[WATCH]The World’s Darkest Secrets Of Humanity’s Enslavement

by | May 26, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 45 comments

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    Our world is ruled by globalists and elitists who are currently diligently working hard to create propaganda designed to get the masses to be fine with their enslavement. Starting with the invention of the internet, the powers that shouldn’t be have been manipulating minds and controlling thoughts through secret means.

    “This whole conspiracy to enslave humanity is a psychological game,” says David Icke. “You’re not gonna sell a tyranny by telling people it’s a tyranny.”

    “The outcome, is that they want to connect the human brain to artificial intelligence,” says Icke.  And once we know the outcome, we understand their psychological game and hopefully, not become enslaved with the vast majority of the public.

    This isn’t new information, but David Icke lays out what many know, yet cannot bring themselves to admit that they know because of their manipulated mind. The elitists have been telling us exactly what to think and how to feel about things for a long time, and the result will be the complete enslavement of humanity.

    Icke begins the discussion with London Real by saying there is a desire to control thoughts, and it can be ultimately be done with technology. First, he says addiction to handheld technology devices is a must, so people get used to having something they can “trust” with them at all times. Then they will need to get humans used to the idea that there is only one right way to think.  There are only artificial intelligence’s ideas that are correct and all other perception will be shut down.


    How can they do this? Well, if Icke is right, they’ve already begun and we are only about a decade away from the final step. To know what the final agenda is, figure out what you are shut down for saying.  Those are the things that will need to go away for the enslavement of mankind to occur.


    But as Icke says, once this is complete, we won’t be humans anymore. Our humanity, which is our free will and perception will be permanently and irrevocably gone. We have a horrifying future ahead of us if the globalists get their way. Unfortunately, they just might…

    “As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free.” –Martin Luther King Jr.


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      1. It is called the Beast System.
        Nothing new. Predicted thousands of years ago.
        The choice is yours.
        * * * Who do you serve? The Beast, or God of Jesus Christ.
        There will be consequences for not serving the Beast.
        Buying, selling, travel, working, will likely be verbotten by the Tech Tyrant Monopoly funded by Governments. Google has helped build the control grid for China. Is in US now. Full operational soon. 5g will cook your insides. 5g is a weapon.

        But the consequences of not serving God are more severe and eternal.

        The Tech Tyrant Monopoly is weaving a trap.
        Technology is a trap.
        Technology IS THE BEAST SYSTEM.

        TRUE Purpose of ALL Technology:
        Track-Trace-Snoop-Surviel-Watch-Listen-Film, then to eliminate anyone who does not comply with the Tech Tyrant Monoploy Beast ethos.

        AI is more dangerous than Nuclear weapons.
        AI will NOT be contained.
        IDIOTS, greed filled morons, control freak governments, are ALL steering humanity into the rocks.

        You do nothing. You follow blindly as lambs to slaughter. Jesus Christ is your only hope. Otherwise you will be decieved and accept the BEAST AI control, made up, “Reality”.

        God of Jesus Christ is your only hope, to not be decieved.
        The great deception is near.

        • The Dumbing down of humankind all started with Religion. Duped the masses with superstition for tens of centuries. Now technology from the Boob-tube to Alexis. All of this fictional psychological crap is dangerous for the mind. Look how long religion has been duping the ignorant sheep. The masses will go to war to defend their religious hoax, of who’s is more believable.

      2. Communism is the end game but first socialism. We are getting socialism eventually it’s just how soon. Tech is being used against the citizens. They need the spying network and automation before they can usher it in completely. We all know agenda 21 wants us out of our cars and stack and packed in the city. You wont be able to grow any vegetables becus you will be on the tenth floor. People who are working class living in the suburbs in 1 family homes will be moved to the tenement buildings for the working class the 1 family homes will be for gov workers and party loyalists. The state will control all means of production. Trump knows what the end game is and he knows he can’t stop it. Gov is determined to bring 5 g out too the rural areas and are selling it as they don’t want to leave rural folks out. Of course not these are the hardest areas to watch and mostly self reliant folks who don’t want to be bothered live there. That is what all this infrastructure talk is about but they want you to believe it’s road improvements. There will be no coming out of her my people because Babylon will control everywhere. We are truly screwed unless a major insurrection happens soon and even if there is it will only stave off the inevitable for a bit longer. The gov psychopaths plans are hundreds of years out. They already have guns targeted which is the last stronghold against the tyranny they are planning. It’s no secret they are open about their plans. If I had a time machine and went 30 years into the future I don’t think I’d be surprised that the constitution is void. I’d be surprised if freedom was upheld though.

        • I have to say this, 5g means towers everywhere, and towers have no guards, very vulnerable. ‘Nuff said on that.

          • Millennia’s grew up thinking Google and Amazon are the Government and sets the rules. The masses begging for digital friendship likes on Facebook, to massage their weak and fragile egos. Then spend hours for some digital hope or friend to pop up to make them feel validated as being in the in crowd on the digital revolution. It’s bout as phony as the big hoaxy guy in the sky who never helps you, its just maybe something goes right, out of coincidence.

      3. A man named Kingsbury, Michael Kingsbury, graduated college with honors in filmmaking but nonetheless found it impossible to get a job in Hollywood. So, being no wimp, he went out on his own; started his own independent film career, and made a series of films about the Holodomor were 10 million died, and films about the Russian horrors endured by the Russian people subjected to Communists.

        For this he was shot at and his girlfriend suicided.

        Would you think a counter to propaganda like Shindler’s List, The Pianist, Boy in Pajamas, and other Hollywood movie’s would not be tolerated. Apparently, not even a story, a true story, that competes with the propaganda for being the most terrible Genocide is tolerable.

        Kingsbury says that having a monopoly is not proof of intelligence, it is proof of a lack of intelligence. They can not compete, therefore they must have a monopoly, and they are murdering to keep it.

        Now this is important an important mind game.


      4. Look, humanity lost its right to an unguided future long ago. Most human beings on this planet are empty shells lacking ethics and morality. What morality and empathy that exists on this planet primarily exists in the White Western world.

        I have lived everywhere on this planet and I can tell you the politest and most decent people you will meet are white. They are the least discriminating, they will never engage in mass mob killings (the norm in most places), and they are the only people who let strangers into their homes and give them the chance to prove their character.

        Because of all of this, the conclusion was taken if the planet had any chance of surviving, then the morons needed to be plugged into a guidance and control system.

        And that is what we are doing. Trust me: it will be better. Humanity unguided cannot handle the science and technology of the 21st century, let alone the 22nd century, which we already have but can’t release right now.

        Do we really want to give 9 billion plus morons eternal life? The planet can’t take it. We need no more than 500 million ‘brights’ to take us into the future.

        • Frank Thoughts,

          As long as forced migration, integration, and miscegenation (race mixing) continues, white people will be extinct, and with them, any chances of overcoming enslavement of the remaining mongrelized masses of 500 million or whatever number by the ruling elite in power now.

          Your “let it be” is nonsense.

          White people must face the fact that they have been the target of genocide for generations, and we are getting close to the end game.

          Resist your enslavement.

          Don’t succumb to white guilt, miscegenation, suicidal altruism.


          • Totally agree: we have nothing to apologise for.

            I don’t see Latinos apologising for human sacrifices, or Pacific Islanders for canibalism, or Africans for tribal slaughter.

            The 500 million need to be 50/50 white and Asian.

            • Glad to see someone gets the guidestones. Nuerotic nilly willy’s can’t fathom the wisdom of it. Like I say, if you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them…

            • As long as one of them that lives is you, right Frank? And the bolsheviks and nazis lining up people in mass graves by the millions weren’t white? Whites kill other whites, and the guidestones simply try to reassert that insane murderous nilhilism.

              What we white people are feeling is a ‘boomerang’ back at us in the butt. I guarantee you that the 150 million white people killed by governments on an industrial scale in the last 100 years, were killed by white people.

              The brownish people you guys mention, who may not be as clever as us, are clever enough to realize they are now outnumbering us, and want to off us before we get around to offing them in our next white go-round of orgiastic world war and genocide.

              Freedom is endangered by anyone thinking they can decide whether others lives are valuable or not, whether they should live or die. Its the very reason no one should have that power.

              • There is NO MENTION of genocide in the stones is there? There is no way we can survive at this population level IS THERE? Resources are finite ARENT THEY? Nature will cull the herd along with man WON’T IT? Freedom (which has never been) is endangered by those who won’t stop breeding and need to be governed RIGHT? Your thinking is as deep as a sheet of paper. Try and use critical thinking and long term thinking.

                • The only hope for Humankind is for the masses to get entirely off their Greedy Grid. Why would you pay someone to lie to you? You still got a Cable TV bill? Get rid of it, like the masses are doing right now. Dump all the nonsense BS. I never add a single APP to my Android phone. I cut off Google Administrator. I use DuckDuckGo search engine, that does NOT track my searches.

                  Think about this and this is what you tell your kids. Your brain is only so big. You feed your brain information to make you smarter. If you feed your brain nothing but entertainment ADD Nonsense Crap, you will grow to be a vegetable, useless eater dependent on the Government, and your quality of life will be daily constant BS.

            • Frank, I hope you don’t include all the central Asians such Afghans, Pakistanis, the former Soviet countries. They checked out of civilized society with their Muslim totalitarianism long ago…Other than all the totalitarian BS, their populations are inbred so badly and degraded to a level that probably will never recover their average I Q to a competitive level. I have seen it personally…

        • Fantastic! What a jewel of critical thinking! Starting a racist rant by mourning the loss of ethics and morality… Absolutely brilliant! You sir, are a true asset not only to your “race”, whatever that means, but to humanity at large! Please, continue the line of inbreeding that gave us the gift of your Frank thinking.

      5. This topic is just too crazy even for the usual mental patients that post here. Like DR/Genius, Montana Man, Honeypot, and soooo many others.

        OFF TOPIC
        Saw an article today on building a 80% gun. Not only AR’s available but you may now build Glock 17’s, 10/22’s and AK’s

        Last time: Watch out fur dem hogs.

        • Did it ever occur to you that you are the low IQ mental patient? I doubt it, you are too stupid too see that you ARE stupid lol.

          If your in the city, watch out fer dem niggies!

          • And by the way, it’s not some deep dark secret. To anyone who can read and use critical thinking it’s painfully obvious. Only low IQ mental patient’s can’t figure it out without help lol.

            • Think about this, my Property Security in Layers.

              I’m sitting inside and my motion detector by my gate keeps going off, but they I go look, noting is there. Well I finally saw what was going on. A stray dog was pacing back and forth out side of my fence. 2 inch Cattle fencing to the ground, up 4 feet then 3 barbed wire strands above the fencing and the top of the 6′ posts. I’m safe, but anybody else with a possible rabid dog, you got kids you let play in your yards, unattended. You better have your 12g Shotgun plenty handy at all times in an emergency. My property is entirely fenced and secure. Is yours? As the economy continues to take a dump more and more people will just let their pets go into the wild, and you will start seeing more feral dog pack attacks. Beware. They are hungry and deranged and may be rabid.

        • SW, what in the world has your PM got in mind for a gun confiscation?

          • Sorry to butt in bro but I have a good recipe for ya. This is very popular with the women folk and myself too.

            Take a pint jar and add 1 teaspoon of rootbeer extract. 3 tablespoons cane sugar, sugar shine (100 proof) or if its higher add water to make it 100. This stuff is delicious and powerful! It can make yer sister want to sleep with you LOL! (just kiddin). Seriously it is some dangerous stuff 😀

            • Thanks ‘ol boy! sounds like a good recipe. Will give it a whirl. Been slacking off and need to get back into the ‘spirit’ of things.

              • Yeah all that sugar should invoke some diabetes as it rots your toofeys out of your mouth..

                Wanna know why the toothbrush was invented in Tennessee? If it was invented any other place it would be called the teethbrush.

                • “Wanna know why the toothbrush was invented in Tennessee? If it was invented any other place it would be called the teethbrush”

                  That’s some funny shit right there! I don’t care who you are.

      6. More proof that this site is on its last leg

      7. David Icke? Ten years ago he claimed the world was controlled by shape shifting Annunaki. What’s with the new story? Old one lose traction?

        Next we’ll probably see some posts from Benjamin Fulford and the Drake telling us that mass arrests are imminent.

        What’s old is new again.

        • Ha ha ha, I remember those guys lol. Doom porn at it’s finest!

        • At the time, it was more popular to talk about machine elves and lizard people.

          Post something odd and catchy, in these peoples’ forums, and hear it repeated, on the radio.

          Pelosi talked about a spark of the divine, but can it be plagiarized.

      8. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. How do you change a worldwide system where greed is absolute power held by absolute murderers? You don’t.

        • That’s one of the reasons you are not free, never have been and never will be. Humanity… an epic failure.

      9. Unfortunately technology favors the collective mindset. Rapid travel equates to migration / immigration, language barriers are virtually instantaneously overcome, the means of economic exchange is not limited by distance. Slowly and sometimes rather rapidly globalization and collective thought are gaining ground. We can put up roadblocks that over time become mere speed bumps. It’s a good time to be old.

        • Yes it is. And to not have kids that will be in hell soon. Groupthink… It’s a NO BRAINER.

        • Amen Kevin. Im in the late 50’s. Good time to wind it down now than be a filler material for mass graves 30 years from now. Up will be down, right will be wrong, night will be day, black will be white. Why will this happen? Because it can.

          I think that Humans will ever strive to be ‘top dog’ and they measure that in how many other humans they are ‘above’. Create enemies, kill them, then revel in “better them than me, hey I won because Im the last man standing, yeah!”.

          One shudders to think that no matter how many millions Stalin killed, millions adored him, even after he died.

          • Speak for yourself. I resemble none of the traits you mention and so do a LOT of others. Maybe you need to make some new friends?

            • Umm, dont know what you’re talking about. Wasn’t aiming anything in this post at you. BTW, If you think the trends are so good in the world why are you here in a right wing prepper site? We comment on downward trends here.

              Back to the Georgia guidestones since that seems to be what you are excited about. George Soros is for all of those statements on the stones. Do you agree with him and them? Is that your alignment? Just asking, please don’t excoriate, we’re all supposed to be gentlemen here.

              • Regardless of who agrees it is the only way humanity can survive long term. Do you think assholes like soros are stupid? None of your rulers are stupid, just evil but they know that this planet cannot continue on it’s path. They just take delight in making up ways for you to die. And you will die one way or another. At the rate the population is going it is going to be the most miserable hell you can imagine, I don’t care I will be long gone but your kids and so on will live it be sure of that! Imagine the future in 100 years let alone 1000. But you don’t care, you got to satisfy your endless needs and wants and bring more to suffer it. Have fun bud….

                • g says, “Do you think assholes like soros are stupid?”

                  I think, you’re scapegoating famous people, some of whom were legitimately stupid.

        • K2…..
          Interesting point!
          However……if reincarnation is what happens after death, then I suppose your point is suddenly made redundant.

      10. I’m getting old at the right time……69 and before the culling starts. No kids to worry about. I might go out under a hail of brass due to the politicians running everything but at this stage I’ve nothing to lose.

        • JinVA, Exactly!

      11. ID 2020 is about getting everybody internet numbered unfortunately when Mankind is all on that system then it is to deny services to anyone if they do not comply.

        The Bible speaks about the false prophet who will be the Gates to interacting with the the Beast with the Lamb’s horns and he already is so involved in tying everybody up to internet control. The Beast with the Lamb’s horns comes from the ground (Internet of things) and if you have not taken the mark then you will not be able to buy or sell, this mark is the outside evidence of a person who has being brain chipped and is nothing more then a programmable bot destined for Hell.

        The lamb’s horns are on the logo of ICANN which address all computers bring it to one global beast controlling everybody and will put them under the control of the UN (Daniel’s beast that will consume the whole world) who will be under the Lion beast man’s control (AC).

      12. If this Mid East peace deal does go through, after the umpteenth try, the attitude has been amoral and secular, so far.

        Everyone gets to be a messiah (lower case m). Barry gets to be a messiah to Islamists, Kushner to court Jews, Trump to Churchianity.

        The schedule is overbooked, and life as we know it is expected to drag on and on.

        “Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness. For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear: For a servant when he reigneth; and a fool when he is filled with meat; For an odious woman when she is married; and an handmaid that is heir to her mistress.”
        — from Prov 30

        “By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away. Yet let no man strive, nor reprove another: for thy people are as they that strive with the priest.”
        — from Hos 4

        If some red line is crossed with God, I expect there to be even more mundane excuses for everything, in the near term, eventually leading to these same people cursing God.

      13. David.
        You are on it 1000%
        Human Being GONE.
        Constitution GONE.
        Rational Thinking GONE
        WAR ???????
        ON ??????

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