscayne Bay.

            • Radiation levels have been getting higher since the nuke tests began. The levels spiked, and have not reduced, after the Fukushima disaster. Higher than normal levels of radiation have even been found in the soil in the PNW. You can find maps that have tracked Fukushima radiation around the Northern Hemisphere.

              Side note, here is an interesting vid on Youtube:

              A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 – by Isao Hashimoto

            • No it is not from the leaking water from the nuke plant. They are leaking tritiated water. Tritium is a low level beta emitter, this will NOT show up in background radiation monitoring.

        • Exactly, and THAT is something I don’t get – or rather, it says to me that ALL nuclear power plants are set up a)to fail, and b)to contaminate so large an area that they MUST ALL be considered to be weapons of mass destruction, and so maybe they should never be built at ALL. After all, all civilizations fail finally, accidents happen, wars happen and so on. If something – say an asteroid the size of Los Angeles or something of the sort coming down on almost any part of the planet – puts us all back into the Middle Ages or earlier, technology-wise… So what happens then to all those nuclear facilities that we (the human race) no longer have the expertise, the transportation facilities, manufacturing facilities, etc., etc. to even shut these units down safely? They’re all constructed near some large water supply or other, right? Well, how damned hard can it be to design and build in multiple backup power sources that can handle primary, secondary or even tertiary backup pumps, water lines, etc.? WHY is this not done? I understand that such plants are also designed to need repair – essentially rebuilding – or retirement after 20 years or so. Well, thus far, every one I’ve heard of that was ready for retirement was given a lick and a promise (unkept) of refurbishing and plugged back into the Grid. The refurbishment (again, so far) is almost guaranteed to fail sometime unexpectedly early (unexpected by those in the industry at least) because of shoddy practices, too. You’d think the NRC or some outfit like that could maybe send an engineer to keep an eye on things so that the outfit doing the facelift is not using, say, Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil instead of a few feet of friggin’ LEAD for shielding, and that there are enough shielded turns OUT of dangerous areas so that engineers can get out to where the radiation is attenuated enough that they don’t get fried on the way to the exit in case of a major (or minor, for that matter) problem..?

          I remember all sorts of lavish promises about how safe these units are and how carefully they’re designed so there should never be an emergency… Famous last words, as they say. *sigh* Carefully designed, yeah – but never quite as carefully BUILT apparently.

          Consider, too, that the Fukushima plant will eventually have poisoned the entire damned Pacific Ocean is all we’ve seen so far keep going as it has been: it reminds me – a LOT – of the BP Gulf oil spill. It was just let be and ALLOWED to burn down into the water table and down more until it hit the ocean itself, PLUS they’ve been dumping something like 400 TONS of radioactive water (water full of radioactive particles I assume) into the sea at the same unvarying rate, though they also claim to be storing this dangerous water in tanks that bid fair to cover all of Japan eventually… and it doesn’t look like THAT’S about to slow down anytime soon either.

          Wow. If they hadn’t built in all these safety factors I think I might actually start to worry. I mean, it really doesn’t look like the Daiichi plant is about to run low on output into the environment anytime in THIS geological era… Does it..?

          • That’s the truth. America can’t even find the money to take care of their crumbling infrastructure and yet we really think corporations are going to spend the money (and it will be a lot of money) to take care of these nuclear power plants before a melt down happens, not likely.

            It seems that the proverbial head in the sand attitude rules the day here. Is it more costly to prevent a disaster than to let said disaster happen and then fix the problem?

            Just like cities that will only fix a dangerous intersection after a certain number of people die there.

        • The premise in “Olympus Has Fallen” was the self destruction of nuclear missles while they are still in silos. These missles are engineered so that destruction will not produce a nuclear explosion.

        • Can’t these reactors be shut down by turning them off? Surely there’s a switch on the wall that one can flick off.

      2. Let’s face it, if something like an EMP hits we are toast. For some, it will take longer but the end result is a shortened life. This is my worst fear for sure.
        Hard to prepare for something that you can no see, hear, smell, taste, etc. God Bless, James

        • JJ barely scratches the surface of this Disaster. First go to http://www.RadiationNetwork.com and locate the closest Nuke Plant site to where you live. You may also want to acquire a wind meter for direction and speed of the wind. Also acquire a few bottles of Potassium Iodide for your Thyroid Gland. @ Campingsurvival dot com. They also have PI pills for pets in lower dosages. They sell these in a 30 day supply. Get at least one bottle for each member of your group.

          The main problem is that Nuke Plants only keep about 1 month supply of Diesel Fuel to run the generators that keep the rods in the cooling pool, cool. If there are no Trucks running to supply more Diesel Fuel then they will begin their melt down after 30 days, like Fukushima. So you have less than 30 days to get upwind from these Nuke sites. Nuke fall-out is like snow. And will settle on the ground and roofs, etc. You are actually safer going to a 2nd of 3rd floor in the middle of a tall building with more walls and ceilings between you and the outside. Tape the cracks of windows and doors, and prepare to hunker down if you are down wind.

          Put the RadiationNetwork website in your favorites on your cell phone, so you can monitor the radiation levels at the closest Nuke site while Mobile. This website is updated every minute, so you can see the warning flags at each site for rising radiation emissions.

          I was involved for several years in a Government sponsored EMP Study Group regarding EMP’s, and my credential are, that I am considered an energy expert. As that is what they decided to label me. Not me saying that. Anyway, I was bombarded with more information than I can absorb or recall statistically. The main points I added to the group, are what many say here, and that is the Public and social reaction to panic and breakdown to society as the mass death and those unprepared to deal with a mass disaster like this.

          All I can say is get the hell out of the area, with your bug out bags and Potassium Iodide immedietly. I would not be fiddling with some chemical suit, because you would also need a full respiration suit with in the chemical suit and that is only good for about 30 to 45 minutes of air per tank, and then you would need to enter a decontamination area to wash down before you can even remove the suit to change the air tank. So that is a ZERO Sum Option. I also had experience with those suits when I was a Firefighter, and trained for a HazMat crew. I also took charge at my station of the Radiation detector and trained others for the Rads the body can absorb without harm. If the meter is clicking you better get in your vehicle and get the F-ck out of the area pronto.

          Also the Map JJ is using in not fully accurate.. The Nuke Plant in Crystal River, on the Gulf in N Florida has been offline for several years, as they were drilling a hole in a cooling pool to repair it, and it cracked and destroyed the functioning of the entire pool, rendering that Nuke Plant inoperable. So you can take Loc that off the List. I did check that out ahead, and why I did move to this area for my BOL, and out of the way of most any other nuke plant. These are the main points I can relate.

          ~WWTI… Good Luck All, of a Nuke Plant Melt Down.

          • Monitor it on your cell phone. LOL…..You actually think a cell phone is going to work after an EMP attack……

            Yeah, count the Rads.

            • I’ve already got a CDV-700 Geiger counter. I posted months and months ago on this site where to buy them, but everyone thought I was crazy. The CDV is the one they used back during the cold war and will survive an EMP attack. Also, a lot of things will still operate after an EMP, just not all of the gadgets for the zombie’s we have nowadays. Maybe they can find a “safe space” to go to? LOL

          • For reference, I use ki4u.com to get my potassium iodide and other radiological protection stuff. The NukeAlert is a particularly good item to have. Also check out Doctors for Disaster Preparedness for those of you interested

          • You know I need to just say this, because, those who need to try and puff their chest up with some military training or titles, does not make them experts in anything, but Military training to obey orders and knowing how to shoot a gun to kill and massacre people.

            If you want to take advice from someone in survival and sustainability, go talk with some Fire Fighter and Real Paramedics who save lives on a daily basis, in real life situations in your own community, not those trained to kill and hurt people. And the Mormons who know their stuff on prepping and sustainability with the Grid down in their existing daily lives.

            Most Military people could not do what they do, without a dozen support staff and grunts behind them carrying their daily MRE’s, gear and ammo for them. These dopes in Iraq slept in A/C tents at a cost of $6 Billion a year to US Tax Payers just for air conditioned tents alone. They know nothing about efficiency or practicality. No Military personnel is an expert in much of anything useful on the civilian level here in the states. Do you have a dozen support people to prop up your title Mom or Dad trying to protect your family.

            JJ is from the Government and here to help you. Good luck with that. And if you want to break down JJ’s credentials listed above here you go.

            -Green Beret SF/Airborne- Big deal so he learned how to parachute out of an airplane with a rucksack and a rifle, all camo’ed out- Zero Skills for Urban survival.
            -Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified- That is a low level bandaid applier and IV set up person. No skills like paramedic or admin of drug therapy. ACLS is Advanced Life Support, which is basically knowing how to do CPR and put on MAST Trousers on to prevent shock. WhoooHoooo. And extrication, big deal putting someone on a Gurney or Stokes Basked and strapping them in for a helicopter ride is no big deal. Do you all have a helicopter?
            -Survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath- Like who would be in the path of a Hurricane, with several weeks notice? Not someone that I would take advice from. Hundreds of Blacks in Katrina also survived Katrina. Makes you look stupid JJ.
            -Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials – Basically la’ Grunt that moved shit for others. I, and many others here know how to cann food and put rice and beans in a food grade bucket. No expert there either, as many Moms and millions of people do that already. I can cann food and meat and veggies. You can buy MRE’s on many websites. Just saying, lets really cut through the Military titles and BS, and they are no experts at much of anything other than taking orders and get a pension for spreading world terror. I don’t believe much of anything any person with military experience says. And titles may impress his wife and other dumb people but does not impress me at all. And “Nom de plume”, means that JJ is not his real name, as he uses that fake name to write these stories on SHTFPlan with out disclosing his real name. OK give him the OPSEC credit. And I am WWTI- Who-Wudda-Thunk-It… Not my real name either…lol

            BTW/ Isn’t JJ the guy who told Braveheart1776 here to put sandbags 3 ft deep on the 2nd floor house to prevent bullet from being shot up through the ceiling from the first floor? And I pointed out the average house would collapse from the weight of the sand and he would be found dead in the basement covered deep in sand. Just saying…


            • I don’t usually get like this, but you are being a TOOL, with your soldier hate. ALL of the Green Berets I know are very smart people and most of them are kind and loving. Not all, but most. They know way more than you realize, especially the ones who are preppers too. They obviously know more than how to kill and follow orders, they know how how to do prepper stuff.

              Have you ever jumped out of an airplane? How about at 30,000 feet at night? That will get your blood pumping everytime, no matter how many times you do it. Have you ever been shot at. If not, you don’t know how you will react to it either. Without training many people freeze up.

              As for the 18D MOS. They have the equivalent of EMT-P skills, especially if they have been in the Sandbox or the Stan and have used them.

              Do you have a prepper group? I would pit mine against yours any day of the week. Not in a battle, which of course we would own yours, but in a Survivor type situation, where our skills were matched in survivalist skills. Two teams competing to see who could conquer challenges in a reality TV type setting.

              As for the helicopter, you might be surprised to who has one. My team has two pilots, both Blackhawk with over 1200 combat hours each. We don’t have a Blackhawk, but have access to a
              S-76. Close enough. My team has had so many deployments it would take me some time to count how many total months in Theater we have all been. Let’s just go with many years worth.

              I have been a survivalist since I was 12. That’s 40 years of learning and prepping and fighting. Survivalism isn’t all about fighting, but I’ve BTDT, so that check box is covered. I have done every aspect of building a house except masonry. I have rebuilt engines, transmissions of gasoline and diesel cars and heavy vehicles. I know how to weld and not that chicken shit looking welding some do. I went to Technical college to learn, just for kicks. Know how to run a machine shop too. My dad was a Tool and Die maker and we had a machine shop in our basement, and because I knew I had holes in my learning, said Technical college filled gaps. I have a Class A CDL, but I don’t drive a truck for a living. I’m a Senior Network Engineer pulling down a few bucks. I have also worked in a Nuclear Reactor for six years on top of Certifying as FEMA Nuclear Emergency Indecent Manager. Have thought about using my Post 9/11 GI Bill to get EMT training.

              So I guess this two time former Soldier is just a dumb ass.

              • Azrael
                Skills! Sweet.

              • A: Rock on brother, rock on.

                Some of us are sick to death of WWTI being a poseur.

            • With all due respect, you would not have a shred of Freedom, were it not for our military. We have belatedly learned that we wasted our time defending the Freedom of the self-rightious and cowardly.

            • WhoWTFKnows were you on job here in Fl or up north. 25 yrs on a South Florida dept and still at it. In the drop and a few years left. Got off the box several years ago and back on an engine. Not to busy 20 runs a day out of a two unit station. Take care.

          • It is a heck of a thing to think about radiation and what it can do to you.

            Caution! Sealing oneself of completely in a room can lead to suffocation. Why do I say this. Because when you are frighten you may forget the most important item to live. AIR! A filtered air intake source.
            When time is important. We all know about Duct Tape but what about those hard to seal areas.

            Expansion foam in a can. Regular window and tube and tile sealant. Flex Seal comes to mind. Now if this stuff gets on you it is hard to get off and messy too.

            Trying to give you options.

            • Expansion foam is life time sensitive and clogs the inner tube so it will not spray. But it will shake like it is normal.
              Don’t know about Flex Seal

            • Slingshot. Sealing yourself in a room is not a long term solution, but an immediate one that buy you time to start taking the Potassium Tablets and getting your BOB gear ready to bug out and deploy. Then waiting for the wind to change to actually try and follow your mapped route out of the area and wind path, like traveling at a 90 degree angle to the wind flow for a cleaner atmosphere. There is not much else the average person can do other than not live in the proximity or normal down wind flows of any Nuke plant in the first place. You are in FL, right? We are safer here than more anywhere else in the USA due to large bodies of water on each side of the state full of fresh air and no Nuke facilities.


              • I’m asking a serious question. Why take Potassium tablets?

                • Potassium iodide protects your thyroid in a rad heavy situation. Your thyroid left to its own devices will uptake radiation which will kill it. If your thyroid dies and you are not on supplemental levothyroxine you will die in a year or so.

                  • Your thyroid needs iodine, which has the same number of electrons in its outer ring as cesium. If you are short on iodine, cesium will permanently attach and burn your thyroid out very quickly.

                    • there is a big difference between Potassium (as WWTI posted) and Potassium Iodide. Traveling in a contaminated atmosphere is foolish. Earth (dirt) and concrete is your friend along with a few right angle walls at the entrance. Be very careful with advice given on the net .Do your own research. Read carefully what Azrael posts (because he has experience). And verify the rest of what others post.

                    • Hi Dave
                      Biology major, plant science concentration. I was in no way advocating walking around after a nuclear incident, I hope I did not give that impression. I live 30 miles from a potential target, albeit on the other side of the mountains. It is part of why my planned cabin is underground… the other part is energy efficiency, since it gets so cold here and I don’t want to cut 5 acres of trees down. That and passive solar will keep me from freezing to death. I do want a rocket stove in the kitchen for winter cooking and exhausted to mass heating in the planned greenhouse.
                      After Fukushima I did research on cesium and iodine using scientific papers. My son lives in Maple Valley WA. I have them upping intake of potassium and iodine.
                      I do pay attention to everyone’s contribution here, I learn a lot, even if it is just what questions to ask. Sometimes what people say sparks memories or new ideas. All contribute.
                      BTW, I have designed in a root cellar for food storage behind the cabin, dug underground and accessible from the cabin only. Important for your food supply to not be contaminated.
                      Realistically it would be better to be away from nuclear meltdowns or targets. This was the best I could manage while working. Retired now! Your area of the country is safest as far as nuclear fallout, but low on rain??? Cold enough for underground housing to make a difference!

                    • Dave in Idaho
                      I have a great book on remediation of nuclear contamination in soils, written by a scientist I used to work with (patents). It is about 3 inches thick and if I am locked in for weeks, I know I will finally get around to reading that behemoth. Right now I am reading a much smaller book on mycomedicines… mushrooms are my latest fascination… spurred by someone on this blog!

                    • @ Rebecca…I checked out your projects. In fact I redesigned my raised beds to your style. Azrael’s comments leave me with the impression that he went to propulsion engineering school, then nuclear prototype. He is knowledgeable of the field. Im impressed. Dave

                    • Dave, thanks for checking out my blog! My beds hold up well under drought. I’ve been working outside all week like it was spring, and it’s been snowing for nearly 3 hours.
                      Sounds like you have a sweet place yourself. Nothing better than a place out away from the hordes, but then I grew up in the backwoods of Oregon and Alaska.
                      In truth, the engineering aspects are over my head. It seems like I get it while I am reading, but I have no retention. I took math through Calculus II, and Physics for Physics major for my job… worked on physics and electrical engineering patents. Seemed like they were a bit over the head of some of our patent attorneys too! Inventors can be brilliant.
                      There are a lot of brains on this site, I enjoy the brainier conversations… oh no! Did I just admit I miss patent law?!? Tell me it isn’t so.

          • Absolutely correct WWTI ! I had a lot of training in NBC warfare in the Army since my mos was with nuclear missiles. Just a bit of more info trade winds blow from west to east

        • I understand that suddenly growing a personal crop of multiple skin cancers, your hair and teeth suddenly falling out, and bleeding out through your pores are strong indicators that there MIGHT have been a nuclear accident somewhere or other…

        • This has been one of my major fears too. I live 27 miles from a nuclear power plant. NC has a few of them but the thing is, they’re all over the place. I am with you,we will all be toasted. It’s very scary to think about but it’s one of those things, what can you possibly do? Let’s just pray that an EMP doesn’t happen.

          • We are with you on the praying.

            However; prayers will only protect those that are seeking individual protections, especially when biblical prophecy comes into play. Such as:

            Rev 8:11
            And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

            Gerardus D. Bouw in his white paper “Wormwood”[9] theorizes that since the term wormwood refers to a bitter or poisonous plant, specifically “apsinthos, that is, absinthe wormwood” in Revelation 8:11 and that a star falling would likely be an asteroid or comet … the most reasonable scenario being a comet, since they could have a chemical makeup that would make the waters bitter and poisonous and would have to break up by some means, “in order to fall on deep sources of water and rivers, the object cannot be in one piece when it arrives in the atmosphere.”

            Personally, I believe the scripture has a two or even a three fold meaning. Spiritually/figuratively, the context is a reference to Satan and his evil influence prior to, and after his arrival for the last part of the tribulation hour.

            I also believe there may be a literal star/comet/asteroid/CME, that causes major earth changes and does literally cause much of the water and lifeforms that partake of it, to be directly affected, negatively.

            Thirdly, the reference to bitterness and causing death, could be the direct result of multiple EMP, or nuke detonation events. The nuke detonation, or spillage, could be from disasters that are a direct result of nuclear manufacturing facilities, like those in Iran. There is ample scripture that supports this possibility in and around the area of Iran, which sits on several faults.

            However; we can rest a little easier in knowing by the Word, that these events are prophesied for the “very” last of days, and there will be no need to try and prepare for a backside/post nuclear, restructuring/survival, type of life.

            The Lord returns with all power and might, as the Creator, and Restorer. The flesh age becomes a memory, and all “elements/rudiments/negative influences to a harmonic system”, are destroyed.

            2Pe 3:10
            But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

            2Pe 3:12
            Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

            Everything will be set right again. The heathen/liberals/atheists/destroyers will be removed from the earth, along with all their demonic forces.

            However; ole lucifer, the dragon and king of the destroyers, has a little work left at the end of the 1000 years, so he will be locked away in the bowels of the earth, with all evil spirits of the evil that is working in the earth today for greed, like the liberal establishment in both parties that lie to the people, and consume their wealth. The book of Joel describes this in depth, through locust stages symbolism. For deeper insight of what is getting ready to take place in the Middle East, read the next book of Amos. it is eye opening to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

            Just before our Heavenly Father arrives with His Throne, at the end of the 1000 years, then Satan is released for a short season to test and trial the hearts of those that converted/accepted truth, during the Millennial reign. After that, those evil that have been pre-judged, will come out of the pit/bowels of the earth, and will take part in the Lake of Fire destruction of their existence, right along with their god…Lucifer.

            The Great White Throne Judgment will be the final major event before eternity of Peace begins. No more worldly gov systems/voting, being screwed over by lying politicians, or seeing our children sick from all the pollutants of greed that works upon the earth right now.

            A cure for cancer was squelched out back in the seventies by the evil doers that control the masses, and little innocent children suffer daily, because of their greed. Yet people give millions to the American Cancer Society as if they are gonna stop the suffering. They and their political insiders with Big Pharma are causing the suffering. God will deal with them all.

            The day of reckoning is at hand, so nuclear fall out is probably coming in some form, but; I wouldn’t worry too much about stocking up on anti-radiation meds, bunkers, and safe rooms, etc. I would be stocking up on faith and grace.

            • That’s Pissininthewinds plan. Pray to his hopey wishy God the radiation won’t kill him. And an example of why Religious Cult Freaks will be the first to die in SHTF. Pure naivety and complacency. Thanks for confirming my past posts on this issue about religion. Why do you even post here? The world just laughs at you.

              I will take a bottle of Potassium Iodide over Babble BS any day in a Nuke disaster.

              ~WWTI… BTW/ I sat on the Throne today and took a Jebus Turd.

              • All religions are cults.

              • Christianity is a way of life, not a religion, you atheist piece of pig shit. I hope i get to see you skwirm.

            • Iran Ha ha, you crack me up. There are 99 reactors in the US alone. All built in the 70s!! Nuclear reactors have no fail safe if unmanned and lets not forget the spent fuel rod cooling pools. They meltdown when the cooling systems fail. Around 7 days. I wouldn’t worry about Iran too much. There are 451 reactors around the world. That’s an extinction level event.

          • We are in same situation, right at bottom of one of the triangles of plants; if anything happens, we’re toast. I don’t think we could load/drive fast enough. Only we’re much closer than 27 miles…it is pretty scary.

          • Praying ought to help.

            No more rads, please. Turn ’em off.

            Besides the avenging angels will help, covenants and all.

      3. Boom boom ,, out go the lights
        Chaos to ensue exponentially
        Some crazy shit like you Ain’t Never Seen!

        I’m south west of one , not real close
        But close enough
        Hey fook U shema, y’all

        • BTW/ I was telling you all the truth a month ago about the iphone. Well here is my confirmed proof.

          Snowden: FBI’s claim it can’t unlock the San Bernardino iPhone is ‘bullshit’ – http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/mar/09/edward-snowden-fbi-san-bernardino-iphone-bullshit-nsa-apple

          Snowden said: “The FBI says Apple has the ‘exclusive technical means’ to unlock the phone. Respectfully, that’s bullshit.”

          I told you, in spite what Rush Limbaugh says, or the Government says, the i-phone and all other cell phones have at least 7 points of entry into every phone to collect data, including the Fake Cell Phone Towers called Stingray that can collect all your data off your phone without you knowing it. That includes, Texts, phone book address and phone numbers, emails, and photos.. The Government also has private looking airplanes that fly overpopulated areas using this attached Stingray hardware and software, that can collect data off your cell phone.

          I also said, don’t put anything on your phone that you don’t want anybody else to see.. Its all accessible.

          I am beginning to think Rush Limbaugh is a Government agent, promoting propaganda.

          WWTI- PS. I will never lie to you.

      4. That is one scary map.

        • I have a map saved to flash drive that has the nuke plants shown on the map in this story, only those plants are charted on a good sized map of the US with an interstate highway system over-lay.

          Not sure where my map would measure on the scary index compared to the one in the story, but you can look at it and know where you don’t want to be. You can also see that this country has a pretty sizable “sweet spot” that would see little in the way of impact from the after-effects of a nuclear EMP. Based on my geographic location, I figure I would need 7 to 10 days lead time on the road to get out of the potential “hot zone” and bug out to the “sweet spot”.

          Best tip I can give on how to find it is Google or Bing “nuclear power plant maps”. You shouldn’t have to dig very far into the page to find it.

          • PF: I agree that map isn’t very good. Do you happen to have a link to the map you saved? Thank you!

            • The map is titled “US Nuclear Power Plant Locations”. It’s a pretty good sized map: 2560 x 1620. The source is newsfocus.org. The way I found it is Binging “nuclear power plant maps”. Click on images and it’s not that far down. Don’t know if you’d be able to get it straight from newsfocus, but the way I found it does work.

          • As I understand it though, radioactive microparticulates can spread almost like a liquid – slowly, over time until the concentration everywhere is about the same. Now, looking at how MANY of those plants there are, just in the U.S., and then adding in all the others on the planet, and there are likely a few we don’t know about, it’s my guess there are enough of them that, in the case of a real World War III, the background radiation of Planet Earth could end up awfully high in time; in not very MUCH time actually, or so it seems to me. I could be wrong; I HOPE I’m wrong for that matter!


            • IM

              Wind can spread contamination lifting up dry particles and may form concentrated areas further on downstream. Same way with water. Fire can lift particles again into the air also.

      5. Hey Mac….. Armed husband and wife kill home invader….this guy was on the lam a week after escaping jail. He hid supposedly in the national military park and abandoned hospital.

        http://www.msnewsnow dot com/story/31435693/escaped-inmate-rafael-mccloud-shot-to-death-by-homeowner?clienttype=generic&mobilecgbypass&utm_content=buffer920f7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

        We’ve all been living on pins and needles. This is the town where I work, not live. There is also a serial rapist in town. I cannot carry at work, so I have a knife on me for when I work call shifts. SOG makes a handy little ‘pocket knife’ that doesn’t classify as a weapon on hospital property.

        • If I were a woman and there was a known serial rapist in my immediate vicinity, there is no time nor place you would find me without my “heat” on my hip. Besides, it is not a constitutionally ‘correct’ law …and so it is null & void. Of course, your other choice is to cut to ribbons when he takes the knife away from you, or to be ‘used then killed’ …just another statistic and one more medical ‘angel’ (that we’ll need many, many of) ….just gone.

          • I have a rule: if someone ends up inside my house and inside my bedroom, uninvited, that allows me to use my 20 guage Mossberg. Great little gun. Point and shoot in the dark and pretty much guaranteed to hit the target.

            Meeting Mr. Moss in the middle of the night (or day) at my house would not be a pleasant experience. At all. No one knows that I am armed in my neighborhood. I don’t advertise it or give out that vibe at all. Ever. But God help the moron that breaks into my house and thinks I am easy prey because that will probably be the last day that moron sucks air.

            • Hey Philopy come on down to North Georgia, we’ll bust open a extra bale of straw and You and Cuz can share the loft in the barn when the SHTF. We need somebody to protect the Livestock.

              • Was that supposed to be an intelligent comment?

                Animals like you deserve one fate: castration.

                • He was hoping he had rattled your chain, and you gave him the correct response. luv it.

                  Note to idiots Cuz: play around with a pit bull long enough, and you will eventually get bitten.

                  • Oh if I were castrated, Philopy and I would be just a like. We would both be men without testicles, if you know what I mean! But you would probably belong in our group. Hope I don’t have to splain it to you.

                    • NGC: ummm I am not a man. Guess you missed some of my earlier posts. Whatever. You need to troll harder because so far you have only insulted yourself.

            • Hey Phil. My advice is, a I suggest before you pull the trigger in the dark, to either flip a light on or at least call out to identify your target before you pull the trigger. Failing to do so, may kill or harm a family member who got up in the middle of the night to take a pee. You will then spend a lot of time in prison for homicide, and the opportunity to read your all your favorite Godly fable story favorites.


              • LMAO: I live alone. The only person that should be in my house is myself. Using a weapon for self defence is acceptable under the law.

                You are such a dick. I hope HS has you on a watch list and sends someone to your location when they are ready to take you out. You blew your Opsec months ago. Idiot.

        • No…how do they determine that you are not armed? Metal detectors? Strip search? Pat down? X-rays?

          Sounds like your place needs a fire cleaning. Mostly commies there anyway.

          f ’em

      6. At a last resort the steam turbine powered coolant pumps can use the bottled up steam in the steam generator end to supply cooling water as the reactor cools. When no more steam is generated from the latent heat to generate any steam the reactor has sufficiently cooled. By design the prime mover (turbine) and pump are a pressure multiplier so as the steam pressure and enthalpy decay the cooling water always has the greater pressure.

        The above is where the operators earn their pay.

        • It goes without saying that the control rods are first put in scraming the reactor.

          • That is the safety and control rods.

            Just for fun. What does SCRAM a reactor mean? At least according to legend. Second Chance Reactor Ax Man. I have also heard Safety Control Rod Axe Man. The control and safety rods were hung from ropes that went through pulleys and tied in two separate knots. Dude sat up top with an ax to go chop the knots. These were our first weapons reactors. Graphite moderated. Don’t know how true that is though, but it’s a fun story.

      7. If a backup system were to work you would have at most 30 days. I am not worried about the reactors themselves. It is the spent fuel pools. The 30 days also applies in any situation the grid goes down. Notice the general wind directions in your area.
        If the transportation system were to stop for economic reasons. You could still have 30 days due to fuel supply for the backup generators.
        This is a serious problem to consider even without an EMP. All it would take is serious riots due to economics or terrorism. Then the control room operators stay home to protect there families. Why get paid with worthless paper when thugs are everywhere. Then truckers stop delivering for the same reasons. Eventually the reactor shuts down. The grid goes down. Then the backup generators kick in. 30 days of fuel and thats it.

        • You raise a bunch of good points. From all the reading I’ve done on EMPs, a lot of these nuke plants won’t even have 30 days; I wouldn’t rule it out, but I wouldn’t use it as a benchmark for any plans I make for myself. Some of the best prepared plants would max out at 24 days. Once the EMP hits, the backup batteries would run the plant until they run out; the window there is 1 day to a maximum of 3. After that, the backup generators take over. Most plants have a 1 to 2 week supply of diesel; if you have a 3 week supply, you’re one of the better prepared plants. That means the standard window is 10 to 17 days, with a maximum of 24.

          You make an excellent point about wind direction. Knowing the where the nuke plants in your area are, along with the prevailing wind pattern across the lower 48, will go a long way toward keeping you alive. You definitely do not want to be east of the Mississippi, because that’s where the bulk of the plants are, and the prevailing winds will be at the backs of the plants, meaning any radiation is going to be pushed east as it is dispersed, making for a bigger and wider hot zone.

        • Mike: after what happened at Fukushima, anyone paying attention learned how important it was to keep the spent fuel rods cool. This is probably the scariest SHTF scenario I have read about, when the backup generators run out of fuel. Many nuclear plants only have 7 days of fuel for back-up generators.

          It has become more and more apparent that a small tactical nuke could cripple the electrical grid in the US.

          • Philosopher and Peter

            Yes it is probably the worst possible event that could happen. Peter you are right about less than 30 days. If the fuel tanks are full then 30 days. Most likely the fuel tanks will not be full. 30 days is max. The backup batteries are supplied by a battery charger. The battery charger is run by the back up generators.
            At Fukushima the major damage was done by the Tsunami. I know of no station nuclear or other that is made to withstand a Tsunami. All power stations need water. The nuke near me has a lake. The lake is man made. I don’t think any nuke should be built near the ocean.
            Regarding damage to the grid. If the right people knew where to hit the grid it would not even take a tactical nuke. Just low powered explosives and rifles. The attack at PG and E in California showed that. Rifle holes in the large transformers and the oil drains out. Operators at the station don’t know there is a problem until the oil level drains too low. Then it is too late.

            The grid is so weak and a huge problem. Most people just have no clue.

            • Peter and Mike: I agree. Most people have no clue. That is the thing that makes me mad.

            • You just reminded me of another thing with PG&E: there’s a list of 30 “critical” substations, and it ties into the three regional grids we have in this country: Eastern, Western, and Texas. The nutshell on that list: a coordinated attack on the right combination of 9 out of the 30 on the list (4 on the Eastern Grid, 3 on the Western Grid, and 2 on the Texas Grid) would cause progressive collapse of the power grid. It would be like the 2003 Northeast Blackout on steroids.

              There was a pretty big media story on that. Some reporters did their own research, using nothing but publicly available records. Not only did they identify the substations on the list, they found a common thread: all of them were 500 MW substations. Didn’t take long for the media to take a vow of silence on this one, saying the results of the research would not be released to the public.

        • Too bad they are too stupid to put spent rods in concrete caskets and then store in Yucca Mtn. We don’t have enough money. We DO have enough money to send Michelle-Marie Antoinette “Let them vacation in Aruba” Obama on her zillion dollar vacations, we had no problem with Obama crony Jonny Boy Corizine “losing” $1.6 bn… but not enough money to protect the citizen or harden the grid.

          Worse, I am stuck looking after a 91 year old, 300 pound elderly mother right here in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, who will probably go another 10 years, along with a mentally handicapped brother. It’s my duty, but my lazy ass socialist siblings who are all retired have left it to me to take care of her while I work full time. Go figure. So, I am right at ground zero of the nuke plant meltdown threat (look at the picture again), IL. is MUCH more likely to default than CA. financially, the state is utterly morally corrupt, the murders and shootings in gun control happy Chitcago continue to grow, property taxes are some of the highest in the nation, ad nauseam… and I am stuck right in the middle of it. OH, and of course the vile Obungler came out of Illinois – gee, what a shock. I can barely stand it.

          • Test: hang in there and you have my sympathy. Doing the right thing is hard. Keep up the good fight. Chin up!

          • Test

            After a period of time the spent fuel rods are placed in cask. They are monitored for leaks then. The cask are stored at the plant. I am not concerned about them. I am extremely concerned about the rods left in the pools.

            • Thanks for this correction. I had heard they were not using casks, at least uniformly, whereas the Japanese do. Could you point me to a link, or even provide more details from what you know? I certainly am open to being corrected if I am mistaken here…

              But yes, the pools are the big concern. Too bad thorium is a dirty word in the world of energy….

              • Test

                I am a shift supervisor at two gas fired power stations. I got this information from people that work with me. They worked at Nuke stations close to me.
                The systems in a nuke station work exactly like other power stations. Except for the reactor area, cooling pools, and storage areas for the rods. I have to talk to people that work on my shifts to find out how those areas work. A fellow supervisor also came from a nuke plant. We regularly loan employees to the nuke stations during outages.
                During outages they replace the spent fuel rods in the reactors with new ones. The old ones are placed in the cooling pools. After a period of time they are placed in the cask. The radiation levels are lower at that point. They are still hot though. They send guys out to check them. The guys dress out just in case there is a leak.
                Hope this helps. I will answer any questions you have. If I don’t know the answer then I can get the answer.
                Hope this helps and hope you are having a great day.

                • Mike, thank you for the information! Keep us updated, please 🙂

                  • I am always here to help. I will update anything that changes or that I find out. I am also an Oath keeper. I find out information from them. I also have friends that I met at Krav Maga. They are in the intelligence community. I occasionally find out info from the above places.
                    One other is friends that currently serve or others that I have connections with in the military.
                    I always pass along whatever I find out.
                    The world is changing so fast right now. Who knows what info or things that will be needed next. I hope all on here will pass on helpful info if it becomes available.

          • Sounds rough bud, wishing you the best, hope things change up somehow, is admirable that you stepped up.

        • The big thing Mike as you pointed out is the spent rod pool. The latent Thermal heat is what can cause issues. Depending on the last time the reactor was refueled, the rod could be cool enough to not cause much of and issue. The concern is the temperature of the pond water. Unlike the reactor vessel, it is not under pressure and has evaporation like any body of water. Obviously the higher the water temperature the faster it will evaporate. If for any reason the water were to completely evaporate, then several factors come into play. Water is a neutron moderator and air isn’t. So even if the heat of the rods isn’t very high the radiation could start another criticality. This is where SHTF. Thermal temps will spike and the rod material will melt. Of course radiation levels are off the charts. When the rod melts it starts to off gas radioactive particles of metal and the metal can start to burn. Aluminum is a big part of fuel rods. Aluminum will burn. As the rod burns the plutonium, uranium and many other long half life isotopes are released into the air. If the rod sags and pools in the bottom of the container, criticality can get worse. Most reactor vessel designs mitigate this, but we aren’t talking about a reactor vessel here, but the storage area of spent rods. The thinking is that they will never do this. Once it pools in the bottom of the container then the cement will burn adding more very radioactive crap in the air, until it finally stops criticality and thermally cools off.

          So. With all of that said, if the nearest reactor hasn’t been refueled in a while and they have 30 days of diesel to run the pumps (Doubt it) then you would have more time to bug out of the area.

          • Azrael

            You are totally correct. I don’t see how the water cannot evaporate in the case of lost cooling. The reactors in VA refuel once and sometimes twice a year. Yes some of the rods are more spent than others. I don’t see any way that the pools do not evaporate.

      8. Off shore winds considered, the coast of Oregon looks pretty good.

        • Except that the last time I checked, at least one fellow with a Geiger counter found that the closer he got to the water line, the more his Geiger counter sounded like a cricket on meth… Didn’t the current bring all sorts of debris, an occasional building, plus radioactive furniture, corpses etc. down through the Bering Strait and leave a bunch of it right there on the beach? I’m in Central Oregon, myself. I’ve been trying think of where I want to go after I visit some family I’ve not seen in a couple of decades in Texas. So far the first place that comes to mind is Mars…

          It’s ALSO occurred to me that while dumping nuclear waste ANYWHERE on the Earth’s surface is foolish at best, some so-called “elites” went and dug over 800 deep underground (a mile and more) shelters capable of holding something like 30,000 people each all over the country! Now, if we were to dump all that waste down, say, the air vents, elevator shafts and so on, a mile straight down is some pretty good separation! Dump a couple of thousand feet of concrete on top of that, and it ought to solve THAT problem. For a few thousand years, at least, anyway. We can let the “elites” have the FEMA Camps they had Halliburton build for us, guards and all as far as I’m concerned, as an apology and a partial replacement. I won’t be occupying one, myself, no matter WHAT. I never DID do very well with barracks life…

          • Ian, same here. I was just watching a new show, “60 days in jail.”

            Living with 60 other women in basic training was horrible. I remember this chick from NYC pointing an empty M16A1 at me. For her it was a toy. For me it was a deadly weapon. That is the way I was raised. Thank god I was tall and the chick from NYC just had a big mouth. I hated the barracks. We didn’t come to blows and I still use my height to intimidate people. Or my voice. Both come in handy. As my martial arts instructor taught me, the best fight is no fight.

            I remember the first time I saw black women and they put grease in their hair. I had spent my entire life trying to get grease OUT of my hair and here they were plastering their heads with grease. Culture shock.

            • Philosopher

              Thanks for your service. If you don’t mind me asking, what martial art? Spending time with 60 guys is not much better? It does introduce you to so many people from different areas. I even had a Palestinian in my basic. It’s crazy that we train foreigners and then give them college before they go home.

              • Mike, I hate it when people say that, but thank you 🙂 And thank you for your service as well! I hear you, being in basic with people from all walks of life is a big wake up call. I was 17 when I went to basic. I was in basic when Reagan was shot, actually, and remember because I was on the PT field doing push-ups and these little teensy gravel rocks were digging into my hands and the DI said we could stand up. I was happy to be able to stand up. Then we got the news about the President. Then we went back to PT and push-ups in the little bitty gravel.

                I studied soft-form Kung Fu and Tai-Chi for several years, daily, from a friend, not a school. Most of the time I was horrified by the stuff the guy was teaching me! I didn’t want to know how to kill someone or how to crush their throat or any of that. It is pretty horrible to think about hurting someone. That was the hardest part of studying martial arts, the mental part, where you think about the effect of your action or actions. The effect not just on the other person but on yourself. Over the long term, like the rest of your life.

                I learned about the dark side of the soul, and the dark side of humanity, along with the light and the good. Yin-yang, basically. Not just in others but also in oneself. I am a Christian but I guess you could say I am also a Taoist, too. To a point.

                I also started learning more about philosophy, well eastern philosophy. My favorite eastern philosopher is Lao Tzu and I have several translations. I took one course from a Jesuit professor on Bhuddism. He totally rocked. He used to burn real frankincense in his office, and he smoked, too, in his office! Father Sherburne. Really amazing man. Another reason I studied, Latin, too.

                Anyhow I walked the same study halls as Bruce Lee, at Savery Hall. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Thus I was taught. Not at a university, though.

                Very nice to meet you, Mike in VA 🙂

                • Philosopher

                  It is great to meet you too. My martial arts started way past my service in the military. I also was in basic at 17. It was 1986.
                  Martial arts did wonders for me. I started Krav Maga because of prepping. I hope I never have to use it. I am certified now in advanced Krav Maga. I have also taken Japanese combat Jujitsu. I was lucky enough to meet a guy where I take Krav that has had 40 years of experience. He has actually trained seals and some people from the CIA. He has been over seas and has studied stick fighting and many forms of the arts. He has introduced me to Tai-Chi and BA Gua. They have been very helpful because I injured my knee and had surgery doing Krav.
                  I believe that the good lord intended me to do both external and more of the internal arts. I am Christian also.

                  I may be living proof of your statement when the student is ready the teacher appears. It has amazed me at times where my original idea of prepping has led me.

                  The learning will never end and I am glad it does not. Life would be boring if not for learning.

                  • Hmmmm. Nice to meet someone else that dared to serve at a young age!

      9. An attack would likely include a stuxnet hack to close the valves on the cooling loop. In that case you don’t get any 30 days to prepare.

      10. Having trouble getting to other threads at SHTF.

        Info box says it is SHTF server

        • Same here. Last two threads my machine kept trying to reboot. Been going on for a couple of weeks now. Today it got worse.

        • Use a smartphone. ….

      11. It is largely agreed that a large scale EMP would cause serious damage and chaos in this country. While there may be no good solution to counter this threat, luckily, there are a few plans already in place to handle other possibilities that would damage or disrupt our nuclear plants. A large part of the response system is based here at the home city for FedEx. The reserve generators and pumps are impressive as is the plan to deliver and distribute them in an emergency situation. This plan was put together after the disaster at Fukushima. Hopefully we will never have to put this plan in place,

        • WOW! That is great news! Hey that might explain the fricken HUGE generator I found in back of one of my local Home Depots a couple of years ago! HOLY COW it makes sense now! Thank you for the information! I wondered why the hell there was such a huge generator behind that store! It makes sense now, I get it, I figured it out! This is so cool! That store was close to a gas station, several restaurants, a chain grocery store, the local fire-fighting training center, and near the offramps to go either direction on a major interstate!

          I get it now I get it!

          What places do you want to have power in an emergency? You want to be able to pump fuel, to keep some food cold, to be able to buy tools and lumber in an emergency

          You want to make sure that food is refrigerated, that you can pump gasoline, that the hardware store is open so people can buy tools, and that emergency services have power and can quickly get to the Interstate!

          If Fed Ex and UPS and Home Depot and Lowes and other companies are making preparations then we will be able to keep things going! Awesome!

          • Oh, and you want to have a place where people can get coffee, use the restroom, etc. and meet other first responders. Yes. Every area should join up like this!

      12. Montana and Wyoming look good in the short run. I notice Mexico didn’t have any. I think they should be phased out. We have coal and natural gas and sun to replace it with. Why fool with something that will eventually fail?

        • Jim, I noticed the same thing. I was thinking about Maine but it is downwind from a lot of possible nuclear drift. A LOT. Montana has always looked good to me but it looks better looking at the above map.

          • I’m going to Patagonia.

            • Peru? Hmmmm. I don’t know. I have never been there and I am not Catholic and I don’t speak Spanish. But it’s a thought.

      13. So the grid goes down and there’s no power. We are hunters based upon our eyes, parallax vision which allows depth perception. My thing is this, who here has killed, skinned, filleted their prey? If you have, you know mercy, make it quick! If you have never had to know the difference, then you might want to consider the profession of canning! Who knows what I speak of? Special specific individual of note is ACID ETCH, because he doesn’t understand ‘older folk’ have a fighting spirit that as of yet, isn’t quelled.

        • Nels,
          I have been finding that the older i get the meaner my spirit,,,

          • Yes me too, and I hope and pray I may never have to take another persons life.

      14. The lions share of weather systems in the Northern Hemisphere originate in the Northwest and travel Southeast.
        I live Southeast(downwind)of Oakridge, TN and several NP sites in KY.
        Radiation sickness and death? Eventually inevitable. Not going to waste my precious resources on Geiger counters and such. Got to spend the little I have on more practical matters.
        Who the hell wants to live in a radiation fallout wasteland anyway!?!

      15. P.s. Acid Etch: take your voyage because you will rid us of hearing your bs racist rantings and you would never see another person of a different color because you’d die of something like scurvie. If you don’t then you’re not of the 70/80/82 percentile of melinials you profess to be! Get your boat, sail away. You have no idea what its actually like on the ocean for 2? 3? Months ! Quit being an idiot, you are a man among men of different colors and you must rate each individual, not on the color of his skin but by his character!

        • Thank you,,,,

        • Acid Etch does make some good points as white men are being targeted! If you don’t realize that your a bigger fool. Now piss off!

          • Dave, how does it feel to be treated like an Native North American Indian, so I’ll just say it this way, “live with it” and hope you can deal with it! Oh, it was the white man that gave smallpox blankets to native tribes, And you now feel under attack, you small man. I’m half, and look white, so please cry silently in the comfort of a closed room because you’ll get no sympathy for not being accepting of others OR for the policies imposed upon you from YOUR gov (remember the term: fork toung) AND now your insecurities are coming to flurition. Please embrace the fact that we are multicultural now and we’re not all the same- I do believe there are good and bad people and as an individual each of us will have to decide if another is either or but it will not (in my book) be based on the color of his skin but on his character!

            • Nelson
              First American, try being a female in this world! I don’t think white men are being targeted, just a little less favored than in the past. Nor do I think Christians are being targeted. Xians on the other hand… maybe so.

              The biggest problem is are we defending our Constitution. I mean defending it against Theocracy, Corporatism, and the Oligarchy. Every other problem is just a symptom.

              • Rebecca, not politically understanding each of those states (,which I probably should in order to talk to them), I understand freedom to the best of my knowledge, as the constitution considered my way of life, to be led the best way I think it may be productive. In the child support system, men are subordinates. White males are even more subordinate, I know. In that system women are heightened. I don’t know what its like for a woman, I am not. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are worth dying for, as I was a military man and want to continue the belief that what I put my life on the line is worth standing up for. Although I’m a Canadian citizen who served in the USN, my children are Americans and I’m here legally (probably more than most because of my North American Heritage), I believe in those two documents.
                Is there an attack on whit males, yes but so was there an attack on native Indian males but now its not fair?! Being a half-breed I’ve been able to view from two sides: the condemned and the oppressor, I try not to be the left wing or the right wing but the Eagle.

      16. Eh,some things you just can’t do much about,for me a few 100 miles and wind going in wrong direction,well,gonna glow I guess.

        Now for the good news,Warchild is taking delivery of a Vortex Viper next week,yeehah!Now just gotta find and lay out $ for a decent mount,sigh,toys just keep getting more expensive!

      17. It’s probably a small unimportant point, but the star indicating a nuclear plant in eastern SD is no longer in existance. The path finder plant was shut down and remove a number of yrs ago, unless there is another facility around close that I’ not aware of. Not that it would make any difference because of air currents and the way the wind moves.

      18. How stupid are the proponents of nuclear power anyway, evil death merchants. Untouchable!

      19. Surviving an EMP event was not considered a design bases event when the AEC and then the NRC began licensing nuclear plants. With that said, if an EMP event compromised the electrical systems in an operating commercial nuclear plant to the extent that the electrical motors and the motor operated valves in the reactor primary cooling systems failed to operate then the cores would melt down in minutes without cooling water. The molten core would melt through the pressure vessel into lower elevations of the reactor vessel. Airborne radioactivity would be released to the environment with disastrous results to the plant employees and the public downwind of the plant. Assuming the other safety systems were also adversely affected by the pulse,eventually the water in the spent fuel pools would boil off and the integrity of the spent fuel would be compromised adding to the airborne radioactivity being released from the melted core. With no containment and no radiation monitoring capability, it is hard to imagine a worse situation to be faced with.

        • NW: thanks for the report about effects. Horrific, in one word. Just horrific.

        • Disagree. A reactor with loss of grid would take a average of 24 hours, not minutes, to go critical. convection cooling would remove some of the heat. To SCRAM the reactor does NOT require power and is mechanically automatic. A Boiling Water type reactor doesn’t even require a Grid to operate as it produces enough steam to run the SDT cooling pumps. After a reactor is SCRAM’d it and the spent fuel ponds only need weeks of back up cooling to be out of the critical stage. The generators, for cooling non boiling water reactors have very large battery banks for running essential MOV’s and circa pumps after/ if the gensets fail. There is a lot of back up systems in place and most are shielded. There would likely be radioactive steam released to the atmosphere, which you should protect yourself from. Your car would most likely survive a EMP… Also, for the brainiac that thinks KI will protect them…good luck, it only protects your thyroid, not the rest of your organs.

          • this is my last post in reference to reactors, as people prefer to believe the MSM and fear porn/misinformation/ hearsay/opinions pulled out of their ass.

            • Dave

              Please don’t let others influence you posting. You are correct in your post regarding the reactors. The reactors are not a fear i have with an EMP. The spent fuel rods are though. People just don’t understand power plants and how they work. The media and environmental groups have made that even worse by spouting lies. Your knowledge and post are the only thing that can combat that. So please don’t let others silence you. I speak for myself in saying that your post are greatly appreciated.

          • “essential MOV’s”

            In my early years I and a gang of operators have been the MO to the V in the event they don’t work electrically.

            Complete redundancy in the means of cooling water is the necessity. Directly coupled diesels to pumps and steam turbines to pumps with 100% independent piping and water supply is the requirement which isn’t an engineering or scientific hurdle.

            The Japanese had back up diesel powered generators that supplied power to motors to power back up pumps. Once wet and shorted out they were useless. Directly coupled diesels to the pumps would have been the answer. The starting motors, given IMMEDIATE access to a spare and likewise batteries would have saved the day. Its called defense in depth. Unfortunately “Bean Counters” like to say, “Whats the chances of that”? The answer, “What are the repercussions”?

            • @ Kevin. agreed. Plus a basement area isn’t the best place for a genset or battery bank/inverter system.

            • Kevin

              Totally correct. I know of no plant that is designed for a Tsunami. Earthquake is taken into consideration. Here in VA there is a plant called North Anna. It was designed to withstand a 6.2 quake. Years ago we had a 5.8.
              It really makes you think about how close we were to a major disaster.

          • Our reactor had DC motors and huge battery banks for emergency cooling.

            • Azrael

              As far as I know all plants have DC motors and battery banks. The batteries are supplied from the battery chargers. The battery chargers are supplied by the back up diesel generators. Once the diesel fuel is gone then all you have is the batteries until the charge is gone.
              People don’t realize how important these systems are in other plants as well. If they malfunction then huge fires are the result. You will not have oil on the turbine below 2700 RPM. Well it could be different dependent on what type of turbine you have. The result is a huge fire at the same time that hydrogen is being released from the generator. This alone could cause a huge black out in many parts of the country if it happened in the correct spot. If it damaged a particular fatal part of the grid.

          • Dave in Idaho
            I hope you do not quit posting, you have a lot of valuable information.
            As far as potassium iodide… it is a bit of a bandaid for someone with some exposure, surely using nutrition to help our bodies cope cannot hurt anything? These are reason why one person survives 20 years and another 2 months.
            I have been called every filthy name in the book because I posted here. Still here because I don’t want nitwits to control my life. Thousand of people read this, we all need good information that is not on msm. You are one of the people who provide that. There is so much misinformation in every area, people are very confused.

            • I am referring to posts that are nuclear/emp/grid related. I have commented on it for years, and then the posts right after mine just keep spewing the toxic (good pun!) MSM misinformation. We have 3 good people here that have powerhouse experience, and one has years in reactor operation, with a possibility of Navy training at florida or idaho.(just guessing on that part by his posts) Azrael could write a whole article on operations,but the idiots like wwti would posts bullshit comments that others would think are facts. I don’t want fuck with arguing about processes. I used to argue with BI and Brave about the twin towers being dropped by airplanes and building #7 falling down by itself with no apparent damage. Sometimes you just cannot convince people with facts.

              • Dave in Idaho
                lol I can imagine, the engineers I worked with were adamant about twin towers and they weren’t arguing against each other, just msm.
                I respect your decision to quit posting, you know that, but I would miss your contributions and ask that you continue.

      20. This is my worst fear. I try not to think about it, because there is no way ultimately to prep for the long term radiation.

        • Anona

          The long term result is always exaggerated. Is it the worst possible fear. Most likely. But the threat does not last thousands of years. If that were the case then Nagasaki and Hiroshima would not be what they are today. Nature is much stronger then man will ever be.
          I work in the industry and it is my opinion that we should be going to Nuclear. Not away from it. Is an EMP a threat. Very much so. We should be setting up defenses against it. If we did that then there would be no reason to write the article.

      21. I always like reading these anti-nuke threads. The map shown
        has several plants I’ve lived close to, Trojan, San Onfre( my wife’s uncle worked there), and Rancho Seco for a few. They are all shut down due to the stupidity of Democrats that see the sky falling every where. France generates 60% of its power from nukes and the biggest threat to their safety is Moslem’s. Nukes are safe. Democrats are the threat. Pick your priorities.
        If you could kill the EPA Thorium reactors would be the next carbon free power generation. Good design is safe. Politically designed things will kill you.

        • France uses common sense in their reactor design duplicating one proven type. From parts through training and finding problems yet to be encountered they learn from one and facilitate the fix throughout.

          The US wants to re-invent the wheel with PWR or BWR designs and a host of variations among them making every one unique.

          Its difficult to apply the phrase KISS to that endeavor but France tries. Their policy regarding nuclear weapons was similarly logical having capped their arsenal at 300 warheads. Their philosophy was they required a deterrent sufficient to rip the arm off an aggressor. What nation would risk the destruction of 100-300 military and industrial centers and a trip back to the stone age for any potential gain of conquest?

      22. The bottom line is that any nuclear power plant design that can suffer a meltdown – under any circumstance – is inherently unsafe.

        These reactors need to be decommissioned and either replaced with safe designs or not replaced at all.

        How many failures do we need to see before we fix the problem?

        • Pellet Bed Reactors are pretty safe, but who operates one?

            • AC
              and China has a dam they built against all engineering advice that will go down even though they are building two dams above it to alleviate some pressure. It has taken entire mountains out already. Millions downstream will die. Shoddy management not bad engineering.

        • Ac

          Respectfully I ask how many failures have we had. Fukishima which was not designed to withstand a Tsunami. Human error at the Chernobyl.
          Three Mile Island was blown way out of proportion by our media as most things are today.
          Nuclear is safe today if designed correctly and protected.
          History proves it.
          People just don’t understand it. Should it be built along fault lines or places that Tsunami’s are a threat. No. It is safe when used properly though.

          • Mike in VA
            People cannot trust corporations or government to build and maintain nuclear reactors even to existing standards. In patent law I worked with physicists and engineers who were undoubtedly brilliant and dedicated (1st career, 24 yrs). They naively expected our trust even though they did not factor in that TPTB never provide time or money to do the best job. Nuclear reactors are one place where shoddy management is not acceptable. The distrust comes from most people’s awareness of shoddy management. We all deal with that in our own careers and in looking at our government. If my paperwork gets fouled up over shoddy management your kitchen might get installed a month late (2nd career, 3 years). In a nuclear plant you can have a meltdown and kill people and make land uninhabitable. See Fukushima etc.

      23. If there is really going to be something as destructive as destroying us starting with an EMP …all these nuke-plants would render more than the USA as unfit for human life. Unless they are ‘rabid’ there isn’t really a likelihood of the things you hear “threatened” …truthfully, it is the ‘thing’ that you never hear one iota about that will be unloosed upon us. The NWO wants this country for many ideologies (and resources and us as free labor).
        Perhaps ….(maybe?), these reactors were given the “AOK” way-back-when because it was known they’d eventually be used (perhaps) as tactical bombs pretending to be power-stations until that time arrived. Everything that was fed to the public about reactors was and remains fiction to the ‘N’th degree to the power of Pi. Now the time has arrived for them to be used (either in terror or in reality). Nawh …the Muzzies want The USA all to themselves with no white blemishes screwing up their trillion dollar views …unlike the middle east they won’t destroy needful things …just anything white or christian. Hard row to hoe huh?

      24. We’re being told (IMO, lied to) here in Upstate NY that the radiation leaks from Indian Point Nuclear Power Station (20 miles away) are not harmful. However, last year 4 out of 12 fish caught in various parts of the Hudson River were contaminated with high levels of radiation.

        What puzzles me is that the Clinton’s Chappaqua home (their primary residence) is only 15 miles from there, as is George Soros’ primary residence, as well as Martha Stewart, and a few celebrities as well…not too mention one of Trumps many non-primary residences is also less than 20 miles away from the plant. There is no public outcry over this and none of them have spoken up that I know of. All we are being told is that the radiation leaks from the Power Plant do not pose a risk to human health.

        I have not been able to sell my ready-to-move-in home because of this and I think also because between 2006 – 2012 almost 3,000 children went missing in the County (Westchester) yet LEO will not verify this. One authority told me most were 16+ yr-old runaways and another said that and also most were parental kidnappings of the non-custodial parent (which I find hard to believe) and that it happened yrs ago…no longer a problem. WTF?

        When I bought the house in 2002 I was told the Plant was going to be shut down. The area is beautiful, rural and semi-rural, but near the suburbs, some organic farms, not too far from shopping. I co-own a BOL with a few other non-entitlement types located in a rural area of Maine with plenty of fishing, and no Power Plants, but it’s a 6-7 hr drive and who knows if the roads leading there will be blocked in an EMP or other shtf crises.

        I don’t know what to believe anymore but cannot sell my home and get out of here altogether and am in one of the worst places in a shtf. So much for all my prepping.

        • CC: thanks for on the ground report. I was thinking about Maine for a BOL but not so sure after looking at the map. Winds blow from west to east.

          Why would so many children go missing? That is bizarre.

          • Thanks Philo – Yes, that’s true, and the wind factor is a concern. But as I mentioned in my reply to Warchild we didn’t originally buy the cabin decades ago for a BOL. It was for fun/recreation. Now it’s our only BOL in a shtf.

            Honestly, when I look closely at the ‘Pros & Cons’ to living in different locations, or for a BOL, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere that is really safe; crazy-insane politicians, too hot/too cold crappy weather, short growing season (such as in Maine), tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami threats, mudslides, sinkholes, and so on.

            As far as the missing kids, no one has an answer. Very strange and sad. There’s an element of secrecy in the air here. Very weird. I need to leave but am unable to do so.

            Actually Maine wouldn’t be my first choice for a BOL if I had the choice of anywhere to go b/c of the west-east winds concern and also the brutal winters. But as I said every place has its pros and also cons. So I really don’t know where I’d choose given the option and choice of anywhere. CC

        • Common,have friends up the Presqe Isle way.I hope you have made some connection with the local folks/have someone keeping a eye out if bugout a visible place(i.e. cabin/house).Try to make local connections without giving away plans ect.

          As a former masshole(Ma). and even as a hampster(N.H.)am viewed with a bit of wariness up there(am one of them damn tourists!).With a NY state plate,well,your the enemy!

          Get to know the locals on a more year round basis(not just hunting season),will perhaps make a big difference in your travels there and how received,we are all either heading out a door fighting or at least getting a lay of the new land at some point!

          • War child
            Get a local plate from you bol. I think it was Rawles said that but it made sense to me. Drivers license too. If st you may not be blocked as a foreigner.

          • Thanks Warchild – Yeah that’s a problem. We aren’t up there long enough or often enough to get that close to the locals, who btw, some don’t particularly trust NYers. They think all NYers are from the City. But since my friend spent summers up there all throughout his childhood and afterwards he does know some of the older locals.

            However I don’t think they’ll be of much help in a shtf, to be honest. We buy fresh organic produce and eggs from them also and always engage them in a conversation. That’s about it. The cabin is in a rural, sort of remote area, no close neighbors to speak of.

            When we chipped in for it over 25 yrs ago it wasn’t for a BOL, as we never even heard of that back then. As I said a friend spent summers there (from the mid-50’s to the mid-70’s) and after going up there for yrs we occasionally rented it out, but only a few times. Him and his wife never lived/worked in Maine and neither have I. It was a getaway for all of us, somewhere to go to escape the madness and be surrounded by nature.

            A few yrs ago we were talking about BOL’s and thought why not just use the cabin. So we started setting it up more like a BOL, but that’s not why we originally bought it — really cheap, too! It has a wood stove and lakes nearby for fishing. Very quiet and peaceful. The locals have no idea it’s now considered our BOL and we would never tell them that.

            In order to expand/enlarge the place, which absolutely needs to be done, if we are going to someday all be living there in a shtf, I would have to sell my house in order to avoid racking up debt for the remodel. Right now I am debt-free and would like to keep it that way. They can’t sell their home because they have one kid in high school and one attending a local University and I can’t sell my house for reasons mentioned in my post. So that’s an issue right there.

            As far as getting a Maine driver’s license/plates without living there we were told can’t have dual licenses. But that was yrs ago, maybe that rule has since changed. I also don’t want to drive around NY with a Maine plate, so not sure how to get around the car registration/plate issue. CC

      25. Pilgrim point power station is closest to me. All the yuppies want the plant shut down. It’s slated to be decommissioned in the future. I’m not afraid of the nuke plants. What about bio and chemical. Seems chemical weapons could be used in the municipal water to kill us. If we did catch on to the water being poisoned there wouldn’t be enough safe water sources for everyone left. We’ve heard of future water wars.

        • Asshat

          Chemical/Biological warefare… check

          We are under biological and chemical attack every day of the week… it’s called Bill Gates, Monsanto, Synergy, Dow, Dupont.

      26. The spent rods could be dry casked and stored but for the fact that .gov needs them for nuclear weapons grade uranium and the leftover depleted uranium for DU weapons and tank and personnel carrier armor.

        The fuel rods are shipped to Paducah, Oak Ridge, or Portsmouth and the enriched uranium is extracted there.

        The corporate USA’s main exports are weapons of war and financial fraud.

      27. Many years ago I read that dried seaweed will remove radiation from the body. The easiest way we found was to buy sheets of nori (what sushi is wrapped in) and came up with some great recipes for it.
        I don’t think we’ll be buying it anymore, duh, since it comes from Japan mainly.
        As for location, we’re quite satisfied with our central Caribbean location.
        Haven’t checked the maps linked yet, but can’t do anything about it now anyway.

      28. Oh crap Im NWOh and was just thinking up by Toledo,, look at the map and we have 4 or was that 5, Anyway OHIO is screwed

      29. I know what I’m going to be doing if this happens


        Yup that’s it

        Who would want to survive ? For what purpose?
        Fooling yourself only makes the suffering longer and harder

        • When I read about these kinds of scenarios, I think about the movie, “The Road”.

      30. So the extermination is built right into the system.

      31. Im in western indiana next to ill right in the middle im so screwed guess ill be a statistics number who would of ever thought oh im gonna check out via radiation poisoning

      32. The Indian Point Power Plant (Upstate NY) is leaking despite their false claims that it’s not high enough to pose a problem. The fish in the nearby Hudson River are routinely tested and still, every time, at least several out of a dozen have unsafe levels of radiation.

        I have stocked up on Potassium Iodide tablets and am also aware of following and thought I’d pass this on;

        “As understanding of Vitamin D increases, it is becoming apparent that in its most active form, Vitamin D3 (calcitriol), may offer protection against a variety of radiation-induced damages. Vitamin D’s protective action is carried by a wide variety of mechanisms, including cell cycle regulation and proliferation, cellular differentiation and communication, and programmed cell death (apoptosis).” DR J. MERCOLA

        • Common cents
          Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out. In general, nutrient dense foods like weeds and mushrooms help your body defend itself from a variety of attacks. Eat well and prosper!

      33. I am the only mayoral candidate (in LA) with a comprehensive plan to deal with an EMP attack, in Los Angeles.

        Besides people dying in airplanes crashes, I believe my plan can save everyone else’s life.
        Read my plan here (I can also use some support):

        • Really? Wow! That is a great way to advertise this issue! Subvertive advertising, I love it!

          Have you read Ted Koppel’s new book about the effects of an EMP? “Lights Out” is the title as I recall.

          Well, good luck!

          • Philospher

            I totally agree. What people have to realize is life is fragile. There is no guaranteed safe plan. There is only preparing for the possible threats. We do our best. Pure and simple. We prepare for everything we can and even then there is no guarantee. Life is that way. It is what it is.
            I can live with that. lol

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