What America Will Look Like Following The Collapse: Five Things You Can Count On Happening

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Headline News | 183 comments

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      1. passinwiththewind

        Most likely like a very big Donner party aftermath.

        • Menzoberranzan

          You can count on patriots like myself shooting and killing scum enforcers of tyranny.

          • Braveheart

            Menzo, don’t count me out, not by a long shot [pun intended, what the hell]. I’ll be doing my part as well.

            • Menzoberranzan

              I hope millions of men will join us. Some things are worth fighting and even dying for. Our children’s futures to name one.

              • jibbs

                My book says anyone who picks up a gun against its own Neighbor for these evil bankers deserve to die. I hope their family’s decide with us.I hope our state & local Police and National guardsmen do not drink the federal cool-aid

            • Beowulf

              I expect to last about seventy two hrs. Hope to get some good licks in before I go down.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              The last refuge of scoundrels isn’t “patriotism”, it’s political office!!!

              Politician: One who deceives or outmaneuvers others for personal gain.

              Only psychos engage in this trade… and thus the 2nd Amendment!!!

          • john stiner

            Who will you have to shoot more, darkie thugs or Fed thugs?

            • Braveheart

              JS, I’ll only shoot anyone who is armed and approaches me with evil intentions toward me. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they’re wearing. If they avoid me, they’ll live.

            • slingshot

              john stiner

              I’m an equal opportunity shooter. Hahahaha!

              • Ppod

                It will be the only time I’m color blind. I don’t care what you look like – if you advance – I shoot.

            • Jay

              I believe they will be at war with each other. Black people will be shooting at anything with a uniform on. I’ll wait and watch while they do each other in and then see who turns their evil intentions my way. Shouldn’t be a problem for us patriots to mop up after that.

          • John Q. Public

            Judging from what my eyes see every day. Post-collapse America will look even more PAGAN.

        • luvsthatdooomporn

          Yeehah! Fresh doom porn! All we need now is a Geesuz, a yayahh!

      2. JAS

        This is exactly why they are arming and training every government agency at this time. They will be used to reinforce the federal and local police along with the military.

      3. Stolz Vorfahren

        For those who haven’t study the bloody revolutions in various countries I must say that there is no military / police force who can overcome a huge pissed off crowd. Remember that any human becomes a vicious killer when is desperate. Now imagine a million desperate people. Even if the police / army starts a massive killing, the rest of the society will join the fallen. And at some point the military will give up and will run for there own lives.

        Study the Algerian Revolution, Vietnam and many other south/central American revolts.

        • Braveheart

          Stolz, spot on. I’ve studies those revolutions myself and I believe that if we follow their examples correctly we will prevail. It’s coming, only a matter of time.

          • sixpack

            I think the problem the govt will have, is they think ALL of us are dumbed down by now, and the ones that aren’t, are too old and/or sick to matter. I personally will studying up. I don’t look like a warrior. I don’t act like a warrior. But I just might surprise a few people.

            At this late in the game, surprise is my best asset.

            • laeagle


              I love your spirit!

              • Stolz Vorfahren

                I agree eagle……six-pack posts all are full of spirits. I just hope we have 10’s of millions like six-pack.

                • Braveheart

                  Sixpack can be on my team.

                • sixpack

                  As I think most of us know, or have yet to learn, When youth is but a glimmer at the bottom of a glass of warm milk, your body betrays you but your mind still focuses sharply on yesteryear, as of it was yesterday.

                  I am over that hill already.

                  But there are still a few things that we can keep right up to the end.

                  1. DIGNITY. Whatever that encompasses for each of us, we never have to give it up. After all, “dignity” is not theirs to give, but ours to achieve.

                  2. DETERMINATION. When all else fails you, remember that you only “lose” when you give up. Surrender is not in our creed. They can make us pause — but they can’t make us quit.

                  3. FAITH. Our belief in whatever we hold dear, or not, they can’t make us surrender our faith.

                  4. FREE WILL. They can shackle us, beat us and even kill us, but they can’t stop us from choosing our own path, even if it means we die…we CHOOSE to live or die our own way, and THEIR only choice is to leave us alone, or accommodate us into the afterlife.

                  5. OUR SOUL. They can indeed take everything we have, and destroy our body, but the soul cannot be forcefully taken — it must be freely given up, and only WE can make that choice.

                  So you see, they really only have the power over us that WE give them…and I choose not to give them anything for free.

        • john stiner

          Agreed. When things really fall to shit it will be the desperate thugs wanting to take what you have that we should fear the most.

          The problem is the FEDs wanting to disarm the citizens before it gets to that point.

          • Braveheart

            JS, the feds had better just forget the idea. 300,000,000 firearms in the hands of at least 80,000,000 citizens? I suggest the feds reconsider if they want to live.

            • John Q. Public

              Have you ever read Biohazard by Ken Alibek (Colonel Kanatzhan “Kanat” Alibekov)?

              The elite are evil, not stupid… and they are being advised by the most intelligent of all created beings, Lucifer. Lucifer’s accomplices have developed “duplex” biowarfare agents (for example, gene splicing Smallpox with Ebola) that have >99% lethality. Consider The Last Ship as your predictive programming.

              This post is not gefilte fish.


            • Tunkcuf

              Exactly why the Feds won’t wver take our guns away. They would have a gun fight on every block if they confiscated. You make a good point brave. The gun issue is a wedge issue and used by both republican and democrat politicians. No one is serious about taking guns away. The gun industry loves to send letters stating guns will be outlawed and to buy now and buy a lot.

              Well said brave.

            • MarkOwen

              Well said. Do not give up anything willingly. This country is going down, just how far remains to be seen. There is not going to be an election next year, Obama already has plans all set up! Can’t figure out why ha hasn’t given anyone his endorsement? Take a wild guess. Keep your powder dry. The S is about T H F.

        • TEST

          I believe the battle is one of information dissemination and education, not violence, but historically gun ownership has functioned exactly as the French “force de frappe” (google this) nuclear force did in the Cold War with the USSR.

          One Tienanmen Square survivor, who emigrated and moved to the US, had virtually the exact same words to say about guns, freedom and liberty as those “dead white guys,” the Founding Fathers. His six minute address is at at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miEmIfhfxuc&feature=player_embedded#t=0s, or, to summarize his salient points:

          ”The power of the government is derived from the consent of the governed.”

          Chinese patriots in Tiananmen were crushed by “AK-47′s” because they could “not fight back” as they “were not armed.”

          The argument “that a man with a rifle has no standing against the military technology and machine of today” is ridiculous. 20,000,000 residents of Beijing would have quickly proved that wrong had they been armed in 1989.

          ”When a government turns criminal, when a government turns deranged, the body count will not be 5, 10, or even 20. It will be in hundreds like Tiananmen Square, it will be in the millions…

          ”When a government has a monopoly on guns, it has absolute power.”

          ”When a government has all the guns, it has all the rights.”
          ”To me, a rifle is not for sporting or hunting. It is an instrument of freedom. It guarantees that I cannot be coerced, that I have free will, that I am a free man.”
          Here is a man we must listen to, unless we want to end up like oppressive China ourselves.

          And let’s examine one case where guns ensured justice that will set the leftist gun grabbers’ hearts a-twitter – the 1964, desegregation of the Jonesboro High School in Louisiana. Authorities resisted the desegregation, including the use of fire hoses and similar on black citizens. Things did not look positive, until four regular, everyday-type black men with shotguns showed up. No shots were fired, the mob melted away, the authorities retreated, and the kids went into the school without incident. These men called themselves the Deacons for the Defense – an armed citizens’ militia in the town, which also protected black citizens from the Klan, and which spread throughout the south. Previously, if black citizens were unarmed, they could not protect themselves, nor go to the voting booths without fear and engage in their Constitutional rights to vote. The right to bear arms allowed blacks to protect these rights, and even. ML King even hired the Deacons to protect marches. A short video on this topic is found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qzYKisvBN1o

      4. Anonymous

        Deprivation of everything on which the powers-that-be depend for their power can stop the “egregious erosion of our liberties”.

      5. Warchild Dammit!

        You can count on millions of pissed off/armed citizens,the gaurds of the elite turning on em for their supplies,generally,a giant rat fuck.Tis that not one of the reasons we “prepare”?!

      6. Plisken

        Well, We sold you all those guns didn’t we? Are you gonna take it to the man or wait until we all starve and shoot each other? Seems to me they have already won.

      7. Warchild Dammit!

        You can count on millions of pissed off/armed citizens,the gaurds of the elite turning on em for their supplies,generally,a giant rat fuck.Tis that not one of the reasons we “prepare”?!

        • Menzoberranzan

          No doubt friend. None of us here give a rats ass about unconstitutional orders from a scum mus lim POS president.

          • arf

            1. Executive orders are binding on the executive branch only. Citizens are under no obligation to comply.

            2. Obama cannot use an executive order to bypass the Constitution. Under the US Supreme Court ruling Marbury vs Madison, any such order or law that as repugnant to the Constitution is automatically null and void.

            THATS….NULL AND VOID!!!! On auto….

            3. Under the US Supreme Court ruling United States vs Miller, the Second Amendment reserves to the people arms equivalent to those carried by the uniformed forces.

            4. Under the US Supreme Court ruling John Bad Elk vs United States, citizens have a right to resist any official acting outside the law and the Constitution up to and including the use of lethal force.

            • slingshot



              • talon1776

                I give it 5 “arf’s” 😉

                • arf

                  Thank you Talon!!!!

                • arf

                  Thank you Talon!!!!

            • Plan twice, prep once

              Never the less by executive order, during a declared state of financial emergency FDR stole gold from the American people.

              The Supreme Court up held FDR’s gold confiscation.

              Gold in those days was considered currency and the government reserved the right to recall and control currency. Gold is no longer a currency since the US went off the gold standard so they might have a touch more trouble in court.

              • arf

                Trust me, there where a lot more holes in backyards then gold turned in…Its not like they went door to door…The people used that middle finger, god gave them…All they have is FEAR…False Expectations of Altered Reality…Kind of sounds like a false flag, huh??????

                • Plan twice, prep once

                  It was also a fallacy that the government went into safe deposit boxes. There was one well publicized case, but there was other criminal activity that caused a judge to sign off on the warrant.

            • Stolz Vorfahren

              arf…..Our political system is so corrupt that any referral to the constitution is being used as a show by the scum politicians. At this stage of our country the constitution of the United Stated is being dictated by the special interests specifically AIPAC. So until the real constitution takes place (very slim chance) every law that being passed by the Corporate Government and its branches specifically the Judicial is NULL AND VOID.

            • john stiner


              You remind me of Neville Chamberlain waving a piece of paper claiming that “we have peace in our time.”

              Remember that all of the court cases you sited came AFTER the government did something to someone.

              • arf

                Sure laws are written on paper so they can be torn up just like contracts…by both sides…This is where we stand today..at least today we have the law on our side…The constitution is the contract with the american people allowing the powers that shouldnt be to rule..Break that contract and all bets are off..then we have “RIGHT” on our side…

            • TEST

              Nice post, ARF. However, can you cite source links for this? Thanks.

              You are doing *exactly* what we need to do to win the battle for freedom and the Constitution – provide ****information*** You just need that one final piece so we can verify. Thanks

              • Semper Fi, y'all

                Cite source, TEST,

                You sound like a lawyer. Look up your own source/s. Everybody that counts knows the Constitution.

                • arf

                  Tell TEST to test google…anyone needing “Links” to the constitution badly needs some wake up pills…or is a gov shill…

        • Braveheart

          Warchild, it damn sure is and having goldfish as I type this. never run out of goldfish.

        • arf

          Was it not, americans that invented guerrilla warfare??
          “behind ever blade of grass” someone said…
          Take it from the vietcong…Those with “RIGHT” on their side and the “WILL TO WIN”…..WIN!! Those 5ft tall guys with just sk’s, ak’s, rpg’s, bicycles and rice balls..beat the worlds most high tech military…all while wearing pajamas…One must be comfortable while taking out the trash, I mean tyrants….

          • Braveheart

            Arf, I’ll grant you the VC did eventually defeat the US military, but did you know that our special operations forces used .22LR weapons for assassinations in Vietnam? Don’t rule out the venerable .22LR for serious use in the upcoming festivities.

            • Stolz Vorfahren

              Brave…Hush Puppy does magic. And indeed you are correct. They used .22LR to kill the barking dogs and also to silence the watch guards.

              I Love .22’s specially in a modified Ruger Mark II with an integrated silenced barrel.

              • passinwiththewind

                I love the 22 Ruger also. Fun to shoot and is darned accurate for a light and easy handling auto. Coupled with a few back=up clips, and it can be a good close range weapon.

                For the really close stuff, as in hand to hand but with intentional fatal results, I like the Baretta 25 auto that fits in the palm of your hand. Carried in a back pocket or coat pocket, it can be pulled and concealed, as an assailant attempts an attack with knife or other hand held weapon like a steel pipe.

                I may suffer a broken left arm, or a cut, as i fend off the first blow, but my blow to the assailant’s left eye will carry a point blank blast from the 25 into the brain via the eyeball.

                It will not kill immediately, but will most often put the assailant into an immediate stupor of pain and bewilderment.
                The next round will go into the other eye socket, and job done.

                Even if he/she survives for a while, they can’t hit what they can’t see.

                That is the plan if necessary.

            • john stiner

              If i had only one gun i would want it to be a 22lr. It can kill anything from a tiny bird to a large animal, the 2 legged and 4 legged kind.

              • Braveheart

                JS, DING DING DING DING! We have a winner. people become shocked when they discover what the .22LR is really capable of. It’s not just for firearms training or target practice. The .22LR was made for extreme accuracy and with its extreme velocity has been known to ricochet all around inside a human body and do a considerable amount of damage. Remember the Reagan assassination attempt? John Hinckley had nothing more than a .22LR revolver and shot 4 people including Reagan. His chief of staff, Jim Brady, was shot twice. His spinal cord was severed and was disabled for life. He also had a second bullet in his brain. At first I actually sympathized with him until he and his wife joined the antigun lobby and started their own group called Handgun Control Inc. The gun Hinckley used was a Rohm .22LR revolver made in Germany and was one of the “Saturday Night Specials”. They were cheap and unreliable, but were still very popular with criminals and were used in numerous crimes from the early 70s to the early 80s. The attempt on the president’s life was the last straw and finally got those guns banned and pulled from the market. When Reagan was in the operating room he had already lost more than half of all of his blood. What saved him was the fact that he was in excellent health for his age at the time but it still took awhile for him to fully recover. You don’t bounce back from a gunshot wound no matter what the caliber. That one incident is living proof of how useful the .22LR really is. Our specops forces used the .22LR in Vietnam for assassinations with great success. they were supposedly used for the same purpose in WW2. If a .22LR was all you had it would be a damn sight better than nothing. go to Wikipedia for the story on the Reagan assassination attempt. very interesting story. the .22LR will be a helluva lot more useful than some people think in post-SHTF.

                • Sonic Pickle

                  Also Bobby Kennedy was killed with a .22lr

                • arf

                  and why dont you guys just send a letter to the powers that shouldnt be, so they know what guns you have and where to pick them up??? I really wonder what will happen when all you arm chair generals, monday morning quarterbacks are running things…Stupid is what stupid does!!

                  • arf

                    I know EGO’s will run rampant with that comment…To bad sleepers, sleep…

                • Bobby Ballscratch

                  Trying to decide on a .22 or a higher caliber rifle for all purpose hunting/plinking. Looking at Henry .30-30s; pricey but gorgeous, American made deer rifles. Love the walnut stocks. Also looking at the standard Ruger carbine 10/22 for all around hunting/target shooting…..very compact, efficient, rifle.
                  Big differences in the price between the 2 rifles.
                  Just depends on what a person wants and how much they’re willing to spend.

                  • Braveheart

                    Bobby, for extra-big game, the .30-30 is the way to go. for anything smaller, go for the 10/22. I have one and won’t give it up for shit. You can get all kinds of accessories and high-capacity mags for it. I have the stainless model which I’ve owned since 2000 and never had any trouble with it. I just put a new polymer stock on it along with a new red-dot laser scope. My next purchase for it will be a bull barrel. Good luck.

              • Berlin Vet

                The trick is finding 22LR ammo. It’s been nearly three years since Sandy Hook and 22LR is still very hard to find. My local “general store” had a big pile for sale last week at $3.99 for a box of 50. A few days later it was all gone. But I’ve also noticed that very few people are buying from Gunbroker and the inflated prices they are asking. Are you guys seeing it on the shelves where you live?

                • Ben Raines

                  Berlin Vet,

                  .22lr is JUST now starting to show up in some quantity, but sells FAST, and has purchase limits, still. (Central OH). My observations are at 2 gun stores, and one GanderMtn. One gun store is high volume, and you need to take a number to fondle guns and high end ammo. I go to ChinaMart about every other month, and when I look at their inventory, they NEVER have .22 in stock.

                  It would, still, be MUCH easier to walk out the gun store with 3000 rounds , or more, of 45auto, 9mm, 5.56, 7.62, etc. than it would be to leave with 500 rounds of .22lr.

                  I quit shooting at paper with .22 a while back. I reserve my precious inventory of CCI miniMags and Rem Sub Sonic .22lr for squirrels and groundhogs… and the future.

                  IF I ever buy .22lr again, it will increase my cost average per round dramatically. I have only used 28 minimags so far this year.

            • arf

              Bottom line…The VC WON!! Thats all that counts…and SP forces also used a slide locked M39 smith and wesson 9mm 8 shot, silenced…SO??? Most the VC had early 1950’s sks’s…and where more afraid of the jungle and all thats in it, then the ussa unlimited troops…

              • john stiner

                The VC won because they fought a war of attrition. The US did not fight it that way.

                The VC won because they were ok with 3 million of them getting killed.

                • arf

                  AND….AND…Had the “WILL TO WIN” and “RIGHT” on their side…Doesnt matter how ya win..Its ya WON!!!

            • arf

              Does not matter what ya shoot…Without the will to win..you lose..The Powers That Shoudnt Be’s minions do NOT have that will and will lose…and end up on the wrong side of history.
              The VC had the will to win…The biggest, baddest low tech weapon on earth…

      8. Anonymous

        Other than the persecution of Christians which is already ongoing, none of that stuff is likely to come true.

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          Anonymous…..What country do you live in? If in the US, you need to get out more.

          • Anonymous


            Maybe you’re operating on wishful thinking, I’m working on a knowledge of how people have reacted in the past and thinking human nature will simply repeat itself again and will act and react the same way as always.

      9. Lone wolverine

        I think the cops are slowly realizing that they will meet the same fate as the Indian police after they killed all the Apache .Thell just live a little longer.And history will remember them as traitors .to there own people .And their kids will grow up as slaves and think it’s normal.

      10. padre

        Pray that the SHTF is bad. Bad enough to destabilize the forces of tyranny, because worse than anarchy is the slavery they plan.

        • arf

          Empires come and go…Their plans ALWAYS FAIL!!! We are dealing with the inept here, all they touch turns to crap, even their own lifes….

        • arf

          Yeah, kind of wish mother nature would step in about now and pop the top in yellowstone….Pole swap…galaxtic equator, what ever..something so big all control by the powers that shouldnt be cant handle it…

          • Old Guy

            arf never rule our divine intervention. Wasn’t it a miracle storm that wiped out the Spanish Armada?

            • Ian Hausser

              And don`t forget the Kamikaze winds that dispatched not one, but two whole fleets of Kublai Khan`s elite Mongol forces heading for Japan..

      11. Cantstand BS

        The evictions in Germany are just another outright lie you morons tell.

        • Braveheart

          CantstandBS, so you have blind faith in whatever the MSM tells you? All they put out is BS. At this site we deal with TRUTH and no MSM PROPAGANDA. WE ‘CAN’T STAND BS’ FROM ANYONE, EVEN YOU, SO TAKE YOUR TROLLING ASS SOMEWHERE ELSE.

        • TEST

          If you can’t stand BS, CantstandBS, than how do you manage to live with yourself?

          The fact is, in Germany, they are doing all kinds of similar things, such as essentially outlawing homeschooling, so this does have the ring of truth.

          Persönlich denke ich, Sie wirklich unwissend.

        • sixpack

          Well then step right up and prove it’s not true.

          No, we don’t want to hear YOUR opinion, we want to hear from the 51 year old woman who says they did this. Of course, YOU were there, right? You know the woman is lying?


      12. arf

        Surviving in this system is NOT living..
        Surviving this system to see it destroyed IS living…
        At least you can say you did something good with your life..cause nobody, even the elite powers that shouldnt be, get out of here alive..NOBODY!!!

      13. slingshot

        How are you going to identify the Good Guys?

        • arf

          Little data mining here…

          • slingshot


            Nasty little question, is it not?

            You really don’t for sure. You can encounter one patrol that looks like well trained soldiers with similar weapons and gear. Then another one of mixed ages, weapons, clothing and little fat redneck can blow your head off at 1000 yards with a Barret 50 cal. that he is carrying like a walking stick.

            • arf

              You misunderstand…I mean your data mining for targets

              • slingshot


                I think that people should have a good understanding of whom they will encounter during the reset. The ability to “Read People” by their mannerisms, speech and reactions to conversation may be well worth the effort to learn. Not 100% fool proof but may give you a leg up to survive. Gang Slang. REDNECKESE and not from around here accents.

                A set of Binoculars gives you the ability to observe from a distance besides the discovery of potential danger coming your way.

                • arf

                  Just wondering WHO your data mining for?? Original question sparked…Data mining(collecting data discreetly)

                  • slingshot


                    Just myself. Raiders are my biggest concern during the reset.

                    • arf

                      I’ll take your internet word on that…

                • Braveheart

                  Slingshot, couldn’t agree more. My Nikons will be standing by and ready.

                  • slingshot


                    We “Old Timers” are ready. Been fooling around with fish hooks to be used as a deterrent. On cable lines and placed in brush. Have not devised a way to rapid deploy, yet. ;0)

                    • Braveheart

                      slingshot, at the BOL there’s some deterrents that would make you foam at the mouth. Can’t reveal any more [OPSEC} so I’ll leave it at that.

                    • john Canada

                      rapid deployment hilly Billy barb wire: wrap your fish line(30lbs test)around a weighted paint can bit bulky but it does work out to 100ft

                    • john Canada

                      You can also fashion a net say 10×10 wrap loosely in tissue and launch from spud cannon. Got the idea watching the kids playing with it or split a paper cup down both sides and fit net into cup. It was should peel away. Attach small weights to net for distance

                    • Tunkcuf

                      Brave wants slingshot to get rabies? Foam at the mouth?

        • PO'd Patriots

          They’ll be wearing white hats and have fresh scalps hanging from their belts and lodge poles.

        • john stiner

          The good guys don’t glow green through the optics.

        • Semper Fi, y'all

          Good Guys, slingshot,

          They are the ones with the deer rifles and a sharp Kbar and hatchet.

        • Old Guy

          anyone who ignores the No trespassing signs and purple posting paint and climbs my fence. is a bad guy.

      14. Anonymous

        …Nothing store bought. …Nothing electrical except lightning. No institutions except, potentially, family, friends and neighbors. That is, after the REAL collapse, the one that takes the elites and their powers-that-be with it!

        • arf

          When will you people get it RIGHT..Its TPTSB = The Powers That SHOULDNT Be….words have power..stop loading the wrong ammo…

          • Bruce


          • Braveheart

            Arf, you sound like you mean well so I’ll go easy on you. We all agree that we shouldn’t have such people in positions of power but unfortunately we do. we don’t have any more use for them than you do and when the time comes they will be overthrown. We ARE loading the right ammo; TPTB, and we all hope for the day when they STOP being TPTB. That day is coming sooner than anyone thinks.

            • arf

              All you do is enpower them by telling them they are in power. God gave us a middle finger for just this case…I use it with my words too…The light at the end of the tunnel is NOT an illusion…THE TUNNEL IS!!! They will be in power till the world awakens to this idea…

      15. Green Tip 4 U

        Who is planing all this $hit? Can anyone give me a specific name or group or organization and provide supporting evidence. Give me something better than the Jews or New World Order. Who the Fu@k even is the nwo beyond Rockefeller and Brzezinski?

      16. TEST


        Dear SHTFers. We all know that the US is in debt by trillions that will never be paid back; we all know that there are a half dozen flash points that could start WWWIII, ranging from the Spratley Islands China is building on to Syria; we are also aware of CMEs and EMPs.

        However, I regret to inform you that one completely reliable indicator of the end has just occurred today. I hope you are prepared for the END. I mean the end of the world. It is now *confirmed* that we are in the last days of not only planet Earth, but the whole universe. Is is that Niburu finally came out of hiding? That Obama made himself Emperor for Life? Maybe Hillary actually didn’t like for one whole day?

        Nope. The infallible sign of the end is just this: THE CUBS JUST BEAT ST. LOUIS, AT HOME, AND NOW ARE JUST ONE SERIES AWAY FROM GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES.

        I hope everyone is ready for the end!

        • Chad

          Made me think, at the factory I work there are 2 tvs, one on 1 wall, 1 on adjacent wall. One is on sports channel constantly, other is on CNN constantly.
          Practically no one watches cnn, they just sit around watching sports. Dont know a dam thing about what’s going on here or anywhere. CNN aint perfect but its news.
          Screw baseball, these morons probably dont know thousands of Syrians are coming, islam is taking Europe, Russia bombers in Syria, etc.

      17. Dave

        SERIOUS QUESTION: HOW much food will I need to provide for 7 Adults; and 2 Kids for; say; 2 Years? I bought thousands of dollars worth of wise foods; and canned military grade water that has a shelf life of 25 years. But when I bought this; it was only for myself. WHAT is the cost in $$$ for this? I had a question about what was the best type of gun to have in a SHTF situationawhile back. You guys on this board are pretty sharp; and any info would be much appreciated.

        • SE PENN

          Start w/ weapons. Specifically firearms. W/O you won’t last a day no matter how much food you have.

        • Lone wolverine

          4000 lbs. 1 1/2 pounds pr person per day that’s dry food rent a trailer u- haul find 50 gal. Drums with full lid put on trailer drive to feed mill fill wheat ,rolled corn, peas , lentils , or whatever’s on sale. Each 50 gal. Drum is 350 lbs. of food so you need 11. Yea I know . And 1 1/2. Pounds of food per day isn’t much you will always be hungry. Animal grade food has metal in it barb wire bailing wire it must be run over a magnet . Call your different feed mills to get best bulk price .It is unbelievably cheap . And animal grade food is better than no food.

        • Lone wolverine

          Find 50 gal. Steel open top ring clamp lid at scrap recycling yards alley way in industrial parks and just load them up. You thought they were trash.

        • Lone wolverine

          Guns. If you could make noise theirs lots to chose from . Since you can’t . 22lr. Long barreled target pistol or short barreled rifle with plastic bottle duck taped to end . If legal in your area.Everygody seems to like rugers. And red dot sights . Laser sights flashlights .Whatever. If you can afford them.

        • Lone wolverine

          Get police trade in vest they are available for forty bucks . If not kitchen table bullet removal. Get anbesol in tiny toothpaste tubes squeeze in bullet hole wait . Cut hole wider one inch with razor knife. Use straight thin wire to probe for bullet . When found remember angle and depth. Then use needle nose plier ,forcepts, tweezers , chopsticks, whatever to pull it out. Better to get vest.

        • Lone wolverine

          Going for water . Plastic sheet ,tarps to collect rain if not acid rain. Sneaking to lake or stream at night 9 people 10 gal. Per day won’t be fun. Ultimate camouflage . Paint a pair of coveralls with glue and roll around on the ground. Tile adhesive in the plastic buckets . Don’t use red,orange .,or pink coveralls. Get styrofoam manikin head or make one to stick up first instead of your own head. Cammi it with hat. Get small camera flash unit to blind attackers at night .At pawn shops camera stores. That’s food water gun cammies as cheap as possible.

          • Chad

            good ideas, but poor ole Obama won’t be able to wear his pink coveralls?

      18. C

        have food,water,ammo, ect…i’m good!
        SSG USMC 1966-72

      19. Gandhi

        Cowards here, one and all.

        • Semper Fi, y'all

          Coward Gandhi never met a MG 42 and a determined kraut.

      20. PO'd Patriots

        It’ll look like BARTERTOWN!

      21. N-49

        I have read about how just one ass-hole, un-armed, on a bus full of people just about beat the driver to death. Not one person got up to help. Do you seriously think that when a person standing beside you gets picked off by a well trained ‘authority figure’ and tells the crowd to drop their weapons. What do you think will happen? Most, if not all, will piss themselves and run blindly in all directions,that is what will probably happen. There is a reason why only a small percentage of the american pop. can be called ‘real preppers’, the rest are just sleeping sheep who will for-go the lube when it is time to bend over.I mean absolutely no disrespect to the real preppers on this site, because you won’t be in that predicament in the first place, but I am still amazed at all the hot air bravado in most of these responses I read.

      22. john stiner

        Anybody here live through the oil embargo of the 1970’s?

        I was too young to remember that, but i was hoping someone would share some stories about the oil crisis.

        My mother was a real estate agent then and needed fuel constantly to show properties for clients. She said that she bribed the gas station attendant $10 plus costs a day to fill up her car. She would leave her car at the gas station at the end of the day and when she picked it up in the morning it would be full of gas.

        $10 was a lot of money in the 1970s.

        • Braveheart

          JS, yours truly was a teenager and turned 16 and got his first driver’s license that same year it began. the feds came up with some ‘rationing coupons’ but they were never issued. On certain days you could only get gas if you’re license plate number ended with an even number. Same rule applied with odd numbers. there were long lines and fights broke out for various reasons. I was in a few of those fights myself. BTW it was never really an embargo. It was just the oil companies hoarding the gas to jack up the prices and make windfall profits. The arabs never stopped selling oil to us because they would’ve been shooting themselves in the foot. sometimes when I went to fill up I would take along a few gas cans to fill up also and no one ever said a word. I never got short on gas. those were the days.

          • Jim in Va.

            We used to switch license plates from even to odd just to get gas. Nobody went anywhere except to work for about a month. Then things settled down. Muscle cars started dying out because of gas milage.

            • arf

              And enter the Pinto…BBQ on wheels!

              • Braveheart

                Arf, Pinto was one of the biggest POS cars ever built.

                • passinwiththewind

                  yes they were Brave, but would climb like a goat. I had a volkswagon and was 16 when the odd even thing came about.

                  I would fill up, and drive to school and work, then just before going to get gas again, I would siphon down to a gallon, and go get more.

                  My friend had the pinto and did the same thing. By the weekend we had enough to fill up his pinto a few times and so we rode the backroads and logging roads in his pinto.

                  Unless it was muddy, we climbed like we were in a jeep and had a blast while sipping on homemade wine and apple jack.

            • Bigbluedrew

              We did the same Jim. My recollection is shortages were regional more than national. In rural West Tn and West Ky where I lived gas was higher but you could get as much as you could afford. It was only when I moved to a city(Nashville) that they had that stupid even odd crap going on. We beat it just like you did,

              • sixpack

                We lived out of town on a farm, with corn for as far as you could see…we just didn’t go into town for a while.

              • Braveheart

                BBD, I was in Memphis and they had the same crap but I coped with it very well.

            • Braveheart

              Jim, I saw a lot of plate switching. And the muscle cars were on the streets less and less.

          • Anita Sweater

            I was pregnant at the time. We had a muscle car (6 mpg) and a station wagon. I remember all the nieghbors keeping their cars topped off and watching me while promising to drive me to the hostpital.

        • arf

          Odd and even days…Long lines…cars at the side of the road empty, people pushing their cars while in line…What else ya want to know? I was 18 and worked in a Chevron station at Sunset blvd and PCH..NEVER waited in line, sold gas out the back door at twice the price from 5gal cans, made a bundle…even sold to Johnny Carson many times…I no longer work there so have an 87′ carb’ed toyota 4×4 and a propane kit from http://www.gotpropane.com/ so I dont have to wait in line again…

          • Ben Raines


            Terrific link! TY.

        • Babycatcher55

          I didn’t have a car; I was 18 and rode a 10 speed Raleigh Supercourse to work and back. We lived in Greensboro NC then, and it was a very bike-friendly town. I rode all over, all hours of the day and night.( just didn’t go into some parts of town after dark! Lol.) Anyway, during the oil embargo, I would wave when I rode past the people waiting in line for their gas. It never bothered me. Sometimes they would wave back. One night in Oct 73 I got egged on the way home from work. It’s the only time that’s ever happened and it was Halloween night, so I think it was just pranksters. But that was the only bad thing that ever happened.i didn’t get my first car til 1975, it was a ’65 Plymouth Barracuda, bright red-orange…..paid $500 for it and drove it til I had children…..

        • PO'd Patriot

          Yep, worked in a filling station my future father-in-law owned while I went to college. We had to place old tires to block the pumps when we sold our allotment for the day. Each pump had what looked like a cars odometer on it. Each mourning we would have to write down the numbers and then check them midday to see how many gallons we had sold and then shut them down. People would still come in riding over the tires and getting them hung up under their cars and cuss us, some women would come in and start crying begging for gasoline, and then some people would actually want to fight. It could be something sometimes when the embargo was going on.

        • Anonymous

          I remember it. I had a darling red Kharman Gia that had a 10 gallon gas tank. It cost my husband and I $2.80 to fill it. That great little car could go forever on a tank of gas. The gas station owner would come out and pump our gas for us, clean our windshield, and pass the time of day. Miss those days!!! We would bring our St. Bernard who would ride in the backseat that folded down. We were just kids then, 19 yrs and 24yrs. Anyhow, I digress. I remember when the gas rationing occurred. We had to get up early in the morning, well before we needed to be at work, and wait for a very long time in a pack of backed up cars to be able to put 10 gallons in the tank. It was infuriating and ridiculous.

      23. ELB

        Oh my goodness. Fire the editor. Reading that was painful.

      24. Chris45

        We’ve been hearing this line of rhetoric for years now . So when is this great event supposed to happen? I havent posted here ina couple of years for the reason that it’s the same shit over and over. I get tired of reading the same stuff . Prep this , the crash will happen etc etc . Do something or shut up and live your lives.

      25. lolong

        Only hope is to vote for bernie

        • TEST

          Bernie Il Sung? Bernie Marxanders?

        • sixpack

          Bernie is BFFs with hillary clinton…no way either gets my vote…nope. no way in hell.

          • Braveheart

            Bernie Sanders is just another POS globalist. Nobody worth voting for, period.

      26. lolong

        Only hope is to vote for trump , maybe

        • arf

          The vote makes NO difference…Its who counts the vote that matters…You havent figured that out…..yet??

          • lolong

            If voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it

        • sixpack

          They’ll assassinate ANY PRESIDENT who undermines their plans. Our only hope, IMO, is to vote for the LEAST WILLING participant.

      27. slingshot

        Let’s Get Things Going!

        Hillary for Prez.

        • Braveheart

          slingshot, that needs to be hillary pushing up daisies.

          • Babycatcher55

            Thank you. What a witch. I can’t even watch her talk….

        • TEST

          Hillary for Prez… of a deleted email recovery service company. Or not.

        • Anita Sweater

          You spelled that wrong. It’s Hillary for Prison.

        • Semper Fi, y'all


          Voting for Hillary won’t get things going. Sixty million commies voted for bommie-twice and more commies than that will vote for hitlery. They are all fascist commie pigs and preppers won’t do a thing about it.

          Maybe a deer hunter will step up.

          f ’em

      28. NP

        Hildabeast needs to go to jail !!!!

      29. NP

        Hildabeast needs to go to jail !!! Now

        • Braveheart

          Hildabeast needs to be pushing up daisies.

      30. Lone wolverine

        What America will look like after the monetary collapse .Lots of bicycles and shopping carts being pushed and peddled down the streets.Lots of guys with guns .Some with uniforms some not .All desperately trying to feed their families Whitout getting killed.Depresion era gangsters.Depresion era soup lines.If we’re lucky . Not enough people with basic skills ( manual labor ) . And if they can’t keep the supermarkets stocked . And the water pressure up .People with kids to feed and guns to shoot will go house to house demanding food. From people who simply have none. What other choice will they have. If their too blind ,lazy ,stupid , or cheap to stock up maybe they need to be gotten rid of. To the ones who simply don’t have the extra money to stock up. What can we do. Like Lesley Howard said in Gone with the wind .The strong survive and the weak are wilowed out. Or Powers booth in Red Dawn .They live on sawdust bread and rats and sometimes each other .WW 3 will get old fast. Many will course God for letting it happen .But it will be human greeds fault .Cant get enough of that yellow stuff.

      31. TEST

        I try to read everybody (except for the Jew-baiters and Nazi supporters, whom I have given up on); however, I have some problems with Mr. Hodges. I do think he has an awful lot of good to say. However, I am concerned about a lot of what he writes. And please do correct me if I am wrong here, anyone. To wit:

        – Russians are in the US, in some way assisting with the overthrow of constitutional gov’t; yet, we are also going to war with the Russkies. Which is it? Or are we going to war with them at the same time as they are working with our military? And exactly how will THAT look? The Brits say they are going to shoot down Russian jets in Syrian WHILE Russian troops are working WITH Western military? Somebody help me here, as I don’t see how that works…

        – Those dots on our mailboxes, where we are all going to be dragged away. Well… I’m sure by now those markings have come unstuck and blown away, eroded off, or whatever. There may or may not be FEMA camps, but I haven’t seen anyone picked up; and of course, Dave himself is still posting – wouldn’t he be one of those “disappearados” (sp?, hearkening back to the Argentinian generals era where people disappeared en masse)? I’m sure stuff is going on, but Mac, Dave and a lot of others are still out there (though my strong suspicion is that they “offed” Brietbart, reporter Michael Hastings, etc.)

        Above Dave cites a “$19 trillion dollar annual deficit $240 trillion dollars of debt from unfunded liabilities and we have a stunning $1.5 quadrillion dollar debt.” Well… it MAY be the case that Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama runs up $19 trillion/yr on her uber luxe vacations each year (rumour has it she is renting out Lichtenstein this year for just her and 800 of her Chicago socialist cronies), but $19 trillion (give or take a trillion) is not our annual deficit, but total “official” debt. I assume this is just an error, but if you are going to publish stuff for a living, Dave, this is a major error. It is true that Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston U, formerly under Reagan, has estimated a $220 total unfunded liabilities (last figure I saw), but IMHO, it would help to cite sources, however briefly.

        A lot of Dave’s dire predictions have NOT come true. Why? Is it that he was wrong? Perhaps by alerting people ahead of time, he pre-empted some of the garbage the elite had planned? That’s possible. Perhaps Dave has it partially right, and he is just one of the “blind men feeling and elephant, then trying to describe it.” I.e., one feels the tus, and says it is smooth and sharp, another the leg and says it is thick and leathery, etc. All are TRULY describing, but they are incomplete in their knowledge.

        I’m not dissing Dave – just saying there is some weak stuff here.

        IMHO, I suspect it is not as dire as Dave paints overall (though it ain’t pretty, and he does have lot right). Rather, we have an elite whose worldview is a Fabian socialist one. I.e, all this rhinestone Marxist stuff will be soft-pedaled into cultural acceptance. E.g., Obama always had in mind he would get his Nazi Brownshirt sturm troopers, the radical gays, in, but it had to be done SLOWLY. So, no Holodomors here; just a death of a thousand cuts so the Dancing with the Stars and “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters don’t wake up (hey you leftist kiddies… notice you collectively own $1 freaking TRILLION in student loans… meaning you are now de facto SERFS – and you **voted your own oppression on your own selves.*** (or as Orwell said, Big Brother actually duped you into loving him – see the penultimate line in 1984…. all the while Big Brother was planning your financial and personal oblivion.)

        Just some random thoughts. Would love to see what the community has to say, for yea or nay on these observations.

      32. john Canada

        Queen Hillary.
        Has a nice ring to it ; don’t you think? Lol god if that whore clam licking dyke gets in there we are ALL truly fucked. Our election is coming up right away we got about the same line up of clowns. Our best bet is Harper. At least he’s half way not horrible. Trudou is a punk kid and who gives a shit about the NDP. If they get into power thats it well be known as northern USA. An NDP government will just give our glorious country away.

        • Serenabit

          Does “NDP” stand for “National Dependent Party?”

          • john Canada


        • Old Guy

          Ive voted for the lesser evil for many decades. not anymore im voting for Hillary. Im tired of waiting lets get the show on the road before im too old to resist. Bush & Obama have filled the toilet to the brim. Lets vote Hillary in and let her flush it.

      33. OneShotOneKill

        Besides ammo one must have enough beans and water to survive at least one year. By then most of the demozombies will have died off.

      34. alice

        strategy of old is , create division in the target population ,let them kill each other until there is a clear winner, move in and subjugate the victors. Everyone needs to remember who the enemy is.

        • sixpack


        • Stolz Vorfahren

          alice…….well said.

        • Lone wolverine

          Exactly Alice wish their were more aware people.

      35. Frank Thoughts

        The best advice I can offer is this: follow the plan (which has been known for a long time) and understand every move will have one goal: power.

        The plan has always been about:

        1) Using the crisis to turn Europe and the emerging markets into the bitch of the global business elite
        2) To turn China into the bitch and enforcer of the new order
        3) To surge up the US dollar (thus draining all wealth out of Europe and the EMs) before pulling the plug on the dollar, and dramatically devaluing it, and handing the Chinese and other lenders a laughing bag of dog sh#t called the US dollar. In one fell swoop, the rest of the world and the US population will be brought under tight control.

        I see no evidence that this will not work.

        As for dealing with unrest, the military is more than capable of locking down the critical assets, while leaving the scum to riot and attack each other into exhaustion. There is no political consensus in the US to unite the races in a crisis, so there will be no ‘revolution’. Instead, you will just have the Black Panthers fighting with the white crackers fighting with the Muslim militants. They will be too busy doing that to challenge the state.

        • 33livco

          Frank.. how does China both play the role of “enforcer’ in a new world order when it also gets hit with worthless devalued dollars as a lender to the US.?

          • Frank Thoughts

            I was involved in this in the 90s. The plan was to export all the manufacturing and tech to China, make it more capitalistic than the US, and then use its authoritarian state to discipline China and the rest of the world. They get to be the new bad-ass cop on the beat while the US military does overwatch and the US population is turned into a third world servitude, negro-tized population doing low-skill work in a techno-fascist hell-hole.

      36. charlie2dogs

        how many vets in this country are marksman at least and how many are experts, it aint over till the fat lady sings, and we should pray that our vets, loyal military, militia, law enforcement and dedicated patriotic americans will stop any tyranny that is prepared for american citizens in this country. Washington DC has shown us that they are not for america or americans. They have allowed the big corporations and banking cabal to steal the wealth of the country and people while they focus on taking away any rights americans have, they mean business and americans better wake the hell up and mean business too.

      37. Robin Sage



        • Braveheart

          Robin, can you cite any source for that info about Russian troops? Last I heard Putin said there would be no ground troops in Syria.

        • arf

          Your going to HAVE to “link” to that…OR ITs TOTAL BS gov propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the rumors behind the news at Twitter is NOT a “Link” its RUMOR!!!!

      38. Freedom's Guide Trading Company

        Awesome blog entry! People better pull their head out of the sand and wake up. It might be too late for the country but some of us have to survive to rebuild the country. Get prepared.

      39. HB

        Maybe a little more research is in order here. EO 10997, 10998, 11000, 11001, 11002, 11003, 11004, 11005 all revoked by EO 11490 that Nixon signed. Economy is in the crapper and is headed down the hole. But these orders you have referenced have been gone for 40 years. THere may be others out there that give authority to whoever but not these. How about a little more attention to detail on your articles……..

        • arf

          Re post from above….
          1. Executive orders are binding on the executive branch only. Citizens are under no obligation to comply.

          2. Obama cannot use an executive order to bypass the Constitution. Under the US Supreme Court ruling Marbury vs Madison, any such order or law that as repugnant to the Constitution is automatically null and void.

          3. Under the US Supreme Court ruling United States vs Miller, the Second Amendment reserves to the people arms equivalent to those carried by the uniformed forces.

          4. Under the US Supreme Court ruling John Bad Elk vs United States, citizens have a right to resist any official acting outside the law and the Constitution up to and including the use of lethal force

      40. B from CA

        Under the FBI (the F stands for Federal), a group of ordinary citizen busybodies has been engaged to, work with local enforcement, spy on anyone and everyone they suspect of being suspicious. This group of fools would be easy to dismiss if one did not take into account that under Marshall Law they have been given authority to murder with impunity anyone they deem a potential threat. Now this movement referred to as “Fusion” (another F word) is dangerous because judging from history, specifically Nazi Germany, there were only one SS for every one hundred thousand German citizens. If not for its system of busybody spying ordinary German citizens, Hitler and the Natzies could never have done what they did.

        Fusion is a type of nuclear bomb or nuclear energy. The opposite of fission, splitting an atom to create a nuclear reaction, fusion puts together-merges atoms to create a nuclear reaction.

      41. Houst/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

        I dont think i need to elaborate on thi topic too much. What i do know is that what i was told are the facts.

        People in the know:
        Alex Jones.
        Doug Hagmann
        David Hodges.
        Steve Quayle
        Nathan Leal

        There are things that i have not mentioned yet, because when i do, i am told that aliens do not exist.

        Aliens are behind the calapse, the EMP, and all of the problems that we are having with the economy. See the attacks following my post. This is how know who has real info. Super powere have chosen sides with other Type @ civilizations who control this planet in this region of space. We are in the middle of and alien verus alien war. Project Leonid is real.



      42. Tony


        Well, I have a scientist friend too, he actually has a name, it’s John. But what I want to know is this, If the aliens are running the show and are so far more advanced than we are, than why the Hell don’t they just pull the plug and DO IT? I don’t understand all the drama about waiting forever to do something they can do anytime they want. I would like you to answer this question but knowing you, you’ll try to ignore it and claim it’s an ” attack”. That gets you out of having to provide any type of answer, doesn’t it? So go ahead, prove me wrong for all the readers here and answer this question, it’s your big chance to shut up your critics and prove your honesty once and for all, so go ahead.

        • Mark

          Tony, don’t waste your time waiting for hcks to answer you, he can’t. He knows if he attempted anything like that his whole house of cards comes crashing down, so you’ll just be called some kind of agency clown, he does that with everybody who doesn’t blindly believe his spewing, he’s incapable of providing any coherent answers because there are none to provide.

        • Lost In The C.R.C.

          You don’t break a horse by shooting it in the head, likewise, a superior alien race wouldn’t kill us all to enslave us. The alien race would inact a slow simmer to boil us lowly frogs and kill off/make dissappear the radicals….

          Just as plausible as any tin foil hat spun theory as any IMHO…..

      43. Lone wolverine

        They will try to mix the different seeds of men but it will not take .Is seeds races.? Is they America ? Can we ever be united again. United we stand devided we fall. In Unity we stand in deversity we fall. Well I have a fiend that’s . Well then we fall.

      44. KYWOMAN

        I need information. I am responsible for taking care of my 80 year old parents. We have various guns, live on a farm with ponds, and have a large deer population on the farm. I have started buying up ammunition. I need help with making sure the water is safe, getting enough food, etc. I know it is coming and I will have to do everything for my parents. Any and all information would be appreciated. Thanks and God bless.

      45. Fireball

        KYWOMAN, do what you have already started. There is too much info to disseminate in a comments section so keep searching the web. As a lady you might like info from a woman’s perspective so I suggest “Survivalmom” to get you started. The one thing I will tell you is to keep your preps to yourself, firstly people who don’t prep will mock you but when SHTF and Wally World runs out of beer, bread and cigarettes they will remember that you stored food, weapons and ammo and will come to you to ask you to “share” your preps. Even if you are better armed and run them off you now have an enemy at large, someone who is likely to tell others about your stockpile and thus gather more troops, while you are forced to hunker down and try to defend it. The best victories come from the fights we avoid. “Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak”–Sun Tzu


        it will be a fight for some of us, and others will help the usurpers, and yet others will passively follow them for a crumb of bread. Liberty or death…one equals the other.

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