We Have Crossed the Rubicon

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    The following article has been contributed by Eric Peters. Mr. Peter’s is a Libertarian columnist, automobile enthusiast, business owner and author of Automotive Atrocities: The Cars We Love to Hate. You can find his regular writings, rants and expert opinion at Eric Peters Autos.

    Referenced via: The Daily Crux, Lew Rockwell

    Do you suppose cows have any idea what’s coming as they’re marched down the chute? Or do they stare with bovine indifference at the tail and hind quarters in front of them, until they’re suddenly – and very briefly – startled by the man with the nail gun?

    Perhaps Americans will – likewise too late – ask themselves What Happened in the very near future. Perhaps just after the midnight knock comes and they are taken away into the night.

    It is not an exaggeration.

    America is now on the cusp of becoming a state that does exactly such things; things exactly like the things done by 20th century horror shows such as NS Germany or Stalin’s USSR. Literally. Not “this is where it might lead” or “the tendency is similar.” Exactly, literally, the same thing. The only difference is that it awaits being done on a mass scale. But the power to do it openly – brazenly – has been asserted.

    And is about to be sanctified by law.

    The National Defense Authorization Act will make it official. It will confer upon the executive branch and the military (increasingly, the same things) the permanent authority to snatch and grab any person, U.S. citizens included, whom it decrees to be a “terrorist” – as defined or not by the executive or the military –  and imprison them, indefinitely, without formal charge, presentation of evidence or judicial proceeding of any kind. These “detainees” will have neither civilian rights in the civil court system, nor – crucially – even the minimal rights to due process and decent treatment conferred upon prisoners of war. (And we are allegedly “at war,” are we not?)

    The language of the bill specifically includes American citizens “caught” within the borders of the United States – aka, the “battlefield.” It is claimed by sponsors that only those awful them – you know, theenemies of freedom The Chimp and his successors like to reference as they systematically gut our freedoms – need worry. But read the actual document, and be afraid. The wording is such that any shyster lawyer for the government will be able to draw up a memorandum at some point in the near future equating, say, criticism of the federal government’s policies in the Middle East with “substantially supporting” the enemies of the United States. As defined by the United States.

    That is, as defined by the government.

    At its whim. At the personal discretion of whomever happens to be the Maximum Leader, or even one of the ML’s duly appointed minions.

    As the always excellent Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone recently observed, what happens when some nutjob who attended a few Tea Party meetings tries to bomb a federal building? Will the Tea Party itself – and anyone who “substantially supports” it be thus transformed into an “enemy combatant”? How about the OWS protestors? How about this web site – and this author – which have on several occasions called bullshit on the federal government’s usurpations and follies? How hard will it be, really, to describe such actions – such thoughtsexpressed in an article or an interview – as “substantially supporting” whatever the government decides amounts to “terrorism” or the threat thereof against itself?

    Surely, the door is now wide open for such an interpretation by some John Woo or Dick Cheney waiting in the wings. Prospective jefe Newtie is practically turgid at the prospect of getting his hands on such power. And there is no longer (or soon won’t be) any legal means available to contest a one-way trip to Treblinka in Topeka – or wherever it is they will send you.

    Taibbi writes:

    “The really galling thing is that this act specifically envisions American citizens falling under the authority of the bill. One of its supporters, the dependably-unlikeable Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, bragged that the law ‘basically says … for the first time that the homeland is part of the battlefield’ and that people can be jailed without trial, be they ‘American citizen or not.’ New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte reiterated that ‘America is part of the battlefield.’ ”

    Graham further stated:

    “It is not unfair to make an American citizen account for the fact that they decided to help Al Qaeda to kill us all and hold them as long as it takes to find intelligence about what may be coming next. And when they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.’ ”

    The key thing being, it is entirely up to the government to decide what constitutes “helping” al Qaeda. It can be nothing more than a vague assertion. Indeed, no evidence of any kind whatsoever is necessary to “hold them as ling as it takes” in order to “find intelligence” (not defined, either) by any means it wishes to employ.

    As Taibbi notes:

    “If these laws are passed, we would be forced to rely upon the discretion of a demonstrably corrupt and consistently idiotic government to not use these awful powers to strike back at legitimate domestic unrest.”

    The Fuhrer (oops, President Obama) is about to sign this latter-day Enabling act and when he does, it will mark the moment that America’s coffin is nailed shut. The corpse has been on view since 9/11. But there was always some hope that, perhaps, it might be jolted back into life. Now we know the awful truth. Death is permanent.

    And it’s coming for us.


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      1. This can work both ways

        so by this account
        AG Holder is a terrorist, ATF is a terrorist,
        Our entire G-ment is a terrorist organisation.
        maybe its time for us citizens to make one of their rules stick to them.

        maybe they should be careful what they wished for?

        how many of us?
        how many of them?

        • A good number of us took an oath to protect the US, and the US Constitution, against all enemies foreign *and* domestic.

          If enough of us keep this in mind, we’ll be OK.

          • 90 million gun owners in America have the power of numbers to change the direction of OUR Nation.

            Join the Republican Party and vote for Ron Paul in YOUR State’s Republican Primary.

            This strategy can change the direction of America and put the Globalists on notice that WE will take OUR country back.

            It is a small step. It is an easy step. You do not have to brave freezing conditions at Valley Forge, or cross the Delaware in the dead of night. All you have to do is your part:

            And spread the word. Everywhere.

            • We need to start impeachment proceedings on every person who voted for this bill — immediately. And if Ron Paul loses at any time during the upcoming election, he should immediately demand multiple IT reviews of the electronic election results, as the powers that be are already known to physically alter electronic election results, although my personal feeling is that O will never, ever allow an election in 2012. I truly believe that somehow, some way, it will be held in limbo under some sort of “martial law.”

            • I really hate to beat a dead horse, here, BUT…
              It will not matter if you “vote” for RP, or whoever. The fix has been in for decades. The only way TPTB would allow RP to sit as “POTUS”, would be because it may somehow be expedient to do so.

              What you see going on around you, was known to be coming for the last 20 years. No-one would listen then, and they believed if they could just “vote” thier fave candidate in, all would be well. And most people will still not face it now.

              What you are witnessing is nothing less than a long term war being conducted on your people, and your country. This is not a predicament that you can “vote” your way out of. What will it take for people to understand that!?

              On one hand, I can applaud your faith in the idea that “voting” is real. On the other hand, it is frustrating to see people clinging to a facade.

              And, lastly, I rather doubt that 90 million gun-owners will step up. Most of them should probably just go ahead and turn thier guns in, because they will not have the courage to use them anyway. Even if they did, so what? TPTB are running thier agenda, no matter what. Because they know that 99% of those gun-owners are deathly afraid to face the truth and make hard choices.

              “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

            • Ron Paul “Did not vote” on this Bill! What the heck is that about? I really do not trust any of them, including RP. Where’s John Galt?

            • Better to die a free man than live as a slave.

            • the only problem with the 90million gun owners is that we do not have the overt power of our modern military ie. fighter jets, smart bombs, unmanned vehicles and nuclear weapons. if the govt wanted to they could wipe out vast swaths of those 90 million. dont get me wrong i believe that the special forces that are loyal to the citizens of this once great nation are on our side and while sf cannot win wars, they are force multipliers and that alone (perhaps with guerilla tactics) can win battles which in a long drawn out conflict can win wars, just look at our current quagmire in afghanastan and our past wars in vietnam and south america (the ones you never heard of, the wars that is, covert and funded with “black” (drug) money)a long drawn out conflict is (one of)the only ways to beat a superrior force. millions of us may be rounded up or killed but the true warriors in america (shamar thomas)will stand up in defense of the common man and his country…..i hope….

            • For decades I lived by the guidline that if my door was being kicked in at 3am that I would be cautious not to shoot law enforcement since I used to believe that “they had a right or writ” to force entry.
              Not any longer…

              Now, no matter what any man is yelling, no matter who these men are, I will shoot to kill ANY home invader due this this horrible change in our republic.
              I’m so disgusted with Washington that it gives me headaches & nausea.

          • alc,
            You and the “good number” of you that took the oath have failed to live up to that oath. This has been happening in plain sight for many years, what are you and the “good number” waiting for? Taking an oath and living up to that oath are two entirely different items. Another alligator mouth and hummingbird a**!!

            • Did you ever take this oath? Do you even know what it says? Have you ever put your ass on the line for the US Constitution?

              If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, then on behalf of the veterans among us, we ask you to kindly shut the fuck up.


              Just in case, the following is the oath being described. I suggest you read it before popping off in the future about what you think someone should or shouldn’t do in order to uphold it:

              I, (NAME), do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

              I took that oath on the morning of May 2, 1988 – the same day I got shipped off to boot camp. If you can point to any portion of it that I have not upheld, I’d be very interested in hearing about it.

          • Hi alc, you bring up something I wonder about all the time. I took that oath (though twenty years ago), I’d like to think I meant it and take it seriously. When do we stand up and enforce it? What line in the sand do we wait for them to cross?
            I know I’m ready and more than willing to stand up and die for this country, but I worry about fighting FOR something worse than we already have, if that’s possible. Mt firt inclination is to “run to the hills”, but I now live there. So now I’m resinged to just sitting here and waiting to see what happens, knowing people in the cities will more than likely be dealing with it before I am, and if I see the good fight that can be fought, I’m all in.

            • I took it about 30 years ago!

              Apparently SD Mule wants us to charge the local police station or Fed building while he sits in his easy chair. And I have no easy-chair answer for this, because on one hand, it’s very reasonable that that’s what we SHOULD be doing. On the other hand, do we act by drawing a line, We will not be displaced, disarmed, etc., and simply fighting back when the war comes to us? I have no desire to bomb my local police station, but if I saw my local cops brutalizing people, looting houses, etc then I’d take action. I can only take comfort in the fact that I’m in a smallish town and it seems very unlikely to happen.

              What else can you do? Well, get out of debt, that helps starve the banksters. Get a sharp accountant and avoid all the taxes you legally can, the ultimate way to do this is simply live at the sub-taxable level. Don’t take a penny off of the government, you can’t be a successful rebel if you’re tied to Food Stamps and the rest. Starve the Beast.

              As I’ve said before: Get up off of your butt and teach someone to garden and other self-sufficency skills, take a nonshooter to the range, do what you can to spread the ideas and ideals of freedom.

            • It’ll be 24 years ago for me next May.

              What most folks don’t realize is that your allegiance isn’t to a people, or to a person. It is at base allegiance to a concept, and to what it represents.

              IMHO, it doesn’t matter what happens to or with the people. Sucks to say that the specific population isn’t the focus, but that’s the whole reason why the oath is constructed as it is.

              No need for armed insurrection to defend it, either. If the US government in its current form burns itself out and crashes (trust me, it will – pretty much only a matter of time now) it makes no difference in your duties.

              The oath that needs kept? Insure with your very life that the concepts and document contents are kept alive and carried on, and that whatever new government eventually arises from the ashes is one that adheres to those concepts and words.

            • The Oath always had a deep meaning, however I believe we are reaching a very fuzzy border, and a crucial threshold where the Oath could be more interpreted as an allegiance to a Government rather than a Constitution and a Country. I see a discreet and identifiable distinction between an oath to a Country and/or Constitution (the “Basis” or “Idea” one follows), and an oath to a Government. Its the part of the Oath to obey the President and one’s superiors that is beginning come forward as an issue. The President and others are part of the Gov’t. Yes, he is by rank the Commander In Chief of the military, which is also “part of” the Country, but not necessarily part of the Constitutional “Country” (e.g. Executive-Legislative-Judicial). One can argue all day on where the line is drawn with the title of Commander In Chief, but in the Real World, all that really matters is whether the military will in a STFT or similar domestic discontent scenario, apply their oath to the Gov’t or the People. Some vets on here have not been too “oathy” to the current gov’t in their comments, but will Active Duty, Nat’l Guard, Reserves, etc, when being ordered to, take the side of the Constitution/Country or of the Gov’t? Propagandists on both sides will make the other look like traitors, killers, insurgents, tyrants, etc. The Gov’t has the Big Guns, logistics, top notch bases and weapon technology to wipe out any resistance they need to if given the “order”. The Gov’t will also have the Power of Ultimate Force and “Rule of Law” behind them to “encourage” any military or law enforcement member who hesitates or refuses to do as they are told, “or else”.
              It all comes down to the basic question, how many will turn their weapons on Americans to save the Gov’t?
              I don’t believe anyone really has that answer until it gets that far, but I would wager a very significant number WILL, and not bat an eye when they are ordered to “lock and load”.

            • Something to keep in mind:

              Most people living in the United States, very terribly unfortunately to my mind, have no connection to Colonial America, let alone Plymouth Rock.

              I do. My forefathers made America with their bare hands starting when they got off the boat in AD1620.

              A century and a half after their hard work, Christian faith and demonstrated management abilities drew the attention of the known world, they invented the United States to serve their public purposes.

              That’s right: my ancestors INVENTED THE UNITED STATES.

              So … now that our servants have become uppity and think they are the master … and the United States has not served its foundational purposes in perhaps a century,

              it is time to remind them — the “Dot Gov” — that


              I don’t know about the rest of you, even though I suspect the answer, but I’ve had about enough bowing and scraping to beg favor from people who are unfit to lick my boots, let alone the boots of my noble and honorable fathers.

              Enough is enough.

          • Count me in!

            • alc,
              Nowhere in my comment do I mention charging a police station or a FED building.I simply challanged your statement that “you and your good number of mates took an oath to protect the US and the US Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic” and that “keeping that in mind would make everything OK”. Perhaps you should have mentioned that there was a time limit on your oath. I think your reply to my comment is a better representation of you, a little more honest and alot less false bravado. As William Shakespeare said,” Above all else, to thine own self be true”. Good Luck!

        • how many of us?
          how many of them?

          Scares the hell out of them.

          • I dam sure hope so..but it doesnt seem to be enough to stop or slow them down much

            • Until we unite as a group it will never happen. Which we never will. Until someone has the balls to move it forward. Which they won’t. One person can’t do it alone and how will any group pull it off. How can such a large group ever be established? I want to be as positive as the next guy about this but I just don’t see any single group, large or small be able to make it happen. It’s going to be every man for him self.

          • That is why they hate the ‘Tea Party’. TPTB don’t want us to be organized nor to have strong leaders. Because strong leaders and the Tea Party spread the truth. This site is probably on the list of things to do, for the TPTB, such as shut it down.
            Mac, keep this site going. In the past year alone, I’ve gotten at least 30 more people to read this site.

        • How will good people communicate when SHTF? Good people will need news. Good people will need to coordinate. The “internet switch” precludes any expectation that the internet will survive as we know it now.

          Ham radio? Encryption? Burst transmissions? Roving news readers? Video uploads of the murderous assaults, etc.? Satcomm?

          Recall that a sea change in public opinion began when the Palestinians began to provide video evidence of what they suffer. Children and their medical rescuers shot by snipers, white phosphorus falling on women and children, rows upon rows of dead infants. These are the images that awoke the brainwashed.

          As events unfold in the USA it will be ever more critical to provide the public at large with the video documentation of the terrorist police state.

          • John Q-

            Sure wish I knew how to get in touch with you for SHTF.

            You are my kind of people.

            email me at [email protected] so we can talk.

            • “You’ve got mail.”

          • Ham radio is part of it, but it depends on the state of infrastructure.

            Personally, even the so-called “internet switch”, while IM(professional)O is almost impossible to implement in the US (way too many ways of connecting), can’t get in the way.

            For instance, look up Steganography. It’s the practice of encrypting (any kind of) data inside another kind of data. Someone uploads a picture of their kid at a beach to picasa, facebook, or some other photo site. Someone else downloads that picture from their web browser, rinses the data out, decrypts it, and voila’ – data in plain sight that can be easily distributed, that no one w/o the decryption key can use, and the results are quite effective.

            …and that’s just one of many ways to spread news right under the nose of an oppressive regime.


            OTOH, you mention images that changed your mind about something… just be careful, especially in the Photoshop Age, that you yourself are not taken in by propaganda.

            • @ OQ

              My crypto friends tell me that when PGP went proprietary and was no longer open-source, it was compromised—also easily broken by any motivated attacker with the computer power to mount a brute force attack.

              What other public-key encryption is there? How much of that is trustworthy? Private key?

            • Most crypto can (eventually) be broken, but there are many open-source versions that can be had which are still somewhat unbreakable if you use it right: AES stands out in my opinion.

              The deal with steganography is that it isn’t a form of encryption, but a means of hiding that encryption in plain sight. Stuff that encrypted data into some pornographic picture, post it to some porn forum, and it’ll be a drop of water in an ocean of porn. Unless you yourself are a target of interest and are being watched, no one will ever think to look, let alone find anything useful in it.

              I guess what I’m getting at is that it isn’t just having the right type of encryption, but in utilizing it in a way that keeps things under the radar, so to speak.

          • It is hard to believe how naieve you are. The Palestinians favorable received coverage because the news media is supportive of them. Most of the coverage was made up lies but hey it worked. You will find no such sympathy for what will/may be done to us. The lame stream media perceives all Americans especially the white christian ones to be racists and opressors. A boot on our face will be well deserved payback from their point of view. When/if things go down the toilet there will be no help from the media. Expect any who resist to be painted as being racist and anti Progressive and enemies of the state.

            • @ Willy

              Where are you? I am in the USA. The corporate media here is owned lock, stock, and barrel by Zionists and, on the rare occasions that Palestinians receive any coverage, the “reporting” is uniformly dismissive of the genocide against Palestinians and credulously swallows Israeli hasbara (and any other official US government B.S.) in big gulps.

        • Hi VRF:


          Numbers alone confer NO military advantage (Sun Tzu)

          Imminent Danger:

          They have passed the Indefinite Detention Act NOT to grab people in other countries (they have ALREADY been doing that for decades), it is to “legalize” grabbing Americans,… period.

          We are now entering the final phase of the seizure of the US,.. and the Globe, by the banksters.

          This IS the critical pivot. Either people realize the Titanic is going down by the head and they must take action to save themselves,… or ride the ship into the water and die.


          STEP 1) The major necessity of salvation is to expose the simple fact that the MSM (Main-Stream-Media) and ALL media outlets and Entertainment Corporations are owned, controlled and programmed by the same pyschotic individuals/corporations/even gov’t agencies (CIA as one example) that they should be exposing!

          In other words, our news and mass media is nothing but the, “Joesph Gobbels Ministry Of Propaganda”.

          They have had COMPLETE control over what has been told to us for many decades, and we have been COMPLETELY lied to, manipulated and programmed by them.

          This is why so few Americans have any measure of comprehension as to what is really occurring.

          STEP 2) Declare The Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, BIS (Bank od Internatioanl Settlements), ALL other Privately Owned Central Banks, its CEO – the Rothchilds, and the UN the GLOBAL TERRORIST NETWORK that they are.

          STEP 3) Seize ALL assets of this Global Terrorist Network called the Central Banking System, and return all assets to their respective countries.

          STEP 4) International War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Trials for all the Internatioanl Banksters, ESPECIALLY THE ROTHCHILDS.

          Those found guilty, will be hung from the neck until dead, and left there for a minimum of one week while the worlds news agencies broadcast pictures and videos of their dead, decaying bodies. After which they will be cut down, and dumped into a mass paupers grave, and left UNMARKED.

          STEP 5) Declare a Global Treaty for all nations to sign that FORBIDS ANY COUNTRY FROM EVER HAVING A PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK AGAIN under the penality of committing War Crimes.

          STEP 6) Now it is time to clean house here in the US. ALL members of congress that committed ANYTHING resembling TREASON will be held and tortured under their own terrorism laws. Public trials are mandatory, and ANY member of Congress convicted of Treason, Corruption, Failure to uphold the Constitution will serve LIFE IN PRISON,… NO PLEA BARGINS ALLOWED. All their assets are to be seized and invested into the US Treasury to return the US to a Gold Backed Currency.

          Why It Will Never Happen:

          The pyschotic Elite recognize that if their crimes were ever made public, or they were taken to trial for it,… they would be held accountable!,.. so they will fight tooth and nail to ensure the preserve their lifestyle, their freedom, and the institution of their plans.

          In addition, the Americans in a position to actually initiate the corrective actions needed lack the moral backbone, and the simple courage.


          Unless there is a large scale awakening, the banksters have already won.

          I personally do NOT accept that, but unless I see more people even willing to acknowledge our current predicament, I am not hopeful of the prespects for saving this country,.. but will keep fighting to the end all the same.

          JD – US Marines – Fighting To Save Our Country From Tyrants.

          • Right on B.I.A

          • Their shills in the media should also be prosecuted.

          • Too funny!!!
            The US citizens will do NOTHING.

            1913 = nothing done
            1971 = nothing done
            Ruby Ridge = nothing done
            Waco = nothing done
            Fast and Furious = nothing will be done.
            When they come to get you, and they will, nothing will be done to stop them.
            The game for the US is over.

            • Right. As I was saying… Words are easy. Actions are damn near impossible. Good call Larry.

            • They had better surprise me in the dark of night for I will not be taken alive.

            • OMG somebody knows about Ruby Ridge. I am 40 ish and I feel like I am the ONLY one who knows about that (thank GOD FOR MY PARENTS telling me stuff) Hey just for giggles anyone know about Cox’s army????? Nobody knows that one and if you look it up online it has been well altered history. 2 friends of mine are History majors and did not know about that one….dying to see who knows that peice of history!!

            • Fuck you …you insolent puke. 1. It is not a game. 2.It is not over. 3. It haS begun. FUCKING BANK ON IT. RISE.

            • @justincase Know all about ruby ridge incident and what the murderers did. It was that incident that first showed me what our fed gov is capable of.

            • 2012=?

            • Morpheus Galt,
              You make me laugh!
              While our freedoms and wealth were stolen, your grandfather did nothing, your father did nothing and you will do nothing.
              Go listen to Rush Limbaugh, post on survivalist forums, go play air-soft, watch Fox News Network…its your therapy.
              In 10 years your son will be wearing earrings and makeup and get stoned at a federally approved rave party.
              Oh, he will RISE alright… at 3PM to collect his unemployment check.

            • Oh, Justincase…thanks for the word on Cox’s Army of 1932, don’t recall hearing about that. Progressives-Liberals-Progressives…anyone besides me see a circularity here?? In looking it up, I found its even more interesting in that Cox had a similar-minded and named predecessor in (Jacob) Coxey’s who organized an unemployment march to D.C. (1894) during the depression of the 1890’s, and he made another march in 1914 to D.C. Cox’s and Coxey’s army are apparently often confused…must be the phonetics, hehe.

            • and


            • Don’t forget the unconstitutional gun confiscations “under letter of law” when the New Orleans residents could have, should have, fought back. Not a shot was fired by a citizen. LOTS were fired by dirty cops at “the bridge” and by gang bangers…

          • I agree except with the hanging It would be more fun to break out or even build a Guillotine and chop off their heads than stick theirs heads on a stick for a week for all the world to see.

            • Reply about Cox’s Army, it was actually Coxies Army. WW1 vets wanted benefits promised to them, but wanted them ahead of time because of the economy. The commies hijacked this movement, too.

          • “Those found guilty, will be hung from the neck until dead, and left there for a minimum of one week while the worlds news agencies broadcast pictures and videos of their dead, decaying bodies. After which they will be cut down, and dumped into a mass paupers grave, and left UNMARKED.”

            I would favor grinding the bodies to pulp and then flushing them into the nearest sewer with the rest of the crap. Think 500-gallon V-8 powered blender.

            • But they might taint the sewer.

          • Very well put, marine, the fix is already in, if you stand Your a terrorist . It will take all the average joes & janes to make a change, Sorry to say Americans are to addicted to materialism to be borthered with freedom issues

        • Moooooooo! Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

          • I bought a young heifer. Pick her up in April. Have free pasture for her all summer.


            • Bar-B-Que on the hoof

        • Terorists are defined by any and all that sold guns to Mexico.
          ‘Nuff said.

          Arrest all, but please give them a trial—I refuse to follow the uncontitutionality of these corrupt congress monkeys and their mules in the administration.

          • Right on, JJ! Give’em a fair trial and THEN hang’em!

        • Can anyone explain how this is different than martial law?

          I didn’t think so.

        • On this date:

          In 1791, the Bill of Rights went into effect following ratification by Virginia

          Just 220 years and hardly any rights left.

          • Thanks for the link.

        • What this bill tells us is the idiots making the laws have no understanding of history. While they may think they are doing something good and they are thinking “only members of al qaeda will be subject to this, what’s the problem?” They fail to see 3 seconds into the future to imagine the slippery slopes they create.

          • “…have no understanding…”???

            Baloney. They are perfectly aware of what they are doing. They are either “dual citizens” or have been bought by the synagogue of Satan—Jesus’ term for them, not mine (Apocalypse 3;9).

            • I should have said “most”…most of them are not bright enough to come up with diabolical plans meant to enslave us..they are just smart enough to be able sign their names (to the bills written by those who are smart enough to come up with diabolical plans) because they are told to or are going to make money on it.

        • good thoughts, but really, how many americans are going to be willing to put down their TV remotes and sack of McDs long enough to even notice what’s going on, let alone pretend to be awake and alert?

          most of the populace is zombified. watch them be herded to the slaughterhouse. it’s about all you can do (aside from prepping).

          • ron, the more I ponder our eventual plight, the more I sense our real enemies may at first might just be the zombies. I live and teach a standard; there are two types of people, givers and takers. the general populace is a horde of takers. These people will probable be our biggest obstacle in our attempts to servive. Acorn, community organizers, etc..
            Peace be with you, stay in His grace.

          • The zombies won’t be herded because they are no threat. They will be allowed to consume and then die early from an intentional substandard medical system.

            • typo” should be “…intentionally substandard…”

      2. “It has taken many years for these particular events to go public. I have been lost as to why this “news” hasn’t gone public for many years. Surly people have figured this out long ago.

        Look at it this way. Now that it is out in the open and it is not to be denied, there is now only one logical conclusion for all of this. Yes, it is World War 3 (WW3).

        It gives no doubt that China and Russia along with others will either have to find cause to attack at NATO and the “North American Union” (Once called The United States of America.), or we will have to go in full attack mode at them. Either way it will begin big time very very soon. All who are involved do already know this.

        A cataclysmic tragic event of biblical proportions and much more IS most likely to occur at any moment. You are now forewarned.

        The war up until now has been pretty much papered over and the truths hid. Now with everything in the open this gives purpose for FEMA camps and the likes. One can see the American people rioting first about all the deception and outright lies from their purported leaders. The American people do not want an escalation of war but it will be shoved right down their throats anyway.

        The laws that have been passed, the rights of people having been taken away from them, The Constitution being trample on and made almost completely obsolete. Yes people, all evidence points to a few logical conclusions. If you don’t know this by now and you have been doing your homework, then there is not much more that can be said.

        Prepare and activate! They will be coming after you and your families very very soon. Protect yourselves, and protect your families, and protect your true friends. And, may you know how to differentiate.

        May the God of Heaven be with us all and have many mercies. Jesus Christ and the HOLY BIBLE has warned all of us as to what is and what will be. Please read the King James version of the Holy Bible even if you have to sell something to buy one. You will find all these things written their if you are not suffering from a hardened heart or such. You sincerely have to let God reveal all truth to you as He deems you need it.

        God bless all of you, and good day.”

        • I agree with a good part of what you say, Tim. I already posted this in another thread in slightly different form, but in light of your remarks, it bears repeating here (though I don’t expect you to agree with it):

          The timing of this piece of crap — er, “legislation” — is very significant. I believe it is a harbinger of a world war shortly to come, and they are merely putting the final preparations in place to crush any and all domestic opposition to this war, which will be initiated for reasons PLAINLY not in Amerikan interests.

          This is already apparent to those who know that “our” government in DC is the representative of Wall Street and Israel, not the Representative of Amerika (Google “Jewish members of congress” for a list of all the Israeli dual-citizens making life and death decisions in YOUR government about YOUR future).

          The targets in this coming war are:

          1) Syria/Iran, which will lead directly to the closing of the Strait of Hormuz and the interdiction of Persian Gulf oil shipments to the rest of the world. This will lead to a collapse of the world economy and rationing and severe hardship in Amerika. Israel is using up what’s left of the Amerikans and is going for end game against the last of its “enemies” (read: anybody with land and resources they want to steal) in the ME. This will inevitably lead to a confrontation with…

          2) Russia, which is THE biggest prize of all. The Zionist oligarchs of Wall Street and DC want to return Russia to the clutches of the “Russian” (actually, Zionist Jewish) oligarchs, so they can resume the LOOTING of that country that went on as a free for all during the reign of the permanently drunken Boris Yeltsin. Ironically, as BOLSHEVIKS, the grandfathers of these rapacious and newly minted plutocrats turned Russia into a charnel house following the Communist Revolution of 1917, when they were represented all out of proportion to their percentage of population in the Red Army, Soviet government and the CheKa/GPU/NKVD. Tens of millions of RUSSIAN peasants, intellectuals, clergy, military officers, aristocrats, businessmen, teachers and others were ENTHUSIASTICALLY slaughtered by these creatures, who hated Russia.

          What is significant is that the “Russian” oligarchs’ rape-fest of the 90′s was brought to a crashing stop by none other than Vladimir Putin, whose life was actually threatened in Congress by the late Rep. Tom Lantos (formerly Likud-CA, now Likud-Hell) after Putin recaptured Yukos Oil, a major Russian national resource, from Lantos’ fellow Zionist Khodorkovsky (who bought it for Chump Change and lived fat while Russians starved).

          The Russian financial system and Russia’s national resources have been used by Putin to improve Russian living standards, which have been rising for the last decade while Amerikan ones have been plummeting. Personal freedom in Russia is in many ways actually greater than it is in Amerika and Western Europe. None of this is in Wall Street’s interests.

          Russia, which has totally cast off COMMUNISM and returned to its Slavonic and Orthodox roots, does not threaten Zionist Amerika, let alone the REAL, submerged America. Nevertheless, it has powerful and accurate nukes, and any attempt by the Amerikan regime to destroy the churches and palaces of Moscow and St. Petersburg and turn the Russian land into a replica of Amerika strip mall heaven of Wall Marts and McDonalds that swarm with obese idiots, will lead to the IMMOLATION of Amerika itself. The missile “shield” our Zionist-neocon dual-citizen infested Pentagon has been positioning around Russia in OBVIOUS preparation for this war for YEARS will NOT work.

          So prepare for war. Amerikans! Let’s all give a big “HOO RAH”. Anyone in Amerika who is not enthusiastic about attacking and helping to rob Israel’s and Wall Street’s intended victims will be fair game for “our heroes” in uniform.

          • Your a wack job Ahab.

            • Anuther ed-ju-kated Amurikan speaks.

              In grammar, “your” is second person possessive (singular and plural). The contraction for “you are” is “you’re.”

              Your response is already predicted.

            • Listening to Zionist Murdoch-employee Sean Hannity bloviate…beating the Iran War drums, attacking Ron Paul…while I read Ahab’s post. We have indeed lost our sovereignty to Israel, by way of the domestic Jewish money/media power and its death-grip on most of our politicians. With the consequent “war on terror” hoax then used to take down the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Step #3: globalist police-state run by Zionist banksters. It’s not complicated, but you do have face the JP to understand the dynamics. Ahab does, and good on him.

            • ~@J-100~

              Instead of wallowing in your brain-laundromat created & zio-media supported, fantasy based opinion….let’s see you provide factual proof where AHAB is off base!!!

              ———YOU’RE INCAPABLE OF DOING SO————-!!!
              (& so is anyone else for that matter)

              The man is deadly accurate, both in his assessments AND his reciting of the truth(100%), regarding the historical narrative he’s presented for educational purposes!

              ….he forgot to mention the current regime’s manifold & constitutionally illegal ‘CZARS’…funny how damn near all, just so happen to be of the SAME NEFARIOUS TRIBE!

              Its sickening to see truth slandered & wantonly rejected by so many, via their thumbs down vote.

              J-100’s prejudice reminds me of an old saying…itself a play on words that goes thus:…YOU CAN LEAD A ‘FOOL’ TO THE EVIDENCE, BUT YOU CANNOT MAKE HIM THINK.

          • Ahab you are a wack job.

            • Gunsmith,

              You are a jerk wad as well. You sit at your little computer and spew this crap. I have a cousin who lost his left leg two weeks ago while fighting to save your sorry ass. You can lead a jerk wad to the truth, but you can’t expect him to recognize it.
              You and others like you are all talk and no action. When the going gets tough, the jerk wads get on their computers. I’ve read enough of this crap for one night.

          • Hey Ahab,
            What do you mean with this statement, “Anyone in Amerika who is not enthusiastic about attacking and helping to rob Israel’s and Wall Street’s intended victims will be fair game for “our heroes” in uniform.”

            Did you actually misspeak, or are you slamming “our brave heroes” in the military? Just wondering; royal wack job.

            • It’s spelled “whack” not “wack.” Is illiteracy (or a bad case of dyslexia) a prerequisite for abject servility to our Zionist Occupation Government?

              In answer to your question, I am discussing authoritarian submissive personalities who follow ANY “authority” as long as it CLAIMS to represent Amerika and wraps itself in the AMERIKAN flag. The types you seem to honor are nothing but MINDLESS ROBOTS who will serve out-and-out TRAITORS and/or FOREIGN USURPERS as long as they are “packaged” the right way. In other words – they are UNDEREDUCATED IDIOTS, who are taken in by SUPERFICIALITY. They have DELIBERATELY been kept uneducated, uninformed and STUPID to serve the DEVILS who command them.

              The people your idiot “cousin” bled for are ENDING Amerika as we have known it, but like you, he’s probably too dumb to realize it. Indeed, old style American patriots who believe in the Bill of Rights will probably wind up FIGHTING morons like you and your hobbling cousin someday.

              In short, I’m pretty sure that your “Darwin Award” relative who is now sans a limb lost his leg for Goldman Sachs and AIPAC, but he definitely didn’t lose it for Amerika or its CONSTITUTION as such. He gave up his limb not for me or Gunsmith, but for Lloyd Blankfein, Abe Foxman, Joe Lieberman and the selfsame OLIGARCH robbers who have raped Amerika and who now want to use morons like him to attack Iran, Syria and Russia so THEY TOO CAN BE ROBBED as YOU HAVE BEEN. And you love your rapists! Ever hear of “Stockholm Syndrome?”

              Morons like you and your buzz cut cousin lust to MURDER people who have never personally wronged them, and as such, they (and YOU) are EVIL.

              I hope you and your idiot cousin get a chance to enjoy a LONG vacation in Siberia some day, so REAL Americans can restore the republic undisturbed.

            • Let’s keep in mind that the synagogue of Satan has been hiring “internet talkbackers” to puff up Zionist “talking points” (lies).

              Saturday, July 18th, 2009


              Saturday, July 18th, 2009


              The Foreign Ministry presents: talkbackers in the service of the State

              By: Dora Kishinevski
Calcalist 5 July 2009
              Translated for Occupation Magazine by George Malent


              “After they became an inseparable part of the service provided by public-relations companies and advertising agencies, paid Internet talkbackers are being mobilized in the service in the service of the State. The Foreign Ministry is in the process of setting up a team of students and demobilized soldiers who will work around the clock writing pro-Israeli responses on Internet websites all over the world, and on services like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The Foreign Ministry’s department for the explanation of Israeli policy is running the project, and it will be an integral part of it. The project is described in the government budget for 2009 as the “Internet fighting team” – a name that was given to it in order to distinguish it from the existing policy-explanation team, among other reasons, so that it can receive a separate budget. Even though the budget’s size has not yet been disclosed to the public, sources in the Foreign Ministry have told Calcalist that in will be about NIS 600.000 in its first year, and it will be increased in the future. From the primary budget, about NIS 200.000 will be invested in round-the-clock activity at the micro-blogging website Twitter, which was recently featured in the headlines for the services it provided to demonstrators during the recent disturbances in Iran.”

              See also:

          • Ahab, actually it isn’t our government. Not trying to argue, but do you feel this is our gov’t?

          • ~AHAB~

            Am posting this on the off chance that you periodically refresh/check your previous posts…hence this is a mild opsec exercise! If you catch this, ping me at… [email protected]

            Allow me to wish you/yours a very Merry Christmas & God bless!

        • Tim, One demtard that doesn’t believe in God and he junked you.

          Well said.

        • “A cataclysmic tragic event of biblical proportions and much more IS most likely to occur at any moment. You are now forewarned.”


        • Tim – you are 100%. People have asked why didn’t the German people do something to stop the Nazi party and Hitler? I asked the same question many times over the years and now I know the answer because the same thing is happening in our country as our leaders are passing laws similar to what Hitler and his party did. And what are we doing about it? Not a damn thing.

          When they come for us we will know just how the Jewish people felt.

      3. I asked a fellow prepper who is a law enforcement officer about what to do if they come to the door for my guns? He told me at that time it would be to late to shoot. We need not let it get that far. When is the time people? How will we know? Is that time now?

        • With the millions of gun owners clinging to their iron in our country by the time they get to my neck of the woods they will be out of body bags and ammo, and few in number so I’m not terribly worried. Just tell them you lost them all in a boating accident back in 2010, they will be too tired to question you further.

        • Salvador – that cop told you that because he thinks it may be *him* who comes to your door. It will indeed, be time to shoot. (Although, extra points if they can be bushwhacked before they get to citizens’ doors.)

          • When gun confiscation begins, all of those that have no intention of complying will be forced to take the fight to THEM. It will be “open season” on any and every federal, state, county, and city jackass that is a willing participant in the process of TAKING AWAY OUR SECOND AMMENDMENT RIGHT.

            Get those sights and scopes fine tuned. Anonymous snipers will quickly take “the wind out of the sails” of initial survivors. And anonymous “drive bys” will further “ice the cake”.

            THEIR action to disarm US is an open declaration of war. All is fair in war and WE should not hesitate to treat them as the ENEMY in every aspect of the label.

            If you don’t like this comment, vote with your thumb. No amount of “commentary response” will change my mind on this issue.

          • As Yental, above says it would be open war.

            At some point the only thing that matters is the elimination of an enemy that will, literally, eat your children and their future. You wanna see the common man be called a terrorist? Push the population too far and you’ll find out the the “I” in IED is more relative than you thought. You take a bunch of well educated and (formerly) well fed men and women and threaten their children and give them no alternative and they’ll hand you your ass way faster than a bunch of illiterate goat herders and poppy farmers. You think they’re soft? You think their out of shape and cowards? You think they’ll just lay down for it? Like someone on here said before:

            “Think again, asshole.”

            • You guys seem to miss the point, they are not going to come for your guns, they are going to let everyone kill each other…..when people get hungry, they will look for food, people with guns will shoot them…..easy, the cities will be contained that’s all……

              The real question is simple, are you fucking people ready to go out right now and start killing people who are doing this shit, you know the organizations involved by heart, so do what is being done to Iran right now…….from the inside out…easy right……..wake up and stop all of this stupid posting on here, your not doing anything but talking shit!

              Vets, you should be ashamed of yourselves, not ONE of you fought in a “WAR” to protect our Country……NONE OF YOU!!!! You killed people who didn’t do anything to you, I don’t care what so called “WAR” you were in……

              Now you have a chance to actually fight for YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY……..what are you doing……..posting shit on this stupid website!!!

              Americans have been pussyfied as George Carlin put it…….either get your asses out there RIGHT NOW and start going after those who are enslaving our children or just shut the fuck up!

              You all know the game, but you want to “Prep” fuck prepping, it is about TAKING BACK OUR FUCKING COUNTRY!

              And for you fucking Agents who hang on this board, Fuck Off…….your the fucking worse scum there is!!!

              US Marines…….bro, you seem to understand the gravity of the situation!

              I ain’t coming back here, I don’t care about your replies, you know I am RIGHT and it is only a matter of you deciding that OUR KIDS are worth it………that’s it!

        • They know who has guns. They will single us out because we are divided. There will be a pleasant knock on the door, nothing to give themselves away, and then you will be in handcuffs and hauled off. Until we unite…kiss your asses goodbye.

          • No they don’t. 37 states do paperless private transfers. The ATF turns into the NFC (No Fing Clue) real fast. I don’t even know the names of people that buy from and sell to. The law doesn’t require me to. …and there are 36 other states just like us. If you live in the communist welfare state of Illinois or other criminal welfare state, sure, all they have to do is look at the listings. Just across the border in Missouri and Indiana, its just the opposite. Not only that, were they to try and investigate, well, my memory is really bad, so, sorry, don’t remember anything. NOBODY WILL HELP THEM. If they threaten, it will just make matters worse.

        • Are you kidding me? A LEO stated it would be too late to shoot? Meaning I suppose, too late to shoot because he doesn’t want you shooting at him as he is ordered to violate your bill of rights?

          If they come to your door for your guns my friend, they are also coming to the door for you. If you kill at least one of them that comes to kill you, they will have a very hard time replacing their team members fast enough to continue this bullsh!%. An eye for an eye goes a long way to restoring freedom.

          If the republicans in congress allow this bill to pass, and be sent to the president for signature, our government will officially become a bi-partisan enemy of the people.

          Talk talk talk, petition, call your congressman all you want, but talk is cheap. Their actions will tell me everything I need to know, and what I will need to do.

          • Too late. Repubs in the house passed overwhelmingly. Dems were 50/50 but R’s were 3 to 1 for it. The Bomster said he wasn’t going to sign it but after he had them take out the language that exempted citizens that had not participated in 9/11 or were members of Alkaida, then he said he could get behind it. We are doomed.

            • WE are not “doomed”. That’s cowardice speaking! Cowardice is irrational fear.

              These are the Globalists that have committed TREASON against the American people and the US Constitution.

              Mark their names. The day will come when they will answer for their crimes against America.

              America IS awake. America IS aware. Americans ARE moving to take their nation back from these Globalists.

              There was change in 2010. there will be MORE change 2012. Americans have just begun to fight their oppressors, because they have only recently recognized who the Gangster Banksters and Globalists in government are.

              Mark their names. The American people are going to kick ass and use their own laws against them!

              “Death to Traitors!” That is the penalty for TREASON!!! (after a speedy trial of course!)

              Can I see a show of hands! 🙂

            • hands.

          • I just sent this to my senator.

            Mr. Burr,
            Why in Hell’s name did you vote for the National Defense Authorization Act. You have turned your back on the people that elected you.

            Apparently you and your cronies feel you have something to fear from the people. But, in truth it is the other way around, you politicians have lost your friggin minds and you’ve sure as hell lost my vote. I have never voted for a democrat knowingly, but in reality it seems I have. You will never get another vote from me, and I will work my but off trying to see you never get elected again. Why are you republicans selling us out???
            Please do not send me a form letter in response.

            • WOW!
              You emailed your senator in response to his treasonous behavior…great.
              That is what the founding fathers would have done…emailed king George.
              We can all sleep a bit easier now.

        • The time is 2012. This election is the most important one in our lifetime. We must elect a leader who wants small government and maximum freedom. We must replace all the Senators & Representatives with like minded people. Replace state & local leaders with the same.

          Otherwise I see states seceding in our future. I see govt bankruptcies. I see entire fortunes being lost. I see freedoms being lost.

          It will be Hell on Earth.

          • The 2012 leader/puppet has been chosen…and not by we, the people..I am so tired of saying this–people, you ARE NOT choosing the puppet.

            • JJ – you are right – it doesn’t matter who we elect – change is coming and it isn’t a good change – it started in 1913 (the obvious things like the creation of the Federal Reserve and the federal income tax system), with a big hammer of socialism under FDR (the largest being the creation of the social security system and outlawing private citizen ownership of gold) and is now accelerating, actually it’s exploding.

            • Amen JJ. The electoral college chooses the POTUS, not the general population. Folks, please at least google electoral college and see how the system works, then you will know the score. Frankly, at this stage of the game, I doubt the electoral college is even the actual body that chooses. With so much smoke and mirrors, who the heck knows anymore!

            • @JJ: You are correct, stop playing their game people, it is all theater. The noose is tightening around the neck of the people. There is no repb. dem. left or right! We are at war.

            • JJ: And I keep telling you that YOUR “roll over and play dead” attitude is the attitude of a fricking loser!

              It is the attitude that the Globalists want US to have. They want US to fear them. Let them fear US!!

              They want US to lack hope, faith, and courage. Why WE out number them. WE can still vote. We can organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote!

              You post like a woman. You must be a Sheeple or a fricking agent for the NWO!

              Grow some fricking BALLS!

            • Ahem….DK….I take umbrage at “You post like a woman.”

              You say that like it’s a BAD thing.

            • Daisy: How do YOU explain it?

              JJ prays every night for God to “smite” the bastards, yet she wakes up every morning defeated: filled with fear and despair; without hope in the future of America and OUR collective ability to change it.

              How pitiful!!! 🙂

              Prayer strengthens. It empowers and emboldens one to faith and action. It gives insight, direction, and initiative. It heals.

              Instead of praying for God to “smite” the bastards, maybe JJ should pray for strength, faith, insight, wisdom, and initiative.

              As it is, she spews the propaganda of the PTB deliberately trying to undermine the efforts of others who are looking to implement the Changes she claims to desire.

              That is not rational.

              It is the rant of a loser using the Internet for therapy to reinforce her surrender to the enemy by finding like minded individuals, who are also defeated; lacking courage, conviction, and empowerment, to justify her complacency.

              Pitiful. Simply pitiful!!!! 🙂

              Maybe if she had a little more testosterone she would have more backbone, which is why I suggested that she grows some balls. 🙂

            • @Durango

              Point #1
              While I completely agree with you that it is time to take actions, whatever they may be, I’d like to point out that you don’t have to sport big brass cojones or testosterone to do those things.

              Point #2
              Don’t you agree that some people would be willing to take action if some actions were implemented for them to join into? Take Occupy Wall St, for example. Not for the meaning behind the protest but the fact that the protest occurred. 95% of those people that Occupied all over the world were out there because ONE PERSON got the ball rolling and coordinated the entire thing.

              Maybe taking charge of organizing a voice would be more of a”problem solving action” than talking to people in a way that infuriates them.

            • ~JJ~


              The Republican & Democrat parties are merely…OPPOSITE CHEEKS ON THE SAME ASS!!!!!!!!!

            • THE electoral college choses for us I mean our elected reps that we elect cast the vote……yeppers so much for each votes counts. HEY what if NOBODy voted what would happen then? Kinda a funny thought as to what would take place…hmmmmm?

            • Someone needs to go to YouTube and watch a little Ann Barnhardt. What woman gives me goosebumps! Too bad we can get her into the white house. She’s in open rebellion.

          • Which candidate do you support? I don’t see anyone currently running for president who fits the bill.

            And the Congress … what a disappointment. In my district we elected a guy who was an Iraq veteran, seemed to be a patriot and all that. Well, his voting record since 2010 has been disappointing. I don’t even need to call his office … I know he will vote for this Nat’l Defense Act or whatever it’s called. I agree that 2012 will be the most important election of our lifetimes but right now I am not feeling very optimistic.

            • yep , you are correct sir

            • When the newly elected congressman, whether to the state house or Congress, arrive they are ‘told’ how the system works. Deviation is not tolerated. The ‘two party’ system just double teams up on the citizenry.

              The 2012 elections will be the most corrupted. (IMHO)

              “…I agree that 2012 will be the most important election of our lifetimes but right now I am not feeling very optimistic… Lizzie that says it all. (MM)

          • “Otherwise I see states seceding in our future. I see govt bankruptcies. I see entire fortunes being lost. I see freedoms being lost.”

            And I see you as an optimist. It will not only be worse than we imagine, it will be worse than we CAN imagine.

          • The only ‘Hell on Earth’ you will experience is when you overindulge on burritos and hot sauce.

        • I don’t think anyone will be going to any doors, it would take too long ands be to slow. They’ll take all guns and ammo off the store shelves first, then pass a law stating that it is illegal for anyonew to have any ammo or a gun of any kind.You’ll have 10 days to turn all weapons into the nearesr PD, after that if you’re caught with any weapons on the list which will peobably include everything but a butter knife, you’l be leaving for Gitmo.Like Nazi germany, they’ll put neighbors against neighbors, you’ll be supprised how people with no food for three days will sing.

          • Ultimately, it comes down to, Do they really have the manpower? And, will they really have the will? As I’ve mentioned, if it comes to it, damage materiel before men – many on the other side such as cops, are likely really privately on our side. It’s hard to terrorize the populace when your cop cars keep blowing up or something and they have to do it on bicycles. It’s hard to keep the populace complacent when there’s video of what’s going on.

            Everyone wants to see ONE person go on ahead, as long as it’s not them. “Let’s you an’ the gubbermint fight” but the truth is, anyone who goes out ahead has to know they will be a martyr. But a tipping point will come when there’s a surge. As bad as things seem, we’re still in the ‘lone wolf” stage.

          • It would be like signing a death warrant for all law enforcement officers and government officials. They do something like the people won’t wait around. There are no neighbors to put against neighbors. You think they want to turn me in? If they did that, they’d never be able to talk me out of my 1/2 MOA 223 bolt gun.

            It wouldn’t put neighbor against neighbor, it would UNIFY EVERY NEIGHBOR. No, they try something like that, they might as well start dropping nukes on themselves because they will be toast.

          • That gives me 10 days to hide and plan and scout and 10 days to say a possible goodbye to my family. But I will not be giving them anything nice.

          • The Patriot Act gives them the right to do a sneak and peek with no warrant required. You leave for work they break in, take your stuff and leave a GFY recipt from the govt. What will you do? Go to the local cop shop where they will deny(probably truthfully)any knowledge of what happened as the local cops will also be considered the enemy by the higher ups. What’s with all the posters on here who have no reply button on their post? You post some stupid garbage and then are afraid to defend your comments? Lot of help you will be when the SHTF is you cannot even take a blast from fellow believers.

        • I believe that no LE would be safe in their patrol car, doughnut shop seat, or home – if the gun round ups began. They may surprise us on the first night, but the next day would be a purgefest. Any LE stopped at a light or parked for lunch, or relaxing in his publicly known AO would become a target of those who were not victimized and taken away on the first night of civilian round-ups. Then it becomes a matter of attrition. How many dissident gun owners can LE take to their gulags before the remaining 3% relieve most/all of LE from duty. After a week, the LE/.Gov survivors would probably reevaluate weather a hypothecated pension at retirement (if they “serve” ahh survive that long) is worth dying for. As Jose Wales told the bounty hunter who was just trying to make a living, “Boy, dying ain’t much of a living.”

        • Most likely, they will not announce mass confiscation publicly, but just quietly go around mopping people up. It is easy enough for them to create whatever “evidence” they want to justify thier actions.

          Most other people will simply watch and do nothing.

        • Its never too late to shoot. If you take one or two of them down, with each gun confiscation/home invasion, they will re-evaluate the whole thing fairly soon.

          The ballot box is no answer to the problem of ever growing, ever intrusive state bureaucracies because
          the bureaucracies are independent of the electoral process.

          But this is the big point to remember. Child Protective Services doesn’t show up at your door to steal your children, the police don’t show up at your door to arrest you, the military don’t show up at your door to indefinitely detain you (or worse) Who does? The individuals doing the evil of these groups do, individuals who have homes, families, jobs and a stake in keeping they after-job life, neat, peaceful & secure.

          These individuals who commit these civil liberty crimes in the name of the state “protecting you” will continue to “do their job” bc they do not fear retribution for their acts from their victimized target population, but I say they should.

          It’s like the school yard bully. He only tortures those who don’t fight back. Fight back & he thinks twice about hassling you. If he expects a bloody nose when he bullys the shrimpy kid, he lays off. The bureaucrats are bullies in the same way. I say they should think twice before they go out & hassle someone. They are not innocent. 

          They need to be afraid of the people who they hassle, who they arrest, who they torment, who they kill. The need to fear that if they enforce these immoralities masquerading as laws“for your protection” there will be personal repercussions for them, perhaps very serious ones, perhaps death. Just following orders is no longer a valid defense.

          >>My name is Legion for we are many. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.<<

      4. My thoughts exactly.

        • Go to work and never come back. Been done before.

      5. Thats what I like about Wyoming.
        The first clause of the constitution.

        Article 1, Section 1. Power inherent in the people.

        All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness; for the advancement of these ends they have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper.

        I like the “in such manner that they seem proper”. 😀

        • What region of WY do you hail?

      6. Throughout human history/American history people have fought and died to resisted tyranny. Our history, America is based on such resistance. If the said preverbal knocks start coming to our doors in the middle of the night. It will soon be known as common place and spread like a gas fire. I cannot believe whoever is running this thing believes that this is going to be like rounding up sheep. If this goes as it looks, without a doubt there will be heavily armed bands of guerrilla resistance fighters. And all that are schooled in the arts knows that fighting guerrillas on their own turf is a losing proposition. Especially ones that are fighting for a heartfelt cause. If this goes nuke they’re in for a fight they won’t believe.

        • “And all that are schooled in the arts knows that fighting guerrillas on their own turf is a losing proposition. Especially ones that are fighting for a heartfelt cause.”

          Indeed. But never assume that reason will prevail over unmitigated greed or that these SOBs are the least bit educated in history.

        • SNSS – Shoot -n- Scoot Snipers. Just damned near impossible to fight. ESPECIALLY when half the population is doing it. Between that and AIEDs (Advanced Improvised Explosive Devices), can you say “Sausage Grinder Of Justice” – Chews up evil. Poops out tasty ground meat. Anybody care to help turn the crank?

          You’d be surprise what an old guy in a wheel chair can do with the right tactics.

        • Betty Ford Clinic is calling for you.
          Too many Greatful Dead concerts?
          There will be NO resistance just as there has not been, nor is any resistance.
          Just lot of talk.

        • Hammerun says:

          “If the said preverbal knocks start coming to our doors in the middle of the night. It will soon be known as common place and spread like a gas fire. I cannot believe whoever is running this thing believes that this is going to be like rounding up sheep.”

          Unfortunately they don’t need to round up all gun owners -just the trouble makers here & there. Why? They know a meaningful minority of people (5%? will ACTUALLY fight general gun confiscation (as opposed to complaining & posturing about it) & create alot of resistance in the form of shoot ‘n scoot teams.

          The Police state runs on money. They don’t really want your guns, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY. So they will generally let you keep your guns (because they know its a line in the sand) but forever tighten the surveilance & enforcement noose so that we are milked for more & more of our money and constrained more and more in our freedoms. Each new restriction not much more that the totality of what came before it but over time a great deal.

          Each new indignity will not motivate the average armed Joe to cross the line from private peaceful citizen to active freedom fighter.

          What does this mean in terms of a practicable strategy? Firstly, starve the beast. Rearrange your life so that to the greatest degree you don’t pay taxes. Secondly, join w like-minded citizens to train & become effective in shoot ‘n scoot tactics. Thirdly, hope to g-d it doesn’t come to that.

          //My name is Legion for we are many. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us//

      7. They probably don’t have to round up guns or gun owners. They know that no one has risen up yet, in spite of all that they have done to us. Are we a nation of cowards? Part of our struggle for freedom must be to defeat the effects of the MSM. Because they have been able to spin any victory into a defeat. No MSM is better than what we have. Shut down the voice of our enemies, then go for the big boys.

      8. WE are Always in Jail!!! Our country is the best in the world!! Land of the Free

      9. Damn. That was dark. And rightly so. I have been scouring the news for when he signs this and I can’t find a thing. Do you know when it is suppose to happen? Is he waiting for Christmas? A gift for us all? Mac, will you let us know when you find out it is a done deal? This might change the bug out plans for some. I am rethinking mine this morning. To what legths should we go to reach a safer place………

        • Some minion will just stamp it for him while he is playing golf…

          • You are probly right. Robosigning.

        • “Do you know when it is suppose to happen?”

          Treason best occurs in the dead of night…

      10. Merry Christmas to us…

        Be ready… physically, finacially, mentally and MOST importantly spiritually.

        We are facing times that have seldom been known in this country..

        I weep for my Nation that ….. was…

        • Don’t weep Sam,

          I told you the other day. You are not alone.
          Be proud of who you are. The country may be lost, but the nation won’t.
          And when the time comes the slaves will look up with hope.
          I’m not wishing you Merry Christmas yet. We still have 10 days to go. Many things to live, many things to happen.
          And i’m sure that He is looking to us.
          We will be in touch.


        • Some experts say that the financial news is more terrible than we can even imagine and that the announcement of it is being held off until the new year.

          I say they’ll hold off on announcing it (if they can) until mid November 2012. There is an agenda to protect.

          • The National Assn. of Realtors has announced that they overcounted the number of home sales by at least 20%. And they admit the housing sector is much worse than the original numbers indicate. But no MSM coverage of this.

        • “I weep for my Nation that ….. was…”

          And that will be again!

          • 41MagMan says:
            December 15, 2011 at 8:34 pm

            “”I weep for my Nation that ….. was…” And that will be again!””

            ___After the Revolution, things will be different. Not better, just different.___

            >>My name is Legion for we are many. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us<<

      11. I have the feeling that the year 2012 is going to be very eventful for ALL of us. The times that we are currently living in are our “good-old-days”. Please enjoy this Christmas Season with your families to the fullest extend possible. If you have any differences with any member of your family or with a friend; please reconcile them before the first of the year. It may well be our LAST Merry Christmas for a long time to come. God Bless and good luck to all.

      12. I often wonder what will be the spark that lights the fire. Any ideas? Can we help it along?

        • Don’t wish for it to come along, it will come soon enough. Some cops will gang-rape a 20-something college student at an OWS camp, or it will be found that the local cops were procuring boys for Sandusky, or the Obama bath-house story will come to light. It’s coming, soon enough.

        • When they come for our guns. It will happen. God knows what legislation they have if a major crisis happens. If the economy collapses they will get dictatorial powers. problem is that they will fail. This what it would look like if they come for our guns.


        • Here’s your answer–when friends and family go missing??
          This will not go unfelt in this nation…read the following post over and over…

          Hammerun says:
          December 15, 2011 at 11:49 am

        • I think it will be a natural disaster

          • “I think it will be a natural disaster”

            Nah, too unpredictable. More likely to be either a man-made disaster caused by the government and them screaming for “temporary emergency powers” to handle it and keep us all safe or a natural disaster that is blown all out of proportion so that they can declare martial law and all manner of other BS.

            Come to think of it, an EMP attack would clobber all civilian electronics but not the hardened military ones. This would do little damage to the non-electronic infrastructure while still eliminating any possibility of a generally organized resistance. We would then only have local resistance groups that would be MUCH easier to defeat piecemeal. Perhaps that would make the best opening move in establishing a complete tyranny. 🙁

      13. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Ron Paul strength is growing day by day. We’re ready for a great Teacher!

        • Ron Paul is a plant.

      14. problem is, we are not organized

      15. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Ron Paul is gaining strength daily. We’re now ready for a great teacher, and Ron Paul’s time is near!

        • Some good weed you got there. Ron Paul will never get elected and if he did he has no power base in the Congress. They will just ignore him. He is also 77 years old. Keep wishing.

      16. Time will tell what happens.

        Keep on living, have faith, prep and take care of our own.

        If Mac disappears or this website goes blank…I’ll go look in Treblinka, Kansas. I’ll bust you out buddy!

        I’m stocking up on mentos and cocal cola!

        • Diet cola?

          • Diet cola!? YUCK!!!

      17. In commenting on some of the earlier posts; while you probably will forfeit your own life, it is never too late to shoot. Suppose 15 thugs come to your door. Why allow the same 15 go to your neighbors door? By the end of the block, street, road, the remnant will come to realize that fighting for a paycheck, might not be all that good of an idea.

        Another thing I have long preached to anyone who’d listen: they are not coming for your guns! They are coming for YOU! Why would the thugs leave you behind, knowing you buried guns and ammo? Do not be foolishly sucked into the arguement over, “when they come for the guns”. You are the target.

        For what it’s worth, you do have a right to resist illegal, excessive force. That’s how the Branch Dividians beat the murder rap the criminal FEDS tried hang them with. Not that any of it is important to me, as I know whats coming; I know I’m right to fight tyranny and that I’m comfortable with the decision.

        • “For what it’s worth, you do have a right to resist illegal, excessive force. That’s how the Branch Dividians beat the murder rap the criminal FEDS tried hang them with.”

          Yeah, that worked well.

        • SWIFT says: “they are not coming for your guns! They are coming for YOU!”

          They are not primarily coming for your guns. They are not primarily coming for you. They are coming for your money. Because that’s what the police state runs on. A dead citizen, armed or not, is not a profit center to them. They know taking the guns is a line in the sand.

          No, unfortunately, they will just keep nibbling away at your civil liberties, you money and your privacy. The only ones they will assault are the very small percentage of outliers who are actually willing to resist when the police state does not do anything outrageous & egregious like general gun round ups; or general deportations to FEMA camps.

          Having said that I do agree w SWIFT in that, when you do start shooting, take as many of them as you can.

      18. So are they going to next vote on this bill?

        America is a huge country, and even with an eye-in-the-sky, the government will be faced with an insurgency much worse than Iraq.

        Is it possible that something is on the horizon that would need these measures? Market failure and a war with Iran do not seem enough to have to lock down the entire USA.

        • What insurgency?
          The masses are too busy watching dancing with stars.
          Your daughters are too busy being like Kim Khardashian and your sons are too busy singing Rocket Man.
          Insurgency, right.

        • Turn off the water, turn off the power. Block the interstates with no food deliveries, shut down the internet and put the hardcore leftists on the news shows telling the govt. lies 24/7. Lastly suspend all govt. checks. Resistance will collapse in 4 days. Ain’t gonna be no brave fight to the last man resistance. Not in an advanced first world country where we are dependent for everything being delivered or supplied from somewhere else. When your family is going to pay the price compromises with principle will be made.

          • “put the hardcore leftists on the news shows telling the govt. lies 24/7”
            It is hardcore leftists that love big government and its abuse of power of the indivicual in the first place!
            Why should that group be trusted to expose the abuses they developed?

      19. Gosh, I hate to sound like the wet blanket but some of these comments remind me of Wako, TX. Ya’ll may very well be right but my personal thoughts on this are that the camps are for mass control after either a viral outbreak or CME or EMP when you KNOW the riots will be in full force. Government control of the masses? most of us middle class are supporting the government with our taxes, do they really want to herd us off like cattle for owning a gun? Just my opinion. Now on a biblical point of view, we will go on a one world money system, maybe the camps are for those who try to fight it. It’s gonna go down, it’s the HOW that’s got me anxious.

      20. Hey a guy powered his car on Mentos and Coke!

        Seriously, folks, look at Drudge Report, any of us could be flying coach-class to Gitmo, any time! This is scary shit, as in, for reals.

        Should have counted on the inherent evil of a Punahou kid.

        So, what turns your friendly neighborhood flatfoot into a Fascist droid? Well, many accuse the police car. Got ’em off their feet, or in England, on bicycles two-by-two, and they can carry all their neat-o SWAT gear. So ….. do you really wanna shoot your neighborhood cop? I mean, give ’em a chance, it’s only the 95% of bad ones that ruin it for the rest. I (and others) say, rather than men, at least at first, attack materiel. Put the cop cars out of commission. Wipe out their Crown Vics. Now they gotta buy another batch. Maybe they can. Probably they can. Keep blowin’ ’em up, burnin’ ’em. Sooner or later there’s just not the budget. By this time Officer Friendly has realized, “Hey, those terrorists could have punched *my* ticket, instead they only got my car, maybe long-term I’m better off joining ’em”. And we should welcome them. Sociopaths/bullies are at most 20% of the population. Say among cops it’s 40%. That still means 60% of ’em are gonna be good guys. Just take away their shiny toys and most of ’em become normal people again.

        tl:dr – I don’t advocate shooting cops, just wrecking their toys.

        • They’re shooting at the oil cans!

          • “He hates those cans!”

        • I like that idea, as I prefer the least lethal solution that is possible. (And yes, I know less lethal is not always possible)

          If we don’t continue to be “the good guys” then who will?

          • The dead ones, because they gave all.

          • I enjoy junking Daisy!

        • I like that idea – I prefer less lethal whenever possible. (and yes, I know it isn’t always possible!)

          Just remember folks, we’re supposed to be the GOOD GUYS!!!

          • Good guys are supposed to bend over and take it?

            • Of course not, but we are supposed to have standards in our behavior towards others.

        • Yeah, he got it to go a whole 250 feet.

      21. Obama’s U-Turn On Indefinite Detention Bill a “Historic Tragedy” For Rights! He did what I knew he would. This government is the enemy of…all free people!!!

      22. yada yada yada.. bring on the end already!!!!!!!!!!

      23. You know what is difficult to believe? That John McCain was instrumental in this bill. How do you go from a POW to a treasonous traitor?

        • Oh, puhleeze–McLame is the poster boy for anti-America…
          There are those in Arizona questioning the election since they have met not ONE person that voted for him!!!

          And have you read the stories I read–he was a kiss-ass in those camps with special treatment, etc??? He pushed the right buttons??

          • In light of this bill I believe it…..and to think he campaigned as a war hero.

          • here’s a great story about McCain, an oldie but a goody.

            this part was taken out of context, the whole thing has to be read to get the point.

            On his previous 22 missions, McCain
            dropped God knows how many bombs, killing God knows how many innocent
            Vietnamese civilians. “I am a war criminal”, he confessed on 60
            Minutes in 1997. “I bombed innocent women and children.”

            If he is sincere when he says that, why isn’t he being tried for war
            crimes by the U.S. government?

            In any event, the man who rescued McCain tried to ward off an angry
            mob, which stomped on McCain for a while until the local cops turned
            him over to the military. McCain was in pain but suffered no mortal
            wounds. He was, however, in enough pain to break down and start
            collaborating with the Vietnamese after three days.

            War is one thing, collaborating with the enemy is another; it is a
            legitimate campaign issue that strikes at the heart of McCain’s
            character … or lack thereof.


            • ~Survivor~

              Great find! The only reason he wasn’t tried for treason upon his return was due to the fact, his father was an ‘active duty’ admiral in the US Navy…with connections!

              IMO, his crimes are worse than Jane Fonda’s!

            • Hell he was a lousy pilot, once cracked up a plane landing it on a carrier …. he probably missed with all his bombs and only assassinated rice paddies. He may in fact be the proto-douche.

            • I’d like to water board you. Have you seen anybody water boarded? I didn’t think so.

        • “How do you go from a POW to a treasonous traitor?”

          It’s called being co-opted. They made him an offer he would not refuse. He thinks that he is on the winning side now, but he is wrong.

          • Does my heart good to know so many others are awake to the duplicity of McCain. The 2008 election gave US no choice. Expect the same illusion in the 2012 election “circus”. Assuming a “Sep/Oct 2012 surprise” with the phoney “we gotta stop Iran” B.S. doesn’t simply guarantee another Obimbo run.

      24. The irony is that the new DoD Law could be used to arrest & detain Congress itself if they tried to revoke this Law as taking mil powers away could be now deemed as corrupt and terroristic act against the US…

        This is the End of Beginning and we are entering very dangerous times ahead…


        • Aha the ol’ military taking over the banana republic ploy. And now, it could happen that much more easily.

      25. The bovine do sense that this is not a good thing that is happening, and are poised for imminent danger. They do not know what is going to happen, however they smell fear and death. Many slaughter houses have customized their runs to be more rounded and not have square angles, when moving these poor beasts more smoothly forward, to their doom.
        Man is no different in many ways, we are being controlled with rounded corners so that we do not panic all of a sudden and stampede eachother right now.

        I personally do not think they will accomplish what they wish to because they are inept at everything.
        To me, this is where the american spitit comes into play. No on has or will ever take us to the slaughter house without many escaping. Time will tell, but I for one will never leave my land and therefore I will never need a bugout bag or any other form of extreme survival living. Who wants to live that way anyhow.

        As for the poor cows, I wish I could set them all free and make sure that they never had to suffer again.

      26. “from my cold dead hands”

        • +1!!

        • ““from my cold dead hands””

          Oh, HELL NO! My hot little hands are gonna make their hands cold and dead!

      27. we lose, don’t we? by the time enough people wake up, the fema camps are going to be full. and it will be too late.

        • Lose? Not even close. Any FEMA camps are the perfect place to kick ass, take weapons, and find new recruits. Consider them as a place to shop.

          • Amen Brother!!!

            I do like the way you think.

      28. If the American working public is further systematically impoverished by inflation, currency devaluation, increased taxes and increased unemployment…..the federal government will find no trouble creating an enforcement branch full of power-hunger sociopaths with no loyalty to the U.S. constitution nor their fellow citizen.

        This is exactly how the NAZIS grew from a politically motivated street gang into a militarized government that slaughtered millions.

        Americans will be ratting each other out to the government like gutless cowards before the ink is even dry on this document.

        See ya’ll in the Gulag ’cause this patriot isn’t going to his grave like a pussy.

        • I read an unabridged version of Mein Kampf 40 odd years ago. I don’t know if you actually know how correct you really are. Everything that is happening today is all in book 2. It might be a little modified today due to modernization and technology, but the basics are all there. Clowered and Piven, and the like are nothing but ripoffs, they didn’t think this shit up, they and the others are nothing but cheap imitations.

        • Roger that…..die on your feet fighting the good fight versus dying on your knees begging for help!!

      29. My Friends and I have laughed at the whole scene of the rag tag Lybian rebel forces with turrets mounted on a Nissan crew cab. I now see this as a potential here in the US. I hope it doesnt get this bad. Fire all of them in congress!!

      30. They will ask you to turn your guns in first in exchange for amnesty.
        If the Gubermint comes to grab your guns it will be a job to big for local cops. It will be large groups of professional door kickers trained in Iraq and Afganistan, in the middle of the night. The first and last thing you hear will be a flashbang.

        • They are going to need 90 Million flashbangs….

        • ~USMC4dogs~

          If martial law is declared…all civilian law enforcement will become (by E.O. decree)…federal agents! I have no idea how many will resign or simply say f**k-it & go home to protect family. But there will be some who’ll ‘enjoy’ the promotion!!!

          • That’s a really good point, Gunsmith. We all know, or know of, small people who would enjoy nothing more than permission to trample all over others. For them, it would be a license to terrorize.

      31. Anyone watch “Sons of Guns”?

        In the show I seen last night Will made a mount and provided a current US Military issue belt fed machine gun and a current US Military issue automatic gernade launcher with mounts to a Baton Rouge La Sheriffs Department patrol boat.

        My thought was here is a LLEO having a damn de-facto Vietnam era Swift Boat. Just who or what do they plan on using that on? Actually plan aside once obtained it’s there to use on whoever and whatever.

        I know cops sometimes have it rough but cut me a break.

        Usually I find these shows entertaining but this was disturbing.

        • I saw that part before chow and it disturbed me too.

      32. Consider the different ways that the People can be coerced to rat out their friends, family and neighbours:

        1.) Lack of food: Hungry people will do anything to feed their kids. The promise of extra rations would be strong impetus

        2.) Removing our communication: If people ONLY have access to the channels that are under the iron control of the government, they will be brainwashed into believing the propaganda

        3.) Stockholm Syndrome: This is the psychological phenomena that causes captives to develop feelings of love and/or gratitude for their captors, since all good things (food, water, heat) come from the captor.

        4.) Freezing us: With the govt in control of the grid, they could, if they chose, provide heat for only a portion of the people.

        This would be like any hostage situation and the government quite literally wrote the book on that. Think about the movies you’ve seen where the negotiators try to make the environment as hostile and unpleasant as possible to make the HTs see things their way. Cooperation is rewarded and defiance is punished.

        Keep these things in mind – think about whether your misfortunes are calculated for desired effect from here on out.

      33. Do I have to have papers to drive from State to State? I will raise rabbits and buy a RV.

        • Papers?

          Papers are so old fashioned. With present technology if they so desire they know where you been, what you bought, who you conversed with if technology was used, what you and they said and given a decent computer program where you are likely to be 3 months from now at 7PM.

          If it wasn’t for the hard work and religion that Amish stuff looks pretty good. Oh I would miss air conditioning too.

        • Ha ha, that made me laugh. Good movie. More complete quote:

          Capt. Vasili Borodin: I will live in Montana. And I will marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me. And I will have a pickup truck… maybe even a “recreational vehicle.” And drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?

          Source: Memorable quotes for The Hunt for Red October (1990) ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099810/quotes )

      34. What a bunch of fucking losers! Pissing, moaning, crying, and complaining, bemoaning your fate.

        Thank God America wasn’t founded by a bunch of do nothings like most of you!

        Quit preaching to the choir. Quit catching farts. Get off your fucking hands, people!

        Get some fucking spine! What a bunch of crybabies!!!

        Engage your neighbor. Tell your friends to join the Retards and vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary.

        Post it on other boards and sites. Act NOW or lose your rights and liberties like a flock of fucking sheep!

        Crybabies! Fucking Crybabies! You make me ashamed of you!!!!

        • Lay off the caffeine

        • DK,

          Testify, my brother!!

        • Registered at the American Embassy today!

          • This brings me to another thought. Let’s talk about how important voting is. My opinion? I’m taking a day off work, driving for an hour and a half each way, going through downtown Toronto, paying $20 for parking, standing in line to get thoroughly searched, scanned and felt up by the guards at the embassy, letting them dig through my handbag, and waiting another line for as long as it takes.

            It is important enough this time around that I’m taking an entire day to get it done. Even if you don’t that it will do any good, I doubt anyone of you is going to jump through the same kind of hoops.


            • Daisy: You just want one of those big, burly Marines at the American Embassy to get their hands on you … com’on admit it! 🙂

              Seriously, good for you! You make me proud!

            • Well, I guess that depends on the Marine, Durango! 😉

            • I have to buy a stamp and put the ballot in the mail.

              Ummm, yeah, I guess yours is a little less convenient.


        • I can relate..but as it is, we have this place to vent with like minded (or somewhat like minded) DurangoKidd I have seen you vent multiple times. This also being one of those moments, your frustrated just as much as the rest of us.

          Now im not sure if any of this was directed at me, and frankly i dont care if it was or not, because I know my true convictions when it comes to this subject . I hope you will remain civil when you read this and not lash out at me for my opinion(s) because this is in no way an attack on you

          But its really difficult to unite with people and work on an issue when you have people calling others names and acting so superior to others, when none of us have all the answers or all the cards

          Happy Holidays

          • I agree. Warm fuzziness for everyone here!

            Brainstorm…..throw around ideas….what can each of us do TOMORROWto take one teeny tiny step away from being stifled by the government?

            • Buy more ammo.

            • I say we go on strike from funding the beast…not with our taxes, but with our discretionary spending. Go Galt with all of your purchases for the next few months…buy only local things from local stores, support your local farmers and grocery co-op, buy at the thrift store, etc, to the greatest extent possible. If Mac could coordinate this with the other blogs, we could send a huge message that hurts them right in the pocketbook. They can’t force us to spend, they can’t throw us in jail for not spending, and they don’t reap the tax benefits if things stay on the shelves. Also, make your own food at home or support local restaurants. This is something we all could do that is nonviolent and that could go viral. We just need to pick a day to start and launch it across all blogs at the same time.

              Also, we don’t have a big OWS movement in my town, but I kind of wish we did, as I would start taking them Christmas cookies and hot tea…to kind of hook them up with the Tea Party. This is something that patriots of all political stripes are furious about.

          • Daisy: Anger is a good motivator. If I can’t encourage anyone to enlist in their own future, maybe I can shame them into it by pissing them off!

            There ARE outlets for action. Everyone here who reads and posts ought to register to join their state Republican Party to vote in the Primary for Ron Paul; EVEN if they believe that their vote doesn’t matter.

            How hard would that be? Its EASY!!!!

            Paul is not the perfect candidate to my mind but he is the answer to the PTB and Globalism, so his election to POTUS would be a useful step toward restoring Constitutional government.

            WE, and 90 million gun owners (minus one, you) CAN make that happen. The numbers are easily with US. Truthfully, it is a no-brainer.

            If WE can’t make it happen, WE can try. Whats wrong with trying to make it happen by each of US doing OUR part? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

            No need to lock ‘n load until WE have exhausted all of OUR options. Just saying.

            • I like Ron Paul a great deal. When I look at what he stands for and what he does and at what TPTB stand for and are willing to do to perpetuate their corruption, I fear terribly for Dr. Paul’s life. Knowing these corrupt bastards as many of us have come to do, is there nothing that they would not do to prevent Ron Paul from being nominated and if nominated elected and if elected actually taking office? I don’t believe that there is any level of debasement of the human spirit that is so low that they cannot stoop down to it, for they are certainly the dregs of all humanity.

            • Again your ignorance proceeds you, there is no Republican, no democratic party, its the same beast. All other options have beeen exhausted, they aint listening, no third party will achieve crap, the majority of people dont care. At this point our parts our defensive, thats not defeat, thats realitym get a dose! Havent you paided attention to the voting, at all, THEY ARE ON THE SAME FREAKING TEAM! Us against them. The system is corrupt and broken, therefore it needs to dismantled, blah,blah,blah, aint going do it.

          • VRF: Yes venting is by all means encouraged, but I will not allow the propaganda of the NWO PTB be posted here or anywhere else I post, without a challenge from me.

            The PTB want US to despair. They want to break OUR spirit.

            They do not want US to vote. They want to marginalize US. They want US to believe that WE cannot make a difference.

            They want US to believe its over. That WE have no chance to rid them of power over US. That is the BIG LIE! WE still have the power to control OUR destiny.

            That is their propaganda, and some here who are defeated in spirit have accepted that propaganda as their own.

            They do not want US to organize and empower a third party like America First or the Constitution Party.

            Yet historically Americans have embraced third parties that have represented their interests, which is how these two parties came to power.

            Now these two parties represent their own interests, those of the special interests (including the interests of Foreign Governments), and the NWO GB’s.

            It is time to come together and elect Ron Paul as the Republican candidate for POTUS, usher him into office, THEN join third parties like those mentioned and get involved locally to build a new party of Patriots to pursue Congressional seats.

            Violence will not win the day.

            Only organized collective action can restore the US Constitution to power in America.

            • I knew what you were getting at Boss..

              agree on the NWO B.S.
              were on the same page.

              to be honest I wish I had you for a neighbor..not enough of us to go around these days

            • You’re dreaming.

            • @41magman,

              Ron Paul knows the risks.

        • Durango Kidd – I’m fairly certain you mean the “paultards” hehe.

          I agree. Get to know your neighbor. Treat a non-shooting friend or neighbor to a free day at the range. The $30 or so it costs you could be money WELL spent.

          Try to do what you can to knit together a community, where you are. It’s still kind of early, most are still busy with jobs, what Dmitry Orlov calls “The iron triangle” of job, car, house.

          Try to get neighbor-friends out hunting with you, or even fishing. Get out in the outdoors and do stuff together.

          If you’re a vet like many of us are, check out your local American Legion, there’s a lot of community there.

          I am not so sure TPTB are going to have this army of Iraq-trained door-kickers working so loyally for them if its their families, and friends of their families, they’re being asked to oppress. We all took that oath, and we never “un-oath” or “de-oath”.

          The Oathkeepers movement is a strong reminder of this. I just thought of this: How about giving free Oathkeepers literature and patches to some troops? Just give ’em out. Many will end up in desk drawers at first, they’ll be joked about some, but they’ll set some mind-wheels turning. Pretty soon they’ll be sought after and believed in.

          There are lots of small things to do that cost a little, but can have a great effect.

          • Great ideas, Alc!!! I hope you put some of them into action!

          • Excellent thoughts, Alc. Something else that can work really well is to work with your neighbors in their yards or gardens. Everyone appreciates a hand and chances are they will be willing to lend you a helping hand in return. We all have jobs that need doing around our property. Sometimes we just need more than 2 hands to “get ‘er done”. Working with others gives us a great chance to get to know them better and to build a tighter knit community because… we really are all in this together.

        • If you have never put a campaign sign in your yard, bumper sticker on your car, canvassed for a candidate, or supported a candidate in any other way, other than your vote….THIS IS THE YEAR TO DO IT! Write a letter citing who you are voting for and why, buy a 100 stamps and mail it to everyone you know. Make sure they realize this is an independent effort on your part. Make more copies of the letter and put it in every paper box in your neighborhood, put it on cars windshields in parking lots. Don’t just read through your pamphlet and check the box….tell everyone you can think of who you are voting for and why (especially if it is Ron Paul 🙂 ) Americans need to get passionate about this! Let’s work together to get these progressive traitors out of OUR house!

      35. Calling all Patriots to Kalispell, Montana!
        Google, Chuck Baldwin

      36. Durnago Kidd is actually right – the things that hurt the most are those that are the closest to the truth and that’s why you don’t like what he says.
        So stop pretending it’s all not real, get off your arses, vote Obomba OUT, vote Paul IN (although by the time voting rolls around next year, the collapse will have occurred), re-write the whole damn legal system for mandatory imprisonment of economic criminals, end these idiotic fake wars OR… kiss your arses goodbye in 2012 FOREVER. Be prepared for 20 odd years of economic hardship – the time it will take to undo most of the damage done so far.

        See Zerohedge today on Aussie banks – they’ve been given 1 WEEK to stress test their systems (for what it’s worth) for the EURO MELTDOWN. ie it’s SHTF time anytime NOW.

      37. If this crazy piece of legislation actually passes the Senate and is signed by the President to become law then I believe historians will mark that day when the American Republic died and the American Empire was codified into law. There is already blatant disregard for the rule of law and The Constitution. The Executive Branch has been seizing extra Constitutional powers for the last 10 or so years. This law is very troubling. It’s still a long way from passing the Senate and being signed into law by the President though. Reason may still win out.

        • Can you fill me in? The senate passed it first, then it went to the house and it passed there yesterday. Now it goes back to the Senate due to amendments that were added? Don’t know what they were but why would the senate vote against it now? Just not seeing how it’s a long way from becoming law. (And I don’t see “reason winning out” on Obama’s desk LOL!)

        • Donkey Kong
          Who ever told you, you could talk to us like that.
          It is you that is totally standing with your head in the sand.

          A lot of people can not grasp this. It seems there are even some here. Our government is not our government. Our government is by the people for the people.
          The government we have is for the government. You say get off the couch and get involved, contribute, call your represenitive, vote. Such remarks were also stated years ago.
          Ronald Regan gave us the trickle down economy. Old Bush gave us the first war in Iraq. Clinton banned the segal act, and declaired China as our favorite trade partner. Stupied Bush destroyed the World trade centers, Invaded Iraq, and Afganistan. Gave us the Patriot act. Establised Homeland security. Gore gave us Global warming. Obama invaded Libya, has killed American citizens with no inditment, trial. McCain helped write the ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill.
          So I guess my question to you on which count did the American people vote for the wrong person? Was Gore the better choice, Was John McCain the one to turn things around. Or do you see a Conspiricy here that they are all from the same toilet.
          There is not a person in DC that has not or can not be bribed, bought or killed. So who would you say is going to turn this country around.
          You can not have men rule over men and have equality. There is so much wrong with our country, the only way to fix it is to start over. And no one you elect is going to do that.

          • “You can not have men rule over men and have equality.”

            I agree completely. Fact is, we men have had our chance and have screwed the pooch royally. I say “Let the women take over”. There is just no way they could do a worse job!

          • Michael: I suspect that your comment was directed at me. I agree that the past four administrations have been globalists and the other candidate in all cases was a globalist too.

            Globalism is out of the closet now and Americans see multiculturalism, environmentalism, and FREE TRADE for what they truly are: an attack on the American Constitution and OUR way of life.

            While I do not agree with everything Ron Paul wants, I do believe that he is the first candidate for POTUS in 30 years that is not a globalist.

            That is his charm and why all of US ought to do OUR part this time around to make what changes WE can.

            He is OUR best chance at destroying the GB cartel and restoring Constitutional government to America.

            Everyone else is more of the same.

        • Gavin –

          It has already passed the Senate, if I understand correctly. Just needs Obama’s signature to be enacted.

          • You voted for him, didn’t you.

        • America died when the Patriot Act was signed into law. The NDAA is a formal consolidation of power.

          We need a leader to arise…we need some brave souls to get the ball rolling.

          • ~mirbach~

            IMO, the system is so completely infected w/ evil & corruption, that any leader we could raise would likely be assassinated, arrested, accidented or likely co-opted, if the ruling elites got too worried / concerned.

            —-research: ‘Leaderless Resistance’—-

            …& call it PLAN-B.

            Yes DK, I’m gonna try the ballot-box ONE more time…only if RON PAUL is on the ballot!!!

      38. how many years are we gonna hear how we crossed the rubicon ???

        • All of them from now on.

      39. God help us all ! ! !

      40. ‘Twas the night before Crash-mas
        And all ’round the net
        The posters were asking
        ‘Is it TEOTWAWKI yet?’

        They’d stocked up on freeze-dried
        And ammo and guns
        And stuffed the bug-out-bags
        For life on the run

        Their neighbors meanwhile
        Were oblivious masses
        Just watching the tv
        As they sat on their asses

        Not a care in the world
        For the sheeple so dumb
        The bread and the circus
        Have kept their minds numb

        But the preppers next door
        With one ear to the ground
        Were ready and waiting
        For the shtf sound

        Then the lights all went out
        While the sheeple sat dreaming
        And the FEMA trucks rolled
        With their sirens now screaming

        They gathered the masses
        Who went with them, quite willing
        Down that long one way road
        To the camps for safe (killing)

        But the preppers were scattered
        Dispersed in the night
        Or cocked locked and loaded
        For a hunkered-down fight

        Then when FEMA came back
        For their next load of ‘cargo’
        They were met with resistance
        And a ‘full lead embargo’

        They fell back to emplacements
        And called in the drones
        Not knowing the preppers
        Had some tricks of their own

        As the sun rose next morning
        Through the smoke and the mud
        Stood a lone prepper sentry
        Hands covered in blood

        His rifle raised skyward
        Yelled with all of his might
        “To tyrants everywhere
        We have not YET begun to fight!”

        • Wow… that just kicks ass in so many ways. 🙂

        • That was pretty damn sweet!!!

      41. While I disagree with wholesale name-calling with every fiber of my being, there are some points being made that I really agree with, when mulling them over. (Be ready, Thumbs Down, Entourage!)

        Let’s answer a few questions:

        Q.) If EVERY man and woman in the military swore an oath, a sacred oath, to defend the Constitution at home and abroad, how could our rights be taken away at warp speed?

        A.) As much as I hate to say it, many many of those in the military are taking orders to heart instead of taking their oaths to heart.

        Q.) If there is ABSOLUTELY nothing one can accomplish by voting, why are candidates spending million and millions of dollars to get elected?

        A.) Because our votes DO mean something. They do! We have to take back our power at the polls. Despite the electoral college, numbers mean something!

        Q.) Why do some many of us sit here and complain?

        A.) Because we don’t know where to start – a revolution is complicated and scary!

        It isn’t about overthrowing the government in a bloody coup. It isn’t about hightailing out to the woods and hiding in a cabin, hoping to escape notice when they come looking for your guns. It isn’t about running for office yourself.

        It’s about making yourself heard. It’s about becoming an activist to the best of YOUR personal ability. It’s about saying NO loudly and clearly if you are in the military or law enforcement and you are ordered to trample someone’s rights.

        It’s about taking a step every day to make your voice carry above the ones that are saying, “There, there, it’s all for your own good.”

        • Daisy, today at work (I work for a major grocery chain)I was ridiculed all day long for evincing ANY interest at all as to what is going on in the government. The nicest thing that was said to me was “Jay, I’m going to pray for you”.

          There will be NO awakening of the sheeple. We’re done. There will be pockets of resistance, and eventually we will be stamped out. Oh well, gonna die anyway.

          • Dude, people at my work think I’m nuttier than a bag of pecans. I feel your pain.

            However, there are bright points. Every once in a while, someone will say to me, “Dais, I was watching the news last night and I thought of you….blah blah blah….maybe you aren’t as crazy as I thought.”

            They hear you, Jay, they just might not be ready to comprehend it yet.

            Be true to what you believe and don’t let it get to you when people aren’t very nice about it. They are in denial that they are about to lose their very way of life. Keep talking!

            As for your last paragraph, you might be ready to go, but I’ve still got stuff on my bucket list. I’m stickin’ around.

            • “Dude, people at my work think I’m nuttier than a bag of pecans.”

              Isn’t it odd how people who are totally clueless denigrate those of us who aren’t. I guess that they just HAVE to be hit in the face with a cow pie before they realize that the SIHTF!

        • Daisy I agree. I’m having trouble with it too. SDMule has even taken the gallent move to holler at me from all the way over there in his Barcalounger, to get with it. All military and ex-military, apparently. Sez we done took the oath, and it’s our job to take down the baddies for him. And I can’t argue with that, when you join you take an oath to protect the constitution and people like him, who may do nothing but eat Cheesy Poofs and drink Pabst all day. (Great, now I want a Pabst.)

          I have no answer. Start now and you’re the lone nut. Wait, and how bad do things get before you have comrades fighting alongside you?

          • You aren’t the lone nut, Alc. If you’ll forgive the mental image here, you’ve just gotta get all the nuts into the same bag. 😆

            I believe that there are things that you CAN do, though. Start small, use the leadership skills that you are taught in the military and get others to see the light!

            Then come back and tell us about what you’ve accomplished so that we can keep the motivation rolling!

            • With all this love we will have pecan orchard very soon

          • Come on alc, you came clean in your reply to my comment. I am asking nothing of you, nor your mates in any military branch. I will live or perish on my own wits and abilities. The military industrial complex has done nothing in my 48 yrs (1963- present) of life other than help bankrupt this nation and play enforcer for those of the Bankster/Elitist class. As far as you protecting my Constitutional rights, let’s try to stay in the real world.

        • God save the Queen. You live in Canuk land right?

          • Yes. I do live in Canada. Your point?

        • Q.) Why does everyone who has never served in the military, assume that we will always follow orders first and forget our oath?

          A.) The answer is in the question. You have never served, therfore, you have no idea what military life is about. To establish a basis for comparison, you must have at least two different viewpoints.

          • “Kick his ASS Sea Bass”

            • We got no food, no jobs… our PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

              • Samsonite!

      42. How many years are we on a hear this?

        • “How many years are we on a hear this?”

          When are you going to post an intelligible interrogatory?

      43. … and so the american experiment fails after 235 years of attempts by true freemen patriots to build a republic for the people, due to repeated intentional international banker sabotage and traitorous acts of personal greed by their own fellow american elected officials… your freedoms will End Tomorrow when the cia puppet bank owned Traitor barry soetoro/ obama signs the new home terrorist bill into law!

        Your Personal Freedoms and Civil Rights will Die to amerikan Facist politician – Applause!

        How doe’s one explain that to their children? How does one explain to a young child? , they are no longer Free…

        • This sounds like the attitude of someone who considers it a “done deal”. It’s NOT.

          There are many things that everyday people can do to fight tyranny.

      44. Well it seems that the truth is tht since 1913 or sooner perhaps that the american people have lost their way; no one knows how to unite against a foe within. In earlier posts above it was mentioned that no one did anything against the 1913 banker takeover, nothing was done to stop it or fight it; same in 71 taken off gold standard. The list of absolute unconstitutional offenses is too many to list; the key point being that no one did anything prior to or after they were done to the populace. It is because we are all concerned about owning worthless crap with worthless money (fiat) to even have the time to pay attention to what is really going on. As the military gentlemen said a banker taker has occured and no one has done sh-t about and I repeat vociferously NO ONE SEEMS TO GIVE A DAMN. In the 1700 and 1800’s American people would have gotten their guns and killed all treasonous individuals who betrayed the nation and constitution. What do we have now? It appears that the american population is bunch of COWS being led to slaughter. Actions speak louder than any words ever will; everyone concerned about their retirements or if they will get to keep their houses or perhaps if they will keep getting handouts (foodstamps,medi-care,SS, etc…) from the gov’t all based on fiat money; NO ONE seems to care that they are f-cking slaves. Aristotle would say that without question in these current times. The truth is that unless the entire country unites against this occupation it is done we are finished. Reality is no more rights (S-1867 )+ militerized police + congress who ARE corrupt = military with nukes = TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT AND DEATH TO THOSE WHO OPPOSE THE STATUS QUO (Germany and Nazi’s, Stalin, North Korea, etc…). So chase after the worthless crap that can make you happy only temporarily and when it wears off you may still find other sh-t to chase however, eventually you will get to the precipace of the cliff of facts; the game is over no more passing go and collecting 200 dollars. Hell most of you can’t even get the balls to fight for truth and justice. The esoteric knowledge has been around for thousands of years (happiness is within not outside of self; in other words in the mind or consciousness that creates it not in material things. The only question left for each to ask their self is what do you represent? Are you for truth or are you for living a lie and illusion of pretending to have happiness? We are our thoughts made manifest. Choice is yours as it has always been all along. There are no answers only choices to made. Choose reality as you see fit and live with it…………..don’t complain after you go down the road you choose though; nobody made you go there. All have the choice to comply or not. If total domination is your thing then don’t do anything; otherwise be prepared to fight with all the strength you can muster. If fighting is not your thing then sprout a set and face the end like ancient samurai and take care buisness (sepukai) when the time comes or be a slave in a camp and killed when the time is up. You have no rights only what rights you afford to yourself through whatever means you employ with freewill. Tu decides, Deus vult, Fiat Lux. Sum quod sum; Cogito Ergo sum, Iaida.

        P.S. Even Jesus if you beleive in him, attacked the money lenders at the temple with a bullwhip. The only time he was violent ever.

        • I am neither for or against any action only for the use of freewill to any and all to use as they see fit.

        • Wait! if we just “vote” for that Ron guy, he can save Amerika!

      45. OK. Here it comes.


        You do everything by the book and you’re still facing 15 years? I mean it’s not like this was some guy that doesn’t understand, he a phu&&ing lawyer for goodness sake!

        It is GAME EFFING ON BITCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • This is good news! They have charged the wrong man. He has knowledge. That knowledge is power.

          A blessing in disguise for all of US!

      46. when peaceful revolution fails… VIOLENT REVOLUTION is inevitable!

        Only by BURNING THE AMERIKAN FACIST BANKER TREE at it’s very ROOTS , will WE , FREEBORN AMERICANS, kill it, an be truly FREE!

        i suggest all american veteran OATH KEEPERS , buy an stock up on diesel fuel , ammonium nitrate and gun powder… your gonna need it all, to burn this deeply rooted tree of greedy nwo facist international bankers to the ground!

        arm up stock up prepare

        the time for violent revolution is now upon us…

        • I disagree.

          I’m not saying it won’t happen but that is not how you get numbers on your side, and numbers are important.

          • @Daisy as much as i love ya for your winning smile , great personality and the dental floss bikini pictures you sent me of yourself “” ‘0P wink wink “” ya gotta quit peeing on my lil’ rebelious fire!

            Your time is now over… My time and other fellow American Veterans and Oath Keepers time is now here!

            It is now time for us as ONE too RISE UP and MARCH ON D.C. and tear down the WHITE HOUSE OF THE BILDERBOYBUGGERS! DOWN AROUND THEIR VERY HEADS!


            arm up stock up prepare

            • Thanks for busting me NinaO. Now I’m going to have to tell them about the pic you sent me of yourself dressed up in the red pushup bra and panties.

            • @daisy ;0), you promised you wouldn’t share… and i hate those panties you sent me… they give me a wedgie! love the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder though… i keep my hand grenades hidden there! ;0P pssszzt

            • That’s not a wedgie, NinaO. It’s a g-string.

        • May the Valkyries be swift and merciful.
          And may Odin recieve you well.

        • The moment a revolution starts, fedgov will announce a 50% off sale at Walmart and all revolutionaries will cease fire.

      47. @Durango: Do you honestly think that to talk down too others and belittle them is leadership. It’s not, your not. What is a fact is everyone has an opinion, we post here as a common people in discussion. Nobody has all the answers and nonetheless you. Where I come from a man who talks too another man or woman in the manner you do, would sooner than later be picking up his teeth. Now take your insults and channel them towards D.C. You may have the right intentions, but your delivery methods are wrong. Oh and by the way, I would appreciative your responding to me directly instead of someone else’s post. Despite what you believe my skin is thicker than you assume. Look forward to speaking here in the Future.

      48. If anyone still believes in the one party system with two heads or that voting at all makes a difference, than I am afraid your not a fully awake prepper/individual.

        • Thank you.

        • Thank You!


      49. Greetings everyone!
        I been keeping an eye(or two) on both the Replikin Mad Clown Show AND our current leader.It seems as if something is going to happen that make the whole thing a non event in 2012.While the Rep. Mad Clown Show pushes on ad nausem,The Capitan Freedom Leader is VERY Quiet.A few stops here,a few TV bites there,and little else of substance.
        Leader looks as if the fix is in already,and the utter lack of substance on the Red side is appalling,UNLESS they too know no elections will be held that matter(whatever the reason,just pick your favorite flavor).So TSHTF is coming real soon.
        If,for example,they lock down the food supply chain,most folks will be more than willing to rat you out for a little extra when they are starving.Might happen,We’ll have a ringside seat to sure.
        Just my own thoughts,
        gotta go and do some adjustments to the tinfoil hat
        Best to All

      50. First time poster, was wondering how difficult it would be to identify trucks, routes, and schedules of ‘camp’ suppliers. A trailer full of food/supplies would go a long way.

        • those food trucks will be covered by drones armed escorts of troops or local cops and they will only be going to towns local to miitary bases… if you want to eat during the keotawi/ shtf move nearbyby a u.s. military base open a brothel and get a part time job with feds… and of course accept the mark of the beast! the rfidchip tatoo!

        • Dh’s brother, almost 80, still drives long-haul..and I discussed this with dh earlier.
          #1 yes, the trucks carrying food will be targets
          #2 all cities/communities/counties know where their manufacturers are of food products, frozen or canned
          #3 if pressured– and esp. if their families are starving because they didn’t prepare–the holders of the keys to the warehouses will do as told..and if not, there are too many heavy equipment operators out there; I’m married to one..(wink–wink)–those doors will not stand long.
          JMO–think outside the box.

      51. Copout: I am not looking to “lead” anyone, anywhere. Lead yourself. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one. I got mine. If you think I am an asshole, I could give a shit!

        But I will call BULLSHIT when I see people pushing propaganda and/or defeatism; trying to spread their spirit of fear and despair to others when there are clearly options and opportunities for US to make a personal choice and a real difference.

        90 million gun owners don’t have power. They ARE power! WE have the numbers.

        If some of you want to wallow in self pity that’s your choice, but if you intend to spew your poison to others and try to discourage them, then be prepared to defend it. Guess what? There is no defense!

        Look again. You haven’t refuted anything I said. You have only justified your excuses. Excuses are like assholes too, because everyone has one.

        Don’t blame me for your state of mind and the spirit that you express. You need to do something about it. You are what you eat. Its your problem not mine!

        I am not talking “down” to you. I am speaking to you like a man. And I am speaking truth to you.

        You seem to have a real hangup about respect. Respect is not a given. Respect is earned! To be honest you haven’t earned my respect because you keep sniveling!

        If you want to get personal, OK, lets get personal.

        YOU profess Jesus. YOU spout the Bible to US. Surely YOU must pray everyday like JJ too. Certainly you have a close personal relationship with your Creator, right?


        If you do, then why are YOU filled with defeat? Why do YOU feel helpless in the face of adversity and bemoan YOUR fate? Why are YOU filled with despair?

        Defeat, helplessness, and despair are the qualities of the spirit that you express. Is this the Jesus you pray to?

        I do not know that Jesus. My Jesus is victorious!!!

        My God is an AWESOME God. He heals me when I am sick. He encourages when I am blue. He inspires me when I lack motivation. He reveals himself to me when I need knowledge, and gives me insight. He strengthens me when I am weak. And when I seek him he delivers me from ALL my fears.

        Don’t you and JJ know THAT Jesus? Guess not.

        What a pity!

        • You’re probably going to tell me to shut up, DK, and that’s fine, because I’m going to do the same to you.

          YOU NEED TO SHUT THE F*** UP!!!

          Really. You are going so far over the line with people it’s unbelievable.

          I like you and often agree with you, but you are bullying, and I have NO respect for bullies. Folks have problems in their lives that have nothing to do with the topics of conversation here and that may colour their comments.

          You seem to have your life goin’ great but that isn’t the case for all of us. Some of us have money problems, health problems, job problems or marital problems.

          If you can’t have some sympathy or empathy, at least have some decency.

          • NO! I have a First Amendment right to respond directly to a comment made to me. Kiss my ass and mind your own business!

            • Damn @DK ;0) , your GOD Rocks! I’m Agnostic and you got me believing in YOUR GOD! NICE!

              Not everyone is as Strong as You @DK… @JJ and some others come here to draw some strength from YOU and Your GOD! As these are Hard Times and when folks Wake Up they need someone Like YOU @DK to guide them!

              Your GOD has given you Certain GOOD Qualities @DK … they should be shared with others , not squandered!

              Show those who you perceive to be weak , how to be strong! educate them… And Share YOUR God with them! It is What Your God would Want!

              If your Going to Portray a strong Character Online @DK you have to expect people to be Attracted to that!

              Lead Them @DK… and yeah I know Ya hate me! But ya know I’m right! ;0P pssssszzzzzt

            • I firmly believe that was more sarcasm than I have ever managed to insert into any post I have ever written, NinaO.

            • Big thumbs up to Ninaorket. Impressive.

            • No, i, i, me, me , i dont care, big i has too be heard, Shut the hell up already, now are you happy! Is this the type of grown up responses you deisre, find a mirror and take a good long look!

          • Well, goodie for you. I’m am delighted to hear that you can justify your current assholishness by using the Constitution. Tell me, what does the joyful Jesus you were talking about think about BULLYING?

            And I positively REFUSE to kiss your ass.

            • Assholishness!??! I think that’s a new word!! Congratulations, you created a new word. Merriam-Webster has nothing on you!!

            • SD, I have many more new words where that one came from. 😆

            • @Daisy: I dont want to but in. your kindness is whats needed in this world more than anything, i appreciate it more than anything. A lot of us here are hurting big time. We come here for discussion and support in spite of our shortcomings. If a person can relate to anothers problems, then there is a common bond that suggests hope. A person in denial is like the waves of the ocean, unless the wind changes its direction, the path remains the same. I myself have many, many regrets in life, drinking, drugs, and the like. I have been there, done that so to speak. Wisdom comes from lifes experiences, some handle them in various ways, but in the end its the admission and self examination that sets us free! Jesus is real, he gives us a life, not cookie cutter likeness, but a striving to be more like him, we at times meet others, that he uses sort of like sandpaper, to smooth off the rough edges. People respond both in negative and positive ways, i fight with the positive, and because of this fight its shows i have a heck of a long ways to go!

            • Ah My Peeps! I see that I have given you all much to consider. Good! 🙂

              Daisy I have sympathy and empathy for all of those who are hurting. Honest I do. I understand pain and suffering. I have had more than my share, believe me. I just refuse to be a martyr. I refuse to be a victim.

              More even than one man should have to bear, to tell the truth; but one has to move pass the pain and suffering, the self pity, depression, and defeatism if one is to pursue their goals achieve their dreams, and be the individual He intended.

              Life is a grind filled with many hardships, disappointments and challenges. I have experienced them all I think. Success is not in “being” but becoming; and then overcoming. It isn’t easy. I know that. Much sacrifice is required. Too much for some. Most fall by the wayside.

              For some these challenges are physical. For others financial. For others still, emotional or psychological. I understand that.

              WE all get OUR turn in the barrel. I have my own barrel with my name on it! 🙂 Honest I do.

              I cannot tell you in this post where my resolve comes from, but I can tell you that my own personal struggles haven’t hardened my heart against others.

              On the contrary I feel for them because I have been there, done that; which is why I know that what some people need is a kick in the ass instead of sympathy.

              Sympathy is an “enabler”. It allows people to wallow in self pity. It is not helpful for them at all. If people cannot overcome on their own let them take their problems to Jesus; that’s what he is there for.

              Are you poor? God gives the power to get wealth or makes a way for you financially.

              Sick? You can be healed. I have seen it. I have experienced it.

              Want to lose weight but can’t manage to avoid that second helping of pie? Take it to Jesus. You will lose weight.

              Need a job? Jesus has one for you. All of the answers to all of the question are within you. Can’t find them? Dig deeper.

              No answer? Spend more time in prayer and less time posting your problems. It only gives them more power over you.

              For those who believe they are powerless in the face of adversity or power or government, guess what? They are.

              To these I say, shut up and get the hell out of the way. There is work for the rest of US to do. Keep your sniveling, self pity, defeatism, and surrender to yourself.

              Don’t believe in voting? Don’t believe you can make a difference? Guess what? You can’t. Shut up, stay home, and the rest of US will do it.

              My God is an awesome God. He heals. He saves. He enriches. He inspires. He imparts knowledge. He gives strength when I am weak; courage when I am faced with danger; resolve when I am indecisive; direction when I am lost.

              If your God (my peeps) doesn’t respond to you in this way, YOU have not spent enough time with Him. He loves US as a lover yearns for his beloved. He yearns for OUR companionship.

              Take the time to know Him. It is time well spent.

              90 million gun owners have the power to take this country back without firing a shot.

              Get busy.

          • Looks like the honeymoon is over.

        • My Jesus is better than your Jesus………..

          I understand what you are trying to do, but don’t think it will work. Honey is better than vinegar.

        • @Durango: No your not a man, she a chickafied self centered child who throws a fit when he is not listened too. Yes i do have a problem with respect, you certainly show know, because you certainly lack it in your treatment of others especially women. Christian doesnt equall doormat. How many burning building have you ran into to help people, how many violent criminals have you went hands on, how many oaths did you take, how many small children have you preformed cpr on because they stopped breathing. How many famlies have you consoled due too the passing of a loved one. How many roating 12 hr shifts have you worked. The truth is if you want to see real BULLSHIT, look in the freaking mirror! I have seen your type a thousand times before, yeah your knowledge of Jesus is so much more the better. My point again is proven, everthing durango saids, everthing he does is so big me and little everybody else, I am human for this reason i can suggest to you, GO FUCK YOURSELF ASSHOLE! now is this your brand of christianity, if its not, it should be, compassion for others, not judgement for lashing out, name calling belittling of others when your points arent cheerfully accepted. Me, me listen to me, everybody cause if you dont, i will call you names, and get a few ataboys from others. Like i said before i apologized in the past for unkind words, and meant it, you continue with your mouth little boy, and cannot fathom the fact you are in some serious need of humility! You see, its impossible for you to not drag a third person into a conversation, bullying is your state of mind. I should have been the better man and not responded to you, but anger is a great motivater, be cautious of those whom cause division and strife among you. Yeah i got problems, we all do, we come here and find other outlets to express them, support and encouragement. I have broken my own rule with the foul language, ladies i apologize, you believe you have all the answers, for that very reason you do not have my respect, and never will!

          • You couldn’t be more wrong! IMHO

            • and by the way…all those atta-boys you just listed doesn’t make you a man or a christian in my eyes….get over yourself!

          • Copout: Not looking for your respect. Quit sniveling.

            • Absolutely unnecessary comment.

        • Jesus is also the author of truth, or should I use the word discernment

        • Hey, DK..I’d bet my salmon pattie that if you were on the down and out in a dirt bag room now with no food or electricity, you’d be yelling a different tune…

          All people aren’t well, but you POS need to watch your mouth and your insinuations..
          I have a man with shot knees, one eye vision gone due to a stroke, battling genetic hypertension, and he still gets up every morning, drives a truck hauling logs and sometimes comes in after dark even in the summer months.

          Don’t you even think you know my God..I pray for Him to heal others, Him to encourage others, Him to speak to others in need, Him to srengthen THEM when they are weak, and Him to deliver others from their fears.
          Oh, Hell, look at all your ‘me’s and ‘mys’ talking to your God..maybe it’s not OUR Gods that are different–maybe it’s we that are different!!! .
          You keep praying to your God for your needs…I’ll continue to pray for others..

          • JJ: I have been “down and out” many times in my life. Poverty is not new to me, I grew up on ketchup sandwiches and fried potatoes. I won’t bother telling you my sob story.

            I have been on my own since I was 17 and a senior in high school. I have been cold, and hungry, and homeless. Illness has not been a stranger either.

            I even went bankrupt. It was easy! I went for broke and I succeeded! 🙂

            I have known sickness and pain. I have looked death in the face. I have experienced divorce and trauma. I have known fear and despair and a broken spirit. I know injustice.

            I have been there; I have done that. Don’t need to be there or do those things again to understand them. And I certainly do not need to dwell upon the negatives. In fact these challenges have been stepping stones to ME.

            Its not a crime to experience these things; that’s life. These are spiritual diseases that are communicable. So I speak from EXPERIENCE when I speak about these things.

            As a Christian which YOU profess to be, and one who prays for others, YOU have NO justification to spread a spirit of fear, hopelessness, and despair to others who are afraid in uncertain times.

            If YOU want to remain defeated, be defeated. I refuse to accept defeat. Neither will I spread the propaganda of the enemy.

            Maybe you should pray for your self. Your life sounds pretty miserable. Ask and you will receive. I will pray for you too, and for your husband.

            Lets see what MY GOD can do for your husband! OK?

      52. Daisy: Isn’t it past your bedtime there in Maple Leaf land? 🙂

        I got a special kick out of your comments about MY life since you know nothing about my life, hardships, sacrifices, failures, and defeats.

        The difference is that I do not know how to quit, even when I am down and out. I go within. I renew myself in the Lord, and then I get busy!

        Its the flaw in my character! 🙂

        • I was sleepy til you ticked me off. Then the adrenaline got going and I felt I had to respond. And respond to your response. And…..

          Further, the only comment I made was that things “seemed” to be going well. This is referenced by the frequent vacations and dinners out that you comment on. Who knows, maybe you are a kept man? Independantly wealthy? Just a gigolo? 😉

          Just be nice. ‘kay?

          • Ah, Daisy and Durango Kidd, REVOLUTIONARIES in action.
            The microcosm of American Preppers and Patriots movement.

          • The truth is rarely nice. Just saying…

      53. We interrupt the ongoing rants to bring you the
        News Headlines Of The Day…

        A Chicago Bears wide reciever was arrested for trying to buy multiple kilos of cocaine. Cops were tipped off when he ran all the way to the game against Green Bay and beat the team bus by 2 hours.

        Another Newt campaign staffer has quit after calling Romney’s religion a cult. Newt has apologized and Romney has promised to undo the hex on him during the next full moon, provided he can find more powdered bat wings and fairy dust.

        Four high school students in New York state were suspended for praying in school. The principal says they were Tebowing,(kneeling with hand on forehead like the famous quarterback does). The students say it’s all a misunderstanding. They weren’t kneeling to pray, they were just helping their muslim buddies pick up their prayer rugs.

        More government funding at work- The National Academy of Science used a $30 million federal grant to print posters reading: ‘Teach You’re Kids To Love Sciunce’. The National Federation of English Teachers responded with their own poster: ‘Teech Your Kids To Read First’. Next we’ll probably see one from the National Association of Proofreaders: ‘Ooosp’

        China recently sent it’s new aircraft carrier out to sea. The ship was originally built in the USSR but was unfinished when the country collapsed. China bought it and finished it. The Chicoms claim it’s working perfectly, but satellite photos confirm the Energizer Bunny is powering the entire flight deck. And the ship keeps circling to port, over and over and over…

        Lindsay Lohan is back in court. The bad news is she may get the book thrown at her this time. The good news is she now has a reserved parking spot at the L A County courthouse.

        • Okie, I may not be a wealthy man but I certainly am richer for knowing you.

          (even if it is just on a website)

          If we ever get thru this thing we’re gonna need to have a reunion / BBQ.

        • Okie,

          The ruskies and chicom have yet to figure out how to launch, let alone recover a fixed wing asset aboard any flat top. They have ordered this to happen.

      54. Wow Mac! After staying informed on this site and others for nearly 3 years I thought I had burned out all of my norepinephrine receptors. Almost nothing got my adrenaline up anymore. True, I avoided reading about marial law and fema camps because I did not think it could happen. After reading this article this morning I had a splitting headache all day. I actually swore off these websites and deleted them from my favorites. I am thinking about going underground (from the internet) and just stay prepared. What I have to say now might get a reaction from this crowd but my instinct for a few months has been to activate my air force reserve status and hide in plain sight. I hope I don’t seem like a coward, but I am a survivor first and foremost because I have a family to look after. Frankly, the thought of being deployed is much less scary than the remote possibility that my family could be put in concentration camps. I suspect that someone in the military would have some immunity from such horrors.

      55. Can’t, can’t uh, can’t we all just get along?

        Now, if that didn’t get a laugh out of ya then too bad. You need humor therapy.

        Daisy, DK does get a little amped once in a while. I think we all do. Here is the bottom line, we are facing TEOTWAWKI AND a nuclear holocaust. No one wants to say it or admit it but the fact is that we are closer to an all out nuclear war than we were in Oct. of 1961.

        I can understand his frustration and irritability when folks say “it’s over. It’s no use. I’ll just give up.” I can imagine there was a lot of bickering, profanity and infighting when George Washington’s band of rag tag militia had their butts handed to them by the British.

        We are facing death. That I can handle. It is the death of Liberty for my progeny that makes me crazy. I will give DK all of the room he needs to vent because I believe that deep in his heart he worries over Lady Liberty as much as anyone here. What we are facing is going to make all of us emotional wrecks. It is only the folks with their heads buried in the sands of the NFL that are not scared poopless.

        From what I have seen here on Mac’s site I believe that there is more honesty, emotion, venting and bonding with people that are kind of anonymous than anywhere else on the net. We ARE like a family and if anyone says all of their family members are respectable and good company all of the time I’ll call bovine scat. I would be proud and grateful to have most of the regulars on this site with me when rubber meets the road. And there are many I disagree with and many that are too intelligent to agree with me. We may differ on opinions but in my heart I believe we all love America and the unique idea that she was founded upon…..that the authority to govern flows from the consent of the governed. (not taking anything away from you Canucks, just praising the ideas in our Declaration)

        Now kids, get a good nights sleep. We’ve got a war to fight tomorrow.

        • POA…I applaud you and DK for your passion. I take no offense to what DK has said to day.

      56. Only those who have never seen the face of war wish for it. BTDT
        I wish no ill towards any but when not if they come for me and mine they will find it. I,m not a leader. I just make suggestions and others do it.
        Good luck all its coming and soon.

      57. READ THIS YA BUNCH OF EBONIC JAR HEADS! THAT IS IF YOU marines know how to read! ;0P
        Senate discussing Indefinite Detainment once more – Graham on floor right now 12/15/11 – Said U.S. right to Kill “Terrorist” U.S. citizens also!
        The Senate is discussing Indefinite Detainment once more right now on CSPAN.
        Ayotte was just talking and said we have to be able to detain U.S. citizens just as she has said before.
        She asked Graham to comment on it.
        Graham just now got on the floor – Once again he called the U.S. a Battlefield.
        3:40 PM He is saying terrorist want to destroy the country
        (Terrorist don’t need to do it because the domestic terrorist in D.C. are doing it themselves)
        Graham is saying it is not right terrorist have rights.
        I just can’t believe all that Graham is saying – it is unfrickin believable!
        Says people getting radicalize through the internet and want to harm their own government.
        Ayotte is playing the game with him this time like Levin did last time – it is a back and forth saying how wonderful this bill is.
        All Graham can do is keep mentioning the Christmas shoe bomber as the reason for the bill!
        As soon as this is available I will be posting it!


        • Lindsey Graham terrifies me.

          Therefore Graham is a terrorist.

          • it’s time that the boys from FIGHT CLUB , paid lindsey graham a lil’ visit in the federal boys gaybath-room!

            and remind him Who he actually works for!

            WE… THE PEOPLE!

            • Boys from the fight club my rear. I’d rather watch Ann Barnhardt rip his wimpy butt into pieces.

              She’s already threatened him.

            • Go…Nina…:)

        • The Americans need to strike the terrorists in D.C. first!!!!!

      58. Let me see if I can put this up so everyone can understand. Those voting for this president did not vote for what they got. Those that voted instead for McCain did not vote for what they intended.

        The Tea party sent the republicans to the House, they did not get what they voted for, do you remember the Budget.

        You could send a hundred Ron Pauls to washington, it would do no good. Washington is infected from the asphalt up. You will either play their game or you will not play.

        Which candidate has suggested getting rid of the Homeland security, abolishing the Patriot act, banning dept of education, agriculture fda, transportation. Taking the federal government back to the constitution?
        Who has said they will ban the military, replace it with the militia?

        Who has said they will abolish the federal reserve, replace it with the gold standard?

        Simple fact if you do not cut off all all all all of the venom that has been placed in our government, you will not kill the beast.

        You can vote, voice you opinion, contribute your money. Yell for your candidate. But some of us understand that no ones voice is heard. Some say you cant just run off to a hiding place. The only people that are going to survive this onslaught are those that are not seen.

        The wheel that squeaks the loudest does not get the grease it gets replaced. If you want to support someone for president help your self. I personally would like the amount of government we had in 1776. Since I know that is not going to happen, I will not vote for any. That way I will not have to apologize to everyone when the one I voted for turns out to be like all those before him.

        • Well, Michael, welcome to the ‘club’..there are now 4 members– you, me, Copout, and Nina.
          This rabbit hole is so damned deep, it would take Roto Rooter to clean it out and I hope all reading got the inference to the s**t needing dumped, namely, CONgress
          and all administration, including the sick POS Hillary Clinton.
          We haven’t crossed the Rubicon, we have sunk it into the ‘hole of China’ and I hope you got that little pun also.

          • @JJ ;0) WOW! YOU GO GURL! COWGURL UP! Looks like someone got up to speed real quick on the nwo bilderburg illuminati gameplan! You were just a baby patriot a few months ago… ;0) Now your a Dirt Eatin’ Soccer Mum for Christ and a FREE America! Proud of ya @jj! kudoo’s to you! I’ll Assault w/ ya any time! Respect!

        • @ Michael, I have attempted to articulate the same premise on numerous occasions. The Illusion of choice in the current sewer that represents our NONrepresentative government is “smoke and mirrors” with more than a hint of “fragrance de sh*t” surrounding it.

          The “system/process” as it EXIST MUST BE ELIMINATED. I must discover a better method of verbalizing that concept.

      59. O/T


        read also about the solar side of this story

        • also Yahoo posting site is back up now that the Government has pushed thru the new Defence Act Bill.

          • I noticed the timing on that too..

        • Come on people there’s not going to be an election next year, with the passage of this we are now in a war zone. When was the last time you you heard of an election in a war zone? All I can say is prepare for the worst because time is getting short.

      60. Remember, you are a woman. Act like a lady.

        • PS Daisy, Men are all pigs. Quit sending pics of yourself to them.

          • Oink, oink oink.

          • The other white meat. I am not an animal.

            • “The other white meat”

              Care for some gopher? 😉

            • Sandy: I want you to kill every gophers on the golf course!
              Carl Spackler: Correct me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they’re gonna lock me up and throw away the key…
              Sandy: Not golfers, you great fool! Gophers! The *little* *brown*, *furry* *rodents* -!
              Carl Spackler: We can do that; we don’t even have to have a reason. All right, let’s do the same thing, but with gophers -!

      61. sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2011/12/texas-gets-navy-again.html

      62. In order to get a job, my husband will need to sign his rights away. This 3rd party company wants him to “authorize Company to request a consumer and/or investigative consumer report on me for employment purposes from (company name stricken). Such reports may include, but are not limited to, information as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living; discerned through employment and education verifications; personal references and interviews; my personal credit history based on reports from any credit bureau; my driving history, including any traffic citations; workers’ compensation records after a conditional job offer has been extended and to the extent permitted by law; a social security number trace; present and former addresses; criminal and civil history/records; and any other public record.”

        Mind you, he already has a SECRET clearance. My question is, what does “mode of living” mean? We buy gold, silver, and guns and we attend church.

        Has anyone else had to sign something like this????

        • Major invasion of privacy..wonder who they think they are?

          I’d like to know who they are..

          why wont you say?

          • Kroll is the 3rd party who does the background checks. I don’t want to name the company he’s getting hired by, because now I’m becoming paranoid that they could find out.

            • what a way to live
              afraid of an employer.

              I understand why you feel this way, Im empathising with you..but still it sucks that it has come to this in this country

        • Why would anyone want to work for a company like that?

        • it’s a BIG financial industrial war machine club… and if you don’t sign the dotted line and toe the line… your with them GOYIM DEBT SLAVES, not with us , and therefore YOU ARE NOW A DOMESTIC TERRORIST! An thereby Sanctioned for termination and your children will be takin’ by dps to nwo u.n. re-education camps! now look up wave and smile… pretend you are happy and support the motherland , as the new police spy drone scans your house for heat signatures and listens to your breathing!

          watch “bluethunder” folks… you now have no where to hide from prying fed and cop eye’s and ears! not even when on the toilet or in the shower! they see everything on their drones infrared screens!


      63. I still want to write a book. I wish all profits go to shoeless people.

      64. According to Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, at least 70% of the military despise the civilian controllers. It will not take much to have the military take control of the nations defenses and collect up the offenders, the corrupt civilian controllers and deliver them up to the people for trial.

        The people own the Constitution of the United States of America. No one can take these rights from them unless the people let them. These are our rights, our guaranteed protection against just such a government takeover. That is why we have a Constitution, and why it has to be defended unto death by each and every citizen. It will not be sold, it will not be surrendered, it will not be lost. It will be defended and preserved; all of the rights it provides, all the safeguards, all the protections it affords will be preserved.

        The take over of our country, the militarization of our country has been ongoing since at least the coup of 2001.

        All three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolitions. The planes that hit were remote controlled and were military planes The plane which was supposed to hit building number 7 was shot down over Pennsylvania, leaving the command center for the 9/11 operation standing, filled with incriminating evidence. So the only way to destroy the evidence was to “pull” the building anyway, and hope that the public would buy into the collapse by fire story.
        Now, fast forward to present:
        The civilian controllers of the Pentagon, including the Office of Homeland Security , and those who provide direct control over the Pentagon’s military programs, should be subject to a full investigation.

        There are many questions about the Homeland Security and the Pentagon. Their budget is the major US budget expense. There is the lack of any audits, ever. There is the loss of $2.3 trillion announced by Rumsfeld the day before the missile blew the hole through the accounting portion of the Pentagon on 9/11. We have no idea what “dark operation” are ongoing, and don’t know anyone who does.

        The opportunity for the military personnel to express their attitudes, opinions, their analysis, and suggestions for reorganization of the Pentagon, should be the goal. A complete audit of the Pentagon, including all expenditures for “dark operations” should be completed. It is quite possible that what they are doing, what is being planned, what is being required of the military, by the soldiers, is not good for them nor for America’s future, is hostile to the US as a free nation, and needs to be exposed ASAP.

        • ~Tim Price~

          Yes! Another good book:..’Barbarians inside the Gates’

          …Factually documents, who is responsible for the ongoing & now terminal phase destruction of the USA…& in truth…Western Civilization itself!


      65. I have a shopping list of American/resident terrorists we can round up now:

        Bill Ayers
        George Soros
        Eric Holder
        the majority of both Congressional houses
        Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Hussein Obama

        • And, Zoltanne, the bill just passed for you to do just that–I plan on reporting all the CONgress and administration, esp. the dual-citizenshipped illegal alien in the White House…..most of the actions from the White House can be labeled enemy combatant..can we go back to 2006 where the illegal campaigned in another country for his cousin and was a part of the deaths when the church members were killed while inside, burning to death??
          Never forget that TPTB have a God and rationalize their actions as noble…their God is Satan.
          May God have mercy on all evil schemers’ souls.

      66. For decades, I lived by the guidline that if my door was being kicked in at 3 am that I would be cautious not to shoot law enforcement since I used to believe that “they had a legal right or writ” to force entry.
        Not any longer…

        Now, since I break no laws, no matter what any man is yelling, and no matter who these men are, I will shoot to kill ANY home invader due this this horrible change in our republic.
        I’m so disgusted with Washington that it gives me headaches & nausea.

      67. Many of the posters here are supposed to be preppers or survivalists, constitutionalists, etc. It is my observation that very few of you are resisters. You think that non-violence and obeying the laws of your oppressors is the way to freedom. I am not counting on any of you to help in the struggle against the reds and globalists. The most you could do is overload the survaillance apparatus of the gov with your names and info. Few knuckle draggers here.

        • On the contrary, George Washington certainly didn’t believe in non-violence & look at what he achieved!
          Many of us understand this.
          The old phrase “freedom isn’t free” is accurate.

        • Post your top 10.

        • O.F., yes many of us are “knuckle draggers”. I myself am
          torn between the material world of “I have a Future” and the way I was raised with “You don’t have to worry about any of it, we won’t be here” rapture thinking. I have to be positive around my kids so I don’t hand them their no-future death sentence like I got.
          My concern with some of ya’lls comments is that your building each other up into a frenzy and God forbid one day after a few too many beers a policeman knocks on your door to ask if you’ve seen the neighbors missing dog and BAM… you know the rest. Prepping is good, but keep your head in the game.

        • @Old Fuzzy: If blah, blah, blah worked it would have worked before, i have talked to so many people that i am blue in the face, they aint listening, NO more talk, a swift kick in the arse, will get their attention!

      68. Am I number 300?

      69. are the wheels starting to come off the bus? (i dam sure hope so)

        wonder if the right ones will get thrown under the bus

        probably wont change a thing..and more then likely knowing the history of this government , that nothing resembling what needs to be done, this too may be ignored

        Folks , I know a lot of people have died wrongly for this country..and Brian Terry is another one who took a bullet due to this government
        This goes all the way to the top.

        if you stand for liberty in this country you will not rest until all the players are tried and convicted of treason against us all


      70. I was raised by a motto that my mother has lived her life by…for it has never done her wrong. Where there is a will, there is a way….followed by “and that is Bonnie May”. While DK chose some harsh language to use in early posts, I believe this is the message here. If you all are offended by what you consider to be a lack of respect or bullying, then I say grow up and get over yourselves. This country was founded on will and finding a way….much blood was shed. It is gut wrenching for me to think that the American spirit has been broken and the will has been lost. Sometimes, as parents we have to give our child a good slap upside the head (and I don’t mean literally)to ignite the spark that lights the fire. Honestly, all I have seen on here today is another….pissing match in the cat box (I know, not very lady-like, but tough $%!#). What a sad waste of energy. I wish you all the best, Merry Christmas to all and God Bless. I am pretty much done here…putting my WILL somewhere else to find a WAY.~D

      71. I believe we passed the Rubicon a while back Mac. Got to see it on my way North East. I believe the politicians seen it with Lehman Brothers getting tossed under the CAT tracks. Each day is logarithmic.

      72. It is obvious that Larry Peters is a TROLL. Admin.>shut this guy down. Everyone vote his comments down. He is wasting everyone’s time with his crap.

        We all seem to have the basic knowledge of what is happening, and where it is going. This site is a good place to stay informed. As far as the comments, some of it is just that…useless mind candy. Use your time prepping more and acquiring useful info. for your overall plan.

        Bickering wastes time, and it very well looks like time we don’t have. Best of luck to you all! Thank you shtfplan.com for a fantastic site with well-written articles! Anon.1 going dark…Stack it deep!

        • Another freedom loving patriot in favor of censorship when dissenting opinion is offered.
          Brush your tooth and go get yourself a coon.

      73. BUTCHER’S BILL 369

        Let this be the motto.

        Let this be the high price of treason.

        369 against millions of p*ssed off patriots.

        369 minority tyrants who deem themselves ruling class.

        369 names who voted to violate numerous amendments, Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatus, and douse the U.S. Constitution in flames, passing the NDAA S. 1867/H.R. 1540 allowing U.S. citizens detained and disappeared by U.S. military on U.S. or foreign soil.

        Know their names well. There’s a test afterwords.

        Written in blood.

        SENATE (86 of 100)

        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (283 of 435)

      74. ~~~Boys from the fight club my rear.~~~

        POA..I know in the context of gay-bath room discussion, you really didn’t mean what you implied…LOL…wanta re-phrase that??

      75. TO ALL OF YOU YOUR EMOTIONS HAVE TAKEN CONTROL OF YOUR MINDS. There is no clear debate here only name calling and bickering over who is right. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG, better or worse; only what works in the moment and some things never work. Does the current approach you are taking work in uniting the group? Are you being tolerant of others? Choices are the only thing you have and then some more to make and then some more. CHOOSE HOW YOU WISH TO DEFINE YOUR SELF AND BE IT…in a state of being. Ahh I might add that no true Christain advocated any violence(death) against another. Anger, Pride, Sloth, Glutony, Envy, Lust, GREED. Take a look in the mirror of self and see; the eyes they see. What are you being….
        On another tangent most Christians are pretend followers don’t really follow the commandments or rules only when it is convenient (someone else is watchig or will know). The same for other religions as well.

        Santa (Satan) Claus (Lucas); subliminal. We all know who satan is but what about lucas? It means light-bringer, morning star. Satan (Santa) the red dragon lord of the air riding around giving out material things to keep you enslaved (worthless crap paid for with worthless money). Not to mention obedient to a control mechanism. The founder of Coca-Cola invented the Santa Claus( who was modeled after Odin, lucifer, baal) you so revere and he was 33rd degree free-mason. Ask anyone in europe who St. Nick (little nikki)is and they will tell you Satan/devil. How about easter? Another pagan holiday going all the way back to Babylon. Ishtar pronounced easter also named Seramis(the same as the statue of liberty holding the flame of lucifer) who had child from immaculate conception(Mary the virgin). Whos son was the son/sun of God. The father Baal(lucifer) the sun god and his progeny tammuz(jesus, horus, mithras, etc…). even quote in the good book says that Jesus is the morning star. THE same as lucifer. How about muslims? Allah is another name for sin(to miss the point in aramaic) the moon god pronounced se-en another babylonian god also otherwise known as the great moon dragon also known as Satan the great dragon. You guys need to do your acadimic studies better. The story is the same just has new names for the new divinty really the same old crew, no differnet than changing the front man (president); still the same behind the curtains while the show is being played. Stop fighting amoungst yourselves and pay attention to the real enemy. You will ever hear this from a college professor, rather like the Rothchilds, Rockefellar, Hasburgs, and the many other pieces of edited history. Ah the bible is edited history same as the koran. None of which can be held as eyewitness testimony as they were each written depending on the section 20 to 200 years after the fact. Could you go into a court of law today with a writen statement 50 years old and have it be eyewitness? Even the middle finger that we all call the birdie is an ancient symbol of a god from babylon. how about the symbol for signing (I love you ) it also is representative of (I love lucifer)used by satanists(freemasons). The woman who invented sign laguge was yet again another free-mason. Least of all we can’t leave out Albert Pike the most evil s o b that the free-masons ever allowed to run the show in his age 1800’s; who came right in the open in documents and said that lucifer was the rightful lord of this world. Don’t believe if you choose not too. DO your own research and find out for yourself. All religions Christian, Buddhist, Shintoism, Islamic, Taoist, Druidic, Pagan, etc.. all worship the sun/moon =lucifer. Oh just for sake of debate is the sun or moon infinite does it go on forever and exist everywhere at the same time? No it is a finite little ball of gas in our solar system and a hoolw planetiod that gets worshipped like GOD (Thou shalt not have any graven image of god, any). Yes in the end the prime creator does not need worship it is omni-present, all-powerful, indestructable…Satan is not, hence the purpose of worshiping it, because it needs energy(souls)to continue to exist.
        Maybe a bit off topic but all the mumbo jumbo above there does no good for anyone. Fighting for freedom is one way to choose a path. Fighting will occur until each being realizes that fighting will begat only more of the same. The only guarantee here in three dimensional being is that there is change from something to another; it fair to say that every-thing is on its way to becoming something else or that all material/spiritual entities are temporary in form, until they aren’t. No end in site. The point about fighting that you become that which you oppose in trying to destoy it (Evil). Good becomes evil in its attempt to destroy it; Evil can can become good in its effort dominate, it can experience love at some point or destoy itself over time. All beings are allowed the opportunity to experience such. Freewill to be as you choose until you aren’t that way anymore the process of eternity of being. So fight or not, be what you choose and be it fully for a while and then be something else. It won’t stop, only change. Evolve is a better way to say it e-v-olve is e-ternal v-ariable love. Deep thought will bring you this conclusion as well. It has been spritual(energy) war from the beginning and still is.
        If we are all for the sake of arguement; a part of god, then are we not fighting ourself when we wage war of any kind?



      78. I really like the pics of the cattle in the article! They are AWESOME!

      79. Crossing the Rubicon? A certin Roman General disobeyed the order that Roman Soldiers should be barred from crossing the Rubicon River. He led his Leigions across the Rubicon river, where the term comes from and took back Rome from the criminals who controlled the city. I think in todays terms, the saying would be “crossing the Potomic” or “crossing the Hudson” But I doubt there’s a US General out there with the balls to do the right thing to restore a Nation

      80. >>My name is Legion for we are many. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us.<>My name is Legion for we are many. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us.<<

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