What Can Be Done When They Come for the Guns?

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Headline News | 108 comments

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    One of the bad things about writing an article such as this one is that no matter what position it takes, it is attacked by an army of naysayers and protesters. This may seem innocuous, but it is not. In reality, it detracts from attempting to make a productive point of discussion. Their objective is to foster argument and conflict. Some are paid trolls and shills, and others genuinely feel the need to stand up and be heard…even if just to argue a point…whether that point has merit or not. Akin to Colin Kaepernick, protesting years after he lost in the Super Bowl to the Ravens and not during…after he was cut from the team…protesting an “injustice” that never existed.

    But they never include their E-mail addresses or identities, perhaps because their vitriolic comments may be interpreted by the authorities as threats that warrant charges. 

    In the end, they won’t be around to help you when you need it. You’ll need to think on your feet. Nothing that I’ve written for you has ever been to harm you or to not provide you with either information or “food for thought,” and I’m not about to reverse my position. We are at a juncture that most people do not recognize…on the precipice of tyranny. This piece is going to give you information that you can act on or choose not to act on. In the end, it is your decision and you’re on your own with it.

    What to do when they come for the guns. 

    In truth, there are many things you can do about it. I’ll put out some information, but I’m not telling you what to do, nor advocating doing it.

    1. Have some to “feed” them if they come: If you bought any semiautomatic rifles (erroneously and intentionally termed “assault rifles”) thorough Mr. Legal/Western Consumer Marketing procedures? There’s a record of your purchase…and that record is on file forever. They will not overlook whatever you purchased. For those “Davy Crockett” naysayers who will “defend until they’ve breathed their last?” Yes, that’s exactly what will happen: you will breathe your last. Christopher Dormer was a maniac on the run, but in the end, the cabin he holed up in burned to the ground…droned, no doubt. One thing is to “feed” them part of what you bought. Concept: “The Secret of Santa Vittoria,” with Anthony Quinn…where the town sacrificed 200,000 bottles of wine…to hide a million bottles from the German army in WWII.
    2. Disassemble, protect, stash: Take a weapon apart, and break it down into its groups…bolt, barrel, so on. Coat it with protectant/oil/grease, wrap it in plastic, and it could be stashed where it will not be found.
    3. Cache off-property: self-explanatory, but pick a national forest, a state forest, or a remote wilderness area. We have covered enough information on caches, and you will have to take the idea here and develop it.
    4. Cache on-property: here more care will be exercised, but if you follow step #1? Chances are your property will then not be searched…and I don’t mean Barney Fife walking around the grounds. I’m talking about teams with metal detectors, combing every inch of ground, and probably searching your house as well.
    5. Sewers: Yes, nobody likes going in the sewers…including the cops. After coating with protectant, wrap in 3 layers of waterproof plastic, and attach a line securely and where no one can find it or grab it.
    6. Sale or Trade: getting rid of what has been purchased under record, and either buying something to replace it or trading for it…outside of Happy Mr. Gun Store-Channels.
    7. Hidden spaces: House or Storage Unit: this would involve either some major “innovations” in “home improvement” or utilizing existing spaces and structures to accommodate your needs.

    This last one you would have to be especially careful with. The detection devices the State will use are not to be taken lightly. I’m giving you these ideas for starters. There are more, but I’m not going to give you what I would do. Understand what you’re dealing with. I write articles such as this one. If you think they don’t notice this, you better think again. They also notice that you read these articles. They know (and have recorded) all your e-mails, comments, and key strokes. This is the age where you must take extreme precautions, because what is coming down the pike will not be good. Food for thought with this article. Take the information and ideas, formulate your own plans, and run with the ball when you feel it’s the time.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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      1. Hide them and hide them well.

        Disassemble and hide them well, so well that only you can actually find and retrieve them with great effort, maybe in a matter of days, when if you face an immediate emergency and need them to protect yourself.

        That’s the way you keep them from being confiscated when they come for them. Hide them so well they are useless to anyone looking for them.

        • The founders told us when the time comes we will need to use the 2A. That means to kill those that would disarm us. No way will I take apart my weapons. That’s insanity.

          • Menzo, once again you hit something right out of the park. I feel that time is getting closer. I’m heading back to the BOL the last weekend of this month and staying for about a whole month. Something’s coming, I can feel it.

          • Amen! Ain’t going to put my guns in any sewer.

          • I’m a good looking muscular and tall man. I bet you described yourself.

          • I’ve seen Annie Tranny’s posts, he/she likes to make fun of people because of their age or body size. Annie posted a video recently here laughing at a handicapped person falling and being injured. This is a trait of of the left, sad. but the left in europe are now euthanizing people because of MS and Cerebral Palsy.

            This is exactly what we have in store for us if we reliquish our guns. I just bought ANOTHER AR 15 and extra Mags and more 556.

            A friend of mine recently had people snapping pictures of his home after he posted a gun video. Annie recently threatened to “track” people here and dox or worse to them. Are these Marxist people like Annie crazy or not?

          • Ann Teefah, bring it on you commie slimeball. It will be my pleasure to take you out.

          • You talk plenty, how about revealing yourself and showing up somewhere and test your big mouth assumptions.

          • Roger that!

        • Anonymous, if it’s time to hide them it’s really time to use them.

          • First you go close enough to see if you like their guns more than yours. If you do, drop a trail of doughnut crumbs towards your house and then get their guns. If not, just wait, in Wyo they won’t get more than three houses.

        • I’m thinking that when it comes time to hide them, that’s the time we need to be getting them out and loading them up.

        • Give them all your lead first. Make the Basturds work for it. Bring it!!

          Only cowards run, face your fears you sniveling POS twits. Step up a be a man. Rather die a hero and patriot on your feet than a sorry ass slave on your knees.

        • Shovel, PVC/ABS pipe, oilcloth may be a good passive insurance polity. Others whom decide in an active ins. policy have formed their Committees of Correspondence / Safety of 5-10 personally known and trusted for over 10yrs with additional 1-2 known by 1 member to interact with other policies. Do realize adversaries will have their undercover polices.
          Without this, when SHTF few are able or willing to jeopardize them self/family to assist another be it a neighbor never mind someone across town.

        • If you hide them. Won’t you then be one of the few who have them after? Then what?

        • Folks when it is time to bury them it is time to dig them up. Otherwise you live under tyranny. Just be sure you use them well and on the right people that have actually made the laws that caused the problem

        • Every time a government has established “gun-control” IE: Confiscated the populace’s arms;
          Resulted in: mass killings/examinations by said government.

          1911: Turkey, 1915-1917 – 1.5 million Armenians unable to defend themselves, rounded up and exterminated.

          1929: Soviet Union, 1929-1953 – 20 million unable to defend themselves, rounded up and exterminated.

          1938: Germany, 1939-1945 – 13 million unable to defend themselves, rounded up and exterminated.

          1935: China, 1948-1952 – 20 million unable to defend themselves, rounded up and exterminated

          1964: Guatemala 1964-1981 – 100,000 unable to defend themselves, rounded up and exterminated

          1970: Uganda 1971-1979 – 300,000 Christians unable to defend themselves, rounded up and exterminated

          1956: Cambodia 1975-1977 – 1 million unable to defend themselves, rounded up and exterminated

          Defenseless people in
          20th century rounded up and exterminated because of gun control:
          56 million.

      2. Here is an interesting approach to dealing with gun violence in the United States:


        This approach puts the power to prevent gun violence in the hands of families rather than law enforcement and politicians, two groups that have long proven themselves to be incompetent when it comes to controlling at least some civilian firearms deaths.

        • “…rights granted under the Second Amendment”

          The writer of the above referenced article didn’t even make it though the second sentence before demonstrating absolute ignorance of the topic. No need to read any farther.

        • Read the reply left on the link then maybe rewrite.

      3. Ya good luck to any government fools that attempt to take arms from military vets and their families

        • My exact thinking as well.

        • Yeah, that 74 year old vet killed one cop and wounded 6 more who were serving a warrant to his house. I’d say he was still doing pretty good for a so called old man.

          • And that tied up nearly the whole department for hours and hours. With a bunch of us resisting at once we could actually move into offense and take assets.

      4. They can’t even disarm the taliban.. any traitor who attempts this will reap death

        • Deplorable Ruski and Menzo, that is oh so true.

      5. Jeremiah might be right that we are “on the precipice of tyranny”. I think at the rate anger is growing and civility is breaking down now that we will not face gun confiscation. That is, if you have chosen a good retreat area to live.

        Hiding extra guns and ammo is definitely the way to go. But I want guns (adequate to meet current risks) readily accessible.

        Still the best advice:

        • I think the next demonrat takeover will result in them going all in, and we won’t have a choice.

          • Not directed at Roger, but to libtards.

            The line is where we are now. The writing is all over the graffitied wall. We have good reason to believe there will be trouble, so giving up the guns is not an option. Trying to take them a little at a time is not an option. Outlawing semi autos is not an option. PERIOD!

            They now call us whitey everywhere, and blame white males for everything. You can disarm if you like, but do you really think any of this is going to happily ever after? There will be a war. I don’t see any other way. We have been overrun by foreigners who have no education or concept of our ways, and they are the ones in the streets calling us whitey!

            Given the behavior of the left, where do you see us in 10 years? After Trump?

            The people flooding this country are socially liberal. When all these foreigners, and illegals, have become citizens, and can vote, what then? We have already lost future elections, and it isn’t far away at all.

            • And when they run out of our money they will still blame us for their failures in life.

          • Won’t have a choice but to fight.

      6. the most important thing to do is to have friends that are like-minded…..and that are armed. if your guns ARE taken, you should be able to count on them for back-ups. a friend of mine just had his guns taken, for something his son did. his son made a threat to shoot someone, so they went to my friend’s house and removed the guns for “safekeeping”. there was a happy ending to the story. he got his guns back within a month or so, but he had to register them to get them back. he tells me he co-operated when they took them, as he had done nothing wrong. it turns out that in HIS county, there is a sheriff that believes in the second amendment.just know that it can go VERY wrong when talking to cops… one lesson he taught me on all this, is to know no matter how unlikely it is that cops can enter your home…..all it takes is one mealy-mouthed a-ho e to allow them access to your guns…..a son, ,mother, ex-wife, or even just someone you don’t even know that says you threatened to shoot them…..there go your guns.

        • And if you file a complaint and they come into your home and even through you are a victim, they will be sleathly searching with their eyes and or body camera while recording your complaint.
          Even if you are innocent, you are suspect.

      7. GREAT! so if/when we end up with “Australian style” gun control, all we will have are the guns we buried and are afraid to dig up… Just like Australia? No thanks.

        If its honestly time to hide your guns, its too late.

        The long term game for TPTB is to make gun ownership as socially unacceptable as smoking, as regulated as automobiles, to remove any chance you have to get out and practice or teach the next generation by eliminating ranges and public spaces, to prevent discharge of any firearm within any government boundary (city, twp limit etc). Eventually what you will see is the use of microphones triangulating the noise of any gunfire to locate the last in use.

        If we dont head this off *NOW*, theres no point in even burying them.

        That all said… in the unlikely chance of a collapse etc, sure, cache guns and ammo.
        If you’re prepping for socialism, dont bother. You should be us1ng them.

        • The best way to head this off is to take someone shooting, make it enjoyable and thereby create another pro gun vote.

        • NEC Wrangler, if it’s time to bury them it’s really time to use them. I’m not burying anything.

        • “If its honestly time to hide your guns, its too late.”

          Like the story said, destroy 200K of them to hide and keep a million

      8. Do not take war lightly as it is far more ghastly than you can imagine in reality. My father was in the Pacific in WWII ant took pictures of the real battlefield in the Marianas. Literally windrows of body parts three feet high. More than one such Just parts not whole bodies. When he said twice the man next to him was blown to pieces that was reality. Never ever submit to tyranny but understand what in action now will bring to your family he said there were nine bodies in the water supply and that was also reality it was the only water there was

      9. There is a huge difference between the entire western states Law Enforcement against one Christopher Dormer. Its a totally DIFFERENT story when its anywhere LEO against several million armed patriots. Different story indeed.

      10. When they come for your guns give them nothing but hot lead. Any and all attempts at gun confiscation are insanity and will get the would be gun grabbers killed.

        • Your method gets you killed to, and there are going to be more of them and they will be better armed and trained than you.

          Why do you think it’s almost always the cops that win shootouts? And the one they are after never goes free?

          Rethink your strategy if you plan on winning instead of dying.

          • There are 80 million gun owners and your argument is stupid. Millions of us are veterans. Better trained? Belly laugh.

            • Menzo, you nailed it again. Veterans are always better trained than cops. Remember that shootout in NYC where 2 cops were chasing an armed suspect and out of all the shots they fired they missed the suspect but DID manage to wound several innocent civilians? That’s what came to my mind when I read anonymous’ retarded comment. Half of my family are veterans and everyone in the family is well-trained and armed. They’re better shots than a lot of cops out there.

              • Deplorable,

                You’re the kinda guy that gets not only himself but everyone around him killed.

                I spent two tours in combat in Vietnam and learned to recognize the type.

                • Hey Anon, Everything Dep Ren just said is true. That’s why cops empty their entire pistol magazines, because they are sorry ass shooters. If a cop is ever shooting at you, just run like a rabbit and zig zag and get small. He will be out of ammo in no time and you will remain a free man.

                  • TSB, thanks for that. Anon is the type who thinks I should compromise or surrender. Neither one of those words are part of my vocabulary. Anyone in my family can outshoot a cop, even the women. I’ve been victimized a few times in life so no more being a f#$%ing victim. Anon doesn’t have a clue.

                    • Anonymous, BTW, what makes you think cops get good firearms training? What movie did you see that? I might check it out. Like I told Menzo earlier, the veterans in my family have trained all of the siblings and any of them can outshoot any cop out there. Look at the kind of people who get hired for LE these days. A lot of departments and agencies have lowered their standards in case you haven’t heard. A classic example is that shooting in Dallas recently where a female cop who just got off duty WENT INTO THE WRONG APARTMENT ON THE WRONG FLOOR AND MURDERED THE OCCUPANT IN COLD BLOOD. And also look at what people get brainwashed with at the LE academies. Two of my cousins used to be cops. One dropped out because of all the corruption and the anti-public mentality the other cops have. The other manage to stay in for 24 years and collect a pension but it was tough for him. He had to struggle to serve with honesty and integrity where everyone else was so damn crooked. My biggest gripe about LE is “civil asset forfeiture” aka police theft of innocent peoples’ private property that they work for and the same people NEVER FACE ANY CRIMINAL CHARGES. No one takes anything from me, not even a cop. They’re no better than the people they claim to be struggling against. Hell they don’t even care about crime or the public for that matter. They’re just a waste of our tax dollars.

            • Wish I could say that were true. Remember during the revolution only two percent of the population took up arms and engaged in actual fighting.

              • And they were fighting an enemy that originated and was commanded from 5000 miles away, not next door.

              • It was 3% and that would be over a 2 million man army they would be fighting albeit it scattered out. I’d still fight even if I could lose. Better than being a coward.

            • So show me real world examples, anywhere in the world, where it has worked out that way.

              • There has never been another United States of America.

          • “Rethink your strategy if you plan on winning instead of dying.” So, Anonymous, since you claim to be smarter than me, what would you recommend? [SARCASM]

            • Staying away from people like you to start with.

              You’re not someone I would trust behind my back in a tight situation.

              • Anonymous, that’s fine with me. The feeling is mutual. You do whatever you want for yourself. I wouldn’t trust anyone who suggests I surrender anything or even compromise with the enemy. I’ve already been victimized by evildoers a few times in my life so I’m finished being anyone’s victim. I’ve sacrificed too much blood, sweat, and tears over the past 40 years to just hand over anything I have to scum who refuse to work, etc. So now, if you have some BETTER advice than surrender or compromise to offer, I’m all ears. Compromise is only to my detriment and there’s no guarantee of survival in surrender.

          • Wonder if any Gun Confiscators ever seen a tracer round come at them @ 3200 FPS. I would assume its rather frightening. Also aim for their gas tanks.

            600,000 Deer hunters in Wisconsin,
            1 Million Deer hunters in Pennsylvania
            800,000 Deer hunters in Ohio.
            And On and on. The worlds largest army is the American Hunter with about 6 guns per hunter.

            When I was about 18 Yr old I nailed a Buck opening AM with a 30-06 356 Paces away, one shot kill. That’s 3 and a half foot ball fields in distance. American deer hunters are snipers. You can shoot a 30-06 or .308 twice that, up to about 700 to 800 yards. They wouldn’t even hear the shot until after they were dead.

      11. When they come for your guns requires legal authority.

        After Hurricane Katrina, police used the state of emergency as an excuse to confiscate firearms. In that case any well hidden firearms were saved as long as the owner stood their ground and said no warrant no entry. In the aftermath of the Katrina gun confiscations, most states passed laws preventing firearms confiscation during disasters.

        The best way to handle a gun confiscation is to vote for people who won’t try.

        A constitution supporting SCOTUS can prevent abuses.

        If you feel strongly about this issue the immediate thing on your To-Do list is vote next month.

        • You didn’t watch the video of the cops tackling that old lady telling them to F off.

          COPS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Conservatives are morons for putting faith into LE and allowing the circle of immunity and protection around them.

          • Nunya: I agree unfortunately – LEO are NOT NOT NOT your friends, buddies or pals!! Their primary objective is to house you in a cold, tiny concrete CAGE for as many years as possible!!!! Do not ave anything to do with them for Christ sakes people, wake up or you will reap those foolish “benefits” big time.

            • You are right about police, they get promotions for making arrests, and convictions, not being nice guys.

              A freind who was a cop said, be very careful, the majority of police carry a bag of drugs to plant on anyone they they want to screw. This is a premeditated criminal act, and a majority of police are willing to commit this crime if you just tick them off.

              My whole point, after Katrina, Americans fought back in the courts and won a bigger victory than had some Cowboys shot up the police who were taking guns. Those court victories backed up by new laws will protect millions of Americans from gun confiscation until the laws are changed.

              • PTPO, the next time any attempts at gun confiscation take place the ONLY WAY TO STOP IT WILL BE TO RESIST THE GUN GRABBERS. That will become the only way to stop it. No one will be care about any laws.

          • I have a few friends that are cops and who I would trust with my life without thinking about it. That said…I wouldn’t trust a cop I didn’t personally know. But there are some cops out there that are probably our best hope.

        • By the way, I suspect one of the biggest unstated reasons that no one would utter during the Kavanaugh circus, was the second amendment. The Supreme Court has almost never touched second amendment cases. They always deferred to the highly liberal circuit courts who legislated gun control from the bench, and supported gun laws that were patently unconstitutional.

          As legislatures began running amuck with wacky gun laws, SCOTUS began hearing cases in recent years. The Marxists are terrified a constitutional SCOTUS won’t let them disarm America, and worse roll back existing law that overreaches and keeps many from buying firearms.

          Had the Marxist left brought up the second amendment they would have gotten no traction. They did so much better terrorizing America with rape allegations, and the threat that if you supported Kavanaouh you must support rape, they even tied rape to people being white? The last racist claim being incredibly bizarre, because percentile rape statistics broken down by ethnicity of rapist are the lowest for white males in the US.

          • PTPO, agreed. Black males are responsible for more rapes than any other group out there. DOJ statistics.

        • PTPO and NB, the cops at that time VIOLATED a LA state law that prohibited confiscation of privately owned guns during any time of emergency. Those gun owners had to go to the NRA so the NRA took City of New Orleans and State of La to federal court and WON. bit it still took many years for those gun owners to get their weapons back. I’ll betcha now if another katrina came their way they wouldn’t give up their guns a second time.

          • Katrina was an interesting lesson, in SHTF. LA Police almost immediately became marauders, acting like a gang taking what they wanted. Hmmmm.

      12. So riddle me this, my friends: Who are “they”? UN troops? The local police/sheriffs? Your state National Guard or Militia? Federal troops? Federal police? You could lump all of these Orcs and Orcettes together and they would still be vastly outnumbered by the committed gun owners/shooters here in Amerika.
        Do you honestly think the boys and girls in blue are going to motor into the Ghettos and Barrios and demand all of the Gangstas and Vato Locos turn in their pieces? All it will take is a few of them ending up with more holes in them than a piece of swiss cheese and the “ban” or “turn-in” or whatever you wish to call it will evaporate like ice on a hot stove.
        After the Sandy Hook shooting, the Nutmeg State passed a ban on AR-15 rifles. How many were turned in? And, when did the self-serving, tax termites with badges start going door-to-door collecting them? Hasn’t happened.
        Just be vigilant about what is going on nationally and in your A/O. Do not talk about what you own. Be SURE you instruct your kids/grandkids NOT to discuss family business with ANYONE. If you are fortunate to possess something which would be a very effective defensive tool in a SHTF situation, find someplace to practice with it away from prying eyes and curious snitches who are on the BATFE payroll. Be alert and stay safe.

        • It’s easier to just knock holdouts out one at a time, and prosecute and imprison them, as they are discovered when they fuck up (like a home fire and finding the remains in what is left, or trying to defend yourself using an illegal firearm from someone attacking you, or just letting the wrong person know they have one who will trade his own freedom for your prosecution when he gets himself in trouble).

          Look at California, they haven’t taken any casualties enforcing their new gun laws but they are slowly catching and prosecuting people for violating them. Once a firearm is outlawed if you still have one you are no longer a law abiding gun owner, you are a criminal gun owner (something that means nothing to run of the mill criminals).

        • I agree.

        • But, the extremist laws recently passed in CT and NY will eventually fall on people who are discovered, incidentally, in possession of the banned firearms.

          One, or some, of these unfortunates will be tasked (if they choose to fight)with taking up the financially and personally ruinous quest involved in fighting these un-Constitutional dragons.

          As that happens (maybe it has already started), we need to support those individuals financially and encourage the Pro-2A Legal foundations to help them secure our rights and avoid the personal ruin.


      13. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        It’s vital to realize that “arms” are not limited to firearms. A wise person intuits the value of blunt and edged weapons. A wise person understands the value of alternative ranged weapons. And more.

        Your body, mind, and soul are weapons that can be honed and forged. Your words and ability to communicate are weapons.

        If it comes to it, the the least effective tactics are head on brute force attacks and counterattacks. These have the highest casualty rates with the highest rates of ammunition and result in stalemate. Instead what historical tactics are the most effective, using the least ammunition, and with the lowest casualty rates for the perpetrators? Assymetrical warfare.

      14. Thanks for this dose of reality,JJ. I am still hoping for another “November Miracle” when the polls showed a Hillary win.HOWEVER, I am making preparations for a Democrat takeover of the House and the ensuing insanity that will unleash. I am so sad for this country.

      15. My fellow American Patriots, I hope we all realize that winners choose the battle space to be defended and when that action will occur. Jeremiah Johnson was a special forces officer. These folks choose the time and place. It will be hell to pay for any traitors that have stepped over the line into treason. If caught off guard, live to fight another day. Throw away firearms could be useful. Think about it. Semper Fi.

        • Think of the Liberator and its intended strategy and use, and what can be done with common hardware store items to imitate it today.

          At least if you’re among those that are realistically planning on actually being warriors in the future instead of just sitting around practicing internet braggadocio now.

      16. I doubt that there will be an attempt to disarm in door-to-door searches. Most likely there will be a law prohibiting gun ownership, followed by a generous buy back program. There will be no stores to buy guns, ammunition, etc.

        Police making traffic stops will have all people with outdated permits and bills of sale connected to the drivers license, so that he can get some back-up if there are any problems. People who have guns on them will become criminals and will be put in prison. If they resist arrest or attempt to reach for their gun, they will be shot. Word will get around that it is more dangerous to carry a gun than not to have one. More people will turn over their weapons voluntarily.

        Eventually, the vast majority will be disarmed. The holdouts will be subjected to having their houses tear gassed and some will get the Waco solution.

        A few will be under the radar and able to maintain their firearms. But they will be few and far between.

        It’s a pessimistic outlook but realistic. Good Luck. Both sides on this issue will suffer if this happens. Legal guns in the hands of good, stable Americans is right and just. Crime and gun deaths are less in areas where gun ownership is protected.


        • B from CA, I agree that this is the lost likely scenario. I also think which state you live in will be crucial (i.e. selective enforcement).

        • BFC,
          It worked so well for alcohol.
          It worked so well for drugs.
          What makes you think it will work
          for guns?

          • Rellik:

            Because unlike drugs (and alcohol); the CIA won’t import them.


            • Good point.

      17. Don’t wait for them to come and take your guns. I have seen how it works. They wait for you to leave then kick in the door and search for them in your empty house. When they say turn them in or they will come and get them, that’s when you take your guns and ammo and eliminate that problem. And don’t stop until that problem is no more. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Promised Land Road. They just send enough troops to kill you. Don’t wait. Surprise them. They might actually change their mind if it happens enough times.

      18. if a person hides a gun in his home, dont the authorities know from a BATF form that you bought it ? so they ask for it and then what do you say ? seems like they can haul you off no matter what you say. Advice please.

        • I wouldn’t tell them anything. If you did sell it and told them so, it won’t matter. They have a warrant so they are still going to tear your house apart. Don’t lie either. That is illegal. Keep your mouth shut.

          You are going to loose this round. Your goal should be to survive this round so that you and your attorney can win the next round and you are released on bail. Now you have time and freedom of movement. Use it wisely.

        • GG, never answer any questions from the police. Demand a lawyer. If they’re coming to seize firearms, why did you wait for them? Walk in on roll call and fire ’em up. EEEHAA!!

        • Buy your weapons and ammo from individuals with no paper trail.

      19. Just run the numbers.
        I live in a place where ALL guns
        are required to be registered.
        Anecdotally I’d say there is about
        a 25% compliance rate.
        We have a local population of about
        195,000 people. We have about
        400 sworn cops or so.
        About 10% of our population are Vets.
        You are not going to disarm us.
        This state is about as Blue as you can ever
        get in America.
        My Congress critter is an officer in the army
        reserves. She will vote for any stupid
        gun control law they propose. Would she go door
        to door to enforce such laws?
        I know she would not.

        • The “Long March” approach to this problem (for Liberals & Ds) is still the most successful tack.

          They have won the Culture War – Exhibit A – The Millennials

          If they just keep the indoctrination process going, the masses will “fall into our hands like overripe fruit…” [un-sourced quote of USSR Premier Nikita Kruschev vis-a-vis Capitalism vs. Communism.]

          They can win without firing a shot or confiscating anything in the short run.

          However, they are ego-driven A-holes so they will push it and we are likely to have some sort of fight.

          Us old guys may not live to see it. Maybe that is a mixed blessing for us…


      20. Im certainly not going to hide any guns. It might come down to the question of Is someone willing to die to try and take the guns? and is someone willing to die to keep their guns? And the second admendment doesn’t grant anything. All the rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights are God Given. We where born with them.

        • Words of wisdom. You Aced the test Old Guy, once again. Spot on.

      21. Let’s be honest, if they are at your door for your guns, events have doomed you. Swat teams rush the door and if you survive the onslaught they are arresting you period. If your guns don’t match their list, you arrested. If they confiscate your guns, you arrested for some felony charge of their choosing. Be honest with yourself, it is the state and Federal laws that you should be challenging NOW instead of prepping for the knock on the door. I would get out of that city now though.

      22. I would not wait at home if they began confiscating everyone’s guns. I would go after them and make them pay dearly.

      23. I love it when people on here say, “they ain’t gittin’ my guns!” “They’ll have to kill me!”

        1. Yes, they will.
        2. Yes, they will.

        • Do you not believe that many of them will die too? Of course they will, and many of us as well.

        • @ Q Around 600,000 men were killed in the civil war with a population of approximately 31 million. If we start in on each other with the same intensity there will be roughly 6 million killed at today’s population. I expect most of us commenting on this page will perish. We just need to push that hero that we all have in us forward.

        • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
          ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

      24. seems to me it will be difficult to find people to carry out a task such as that.

      25. How willing will they be to take your guns if a significant number use them when they do? I think confiscation will come to a screeching halt with just a few bloody encounters.

      26. Great discussion on here. I can see both sides of argument. I think it boils down to the “how” of confiscation. It COULD be the boil the frog method, the most likely to succeed if you are in favor of disarmament. Pass incremental laws,indoctrinate youth, use mass media to misinform and in about 20 more years you might have the populace ready to lay em down. That’s said the left is currently unbalanced with very poor leadership, they really might try to do something dramatic and sudden like repeal of the 2 nd amendment or the next Dimocratic president might try to “ stack” the Supreme Court by adding a couple of handpicked members to do it by judicial fiat. In that case their chances of success would seem to diminish IMO. I’ not sure the 40-60 years olds , the majority of current gun owners would stand for it. I can envision a scenario where several governors and legislatures in conservative states might revolt and refuse to follow a federal mandate, at that point there would be a real risk of civil war. As for me if confronted with superior forces at my home I would render onto Cesar. I would live and since I have made allowances for that contingency, fight another day at the time of my place and choosing not theirs. It is a decision everyone will have to make for themselves based on what they want to achieve from such a conflict. If you want to go out in a blaze of glory defending a principle it is your right. I on the other hand feel that gun confiscation would be a declaration of war against the citizenry, and wars are fought by the living, and I will do what I must to be around to fight it.

      27. Never surrender you firearms NEVER!!!!

        If any of my Brothers and Sisters of Blue comes to take away your Guns stand your Ground, because they are TRADERS to an oath the swore to.

        I will never take a persons firearm away from them. As long as they are not using it to hurt some one or them self.


      28. I can’t put 2 and 2 together.

        Why would the powers-that-be arm the populace to the teeth by using eight years of scare tactics through feigned attacks on the 2nc during the Obama years only to turn around and launch massive attacks to then disarm?

      29. Many guns have been bought and sold at gun auctions, household auctions,gun shows and from individuals and some from deceased relatives. These guns really have no paper trail leading to you,so if you have more than a hand full of guns you probably have some that came into your possession in one of these manners,so it would be good advice to know or make a list of which ones have no paper trail and know the ones that do. So if push comes to shove you may want to keep your options open and do something with the ones that are Paper Free, what you do with them is up to You. Trekker Out.

        • which is why my friend recently had to turn over ALL his guns to the cops. he couldn’t remember which ones were registered, and which weren’t. he believed that if he kept guns that were registered to him, they would come back, and tear his home apart to find them. as it was, since he co-operated with them, and handed over all of them, they left without searching his house. sure, they looked around a bit, but no invasive searching through all the drawers, overturning everything type of deal. and as it turned out, he got all but 4 of them back, in very short order. his county really does have a sheriff that doesn’t want to keep the guns……but, of coarse, this guy was a GOOD GUY with guns…..if he had been a BAD GUY with guns, things would have turned out MUCH different….one VERY important lesson he says…”never thought anyone would cause the cops to get into my house legally to take my guns”….no matter how SURE you are, SOMEbody can call the cops on you, and you will be handing them over…..or going out like you came into this world, screaming and covered in blood…..you get to choose.

      30. Ok , now the article states They come for your guns. If and when they get your guns.. Do you think that your Bank account, property, Wife, kids will not be taken also? They took your guns for a reason… So you could not defend your family,property…

        Wake up, your guns are the last defender..

        • Yep

      31. “The detection devices the State will use are not to be taken lightly. I’m giving you these ideas for starters. There are more, but I’m not going to give you what I would do. Understand what you’re dealing with”

        Wanted to explore this one a bit with the group. I have considered hiding weapons in the metal ducts/vents of the house so a metal detector couldn’t pick them up. But now reading this, not sure that would be wise. Thoughts?

      32. One problem with security is generational: I’m older than dirt. Naturally I see the world quite differently than my far more innocent kids. While they are aware of my preps (and pretty skeptical of the need), I can’t tell them about secret stashes and complex breakdowns. They’ll forget, or they’ll blab, or some other adverse experience will arise to invert the advantage to a liability. Yet I want them to have access when I’m dead. This makes for tough planning and tougher practices.
        I guess in the end life just isn’t as fair as I’d always hoped it would become as I grew older and the world got nicer. At least one process occurred. I had hoped for both.

      33. In States like Indiana it’s totally legal to do private transfers. This means that you can go buy a gun one day and legally sell it to your neighbor or some guy on the street with absolutely no documentation. So when they come to your house they don’t have any idea if you still have that gun you just say sorry I sold it. There’s no way that they can be sure that you have anything because you can get rid of it and they don’t even know it.

      34. going house to house is the most deadly form of combat their is their is no way the government is going to do that as soon as thay started people would organize agenst them and it would be a blood bath more than likely thay will cut the ammo off and just wait you keep referring to the big bad government agenst a single home owner it wont be that way

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