Water Wars: What It Will Be Like When Your Tap Runs Dry

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    As the Western United States faces the prospect of suffering through a decades spanning drought, we can only guess as to what that may entail for the average person. While this sort of thing used to be considered unthinkable in the United States, recent news has given us a tiny glimpse of what the future may hold.

    We’ve seen for the first time, residents of CaliforniaOhio, and Detroit lose access to their clean water supply. As our infrastructure crumbles, and weather conditions worsen, many of us can expect to see water scarcity become a part of every day life. If this problem continues to escalate, it could quickly turn our standard of living upside down. If it spreads to the urban cores of our nation, things could get pretty ugly in a very short order.

    If you need help imagining such a situation, look no further than India, where the city of New Delhi has been facing a desperate water crisis over the past few weeks. This situation is especially telling, because the shortage has nothing to do with the weather or pollution, but through government mismanagement and a rotting infrastructure that squanders 40% of the water that runs through the system. What’s really shocking though, is how that number lines up with the percentage of the city that has no running water:

    The most urgent problem, though, is getting water to the sprawling neighborhoods of illegally constructed buildings, home to 40 percent of the city’s residents and largely without water lines. The city’s water agency, the Delhi Jal Board, sends 900 tankers onto the crowded roads every day. In some neighborhoods, a tanker passes every few minutes, its load sloshing down its sides.

    But it’s nowhere near enough. Tankers usually stop for just 15 minutes, while dozens of people crowd around waving buckets and plastic tubes. Tempers flare in the fierce heat; fights are frequent. In some areas, people get just 3 liters (quarts).

    The system is so broken that the only way to receive any water, is by dealing with the thousands of unlicensed vendors that sell water in the back alleys of the city. And unfortunately for the residents of New Delhi, beggars can’t be choosers:

    In a recent case, cockroaches were found in water drums supplied to the headquarters of the East Delhi Municipal Corp. After a probe, the supplier was found to be an illegal operator. But the unit could not be traced as there was no record with the industry association. In another case, a house fly was found in water supplied to a media organisation in Noida.

    Could you imagine having to deal with that just to get a drink of water? Even if you’re considered wealthy in that city, you can only expect a couple hours of running water every day. Like their impoverished neighbors, they also have to resort to illegal means to attain their utilities.

    Thousands of homeowners and construction workers have to illegal tap into the cities infrastructure if they want running water. And anyone who can’t buy water from a vendor or steal it from the municipal supply has to tap into the polluted ground water, which is being rapidly depleted. The most baffling part of all of this, is that there  is plenty of water to go around:

    Still, critics say the city — which is close to two major rivers and has a significant water table — shouldn’t be running short. In theory, as the World Bank noted, New Delhi should have more water available per capita than Paris.

    While the government is quick to blame black market vendors and illegal tapping of public utilities for the shortage, it’s very clear that these people are only filling the void that public utilities have left behind. They’re in charge of a region that is saturated with water, and yet they have completely failed to deliver it to the population.

    So how would a similar situation play out in the United States?

    Well, it already has to some some extant. In California, there have been several cases of thieves tapping into the public water supply:

    The city of Lemoore says at least four fire hydrants have been tampered with and, in one case, the perpetrator didn’t even bother to clean up the evidence.

    “There was a hydrant that had a hose on it and whoever was there has left the hose,” Lemoore Public Works Director Dave Wlaschin told ABC station KFSN-TV in Fresno.

    Wlaschin said he’s also aware of people who have filled up tanks of water to sell in other drought-stricken areas.

    On a final note, I should add that there is an additional effect to this scarcity, that has yet to unfold on a larger scale. Many researchers and historians have suggested that in the future, devastating wars will be fought between governments, indigenous peoples, and corporations, over the dwindling and mismanaged water supplies of our planet. In the United States, the precursors of this conflict can be seen today along the U.S.-Mexican border:

    Mexico owes the U.S. 380,000 acre-feet of water, equivalent to the amount consumed by 1.5 million Texans over the course of a year.

    Since 1945, The United States and Mexico have abided by a water utilization treaty, which was put in place to settle disputes between the neighboring countries over the allocation of water supplies between the Colorado River and the Rio Grande. Together the two rivers make up two thirds of a 1,954 mile long U.S.-Mexico border.

    Recently, Mexico has been struggling to uphold its end of the 70-year-old deal, which is especially problematic considering Texas is in the middle of a drought.

    What’s worse, the race for water in the region doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The American Meteorological Society predicts that the likelihood of a decade-long drought impacting the southwestern United States this century is at over 90 percent.

    Throughout history there have been many wars fought over fertile farmland, cities, trade routes, minerals, and oil, etc. While you could say that water gave us access to those resources in one form or another, rarely has a war been fought for water itself. Unfortunately, that historical trend may be about to change.

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    Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .


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      1. The CEO of Nestle says water isn’t even a right… so, war it will be.

        From a preparedness standpoint, you best be positioning yourself on land that has water access, whether by well, river, or lake. Even rainwater harvesting is being outlawed at this point.

        They want it ALL.

        • Well they can have it, rope and all — except for that last 12 inches between their feet and the ground…

          • If you live in New Hampshire then the last thing you have to worry about is water, my water is well water, the cleanest, safest water you could ever want. I had it tested and the results were fantastic, the tester said I should bottle and sell it.

            Location, location, location.

            • I also have a well. While it tastes great, it has a lot of naturally occurring hardness as I live near hot springs. Even some naturally occurring arsenic. Yum!

              We filter it, and I am very certain it is better than the fluoridated water provided by the city. I am the last person on my street to have a functional well. A nice 8 inch agriculture well at that. Who in the hell would pay the city $15,000.00 to be hooked up, then pay monthly water bills? Insanity. We get a lot of recovering Californian’s here.

              Water is indeed THE most precious resource, even before food, and only barely after shelter. Can’t grow food without water…

              I remember that comment from Nestle. Fuck those guys. Boycotted them years ago.

              • Townsaver, good evening. I agree with your entire post, especially about Nestle. I have an arrangement to move into a cousin’s BOL in the mountains of north GA when the time comes. I have relatives who live within a certain area close to each other and all of them have homesteads. Every one of them has a well, gardens, solar energy, etc. The land the BOL sits on borders on a creek on one side, so there’s an extra source of water. The first weekend of Aug., I made a trip there to move some more of my supplies into the barn there. I went to the creek to test out 2 new Sawyer water filters I had bought in June. Both of those filters gave me some of the best tasting water I ever had in my life. They supposedly have a 100,000 gallon capacity. That’s even better than my Katadyn Micro filter bottle. excellent water in that part of the country. All of the wells have hand pumps incase of power failure. You can’t go wrong with a Sawyer. 80% of my supplies are over there now. Won’t have much left to take when the time comes for bugging out. Good luck to you with that water shortage out West.

              • here in SWFL we have more holes per capita (golf courses that is)than any place in the country ,they always stay nice and green ,even when we are in a drought and on water restrictions ,there high amounts of pestasides and fertilizer runs off into the creeks and back bays ,causing excesive growth of hydrila choking out the fish and costing us taxpayer on a reg. basis to keep the stuff cleaned out

                • SWFL – Yeah, amazing how Golf Courses seem to pump as much water as they please. Its part of the Have-mores vs. the Have-nots in political pull.

                  • very true ,i should write a book about the working man ,and title it “Life As A Piss Ant”

                  • Yep, many years ago, I read in a magazine that wars in the future will be over water. Water will be the new “oil”.

                    Its really ridiculous that people have these stupid golf courses and grass in their yards, which need watering when the peoples of the planet are running out of potable water.

                    Furthermore, the run off from fertilizing grassy yards gets into the underground water systems, polluting what little water we have. Golf courses and grassy yards should be banned… actually, in California and some places out west, they HAVE banned watering yards.

            • Shhhhh! Don’t let Nestle hear that — they’ll have the city “eminent domaining” you in a heartbeat for your land (for the water under it)…

              • Get outside Aussie cities and away from the town supplied water systems and we have learned to be self sufficient and conserve water. Even in most towns you can collect rainwater into tanks and where I live all new homes must have a rainwater tank for flushing toilets or watering gardens.

                Lived on a few acres on the outskirts of a city a few years ago and I had a 20,000 gallon (our gallons are a bit over 10% more than yours) tank and a couple of 5,000 gallon tanks on 2 sheds. Average rainfall is 24″ and 2 kids and I never looked like running out. Didn’t skimp on the daily shower or washing clothes either. Also had a dam of nearly a megalitre (250,000 gallons??) that watered gardens, livestock and lawns.

                We make the most of it – build houses with the largest roof area possible and usually add an extra 6ft verandah all round. Any sheds we build also have a tank – the bigger the shed the bigger the tank.

                We rarely bother with bores/wells – if we want/need more water we get bigger/more tanks! Doesn’t work too well with people who live in high density complexes or high rises but those who do will be in deep you know what when it all goes belly up unless you have somewhere to get to very quickly.


                • Hi fellow Aussie!
                  We are in a coastal/rural area and Just purchased a 2nd 1000lt tank on Ebay. Agree, tanks are fanastic and like the Hills Hoist – (outdoor clothesline), you cannot get much more Aussie than that! I saw a great idea for anyone in an apartment – but I would imagine the floors would need to be concrete – and that is to get a couple of child wading pools and fill them at the first hint of an emergency with water for having as extra water storage. We rarely have basements in Australia but that would also be a good location for them. I would use this water first, but make sure I could reach/fill it with a hose etc and had a tap nearby.

                  • I use the child wading pool method here also in the states. Anytime we are faced with a hurricane warning, duracho, blizzards, icestorms–whatever might knock the power out for a week or so–I pull those kiddie pulls out into the backyard and fill them up. It is perfect for taking a bucket with you to the bathroom to flush etc..and then I only use the whole house generator at night for some lights and a quick (cold) shower.

                    We live quite well here for a week or so without power–been through it a half dozen times in the past 5 or 6 years and get better at it each time…plenty of gas, grillin and family time with board games, cards etc…

                    A six month event would be more of a challenge but this one week practice drills have given me increased practice and knowledge.

              • Next they will say we do not own the air around our property and either tax us for it or bottle it and sell it to us.

                • Russia did– they are banning airplanes from flying over Russia because of the restrictions placed on them from the EU.. this will end up costing the airlines billions of dollars to have to go another route… so air over Russia is Russian airspace.

            • yea but you have to LIVE there…no thanks

              • Awwwww polly – aint so bad 🙂 What do you have against the place?

                I have American friends who have come for a holiday and want to stay. A friend from San Francisco flew out of Aussie today and is going to see if it’s possible to move here.


                • I wouldn’t mind moving to land down under. Kind of ready for running in sands and up sand hills much like Cerutty….but I guess the grass is always greener….

                  • Come for a holiday Ugly – I’ll have some James Boags Premium (Worlds Best Beer) on ice waiting for you. (I’ll drink your Crowns when I get to Idaho 🙂 )

                    I’ll even lend you a rifle and take you deer hunting – been seeing a few around my retreat lately.


                    PS – Mac has my address if you wanna flick me an email.

                  • I’ll have to find a James Boag in Idaho.

                • I had the good luck to visit for two weeks (Freemantle and Melbourne) on the way home from the Gulf. Best time I have had in a long time!

                • Down Under

                  No gun rights? (basically )
                  No fucking way!

                  • Utter BS VRF – I am really getting sick of this “guns are banned in Aussie” crap.

                    I was asked here a few weeks ago to clarify what the situation was here with guns and I went into great detail on what we can and cant have and how easy it is to have pretty much whatever you want except for a select few. It was sort of at the time when Mac was posting new topics and it probably didn’t get read by a lot of people.

                    Got a question for you VRF – I have close to 30 guns and plenty of ammo with no restrictions on buying more. How many do YOU have?


                    PS – anyone know if there is a way to find one of my previous posts? Be happy to put it back up.

                  • But ready down under
                    Can you legally carry any or all of those guns you own on your person concealed or open carry ?
                    I can

                  • Also mr down under
                    Can you defend yourself with any of those weapons legally?
                    And not go to prison for doing so?
                    And from what ive read
                    You are required to be a member of a shooting club to own
                    And other many restrictions we do not have here
                    I also doubt ALL the guns I have if I were to come to your country most if not all of what I can legally own here , would not be allowed there

                    Sorry no chance of giving you a number of how many I own or
                    what they are
                    I didn’t just get born
                    Rule # 1 you never talk about fight club

                    Hey I understand you fighting for your countries honor , that’s commendable
                    But you are far from our freedoms when it comes to arms ownership

                  • Hi VRF – cant reply to your post below so I’ll reply again to this one.

                    No – I cant open or concealed carry any of my guns but then, I don’t feel the need to. (If it all goes belly up I’ll be on my retreat and I can do whatever I like there – legally)

                    I just spent 2 days in Melbourne, our second largest city of about 4 million with a friend from San Francisco and was never uncomfortable – and neither was she.

                    We don’t have the freedoms you have, and probably never will, but we are doing OK.

                    I wasn’t criticizing you either VRF, but like I said I am getting a bit sick of people criticizing us over our gun laws when generally they don’t know what they are talking about.

                    Cheers and best wishes


                  • Hi VRF – not wanting to get into an argument here, just putting the facts out as regards the situation here.

                    Yes, I can defend myself with my guns and not go to jail for it as long as what I did was “reasonable” force necessary to negate any threat to life. Probably no different to the US? If you used one inappropriately I’m sure you’d find yourself in it deep too. In fact, if I did I might get treated a little better by our courts than you would in yours as once a court rules “justifiable” that’s the end of it.

                    No, I don’t have to be a member of a gun club (I am though) to own long guns but I do for pistols. Briefly, here you need a “genuine reason” to own guns. That can be hunting, target shooting, pest control, employment – self defence is not a genuine reason, but having said that if you have one and your reason for using it is “just and appropriate” it would not cause you any drama.

                    Yes, you can have guns we cant here but I have never felt the need for an AR and AK’s and the like don’t interest me. About the only thing I would like to have is another Rem 1100. I sold mine several years before the laws changed post 1996 and do wish I could have another.

                    All the best


                  • It’s all good Ready Down Under
                    I’m sure I don’t know all there is to know about your gun laws
                    And I didn’t want to come off as a hater of your country , that is not the case
                    I have met some very great people from down under
                    And I would love to visit your big island one day

                    Still bums me out that you all there had gone thru some major changes in your gun rights due to some very narrow minded politicos
                    To me I respect the people of most all countries and their passion for their heritage
                    It’s the governments of most all if not all countries that I don’t care for

                    And even though you feel comfortable , doesn’t mean that someone might not choose you for their act of violence and your government has effectively neutered you from being able to defend yourself from extreme acts on your person
                    That in and of itself is just wrong
                    That’s I guess the part that bothers me

                    Hey mate , no worries there’s nothing personal between you and I
                    Good day

                • Aussie,
                  Can you post link to what it would take to move there and what you can and can not bring?


                  • Hi Casual Observer

                    Don’t know if you’ll be coming back to read this and I cant answer all your questions but here goes….

                    You can have bolt, pump and lever action rimfire and centre rifles. You can have single, double and lever action shotguns. Restricted are semi auto rimfire and centrefire rifles and semi auto shottys.

                    Pistols and revolvers are restricted to pistol club use only. Revolvers must have 4″ or longer barrels and semi auto pistols must have 5″ or more.

                    If you were to come here you would have to arrange for your guns to be held by a dealer pending issue of your licenses. Pistols will take a bit of time as you have to go through probation, no matter how experienced you may be.

                    As for the legalities of migrating here? I have no idea. I guess if you were to google “migrating to Australia” you would get somewhere with your enquiries.

                    I have said before, there are benefits in Aussie for a BOL. We speak English, most of us like you Yanks and those I have known have all settled in easily. We have lots of space – about the same size as your lower 48 and 23 million people. We are kind of “off the radar” when it comes to the worlds troubles although we do have some level of muslim terrorist threat. We are also in the Southern hemisphere and a hellava long way from anyone else except New Zealand and they are a damn fine bunch of people too. Indonesia is not a long way from us but we mostly get along with them and militarily they are not a threat to us.

                    Politically we are about as stable as the US/UK which is not great but it sure beats the hell outta a lot of other countries. Got a fantastic almost free health system too.

                    Changing countries is a massive step. I have had a look at Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Arizona. I loved parts of all those states and could easily and happily live in them but my family ties are here so it’s here I’m prepping for the future.

                    Feel free to contact me if you like.


            • In NH. You prob just had a basic water test. Did the test for Radon? How about radiation? How about pesticides? If you have a well you also need to worry about cities that use DEEP WELL INJECTION. that is where they need to get rid of sewer or gray water and pump in down deep into these wells that all leak and seep our and contaminate drinking water wells. Here they do the DEEP WELL INJECTION and the water they pump down there is treated but the water is now Oxyginated which over time begins to eat away the limestone KARST bedrock ans causes collapses and sinkholes. Also do you have any Fracking wells in the area? One day you water is great the next your kitchen faucet is shooting flames out of it. Also is the lab fixing the tests as not to cause alarms or lawsuits? Lots to think about. Just for safe drinking water.

              • Who,while not sure about main cities like Nashua/Concord/Manchester the majority of N.H. is on good well water,as for sewer injection,well(pun intended!)more then 50 miles from major cities/towns.

              • No fracking in NH, and the pesticides are only in farms which are the lowlanders. Most of the wells up north are surface or artesian wells because the ground is so wet. Cities get their water mostly from the two major rivers, the Merrimack or the Connecticut. I don’t know what part of the country you are from but water is in abundance here. 70% of wells around here test positive for bacteria but its mostly harmless to the human gut.

            • reminds me I need to get mine tested!!!

            • Here in the Rocky Mountain West, we depend on snow melt for water. Looking out my back door at a North facing slope on the mountain I can get a good idea of what our water situation is. For the first 4 years that I lived here, by the end of summer there was always one pocket of snow visible, by the end of summer in 2013 there was no snow visible and this year there are 7 pockets of snow visible. How large these pockets are, I have no idea, but with the coming of winter and and a forecast of snow this evening, I don’t think we will have to worry about water here in Wyoming. But don’t move here, there ain’t no water. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • Swinging,am with you,much of New England has plenty of water,shallow well I have is a good producer in northern N.H.That said,how long till the big boys wanna come in and try and tap our water table?!I believe that fight is just beginning.

              • good point, but how are they gonna move it? Bottle it? Poland Spring already does that in ME.

              • That’s what happened here in FL a few years ago. We had a long couple month low temps and Freeze and the Strawberry Farmers, pumped the hello out of the water table to cover the strawberries from the cold. Well the water table fell so much it caused lots of sinkholes, and it also burned up many private well electrical pumps, due to cavitation, (pumping while dry). Lots of law suits flying back them. The people were pissed at the farmers who tapped into the wells and sucked it dry. One full lane on I-4 Collapsed. See the water underground has pressure to support the above ground. When the water table falls the support decreased causing collapses and sinkholes. also if the water table falls too low there may be seepage from Gulf saltwater in fusion. And why rivers need a certain water flow to avoid salt water coming inland.

                • “it also burned up many private well electrical pumps, due to cavitation, (pumping while dry). ”

                  FYI. They now make a well pressure switch that once it goes below a certain pressure, like running dry, it will cut off and has to be manually reset.

                  I share a well and the well pumps to a tank on my property. My tank pump can outrun the well pump in about four hours. The switch keeps my pump from running dry.

            • agreed 100%
              Same state here.

            • I’m also in NH. I have an 300 foot deep artesian well to suppy the house and two dug wells for irrigation. Add to that a 60 acre wetland I border with a large brook that flows out of it and we dug out our own 1/4 acre 8 foot deep pond.

              That was the single reason we bought the property 23 years ago. Location, location, location…water, water, water.

              • When I had my house built, the company that drilled the well wanted to know did I want the depth at 400 or 600 ft. I inquired other than the additional cost for the 600 ft what would I benefit. I was told the deeper one would provide softer water. They were right. During one year of a severe drought here, many wells quit. Mine never wavered.

            • I also have a wonderful well…sweet water all the time –I do add some pellets for a conditioner as it is a little hard with calcium.

              About 50 yards behind my back slope but still within my acreage is a shallow creek of about 8 to 12 inches deep regular and deeper in the spring. I have widened one area into a nice 25 feet x30 feet eddy which is a deep pool. The trees above form a nice canopy so that the government can’t see it from “google earth” images.

              A buddy of mine did something similar and the local EPA or some alphabet agency came and busted him—$25,000 fine which he is still fighting and also had to restore the “natural flow of the creek”. Mind you, this was all on his “personal property” and he never actually blocked or dammed the creak–just created a pond in part of its flow through…

            • Just pray your neighbors don’t catch the fracking bug and pollute your water source.

            • That’s great, but you should read up on Florida. They are forcing people to cap their personal wells on private property. A few other states are trying to do the same

          • Mac, Just reading this article made me Thisty. Ha!

            There is not much difference if you have water or not, unless it is drinkable. Even when I was in Mexico on trips I would avoid eating garden vetables, just because they use shit water for watering gardens. Make sure you have backups to back up water filters in your bugout and tactical bags. No water for 3 days and you take a dirt nap.

          • Sixpack, AMEN to your comments. And anyone who says we the people are NOT entitled to any water can go f#$% themselves and get ready for a fight.

            • Braveheart. I agree. Isn’t it arrogant for the NWO and liberals to think that the earth is theirs and also all of the resources. I guess to them, we are just guests….

        • Joshua Krause says:

          “… and Detroit lose access to their clean water supply. As our infrastructure crumbles, and weather conditions worsen, many of us can expect to see water scarcity become a part of every day life.”

          News Flash Joshua! Those Detroiters you speak of lost “access to their clean water supply” because they failed to pay their water bill. There is nothing to stop them from accessing water from the MANY lakes and rivers around Detroit.

          If you can’t (or won’t) pay up. Man up!

          • Nice catch, was thinking the same thing about Detroit.

            But it does fit the scarcity narrative. I guess it becomes easy to sensationalize over time.

            • Nothing “scarce” about it in Detroit!!

              The only thing scarce in Detroit is the willingness of the citizens there to spend money on water instead of their internet access, TV, cell phone and big ‘ol crazy ‘Benz.

              • You cannot hardly walk half a mile in Michigan without finding a lake, stream or river. Lake Huron and Michigan are also pretty damn big. Crack heads think the world owes them a living and di not pay their water bill for two years. Screw them.

          • BTW/ if you need water out of a hydrant, the top wrench valve opens in the clockwise rotation motion. Opposite of what you think opens it. Use a good long monkey wrench. Also make sure you have a side cap off before you open the hydrant. Let it flush out some before you tap the water for drinking. Just an Ex Fire Fighter Tip. Like when you fill your swimming pool avoiding running it through your meter. LoL.

            • WWTI;
              the rotation depends upon the hydrant. Different locations have different rotation. Left hand or right hand rotation.

              my area is counter-clockwise to open.


              • Ghost rider. Could be, I think they originally had reverse threading on the hydrants so idiots would not mess with them. All the hydrants in the town where I worked had reverse threading (clockwise) to open them. The caps are standards counterclockwise though. We did hydrant inspections checking water flowpressures, and also and greased the cap threads.

                In the winter sometimes hydrants would freeze up and we had to take a cap off and stick a road flare in the hydrant to try and thaw out the valve to open it. That sucked when a house was burning down and the Engine Co already layed out a 400 to 500 Ft of fire hose. I had to roll it all back up then hang it to dry, in the hose tower back at the fire station.

                • WWTI;
                  That’s possible that they did it to deter the idiots. I’ll look into that. Part of my job is installation, testing, and servicing fire hydrants. Never really thought to question why some are left hand and others are right hand.

          • Yeah it’s amazing how many of the entitlement crowd wants to use detroiters not paying their bills as an argument for “water as a right”. When you don’t pay for the treatment, delivery, and infrastructure as agreed when you signed up for municipal service and aren’t creative enough to find/filter your own, I have a hard time buying that one has a “right” water. Same folks want the UN to pay their bills evidently.

            • I didn’t know that when you lived in a city you had a choice. In fact, you don’t. When I lived in NYC, the city told me it was installing a water meter, I would have no say in the matter, and I’d start getting a minimum bill each month, even if I used less water. That’s when I left.

              • Right on the beam Sharonsj. It’s the catch-22 that gets me. “You can’t take of your own problems (sewer, freshwater, trash) because that’s our job (even if you can do it better!”) I understand that SOMETIMES the idea is that utilities etc. are actual ‘living in the city’ taxes. It’s not about ‘your fair share’ it’s about control.

                Yes there are times when it is a good thing (“No you cannot save money by dumping your solids in the trash bags and cans.”) But other times “You must use our water not what you can catch, not what would help conserve!”

                I believe water is a basic right, just not clean, chlorinated, filtered water. If you want to pay for processing, then let the taxpayer buy clean water from you. But there should be 0 charge for basic, uncleaned water. Nestle can (*&^ my rear.

          • The bigger question is just how much was their water bill? Many municipalities used bond issuance underwritten by the big banks to fund water projects. Sadly, the terms were not always good and now residents are being forced to pick up the tab. It’s not just about the cost of pulling water out of the ground anymore.

        • Competition from more and more people for less and less resources. India has about 1.2 billion people (I don’t think anyone really knows) and like the rest of the world they are sucking on the earths resources – water, food, minerals.

          You can only take so much without giving back before you run out, reach “a tipping point”. The earth cant sustain what it has now – 7 billion roughly now. Another billion in about 11 years and another billion 10 years after that. I think TPTB know this and are positioning themselves to “thin the herd”. How it will be done is the million dollar question but I reckon I’ll live to see it, certainly my kids will.


          • China has lost a little over 60% of it’s drinking water. Las Vegas is about another 7% of Lake Mead drying and it’s over for them. We waste so much much not only in this Country but around the world. Since the industrial revolution we have gone from local to all out global.

            Why ship lemons to Florida from Chile when you can buy it from local Florida farmers? It makes no sense. Fracking is a giant water waster as it oil fracking requires enormous amounts of fresh clean water in the millions per well. Then multiply that per well. We have become our own worse enemies because TPTB allow the multi-national corporations to control the food supply and now water.

            • 10 thumbs up Rodster. That’s right.

              Btw/ Re: the worlds population. You could take every human living in the world and stand them shoulder to shoulder and they would all fit in Duval County Florida /Jacksonville FL. That County has the same similar square footage as the entire worlds population count. Look it up thats a fact Jack.

            • @rodster
              your right.
              we have become our own worst enemy. we have used up all easily attainable oil, we are poisoning the rest of our fresh water to attain a 1:1 ratio in return for energy. we pour ethonal into our tanks, thinking we’re doing the world a favor by burning corn instead of oil, what a joke. first off the subsidies are put in place to offset the farmers losses, then the power it takes to process the fuel into anything that is productive, is completely counter productive. and after all that , it ruins most engines and counter parts in the meantime, including valves, to rubber hoses.
              not too mention the cost it takes to replace those parts in the future from being ruined by running that fuel in the first place.
              we are so happy ass backwards it doesn’t even make sense, or is funny anymore.
              if you don’t believe me, that’s fine, try it for yourself, if you can. try running a tank of ethanol related gas, to non… you will see a stark difference in fuel economy. not to mention the myriad of other engine failures.
              we are at our end game for oil, even with fracking, it has become 1:1 which puts it at a loss. no one in their right mind would invest in 1:1
              cheap and easy oil is over, it is what brought about this complete illusion of prosperity, from power, to fertilizer, it will truly no longer be available to the masses.
              whether you blame the powers that be, or yourself, it has become a reality. the petro dollar ring a bell?
              to little for to much equals not enough. it’s really that simple. I know math is a bitch.
              on top of that, you have farmers for decades now that have bought into the GMO shit that kills everything in the dirt but there genetically modified crap (round up)
              and it spells a recipe for complete disaster.
              if we don’t kill ourselves, I can’t see a better competitor.
              how can anyone think that growing a plant that is genetically altered is a good idea. crossbreeding in a natural sense maybe, but genetically altering this stuff, really?
              how many kids now have problems, be it ADHD, to whatever the fuck, it is out of control. nobody wants this, but here it is, right in our face, and believe you me, we all worry about it.
              somehow this tilt isn’t right, where is my compass

            • Why don’t you just kill yourself you sniveling little teller of half truths.

              • Here you go troll, can you deal with the truth?

                China, 60% of it’s water undrinkable (remove spaces)
                http : // rt . com/news/154268-underground-water-china-polluted/

                Lake Mead running dry:
                http : // www . fox5vegas . com/story/25602295/lake-meads-water-level-presents-new-danger-to-boaters

                Las Vegas will go dry if Lake Mead drops another 7%
                http : // www . zerohedge . com/news/2014-08-12/las-vegas-will-go-dry-if-water-levels-drop-7-further-lake-mead-hits-record-lows

            • Good news though, evidently we’re shipping Lake Erie to the Chinese one shipload at a time…

          • I think the Earth could quiet easily sustain 20 billion people. We have the recycling, reprocessing and clean energy resources to support it right now.

            What we don’t have is cooperation. We don’t have sympathy or empathy. Just an abundance of greed, religious extremism and self serving motivations.

            I don’t have the answer, other than this is all a test, an illusion, a conspiracy.

            I kind of subscribe to the often touted reasoning that TPTB would be helpless without us makers. No one to lord over, no one to procure resources for them, no one to vampire productivity from.

            Remove these people from their wealth, power and bodyguards and they would be unable to survive, literally, unable to feed themselves.

            The culling that we all here about? That is mankind again wanting more for himself, and removing competition is the best way to do that.

            Sorry, on a rant fest today…

            • Sorry townsaver, respect your opinion but cant see how it is even remotely possible. Triple the worlds current population? That means 1 billion in the USA? Where are the resources coming from to house, clothe, feed and water them?

              Sure there might be enough arable land to grow enough food but it would be even larger scale production than it is now. Where will the machinery come from. Or the water – nothing grows without water.

              Or do you outsource it to other countries whose environmental record is atrocious already and are turning their countries into toxic waste dumps. And how do you transport, process, warehouse, distribute all that food when the raw materials for energy production are used up? Or do you think nuclear energy is the way to go? A thousand fukushimas anyone?

              And what happens when Mother Nature decides to give us the middle finger and slips a 10 (or more) year drought into the equation?

              I guess we could support 20 billion but only while everything went perfectly and while the non renewable and vital resources lasted. Then it would be an even bigger SHTF event.


              • According to the studies, the planet should support about 9 billion without changing a thing. Most of them would be in abject poverty, though.

                Given technology, infrastructure, energy, and distribution systems, you can give between 6 and 10 billion people a decent life, subject to cultural norms.

                At 20 billion people, we all live on cereals and greens. No meat, no fish other than for coastal populations. All of us work at producing food, except an elite to govern.

                I don’t much like the idea.

                • Lots of land is NOT a prerequisite. The future of farming is vertical, urban, and aquaponics in very large warehouses. anything else is inefficient.

                  Buy one and control the future!!! 🙂

              • Aussie-

                Thank you for the reply. I agree there are large logistical boundaries to a sustainable 20 billion population, but I truly think it is possible.

                There is for sure enough land. Even if we peak on oil, solar, tidal, thermal, geothermal and wind will provide the power of the future. Not crazy about nuke plants, but those can also be built perfectly safe, totally failsafe – but there is so much fear now, never going to happen. The reason renewable energy does not run everything now, is because we can not compete with the cheap energy store in a gallon a gasoline. All these methods are not cheap, because Chevron and Exxon and BP do not want them to be cheap.

                Transporting food has to be the stupidest thing we do. Grow your food where you eat your food. Yes, we will always need to move around things because of climate and not everyone can grow everything, but shipping a potato 1500 miles is idiotic.

                Mother Nature will always give us the finger. She is the boss after all. We will never be able to harness or control the full power of this planet. She will always have the option to shrug, wiping out untold millions. What was that quote from today… from WWZ movie:

                Mother Nature is a bitch, a serial killer…

                Just my thoughts. Thank you for yours.

              • We have an entire solar system of resources to harvest. Endless resources, for all intensive purposes, are at our disposal. Need energy? No problem, nuclear power is the answer (4th generation fission plants today, fusion plants tomorrow).

                Any problem, no matter how intractable, becomes simple if the energy and material inputs are cheap enough.

                  • How about charging the people who killed the bears,in this case perhaps fishygame wardens?!I hate wasteful poachers,do see folks killing who can’t afford a license but need to feed family,not happy about it but can understand it.This happens a lot in the northlands with deer,the difference between a family eating well or not.That said,they poach a bear will be for every eatable morsel on it and probably a good blanket,not just for gall bladder or whatever this years “magic potion” is.

              • Did not see anyone mention that the U.S. currently EXPORTS lots of food. If there were 1 billion here, then no more exports. All food would be consumed here. **WHO** would feed the world then?

            • Townsaver, keep on ranting. You have damned good reasons to do so. The elitists are the ones who need to go. They are the source of all of our problems.

            • 20 billion…your fucking insane.

              • That is certainly a possibility. I often question the sanity of living in this world!

                As an engineer, it could be done. I’m not saying that it will, or that we will all come together and sing koom-by-ya to make it happen.

                If we were united, we have the technology now to make it possible.

                But remember, the Earth is flat, man will never fly, and the sound barrier will never be broken. All those people were insane too.

                • I am an engineer as well…but lets look around.

                  Y-day in particular, I saw several, pregnant teen/early 20ish women with strollers and a bun in the oven. There are lots of them in my dinky little community.

                  I can fairly say that most of them only know how to do one thing…and you and I need to feed them, clothe them and shelter them. Fuck that. The earth doesn’t work that way.

                  If your an engineer, you know that in nature culls everything that is unhealthy, unnecessary, unproductive,ignorant and overpopulated.

                  That is how the earth works…for ALL of us.

                  So as an engineer, you see tech continuing to infinity.

                  I got news for you brother…the waste of energy on all these people is about to set things back a long way.

                  “my father rode a camel, I drove a car, my son flew in a
                  G5…his son will ride a camel”

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • With the mass immigration the US is being swamped with in less than fifty years we will look just like every other third world hell hole.

        • Nestle is a joke! They are a government shill company. They sell millions of gallons of great lakes water to china through a loophole in the Great Lakes Water Compact. Cities 20 miles from Lake Michigan can’t even use the water but nestle is allowed to sell it to the commies!

          molon labe

          • China comes into the great lakes dumps their shitty ballast contaminated water from the China sea, then refills their ballists and fat water bladders up with fresh Great Lakes water and sails back to China bottling the Great lakes water and sells it.

        • Water is NOT a right when someone else is forced to provide it to you!

          If you believe otherwise, you are part of the “Free Shit” crowd!

          • Your logic is flawed because TPTB have setup this Ponzi Scheme of Central Planning. The system is setup that everyone has to pay into it or it collapses. That’s why local farmers and markets have been replaced with conglomerates and supermarkets. All your basic necessities require you to pay into the system.

            You want to say FU to the system like the lady in Cape Coral, Florida who decided to live off the grid and collect rainwater was faced with jail time. In Cape Coral, Florida if you have a well or septic tank the City FORCES you to shut it off and convert to City water at a cost on average of tens of thousands of dollars to the homeowner.

            Water would is a right if you are allowed to acquire it on your own. In most places in the US that’s impossible because City Municipalities have created a monopoly whereby you are forced to deal with them for your basic needs like water, flushing your toilet and electricity.

            Just try and disconnect from the “power grid” and setup your own electrical source and see what trouble that will land you with the authorities. 😉

            • @Rodster

              If you live in the city of Detroit (for example), and your water gets shut off because you won’t (or can’t) pay someone else to provide it for you, you have two choices.

              1. Go without.


              2. Supply it yourself.

              If you have well water and your neighbors city water supply is cut, does he have a “right” to demand that you supply him with water?

              Water is NOT a right when someone else is forced to provide it!

              If you believe otherwise, you are part of the “Free Shit” crowd!

              • Exactly.

              • This country was settled with people going into the wilderness and creating farmsteads. Springs would supply water for a community and even though it was privately owned property, the water was free to all. I am not advocating free water. Costs incurred must me born by those that use it. I fully support being able to catch rainwater for personal use. It is nothing but a power play by govt to control the citizens by denying them a God given right to enjoy the blessings of rain.

                • Exactly!

                • Interestingly, while there was water in abundance in colonial America, they did not drink it. Too contaminated. They processed it by making beer or hard cider, and drank that.

            • Rodster says:

              “… the lady in Cape Coral, Florida who decided to live off the grid and collect rainwater was faced with jail time.”

              Robin Speronis has been found “not guilty” of 2/3 of the code violations she faced. She now has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit pro se.

              Defendants named in lawsuit will be: The city of Cape Coral, Florida and individuals in City Hall; the Cape Coral Police Department and individuals in the Police Department; the State Attorney’s Office and individual Assistant State Attorneys; the Cape Coral Special Magistrate; and Judges in the 20th Circuit Court of Florida.

              • “You go girl”

        • I have read that nestle only pays 100 dollars a year for all they can steal from the great lakes! Might want to stop buying nestle’s crap!

          • Several years ago Beneful reduced it’s dog food from 40 pounds to 31.1 pounds. When I discovered this I immediately called the company and complained. I was told yes they reduced the size but the price was the same. I let them know their reasoning was pretty lame and I wasn’t falling for it. I did get a free coupon for dog food from the Nestle Purina Company. I no longer buy their products.

        • I’d really love to see them enforce that one. Pfft illegal to harvest rain water. What. Ever. Go ahead and try to enforce that. That’s hilarious.

          Next it will be illegal to use gravity without a license… oh yeah that’s Obamacare, silly me. Gravity tax, basically.

        • The govt will control the rivers and lake to and turn over to UN control. They will block your access. Of course, the local UN Commander will look the other way if proper monetary ‘respect’ is paid to him. The elites will figure out a way to profit from your misery. That’s what they do.

          • The un commander could not see anything if say a .300 traveled thru un commanders noggin.On a side note,,spell check,will not capitalize un!

        • I wonder what the CEO of Neslie would have to say if someone were to tell him his ability to continue breathing air is not even a right?

          This argument tends to always lead back to the consequences of adopting these dangerously insane, usually liberal, notions that all ‘rights’ are supposed to come not from Nature, but from a totalitarian, centralized, all powerful, Big Daddy government.

          That’s why our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers believed in the concept of inalienable rights – that came either from God or from Nature itself.

          Rights such as the right to self defense, the right to the natural resources that are needed to sustain life – just as long as you were willing to work to obtain them and as long as you are willing to fight, if necessary, to defend your access to them. But, along came these egg sucking dog, greasy, communist liberals who believe that they should control those resources and then dole them out only to those who submit to their tyranny.

          This battle is not going to end without a lot of liberal blood being shed.

        • I live outside of Detroit (Waterford, MI) and the only problem with water we have is freeloaders not wanting to pay for it or too much rain. It rains every other day here and my commercial building smells like crotch. I suppose all of the fruits and nuts will now go back to wherever they hailed from and nature will restore Los Angeles to the desert it has always been.

      2. Yeah, Mexico owes the USA water, huh?

        Guess they’re paying us in “undocumented migrants.”

        • What will it be like when your tap runs dry?

          It will suck pretty bad. Hope everyone here gets by ok. I know I will be doing my damndest to.

          • I’ve got a “gimmedat” next door who sends her kids out to water the parking lot, because she thinks it makes her apartment cooler…I’m at a loss for how to get through to that idiot. Common sense gets me nothing but a blank stare and open mouth.

            • Sixpack,

              You are forgetting your progressive math formula:

              Common sense
              _____________ = Intell-i-jents



            • The best way to get through to your idiot neighbor would be if they had to pay for that H2O out of their pocket!
              The only other thing i can think of that will get through her thick skull weighs in at about 175grains and travels around 2400-2700 FPS!

              • I’m not worried. Phoenix got a year’s worth of water YESTERDAY. The monsoon has been strong this year. Collect your rainwater and store it, legal or not.

                Then engage your local officials with a FREEDOM cell: “Residents for Water”. 🙂

                • Thats how it goes over here, months go by dry then we get 8″ in 3 days,
                  Actually been real nice lately, sunny hot mornings then it rains in the afternoon, not every day but a lot more this year than over the past 9-14 years, other parts of the island are dry though, lots of micro climates, we are lush and green and 1.5 miles away dry as a bone,

                  • we average 80 inches a year on Kodiak . water is everywhere. dont think it will ever be a problem here. warmth on the other hand , not so ample . treasure our sunny warm days . a drought is 2 weeks without rain

                  • @Islander
                    I can imagine your weather is pretty moist, i watch the fronts swirl over your area daily when i check the satellite for north east pacific, is interesting because Kommiefornia has a noticeable lack of percipitable clouds, real odd, the fronts always used to go across the northern pacific then would usually impact pacific NW on down the west coast, definitely down as far as SF but now the weather stays well north or well south of them.

                • I-15 in Nevada got creamed today. Washed out miles of it. Lucky for Vegas it was the SLC side and not the California one.

                • You know you are engaging your local officials correctly when you are escorted out by the Sheriff.

                  Public Comment is a wonderful forum, and people will back you up – after they get home and fire up the email.

                  If you are just rabble-rousing, well, not much effect there. If you bring hard facts, logic and sensible solutions – those not on the committee will respond.

                  Those on the committee, really, and I mean really hate it when you have solutions to the problems that were “unforeseen”, “unavoidable” and my personal favorite, “unaffordable”.

                  You know you got their goat when they say, “you should run for election, since you seem to have all the answers…”. That one is another favorite.

                  • “You know you are engaging your local officials correctly when you are escorted out by the Sheriff.”

                    one of the most truthful statements ive seen on here in a long time

              • Brutal Kula, brutal.

                I like it.

                What I can’t speak philosophically, then turn around and condone the removal of a…?

                Oh never mind.

                • Sorry bout that,
                  I guess having to pay for what you consume is going a little too close to the edge.

            • To every one: 🙂

            • 6-pak***


              Try this-> …

              Next time she orders the ankle-biters to hose down the parking lot..

              ..causally inform her that the EPA/the autobahn society-(intentional, incorrect spelling…grin)- & even the U.N., have declared that the evapotranspiration of di-hydrogen monoxide atop a strata of calcium hydroxide w/ an aggregate co-compound, results in carbonation!

              (**)..and that the vapors released released may eventually cause her children to become sexually attracted to raw/pure cellulose!!!



              …they’ll become knot-hole/tree humpers too!


              ..plus, her endeavors are accelerating the growth factor transformation of calcium carbonate & its relationship to the “greenhouse gas CO2″…(-gasp-, very bad!)

              ..resulting in a lowering of the pH balance of the strata.


              ..(hopefully, she never had chemistry-101…or flunked it).

              GOOD LUCK to YOU!!!!!!!!!!

            • Call the water department and the landlord.

              They’ll take care of it in short order.

            • Sixpack,
              You should sneak out some night and spray paint a section of the ” Gimmedat’s” parking lot grass green. Tell them what a great job they are doing to reduce global warming and if they could please water your garden also.
              Take Care,
              — Miss Dee Dee

              • 🙂

            • Call the city and report her. Most cities have restrictions that cover wasting water.

            • It would make a little sense if they were watering the building; evaporation removing a small amount of heat, but it’s tres wasteful and just plain stupid on JUST a parking lot.

          • As Preppers you need to stock up on lots of paper plates and plastic forks etc. No water no dishwashing. Always make sure you are caught up on your laundry and get a back up. 5 gal buckets and a hand plunger wash agitation tool for $15 to wash your cloths in a grid down situation. Have a way to collect rain water for these functions.

      3. Remember, no water, no alcohol…..

        • Worse yet,

          NO COFFEE!!!!

          • …git a rope…

            • Hey Sixpack what state are you in? You sound like a Texan or Deep Southern State. Where they know how to hang em. LoL.

              • WWTI, My Daddy was born in Tennessee and raised in Kentucky, while my Mom was from Utah. I spent my share of time backwoods in Tennessee. I’ve lived in the midwest and I have lived in Oregon and Washington st. for the last couple of decades.

                I guess you might say, I’ve got a lot of different kinds of mud on my boots and I treasure all of it.

                I was at home in all of those places.

          • What?No coffee,that is a line you do not want to cross!

        • Now you are cutting to the bone eppe!

          Take away my sauce and I likely could not handle everything I see around me. I already had to give up everything else… smoking, food with taste, drugs, sanity.

          • Townsaver, same here. braveheart loves java also and would have trouble getting by without it.

          • Sanity is overrated, isn’t it?

        • No water, no more beer.

          The one thing that has finally convinced me of the existence of God is the gift of ice cold beer. Giving man the intelligence and ingenuity to invent beer and then to invent refrigeration in order to make that beer a frosty 35 degrees Fahrenheit – those two miracles alone removed any remaining doubts I ever had about whether God existed or not.

          Thanks, Big Guy!

      4. Water, water everywhere.
        and o’re the boards did shrink.

        Water, Water everywhere.
        But not a drop to drink.


        • Unless of course you have Power Survivor 40e like me… 🙂

          30+ gal/day…from salt water… got CLEAN water…

        • AH!Another Samuel Coleridge fan,Maiden also made that epic poem into a great rock n roll classic!The Mariner is my favorite bit of poetry!

      5. Find a source that is within walking distance.

        If it is any source other than a spring head that is protected from run off, plan to have an ultra fine filtering system and boil the piss out of it.

        Then filter again, through double coffee filters.

        Coffee filters are the perfect,cheap alternative and thousands can be purchased and stored.

        An ideal water purification system is a distiller. Of course none are easily portable and require a huge amount of energy to produce 99.9999% pure and safe H2O.

        We own two 1 gallon counter-top models and I have a ten gallon wood fired system ready to go, just in case.

        • Stupid smart phone made me hit the dislike button. I’d like to undislike it and give you a verbal ‘hell yeah!’

        • I have one and have seen a few larger model used water distillers on ebay for a reasonable price. Most use electricity but some can be modified to work over a flame. A great buy. Many people are getting rid of them for an RO unit but I like the fact the distiller boils the water, killing everything. An RO is a good filter but boiling……great for SHTF situations. Also, a few more mods and you could make spirits for cleaning, wound treatment, disinfecting etc.

        • All serious preppers should invest in at least one 50 gallon rain collection barrel. More, if you can afford it.

          I have one, but have yet to install it. But, it’s ready and I’ve got all the rain gutter diversion kit hardware ready to go, if needed. Its also a good idea to have a supplemental well dug – even if you are on city water.

          Which I also have, plus, in addition to the regular electric pump – I have a hand pump also installed that I
          can use to manually bring up water if the power grid is out.

          I’ve yet to have the water quality tested and rated for drinking, but that is on my list of things to do. In the meantime, in an emergency – I intend to filter the water through my Berkey ceramic water filter and possibly also apply some water purification chemicals to it, if I have to rely on it for drinking.

          There are lots of great youtube videos available for preppers to watch that gives you important tips on creating a Water Plan for SHTF. Download them, burn them to DVDs and watch them.

      6. While visiting my wife’s relatives in Fresno this past summer my wife and I witnessed people stealing water from fire hydrants on several occasions, one intrepid water thief had a huge 500 gallon water buffalo tank hooked up and was pumping away at 1 o’clock in the afternoon! My liberal, Obama loving brother in law insisted the man must of had some kind of permit to be so brazen, so, to my dear bro. laws’ chagrin, I pulled over and asked the good man if he had such a permit: he replied, he’ll F#%@$ing no!! And that if the state wouldn’t give him water for his land he’d take it just the same. When We got back to the house I told my wife “it has begun.”

        • Fresno is already part of Mexico. Pretty soon they will be stealing power right off the poles just like in TJ.

      7. If you like your water, you can keep your water.

      8. Here’s the next possible disaster:

        “Meteorologists Predict Record-Shattering Snowfall Coming Soon”

        ht tp://empirenews.net/meteorologists-predict-record-shattering-snowfalls-coming-soon-bread-milk-prices-expected-to-soar/

        For the sake of comparison to the past winter, lets say that your area received a total of twenty inches of accumulative snow for the season. Because this year the snowfall is predicted to start by the end of September or the beginning of October, you can expect to multiply that number by up to five, ten, maybe even twenty times in some areas. In the worst zones, you could see 50 times the amount of snow you’ve had in the past. This is the type of winter the American public needs to prepare for.

        “Pretty much everyone will see snow like they never have in their lives. Most younger people don’t even know what an actual blizzard looks like, but by the end of March, they will be seasoned survivalists,” Blankenbaker said.

        • “Al Gore, paging a Mr. Al Gore.”

        • Sorry. It turns out the above story about snow is a hoax. I was hoping for a little more snow this year.

        • Archivist
          that site posts satire
          check out some of their other “stories”

          • That’s how I found out. I found the “Betty White dyes” story and one about Flo from the Progressive commercial having her car insurance cancelled.

            • Betty White, a can of chocolate syrup and a couple of small dogs. One of the all time best actresses. Lake Placid was great.

        • With twenty inches of snow this Winter I can ski Four Peaks!!! Better wax my boards!!! 🙂

          • Durango. As I hear the El ninio affect leaves Southern Colorado slim on snow cover. Telluride is usually thin on snow and icy.. I was out in Lake Tahoe one ski sesson Squaw Vallt got over 100 inches in few days. Skiing on that fresh powder was amazing. My favs are Heavenly in Tahoe and Vail.. Aspen has some good night life.

        • Its already Snowed in Montana this week. No kidding. Growing season is over. Harvast what ever is left and not frost bitten.

        • Had exactly one inch of snow here on the Washington coast last year. Wouldn’t mind 50 inches or so.

        • Archivist, well this ain’t no hoax! The Weatherman in Casper is calling for up to six inches of snow this evening Sept. 9, even in some of the lower elevations. Trekker Out. Damn Global Warming!

        • Well,when all that snow melts,plenty of coffee!

        • I would not call a prediction of a huge snow fall as the next ‘disaster’.

          Are people that unfamiliar with how Mother Nature works?

          Snow eventually melts and the run-off is what replenishes the streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

          I am no big fan of snow, but, snow is our friend – despite the hassles and miserable conditions that some of our Northern brothers and sisters might have to endure when it arrives.

      9. Revelation 8:11. wormwood

        A third of the waters turned bitter and many people died from the waters that turned bitter.

        drought, pestilence, earthquakes,famine

        all signs of God’s judgment –if you read the scriptures how God dealt with Israel when it turned away and then eventually
        taken by its enemies and enslaved…..

        No rain in California………

        You be the judge….

        • Let us not forget Wars/Rumors of Wars, the economy ready to collapse, Christians being persecuted almost world wide.

          Yup, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

          On this point, should ISIS pull off a terror attack, civil unrest occur over Illegal immigration, or Ebola start killing here in North America, imagine what those events will do to the economy. Remember: the economic effects of 9/11?

      10. Texas needs a processing facility to remove water from illegal immigrants….problem solved….

        • Loner-

          Funny you should bring up (illegal-alien)wetbacks & water!

          ..several years ago, liberal/bleeding hearts in Arizona used to install “wetback watering stations”…out in the desert.

          They were essentially cubical 200-250(or so) gallon white plastic tanks, w/ a sheet-metal cage exterior & a spigot.

          Rumor has it, many were “ventilated & rendered useless”…via numerous center-fire caliber holes at the base of the units!

          …others were found w/ a ripe/raw/uncooked “TYSON chicken fryer” dropped whole, into the fill cap at the top of the unit.

          …salmonella in the desert…was probably a real bitch!

        • remember the movie Dune and how they extracted water from dead people to put in the cistern?

      11. WHO says Ebola will claim 20,000 lives in the next six months – exhibiting characteristics it could go pandemic


        “A higher proportion of health workers has been infected in this outbreak than in any previous one — an alarming indicator of diseases that can turn pandemic”

        governmental organizations like WHO and the CDC are generally very conservative in their language
        so as to avoid panicking the population
        that carefulness of language is gone now

      12. There is a line from the movie WWZ that fits here (and the Ebola story), “Mother Nature is a Serial Killer and no one is better at it or more creative than Her”.

        I understand that the water shortage they are experiencing in California is also happening in Central America, which should vastly increase the number of Illegals coming here this winter.

        • Sinner,read the book WWZ,Max Brooks(Mel’s son)wrote a great book,the movie was basically a completely different story and trashed the book.

      13. I live about 75 yards from a spring fed lake,have a Berkey water filter and ready to go. Got lots of fish in there too. A 2 fer! In this jurisdiction the county allows water barrels to collect water. Love the south!

        • Jim in VA. You call Virgina the South? Maybe south Washinton DC. You know what DC stands for? Darky Country.

          • South enough to have fought for the Confederacy. That good enough for ya?


            • That’s like George W Bush saying he is from the west.. West Texas. You are both Twits. Pull out a map of the US sometime and check the compass heading. South is at the bottom of the map.

              • Yes, but south in the US can also mean south of the Mason-Dixon line, which Virginia most assuredly is.

      14. I live about 75 yards from a spring fed lake,have a Berkey water filter and ready to go. Got lots of fish in there too. A 2 fer! In this jurisdiction the county allows water barrels to collect water. Love the south!

      15. I can move over to Vancouver if SHTF in my region, but I’d rather stand up against Communism in America than waste my life savings in socialist feminist Kanada.

        Houses cost at least $800,000 in Vancouver while average prices in my neighborhood are around $160,000 to 300,000$ and less taxes.

        Better to weather the storm here than move to another socialist country.

      16. The knuckledraggin website showed pictures a while back of dead bodies floating in the Ganges? river in India. That water is SERIOUSLY nasty!

        • The Ganges is holy to Hindus, and at least a million bodies are floated down the river each year. Those are the really poor, whose families cannot afford cremation rites on the burning ghats in the cities.

          All the cremation remains are also put into the river.

          Not to mention the poorly- or untreated fecal waste of about 500 million people.

          Don’t drink the water.

      17. This like Global warming it AIN’T going to happen. Will the Climate change? Hell Yes! Illinois has the artic to mid climate, to Desert back to mid climate back to Artic every frigging year.
        The may not be water in the same place but there will be water.
        We know by looking back at the past that things change.
        Folks we live in a big terrarium. Where is the water going to go. The earth is 3/4 water.
        I say B.S. this is just another Global Warming Lie.

        • Good point Sarge.
          Solar power or Wind to run pumps to elevate salt water to huge reservoirs with hydroelectric turbines to run the grid and power de-salination plants, the byproducts can be used for a natural wood preservative etc, etc,,, as well as drinking water?
          Makes too much sense though. Hell they could build a few of those focused collector plants boil off and condense the salt water, collect the fresh and utilize the salt and minerals that are byproducts for the heat collectors that maintain the high temps that produce the steam power that turns the turbines.

        • But Sgt. You gots them flying carp in the IL Rivers. Trying to sneak up into the great lakes. They electrofy the river near the mouth to keeps the carps out of there.

          • WWT
            You know if you know how to clean them (I don’t) that they make great table fair! I had an uncle that could clean a carp and you would think you were eating Crappy.
            I did here of one way. You put it on a board gut it scale it. Throw it away and eat the board.
            (EPPE I’m not!)

            • Eh,your trying though,laughs always a important thing especially in trying times!

      18. Two thirds of the planet is covered with water. There is plenty of water. Its the logistics that need fixing. Maybe the idea of towing icebergs to places that need fresh water will become viable. water is a 100% renewable resource its used and eventually recycles and comes back as rain & snow. Its when you use more faster than it replenished by rain & snow that it becomes scarce. The UN NWO & Agenda 21 folks want to reduce the worlds population. restricting water by making it unlawful to produce it yourself might be part of the plan?

      19. Water is life…it is also the ‘New Oil’.
        We as a species are rapidly deleting the fresh water and it’s going to affect millions very soon. T Boone Pickens (the former oil magnate)was buying up all kinds of water rights about 10 years ago…now a lot of places he bought up are going dry. Doh!

        -China has approx. 60% of ground water polluted from industry and runoff. Eck.

        -Ogallala Aquifer in the Midwest…used to be about 250 ft deep is now about 80 ft deep. They say if we quit drawing from it now, it would still take about 500-1000 years to refill it to normal levels. Ouch.

        -China has been siphoning off water from Lake Michigan (and others) via Nestle and their water trucks for YEARS.
        Of course Nestle CEO says water is not a basic human right. He’s gotta be reptilian, at the very least.

        -California home to Americas largest fresh vegetables and wine country is seriously in trouble…and so are we when that sticker shock hits us in about 1-2 months.

        -Las Vegas is also in dire straits. The draw line for the intake valves is built at 1000ft. The water level in the Lake Mead reservoir is at about 1080 ft. 80 more feet to go and that’s all she wrote.

        There is only about 2-3% of fresh water available on the Earth for use, and a good chunk of that…locked up in glaciers and icebergs.

        I see a large market for desalination if someone can make it ‘affordable’. What’s funny is years ago they would have laughed if you said you wanted to bottle water and sell it. Now they even sell you canned ‘air’.

        • If the terrorist a holes really wanted to screw the US over those 11 planes could destry a few dams that would 1. Cause massive flooding and destruction and 2. Remove the #1 moste important elements for millions of people, H2O
          Im just sayin, major knock on effect

          • Yes and Obama will train them to fly as he granted Lybians the right to train here in US flight schools. These idiots are begging for another 9-11.

          • A bunch of little slant eyed fuckers in WW2, wreaked havoc with planes……

            According to a U.S Air Force webpage:

            Approximately 2,800 Kamikaze attackers sunk 34 Navy ships, damaged 368 others, killed 4,900 sailors, and wounded over 4,800.

            That was just the “US” Navy ships.

        • Good luck with the desalination. The eco freaks while demanding it will then turn around and fight it all the way. Added eight years to the Carlsbad, Ca. plant completion. Right now San Diego treats sewage to secondary levels which can be used for many things. Instead of having storage capacity where it can be filtered through sand and be made clean enough for drinking they just dump it in the ocean.

      20. If China is teaming with Russia to break the petro dollar then why are we allowing Nestle to sell Great Lakes water to China? Sounds like treason to me.

        • Time to mine the Great Lakes!On a side note ?,where the hell is the Incredible Mr. Limpet when you need him!?

      21. Look for the “governmentalization” [destructive control] of the natural resource known as H2O = water.

        They found a way to sell us that which used to be free = TV, now they might find a way to control us through water. BULLCRAP!

        As for tomorrow night, look for Mr. Obama: first, NOT to talk AT ALL about BOMBING Isis and second, to describe them as an ominous and undefeatable threat (BULLCRAP!)

        In short, look for him to “placate” us.

        Isis is part of the antichrist system to kill both Christians AND Jews (anyone connected with Christ), and then to annihilate the Church, and yes, they will soon arrive in greater numbers in the United States to join those who in recent months came across the southern border. (They’ve allowed themselves to become infested, taken over by the hatred Satan has for humans. That’s why we must steadfastly avoid feelings of and engaging in hatred.)

        You all know from military and other sources that the guillotines are already in the FEMA camps along with crematoriums. Oh, by the way, Christ told Maria in the latest Message, “They may sneer at the Ways of the Lord, but they will never prevail against My Church.”


        By the way, is my intuiting that they will soon arrive here in the U.S. just me being paranoid?

        Heck no, it’s just me saying that either President Kennedy or President Reagan would have squashed (bombed) them as the knats they are. Instead, our leaders and others around the world are protecting them. Such cowardice feeds fear, and the resulting FALSE perception makes us (mistakenly) think they are more powerful than they truly are.

        Don’t go to any airports or malls this Thursday, September 11th.

        Watch your six, and everything else.

        One last thing: if you let yourself get OVERLY distracted by race wars in our country, you won’t see them coming. Such distraction is how they keep you off balance, your guard down, and your ego unnecessarily stroked.

        You’re better than that, my friends, and next time your life might depend on walking away from that news distraction to walk towards that which is striving to sneak up on you.

        – the Lone Ranger

      22. Control the WATER, control the FOOD, you control it all. Yes master; sip of water and a bite of cracker here please boss man.
        I include myself; I’m getting sick and tired of no action to stop this SH-T that’s is taking over our freedom.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

        • All the population growth in the US the last forty years has been because of immigration. A consumer economy needs never ending numbers of new consumers. Screw the final cost.

          • Exactly! They have to eat. Some clothing is needed. Healthcare is utilized in some manner. They may or may not pay for any items directly, but they are being purchased which benefits the company selling the product…or managing the EBT card. Think in volume.

      23. There are a handful of elitists that somehow think they own the earth and all of its resources….anybody in their way just goes….

        • Really? Elites? How does that apply here? The fact is humans do some really stupid things like living on flood plains, below sea level and packing themselves into cities where they can’t get enough water. Seems to me that are correct in that there are a handful of evil elites but they’re not forcing people to live in overcrowded cities, they’re just taking advantage of the stupidity of the vast majority of the human race. You and I may consider it immoral to do so, but, can blame them for setting their price when stupid people, over and over and over, get themselves in a pickle and the elites start raising the price of cucumbers?

          All I’m saying is if you do stupid things over and over, eventually someone will figure out a way to relieve you of the burden of your cash. As they say, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

          The reality is that the people out west are having to conserve water and not waste it like they were. They’re not able to submerge their laws to have lush green carpets and flourishing plantlife around their homes built in, what was originally, a desert.

      24. The well has dried up here in the Sierra Foothills. This is where the water used to come from. Water meters from Sacramento are on the way. Can’t wait for the cities to dry up, that’s where all the commies are.

        • B careful what you wish for, they will all move to where you’re at…

      25. I learned in grade school that water was matter. It cannot be created or destroyed. It can change form, so it’s gotta go somewhere….

        • The question is not whether or not it can or can’t be destroyed.

          The question is whether or not it is suitable for use.

          If you can’t drink it or use it to water crops, it does you no good.

      26. Ever heard of this amazing newfangled invention called RAIN???

        I mean Cali, sure, fine, it’s a fricking desert, let it dry up and blow a way and not a single f*** will be given. Detroit?? For real, people don’t have barrels in Detroit??? I mean really. REALLY now.

      27. BS”D
        Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
        A Handicapped child
        3Av 5774 (July 29, ’14)

        We Must Prepare Ourselves To Be Unblemished Sacrifices

        Since the last time that I wrote, much has happened. The world has almost turned up-side-down. Besides the war that we are having here in Eretz Yisroel, many other wars have begun and the world has become a much more dangerous and frightening place. One of the reasons that it is so frightening, besides the fact that these wars are cruel, shooting, killing wars, with blood flowing freely, besides that fact, what frightens us the most is that much of what is happening today simply doesn’t work according to a logical mind, a normal logical mind. Pieces are missing from the puzzle that should be evident. We don’t know who the good guy is. We don’t know who the bad guy is. We don’t know from one minute to the other who is on whose side. Suddenly there are certain things that are uncovered that we had no inkling had ever been in existence, and they tell us in the highest places with the most knowledgeable of people so-to-speak that it has been there for the last ten, twenty, fifty years festering and growing and becoming monstrosities, and we scratch our heads and say how in the world did that happen. How did it become so bad? How come it came upon us in such a sudden way? How come no one knew, and if they knew, how come no one did anything?
        We trust the governments to make sure that all our medications are not dangerous to us. We trust the courts that they will give everybody a fair shake so-to-speak. We trust the doctors that they will give us the right diagnosis. We trust the economists that tell us that things are looking up financially, or they give us advice how to invest. We trust all the different aspects of the Egel Hazahav, but we don’t trust the Truth. The Truth is Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and we trust man more than the Truth with a capital T. I know that we are coming very close to Moshiach. I know that we’re soon going to throw off the bonds of this terrible Golus. I know that only those who recognize Truth, with a capital T will ever be able to live in a world of the Truth with a capital T, and therefore I want to explain to you that things look jumbled and not logical because it’s not the Truth. It’s not the way the world was created.
        What is happening today, it’s going against the Truth. Its degenerate, and its pulling us into a degenerate mode, and its taking over the whole world, and we have to resist. The only way to stop it is to recognize that something is very wrong here and we’re hanging on to the wrong lifesaver for dear life. We think we have a rubber tube to float on the water and be saved, but we don’t. It’s full of lead and it’s going to bring us down to the bottom of the sea, Chas Vesholom. What does Hashem want from us? How can we survive this terrible calamity, this evilness that has oozed out from every corner of the world that nobody realized existed in such a tremendous force? How can we survive all this? Who are we, only puny people without any strength. How can we survive this terrible, terrible flood of degeneracy? There is only one way. We have to prepare ourselves.
        We have to prepare ourselves now to greet Moshiach. We have to prepare ourselves to be perfect sacrifices, and yes I did say Korbanos Shleimos, and we have to be Shaleim, Shaleim or at least try very hard to be Shalem. If we don’t get to Shleimus, Hashem will make the Shleimus, but it will be so difficult and so hard, and cause us much pain, no less pain than an operation, only it will be a spiritual operation which can be much more painful than a physical operation. There’s no anesthetic for this kind of operation, and we’ll feel every single pain, so we must prepare ourselves to be Korbanos to be as pure as possible. Don’t get too frightened. I don’t mean that we’re all going to die Al Kiddush Hashem. I mean that Hashem wants us to live Al Kiddush Hashem, and He wants us to be as perfect as possible, and the way to become as perfect as possible is to trust Hashem completely. Trust everything He demands from us. Do not question one thing that He demands from us. We want to do His complete Ratzon. I’m not saying that we will be able to get to that high level, but we have to make a really, really good try for it. We have to really, really put our minds, hearts, and soul, and our bodies into this great endeavor, probably the greatest endeavor ever.
        Yitzchok Avinu was a perfect Korbon. He was a Korbon Shaleim. His father was ready to listen to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and sacrifice his only son. The only son that could continue and become the father of Am Yisroel, one of the fathers. Only Yitzchok could do that. He was willing to die because Hashem said so. That is the kind of Bitachon we have to have. In the end it was enough that Yitzchok allowed himself to be tied onto the Mizbayach so that he wouldn’t squirm when the knife came to his throat. He put his throat out so it would be easier for his father when he had to do the Shechting, and he was happy to do Hashem’s will, and Avraham Avinu didn’t hesitate once to Shecht his only son, because Hakodosh Boruch Hu wanted it, and he knew that everything that Hakodosh Boruch Hu does is for our good. He also knew that nothing that we have, nothing that we think we own, no child of ours is really ours. Nothing is ours. Everything is His, and we too are His, and that’s the way you achieve Shleimus.
        You have to be sure in every way that Hashem is Hakol Yachol and whatever He does is absolutely perfect for us, and will be the best thing for us no matter how much it makes us suffer, because our suffering is only an illusion. It’s from our twisted desires and we have to realize that this world is only a very short visit for us, and then we go to the next world. But now we won’t go to the next world. Im Yirtzeh Hashem, we’ll go straight to Olam Habah of Moshiach.
        So now my dear Yidden, be strong. It’s time to change. It’s time to take account of our lives, each part of our lives, and try to be much better because if we don’t do this we’re going to be in big trouble. I beg you, make an accounting. Balance your checkbook with Hashem. Find what you owe Him, and find what you think He owes you, and I‘m sure that we all will find that we are deeply, deeply in debt, and that we need to show Hashem how we love and trust Him, how we will do anything in the world that He asks us, even if it means our lives. That’s what we have to show Him. We are going to be called upon as Jews to be tested in the most difficult ways, and we must be close to Him. We must take out of ourselves all the superficial nonsense of this world of lies, of this world of Egel Hazahav, of this world of illusions and come to the truth. Its very frightening because all of your, what you call regular lives, is going to be totally, totally different. You’re going to have to give up things that have become out of disproportionately important to you, and you’re going to have to take from your heart all the petty nonsense that you so come to depend on to help you pass time in a superficial way. You are going to have to deal with the truth. It’s very frightening, and our lives will change. The great wealth that this so-called western world has known is going to vanish. It’s going to be gone. We are going to have to learn to live in a much more simple way, and that will help us become closer to Hashem. It is happening now already, and World War Three has begun already, and I think we can all see it, and it is going to spread. It’s going to become a great, great war, a great and frightening war, and I know that all true Jews will know that what I am saying now is true. Prepare yourselves my dear Jews, my dear Yidden. Hashem loves you and wants you back wants you back with Him. This is a lowly generation but the Jewish heart and soul is still here and on that Jewish heart and soul of every single Yid will be built Olam Habah of Moshiach.
        Q: Why don’t you sleep at night?
        A: I don’t sleep at night because I know that in the not so far future we’re really going to have to trust Hashem. We are going to realize that food and clothing and shelter will not be forthcoming so easily at all, and we will have to trust Hashem. When I say we I’m talking about the whole world. I’m talking about every single person in the world except those few who think that they can rule instead of Hashem, Chas Veshololm, but we will be the winners because in the end Hashem will banish them into nonexistence and we will get all the benefits. We will not starve to death and we will not be out in the cold if we trust in Hashem, if we trust the fact that He is Hakol Yachol.
        That’s why I cry, because I know it’s going to be very hard for many Yidden, and by the way do you realize how much of the world is going to be destroyed, Hashem Yishmor? It is said so clearly in the Nevuas. Do you realize what a shock that is? I don’t think there will be any CNN around to be able to photograph it, but what can I tell you? Just thinking about the shock of it is enough to make me cry, cry for Am Yisroel, cry for the whole world. The Reshaim are playing their sinister games of murder and bloodshed. They are such foolish people especially the Goyim the Jews are also being foolish because we are not coming close to the Truth, to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. We have made our whole lives superficial Yiddishkeit and all I can do is cry over it. We have split up into millions of factions instead of being one with Hashem, but Hashem will teach us. He loves us. He wants to save us, but we’re making it very hard on ourselves.
        Just remember that according to many great Torah sources most of the Jews of this generation, the generation just before the Geula Sheleima, will be Erev Rav. They can be Frum or secular but not true Jews and they will try to pull us away from the Truth.
        Yes my crying has to do with Am Yisroel. I’m so worried. It’s not so simple. We have to be strong and we have to be without blemish.

        • Moish,is there a condensed/highlight version?!

      28. Another alert from your pilot. Tfr just went up in New York for “special security reasons” vague enough. Tfr4/2838 can be googled to bring it up. The description pretty much says no aircraft except police, emergency, and secret service. Starts September 17. They’re either doing an exercise, or they’re doing some sort of false flag. Anyone notice how in the lame stream media everyone is saying watch out for Manhattan? Also the president has moved again, he’s got two or three tfrs going up so it would be harder to locate him. This stinks to high heaven. Also multiple restriction that just say “hazard”. Usually, they tell you what the hazard is.

        • Eagle,would say obola may be making a few different 9/11 speeches,I suppose multi no fly zones opsec camo also.The 17 thing seems a little weird but perhaps the mooch needs to shop in NY!

          • Right, hopefully so, but this is marked down as having multiple medevac flights authorized to fly into it. Strange enough. Hopefully nothing happens.

            • Eagle,not up on avionic lingo/protocol but would there not be always vetted medevac flights prearranged to take folks to specialists ect.,though would think you don’t find specialist in NYC region you are probably screwed anyhow.

      29. And this is one of the many reasons why I say the world is overpopulated. Too many take this much needed resource for granted.

      30. I kind of have to chuckle reading this. In every case you see where there is a “water shortage” you will notice that there is also a mention of “unlicensed dealers” and “back alley deals”. Come on! Its water! …and its in short supply because a currupt section of that society wants it to be in short supply.

        The fact is, fresh water on this planet is plentiful. Sure, it has to be managed but when you get government (or government/private partnerships) to manage it, well, you get the Anti-Midas effect. (…where things that are touched to government turn to complete sh!t instead of gold.)

        …and, don’t forget the three main functions of government!

        1. Lie
        2. Steal
        3. Murder

        If you think they are above using the scarcity of clean water (or creating a scarcity) to accomplish the above three things, well, I have this bridge in New York that I own that I’d love to sell you! Only $200! Call me at 1-800-sheeple.

        Don’t also dismiss that simple fact that humans do some really stupid things. You know, like building mega cities where water is scarce. As preppers we know that you need a buffer, an overage. Its why we pile it deep. Its also why I don’t have city water or city sewage. All these problems are CITY PROBLEMS! Get out of the city!

        When you buy services, their primary concern is getting paid. Now, of course, if they don’t have the water they don’t get paid, but, they can just throw down their water making toys and go somewhere else. Corporations don’t give a rat’s ass about you, only your money and when its not profitable anymore you are left thirsty and holding your dollars.

        Simple fact of the matter is that there is more water wasted than there is actually “used”.

        Of course, there was a rough period before the engineering of the 1.6g per flush toilets became useable. I had two. You had to do all kinds of crazy things to make the crap go down. I wasted thousands of gallons of water flushing and reflushing. But, the good news is new toilets ARE FANTASTIC! I put a couple in just last spring. Cost me about $150 each with hardware and all. The best $300 I ever spent!

        Even though I’m not some aguifer hugger (you know, like a “tree hugger”) I decided some years ago that waste is waste. My main purpose was to cut my water usage so I could store enough water and just run my pump a few times a day thereby reducing the need to have a generator running. And I did it. I put in an 86 gallon reservoir tank (along with my already existing 20). I put in my new 1.6g toilets and reduced water consumption shower heads. I’m guessing my water consumption is now about 25% of what it was.

        Now, I can flush both toilets and two people can take a shower and the pump won’t run. My well will produce (without damage) 300 gallons per hour for just about forever. It tested at over 800 gallons per hour but that pulls dirt and sand into it and messes things up.

        Simple: I am water rich. My SHTFPlan is that I will have as much crystal clear, perfect water as I want as long as I can get the pump to run, which it will as long as I have either line power or a little bit of gas in the generator.

        There is a reason I intend to bug in. I’ll have everything I need. Source of Water, Wood, Wildlife. 3 big Ws of survival. I’ve always seen cities as kind of a retarded way of life. Everyone all grouped together totally dependent of someone else for everything from groceries to food to security. Now we see, with the drought in the west, how bad it really is. This should tell you what you one of the very basic things you need to do: get out of the city!

        • Net,sounds good but tell me you have some sort of hand pump/windmill,anything to get that water without electricity or solar pump,if not,get on it.

          • I just reciently built From $75 worth of PCV pipe a hand powered pump. I installed it in a older spring fed 6 inch diameter well that has a static water level of about 12 feet.. The previous owners had abandoned that well and drilled a new 450 ft well into the aquifer. The old well only has at best a 2&1/2 gallon per minute flow. I researched everything on the internet about hand pumps. then I came up with a design. Built a small prototype and worked out the bugs. After I bullt the full size version it worked flawlessly. I used two pipes one has the sucker rod in it and the other carries the water to the surface. Mine actually forces or rams the water upward. there is no actual suction or pumping involved. Its easy to move the sucker rod up & down and very efficient. Im thinking a horizontal Savionus rotor wind mill could very easily power it .

            • Old Guy,sound cool,perhaps a video on build in order.With the shallow wells I work with (mine/family/friends) just added a line to prime side piped to a hand pump with a shut off in pit.Just turn valve there on,shut off other valve to home and start pumping,make sure extra seals/cups /leathers what have you ect.For those with deep pump needs though pricey they do make ones that will pull over 400 feet hand pump,a workout but then we are talking water.

              • what I built has a foot valve (check valve) at the very bottom. Right above that is a T fitting attached to the T is a 1 1/2 pipe. inside that is a 2 foot length of one inch PCV that serves as a piston. I heated the piston ends so I could insert 1/2 inch PCV the bottom section is a few inches and a has a cap on it. The top is the sucker rod that is schedule 1/2 schedule 80 PCV. the inserting of the 1/2 into the piston enlarges it so it was sanded until it easily slid into the larger 1 & 1/2 inch PCV. two grooves where made around the piston to accept O rings. Now back to the T fitting its connected butted against a 90% fitting with a short piece of 1&1/2 right above the 90% is another check valve. above the check valve is a 1 inch pipe to carry the water to the surface. so I kept adding 10 ft sections I inch pipe & adding sections of 1&1/2 inch pipe with 1/2 inch schedule 80 PCV sucker rod until I got it to the depth in the well that I needed. When the foot valve is submerged water will flow into the 1&1/2 right up to wherever the piston is located. When the sucker rod is shoved down the water cant return past the foot valve. It is pushed out the T at the bottom through the 90% fitting and up above through the check valve into the 1 inch pipe to the surface. This simple rig could push water up from a great dept. Im raising water from the 12 ft static water level and to the 60 ft below ground level to a 250 gallon tank that is ten feet above natural ground.

                • For moving the sucker rod on my pump I was using a PCV pipe T handle like a dynamite plunger. Today I got a old picture pump handle and rigged it up to move the sucker rod up & down. Its very easy to use one hand and hardly any effort. Ive got nine inches of total stroke and 5 pumps of the handle = a Quart of water. So I checked the math 5X9 = 45. So I filled a 4 ft piece of 1&1/2 pipe with water and it held just over a quart. Im satisfied with the end result. If I was pushing more volume it would require more power to operate. Im confident a small savionus rotor wind mill will work ok. Its been a lot of fun and great satisfaction. My wife says it reminded her of a kid playing with tinker toys & erector sets.

      31. one of the softest, easiest targets for a ‘terrorist’ organization to go after would be our water treatment plants. Every town has one and it’s vulnerable. They lose power or have a broken pump it can go down. We no longer use water towers, everything is under pump pressure today.

        • Rachel,are we saying I need to mine the well!

      32. Be scared…..and be afraid! Be both! They want it that way. That’s your programming and you’d better obey it!!!


        there is so much pushing on scare propaganda these days its almost laughable , that is if you dont understand what is going on

        funny thing about water…the water thats been on this earth forever is the same water thats always been here.. no new water
        if its contaminated and cant be purified for human use , than its been destroyed and more then likely by man ( government)

        always have a back up source , never trust your local water works to have your best interest or communities, in your health.
        learn how to purify your water sources
        the only thing I use my tap water for is cleaning with, showers, washing etc.. no drinking, no cooking with it, if taken orally it is spit out , dead serious

        If you knew what was really in your city water you’d do the same. There are also seasonal issues with water that goes thru the system from the sources they get the water from depending on where you live , some have toxic effects on humans , and they will NOT tell you its in your water. Hell they even “treat” the water with chemicals (other than fluoride) to supposedly kill off parasites , algae blooms etc.. so how good are those chemicals for you to ingest? Not good for you either , you are trading one poison for another ..basically going from a nature produced toxin to a man made or produced a mixed in chemical that has harmful effects they consider a “trade off”

        even some bottled water , has the same shit in it..why? because they source the water from the same dam place so they have to use the same treatment on it

        Get smart about your OWN water that you put into your body, and be very careful about who you trust with it.
        basically billions of people are trusting their governments with their “safe drinking water” and that my friends is an oxy-moron .. trusting the very governments that have been doing nothing but ling and subjugating our liberties for generations past and to come, is basically loading the gun for them to kill you with it.. yeah what a concept ,..kill you with the one thing we all need, and is the one main need for our survival and were trusting it with a government entity and oversite
        take control of your own water , its one of the best things you can do for your health

      33. 1. If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for being in the country illegally, you live in a country run by idiots.

        2. If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion, you live in a country run by idiots.

        3. If you have to show identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor or check out a library book, but not to vote on who runs the government, you live in a country run by idiots.

        4. If the government wants to ban stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines with more than ten rounds, but gives 20 F-16 fighter jets to the crazy leaders in Egypt, you live in a country run by idiots.

        5. If, in the largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but not a 24-ounce soda because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make you fat, you live in a country run by idiots.

        6. If an 80-year-old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA but a woman in a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched, you live in a country run by idiots.

        7. If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more, you live in a country run by idiots.

        8. If a seven year old boy can be thrown out of grade school for saying his teacher’s “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable, you live in a country run by idiots.

        9. If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government intrusion, while not working is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid, subsidized housing and free cell phones, you live in a country run by idiots.

        10. If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to incentivize NOT working, with 99 weeks of unemployment checks and no requirement to prove they applied but can’t find work, you live in a country run by idiots.

        11. If being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you more “safe” according to the government, you live in a country run by idiots.

      34. Off topic. Has anyone heard of that mysterious respiratory virus that’s infecting children in a dozen or so states. One of the states report over 500 children treated in one day. I’m just wondering some of your thought on this. Does anyone have any ideas or theories what this is or how it came about? Could it be tied to the Ebola thing. Are they using Ebola to scare the shit out of people then infect people with something new and different so it doesn’t look like it was the plan? I don’t know I’m just rambling. Stay safe my friends

        • To figure out how it came about, you need look no further than our southern border.

        • It isn’t Ebola, it’s a virus similar to flu.

          400 cases since discovery here in 1962, and suddenly over 1000 cases in a week or two.

          There was an earlier outbreak in Guatemala this summer.

          Guess how it got here?

      35. Just one case:

        According to a report entitled HAB’s and drinking Water Concerns, from Timothy Murphy , comissioner of the Division of Environmental Services for the City of Toledo, The City of Toledo currently uses Potassium Permanganate, Powdered Activated Carbon, Aluminum Sulfate, and Chlorine to treat the local water supply for mitocystin and has had to increase the amount of these substances used in recent years to combat the Harmful Algae Blooms.

        Potassium Permanganate, Powdered Activated Carbon, Aluminum Sulfate, and Chlorine plus more im sure.. is this really what you want to be drinking? notice in the article they also say that they are basically “chasing ” this issue (“has had to increase the amount of these substances used in recent years to combat the Harmful Algae Blooms”.)

        yes this is just one case, im sure there are worse situations around this country that we are NOT being informed about and they dont want us to know about

        im sure a ton of health effects are brought on by our sources of “clean” water

        • sorry missed adding this to my post

          drink up!

          The chemicals used to “purify” the water have their own health risks and side effects and past analyses of Toledo water by independent environmental groups showed a myriad of cancer causing substances, including harmful levels of benzene.

      36. I don’t drink tap water here in the Tampa bay area and have’nt for at least 30 years. I fill the 1 gallon jugs from the water machines at various stores for about 30 cents a gallon. It’s supposed to have all these different filter processes. The water tastes good, but I really don’t know how clean it is of contaminates. I cook with it also because the spigot water has flouride and who knows what else. I grew up drinking well water and I still prefer that. Do these machines at stores produce clean water from their filtering method?

        • probably filtered for sure, but the machine is just plumbed into city water line , so your fluoride issue you thought you were mitigating is not so, that machine is not removing that, or any microcysyten (sp) either..


          • That is funny, but no really? How people will go to the store and pay a high price for some other cities tap water but won’t drink there own. Trekker Out.

            • yep really silly when all the “city” water is all the same as far as the chemicals put into it.

              all that machine at the grocery store is, its a filter, thats all

              and most filters dont get rid of the algae toxins , the fluoride , or some of the other chemicals they are “treating” (poisoning) our water with.

              cant even boil out the algae toxins or the fluoride , all that does is concentrate it

        • You’re paying 30 cents for a gallon of city water.

          Get yourself a Brita or something and filter your tap water, it’s going to cost you less money for the same thing.

          The filters on those machines are just bigger Brita-type filters, and function mainly to allow advertising the water as filtered so people pay the outrageous markup for their own tap water.

          If you don’t think you’re getting tap water, take all your gallon jugs and set them in front of the machine. Notice how many gallon jugs it takes to equal the size of the dispenser. Then fill them all, empty them, and fill them again. If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

      37. O/T

        Holder’s DOJ Accidently Asked Republican to Spin IRS Scandal

        ht tp://finance.townhall.com/columnists/michaelschaus/2014/09/10/holders-doj-accidently-asked-republican-to-spin-irs-scandal-n1889658

        accidently my ass!

      38. As tomorrow 9/11,might as well make sure your gas tank full,you will use it either way,will cover any blips and just a bit more stored if a blip becomes a disaster.

        • Thats the thing,
          A blip can very easily become a disaster,
          Very fine line the way so many are living so close to the edge.
          Many because of normalcy bias, many by ignorance.
          Others by circumstance, weather loss of job or health issues or????
          Best is to just be as prepared as you possibly can for whatever may come along, in days gone by this was just good old common sense.
          Do you know what you have and have it somewhat organized?

          • Organized/know what I have?!I am not some slack jawed drooling troglodyte!I have the memory of a elephant,ask me were any piece of gear is.That said,not in homeland and thus limited to Molle and some storage so a easy test,as for what is at home,well,I know where it is and you really have no way of proving me wrong,so……ask away!

      39. Maybe a reset will do the world good. Just remember, don’t protect the sheep, don’t be a sheepdog. Sheepdogs still serve the same master and the sheep hate him anyways. Let the stupid learn or let them burn. It’s the only way. Concern yourself with those near and dear to you and maybe those that share the same outlook on life otherwise you’ll find the idiots blaming you for all of their problems.

      40. What will it be like when our water runs out? Why would it run out? Oh! I know. In 1969 we had 190 million people in America. With unrestricted immigration and open borders, we now have about 320 million people. All of the population growth is from immigration and their birth rates. Drink sand you cowards. How cheap is it to get your lawn mowed now?

        • Sorry about posting articles about demographics so frequently, but when your people are facing extinction through low birth rates and assimilation, I feel it’s important. The social engineers feel it’s important to do it to us. Some one has to speak up.

      41. There is more than enough water. It is wasted. Golf course, grass lawns, etc. No doubt in my mind a war, conflict, or police action will be fought over water. It is only a matter of when and where.

      42. Just went out and checked my lake…Sure enough , it’s down about a foot. If this keeps up I will be out of water in ABOUT 40 YEARS….Oh yea, it’s the end of summer.

        I hope I don’t have another Beaver infestation this winter, as they can flood me out. Doing battle with them takes about an hour every couple of weeks..They build, I tear down…All this so that they can get over a log without dragging their belly’s…Damn things cant walk three feet!
        MAAAN the things one must do to have a stable water system!

        So far up here in the Pacific North Wet, we still have water…Oh, and webbed feet!

        • Wonder how good Beaver is to eat?
          Wait for it
          Wait for it!!!!
          Sorry, just couldnt resist

          • Depends,trimmed or hardwood works out just fine!

          • Nice brother…you got me!

            On a serious note, it is dark meat and kind of fatty. They are veges so the meat is mild.


      43. O/T

        My kid is taking drivers ed, she is in her segment 2 classes

        guess what question got asked of the entire class of kids taking their segment 2 classes?( segment 2 class is only 3 days than they can go for their drivers licence test at DMV)

        the question asked
        “are there any guns in your house”

        Out of a class of about 15 kids only 1 raised their hand(obviously not my kid), so the word must be getting out to collectively tell the establishment to fuck off!

        Educate your kids on what not to say, and why.. the life you save could be theirs

      44. Kulafarmer…Beavers are edible but very greasy. Had some in my younger days…

        I consider my lake a wildlife sanctuary, so the beavers are safe. Sides, what would I have to do in the dead of winter if not for a little beaver?

        The ducks in spring are actually more bothersome. nothing like being woken up at the crack of dawn by DUCK WARS as they stake out their territory!

        • Nobody,that actually sounds like a great way to wake up.Yes,critters getting up with the sun can be annoying but sure beats the hell out of a alarm clock(unless wind up mechanical,love those).I look at it as getting up with the rest of the natural world,enuff light for the critters to get their ass in gear certainly enuff light for me to make some coffee and roll a few smokes,then get said ass in gear!

      45. Some Detroit residents didn’t have water because they didn’t pay their bills.

        Cities in the west are much more likely to have water shortages than in the east.

        Cities on the Great Lakes will never have a water shortage. And as I’ve said before, Marquette, Michigan doesn’t have to chlorinate its drinking water because the water from Lake Superior is so cold and clean.

      46. Purest water comes from humidity or water vapor, (a gas), cleaner than from ground source. Water is only natural element that has three forms, liquid, solid, and gas. Check out AWG, astmospheric water generator, condenses water vapor from air into liquid, then filters through silver impregnated activated carbon prior to reverse osmosis membrane,(RO), which extends filtering to 0.0004 micron. Result is pure water, no taste, no odor, no color, and most important, no harmful chemicals as in Crap from the Tap. Also as an important side, water from air contains 46% more dissolved oxygen. Operational cost is $0.20 to 0.22/gal. based on national average of $0.12/KWH. Power consumption at 1,150 watts max. including chilling and heating, otherwise only 450 watts for water production only. Can be operated with solar requiring 600 to 800 watts. Efficiency is contingent upon humidity and temp. Min. required humidity is 35%, therefore more efficiency along coastal areas, but won’t work in desert. Production max. 7.5gal./day, or 24 hr. period. Units available are 110 and 220 VAC, 50 and 60 HRZ. Physically about the size of a typical bottled water cooler, sans the bottle, wt. of 90 lbs., on wheels for portability. In a grid down scenario operate the unit during night for best production, as humidity is highest at dawn. Units are equipped with two UV lamps for continuous purity, as UV kills DNA thus no bacteria can grow. UV or Ozone is how Europe disinfects their municipal water, not with chlorine. Annual UV and filter repalcement costs about $200. Where insufficient humidity exists or consumption exceeds 7.5 gal./day, the units are hybrids, thus can be connected to tap water, where the GAC filters and RO remove approx. 90% of chlorine and about 70% of flouride. In hybrid mode, a drain line for RO reject water is req., but not in atmospheric mode. To switch modes, simply turn two 1/4″ JG water valves. Most people don’t know that under the sink RO systems are very wasteful with about two gal. down the drain for every gal. of useful. So get off the crap from the tap, sodium hypochlorite, (chlorine), is a disinfectant which when mixed with organics in the age old underground piping distribution systems of amerika creates disinfectant byproducts, or trihalomethanes, known carcinogens. Plus flouride, a known carcinogen, and lets not forget the drugs and the other 6,000 chemicals that can readily mix with water, the universal solvent. Your local municipal water purveyor actually tests for a total of 22 dangerous chemicals as per EPA guidelines. So just drink bottled right, yea, just trade the harmful chemicals in tap water for the BPA, (bispenol-A), a known endocrine disrupter, and the phtalates found in plastic bottles, and lest we forget that according to the ERDC, (environmental resources defense council), about 40 to 60% of bottled water is filtered tap crap, with no label info. as to the source, (congressional lobbyists for the bottled water industry, only a $16 Billion US industry, aint convenience nice and cheap). And for you Desal proponents, it is the most expensive fresh water at a cost of about 12.00/gal. Check out Tampa Bay Desal plant, largest in continental U.S. where: designed to produce pure RO quality water at 25M gal./day,(15M g/d is usually max.), most bay sealife is dying due to salt brine deposits, pump and membrane longevity substantially less than anticipated,(go figure), and the clean water produced is pumped to a 3.5Bgal. open earthen resivoir, and then pumped into the underground distribution system of old piping under St. Pete and Tampa where that water is recontaminated on the route to your faucet. Water vs. oil?, in 2008 at a green technology show, a lady grilled me on the AWG unit as she drank from a pint water bottle. I asked and she said she bought the water at a local quick store at a cost of $1.29. OK I said, lets use $1.25/pint for an example, at a buck and a quarter per pint with 8 pints/ga. why are you paying $10.00/gal. for your drinking water? I got a perplexed look but no answer. Next question, what do you think about the price of gas, ($3.65/gal. as crude had just reached $100.00/barrel for the first time in History), she answered, “I think it’s rediculous, the gov. should do something”. So how many gal. in an oil drum I asked and 55 was her answer. No I said, that’s a 55 gal. drum, a standrd oil drum is 42 gal. Do you know the price of crude oil? Yes she said, I saw it on the news last night, it’s $100/barrel, correct I said. Next question, how can you bitch about the price of oil at $100/barrel and yet your willing to pay $420/barrel for your dinking water? Oh my God she said, I had no idea. I said at $1.29/pint you are their best customer, they love you. One last question, aren’t you glad your car doesn’t run on water?
        So we have tap water full of chemicals, ever wonder what we get when we combine all the chemicals, we get chemical compounds, but no one has ever researched what these combinations cause. How about bio-accumulation in the body, where the toxic chemicals accumulate over time, wonder why cancer and heart disease is so rampant in the older population, in amerika. Most people want to talk about GMO foods, do the foods we eat flush any toxins from the body, NO. Water is what flushes the chemical toxins from our bodies, but not if we are pouring more toxins in. Edumicate yourselves;
        FAN, fluoride alert network.
        NRDC, natl.resources defense council, (did a secret behind the scenes test of municipal water contaminants in 100 major us cities, very eye opening and no incentive for lies. Research many more if you want the truth to set you free.
        We have the same amount of water as always, greatest percentage goes to Ag. and manufacturing, therefore only about 0.07% left over for us plantation dwellers.
        Enjoy all of your comments and learn so much and Thank You.

        PS, had a chance to rent a good number of units to a
        major bank in an office tower but I had to decline; FOOK YOU BANKSTERS, your part of the problem, and like the soup nazi, No water for you today, or ever if my choice.


      47. Wars have been fought and will continue to fought over water. No doubt

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