What an Out Of Control Mob Looks Like

by | Jun 20, 2010 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    If you haven’t yet seen it, take a look at the video posted below. The LA Times reports that the LAPD is using the video to locate those responsible.

    After the LA Lakers’ win, excited fans took to the streets. One thing led to another and a cabbie was forced out of his cab because of the impending violence and vandalism to his vehicle.

    Now, these are people who have plenty to eat, drink and a place to sleep at night. The mob feeds on itself, progressing to more violence over a very short time span. They are not armed with weapons, and are disorganized.

    Imagine what may happen in a down-grid disaster scenario.

    Our advice, as previously mentioned, is to get out of the way if something like this were to happen in your neighborhood. Be prepared to engage, but in self defense only, otherwise, let the mob do what the mob does.

    LA Mob June 2010:

    FlashBack: 1992 LA Riots:


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      1. Funny – I watched the same 2 videos this weekend. The beating of that truck driver was as brutal as it gets. I’m glad I live in the burbs.

      2. Comments….. This makes me sick… I couldn’t watch the rest of the video.  What makes people feel ‘justified’ in behaving like this?

      3. What a bunch of monkeys!

      4. I agree……..imagine these people in the streets ANGRY AND HUNGRY, willing to take it out on anyone who has prepared for the upcoming collapse like most of us on this site have……..

        Get Ready!


      5. Comments…..Just imagine these same animals in army uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan after a couple of red bulls unleashing their fire power on  unarmed civilians, mainly woman and children. God help the US. when SHTF because what you see in these videos is nothing in comparison to what is coming.

      6. My ventilation tools are cleaned, oiled and zeroed, ready in case anyone tries this type of shenanigan around here. I hope to never have to use them against another soul but if my family’s life is threatened I will not hesitate to use any and all means necessary to protect them. 

      7. If someone in L.A. had pulled out a Remington .270 and started sniping the perpetrators they’d packed their shit and gone home real quick.   Not prowling around looking for another victim. 

        Watching their cowardly lawbreaking buddies get dropped like cowshit in the middle of the street would have the effect of doing that.  If you can line up two perpetrators for a single shot the .270 is certainly capable of zinging both with one bullet.

        You would be doing the entire community a public service.  Two dead spooks per bullet.   

        After dropping each spook take a moment out to thank Mr. Remington for his enduring ingenuity and also the creators of our U.S. Constitution for their foresight in implementing our right to bear arms against tyranny.      

      8. But that could never happen in my town (Flint, Michigan).


      9. If your caught in a riot like that , you put the pedal to floor and run people over to get the hellout of there. Also in california you need to have a gun in your vehicle(legally if possible) with  some extra clips.  If im going to go down then id like the opportunity to take 10 of them with me .

      10. Excuse my ignorance but what are ‘ventilation tools?’  Are you going to vacuum people if they get close or something?

      11. WTF. The sad thing is, if that was your car you would NOT be justified to use deadly force. You would have to retreat and let them idiots! burn your car

      12. Paul Revere

        My personal preference is the 30-06

      13. Ventilation tools = guns

        They help ventilate the body by adding many holes in them

      14. Unreal.  This is why I intentionally live in a state where I’m allowed to arm myself and to use that force when necessary.  In Texas, we are not obligated to retreat, as of September 1, 2007.  That includes if someone unlawfully and with force attempts to enter my vehicle.  We still don’t like horse thieves here; much less horse burners… 

      15. To Mr Obvious,

        I liked your comment LOL,

        I prefer my good friend Mr Mossberg though. One hole, but a big hole.
        Be safe man,

      16. Nothing beats a Mossberg 500 12 gauge loaded up with buck shot. Ventilation, crowd dispersal, lots of bang for the buck. None of these pukes would have lived past touching my door handle.

      17. I was always partial to the Remington 870 myself…..Mine has a magazine extension which allows for 10 rounds in the mag, plus one in the pipe, (available at Cabelas and other fine sporting good stores everywhere).  As always, buckshot is a real crowd pleaser……..

      18. Sanityjones & Jonny V,

        A friend of mine bought the Molot Vepr12 in 12gauge. A good piece mostly for practical shooting, but in case of emergency it’s handy.
        I think it comes with 20rd magazines also.

      19. I like both, the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 870… But we’re packin one of these:

        (without the full-auto, of course)

        Saiga 12 – 12 Gauge Semi Automatic Shotgun

        Comes standard with a 5 round mag… the 12 round mag runs around $60 and around $200 for the 20 round drum.

        Good times with this bad boy.

      20. I live in the burbs in the Northeast but I”m getting that funny feeling that the ratio of NRA members to non-NRA members (me) is like 25:1

      21. I prefer to never even be in a place where there even could be a mob.  😉

      22. Hey Boys and Girls these vids are just a preview of what is coming to a neighborhood near you.
        As for the croud pleasers, I use the tactical 870.

      23. Mac  -  Excellent for crowd dispersal.   Looks like a lot of fun.     I didn’t see too many white guys in this video.     They must be hangin with the wrong crowd…..

      24. Yeah the first thing I thought of was clearing that pack of animals (mainly the actual participants) with a riot shotgun (Winchester 1300 or Remington 1100). Yeah I don’t really look forward to anything like that, but if it happens I think my family will do alright. If I can remember the law correctly, here in Louisiana to legally execute lethal force one must perceive themselves or someone else (an innocent person) to be in danger of death or of sustaining great bodily harm. I certainly don’t need any law to justify my will to survive and desire to keep on living. But it doesn’t hurt to know that if the need arises, you won’t have to worry about your local government punishing you.

        Yeah take away electricity, food, water, and that crowd would swell by the thousands. Now that would even put a dent in my ammo supply. Only time will tell.

      25. I’ve said it before,I’ll say it again.
        The mobs that we see that riot,assault,rape,rip off others are Blacks & Mexicans.
        I don’t care what the multi-culti politically sensitive types say about these words being insensitive,It is the truth and let this video be a lesson to you for which groups and their neighborhoods to avoid when TSHTF.
        Remember the horrible flooding in Iowa last year?,you probably don’t  BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED, IA is almost completely Caucasian and we all know what happened in New Orleans and why.
        Let us open our eyes and accept reality,even if it isn’t always pleasant.

      26. Luckily I live in FL which allows me to carry a gun in my car(Glock .45).
        I fell sorry for the chimps that ever try to get me out of my vehicle by force to assault me or my wife.
        I refuse to be a victim of some mob.
        I honestly believe that I would have a grin on my face as I’m popping caps if this happened to me.

      27. Jesus….Mac keep these kind of posts coming, the writings on the wall it’s only a matter of time before shit blows up.  These people were celebrating the lakers win?  I live in Boston, I know there’s a rivalry between lakers and Celtics but that’s beyond rediculous….the Lakers just won last year, why the fuck are people rioting like that over another championship?   Mac said it right when he said they were disorganized and unformed and unangry….imagine a similar situation with people armed and pissed the fuck off?  It’s gonna be a great summer, i can feel it

      28. It makes me very angry to see people running up to a person that just got pulled out of a vehicle, then proceed to assault them. They don’t know this person and they still make an effort to attack them. It’s sickening.

      29. There is no excuse for anyone to act like this.  When I look down the street and see these jungle monkies coming I will put my 870 in my back sling and begin to cycle my AR with SS109 in the mags at whomever even looks in my direction.  You’ve been warned !!!

      30. Comments…..Just another day in L.A.
        I live in SoCal and was listening to KNX 1070 AM in L.A. , the Broadcasters were so pathetically P.C. – they kept Referring to these Animals as “Overly Excited Fans”  -Give me a F—in Break!!!

      31. I could understand if it was a cop car… but a cab?  Why the anger towards a cab?

      32. I think its a big mistake to consider these “fans” as angry at all. They rioted to celebrate the Lakers winning!! Imagine their behavior if they were angry, instead?! — Protect yourselves.

      33. Very good point SJDUDE. If they had a really good reason to be angry you could understand, but not condone their behavior. But for these young men to riot out of the pleasure of a Laker victory reveals the pathetic mentality of these low lifes.

        Lock and load.

      34. But, Officer, I must have panicked when five of them pounded on my car hood and one of them broke the side window to get at me.  The rest is a blur…. ten of them run  over and killed?  OMG!  Twenty more with broken ribs, pelvices, legs, heads?  Horrible.  Crowds running everywhere to get away?  Ooooh, my bad…


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