Well-Connected Insiders Plead for Action: “An EMP Could Change the Course of Global Civilization By 2030”

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    The following report was originally published by Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity.


    Sounding The Alarm On The Country’s Vulnerability To An EMP
    By Chris Martenson

    In the past here at Peak Prosperity, we’ve written extensively on the threat posed by a sustained loss of electrical grid power. More specifically, we’ve warned that the most damaging threat to our grid would come from either a manmade or natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

    A good friend of mine, Jen Bawden, is currently sitting on a committee of notable political, security and defense experts  — which includes past and present members of Congress, ambassadors, CIA directors, and others — who are equally concerned about this same threat and have recently sent a letter to Obama pleading for action to protect the US grid.

    Before we get to that letter, here’s a snippet from what we wrote on the matter roughly a year ago:

    We talk a lot about Peak Cheap Oil as the Achilles’ heel of the exponential monetary model, but the real threat to the quality of our daily lives, if not our lives themselves, would be a sustained loss of electrical power. Anything over a week without power for any modern nation would be a serious problem.  A month would lead to chaos and many deaths.

    When the power goes out, everything just stops. For residential users, even a few hours begins to intrude heavily as melting freezers, dying cell phones, and the awkward realization that we don’t remember how to play board games nudge us out of our comfort zone.

    However, those are just small inconveniences.

    For industrial and other heavy users, the impact of even a relatively short outage can be expensive or even ghastly. Hospitals and people on life-assisting machinery are especially vulnerable. Without power, aluminum smelters face the prospect of the molten ore solidifying in the channels from which it must be laboriously removed before operations can be restarted.

    Many types of nuclear power plants have to switch to back-up diesel generators to keep the cooling pumps running. And if those stop for any reason (like they run out of fuel), well, Fukushima gave us a sense of how bad things can get.

    And of course banking stops, ATMs are useless, and gas stations cannot pump gas. Just ask the people of New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

    A blackout of a few hours results in an inconvenience for everyone and something to talk about.

    But one more than a day or two long? Things begin to get a bit tense; especially in cities, and doubly so if it happens in the hot mid-summer months.

    Anything over a week and we start facing real, life-threatening issues. National Geographic ran a special presentation, American Blackout, in October 2013 — it presented a very good progression covering exactly what a timeline of serious grid disruption would look and feel like. I recommend the program for those interested.

    We’re exploring this risk because there are a number of developments that could knock out the power grid for a week or more. They include a coronal mass ejection (CME), a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device, a cascading grid failure, and malicious hacking or electronic attacks.

    Others Are Waking Up To The Danger

    Recently, we’ve been contacted by a well-connected group of powerful people who have formed a commission to study the matter, and have recently made a public and urgent appeal in an open letter to President Obama to take this threat seriously.

    This letter was sent to the President over the Memorial Day weekend.  It begins (emphasis mine):

    Dear Mr. President,

    We need your personal intervention to provide for the protection of the American people against an existential threat posed by natural and manmade electromagnetic pulse (EMP).The consequent failure of critical infrastructure that sustain our lives is a major national security threat and would be catastrophic to our people and our nation.

    The national Intelligence Council, which speaks for the entire U.S. Intelligence Community, published in its 2012 unclassified Global Trends 2030 report that an EMP is one of only eight Black Swan events that could change the course of global civilization by or before 2030. No official study denies the view that an EMP is a potentially catastrophic societal threat that needs to be addressed urgently. America is not prepared to be without water, electricity, telephones, computer networks, heating, air conditioning, transportation (cars, subways, buses, airplanes), and banking.

    All the benefits of our just-in-time economy would come to a deadly halt, including the production of petroleum products, clothing, groceries and medicine. Think about cities without electricity to pump water to their residents.


    Given the deadly drama that would accompany a such major and sustained grid-down event, you’d think that the US would be spending lots of money to safeguard against one happening. But you’d be wrong.

    A bit further in the letter they warn about the vulnerability of nuclear reactors, a risk that causes me a lot of personal concern:

    We urge you immediately to issue a Presidential Study Directive (PSD) directing your National Security Advisor to lead a focused interagency effort to provide, in connection with your current budget execution activities and future budget requests, a specific program to address this natural and manmade threat. In particular, this PSD should direct that hardening technology, well known in the Department of Defense, be exploited by all agencies with responsibility for maintaining the electric power grid. It is imperative that plans are immediately implemented to protect America’s at least 100 nuclear reactors and their co-located spent fuel storage facilities from an EMP. 

    As Fukushima taught the world, if nuclear plants lose grid power, they rely on diesel generators to keep the cooling water circulating.  Lacking grid power, they can keep everything working for as long as the diesel generators run. Of course, in a grid-down event nothing works, including refineries and the ability to pump and move refined fuel.  After the diesel runs out (assuming the generators themselves were not completely ruined by the EMP), the nuke plants will experience various forms of distress as cooling systems are compromised, up to and including complete meltdowns as a possibility.

    Nature Can Play This Game, Too

    As a reminder, an EMP can also come from a natural cause such as a coronal mass ejection from our sun — something we’ve covered in detail here in repeated interviews with NASA scientist Lika Guhathakurta (here andhere) as well as in numerous reports centered on the electrical grid and/or warfare:

    A coronal mass ejection from the Sun can generate a natural EMP with catastrophic consequences. A geomagnetic super-storm in 1859 called the Carrington Event caused worldwide damage and fires in telegraph stations and other primitive electronics, which at the time were not necessary for societal survival. In contrast, today a Carrington-class geomagnetic super-storm-expected every century or so-could collapse electric grids and destroy critical infrastructure everywhere on Earth.

    We know it will happen; we just don’t know when, but we know humanity can’t risk being unprepared. In July 2012, we missed a repeat by only a few days when a major solar emission passed through the Earth’s orbit just after planet Earth passed. NASA recently warned that the likelihood of such a geomagnetic super-storm is 12 percent per decade; so it is virtually certain that a natural EMP catastrophe shall occur within our lifetime or that of our children.

    We covered the July 2012 event here at PeakProsperity.com because it was a very narrow miss for Earth. Had it instead hit, I seriously doubt I would be typing this or that you’d be reading it. Instead, more likely, we’d be writing letters by candlelight (assuming someone had a pony available to deliver them).

    Now, a 12% per decade chance of a natural EMP occuring per is a pretty high risk. Statistically, it translates into a pretty safe bet that sooner or later on is going to strike. Despite all our advanced technology, we’ll only have, at best, a couple of days advance warning. And that’s assuming that the government decides to tell us, risking a mass panic before the CME arrives.

    EMP As A Tool Of War

    But the bigger risk, in my mind, is that a military confrontation induces one (or several) players to use an EMP as a means of warfare. With the US poking the Russian bear, and now considering military options to confront China over the islands they are building in the South China Sea, it’s not out-of-the-question that one of these world powers could consider using an EMP as a means of retaliation..

    The letter to Obama continues:

    As we have known for over a half-century from actual test data, even more damaging EMP effects would be produced by any nuclear weapon exploded a hundred miles or so above the United States, possibly disabling everything that depends on electronics for control or operations within a line of sight from the explosion.

    Electricity networks could be shut down indefinitely until major repairs could be made, and this could take months, even years. Cascading failures from even a lower altitude nuclear burst over the northeastern U.S. could indefinitely shut down the electric grid that produces three quarters of the U.S. electric power. Computers would be incapacitated. Supply chains would shut down. Imagine Hurricane Sandy affecting a much larger area without the immediate physical damage but also without any hope for relief supplies.

    Russia and China have already developed nuclear EMP weapons and many believe others possess EMP weapons including North Korea and soon Iran – and likely their terrorist surrogates. For example, they could launch nuclear-armed short or medium range missiles from near our coasts, possibly hiding the actual sponsor from retaliation. North Korea and Iran have tested their missiles in ways that can execute EMP attacks from ships or from satellites that approach the U.S. from the couth where our ballistic missile warning systems are minimal.

    A nuclear EMP device is thought to have the potential to completely ruin an unhardened electrical grid for as long as it takes to repair/replace all the ruined electrical items affected.  This is especially concerning in the case of large scale transformers, which are specially made in just a few places with very low manufacturing throughput capacity that could take a year or more (and that’s assuming the plants are still up and running after the attack).

    There is one quibble I have with the letter: I’m not at all concerned about Iran at this stage. Iran has never physically threatened the US nor funded any terrorists that have directly attacked the US like, say, Saudi Arabia.  Perhaps we should be more concerned about the Saudis:

    Saudis ‘to get nuclear weapons’

    May 17, 2015

    SAUDI ARABIA has taken the “strategic decision” to acquire “off-the-shelf” atomic weapons from Pakistan, risking a new arms race in the Middle East, according to senior American officials.

    The move by the Gulf kingdom, which has financed much of Islamabad’s nuclear programme over the past three decades, comes amid growing anger among Sunni Arab states over a deal backed by President Barack Obama, which they fear could allow their arch foe, Shi’ite Iran, to develop a nuclear bomb.


    So, yes, I’d personally be more concerned about a volatile and increasingly unstable Saudi Arabia having a few nukes in their hot little hands than I would Iran. But that’s just me. And it’s a small point relative to the main message of the letter.

    I do agree, though, that the US has plenty of enemies. And its relationships with major powers Russia and China are clearly deteriorating and becoming more hostile:

    China state paper warns of war over South China Sea unless U.S. backs down

    May 21, 2015

    A Chinese state-owned newspaper said on Monday that “war is inevitable” between China and the United States over the South China Sea unless Washington stops demanding Beijing halt the building of artificial islands in the disputed waterway.

    The Global Times, an influential nationalist tabloid owned by the ruling Communist Party’s official newspaper the People’s Daily, said in an editorial that China was determined to finish its construction work, calling it the country’s “most important bottom line”.


    It’s a far leap from a general risk of ‘war’ to panicking about a nuclear EMP device being detonated on our soil, but reasonable and prudent individuals cannot entirely discount the possibility. I agree that our government should have plans in place for such a shock, and a program to firm US national weaknesses in advance.

    As long as I’m making demands, it would also be my wish that the US practice more diplomacy and issued fewer blustery ‘my way or the highway’ ultimatums to major nuclear superpowers. Sadly the current State Department seems to be fully occupied by extremely hawkish Neocons who have a differnet point of view.

    China has a very strong interest in the South China Sea (where lots of oil is thought to be found, by the way) and they are very much unlikely to back down to US demands or even direct military confrontation. Both national pride and critical resources are at stake (things that the US should understand quite well).

    Protecting Yourself

    I’m glad that there is a group of concerned and well-connected individuals that are seeking both to raise awareness at the top of government and to encourage more direct action to insulate our electrical grid from the impact of an EMP. We applaud those efforts.

    But as with nearly every major societal risk we face, we don’t recommend pinning your hopes on the government to ride to the rescue. Instead, we’ve been carefully and consistently raising awareness among our readers to the threat posed by a loss of grid power (especially due to an EMP event, because the duration of the outage in that case is likely to be long).

    It turns out there are plenty of steps you can take to insulate yourself from the worst effects of a loss of power.  We’ve covered everything from building your own Faraday cages, to installing solar and other electricity-generating systems that might themselves withstand an EMP or other acts of warfare and still function in providing essential power during dark times.

    In Part 2: Reducing Your Risk To A Grid-Down Event, we reveal the vulnerabilities mostly likely to cause prolonged outages of the national power grid: cyber attacks. The current system in the US has a disconcerting number of failure points that can — and are, the data shows — being targeted by malicious agents.

    And more importantly, we lay out the specific steps concerned individuals should take at the home level to have backup support and protection should the grid go down. The cost of such preparation is very low compared to the huge magnitude of this low-probability, but highly disruptive, threat.

    Click here to read Part 2 of this report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access)


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        • This was my field of study when I was young. EMP is not a hoax. However the level of damage that can be caused by it is. In the 80’s when the first studies were done both infrastructure and electronics were highly susceptible to it. However it is no longer the case. An example for electronics is the ever present flash memory stick you have in your pocket. In the 1980’s it would have been impossible. Just the static from It rubbing around in your pocket would have destroyed it in seconds. However modern electronic devices are much, much more robust than they were in the 1980’s and not very susceptible at all to EMF.
          Electronics aren’t really a problem today.
          Now you have infrastructure. In the 1980’s everything was manual with electronic switching just becoming popular. If they wanted to shut off a section of line they would have to send a crew out to the switch tower and manually disconnect the lines. Today it is all electronic switching and along with the electronic switching is monitoring of the power grid. This entails equipment which will shut off sections of the grid if current flow or voltage or even distortion are not within certain levels. The whole purpose of this equipment is to help maintain power during thunderstorms. If you lived in the Midwest during the 1980;s and saw a thunder storm approaching the first thing you would do is look for the candles or check the flashlights because the power was going off. Today power outages are a minor inconvenience and most people don’t even have candles anymore.
          Could a EMP strike cause damage? Yes of course but it would be small scale and minor at worst.
          At worst, not a lot different than the Northridge earthquake in California that blacked out all of Los Angeles but power was restored to most within a few days.
          If the power stays off, it is because the politicians want it that way.

          • Joe,

            Couldn’t have said it any better. You’re pretty much echoing exactly what I’ve said for years. The EMP problem would definitely be a problem for any longline transmission facililities and infrastructure. As I’ve always said, “You’ll be more vulnerable to the blast of a nuclear detonation if the EMP from it is going to blow your transistor radio.”

            That being said, frankly, the way society is so stupid in this day and age I think the mass panic would kill more people than anything. All that would have to happen is a nuke detonation. Just knowing that, people would completely chimp out and start deadly mass panic.

            Basically people these days don’t know how to live without their devices be it computers, internet, phones, etc.

            Without them and if we’re down long enough for the Zanax to run out, a whole section of society will turn into desperate, angry people. They have few morals now and when the fun is gone, there will be NO morality. The cities will become giant hives full of psychopaths killing, robbing, beating and eating each other. Heck, it happens now when the power goes off for a day or two. In my book, thats just a blip and a bit of inconvenience.

            So, the EMP won’t blow your walkie-talkie or your computer, but it likely will take the grid down for a while. When it does you better know how to hide until either the grid comes back or all the psychopathic nut cases (about 80% of society) kill each other off.

            Frankly, I can’t really think of a downside. No, really. The “depopulation agenda” is a sound one. The problem is the people that have thought out that agenda are the same ones that have warped society into making that very agenda a good thing.

            I don’t think we can go back. I wish we could all arm up and simply execute violators of The Law (The Constitution). But, we can’t. Government, like the grid, is what keeps this hive of dumbasses from killing each other (and you and me) and so, we’re stuck. But, if the grid collapses or the dollar goes kaput, I’ll be sure and enjoy every moment as I watch the “dumb-mass” eat itself. So, I’m saying let it fall apart. I’m tired of the lies and manipulation. EMP, CME, or collapse under its own weight, just let it hurry the heck up. I’m tired of waiting.

            • NetRanger, you took my thunder but that’s OK. The psychopaths are only one reason to the means to protect yourself, your family, and your preps.

              • Worse than Sandusky: School Cop Whose Job was to “Protect” Students, Repeatedly Raped 22 Boys
                http: //thefreethoughtproject.com/worse-sandusky-school-cop-job-protect-students-repeatedly-raped-22-boys/

                • Remember, Your carry pistol only buys you time,…to get to your rifle. Battle rifle and battle belt. Stock up on loaded high capacity magazines. Min 40 to 60 rds as your first magazine, then go to your 30’s. Keep them loaded and ready to go at a few seconds notice. Dead men don’t get a second chance to defend themselves. Long live Liberty and let Freedom ring!! Let er’ Rip!! WWTI~

            • Net Ranger – Superbly stated and clearly explained.

              Your analysis of the huge number of mesmerized percentage of the “Xanax” population is spot on. My wife is a pharmacist and we often discuss how the drug dependency (Legal & Non-legal) will be an army of psychopathic, locust like, zombies when the electricity goes off.

              Just count on 50% of the population roaming due to or in search of, more drugs. Any sane person in their way will mean little to the drug fried, no moral, zombies.

              Agreed, let the show begin. The trash needs to be taken out and buried.

              • Exactly why I feel 30 round magazines and higher should never be banned

                • EOTS, let the TPTB POS ban them. I’ll still have mine regardless.

            • With vast improvements in electronic technologies, you can bet that after any EMP event the banksters will still be sending out bills for people’s credit cards and loans. No way any of that will be wiped out.

              • Nobama,

                Absolutely! I imagine a city that looks like a bomb hit, buildings falling down, people starving and dying in the streets, and the mailman, happily whistling along, delivering mail. Whats in the mail? The bill for your rusting, burned out Ford Focus that hasn’t run for 6 months because you couldn’t buy gas because you got laid off because the grid went down and besides there is no gas to buy even if they could pump it. But, by golly, those bills keep coming!!!

                You do understand that one of the main parts of any country is postal roads a routes. Gotta send out those bills. The rest of the country, its people and its infrastructure *Be* *Damned*, the bills to rob the citizens must go through! The greed must continue.

                …sorry. I kinda went off there, but, its true. The banksters will be/are the ruination of this society.

            • Why do you think it will take the grid down but not effect your computer and other electronics? They use basically the same electronic components – resistors, transistors, IC CHips, etc, etc.

          • Excellent comment, based on knowledge. I had two home computers survive a lightning strike on the transformer in front of my home. A sacrificial $100 Belkin high-speed protection switch took the force of the blast, while capacitors in my unprotected TV exploded. In the 1980’s, I was power room supervisor for a large IBM data center. The input panel had filters, but the commercial electronic switches of the day were not up to fast or powerful transients. We relied on 1:1 isolation transformers for power protection. The technology today exists to protect against EMP. Since TPTB evidently intend on allowing (if not actually creating) such an event, it us up to the individual to prepare.

          • Now, at Paul Craig Roberts’ website, he is talking of Washington taking our pensions… He says that is next. Its already happening in the Ukraine– the govt just stopped all payments….

            Always something to worry about! As soon as you stop worrying over one issue something else comes along to take its place.

          • OK, I was working for SoCal Edison from 1984 to 1999, so I picked up quite a lot of knowledge of how the poly-phase electrical system grid operates, on top of what I already knew about ‘lectricity. And NO one yet has been able to show me any kind of a schematic of any kind of electrical or mechanical system that will mitigate any EMP events either natural or man-made ones, with their attendant effects. The wires strung up there on those insulators are huge antennae, in addition to being conductors of power plant generated electrical power. That means that they can gather up free electrons and do will so! That is why when a line is taken out of service for repairs or maintenance or upgrades, they put what are called bonding cables on them, also known as personal shorts and grounds. That keeps charge from building up in the conductors which can give serious, if not lethal shocks to the linemen and groundmen working with them. So Just show me the plans on how to effectively deal with this problem and I will shut up about it. Last time I checked, neither Radio Shack nor Walmart sold any such equipment.


            • @ Randy
              There are many methods to do this in place such as lightning suppressors.

              @ NAthan.
              Lightning arrestors are designed to dissipate surges of more than 2,000,000 volts and do it every day. Yes the size of the individual discrete junction has gotten much smaller. However in general you cannot induce current on silicon. The current has to have a path to the junction itself. The Dies (internals of the silicon chip ) are isolated quite well electrically. They need to be to survive day to day operation.
              Anyhow A EMP Pulse is a variable shrinking DC pulse. It never crossed the 0 threshold. As long as a powerline has a current running thru it all that will happen is that the current will be dampened. Look up saturable reactor to see what happens when a dc current is applied to a AC circuit.
              If there is no current running thru the power line then there will be a current induced onto the line. However it wont be much. A lot of bad science in EMP .

          • “However modern electronic devices are much, much more robust than they were in the 1980’s and not very susceptible at all to EMF.”

            As an (amateur) electronics engineer, I have to disagree to some extent. As semiconductor feature sizes continue to shrink ever smaller (down around 13 nanonmeter now, in microprocessors), you are getting to the point where even a single atom disruption can disable a critical circuit and render the device useless.

            Furthermore, even more dangerously, radiation can cause *bit flips* even in ECC memory (Error Checking and Correcting memory, which is NOT used in most computers, even many critical systems) which corrupt its contents, crashing software systems that can have real, serious, unpredictable real world effects.

            Going further, even if an electronic device escapes being fried, what happens when the L3 wave hits and charges every single long piece of wire in the USA to 10,000+ volts per foot? Fires, destruction, chaos everywhere. The entire grid WILL be down, indefinitely. Chaos will reign, exactly as described in this article.

            EMP is NOT a hoax. It is every bit as dangerous as we’ve been told, if not more so.

            • On a related note: watch this video. And when you get done, look for more, because there are MUCH more out there, filmed from multiple angles by different unrelated cameramen, of these events. Nuclear war is no longer theoretical. We’re living in it.


              • Appears to be a secondary explosion. Fireball is inconsistent as nuke photos show the fireball rise in a solid mass and this explosion streams upwards. Everything at ground zero is incinerated with no fuel to burn upwards.

                • Looks like a nuclear bunker buster to me, with much SMALLER secondary explosions. The detonation occurred underground.

                  Look at the eerie purple glow that surrounds the column of fire. That’s exactly how the Nagasaki blast was described by the civilian observer who witnessed it.

                  • NK

                    That is what I hate about this shit. Nobody can prove nothing. Even if they told the truth who the hell would believe them.

                    Screw it NK. When it hits the ground in front of me, I will know for sure what it is.

                    You ready? I’m ready. Bring it on.

                    • Yeah that’s pretty much what I was thinking. Showed this video on another (non prepper) forum and everyone was extremely skeptical. “Doesn’t look like a nuke to me.” or “Looks just like this explosion here…” (link to some chemical explosion that looks completely different.) And I’m thinking to myself……if this IS a nuke….and we have VIDEO EVIDENCE of it, from multiple angles….that NOBODY will believe is actually a nuke…..how fucked is humanity, basically?

                      I wouldn’t call myself ready…but probably a lot more ready than most. Would like another year or two to keep stockpiling, but eventually the music is gonna stop.

      1. We won’t make it to 2030.

        • These articles lately are all just to damn happy for my taste…what we need around here is some good ‘ol fashioned DISASTER PORN…..

        • I want a mass CME-EMP. Then try to collect Taxes from the masses. Salute with the finger!!

          • They dont care about taxes when the whole worlds for the taking

            • Oh maaaan, try n get away with NOT paying your taxes. Good luck. LOL.

        • By 2030 we might just begin to recover from the financial colapse the the powers that shouldn’t be, have engineered.

          Likely we will have global war first that if it ncludes nukes we will already have been EMP’ed.

        • Confederate says,
          i agree we won’t make it until 2030, I would be surprised if we make it into next year, the reason i say is this. with ALL of the world on edge, tensions between countries, financials, weird weather, etc etc. something IS going to happen and IF or when it does it will set off a domino effect and from there things will only get worse for awhile, just have to see what sets off what, and then we can make a judgement call on how severe it will get.

          • Apache54, I have the same feeling that this year will be THE year for TSHTF.

            • Yep, me too, Braveheart.

              • Me THREE Braveheart

          • ‘With ALL of the world on edge, tensions between countries….”

            If Putin would do the world a huge favor, and use about a dozen of his nuclear tipped sunburn cruise missiles to pop that inflamed zit (Israel) in the middle east, within a very short period of time – peace and tranquility would be restored worldwide, and 95% of these tensions would quickly evaporate.

            • Yep If that pimple on the buttocks of the planet was gone it would solve a whole lot of problems.

              • Guys and Gails, one of the best Bug-Out BOL items are about 5 pair of good leather working gloves. 100 days out and I’ve already worn out 2 pair. And when one oair gets aweaty swirh to another pair and dry them out. Had a brand new pair of work boots steel toe I used for cutting trees down. 2 months in and the sole started coming off. Yeah I have Shoe Goo but still have at least 3 good pair of work or hiking boots for heavy or clearing work. Prepper tip of the day.

                • WWTI, good advice. I also keep extra boots and work gloves as part of my preps.

                  • In the past I have on several occasions managed to hit my shins. What pain. I am now looking for baseball catcher’s shin guards.

                    • Soccer shin guards would be much cheaper

              • If you think the destruction of Israel will make the middle east a better place you are sadly mistaken. Muslims are always at war with something – even themselves. They can’t get along with anyone. Ever heard of ISIS? There are Muslims killing Muslims all over the world. Israel is an island of sanity in an sea of Mideast insanity.

        • Did you hear about Biden’s son dying? Its at AOL news… wonder if they will blame that on the Russians? (remember Biden’s son is over there in the Ukraine, looting and polluting as much as possible– money, money, money!!) THAT is what all the rich have in common– love of money. corrupt as hell…

          • And your comment has what to do with what? so sorry for you that you took an opportunity to be compassionate and turned it into just plain ignorance and bitterness. The man was a father, a son and a brother. He was loved and will be missed by those that loved him. Let your ugliness go.Why insult the dead? To what end? It only fuels your hate. Any political crap you mentioned is well over and done. Let your ugliness go.

      2. Or 2020.

        • I’m inclined to agree.

          Everything seems to be accelerating. Greek collapse. Financial Collapse. Drought. Fukushima and the ocean food chain. Jade Helm and Martial Law. ISIS and terrorist attacks in the U.S. Middle East cauldron. Russia in Ukraine and elsewhere. China expanding. PetroDollar weakening as the world reserve currency. Ebola and MERS. Hillary or Elizabeth Warren as POTUS. Obama refusing to leave office and using false flags. Gun Confiscations. Race Riots all over.

          Things are just getting stupid. I’d be pleasantly surprised and delighted if the U.S. made it to 2020 without something cataclysmic.

          P.S. Watch San Andreas the movie. See Los Angeles and San Francisco, two major centers of Lib Power get utterly decimated.

          • FS, your list is is little known by the masses and what is less known is what lays between the lines of all the conflict.

            We’re in for a ride that’s for sure.

          • Fuck it. Bring on the EMP today. We’ll ride it out. No AC in the summer will suck, but we can sure stay warm in winter.

            • EBT CARDS will no longer work in a grid down. The human factor is the big X Factor of how society will unravel due to starvation of the havenots, as we know it. Its gonna happen sometime.

              • They can shove those EBT cards up their asses. That will be the best day in my life watching the expressions on their faces when the free handouts stop flowing. Middle fingers to all those free-loading scum-sucking liberal parasite bastards.

                • Nobama,

                  My middle finger joins yours! Certainly it will be hard when all this breaks. It won’t be easy for us, but, in some ways it will be much easier to handle knowing that half the population is not getting fed by half of my labor. We’ll all be pulling together or starving. Personally I think the drudgery in this world comes from knowing that I have to work my ass off while a big bunch of beggars are living almost as well as I do and don’t have to punch a time clock, never had to go to college and never get a call in the wee hours of the morning to revive a server and clean up a hacker’s mess.

                  At some point one has to ask one’s self: why did I work so hard for all this when I could have just drifted along like these morons…

                  But, nevertheless, I guess the reasons will be clear during the collapse. Just wish I could figure out a way to suck on government teet while working my ass off too. It sure would help defray the cost of this gigantic, dishonest, failure rewarding government. When it falls the fumes of its smoldering heap will be as a sweet fragrance.

                  My problem is that the people who truly needed it and didn’t milk the system, only used it as they had to (as it was supposed to be) will suffer also. For them, I will truly be sorry. But from the rest I will get some kind of pleasure from seeing them either survive by working or perish for their refusal to do so.

                  • Nobama and Netranger, make my middle finger No. 3! I won’t shed any tears for the free shit army. I will feel some sorrow for people who truly needed help and couldn’t get it at all, but it’s all I can do to keep me and my own’s heads above water. The only thing the free shit army would get from me is hot lead. I’ll also celebrate seeing this evil, out-of-control government and system collapse from its own weight. Something GOOD can and must come from SHTF.

                    • God, you guys are so bitter. I get it. we work hard and they don’t and they seem to be doing just fine. Not fair. I do get that but good Lord, don’t let the bitterness and hate eat you up. If there is a collapse Braveheart, I hope good does come from it because an awful lot of people will suffer hardships between here and there. Not sure I would rejoice in that. A price will be paid, most likely by those who are innocent while those who perpetrated go merrily on their way. Revenge shall be the Lord’s for sure.

                    • I’m constantly seeing the welfare roles increase and see that they’re paying them more.

                      Bitter? Should I not be bitter? With no raise for the last 6 years, why would I be bitter?

                      …but, they keep increasing the free & reduced lunch programs. …and the backpack programs. …and the shoes and peanut butter programs.

                      …all for families and people that use those shoes to run faster from the burglary scene with a free backpack to stuff a few more stolen items into.

                      You might chuckle a little at the example, but, you know its true. Sure, its “for the children” so the adults can spend more on booze, cigs and drugs.

                      Does anyone realize how prices have increased in the last 6 years? Even minimum wage people got a raise. But, not me. The latest excuse is the “Obamacare” excuse. Which is exactly the excuse they use to increase the FRLP, etc programs never realizing that, in effect, they’re actually stealing it from us, the people that actually make the gears turn.

                      Screw them! Screw them all! The sooner the EMP and the mass panic, the sooner I can get my raise.

                      Is it a sin to fully enjoy seeing God’s wrath in action? I surely hope not because I will be guilty, again.

            • Yup, that is prob most peoples biggest preparedness dilemma, staying cool in the summer, especially here in texas where daytime highs can be 100 to 110,
              And nigjhtime lows in the mid to upper 90s, even with a generator the fuel consumption to run an AC unit for 3 months is more than i can store im sure… Hmmmm quick in head calculations, using a 1800 w as a model, i would say just under 100 gallons a month, 75 to 95 gal…..Running 24/7. My 1800 is supposed to run 18 hrs to a gal and a half of gas at low load…..at a high load prob 2 gal or more. Yup prob abou75 gal, jezzzz thats alot of gas…

            • I’m not worried about no A/C, Zero– I’m worried about no fridge!!

              When my fridge went kaplunk, I set fresh produce on the counters but it went bad in 2 days. Gnats, etc. drilled tunnels through my tomatoes, for example, and turned it to mush. So sitting food out didn’t work.

              Inside the fridge (which was not cold enough) gave me food poisoning. (Food must be kept 40 degrees or lower in order kill bacteria).

              All I had was canned food and if the grid goes out, there is only enough food in stores to last a couple days and with no electricity, it means no trucks running to bring in extra supplies.

              Mainly, it means you won’t live more than a couple months.

              • I bought a rv solar panel setup for like 130 bucks at harbor freight, got 4 car batteries hooked into it with a 1000 w power inverter this will run my fridge infantly
                In sunny conditions, bout 2 days off just batteries. once i get more batteries it will
                Run longer, also getting another setup just to run my camera system and one to run my shop/chicken house.

                • I believe 4 batterys is enough if your system is only 150 bucks…. you may find it impossible to full charge the 4 on maybe what a 100 watt panel?….. adding a 2nd panel would be a better choice if you can afford it…

                  Remember people if the shtf you may Not be able to put a panel outside without it or you getting shot. May want to plant something now to hide your panels later…. if people Cant take your stuff then they will atleast try and destroy it so you cant use it either.. this goes for solar cookers too… can you use it when shtf?

                  • Truth be told,
                    Thanks for your input,
                    Yes it is a 100 w system, its 3, 3 ft x 2 ft panelsbut the charge regulator only lets it charge
                    To 14 w, as not to over charge, usually by nightfall the batteries have charged
                    To 13.6, i never have ran a full load on it all day yet but im gonna test it better
                    Before its to late to modify it…as you said it has the ability to hook up like 10 more panels. I have it mounted verticle on the wall on a hinge system
                    So angle can be adjusted for winer/summer sun…its basicly hidden fairly, my neighbors didnt even know it was there till she saw the charge control and power mounted next to my fridge…also been mounting solar security lights all around my house, so even if power is out ill see anyone coming.


                    • I agree that another solar panel should be your next move, before more batteries. That way you will be more assured of hitting that 14W maximum charge rate all day long, even if clouded over. Either that, or get a good deep cycle battery. The last thing you want to do with car batteries is put them through a lot of charge and discharge cycles, cause you’ll ruin one quick…been there, done that.

                    • Nathan, and others, as egg said this is a good topic of discussion.
                      The car batteries are temporary, their w hr usage is a bit lame…im gonna swap
                      Over to some real solar deep cycles, found some online with crazy high watt hr
                      Capacity, but man they are expensive…. Ill keep the car batteris to run
                      Small power inverters or 12 v lights.
                      Thanks for all the input

                  • Thought of sky lights to hide solar panels….got 2 200 ish w & 1 lg batt, small charge controller, & DC freezer…. Good comments….Thanks all

              • No…it means YOU wont live more than a couple of months because you didn’t prepare properly. Get more canned food and lots of dehydrated fruits and veggies.

                • D, I already have a 2-year supply and working on another year’s supply now.

              • Most everything that requires refrigeration is crap food. You won’t be eating frozen TV Dinners at your BOL hiddy hole. Been over 100 days at my BOL with out refrigeration and I don’t see much need unless it is to keep left overs. Now I just fix portions for one meal. Refrigeration was designed to preserve crap food. Stop buying crap food.. You want OJ in the AM. Eat a fresh orange. WWTl

                • WWTI, spot on about oranges. FL oranges are the BEST in my book.

                • Where do you think you are going to get fresh fruit and vegetables from more than 30 miles away?

                  If it isn’t grown locally, you won’t get any of it.

                  • That’s why you grow it yourself. Do not rely on others.

                  • In three years my apple trees will produce their first crop. Putting in some orange trees soon.

              • Depending on where you live (the relative humidity), these can work pretty well: ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pot-in-pot_refrigerator

                Basically, if you live where swamp coolers -evaporative coolers- work well these should also work well. Easy and cheap enough to try and have ready just in case.

          • Dont forget food shortages,
            – drought in cali, we may not notice till after summer but if they cant grow we cant eat…
            – midwest flooding and heavy rains /tornados…. Farmers are just now planting or geting ready for planting in my area, like above we wont notice right away but look for corn,wheat, maybe soy shortage,,
            – today texas grocery store chain announces 3 cartons per customer, also said possible egg rationing in future,, this will also eventually be the case with chicken meat… Funny how yard flocks seem unaffected.
            – fuked pacific ocean, yeah we all know not to eat anything from there
            -the gulf, as far as i know there ia still a leak right, plus the desiccants and other crap…
            I could go on but it think thats enough, lol


            • SS, I think the people in Cali will be the first ones to starve. There’s an old saying, “As goes California, so goes the rest of the nation.”

              • Bravheart,
                Cali. Then texas yup

              • My county is already discussing water restrictions for this summer. So I just went out a bought the largest above-ground swimming pool I could find, filled it up over the weekend (almost 10,000 gallons). We’ll enjoy cooling off in the heat even after the water rationing begins.

                • Great idea,

                • smart move!

              • No we won’t…we have ideal weather to grow everything we need year round! You reeeeally think if there’s a food shortage we will be shipping it to other states?

                Listen, I can barely stand California and would LOVE to move. But I can assure, the fools here are too selfish to share! The Central Valley is a lot of conservative farmers and though they will raise their prices, the will continue to sell locally.

                I’m so sick of the drought porn btw. It’s fine.

          • FreeSlave said:

            “Everything seems to be accelerating… ISIS and terrorist attacks in the U.S.”

            Where and when has ISIS attacked the U.S.???

            “Middle East cauldron”

            You mean the kettle U.S. politicians put us in???

            “Russia in Ukraine and elsewhere.”

            The American military is more…”elsewhere.”

            “China expanding.”

            Good… A check on empire!

            “PetroDollar weakening as the world reserve currency.”

            Excellent… A check on empire!!

            “Hillary or Elizabeth Warren as POTUS.”

            The fake indian is NOT running for POTUS. The lesbo is!!!

            “Things are just getting stupid.”

            Life, liberty and the pursuit of stupid.

            Ain’t American democracy grand!!!

          • A war and a total lockdown would be the only way to stabilize the situation but are people up for that? I do not think so, so instead we will have increasing and growing conflicts, eventually using battlefield nukes. We will also have financial system breakdown and economic fracture: think of a world minus the central banks: most places will institute barter or bilateral trade agreements. You will need to get special papers to move around and the era of global travel we know today will be over.

          • Now that would be REAL entertaining…

        • Our Money the Government has wasted in the last 30 years on lost wars could have put solar pannels on every house in America. There would not be any wars over oil. Naw thats to simple. They like us broke and amass in chaos chasing our tails. Like rats on a treadmill.

          • Panels on 100 million houses at $10,000 each is One Trillion dollars.

            A lot less than 30 years of warfare.

        • Or 2017…I think we’ll make it to 2016 by the skin of our teeth.

        • lucky if we make it to 2018

      3. I clicked on the ” source” in this story it takes you to the letter, I read it, copied and pasted an email to each of my elected representatives asking them what they were going to do. I hope that none of us ever give up trying to be a squeaking voice of the truth to those in Washington. To all who post here, I want to say a big thanks. I learn more from your posts than the articles sometimes as a newbee person learning to prepare.

        • Welcome-

          I used to click and paste my representatives but look when we have a repub. senate and house, what have we gained?

          I used to hear “power corrupts” and can testify that this is an unequivocal truth. Maybe an individual can resist but the system as a whole will snowball into evil.
          This is why I personally could not have stopped the coming demise of America. It’s not that I wasn’t ready to right the wrong, thump my chest and make a stand. Truth is,I can only do that here at the farm, where I live and rule.

          The only option for the individual is to decide how they will live their life. I like the line from the “Kingdom of Heaven”- “you will be a good man – or not”. Christ said it too, “no man can serve two masters”.

          I fly an American flag here at the farm because America still lives and breathes here. As an individual, I never had a true say in a self corrupting monstrosity of a system that Amerika became.

          How far have we fallen?

          “… There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power…”

          Are we there yet???

          • closer everyday.

      4. Yada, Yada, Yada. Another isolationist sky is falling author. EMP will not destroy transformers, generators, or wires. The author has a point about Nuke plants, but unless you kill off most the Democrats in America, that is an unfix-able problem. I would use a Thorium power source for a generator. Watch the Democrat women’s heads explode if you suggest that. Best to live well away from urban areas and use common sense to prep for what ever. I will miss my Internet, but Moby dick is a good book to start out my withdrawl.

        • * The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne is also a good book to while away the internet-less hours. Plenty of digging and delving and philosophizing in that one! Makes one want to get out and build your own tank trap!

        • ” EMP will not destroy transformers, generators, or wires.”

          Yes it will. Educate yourself and stop repeating falsehoods. Long wires (power lines, phone lines, oil pipelines, etc) being charged up to 10,000 volts per FOOT for minutes at a time will absolutely destroy anything attached to them.

        • Hey guys just want ya’ll to know, I sure feel better now that I’ve given up all hope. Trekker Out. Just Kidding!

          • What do you mean trekker, sounds to me from many articles ive read the last couple days is saying we have another year maybe two.lol

            • Hey Secret, I think I know your cousin. I have a friend back in Missourah that goes by Frugal Squirrel. Trekker Out.

            • Hey Secret, I think I know your kinfolks. I have a friend back in Missourah that goes by Frugal Squirrel. Trekker Out. WoW I thought an EMP hit, I sent this a minute ago and everything went blank.

              • Im secretly frugal…..

                • As in im secretly frugal, not frugal squirrel, lmfao

                  • Lol like i keep my frugality secr, ahhhhhhh forg it lol

                    • Secret Squirrel,
                      I have to ask this question BECAUSE where i come from WE always used to refer your name to things on base that were in the top secret category, so with that said you don’t happen to work on White Sands Missile range?? I have been all over and Never heard that term except on white sands.

                    • Apache54,
                      Sorry i had to reply on my own comment but the reply button did not show up on your post.

                      I was actually wondering how long it would take for someone to ask me something like that, here is the deal…
                      I am a big squirrel fan, i have 2 sounthern flying squirrels as pets and so alot of squirrel watching, thus my love of squirrels, and secret squirrel was a hanna barbera cartoon in the 70s, if you are younger than say 35, you probably never heard of it… I used to post here under the name moonlitemike, that is a yahoo id ive had since yahoo became yahoo,lol when i got a new phone a few years back it wanted a google id, go figure… So i created the secret squirrel persona, lol and well i like squirrels, lol…. If you google moonlitemike my reenacting unit profilencomes up, plus my texas military historical society, member info, dig enough you get my e mail, phone number, etc…… Thus the need for a new online persona…. No nefarious connections, lol just trying to keep to many folks from getting pictures of me and whatnot, im too mouthy to allow easy tracking, lol

                    • Lol, might as well go back to moonlitemike now, wtf, wanna sew some cool
                      WWII reenacting pics, go to http://www.101abn.com to see the real secret squirrel…..
                      Lol i was trying to keep big bro from putting me on a list but why frackin
                      Bother… Lol my godamn CHL has a big red VETERAN accross the top, first
                      Year of the tea party was very active, bought guns, ammo, storeable food
                      Already listed im sure….
                      Man we are fucked
                      Secret, errrrr moonlitemike, errrrr screw it, lol

                    • Secret,
                      HA HA !! thanks for the reply, I had forgot all about that cartoon, I did see that as a kid and so YUP, i am a old fart, anyway, I had to ask about your name, and you gave me some good memories, nice these days to have something GOOD to remember!
                      Keep Preppin it is coming soon??

                    • If you’re a squirrel, keep it a secret. Opsec, you know.

                • We maynot have all been secret on this site but I bet we’ve all been Anonymous at one time or another. It just happens. Trekker Out.

                  • Yeah.

            • S Squirrel,

              The time we have left is the million dollar question that everyone, that has half a brain, is wanting an answer to.

              Well, I have an answer, or at least my reasoned answer, that I am going with at the present. It revolves around prophecy that has so far proved correct 100% of the time, when rightly understood.

              I’m not as good a bible reader and scholar like my friend, passin’, but I do see where he is coming from on most understandings.

              WE know that a seven year tribulation period must take place, according to Daniel and Revelation. However; there is another book that offers some interesting information on that period, that you want hear spoken of, in hardly any churches or seminaries.

              If we are to take the bible literally, in almost all cases, that is how it is written, then there is much understanding to be taken from Ezekiel 38/39.
              This Gog/Magog war, which isn’t much of a war at all because God does the crushing of the Russian led federation of Armies, and it will be over before it really gets started, is a “sure” indicator of the timing before this Age ends.

              I will explain briefly. This War/invasion, takes place in the very last years. The timing is laid out of we just read and listen. We can know it is forthcoming because the prophecy in Isaiah concerning Damascus, is being fulfilled right before our eyes.

              This Gog invasion against the “house of Israel”, not the nation, will mark the beginning of the seven years of tribulation. There has been a shortening of time by Christ, but we aren’t specifically told if it will be a shortening of Satan’s allotted time or if it is a shortening of the total seven years of time. Just for the sake of a non-argument, I’ll say it is only the time allotted to Satan as he plays antichrist.

              So, the full seven years of tribulation is still viable as a surety. When does it start?

              Just soon after the 5/6 ths of the Gog army is killed, there will be a seven year period that residents near the area of the killing fields, will gather the after effects of the fuel for the invading army that has been crushed, and be able to use it for fires/heating fuel, for a full seven years.
              Then comes the end.

              So, we can look for that, preceding to Armageddon war, as the marker.

              Eze 39:9

              And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years:

              Eze 39:10
              So that they shall take no wood out of the field, neither cut down any out of the forests; for they shall burn the weapons with fire: and they shall spoil those that spoiled them, and rob those that robbed them, saith the Lord GOD.

              • I hear ya bro, my comment was intended as sarcasm twards the news media, for 8 months its been sept 2015, now im reading articles that are saying sometime in 2016, just tired of ppl putting dates on SHTF, when nobody knows when, it happens when it happens, lol.

              • The 7 year treaty of Dan9:27 is the start of things… but the bible tells us 10 kings will come before him and the UN already has the world divided into 10 regions…we are just waiting for the shtf for the world to go to 10 kings….

                Gog does Not include russia… it comes as trouble from the north Dan 11:44 and china from the east…if you read gog only consist of Familys who settled in mid east.. familys are how gog tells us who they are…. see ezekiel 38:2-13 and then go to Gen 10:2-8 and chronicles 1:5-9…

              • The time we have left is not a Million dollar question. Its worth about .02 cents. I have no doubt that me and father time will out last you squirrel baby.

                • Your overconfidence my prove to be your undoing fella……

                  • Yep. Overconfidence is nothing more than a prideful heart.

                    As the majority of Americans are too prideful over their riches/new vehicles/big fine houses/expensive toys, and less prideful of their relationship with their Maker; a chastisement is forthcoming.

                    The ones with the most pride and an abundance of overconfidence in themselves and only praise themselves; will be the most vulnerable when the real shit gets deep.

                    Sadly, there are many like wwti, who will have no one or nothing, except their maker, whom they have mocked and scoffed at, to call upon when the house of cards fall, (and it surely will), and the troubled waters start rising around them.

                    It is scary enough right now, just imagine how scary it will get when the lights go out.

                    • Oicu812

                      Yup, and i hate to be an ass about things, but i dont have a BOL, I and my family
                      Will stand our ground, worse comes to worse ill bug out to an oaklahoma mountain range, but as i said i will defend my tiny slice of texas….. Not to be judgemental but those who plan to just run away are cowards, what about your kids your grandkids, where is your posterity preservation insticts. I for one will live out my days in the woods till i die of an infection anleave my kids and wife to fend for themselves while the world crumbles around them.,. Weather you are religious or not; this seems to be the final battle for humanity…. And if we loose, hidding in your BOL in the middle of nowherre isnt gonna do anybody a damn bit of good…

                    • That should be will not live out my days etc……

                  • Over confidence my ass… wwoti is a lost sole… Pray for his salvation. Lord have mercy.

              • “This Gog/Magog war, which isn’t much of a war at all because God does the crushing of the Russian led federation of Armies, and it will be over before it really gets started, is a “sure” indicator of the timing before this Age ends.”


                If that’s what you’re SURE is going to happen, you’re in for a world of hurt.

                Free clue: America is going to get its ass kicked up around its face in WW3. Russian and Chinese troops are not going to be defeated by “God” or by anyone else in this war.

                • So says Nate. tell us Nate since you know all…the next mega million lotto numbers. LOL

      5. Yada, Yada, Yada. Another isolationist sky is falling author. EMP will not destroy transformers, generators, or wires. The author has a point about Nuke plants, but unless you kill off most the Democrats in America, that is an unfix-able problem. I would use a Thorium power source for a generator. Watch the Democrat women’s heads explode if you suggest that. Best to live well away from urban areas and use common sense to prep for what ever. I will miss my Internet, but Moby dick is a good book to start out my withdrawl.

        • thanks for the disinformation

          ht tp://www.bing.com/images/search?q=pictures+melted+transformers+solar+flare&id=283F04040956080EE090DBE169616461836A28BF&FORM=IQFRBA

          • Perhaps you could also explain how the safeties failed, due to poor maintenance, not an EMP induced current event. The electrical system is so twitchy, every plant goes off line to protect their facility at the least little problem and then the system cascades. Blackouts last so long because of startup loads, not because a EMP wiped out a hunk of iron and copper, which is what a transformer is. EMP destroys semi conductors at their Base and Gate junctions, Unless you physically damage or overheat them, a transformer, generator wiring , or transmission wires should never fail, from an EMP Event. Does your metal shop melt? I can assure you it will have a current induced into it from a EMP.

              • Very good paper! The “E3” event, destroying power transformers will be world wide. Nobody is going to set off a bomb that disruptive, no one has made one big enough yet, Only our sun or a local pulsar will cause such a thing.
                I yield and have learned. My graduate level EMC training did not cover an E3 event. I was taught how to protect electronics that control things, not to protect the things being controlled as they were basically thought to be indestructible. For example you will never find a failure effects and modes analysis(FEMA)for a copper wire.
                Thanks for the info.

        • Wrong relik. Emp’ can and have taken down entire electrical grids. Its is a cascading transformers that blow. And the booktime to replace them is 2 year out, if you are first in line with your order. Stop spreading misinformation clearly you have zero introspect on this subject matter. I have read the energy reports on this entire subject. And I am on the commitee and considered an energy expert.

          • See my reply to AC.
            I’m humbled.

        • Thorium will never float. Makes too much sense. Besides, Al Gore and the BIG GREEN MONEY cabal will need to get in first, which they haven’t yet.

      6. We have talked about this subject for the pass couple of years that I have been here. And you know what? Except for the people talking about it here at SHTF, NOBODY has said one word about it. NADA!

        Are you ready? Do you have a plan and know what to do. I do and I will have no sympathy for those who don’t prepare.

        May be about time to sharpen your swords, knives, axes and sharp edge faced weapons.

        • While not mainstream, LOT of people are talking about it. Perhaps you missed them. Just a few below. Still… not much being done about it.



          – Dr. Peter Vincent Pry http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/the-state-of-preparedness-against-the-threat-of-a-electromagnetic-pulse-emp-event

          – Michael Maloof, former senior security policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, has almost 30 years of federal service in the U.S. Defense Department http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2013/01/03 or http://www.wnd.com/2014/12/dhs-admits-catastrophic-impact-of-emp/


          – Former US Rep. Roscoe Bartlett http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/roscoe-bartlett-emp-762/2012/08/28/id/450008/

        • Slingshot, my family in GA has already been set up for off-grid living for many years. I have a plan for living off-grid in post-SHTF at the BOL and my family will help me improve the plan.

          • Braveheart.

            A couple of points for going off grid. Propane, lantern oil, kerosene and White gas. Also Coleman stoves, heaters and lanterns that used dual fuel. They can provide heat, light and used for cooking.

            Propane in 1, 20, 30, 100 pound bottles.

            I brought a Coleman, two burner stove, Brand new in the box at the Flea Market for $15.

            You already know this. It was for the Newbies.

            • Slingshot, I have a Coleman 2-burner propane stove and a shitload of fuel for it at the BOL already. I also still have my Kelly Kettle stove which uses twigs, leaves, pine needles; nature’s fuel. No way I’ll let go of that item.

              • That Kelly Kettle is the shit!

                Not cheap, but it is an integral part of my camping strategy.

                That and a Grilliput are a good combo.

                • So when is the last time you took out your camp stoves and fired them up?? You know familiarize yourself with out the paper instructions. How many of you bought a stove and still have not gotten it out if the box??. Same on you. Work the kinks out now. I had a few equipment failures at the last minute but had backups. You will find at your BOL you will use every muscle in your body daily crawling around just trying to get set up.
                  Train every family member how to get your stoves going and every piece of equipment hands on cross training. Have fun with it.

                  • WWTI, I’m already familiar with the kelly, having used it several times here at home and at the BOL. My cousin’s BOL has a setup which you would envy, so I’ll leave it at that.

                • Grilliput? I’ll google that and check it out. My Kelly Kettle boils a pot of water faster than my coleman. The Coleman is good but propane eventually runs out.

            • At the BOL in FL it is too hot to burn any lantern with fuel for light including candles which could burn down your shack. I’ll stick to solar or battery camp lights. I sold all my Coleman crap years ago. The tank on the stove leaked. That would be dangerous. You all need to be very fire safety conscious. Nobody out here to put any fires out. Buy a simple water fire extinguisher. You can fill and charge with air pressure like a tire pump.

              • WWTI, you would have to buy a used one at a flea market. The new ones don’t allow you to repressurize it yourself. As a retired fireman, we encountered this when we got replacement water cans. Also, check the date on when it was last hydrostatically tested. They should be done every 5 years…ALSO, handle with CARE. They are a pressurized vessel 100-120 psi when charged.

            • Be sure to get replacement O-rings for the stove, once they rot out you’re not going to be able to use it.

              Cost is about a dollar for several.

            • Even better for emergencies is a biomass stove. I have a Silverfire stove and I love it.

      7. An open letter to the president… how charming… he’s counting on there being an EMP… Who’s kidding who???

        • You are correct, we shouldn’t give the asshole any ideas.
          My message for Obammy is go back to where ever it is you crawled from.

      8. Same old line about the EMP’s if we make another year without TSHTF we will be lucky. I’m waiting for the economy to take a hit first, or maybe an EPM will cause everything to crash., I don’t know
        I guess I’m about as ready as I can be, except for building that Restroom so we have a place to do our things in. No water in the pipes, no electricity to run the pumps and grinder that goes to the waste water treatment plant.
        In 15 years from now I will be in 70’s and I will be one of the first to bite the big one and become worm food!;-}
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • northern reb,
          did you read this article, this guy kinda ties what is going on in the world, and he does have some good points that does make sense, it is worth reading and IF true sheds some light of why things are NOT making sense, like the way our scumbag government is making really STUPID decisions that my 5 year old grandson could do better. anyway maybe this will help seeing a bigger picture.

          • Apache:
            You are right about the article, there are several good points, but it the same old story that I have heard for the last 5 to 10 years.
            TPTB are not doing anything to protect the system, I’m starting to wonder if they don’t want it to crash.
            I to have three, 6 year old grandsons that could make better decisions than TPTB do.
            Thanks for the additional Info.

      9. Easy cook: (Cabbage Rolls)
        2lb. hamburger
        1- head of cabbage
        1-sweet onion
        1-green bell pepper
        1-1/2 cups rice
        1-can v-8 juice
        Salt and pepper
        Hot pepper
        Hey any seasoning you wish.

        Chop cabbage, onion, bell pepper into small pieces and set aside.
        Mix hamburger and rice together with your seasoning and set aside.
        In crock-pot start with a layer of meat mix then cabbage mix over meat mix and repeat until crock-pot is full.
        Pour 1 to 2 cups of v-8 juice over layers.
        I start cooking (on high) at 9am and by 5pm sit down and stuff yourself.
        During cooking; stir occasionally and if needed add a little v-8 NOT MUCH though.
        Option: May be cooked in solar oven, forget stirring and add a little more v-8 to start. When I’m using a solar oven I start at 7am and by 5pm it’s done.

        Just have fun cooking, test your skills.

        • Copperhead:
          Sounds good thanks I’ll give it a try. Do you use the spicy v8 or the regular? Could you add in some diced tomatoes?
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • NR: Just do it if you get my drift (LOL). Add to or take away. I like it spicy and hot, add some crushed red pepper flakes to taste. It’s a basic.

        • I’ve had a similar recipe. I like to add Tony chachere’s Cajun seasoning. A good ole polish girl I worked with told me it’s good if you add pork sausage and venison to the beef also. I use diced tomatoes and paste instead of v8. You can really use whaTever you have in your pantry for this!

      10. Do you, aware, Americans not think it appropriate that, in keeping with the full disclosure laws of the United States, that all politicians in the forthcoming race, should wear their ceremonial Yarmulkes in a testimonial as to whom they serve? We know who they serve; It’s time America knew who they serve. Please, call your Rep and tell him or her,that it’s time to break out the Skullcaps and let the world know what the United States is all about!!!

        • All day, every day… with name changed. Why don’t you people jus start your own neo-Nazi, anti-Semite website. We’re all tired of your own little Nazi cabal. I’m no fan a certain *subset* of left wing Jews, *along with* other assorted leftists and elitists running this country, but your incessant droning on is getting really boring. Go away. We get it. You don’t like Jews. Rinse and repeat, and then repeat again 5000 times.

          Go away. And take your broken records with you

          • You’ll notice no one ever mentions the French, the real control masters and troublemakers of the world.

            That’s because they are so powerful they conduct a secret all encompassing campaign to blame the Jews to keep attention off of them and no one ever catches on.

            • Did you hear about the Israeli soldier who was sent to prison for eating a pork sandwich? Google that news story.
              I tip by bullets with bacon grease. Bring it!!

          • Well said TEST. Bravo.

          • Test, as many Awake Preppers have realized the many large problems of the world keep pointing back to the same parasite Joo tribe as the provactures. Better yet call Terminex. I’m all for eratication or pests from US soil.

            • So you, Al Queada, ISIS, Islam, Satan, and most of the hellhole of the Middle east and Africa are on the same side.

              Hope you enjoy it when all scores settle finally out at judgment, but keep in mind before that happens that Israel is the only place in the Middle East that is decent to live in and realize that there is a reason for it.

          • Hey Test:

            Good Day.

            Having a non-polarizing moment ?

            Using the term anti-semite means you are still caught under the MSM propaganda bus, unless of course, you are referring to Palestinians, who are also Semite.

            Most jews are of Khazar decent. Very few are of Semite decent.

            Rule 9 of the Internet:

            Whomever says nazi first –loses.

            I would prefer if you,d cry into your pillow and not post it. Some things are better left secret…..mkay.

            Hey All:

            Check out the agenda 21 land grabs:


            ht tp://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/our-national-parks-now-belong-to-united-nations/134628

            Be safe…..BA.

            • Yes,yes, and yes.

              The UN was born in 1945 and our USSAG was birthed as the leader of the New World. The superpower of superpowers after nuking Japan. Japan fell as a world superpower.

              America continued it’s rise, and for seventy years now, it has been a dominate force in world affairs.

              Superpowers that allow God to be taken out of their systems and replaced by demonic forces and replacing God’s laws with those of demon possessed leaders and ignorant liberal minds that follow them….. will always go down in flames.

              Time is up people. The prophecies of the sevens is about to climax at the 10 X 7 factor.

              Do the math…1945 plus “seventy” is 2015. Another marker that adds more strength to the signs and markers already in place.

              As the seventieth year reunion of the UN Charter coming up on June 26th, it may set further wheels in motion to the collapse of the final superpower on Earth…United Socialists States of Abortion and Gaymorrah.

              If it did not, I would be very surprised.

              • GOD BLESS ISRAEL… I’ll look GOD in the eye with a open heart thanks to my Lord Jesus and be confident of my conviction… GOD BLESS ISRAEL.


        This would be an acceptable reason to laugh at a funeral.

        A very prestigious cardiologist died, and was given a very elaborate funeral by the hospital he worked for most of his life.

        A huge heart, covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the service as all the doctors from the hospital sat in awe. Following the eulogy, the

        heart opened, and the casket rolled inside. The heart then closed, sealing the

        doctor in the beautiful heart forever.

        At that point, one of the mourners just burst into laughter. When all eyes stared at him, he said, I’m so sorry, I was just thinking of my own funeral, I’m a gynecologist!

        The priest fainted!

        • Copperhead:
          ROTFL!!! I work at a hospital and know several doctors.
          I could use a couple more.. Thanks.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Copperhead, ROFLMAO! That one is a classic. Been hanging around Eppe by chance?

        • Copper, great one…
          What would the proctologist think???

          • answer: anything butt…..

          • Answer: anything butt…

        • Most doctors have no sense of humor.

          About 15 years ago, I was invited to a Frogmore Stew party (Low Country Boil). A urologists and an Optometrist were there, and were pretty heavy drinkers. After everyone was buzzed, and laughing, I told them about the old fart and Viagra.

          I said… I was in the Pharmacy the other day and overheard an old man ask about getting his prescrip for Viagra filled. The young girl at the counter was very cute and the old man was grinning like a possum.

          He told her he wanted the generic brand of Viagra, because it was cheaper and it worked just as well. The cute girl said she had not heard of it and asked the old fart what it was called.

          He said ….”my-cox-a-falin”, and preceded to laugh his ass off at the blushing young cutie.

          A couple guys near me, at the party, were laughing, but the two doctors just looked at each other and stared at the floor.
          Dumb nuts.

        • Probably a depressing thought for proctologists.

          One has to wonder about them anyway. Here’s a person who’s used to having some choices in life, what with maing it through college, medical school, and residency. Now it’s time to choose a specialty. I KNOW…

          • Errrrrm… Could that speciality be SHTF survival? Do your best when the world is subject to the worst.

            • Sorry Doc, but my anus is exit only.

              • Huh huh huh… And that’s what you talk through.

      12. Emp,again?!Folks have known for decades the risk along with cyber attacks on grid,hence,find as best as you can ways to live without/alt grid your domicile ect.I would say as I do repeatedly get real info. you want from net NOW and print up ect.First aid/survival,any info you may think will be of use.I,excepting some music really don’t care as will not last long when it hits,tis by choice though,just won’t be able to see evil actions without my reacting and probably dying.

        • Did you fill up your preps and rogo bag with Potaasium Iodide? Want to know your Nuke Plant Threat? Go to www. RadiationNetwork. Dot com. Nationwide map showing live current radiation levels. Put that link on your cell phone. Go up wind from the Nuke plant to avoid the fallout.

          • Lol, not trying to push anyones products, any brand will do. But the nacent iodine is best, i have done the the research for myself and not relied on internet adds. Most forms of iodine are bonded to another molecule, ie. Potassium, sodium etc.the necent is a single molecule of iodine so it absorbs better.
            From what i have read as a start 5-10 drops gets your body ready for a radiation event, during high radiation 25 or so drops a day, for fallout exposure up to 75 drops a day, but only for a few days. But google it and do some reading, there are a couple sites from credible drs and scientists with great info, one directly about nacent iodine and radiation.

            • Plus one week pack of the potassium iodide is like twenty bucks..
              A bottle of the nacent has hundreds of doses at say 5-10 drops a day, a bottle last us 3 or 4 months for like 30 to 40 bucks.

              • TY.


              • Wrong Secret squirrel. You can get a 30 day suppl of Potassium Iodide at CampingSurvival dot com for like $15. And they even have PI pills for pets. Shop around.

                • Ok, i can get it cheeper than i thought, ill still be stocking up on nacent , that was the actual point in my post. Not the price of an inferior product.

        • Good point, WC. I have a very massive binder of printed out material, plus a decent reference library.

      13. “An EMP Could Change the Course of Global Civilization”

        These days, all of us are all living on borrowed time.
        Man-made or by Nature – a Carrington type of Event will happen.

        So be it, FTW – survival of the fittest.
        Though violent and barbaric, somewhere in that mess is peace.

        • Barbaric is as barbaric does. A certain percentage of my preps will go to help those who cannot (NOT *will* not) prepare, such as the mentally retarded, etc. “Lot of good that will do,” I hear you say.

          And what inhuman world will you live in that lives without a human face, without dignity, without love, without compassion?

          And please don’t tell me about those that will not wake up and not prepare. I’m not referring to those types. Rather, I am referring to those who truly cannot help themselves. An environment without any compassion is, by definition, Hell.

          • Aint that the truth.

            • As far as possibilities, the view on that is like assholes, everybody’s got one, (unless ya got it sewn shut and tote yer shit around in a bag hanging from yer side), and everyone’s opinion may differ. But that doesn’t remove the possibilities of the dozens of possible scenarios and effects of one or even three detonated above the earth.

              Hopefully, if we see one in NA, it will be contained to the grid and it’s components. No transportation by fuel powered vehicles would be a death sentence for millions. Especially for those in urban environments without food resources and protection by arms.

              Bands of gypsy type travelers would be clogging the exit roads from all metropolitan areas. Hoards of travelers would be stampeding neighborhoods in the suburbs, looking for, or just taking, whatever they desire. Many deaths would come, just from the inevitability of needing to protect family and it’s limited resources.

              The leaders aren’t even able to say with 100% surety that they know what all the possibilities might be.

              We have become so dependent upon our satellite systems, that taking out just a few, would cause mass hysteria in our daily lives.

              At this point, all anyone can do is just speculate the scenarios. Personally, we can only prepare for as much as we can afford. Some can afford it all, but just make the decision to keep a “wait and see” mindset. That attitude could prove to be the worst mistake of their lives.

              Three people/family members, that are keeping that attitude, are also keeping 95% off all their investments/retirement/savings, in the markets; because they are so greedy for an extra dime, they can’t see the forest for the trees.

              They may wake up on Monday September 14th, to find half or all those hundreds of thousands have become, vanished. Of course, that is just speculation on my part by inserting a date, and I will not be directly affected; but the fact remains……….

              something BIG, is on the horizon, and it has been prophesied by the Master. The signs are all around us. It reminds me of an old friend from the 80’s and 90’s. Every time i ran into him somewhere, he always had a business scheme/plan in the works, and would not divulge any information about it, except to always say, “it’s big, oh it’s really big”.
              BTW, he is now almost penniless and living off of an older and much uglier woman. He is awaiting early SS retirement in four years, if his parents don’t die off before then.

              Sad state of affairs, to piss one’s life away on nothing concrete, just dreams and fantasies.

          • Test.

            Looks like you going to have your hands full helping others. For those whom are institutionalized, either the state/FEMA will take care of them, or family, if possible bring their inflicted love ones home.

            Myself, I am not looking for any hands outs. Whatever comes my way and if I get screwed up. Well that is life. I have been a victim of the “GUILT TRIP” too long. Love and compassion for family, maybe. I have more feelings for a stray dog than most humans.
            Those that say I am cruel, I say I am embracing reality and there are people like me out there.

            The actions of society forges the soul.

            • I for one do not want to be “the last one standing”. I would rather lose my own life than sit by and watch my friends and neighbors suffer from starvation. I prep mainly for my grand children’s sake and not for an end to all scenario. It is mainly for when things get rough, to get them through until better times. I do not want nor do I look forward to SHIT. How can anyone really want that kind of hardship for others? It is almost like so many want to prove “I told you so” or “ha, ha I was ready and you were not”. How does that Bible quote about end times go, “lovers of themselves” some of this prepper attitude we display is just that, all about ourselves. I don’t want to be like that.

              • I agree Just Me. Life is so hard and so short.I choose to make the best of it that I possibly can. Helping people is a worthy cause. Thanks for giving me some hope.

                • The bible was written to comfort the weak sheep in society. But they will find out it is a usless book of hollow promises come SHTF. Grow a pair. Be a man and get yoir prepping in order as that is what will save you.

                  • Yes, it has only been aroung for 3000 plus years since its earliest books and there have never been hard times during all those years.

                    I’m sure when it is put to the test it will go the same way as all those other religions have that have come and gone since it was first written (wonder how it ever managed to survive with every other religion, nation and empire falling while its followers were able to maintain and grow in numbers and influence?).

                    FWIW, all those who have gone up against its truths and its followers have passed down the anus of history, most being completely forgotten, yet it and its followers are somehow still here and in greater numbers than ever before.

                    Perhaps Truth prevails while lies fail?

                  • or perhaps WWT you will find you should have heeded. Either way buddy, no matter how much we prep, eventually your and my body will return to dust. It is the soul that will learn the truth. Best of luck to you.

            • Way too many people are dependent on the grid. Back off some. I went back to zero point off the grid. How is the best way to design everything efficient and natural from housing, energy and water and all off the grid. I’m doing it right now. Need to get everything done and in place before society crashes. Like when the hungry hordes from the city migrate out begging looking for their next meal or kill over a bag of chips. Juat wait, the horror you and I will witness of the madness.

              • WWTI… You literally talk though your dumbass… People of the GOOD book ain’t weak. Quite the opposite… They speak the words of another that you unfortunately don’t know at the moment, but one day you will know him one way or another… It takes balls to stand before The Almighty God and admit that you’re a pathetic weakling in need of salvation. I sincerely hope that you will one day come to that place and accept the truth… You’ll never be the same, or ever be disappointed when you do… Get right with the light.

      14. Ya know what? I’m so tired of all the doom and gloom created by all the criminal governments and corporations in the world that I say “Bring it on!!”. Let’s see if the criminals in government and the elites can survive from the unwashed masses of people.

      15. The TPP is the prelude, they must bleed us dry of God, culture and everything wholesome before they send us into darkness. Population control, power and and a future of misery cloaked as utopia is what is coming.

        • Y99. What a friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bear!
          What a privilege to carry Everything to God in prayer.

      16. We are all going to die!……yep, I’m sure of it! LMAO. It didn’t affect those citizens during the Carrington event….and guess what?! They lived. Imagine that.

        • So did their currency.

      17. Lions and tigers and bears, OH my.

        • You bastard… LOL… I’ve got that song stuck in my flippin head… Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my. Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my… LOL.

          • green thumb!!!!!

      18. I’m figuring that some foreign SCADA hacking might be more of a threat to power generation than an EMP at this stage. What about a CME? Who knows, but if a few folks take out nine strategic power substations, then the failure cascade wipes out the distribution network. Who needs a nuke then?

      19. Like a lot of you if we make it another 365 days without TSHTF I will consider myself lucky…

      20. Another BS article..Must be waiting for Brave heart to confirm

        • Tacoma, I’m NOT going to try to confirm or deny the article. Like you and everyone else here, I’ve seen too many articles about EMP. I hope it NEVER happens, but who knows for sure? The BOL I’m going to is already set up for off-grid living just in case. time will tell. Take care.

          • @braveheart..I did not make that post.I no longer post at shtf.My moniker nhas been used several times.Most likely a troll

      21. Yeah this is another day that I did not use algebra. I thank the public schools again, for their low standards in teaching me about the world.

        • Actually, you did use algebra today, when you used your computer. Without it, no computer. No solar panels, no off-grid life, no technology. None.

      22. As many here know, a metal trash can lined with a spacer like 1″ foam can make a good Faraday cage- I think Tractor Supply has them. Keep your unused electronics in there, nested inside one more layer of shielding like EMP bags or tinfoil wrap, the 2-way & SW radios bagged up, etc.
        You can pick up the can and transport it, but for the lone wolf on the go how about a metal toolbox ‘radio shack’ that carries your comm equipment, solar charge kit, 12V plugs and things protected.
        Some cheap EMP preps might include extra fuses for your vehicle and a battery carry-strap, saving your used spark plugs because an EMP might fry anodes?
        I’ve read that if you can, unplug everything in your house, throw the circuit breakers, and keep at least 8ft away from all power, phone, & antenna wire lines.

        • That last item of disconnecting will work for solar EMP, but not for nuclear EMP. Nuclear EMP has a separate high frequency component which will fry unprotected electronics even if they’re not connected to anything.

        • Hank, I use a metal trash can [home depot for $25] as a faraday cage for the electronics I’m saving like radios, LED lights, etc. All items are wrapped up in separate bags with aluminum foil wrapped around them. I use bubble wrap [the ups store $15 for a 6-ft. roll] as insulation in the can. I keep the lid secured with duct tape.

      23. EMP? If it happens, and it might? What can you do.
        Most of us know how to protect our stuff.
        For me I’m planning on using gas, and Solar, after the gas runs out all solar. picking up panels, batteries, and inverters when I can, This will be my power supply. Still working on wind power when I get time.

        Just figure when or if the grid goes down things are going to be like the late 1800 early 1900’s THE GOOD OLD DAYS??? Things are going to be a bitch and we will have to work twice as hard to survive.

        Now if this happens in or around 2030 right now I care in 2030 I won’t give a shit I’ll be almost 80 and more than likely won’t last more than a month or so anyway.

        I really don’t think we will make it to the end of 2016 without a EMP. WW3 or a economic collapse.

        I’ve been Blessed with a good Wife, plenty of food, Medical equipment, water purification, Guns, Ammo, Great Friends, and Family. What more can a man need. Now that I think of it I’m going to sleep good tonight.

        • Sgt., yes we will have to work hard, but think of the meaningless things we’ll shed as a consequence and what we will gain from that in the end.

          • Y99
            You are 10000% correct. How nice it will be!!!!

            • +1 to both of you!

          • Y99:
            I know one thing that I will not care if I shed it off, 20lbs from off my fat belly.
            As far as hard work goes I’ll do what I can, for being a country boy there is not much I can’t do.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Y99, spot on. It will be a totally different world post-EMP and some good things can come out of that. glad to see you sticking around.

      24. Hopefully since us preppers will be in the last reminding 5,000,000, hopefully I am still alive since the balance of 30,000,000 survivors, then leads to mathematical cluster f…k of the self an aliasing phase then by dividing ÷5%\ ending with some kind of formula resulting in us preppers surviving to be the 3-5, million who made it, just promise me that none of you guys on here won’t kill me and eat me because of my good organic gamy meat. The crazy part about this is that we maybe eating each other. I have been told by my peers that I look good eaten.

        • HCKs:
          At my age, you better have some very strong teeth an jaw muscles, I’ll be old, tough, stringy and greasy and probably taste like an old boot.
          I probably would not even make good jerky!;-{
          You might be able to use me as cut bait???
          I put my math to the test and I figure that I have about 30 years if every thing does not go to HE!!. If it does then I might have 15 years, and that is pushing it to the limit. AIN’T LIFE GRAND!;-}
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Tough and chewy,just slow cook/stew longer ,no problems Reb!I really wonder what me folks thinking when they gave me the paperback Alive to me as a kid when it came out!I will say opened my eyes as a kid and,well…..intrigued my curiosity I guess!

            • Warchild:
              So now we know what happen to you when you were a child!;-} LOL!!!
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      25. “Just Pull It!”

        ~Larry Silverstein 9/11 wtc twin towers and bldg 7 lease holder/ insurer.

      26. I am meeting with the scientist soon again and plan on posting a frickin novel of and article on post SHTF END GAME. WHAT Is even scarier is that they are openly discussing this EMP thing, that I believe that it’s on the table that they are going to do this and I am getting ready for it, you all need to read One Second After, that was what my scientist buddy told me was the cabalist owner manual as far as public reaction to now food and water is concerned. I have looked into water filtration more recently it’s on my to do list, their won’t be any time to be boiling water in public when you have 1,000 black dred locks thugs advancing toward my area, hunting for food, water gasoline and girls, not the kind of situation I would use find myself in. just because I happen to be thirsty, just needed to make sure I am hydrated while I’m am busy loading 9 Winchester Hog Hammer slugs. Water source and water filtration is higher needed..

        • HCKS, I’ve read “One Second After”. That’s a hard and emotional read, but a very plausible scenario. When I got to the chapter where the guy was reading a favorite bedtime story to his dying diabetic daughter, my eyes started welling up. When I got to the page where she died, that was it for me. It took me 2 days to pick the book back up so I could finish it. In the last chapter it was revealed that one year after the EMP it was estimated that out of 300,000,000+ people in the US, only 30,000,000 were still alive and that was only an estimate. the real figure in a real scenario will most likely be much lower.

          • HCKS, on water filtration, may I recommend Sawyer water filtration products? I have the All-In-One, Mini, and their new SP140 Water Filter Bottles. The All-In-One and the Mini are rated for 100,000 gallons and the SP140 is rated for 1,000,000 gallons. SP140 has a built-in filter which can be cleaned and never has to be replaced. I’ve tested all 3 products in a year-round creek behind the BOL and they all gave me some of the best tasting water I’ve ever had in my life. On a water source, ALWAYS get your water from a RUNNING source like any stream, creek, river, etc. If the water is muddy, avoid it. None of the filters on the market are made to filter muddy water. NEVER get water from a pond. NONE of the filters can get everything out of pond water and you will get sick fast. bad water will disable you faster than anything next to a bullet. WATER IS LIFE.

      27. I laugh at the EMP grid down stuff people believe in. Out in mass not far from me is a field and it’s full of trucks with buckets on them. I delivered to the business next door and asked the guy what’s up with all the trucks he said they are there ready to be deployed by the gov incase the grid goes down. There are trucks as far as the eye can see. Whenever the grid goes down they will move heaven and earth to get it back up as fast as possible. The past ten years the grid has been replaced and upgraded there are some spots where the poles are old but not many anymore. Personally I don’t fear the grid going down sure it’s possible but unlikely. War is more likely to take it down. Wars don’t just start out as nuclear wars think about it. Someone sends the bomb as soon as it’s launched there will be a retaliatory launch. Nukes are reserved for the end game. We are not there yet. America will continue to turn into a communist regime. We will resemble country’s like china North Korea Iran Russia. They will take all the guns some day it’s gonna happen because nobody has the balls to stand up to it now. I’ve stood up to oppression before and nobody supported and stood behind me. I was reprimanded for it and labeled an instigator. It was years ago when I was more intolerant. I will never stick my neck out for the team again . This is what needs to take place someone to put themselves out there and people to step up and support in large numbers. I can tell you it will never happen because people are SCARED and don’t care about anything but themselves. I’m just like everyone now I don’t give a shit anymore just keep my envelope coming on Thursdays.

        • The bucket trucks aren’t going to be much help when transformers melt that are so big that exact replacements would have to be brought in by train cars. There was a transformer replacement test done, I think last year. They discovered that the original transformer was so huge, that it was brought in by train. The trouble is that the train and tracks are gone. So they had to find two smaller transformers to make do with.

          I don’t know how rich the locals are in your area, but not much has been replaced in my area. Everywhere you go, there are old, warped up, wooden light poles. Some places, the poles are leaning so much, they’ve propped them up with shorter poles. We have some on the main street of town that the middles are a foot or more off from being in a straight line with the top and bottom. The one in front of my house has a split in it through half its length. There’s one down the road that was knocked down by a car. It was replaced with another wooden one.

          As far as the huge transformers, most of the train tracks in my area have been taken up.

      28. Hout,have tested the personal Sawyer filter system,have a few of em around,in theory good for a 100,000 gallons of filtering.Tested em on my river in old hometown full of bugs and other such stuff and manned up and tested on a very nasty brackishtiny pond/large puddle ,no problems either time.I would though first filter large sediment thru t-shirt ect.Use also bleach made at home with pool treatment tabs,can’t remember looking for believe 69-72% ?,am sure a poster remembers,if not,will dig thru one of me bags and post down road,happy hydration!

        • Warchild, you made the right choice with Sawyer. I bought the All-In-One and Mini a year ago and then went to the BOL a month later to test them at the creek. better than my old katadyn. When I first discovered the SP140 Water Filter Bottle, I bought 2 of those and tested them on my last trip to the BOL in March. once again, great-tasting water. the bottles have filters that can be cleaned and never need replacing. i keep one of the bottles in the truck with me. they also work on tap water. Can’t go wrong with a Sawyer.

      29. Meanwhile in Zog CIA puppet ukraine and Free Donbass

        We have spoken with ‘Texas’, one of the better known American volunteers fighting for the DPR in Donbass. We made a deal to regularly feature his reports from the front, as produced by Essence of Time TV.

        * ZOG AMERIKA wages genocidal war against unarmed women and children.


        • No respect: why are white people killing each other, especially ones you can’t put a piece of paper between them for their differences?

          Are Ukrainians so stupid they can’t see the world is majority non-white and getting more so every year? Killing Russians is only going to leave fewer white people around to deal with the flood of migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

          • Ukraine is being run by the Zog Puppet masters.
            The world is a stage

      30. Carrington Event – child’s play?

        Scientists say Sun capable of producing ‘superflares,’ – 1000 times stronger than any flare ever witnessed – Washington Post,
        May 2015 – SOLAR WEATHER – Could the sun unleash a flare of such a magnitude that it dwarfs anything that humans have ever observed? Yes, says Kazunari Shibata, an astrophysicist from Kyoto University in Japan, and it could have incredible consequences. At the recent Space Weather Workshop in Boulder, Colo., sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA, Shibata gave a sobering presentation on the possibility of “superflares,” solar flares that contain energy 1,000 times larger than what has been observed in modern times.

        Also written up at https://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2015/05/06/scientists-say-sun-capable-of-producing-superflares-1000-times-stronger-than-any-flare-ever-witnessed/

        • Test,would willingly give up sobriety to sit and have a few drinks/smokes with those two,great conversations I am sure!

          • As would I. C.S. Lewis is one of the reasons I am Anglican. I would love to sit with him, Tolkien, Chesterton, and Flannery O’Connor. Just as a start;)

      31. Practical notes on a generator that opened my eyes. After a huge local storm that left my family in a 10 day power failure, I learned a bit.

        To be specific, I have a 5000 watt generator peak 6250 watt. It provides 240 at 20 amps. It was enough, I wanted minimal fuel use so bigger would have nixed that, I simply wanted to run a dual furnace heating system, sump pump, a freezer and refrigerator. Anything else was gravy.

        1. A generator like mine has two 120 outlets 20 amps each, or one 240 20 amp outlet. I isolated my service from the power company feed, and fed 240 into my service panel with all breakers shut off. One at a time I turned on the critical components. By checking current draw with a clamp on meter, I discovered the asshat electrician the wired my house, put them all these critical components on the same leg (120 side) of my service. This is 90% of the electricity I use all on one unbalanced side of the two interconnected 120 sides of my power service. Must have made the power company crazy, especially if every house in the neighborhood was wired similarly. Over the next couple days I rearranged, and relabeled the circuits in my panel to balance my common loads. Beware of shared wiring that is supposed to use 240 with a shared neutral. Google this if you have any questions, it’s important. The result, balancing the load, dropped my generator fuel consumption from about 7 gallons a day to about 4 gallons a day. A savvy electrician can do this for you, as well as installing a transfer switch to properly connect your generator to your service safely.

        2. Fuel. The general rule is match your generator to the same fuel your heating system uses, because you have it in abundance, and the fuel is fresh. Diesel generators will run on fuel oil, and there are natural gas generators though they are a little less efficient. I did choose gasoline because I do my own mowing and snow removal and keep a good supply of gas, as well I use my generator to run my welder, and drag it around the property to run power tools. If you choose gasoline, use fuel stabilizer.

        3. Oil consumption….. Small generators need their oil changed every 50 hours, yeah that’s every two days of continuous use, ouch! If you drive a car 5,000 miles at 45 MPH you’ll need your oil changed about every 100 hours. Generator engines run hotter. After learning this I switched to synthetic oil, for better engine life.

        4. OK, so you have 55 gallons of gas, and 4 gallons of oil… You can now be your own power station for 10 continuous days. Maybe 30 days, if you ration and run just a few hours a day, if you really ration and just run long enough to keep the house warm and food cold or frozen. Personally I’d rather pressure can the meat in my freezer, use blankets, and save the fuel to run power tools to fix important things, if I didn’t know when power will be restored!

        5. Carbon monoxide. Generators kill many people in every power failure, via carbon monoxide. One key circuit to activate is your smoke alarm circuit, which in my case includes three CO detectors. My generator was away from the house with a tarp strung over it to protect it from rain. Yet, there was a gap between the tarp and the house to allow excellent ventilation. Never the less, one night the prevailing winds drove the CO exhaust at my house for hour after hour. A CO detector in an unoccupied section of my house went off, I improved ventilation and we were just fine. May have saved our lives. Have a generator… Must have a CO detectors! Extra 9 volt batteries, a life saver!

        6. If anyone ever saw early episodes of “Green Acres” one of the problems they dealt with was a limited rural electric service. The wife who portrayed an air head figured out a simple system to figure loads, and what she could run without blowing fuses. It was actually brilliant. Running off a generator, you’ll have to do the same. We managed to use our microwave oven, washer and gas dryer, toaster oven, TV, dish washer, and all normal lighting, all the while keeping the heat on and the refrigerator and freezer running. Of course we were the only people within a mile with working lights.

        I may have run extra lights just to rub it in, but that’s just a filthy rumor….. I had been reviewing heavy used lighting and using LED lighting or compact fluorescents to light my home. All my daily normal lighting only required about 110 watts total.

        In a truly SHTF situation, you may want to be a bit more stealthy than I was. Multiple neighbors asked about my set up and swore they would install professional generator systems. Years later…. none did!

        If there is a truly an earth shattering, nation wide, power failure, and my little system survives. I’ll definitely scale back!!!!! Stealth will be critical.

        • Plan,good generator points,I would use propane as have large tank already and a extra line off it,something for folks to consider.As my well shallow have a hand pump at the electric pump itself that use to reprime electric pump,works great when power down though for basic water needs.I would recommend folks visit builditsolar for ideas to save energy and perhaps degrid a bit,a slew of plans for home made systems without huge cost,also recommend low tech magazine for other such articles along with the old but tried and true mother earth site,the best you can degrid,the better off you are.

        • Excellent generator info, Plan. TY.

          I don’t fiddle with electricity panels at my house. I use the green acres approach.

          I employ a similar generator routine as you, only I do not try to run my furnace/AC.

          I have three honda eu2000i gens (very quiet), and use dog houses with tarps to retard rain, and disguise them.

          Thank you for idea to go get more oil. I have about 8 quarts on hand. I like the 50 hour oil change tip.

          • Ben Raines.

            Most generators need air flow. If you cover them up too much you will burn them up.

            • Aye, aye, SlingShot.

              They are homemade with no real walls. Roof, base, and supports. I use camo netting for the walls. I say dog house because they resemble a dog enclosure, with a decoy metal post near each one, and a length of heavy-ass chain leading to inside the “dog house”.

              From 10 yards away, they look solid, and it appears as if I have 3 dogs.

              Maybe miniature hillbilly gazebo is a more accurate description. I probably stole the idea from someone on here, or in the books I read along the lines of One Second After, Going Home, etc.

              The last time I used them for emergency power was June-July 2012 derecho that had power down in whole area for 6-10 days. We went 140 hours w/o power.

              That was the week I discovered that I needed more 5 gallon jerry cans for gas storage/rotation.

              Now I just run them on heartworm day, once a month, for about 15 minutes, on a wee bit of new gas, and then drained. Or when the power is out for more than 45 minutes, which does not happen very often.

              Thanks for watching my back, SS.

        • PTPO: HELP!!!!!!
          I have a question for you and anyone else out there.
          Here it is, If EMP’s burns out electronic equipment (that have transistors), that is not properly protected and is in or under the EMP how is it going to run. IE generators???
          They said that all the newer cars, trucks will not run the older ones will, pre the electronic crap they put on them. Points and condensers, now I’m aging myself.
          Planes will fall from the sky, trains will roll to a stop, all they are, are a big generator that runs on diesel fuel, pulling freight and people.
          So if anyone can help me here I could sure use it. I was thinking about a solar powered generator, but reading up on EMP’s I’m wondering if it would work after TSHTF!!!
          Thanks for your input.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • Goal Zero has solar generators, pretty much portable turn-key set-ups. Check out the GZ Yeti 1250, just hookup the solar panels. No noise, and can power the fridge etc.
            I’m not sure how EMP hard they might be, or if you could protect them inside a metal shed or something- I know that’s been discussed here.

            • Hank:
              Thanks for the Info, I’ll look into it a little more.
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Northern Reb,

            There can be different sources for EMP, like the sun, nukes, EMP bombs. Each is most destructive to different types of devices. The sun produces long frequency waves more like low frequency AM radio. Long wires pick it up best which make it especially dangerous to the power grid and anything else with long runs or large coils of wire. A cell phone will likely survive.

            Nukes produce very fast magnetic snap like pulse. They will have less of an effect on the grid and more of an affect on the appliances plugged into the walls. Think of super electrical spikes getting into everything, more like high frequency FM. It could fry a battery powered radio with it antenna extended, but the same radio might survive with the antenna retracted.

            Then there are EMP bombs. Often a large wound coil arrangement that has a magnetic core that is propelled by a large explosive charge. Thus in Iraq people reported a bomb exploding in the air, their electronics failing as little bits of copper wire rained down”. These literally produce a super blast of microwaves, and are effective for a few city blocks.

            There’s different tactics for shielding against the different types of EMP. I suspect that anything that can take a direct lighting hit, will likely survive. Certain cars will do better than others. Four identical cars parked, but pointing different directions, some will get fried some might survive. Industrial wiring that meets explosion proof specs will do best. Planes are designed to take direct lighting strikes, I suspect most will survive.

            My house once took a direct lighting strike. I lost quite a bit. It hit the steel garage doors and followed the rails into the garage door openers and on into the electrical service. The worst spike got into my computer network. I lost the router, hub, and network interface on two computers. It destroyed; the garage door openers, Dish net receiver, the TV surge protector, one lap top, the router, network hub, and a couple light bulbs. Damaged but repairable were two computers, I added new network cards. My TV lost one HDMI port the dish box was plugged into, the other six ports on that TV still work fine.

            I have to say I’m over the top with surge protectors, and I think they saved many appliances. My philosophy is if it costs more than twenty dollars, plug it into a surge protector, and if it costs more than a hundred dollars, plug it into a really good surge protector. My TV was likely saved by its surge protector. The cumulative affect of many surge protectors is additive. I like surge protectors because they save and extend the life of electronic from normal power surges.

            I do have a couple ammo boxes with spare radios, CB etc in them, batteries removed, old but functional cell phones. Because of the circuitry, I’m thinking spare LED and CFL light bulbs should be stored in a steel box?

            Your generator question? A small generator with no connected wires just sitting turned off in a garage, may just survive an EMP. If it is a brushless design, a set of spare diodes for it might be nice. Spare points and condensers for old style engines might be nice. An ignition module for newer engines might also be nice.

            If an EOTWAWKI EMP hit I may just run my generator a little every few hours until I’ve canned all the meat in my freezer, have the last of the cold beer and shut it down. The fuel and the generator are much too valuable to waste, it is perhaps a resource worth saving for the big jobs it can do. For short term disasters with a power loss for a couple weeks, it’s a blessing.

            Shielding a generator. I’ve considered using industrial duct work to build a box out of galvanized sheet metal that I can store my generator in for EMP protection. But when I look at my to-do list of survival items, this due to low probability, keeps falling off the bottom.

            I’m of the opinion a major economic collapse is imminent, and is the disaster I should be getting ready for. I like solutions that address several possible disaster scenarios including the most likely. I’m insured against theft and fire, but not asteroids for a reason.

            Politicians may be hyping EMP, because they want to spend more of our money, or they want to distract and mislead. I’m thinking the latter! It may look like they are preparing for an EMP, but it’s more likely they are preparing for a dollar collapse without admitting it.

            • plan:
              Thanks for the info, I have old popcorn tins lined with corrugated cardboard about 1/2 inch thick with all my c/b’s, Walkie/ Talkies. radio’s, clocks. night vision, ECT, sealed and in the basement. That should take care of those items. I also have two generators that run on gas, and always have at lest 25 gallons or more gasoline on hand to keep the freezer going long enough to either can or smoke my meats.
              Once again thanks for the Info!! Now this is how the sight is suppose to work, friends helping friends!;-}
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • Yes, this is how it should be. thank you for the info!

              • I like your plan, you spent very little, but have taken steps to insure the survivability of a few critical electronic appliances, I have a nice new radio that uses a lithium battery. The lithium battery itself has a built in protective sensitive circuit. I think my spare batteries need to be in a steel box.

                An extra point not spelled out. The more an EMP device is fine tuned by engineers to improve its effectiveness the likelihood that it operates on higher frequencies. Military EMP bombs that operate at microwave frequencies are surprisingly easy to shield against. They are line of sight.

                As frequencies of the magnetic waves get lower, it gets harder to shield against them because they begin to ride on the earths magnetosphere. So an EMP from a coronal mass ejection from the sun may be the hardest to shield against. If you can shield a room so a compass is useless, you are on the right track.

                If I could shield but one room in my house, it would be my garage. To preserve the tools, cars, generator etc would be golden. Will I? It’s still pretty low on the probability graph!

      32. Braveheart thanks for the recommendation and putting some input on this. Muddy water is a problem and so are ponds, the muddy water must be strained and even if you filter it you may still have to boil it. Water will make or break a prepper. The water problem is what the scientist to us, a lack of it is where all the trouble comes in, he believes in hidden storage tanks away from ponds and muddy crappy water out in fields..damn, now you scaring the crap out of me, I am now seeing problems in my preparation. Water storage and the ability to transport it to mg shtf location will be a problem. Even the scientist friend is worrying about it, says that we could still get f…..ked, we will have lots of food but no access to clean water. Wesley Rawles talked about this same crap in survival blog about it. Halling sh…..t loads of water the middle of shtf calapse, to designated shtf retreat is not easy. Damn it, every time I think I am ready I keep seeing that I am Not fully ready. This is what he was telling the 30 mil drops to 3-5 mil. Now it’s making sense, water or lack of it is how we get f….ked to those numbers. The rat bastards know that the EMP is going to really finish is off…

        • Hout,drive a hand driven well and add hand pump,rain barrel collection system,some 55 gal. drums now there with water treated and treated before use for safe side,hate to say it,though water very important feel there is a lot that will make/break a prepper!

          • HCKS, what Warchild said is 100% correct for water collection and storage. My cousin’s BOL and all my families homesteads have deep wells with hand pumps in case the power goes out for the electric pump and also have rainbarrel collection systems on their homes. the barrels have built-in filters to treat the water. Having a well dug and setting up the collection system are expensive but worth every penny. Those items will save your life.

      33. “Telling the Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies!”

        – George Orwell

      34. “An E.M.P. Enema might just be what once free Zog Amerika needs to Reset the Balance of Power for We The People!”

        • Druid.

          There are lots of good people that will be hurt, but something has to happen to bring people to reality.

          Where do you think the chicken tenders and steaks and ribs come from.
          Everybody should go to the stockyard and then to a slaughter house and see how animals
          are processed. Then to the power plant and water works and see the systems and how they work. Even take them own to the sewerage plant and get a sniff. How about a farm or a lumber/paper mill.
          In my world, No tickie, No Shirtie.

          • When I was in high school, our biology class went on a field trip to the local sewage plant. Amazingly enough, you could stand on a grate above the incoming sewage and not smell it at all. They add chlorine as the sewage comes in. Then it goes to ponds where bacteria eat a lot of the sewage. Worms eat the bacteria. And every so often, they backflush everything into the river, where the ducks are waiting to eat the worms. The solids that settle are trucked away to landfill or to farms.

            The whole operation looks like a park, and there is a large park just across the road.

            • EAT. SHIT. DIE.

      35. OK,since I get sick of the resons why we may be fucked and feel need for more how to help ,well,for lack of better word,unfuck ourselves here is a decent post crash communication article: ht tp://readynutrition.com/resources/what-will-be-best-form-of-communication-if-the-grid-goes-down_05062015/ ,you know the drill toavoid moderation,space between http,good read.

      36. OK,here is the pool shock article I mentioned last night couldn’t find,can be bought inexpensively at job lot/wally world ect,avoid the higher cost of pool supply UNLESS only source in your area,then go for it.Most is usually on shelf about roughly 70% calcium hydro whatever,works just fine.Just make up what you need for a few months at a time,does have a shelf life when mixed but stays good long term in tab/granular what have you form,happy reading! ht tp://readynutrition.com/resources/what-will-be-best-form-of-communication-if-the-grid-goes-down_05062015/ ,sigh,again spaced to avoid the dreaded “Moderation Game”!

        • Warchild, for the newbies out there I just want to say be sure you get the pure pool shock not additives. And get solid directions on how to mix…..screw this up and you’ll get yourself dead. Warchikd has posted those before I believe.

          • Dammit Warchild!I put in the wrong link,sorry folks,will try again! ht tp://simplypreparing.com/disinfect-water-with-pool-shock/ ,OK,that is one of 100’s about using the hydrochloraphate/what have you(spelling,I know!),just not in a editing mood,that said,no excuse for using the wrong link!Oh,you know,spaced in http to avoid moderation game.

      37. Well good news. The house in CT not on market till end of next week, but may have it sold already! Sitting on the back porch of the house in the Sip making a mental list ofwhatneeds to be done. If house sells I’m gonna tell hubby to take 6 months off work and let Get this place where it needs to be. Need chicken coop X2, rabbit hitches, electric upgraded and generator installed. Pick up a little bull calf and raIse him gentle, then get him a few little heifers. Some dumb bastard encased the well head in cement with a six inch pvc pipe. Gotta expose that and get a flojack. And I’m just getting started. Fortunately dad and Rita were ‘preppers’ by nature, so I’ve got about 250 mason jars in the shed, two sheds full of coffee cans with every size nut, bolt washer screw and nail you can imagine, and 3 years of wood!

        • NPPH, sounds like you already have the makings of a homestead. Especially make sure to get some kind of hand pump for that well; that will be a lifesaver if the power goes out for the electric pump. My cousin’s BOL and the family’s homesteads all have rainwater collection systems with barrels with built-in filters. A system like that for your home is invaluable. Most of my relatives were raised on farms so they can grow food in their sleep. They also have some livestock. All have woodstoves for heat and surrounded by a LIFETIME supply of firewood. They all learned how to hunt, fish, forage, etc. at the earliest possible age and pass on those skills to their kids as early as possible. They were preppers before the word was ever invented. I already know I’ll be going to the right place when the time comes.

          • I have two food grade barrels to bring down from CT when we bring the last truckload in a couple of weeks. I plan on a gutter along the back porch roof with the barrels at the end of the house out of sight. My dad had barrels and thirty gallon tubs set up under shed rooflines all over the place. He used it to water animals and plants. I just can’t get animals till hubby gets here. I work away from home during the week. Working call shifts at my new job.

        • Pity,when you get a chance if the older metal coffee cans get the newer plastic ones,less rust that way.I always get dissicet (dry packs)and throw one in each container.When I or a friend have a old tv/mower ect. beyond repair I strip em for nuts/bolts/screws,saved me a run to store many a time.I have 6 coffee cans full of 12/16 penny galvanized nails from me dad,back when they were galvinized so looked like they were dipped in lava,a real outdoor nail!

          • Our house came equipped with tons of coffee jars full of nuts, bolts, screws, and nails. That’s one of the advantages of having a house that was built during the Depression.

            Also, the outhouse, chicken house, biddy house, etc.

            • And the people who inherit our home will also be blessed with likewise. Some things never change.

        • that cement is the well seal to keep stuff like bacteria from run off, leaching down your well from along the well casing. If you remove it, dig around the casing about 4 feet deep and add 300 lbs of betonite crumble #8 (fancy ass refined clay)around the casing as you back fill to seal it up.

          • My well in Virginia has a metal cap with a seal that is about 4 inches above ground. In this one here the well casing extends about a foot up out of the ground, the wires come up out of it and there is cement poured Into the pipe. Are you talking about the same thing? I’m not sure.

            • @ No pity…No I thought the concrete was around the outside of the pipe. Sounds like you will have to dig down the out side of the pipe a few feet, cut a Window in the side so you can hook onto the wires, pull rope and drop pipe before you try to remove the concrete. Get a well report before you start to see how deep it is incase you have to fish the pump and wires back up…. or just leave it alone if it works well(no pun intended)

      38. I have a generator but I don’t look at it as being able to sustain electric service for long. I actually feel it’s a waste of $ that I even bought it. I used it once and the lady next door come over and said oh I didn’t know you had a generator. My point is it’s noisy uses a lot of gas not efficient and needs frequent oil changes. Still a slave to gas that as you know won’t be available to buy at gas station without power. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good machine I got for cheap new. I feel it’s good to run tools like my electric chainsaw I got it hooked up to the house to fire the furnace if power goes out in the winter. But how long will it run before I run out of fuel. As for water filters I got a katadyn pocket with the carbon filter. It’s heavy duty and I figured don’t be cheap in this area hopefully it will give me a lot of clean water before it breaks. I got pool shock and have the right formula to add it to water but I don’t want to drink chlorine long term if I don’t have to. As for EMP I just don’t see it destroying the entire grid do you realize it would take a lot of poles and wires to go down and transformers to fry. They have replaced most transformers and they are in metal containers which everyone calls a faraday cage I’m sure they are replacing things with EMPs in mind they’d be stupid not to take this into consideration. People that live in rural areas lose power the most that I can see. It’s not the end of the world losing power you just make due people have lived and still do in some countries without electric everyday. When the meter stops turning I’m not paying so bonus I save $. They will work around the clock to get grid up again they want $ and all the meters are not turning they are losing$

        • It doesn’t matter what the transformers are enclosed in. If they are connected to the long electric lines, they will be fried by a sufficient EMP, whether solar or nuclear. If it’s a solar EMP, everything plugged into the grid or the phone system or some cable TV lines will fry. If it’s a nuclear EMP, all the other modern electronics will fry. I have seen the demonstrations of circuits being fried in the lab. Many cars and trucks will stop in the middle of the road. Some will restart, but some will be permanently dead (without replacement parts).

          And yes, the electric companies are indeed stupid or they just hate to spend money. Next to nothing has been replaced in my part of the country. We have old wooden light poles. A lot more than you would believe are almost as bent as chair rockers. The one in front of our house is split, and has been that way for years.

          The largest transformers cannot be directly replaced in many places because the tracks are gone that brought the trains in to deliver them, and trucks aren’t big enough to carry them down roads. Replacement transformers are no longer manufactured in the US, and there is up to an 18-month wait for one after it’s ordered. If the EMP is solar, it will have world-wide effects, meaning that replacement transformers may never be made.

          The only bright side to the world-wide effects of a solar EMP is that it may not affect offline factories in the US. If we could get power going to our factories, we would suddenly have all the manufacturing we used to.

          BTW, I believe the chlorine will evaporate out of stored water after it’s opened for a little while.

      39. Why do nuclear power plants have to switch to diesel generators and limited diesel fuel stores to run their cooling pumps? Why can’t some of the electricity produced by the plant be directed back toward running its own cooling pumps? By doing this the nuclear plant should theoretically be able to sustain itself.

        Will someone please explain this?

        • Rorinon:
          If I remember this right it has to do with the voltage and maybe amps, They are way to high to run let us day a 480 volt generator. At the glass factory that I worked at we had 4480 volt coming in to our power house (that what we called It) and it broke down the voltage to rum the plant. We had 120 volt, 240 volt, 277 volt, 480 volt, and so on. I’m no nuke plant engineer but this is what I was told.
          The voltage leaves the plant on high tension power lines and then is broke down in the substations down the line and then to the area that is calling for it.
          Also If the EMP fries the grid there is no place for the power to go and they have to shut down the generators. and the water has to cool the rod for I think for at least 7 to 10 days maybe longer.
          So that is why the diesel generators have to be running to keep the water circulating to keep the rods cool, but here is another problem. EMP’s fry electronics and all the new generators are ran with electronic equipment on them, just like your car or truck. SO!!! are these generators going to run and cool the rods down by circulating the water????
          I hope this helps.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. REB

        • Rorinon: A nuclear power plant does supply its own electricity for cooling, etc. It’s when the plant is in danger of shutting down or has shut down, losing its own electricity, that it switches to diesel backup to supply the needed electricity for cooling, control room operation, lights, and so on.

          It’s similar to a building losing electricity and going to backup power.

      40. D DAY 6th June… Thanks to one and all who played their part in WW2 no matter how small.

        • Anon,also happy B-day to me dad,first since he moved on to the other side,gonna miss him.

          • Warchild Dammit! Sorry for your loss… For what its worth fella I miss my dad too… Brothers in grief for a season… God bless.

          • Warchild, this month will be the first Father’s Day and dads bday without him. Thoughts are with you.

            • Anon/Nopity,thanks and lets just remember the good times(yea,know there were hard times also but when isn’t there between kids/parents!).I have no religious conviction of a next life but feel if this one exists possibility of a door and a next one,someday hope we all meet again!

              • WD! I wish you well.

      41. Those that matter will be deep underground in their bored out rat holes, the rest can eat shit and die. T minus 10 seconds until the problem is solved. Kaboom!!!

        • Do they eat shit then die? Or eat then shit then die?

      42. You all ain’t kidden, water is life, and lack of it means death in days..i got storage of water, the problem is how to move how long will it last, a well is a good thing, that what the scientist did..but if you have to leave your area, now we have another problem..everybody is got plenty of guns ammo, food etc, but it ot enough food and water. I believe that Jade Helm soldiers will be poisoning our water supply. If the cabal can’t attack us with soldiers domestic and foreign then they are going to drop EMP weapons in us to let us kill each while they go to DUMBS And ride it out, this is some really serious scary very true sh….t that we are facing, all in a sudden it’s EMP this, EMP that l. EMP up my azz everywhere I look. We better get ready, eat bastards are up to no good.

      43. Dear Concerned High Up Important Citizens;

        Your government will get to hardening our power grid and securing our southern border after we cure obesity, and stop global warming.

        Because those are the biggest threats facing our nation today.

        All this talk of hoarding all that fattening food, and of burning that evil gasoline in those noise polluting generators is not helping, and we ask that you get on board with the plan to save the polar bears, and our circumference-challenged citizens.

        Presidential Study Directive (PSD) Director


        Black swan? False flag? EMP???

        Whatever excuse TPTB use to keep the lights off,
        and the EBT cards to go down,
        to cause society to go nuts…

        when they come for the sheeple, they will have one question…

        Ribbed or regular?

      44. Anyone attempting to use an EMP as a military weapon would have to be trying to kill themselves as well.

        The world can survive ONE Fukushima (actually, jury’s still out on that one)



        Really now. The most radically batshit insane goat f*cking terrorist wouldn’t even consider doing something this stupid.

      45. ” White Lives Matter! ”

        Philadelphia Residents Protest ‘ Racial Attacks on White Neighbors ’ BY GANG OF 4 Black Women


        • Druid, solus lupus, digs, Katy-O. Or whatever your name is? Perhaps after scratching your spotty ass then picking your snot laden nose then fondling with your abnormally small dick, maybe just maybe you could at least try and add something of value to the subject at hand… I wont hold my breath.

      46. The goal in an EMP is to survive the first week. It’s cheap insurance to buy a metal trash can and aluminum foil. Pack away some batteries, flashlights, solar chargers, CO detector, and a small battery powered Shortwave receiver. You should have most of this stuff stocked away anyway.

      47. Think how much smarter you will be after reading this.

        MONEY BAGS

        Glass takes one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times!

        Gold is the only metal that doesn’t rust, even if it’s buried in the ground for thousands of years.

        Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end.

        If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. When a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off.

        Zero is the only number that cannot be represented by Roman numerals.

        Kites were used in the American Civil War to deliver letters and newspapers.

        The song, Auld Lang Syne, is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English-speaking country in the world to bring in the new year.

        Drinking water after eating reduces the acid in your mouth by 61 percent.

        Peanut oil is used for cooking in submarines because it doesn’t smoke unless it’s heated above 450F.

        The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.

        Nine out of every 10 living things live in the ocean.

        The banana cannot reproduce itself. It can be propagated only by the hand of man.

        Airports at higher altitudesrequire a longer airstrip due to lower air density.

        The University of Alaska spans four time zones.

        The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself.

        In ancient Greece , tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage. Catching it meant she accepted.

        Warner Communications paid 28 million for the copyright to the song Happy Birthday.

        Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

        A comet’s tail always points away from the sun.

        The Swine Flu vaccine in 1976 caused more death and illness than the disease it was intended to prevent.

        Caffeine increases the power of aspirin and other painkillers, that is why it is found in some medicines.

        The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armor raised their visors to reveal their identity.

        If you get into the bottom of a well or a tall chimney and look up, you can see stars, even in the middle of the day.

        When a person dies, hearing is the last sense to go. The first sense lost is sight.

        In ancient times strangers shook hands to show that they were unarmed.

        Strawberries are the only fruits whose seeds grow on the outside.

        Avocados have the highest calories of any fruit at 167 calories per hundred grams.

        The moon moves about two inches away from the Earth each year.

        The Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust.

        Due to earth’s gravity it is impossible for mountains to be higher than 15,000 meters.

        Mickey Mouse is known as “Topolino” in Italy.

        Soldiers do not march in step when going across bridges because they could set up a vibration which could be sufficient to knock the bridge down.

        Everything weighs one percent less at the equator.

        For every extra kilogram carried on a space flight, 530 kg of excess fuel are needed at lift-off.

        The letter J does not appear anywhere on the periodic table of the elements.

      48. The “Illegal Immigrant” Recovery? The Real Stunner In The Jobs Report

        “In the latest jobs report (May 2015) we find the following stunner: since the start of the Second Great Depression, the US has added 2.3 million “foreign-born” workers, offset by just 727K “native-born”.

        This means that the “recovery” has almost entirely benefited foreign-born workers, to the tune of 3 to 1 relative to native-born Americans!”

        “the “foreign-born” catogory includes both legal and illegal immigrants unfortunately, the BLS is unable, or unwilling, to distinguish between the two.”

        “the vast majority of all jobs since December 2007, or 75% to be specific, have gone to foreign-born workers, a verifiable fact.”


      49. Damn right Druid white folks matter. This is the shit that needs to be spoken up about. Why should white folks be second class. We have had enough of the bullshit black women are hostile angry nappy bitches. Look at most of society’s problems they come from blacks mostly and Jews. I’m just calling it as I see it. Most blacks I’ve dealt with are illiterate yep most but not all. They feel they are victims. I don’t see it that way I see them as hustlers crack dealers thugs they are not trying to improve theirselves they are ignorant because of not having an education. They act like America owes them. It never occurred to them that they owe themselves. I suppose it’s white people’s fault ha. It pisses me off that white girls like these fools. Then they wonder why they have a kid and the father isn’t around. No self respecting white man would want her after all that.

      50. The hardest part for my husband and I in a SHTF situation will be NOT helping strangers. We are both volunteers at our food pantry and have our own supply of food set aside. We both know that we cannot take from our personal stock and help people, because at that point, people will not be nice.

        As Christians, we feel commanded to help others, and if we let our hearts get in the way, we’ll be dead. Hearing someone cry for food will tear at us.

        • Mountain,understand your thinking and kudos for helping out others now!I will help probably anyone after best of ability threat assessment,tis who I am.I am the guy that helps a stranger with a tire/picks up hitchhikers ect.,alsovolunteer @ animal shelters carpentry/picking up and delivering donations(am more attached to four footed folks!).I see someone committing evil in or out of uniform will go for it whatever the odds,otherwise,no point in me being around.I have no wife/kids so unless adopt in tough times am on me own,thus,will laugh on the rock in hell smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer(yep,the sobriety done at that point!)laughing at the scared/evil ones as they come in!I have no fear of hell personally as I almost married Julie,knowing her was the worst hell can offer me!I am by no means a christian but cannot see acting otherwise in tough times.I have had a good life i.e. great pets/family/friends/many girlfriends thru the decades along with Tull shows,good ride but knew it wouldn’t last forever and am OK with that!

      51. They could ground every major transformer in the US for about a Billion dollars. That amount is about what they freely give as aid to Pakistan every year. Why dont they do it? they dont want to… The object of the game is to not save any of you. the game is to have you all gone. If an Emp happens then they are free and clear of blame. Fo it was a natural disaster right?. You people need to stop asking why and come to the grips with the facts that they dont care about you or your families , life become much easier when you know. No nation will ever ground their electrical grid.

        • EMP –or– SMART GRID?

          I agree with you, SHTF-Planet, that genocidal numbers of deaths may be their goal. However, I do not think an EMP-attack (Fast-Kill) is their game plan. Why? Because they are ALREADY using THE GRID ITSELF as a Slow-Kill-WEAPON. They *NEED* the Grid in order to implement this so they won’t allow a “blowing up” of the Grid.

          They are mixing MICROWAVE Weapons Frequencies with POWER GRID Frequencies, creating a Slow-Kill-Mixture of High & Low Frequencies via the “Smart Grid” which massively overbears the natural extremely low frequencies of the human body (4-10Hz).

          The corporations not only make a ton of $$ from the gadgetry required to implement the SmartGrid, but they also let us PAY them for our own Slow-Kill-Death from it (electric bill), & people are none the wiser as to what is disabling them (heart disease, cancers, neurological diseases, auto-immune diseases, etc.)

          Plus, infrastructure is retained for their future benefit vs. blowing everything up with bombs & EMP attacks. No invading army needed. The weapons are being added TO THE GRID & delivered to you, up close & personal, via your Wall-Wiring.

          “Common” People (vs. “Govt.” people & their sold-out scientists) on the frontlines warning of this unfolding Microwave+Grid Disaster, google their videos/audio interviews, letters, articles, presentations, etc.:

          –James G. “Jerry” Flynn, Retired Captain, Canadian Military RF & Electronics Expert. Lives in BC, CAN. His original 2012 MWR slide show of 340 powerpoints is now up to 500. See YT.

          –Curtis Bennett, double-credentialed Electrical & Thermographic Expert: ThermoGuy.com. Read his killer letters to BC govt.! Also excellent text interview of Curtis at Will Thomas Online; + many YTs.

          –Victor Nixon, M.Sc., former UK SS Military & decorated Middle-East War Veteran; Computer Systems Automation & SCADA Expert/global contractor/Electrical Industry. Lived in USA, PA & Idaho. (Deceased 9/17/12, age 59: He had been in a years-long letter-writing war vs the FCC & DOJ & local states’ PUCs; some think he was killed for this. He “died alone in his Idaho cabin of heart attack” supposedly.) His many papers & letters to govt. officials re the Smart Grid are still online. One good summary is a long tribute/PDF by John Weigel, “Tribute to Victor Nixon, EMF Warrior.”

          –Barrie Trower, PhD, former UK Military Microwave Weapons Expert & SS, also holds double degrees in teaching & research. Age 69. Lives in UK. Lost Arts Radio just did 3-interviews w/Trower in April+May. See their YT channel.

          –Magda Havas, PhD, Trent Univ.; has been entrusted with Zory Glaser, PhD/USNavy’s 8,000 MWR studies/archives being posted at her site.

          –Joel Moskowitz, PhD, Berkeley Univ., Family & Public Health Dept.

          –Martin Blank, PhD, Columbia Univ., author “Over Powered”; BioInitiative Report 2007 & 2012; one of 200 independent scientists who appealed to the UN this May to stop the Runaway Radiation Madness. See YouTube.

          –Sam Milham, MD, Epidemiologist, MPH/Retired; author “Dirty Electricity: Electrification & the Diseases of Modern Civilization.” He’s now 80+ yo & lives in Calif.

          –Dave Stetzer, Former USA Military Top Secret Crypto/Electronics; Stetzer Electric, Wisconsin.

          +Many others. “Boil The Frog Slowly” website & YT channel has many interviews re this subject with the above people & others.

      52. Mountain, you ARE RIGHT, YOU CANNOT HELP OTHER NON PROPPERS..your conscience is what is commanding you. When shtf comenses, screw conscience. Let me throw a few opinions at you. Don’t let lazy un propared people teqr at you. They will be coming to kill you in four days, with guns and it will be your entire subdivision. Check the racial demographics. If it’s 60% black. 20% Mexican, and the rest chinese and Muslim. You need to get the hell out that area immediately, it it’s 10 % white and red neck, they might be peppers, you need to meet with those yes right away. And they will be the only one you can trust and work with when the EMP hits. 90% of you neighbourhood is not prepping at all, plan to leave the area with you allies,.i hate to ge into this racial stuff but I have to realistic..

        I can help you with a few guidelines, get with the red necks, dudes with came hats, you know the typical F-15O, or Chevy doses truck types, more than likely they are preppers or are prepared. Do not, I repeat, please do not start helping people with food, you will be dead in 4-5 days from the violence that will be coming you way, get with the red necks, band with them for fire power cover, I can’t get into much detail about this. As much as God loving Jesus lover that I am, mother nature is a vicious killer in post shtf, worry abut your self and figure out how to get the hell out of the area, run a real war game with you allies, you need to start now or you will not survive. Get the online Selco shtf course and this will be your education process, you need to make sure that you know what you doing..if you have lots of blacks in your area, they are the first to become very violent in post calapse. Black people have a commonality, 99% of them do not prep, and that 90% will be coming after you and your husband, so stop advertising yourself showing that you have food, that needs to stop now, begin to secure your food and provision, study your roadways, learn all routes so that if routes are blocked you have other alternatives and other routes.And remember. God helps those who help themselves..

        • Classic advice, HCKS. You are so right.

        • Classic advice, HCKS. You are so right.

        • Hout is correct. Don’t feed strays. Rememberno good deed goes unpunished. If you share your taking food away from you and yours. What is coming isn’t any reset. Its not a reversion to a 1800,slifestyle. Its a skyrocker to a stone age existence. Survival if the fittest & meanest. Root hawg or die. and 90% will die. I will feed unwelcome tresspassers nothing but lead. You better think twice about trespassing on that place that looks abandoned.

        • HCKS, damn good advice and I believe the same things.

        • How does one find those “Redneck Preppers”? I know FLA is full of “rednecks” but wouldn’t have a clue how to find the good ones.

          The horrible thing re FLA is the humidity. Humidity is a destroyer. You can’t store any foodstuffs in humidity if you want it to last. When/If the AC goes, there goes your food. I would not even store canned goods in a humid garage.

          So how are other preppers in high-humid environments storing their food?

          • Limited Prepper.

            The Good Red Necks Hide in plain sight.

            The best way is canned or packaged store brought dehydrated food stored in cool temps. Seventy degrees F. temp.

      53. God helps those who help themselves. Exactly my thoughts. I don’t feel commanded to help people just because I’m christian. Noah was a prepper he knew what was coming people laughed at him but when the flood came they weren’t laughing anymore. Everybody knows the world is in decline and that they need to take some simple steps to insulate themselves from the disaster that is coming. If they do not do what is needed to make it through it’s not my fault. I can have a clean concience . I will help where I can but if it’s not safe to go out I’m not putting my neck out. Everybody can afford to do a few things to stay safe. If you can’t afford a firearm sell something and get one of save a few bucks here and there. They are affordable. All the other things you need you use everyday just buy extra a little at a time. It’s not a big deal IMHO. Keep it simple resist the urge to go out and get all this stuff there are people who don’t know what they are talking about and just wanna make $ off scared people. The fear mongering never took hold of me like some people but I did take some steps acquiring a few critical items. If you got $ and wanna go balls out it’s your business I’d stay hush about it.

      54. I feel the need to store more vegis and fruit.
        I looked at dehydrated and I do have some cans but-
        $164 for 60 or so servings???
        $164 will buy a lot more canned fruits and vegetables!

        Last year I ate potatoes from a can that was out of date
        by 5years. The can was not dinged or swollen. When opened, it smelled fine and ultimately it tasted great!

        Another thing I started was every week end I go in to the dollar store because the company “Reach” started making the best toothbrushes again after they had been discontinued. I buy 10 packs floss, 5 big tubes of toothpaste and 10 double packs of toothbrushes for about $36 every weekend.
        Toilet paper is on the list too along with Safeguard soap.

        Dog food, I keep 1yr (full servings) of science diet stacked in the corner of the bedroom at all times. Dating is 18months on bags so I rotate them. In a bind (SHTF), it could be stretched to 2yrs.

        Going today for another $200 in canned goods-
        it just doesn’t feel like the game can last much longer???

        God is watching…

        • Yo 1Vet:

          Did REACH really begin making their greatest ORIGINAL toothbrushes again? They had simple plain handles (no fancy rubber padding) with a BENT ANGLE near the top that fits so perfectly toward the teeth, plus they had COMPACT-size Brush Heads (perfect for petite-size teeth!) & you could get FIRM or MEDIUM-Firm brush heads. Loved their ORIGINAL Reach toothbrushes that made them famous; then like all corporate dopes they ruined their own product.

          Another long-lost fantastic product was the Original UN-WAXED floss by Johnson&Johnson. Impossible to find UN-WAXED floss!

      55. It’s get even more serious now, not only am I not feeding people with my prepps from hard earned money, they are not getting any help, f…k them..show me your prepps and prove that you have done the responsible thing, then we can merge as allies. with the post EMP stats of a remainding 3,5 million shtf survivors, the odds are not working in the favor of the un prepared..

        Now it gets worst. Hodges jus posted and article with a source backing up the fact that last night, a border patrol helicopter was shot at, and hit, by gun fore, almost shot down by ISIS soldiers advancing inside Loredo heading toward the city, who according to his source just crossed over the border in Loredo with and army massing down and advancing inward, yes according to his source, the army entered Texas and the helicopter was monitoring the army and he army fired on the helicopter.

        Mac, please post the article, I am unable to link it right now, any shtf-effer first to read the article please post the link. This is going to go down, it’s anxious that something is about to go down in days if not weeks.

        • I read the report Hout, and there was no reference to ISIS. I think you might be inserting some assumptions of yours in there buddy. Just state facts, if you want to be taken seriously.

        • HCKS,

          People in Texas need to investigate whether or not there are camel jockeys heading towards Laredo.

          This should not be difficult to verify.

          I read Hodges’ postings too, but sometimes he seems a bit skitzed out.

          Just my .02

      56. Excuse my type o’o I need to turn off that Damn spell check, you all must think I an illiterate..not anxious, meant serious, who the hell would be anxious for that to that to happen. Someone needs to post the link..

      57. England Eats S**t: Now ILLEGAL To Defend Yourself

        ht tp://www.theburningplatform.com/2015/06/07/england-eats-st-now-illegal-to-defend-yourself/

        once an empire
        now a sad little shit hole of an island

      58. 1vet I have eaten canned stuff way out of date like you and it’s fine even tasted good too. From what I see only the survival food folks tell preppers that canned stuff won’t last blah blah they think they were the fist ones to make storage of food probably because they stand to make $. I keep my canned stuff in the cellar it stays cool down there and food lasts in a cool dark place. Canned is the way to go IMHO. Rice in bags is a good thing to have you can use it to stretch your food it’s cheap easy to store a lot can be boiled quickly. The only bad thing about canned food is the sodium but during shtf your gonna want the extra sodium probably.

      59. President Obama wants the UK to remain in the EU!
        Where does this black bastard coon US leader stop?
        Fuck you President coon Obama.
        Your own people fuckin’ hate you.
        Keep your coon opinions to yourself you black muslim bastard.
        The people of GREAT BRITAIN want out of the EU.
        Fuck you Obama.
        And fuck the EU.
        God save the Queen. Long live the Queen.

        • The reptilian queen is responsible for MUCH of the problems over in the U.K.

      60. Just me, I think your trying to discredit Hodges nicely, his report and sources have confirmed that and army is heading our way, ISIS camps are in Mexico 3 miles from the border. Who is it that the marine chopper was monitoring? The Mexican army, ISIS, Chinese military. Bottom line is that something is up..I red the report again, I don’t have a reading disability, you have to understand what he is getting at. He has sources, his accuracy is proven
        I have a source, I don’t put much of this info on this site because of the sensitivity, I can tell you this much, Hodges is telling the truth..I am not at the border to see with my own two eyes, but I wil take word for it. When what ever hits, that will be the wake up call. You haven’t read some of my past post like when that Russian spetzatz came up in my face in the Galleria and threaten me and my girlfriend two yrs ago..lot more things I have experience that you can imagine. It was hodges who talked about people complain t russians in the country threatening and in some cases, have killed women, men, hunters, I had the experience of one up in my face in the Galleria demanding to see her computer because she posted crap in facebook about russian occupation only to our supprise to be confronted by this extremely muscular russian make 5’10’who out of nowhere pulled up in a white lexus and entered the store, demanding to see her computer, then I threatened to remove him by force and told him to leave or things are going to change, my girlfriend was really frightened. He turned around and left. So don’t jump to conclusions trying to talk crap about Hodges, he is right on the money.

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