What Could Possibly Go Wrong? DHS Is Compiling A Database Of Journalists And ‘Media Influencers’

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 22 comments

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    Not only are self-defense rights, free speech, and freedom of religion are under attack in the United States. The government has now decided to also battle the freedom of the press and has enlisted the Department of Homeland Security to help them in their quest to squash liberty.

    It could be because not all media outlets tow the line and promote the government as their religious supreme deity. Or it could just be that there will be an attempt to hush those who speak out against the government. Or the new database could just list those involved in media and journalism and mean nothing. And if you believe that last one, we’ve got some beach front property in Wyoming to sell you.

    Every day, journalists face serious consequences including physical violenceimprisonment and death. A few days ago, the Committee to Protect Journalists launched its annual Free The Press campaign to raise awareness about imprisoned journalists throughout the world. On May 3, UNESCO will once again mark “World Press Freedom Day“to inform citizens of violations of press freedom — a reminder that in dozens of countries around the world, publications are censored, fined, suspended and closed down, while journalists, editors and publishers are harassed, attacked, detained and even murdered.” –Forbes

    But that’s all beginning now, here, in the “land of the free.” Last week, SHTFPlan interviewed Sarah Leach who was detained without charges for survivalist posts on her own Facebook page. But we are expected to believe that DHS has no nefarious reasoning for compiling a list of all journalists, bloggers, podcasters, or as they like to call them: “media influencers”?

    FedBizOpps.gov posted a relatively benign-sounding subject: “Media Monitoring Services” by DHS. Of course, the government always makes basic human rights violations sound benign when we all know they are anything but. The details of the attached Statement of Work outline a plan to gather and monitor the public activities of media professionals and influencers and are enough to cause nightmares of constitutional and basic fundamental human rights proportions, particularly as the freedom of the press is under attack worldwide. Yes, that includes in the United States.

    And “attack” is not hyperbolic.

    Just take one look at the “fake news” epidemic. While outlets like CNN get away with bold-faced lies, others who tell the truth are labeled “conspiracy theorists,” and that’s all by design.

    Any time a credible but politically unpalatable explanation for real-world events is expressed in the American public sphere, it is often denounced as “conspiracy theory”, then dismissed and studiously ignored by the mass media. Public opinion, the public herd mind, obediently follows suit and closes itself to any such crazy conspiracy talk. –Econintersect

    It’s already been discovered that the fake news “public relations” (which is what the father of propaganda, Edward Bernays, renamed propaganda so it would be more easily digested by the masses) attempt was an attack by Democrats in 2016 and meant to discredit anyone who didn’t support their leftist agenda.

    Without propaganda and brainwashing, leftist policies would have died decades ago. People are born wanting freedom from tyranny. It takes an effective campaign starting in childhood to change their minds and support their masters willingly while decrying those who seek actual freedom from oppression. –The Daily Sheeple

    So can we take a guess as to who will at the most risk of the government-compiled list of “media influencers?” If you’ve guessed those critical of the government, you’d be correct. It certainly seems like the government is losing control over the minds of too many as critical thought makes a comeback and pushes back on the propaganda spoon-fed to the willing sheep.

    Unfortunately, increasing government encroachment on the freedom of the press is the sinister backdrop to all of this. Freedom House, which has monitored the status of the press for nearly 40 years, recently concluded that global media freedom has reached its lowest level in the past 13 years. The independent watchdog organization blames “new threats to journalists and media outlets in major democracies” as well as “further crackdowns on independent media in authoritarian countries like Russia and China.” And then it goes one step further. –Forbes

    Forbes then posed two questions that won’t readily be answered, and when they are, it will probably be too late for liberty. Could this DHS action be a way for the government to keep track of American and foreign journalists as well as “citizen journalists,” threatening not only the freedom of the press but also individual freedom of speech? And what, exactly, is the government planning to do with the information that it compiles?

    If you think this is all just conspiracy theory and it could never happen to you, read Sarah Leach’s first-hand account of being harassed and detained and stolen from for the crime of being a survivalist and posting about it on Facebook:


    Freedom is literally under attack by the United States government and there’s no longer any easy or consoling way to state it.


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      1. Excuse me.

        I thought we lived in The United States with a working Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

        Formatting a list to arrest at the proper time.

        Sounds like news reports we have heard regarding The Nazi and Communist Parties of years gone by.

        This is the problem.The American people are waking up and there will be a attempt to squash different opinions.

        And the swamp seems to be filling up instead of being emptied.

        We are living as we are now because we are being allowed to.

        • The Constitution is no longer in force.

          • It surely remains the law of the land and we will eventually kill all that want to change this fact. The shooting simply hasn’t started yet.

        • We have to start arresting these people,so how do we do that bc the police no longer serve the people? Where do we even start? IDK but we better do it soon. Seems to me the first thing should be kicking out all the dual citizens and illegals.

      2. Love is better the second time around.


      3. Fingerprints, Eye Scans Now Required To Buy Food In India, As Banks Cut Off Cryptocurrencies – 4/8/18

        “According to The New York Times, the Indian government has implemented an identification system that will require scans of fingerprints, eyes, and faces for all financial transactions, including food, banking, cell phone plans and state assistance. The program is called Aadhaar, and it will be mandatory for the 1.3 billion people who live in India.”

        “In some cities, parents are not allowed to leave hospitals with newborn children until they are signed up.

        The program “is also highly inefficient… A recent study determined that 20 percent of an entire region was cut off from food rations because their Internet connections were not good enough to access the program.”

        ht tp://thefreethoughtproject.com/fingerprints-eye-scans-required-buy-food-india-banks-cut-cryptocurrencies/

        • Homebirth, homeschool, prep for food shortage, accumulate gold and silver coins, barter, prep, to learn who rules over you figure out who is taboo to criticize (((hint, their “intelligence agency” helped establish homeland security after 911 and airport “security”))).

          There’s more of us then there are of them, but yet the world trembles. A great Roman orator who was no lightweight in his time, Cicero, was afraid because even then through loan sharking and blackmail and dealing in slaves; they held power behind the scene.


      4. More taxpayer “gifts” from the Obama administration…

        Billionaire George Soros received millions in US taxpayer dollars to fund his progressive agendas
        “Leftist billionaire George Soros tapped into at least $9 million worth of taxpayer dollars when the Obama administration in 2016 allegedly funneled money into a Soros organization called the East West Management Institute, according to Judicial Watch.

        Thirty-two pages of government documents obtained by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit revealed the alleged maneuver. Judicial Watch launched a lawsuit to get the documents after government agencies initially refused to hand over the public information.”

        ht tps://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/04/08/billionaire-george-soros-received-millions-in-u-s-taxpayer-dollars-to-fund-his-progressive-agendas

      5. The Leaches had terrible OPSEC. They posted about their guns with pictures. They were gun dealers with questionable transactions. Somebody ratted them out.

        If you are under attack, blow your trumpet. Do not sound your trumpet merely to call attention to yourself.

        Pride goeth before the fall ….

        • Blowing on here evidently won’t be heard anyway–not by any who would answer to your aid. It behooves those-who-would-be-free: to muster–if even only as cadres– as houses (teams), on their blocks (squads), their streets (companies), in their cities (battalions), counties (regiments) and states (corps of “unorganized” Militia) in order to build cohesion by being armored but unarmed, drilling in close order and then, in extended order mock envelopment (operational) and field craft (logistical) drills in order to have the physical and organizational readiness to answer the “trumpets”. This is what it is to be self-well-regulated as the “unorganized” Militia, per the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that, along with the other Amendments known as the Bill of Rights, amended the “Commander-in-Chief”, “organizing, arming and disciplining and calling forth of the Militia by Congress” provisions of the pre-amended “supreme law of the land” Constitution to recognize the people as their own Militia instead of being that of government.

      6. My God, WTF is going on within this place? We are becoming more and more like Nazi Germany from day to day! The powers that be have utterly ruined a great land.

        • Really!!! No kidding. Is some sort of ‘Russian’ insanity gas being released over the whole planet? The DHS and all the other acronymic agencies, local yokel Sheriffs and police forces should take note – people are compiling databases of who they are and what they stand for. I’ll be damned if I live afraid of my own countrymen or the law. But one step out of line by either – then simply they are no longer my countrymen nor legitimate laws. Who the hell empowers these idiots? We do. Time these morons got the message. YOU WORK FOR US!!! Cut the damned b.s. and get right with your employers. You can be replaced and will if you don’t get it right.

          • Heartless, agreed. Good post. As I always say, lists work more than one way.

      7. Creating paranoia can be an effective tool against free speech. Sometimes you don’t have to carry suppression out. Off hand, I cannot see any reason for making up such a list.

      8. Great. Trump is finally going to start rounding up journalists as enemies of the state. Hopefully he will start rounding up jeus as well.

      9. Tough to eliminate guns and free speech together, or maybe not. Of free speech it boils down to getting rid of those who object the loudest, then fine tuned to include everybody. Cherish what’s left of your rights because you’ll never have as much freedom from this point forward.

      10. So DHS is compiling lists of people like us? We also have lists of our own. Lists work more than one way.

      11. Aljamo, someone will take my rights only through a hail of gunfire. Nothing DHS does is legitimate. They don’t have the manpower to carry out anything and would have to get help from someone.

      12. DHS Is Compiling A Database Of non-approved Journalists And non-approved ‘Media Influencers’

        This is the truth, not the headline they reported.

        Whatever they say it is 180 degrees wrong.

        I betcha Mac is on their list.

      13. Allowing them the ability to surround and seize will make the “hail” less effective, considering that of their own. They’ll do it one-by-one, with only the manpower it takes to do that, one-at-a-time–unless and until they become the recipients instead of the delivery, at places and times and in ways not of their choosing. We’ve apparently seen that happen but, of course, the mainstream will say little about it–even this site keeps it quiet.

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