“We On The Scene Of This B***h… That’s The Owner Drunk As A Motherf****r” – Citizen Journalist Gives Hilarious Report During Local House Fire

by | Dec 9, 2017 | Headline News | 53 comments

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    Citizen journalist Rhoda Young came upon the scene of a house fire and went live via Facebook to provide a news report about the tense situation as fire trucks roared into action.

    Though tragic for the individual who owned the home and happened to be watching the fire while drinking a six pack from across the street, Young explained to viewers what was happening, going so far as to even suggest to firefighters she knew how the blaze started.

    The owner of the house was upstairs when the fire started.

    Doing my investigation, I have now discovered his motherf*****g hair was on fire, and his pants is burned off his d**n leg.

    So he was right there when the fire started, and he got a six pack of godd**n PBR.

    So now I gotta figure out how he start that fire.

    Once again, that’s the owner drunk as a motherf****r.

    The owner was subsequently arrested, reportedly because law enforcement officials believe he purposely set the fire.

    Watch the full report below:


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      1. Well the NYT had a couple of articles with Venezuela updates. People running out of gas and using firewood now for cooking. How senior citizens are surviving. Maybe some useful ideas?

        I apologize sincerely for referencing the NYTimes but its apears more useful than this….

        • she reminded me of Charlton Heston at an NRA speech.

      2. Duh bee nuffin I kin says.

        • reminded me of a lancelot link episode

      3. Fake news!

        • “This house fire is in full active duty!”

          Precious reporting

        • she did a much better job than MSM?

      4. Ya know…some peoples toolboxes are suited for journalism. Others not so much. Given I was laughing for the whole vid, I think this girl should shoot for the stars and go for a comedian gig. It seems that a comedian career would be a good match for her toolbox/skills.

        • Now we know why Fake News professionals want to stifle “citizen journalism”.

          Walter Cronkite is rolling over in his grave … with laughter !!! 🙂

        • Rednek101, good to see you back.

          • Thanks Brave

      5. Judging from her language she seems to have gotten
        a proper Californiya English Edumacation. /s off…

        Honestly, it seems those fires are very suspicious. People with
        too much debt, people who can’t find buyers.
        Then there are the terrorists, who use fire as a tool to
        get even with someone, or some group of people,
        as well as the hate groups and anti-Americans.

        Stop those people from entering this country and these problems will
        be few and far between.
        Evil Bammy Obutthole unleashed a whole nation full of communists,
        criminals, haters and killers upon us and through chain migration they are bringing
        millions more migrant terrorists. This needs to stop NOW!
        This is insanity….full scale damnation on us, and a planned take over of this country.

      6. Funny.

      7. I turned it off after about three seconds into her screaming like a Howler primate.

        • go back and finish it, much better job reporting than MSM

        • I couldn’t finish watching the ape woman either. And they wonder why they live in the ghettos with their low IQs.

          • Black Moe, she also looks like she’s been eating up the profits at someone’s restaurant.

          • No shit. All her hooting & hollering like a primate. All ebonics too.

      8. I just left a message basically saying that her command of the English language is faulty. That if she wishes to use curse words and slang words in her descriptors, and incorrectly abusing usage of verbage, then she is limiting her audience. My opinion is that she is using verbage accustom to her normal dialect and inflections, which is local, not widely accepted.

      9. I bet she be paid fo this port. LOL!!!


      10. That poor man. Losing your home just before Christmas and having this imbecile screeching like a banshee in his ear. It’s bad enough watching your house burn to the ground, but fair dinkum, he won’t forget her in a hurry. This man and his family need our prayers.

      11. She will probably be working at CNN soon.

      12. She be like one a dem MSNBC baboons dat do da nitely news.

      13. She is, allegedly, a complete moron.

      14. She is, allegedly, a complete moron. Allegedly.

        • Her presentation might be unusual and unprofessional BUT she reported what was happening,where, who was involved and how it happened. She relayed her information to the police and the firebug was arrested. So bad language aside, she did a better and faster job than most so-called professional reporters.

          • True story and she did it while allegedly entertaining me too.

        • Mescalerowarrior, LOL! Welcome but I say she is REALLY a moron.

      15. Highly recommend this lady to go to work got CBS, CNN, MBC and ABC immediately. She displays the utmost professionalism and expertise required of an outstanding journalist. Unlike most of her colleagues she will not throw the BS at you. She will be an asset to the news as she leaves no stones unturned nor does she fail to call a turd a turd or an M/EFR a M/EFR.

      16. OMG! The SHTF!

      17. Love that beautiful set o’teeth !

        • Behind that dark backdrop them choppers are easy to see.

      18. I must have missed the humorous part…

      19. She is, allegedly, a complete tard. Allegedly.

      20. She is, allegedly, illiterate. An illiterate journalist. Hahaha. Allegedly.

        • Mescalerowarrior, she REALLY is retarded.

      21. Anyone know what country she is from because I couldn’t place the accent.

        • Norfolk, VA.

        • i’m not sure which PLANET she comes from.

          • Planet of the Apes?

            DAMN! I just couldn’t help my self- you set that up PERFECTLY!

      22. Silverback news

      23. “House was fully engorged” Love that!

        • LMAO, i caught that too.

        • I have to admit I LOL to that too, but the loud and dramatic behavior just puts me off about black folk. this poor guy’s house is going down in flames and she’s yelling in his ear hole.

          No Merry Christmas for that poor guy.

      24. I could only understand about ten percent of what she was screaming.

      25. Don’t forget you’re a lady!

      26. This is REAL news. If local news reporting was like this, I would start watching again. I couldn’t stop laughing. This is great!!!

        • Me too! (wait was I supposed to include #?)

      27. Fake news? How can dis b fake news? The m***** F**** house on fire! Dat aint fake! D m***** F**** house on fire!

      28. “In the future, everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes” – Andy Warhol, 1968

      29. Knew it was a nigette before I saw the picture.

      30. The next Brian Williams

      31. Try turning on closed captioning.

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