Web Bots Predict Massive Financial Shock In Early 2017: ‘Confusion, Bond Market Degradation, Crumbling Of Everything’

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    There are scores of organizations working on ways to interpret user data on the internet to help predict future events. Law enforcement agencies and financial institutions having been working on this predictive technology for over a decade. In most cases, none of that information is ever shared with the general public.

    Clif High of HalfPastHuman, however, has taken a different course. Since the mid-1990’s High’s algorithms have been scouring the internet. With the advent of social networks and tens of thousands of citizen-driven blogs, that data has gotten ever more accurate. So accurate in fact, that on October 27 High’s automated “Web Bots” predicted that not only would Trump win by a landslide, but that Hillary Clinton would be “missing” following the election, a prediction that was so accurate it blew away just about every professional analysis firm in the world.

    Now the Web Bots are predicting another paradigm-shifting event. According to Clif High, it appears that  a massive financial shock is brewing for early 2017:

    We’re facing the following situation…

    The confusion, the degradation of the bond market, the crumbling of everything else…

    I call it deflation, but maybe we should better define it as debt destruction and inflation because The-Powers-That-Be, the Federal Reserve and all these guys… in the data sets that I’ve got are showing that they’re really worried by very early January… actually they start getting extremely worried by sometime around the 12th or so of December and that it breaks out into the public so to speak by early January. 

    Now, what they are worried about is the destruction of all of this debt… it’s a destruction of all of these derivatives…

    To sort of get a handle on it, we’re looking at a period of time where there will be a lot of things that you really can’t sell because there won’t be enough currency floating in your local economy to, for instance, have a garage sale because your neighbors won’t have enough extra currency to buy your stuff…

    At the same time that that’s going on the cost of milk is going to go up… the cost of gasoline is going to go up… Even though there’s going to be an oil glut… As we have this deflationary event the actual beginning of that hyperinflation is already going to be ongoing.

    You’ll be dealing with huge numbers… but you’ll be able to see it starting long before then because you’ll be paying 40 cents more for milk this week than you did the week before…

    I have language that says at some point in 2017, probably past mid year, we’re going to be looking at hyperinflation so bad that the Dow will be measured at around 100,000 to 125,000.

    Watch the full interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog:

    If Clif High’s web bot data sets are correct, we’re in for a very rocky 2017 and one that could far exceed the financial calamities we witnessed in 2008.

    Should debt destruction originating in the bond market begin in the early part of 2017, the Federal Reserve will no doubt dump trillions of dollars of “liquidity” into the system in order to stave off collapse. But as High notes, this will be the beginning of hyperinflation that will take hold after mid year, the effect of which will be a skyrocketing Dow Jones index and gold prices exceeding our wildest expectations.

    But perhaps the most important takeaway is that, should a financial crisis of this magnitude take place in 2017, even the most basic of necessities will be impossible to acquire unless you have tradeable monetary instruments or goods to barter with.

    With Donald Trump soon to take over the Presidency many believe that the fundamental problems facing America can be fixed. But what if there’s not enough time? What if the destruction of the world as we have come to know it is now irreversible?

    The elite are preparing to hole up in bunkers as if they know something the rest of us do not. Perhaps it’s time the rest of us ensure our preparedness plans are in order. Things could get a bit rough in the next few months.


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      1. The report is called Divergence.. I highly recommend it.
        Its worth every penny.


        • WE CANNOT experience hyperinflation and deflation simultaneously. The end of the business cycle is upon us. A market crash is a deflationary event.

          Liquidity dry’s up. It has been drying up.

          You cannot have both a deflationary event like a market crash and hyperinflation. The two are mutually exclusive, as they are the antithesis of each other.

          Nor is there any basis to expect that hyperinflation will FOLLOW the destruction of capital and credit (money) destroyed by the coming crash……


          Hyperinflation could occur in Europe with its initial disintegration; and this may be the “language” that Cliff’s bot is picking up.

          It’s not gonna happen here. 🙂

          • How does deflation benefit the elite? Long story short, it doesn’t. Deflation will happen until they turn on the printing presses to save all debt. In hyperinflation, those closest to the press have close to the current full purchasing power. Each time it cycles through, the less value it has. Hyperinflation will be the end game but, yes, we will most likely see deflation first.

            • stagflation:…when the price of things you NEED goes UP….and the price of things you WANT goes DOWN.

              • I watched the entire video. Cliff Hughes’ Hour long videos could easily be summed up in 10 Minutes. His predictor cyber bots are nothing more than what I have said here many times before. If you read a lot of info on many subjects like I do. Not tooting my horn here, but are these people getting paid for these news video appearances? Maybe I am in the wrong business.

                Well this below is pretty funny. Guess who is now in line, like a friggin Beggar looking for welfare subsidies.

                New York Times CEO Calls On Social Media Giants To Subsidize Mainstream Media
                Link: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-13/new-york-times-ceo-calls-social-media-giants-subsidize-mainstream-media

                I have said before these lying MSM Fake News scumbags that control 95% of the MSM Monopoly talking points need to be crushed in a Million Pieces, and get back to the Public owning the airwaves, and not 5 fascist families. News Print is Dead, and the MSM obituary will soon be dead when Trump denies them access. DOA and Good Riddance. See how they run,… see how they run,…. And now the beg for financial help like welfare queens to spew their hate, division and fake news. Trump will say, “Too Bad, So Sad.” The MSM is crumbling because they have ZERO credibility and the public isn’t buying it any more.

                • Silver is in a rally Mode in anticipation of Interest rate increase. $17.18 at 10:50am ht tp://silverprice.org/

                  I want to see $20+ Silver soon.

                  • Humm…silver sold off Wednesday/Thursday. Gold closed @1129 Thursday as silver closed @ 16.00

                • PRAVDA/MSM is our worse enemy by far and BHO and crew used it to the hilt. It is little more than the propaganda arm of their regime, no different at all than Goebbels was for Hitler.

                  As far as what is coming economically, I am not so sure we can use prior historical events as any measure going forward for one simple reason. We have never seen the massive debt that exist so we have no real yardstick to measure any outcomes. I know it sounds logical to say certain events cannot happen because of XY or Z ? but we have never been here before in the history of the world, not even close. The only solution that makes any sense at all is some form of a complete RESET and a new currency. And that too would be an event full of nightmares for most people. No matter what happens Trump will be the target for blame and he is in a precarious situation given the underlying debt bubble created. Guys like Soros and crew may well do something deliberate to undermine DT on a grand scale. These control freaks are in fact insane and are capable of anything.

            • They balance their books with newly created Federal Reserve money that never hits the streets hence no inflation and the loans get paid off (on their books) with the previous higher value of the item borrowed for.

              • Agree on all points, but what happens when interest goes up just 2 points and the nat debt cannot be serviced just on the interest alone ? You are quite right this has been the game they used to fool the masses and it worked up to now ? So again DT will be the fall guy and PRAVDA/MSM will be right there to skewer him as if he caused it all !

                My concern now with DT is that he does not go wild with his corporatocracy cabinet picks and policies going forward. And he is already talking about another trillion for infra-structure. And beyond all the politics and economic pitfalls we have, there are still many outlier events floating around here in USSA today as well as the rest of the world. I doubt all the maniacs here and abroad are going to all of a sudden get sane and reasonable just because DT was elected. To be brutally honest, the best overall solution would be for some sort of thinning event of human beings and that can happen.

            • John Galt: Deflation benefits the elite because they have access to sufficient credit and cash to endure the recession/depression. This gives them the ability to acquire more hard assets from the leveraged who go bankrupt for pennies on the dollar.

              NO HYPERINFLATION.

              Hyperinflation destroys the currency in which the elite hold their wealth and power. The elite will not destroy the medium in which they hold their wealth and power.


          • The world monetary system needs a governor on the creation of money-as-debt because excessive money-as debt creation has debauched currencies. Gold, the traditional governor on the global monetary system, has been deemed to be an anachronism largely because it has been more than a generation since any currency was redeemable in gold. The major decision makers have been schooled in a fiat system and have no experience with any other system and no incentives to curb monetary excesses. It´s the only system they know. In hindsight, those countries that increase their physical gold reserves will be deemed to have made obvious choices in an environment ripe for a reset, but now look anachronistic.

            When will the reset occur and when will gold be reintegrated into the global monetary system? Not before nations begin steadily reducing the US dollar component of their national monetary reserves–now approximately 60%– well below 60% and not before the proportion of world trade conducted in the US dollar–now approximately 43%– falls significantly below 40% of the total amount of currencies used in trade. When these trends are irreversible, economic confidence in the current fiat system will erode because capital flows to where its owners deem it is safest. Loss of that confidence will trigger the reset.


            • Pogohere,

              Your have a well written explanation on debt, gold and the reserve currency status of the U.S.. But there are many different takes on systemic risks in today’s system. The main risk seen today by many in collapse narratives is not the loss of reserve currency status but that of banks and their derivative risks. For example bank derivative can be used as insurance, betting that a loan will or won’t default before a given date.

              A derivative default by a counter party may result in the bank having to write-off its derivatives at a significant loss. For a credit-default swap for instance, the risk to the buyer is that the issuer will default when the credit event is triggered and it will not make the expected payment: the buyer thought he/she was being insured, but when the house is on fire he/she finds out that the insurance cannot pay the bill.

              All it is going to take is one weak bank collapsing quickly in a black swan to destroy the expected derivative payout system. This in turn will destroy the $200 trillion plus of derivative exposure of the worlds 10 biggest banks. There is no government in the world that has this kind of money. This is roughly 3 times the entire world economy. This unregulated market presents a massive financial risk. The corruption and immorality of the banks makes the situation worse.

          • Hey DK,
            Hyperinflation may or may not happen in the US.
            Civil War on the other hand, is a guaranteed event.
            Many of the nations of the world have another name for it……KARMA.
            Best wishes to you and yours, indeed, all here at SHTFP, as the USA faces it’s moment of truth.
            You fine people at least do not deserve what is about to befall you, yet befall you it will, as has the endings of untold innocent millions across the globe due to US government foreign policy.

            • americans will do the right thing….but only AFTER exhausting ALL OTHER POSSIBILITIES!

              • I’m not certain I’d want to zero this thought into the xenophobic idea, “Americans”. Newly Free Individuals “…will do the right thing….but only AFTER exhausting ALL OTHER POSSIBILITIES!…”

              • We are very forgiving and open people. And liberals and communist (aka Democrats) take advantage of, much to our own hurt.

                But good wins out.

            • NUKE EM: Even civil war is years away and likely will not happen after TRUMP takes power. Many of the fears expressed here will eventually happen, but they are many years away yet.

              In the “collective consciousness” that we all “sense” these things are very real and will eventually manifest given the “End Times” in which we live.

              We are all connected, each to the other in the Spirit, like a cosmic internet; each with a specific “cosmic address” based upon the vibration and frequency of our individuality.

              Its ALL coming. But not yet. 🙂

              • DK,

                The hot Arizona sun may be effecting your thinking process. You are beginning to talk like Cameron and those blue people with that ‘cosmic internet’ stuff. I agree with you regarding the potential for Trump having a positive influence on the economy but there are some who feel that he and his family will come out of this with control over a lot of wealth.

                Louisiana Eagle

                • laeagle: The “cosmic internet” I allude to is SPIRITUAL in nature. The first experience all mystics and adepts have and have reported upon their return, after they transcend the physical and enter the spirit; is and has been throughout history, the unity of all things.

                  The common thread of this unity is our spiritual self: and each spiritual self resonates at a specific frequency that is dependent upon our thoughts, words, and deeds.

                  Think of that frequency of the soul as a “spiritual email address”. That “address” can be changed as we change ourselves. We are what we eat, physically and spiritually.

                  That frequency is manifested in the physical as the human aura which can be photographed and evidenced through Kirlian photography.

                  Merry Christmas. 🙂

          • WE CANNOT experience hyperinflation and deflation simultaneously. WRONG!!!! Its happening every day here in the US.

            Deflation is when Supply exceeds Demand. So Prices goes down.

            HyperInflation is when Demand exceeds Supply. So the price goes up.

            Not many parts of our economy are pegged all together as DK thinks it is. Just not true. Over supply of housing causes prices to fall. Undersupply of food or increased production costs causes Prices to go up. Deflation and Inflation are both fluid in all directions and aspects of our economy.

            Guns prices went way up when they were in short supply due to demand, when they were deemed to be banned.

            However at the same time Gas prices fell because of the glut in over supply. So BOTH can happen at the same time. Hyperinflation and Deflation.

            All I say is Buy Low and Sell High. Business goes in cycles. Up and down, winners and looser every day. That’s the facts. And that is what prepping is all about. Buy low and beat the Hyper inflation. Just like Buying Silver right now before it goes up in value. Who’s listening and being proactive on this Intel? I try to.

            • Zeus

              Was proactive when silver was $4.00 an ounce.

              • Yes anon, and I sold all my Silver and junk Silver that I collected in my lifetime, when it hit $42 last time, just after it was at the high of $48. Because I was paying attention.

                Buy Low and Sell high works for me.

            • Zeus: “HyperInflation is when Demand exceeds Supply. So the price goes up.”

              No. That is just inflation. Even double digit inflation is not hyperinflation. Educate yourself as to what “hyperinflation” really is.

              Try Investopedia for a starter; or a good economics textbook. 🙂

          • “WE CANNOT experience hyperinflation and deflation simultaneously.”

            If you watch High’s interview, he addresses this very issue, and it actually makes perfect sense.

          • Inflation devaluation can happen at the same time. no credit most can not buy. No buyers drop in price. Necessities can become very expensive with a devalued fake money system. If you don’t set your self in reality deut 25 15. Art 1 sec. 10 p 1 USC but adhere to the 5th Plank of the communist manifesto your value will be stolen by your god the state and its rats.

          • I beg to differ: What if……everything you own including your medium of exchange, ie. the us dollar is toilet paper and worth less to nothing, but many of the things that you need are imported and their prices are going through the roof due to exchange rates! I believe that it was coined “Stag-Flation” back in the 1978-81 period when also Gold and Silver Shined. So yes Deflation and inflation can work hand in hand at the same time. Can you spell Weimar Germany!?! jws

        • Yeah, just like the collapse when Y2K kicks in, or every year since then. I remember reading books back in the early 70’s that talked about buying silver because hyper-inflation was just around the corner. Yeah, I know, it really-really-really different this right?!

      2. Actually the Implosion begins tomorrow Dec 14th When the Fed starts raising Interest Rates. The ripple will cripple the housing industry when it cuts the field of buyers in half, when they no longer qualify with higher rates. Just says how much people are riding the edge of cripple and decapitation.

        The Stock Market is a hundred points shy of 20K, Insane levels of over leveraged and margin purchasing, with free money. Yep its game over at the casino, just in time to pass the torch from Obama to Trump. Buckle your seat belts. Rough ride ahead.

        Only refuge will be PM’s Gold and Silver, as the US Dollar is crashing and divested from foreign countries like China who sheds it dollars and TBills.

        • China is selling dollars and buying yuan to boost its own currency; which is beginning to look like confetti as the Chinese people seek to rid themselves of a depreciating currency.

          China has had to install greater capital controls to stem the rush to get dollar asset equivalence out of the country.

          Capital controls are a NO NO for IMF inclusion. TRUMP will exploit this failure of the Red Chinese to meet their global currency requirements.

          There will be no implosion tomorrow. A nominal rise in interest rates will stimulate investors to get all of the long term cheap money they can.

          Guess you are too young to remember how buyers flocked to existing homes when 30 year rates were 10-13% for 30 years. Mortgages were going bonkers and buyers were thanking God for their double digit mortgage rate. 🙁

          • Don’t be stupid in a Financial collapse. Never put any of your assets in the same place as your Liabilities. Another words don’t have your Savings account or paycheck deposited in the same bank or credit union as your $10K credit card debt, or car loans, as they will freeze your deposit account to pay your debts off. And yes, you signed off on that banker control, when you opened that bank account, so they have the right to do it. Read the fine print as it is a Bail in to seize your assets.

            Yes, if you think there will be a massive financial collapse soon, that most cannot escape, get your ducks in a row, right now, today ASAP. Yes, Go max out your credit cards on Silver 1 Oz Rounds and hide it. They can’t confiscate your assets they cannot find. Pay your car loan off before your credit card and get your “HARD COPY Auto Title” in Paper Title Certificate. DO NOT (NEVER) use a State’s DIGITAL TITLE service, as the State can seize your Auto Title with a click of the mouse, if it is in DIGITAL FORM, to cover some other debt you owe or in a bankruptcy. If your Paper Title is not in your hand, you don’t own your auto, even though the loan is paid off. You can always drive to another state and sell your car with a paper title if needed, to cash out your equity to survive on.

            Pay off your Home first before unsecured debts. Get your Property Title free and clear as well, and put your property into a Land Trust. Even if you file bankruptcy, you are just a beneficiary to live on your property in a Land Trust, as the trust owns your property and not you personally. But you can still control the assets within the Trust. That will save you from getting your land seized even in a bankruptcy or Tax Levy or Lien from Federal Tax collectors.

            Get all of your assets out of every bank and financial institution including any Un-safe deposit box ASAP Today, and flip that paper money into real hard currency like Silver and hide it, or cache it like a buried treasure in multiple places, some not even on your property. Yes Gold may be seized, banned or outlawed to be traded, but silver will not be, just because of its industrial uses. Plus silver can be used for barter in smaller amounts than Gold

            Be smart people, the Cash Bans are coming here too, and as the stock markets tumble, as they should, get out of the way of financial ruin. If the entire economy collapses, you will fall also. Your credit score won’t mean squat anyway, as nobody will be lending unless you have something tangible assets to secure the loan with, like a car or land. Cars may not even be loaned on as collateral, as they will all depreciate in an EMP, or in the current situation of the used car sector bubble implodes. 1/3rd of all Auto sales in the US, are in in leases and they are all coming due in Dec. And the market place will be dumped on with a massive influx used cars that were leased 3 years ago. Its another bubble about to burst along with subprime auto loans going in default as people live paycheck to pay check. There will be cars piled on top of each other idle.

            Be smart in a collapse that is coming, every day you work, to protect your self financially, will prolong your survival. “Structured Financial Prepping” is what everybody needs to be doing right now, as it seems to be our greatest threat in my opinion.

            • I like the way you think but don’t forget food, guns and ammo.

            • Zeus,

              Excellent posting. You did were very articulate. People here forget and/or don’t know how bad it was in the late 70s and early 80s. I remember when I was 18, my savings account was paying 18% interest and mortgages with good credit were going for 20-25%. People should go back and watch the original movie “wallstreet”. There was a scene when Charlie Sheen was buying an apartment in NYC and the real estate agent was bragging that she could get him a mortgage at 10%. The difference today verses then, is that back then people were not in debt like they are today with credit cards, car loans, student loan debt, etc. Additionally back then we still had an industrial base unlike today.

              thanks again for your posting.

              • ouch

                Yep. First Mortgage 13.4% in 1981.

              • I remember that time well. I was young but it had the following impact on me:

                1) My kiddie bank account I had been using since I was like 12 years old was creaming it in interest payments.
                2) The inflation of the time led to rising wages. I joined the military and the money was very, very good for a young punk like me. In fact, it paid for my university tuition a few years later.
                3) My stamp and coin collections were worth jack and played no serious part in my wealth accumulation.

                Hyperinflation is always a political event, not a monetary event. That is the mistake people make. The EU and the UK are at high risk of hyperinflation because both are in a major political crisis. Anything could happen. The UK has form in tipping into major crises. Families had their wealth destroyed in the high inflation period of the early 70s in the UK. It was hard to get anything done because everyone and their dog was on strike, so you could not even work and earn your way out of the problem. That was when everyone who was smart sent their money overseas into tax havens.

                What I see now is this: the debt held is at record levels right across the economy: sovereign debt is at record levels, consumer debt the same, corporate debt the same. If interest rates even return to 5% the whole thing goes kaboom. That means the central banks have to keep rates down no matter what. This is essentially inflationary because they need to flood the economy with cash to keep it going. This is equally deflationary, however, because with this cash people still have to make their debt payments. An equilibrium is reached.

                Prices are being held down by the currency war and by the fin tech revolution, which is introducing credit efficiency into the economy. New developments will be forced online, including artificial intelligence to better use resources and keep prices down. At some point governments will cash in their chips on welfare and pension obligations and just admit they can’t offer much. This will force more people back into the labor market, lowering the cost of human labor. A deflationary effect. Governments last resort is asset price inflation, particularly housing. This is also under huge pressure. London is already deflating at the high end of real estate as government tries to take more in tax.

                All these forces push towards a form of equilibrium. As long as governments can hold it together, things turn over. I don’t see hyperinflation or the end times. I see slow growth and mounting pressure for radical policy initiatives to try and get faster growth. These will be good times for those with ideas and drive.

                • I agree. 🙂

              • Thanks all for your generous comments, just helping enlightening this situation coming and hope everybody can protect their assets with “Structured Financial Prepping.” We need to be really smart here as we enter this predicted financial collapse. They can’t confiscate what they can’t find. Yep got the guns and ammo, and I’m in the process of pumping up the food supply again. I ate for a year and a half off of canned food preps I had. I wanted to eat that food I already had first, before it all expired, and am ready again to stock up for the next few years. Most food has a 2 year expiration timeline.

                Get your financial ducks in a row.

            • i can’t argue with THAT advice!

            • When you mention having a Land Trust, you mean an irrevocable land trust? If so, I think that type of trust would need to have some limitations placed on the trustee (the legal entity that now “owns” the trust on behalf of beneficiaries like you or offspring) like spendthrift clauses. The irrevocable trust also seems to be the most protective of the assets you put into it.

              • You can have an Irrevocable Trust to place your assets in. But a land trust for your Real Estate Property is very protective. Check your State laws on Land trusts, Many states don’t allow it. You can place your land in a Land trust, still remain the beneficiary to live on it and also be the Trustee to control the property. Consult a Good Land Trust Atty for specific advice. Average cost to set up a Land trust is about $1500.

                Here in FL when Walt Disney began buying up property for Disney World complex, and they structured all the land purchases in various Land Trusts to hide the fact that is was accumulated by the same person. So he was able to purchase a lot of the land on the cheap, without many hold outs asking for more or raising suspicion.

                There are Atty’s that specialize in Land Trusts. And every State is different. And it is best to set up a Land Trust, prior to the original purchase of the land.

                Flipping your existing property into a Land Trust to protect it from Bankruptcy or Tax Liens, may be deemed as a structured default if you are caught, to hide assets or confiscation, and the courts may not rule in your favor if you are caught doing this. But depends on what your situation is. If I owned a lot of land and or looking to buy a lot of land or various connecting lots, I would set up a land trust. It keeps you anonymous.

            • “Don’t be stupid in a Financial collapse. Never put any of your assets in the same place as your Liabilities. Another words don’t have your Savings account or paycheck deposited in the same bank or credit union as your $10K credit card debt, or car loans, as they will freeze your deposit account to pay your debts off. And yes, you signed off on that banker control, when you opened that bank account, so they have the right to do it. Read the fine print as it is a Bail in to seize your assets.”

              That is good advice. I for one follow that strategy too, never leaving more money in a savings account that I do not intend to apply towards a loan or mortgage.

              In a REAL, TRUE, financial collapse my extensive, unsecured credit lines, may follow the bankers into oblivion.

              But then, a REAL, TRUE financial collapse (SHTF) will only happen by war, emp, or Yellowstone blowing. The coming crash is NOT a financial collapse. It is the end of the business cycle which will result in either a recession or depression. 🙂

          • “Guess you are too young to remember how buyers flocked to existing homes when 30 year rates were 10-13% for 30 years. Mortgages were going bonkers and buyers were thanking God for their double digit mortgage rate.”

            I remember the time having bought my first home in 1985 at 11% for 15 years. I don’t remember anyone happy about those mortgage rates. That same home with 3x loan would be the same per month today with 2.5 x wages in the same job.

            • Lets just say that, “The Good Old Days” didn’t look that good upon inspection IF you kept your “Good Old Days” job.

              • K2: In those days the key was to lock in the house you wanted at a low price; with the intent to refinance a few years later when the value of the house increased as interest rates declined. 🙂

          • DK, I was a Real Estate Agent in the Mid to late 80’s when Mortgage rates were 12% and 13%, so I am fully aware what the RE market place was like then.

            Keep in mind the US Dollar’s purchasing Power in the Mid 80’s was more than today, so they could afford higher rates, and that was before NAFTA kicked in and the US manufacturing base was still here, so people had jobs. The population bought homes even at that high interest rates because that’s all there was available. Flocking to purchase? Not exactly were I lived in the Midwest. All High Interest rates of 13% did, was suppress Housing Prices, because people only had a certain amount of money to qualify for a Monthly Mortgage Payment. They charged what the market could bare. Unlike today with cheap 3% Free money, it creates Hyperinflation as cheap money sucks up the housing supply.

            I just posted that 50% of home buyers will be cut out of the Housing market, with a .25% rate increase today. I posted that article link a few days ago, stating just that. So 50% of home buyers not qualifying after today is a heck of an implosion. And what will happen is deflation in housing prices. The bubble will let loose, either a simmer or a pop. Lets see what happens. The delay of 45 days typical in any mortgage application will take us to Feb 1st, so that will be the timeframe, Housing prices begin to decline.

            Plus there are thousands of external economic pressures that can cause all of this into chaos, making it unpredictable. I see deflation in housing prices on the horizon. All because the eligible pool of buyers have decreased. Its is still known that 50% of home sales today are still cash buyers, so factor that in also. So maybe 25% of the entire housing pool of buyers is shut out. Still an implosion that will send ripples through the economy.

            • I agree: this will push down prices short to medium term. Don’t forget what lower house prices will do: attract Chinese and overseas money like bees to honey. The US is seen as a safe haven investment: lower property prices will lure in foreign buyers. Getting tired of your neighborhood turning Chinese? Well, it has only got started.

              Also factor in higher savings rates and more foreign money is on the way: this will push up consumption prices. In short, cash strapped Americans will really not have a chance at getting a house.

              See this as an opportunity, however. If you have design/build skills then start building the sorts of homes foreigners would like. The Chinese are tacky and gaudy; Europeans like smart, modern design; Africans and Middle East tend to go gaudy and big. You can have fun building some outrageous sh#t for the third worlders!

            • Zeus: Good post. “Keep in mind the US Dollar’s purchasing Power in the Mid 80’s was more than today, so they could afford higher rates.”

              Affordability is not so much a function of dollar purchasing power (or the other factors you mentioned) as it is a function of interest rates and home prices; which have an inverse relationship one to the other.

              When one goes up, the other goes down. 🙂

        • Hey Zeus – My understanding that the mortgage market was more driven by the bond market and not by the overnight rate which is controlled by the Fed. Am I missing something?

          • Fixed rates are driven by the bond market; adjustable rates by Libor. 🙂

      3. My my, what has happened to this site?
        People have abandoned the shtf plan.

        • Plan????? Hahahahahahahaha…

          “Everybody’s got a plan. Till they get punched in the face”

          ~ Mike Tyson

          Plan…. That’s a good one.

        • I noticed that also, awhile back.

      4. Cliff Highs bots are accumulators of collective consciousness.
        Collective consciousness I understand… what I could never understand though .. Is how people that haven’t spoken a word to one another can be having the same hallucination while under the influence of LSD .
        Witnessed that a few times.

        • Me too.
          Even rolled double sixes six times in a row intentionally out of boredom (with witnesses) before I remembered I wasn’t supposed to be able to do that.

        • It’s called religion lol.

      5. First, MarketWatch said that the election jump in the Dow is the biggest since Hoover in 1928.

        Now, Bill Gates is comparing Trump to JFK.

        ht tp://www.cnbc.com/2016/12/13/after-talking-with-trump-bill-gates-likens-president-elect-to-jfk.html

        So, judging from the media, we’re either going into another Great Depression or Trump might get JFK’d.

        Either way doesn’t look good for Trump.

        Gonna buy more food tomorrow.

      6. Like happening now in India. Police will confiscate gold holdings. Cash will not be allowed. So please stop with buy gold crap. Go back in the 20’s US—Same happened to gold collectors.
        Who made this mess? No other than USA’s empire. Any bets,Israel will prosper and Dumb Americans will gave them the money.

        • They’re welcome to try to find my gold to confiscate it. Good luck with that.

          • Here’s a tip: Put a gold foil covered chocolate coin on top of a #10 can of tannerite and go hide in the trees. When the scumbags go for the coin then…… you know lol.

          • @Grunty,

            Wasn’t that you I saw out on the lake last weekend? You were going back and forth all day long in a grid pattern. I was thinking you might have lost something in the lake.

          • Yep The US Taxpayers Welfare funding to Israhell needs to end. Its illegal anyway and a violation of US Law. Flint Michigan can’t afford to produce clean drinking water for Americans, but the Shills at the top in the US government can easily send $38 Billion to these terrorist occupiers.

            I hope Trump slashes that BS welfare program to them.

            If I was President I would say you Israehell send the US $10 Billion a year, and we will protect you, otherwise tough luck. We get nothing from them but Dual citizens infiltrating ever aspect of out society and government.

        • Gold will be needed to facilitate global trade. Banning gold or confiscating it will take most of it into hidding. Now gold at the right price (which is key here), will be needed. It will not be confiscated again.

          • John Galt: Gold is NOT needed, nor will it be needed to facilitate global trade. Recent history is awash in examples of nation’s swapping goods between them to get what each wants or need on a large scale.

            Barter however is cumbersome and inefficient.

            Thus global currencies evidenced by the major currency pairs will continue for major trading partners; and the third world countries that do not have enough foreign exchange reserves will use SDR’s so that the major commercial banks will not get stuck holding (really) worthless fiat.

            The almighty dollar is the primary currency of choice for the 150 multinationals who control 60% of the world’s global GDP: as the dollar is backed by both the world’s largest economy and most lethal military.

            If King Dollar didn’t exist it would be re-invented. 🙂

        • George, That is why you stick to Silver purchase, and let the gold holders fight it out with the Government. India Claims they are not confiscating the people Gold. They maybe taking people Gold assets if they fail to pay their proper taxes. But it can be instantly imposed, like a cash ban.

          by Tyler Durden
          Nov 26, 2016 1:09 PM

          Indian Government Seeks To Quell Panic: “No Plan To Restrict Gold Holdings”

          India, Announced it is NOT banning Gold to the public. So that scare tactic is a farce. Indian Government Seeks To Quell Panic: “No Plan To Restrict Gold Holdings” 11-27-2016 • zerohedge.com by Tyler Durden The rumors and speculation of an Indian gold import ban (or even an outright ban on gold ownership) have sparked panic-buying of the precious metal sending retail premia soaring at local jewelers. In an effort to quell the ‘uproar’, a top Indian finance minister has confirmed the government is not considering any plans to restrict holdings of gold by individuals.

          “There is no such proposal before the government on restricting domestic gold holding,” the source said.

          There were reports that many people have converted their black money into gold following the announcement of demonetisation of high denomination currency notes by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8.
          Of course, we note that there was no official denial of any proposals to impose a gold import ban.

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-26/indian-government-seeks-quell-panic-no-plan-restrict-gold-holdings

          We have options by paying attention to the past. So stick to Silver.

      7. Did you catch at the end that the Below ground people will have to come up to the Above ground people to find out why the money to support the underground projects is gone. Going to find out about a lot of crazy shit.

        At 43:21


      8. Mr. Hunter talks too much. He tries to put words in the mouths of his guests. The videos would be much better if he would keep quiet more.

        • Reminds me of Alex Jones. Words in people’s mouths, asking leading questions, and everything is a conspiracy.

          • If you think a 20k DOW represents the health of the economy bless your faith.

      9. Bout time we get this shit show started……. Long over due.

      10. Any insight provided by the Bible Code?

        • Deuteronomy 28, fits us(U.S.)to a t.

      11. And if high is wrong or just “high” we’ll know by the end of 2017.

      12. If this happens WWIII would follow in short order.

        • And civil warII.

          • I think the WWIII will keep everyone too busy. A common enemy unifies people.

            • Maybe we can use all the immigrants and illegals as cannon fodder. Next wave we can draft all the communists so they can hit them with their purses. Next wave send every politician to the front to try and drown them in bullshit. The enemy (if there even is one) will all die laughing 😛

      13. Aaannnnnnndd….nothing’s gonna happen.

        • Yup, and I saved 5$ on my car insurance,,,,,

      14. I Have to correct Cliff there. A bad of bad ass red necks will rise up, especially from Texas, and will kick their fat asses.


      15. I thought his remarks about the left needing to clean up lose ends, and eliminate witnesses was revealing. The lame stream press and the Clinton, Obama minions will need to be suicided like the bankers of the Great Depression.

        If prosecutions begin under a Trump administration, expect the witnesses to start dying in mass. The Globalists won’t want the evidence to follow them home.

        • Wouldnt it be funny if Trumpster paid a team of investigators to get all the dirt and skeletons on all these smug congress critters, then day one he sits em all down and tells em they are gonna do what he says or he will ruin them,,, now that would be classic.
          In other news,
          Anyone see where some ridiculous number of precincts in Detroit of all places, registered more votes than there were ballots cast, want to venture a guess who those votes were for? Cant make this shit up, the beehoch stein goes and pays for a recount then most of the ballots in detroit michigan cant be counted because of irregularities,,,
          Some people are just too stupid for words

          • “Wouldnt it be funny if Trumpster paid a team of investigators to get all the dirt and skeletons on all these smug congress critters, then day one he sits em all down and tells em they are gonna do what he says or he will ruin them,”

            That’s exacly how tptb control them now and have for eons.

            • The “powers that shouldn’t be” for decades have been taking congressmen on junkets, to private islands, to rape teenage sex slaves who get fed to the Sharks, but not before videos are taken, so they own said politicians who even become complicit in the murder of the sexslaves.

              The corruption is very deep and goes back several lifetimes. Never has it been as bad, as it has become through the Clinton, Bush, Obama administrations.

      16. Over on Drudge O’Brownhole made the statement that the US never has gotten past slavery and Jim Crow. I believe he’s never gotten past being shiftless and lazy.

        • Yup, thats real funny coming from a half and half sniglet raised by his white grandmother, schooled at a high dollar private school in high school, then follows the teachings of a white communist, and who had ALLLLLL the benefits of bein an aaffirmative action sniglet all through college and his first years in politics etc then is the head rump chump for 8 years, yet he still is whining about slavery,,, what a maroon,, i hope he falls and smacks his head on a rock his first day on the links after he gets outa the whitehouse,,, Trumpster is gonna have to disinfect that whole freakin sec 8 house

          • I might add about obuttholes highschool edumacation,,, he got a free ride, the scollarship program at Punahou is baid for by alums and other doners, and they are pretty much all, yup, you guessed it, WHITE! So that fooker has a lot of gaul to whine about slavery etc,,, he doesnt know what that really smells like.

          • Nailbanger

            I bet he carved his initials in the woodwork somewhere in the White House. Yes sir, me and Mr. Lincoln slept here.

            • More like me and Bernie sanders lol.

      17. The poor will always suffer most during a depression, recession, or (God forebid) hyperinflation. What we have today is worse than poverty. We have millions in debt, and on assistance of one kind or another.

        Food is of utmost importance in good times or bad. However, our choices are narrowed in bad times. I believe if you have the space, or can create the space; stock up on food, as if hyperinflation is a certainty. Give yourself a date not too far off. Let’s say three months from today. Then revise it when the date comes without a crisis occurring. Revised to tomorrow, so that your last minute preps are on urgent with high priority.

        Pay off debt by increasing your income and budgeting your expenditures. If you have never budgeted, do this. Go pick up a little book from an office supply store, or wherever, that says BUDGET. Keep track of your bills, and expenses. It helps to be organized. When you are prepping it is not possible to prep if you are a disorganized fool. Get your house in order, literally and figuratively. It is pre-Christmas. Growing up in a large family, we enjoyed preparing for Christmas almost, if not more, than Christmas Day. Our house was scrubed from ceiling to floor. The wall to wall carpeting was scrubbed on our knees. Do you think this was torture or child abuse? No, we loved it. Why not. It meant that Christmas was approaching.

        I believe in making your life joyful. If prepping is always fear based and lacks the element of excitement, you aren’t going about it correctly.


        • Food is just part of it, stack up all the other stuff you use all the time, detergents, cleaners, paper products, fuel, spices, dry goods, etc, etc, you know what you use, when theres no more, theres no more period, rather have a known quantity set aside and just lay low and act poor digging in the garden in me grubby coveralls than stand in line somewhere with a few thousand other boneheads,,,even on a budget, just stick the stuff aside for that rainy day, PMs etc wont matter, you wont want to draw attention,

          • Maybe go shopping once a month for your regular items and then put them away and go do it again for current use. I always buy soap and TP and spices etc. when they are cheap and sock them away. Paper towels and TP take a LOT of space, get regular hand towels and face cloths to use when they run out.

            • on that last food run before it all goes down, buy ketchup, dill pickles, and strawberry jam. Them beans biscuits and taters are gonna be very bland after eating nothing but that for weeks and those condiments are eminently “tradeable”

        • Sound advice: budgeting is key to goal achievement. I have had some big episodes in my life where I had to do that hardcore. The first was to burn off some student debt when I left university. I did that in a year. Huge relief that was. I then quit my job and started a business doing what I wanted. That experience led to some awesome, well paid jobs because of the experience I gained. The next hardcore moment was buying a house with serious cash down. Did it in 6 years. Throughout all that I always enjoyed life: traveled the world (mostly on someone else’s dime), enjoyed the ladies (women flock to the well-traveled), and ate and dressed well. But, as you say, it always has to be fun or you won’t do it.

        • Please, have FAITH in Almighty GOD and trust GOD fearing people and TRUST the goodness of humanity and believe the people ofGOD fearing will always win….the game of the evils are about to be done and NEW era will cover humanity once again….We all need to go back to FAITH in GOD not the hollywood type but the TRUE GOD.

      18. If a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bump it’s ass every time it jumped. If- the largest little word in the English language. I don’t base what I do on such things. Adapt and overcome, if you have prepped correctly then life will be easier for you. As most the population will be behind the curve no matter what happens.

        God bless and happy Holidays folks.

        • logicrazy:

          You said it.

          If my aunt had balls, she’d have been my uncle!

          • Not so fast…..anymore in theses times one may not know for sure.

          • i bet eppe had a BUNCH of those what-ifs…i miss eppe.

            • “B”
              I miss him too. I was looking at some numbers in my phone, and Eppe’s was still there. I’m going to leave in my phone in HIS HONOR!

      19. every time i turn around this post is saying the economy is going to crash pure fear porn to sell dehydrated food thats all it is .GOD got me through some of the worst combat on this planet and he will bring me home now that was real.

        • Amen

        • Run.
          Thank you for bring that up! God has got me though many things, and I believe he will get though this too. If not I pray I will get to meet Jesus. And for all time he puts me in charge of watching over the forest.

      20. instead of bitching, moaning and whining americans should have hung their traitors, now you are the enemy,

      21. I bought into the “Global Coastal Event” that the web bots predicted about 4 years ago. Both coasts are still intact so I don’t put much stock in Clif’s predictions any longer. He went quiet for a very long time after that and he and George Ure from urbansurvial.com stopped collaborating, in public anyway.

        Was the prepping worth it? Yes. All this hysteria though has gotten very tiring. I could start a blog and prob make some $$$ constantly telling everyone they were going to die tomorrow. But I choose instead to live my life, love my family and prepare in a sane, consistent manner.

      22. We have heard all of this before, but!!!!!!

        Here is my concern. The stock market has gone up around 1,500 point after the election. Now where did the money come from to raise it that high? If it came from Joe Blow that has been setting back waiting to get into the market that is kinda OK. Now if it is TPTB running up the market to have a great fall then we have a problem. Only time will tell.

        Remember that the Fed wouldn’t raise interest rates before the election so why now? They are using the excuse of the markets going up. AGAIN BY WHAT MEANS? Now that Trump won they are going to raise them? This could cause all of the above mentioned in the article.

        Keep Praying and Prepping. Sunday just added 4 more months of food, Just picked up a Bushnell night vision scope to put on one of my AR’s. ($250.00 on Amazon.)

        Stay warm America!!! Man I hate winter!!!!!


      23. I have prepped a good deal, and by many of the posters’ standards, done all the right things. Want to know why I won’t last more than a month? Most people, including ME, will be cut off from prescriptions. If something happens at the manufacturing end (likely), the drugstores’ supply will be gone in a month (or less). It is almost impossible to “stock up,” and the “stock” runs out too, just a little bit longer to struggle. Anyone got an answer for this?

        • Start at natural news .com.
          Work from there. Good luck.
          Lately I’ve become a fan of colloidal silver for some mystery virus I caught. I had known about but the residents here convinced me to try it.

      24. Following every Divergence is and Insurgence. First their is and awakening, the awakening is followed by a revelation, a revelation is always followed by a revolution.

        Does Xi Jing ping think that we are lousy Americans. You guys should check out How Taiwon was formed. I was really supprised on how that country was founded. Unless we nuke the fuck out of China, that problem will continue. He who controls the Gold makes the rules and Taiwon has the gold lots of it. It’s about time a President like Trump equiped with fortified Brass balls of steal to stand up to you communist. Hey Xi, you got it all planned eh, 1,200,000 chi-coms in Mexico, 150,000 chi-coms south of the Border. 10,000 Jihadist with Training camps. And your communist allies have jihadist training camps all over the country, including one here in Texas.. I really admire your confidence, but you see Xi, urban warfare with pissed off cops, red necks, and veterans is recipe for fucking disaster for your soldiers, especially when I capture one. We are going riddle your soldiers asses with .233/5.56 when they get here. You and your country have no earthy idea who your fucking with. CHINA IS A SUPPORTER AND SPONSOR OF TERRORISM AND IS ALLIES WITH TERRORIST NATIONS LIKE IRAN. NOW YOUR ALLIES WITH THE SAUDI’S.

        fuck your country, and if you chi-com soldiers come into my area and attack us, I will shoot you asses on site. And our local cops have a surprise for you chi-com soldiers when you get here, a nasty surprise. Don’t fuck with Texas law enforcement.

        Like Cliff says they fear the RED Neck up rising.


        Had this bullshit taken place in the 1700’s the Founders would have literally opened fire already. And damn it, they did. And with us, we carry the Constitution, the owners manual on how to deal with Tyrany.

      25. Remember Christine LaGarde’s cryptic speech back in 2014 with all the references to the number 7? Everyone was freaking out saying the economy would collapse that July.

        Maybe it was a different 7 she was referring to?

      26. Trump’s victory has been posted on my Website since 2015. He will not be seated as President, and that is what will spark Global Economic Collapse.

        Web Bots and Remote Viewing have a dismal record. My future forecasting abilities have been nearly spot on.


      27. Yawn…………..nothing the bots have predicted has…EVER…..been accurate !!! just his speculation on what the people are discussing on the web..nothimg more.

      28. First of all, I want to thank Clif for all the work he puts into these reports. That being said, I received just one of his reports a few years ago, and I can’t think of one thing in that report that occurred.
        However, they are certainly interesting to read.

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