Welcome to Your Agenda 21 Apartment: Thousands of Hong Kong Residents Forced to Live in Subdivided “Coffin Homes”

by | May 11, 2017 | Headline News | 90 comments

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    The explosion of housing costs is one of the greatest economic crises in the developed world. From San Francisco and New York to London and Vancouver, the average worker’s paycheck is being devoured by the cost of rent. This daunting financial barrier is putting people on the streets, and preventing the next generation from raising families and entering the middle class.

    For people who live in these cities, there’s really only one thing they can do. Their only option is to look for a smaller apartment, even if it’s tragically tiny. That’s what’s happening in Hong Kong, a city that now has the most unaffordable housing market in the world. Over 200,000 of the city’s poorest residents are forced to live in subdivided apartments, many of which are so small they’ve been dubbed “coffin homes” according to the Daily Mail. Take a look at what it’s like to live in one of these hovels.

    A coffin apartment like that can cost over $300. But in many cases, subdivided apartments that are only a little bigger than that, are home to entire families.

    Single mother Li Suet-wen said she struggled to explain to her son, 6, and daughter, 8, why they live in a 120-square-foot one-room ‘shoebox’ cubicle.

    ‘Why do we always have to live in such small flats? Why can’t we live in a bigger place?’

    ‘I say it’s because mommy doesn’t have any money,’ said Li, a single mom whose HK$4,500 (AUD$785, USD$580, £447) a month in rent and utilities eats up almost half the HK$10,000 (AUD$1,745, USD$1,288, £995) she earns at a bakery decorating cakes.

    ‘They fight over this and fight over that. If there’s a day off (from school), the two of them will argue,’ she said. ‘The bigger they get, the more crowded it gets. Sometimes there’s not even any space to step,’ she said. ‘They don’t even have space to do their homework.’

    Homes like that are so common in Hong Kong, that the UN has called the situation “an insult to human dignity.” And that’s exactly what it is, because this didn’t have to happen. Only 7% of Hong Kong’s land is designated for housing. However, Hong Kong isn’t the only city where we’re beginning to see these ridiculously tiny apartments.

    In every city where there is a housing crisis, you’ll often find that there are zoning laws, city councils, environmentalists, and homeowners who are all preventing real estate developers from building more homes. And when that happens, people in lower income brackets have no choice but to pay a fortune to live in miniature apartments. Sadly, this is happening in America too.

    The San Francisco Bay Area for instance, has become notorious for these types of living arrangements. In Oakland, you can rent a shipping container for $1,000 per month, and one 25-year-old man built an 8 by 3.5 foot wooden box, which he placed in a San Francisco apartment and paid $400 a month to live in. The worst example is this crawlspace, which two San Francisco residents tried to rent out for $500 a month.

    We Aren’t going to sugar coat this, as you can see by the photos, this is a basement crawl space and the ground is un-even. My roommate Neil has agreed to help out and level off the dirt crawl floor and we have some scraps of rug to throw down.

    There is a decent amount of room for a mattress and night stand and you can keep a dresser in the garage. You will be able to run an extension cord into the crawl space for light and the garage provides decent heat for those chilly SF nights or feel free to bring in a space heater.

    Since you’ll have access to our bathroom and kitchen, we don’t want any slobs! It would be great if you were also in tech so that we can talk shop but that is not a deal breaker, perhaps you are a founder still looking to get that seed round and this is all you can afford!

    Of course, in many cases these living arrangements aren’t officially sanctioned by the government. In New York City however, a series of micro-apartments was approved and built recently, all of which measured between 260 and 360 square feet, and cost between $2000 and $3000 a month.

    This is a trend that should not be ignored. These high density apartments, which could become commonplace in the near future, fit right into the Agenda 21 plan to corral everyone into extremely densely populated cities.

    Like it or not, this is what the elites in every developed nation have planned for us. They want us to spend a fortune to live shoulder to shoulder, so that they can increase the tax bases of their cities, and make us easier to control and more dependent. More importantly, they love the idea of forcing us into tight spaces, because it encourages communal behaviour rather than independence. Because of that, the development these micro-apartments and coffin homes should be resisted at every turn.


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      1. Maybe there are also too many people trying to live in one place.

        • Too many people on earth. Especially if humans are causing global warming, Can anyone say soylent green.

          • global worming or global cooling is fake ,made up for carbon tax an control of people. fake temp numbers..21

        • Well people plan to bug out. They just didn’t realize only a bug could live in their tiny BOL?

        • Western Europe’s leaders are all childless.

        • That is the same as everywhere else, it is a job availability issue.

        • These “people” are already dead…. They just don’t know it yet…

        • So how much child support do the father(s) of these children provide in addition to the 10K HK salary she makes as a baker ???

          The POVERTY LEVEL in Hong Kong is 16K HK dollars a month for a family of four. She probably qualifies for some kind of State Aid if her baby daddy is not making child support payments.

          Of course maybe he is an ILLEGAL from the Mainland and cannot be held legally or financially responsible by the local government; not unlike Mexican ILLEGAL anchor babies that you and I subsidize.

          Remember the black snowflake who wanted to know who was going to feed her six kids when her EBT card stopped working ??? Maybe women should think about who is going to feed, clothe, house, and educate her kids BEFORE she has them.

          Its not MY problem OR financial responsibility. I have no sympathy for these brainless cunts who can’t think beyond the end of their clits !!! 🙂

      2. This overcrowding is one more reason to stop immigration. We don’t need or want more people, we have too much traffic as it is. With low birth rates and boomers dying, the overcrowding can be reversed back to what it was in the fifties. Just stop people from coming here. It is a matter of survival and quality of life.


        • Grasshopper….you come long way. Here is new concrete hut. One hundred time better than bamboo one.

          • Yes and when you die, concrete hut can be your FEMA coffin dropped in ocean.

        • Totally agree: we should be getting back to the population and density of the 50s at least. The current progam, to import the third world into the first world, is going to make the first world the third world.

          We are living through a population disaster. It is just not possible to have a stable society where violent negroes are packed in like sardines with old white wrinklies and aggressive, hustling Muslims.

          • The photo above looks no different than a college dorm room. Is this really a story?

          • Notice how far the US has fallen since the 50’s? The Immigration Act of 1965 started the downfall and NAFTA finished it..

            • Always look for the ROOT

              Always start with the (((FAKE MONEY)))

              1964- last year of any PM [silver] in the monetary system

              1971- gold removed from international system

              orgy of paper ever since

        • In China, you have to register with the Police where you live, like a Sex Offender here in the States. Even if you are a tourist Visitor, you need to check in with the Chinese Police to register where you are staying. If you fail, you can have the Chinese Police show up at your door, and have your passport taken away and face penalties. China is NOT anyplace I would want to visit.

          Also Preppers, go check out LandWatch.com 34 wooded acres in Blowing Rock, NC, rushing creeks, etc, backs up to National Forest only $39.9K Go find your slice of heaven off the Grid. Connect to solar and be energy independent.

          Also today .50 Cal Ammo cans only $10.99 at SportmansGuide. Time to keep all that ammo you bought and produced in safe keeping. Buy the sealed ammo cans. And place a few O2 and moisture absorbents in the can, will preserve your ammo for 50 years of more.

          Caught an Ahole trespasser on my property yesterday afternoon, the creek canal is way low and the Ahole walked around my fence line at the property line, and was walking my bank which is all part of my property out to the middle of the canal. I pulled a pistol on the Ahole I have warned several times about stepping foot on my property. I also have plenty of No Trespassing signs up, and he set off one of my motion detectors, so I grabbed by pistol and went to go investigate and caught him. I told him, I shoot trespassers, and said next time there will be no warning, I’ll just shoot. He is the neighborhood thief, meth punk. Probably doing recon to steal some gas, like he has been doing to another neighbor. Never let these Aholes on your property ever. You will regret it if you do. Today I am going out and shooting off a magazine of practice ammo from my pistol, so he is fully aware and can hear it, and as a reminder I am packing and am not messing around.

          • Vacuum seal your ammo.

            Stay quiet Be smart

        • Agree totally, so much traffic getting worse. we don’t need immigrants esp the bad guys pushing sharia law here. Most end up on welfare anyway and breed like mice. Places like Hong Kong, NYC and mega cities world wide need to control population, as many eat out of the dumpsters and forage for food in alleys and beg on the streets.

      3. Just move everyone to the “ghost cities” china built in the deserts… supposed to house 3 million each..

        • Uhhh, I thought it has 12 million per city. Just saying. 🙂

      4. Loving my 5 acres in the pacific northwest…

        • Yeah and you will until the Plates snap. Then bend over and kiss your ass goodbye! 🙂

      5. I’ve been screaming this. They want as many people condensed into an area as possible. They want people to use public trans buses and commuter rail. It’s no thing for people to live in a tiny apt for $1800 a month. They want everyone to pay more for less and they try to market it as hip. Here your car reg is based on vehicle curb weight. So if you have kids and need an SUV you will pay for it. They gotta lower Americans living standards to be like rest of the world. Any available land has been subdivided and large apt buildings built being marketed as upscale condos and townhouses. To me they are the projects in desguise. Large concentration camps after the collapse this is how they get everyone into the FEMA camp without them knowing.

        • In Phoenix Arizona the PTB built a billion dollar light rail system stretching from downtown Phoenix out to Tempe (ASU) and on to Mesa; also up 19th Avenue and out to Glendale (Cardinal Stadium).

          MASSIVE numbers of apartments are going up along this light rail corridor. These apartments are normal size, but they speak to the Agenda 21 plan to eliminate the American Dream and downsize American prosperity.

          Death to the NWO. Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

      6. I suspect that eastern gov do not respect human life in the way western culture did at one time. This is communism on display and part of agenda 21 in you city/county/state. Incrementalism is the game your death is the plan of course dehumanization is the method. NWO, One World Gov led by UN WHO, WBS, CFR, …., they all have the same goal, its sick.

        They have to implement multiculturalism because, they do not respect independent cultures nor humanity as a whole. So everybody has to get on the plantation. They stoke the fire supporting behind the scenes groups (Antifa, BLM, CAIR) that they hope will wipe out cultures through conflict and EEO/Civil Rights.

        Hows that working so far? ME, Europe and now here. China lost its identity post WWII same for the rest of Indochina. They converted to Communism and lost their culture with help of Japan and the Bolsheviks. Chinese take out does not count as maintaining ones cultural heritage! Neither does poisoning ones homeland for the sake of greed. (American Manufacturing) If EPA really did what it was supposed to do all the CEO’s would be brought up on charges for this as a result for their greed. But so should the stock portfolio holders in Congress.

        How bout the NK election? The new prez wants open communications with NK; war stalled out for now.

      7. I’d say if you don’t have your own house with a fenced lot you can grow food your screwed.

      8. Nothing new. Been seeing muti room houses where I live divided into room apartments with rent about 3 a month.
        Sharing a bath, kitchen.

        Same with one bedroom, house divided into two rooms.

        Have them narrow long built houses, styled like container cars. I think built to house temp families.

        • I live in Houston TX. Here the mex’es rent a one bedroom apt and cram 3 families into it! They say it’s better than they had it in Mexico!

      9. Not surprising to me. Several days ago, a flea market owner was cited for having over 20 apartments built into concrete block ‘garages’ with shuttered front door. No power, no plumbing. But people were paying $200 a month to live in them.

      10. Not surprising to me. Several days ago, a flea market owner was cited for having over 20 apartments built into concrete block ‘garages’ with shuttered front door. No power, no plumbing. But people were paying $200 a month to live in them.

      11. Off TOPIC: Post SHTF – What would be the best item/thing/skill to bring to a community. What could I provide a community/group that would insure that they would take me in and welcome me into their group? In other words what of value could I bring to the party?

        Knowledge would be tops. If I were a Doctor or had real medical/dental training. However, my legal training is more likely to get me strung up!

        Water. If I only had a few hundred dollars. What could I acquire that would make me most valuable Post-SHTF. I think I’m going to buy this:

        LifeStraw Community Hollow fiber filter for $329.00 at Amazon.

        Thoughts and opinions would be GREATLY appreciated. I don’t want to waste $300.00 bucks.

        • Also, this would allow me to “barter” water by refilling empty water bottles?

          • Justic, the best thing you could do to survive is to go to an old folks home and pretend you are visiting. When no one ☝️ Is looking just eat the dinner ? 0f some old senior dude.

        • I like and have used Sawyer products. The Sawyer Products SP191 Point Zero Two Bucket Purifier Assembly Kit with Faucet Adapter on Amazon for $118 does the same thing with you supplying the bucket. It can filter up to 170 gallons of clean water per day. I bought one a few years back for $89. Just remember to get a personal Sawyer Products PointOne Squeeze Water Filter System on Amazon for $46 for your family that comes first.

          • Thanks. I will check it out. I like $118.00 a lot more than $328.00.

          • rabbitone, I put a good water filtration system on the house, with several years of replacement filter. I figured that they always manage to keep the grid up, however, the quality of the water can become “questionable”.

            Now I am prepping for a potential grid down/EMP scenario. I admit that I have been very lax with respect to water. I just thought that a grid down was unlikely and prepped for what I considered more likely scenarios. However, this North Korean situation has changed my thinking!

            I recently purchased 15 cases of bottled water and filled my 2 55 gal barrels. Just today, I purchased the LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier. I have 6 packages of powder Pool Shock and assorted purification tablets. There is a large pond about 3 miles away. I will have to scout any additional sources of water.

            Any additional thoughts or ideas are always appreciated. Thanks.

            • Try to find a ground water source if possible, or deeper water source like a well
              surface water sources can easily be contaminated , or become contaminated.( or sabotaged ) Even if you are using purification methods , its always nicer to start out with a water source thats not so compromised

              I have a ground water source on my property that runs daily , PH is at about 7 , and its clean enough for human consumption right out of the ground ,I can pump about 8 to 10 gallons out of it every 2 minuets or so , although in a SHTF EMP world , I would take the steps to further test and purify if it became my drinking water source

              having a clean water source no matter what the world hands you , is so important , sounds like a good plan you have going , its a necessity of life

              • My ground water source is 11-14 feet blow grade , the soil in this area is loamy, sandy and pebbles..perfect water filter

                • Enemy of the State, my brother has a deep well with a manual pump backup and a stream that runs right behind his house. Also, he has the land (and knowledge base) for growing food and chickens. We might make a stand at his place, however, he is located directly between Washington DC and Baltimore.

                  I used to live close by, but after 2008 I moved to Western Maryland to be away from certain elements. It’s safer (and I am among like minded people which is VERY important) but I lost land and space to do certain things.

                  Everything is a trade off. If the grid goes down getting the roughly 30 miles to his house become almost impossible?!?!

            • Don’t forget about you hot water tank, 30 to 50 gallons of potable water depending on tank size… Just shut the tank down, let it cool off, open the pressure relief valve to allow air in the tank, open spigot on bottom of the tank..

          • Rabbitone, you chose the right brand. Try out the Sawyer Water Filter Bottle with a removable filter that can be cleaned and never needs replacing. Also have the All-In-One purifier which is great. Can’t go wrong with Sawyer.

        • Assuming the worst, and if it makes you sleep better at night, then yes, now is the time to consider news skills, even in an Venezuela 2.0 scenario.

          First. Your desire to help rather than add to the problem is a good start. Fear and anger are diseases of the mind. However, don’t forget to evaluate the community, as it goes both ways.

          The biggest issue, once we get past all the yahoo’s whom want to play soldier and kill everyone, is dropping the need for possessions. People got along with the basics. Provide a basic and you’ll have a large customer base.

          It’s also going to be hard work, in fact, expect to spend all waking hours doing what’s needed just to live. You’ll discover sore muscles you thought that you didn’t have. Age and physical condition will have a lot to do with this. Choose wisely.

          Reading up on the Bosnia occupation, it was mentioned that a man whom figured out how to make Kerosene, never went hungry. It’s assumed that most folks owned a lamp then. So you might have to throw in lamp making.

          Overseas, I remember seeing men getting by on the simplest of things. Such as owning a portable air compressor to inflate tires, and roving shoe shine boys and street vendors. Anything to make some coin.

          Think back to the old west, what shops were always present?

          Blacksmith: Knife making, metallurgy, bullet casting and gun repair.
          Saloon: You’ll have to produce the product from growing to distilling.
          Dentist: Learn how to pull teeth. Pulling decayed teeth was better than risking an abscess, an infection that kills.
          Barber shop: People like being groomed, even in tough times.
          Other skills: Candle making, soap, shoe repair and tailoring.
          Growing and administration of herbs for medical needs.
          Growing tobacco and weeds. Nuff said there.

          You might have to be a jack of all trades, at least more than one. Being open minded to recognize a need when presented, and crafty enough to salvage the right junk/tools to produce.

          The positive spin on this is that you’ll find a renewed sense of belonging and importance that will make life more tolerable.

          • A lot of those old West towns often had a ‘knocking shop’ as well….. usually upstairs in the saloon.

        • Learn to make simple and effective things if you’re not geared to creating while thinking on your feet. YOUTUBE info while it’s still available.

          1) distiller – learn what a water distiller is in its simplest form. Learn what a distiller is for alcohol and how it’s used.

          2) How to make DIY rocket stoves.

          3) If you own property, fruit and nut trees/bushes around the border. If money is a limiting factor, try starting a potato or two, and onion out of the kitchen. Grab a clipping from a known fruit tree in the neighborhood (with permission )Feed yourself, barter with others. Food and water never goes out of style.
          I’ve got fruit and nut trees and bushes nnot for just my food, but to start cuttings and for seed to trade and expand food production. My newest trials will be amaranth, sorghum and sunchoke. Limited space but a viable source of seed/tubers will allow for quick expansion.

          If you walk around with a Lifestraw for a community, who’s to say it’s not just going to be taken from you?

          Your brain simply can’t be seized to get your skills, training, insights, or instincts. A strong back is a plus too.

          Good luck

          • Thanks boyo! If survival relies (and it usually does) on skills, training, insights, instincts and/ or a strong back then I am in real trouble. I’ve become an indoor dog and I’ve done got old. Consequently, I’m hoping that a little money and planning can over come these rather significant limitations that I face. Best of luck and keep stacking!

          • boyo,

            Great post! Fruit and nut trees are always good.

            Try growing a fig tree. The Chicago fig tree thrives even in colder climates. It will produce figs for many years.

            The Chicago hardy fig tree is:
            • The cold hardiest fig available
            • Low maintenance tree with high fruit yields
            • Drought tolerant
            • Pest resistant
            • Grows easily & quickly in zones 5-10
            • Will produce figs the first year after planting

            Chicago hardy fig tree

            (I saw Chicago hardy fig trees at Lowe’s last week.)

            Many different things can be regrown from cuttings or scraps. Celery, onions, garlic and scallions grow FAST.
            I have pots with mint, basil & cilantro regrown from cuttings.

            19 Foods You Can Regrow from Scraps

            Sunchokes are very easy to grow. Grow with caution, they can be very invasive. Grow in a raised garden bed with a screen wire bottom.

            • thanks mom.

              I have a celery base shooting up stalks as we speak. As well as carrots.

              Who knew?!?!?!

        • Most useful skills include physical labor, something I’m aging past the ability to do well. You might learn how to install/replace /repair manual well pumps. Depending on where you live, water may be a minor issue, or none at all (like where I am) or may be huge (think AZ). Food will be critical. Learn to can, dry, and store food. Learn to grow it. Learn to fish. Learn to hunt. Learn to milk a cow. Learn to defend that cow from enemies. Grow chickens. Eggs will keep you alive for a very long time. Roosters can be eaten (and should be, because they deserve it). Can you dress a wound? Stitch a major cut? Set a bone? There are classes in every small town that teach this.

          • Roosters can be eaten (and should be, because they deserve it)


          • In Arizona there is A LOT of water for those who know where it is at … and where it is free for the taking.

            Not enough water to quench the thirst of 18 million people evacuating SoCal when the BIG ONE hits; many of them will die of thirst before they reach the Colorado River and even more will die of thirst if they leave the River after reaching it.

            But I will never be thirsty in Arizona. Never. 🙂

        • Justic, you won’t be welcome no matter what you bring so stay home unless you want to bring trouble.

        • PUSSY

        • I Would look at a Berkey Water filter instead.

      12. I am glad I am an older person.
        I pity the next few generations as they have no clue what is coming.
        Sometimes folks get what they deserve whether they know it or not.
        Complacency kills, but they will only know this when death knocks on the door.
        History can be a great teacher, unfortunately the ability to read has been lost.

      13. Agenda 21 (now renamed) is utter evil and filth.

        Make “socialists” George Soros, George Clooney (google “George Clooney mansions to see his multiple massive mansions), Babs Striesand (see her digs described in Do As I Say, Not as I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy by Peter Schweizer, or avowed Learjet leftist Tom Hanks – who bought a 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific Palisades for $26 million in 2010, the largest transaction for a single-family home in Los Angeles County in that year, to live in one of these. Make them be true to their socialist worldview instead of being the hypocrites they are.

        Oh wait. Socialism IS spelled h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y. My mistake.

        As Orwell said, we’ll all be equal in the socialist workers’ paradise, only some of us will be “more equal” than the others. Just compare YOUR own vacation to Obama’s monthly zillion dollar uber luxe vacations

        • Meanwhile, these phony philanthropists expand their empires and waste excessive amounts of resources. These people are annoying and surely they can’t believe they are relevant.

        • Babs is a two-faced Pinocchio.

      14. Hmmmmmm. Well, this is article is interesting as it does not include the fact that there is rabid growth in what is now the “tiny living” industry. Many people are shucking traditional “homes” to live “tiny”. Many are less than 300 square feet with few amenities. There is no telling how people view a situation. The difference is our human perspective on the situation.

      15. Blasphemy Conviction for Christian Governor in Indonesia

        His “crime”…

        “Blasphemy charges against Jakarta’s Chinese Christian governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, (more popularly known as Ahok) originally were brought during the contentious re-election cycle when he suggested that Muslims were deceived if they believed that al-Maidah 51, a chapter and verse in the Quran, said that Muslims could not vote for or be governed by a non-Muslim leader.”

        Ahok “was found guilty of blasphemy by a panel of five judges in Indonesia and sentenced to two years in prison.”

        ht tp://dailysignal.com/2017/05/10/blasphemy-charge-christian-governor-sign-deteriorating-religious-freedom-indonesia/

        • Thank goodness another religious radical in jail.

        • KY Mom, this is proof positive that there can be no assimilation between Muslims and Western democracy.

          This proves the two are incompatible!!

          • Justice, but will humanity figure it out in time?
            Have my doubts.
            PS, a good shotgun added to your preps would be in order.

            • Ketchupondemand, you are preaching to the Choir. Saiga 12 ga semi-auto (for if I know trouble is coming) plus Mossberg 930 SPX (sitting right next to me at all times) and 500 pump (my backup weapon).

          • I don’t want any of those foreigners to “Assimilate”, I want to shove them back out of my country.

            Afrika for Afrikans,
            Asia for Asians,
            White countries for Everyone!

            It’s called genocide!

          • Justice,

            Good point!

        • KY Mom:

          Indonesia is a good lesson for Americans. However, as we speak (type), there are camps of criminal Muslim extremists right here in America teaching such things as how to attack and slash someone’s neck.

          Our government under occupation of a foreign State in the Middle East, is setting us up for a civil war with Muslims, otherwise they would not allow these rag heads to come here and then look the other way while they build an army to terrorize us. Who should be killed first, the snakes in our bed, or the snakes who put them there. Either way, the longer we ignore the problem, the more difficult it becomes to deal with it.


          • B from CA,

            Yes, there are a number of terrorist training camps around the U.S.

            The government knows about them and has done nothing to shut them down.

            Islamberg in rural upstate New York has Muslims training for guerrilla warfare.

        • It is against the law to chew gum there too.

      16. Trump getting ready to lay down the hammer on the American people with his Banker buddies.

        TRUMP LYING ABOUT NORTH KOREA, LYING ABOUT THE WHOLE COUNTRIES POSITION. HE IS IN IT WITH THE GLOBALIST. ITS REALLY BAD. HE IS NOT ON OUR SIDE. The future by years end. I told you all that North Korea is under US control 100%. Did you all know that Halliburton is in North Korea. Did you all know that NK has a shit load of gold and silver deposits, say what? Trump is in with his banker buddy according to this legitimate source, boy this gets even better.

        Dirt on Trump and Flynn. The have to cull the population, and kill off 265,000,000 of us by 2025..


        It appears that Flynn is running a massive 10,000 man security force to use against who?

        Or could this mean that by October 2017, the dollar is dead and its time to deploy Jade Helm 15, to master the human domain. And for all the Trump lovers out there, your a fucking delusional and may in fact need medication, and lots of it.


        Sorry trolls, you too late, the link is up for all to listen to.

      17. I say their lucky? I’ve been all over the world, including places like Bangladesh, Shri Lanka, Sudan, Somalia, India, Indonesia….there are 100s of millions living in abject poverty, starving, with virtually no shelter. A sturdy cardboard box would be an upgrade. To have a 120 sq ft room, with heat/AC, food, sanitary plumbing and clean water would be akin to living in heaven.
        As for most Americans? Many of us could never grasp just how lucky we are. Even the poorest here live a life of luxury compared with most of the 3rd world.
        No story here…..move on.!!!

      18. Jan 23, 2009 Agenda 21 explained very well.

        Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.


        Agenda 21 – United Nations Sustainable Development Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992. AGENDA 21.

        https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/Agenda21.pdf – Similarto Agenda 21 – United Nations Sustainable Development United Nations Conference on Environment Development.

      19. I despise the elite like any guy but it is only a solution to a bigger problem: overpopulation. This will not make me popular but it is the fault of religious groups for encouraging people to breed like rabbits. It is worse in the developing world, especially Africa, but it is also happening in the developed world. I know many who have three or more kids. The poorest in rich countries have the most kids and expect the state to pay for them.

        The planet cannot handle it. Resources are already unable to match material demands from the world’s population (we need many planets worth of resources to handle who is here right now). Another factor is the economic system, which is designed to hoover wealth upwards in the most efficient way possible. This means cramming in as many people as possible and then squezzing them more and more to see how small a space they can occupy.

        With all the wealth in the world, the global population should have stopped growing in the 1960s and be shrinking by now. People should have adopted a different life philosophy, one of enjoying sex for pleasure and seeking full health and harmony. Instead, what I see are burned out, overweight parents running around like maniacs trying to support more and more kids. By the time these people hit 50, they are physically a wreck and they can’t even get it up for their ‘life’ partner let alone anyone else. They then spend the rest of their days getting into terrible health crises, going into debt to pay medical bills, and poisoning the planet with their cars and too-large houses.

        And as we know, Muslims are the worst of the lot because they are all about over-breeding, ignorance and spreading like a virus across the planet.

        We need enlightenment. Bad.

        • FT,
          Church people on missionary trips to encourage bush people to breed. I highly doubt that.

      20. NO WAY I WOULD EVER SETTLE FOR A ‘HOLE IN THE WALL’ TO LIVE IN. That would make a good size closet in a single-family home.

      21. Frank, you might be supprised. You are 100% on the money. Over population is the number one problem in the world today.


      22. Frank/HCKS:

        The only race which is now endangered is the white race. Highly intelligent and very healthy white men and white women must recognize that without their contributing their good genes to the white gene pool, the highly civilized and high culture of Western man will come to an end leaving future generations a poor chance.

        Such gifted white people owe it to mankind to reproduce; the rest of the world needs to put the breaks on. The low IQ, low performers are being rewarded for having babies, while those who should be parents do not. Somehow, this trend needs to be switched around, again.

        One thing to help this along is to make it socially appreciated when a smart woman rejects a career in order to become a homemaker. At some point, all welfare and food and medical to immigrants must stop. Then a return to marriage with little to no divorce. The no-fault divorce should end. A waiting period with a formal engagement should be brought back in vogue. It’s time to get priorities straight.


      23. Well hell yeah the rents are through the roof, greedy mofos. I can live and exist in a small space but I expect the rent to reflect that reality. It is totally absurd that more and more people cannot afford a roof over their heads. America, the land of the big ripoff. Homelessness not allowed.

      24. ‘Forced’ ?!? sensational as a headline but does NOT appear to be true. Being homeless would be worse. My college living space was about twice that size. Single mom with kids can’t afford rent?! Yes, life is hard for single parents – that’s probably why people have raised children with both parents (when both are alive) for millennia ?!?

      25. Frank, internationally known, locally respected. Like always, 100%, fucking on the money. Useless eaters, I see these jokers daily. No wonder the ruling elites want to cull our asses.


        Fuck them and fuck them all.

      26. If jail cells in this country were the size of the “apartment” in the video the ACLU would scream like stuck pigs.

      27. boo frigging hoo. My father the oldest of thirteen children was raised in a six hundred sq feet house with no running water inside toilet and a sod fireplace for heat. I grew up in Detroit in an eight hundred square foot home that had no central heat or hot water tank. many of the successful people lived in cramped quarters and survived. We cannot regulate the world or its problems. the problem is from people who have had everything growing up and think it should always be free. life isnt free. life is a bitch then you die. the object is to get thru it as easily as you can without causing too much problems for others.

      28. Acts 16:31
        So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      29. https://www.amren.com/

        Suggest taking a look at the site if you guys/gals haven’t. Some intelligent articles around immigration, education (or the lack thereof), and the unspoken war against whites in the U.S.

      30. Suggest you guys/gals take a look at amren . com

        Lots of good articles about immigration, education, and the unspoken war against whites in the U.S.

        Jared Taylor is fighting an uphill battle talking about race. Hard to have an intelligent conversation about the topic without being called a racist in the first 5 seconds.

      31. When they call you a racist it means you’re winning the argument.

      32. Here in the US it is a matter of choice where you WANT to live and work, no one is forcing them to live and work in a high rent city.

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