We Finally Know Why Hillary Disappeared On Election Night: “She Was Crying Inconsolably… It Was Hard To Understand What She Was Saying She Was Crying So Hard”

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Headline News | 112 comments

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    As Donald Trump’s election to the highest office of the land became inevitable on Tuesday night The Daily Sheeple reported that the Clinton campaign mysteriously went dark:

    Even Hillary herself must have know it was over, because she published a not-so-victorious Tweet to her supporters several hours before the official counts started being confirmed:

    As confirmation of Trump’s victory swept the world, many undoubtedly wondered what was going on in Hillary’s mind. Then, as reports of a Clinton concession came to the forefront, it turned out that Hillary, in an unprecedented move for a losing Presidential candidate, refused to take the stage in front of thousands of distraught party goers who were expecting a coronation and fireworks show.

    Instead of Hillary, controversial campaign manager John Podesta took the stage to announce that the election wasn’t over and that votes were still being counted, implying that Hillary would not concede.

    At that moment, we knew something was wrong:

    Had Hillary suffered another health episode? Was she so emotionally destroyed by the loss that she couldn’t handle it mentally?

    It turns out, according to Ed Klein who spoke with a close friend and confidante of Hillary, that she did, in fact, have a serious breakdown and was in no condition to speak to America on live television.

    The shock of losing after having been a “98%” lock for the Presidency was simply too much to bear. And as you might expect from a Clinton, it was everybody else’s fault:

    Here’s what I know, not my opinion. About 6:30 this morning she called an old friend. She was crying inconsolably. She couldn’t stop crying. And her friend, her female friend from way, way back said it was even hard to understand what she was saying she was crying so hard. This is Hillary we’re talking about.

    Eventually her friend said she could make out that she was blaming James Comey, the Director of the FBI, for her loss, and, I don’t understand exactly, the president of the United States for not doing enough.

    Via Gateway Pundit

    If all goes well, Hillary will be crying again when they put the handcuffs on her after President Trump’s special prosecutor recommends charges, that is, so long as Trump didn’t make a secret deal to let Hillary off the hook.


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      1. Boo-fucking-hoo.

        • Glad she is crying. Do evil witches cry? Tears or caustic acid?

          If she had a heart, I would hope it is broken.
          But she has No Heart. Just Selfish Ambition and Incessant plotting.

          Some of my IDIOT family members are crying.
          You choose friends. Stuck with family.

          MileStones yet to cover:
          19 Dec *Electoral College meets
          20 Jan *Swearing in of Trump
          **We still have miles to walk before we sleep.

          What will the Psycho Path Anti-American politicians pull? False Flag? War? “Emergency?” We have miles to walk before we sleep. Miles to walk before we sleep.

          Getting into office is challenge. What comes after is MOST DIFFICULT.
          We should all Pray for safety, security, good health, of America-for World Peace-for President Trump.

          Miles to walk before we sleep.

          • This is not at all unusual for what is called “the criminal mind.” Psychological studies have been done on a great many habitual criminals doing time. One very common thread is a lack of empathy for others. They can cry and feel pain like anyone else when it is being inflicted upon them. They can inflict a great tragedy upon someone else and feel no remorse and have no empathy with their victim. On the other hand, if that victim or law enforcement inflicts pain back, they tend to be very vociferous in blaming others for their pain.

            • You have just described a typical psychopath W68. As we have seen, they have zero conscience, and if you don’t buy one lie, they’ll give you another. I’m so glad Trump beat her, and I don’t believe that she won the popular vote fairly, due to dead people voting, illegals, and vote switches. So now, we must pray for Mr. Trump, as I believe that the Clinton Mafia will make every attempt to add him to their body count.

          • She can cry all the way to prison. She’ll have all the reason to cry there.


          • As was said before the election, “Neither Trump nor Hillary will be inaugurated as the next POTUS.” Prepare accordingly.

          • My friend we can never sleep

        • You-fucking-said it!

        • she might have been weeping…..but i will BET THE FARM, she went on an EPIC coniption fit FIRST! and i bet after bill went to sleep, he took a croquet mallet right to the NUTS!

          • I’ll bet bill has been hiding in a closet sucking his thumb an shaking in his shoes scince the bitch lost.

        • Queen of The Cupcake nation !

        • Boo-hoo-hoo, who will send money to my foundation now? Oh Hillary, ask Huma’s hubby to cheer you up by emailing you some of his selfies.

        • Hillary in October Transferred 1.8 Billion Dollars from the Clinton foundation bank in the U.S. to the National bank of Qatar.

          • Because she has to flee to the middle east now….She will NEVER go to JAIL where she actually belongs, that money/power hungry (B) witch that she is will give US the middle finger…

            • She has 57 islamic states to choose from, as do the rest of the Kenyan’s unelected czars, and any sharia law advocate left in OUR country. Good riddance! Americans are cleaning house, draining the swamp, and purging the evil from the land.

            • All the Globalist, rogue nations, etc, that donated to the Clinton Foundation were looking for their payback. Since the Witch lost, they want their cashola back. The Clinton’s will be hunted down and dragged thought the streets like Gadhafi, until they pay everybody back.

          • This is interesting, could you provide me with the source, Thank you


            • Remember, Trump will control the Drones. How about one more strike on an American Citizen before we ban it?

          • The Clinton Foundation doesn’t have $1.8 billion or anything close to it. This is another fictitious rumor.

            • And you know this how?
              Just because there are records out there s to how much money the foundation has does not mean that those records are accurate or complete.
              You think Hillary et al don’t know howto hide their real assets?

        • Anonynous! HA HA HA…Brilliant post! Crooked Killery got her a BIG ‘Cowboy Ass Kickin’ for sure!! HA HA HA!! She probably jumped into a 1.75 liter of whiskey about 8:00PM on November 8th and finished it about midnight! Then, she probably beat the shit out of ‘Slick Willy’ and then went in the sack with Huma Abedin!! HA HA HA!!

          KILLERY TO PRISON 2017

        • I love your comment, lmao!

      2. Cuff her Dano!

        • Exactly!! Now she needs to go to jail and pay for her crimes!!

          • Sara,
            when Trump is officially in office and HE starts to make personnel changes, like removing Comey and others, THEN you will know she is going to be tried, but don’t under estimate the power of the Clintons, they have MANY people in there pocket! we can only hope at this point her and her hubby will be sitting in a fed prison soon!

            • I doubt it very much, she will flee to the middle east and they DON’T extradite, plus they are all her friends over there, they wanted to flatten the U.S.A and now they will have to think of and plot something else up….

              • Hell, Trump should demand her the Clinton’s passports be confiscated immediately and ALL of the Clinton’s security clearances are revoked immediately also!

      3. Ha!

      4. Hilla who ?

        She can take center stage when they perp walk her.

        Be safe……BA.

      5. Are we supposed to feel sorry for the murderer/crook? I do not.

      6. She said, “this is not over, we are not done fighting”….Ill take that to be a true statement as referenced by the mobs back to rioting and attacking Trump supporters.

        Here is what I posted 13 days ago:
        “This violence will NOT stop after the elections..Emboldened by the LACK of ANY kind of law enforcement efforts to prevent or prosecute these crimes, Hillary’s supporters will continue this activity even after they win by rigged results…This is how the N@ZI brownshirts morphed into the N@zi SS after the Enabling Act in Germany.. History REPEATS itself UNLESS REAL PATRIOTS STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK NOVEMBER 9th!!!

        DO NOT LIE DOWN COWARDLY LIKE to appease them, these animals will just get bolder and more brutal. You MUST face them and beat them down when they ATTACK YOU FIRST. SELF DEFENSE PATRIOTS, NO SURRENDER.”

        Here is what I posted 10 days ago…. A BLIND man could see what was coming.:

        “America has already turned a corner TOO fast with CORRUPTION at the wheel. What Americans CAN’T SEE already is how that result is going to turn out, the roll over disaster is in progress and time has just gone into slo – mode.

        People are holding their breath to see how all the dynamics of the hatred the candidates pushed, is going to play out, the corruption and its actions play out, and who gets ejected without seat belts and crushed in the train wreck as it unfolds…FACT.

        America is turning a corner, this is the Second “1776” moment where America chooses to go a LAWFUL CONSTITUTIONAL (NATIONALIST) path to right, the wrongs of 8 years of egregious naked blatant painful corruption or if America succumbs instead to blatant criminality (MULTICULTURAL LAW IGNORING PROGRESSIVE H3LL) coming chaos as that reality manifests.

        One FACT for sure, the America we become will be NOTHING like you THINK it will be, and you aren’t READY FOR IT.”

        G0d I hate it when I am right.

        • Well hate it then, Neil. Because you’re right.

        • Always enjoy reading your posts Neal, wherever that may be. Good luck to you.

      7. I will wait until her book comes out. Titled Memwhores of how she was cheated out of being the first woman president.

      8. Look,I admit,enjoyed gloating a bit,but we need to keep prepping and also ready ourselves to help get this country back on track if we can.

        We lose the shackles of multi regulations/taxes,encumbrances on freedom and can be a more productive/happy/free people others will flock to this,time to get to work!

        Lets do our best to work with the reprieve(temporary if not careful)we have been given.

        • Yes Warchild, we have been given a reprieve. At best Trump will only be able to slow the decent into slavery and one world government. Trumps goals reveal what might have been had America not forgotten God. I credit this reprieve (temporary) to Franklin Grahams prayer rallies at each capitol and that of the many thousands of people who prayed for America.

          The demon-rats goals align with those of the soon coming anti-Christ. All of the signs of the time indicate that his appearance is rapidly approaching. Conditions overall will worsen.

          Our hope (Christians) is in looking for the “Glorious appearing
          of the great God and our Savior” coming for His Bride according to the Jewish custom of betrothal and marriage.
          Even so, come Lord Jesus.

          • You have that right brother: and while I did vote for trump, and I prayed incessantly for this man, and will continue to do so, this nation/world will continue to free fall towards a New One World govt as foretold in Dan/rev. and it will make ready for the anti-christ! I so LOOK forward to “MY LORD and “Savior” to come…NOW, or soon thereafter! 1 Peter 3:18 KJV

            • In the meantime while you wait for your lord and savior, the rest of us came very close to disaster because self righteous people like you decided not to vote for an openly “America first” candidate with the willingness and ability to fight the new world order.
              People like you are why I can’t go to church anymore. I walk out with less faith after listening to people trying to convince each other of their belief in things they have no more knowledge of than anyone else.
              It’s arrogant to think you have some kind of control over the outcome of events because you pray, while at the same time taking no action when you have the ability to actually effect change. Thanks for nothing.
              Now go back to stroking your feelings of moral superiority.

      9. Hillary will be let off, ‘scott free’ sadly. Everyone will look at her prosecution as ‘revenge’ or ‘rubbing it in’ and I bet Trump is worried about people thinking it’s some form of retribution. She’ll be free to live out the rest of her sorry miserable life. Maybe she’ll find God and repent! (yeah right, but we’re supposed to be positive so…)

        • Its not just the Clintons involved in, “pay for play”. Both the briber and those handing over the bribe are both guilty. These are powerful people that control a lot of money and influence the economy. We dislike the, “too big to jail” but from a practical standpoint they are a relatively protected class. Read, “Trading With The Enemy”, and you will see that Standard Oil was charged and pled no contest to dealing with NAZI Germany after war was declared. Senator Harry Truman called it treason and it was. They got off with pleading No Contest and a fine of $50,000 with a promise to suspend the sales. The US government was concerned that if they prosecuted the company and its board including the CEO, CFO, Company President there would have been retributions by cutting (easy to plausibly do) in petrelioum supples to the US and Allies. Even Hitler, on a smaller scale looked the other way for the same reasons as he needed the industrialists. Stalin had no such problems in a communist system.

          The reality is that the corporate elite have amassed too much power. The alternative of a communist system is obviously worse.

      10. I wonder how many epipens it took to get her semi-coherent?

      11. Trump is really just the same old cheese in a shiny new wrapping and under a different name. His policies will fit the powers that be even more comfortably than those before, and even Obama and Hillary were fooled into thinking that they themselves were the new kids on the block, when in fact they were on their way out more than a year ago.

      12. She is crying so hard and I don’t give a rats ass. First of all, what about the kids that this monster has handed to rapist, murderors and pedofies on that island, yet this tyrant is crying so hard. Children have been suffering horrifically at the hands of this criminal and the people who commit atrocities against children and women. That woman must be arrested immediately and taken into custody, and sentenced.

        Crying and always thinking about herself, not the families of the murdered victims, including the family of Ambassador Stevens…We Trump supporters, the awakened population is not the majority, we will take charge from this time onward. We will not put up with tyranny anymore, so you bad people need to shut up, and get the hell out of town.


        • With you on that, if they aren’t charged and convicted of any other crime, being involved in a child prostitution ring is enough for me!!!!!

      13. I doubt she will be prosecuted, let alone imprisoned. Instead, there will be an agreement that she will retire to Qatar (or somewhere similar) with all the evidence of her criminality held in a saf
        e place until her death.
        Like many here – I hate her and what she stands for with a fiery passion but I’m in no hurry to see this country torn apart by (un)civil war.


      14. Hillary was the Chosen One. The heir apparent. It was said she was the one who would bring balance to the Force….sorry wrong movie.

        I’m just glad Trump won. Cheers.

      15. She needs to be given an orange jumpsuit, shackled, and perp walked through the streets to set an example for the rest of the crooked, corrupt and immoral politicians that have burrowed their way into power.

        • NTX,
          Plus we need to destroy the Clinton foundation, and confiscate all the Clintons ill-gotten moneys. It would be nice to read about her death as a crack whore in some gutter.

          • whorehouse….courthouse……whitehouse….SPITEhouse….now on to the BIGHOUSE…what a looong sad trip it’s been!

            • she might end up back in the whorehouse, with all the libs that just LOVE her, she may just make it still as a presstitute.

              • wait…. maybe i was sposed to write prostitute? aww, hell, either way she could still probly make a good livin’. at this point, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!!!

              • jmac
                if you went to a whorehouse and Hillary was one of the ladies on display WHO IN THE HELL WOULD SELECT HER?

          • The Qatar arabs love blond women in their clubs.

        • Alas, alack, a life sentence with hubby Bill in the same cell would be most appropriate.

          • yes….and every time bill went to sleep, she would kick him right square in the balls like a horsethief!

      16. And now her supporters are crying inconsolably or protesting and, in some cases, rioting. The snowflakes are creating squalls. The two positives coming out of their protests are 1) it shows the world what kind of idiots her supporters are and 2) it gives their mommy a chance to clean their room.

      17. There is a very wrong headed NOTION floating around the media sites, that everything is going to be just fine now that the alleged election is “history” and Trump won, and it is based on that ONE simple idea, a VOTE count is done, and speeches have been given… SOOOOO WHAT?.

        What that NOTION fails to see is that the violent factions and the financiers to them (Soros and Clinton/Obama) are still funding them and still enabling them to fight rape riot and destroy without any kind of recourse or enforcement actions. Maybe I am wrong, but I am NOT SEEING or HEARING OF ANY ARRESTS OR PROSECUTIONS……so if you magically believe this is over, then you also believe in unicorns and happily ever after and probably should not operate motor vehicles or handle anything that can cut of kill yourself with.

        Sadly NaturalNewsdotCOM has jumped the shark on this because they ASSUME that there is no plan B for this scenario…They are wrong, grossly negligently WRONG… Obama IS NOT GONE YET and neither is his sychophants nor is the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Crime Cartel AND George Soros and his son is still pouring monies into these groups that are actually TERRORISTS destroying the USA from within (the cancer didn’t magically go away, it just grew by half again and it is EATING THE COUNTRY FASTER!!!)
        This is TWO DAYS after voting. Talks to US about “nothing to fear” 8 YEARS from now, much less 30 DAYS from now.

        • you must be new around here…..?

        • And you STILL believe the fuking media?? Man, you need someone to hit you up side the head with a fuking baseball bat or sledge hammer!

      18. I sent her a beach towel to cry into,probably should of been a diaper.

        • it woulda’ been a SECOND-HAND diaper if I sent it!

      19. She’s been running for President for 10 years. Catch a clue lady ( and I’m using the word lady loosely ),

        • lose once
          lose twice shouldnt be able to lose again

          or was that fool me once , cant get fooled again?

        • she said if she loses , they all hang.. lets get this party started

          • AMEN to that!!

      20. Buy a nbc suit fast good for teargas nuke chem bio. Things will get way out of hand wait till the mobs get hold of some chemicals and guns.

        • They’re too stupid for that.

        • better buy lots of filters…a lot of people don’t realize they are only good for a few hours…..got mine…and a few others….here’s the password to get into MY place…”I GOT PLENTY OF FOOD, WATER, AND AMMO FOR MY GROUP, AND SOME EXTRA FOR YOU”………………….GOOD HUNTING, MUHFUGGUHS!

        • I picked up 3 NBC suits off ebay last week already recived them. they came with 2 pair of boots gloves masks and filters. I,m not thinking nuke war but dirty bomb or bio will happen. I think we are headed for terror events from hillary muslims. I purchased the from ebay seller eliteautomobile for 99 bucks a shot. Great deal

      21. “She came, she ran, she cried” CAAACCCCKKKLLLLEEEE!!! She should save those crocodile tears for when they are leading her to the gibbet or guillotine. And now that Huma won’t have anything to do…. Hillary won’t have a reason to have her favorite Muslim carpet-muncher around either.

      22. Its oh so interesting that the Trump opposition is largely composed of groups likely to benefit from his proposals. The blacks lost a disproportionate amount of good employment to the Clinton’s abet with Republican Neo Cons as the core supporters of NAFTA and other “Free Trade” agreements. Their tribal nature precludes analysis for group think. The millennial’s, with low age on their side will also benefit from the above as the 50+ year old former manufacturing worker will be too old to share in new opportunities a decade away. We all benefit from decreasing the likelihood of war with Russia both from the destructive standpoint and the likely economic collapse from its mere threat.

        Hillary, the champion of war and supporter of globalization leads these “masses of asses” that are more like lemurs following a pied piper.

        • let’s call them the “dumb masses”, and you are SO perceptive!

        • Pied Piper was rats. Lemmings run over cliffs in herds, and lemurs are small primates on Madagascar.

          Rats is good.

      23. I will be using the time to add a better building at the BOL . Me thinks a storm is still coming . I have a friend of mine buying the property next to mine , likin that . Headed Bow Hunting later tonite. God Bless America !!

      24. It’s a Trumppocalypse….
        It’s Whitelash
        It’s the KKK
        HAHAHA its great HAHAHA

      25. Maybe Hillary was emotionally out of control because her meds were wearing off.

      26. She believed her own Bullshit!
        She believed the media’s Bullshit!
        She is Typical of the Snowflake crowd She represents!
        She can not take a loss.

        Sorry Hill! We won.

        • Never, ever, ever, drink your own Kool-Aid.

          First rule of life. She blew it, big-time.

      27. Finally she gets what she deserves and I hope she can finally understand how the families of our four dead men in Benghazi felt, no, there isn’t a real comparison to be made because these families lost a family member forever…Hillary is losing NOTHING, she will still have her big, fat bank accounts, but you can somehow compare it to that for her personally because she will NOT hold the power she has always dreamed of for so long and that to her it must feel like losing a family member or having lost everything now because she is just so, so money and POWER hungry, she is NOT human but rather an insatiable, dangerous monster….And deep down I am wondering what she will be cooking up as her so called REVENGE….

      28. He did make a deal ……she isn’t going to jail or even be prosecuted by the New regime ……you ASSHOLES haven’t believed me for the past 7 years although I was right so why listen now

        • Who says there is a deal? Lots of claims out there, but nothing is going to be known until the day after Inauguration Day.

      29. When the Hildabeast’s tears hit the floor, do they melt through the materials comprising said floor?

        Or do they turn into flying monkeys?

      30. I don’t believe what Trump says. Both candidates really said next to nothing about what they would do to help the American people. Both are obvious warmongers. You think Trump healthcare will be cheaper than what exists now. I doubt it. The police state will expand heavily under Trump. I preferred him over Clinton but nothing much will change. Another fake election shuffling the criminals around.

        • Blah, blah, blah. You lost the election, get over it.

      31. Not a good look for feminists and women. Here you have the first female candidate running for the second time and she refused to take the stage when it was revealed she lost. No man has ever done that. Furthermore, she was crying because she lost I can only imagine how people are going to spin that, but I honestly think it’s a little funny
        Third wave feminists and manginas btfo.


        They’re still trying to steal Arizona and Michigan.
        Michigan – all precincts reported. No winner declared.

        Arizona – 2 precincts still out ???

        This is more and more and more fraud – repost please!!

      33. I’d of gone down to the kitchen and brought up the kitchen knife block and placed it on her night stand. With all the happy needles they hit her with and me whispering in her ear, it wouldn’t have taken long for her to reach over and draw one out of the block.

      34. Did you notice when she came down from the stage after giving her speech on 11/9 she was hugging and kissing everyone . But when she reached where Podesta was she did not even look at him and he turned his back on her and walked away.

        • I also noticed that before she came down from the stage, she and Bill had a rather quick, perfunctory fake-looking hug. When she went to Chelsea, she held her daughter close for a relatively long time. I imagine she blames Bill too. If Bill hadn’t screwed around, Trump would have no women from Bill’s past to parade before Hillary’s face at the debate.

      35. They just called AZ for Trump. That is 11 more for him.

      36. You all believe Hillary spent the night crying.

        Maybe she did. I doubt it. I picture her in a serious meeting with top members of the Trilateral Commission.

        This topic is stupid. It is petty. And whether or not it is true – who cares !!


      37. Jimmy Cagney played a rough-n-tough gangster who smeared at the court when he was sentenced to the Gas Chamber. When his number was called, he broke down and cried hysterically.
        Sounds kind of like the Hildabeast.

        • He faked “turning yellow” for the sake of the dead end kids. Angels with Dirty Faces was a great movie.

      38. I wonder if she cried as hard as the mothers who lost sons, wives who lost husbands, friends who lost friends, children who lost their fathers the night and days, weeks, months and years after she and Obama stood by and did nothing to rescue those brave people in Benghazi. Those whose only crime was to put their trust in a government to come and rescue them. I wonder if those same brave men had a chance to cry knowing that their country betrayed them just like they did the brave men and women, of all colors and nationality, Vietnam veterans. Yeah I hope she cried. I hope she will continue to cry each and every remaining night while she spends the rest of her life behind bars.

        • Too right. To quote someone in another forum “Did she cry as hard as the mothers of the Benghazi victims??”

      39. I have been very suspect for weeks that if things did not go the way the “shadow government” intended a false flag event would ensue before Inauguration Day. Pray for Divine protection for all the Trump family. As for Hillary: the REAL Hillary has not been seen since 9/11/16 when she collapsed and went to Chelsea’s residence. I suspect she is in a coma or life-support and when the time is right an announcement will come she has “passed away” from a stroke or some such. Just saying…

      40. confirming her pardon from obama

      41. Can I ask “ALL” of you, whether you voted for one or the other candidate, PLEASE, PRAY for both of them! First PRAY that Donald trump will have the proper WISDOM to lead accordingly, and second PRAY for H/C’s Spiritual condition! I do NOT care or even like this woman, she has given no reason for me to do so; namely because she “LOVES” this present, evil world and is diametrically opposed to GOD His command to LOVE not the world nor the things of this world. 1 John 2:15 KJV

      42. Popular votes do not elect presidents. If they did, Texas, California, Ohio, New York and a couple others, would always “rule the day”. That is exactly why the Electoral College was formed—and now is not the time to have just a judge or court override the law. What is actually needed, due to the 80% geographical coverage by Republicans,is a “credited” two-vote” allowance for each state, to be added to their electoral candidate count. That collectively would give the small states more voting power, due to their large numbers–i.e., 30 smaller states could collectively add 60 votes to the nationwide electoral count. Also, for those Democratic protestors, each should ask the person who “recruited” them, as to just where did they get their information—and ditto for the recruiter. Either money is taking place or someone is passing false information. And, all of the protesters should ask themselves how they would react if the roles were reversed. And, everyone should keep in mind the Electoral College was designed to prevent a handful of large states from controlling the country. I believe my suggested “two-vote” credit should be added to the law, as a further “equalizer”. Note, not a single word of profanity, obnoxious nicknames or gutter talk!

      43. PRAY…PRAY…PRAY for Trump and his work, that he must do to clean up and revert to the “OLD PATHS” if that is possible, PRAY that it may be! Jeremiah 6:16 KJV

        • I am, believe me. Not for a minute have I thought that hrc would just roll over and go away. It ain’t over yet folks. Keep stacking and praying!

      44. Well if she flees to the Middle East for sanctuary, she might get quite a big surprise . They been paying her off for years , knowing they would get the big payoff when she became El Presidente . That didn’t happen . She got the money and they got the shaft . So if she shows up in their backyard , I’m not so sure she’s going to get a parade and fireworks , if you know what I mean . Also, I hope she enjoys wearing a Burka . It would be ironic if she began to be treated as the women in the Middle East are , since she never supported their women’s rights .

      45. “The shock of losing after having been a “98%” lock for the Presidency was simply too much to bare.”

      46. I have no sympathy for Hillary Clinton. This person who does not take responsibility would make a very poor President. Her attitude is one of arrogance; every failing cannot be her – it is always someone else. Hillary is egotistical, corrupt, and mendacious; thankfully, she will not be President.

        • I agree,but look at what Obama did, he blamed Bush for ??how many years? I don’t think he EVER took responsibility for anything.

      47. Good riddance to this POS. Hitlery belongs in prison. Now that this evil bitch is gone we can bring our country back from the brain-dead liberals. And the protesters, well, arrest all of them for treason, these ashwholes are a big part of the problem in this country. Time for them to go. Trump will make America great again. Trump will drain the swamp in Washington. He also needs to drain the swamp across the country. Law and order will again rule.

      48. This is the reason that a woman should not be President, do you ever see a man crying because he lost? In the words of Tom Hanks on A league of their own, THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL(POLITICS). Men and women are different, that doesn’t make it bad, just different. I am a woman and I don’t want a woman president.

      49. My guess is the old witch was crying because now all of the millions of dirty dollars she took in her and Bill’s coffers with the wink and nod she would be president and deliver on goods is not happening. Now the global mobsters will want to take her out! And she’s pissed with Huma – those 650k emails? What the hell happened there and why is that Muzzi still roaming free? She’s a security risk and should be arrested!

      50. Trump needs to keep his word. I understand him not saying anything about it until after he is sworn in.

        But this is my litmus test for Trump. She needs to be brought to justice for her crimes against humanity and treason.

        For me, it’s one strike and your out for any politician. Also, I’m not liking the NeoCon sharks swimming around him.

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