‘We Live In a Cesspool of Entitled, Elite Scumbags’

by | Aug 15, 2010 | Charlie McGrath, Headline News | 34 comments

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    In his latest video titled They Know the Collapse is Now, Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News provides commentary on the state of affairs in America and the world.

    (Video follows excerpts and comments)

    There’s no hiding it. There’s no hiding it to anybody who has their eyes open and is even remotely awake to the fact that the employment situation in this nation is deplorable. Not only in this nation but around the world.

    We live in a cesspool. A cesspool of entitled, elite scumbags who have no problem whatsoever looking into a camera telling you what you want to hear, spending ungodly amounts of money to get a job that pays them in the hundred to two hundred thousand dollar a year range, so they can sit and write laws and legislation for the people who are really padding their pockets – the too-big-too-fails, the ten banks that own 80% of the wealth of this nation.

    America is slowly starting to realize this isn’t the summer of recovery. It’s the summer of reality. We are going into Great Depression 2.0. This one’s going to be far, far worse. It’s a perfect storm of everything heinous that could happen, happening.

    Every one of them, every one of them to a man and woman, and I don’t care what’s behind their name, a “D” or an “R”, needs to be ass-launched out of Washington. Sent packing.

    Welcome to the summer of reality. And the reality is, we’re heading to the pits of hell.

    We often come across articles, comments and forum postings from individuals who speak of the current economic crisis as a severe recession from which we will emerge stronger than ever before, just like past recessions.

    While we share the sentiment that the American people, our values, and our innovation and work ethic will eventually lead to a stronger America, it will not come without significant pain.

    Unless you are in complete denial, it is absolutely clear that our economic and financial systems are in collapse. Our political system, from local representatives to federal judges, has been corrupted.

    It’s happening right now, as Charlie McGrath points out, and there is nothing that is going to stop it. Our political leaders have sold us out. They’ve exchanged political donations, perks and future job opportunities for billions upon billions of dollars in mandated handouts and wealth transfers from the American people to foreign entities, large corporate institutions and other clients of well-connected lobbyists.

    They have and will continue to suck the people dry, even those who have not yet been born, by enslaving them through personal and federal debt.

    On the economic side of things, people are losing jobs, homes and confidence. A collapse of this magnitude, of a nation who has built up debts and bad habits over decades, does not happen over night. It deteriorates slowly, just as we’re seeing happen right before our eyes.

    For many, the pits of hell are a reality right now, today.

    Watch Charlie McGrath’s commentary:


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      1. Charlie is right on.  Not much else  to say!  We can swear and curse till we’re so pissed off we can’t see straight but for what?  We can bitch and complain but it doesn’t do any good.  None of us can really “act” in any way other.   Vote them all out?  We’ll just get more of the same.   Make some sort of violent statement?  We’ll end up in jail.  It’s going to have to get ugly before any change can be made.  I don’t see much positive in the next couple years. 

      2. Being a rich assclown DOESN’T make you one of the elite, ruling class.

        This financial situation that we are ALL  facing today  started out just like a little snowball sitting there on top of the hill. A small ‘nudge’ got it started rolling down the hill, gathering up snow as it went, growing ever larger, picking up mass and speed the farther it went. Now it is a huge snowball (financial calamity) just about on top of us and ready to roll over our economy and the economy of the world. There is nothing that anyone can do to stop it either.

        Oh yes, the PTB can always print up a few more dollars, enact a few more ‘programs’, pass a few more laws, tell a few more lies and attempt to slap a few more ‘bandaids’ on the gaping wounds of our financial economy. These tactics can probably ‘buy’ the elites a little bit more time before the final crash hits, but they can’t change or effect the final outcome.

        Just like the little boy who pointed out to his neighbors that the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes, let alone the fine suit of clothes that everyone had convinced themselves that the asshole was wearing ………… it will be a small voice crying out from our crowd; “The money is worthless fools, can’t you tell that it doesn’t have any value left and that it won’t buy anything?” The FRN doesn’t even make good toilet paper and it will be worth even less than Charmin when folks finally realize that the ‘bottom’ has fallen out of our world.

        The thing that has made the financial markets of the United States so attractive to foreigh investors has always been our stability as a society as well as a high rate of return. That attraction will be gone the second that our beloved president has to declare martial law and use US forces against the civilian population.

        I’m stocking up on ‘dry-rub’; you get the ‘mop-sauce’ & charcoal and we’ll have BBQed Bankster & Stock-Marketeer when there isn’t any food left on the local supermarket shelves. They’re so fat & greasy that they should be self basting when turned slowly on a spit over a low fire. Yummie boys & girls! Welcome to MadMarkie’s neighborhood children, fun and games for all!!!

      3. Other than voting, we do not have a whole lot of control over what is going on.  We cannot personally stop this impending collapse, all we can do is prepare as best we can.

      4. Comments….. I agree Apartmentprepper, bitching about it does not change the outcome. Being prepared does change the outcome.  There’s still sheeple out there who remain in denial, but I can’t do anything about that either.  It’s every man for himself right now, and it will get ugly.  The unemployment check has already ran out for thousands and thousands of people.  My sister got 99 weeks of unemployment and it will run out in a couple of weeks.  Fortunately she socked money away and can hold on longer than most.  Keep prepping and have several plans in place.

      5. The country is going to stay poor and no one will stop it. No one can stop it. America is full of stupid dope smokers and other drug addicts not to mention the alcoholics and all are to stupid and lazy to do anything but be controlled. No matter who runs this country be it Rand Paul they would see the stupid pot smokers and drug addicts as easy prey to control and take advantage of. I don’t blame them. Even if a good hard working, talented employee comes in the door to work they are not worth shit when they do drugs no matter what drug. They can be paid cheaper, they can be used, they are to paranoid, they break the law with what they do so they know they can have no job real easy, not to say that makes them hate police because they enforce the laws, so DOPEY can be controlled.   

      6. Oh yea this country got rid of the Mexicans in the depression by making drugs illegal. All that want pot legalized can have it but a Mexican will have your job for less money.

      7. Comments….. The summer of reality is over, Next is the Fall of enslavement. You have less than two months before the government clamps down on your rights. They will enact Martial Law under the cloak of avoiding a civil war. But a civil war is what they will create intentionally. Easier to throw out the constitution, your rights and maintain control, their seats and the new order agenda. Forget the ten banks who own all the wealth in the USA. Try the 12 families who control the wealth of the world. You really think you have the right to vote out the crooks? Obviously you don’t know your standing in society. You’re never going to see a voting booth.
        Stock up on food and provisions. watch for talking points on states sucession and racism, these will be the means for them to justify their actions.

      8. Stuttgart, Germany — “Sales at Mercedes-Benz continue to improve, rising by 17 percent in July. This marked the ninth month in a row that sales have increased at a double-digit rate. Global deliveries to customers amounted to 97,700 units last month (July 2009: 83,500). As a result, sales now total 654,400 units since the beginning of the year (January-July 2009: 566,600), representing an increase of 16 percent.


      9. Friday’s report from the Port of Los Angeles provides additional statistical evidence of an ongoing boom in international trade activity. Shipping volume reached a 23-month high in July of 730,746 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs), the highest monthly shipping activity since August of 2008 (see chart above), and 26.8% above July last year. On a year-to-date basis, shipping activity at the LA Port is up by 16.8% compared to last year.


      10. Comments….. Many people still don’t realize that as a nation, we are seeing changes to our fundamental way of life, and things will never go back to the way they were.  We have some terrible cycles that we must go through, and we are just beginning the journey.
               Common sense and preparation are your only friends. No matter which scenerio plays out, none of them are good, and many contain some form of violence.   just what degree of violenc eis the only real question I’m asking.  The PTB will not give up without a fight, and they hold most of the cards. Perhaps a french revolution type scene, where the masses go after the ruling elite, an”off with their heads” kind of scenerio.
            In the coming year or so of time, I wouldn’t want to be perceived as being rich or have special consideration, and be an easy target for mobs that will surely roam the streets.
            I fall into the camp that believes that the local police will be too busy taking care of their own family to worry about other areas, and even with the national guard present, they can’t be everywhere at once.
            Plus, just because a law is instituted, doean’t mean the authorities have the man power to make arrests for violations..  The governments record of efficiency during a crisis doesn’t  inspire confidence.  Just hold onto your hats, and get ready for Mr. toad’s wild ride. You have a front row seat.

      11. Comments…..I can do a lot to make my life better.  I have been prepping for the past couple of years.  An now, I am prepping even more, because I feel we are going into a depression. 

        But while there is still time I prep, prep and prep some more.  That is the most positive thing I can do for myself and my family.

        I don’t have time to worry about what is happening in the news.  I can only consentrate on my next prepping purchase.

        I’m not prepping for luxury, I’m prepping for survival.  Hope the rest of you are too.

      12. OneShotKill:   We may have run the Mexicans out of Arizona, but they are moving to Utah and Washington State where they can still get driver’s licenses without documentation: and Mexifornia. Jonny V watch your border!

        As for all the nay saying on here from all the “patriots”, I have to tell you that I am disappointed in you. The country is in transition. Now is the time to engage the political process, attack the PTB, and organize your family, friends, and neighbors that think just like you.

        Develop NEW political structures. Organize block by block if that is what it takes. If you are so pathetic that you will not rise up and be counted, then you are no better than the stupid black woman that thought Obama was going to make her mortgage payment.

        She is probably in a shelter somewhere by now, and you will be too if you don’t quit sitting on your hands, because all you people are doing is catching farts. Get busy!

        The numbers, the money, and the power is with US if we will take our collective head out of our ass, quit feeling sorry for ourselves, and get busy. America is ours for the taking ……… back!

        Don’t bother responding to my post. I am shutting down and not going to waste the day trying to inspire a bunch of pissers, moaners, cryers, and whiners.

      13. Comments….. Durango kidd, who are you talking to?  Not really sure who you are talking to.  The majority of people posting here see the light. I’m not quite sure about developing new political structures and organize block by block. Hell, I live out in the boonies and I’m not about to run down the mountain looking to convince someone politically.  We’ve attended tea party rally’s before,  and most of them get it.  While there is safety in numbers for sure, I’m hoping the oathkeepers keep their oaths.

        Greaseman said: Perhaps a french revolution type scene, where the masses go after the ruling elite, an”off with
        their heads” kind of scenerio

        That’s not too far fetched.  As layoffs continue and those on unemployment see their safety net go, people will mobilize.  In the meantime, the Obummas are making their way to Martha Vineyards for a few days.  Things are just so hectic for them in Washington, that another vacation at the taxpayers expense is owed to them–the ruling class.  In the meantime check out dailyjobcuts.com–businesses and companies laying off–bankruptcies too.  The job losses are horrific, and these are the people who use to have–not any more.

      14. Soon we’ll have to beg the government for permission to get up out of bed.

      15. Just stock food, get armed and get ready for the patriot revolution.  Stop buying everything, let it all collapse.  What they want if for you to be not armed, not stocked up.  They want it so you cannot fight back.  As a citizen, we need to seek our own domestic citizen currency backed by gold and silver.   As for immigration, shut it down.  Cancel your TV.  It’s just brain washining.  Hound your congress man.  Here’s your homework.  Step 1.  Join the NRA.  Step 2.  Stock long-term food stores to be independent.  Step 3.  Kill all your debt and never go into debt again.  Step 4.  Back Ron Paul for a citizen currency backed by metals.  Step 5.  Fuck Al Gore.  He’s a globalist traitor.    As for arms, you will need them when TSHTF and the food riots break out.  You’ll be glad you are armed then.  Also, have a bow.  If the ammo runs out you’ll be glad you have something.  Get ready for mad max days!  They will come, they always have in history. 

      16. Mona, I hope more people prepare, but I think it will be really really BAD.  I am also (touching up ) my supplies. I think we might see something by the end of the year??  who knows

      17. Right on Charlie.  Obama is the lead liar in D.C.    A real piece of shit.   

      18. Greaseman said: Perhaps a french revolution type scene…

        Weren’t there a few bankers hanging from lamp posts during the bank runs in the ’30s?  Seems like I read that somewhere.

        I have a big chunk of 1/4″ steel plate; maybe I’ll build a guillotine just for fun. You never know what might come in handy 🙂

      19. this piece made me think about my uncle, on my Dad’s side of the family.  He was one of those poor souls during the Great Depression that lost his grasp on life.  He simply stole off to the railroad trains and joined countless numbers of other wayward souls who couldn’t handle the collapse of their dreams, couldn’t manage the responsiblities- with no job prospects… but who had enough pride left not to burden others (though abandonment conveyed much damage throughout their families).  They would never have considered picking up arms or attacking govt, etc..

        That was then……. and now?  I really don’t know what to think.  We’ve heard no stories from the press, yet……. oh, sure the border is a hot bed, etc.  But I’m talking about regular John-Q citizen who has lost his hope and dreams.  He’s not going down to the rail-yards.  There are no sort of hobo jungles filled with people like himself……yet.  When that question is answered- likely here on the internet, perhaps here………. then we will know Dep2 has truly begun.

      20. Comments…..The difference between now and the 30’s, is that we have so much access to information.  plus, our society has had generations to get on the narcotic of entitlements.  there are millions who believe the government owes them a living for whatever their twisted useless mind can think of. The folks in the 30’s were just on their own.
             Plus, as gerald celente always says, “when people lose everything they have, they lose it’. People are gettingready to go ape.  How many of these fiascos, such as the housing assistance voucher giveaway in Atlanta, can the Federal authorties run, before the crowds go ape, because they didn’t get what they thought they should.?? It’s coming folks. every time the government has some kind of  special assistance program  in a large metropolitan city, folks come out of the woodwork to get anything they can.  I remember the race riots of the 60’s The black community burned their own neighborhoods down.  I used to think that was stupid, but the government came in and rebuilt everything with new stuff, So maybe the mobs knew what they were doing.
             Many people have already lost everything they have, and have nothing to lose by rioting. Many of the midddle class are still in transition, still taking iin the effects of losing everything they had.  Soon everyone will be ready for some payback. When the government takes  down enough of the middle class, and the lifetime entitlements crowd sees it’s about over for them, the action will start.  And I don’t think that’s going to be too far off.
            Lock and load people.  if you don’t take some precautions, you deserve what happens to you.

      21. I watched the weekly bickering on Mclaughlin Group this week, and they brought up an interesting point that greaseman just touched on.  There is this underlying tension through the whole country right now.  People are getting ready to f-in EXPLODE man.  The Watts riots in the 60’s are gonna be just a small taste of it.  When the government rebuilt Watts, they had numbers on everyone’s roof so the homes could be ID’d from the air.  Everyone I know in the construction trades, we all work and play hard, and everyone is on edge all the time.  Ready to go off over road rage, work rage, drunk rage, what ever.

        I’m catching myself doing it too.  I’ll be at work and just tear some apprentice a new asshole for no reason, or even less of a reason than it would normally take to go off on an apprentice.  I yell at other drivers on the road and give them the “you’re number one! sign language”.  I get pissed off and argue on this site with people I don’t know over nothing.  Anyone else doing this too?  All the guys at work are doing it to one degree or another.  Maybe we’re all doing it.

      22. While the endless streem of reports on evil corrupt elites can tend to draw us down into a negitive spiral, I tend to gloss over them and use them as a reminder to stay on track and keep alert.

        The reality is “the Elites” are just carrying on business as usual, like they have done for 5000 years and we should not be too shocked or upset by anything we hear. All this poverty and distress among the sheep should not concern us either as they have always been the fodder of the Elites and always will.

        Our task is to avoid the pitfalls, protect ourselves (like little elites) and live our lives out as best we can during the comming collapse. I have no sympathy for the average drone, they have been told again and again, by me and countless others. The fact is they are too stupid, or too greedy, to step back from their consumption, wannabee millionare lifestyles to see this and prepare.

        All the madness will be positive IMO. It will cleanse the gene-pool of the scum and strengthen those that survive.

      23. Comments…..  I see some people second guessing their efforts at prepping, whether it’s really necessary or not. Some spouses don’t support the effort very much, and think everything will be ok. it’s a common problem.  People that have jobs keep going to work everyday, and they just don’t know how bad it is for the other jobless people, or they choose to ignore the problem. But guess what, the federal government knows how bad things are, and they are making preps to handle the problems that they know are coming.  All you hesitant readers out there who are reading these posts to try and understand what all the prep fuss is about.  Do you own checking.  look at what the government is doing.  They KNOW what’s coming, and they are prepping, with executive orders, new policies, new laws, new taxes, strategic placement of troop strengths, and many other things that the public will never know of.  So all you non-believers that don’t believe someting bad is coming,  your government does, and is doing everything they can to prepare.
               Everyone’s policy should be CYA. Our government can’t organize anything.  They won’t be there to protect anyone when things get real bad—and they will get bad  in time.  The US has a history that’s very easy to look at and fact check.  When the dissatisfaction level gets high enough, the natives will revolt. I think we are soooo close to that level.
             One other idea to think about. One of my favorite quotes that I think about all the time. it basically says, ” If you don’t change the way you do things, why would you ever expect things to turn out different”?  if we don’t change the representation we have in Washington, why would we ever expect things to change????  if we put the same people back in office each year expecting there to be a change, we deserve what we get, which is what we have now.

      24. Knowing just what I know and seeing what I see unfolding arounding me regardless of what any politician or economist on t.v. says, these are my mottos………………..

        Better to have prepared than to have your pants gathered someday down around your ankles when you are forced to run and hide.

        Better to be thought of as a fool and have prepared than to look oneself in the mirror someday and remove all doubt.

        Better to have provisions set aside for today than to be found without any tomorrow. 

        The ultimate objective is to be the least foolish in a foolish world.

      25. There are two basic camps of thought here, those who believe that if we just put the right people in Washington then we can effect the change we desire, and those who believe that it doesn’t matter who we “elect” as they will just turn on as as every other elected official has to date. There’s no telling who’s philosophy is the more correct one. All I can say is I used to belong to the first camp, but after years of trying to get the right people in and seeing the exact opposite happen that I am firmly entrenched in the second camp.

        I am instead choosing to prep and educate the few select people who seem willing to listen and learn (and it’s not many I can tell you). That is what I have chosen to do with my energy. To me, it’s come down to a waiting game as I see everyone continue on with their daily consumption with no second thoughts about the future. For them (the clueless), there are two camps between them: the ones who don’t understand anything and don’t care to understand anything, and those who do recognize a problem but think the government will come in to save the day. It’s the second group only that we can get through to, though I would say the failure rate on convincing them is probably about 90% based on my own experience.

        The largest problem I face in convincing anyone is that things still are not bad enough to force people to change their lifestyles, at least not the ones who still hold jobs. There is an enormous dichotomy in the middle-class structure today, and it seems we treasure more the ability to retain our jobs and distance ourselves from those who have lost theirs, rather than commiserating with them and learning from their experiences. There are no shared lessons anymore – we seem to be dividing ourselves all on our own. The PTB are taking extreme pleasure in that fact. This is classic psychological warfare.

        I keep reading about people anticipating the “Big Event” that will wipe out the markets, destroy the dollar, shut down the banks and clear grocery store shelves, and all other kinds of nasty things. If I am to understand anything about TPTB, I have to know that this scenario is extremely unlikely, and I’ll tell you why.

        A sudden cataclysmic event would serve as a catalyst to galvanize the “patriot” or “revolutionary” movement, or whatever you want to call it, as everyone would be thrown into the water at once. This is antithetical to the intent of TPTB which is to surreptitiously enslave everyone one-by-one. What I believe 2008/2009 was about was an effort by TPTB to induce certain black swan events in order to pave the way for legislation that would inevitably server their goals. Now, I could be wrong, but the facts tend to support this theory to date, since there really hasn’t been a huge event since then (forgetting about the oil spill). It is my belief that over the next 2-3 years more and more of us will fall through the cracks, until the point where there is hardly anyone left to stand up. This is akin to death by a slow-bleed, where the trickle at any given point is not enough to arouse suspicion. But after a few years the patient has lost half its blood.

        I really do hope I’m wrong. I would like nothing more than some big event to come along and get this thing started. I am tired of waiting.

      26. Many people have been looking with dread at the movement toward a One World Government. The UN Agenda 21 is all about moving the money and resources out of the western world and into third world countries ( via megabusinesses and their pockets of course).  Look around. While our “leaders” have not signed away our  national soverignty yet, they have been moving our money and resources out of this nation and bankrupting us so we are not strong enough to fight.  These “leaders” have been changing our laws so our nation no longer resembles what our founding fathers envisioned and setting the laws against the people.  We now have the Patriot Act to arrest americans without a warrent and wide open borders for the drug cartels to enter and murder at will and  a President who can’t bring himself to say anything nice about this nation let along protect it citizens and seal that border.
        The future is here but the american people are only just catching on.  And those crooked politicians and judges  have had several decades and at least the last 4 administrations to change the laws and cook that books and steal (literally) our present and our future. 
        There are almost no DC politicians or judges who should stay in office.  All our laws must be reviewed to protect the constitution and prevent ANY president or congress from signing a “treaty” that takes away OUR rights and our nation.  And no judge should be able to legislate from the bench.  If  THEY want to go elsewhere that is fine but they have NO right to sell our nation. It is OURS. We love it and they should leave it. But we have played a part in this. We have gone happily along without keeping guard of our rights. We have trusted that “someone” was doing that.  So now do we sit and wait for someone to do something or do we get out the vote and get out the scum?

      27. goldenfoxx;  yes many people see the “light”. That is not enough. To prep for yourself and do nothing is to allow the PTB to implement THEIR plan for US. That’s not exceptable to me.

        We have to work with what we have. Right now that means getting the socialists out of Congress in November. Then it means getting in the face of the republicans BIG time after November, so they don’t think they can run the country THEIR way. Thats why we are where we are at, as they are the primary engine for the NWO. Unfettered capitalists want to take our jobs to the third world to maximize profits and sell those products to US. Unacceptable!

        New political leadership must be developed if the American people are going to roll back the mess in DC and embrace thier inalienable rights once again. This requires engagement by the masses in the political process. It requires new leaders with Patriot ideas to return US to the American prescription for self determination as annotated in the Declaration and codified by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. republicans are not the answer, they are part of the problem.

        This will not happen unless the unhappy masses put their money and their energy where their mouth is. There has never been a more fertile ground for Liberty since 1776. We must engage the PTB now, it is not too late. we have the numbers, we have the vote, and we have the money: Obama showed US that. Now we need leaders who are patriots first.

        When Jefferson left office he said: “My hands are as clean, as my pockets are empty!” What politician can claim that now? They all get rich while in power. Americans must organize politically and they must contribute financially to a new party or parties committed to the DI, C, and BOR.

        Get out the vote and get out the scum! then develop a new political structure!

      28. there is one good candidate in Washington State.  Clint Didier is a multi-generational farmer, former NFL player, and first time political candidate.  He has a republican opponent in multi-time losing candidate Dino Rossi (just as slimy as his name sounds, lifelong real estate shyster).  I know it’s late in the game but I think Clint might be the real deal, even though he was endorsed by bimbo balin-palin.  Google him up and give it a look.

      29. Comments…..I agree with the idea that the problems we face can’t be fixed with who we have in Washington.  Our problems are neither a democrat or a republican problem. To one degree or another, a one time or another, both parties have taken us to financial ruin, and tossed us over the edge. We are now closing in on a period of history that can be traced to many cultures.  We are at the end of our sovreignity, at the end of our effective status as a super power. If you can’t see the exchange of power being given away by our leadership, in the name of global peace,  and whatever other politically correct thing they think of,  you’re blind.
        As a nation, we are screwed, blued, and tatooed.     I predict the trip to the bottom will be painfull, as we watch 200 years of nation building going down the drain, led by a small group of illiminati, mostly bankers, industrialists, and other power brokers, of one ilk or another.
                This idea of voting the bums out is a great idea.  but just as the stock market is rigged, so is the election process.  The PTB will never let any other parties gain any real power before they shut them down by whatever method they can use. Witness the smear campaign  waged against the Tea party movement. I honestly believe we are too late for an effective change through the ballot box.  Change will require much stronger force, at a much greater price than our modern society is used to. What we need are some 200 year old Patriots who know how valuable what we have lost as a nation is.  They  lived the fight. They paid the price.  At least their foe was in a different uniform. Now, we are forced to listen to smooth talking,  carpetbagging  , low life , fork tongue devils,  tell us  we’re going to have to learn to live with less, as they continue to get pay raises, and cadilac benefit packages, for life, only after a few years of service.  Just as when a war is started, it’s easy to send someone to their death as long as you don’t have to go, or your children.  Do you really think an election is going to stop them.??  As I mentioned in another post, I want to hear some candidate somewhwere, just call these lowlifes running our system, what they are–liars, just simple liars. I’m tired of hearing people say they mis-spoke.  They lied, it’s that simple. 
             Anyway, just keep prepping, and watching, because the natural course of events is going to procede as planned. with too many people getting entitlements, and not enough money to go around, everyone sooner or later is going to lose their slice of the pie. Washington doesn’t have a clue, and as time rolls on , they have already used all the guns in their weapons package.  Using common sense–can you see anything they could use that would change things?? The only thing they won’t do is what would work.  we are destined and planned to fail, and it’s proceeding nicely.
               Everyday, I read the same sentiments over and over in different blogs. Everyone is basically sayng the same thing–when is it all going to explode???  I don’t think it will be long, as that many gut feelings can’t be wrong.

      30. I disagree with you, geaseman, we are not at the end of our sovreignty. And our wealth and power has not been given away in the name of peace, but profits. As long as there are third world nations the unfettered capitalists will continue to exploit peasants and the working class around the world ….. if we let them, and we CAN stop them. The naysayers that PMCC and say “woe is me”, “we are doomed”, make me want to puke! I repudiate them and their defeatist crybaby attitude!

        To them I say: “Get some fucking BALLS, man! Cause if you got no fucking balls, you are not a fucking man! You are one of THEM trying to dissuade, trying to sow dissent, trying to undermine the liberating spirit that made this nation great!”

        Today the means of production have been moved to China, the last great threat to the NEW WORLD ORDER, but 20 years from now, the MOP will be moved to Africa or anywhere else that people can be exploited to work for less to create bigger profits for capitalists and the management class; unfettered capitalists themselves who drive the push for exploitation of the poor and the destruction of the middle class to line their own pockets.

        Americans have the right to organize politically, collect money, and use the system that the lobbyists have created to enrich themselves and manage legislation for the NWO. Obama showed us how by raising small amounts of money from many millions of people over the internet. We have the numbers. Americans must seize this  opportunity now while the ground is fertile and the atmosphere thick with the smell of revolutionary change and take us back to the principles of self determination birthed in 1776. 

        To all the whiners, naysayers, traitors, and spineless pukes out there who would try to undermine that Spirit of Liberty expressed by the Declaration of Independence and codified by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, I say:   “Fuck you! it ain’t gonna happen! This country belongs to patriots and we are going to take it back. So get on board or get out of the fucking way!”

      31. Comments….. Hey Durango, I like your attitude, i really do. I’m not a cry baby who thinks nothing can be done to correct the situation that we are in. But, I also make judgement calls on what I see, and I also base my opinions on past history.  if we have some patriots come forth, and they can gain enough popular support, yes, we have a chance to return our country to what it should be.
              The turnaround will be very difficult.If the powers that be control the media, and they do, and they control the operation of the internet, and they do, this can make organization of patriots very difficult, unless you plan to use the Pony Express to communicate.
            The ruling elites have already shut down some blogs that they believe contained “hate speech”, (code for anything they don’t like). They will have no problem shutting down access to communication to prevent dissent.
            I am all for the success of the Patriot movement, as I would like to see the changes you described.  But the ruling elites are already showing their inclination to shut down any desent they see a “radical’, when in fact it’s an honest expression of disagreement.  The ruling elites have also proven to me that they don’t give a crap what the constitution says. They just pass some law, or executive order, and have time on their side, as voters slog through the judicial system  in an attempt to have the law reversed.
            if you re-read what I said before, I said that I believe we are beyond change at the ballot box, and I stick by that statement. I also said that change will require much more force, more than we are used to.  I stick by that statement. I also said I;m ready for some patriots to come to the forefront, as we could use their spirit to change things.
              I hope the Patriot movement can be a method that starts a real change, but it better be soon.  The government is doing everything they can to shut it down every day. Good luck to you sir.

      32. Comments…..Why are you guys trying to turn it around…I say stoke more coal into the boiler and lets run the sucker off a cliff at maximum warp speed…We do not have the power to fight the powers that be… we also do not have a political system in which we stand the slightest chance to win..we cannot militarily fight em..trust me, if you have a rifle they will call in 50, if you have a machine gun they will get a cannon or a rocket..therefore why fight it…let them screw their own pooch by collapsing the economic system, we can help by not spending.. They also stand to loose most of their power if we screw up their timetable.. that is their plan anyway..BUT…the police and army are far less likely to follow orders or to do their bidding after the collapse, they will be too busy trying to feed their own kids. In most places in these situations the cops stop doing much of anything except taking bribes and payoffs..  they will be too busy using their badges to shake down everybody for a few bucks or a can of beans to do the heavy lifting of standing up to rebellion for their puppet masters…there is no profit in it for them.   If the powers that be cannot write a check, and have to flee to the South Seas to avoid a noose or a sniper sent by the pissed off citizens, then those same citizens have taken back their country by default. There are enough of us with brains to sieze the abandoned seats of power or to sieze their land and wealth when they bug out..then its simple..we already have a bill of rights and a constitution..simply hit the delete button on just about everything that has been written into law since about 1900 and start over.
        As for the super rich, the banks and all the other big businesses who bought off our political class, they are guilty of treason and corruption…sieze their assets as payment of the national debt, and a fine. But you know, the other part of me says to simply blast em all to hell since that is all the compassion they have earned ..then even if the shelves in the stores are bare, we can at least eat fresh roasted PIGS.  If the french had to break some glass to have their revolution, perhaps we do too. The good news is that most Americans actually believe in free markets and democracy. Lets hit the reset button..Success needs to be about ability, not family or political connections. We as a nation could far more easily rebuild and restart agin without the top 3% who only suck the blood out of the people like vampires as they enrich themselves at our expense 

      33. OneShotKill:
        What a load!
        You must be on a few pharmaceuticals to say such idiotic and baseless things. Although I agree in part that people are a bit drugged up these days, but to blame all the problems on the very drugs that were LEGAL the majority of the time this country was a country.
        Drug criminalization does only one thing: fill the coffers of those that enforce the illegality of the drug (like the private prison system owners for one).

      34. Comments…..  probably the most realistic thing any of us can do, is to be pro-active in our own prepping, kind of like what we have been doing over the last year or so. we have control over that.  The economic situation in the country is so bad, it’s like a crack head running a crack factory. The crack head will eventually kill himself, as he has access to all the crack he can consume, and sooner or latter, it’ll be one hit too many.
            Our ruling elite can print all the money they want, but sooner or later, that won’t work anymore. The economy is in a death spiral, all on it’s own.  It is totally out of control.  Common sense math tells us there is no way to repair the damage that has been done.   So, we wait for something to happen, and it will, it has to, and the elite know it. but somewhere along that path, the remaining middle class must be stripped of the last vestige of wealth they have left.  That’s what the elites are working on now. So we have to watch the economy die a terminal existance, kept alive by injections of stimulus money.  it didn’t work the firsttime around, and it won’t work now.
            So, control what you can, your planning.  Because in the end, it’s the only thing that’lll save you.


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