“We Killed the Mainstream Media” THIS Journalist Got the System to React to Its Own Crimes

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 20 comments

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    Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe appeared at David Horowitz’s Freedom Center and made the case for how his brand of bold journalism has turned the tide against the lies, planted & paid assets, scripted media talking points and cross-collaboration that tried to purchase a presidency for Hillary Clinton.

    Despite outward appearances of a fair and free election in the world’s foremost democracy, the conflict of interest has reached a peak – literal presstitutes have been bought out and told to frame virtually everything in a light favorable to what was supposed to be the first female president.

    Now, citizen journalists and determined activists have exposed that system. Wikileaks proved that the Democrat primary was rigged to keep Bernie from getting the nomination, and they tried to fix it for Hillary in the general election – but the anger and principled opposition among the American people kept that nightmare from happening.

    Here is O’Keefe’s proclamation of victory – of slaying the mainstream, agenda-driven, propaganda media with the truth, caught on video:

    James O’Keefe from DHFC on Vimeo.

    As Dan Lyman reported, O’Keefe took credit for victory in the election by battling complex machine of media corruption inherent in many DNC operative actions:

    “Social media is now more powerful than the media,” O’Keefe proclaimed. “The media is dead – we killed it.”

    “These people are such corrupt scum, but the good news is – they lost and the facts prove it.”

    “People are leaving the mainstream media because they want to know the truth,” he added.

    Project Veritas played a critical role in the 2016 election, exposing some of the deepest political corruption ever revealed by undercover reporters.

    You can get the media to react to your narrative, O’Keefe explains, and so ordinary people can do extraordinary things that even the NY Times and CNN can’t engender.

    The reason? Because people are hungry for the truth, and ready for that truth to be exposed.

    And that spirit, and that determination, which is shared by countless activists, bloggers and independent researchers out there, is why we are seeing the “Fake News” backlash – a heavy-handed and obvious attempt to blacklist the truth, and punish those who would dare to speak of forbidden topics and naked empires.

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      1. O’Keefe is a true American hero and an incredible voice for truth and freedom, who has taken great personal risks to communicate and be what the Fourth Estate has ceased to do.

      2. Good Vid- There are More sets of eyes out here in the real world watching, and now we have various outlets, not controlled by the MSM to present our info and facts. People love to participate once given the chance. Get involved. Go Report on your local City Councils, and get the scoop and post it everywhere. Keep them honest. The MSM used to say, “They keep Government Honest.” pffft.. That didn’t last long. Time to Break up MSM, and market monopolies, revoke Broadcast Licenses and give the airwaves back to Americans, where it belongs.

        ~1st Amendment, Defend it, Protect it, and Exercise it Daily.

      3. Excellent

        __right now there is a lot of attention being given to the subject of truth

        After a while people get bored and take wins for granted, no such thing
        Can be allowed. This is especially important for those who support financially.
        Continue to support the voices of freedom.

        Dr. David Duke is also a voice for all of us.


        • Dr. David Duke is also a voice for all of us.

          Not for me he isn’t.

          • Nor me. Besides, I’ve never needed a spokesman yet.

            • Nor for me.

          • Dr David Duke speaks the Truth. Some closed minded American hating bigots cant handle the truth. They’d rather see America destroyed and over run by illegals. Blacks are the biggest racists out there. The MSM doesn”t tell ypu that.

            • Roger that.

          • Or me either.

      4. The fake news main stream media won’t go away easily, too much invested in lies supporting the corrupt establishment. This will be defended by any means necessary including worldwide annihilation.

      5. You can see the moral bankruptcy of the mainstream media by their vicious attacks on any one investigating Pizzagate.
        I’m not saying drag anyone to the lynching tree. I’m saying there’s enough to Pizzagate to merit further investigation (by law enforcement agencies, which have been conspicuously absent in all this). Then if merited, trials can proceed, and every pedophile will have his day in court.
        But the mainstream media’s approach is to cover-up, bury it, slander those investigating, and lie to the public. They label Pizzagate “fake news” when they haven’t spent 5 minutes investigating a thing about it? The billionaire media moguls are circling the wagons to protect the politicians they own. “Move along, nothing to see here, folks!”
        May the truth triumph and evil be punished.

      6. “Despite outward appearances of a fair and free election in the world’s foremost democracy…”

        We are the world’s foremost Constitutional Republic.

        • True but the electorates choose not to provoke unmanageable wailing and gnashing of teeth.

      7. This was fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Keep searching for the truth.

      8. Powerful video.

      9. Heads up.

        On Drudge

        U.S. Senator Harry Reid is leaving the Senate.

        • Feet first and toes up?

        • thank Goodness !

      10. “’Social media is now more powerful than the media,’” O’Keefe proclaimed. “’The media is dead – we killed it.’” That’s why the powers-that-be seek to kill free social media–by proclaiming it to be “fake news” (i.e., unapproved and uncensored by the Establishment). They’ve already squelched a lot of commentary from everyday people. They seek to hunt down whoever does comment against their agenda by offering to “secure” them by collecting more information (i.e., the military term is: “intelligence”) about such private commentators. Being armored and defensive will now be the necessity for those who have been silenced and who will be accused, encircled and attemptedly captured or destroyed by the powers-that-be and their military/police state.

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