Welcome to the USSA: Woman & Husband Fitted With Ankle Monitors For Refusing To Sign Quarantine Order

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    A woman and her husband had ankle bracelets slapped on for the “crime” of not signing a COVID-19 quarantine contract. Welcome to the USSA.

    Last week, Elizabeth Linscott got tested for the COVID-19 because she was planning to visit her parents in Michigan. After testing positive, Linscott was asked to sign a self-quarantine contract. When she refused, she and her husband got ankle monitors to track their every move and force them to comply with the quarantine commands.

    If you are under any false illusion that you’re free at this point, you should probably read a little more.

    Kentucky Governor, Andy Beshear, has issued such strict and controversial executive COVID orders that the state’s Attorney General tried to block them. The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that his orders could remain at least for the time being. Now one couple is being penalized by their county health department for refusing to completely go along with the protocol.

    “My grandparents wanted to see me, too,” Linscott said. “So just to make sure if they tested negative, that they would be OK, everything would be fine,” she added according to Wave 3 News. “My part was if I have to go to the ER, if I have to go to the hospital, I’m not going to wait to get the approval to go.”

    After testing positive and without showing any symptoms, Linscott said the health department contacted her and requested she sign documents that will limit her traveling anywhere unless she calls the health department first. She said she chose to not sign the documents.  She has to ask the “authorities” for permission, and since she didn’t want to do give up her freedom, they took it from her.

    We live in crazy times, and anyone who supports this kind of tyranny will change their mind quickly when the rollouts of more draconian measures begin.  It’s hard to believe things could get worse, but with so many not believing there’s a “second wave” or even a first wave of this hoax pandemic, something else is bound to happen.

    Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

    The Federal Reserve is trying to take over the planet right now, and people are largely still asleep. They are coming out and telling you what they want now, and people STILL refuse to open their eyes.

    It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

    This is simply a way to push the fear, and show that they have no desire to treat people as equals. We will be their slaves and tracked and monitored.  Your consent isn’t required.

    The one way to beat this beast system they are rolling out is to wake up to what’s happenin. As Greg Mannarino says, “If you realize, by understanding and having a clear picture of what the bigger picture is here, and you know what is: full control of the global markets by the Federal Reserve, who is running the entire charade right now. It’s simple. It’s the Wall Street banks and the Fed that are running the world. And they will do whatever they want. They will get whoever they want in office. That’s it.”

    Everyone, including these people in the court systems and state governments, were selected to get this agenda to go through. It’s actually getting frustrating that people still somehow believe Trump will use the system set up the elites to take down the elites. Anyone with half a brain can see that that won’t be allowed to happen. There’s an agenda and if Trump won’t go along with it, they will get Biden in office.  The explanation is simple, it’s waking people up that’s been difficult.


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      1. A court order for a nine month old baby?
        What? The baby is going to drive off in the family mini van?
        Just when you think this can’t get any more ridiculous.

      2. I had a buddy once who was required to wear an ankle bracelet, all for a DUI. If you cut them off, obviously they will come to wherever the thing is. His ultimate act of defiance was to cut it off, and attach it to a shopping cart in the parking lot of a mini mall after writing “F$%k You ” on the device.

      3. Great, another tyrant. Their types are commonly called control freaks. They have a pathological impulse to dictate, even if the desire is irrational, or serves no real purpose, and even if the result would be harmful. These types cannot be reasoned with, they only wish to fulfill their logic, any contrary evidence that may show otherwise does not matter.
        Furthermore, they surround themselves with quislings that validate them. These psychopaths instinctively know how to identify yes men. The more obsequious the better, and there’s plenty of them whose chief skill is being a fawning bootlicker.
        It doesn’t matter the attorney general said it was wrong. Tyrants won’t let our Constitutional rights inhibit them. Rather, they see rights as a barrier that officialdom must overcome to rule the people. This governor used the machinery of gov’t to impose his personal will on the people. Unfortunately, there’s more like him.

      4. tin snips work, so do files.

      5. NEVER invite the government into your life. Their first mistake was to get “tested” to begin with. These simple minded people actually believed the “test” was legitimate. OF COURSE it was “positive.” They’re ALL “positive.” You can’t keep the hoax going any other way. The Bolsheviks have to get that mail-in election they’re salivating over.

        These people had good intentions, but they were – somehow – unaware that they live in a police state. They should have just signed the idiotic papers and went on their trip. But no, they are honest. And ignorant. And this is what it got them.

        They won’t make that mistake again…at least I hope not.

        I don’t know EXACTLY how the civil war of 2021 will go down, but go down it will.

      6. Lawsuits are not going to do any good against these tyrants because it is going to be full blown civil war before any suit could come to trial. The only thing to do is wait until the grid goes down nationwide, and it will, then send out teams or individuals to execute these communist assholes. There will be no corrupted rule of law at that time and exterminating these parasites will be the constitutional right of all American Patriots.

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