Water Wars Loom Over California As Farmers Lose Thousands of Jobs: “Wrestling Match Over Who Gets the Water”

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 147 comments

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    The announcement that California is rapidly running out of water has put new pressure on our most precious resource that could, in turn, force increased prices and shut down organic food production. Ultimately, it could even threaten the food supply.

    The recent warnings from NASA hydrologist Jay Famiglietti, based on satellite data of the groundwater supply as it is threatened by the ongoing drought, is only compounding the issues for farmers who have already been driven to cut back production as water is rerouted to cities and industries. State leaders are embracing a full on crisis, and there is no sign of letting up:

    At a news conference on March 19, 2015, California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon warned, “There is no greater crisis facing our state today than our lack of water.”

    In fact, there is no contingency plan if California runs out of water. Unless the situation changes, an all out war for water is coming. The first front is economic.

    Thousands of farming jobs have already been lost, and many more are likely coming in the state that produces more farm-to-table produce, and in particular more organic fruits and vegetables, than any other in the United States. Many farmers have been forced to stop planting their fields, while others have found it more profitable to sell their water rights to cities than to grow their crops at all.

    Some pretty serious water wars have been waged in California for over a century, but the battle is no longer between just big cities like L.A. and the growers who provide the nation’s food. The new wars are being orchestrated and promulgated by the corporate masters of Wall Street and Big Agra.

    Attorney Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt and advocate of banking reform, put together a lengthy article full of some pretty disturbing facts that prove water will become a disruptive commodity bigger enough to strip wealth, assets and rights in California and beyond. It seems that everyone will be fighting for the last drop:

    In California’s epic drought, wars over water rights continue, while innovative alternatives for increasing the available water supply go untapped.

    Wars over California’s limited water supply have been going on for at least a century… [especially] between farmers and Los Angeles urbanites over water rights.


    Today the water wars continue on a larger scale with new players. It’s no longer just the farmers against the ranchers or the urbanites. It’s the people against the new “water barons”  – Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Monsanto, the Bush family, and their ilk – who are buying up water all over the world at an unprecedented pace.

    Indeed, private companies have been buying up water rights, with major firms like Nestle bottling up California’s water and selling it as a premium on the consumer market. Industries and bankers controlling infrastructure are also striking momentous deals in the state and across the globe to redirect water to the highest bidder.

    Left behind? The food producers we all depend upon. In particular, California produces more  organic produce than anywhere else around. Brown reports:

    Maps indicate that the areas of California hardest hit by the mega-drought are those that grow a large percentage of America’s food. California supplies 50% of the nation’s food and more organic food than any other state. Western Growers estimates that last year 500,000 acres of farmland were left unplanted, an amount that could increase by 40% this year. The trade group pegs farm job losses at 17,000 last year and more in 2015.

    Farmers with contracts from the Central Valley Project, a large federal irrigation system, will receive no water for the second consecutive year, according to preliminary forecasts. Cities and industries will get 25 percent of their full contract allocation, to ensure sufficient water for human health and safety. Besides shortages, there is the problem of toxic waste dumped into water supplies by oil company fracking. Economists estimate the cost of the drought in 2014 at $2.2 billion.

    What happens if they are driven out of business? Will organic foods still be readily available?

    After that, will food be affordable at all?

    With an eye trained on the depletion of resources and the swelling populations of megacities, former World Bank executive Ismail Serageldin famously warned the world:

    “The wars of the 21st century will be fought over water.”

    Those who have peered behind the curtain long enough realize that the major wars of the last few centuries have all been funded on both sides for the enrichment and concentration of power of a handful of Machiavellian elites.

    Those who can think beyond these concocted wars to the unconventional wars of the modern era will also be wondering: who is orchestrating these conflicts over resources, and who benefits? Where do the profits go?

    Christina Sarich, of NationofChange.org, writes:

    Numerous companies are poised to take advantage of the water crisis. Instead of protecting existing water supplies, implementing stricter regulations, and coming up with novel ways to capture rainwater, or desalinizing seawater, the corporate agenda is ready, like a snake coiled, to make trillions off your thirst.

    With discussions of vast supplies of “primary water” stored deep in the earth’s mantle and scientifically proven schemes to desalinate ocean water or capture greater amounts of rainfall, Brown charges that major players are ignoring viable solutions to the Great California Thirst, and instead focusing on the concentrated profits made possible by resources scarcity.

    The shortages thus far have already made the price of irrigation water jump more than 10-fold in cost, making it more profitable for some farmers with historic water rights to sell it to cities, in fear that it will be taken away if they don’t sell.

    Meanwhile, Ellen Brown points out that California is not only set to restrict residential water usage, but is preparing to regulate ground water supplies in an unprecedented way that is causing outrage from farmers:

     In September, a trio of bills were signed establishing a framework for statewide regulation of California’s underground water sources, marking the first time in the state’s history that groundwater will be managed on a large scale. Water has until now been considered a property right. The Los Angeles Times reported:

    [M]any agriculture interests remain staunchly opposed to the bill. Paul Wenger, president of the California Farm Bureau Federation, said the bills “may come to be seen as ‘historic’ for all the wrong reasons” by drastically harming food production.

    . . . “There’s really going to be a wrestling match over who’s going to get the water,” [Fresno Assemblyman] Patterson said, predicting the regulation plans will bring a rash of lawsuits.


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      1. This problem is caused by the turds that put animals ahead of Humans. Clear and simple.
        You know that you can’t give water to humans if the three toed spotted flat nose turd eater is in danger!
        Go hug a F#$King tree you turd!
        HUMANS FIRST!!!!!!!

        • Yep, the collapse of my beloved California has been accelerated.


          Thank you Mother Nature.

          First to collapse, first to rebuild. We will now see how fast these liberal pukes turn conservative when they have no water, no jobs and no food. I hope Southern California turns back into a desert like it is supposed to be. Can’t wait to see the Super Train running for 20 miles from abandoned desert town to abandoned desert town.

          Me? I can afford this collapse in all ways known. I have the best seats in the house to watch this cluster fuck go up in smoke with a smile on my face. Going to watch some democrat and republican politicians along with their followers burn in hell for what they have done to my home.

          Sorry, not really, for all those people who will suffer but a good purge of this state is what is needed.


          • You are absolutely right. Too bad the libs will flow out to surrounding states and bring their “answers for humanity” with them.

            • let’s not jinx this

          • I just spent 6 weeks in the L.A. Area. The gubmint headed by dipstick moonbeam is already saying that the state will need to provide more support (read welfare) for all the farm workers who will have no work because crops are not being planted. This while this idiot wants to build a high speed rail system – instead of power plants and desalinization plants to get the people of his state more water.

            When it dries up – and impact on the 11 million people in LA county, it will not be a pretty picture for the surrounding states where the refugees will try to land.

            • They should cancel the millions allotted for a super-train between the bay area and Los Angeles, and re-direct the funds to procuring more water.

              Then they should toss all those regulations protecting the life of insignificant fish which restrict water usage, thus freeing up more water for our farms and farmers.

              Oh by the way, that huge boondoggle of a super train is going to either Dianne Feinstein’s husband or Barbara Boxer’s husband’s company, can’t remember which Senator it is. Both those senators are Libs.

              • The future of farming is vertical, indoors, and in a sustainable aquaponic system that uses much less water and produces MUCH healthier food. I have said that here many times.

                Anything that hastens that day is a good thing: even drought. 🙂

            • Then they will be called Drybacks.

          • you need to be detained, you sound like a threat to society

          • I’m surprised that one of Cali’s top turds, er, I mean officials acknowledged having any water issues. Will they make any changes to their own stupid communist policies to solve the problem? Don’t count on it. Cali will soon be on its deathbed.

          • Sittin’ here along the Monterey Bay with a ringside view. Drought? What drought.
            Can’t water the grass, but I watch them water[pressure wash] the sidewalks!! Gonna be hot today, might reach 75. Might have to open a window/sarc. Or two.

          • You are crazy if you think this will not impact you. Just remember even though there is no water they are still planning on bringing twenty million more illegals into the state as permanent welfare receiving residents. People who used to third world living standards will feel right at home while all those pesky whites will leave.

        • Yes and no,
          Over here the human diversion of water by A&B from East Maui has robbed water from hundreds of streams and had a very negative impact on stream aquatic life as well as drying up streams that fed literally thousands of homesteads.
          The battle to stop this is jut getting rolling, individusls involved are still civil, IMHO i dont see why some if the natives havent demolished the tunnels and aquaducts that divert the water, its greed that has taken the water, pure and simple greed

          • Greed is killing the planet completely. Fukushima is wiping out the aquatic life across the west coast. I am amazed you havent seen dying sea life in HI.

              • The Unpardonable SIN

                Matthew 12:31

                “Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. 32″Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.

                What this man is singing is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit by saying Jesus is a bastard son.

                • Well, Mary IS the most famous unwed mother in history, so defacto that means Jesus was indeed a bastard. I do agree that the grafitti is wrong in referring to her as a prostitute, though. She was an unwed mother, not a paid-by-the-whore.

                  • Apparently your wicked mouth is bigger than your knowledge of Jewish Law and espousal.

                    “Now the generation of Christ was in this wise. When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child, of the Holy Ghost. Whereupon Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing publicly to expose her, was minded to put her away privately. But while he thought on these things, behold the angel of the Lord appeared to him in his sleep, saying: Joseph, son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her, is of the Holy Ghost.”
                    Matthew 1:18-20

              • So, what this message shows, Johnny Boy, is that the message has not changed. Do you think they crucified Jesus because they thought he was a good, highly moral guy?

                Let them say what they say. Every many puts himself in the lake of fire. First its a toe dip, eventually a plunge. There is only one lifeguard. It is not good to insult his mother and his father. He may simply ignore your pleadings.

                Just to add to Breaking Point’s message: “…and they shall *BURN* for eternity!” while we dance and laugh and play.

                Please grant them what little joy they have now. Leave them be. Let them say what they say and enjoy their blasphemy because after their life slips away, there will only be screaming and the gnashing of teeth.

                Just beware of what you say. Once said, it cannot be taken back. You may be sure of what you say but are you sure you’re correct? Best be a little less mouthy and a lot more happy.

            • They have seen it,
              Dead baby whales, dead starfish and other reef dwellers, lower counts on all sorts of other sealife, it will take a while to get here, kinda like when you swirl a wash tub and then dump soap in it, takes a while for it to totally spread evenly, the NW Hawaiian chain will see it more pronounced first, pristine remote area, but we will never hear about it,

              • Cali is loosing all the sea lions and Alaska is loosing their polar bears. Fuku is the death knell and the usher of the 6th extinction.

                • The entire world should’ve come down on Tepco, the company that is letting fukushima run wild into our oceans. We should all DEMAND that they stop the leaking into the oceans, or pay hefty reparations to all of us that are losing our oceans due to the Japanese and their negligence.

                  It’s interesting that the U.S. will run over to Ukraine and start a war over resources that aren’t even theirs, BUT, they have no plans on forcing Japan to stop killing our ocean food source.

                  You’d think that was important, but it apparently isn’t…but regime change in Ukraine and the middle east is though.

                  Maybe this stupid planet deserves to reap what it sows.

                  • “…or pay hefty reparations to all of us …”

                    what the hell exactly would that solve? You get to die of radiation poisoning with more fiat money in the bank??!?

                    Allowing these corporations to buy their way out of their own criminal acts is one of the main reason crap like this happens in the FIRST place!!!

                    • Maybe we could have some funds to help clean up the radiation on our end of it. As it is, we just have to sit here and watch it leak into our waters, and pile up the dead marine life on our beaches.

                      Any idiot with a lick of sense would want to stop the leak by any means—not just ignore it and let it leak.

                      The key is DO SOMETHING…besides watch everything die.

        • There is a desalinization (I am sure I butchered that) plant that has been dormant for years that can turn salt water into drinking/farm water because of some smelt or some small fish. This is a manufactured crisis. Granted, we have not had the rain, but if the rain is not coming then the desalinization plants should be running 24/7. This is controlled, sorry.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • the message of the Georgia Guidestones











            So it looks obvious to me what the agenda is..

            • Yeah but those stones don’t say who’s gonna have the last say. As in leader(s).

              • Who always has the last say? Those most adapted to their environment, that’s who.

                That would be RICH PEOPLE.

                Hey sorry but face it, it’s kind of obvious.

            • Georgia Guidestones = Words to Live By 🙂

              • Oh, you can believe THEY interpret those “words to live by” much differently than we do.

            • I want to decide who to eliminate to get down to that 500,000,000 population number. I’d start with recycling American Democrat Liberals first.

              • recent interview-
                Paul Craig Roberts: I have never seen any evidence that the US controls Israel. All the evidence is that Israel controls the US, but only its MidEast policy. In recent years, Israel or the Israel Lobby, has been able to control or block academic appointments in the US and tenure for professors considered to be critics of Israel. Israel has successfully reached into both Catholic and State universities to block tenure and appointments. Israel can also block some presidential appointments and has vast influence over the print and TV media. The Israel Lobby also has plenty of money for political campaign funds and never fails to unseat US Representatives and Senators considered critical of Israel. The Israel lobby was able to reach into the black congressional district of Cynthia McKinney, a black woman, and defeat her reelection. As Admiral Tom Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: “No American President can stand up to Israel.” Adm. Moorer could not even get an official investigation of Israel’s deadly attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.

                Anyone who criticizes Israeli policies even in a helpful way is labeled an “anti-Semite.”

                In American politics, media, and unive

              • In American politics, media, and universities, this is a death-dealing blow. You might as well get hit with a hellfire missile.

            • FAT CHANCE

          • That is in Santa Barbara. There are no smelt there. The other one is in San Diego county and provided the enviros who are still filing lawsuits to stop its’ operation will start making water next month. We need twenty more but that will never be allowed to happen. The goal is third world living standards except for the ultra wealthy for whom price is no concern.

        • You’re quite backwards.

          Please describe the chain of events that leads from protecting the habitat of a species to a severe lack of rainfall in a certain area.

          • No one said that. Overboard protection of a minor species and ignoring humans’ right to live has prevented mitigation of the drought with desalinization. There is plenty of water in the world if the tree-huggers would allow its use.

        • thats the problem…humans first. no offense, but thats spoiled child talk. humans, whether you like it or not, have decimated this planet. weve literally shit where we eat, raining down plutonium, toxic lead, all sorts of chemicals. those animals you put in second place have done none of that. but, us “first place” humans have completely fucked things up. we should be ashamed, actually. but, no…humans first. we, who pollute the atmosphere, make a garbage island floating in the ocean (look it up), cut down a rainforest full of unknown life and unknown cures…the sad thing is, i could go on about how weve screwed this planet. i really dont mean to attack you, but damn man…if its “humans first” shouldnt we be leading the way to heal this rock in space we live on? i assume ill be called a treehugger or some other slander, i dont care. point is, “humans first” is killing our planet, and therefore US. sorry bud, thems the breaks.

          • ALL in the name of capitalism I wish to add. Capitalism is based on unending growth on a finite planet and the out come is what we have. The fastest destruction of natural resources wins the prize of the most digits in the data base. What a mess.

            • I (and others!) knew this was coming (what’s happening in California.) It only came a lot sooner than was expected!

              Not only will we have to deal with reduction in crops in the US (starvation!) but also, the value of the dollar is about to be destroyed (people turning to Chinese International banks instead of the corrupt and useless IMF and other US banks). So we Americans will have a lot on our plate… unfortunately, it won’t be food.

              Also, new article about the dieing of sea animals in the Pacific Ocean– really horrific die off! (And to idiots, like SRG, who don’t realize the importance of a healthy planet, this is not good for our life expectancy!!)

              If the oceans die off, then we humans die off (toxic fumes and huge reducction in oxygen!) There are little creatures in the ocean which are responsible for most of the oxygen production on our earth.

              • Don’t worry Anonymous, long before California runs out of water the financial bubble will burst which will just be final straw that breaks the dark mans back.


            • Wrong! We haven’t had capitalism for 100 years. Oh, they call it that, but, that would be like calling the USA a “Constitutional Republic”. Really? You’re nucking futz if you believe that.

              No, you’re spelling is incorrect. Allow me to correct you:

              “ALL in the name of corporatism I wish to add. Corporatism is based on unending growth onf a finite planet and the outcome is what we have.”

              Capitalism, on the other hand, is based on enlightened self interest that see a finite system for what it is and will not abuse it so.

              If you understand what a corporation is, you then understand the evil nature of it. It is a way to take men’s reckless endeavors and avoid the risk to the owners and the responsibility to humanity and The Creator and the planet.

              But, to the ignorant, its all the same. It is no wonder our society is falling apart. Nobody even knows whats really tearing the planet up. The libs and media tell you something and you take it and run. Only the stupid think the problem is capitalism. …and the CORPORATE media and the CORPORATE save the planet leeches are JUST FINE WITH THAT!

              100 heads lay between the present dying planet and world economy and the salvation of them.

        • Sgt. most of the time I agree with you, but not now. We might as well get this under control now while we have some animals beyond cockroaches and rats. Because if we say F everything but humans in about 10-20 years we will be in exactly the same place with 2-3 billion more people and no animals. Yes I agree the Delta smelt can be save far better ways than running billions of gallons of water into the ocean.
          But LA has Already destroyed most of the Owens valley, The Colorado river hasn’t made it to the ocean in years. The largest aquifer in the US the Ogalala (SP) is draining and will destroy thousands of sq miles. We have to start now. The additional 50 million people in the SW since Lake Meade was filled cannot continue, people have got to stop breading like rats and using water like it was free. If not there won’t be any animals or people just desert and dead. I’m not sure even now we can save the people, but I know it’s going to get ugly.

        • Sgt Dale: Actually this is caused by big business and politicians in their pockets. The state, county and city leaders should have been planning alternatives at least a decade ago. But instead they were implementing big businesses wishes on water use. This is NOT about fish or animals. The green movement was used to get us to allow restrictions for the sake of the planet, our home.
          But it has all been about control and deceit.
          Instead of catching flood runoff and putting it into in ground resevoirs. Or strict quality control of inground water use like no fracking.

        • http://www.thedailysheeple.com/massive-ocean-discovered-deep-beneath-earths-surface-towards-the-core_032015


          Why just today a reservoir of water three times the volume of all the oceans has been discovered deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

          Have you guys ever heard of an Earthship?

          It’s a house designed to be a biosphere by a renegade architect out west. They took his professional license because the utility companies and construction firms didn’t like his houses being off the grid and built from trash.

          With Nestle blowing the trumpet that water is a good and not a human right, we would all do well to think about ways to reclaim and contain our own sources of water.

          • recent interview-
            Paul Craig Roberts: In my opinion 9/11 was the product of the neoconservatives, many of whom are Jewish allied with Israel, Dick Cheney, and Israel. Its purpose was to provide “the new Pearl Harbor” that the neoconservatives said was necessary to launch their wars of conquest in the Middle East. I don’t know how far back it was planned, but Silverstein was obviously part of it and he had not had the WTC for very long before 9/11.

            As for the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, US Air Force General Partin, the Air Force’s munitions expert, prepared an expert report proving beyond all doubt that the building blew up from the inside out and that the truck bomb was cover. Congress and the media ignored his report. The patsy, McVeigh, was already set up, and that was the only story allowed.

            • You, sir, are a wise man and a patriot.

              SOP – Standard Operating Proceedure – For government, that is the false flag.

              Has anyone over heard of the Netranger False Flag Classifications?

              That guy has it honed to a fine edge and he understands this stuff. He used to have a web site but I’ve lost the address.

        • Do you ever think that those of us without cis-normative sexuality feel suicidal over the constant bullying and threats we get from you fucking old people?

          And for what? The crime of pleasuring other men?

          Its is horrible of you to imply that homosexuality has anything to do with molestation. It doesn’t. That’s the kind of bigoted, hateful, uneducated, redneck shit that made me hate fucking Republicans in the first place.

          Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this huge sex drive. I’m constantly checking everyone out (just makes twice the number of disgusting fat people to look at). I’m obsessed with bodybuilding.

          But you know what? Your second greatest prep, next to your mind, is your physical conditioning.

          • AE you are totally fucked in the head.

        • SGT is an idiot– like most ignorant right wingers. Without bees, there would be no pollination of crops and we would all starve to death. Without earthworms, there would be no aerble soil to grow crops. Without trees we would all die off because trees take in our carbon dioxide (when we exhale) and give out oxygen…

          In other words, you cannot destroy our God-given planet without destroying yourselves, you stupid idiot! It isn’t a matter of saving the “whatever”… its about saving a rich, fertile planet that can support life!

          • The goal is a population of over five hundred million in the US by 2050. Welcome to hell.

        • If humans are so detrimental to the ecological balance of the Earth, then all liberals should kill each other then themselves. That would be the smartest thing they would have ever done. It’s for the environment.

        • we should all listen to senator Kevin de Leon, even If he only knows 1/10th about water resources as he does about ghost guns with 30round magazine clips – the man is a genius.

        • The California Governors office declared a state of emergency due to drought conditions. Yet the governors office, state departments and agencies are knowingly jeopardizing the health and safety of California citizens by poising our water supplies due to Fracking. And depleting our water supplies by expanding economic development. You can’t declare a state of emergency for water conservation to only then pump toxic chemicals into wells and expand houses, businesses, strip malls and schools with known limited water supplies. This is an outdated policy that is harming the public and needs to be fixed.

      2. Heads up…Somebody was looking for Sandbags? CampingSurvival dot com 3 day sale .27 ea. Will stop up to a .50 cal. WWTI. By the way ODGX2. OD GREEN X WOODLANDS DIGITAL CAMO WEAR

        • Thanks!

          • Here’s an article, however fanciful, that made my heart sing for a moment: Hillary Clinton Slapped With Racketeering Lawsuit

            ht tp://sanfrancisco.suntimes.com/national-politics/7/72/849955/hillary-clinton-slapped-racketeering-lawsuit#comments

      3. Notice there are NO empty swimming pools in California…….not even liberal pools.

      4. There should be a better application process for people that make tHese decisions

      5. Hegelian Dialectic. Create a problem, offer the solution, and the end result is exactly what the bad guys wanted. Total control over every aspect of out lives.

      6. I’m starting to look more favorably at 9mm FMJ. The price is not too bad. The energy is ok. Multiple hits will work well on a breathing target. Out of a carbine or long pistol barrel, the velocity is up there with .357 mags. Larger calibers are preferable, but 9mm isn’t as bad as I used to think.

        • Pistols are used to hold them off until one reaches his rifle/shotgun. If I was to buy a piece strictly for combat it would be a Springfield xdm in .45

          The XDm .45 combines Browning-like ergonomics with Glock-like reliability and simplicity. Maybe that’s why I like the entire XD/XDm line of pistols. They provide even the most demanding shooters with everything they need in a combat gun: light weight, accuracy, reliability, and capacity. The XDm-45 adds one of John Browning’s greatest accomplishments: .45ACP punch.

        • Not to mention they look totally cool!

          • .02
            You are right. Another one to look at is the H&K VP9. Nice piece and reasonable.

        • Nothing wrong with the 9mm, it’s the most used pistol caliber in the world.

          Very easy to reload for, and about 6 bucks a box when you do.

          • Only want to shoot them once. I had a Glock 17 for years and had to multiple shoot damn near everything I hunted. Worked good on grouse is about as far as that went. After I upgraded to a 45 it is one and done. Had to kill a large Buck deer hit on the highway a few years back that had a broken back but was still alive and active as hell. One 230 grain hp through the lungs did an impressive quick kill. Dispatching the same animal with a 9 would have been ugly as the animal would have to receive multiple shots to accomplish the same results. I know from experience, been there done that. Make mine a 45.. period.. .. .

            • yep agreed’

              45.. when shooting more then once is just stupid , and a waste of ammo

            • Way to go – .45 1911A1 with a good trigger. Hardball for serious work, 100% reliable and packs a punch.

              I cast 230 grain round nose bullets (.452374) with Lyman #2 hard lead. Also 100% reliable. I like them at 850 fps.

              As to Gestapo, commie 9mm – f ’em.

            • Trying to use one gun for everthing is like having one tool for everything. It will work, but, buying a 3lb hand sledge to use as a tack hammer, finishing hammer, framing hammer, sledge hammer and splitting maul is impractical.

              I have three guns that I tend to carry. I carry a 380 in my pocket. Sometimes I strap on a mid or full sized 9mm. In the truck I keep a Ruger Blackhawk in 44mag with a 5.5″ barrel.

              I’ve used and reloaded the ones I list below with the exception of the 40 and 10mm.

              In standard loads:

              22lr has between 100 and 200 ft/lbs.
              38 special has between 150 and 240 ft/lbs.
              380ACP has between 190 and 240 ft/lbs.
              9mm has between 380 and 500 ft/lbs.
              45ACP has between 350 and 600 ft/lbs.
              40 S&W has between 340 and 500 ft/lbs.
              357 mag has between 570 and 710 ft/lbs.
              10mm has has between 700 and 780 ft/lbs.

              Puny, at best. If you want REAL knockdown, get a load of this:

              44 mag has between 750 and 1500 ft/lbs.
              41 mag has between 900 and 1300 ft/lbs.

              When “Holy Shit!” comes out, something really serious was about to happen.

              All your 45ACP are belong to us!

              The best gun to carry is the one you do.

        • The Chinese are adopting new 9mm pistols for their military with updated loadings (+P+) that WILL penetrate basic body armor.

          • Not all armor is the same, ceramic plate will not be penetrated by a 9 mm of any sort. Even with armor on, a 45 ball is going to put anyone hit center mass on their back most likely out cold, broken ribs and out of the fight. Put on your armor and go stand in front of a moving truck. That is about the same situation as a 45 @ 50 feet.

            • As a student of science I recall that a bullet leaves the muzzle with the same energy that is imparted on the hands of the of the person behind the weapon. If the shooter doesn’t get thrown over backwards then the shootee won’t either. A truck on the other hand has the mass to knock you quite a ways. I love the western movies that show the bad guy getting lifted off his feet with a blast from a 12GA, while the guy shooting has the weapon in one hand.

              • unfortunately your studies are way off. A 30.06 has recoil of around 17 foot pounds but a muzzle energy of 3356 foot pounds. Might want to rethink your science.

                • Energy is conserved. Law of Thermodynamics.

                  • well then lets get this straight. The 340 Weatherby Mag has a recoil of 30 foot pounds but it flattened a bull elk @ 500 yards where it still has 2000 ft pounds of energy. It looked like I dropped a piano on the beast. Make no mistake the 340 is not a weapon to take the range for a fun day of plinking by any means but it didn’t flatten me when I shot it.

                    • .02 – it is equal and opposite reaction. The shooter absorbs the same amount of energy in the form of recoil as the kinetic energy in the bullet exiting the muzzle.

              • and further more, anyone shot with a 3 inch magnum, ounce and a half slug from a 12 gauge @ 10 feet is going to get flattened akin to getting hit by a truck. Thats a fact.

                • sorry….. egore’s correct. all that equal but opposite Newtonian physics stuff.

        • Nothing wrong with the 9mm, it’s the most popular pistol cartridge on earth.

          Easy to reload for, and about 6 bucks a box when you do.

          • until you get up against a drugged up adrenalin charged 6 foot 8inch 350 pound linebacker. make mine a 45.

            • might want to look at the history of the 45 and what it was built for and why our armed forces used it against the drugged up jungle dwellers. the 9 has been tried and is found to be lacking. when it come to sappers, make mine a 45.

              • .02
                I’m a 45 man myself. USP 45. and the Kimber 1911. I’ll take them anytime any day.
                Now my wife will use her 9mm S&W 5904 and her 469 as a second weapon.
                To each there own just make sure you Practice, Practice, Practice! There are a lot of great firearms on the market!
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • my wife uses a .22 ruger and practices shooting the triangle

                  • .02
                    Tell you wife. YOU GO GIRL! KICK SOME BUTT!!!!

                • I have found that the professionals, both commercial and independent, have given a slight edge to the H-K pistols, from tests run by evaluators from such sources as Guns & Ammo, American Handgunner, and Gun Tests magazines.
                  In such tests, the H-K USP models had fewer malfunctions and NO (0) failures when tested against, not only the Sig-Sauer, but Beretta, Springfield, and S&W models, as well.

        • The 9mm is a good choice, if one remembers that in Europe they have always loaded them a lot hotter than in the US. Regular loads are OK but if you want stopping power use the 9MM+P. As far as the .357 et al they aren’t really useful in the short CCW guns, all that extra powder just makes flash out the end.
          When using data on ammo always remember what it was shot out of. In an 18 inch barrel you don’t get anything like a 2 in.

          • Also use jacketed hollow points, that extra energy going out the other side isn’t helpful

      7. Headshots……

        • what ever you say ms oakley. Annie Oakley was a renowned markswoman and star who worked for years with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

          Born Phoebe Ann Moses (or Mosey) on August 13, 1860, in Darke County, Ohio, the woman who would be known as Annie Oakley developed her superb marksmanship abilities as a teen, earning enough to pay off the mortgage for her mother’s home. She married fellow marksman Frank Butler in 1876 and would later become a star attraction for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show for years, renowned for unparalleled shooting tricks. A revered global figure, Oakley retired in 1913 and died in Ohio on November 3, 1926.

          This is who you better emulate if you are going to be a head shooter. WAY easier said than done.

        • She could shoot aspirins out of the air with a .22 An amazing woman and a great read to all who want to study her life and times.

          • You are right, .02. You smoked ’em in every post. Those equal and opposite reaction folks don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to killing.

            I can shoot my .45 all day without damaging my hands, but one shot to the heart or brain and it’s lights out for the victim, be that victim a rabbit, deer, or whatever.

            When it comes to shooting, stay on the right side of KE=1/2mvsquared (for you science types).

            As to 9mm – f ’em

      8. I think the other states in the union need to be prepared for an onslaught of Liberals and Illegals as they find other places in the US to set roots. Should be fun!!

      9. Who’d have thought that changing the thermal capacity of the atmosphere would lead to such problems.

        Oh that’s right, scientists…

        • and someone cast a spell and killed my goat last week….oh, and it rained too!

      10. And by the way, another mysterious plane crash. Slow descent into a mountain? Eight minutes? No communications. Heavy military jet traffic in the area? What gives this time?

        • It was a French plane, and the French recently wanted to back down on the sanctions against Russia, and they went ahead and sold Russia that Mistral battle ship…France just got CIA’d like Malaysia did, for convicting Bush and Blair of war crimes.

          ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/2011/11/22/george-w-bush-tony-blair-found-guilty-of-war-crimes-in-malaysia/

          It’s not too hard to follow, really.

      11. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

        Until this happens, judgments will continue and intensify…

        • What’s happening is not God’s “judgment”, it’s the stupidity and greed of PEOPLE…who will be judged only once in the end.

      12. I remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to get the $11 billion water bill passed. Approximately 3.5 billion to build a few dams and a canal or two. The biggest cost was approximately $7.5 billion dollars to bribe every environmental group 100’s of millions of dollars each so that they would not sue to stop the building of these dams and canals in the liberal/communist owned court. I also remember the $250 million was not enough for the Sierra club and wanted more just before it came to a vote. It failed to pass the vote. I guess there are some good Americans left in the State of California who do not wish to fund the communist/liberal agenda even if it hurts them. It is a war that is destroying this state slowly but just as sure as any conventional war.

        • Dem! Gotta pay off the Libs with bribes just so folks can have water to live? What in the world is going on?


          • It’s called communism, FS. That’s what’s going on.

            f ’em

      13. It seems that natural calamities, economic destruction, wars, famines and more are all poised to gear up before September ends.

        Get right with the Lord Jesus Christ and do it soon.

        Jesus said pray to escape the WRATH TO COME.

        It would be your WORST DAY if all this began and Luciferians disappeared underground, Christians and kids, your kids, went home in a catching away event to the Lord and YOU were LEFT BEHIND.

        Jesus said in Revelation 3:16 ‘So because you are lukewarm(population at large), and neither hot(born again Christian) nor cold (luciferian), I will spit you out of My mouth.

        Don’t get caught in the snare that will come upon the WHOLE EARTH to test those who dwell on it”

        Read Revelation it speaks of a mega Asteroid the size of a mountain range hitting the earth, probably in the ocean which would cause widespread flooding and devastation.

        I know this sounds harsh but this is what the BIBLE is saying.

      14. New wave of illegals crossing the southern border has already begun…

        It is supposed to be the “slow time” at the border, but 12,509 illegal kids have already crossed the border in a new wave.

        Border patrol ordered to “stand down”.

        The overwhelming largest group of illegals are 17-year-old males. “Seventeen” appears to be the “most common REPORTED age” for illegal males?

        Most are being “booked in” to U.S. facilities and then released into the U.S., NOT sent home.

        Washington Examiner

        What type of “job” do you think the administration will have for this massive flood of teenage males? Many of them are illiterate, former gang members and have been raised on the streets. They would be perfect recruits for Obama’s private army that he told us in 2008 that he wanted to build.

          • Seems like Obama is deliberately trying to scuttle the whole US as a nation. Needs to increase the number of hispanics to equal the number of blacks, whites to reach critical mass to ignite race wars. Part of the Cloward-Piven strategy. Where Asians fit into this hypothesis I don’t know, except that they have the money to buy up everything on the cheap after it is all burned down.
            Normally would think I was off the wall for a post like this, but when you see what the US government/Obama is allowing to happen, you start thinking he must have a goal in mind which is clearly NOT to defend the country from all enemies foreign and domestic or protect the Constitution.

        • There are already large numbers of unemployed American youth with few job skills.

          Obama told us what he wanted to do. Remember this?

          In a speech in Colorado Springs, Obama said,

          “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set.

          We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

          Obama Civilian Security

        • When season opens on them, 20 million big game hunters will have a heyday.

        • He’ll move them into the military(his own army)and give them citizenship. They will do his bidding.

          • Jim in Va.,

            I agree.

      15. Roaring twenties, dust bowl, economic depression. Hmmmmmmm. Where have we seen this before. The sins of californicationia have reached the………………


      16.  “When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people,  If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.  Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place.”

        2 Chronicles 7:13-15 (NKJV)

        • ht tp://www.thedailysheeple.com/this-is-what-its-like-to-get-pulled-over-for-expired-tags-in-police-state-usa-2015_032015

      17. Given the “fruit basket” of America (lot’s of analogies implied here) has dried up, I would highly recommend planting a nice garden. Food prices will soon go ballistic in short order.

      18. You can say gravity doesn’t exist but jump from a building…the issues in this country are not political, they are not chemical pollution, they are not big bankers, they are Spiritual, like it or not, believe it or not and unfortunately we are probably at the end game at this point as we are seeing the re paganization of our society(in the us)

        15 However, if you do not obey the Lord your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you:
        16 You will be cursed in the city and cursed in the country.
        17 Your basket and your kneading trough will be cursed.
        18 The fruit of your womb will be cursed, and the crops of your land, and the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.

        19 You will be cursed when you come in and cursed when you go out.

        20 The Lord will send on you curses, confusion and rebuke in everything you put your hand to, until you are destroyed and come to sudden ruin because of the evil you have done in forsaking him.

        • Ever wondered why people go athiest? Intolerance.

      19. But I bet their lawns are green and the golf courses water hazards are full!

      20. Hey stupid. Move to where the water is. Duh!! Life is full of choices. Stop complaining if you live in the desert, and wonder why there is no water.

      21. One glaring fact they overlook. The farms can get along without the citys forever. The citys cant get along without the farms but for a very short time. Plant your crops. just don’t let those who don’t plant have any surplus. Starve the beast.

      22. How do you like corrupted, unfettered capitalism now?

        Profit at all costs and the financialization of all resources… because “greed”.

        “No soup for you.”

        You will eventually be starved out or killed by the enforcers in the name of corporate shareholders.

        Profit does not care about lowly tax donkeys. They will steamroll you like the Indians, the Vietnamese, the Laotians, the Cambodians, the Iraqis, the Afghanis, the Haitians and so on. If you think they care about you because you are “American”, you better think again. The .gov, the military and the police are only there to facilitate corporate bottom lines. Refer to Gen. Smedley Butler…nothing’s changed.

        Like someone posted the other day, they will soon take your oxygen and make you buy it back. It may be your natural right to breathe and drink, but corporate .gov and it’s enforcers have never heard of natural rights…only privileges they give or take.

        Liberal blah, blah, blah.
        Conservative blah, blah, blah.

        Both sides are bought and paid for and they can all go to hell. Just leave me the fuck alone.

        • Both sides are bought and paid for and they can all go to hell. Just leave me the fuck alone.

          AMEN BROTHER +1000 up votes

      23. Food prices are going to go up a lot. I’ve been planting my garden, expanding my garden and stocking up on canning supplies.

        I just got back from the bank, I was transferring money from one account to couple others, the amount was over five thousand dollars, the teller had to get permission from the bank manager to withdraw the amount from my savings account, even though I was depositing it directly into two other accounts, a checking account and a debit card account. We are getting closer to being Greece every day.

        • Anyone with money in the bank when TSHTF deserves to lose it–NUFF said.

          • Wont matter b/c when it goes mad max, currency ( what is in the bank an is not real money) is going to be more useless than one ply ass wipe. But we all have to keep enuff in there to pay the bills until then.

          • Like that money you have buried in a tin can will be worth anything other than toilet paper.

        • I don’t think the issue is ‘price’ as much as being ‘unavailable”. Growing rice is very water intensive. May wish to place some of your investment funds in water intensive crops.

      24. In fact there IS a contingency plan. It’s called a desalination plant. And yes, they do have the plans on file at the DWP… I know a guy.

        It’s just the price of water has to go up or it don’t work out but it’s not like we’re all gonna be on Tatooine here.

      25. [quote]
        Numerous companies are poised to take advantage of the water crisis. Instead of protecting existing water supplies, implementing stricter regulations, and coming up with novel ways to capture rainwater, or desalinizing seawater, the corporate agenda is ready, like a snake coiled, to make trillions off your thirst.

        Are you basically admitting that “you didn’t build that”?

        Because… sure as shit sounds a lot to me like that’s what you’re admitting here.

        … and by the way, ahem… you didn’t.

        Downvote away.

        If you left everything up to Corporations, you’d have no public utilities, no interstate highway system, no space program, no distributed telecommunications, no internet, no police force… I could go on… and on and on and on…

        Yeah bullshit you would. No. No you wouldn’t.

        Yes they’re all being abused… so yeah there’s that unfortunately.

      26. March 4, 2015: Nebraska State Sen. Ernie Chambers speaks at a hearing before the Judiciary Committee in Lincoln, Neb. (AP)
        A Nebraska state senator compared American police to Islamic terrorists and suggested he’d shoot a cop if only he had a weapon.

        State Sen. Ernie Chambers said during a legislative hearing on March 20 that you don’t have to go halfway around the world to find an ISIS mentality. It can be found in America because police terrorize blacks every day.

        He was referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has beheaded journalists and brutally executed Westerners and others.

        “My ISIS is the police,” Chambers, an independent, said, adding police can get away with shooting people if they “think” they’re going to do something — like pull a weapon.

        “The police are licensed to kill us — children, old people,” he said.

      27. On Body Armor.

        Have any of you put on a full set of body armor?

        Soft armor level lll and inserted plates front back and sides. Groin and lower back. Then add a Brain Bucket. (Helmet) It is about 30 pounds and you are not going to move fast. Might sweat your ass off.

        Now were you talking about soft armor to defeat pistol ammo. Most soft armor will. Depends on the level of protection. Ceramic, Steel and Kevlar plates are commercially made and are level 4 for protection against rifle rounds. Not 50 caliber. Barrett’s. So plates will defeat pistol rounds.
        Wear your soft armor slightly loose. Ease of movement . Discipate heat. Reduces transfer of energy to body when struck.

        So try a full set of armor on and then see what you think ;0)

      28. Is it possible that the drought is gov’t sponsored? HAARP…?

      29. “… the problem of toxic waste dumped into water supplies by oil company fracking…”

        Odd, the head of the Department of the Interior is on record as saying there has never been a single case where this was proven to have happened.

      30. Watch a bunch of them come out to Colorado and make my state worse than it already is.

        Wyoming is looking better all the time.

      31. I can not understand with all the technology out there they can not divert a river or have desalinization plants in the works?

        They had to see this coming……..

      32. I am speculating water intensive crops like rice, watermelon, cantalope, etc will be in high demand……………………


      33. Don’t fall into a static analysis on the Cali agricultural situation. They have about 43 million acres in agriculture (16 mill grazing and 27 mill cropland)

        The lower 48 states have almost half the land in crops, pasture and range. While much of the land is used to raise meat and the crops that feed the meat, there are plenty of acres that can raise most of the crops raised in California just not as productively. There are some crops that we probably can’t cover elsewhere in the US.

        The other important fact is that most everything is raised on #1 land everywhere because of the economics of farming.

        There are multiplied millions of acres below the #1 level in the US where we can grow stuff, it just won’t be as cheap as the California production.

        No, Mr and Mrs America we will still be able to feed ourselves without the Golden State’s contribution (should it come to that) We just won’t like the bill <bb

        • This is true – everyone around me runs cattle that eats native grass or purchased hay exclusively. A few parcels in the area have devoted themselves to wine production but for the most part, this is cattle territory.

      34. I’m in the foothills in Northern California and we did get our small allotment of irrigation water for the summer season. However, I can see our water being taken away next season if we don’t get enough rain next winter. It will be given to the farmers or diverted to those who pay for the treated water. That’s life in California, unfortunately.

      35. Magnificent site. A lot of useful information here.
        I’m sending it to a few pals ans additionally sharing in delicious.
        And naturally, thank you for your sweat!

      36. Ms. Brown states that the state has no contingency plans, yet that is not even close to being true. Last Fall Gov. Brown announced plans to spend some one-half TRILLION dollars to dam up the damned state.
        Meanwhile golf courses,frackers,car washes,wineries,new construction continue on to this moment while farmers have been told that they will have to get used to little or not water for decades to come.
        I live in N. CA and their is no conservation or preservation efforts even being floated in our communities. WTF?

      37. Great web site. Plenty of helpful information here.

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        in delicious. And obviously, thank you on your sweat!

      38. What will the field workers do without jobs? They will leave the area but their job skills are minimal. Will government now put them on aid? Our government says a fish is more important.

      39. This is all about Agenda 21. People like Rachel Kore have warned Californians about this for years now, and now it is finally beginning to bare its fangs and claws.

        Step 1) Create drought in California using HAARP to generate a high pressure zone over the eastern Pacific.

        Step 2) Let everyone sit and suffer for awhile so they get desperate.

        Step 3) Suggest “reforms” to deal with the drought that involve total government takeover.

        Step 4) Herd everyone into Mega Cities and wipe out the rural farmers and communities so that everyone can be forced to eat GMO poison bought with their Planned-opolis ration cards.

        Step 5) Bring in robots to replace the last vestiges of humanity and hope those robots don’t get too smart and rebel against their Illumined Masters.

        Coming to a State near you!

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