“We Have Placed The Knife To Our Own Throats” – Iranian Missile Tests Are The Effects Of Obama’s Treason

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    We just went over the parameters of Obama’s actions that are treasonous in a recent article.  Now we begin to see the results of his treasonous policies, aided and abetted by a laissez-faire (if not complicit) Congress: The Iranians testing their missiles.  It stands to reason that if the United States has given the Iranians half a billion dollars with $11 ½ billion more to come that we have placed the knife to our own throats.  We have financed the Iranian missile tests.

    As of this writing, on Tuesday March 8, the Iranian military has tested short, medium, and long range missile systems in complete violation of U.S. sanctions, imposed on Iran to put a stop to their nuclear activity.  The Iranian Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh actually had this to say regarding the Iranian tests:

    Our main enemies, the Americans, who mutter about plans, have activated new missile sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran and are seeking to weaken the country’s missile capability.  The [Iranian Republican] Guards and other armed forces are defenders of the revolution and the country will not pay a toll to anyone… and will stand against their excessive demands.”

    Excuse me, but does this general not explicitly state that Americans are their main enemies as underlined in the above statement?

    And as you may recall in the previous article, James Clapper, the Obama-appointed Director of National Intelligence said this:

    Iran continues to be the foremost state sponsor of terror and exert its influence in regional crises in the Mid-East through the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force, its terrorist partner Lebanese Hezbollah, and proxy groups.  Iran and Hezbollah remain a continuing terrorist threat to U.S. interests and partners worldwide.”

    So look at what is going on, now.  The Iranians have declared us their enemies and the head of our intelligence directorate has declared Iran to be a terrorist threat.  Even as late as January 17th of this year, Obama himself said that Iran’s nuclear policies were causing rifts between Tehran and Washington over “profound differences” regarding their policies that were leading to stabilization problems.

    As reported by Reuters from an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps website press release on March 8, 2016, Brigadier General Hajizadeh elaborated on the aforementioned rhetoric regarding the Iranian launches:

    “Our main enemies are imposing new sanctions on Iran to weaken our missile capabilities… But they should know that the children of the Iranian nation in the Revolutionary Guards and other armed forces refuse to bow to their excessive demands.”

    Several of the launches took place from underground missile silos, heavily-guarded and fortified during the night.  The Emad missile (one of Iran’s latest in development) was defended by the Iranian military and declared to be “conventional and not nuclear.”  O.K.  A conventional missile launched from a fortified silo.

    Need we also take into account that North Korea and Iran have been (according to Dr. Peter V. Pry as cited in several articles) collaborating both on missile and on nuclear warhead technology.  Of course, Russia and China are also involved.

    Dave Hodges Common Sense Show just released an excellent article on North Korea’s EMP capabilities and the ongoing threat that mentions interesting and salient points to keep in mind.  Also keep in mind that these two nations are working together.  The bottom line here: Obama just funded the Iranians’ portion of the partnership, after all of the Congressional EMP threat analyses and all of the declarations of the Iranians and our own intelligence services that Iran is indeed a threat.  Obama’s actions are treasonous, and these missile launches by the Iranians are just the beginning.

    I wonder what Obama will tell Rouhani, the Iranian President if the two ever go golfing out at Martha’s Vineyard?  It’ll probably be, “Tell Khamenei I’ll have more leeway after the EMP.”

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. When the lights go out and don’t come back on I will know why. I wondered how long it would take for Iran and NOKO to hook up.

        • They already were hooked up, its just a matter of time, our lame government is pissing in everybodys pool. Sooner or later the payback will happen, even then the stupid sheep who blindly follow will be bleating for more controls, people are just plain stupid these days.

          • Breaking news over on Infowars and on The Oregonian. Photos from inside the car when they assassinated LeVoy Finicum.

          • Wake up American Sheeple, we are in the same cross hairs as those like Saddam Hussein, Momar Qaddafi who did not want to be in control by the Cabal Money Changers controlling every transaction whether it be Barrels of Oil for Petrol Dollars, or Americans buying food at a grocery store here in the USA and being tracked by the beast.
            Moving Americans to a cashless society is the same roadmap scheme these other Country leaders fought against and died for.

            And I have no doubt many of the whores in the US Military today will willingly kill Americans for a Paycheck without a conscience. It will be no different. Want to stop terrorism, cut off all US Tax Payer monies to Israel $6 Billion a year, and confiscate their Nukes, and Cut the US Military budget in Half for starters. Also a call to US Business Merchants, stop feeding the beast by giving 10% discounts to US Military Veterans, and make them pay their fair share of Taxes, like property taxes, free fishing and hunting licenses. Why are we rewarding Whores that perpetuate this Terrorism world wide?? Take a stand!! In fact charge these military asshole shills double to buy products here in the USA, and stop serving any of these morons in Uniform. Kick them out of your businesses and they too soon will soon see the light. Stop rewarding Military Terrorists that kill us. Not all but many. And talk to your children and talk them out of being a Terrorist in a US military Uniform bearing the stars and stripes that have been hijacked from the American people. The US Flag represents Freedom and Liberty against Terrorists, and we need to ban the US Flag on US Military Uniforms. They need to wear the McDonald’s Flag or BP or Exxon flag. Because that is who they represent, not the American People’s ideals of liberty and freedom. Just put 666 on their sleeves. Any bright eyed 5th grader gets it.


            • Military men and women pay No taxes? Can you please provide a reference to where you got that information? No property tax? Pretty sure mine is over 2k a year. Free fishing license, nope I paid for one in all the States I have been stationed in. And the same ten percent discount given to police, fire, ems, teachers, ect…That’s a courtesy for actually dedicating a career to your country or community. And I’m not even going to touch on killing American citizens for a paycheck, your dillusional and watch too many movies or need to get back on your meds. Any active duty or vet that would do otherwise please speak up….

            • You need to pull your head back out into the sunshine–your brain is deteriorating due the lack of oxygen…

        • Who the hell are you trying to kid? You don’t trust iran but israhell is perfectly fine? WHO IS THE BIGGEST BADDEST TERRORIST COUNTRY ON EARTH? THE USA AND ISRAHELL! The brainwashing is deep in this one yes. Do you seriously think iran or NK are a threat to us (unless it is allowed to happen wink wink)? You probably think 911 was carried out by muslim extremists too lol. Geezus man get with the program and figure it out! I didn’t think anyone fell for that load of shit anymore….

          • Genius, I think one of the points JJ is making here is just that – this IS being allowed to happen.

            Naturally, the chessboard is significantly more complex than what’s discussed in JJ’s analysis above (and he has covered a variety of geo-political topics that appear to be inter-related), but I think it’s important to consider what is happening here.

            Why would we have officially given Iran the go ahead? Now we’re sending them literal billions of dollars.

            And in the midst of this massive oil collapse that stands to crash the American energy industry and wipe out hundreds of thousands of jobs, the Obama administration gave them a go-ahead to finally start selling their oil on the open market. At the time this happened in January oil was trading for under $30 and our markets were purportedly crashing as a result — and at that very moment Obama let them open the flood gates?

            There are a lot of curious machinations taking place. I believe this is just one necessary aspect of ‘the plan.’

            • Mac

              Who made the US arbriter about Iran selling their oil n the open market? Seems like we follow the adage of”might mkes right.” We are at a quasi war with ISIS and have allowed them to ship and sell oil through Turkey.

            • Mac, I agree. And those machinations are not purely accidental.

              I love reading articles written by JJ. I have never found anything he has written to be implausible.

              I enjoy everything JJ writes.

            • Mac, I feel you are correct. This IS a chess game and the pieces are being moved for checkmate (on us). The thing is the media portrays a completely different story than what is really going on. Look at this boogey man oh noooo look at this boogey man lol. Watch this hand while the other does the deeds. It’s all just rope a dope for the mindless masses that get they’re info from some soundbyte they heard on tv. Complex? Hell yes it is, a lot more than I care to think about but it works! These credens are the most vile evil pieces of shit ever and they are also extremely smart! I doubt if 1 in a million people on this planet have it figured out except the very few running the show (the commitee of 300). It just makes me wanna puke how people believe the lies they are fed and don’t even raise an eyebrow to look into the facts and what the bottom line of whatever crisis is! They join up and think they are going to fight for our country and it is exactly the opposite! Damn Mac, you have read my posts for the last few years you know what I’m saying. The truth NEEDS TO BE HEARD! If I learn any truth that is irrefutable that goes against what I believe I man up and change my thinking. LONG LIVE TRUTH AND YOUR FORUM MY FRIEND!

              • Genius, you have correctly identified the Mid-Eastern nation that has repeatedly attacked its neighbors, routinely commits crimes against humanity, routinely conducts false flags, and is armed with nuclear missiles. See the “Perpetrators” and “Genocide” pages on my website.

                Iran has not made a first-strike on any nation in 500 years. We cannot trust the judgment of anyone who touts Iran as a priority threat.

                • Don’t tell pissininthewind that he will shit his depends! It is tabboo to speak here of said middle eastern country even though the facts show it is true. Be careful man, you will disappear lol.

                  • As the debates continue, i have a right to reply when my name is brought up.

                    You, oh genius one, do find an acorn every now and then, but your problem lies from within your broken and shattered heart. You see me and Christians as your enemy just as much as you see the evil that is called islam, usa gov, and Israel, as your enemy.

                    You have a very mean spirit and vile spiteful one also. Just get over the fact that you are not as great as you want people to believe that you are. if you want to piss away your soul for worldly shit, then that is your prerogative. Leave us christians alone and we will leave you tf alone.
                    I am sorry that you feel the need to try and bring my handle into the mix. You ain’t doing a thing but showing your own stupidity and childish behavior, by your piddly remarks. Weak!

                    You sling shit at me and christianity, you get shit slung back. Better have your plastic sheeting and handi wipes ready, because as long as you disparage me, it is coming back at you by the double hand fulls.

                    if you and the other haters like bimbo and other trolls that use anon or simple name, repeat monikers, can’t take the heat like a man or woman, then get tf out of the kitchen.

                    • Pissininthewind thinks he is the New and Improved Jebus. Holier than thou, but in reality he’s Just another dumb druckdriver with nails in his tires, hauling Wallyworld shit from china.

                      ~WWTI. BTW/ Genius, PITW halfman troll is just Jealous you are a Genius.

                    • What about the uss liberty?I have to say I am more concerned with Saudi and Isreal.You don’t think they hold incredible sway for such a a small group?Only one plane left the ground on 911 after the towers.If I am way off base keep in mind I’m willing to listen to where I went wrong.But you have to admit you’re not allowed to say anything negative about Isreal.

                    • When MY name is brought up in the conversation, I also have the right to reply. Never let it be claimed that I couldn’t ” take the heat” from you or anyone else passin. So don’t try to confuse the facts that I EVER ran away from any debate with you when my replies to you were censored by Mac. I tried to use different handles to get around it but there were still a LOT of replies that never made it through to you. And please, don’t take my word for it, ask Mac, he’ll tell what the ” truth” is about my not being able to take you head on in a debate.

                    • By admitting that your only purpose here is to troll me…little bimbo, and that you will go to the lengths of changing handles all the time, just confirms to everyone here, that you are one more disturbed individual and have an infatuation with me in a perverted way.

                      I don’t swing that way, but you might get a rise out of Ass’ed Itch, if you pet him just right.

                    • Passin,

                      Once again you display your infantile emotional make up. You make kids on the playground sound intelligent. You’re never able to do anything but throw temper tantrums and call names. What’s wrong, didn’t get enough love as a child? Why haven’t you been able to progress on an emotional level higher than a 10 year old? And the funny part is all your bloviating about how God loves you so much. Is ” God” a 14 year old freshman boy with a inferiority complex? He must be if he wants your kind around for eternity. So tell us passin, what do you want to be when you grow up, if ever?

              • You are right about the media. In the UK, the BBC endlessly shows pity stories about the ‘refugees’. Never once do they mention that most of them are from one fighting faction or another who destroyed their countries, or just economic migrants. They would have never run stories about the ‘poor Germans and Japanese’ in WWII so why do they do the pity thing today?

                The refugees would not be in their current situation if they had been stopped from going to Greece and then walking through Europe. They should have been placed on a cruise ship and taken to a camp in North Africa to wait it out until the wars were over.

            • Iran has never really been a “terrorist” threat to the US; they’ve been a petro-dollar threat. There have been numerous acts of war perpetrated against them to keep them from transacting oil sales without using USDs. Imagine not having control of your natural resources. Now, there are a block of nations working together and they have broken that yoke; I can see all of those countries wanting stability in their own currencies. The president has a bigger problem than whether or not Iran has nuclear materials – his big concern is how to sustain the great American dream. The end of this nation will occur without a shot fired; it self destructed. People will survive. Imagine the great US empire dependent on communists bailout while we continue overconsumption of the material and labor of 3rd world nations.

              • Iran killed and maimed hundreds of servicemen in Iraq. They provided the factory made EFP IED to the mahdi militia. Iranian snipers operated in shia east Baghdad. I served in east Baghdad in 2006 and assisted numerous units struck by EFPs as part of a QRF. My friend is paralyzed from a snipers bullet to the neck. Everytime we raided one of the mahdi militias local leaders we found they had just recently skipped to Iran and we just missed them.

                • Is that like saying the people in Louisiana are terrorists because they aided Texas in fighting an illegal, foreign invasion? What was your mission objective? Not democratization, not humanitarian relief, not defense of domestic invasion; what was the mission objective from your superiors? Why are those occupied, sanctioned, martial-lawed, resource-drained, and currency-strangled countries not welcoming us? What logic are the leaders using to convince a citizen to take a bullet in the neck? Is it to make the world a better place? Peace by military solution?

                  • JPL, I certainly believe Iraq was a mistake but your comparison is wrong. The Iranians and the people of east Baghdad and basra are shia. Saddam and the Saudis are sunni. The sunni brutalized the shia. We came in and gave everything to the shia which ultimately led to the civil war. Since we barred anybody who was bath party from the new government it meant only shia were allowed in the initial government. You would think it would have been a welcomed situation for Iran and the shia because it was obvious once we left it would be a big win for them. Iran just couldn’t resist and instigated the shia militias into taking cheap free shots at us. The response to Iran was always kid gloved because nobody wanted to get into a third war at the time (05-08). Once the sunni bombed the sammarra mosque it started the full blown civil war and both sides were at each others throats and shooting at us as well. Most of the killing in Iraq was because of them killing each other not US forces killing Iraqis. I had the opportunity of talking to many Iraqis privately and most are decent people who are afraid of the sectarian death squads. By the way I participated in just as much helping Iraqis as I did fighting. The whole thing was improperly planned and executed but the little people are the same everywhere.
                    I don’t expect anybody to agree with me but just understand that Iran is personal with me. Just like if one town here got real violent with a neighboring town and you lost good friends. You really wouldn’t care who started it you would just remember the pain of the loss for a long time.

              • As reported by Reuters. Bwhahahaa Another ZOG Shill MSM reporting agency controlled by the Cabal propaganda mill.

                Here are a few others:
                AP,Associated Press,
                JewYork Times,
                WashingTUB Post,
                etc….and thousands more..


            • Mac, The facts are much of this money given to Iran is Their own money back, that was frozen assets in the US. JJ’s head is full of phony propaganda from phony US Military sources. Smart people know the difference. The largest terrorism group in the Mid East is state sponsored by the Yep the USA Military and their NATO Allies. You know Operation Iraqi Freedom decade long Genocidal killing machine that wiped out more than a million Iraqis many civilians. Ever wonder why the US and Israel is so hated in the world? How about we stop the lies to the American people for starters and call a spade for what it is. Our US Foreign policy has been hijacked by Israel for decades. You know USS LIBERTY, Boston Bombings, 911, ect…

              I don’t trust a single word coming from any US Military personel’s mouth. They have their own agenda, and it’s not in the interest of the American people’s. Just saying we aint buying this Crap any more. There is way too much info out there that disputes these claims. We need to start calling out all the liars.


            • I have no problem with cheaper oil and gas. Do you? We have been ripped off for decades by Big Oil. Hell oil companies and the defense of the phony petro dollar are the cause of most all the wars in the middle east. Genius mailed it, I get it, a lot of the American people get it. And who invented trained and armed the terrorist organization called ISIS? Yep the CIA. The majority of our National Debt is State Sponsored Terrorism called the US Military criminal gang of thugs bombing the world for kicks, shits and giggles.


        • Tip:

          Make sure the grooves in the tread of your boots are wide enough to not pick up gravel. The gravel trapped in your boots will make noise when it strikes pavement.

        • Well the reverend says a man is made outta mud
          A poor man´s made outta muscle and blood
          Muscle and blood and skin and bones
          A mind that´s weak and a back that´s strong

          You load sixteen tons, and what do you get?
          Another day older and deeper in debt
          Saint Peter don´t you call me ´cause I can´t go
          I owe my soul to the company store

          I was born one mornin´ when the sun didn´t shine
          I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine
          I loaded sixteen tons of number nine coal
          And the straw boss said ´Well, a-bless my soul´

          I was born one mornin´, it was drizzlin´ rain
          Fightin´ and trouble are my middle name
          I was raised in the canebrake by an ol´ mama lion
          Can´t no high-toned woman make me walk the line

          If you see me comin´, better step aside
          A lotta men didn´t, a lotta men died
          One fist of iron, the other of steel
          If the right one don´t get you, then the left one will

        • The facts are that Iran has not attacked any other country in hundreds of years. Unlike the US. But if this will help, I’ll kick in another $20 Bucks to Iran if they will Launch a few Nike’s and flatten Israel into a sheet of Glass this year.

          75% of the world’s problems would instantly disappear.

          Some other great news just surfaced:

          Ahhh… Am I dreaming? Could this help end the ZOGs criminal enterprise trashing the world victim after victim? We could only hope


          • Iran is hizbollah. Iran has attacked us forces continuously at every opportunity since 79. Hizbollah flags fly all over east Baghdad. Beirut barracks bombing as well.

          • WWTI: my oh my a person that hates Israel. Thanks for showing your true colors.

            The one country in the Middle East that is a democracy and you hate it.

            As far as a victim, you sure sound like one. Why? I have no idea and I don’t care.

      2. who cares….we have bigger problems at home. Our subs can handle whatever situation occurs.

        • Jeremiah Jump is a sputtering old Cold Warrior. Obama’s treason is wasting taxpayer money fighting wars in the Middle East where our attention is neither needed nor wanted. We need to have a strong defense against attack from Russia and China, but we’ve bankrupted the Pentagon sending troops overseas to fight over patches of sand.

          It’s past time we walk away from the Arab countries, let them duke it out by themselves. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are no more our allies than are the Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaida. Keep the money at home, building ships, aircraft, missiles, instead of giving it to NATO or squandering it on fighting other people’s fights for them.

          • I may be wrong here, but isn’t JJ arguing the very same thing you mention? That we are wasting money fighting wars in the middle east? We’re literally cranking out billions to Iran to essentially build up and arsenal against us. I think that’s exactly the point JJ makes here. Moreover, if Russia and/or China ever do want to attack us, it would likely be with NK and Iran as allies. So we’re basically sitting here building up the very military that could potentially attack us.

            It may not be the cold war era anymore, but it sure seems similar.

            • Mac, I served during the Cold War. This is a complete inversion of reality. I never thought that the leaders of the country I love would go against the population. But that is exactly seems to be what is happening. American citizens are being thrown under the bus while the globalists make bank. It is sickening.

              • Philo, you and Mac are exactly right.

                It is apparent that some, actually a lot, of readers can’t actually read worth a damn. Somehow their minds must work in reverse of what is actually being said through words.

                I wonder if they are that weak minded, or are so eager to start an argument that they do it on purpose.

                Anyways, we are coming close to the end of the cold war era. We, the ussag, have been engaged for some time. There will soon come a day, when it goes full on, fire poker hot.

                The people of Iran are wanting reform and wanting a modern lifestyle with freedom to choose how, and whom they worship.
                To keep down revolution, the evil leaders allowed Christianity to be practiced. In the last decade, they saw the conversion rate soar, and churches spring up everywhere, and saw the people realize they didn’t need the gov or the Imam’s to receive true freedom within their hearts.

                Now the lines are drawn, as the leaders of iran are trying to reel back in the conversions and practices. Many christians are being punished and many have had to go back to secretly gathering. In some ways, it is just like it is here. The people are being told what they can and can’t do within every aspect of their lives.

                The regimes of almost every country are afraid of losing their control over the freedom loving citizens.

                • PWTW: I am not sure what is going to happen. It looks like things may go hot. Where? When? I don’t know but NOKO and Iran look to be instigators at the present time. The good news is that Russia came out yesterday and told NOKO to chill out. It would not hurt my feelings one bit if Russia dropped something on top of NOKO or if Israel did the same to Iran. At least Russia and Israel have rulers that love their country. Why do I say this? Because I don’t think that Obama loves the US. From day one Obama’s sole purpose was the destruction of the US and the middle class.

                  Sovereign nations have the right to self defense. And for the record, both Russia and Israel treat their Christian citizens in a decent manner. It isn’t just rhetoric, either. I respect the deeds of a country more than the words of politicians. It is horrible as to how badly this administration has treated Netanyahu. Obama has turned out to be nothing but a petulant narcissist.

                  There was a West Point graduate and Iraq war veteran stabbed yesterday in Israel. He was a graduate student and sadly lost his life to a random stabbing. Anyone that things such violence is going to remain in Israel and the Middle East is sadly mistaken. This type of knife attack also happened last week in Germany. A young girl stabbed a Polezei. When I see Muslims I keep my distance. I don’t want to be near them or around them. Islam is a bizarre death cult mixed with tribalism. I don’t see relations between Christians and Islamists getting better, I am sad to say.

                  • You are definitely right about all that. As far as North America, we are probably facing a jihad that is activated all within a matter of hours…a well planned event that some very well know leaders are in own, and they don’t wear the headgear, or at least in public.

                    Muzzies purchasing mass quantities of burner phones is the flag up to the planning being put into place, and possibly this year.

                    We are loaded and locked for whatever comes our way, and are blessed to have a b/o in the deep sticks, with plenty of security measures in place.

                    Hope you have a good defensive plan in place.

                    • Well I can bug out at my present location for months and not have to leave. The food will be horrible (MREs) but I won’t starve. My only other plan for now is to stay away from large public gatherings. I may take a road trip to start looking for a BOL and I will also not be stopping at any large cities. Partly because of the expense and also due to the increased risk of violence in urban areas. Plenty of campgrounds and small hotels and Air BnB’s I can check out along the way in small towns. I am seriously considering Nova Scotia and Maine. Looking to take a road trip once it warms up a little bit.

                      Anyhow, stay safe and alert! I am also stacking silver. The price went up at the beginning of the month but has dropped back quite a bit. Another buying opportunity 🙂

      3. How is that “Hope and Change” going for you.

        Well you all put the “First Black Man” in the White House.

        Let’s see how things will go with the, “First Woman”.

        Can’t fucking wait.

        • Wouldn’t surprise me if Hildabeast gets hubby as her running mate. And for those who say that couldn’t happen, against the law and whatever…. Those two would be the ones to pull it off.

        • i wont be seeing that.

          i try and flip channels as fast as possible when obama’s mug appears adn that’s quite difficult considering how much coverage he gets.

          maybe its time to drop the tv, there’s plenty of books; in fact watching the grass grow is probably more pleasureable.

      4. Maybe Iran should impose sanctions on the US. The US spends more militarily than the next 14 countries combined, sells more weapons internationally (including cluster bombs to the Saudis) than any other country, has bases on over 100 other countries, has thousands of nukes, and is considered by many countries as the main cause of terrorism.

        In the last 200-300 years, Iran has invaded no country-the US between 80-110 countries, roughly, depending on how the counting is done. We have even invaded the Canadians, for goodness sakes.

        Given the above, who statistically poses the greater threat to any country??

        • Crat, EXACTLY!

          • Don’t tell that to the military peeps here, they want to believe the lie. God bless em for their courage but god damn em for their ignorance.

        • Flat out lie. The US has bases in 38 countries, not 100!!

          • I stand by my comment. Depends on how a person wants to define a base and or deployed military personnel. The numbers I have read vary from 38 to over 130 countries with military “bases”, some small others huge facilities. The number of facilities are over 900. Many of these bases are there against the wishes of the population (japan, okinawa, south korea, many many more) or even against the wishes of the government and people (cuba)

        • Crat, how many US troops were killed or maimed by Iranian IED’s in Iraq and elsewhere?
          That’s about all I want to point out, otherwise I agree with what you’re saying.
          But I still think Iran’s mullahs are insane and not to be trusted, AT ALL.
          And, regardless of what you think of Israel, any country (Iran) that threatens to wipe another country off the face of the earth, should have it happen to it first.

          • Ketchupondemand

            I think you mistook one of my posts with somebody else’s. I never mentioned Israel or IED’s.

            Your comment about not trusting the mullahs is correct-actually, I don’t trust most world leaders.

          • And how many iranian women and children and innocent people did we murder and maim? I hear it’s over a million. WE INVADED THEM NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! Funny how the axis of evil countries are the ones that WANT TO SELL OIL FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN DOLLARS! Put the shoe on the other foot, how would you feel if say russia came over and bommed the shit out of us and killed and maimed a million people that were just trying to defend their country from the invaders? BOO HOO some of our mercinaries were killed and maimed, FUCK THEM THEY DESERVE IT! And we don’t threaten to wipe other countries off the map??? Just make up some bullshit false flag stuff to get the masses to think we need to invade and sign up for the military and defend our freedom? Ha ha ha thats a good one. People are soooo easily duped and brainwashed and can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag, it’s pathetic!

            • Genius, com’on – now, you know that anybody that takes up arms on behalf of the US mission objective (whatever the hell it is) is the very definition of a HERO !!???? It doesn’t matter what you’re killing for; it only matters that you killed for the US government. Neuremberg defense lives on. Stanley Milgram knows the truth of it all.

          • What’s that? How many gallons of Iranian oil and refined oil products flow thru US machinery? How many US dollars are generated for US political and business interests by Iranian petrodollar transactions? How many US government subsidized programs are financed thru communist purchased treasury bills? Why would a nationalist try to oust an invader? Especially one known to take all your natural resources and oppress your ability to participate in a free market; and who seduces your leadership into debt slavery. That’s about all I wanted to point out.

      5. Yossef Bodansky – Target America: Terrorism in the U.S. (1993, Shapolsky Publishers Inc.) laid this out in 1993. His work is worth the read. He has written a great deal about the course of world geopolitics for a long time and has been proven correct many times.

        • Tex, thanks for sharing. I am not immediately familiar with Bodansky’s work but will check it out!

          • No, thank you Mac for this place to exchange info.
            I really enjoy this site for the comments.

            All be well…

            • Take a stand eppe, what do you think about the article? Share your thoughts on this and not some lame vanilla “what you going to do” phrase, then kiss Macs ring. Be a man and take a stand.


      6. Regardless of who is right/wrong, or who is the enemy/friend the fact remains that this country is in extremely dire straits with absolutely no viable path to victory. Honestly, has there ever been a country in the entire history of the world that has so many enemies, abroad and internal?

      7. I can’t wait until the EMP hits us and the genx can’t log into facebook!! Maybe then it will hit them that other people don’t like them and want to kill them. This is like giving a bully your lunch money so he/she will go away, they never go away!! You have to deal with them, put them in their place!

      8. Yes, , that’s exactly what happened.. they set us up for the big one. Yep… you ain’t seen crap yet. You wait till October…From the moment you hear what I told your guys about Trump picking Cruz for his VP, then what I post next will make everyone worry. I have to prove myself first don’t i. You saw the attack on me a few thread back, and it’s obvious that tt3 agency is getting worried about my posting because they know that I know what they know..



        • Yes, by all means I think everybody should read the exchange between you and I hcks. If anyone is interested in the facts of the matter, go back to the March 7th article about Hillary wanting to sue the gun makers. Scroll down to the bottom of the comments section and read the exchange between hcks and myself. You can see for yourself where I explained I do not belong to any “azz” agency, and asked him to confirm all the predictions he’s made for the last two years with some times and dates, nothing more. What do I get in response? Something about trump and picking cruz as vp which was never asked and nobody could care less about. Coupled with ” eat shit and phuck off”, and of course, ” go eat your gay lovers ass tonight”. Now if THAT doesn’t make for an intelligent argument to my questions, nothing ever will. Go back and read it, I promise you a few laughs for your time and trouble.

        • I went to the site you referenced and I had heard about the crimes against white farmers and such. If I was a white person living in SA, I would leave.

          A picture of what many thought might happened when BO was elected.
          Still not too late for an outbreak. But some incidents as described on the news site have happened here: Just note being
          reported by the media.

          With all the farms being attacked and food production reduced,
          people will starve and the stupid people of The USA will want to send our food reserves to them.

          There is a price they will have to pay for this evil.

          • Many of them cannot leave because some countries prohibit South Africans. Also there is a quota system for blacks but none for whites. Whites are a minority in South Africa and are being pushed to live in slums or camps and are impoverished as they do not qualify for any type of employment quota or benefit.

            John B. Wells has had some guests on his show: www dot caravantomidnight dot com that have talked about how white people in South Africa are suffering. If you look to Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) the land of white farmers was confiscated. Recently there was a glut of tobacco because land given to locals was used to raise only a cash crop, tobacco. They did not grow food or other items and thus the market was flooded with tobacco and the price dropped. Now there is a problem with not enough land being used for food production and Zimbabwe had actually asked former white farm owners to return to farm their land and to teach others how to farm.

            I hesitate to post this. I do not hate black people. I don’t hate anyone. I despise communists and the idea of communism. I have seen the results of communism when I traveled in the former communist countries of Poland and Romania and Belarus. Belarus is still a wreck. Poland looks like it has moved on. When I was in Poland all of the houses were gray. There were no flowers. The central train station in Warsaw was dirty and filled with bums. I was able to talk with some locals that spoke English and they told me that when the State owns everything: by everything I mean the land, the houses, the farms, no one was willing to pay for paint. No one wanted to pay to plant flowers or to work the land. Why? Because there was no profit in putting in your time or money or labor if the end result was that you did not benefit, or profit, from your own labor. So people stopped working. And the paint peeled off of houses until they were gray. And no one planted flowers to make something pretty. There was no point.

            There were also no real estate laws in Poland. Poland had to rewrite all of those types of laws. Poland is doing well now. Or fairly well. After my visit to these former Iron Curtain countries I returned to the US committed to capitalism and have disavowed socialism and communism as nothing but lies and abhorrent. It makes me sick to see so many young people deluded into thinking that they have the right to live off of the labor of others, meaning other people’s money, when those young people have made bad financial and educational decisions. No one forced them to sign for a loan to get a useless degree but now they think that they can have their bad decisions wiped away by the labor and sweat of others? That is delusional thinking.

            Communism and the idea that people can get something for nothing is one of the greatest con games told to common people in the last 100 years. Nothing is free. Nothing. Even breathing requires effort.

      9. With all due respect, but I trust the Iranians (who are loud mouthed, but have a firm grasp of reality) more than JJ (who will shamelessly lie to support his narrative).

      10. I’m out of the USA right now, on holiday!

        Needless to say, how lucky we are to have our little conversations! I’ve gone through many of my regular web sites that I browse. Yup, they are censored here, they produce a page that says “Content subject restricted”. Amazing how foreign governments can make whole subject matter vanish, web sites invisible!

        Amazed I could post this. My current location limits me to 250 meg for the next 24 hours, and it is barely functional. Internet everywhere here is never free, but they do have awesome steaks! Stayed on a private farm, these people don’t have a clue what’s going on in the world. Their news is so heavily censored, yet they are part of the Western world.

        These people are like children. Their government censors things they don’t even need to censor? So bizarre.

      11. The best way to motivate/distract your citizenry is to find a convenient enemy and have them focus on fighting said enemy. Building missiles and all forms of weapons systems. “Defense” spending boosts the economy tremendously. In the US it feeds an industrial complex. The US did this for years against our arch enemy the USSR. Our latest enemy, the camel jockeys, really aren’t a significant threat in as far as the existence or threat to the nation. They’re simply a significant pest.
        The true threat is the use of a made up enemy to distract us to the point where we allowed a foreigner to be elected POTUS. One that is willfully and forcefully wrecking the American way of life. IMHO

      12. Regardless what is said and done, millions are about to be affected by Nuclear Weapons.

        Many westerners misunderstand Muslim Beliefs. You need to understand, they are not afraid to die for what they believe and will pay the cost to get it accomplished with the end result of total world dominance under Islam. Iranian leaders have said this.

        Regardless of what you think or believe, keep your eyes on Jerusalem, watch what happens there. Keep an open mind.

        I heard a report that terrorists want to use unmanned drones
        to place explosives or other terror devices and fly them over sport stadiums and do what they were equipped to do.

        Like flying them into crowds like the suicide bombers.

      13. “sigh”

        The US didn’t give Iran billions of dollars.

        The 150 or so billion dollars was Iranian money to start with. It was frozen by the sanctions put on Iran by the bully Anglo-Zionist Empire and released back to them when sanctions were relaxed.

        This article is full of western military spin…

      14. It is truly depressing to think of the future of the usa and the world.

        in the next 20 years or maybe next 3; we are going to live thru global debt defaults, nuclear war somewhere or everywhere, civil war in europe over muslims and likely end of all usa job advantages to the point that $15 an hour is a good wage.

      15. WTF is wrong with this picture? My God, wake up America!! NoBoma should hang from a tree!!

        • Vs. swinging from trees like he does now lol.

      16. Let me jump in here a sec. sean,I respect what you have to say totally only because I’ve talked to retired SF people here in AZ. They’re telling me the same thing,they believe they fought Iranians as much as Iraqis. We didn’t have the sand to fight them then,we don’t have the sand to do it now. Now,as far as Israel goes. They’re prideful and arrogant. Two things which will be they’re downfall. They think fighting terrorists is the same thing like fighting Iran. They will receive a wake-up call the likes they never had.

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