“We Are Doomed” – An On The Ground Report From Greece

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    As things have been heating up in Greece over the last several months, one of our readers has been keeping us abreast as to the goings on and the general sentiment of the Greek people. While European leaders like to downplay the seriousness of what’s happening on the ground, it’s clear that Greece is falling apart right before our eyes. This may very well be a prelude to what will be experienced in other nations who are on the brink of sovereign debt crises, insolvency and bankruptcy. That includes Spain, Portugal, Italy, Eastern European nations, and eventually the United States.

    SHTFplan reader and long-time contributor Manos writes us from Greece. His tone over the last few weeks has shifted from concern to what can only be described as hopelessness as he watches his country being dismantled. Heed the warnings from Greece and prepare accordingly for the chaos that is sure to follow as one country after another falls victim to global financiers and the power elite.

    May 1, 2011:

    Good monring,

    1. Today was the Nationwide strike. Most riots occurred in Athens, where the fascist governement threw its trained dogs of war against the citizens.    One person was beaten up by some police officer, and now is being treated in the hospital. Condition critical and his potential is zero.     Brain damage, said the doctors.

    2. On Tuesday morning around 5.00, one husband took his pregnant wife to give birth. As they stepped out of their house, in the centre of Athens, three illegals (possibly Pakistanis or Afghans), attacked the man and tried to take his camera. He resisted and they stabbed him three times in the neck and back. He died like a beast in the middle of the street. His wife was shocked and was transffered from the neighboors to the hospital. Hours later she gave birth to their child. The outcome? Four orphans and a widow for some $150 worth of a used camera.


    The country is boiling. If the wounded person dies, i’m not sure of what is going to happen.

    The most important, as my mother says, is to keep our mental strength first. I believe that people like us, are already awake and very soon many more follow.

    May 25, 2011:

    Today 18.00 Greek time, we will gather in the central square of each major or smaller Greek city. People from all political parties, different mentalities, and different social classes . We will make a silent protest against the third package of austerity measures in a year. We cannot take it anymore. From what i hear cameras will be not accepted, but if i manage i will take some shots with my cell-phone.

    Don’t forget us, and don’t forget that you also belong to a proud nation. Don’t let things guide you, where we and others are right now..I hope that the police snitches will not make their appearance. Socialist governments have a well constructed force for mass manipulation. Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Portugal, Ireland.

    Be safe and i will let you know.

    May 28, 2011:

    From today all Europe  is rising in squares and streets. Committees are being organized for the groups to stay on focus.Demand for supplies and necessary items is being witten in cardboards: http://anti-ntp.blogspot.com/2011/05/blog-post_153.html

    I’m going for the 4th day to the square. More and more people follow. I’ll try to send you videos but i must zip them because each is over 10mb in volume.

    My deepest condolences for the fellow human beings in Joplin. It is very sad for humanity to suffer such loses. Technology has advanced so much, that it’s unacceptable not to prevent the death of so many people.

    Be careful Mac. As you said the other day, we are entering dangerous paths.

    June 11, 2011

    Good morning,

    The attached photo is from last sunday’s demonstration in Athens.

    The Nazi flag has annoyed most German polititians and citizens.

    They consider that they are saving Greece, Ireland, and Portugal and we should be obliged to them.

    The gesture which you can see from my fellow Greeks, their hands with all five fingers open, is very very insulting. It’s like showing the middle finger in U.S., or throwing a shoe in Iraq or Pakistan.

    If you cannot open the file, here is the link:  http://anti-ntp.blogspot.com/2011/06/blog-post_6280.html

    Be safe Mac. Be prepared.

    Have a nice weekend.

    *In response to this email, I emailed Manos the following:

    So the Greeks seem to know what is coming… the situation for us here in the West is somewhat confusing, as we don’t know whether your people want the EU out completely, or whether they are rejecting the Greek politicians for their austerity measures… One thing is for sure, they (and the rest of us) are not happy with the current state of affairs… The rest of the world will go the way of Greece over the next two years.. a total disaster everywhere.

    Manos Responded as follows:

    Generally speaking, the plain people want both.

    We are rejecting the measures and we want to get out of the EU.

    Today is more clear that the EU project was meant to protect the interests of French and German companies and banks.

    It’s like NATO, but the enemy is from within 🙂

    By lowering the income and the survival level of a whole nation, you don’t beat inflation and debt.

    You bring even more chaos, poverty, misery, and inflation.

    But the plan Mac is one and only one.

    They want to drag the country to the bottom, and then start buying public property such as  land, islands, utility companies, and resources. It’s not by coincidence that southern of Crete and close to Corfu, they found natural gas, and petrol.

    Having in mind all those conspiracy theories being verified, it’s almost certain that there is some bigger plan than we can  think.

    To give you a hint, during the weekend when all people were shouting in the streets, our finance minister was participated in the Bilderberg meeting in Swiss.

    I hope thinks get better, but i’m very disappointed.

    June 15, 2011

    Today was the nation-wide strike. 500.000 people marched in Athens, but unfortunatelly police provocateurs destroyed the whole thing.

    Now (20.50 p.m.) people are gathering again in the main squares. The government has shit its pants of and tries desperatelly to hold on power.

    Take a look at the following video. The hair on your arms will stand up, by the terror deriving from the knowledge. Police members in civilian clothing are bringing sticks and bats, in order to use them in the riots. Other police members in uniforms watch and safe-guard their buddies. This is aprox. 1 hour before the morning riots.

    After the demonstration started, “anarchists” took the bats and the sticks and start beating civilians, policemen, shops, cars, or whatever. Those anarchists are actually police recruits who spoil the demonstration.

    We are doomed man, we are dead meat Mac. There is no hope.

    This is the future they are preparing for us, without us.

    “By the people, for the people”…

    Have a nice day.

    June 16, 2011

    Good afternoon,

    I found two very interesting videos, for you to see how the Greek fascist police works.

    On the first you will see a guy with a red tshirt, just watching the cops. By some unexpected move from some other person, the poor fellow is being taken by the cops.

    In the second you will see how tough he was beaten up by the police forces.


    Talk to you later


    The global media wants us to believe that somehow a new “aid” package (translated loan enslavement package) is going to help Greece get back on its feet, but from the financial side of things, it is clear that Greek debt is a complete disaster, with no hope of recovery or bailout:

    Zero Hedge via The Daily Crux:

    This morning Greek CDS is trading at a spread of 1,900 bps: a level that seals the fate of Greece, whose bonds are being sold into a bidless market. Two primary factors have totally shocked the market: one is that, as Reuters, reports, Germany now “wants the deadline for for a second Greek rescue package to be pushed back to September, reflecting the problems Europe is having hammering out the details, EU and banking sources said on Thursday.” This means that Greece may well run out of cash in the interim, but it appears that Germany is now fine with that outcome.

    Any additional loans will only make it worse for the Greek people. Several weeks ago it was proposed that any loans given to Greece would have to be collateralized with something. As Manos points out, the collateral is going to come in the form of key Greek assets like oil and natural gas fields, land and other resources.

    The intention is not to save Greece. It is to crush it, so that it can be bought and owned for pennies on the dollar – or Euro…

    The Greeks know this and they are fighting back. The rest of Europe is figuring it out. And soon it will spread to our side of the ocean.

    The latest Greek tragedy has played out over a timeline of at least a couple years, so in the instance of this sort of collapse, there is time to prepare. What you are seeing in Greece is a sovereign debt crisis coming to a head. The US is in much worse shape, and we may already be in the initial stages of a similar scenario. It will not be days, but months and years if things happen here like they did in Greece. (But, considering we control the world’s reserve currency, do not underestimate the speed at which our system could fall apart.)

    Manos from Greece repeats one thing regularly in his emails: BE PREPARED.

    Take his advice, because when the SHTF you’ll be on your own – you, your family, friends and neighbors.

    A positive ending to this story, and one that should inspire our readers, is that Manos is a prepper. He’s done his research, spent a lot of time in our community at SHTFplan and others online, and while the majority of his countrymen may have ignored the signs, Manos was stocking up on essentials and making personal defense preparations. If things get bad, he’ll be headed to his bug-out location on a farm outside of the major cities. Others won’t be so lucky.

    Thank you Manos for giving us permission to republish your emails so that the rest of our community can better prepare for what may be coming our way.


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      1. Dam

        Keep your head down, what a friken mess.

        people its now or never..we all need to stop fighting amongst ourselfs, we need to quit bickering about politics and who is a democrat and who is a republican, they are all out to screw us.

        they see this whole thing failing and falling apart…thats why they are acting the way they are.

        we all need to make them accountable Now!

        if we F-ing say NO..they need to Get it!

        or we need to Boycott them, and make it BE , NO

        how can the TSA do what they want to an entire airport of American Citizens saying NO..they cant

        how can the politicos force their adgendas if we block them in, and refuse

        again I say United we will stand, this division will be the end of us quicker than you think.

        this isnt a Democrat VS republican issue..this is survival of us, it IS US against them..
        they have a head start on us because they have seen this coming and have inside information..

        all these acts lately are from an administration that knows its failing, they are trying to grab at any possible control no matter how small..

        I see it
        I feel it

        soon we will be living it
        maybe it is too late

        • This is One World Government/UN Agenda 21 in action. They are moving the wealth out of the middle class.
          Big government and socialism will enslave us.
          One nation, one people who are not slaves. That is our common denominator. We must remember that when we disagre on “politics”. First we must win, then we can sort out the specifics.

          Pray. Be good to each other. Pray and fast and prep like crazy if you are not ready.

          • It obviously enraged the banksters when the people of Iceland rejected their “help”.

      2. wow… this hits home quickly… Best to Manos, be strong, be safe. It won’t be long for the rest of us to join in the global fray.

        stay frosty folks…

        • I want to say the same thing to him. Sorry to hear about Geek’s tragedy, and how you guys won’t be able to stop your politicians from raising the debt ceiling. The US is on its schedule to fall.

          If the politicians raise the debt ceiling, they are going to be really sorry, and everyone is going to hate them forever. Good luck Manos.

      3. Just as the Mideast is the miltary front for the elite war machine, Greece is the front for the financial machine.

        The Greek government is trying force the People into perpetual slavery to the banksters, and they are resisting admirably.

        It’s about the Greek People trying to rout out the banksters, nothing more.

        Same war we will be waging here when “austerity” starts.

        • God’s Creation,
          I normally appreciate your insights, but you’re wrong about the Greek mess. It is the result of a coddled welfare state mentality that got used to government handouts and early retirement pensions. Now they’re being told that they’re actually going to have to work longer and pay taxes and they don’t like it.

          The rest of the Europeans, particularly the Germans, are being asked to ante up to bail out the Banks that lent Greece all that money. The Greek people are lazy and spoiled, but nevertheless, the Banks should be forced to take their losses for lending those clowns so much money. In NO circumstance should the people of the Euro Common Market be forced to pay to bail out the stupid banks that lent money to the lazy Greeks.

          • Like you T, I appreciate and also agree with GC, but on this one, I agree with you. It’s not just the Greeks either, but the whole of Europe.

          • T,

            Let me argue regarding to the lazy you said. It applies indeed, but to a small portion of my people.
            Actually it has to do with all those public servants hired by every government in its attempt to grasp and hold on to power.
            Yes, those people were working 28 hours per week, yes they were receiving A LOT of money, and yes they were retiring early enough.
            but it’s more or less the 5% of the Greek working personnel.
            The private sector employees work over 50 to 55 hours per week, most of them working for the tourism industry.
            There people who know 3 different foreign languages in order to serve guests.
            I aggree with you that nobody should pay for the mistakes or actions of the Greek or Spanish, or Portuguese governments.
            Especially Americans who already face their own mountain to climb. It’s in our hands to deny this kind of politics because it leads nowhere.

            Be safe

          • “The rest of the Europeans, particularly the Germans, are being asked to ante up to bail out the Banks that lent Greece all that money. ”

            Being asked by who? The bankers and their installed governments, that’s who. Why, to keep Greece under their Euro Zone slavery currency.

            Why are they pissed? Each has their own story, but I suspect that many have awakened to the bankers fraud just like we have. Now, the promises that were made with the banksters money are being broken. Don’t blame those, no matter how good their job was, for getting pissed when the deal gets changed on them.

            The solution is simple for a thinking Man. Greece needs to issue its own fully backed money and use it to benefit it’s own people. We should do the same thing.

            The banksters have a big stake in Greece. If it fails and defaults, the remainder of the system will collapse practically overnight. If the Greek people end up issuing their own money, the banks will be defeated.

            The main thing the banks are trying to do is control the outrage over “austerity”, and silence the people. The bailouts from other fictional currency issuers are just a show. Anybody can type the number 10,000,000,000 into a computer and that is all it will really take to bail them out.

            Whether they are truly aware or not, the peoples fight is with the banks and the only way they can win is to REFUSE all bailouts and begin to issue Sovereign, fully backed Money.

        • GC,

          E-Mail me when/if you read this:

          [email protected]


          True or False?:

          Patriot Myth:

          The 50 star flag itself without the gold tassels, braids or other attachments is the proper flag of our nation

          The fifty star flag was introduced by Corp. U.S. as the flag of the nation in the 1950s to recognize the entry of private corporations known as THE STATE OF ALASKA and THE STATE OF HAWAII into the corporate union (Corp. US) of STATE OF ‘X’ corporations. It could not have been issued as a result of the Alaska and Hawaii Territories entering the Union of States of the United States of America because from the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement forward Corp. U.S. was privately owned by a foreign power with a conflict of interest limiting it from issuing an Enabling Act that could allow a State to form.
          Further, there was no President of the United States of America then seated in the original jurisdiction government seat, whose signature is necessary to sign any valid Enabling Act for those territories to become such States.

          Further, there was no original jurisdiction national Congress seated at that time to generate such necessary Enabling Acts.
          Therefore, there are to this day only 48 States in the Union of States of the United States of America and the proper flag of our nation has only 48 stars on its jack.

          The 50 star flag is the proper flag of the President of Corp. U.S. and is properly used in his capacity as the Commander in Chief of the military forces of the United States of America, which are an original jurisdiction government body but they stand today under the assignment of Lincoln’s martial law as the enforcers of that martial law, whose business needs are dictatorially controlled by Corp. U.S.’ President.

          • In the 1950’s the states were still using silver coinage, constitutional money. They became wholly corporate, non-constitutional federal entities in the late 60’s because they could no longer conduct constitutional business in the absence of authorized money. Thus they incorporated through the District of Columbia and became federal entities. Need proof, ask a court for a federal tax ID and it will have it. Wanna know when it incorporated as a federal entity, see when the number was issued.

            The Supreme Court ruled that any time government corporations deal in commercial paper, it does so “in the character of a private corporation”. In other words, no “government” work could be done, except for that done in a private character through the trading of commercial paper (FRNs). The Constitutions were no longer relevant.

            It’s been a long and slow conversion. Had to be so people wouldn’t notice. They didn’t, so here we are trying to conduct our lives through commercial paper and the commercial law that goes with it. The issuers of the paper writes the laws, not the users. The people lost power when their gold was stolen, and lost the remaining power when the government refused to continue minting their money.

            I know your question is about the flag, but you are not under any special hidden law because of any flag, thus your question is irrelevant. Who cares what flag criminals fly. Their perceived power does not come from a flag, it comes from the paper the corp forces everyone to use.

            The Myth is as False as it is irrelevant. So much energy is being wasted on stuff like that. I have wasted my share when I first woke up.

            In the end, there is no silver bullet that is going make a judge or rogue cop admit he’s a criminal. Making such arguments make one look like a nut. Why else would someone try to defend themselves against the imaginary powers of a flag.

            The flag of the United States represents to me, a Corporate symbol of a private corporation. A business Logo. It is nothing more.

            I have no allegiance to any flag, nor to anything a flag represents. My only allegiance outside that to God and Family is to the People of my state and its Constitution. When and if they wake up to the realization that we are being occupied by foreign (military) interests and decide to rebel, my allegiance to the People and the Constitution requires me to pick up arms and fight for both. As long as they are asleep and content with the occupiers, I can’t save them from themselves.

            For anyone seeking freedom and peace of mind, quit worrying about the Corp and learn to get by without it as much as is possible.

            Once you understand the fraud, there is nothing more to do but avoid it. I just found a good free book, How to Be Invisible. Google it and take a look. Do what it takes to be invisible.

      4. “If things get bad, he’ll be headed to his bug-out location on a farm outside of the major cities. Others won’t be so lucky.”

        Sounds like it is already BAD. If it was me, I’d have been outta there by now.

        Manos, I am fairly new here, but I read your posts with great interest. I know we are headed down the same terrible path. I wish there was something we could do besides wish you well. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and the people of Greece. 🙁

      5. Manos… best regards’ to you and all of your family.

        …History knows that action is going to fall more brutal in the years to come. People are not starving yet!

      6. By the way – does anyone else here ever feel like they are living in some weird, parallel universe? Or like you are constantly waiting for the other shoe drop? Anxious more than you have ever been? Blown away by the “quickening” of what is happening the last few years? Angry? Enraged? Frustrated beyond belief? Hopeless? Afraid?

        Since I’ve been “awake” I often wish I could fall back “asleep”. Just trying to keep up with, and understand everything, leaves me anxious and mentally exhausted. Am I taking what is happening and what is going to happen “too hard”?

        After reading Gerald Celente’s latest report – there was one statement that literally made my heart get a pain: “You aren’t going to recognize this country in another 10 years.” What does this mean? I took it to mean total tyranny, taxation beyond belief, most of the average Joes living in poverty and worst of all our country being overrun with illegals – no culture, many languages and our borders being erased. When I think of these things – it makes me wish I really could take a long nap and not wake up. Am I alone in thinking this way? Im not suicidal, just anxious more than I have ever been. Sleep seems to be the only escape sometimes. Alchohol used to be my medicine of choice – but that only makes things even worse the next day so gave that up. (At least in excess, heheh)

        I hope I can learn from the people of Greece. Good luck to all of you.

        • You are not alone in your feelings. Sometimes I almost wonder if I’m losing my mind, because it feels like no one else around me sees what is going on. It is exhausting, because it seems like this country (and the rest of the world) cannot keep going on, yet we still stagger on. You just wonder, will tomorrow bring on the crash, or will we somehow manage to keep going for a few more years.

          • Wow, you guys are posting for me, sort of. I know of a very few folks that actually have any idea what is coming our way. I do have to watch what I say and how I act lest things go confrontational with a lot of folks around me. They are just waiting to be slaughtered, er, waiting for the “revovery.”

            I have put quite a bit of effort into this. I have a place in the country picked out, plenty of fuel to get there and prepositioned “things.” I know it’s gonna be rough but we stand a very good chance of making it. Got a well, multiple motors and at least 3 generators so water is good for at least 6 months. Calves, chickens, rabbits and looking for a Jersey. Decent garden and a very defensible property.

            Who wants to argue the “worst place to be” when TSHT ? I say Whittier or Long Beach, CA. Any other nominees?

            • New York City, LA, Detroit…

            • POA:

              on the couch …duh! Just kidding man…

              I truly think there is not much sand left in the hourglass, then all Hell is going to break lose! World wide!!!

              I feel we are on the door step to WWIII or something of that nature but, this will be like no war ever fought in history. I think it’s going to be a great civil war but, world wide.

            • Oakland, Ca…….run

            • The worst place to be will be anywhere near a major city. I believe 300 miles is a safe distance but, those backwoods motherf@#*ers will be just as nasty when they need your resources so be ready for anything. Unfortunately we need to stick with our friends who have also been preparing (For most of us, its just us…it sucks I know) . It’s very stressful seeing our nation and others being destroyed in some deceitful game of greed and power. When this nation falls, we need to understand that your neighbor can be just as dangerous as a gang of thugs looking to loot. You’re an awesome community her ladies and gentleman, I just wish we were all neighbors because I would feel a lot safer. Keep preparing no matter what!!! And try to keep your heads up!

            • ….in lala land….unprepared and uninformed.

          • MB,
            I know I’m a little bit of a broken record, but I find lots of comfort in being a Christian and knowing that the Lord has already won the last battle of the last war. I can’t guarantee you anthing except this one fact: God will overcome evil in the end and we must remain faithful to the end. I believe the world is deteriorating in exactly the way the Lord knew it would. It is now plainly evident that what we are now witnessing is evidence of what happens when mankind forgets God.

            • T,
              I believe what you are saying is right, and I know that this is all in God’s hands, but the weak part of me worries for my kids. Myself, I don’t care so much what happens to me, but I don’t want my kids to suffer.

          • you guys are reading my mind….stop it!

            • mind reading post was supposed to be up above Plain Ole American’s post at June 16th 2:54pm

          • I feel insane every time I try to talk to friends and neighbors about what’s going on. People think I’m over-reacting and they laugh me off like I’m that crazy relative that has a bomb shelter in their back yard. I can’t even stock up on canned food without catching shit for it. It’s really hard not being ignorant sometimes.

          • MB- Same with me. Every morning when I wake up, I turn on the radio just to see if it has happened. Will today be like yesterday, or has the S hit the F? Hopefully, if I am the first person to wake up and learn it has happened, I will have more time to react before the panic sets in.

            The only problem, is my tolerance level for terrible news has gone up significantly. The events of these last few months have numbed me a bit.

        • NunJoBiz

          I have discovered the anxiety and other bad feelings increase the more you stay on sites such as this. (Or it could just be my wife)

          It is not a parallel universe. It is your universe and you are letting too many things into it that need not be there. As the Master of your Universe, it is up to you to decide what gets in and what you throw out.

          The so-called Elite is no longer hiding their crimes. Nothing is going on now that hasn’t been going on for decades. It’s just out in the open now. We are face to face with it.

          As J Edgar Hoover said

          “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.”

          The actions of the Corp have become so monstrous that it is difficult to believe that the people who work for it would actually be capable of doing them as human beings, as well as to their fellow human beings.

          Shock and Awe by bringing down the curtain.

          All of the news we read here and at other sites is the ELITE universe. The Corps control it, we react to it in effort to avoid victimization. If you exit the Corp. universe and enter into or return to your own, there is very little it actually controls.

          Relax. I guarantee if it gets to be too much all you need to do is stay off the computer for a week and spend some time in your own world.

          Your action will be required whenever the worlds collide in a way that the one world of the Elite damages the worlds of enough People simultaneously to incite action on a mass scale.

          You will know when it is time. Nobody here can tell you. Until then, make sure you take some time to spend with yourself in the garden, or whatever interest you as a Man.

          The Corp will still be there when you decide it warrants your attention again. Just don’t let it’s effort to control you succeed. Remember, effort to control does not mean actual control. You still have that.

          • “Your action will be required whenever the worlds collide in a way that the one world of the Elite damages the worlds of enough People simultaneously to incite action on a mass scale.”


        • Absolutely feel the same way! Apprehension extreme at times!Part of it is there seems to be more police than a budget can support at the time of protest. How can a small down/city pull out so many police when they are laying of tons of teachers and other city workers. My biggest fear is I won’t be wide awake enough when they bust down my door. This delay can make all the difference in the world between living and dying.

        • NunJo; hang in there, a few of us, in the ministry, have been talking about the same thing for about a year now. I see many in disbelief, as if the Titanic can’t sink. Without sounding preachy, 2 Thes.2:10-12 basically says a strong delusion has come upon the many who haven’t loved the Truth. Don’t feel hopeless or even entraped, prepare as Noah was before the flood. We are witnesses,at the present age, to the acceleration of evil people trying to enslave the world. Remember: Knowledge is Power and Power is Knowledge. Use what you are seeing to your advantage and prepare for the worse and pray for the best. I’ll add you to my prayer list with the many others on this site, not to have a spirit of fear.

          • DRD, WOW…I wish the staff at my church was awake like you are…It makes me sad that my family and I have to keep quiet about our prepping, lest they think we have “No faith”….God directed Noah and Joseph to prepare and they are ok with that…but when we have tried to talk to them…but get no where!!
            I have memorized 2nd Corinthians 10:5 ” Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” This verse has really helped me to not let myself panic, to not imagine the worst, God IS in control, and we just have to have faith and quietly go about our business, prepping the best we can! We have no family to turn to, they don’t want to hear it…such a sad situation.

        • I’m there with ya brother. I have been trying to get the family into the prep mode but most people just don’t want ANYMORE bad news. Bought some more ammo and preps but it just never seems to be enough, everyday a newsflash that points directly to the coming collapse. Sometimes I just wanna shake the livin shit outta them and slap some sense into them however, I can only do so much I know this: we’ll all do a lot more with a lot less in the near future.

          • Thanks everyone. Some days it hits me harder than others. I think I narrowed it down to what bothers me the most and that is that I have so little hope of things ever getting better. I feel like I go thru the motions for the sake of my kids and family. My husband thinks Im paranoid and that stings a little. The feeling of being trapped and unable to get out of our current situation (which is really NOT bad at all – for now) that frustrates me the most. He does not understand my urgency of getting out of the city.

            Anyway, feeling a little better now and did not want to try and make this about me. It’s about Manos and the Greek people and I will try and learn something from what they are going thru.

      7. There is no “they.” “Governments” are made up of men and women. They are not faceless. They are people and as people, they are equally vunerable as all people are.

        Lets not empower these individuals by allowing them to hide behind the annonimity of a group. Each is accountable for his or her actions.

        Single them out and draw attention to their personal involvement. Stare them down and call them out where they live as individuals and when they are not behind the mask of a title or badge.

        Resorting to violence is exactly what these individuals have been trained and prepared for. Violence will only self justify their crimes against the innocent. Don’t fall for that trap.

        When the awakened public figures that out, we will have the beginnings of a real revolution.

        Otherwise, we all lose.

        • RC

          The problem with that theory is that there are millions more programmed sheep waiting in line to take the job and do the same thing.

          The Elite would like nothing more than for everyone to start singling out local people as “responsible” for their crimes.

          While that should certainly be done and the people shamed in public, would it really stop anything? The Corp will shame it’s own when it needs to. Look at Strauss Kahn.

          There is only one target that needs to be hit and that is the banking FAMILIES. Not the banks and it’s employees, but the families that hold all the stock.

          The only way that change will be made is to kill every Banking Family (8 known) and all decendents on the planet, remove and try ALL elected officials currently in office at ALL levels of government, and reinstall a Constitutional government to oversee the transition and coin the gold reclaimed from the dead bankers into coins the people can once again use and control.

          Of course, that will never happen.

          • “The only way that change will be made is to kill every Banking Family (8 known) and all decendents on the planet”

            GC, I have several thousand rounds of ammo to donate!

      8. there are several questions that come to mind. if enough worldwide attention is brought to bare on greece, can these riots be avoided in other countries? Our government obviously knows we are headed for the same riots, will they use the same tactics as the riot police(goons) in greece.?
        I think most Americans, across all party lines are sick of hearing that the US must do something becasue of being told to by multi national authority from elsewhere. Where has our soverignty gone? I guess it was sold out years ago, and we didn’t even realize it.
        I don’t think Americans are going to put up with the same crap that the greeks are. There are way more victims here to deal with than all the greeks combined.
        not a good summer ahead, and certainly not a good fall season coming.

        • greaseman,

          All governments have the power to do whatever they want.
          They use psychology science to manipulate masses. They know that it is very difficult or impossible, for people to come in some agreement.
          From the other side, all technology means can and will be used by the government.
          Even this facebook tool, which is used here to announce all protests, can be turned off by the government.
          Finally they are preparing their dogs of war, in order to clash with demostrators.
          In plain words even if riots errupt, they have the power to deal with them.
          Our only resistance is to hit them where they hurt; their pockets. Stop consuming, don’t buy ipads, don’t buy new cars, don’t go to mcdonalds, don’t go to walmart, or starbucks, don’t buy new cell phone.
          Start living a low profile life based on the local stores, bartering, and most of all support for the weak. If you still have a job and income, give a few bucks to some poor family you know.
          We must return to the period when family-friend bonds were strong.

      9. Greece didn’t fall victim to the global financiers, they fell victim to the economically clueless socialist utopians who promised them unlimited pensions, early retirement and high pay for government jobs.
        LET THEM FALL!

        • Dave,
          Welll said! Amen!

        • Dave ~

          Your comment disparaging an ENTIRE COUNTRY absolutely reeks of bigotry, ignorance and hatred. Have a little human sympathy about a horrific situation. One day YOU may in the midst of a similar situation and I would hope that others would be more kind then to chortle with glee over your downfall. Not every single person in Greece deserves this treatment, nor does every single American on social assistance or unemployment.

          I’m sure this falls on deaf ears.
          *shakes head in disgust*

          • Dalsy,

            Dave is right. A whole political system based its expectations for re-election and long duty, on the people’s votes.
            In order to get the votes, politicians gave something in return.
            This was well paid government jobs, early retirement, and benefits beyond imagination.
            This applied only to a portion of the civil service sector.
            All private enterprise employees were and still are working hard, over 55 hours per week.
            And all this is the result of the “socialist” governments since 1981.

          • I hear you loud and clear. After reading Mac’s articel that had a personal touch to it from a fellow SHTFplanner, I was shocked and disappointed to see negative posts about Greeks…..have a little cooth people

        • If we continue to elect politicians who sell us into slavery we WILL become slaves. We ARE becoming slaves to the debt our country owes while most people have their heads in the said or waiting for the Obama money handout. Food stamps are the modern day bread line. The fight to free ourselves from the debt that we owe will be a bloodbath. Our creditors will come looking for what we owe them and legally they will be entitled to it.

        • “Greece didn’t fall victim to the global financiers, they fell victim to the economically clueless socialist utopians who promised them unlimited pensions, early retirement and high pay for government jobs.”

          Dave, what’s the difference. One gives money to the other, and the other takes the money back from the people who earn it and gives it back to who it came from. The banks own the government.

          It’s not the government. It’s not the People. It’s the bankers who enabled the socialist morons to rule without fiscal restraints in the first place, with predictable results. The same thing is happening here, and it was also planned long ago.

          Until everyone understands that the problem is the Banks and Private currency, AND NOTHING ELSE CAN BE FIXED UNTIL THE BANKING SYSTEM IS DESTROYED, there is little hope the problems will be solved. Most every problem we face as a society has been created and financed by the banks fraud, and would not exist with sound money.

      10. Humans are humans. Sometimes internationals like to say “Oh you Americans are so this, that, the other… blah blah blah” but facts be known we are all the same.

        Humans love and breed and are happy and sad and can enjoy life or we can be pissed off. The way humans react to stimuli is very very predictable. Right now it seems “they” are testing Greece. They are seeing how humans react on a small scale before bringing it local.

        By the time shtf here, they will understand what to expect, and they will know how to counter it. Preppers should observe too, and understand the results and outcomes.

        Thank you for the posts Manos and
        thanks to Mac for posting them.

        the moral?
        “This might hurt a lil”

        • TG, I respectfully agree and disagree. You’re right, they THINK they’re testing the waters for here, but, arrogance and power make people blind to simple truths.

          Culture changes a lot of things. When things get bad enough here, it will be vastly different. The Greeks, are toothless, they’re disarmed, for one thing. For another, the united States of America are so totally different, politically, socially and geographically that the response will be vastly different.

          Even though FedCo (the fake, usurper corporate government) has had control of the education system for about 50 years, there is some truth has bled through. That truth is this: We are a union of states, not “a country”. While acting as a union, we act like a “country” but in reality, each and every state is a country, a mini-nation of its own. Just because the corrupt criminal bastard class corrupts and bankrupts FedCo doesn’t mean the states go down with those hapless scumbags.

          Ah, but I have said to much. Too much meat for the toddlers, right GC? They might get choked.

          Just remember: Our federal government is *NOT* our government at all. It is a corporation that, in effect, has a contract to govern us. It looks and acts (sort of) like our government but it has no commitment in law or in deed to The Constitution. It tries to fool you into thinking that it does, but it does not. Many of you think I’m babbling nonsense. It may seem so. When one has been fed untruths for decades, it takes a while to realize that all the strangeness and all the schisms can be explained in one small theory and you find that that theory is the truth. Once you suspicion it as a viable theory, the floodgates will open, as they have for me.

          Read my lips: Its the corporation, stupid! …and that one phrase explains SO many things. So many.



          • I agree, not all cultures are the same and culture is in grained to many parts of human actions. Look at Japan and there behavior after the earthquake.

            I certainly hope that the people in the US have some of the same culture that made us stand up to forces on our soil before.


            Thanks for the updates and may God be with you.

            • I second that! I hope we will stand up.

              So far as I have seen most of the people in the US cities just want their co-co puffs and a flat screen TV with 200 channels. They get that, they’re happy. It will be the productive class that will put us back on the track. I predict this: a war between the welfare recipients and those from which the welfare money is stolen from.

              Manos, man, keep your head down. You’ve been posting on here for a long time. I will pray for your safety.

          • NetRanger,

            Thanks for your support. We are indeed toothless since it’s forbidden to have arms.
            From the other hand, hunting shotguns are permitted and Greece is full of them.
            And in the worst case scenario, a Mossberg 590 can make a bigger damage than a 9mm Ruger.


            Thank you too. Interculutural differences play a major role in the global envirnoment.
            What we are about to face though, is included in one word globally: Misery.
            I pray for all of you also. U.S. has lost many good people the last two months, due to envirnoment factors.
            Be safe, and stay close to your families.
            They are the only ones to help you when the shtf.

            Be safe.

      11. I would like to remind you guys of something the late Ted Kennedy said.
        He was drinking vodka with his family and they were talking about why he got into politics and stuff. He stopped and said this: ” I am glad I won’t be around when you guys get to be my age”

        They said, “Why uncle Teddy?”

        Ted said, “Because when you are my age, the whole thing will fall apart”

        Google it. Look it up. If even Ted Kennedy knew what was coming, then we should too. It is gonna fall apart guys. We just don’t know when

        • He was shovel ready before his time.

      12. Dave 2:16pm is right, the people of Greece chose this path. Greece needs to cut it’s budget and stop borrowing and spending. That’s it.

      13. Manos – Hang tough. Your in our prayers. Thanks for your efforts.

      14. Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow, I repeat, Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow. “My God, there ain’t no hiding it now”.
        (“We Were Soldiers”). Manos, may God’s guiding hand be upon you and your family.

      15. The time to organize and articulate OUR displeasure about polices in America is NOW, not waiting until the PTB try to dismantle OUR freedoms and liberties by increasing the rules, regulations, and laws that govern US. Take it to the street.

        Engage your government or be enslaved by it.

      16. Manos,
        I was shocked by the video’s…and a little scared…we got rid of cable over a year ago, so the only news I get is online and I didn’t know the situation was so bad!! To think this is coming OUR way…please stay safe…and don’t wait to get to your farm…better to early, then too late! Stay safe and you and your family are in our prayers!!

      17. MANOS:

        ποτε θα κανει ξαστερια!

        It sounds like things are getting hairy. I’m getting filtered information from my inlaws in Athens, but saw the front page of the Washington Post today. Not good.

        Take care of yourself.


        • Burt Grummer,

          Thanks for the support. Tell your people in Athens to stay indoors and make their supplies.
          Things here in Crete, where i live, are still a bit grey. Not too big riots or fights. More or less there are jobs, and many people have a small property in which they grow their garden stuff.
          But Athens is HUNGRY.

          Be safe,

      18. Manos ~ It is amazing that you are sharing this with us. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate reading this first hand information. Excuse the paranoia, but I want to caution you to be very careful sharing information. Certainly keep a low profile. The Ugly Folks never want their dirty laundry aired and I would hate it if you suddenly became the object of retaliation. Know when to run…. You, and many others in Greece, are in my prayers.


        • Daisy?

          The “Ugly Folks”???

          Ha. Thats funny.

          I caught that term as I was reading your post. I think I know who you mean but where did you get that term? Kinda gives me a chuckle because, I guess, in my head I always kind of thought of them that way.

          • She probably got that term from down south….here in the south term UGLY means nasty, mean, people that “show out” are acting UGLY. These are people you just don’t want to deal with.

      19. Manos, hang in there brother prepper. There may be many differences of opinion here, just know you are in our prayers, hearts and mind

      20. For United States I think it will be slightly different. What i see is this, when we get enough balls to actually finally fight back, it won’t be with sticks and stones like the Greek, it will be with alot of guns. They know this, so what I think they might do is bring China in to assist. This is how they will do it.

        They will sell China, American soil. They have already done that, with Boise Idaho. If we get angry and go on a an all out revolt like the Greeks are, we will be crushed by Chinese forces because the Chinese can now say “we are here to protect our property.” This will be the excuse and manpower the elite needs to crush any resistance we manage to raise.

        I’m probably wrong but I look at all options. Economic invasion is much harder to fight because it has the pretense of “law or color of law” to back it up and this confuses people.

        • Fortunatly, the Chinese will have to get here first.

        • Or they can just use Blackwater and other companies like them. Or just declare martial law…….I can’t see enough Americans standing together in a coordinated effort at the same time to make much of a fight back….I wish, but don’t see it happening. We are already boiling, and yet no frogs are jumping

      21. I concur absolutely that things have gone very wrong and that the sheeple syndrome is the reason it has regressed to the point it has….BUT while it is true that the govicorp trashes and ignores our laws and our constitution while pushing forward toward their culture of death, Id argue its also true that most Americans didnt know that they had pulled the criminal stunt that they did(selling us out and suspending the constitution)…because many Americans still have a basic understanding of how its SUPPOSED to be… and a suspicion that something is very wrong.
        America was founded by people who for all their differences believed in divine rights of people(from their Creator),not of kings; people who were willing to fight for that right to determine their own path….freedom and liberty are in a manner of speaking inbred into American DNA(why else do they attempt to water us down culturally?) and even though Americans may not remember it; and TPTB want to ignore it… history says we tend to take the crap till we reach a point of no return then we kick someones anal holding device…..rather than kissing it! 😉
        I agree things are bad but I wont write off the (true) American experiment just yet…thres alot of people who wont bow and they wont break…we may have to fight another war for freedom here on this ground…we may have to start over with a state or two but I dont see freemen and women going quietly into the night or to the ovens…we are free regardless of their decrees…regardless of their lies and demands,they may want to believe that we fear them …we scorn them…they fear us, and they fear us finding out!
        ………remember we are a nation of freemen born and forged in the fires of rebellion,we still retain that spark in our soul,our choice is this…it will either be extinqished forever or flare into a blazing inferno that consumes these nwo bass-turds and all their kinfolks as well as their pets….wheres my gas can?!Thanks!

      22. best of luck mate, and to all of you on the blog. it’s coming like a freight train, and there is no stopping it… the only part that i can’t stand is the waiting and not knowing how long until the mass awakening. whatever happens, i intend to survive if i have to.

      23. “After the demonstration started, “anarchists” took the bats and the sticks and start beating civilians, policemen, shops, cars, or whatever. Those anarchists are actually police recruits who spoil the demonstration.”

        “Anarchists” are being blamed for the riots erupting in Vancouver after the Stanley Cup loss. Do anarchists hate loosing national sporting events as well or do they simply hate wasting a good crisis?

        • Karen,

          The most basic anarchist theory is “neither God nor slave”
          Real anarchists don’t mess with society because they don’t believe in it.
          Those people who break cars, beat demonstrators, and burn bank atms, are people who just want to spend their time. Just think of the British hooligans or something like that.
          Greek society isolated those incidents, and at the end of the day it proved that they actually were police snitches in order to destroy the demonstrations.

      24. So much grief and terror and sadness.ALL because the private Bankers in every country(ours included)took HUGH risks with other peoples money.NOW they want US the middle and poor to “austere” our standards of living so that their( with your money)TheGoldielocks Sakies private Bankers profits/personal massivegains/salaries remain unabated.That’s why SO MUCH Government(yours and ours)money was “needed” and Demanded(and Got) to Bail out the AIGs and Sitibankerist(just wait till Siti falls back into a new coming crisis mode,bet Obama finds a few Billion for their pockets!)and other too big to fail bankers.The Repocrats on both sides in Congress here in th good ole USA were paid(donated to)massive amounts of $$$$ to look the other way and allow these debts to occur(no small thanks to that feckless little Texas boy.And yes,our very own Black First,Mr. Obama the “man of change!!!”).Obama, who voted with him on that one really fooled some of us into thinking HE might the next FDR,nope,just another party “pretty-boy”.All hat, no cattle as they say in Texas.Hence the term “Repocrat” that I use.No sense try to solely blame one party.Both are owned by the Corporations and the UBER-RICH.The UBER-RICH couldn’t care less about anything/anyone but gaining more wealth and power at the terrible expense of everyone else.ThEY made the BILLIONS spent in Iraq,Afghanistan and else where in the Arab world.I fully expect the UBER-RICH will orchestrate some type of “False Flag” terrorism to seize control of everything/all media outlets they don’t already control/influence.All FASCIST(read Nazi-style ruler-ship,look it up if you need to.)do this as quietly and as quickly as possible I.E.the speedy allowance of the Comcast-NBC merger and the ATT Phone company being allowed to buy up smaller companies in the name of “cost savings to the customer”.Where have we heard THAT one before?!?Quite soon,in order to “protect” us they(using the Feds and local officials,like in the FDA’s war on farmers who do raw milk production) will DEMAND everyone to adhere to a set of “safe” conduct standards.Unless you ONLY want to buy everything via the coming black markets.Several wide reaching “My very closed mouthed,but good friends networks”Let’s call it the MVCMBGFN for short.(My own personal,but growing collection of odds and sods don’t EVER talk to each other on the “watched-over” ‘net,U Betcha!I just love that expression!)This form of mutual helping hands might just be the only way to survive the UBER RICH’S war the rest of us(like in Russia today after the fall of the USSR).I might be wrong(not a first),and the IS a sure way to find out…..Stay tuned,keep the powder dry and the BOB near at hand.
        Best to All,

      25. God bless you, Manos, and all of your fellow Greeks who want only to stand up for your rights and the nation you love.
        I will be praying for you and for all of the citizens of Greece who are suffering through this fear and hardship…

      26. Hi guys..on lots of prepper sites the question is raised…”why do the elite want to destroy nations and economies?? Would it not be better to have a thriving economy for purchasing power to buy the corporate’s crap they make??”
        My answer is always, this has been the plan for decades..they care not that you don’t buy—they will swoop in with the trillions they have stolen from the world, snatch up every asset, whether it be minerals, oil, buidlings, farmland—and then force the population to work as serfs for their food each day.
        Control the food supply—you control the populace??

        • Maslow’s pyramid and they control the rise over the run on triangle slope. I’ve seen the pyramids! 7th week down on Euro markets. Deflation then Inflation.

      27. Two things

        It’s not all Greeks it’s the unions, just as here that is the problem. Too much pay and benefits too little work, that the rest of us are forced to pay (taxes)for.

        The difference in the not so US is that we have guns. They will need to deal with us differently. Probably worst.

      28. The new mayor of Chicago is dealing with his own roving gangs of ‘anarchists’ . I do believe he was one who said never let a good crisis go to waste. It will be a scary summer for the shareholders of Amerika Inc.

      29. Greece will probably get another bailout just to buy more time as usual before the inevitable collapse. Again, another victory for the NWO/global elite bankster criminals. At least people in Europe, N.Africa and the Mid-East are trying to fight back.

        The sheeple in the U.S. are far removed from reality and too doped up on whatever kool-aid they’ve been eating, drinking and watching. I believe the people here have no hope left and we already lost. The only thing that can save us now is huge, catastrophic natural events and even nature itself is being controlled and manipulated by TPTB and such.

        Perhaps were all suppose to be slaves to the NWO/banking cartels and the God we all should be worshipping is the mighty Federal Reserve note.

        • DigiRonin,

          You’re right about the bailout. They will give it, and then they will give another one and a third maybe.
          They will do it as long as it serves their interests.
          Their purpose? Dark as the money they give to nations.
          As i said to Mac the other day, we don’t want the money. Let us fall, and we will find our way. Thank God there are properties, agriculture, goats and sheeps, and of course the billion dollar natural gas and petrol.
          They don’t want that. They want the country to its knees in order to exploit the resources.
          Look what’s happening to Siera Leone, Nigeria, Congo, Ivory coast.
          All natural wealth is in corporate hands, and a small portion being given to crapy dictators.
          Don’t be fooled by them. Greece, Ireland, and Portugal are the canary in the mine.
          As soon as they find strengths and weakneses of their plan, they will make a better one.
          Then it’s your turn, because you are a pain in the butt of the British royalty and the German fascism.

          Be safe. Be brave. And protect your beloved ones.

        • It has been reported that Greece has about 10 days more days of money to operate & not even mentioning the bond problem. Merkel stepped up this morning to float the boats. I wonder what the Icelanders are thinking while they are fishing.

          I heard on Bloomberg this morning that the American people are more concerned with the price of fuel than what is going on in Greece. Stay safe Manos.

      30. This didn’t even make the news here in Australia, but we did hear about the Vancouver thing. I have no idea what guidelines news agencies use to decide what goes on the air. It could be as simple as deciding what they think people would be interested in.

        Well they do say Australia has the largest Greek population outside of Greece. The news should be all over it.

      31. Manos,

        I really hope these bailouts get rejected and the criminal bankster elites get booted from Greece and the entire EU. I wish you and your people well and I give you guys a lot of credit and respect for standing up to the corruption and tyranny. I only wish the American people can do the same.


        The news regarding Greece barely made here in the U.S. or at least here in New York. All they keep spewing is crap about sports, celebrities and congressman Weiner’s resignation…big woop!

        This is why I feel that the American people are done, especially the ones that live in major metropolitan cities like New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. There may still be a glimmer of light and fighting chance for those who live in more rural and gun liberal states.

        • I feel that way too. I mean, who the hell cares if Arnold has a love-child? I wish they would report the important things.

      32. Manos good read. I only hope your people can finally come to terms with the problems and throw the politicians out and leave the EU.

        You need control of your money and default. You will recover, move on, and restructure your government for the people by the people. This is usually what happens when politicians and poeple can vote themselves wealth of the production of others.

        Look at Iceland they are now issuing bonds after telling every banker screw you. I remember when all the bankers and so called experts said Iceland was doomed and no one would ever do business with them again.

        God Bless you and your poeple.

      33. You guys blaming the “banksters” for everything sound like the guy crying the victim role whe the mob breaks his legs for not paying back a loan! There is no grand conspiracy. The people are at fault. The people that vote themselves more benefits. The people who leverage themselves in debt. We have our own Greek tradgedy unfolding. 100k/anum lifeguards in CA. 100k/anum bus drivers in WI! And when reasonable politicians make reasonable proposals to force the govermants to live within their means, they are castigated for starving old people, etc etc. Look at what happened in Wisconsin. California and Illinois are both on the brink of collapse not to mention the USA and still people think they are entitled to the current wealth of others and the future wealth of people not even born yet. Quit blaming the crack dealers and start holding the addicts accountable. The addicts are us. Addicted to gov’t largesse. We have found the enemy, it is us! Enough of the victim mentality. People get the government they deserve. And the consequences.

      34. Greetings everyone!
        Mr.Meisterman,I take issue with your comparisons.At least in Wisc. the REPOCRATS voted massive cuts in taxes for the corporations and the UBER-Rich and THEN and ONLY then did the state have a fiscal problem.REPOCRATS then used the already agreed upon contracts that the Unions were willing to modify to vilify said Unions and the collective bargaining system.But lets not forget, who it was who PAID the Several MILLIONS of dollars needed to elect the Governor.The UBER-RICH KOCH brothers who have made their life’s mission to destroy ALL unions and union jobs across the country are in this big time in Wisc, and elsewhere.Crack dealers(read Koch) ARE the problem in the inner city in many cities.Treating addicts to try to end the addiction can be sometimes cure as well.But AFTER you get rid of the DEALERS. And I agree,lets start FIRST with corporate largess beginning with the Billions PAID to OIL Companies.Lets pass laws to prohibit Corporate “donations” which by their sheer massiveness dwarfs anything the Unions can muster.Of course as the nation begins slag down into a messy pile of past greatness and forlorn dreams for everyone We may both be bald men arguing over a comb.
        Good times to everyone!
        Best to all,

      35. [
        I’ll tell what someone told me – you make your own mind up:

        “Where ever you see the word Illuminati, Zionism, Communism, Bolshevism, Freemasonry, Bankers/Banksters, Media etc, replace it with the word “Jew”. They are behind them all.”

        Be prepared – Learn the protocols!

      36. Mac, thank you so much for sharing this. I’m a prepper myself, and hopefully all my hard work won’t get stolen from me. I’ve been wondering about this for the last fifteen years. It appears to be coming to pass, unfortunately.

        Everyone, get out of debt, spend some cash and get your cars in top working order. Get the house fixed, forego the pricey vacation trip. Stock up, and keep your mouth shut about what you have.

      37. Greetings Everyone!
        Amusing to see some past posting(back in June)come back alive with regards Greece’s current dilemma coming due in a very few weeks(month’s even?)as past of a current Item of interest.We have a fore-gleam(I believe so at least) of Greece’s future in the country of Argentina’s current state of affairs.Poverty everywhere,many unemployed,shortages of basic foodstuffs and people desperately seeking nearly non-existent jobs everywhere.Mostly worthless Fiat money,zilch medical care and people with degrees that aren’t worth the paper printed.If the balloon goes up in Greece it’ll be headed around the Planet too.China and the “Asian Tigers” will collapse as their goods(I use the term loosely)no longer have eager multitudes of foreign buyers(even at 75%-80% off list prices,Local Fiat money at that)).
        Detroit might be the dying canary in the coal mine for most American Cities of the future.Yes,Virgina,CHANGE is almost upon us.The TSA can’t prevent it,The FBI fear it,The CIA can’t figure out how to forestall it and the Governments around the world shudder at it’s coming.But as a woman feeling the first “pangs of distress” when giving birth, they know it’s about to arrive,at it’s due time and on target.And there’s no place for ANY of them on the planet,be they the evil,polluting Corporations,fraudulent Bankers or Corrupt Government Leaders and their Ilk.Hard,Hard Times ahead for everyone (thanks to the above)in the future to come.Most likely an indeterminate(you might ask God,but don’t think he’s telling)time period. (Might be the beginning of a far better future afterward,depending on your personal Beliefs).I used to think even some of the “sheepile” that I cautiously shared a few carefully chosen thoughts with were actually listening to what I was telling them.WRONG!I really was So VERY MISTAKEN!! Let me share my cautionary tale with you. One “Woolie” derided the very little I shared with him in private.I don’t mind being disagreed with,but he choose to PUBLICLY at THE CHURCH we both attended(of all places to do it!!!).He didn’t name names,(So very cowardly of him)
        Just repeated verbatim what I mentioned a few months before.After having been so thoroughly “schooled” by someone that I thought I could trust.I wouldn’t even begin to mention the topic to ANYBODY.Even Sheepile can be dangerous if you let your guard down once too often.Thanks be to God that I didn’t go so far as mention this place to that “Viper” in sheep’s skin.
        I expect,given this one experience,a far greater magnitude suffering and death for the Majority.
        Perhaps this is part of God’s grand design,or Nature has said “Enough already with the constant Peeing/pooping in my pool”
        What do I know?I’m not perfect,but I like to READ.
        Best to ALL,
        Stay Warm this winter

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