Watching the Clock: Will a Total Economic Collapse Occur in September-October?

by | Jun 28, 2012 | Headline News | 531 comments

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    This report has been generously contributed by SGT Report.

    People like to ask about dates. “When do you think the collapse will happen?” they ask. What are your thoughts on the Mayan calendar? How ’bout December 21st, 2012?

    Most of us informed and awake folks aren’t interested in trying to predict specific dates. That’s an art best left to Nostradamus. That said, highly respected truth tellers James Turk and John Williams have both tied dates to predictions. In an interview with James Turk he told me that he thinks we will see $400 silver and $8,000 gold some time between 2013-2015. And John Williams firmly believes the die has been cast for hyperinflation in the United States, likely beginning in 2014.

    Over the past 48 hours we’ve stumbled across three separate pieces of information, all predicting essentially the exact same thing regarding a fall 2012 economic collapse. Serendipity or coincidence, it’s information I want to pass on. As always, discussion is welcomed below.

    The first warning is from a St. Louis based police officer who called into the Alex Jones radio show on Sunday, June 24th. The second warning comes our way via the Silver Doctors. And the third came today from unflappable Director of UBS Floor Operations Art Cashin. All three warnings are presented here for your benefit and consideration:

    The first warning came our way via the Sunday broadcast of the Alex Jones radio show. Jones announced that he only wanted to take calls from members of the military or police. A man identifying himself as a police officer named ‘Jim’ called in to report some startling information.

    We have been told that in October we need to be prepared for an event that will require us to use air and ground support, in conjunction with the military here.

    During the call Jim comes across as passionate, sincere and very shaken by the information he tries to share. After the commercial break, Jim gets choked up as he tries to convey his appreciation for what Alex Jones has tried to do in terms of waking people up in the effort to save the Republic from the clutches of the forces seeking to destroy it. Now, nearly in tears, Jim concludes by saying “This country’s dead Alex. It’s gone” before unexpectedly hanging up.

    Here’s the entire call including the head of the show with the date of the broadcast for posterity’s sake. I edited out the commercial break, and posted this call on my backup You Tube channel SGTreport.

    Warning 2 from Silver Doctors, on Monday:

    LEAP/2020 has issued a RED ALERT for the Western banking system, stating that Europe’s hour of payment has arrived, and compares the next two months to the Israelites circling Jericho for 7 days prior to blasting the trumpets. LEAP/2020′s red alert states the Western banking system’s trumpet blast will occur in September or October.

    The seven blasts of the trumpets of Jericho marking the September October 2012 period will cause the “Dollar Wall’s” last sections and the walls which have protected the world as we know it since 1945 to collapse. The shock of the autumn 2008 will seem like a small summer storm compared to what will affect planet in several months.

    The third warning comes by way of Art Cashin and Zero Hedge on Tuesday morning:

    While Europe is dominating headlines this week, UBS’ Art Cashin suggests “mark your calendar and cross your fingers” as he notes the disproportionate prevalence of events that occur in September. Focusing on The Economist’s Greg Ip’s recent post on a possible seasonal pattern in banking crises, via this recent Reinhart & Rogoff extension paper by Laeven and Valencia, he notes: “The frequency with which the world goes to hell in September seems hardly random.” Unfortunately the authors provide no explanation for this beyond observing, “An interesting pattern emerges: banking crises tend to start in the second half of the year, with large September and December effects.”

    No one can possibly know exactly when the death of the Western fiat banking system will occur. We just know that it will collapse – it cannot be stopped. And increasingly it looks like it will happen sooner rather than later.

    This is not fear porn. It’s the reality of the dire times we now find ourselves in. Take heed, and prepare the best you can.

    We are all in this mess together.


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      1. I could see collapse anyday for so many different reasons. There could be a disaster as a catalyst, or it could just start to implode in on itself suddenly. Something everyone should realise is that before the 2008 collapse, many so called conspiracy sites and people warned people about it and where called wrong. Well, it happened, and if people had listenied they would not have lost so much. Will history repeat itself this time? If so will the event not be recoverable at all this time? People should get their preparation in order as soon as possible.

        • I agree that it could happen any day and made September my deadline for improvements to the retreat for this year. I believe, however, we will limp through the end of this year, 2013 will be a year of economic decline, and 2014 will be total crap.

          That being said it is better to be a year early than a day late so this is no excuse for procrastinating. I was going to procrastinate, but I put it off.

          • I also agree that the collapse could happen at this time. First of all anything could trigger it at any time however, it is very plausible for it to happen Sept/Oct especially if B HO thinks he won’t win re-election. He will use this as a means to cause chaos and implement martial law and suspend the election making him king forever.

            • Fat chance that he’d succeed!

            • But I thought things were getting better. At least that is what the news is telling me.

              ; )

            • I agree. This country is becoming a cesspool of CR-p! Where are the MEN in this country? Where are the HERO’s in this county? When I was growing up, men looked after women, at any cost. Men have been conditioned to be turned into government sucking entitlement beings. The sad thing is they are no longer embarrassed. My father would have rather cut off his arm, than take charity. The men is this country have failed the women. They have turned SOFT. It is sad, really. And as a nation, embarrassing!

            • The men of this country failed the women when they allowed them to start working outside the home. When ‘bringing home the bacon’ was no longer considered an exclusively male endeavor, men stopped doing it. Their only area of exclusivity left appears to be X-Box.

          • pastor I talk to the lord every day he tells me there will be no food in america starting this winter,thru spring,summer,winter 2013 and the weather will break for a couple of months summer 2014 allowing for some food to be grown,BUT not much,most will starve winter of 2014 and weather will allow a good harvest for fall of 2015 after that the weather will get alot better and things will improve for the ones who make it,america will be living like the 1840’s after that….god bless and prepare its going to get really crazy out there………

            • I don’t speak to God…but this overwhelming feeling to yell to all my neighbors to stock food and supplies is getting annoying..will I??
              No..and there are several reasons why I won’t get into here. Anyone following Mac’s site knows why.
              I ask my dh about every night, if IT happened ‘right now’, what have we forgotten??
              The things we think of …we don’t have the means for.
              God..use my hands and guide my feet, keep all your children safe until you send your SON for us…AMEN.

            • Jay Jay & Arizona, I pray daily about these things and I must say God has never seen fit to verbally speak to me like He did to Moses, but, I do have this sense that things are about to escalate. I believe these are things God is teaching me. I have an overwhelming urgency to prepare for bad times and si I do.

            • Don’t let the “Red Thumbers” get you down. If God speaks to you, great. He speaks to every believer thru many ways. Just make sure it’s God and not the ‘imitator’.

              God bless!

            • Arizona, thanks for the update on gods growing season. It’s good to know you have gods ear. Does he say anything about the Orioles turning their losing streak around?

            • Arizona, it sounds to me like god may be warning you of a coming massive solar flare. This would be the most probable reason for food not to be grown on a large scale as this event will shut down engines and machinery. Also, you speak of “weather breaking”, this suggests something like a massive volcanic eruption blocking the sun around the world and disrupting crops for an extended period. Either one of these will cause a great undoing of mankind.

              What are your feelings regarding these two possibilities?

            • God said no such thing. The days of direct revelation ended with the Apostles. If you want to know the right thing to do is, that’s what we have a Bible for.

            • Oy vey! I talked to my imaginary friend yesterday and she said to buy pork and beans in large quantities along with old VHS tapes of “The A Team” and to sell off all of my DVDs (because we will end up reverting to pre-1985 technology after the collapse).

              BTW my invisible friend is much cooler than yours because she wears pink tights, thigh-high black boots, AND can yodel to the tune “My Darlin’ Clementine.”

            • @Arizona….

              Sorry…but I’m not much of a fan of extra-Biblical revelation.

              Too easy to hear stuff from the other side, if you know what I mean.

            • Manned and ready, standing by in SC out!

            • Jay in UK,
              You will find no scripture limiting prophecy to the early disciples. 1 Corinthians 13 talks about a time of perfection when only love remains, but clearly that time has not come. To the contrary, Jesus claimed that ANYONE who believes will do everything he has done and even greater things. (John 14:12).

              Like in every institution certain entities such as the Catholic Church corrupted the message and many subsequent splitter (protestant) churches continue the practice. Today there are a lot of nonbelievers who attend church, but the who believe continue to receive the promise.

              Since I must decide whether Jesus is completely full of shit or you are, I chose you.

            • Jesus never failed to call a viper and viper and neither will I. Yes, they are foundational just as founders of individual churches are today, but that does not mean the Holy Spirit has a half life and gets progressively weaker as the years progress. Paul cannot be interpreted to contradict Jesus and that is exactly what you doing to justify your lack of faith.

            • He talks to you? What’s he/she sound like.

            • Acts 2:17

              And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

              18And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:

              19And I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke:

              20The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord comes:

              21And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

          • This is an email I sent to Alex Jones about another October surprise. I got it from I am not saying anything except, let you come to your own conclusion.
            This is from

            Michael Snyder author of, which I know Alex likes to refer to his articles as well. Micheal also talks about the fall of this year as some point of considerable change in America. Listen to the 22:00 mark, again at the 26:00 mark, on the broadcast.

            Listed as recent broadcast:


            Tuesday June 26, 2012

            Guest: Ray Gano and Michael Snyder

            Topic: Today’s program is a free flowing discussion about preparations for global financial collapse, war in the Middle East, and possible Fukushima explosion



            • @ Government Guy: Not seeing a lot of charity in your choice of words at the end of your reply to me, all the more ironic given you’re quoting 1 Cor 13.

              You’re error is you are taking promises made to the disciples and believers prior to Scripture’s completion and applying them to believers in all ages since. However, Ephesians 2:20 says the apostles and prophets are foundational; if that is the case, why would there be any need for extra-biblical revelation today? It’s nonsense and it is a threat to the authority of Scripture.

          • Should I empty out my (meager) Roth IRA stock fund now, PP?

            • If you have sufficient grub and guns, roll it to a self-directed Roth IRA (I use Equity Trust Co. out of Ohio) and purchase either rural land or precious metals if you already have a BOL. Not only is it tax/penalty free, but protected in case of bankruptcy.

              Click on my user ID to watch some old videos I posted on how to find a cheap survival retreat.

            • Pastor, have you updated your land patent? If not, you do not own the land and will discover it too late.

            • yes.

            • yes – that is, go to cash now. u will be exiting during what may be a run-up in sharemarkets for a few weeks. read Martin Armstrong’ June 20 article ‘The model look out August-September’ and June 21 ‘Operation Twist’ for valuable info on gold/panic cycle.

            • I looked at Armstrong’s post and did not see any data to backup his conclusion so I cannot consider it.

          • What about a nice false flag that would plunge the USA into martial law, postpone the elections in november and move this nation toward One World Government in a huge way? A three for one event. What do you think? Crash the economy and they also get all our money as a bonus because those in the know have moved their money to safety.

            • I just started reading an excellent book along those lines. EMPIRE by Orson Scott Card. Ever wonder how it is that after 9/11 when the Muslims were identified as the perps and the WTC was still smoking that Moron bush proclaimed Islam a Religion of Peace. Ever wonder why a few short years later Muslims now seem to be the favored ones, an imposter named Barack Hussein Obama has been elected president even though no one really knows who he is and regular citizens mostly white have now been identified as the most likely terrorist suspects.

          • PP:
            I, in agreement with you, of course the events beheld at this moment, resonate the same as you in the future prospects as we see at the moment. I like the joke at the end, a witty joke can make one smile…

          • i could not find it in the bible where it said the to prepare for leaner times,,,,or is that stuff just in the book of mormon?

        • @Be Informed. Sure history will repeat itself. Look at all the posters on this board, from diverse areas of the Republic, all reporting the numbers of sheep in their neck of the woods. Not just those on the dole who live hand-to-mouth, but those who are financially well off enough to prepare. I have a friend who is up to speed about the police state; yet he refuses to pull his money out of the stock market. Go figure! Personally, I’ll be amazed if we get through this summer, even as I hope the September/October time frame is correct.

        • Did I mention I hate commies?

        • The world financial system is getting ready to reset. The BIS, UN, World Bank and others are currently working on bringing this to past. ALL Currencies will go to an asset backed base. The FIAT US Dollar will drop in value, beginning the collapse. And other world currencies will become far more valuable than the USD. The last card holding up the house of cards is the USD being the world reserve currency. Once the value changes, watch how long till the USD is no longer the reserve currency. Total collapse ensues.

          • They will run the QE nonsense until they have stolen every penny they possibly can. Then they will crash everything.

        • Wont happen all of a sudden unless ppl revolt or oil/energy is depleted for some reason. The ultra rich has left the rich are leaving and the politicians are going to jump off the plane before it crashes just in time for safety (flee the country after their friends are safe) read history and u will see this is happening. HUMAN PAST IS HUMAN FUTURE its just the way we are programmed. Politicians are puppets always have been and always will be.

          • Be wise for the politicians not come back then. I would place a bounty on them if that happens.

            There is one other cause of “sudden” implosion. Civil unrest caused by a lack of food or hyperinflation driven food price increases. When people cannot feed their children it will be on. This is the type of collapse that Comrade Chairman Obama is looking for as an excuse to de-populate America of his enemies – us.

            Big flaw in the little dictators plans. U.S. Military trigger pullers will not fire on civilians in large part. Some will but most will not, that leaves only our militarized police to enforce tyranny. Many of them will be more concerned about their own families than the grandiose power mongering aspirations of a narcissistic sociopath.

        • Those same conspiracy sites have also been predicting a total collapse ever since 2008. There was going to be Economic collapse and hyper-inflation at the end of 2011, there was supposed to be bank hollidays in march or april of this year. Now we are pushed out til sept. or oct. and some are pushing til 2013 and beyond. And when that doesn’t happen it will be pushed out further.
          I did not notice a whole lot of difference after the market crashed in 08. Some friends lost a lot of their 401k’s but have sinced recovered most or all of it.
          The world has been coming to an end as far back as I can remember. The Mayan calendar thing? Well could be we are simply moving from the age of pisces to the age of aquarious.

          • I was partially thinking the same thing (about the site).

            However, when we shift the focus from short-term to long-term, I begin to disagree with you.

            We cannot sustain our current global economy. We are already seeing cracks appear in it, even today. While Italy, Spain, and Greece are notorious for having economies that drop into the shitter occasionally, this time it’s effecting the Euro, and hard. Germany has the strongest economy in that pile, but for how long? They’re already showing signs of becoming weaker themselves:

            Even on our end, the economy is sluggish, as everyone and their dog is busy paying down massive debts, packing money into savings, and suchlike. Given that we’re stuck with an economic model that depends on spending and growth? This is putting a damper on any recovery, jobs, and growth. Meanwhile, we just got stuck with a very massive bureaucratic tax increase (disguised as a healthcare plan, but enforced by the IRS… a tinfoil-hat-wearer’s wet dream right there, yet stupefyingly true. Anyrate…)

            Ah, but China and India! They’re growing like gangbusters! Well, yes, but as major export economies, they rely heavily on the EU and US buying all their shit. However, if the US, EU, or both begin to falter, then China and India’s economies go right down the crapper.

            Unlike this time last century, the global economy is a delicately balanced machine with a lot of moving parts. If too many of those parts fail, the whole works will come crashing down.

            To top it off, instead of actually giving a damn about all of this, politicians everywhere are spending tomorrow’s money today. They also seem more interested in “winning” and in pushing ideology, than in sitting down and trying to tame this growing horror show before it gets too far out of hand.

            Now, will it all go splat in October? Probably not. Will it happen before 2020? Quite likely. Before 2030? A solid wager, IMHO – barring a sudden outbreak of common sense.

            • Common sense breaking out? wow that would be the best epidemic ever 😉 As far as when things go splat who knows and to be honest I’m to busy trying to keep me and my family alive that I’ll deal with the day when it arrives. I’ll prepare for troubled times and hope they never arrive but I’ve never had this sense of urgency at any point in my life and I don’t know where it came from but it’s here and i don’t think it’ll go away

            • GOOD POST OQ! thanks for the sanity
              i am with you on this one, the economy WILL tank if we do not have a major course redirection.
              i too , believe it is years out, maybe not many , but there is still time to prepare, keep a cool head.

              its gonna be a slow ride to the bottom , the only thing to keep in mind is the rising police state and choking regulations (EPA)that could multiply the problems.

              its a complex picture , but i believe ,when we come out of this in 20yrs? , the US will be stronger and more united than ever.


        • It just shows us how many options those who want to keep carrying this house of cards farther and farther down the road while they keep raping and pillaging. Every time I think we are at that cusp some sort of obscure pathetic feel-good news comes out to perpetuate positive hope. I am convinced this house of cards act will go on for a while longer until they run out of options. Like the author above, no one really knows “when”.

          • Every time we come to breaking point some thing has kept us from going over the edge and I think it like a rope pull. So far there has been as many pulling on one side or other that keep us from the edge. But like such game there comes a point there not enough on one side or there a slip and fall. When that comes we will see it. So far many of us have kept learning and took hold of the rope.
            Still has we hold on we are being drain of what we have.
            For some of it is a monthly check from TPTB. But what you do with it,make all difference. If you buy a sliver dime or quarter once in while or extra can of food. It still doing something to prepare. Maybe it learning how garden or bake bread. Do not let some of these poster who ride us off, because we are disable or getting older and poor that we have no value. We must make our own value by not not sit there doing nothing about our future.

        • I thought all of you religious fanactics died when Jim Jones, David Koresh, and them Comet riding folks in San Diego left this world? It’s not GOD we should fear, it’s strange people like some of the folks on here who are the enemy.

      2. I pray to God that it ends soon.. The absolute worst thing that could happen is a slow-death scenario.

        Lets get it on..

        • Unfortunately this is the wearing down phase, the lulling into a trance face. I haven’t had my eyes open for long and it has been a slow coming to the realization process but since they have been open I have noticed the weariness of people, the dejection, the almost drone like mentality and it scares the s*** out of me. I see it in my family, in my friends, in my co-workers. This is their strategy, wear them down until their is no resistance and the few that are awake will be easily picked off

          • US Centurion – I’ve noticed it too. In fact, I’ve caught myself feeling that same exhaustion. The feeling of just wanting to take a long nap or at worst go back in time, somehow. The feeling of wanting to flee, but can’t because I’m stuck. I constantly remind myself that a true American does not give up – but some days it’s real hard so I “fake it till I feel it.”

            • Fake it until you feel it! Excellent choice of words.

              You guys may be correct. The slow grind to wear us down. This is why prepping has to be part of your life. No, not YOUR WHOLE LIFE but just a part of it. The bumpy but slow grind is designed to get us to reject any thought of a complete collapse and to forsake any prepping for it.

        • Careful now Jack. Daisy and the “non violent revolution watchers” will think you’re inciting insurrection!

          Ah, the heck with it… I agree, let it begin!!!

          MOLON LABE!

          • Seriously?

            Unless there is no hope and no effort in changing the government, there is no reason to pick up a firearm and start marching against it. Let’s make this simple: Stop acting stupid.

            The results aren’t what you were hoping for anyway. Talk a tough game online, but the reality is more like this:

            Seriously. Get a grip. A real badass would be quietly organizing friends, not typing recycled movie one-liners in all-caps on an internet forum.

            We have enough to worry about in the days ahead without some soi-disant commander screaming to take up arms at such a premature date.

            • Stop calling me a badass!!!


            • A real badass would be hanging halfway down a limestone cliff by a rope carving a fortress for his family with a cold chisel.

        • Jack,

          Collapse never happens on a rapid scale unless a massive disease outbreak or an asteroid was to be involved.

          Use the time to prepare, and to reinforce your position in life. Use it to build a network of friends and people you would want to associate with (and likely help defend) after it all goes down.

          Who knows? The slow speed will maybe even help others prepare – enough to make a difference once it all does come down.

      3. Still time to prepare! The financial system is broken!

        If you haven’t stored some food now. Do a quick and dirty rice and bean runs. Add in bunches of Bouillon cubes for variety.

        Plan on a way to capture and store water.

        Guns and Ammo. There’s a ton of articles on them.

        The harder things to do are self sufficiency and community.

        If you survive a collapse and the chaos that comes with it. I am sure survival communities will consider adding you on the basis that you had the foresight to prepare some. Better still to have some skills to bring to a new community.

        Sierra Dave

        • At last some kind of date!! I can now establish a target date to make a goal for doing whatever I have to do. According to what I’ve read and read “between the lines” the last couple of months on several websites tna thru conversations with “those in the know, the date sounds about right. It’s the comment from the police officer that really causes me the most concern.

          • Well Old Soldier, you should know the drills. Doesn’t matter what the day or date is. You’re either ready or you’re not. Wether you’re fully prepped or half prepped or even just starting to prep ….
            The day it kicks off, is the day you run with what you’ve got.

            People should already have the mind set, that “when” it happens, they’ll be on their own and if they haven’t made what ever decisions already, they’ll be making decisions “on the move” and will just have to work with whatever resources you have and whatever circumstance you find yourself in at that moment.

            Remember, the day the SHTF is the day your prepping stops and your survival starts.
            Phase one: Prepping
            Phase two: Survival, in the event.
            And Phase three? That’s going to be up to the individual. You!

            A point to note too. When “it” does happen, sites like this will get wiped. And in saying that, if it does happen tomorrow, then good luck to everyone. But in the mean time, I’ll just keep on continuing on, visiting SHTF plan.

        • Please add Ramen noodles(17 cents per pkg)…even If the packet goes rancid, heck, a chicken or beef bouillon will make the noodles palatable(a word?)@ 25 for $1.25.
          Please urge your family to at least get noodles and bouillon cubes.

          • While ramen is okay, a pound of noodles (around a $1) will carry you farther, and there is much more you can do with them. Rice is a better buy than noodles, but noodles break the monotony. Plus some noodles, rice, and chicken bouillon make passable rice-a-roni for a lot less than the packaged stuff.

            • Oh, I agree–ramen is a common food esp. for the young…and bouillon works for spaghetti, macaroni, even egg noodles.
              I have bouillon, pasta, and canned chicken for my homemade chicken noodle soup…makes a lot more–goes further than one can of Campbells, and lot less sodium; we do what we do and what we can do in hard times.

          • I think it tastes kinda nasty but a bunch of the kids at my daughter’s school eat the ramen noodles dry with the seasoning sprinkled on it. I suppose this tells us they are edible even if you have no way to cook them.

            I try to focus on healthier stuff but I definitely have Ramens in the food stash! If I never need them I can always donate them! Also in a SHTF scenario they could serve as charity giveaways.

          • No calories. You could eat ten packs of Ramen a day and starve. Get calorie dense items. the noodles can be a treat.

            • Ramen noodle are just starter it what you add to them.
              If you have a can of shrimp and green onions, dry mushrooms and it great meal. Or plan to grow sprouts of some kind and add that. They are just noodle and noodle can be used for anything. Yes, you can just use the starter for fast meal but there no rules that you can not expand what in it.

        • I’m buyin a new Harley.

          • @ Inon: LMAO !!!

            So.., I would take it that you are going to ride this storm out !!!!

            ENJOY !!!

          • I have cleared my credit cards so if it looks like it is definitely going down, I will go on the CC binge of all time. I can always default on it if it doesn’t blow up, since I will only be screwing Bank of American and Citi. BTW My choice would be the Zero DS all electric street/dirt model :

        • Pls tell me, what do you think about the S&W .38 special airweight revolver?

          • imnotoldjustolder….a S&W 38 air weight isn’t a top choice for me but it might be for you. It is whatever you are more comfortable with. I’d look up a Rock Island Armory 1911 Commander sized (just smaller then a full 1911) in 9mm perhaps. The lack of a cylinder is a good thing but then needing magazines isn’t so there is always a trade off.

            If you feel that is just a tad too big look for a pre owned German licensed Interarms Walther PPK/s in 380. This is the “James Bond” gun and before S&W started making it – it was good.

          • Imnot…a pretty good choice. I keep one by the bed loaded with CCI’s Gold-dot, 135 grain+p hollow points. These rounds were developed specifically for short barrel snubbies to provide adaquate expansion for the hollow point. It’s most likely that you have a model 642 which is designed to handle the slightly hotter than normal +p round. Just use the +P round for self defence and use a milder round (wadcutters) for target practice and/or becoming familiar with your weapon. Good luck!

          • imnot…..38’s are OK.Why not get a 357? You can use 38 shells for target practice and 357 for self defense in the same revolver. 38 shells are less expensive.

          • yes it is more lightweight and feels better with that 30 second test pickup at the gun shop – but it has much more recoil – fine for a few shots but after a few your wrist and hand will be sore (especially for a typical female build)

            also these lightweight ones aren’t as durable as the stainless steel ones – over time they can crack (granted that is probably over a lot of rounds more then the average user may ever shoot)

            my wife started with an SW airweight and after a few weeks of practice could not stand the recoil so traded it for a stainless SW revolver (she did get a 357 but just uses it with 38) now she really enjoys practice with it – much more manageable recoil makes practice enjoyable – so she LIKES to go to the range and practice with it

            and practice makes perfect. : )

            • Yea, the 357 mag. makes more sense to purchase as a one gun handgun, especially if the little woman/daughter/young son will be using it. The 38 loads are recoil friendly and when loaded with the 357 mag rounds, you can take care of big game for the table. I bought my little woman a Colt w/4″ barrel. She loves to shoot 38’s and I love the magnum rounds. They are a lot less expensive to reload than my 44 mags. However, I wouldn’t want to carry the 357 into grizzly country. I’ll stick to the Ruger Super Blackhawk w/8″ barrel for the mean stuff.

          • I have a p95. What do you all think? At practice, i seems to be very effective for home protection, i also like my 20 round clip just in case im not 100 percent that day. Been thinking of a 1911, but my 9 seems so managable. Any thoughts? By the way, i think this is my second post.

            • My favorite pistol that I lost in the boating accident was a 1911 – Colt Series 70 9mm full size govt. model. That is rather expensive now as they are hard to come by; but you can get a Rock Island Armory tactical (adj sights and other benefits) in 9mm for $500/$600 depending on your state/fees. Or you might consider a combat commander in 9mm which is a smaller 1911 – those Colts’ are not that pricey yet. Only thing you lose in the high cap magazine.

              I lost a P89 too….darn boats.

          • Hand guns are for robbers and rapists
            Shot guns are home defence
            Rifles are tranny
            You should have one of each for rifles a 30.06 and a 22lr
            Hand gun any thing with a 4 in front if you r new start with a 380.
            Shot gun 12 ga. then a lot of ammo for each. there are many utube vids you can watch for free and learn. SAFETY FRIST. LEARN YOUR TOOLS WELL.

          • Nothing wrong with it for personal defense at short ranges. It’s reliable, accurate, lightweight, the recoil won’t ruin your next pointing, and the cartridges are plentiful and inexpensive. You need to practice just enough to be proficient. Don’t rely on it as your only means of defense, however. Handguns are ‘last ditch’ weapons, no matter what anyone tells you.

            After you get your handgun, get a deal on a deer rifle, you can find some excellent ones at pawn shops or gun stores for two or three hundred bucks, often with a scope. Get in a common caliber, like 30.06, .308, .270, etc. If you can pick up a Lee-Enfield in good condition, it makes a cheap battle rifle, 10-round magazine, rapid fire, nice weapon. A Mosin-Nagant rifle is the next cheapest, 5-round magazine, decent rate of fire, tough weapon.

            The above are for a budget-concious buyer. If you have more to spend, look at an AR clone or a Mini-14. An SKS is the budget semi-auto.

            Don’t forget a 20- or 12-guage shotgun, and definitely get a .22 rifle for each person over 13 in your household.

        • Don’t forget to stop by your hardware and garden centers. It’s nearing the end of the growing season so the seed packets will be on clearance. Non-hybrids are best bet anything is better than nothing.

      4. This is my first post but I have been reading for months. I really believe that little O needs to keep everything at the status quo until after the election. Civil unrest will amplify if he delays an election and they know they don’t have the assets to contain it. After the election, he will have cart blanche to act out his Nero type destruction upon us. Good luck to all, i really enjoy your comments!

        • @RNDave:

          …welcome…I too lurked here at SHTFplan for quite a while.

          …lots of info, insight and just good people to have at your six…again…welcome!!!

        • We welcome everyone but commies and redcoats around here. God Bless and Welcome!

        • Welcome, RNDave! Just one big happy dysfunctional family here!


          • Daisy, I resemble that remark!

            Welcome RedNeckDave.

            • AZ

              LOL. I would like to resemble a tall leggy blond…alas I do not.

              Take care

            • Burt: Tall leggy blondes may have more fun, but I have always said that “brunettes make better lovers”.

              I had a petite short women tell me once that “the only thing better than a long legged blonde with legs long enough to wrap around you twice … is a petite woman with short legs who is trying too!”

              I would tell you where I was at the time, but Kevin would accuse me of being a “man-whore”.

              But hey! It was worth another round! Bottoms up! LMAO! 🙂

          • Some more than others.

            (Yes, Daisy, I am looking in the mirror when I wrote that!)

          • @daisy- Don’t forget the “insane” ones!! 🙂

            • Kevin

              You have to be a little insane or the insanity of the world would drive you ad…if you know whati mean

              Take care

            • Dear Kev: This little scene from “Alice in Wonderland” sums it up! 😆

              The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?

              [Alice checks Hatter’s temperature]

              Alice Kingsley: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

          • A big shout out to Daisy, Burt and the rest of my dysfunctional family!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

            Does that make Mac our Godfather?

            On a serious note: I have been feeling that something big is coming in August, then forward.

            Have a good afternoon my siblings!!! 😉

            Welcome Redneck !!!!

            • Eagledove

              Hiya Hon how are you today? Can your feelings wait until after my birthday please? It may be the last normal one I have. The 10th or after will be fine.

              Take care

            • Whew, thank you Eagledove – at least someone likes me. 😉

            • Eagledove

              I have a hater on here sniff sob. Oh well such is life.

              Take care

            • Night all

              Bedtime now

              Take care

            • BTB .. hush now you ment to say after the 13th RIGHT!! LOL (thats mine 😉 )

              Blessings everyone I learn so much from you all even DH is waking up due to some of your comments! Whew I thought he would NEVER wake up…

            • Welcome, Gertrude!!!!

            • I was with out power for 3 days and now way behind on house work.

              We had a huge storm come thru the midwest that took out a lot power in many states. 🙁

      5. Be informed,

        Your question – Will history repeat itself this time?

        It always does! They will lead us to the trough again.

        Just met a republican today and he did not know anything about FEMA Camps, FDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).

        We really need to educate friends and family in the worst way if we want to retain our freedoms!!!

        Y’all Beware!

        • If he doesn’t know about FEMA Camps and NDAA at this late date, why bother to educate him? Just think to yourself, what good is a FEMA Camp with no inmates? The guy you met needs to be re-educated in the Camps.

          • No disrespect swift but i had to thumbs down you. In my opinion there is a difference between people that don’t know and people that refuse to learn. I’ve spoke with both. The people with their heads in the sand deserve a reeducation as u said but everyone deserves a chance to become informed. I’m lucky I stumbled across this site and visit it everyday. And everyday it seems I learn something new. I’m glad someone spoke to me about these things and i had an open enough mind to look things up for myself. I’m stocking but no where near ready. But all I tell myself is anything is better than nothing. I can thank you and everyone else on this site for teaching me so many things. I hope for more time but I’ll take everyday I have for me and my family.

        • Make your republican friend walk point, sounds like he is dead already. at least he will be useful in drawing fire and giving you time to E and E.

        • Daisy

          Can I be your sidekick? Do you want to be batman or Robin lol

          • I kinda just wanted to be a Ninja. 🙁

            • Daisy
              can’t do ninja, don’t like the outfit lol

              Take care

        • History may not repeat itself. But, it often rhymes.

          Children/youth may not know the truth, unless we tell them.

          The administration has been busy “rewriting” history.

          Rewriting history. Now facts erased from schoolbooks.


          “The Obama White House has meticulously gone through a number of the official biographies of former presidents that have been posted on and INSERTED SOMETHING ABOUT OBAMA into each one.”

          “They have also EDITED OUT some things about SOME OF THE PRESIDENTS in order to TARNISH THEIR HISTORY.”


          • @KY MOM
            I heard about this some time ago on Glen Beck’s radio show. Sounds like the old Soviet Union, where they claim that they invented the Airplane, Phone, radio, ect.

            • you can tell which radio show hosts work for the corp.


              Wake UP jeff.

            • Example A

              Biggest bank accounts-

              1. rush
              2. beck
              4 levin
              50. Jones
              80. Church

        • @y’all-

          Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm.

          Georgia has MOVED their capital out of the way of the direct russian route to syria, and iran. Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

          People are not calling bullshit on this syrian fighter crap, it may end up being a gulf of tonkin deal.

          If you research where the georgians moved their capitol to, you will find it a major hub of drugs and weapons smuggling. Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!

          and we fiddle about obama care!!!!!!!!!!!

          Computer viruses at the banks????
          Oil up $7 in one day???????

          They know whats going to happen, we have to waite and see.

          Latter brother!!!

          • @y’all- Forgot something.

            The last WW, we were allied with russia, and we split the territories conquered.

            You speak of history,

            I wonder if the hammer has not fallin yet due to the players(us,china,russia) just cant agree how to split up the spoils.

            I wonder if the other players are truly the PTB’s enemies.

            I wonder if they are our enemies, will nukes be used.


            I may just un-plug from the net, grab a couple bottles of bourbon and go to the mountains for a week!!!

          • Oh, I meant the TURKISH fighter crap!!!

      6. This wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I’m well armed and feel its more important so when the troops hit the streets.

        • The “troops” around here don’t scare me one bit. fat and out of shape describes this bunch. When I was in the jarheads most of them would get on weight control and then a GD if they didn’t shape up.

      7. My bad NDAA

        Y’all Beware!

        • Hi Y’all Beware: My friends and family are already educated in the worst way.

      8. Time to go all in.

        Full time prepping mode.

      9. I have been thinking that time frame for a while. it fits in too well with the elections (doubt we have them)
        I hate putting dates on anything when it comes to prepping. My belief is try to get your preps to a level where you dont have to run to the store every time scotus rules or obummer declares something. I am not as ready as i want to be, but I am ready for what I think is coming. I hope you all are ready to. If all goes well, we will rebuild, if not,
        I will see you on Fiddlers Green. I will save a drink for you. 😉

        • Save me a shot of Jeagermeister…

        • @BULLDOG – why not have elections ?

          if that happens , rule of law is lost, NO good outcome from that. stay positive, cooler heads WILL prevail.

      10. what is “collapse” ?
        is it when your neighbor loses his job
        you lose yours?

        and I think one big mistake people have made is
        that they want to define collapse as a single event

        I don’t think it is
        it is a series of events
        all leading us down

        “The Five Stages of Collapse was a nice theory. If only we had been so lucky! I am writing this to warn you: don’t look for anything quite so tidy. “

        • Have a t-shirt that reads:

          Recession – my neighbor loses his job

          Depression – I lose my job

          Recovery – Obama loses his job

      11. Keep telling yourself there will be a collapse. You people hate your lives so much you want a total collapse. It will never happen. No economy has ever collapsed with hyper inflation. America is the greatest And nothing will happen. Obama 2012

        • Greetings Everyone!
          To finx:You may be right in the first part,but you must have slept thru your European history about 1920-1930 Germany.Not a good idea back then,a bad thing to admit to today.

        • Are you an idiot or what?

        • Ignore him/it. He tried to troll in the other day. He’s a useless POS.

        • I’m fairly sure the post-WWI German economy collapsed. But I might be wrong.

          • Yes, it cause the WW11 and we all know how well that workout for Europe.

        • finxs,
          why are you on this site then??? Oh yeah, you are board in your mom’s basement and troll around pissing patriots off.

        • when i read a post like yours Finx i can’t help but think your an obama or government plant. i don’t post here much but i come daily and love to read what these fine people say. it is smart to question what your government does and when you do that you cannot help but be worried. i am prepping the best i can. i only wish i had some of the survival skills a lot of people on this site have. i am no slouch and i will fight with my life if need be to keep the oath i took many years ago to protect my country and constituion and family. it is because these people love their freedom and families is why they are all getting prepared. the old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure applies big time! god bless all you patriotic Americans!

          • Wont make and difference which party win they all seem to be heading the same direction. Bush did his part all toward this one world government. The difference is who pocket they want to pick first. Yes, if the poor get shut off it will save some money for very short while. But then they will move on to next group who have more. And let those two group fight out for the scraps. Playing the middle and poor against each other is all that being done. And fighting in streets.

            And when that done the upper middle will next.

            I figure that it which party wants to see it happen faster.

        • @Finx….

          History is not your best subject, is it?

          Here’s a clue Einstein…..Go look up the causes of the French Revolution and the Wiemar Republic in the 1920’s. Then for some recent history, check out Zimbabwe and Argentina.

          Here’s a hint: Google is your friend.

          Aw….never mind, you probably couldn’t comprehend what you’d find anyway.

          Just carry on in your Obamazombie mode.

          • Well you marxist wise ass, it is clear you do not posses sufficient intellect to refute the position presented here.
            obama is an extremist would be dictator. his black racist father and white degenerate mother were both self avowed communist.
            So go get stuff, and odds are you are black as Michel and obviously equally as IQ deficient
            People like you make us willing to do anything to start a violent civil war by any means necessary resulting in a total cleansing of the north American gene pool.

        • One word…..WEIMAR!

        • Finx, seriously, are you Joe Biden?

        • Finally, I made it to number One. One hundred that is, with the thumbs down for Finx’s comment. What an idiot and the world is full of them.

      12. Eric I Used To Holder ,But it’s all over now.

      13. I agree with the presented data but I bet against it. In my opinion our rulers will manage to prolong the agony by one or maybe even two years. They will do that by bending the rules and by cheating as much as they can to get more time. Maybe a war will help them out for a few months.

        They might hope for a miracle solution, like Hitler in his bunker, babbling about non existent armies and new weapons which would change the tide. The rulers could fear that if things get out of control, that the whole collapse gets a life of its own and any attempt to run this thing with martial law might develop in anther direction where they end up in front of a firing squad or hanging down some tree.

        If however this should be a manufactured collapse to impose some kind of new order on humanity, then it will be rather earlier then later.

        But whatever is starting to boil now, it is getting serious. Anyone not prepping yet and reading this, please consider spending a few bucks extra on food and just ask yourself “What if?”

        You loose nothing and it might save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

        Be safe!

      14. Bring it on, though everything I’ve read says 2013-2014 is more likely.

        I’m so mad because of the Supreme Court decision today that I think the American public needs a good economic crash to bring them back to reality.

        I used to be of the opinion that it would be horrible, but these idiots elected the idiots who are taking our liberties away. Time for them to WAKE UP! I truly think a huge crash would be the only way.

        The only downside to the timing suggested here is that we would end up with Führer Obama. Lord help us.

        P.S. I don’t think the Alex Jones caller was legit.

      15. Let it burn. We need an opportunity to start over again.

        • Right. Start all over after 90% of Americans die. Sounds legit.

          • Barn Cat,
            The 90% have the same opportunity to prepare as we do. Even if it isnt at the level that some of us are preparing. If they chose to bury their heads in the sand and keep going to the mall and wasting their lives, it is their choice. They are making their bed, let them lie in it. America needs to be re-born with the values we started out having. maybe we can make it last longer this time.

            • America won’t be reborn. America is going to become a police state.

            • Barn Cat,
              This to the comment below,
              Barn Cat says:

              “America won’t be reborn. America is going to become a police state”.

              It may become one (police state) initially, but we will prevail. It wont be easy, but we will get there.
              Alot of us have first hand experience of what an insurgency is like.

            • I said before but will say it again. If you are on Fed aid like SSI you are not allowed over $2,000. that include any savings. If you have family plot for when you die they have value on that. They do all they can to make honest people to do nothing to help themself. And falling on hard time after working most of your life can happen to anyone. One bad illness and body breaking down, working for companies who did not send in the money they took for FICA. Going to college and not earn any quarter toward retirement. Anything can happen. Also when I said buying sliver that against the law if you are SSI. Nothing of value are you allow to collect.
              So far food is safe and being on line allow. And you wonder why people head to mall. But owning junk is just foolish. But any cash after you pay your monthly living expense is just not worth saving sad to say. I did find the 21 beans selling site. There good and very color full dish to serve and eat. And I am sure with rice they will be great when money is not worth anything.

      16. Hi

        Long time lurker first time poster. Been sitting back and really paying attention to the world around me. Scary stuff going on…. I have friends and family thinking the same thing, time to get ready! I started gardening this year, mostly herbs for medicine, long way to go, but I’ll get there.

        Thanks for all the advice and information.

        • convinced2day, welcome to the boards.

          • Thanks! Glad to be a part of a community…. you know a real one 😉

            • Convinced2day


              Take care

        • @convinced2day….welcome, you are correct about all the good advice on this site…I am fairly new here too. I started some herb gardening and some veggies…(big battle with aphids/mites on my spinach and peppers)fed them some cayanne pepper and think they are gone now.

          I was just told by someone(another prepper) to google how to prepare “4 thieves vinegar” for medicinal purposes…..have you (or anyone out there prepared a batch as yet? Please advise…..

          • Don’t know about the vinegar, but thieves oil, using essential oils. Its on my to do list. I will have too look into the vinegar part though.

            • Canada Canuk,

              Thanks for post. This stuff could be useful (the 4 thieves). The acetic acid, for me, was covered years ago by Uncle Fester.

              4 thieves vinegar – Four Thieves Vinegar and Oil Recipes
              (youtube. com/watch?v=R1l9phGBJrE)

              Making Apple Cider Vinegar
              (youtube. com/watch?v=Ho_JWQfBTKs)

              How to Make Vinegar
              (youtube. com/watch?v=EMWWo6aW-ao)

              Herb & Fruit Recipes : How to Make Vinegar
              (youtube. com/watch?v=d3iJhxU-8l0)

        • Well, I’d say welcome to our board, but it seems you must be vetted here to be accepted. So, let me just say, welcome to the SHTFPlan Forum. I look forward to your comments!

        • Welcome to the asylum!!!! 🙂

          • Now that, I can agree with!

        • new here too,been reading and thinking and watching as things happen hope every one is wrong but im thinking more and more like them every day god help us all.

      17. Has any population ever been free under Marxism? Have they ever achieved the wealth of the Capitalist U.S.?

        Has not Marxist Governments murdered 100 million of their own citizens?

        Do not all the countries in Europe which are going broke also have Universal Healthcare and big Government Unions?

        Are we not already seeing an expanded Government even before Obamacare takes effect?

        Does one dollar buy more, or less than 2008 money?

        Who believes that the Fed will start printing money again after the election?

        Dam right we’re going to have an “economic event”.

        • I HATE Communism AND predatory Capitalism. They are both systems that put power and money in the hands of the same anti-Christ tribe. Don’t kid yourself. BOTH systems enslave the goyim.

        • Jeff,

          One answer I’d like to expound on. The dollar… answer… LESS!!!

          Check it out. Take a guess what $250.00 during the Depression in 1933 is worth in today’s dollar?

          DON’T SCROLL DOWN. Guess!


          OK… here it is… you won’t believe it!!

          The answer is: $4306.72!!

          Is that amazing, or what. Should tell us our money equals crap with a capital “C”!

          Here’s the site that allows you to figure what the dollar is worth as far back as 1914 to today.

      18. No WAY there is an kind of “collapse” in September or October. The lame stream media will never report it, and it will never be part our Psyche while the chosen one is up for re election. The can WILL be kicked passed November.

        • Satori, that doesn’t mean they have to get worse. Each Man can make his own situation better in the way they choose.

          Freedom is not dying. It is just that there is no one to protect your rights but you.

      19. That’s the time table we are working towards. Things have never been busier; we are working constantly and all hours. Around mid-2011 things just tightened right up: like there was something we were suddenly working for coming quick. Just saying…

      20. Picking dates of events, and getting it correct is difficult at best. And it makes the people who promote such dates look bad. That “something bad” is coming is a foregone conclusion. It will not shock me when the parasites make thier move, have been expecting it for a long time.

        Had a conversation with someone today who had been following the SCOTUS/Obummercare issue. He was very upset with the outcome. He is a rather conservative individual, but one who seems unaware of the real issues we all will soon face. It is sad to speak with people, try and awaken them. There is fear and frustration in thier eyes; they know somethings wrong, but don’t understand the source of the problems.

        In addition to prepping as best you can, this is probably a good time to get right with whatever version of God you choose. Because nightmares are coming.

      21. I had a lesson in prepardness today…

        I usually carry a backpack with a first aid kit and general survival stuff. But this morning I left it at home to go exersise down the block. Today, the one day I leave my everyday carry bag, I had a hypoglycemic moment and nearly passed out. I was sitting with my head between my knees thinking “I have Lifesavers in my backpack. I should have brought them. Now life sucks.”

        Lesson learned: Your preps can’t help if you can’t acsess them.

        • Jason

          It’s a hard lesson to learn. I hope you are feeling okay now.

          Take care

          • Now what kind of Vile bastard would thumbs down me hoping that Jason feels well now?

            Possibly the same Vile bastard that thumbs down all my posts.

            It is I hope no reflection on you Jason, just a totally inappropriate way to get at me.

            I repeat I hope you are well now

            Take care

        • Sad to say you can not carry everything you will need. All you can do is carry what you can. It another day add the lifesavers now.

      22. PREPARE!!!! We can all write everyday what we think is going to happen and why, but we ALL agree that SOMETHING is going to happen, so get PREPPED!!!

        Find a local prepper group and learn from them, or the hundreds of prepper sites available. There’s even a website out there that teaches you in babysteps.

        • I’m already prepared. I already have a group. I already have skills. Discussions like this help keep me motivated and avoid second guessing how I spent hundred of hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars.

          • Anyone ever have that ‘christian’ moment where you just know you’re meant to reach just one person and win them to God?? save their soul?? that’s why you’re here??
            Well, every post for me is a ‘savior’ moment in that maybe I’ll reach a mom or dad and they will prep; to save their children from hunger…nerdy, huh??

            • Not nerdy at all, JJ – it just speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. 🙂

            • JJ, You have found your place, that place that is outside and larger than yourself. Once a person realizes that its not “all about me” then you’re on your way to realizing your full potential.

              Good luck! We’ll all need it.

          • Government Guy

            If you don’t mind me asking, how did you form a group? Were the people in group already like minded or did you teach/talk to them?

            My family think I am insane…okay maybe a little, but I just do not trust anyone else enough to mention prepping etc.

            I realise that survivalis more likely in numbers but have no idea how to achieve it . Any advice would be appreciated.

            Take care

            • As you can imagine, I am surrounded by idiots who think they will always have a government job with plenty of benefits and days off. One actually told me that if hyperinflation hits his pay will adjust accordingly so he will do nothing to prepare.

              So a few years ago I started looking for like minded strangers. I started a group that met once a month at a local park and advertised it in the ‘groups’ and ‘for sale’ (by listing survival food) sections of Craigslist and included a link to the Meetup page. I also attended an emergency prep conference at a Mormon church (which I am not). I met several people these ways who are preparing, but none willing to go in together to buy property (all wanted different things) so I found a very rural piece where all my neighbors have been heating with wood, poaching game, raising livestock and gardening for generations. It took a while to gain their trust. With the exception of security protocols, all we needed to do was organize what they were already doing and establish Standard Operating Guidelines for WTSHTF.

              Now I have one group of ‘preppers’ which I refer to as our mutual aid group using only first names that gets together for training, bulk purchases, etc., but have separate undisclosed bug out locations (if any), AND an informal group of neighbors who help out one another and are already living as if in a third world country and will congeal as things progress.

              The important question to answer when forming a group is ‘why.’ Is it to bring people with the right qualifications to your place, or to leave town in a convoy, or to buy land to subdivide amongst yourselves. Once you know that it is easier to target the kinds of people you want.

            • Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that “they’re” not out to get you.

      23. Good evening

        I think we are all going to get hammered. It is getting to the point where there are so many possible breaking points it is impossible to determine what exactly will push the system over the edge. The PTB started the snowball rolling for their own ends and now it is so big and heavy they cant stop it, it is rolling under its own weight. They are shitting themselves that they will get smashed to pieces along with the rest of us when it hits the bottom…hence the need to try and shore things up until they are out of the danger zone. It is too late to stop it. The time has gone, all they can do is try to position themselves in a place where the damage to them can be minimised. Not only with the economic system collapse when this goes down, governments will fall as well, and quite rightly. It is their actions and I actions regarding their banister friends that got us into this mess in the first place.

        Take care

        • @Burt:

          …I gave you a green thumb…

          …I gave obummer a middle finger…

          ..great post…

          …come to America…you can have one of my spare shotties…

          …love and kisses…I got your six…BA.

          • Bad American

            Thank you for your kind offer, I will bear it in mind. Regarding the typos…inactions and bankster

            Take care

            • Bad American

              I have just checked regarding you having my six lol now I know what it means thank you very much. American English and English English are sometimes very different.

              Take care

            • Funny Burt. Your backside is your six!

            • Hi Burt the Brit,
              America and England are two nations divided by a common language!

              stay safe

        • Burt,

          Very good post. What do the people in your country think of this obamacare decision? How is your news covering it? I thank you in advance.

          • Ohcumgache

            It is all over the news but most do not get the implication of it, which I have to admit took me a while as well and I will not pretend to understand all the nuances of it. Most people these days I find care about very little unless it directly affects them. The news here says it will affect millions of Americans but doesn’t really explain in depth the how or why of the situation. Tax is not mentioned just a fine for those that donot comply and thatit starts in 2014.

            Take care

          • AZ

            I was told my six was my back, not my backside, right, okay. I am flattered, Bad American, regardless of which six of mine you have lol

            Take care

            • LOL!

        • @ burt,

          Daniel 2:44 the stone crushes the feet of the statue, destroying it utterly!

          I know different context, but thats what came to
          Ind when you spoke of the snowball.

        • Government Guy

          Thanks for that, it obviously took a while, I fear there will not be enough time to accomplish that now, especially here where you would have to explain the concept and reasoning of prepping before even starting to build trust.

          It is worth thinking through those I know to see if it is a possibility.

          Take care

        • Next year will be grim with all the new tax burdens. Expect unemployment to increase twenty percent and business failures to double. Individual tax changes will not be fun either with many not being to pay the new taxes and survive.

      24. The first warning in your article about the cop that called in on the Alex Jones show honestly could’ve been bogus. It’s just too easy for a nutcase to call in and say “I’m a cop!” I never really worry about predictions either, because I am prepared for 2 yrs of whatever happens and maybe longer. I still remain vigilant and watch but I’m just not stressed about it. I mean we all have been knowing for years something bad was coming. In fact I’m enjoying my grand kids and doing most of what I usually do. A collapse isn’t a new threat to me. I’m actually looking forward to a collapse in a way because families will have to grow closer and maybe the US can regain some values we lost from modern conveniences and gadgets. Reading a book and wisdom from our elders will be a grand thing again instead of children watching TV all day or listening to the next nasty Rap song that came out. There will be families communicating again without outside distractions. I rather try to look at this as a positive than a negative. For the other bad things that will come with it…fathers will regain respect for defending their families and just maybe a man’s firm handshake will mean something again. So some things might just better.

        • armoured vehicles and tanks etc.. were using st louis area for training among civilian streets just a week or so ago…in my mind, the cop coulda been a fake, but some things are real facts.

        • I was suspicious as well of the call. The caller offered some interesting information but mostly seemed to feed Alex info that backed up Infowars take on things.

      25. I can’t wait for the collapse, it will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I have a shit list a mile long and I’m going down swinging.

        p.s. This is not sarcasm or a joke I’m old and I just don’t give a shit anymore.

        • That was a funny post king. Damn near choked on the cookie I was eating I was laughing so hard!! I’m middle aged and my little girl still needs me or i’d be right there with ya. There are way too many Aholes in this world.

        • How old is old King Krazy, if your still interested enough to be here. There is something in you that has to keep swinging. If not for yourself but for friend and love ones.
          What made me said was hearing how many in Greece had take there lives after the cuts. When money is how we grade our live it sad. Pride and fear of hard times can cost much to the love one we leave behind. If we give up what will help them from giving up too.

      26. Here’s a little something everyone can do to kind of see what they will need and how much more it will cost them. On a piece of paper or a spreadsheet construct the following:

        First a column for the item that you are going to use and need; food, water, necessitites, etc.

        Then figure out how much you are going to need and use of the item for a specific time period. Like say 70 boxes of cereal for 6 months. This will be column number 2.

        Then write down how much you have right now. Say you have 50 boxes. Column 3.

        Then write down how much more you will need to complete your own personal need for the time you are aiming for in supplies. Column 4.

        Then write down the approximate cost of completing the necessary deficit amounts. Say 20 boxes of cereal at $3.50 each would be $70. Column 5.

        Now in column 6 aim for a higher amount of time in which you desire to have in supplies. say 1 year instead of 6 months.

        Column 7 through 9 will repeat the same process of columns 3 through 5 in determining how much more you will need and how much more it will cost.

        Column number 10 will be substitute items you can use that are either cheaper or because of lack of availibility.

        When you write down all that you can think of line by line you can add up the total cost to see how much more money you will need to complete your survival supplies.

        Of course this is a crude estimate, and everyone should try to aim higher within financial thresholds, but it will give a person an idea of what they will still need.

        Also don’t forget about items such as toilet paper, soap, bleach, anything you can think of that you and your family use on a daily, weekly, or even on a monthly basis, because it won’t be there when the stores are empty or closed. Don’t forget about other items such as enough ammunition and repair kits for what is broken.

        If the cost is too much someone can always reduce their survival time a little bit or omit certain items. At very least a list such as this can help someone see right now what they need and how much. I sure hope that most of the people out there can check off many items that they need as adequate, not of course ideal, but sufficient. 🙂

        • Whoa 70 boxes in 7 months. Does that come with the 70 gallons of milk? Well my Almond milk has a 1 year unrefrigerated expiry.

          Do you have a colony or are you octomom?

        • I definately appreciate the suggestion but my question would be how long should I be storing food for. I mean as of now all I’m doing is storing as much as possible on my budget. That’s a hard question. As I know no help will be coming I’ve said that enough for this winter is my 1st priority but who knows how much food I should actually store for… I guess its a matter of opinion?

          • @ Gravlore and Young MAP. Many people fail to get any grip on storage or the cost, by estimating this and the cost people get a better understanding of what they need. I only used the example of cereal as a way of getting people started, you can add all sorts of what you eat to this list and what you need such as toilet paper, soap, whatever. Gravlore, there are plenty of survival stores that sell canned milk at reasonable prices, including powdered milk that has a good shelf life to it. Many of Mac’s sponsors offer milk in various sizes.

            How long should you prepare? As long as you can, which for many will mean what is afforadable. You can plug in all sorts of different numbers, from a few weeks to months to years, this was the purpose of this chart I came up with, to see what is reasonable to store within someone’s budget. It also shows that you would want to store up everything you can use, rather than have just a large amount of a few items and not much of what else you will need. Like a balanced budget at a business, something like this will show the prepper what they can do with the resources that they have.

            Someone is better off with a balanced diet of even a few weeks than what the non-prepper has, which is nothing. It is likely that those that can survive even 1 month will have a decent chance because of the die-off of all of those that failed to prepare. Aim high, but don’t be discouraged if you can’t reach your goal, a partial goal is better than nothing.

            • Thanks a lot Be Informed. I do have powdered milk stored actually but thanks for the advice. I understand what u meant about the spread sheet and it does make things easier to put in perspective I guess my worry is common tho in I worry I won’t have enough or enough time. At the rate I’m going if I had just another year I will be more at ease but I don’t know if i have next week. But thanks again for the advice. I appreciate it more than you know.

      27. Yes, I think it hits the fan in the fall. Obama knows he’s not going to be reelected. It looks like war is coming against Syria and/or Iran. Once Obama starts a war with them China will dump our dollars and our debt. That will create a panic dumping of both of them. We’ll have hyperinflation. The dollar will be worthless. Frightened people will panic and revolt. Obama declares martial law. Obama postpones the elections by executive order.

        • how many times will you FOOLS fall for this game?????? It absolutely amazes me and when the fall comes and goes they will have another date for you SUCKERS……..WANNA BET????????

          • Rich I’m actually with you in some respects. When I first started prepping several years ago, I did it not for a single event but just as a general feeling of personal security. When I started out I read dozens of blogs, like this one and I went through a phase where each article I read called for the end of the world (as we know it). I got into this mindset that I needed to be 100% prepared (whatever that is) RIGHT NOW!. Time passed and all of the “predictions” I read passed too. Over the years I’ve come to learn that these people who are regulars on these TV shows (who I won’t name) make their living this way. The most important thing for me that has come out of prepping is the skill to be able to sort through all this “the sky is falling tomorrow” bullshit and live my life. If things fall apart, I know I’ll be OK for a while, if they don’t I oh well.

            I’ll leave you with this. I have a friend that runs a emergency preparedness retail site. I get his weekly site newsletters and they’re always plastered with fear mongering “what would you do if it all fell apart tomorrow?” I asked him – why all the fear mongering? His response was – because it sells. He said there’s a natural state of uncertainty in the air right now and I’m capitalizing on that to make money. It has worked so well that he’s quit his regular job to do this full time. He said – people are on edge, I’m just nudging them a bit and pushing their minds over.

            Lesson: learn to sort through all the bullshit as a prepping skill.

            • That sounds like STEVE QUAYLE to a tee !

            • Yeah! what you said. +1.

          • rich
            your correct dates are B.S. i’ve been prepping since the reagan yrs when they called us survivalists,althougth the intesity of my preps has gone up and down over the years i never thoght the system would hold together for this long. things today look alot crazier than 25 yrs ago but the way i look at it bad times can happen to you and not everybody having a way to survive tough times is never a bad idea but trying to pick a end date is stupid

            • AGREED !!!! so they should stop with the date crap because IMHO i believe this system will be bailed out throughout our lifetime and im 43.
              just the fact that fundamentally this system shouldnt be standing right now should be a clue to people that its their game and they are in control of it !

            • rich
              exactly,the people that have the real power are not stupid they know what thier doing.its not going to benifit them to have a mad max world and so they print money or change the numbers in a computer. when you look back through historical time lines thease things can take a hundred years. not to say it wont make our life difficult and thats why i stay prepared. i’m getting to old for this shit

          • You don’t believe Alex Jones? How rude of you.

        • Come On! Everytime I read someone playing this left-right, BO wants to be King, I think “asleep”. WakeUp!

          The puppetmaster pulling the strings attached to Prez Puppet BO, are the same ones pulling the strings attached to Boner and McConnell and all the other Republicans and Democrats in DC. As long as the electorate believes all they need to do is throw one party out and bring the other in, every 4 years, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

          We need new blood with no D or R’s after their name, in DC. Our political system is broken. It needs an overhaul.

          • @manich…..

            “If voting could really change anything, it would be illegal”

        • With so much of the supply needed coming from China. I do not know why we want to go to war. And have them cut us off. Not that think war is good idea anytime.

        • Sure, he can stop the elections, but the morning after will be a bitch. I hope the tv cameras are running when a detatchment of Marines pushes through the WH gates, a four-star Marine general steps out and strides through the front door, followed by a platoon of armed MP’s in dress blues. A few minutes later, the same detatchment walks out carrying a heavily manacled Barry Soretoro, who is screaming like a little baby, saying, “Racists! I’m da man. Just ask Vallerie!” Just then a second group comes out dragging Jarrett and the Mooch. All three of them are tossed into the back of a truck, and the convoy speeds away. Nobody ever hears from them again, because they will be detained under the NDAA.

      28. I’m not spamming here but I’m going to throw this idea out there again just in case someone new reads this comment section. It may save someone’s ass I don’t know. The article is about “One Year Supply of Food Storage Under $300” and how to make “Scotch Broth”. I have already purchased 3x this amount plus my other dried foods over a period of about 2 years. Here is the entire article. It’s definitely a way for someone who is just starting to prep and needs to catch up quickly. I purchased Pearl Barley right on Amazon one bag at a time. I have also cooked it and it is really tasty mixed with other dried foods like #10 cans of meat and vegetables. Hope it helps someone!

        • GatorNavy, been there, done that. It’s a great menu item for starters to expand on. Easy and cheap. Thanks for reminding the newbies on here.

        • Look like another good website. Thanks.

        • Look into Hurst’s various bean soups at Publix they are great! And storable and cheap!

      29. Let me say something else, if you are not in top shape and I mean phenominal shape for the coming collape you are so far behind the 8 ball it ain’t funny. I have been training for years. I am in perfect shape for an old geezer.

        • Your washboards stop an Ak or AR round?

          • Haha, this reminds me of the Chris Rock skit – I carry a gun so I don’t have to work out.

            King has a point about health though.

        • im f’d

        • and you will die in great shape waiting for this COMING collapse !! secondly you dont have to be in great shape to survive a so called collapse if you are smart enough ! brain power is far more powerful than arm strength

          • Si’!

        • Hopefully you are smart enough that you will not have to run since that is usually a last resort. I used to be in shape then I got married and had a couple kids, now I can eat every 3rd day and live the other 2 on fat reserves. 🙂

      30. I used to believe that market forces drove the world economy. Now I know better; the world has not tanked because The Powers That Be don’t want it to.

        Who wants to lord over a world that looks like the bad side of Mexico city?

        Instead, I believe they are orchestrating a controlled demolition of the economy at thier pace. A recent estimate of TPTB’s wealth was at $60 trillion. With that kind of cash you can do what you want.

      31. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!! I will take any bets on this one …….we have been down this road so many freaking times its nauseating ……….they will kick this can down the road not once and not twice but dozens upon dozens of times but DOOMERS are WACOized to realize they are being scammed

        • why the fuck do you even read(?) and post (way too often imho) if you dont beleive it?

      32. Reading the comments is EXACTLY like watching the people gazing at fox news

        • Rich 99: You are aware that God gave you free will.So why not put said “Will” to work?You are most welcome to free your mind and go elsewhere….
          No hard feelings either!

      33. I’ll have to call BS on the cop calling in….he wouldn’t be in the loop that far out, not even the senior most commander. So, that’s a crock. I have, and would continue to pass on info I am made aware of, but honestly, my department wouldn’t find out anything any quicker than the rest of you…

        • but these SHMUCKS believe anything that a DOOM SITE tells them.

          • so everything is fine and jim dandy then?

            • NO everything is not O.K. but we arent going to be living a mad max lifestyle like all these DOOM sites spout and all these MAD MAX articles on these sites .
              hurry get your guns and your ammo and your canned spaghetti and your evian water bottles and RUUUUNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !

            • i’ve still got my NBC suit from 1975.sometime i get it out and dream of the good old days

          • Ah, I figured it out now. RICH 99 is Mark Levin incognito! That explains it!

            • V

              Most of us are incognito on here….who are you I wonder? Male/female, tall/short interested or fishing for the government….who knows eh?

              Take care

            • Burt,

              Why is it that only the “ladies” on this forum have a problem with “who I am”? Is it as Jeff says… that you are simply a busybody? I think that’s the case.

              If you would like to ACCUSE me of something, get out from behind the skirt and “man up” enough to say it!

              I can’t believe there are some of you here who think you OWN this forum. Tell me, how much do ANY of you pay to maintain this site? How many of you have the authority to BAN, MODERATE, ACCEPT or DENY messages? Oh, that’s right… NONE OF YOU!!!

              So until YOU own this site get off my back!

              Yet, even if you don’t… I will still post, give my opinion, and I guess aggravate the hell out of you and your sidekick Daisy. Try to stop that you wannabe dictator!

            • V, we acknowledge what you are saying completely. this is not like the AIPAC neo con CONS chat room, where you and your simple silly sidekicks, incite war and just boot anyone who says anything that is not right in line with tom g and his neo con agenda through AIPAC. you have the right to post as you please so long as the OWNER , Mac has a problem. oh wait, or unless barack obama, the gop or aipac have a problem with it . we really dont care what you think is all , no biggie. its free speach. you have the right to spew vile hogwash and we have the right to say its wrong and you are wrong. why not just go troll somewhere else for your vile agenda?

          • Let me see if I can implant any modicum of understanding into what was supposedly a possibility of sentient life, RICH99.

            Richard, suppose you have to drive from New York to Miami, you’re in New Jersey and your car is making odd sounds and smoke is coming from your tail pipe. You realize your car is going to break down, do you know when? Knowing when is not necessary if you can pull into a garage and have it fixed. Unfortunately, the mechanics are the ones who have ruined the USA so you don’t have that option. You just ride on, as far as you can, maybe you will make Miami, but it is doubtful.

            Get it RICH99?

            Rich, the spoon looks like a little bowl and doesn’t have pointy things… that’s a fork. Good. Your [SIC] getting there!

            (This kid will never make it to Miami!)

            Funny how the Liberals want to regulate everything and everybody, they don’t even believe in their ‘Natural Selection” theory of Evolution.

            • V

              Just for your reference if I wanted to accuse you of something I would, and I would be blunt too
              I am aware of who owns the site..and it’s not me
              I do not moderate, deny, accept or anything else
              I have no interest in being on your back or another part of you
              Jeff can refer to me as anything he can you, it concerns me not
              My sidekick is not Daisy, I am sure she is very nice but I prefer men
              I do not hide behind anything, and that includes skirts
              I WOULD HAVE SAID THE SAME TO ANYONE MAKING THE COMMENT YOU DID. YOU NEED TO DROP THE PARANOIA MATE, or do you have something to be paranoid about lol.
              I hope you feel as stupid as you have made yourself look.

              Take care

            • Burt,

              I’m NOT your mate! Thank God!

              Who’s the one with paranoia here? Me? I think not! You are the one running scared that the big ole gov’t boogie man is gonna get’cha and those who get “sucked” into my train of thought! Give me a break lady. It’s MY train of thought and MY opinion. If you don’t like it, well… as my wise Mother used to say… “if ya can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”.

              Try to MYOB!

            • V, its time to take your mothers advice and get out of the kitchen. to be more precise sir/madam, it is time for you to leave this website and do your vile war trolling elsewhere. i was on to your vile act as soon as you made your first post here. Good bye V.

          • RICH99….Nothing wrong with a little comic relief. While I don’t junk anyone, I think you may have accumulated the most on this

            • no the comic relief id reading some of these articles and the comments ……now thats COMEDY !!! sort of like this one ……will we have total collapse this fall…..geeeezzzzzzzz…….its not even worth answering a stupid question like that ……its gonna collapse just like it did last year and the year before…..they will bail and print into oblivion

            • V

              Bwhahahahahaha whatever you say V. Yes sir V. You are making yourself look very stupid lol

              If you dislike me so much why bother talking to me?

              I on the other hand neither like or dislike you, I am indifferent. Mate is a word I use often, it does not imply friendship so you don’t have to worry.

              Quite what makes you this aggressive to a simple word is beyond me..

              I will mind my own business willingly V, but you cannot expect me to let you slate me and not answer back, unless that is the kind of women you are used to. Well sorry, I am not that kind of woman. If you want me to ignore you I will, but at least accept that you have responded badly to a vey simple, generalised remark. That’s your issue not mine.

              Your mother was quite right, but trust me, this kitchen has a long way to go before it is too hot for me.

              I have accused you of nothing, all I did was answer your post, that’s why we post isn’t it?

              No if you wish to display your misogynistic tendencies, or jump up and down because a woman has said something you do not like, go for it, but I will make no allowances for the fact that you claim to be a man, and that V is the whole point. With few exceptions we do not know, and that’s for a reason, you never mentioned I asked if you were male or female or tall or short did you?

              Just as you are entitled to your opinion then I am entitled to mine. You were fine when I was answering your questions about the RBS banking issues. Blatantly you only like posts where you either agree or gain information regarding something that interests you, and you can infer what you like from that, I really don’t give a shit about the conclusion you come to.

              For your information you will know I am pissed when I don’t put take care on the bottom of a post.

              Take care

            • No, just like this one… you don’t RESPOND hardly ever to anything I write, you find some other person’s comment to make your snide comments to me. I find that quite odd.

              Be that as it may… what I get “upset” about is when busybodies like you interject unfounded opinions about MY CHARACTER! And maybe in your world, that’s OK to do. In my world that’s not only called being a busybody, it’s also rude, self-centered, one who likes to gossip and stir the pot, and simply childish.

              So keep it up. I don’t care if you see my comments to you as “stupid”, or not. The fact is… I will not allow you to besmirch my name and character with your freakin’ English opinions!

              You too take care….

            • RICH99, “they will bail and print into oblivion.”

              You said it, now figure, when will oblivion be? Ok, can’t really know when, so, BE PREPARED! Get out of your pajamas!

          • Some bridge is missing its troll.

            • Walt,

              How long have you been here at SHTFPlan? I only wonder because I’ve been here about 2-3 months. I am NO TROLL, are you?

              Once again… the childish sophomoric reasoning and “gotcha” comments here are hilarious!

              How about saving judgment on a person there Walt until you ASK THEM yourself?

            • Oh, I forgot…

              I know that what I said will never happen while you, and others, have the immature egging on of folks like Burt with her “tee-hee-hee, wasn’t that good, you really got him”, comments and thumbs up!

              Is it any wonder we are going to lose this country, and lose it big with the asinine continual inner-fighting BS and always finding fault mentality that prevails!?!

            • V

              Thank you, that was far more civil. If you read carefully you will see I do indeed address the things you say.

              My English opinions are allowed here just as you American ones are V.

              Take care

            • Walt, according to Ahab back on May 9th and 10th, that troll’s bridge is in Haifa.

              V, lest you think I’m talking about you rather than TO you, let me address this directly to you:

              YOU, V, are the reincarnation of Southern Boy. Anyone who is interested can go back to the forums on those two days and read what was written there under the other name. Links will follow.

              It’s all the same, the syntax, the name dropping, the vast offense with anyone who disagrees.

              Now, I’m sure that you will continue to say nasty things about me, and that is just fine – your opinion could not be more meaningless to me.

              You left in a huff, with your feelings hurt, and now you have returned with a new identity and a different way to stir the pot. You intensely dislike anyone who calls you out on your misogynistic or over-the-top behavior. I made a very discreet comment regarding the need for discretion – it was NOT an attack – and you jumped on it and kept dragging my name along with you on other posts. I did not like or trust you as “Southern Boy” and I do not like or trust you as “V”.

              As for the fact that I reside in Canada, yes, I do. And I am American, a REAL Southerner, born and raised. It’s a big world and residing in another part of it doesn’t make me any less concerned for my country of birth or any less of a patriotic American.

              I hope that this was not “veiled” or “indirect” or otherwise offensively sneaky.

          • To “V”

            Ah,the content of your post indicates you are a putative man….

        • I disagree. Being a ground pounder you know how long it takes to develop a proficient unit. It involves training, practice, rock drills/sand tables, practicals, and of course, AAR’s, and repeat the cycle until they develop the level of proficiency they desire. It’s not done in a week or couple of months. Basically, they received their WARNO 2 months ago, and began training 6 weeks ago for a potential crisis in October that involves ground forces and air support. That’s all they need for a WARNO, the OPORD comes out within 12-24 hours of the op. Looking at all the DHS gimme’s for the major cities involving weaponry, MRAP’s, and armor, yeah, this seems credible. Especially in the Kenyan’s AO. St. Louis MO/IL, absolutely, I can see a ground fight happening there for a potential gun grab/ show of force to test the waters. They’ve already tested us on martial law via Quartzsite, AZ, now it’s time to up it a notch or nine. What this 19D can’t figure out though, is what’s the pretext? What’s the primer that sets it all off? Granted, the elite have changed their time lines, many times in the past, but Oct, sounds definite. If anything, use it as an end state to determine your time line on preps, ammo and training. If all goes well, we wake up in November, nothing happened, and it’s the same mess it was in June; corporations were evil, politicians were crooks, and our President was born in Kenya.

          • @IntelHarvest…

            Very well said sir.

          • V

            P.S. have a nice day

            Take care

            • “V” sounds like a person, male/female, with high estrogen levels. Hyper-sensative to any criticism or even questions about his/her thoughts.

          • V

            Get a grip man. I don’t egg anybody on, and I rarely use the thumbs, something has to be very, very good, or very very bad for me to use the system. Your posts are neither and with no disrespect to Walt it made me smile, nothing more.

            You are behaving as if the whole board revolves around you, and that any remotely non-pleasing remark is directed at you, it isn’t, you are not important enough for that to be the case.

            I can’t be bothered with you anymore.

            Do what you like, say what you like…you are not worth my time

            Take care

          • V

            Just for the record I have not besmirched you.

            It is you calling me names
            It is you being aggressive
            It is you referring to my ‘freakin English opinions’

            Well, whatever floats your boat, it takes all sorts. If you find me an offensive busybody with opinions you don’t like I suggest you stop addressing posts to me and then I won’t answer.

            Take care

          • Once again …the place of the fraud’s birth is sooo irrelevant…dual citizenship status makes one ineligible for president of this nation.
            There are no records of this fraud renouncing the Indonesian citizenship…in fact, archivists have found no record, which is available to the public, of a name change from Soetoro to Obama.
            The fraud not only isn’t eligible, is an illegal alien, but is guilty of major fraud using an alias.

      34. Any ideas what an individual should do in a Houston apartment with no wife, kid, or debts with a small savings under $15,000 consider?

        • Weapons, food, decent jalopy

        • Get the heck out of Houston. It will be a death trap after the collapse. If you can, rent a place in a state like Missouri. Rural area where you’re safer and where you could eventually grow your own food. Get a place with a basement. Stock up on food and water. Get guns and ammo.

        • First thing you need to understand is that under Banking acts, the checking account belongs to you, the savings account belongs to them. So in a bank run, your savings is wiped out. Your checking is frozen, and after the dust settles a year later, or so, they are obligated to give you your money, regardless of how devalued it may be. So, cash it out first, and get it in hand. Do it in $5,000 increments every six weeks to avoid exposure. One thing to keep in mind with banks, if you don’t have the cash in hand, then you have nothing. Next, take 5 grand and split half of that into cash, made into small denominations 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, and the rest in a combination of 20’s and a few 50’s. You can get them all large, and then break them down over time if you desire. The other half of that 5 grand, put into silver, multiple denomimations. 100 grams, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz. and a couple bags of junk silver, $10 bags.
          The other ten grand, pay off debts. If you own land, try to pay off the land taxes as far in the future as they’ll let you/your funds will let you. If not, a couple tactical rifles, plenty of ammo, 6 months worth of food on a 21 day rotating meny, fuel to cook it, the means to cook it, water filter (I don’t have the link, but I’m sure if you type in 1 million gallon water filter, it’ll come up in a search engine), medical supplies plus training, spare fuel (1-3 extra tanks worth, this requires a trailer though). Body armor (multicam vest in MOLLE with the necessary attachments-at least 10 mags for your weapon and ammo pouches to hold them- plus your BOB’s) and necessary gear like Camelbak’s. Spare water is critical, make sure you divy it up between drinking water, and common use (showers, dish cleaning, etc.), 55 gallon drums are good for common use water.
          Develop a garden, and if possible, put your green house in a trailer so you can “hook up and bone out” when it all goes south. As you’re fleeing, it’s still growing food. Big bonus there. 😀

          • What is this? Fantasy Football? The fact you cannot remember the name of the water filter leads me to believe you do not have one nor most of this other stuff. If I’m mistaken, post a link to a video of the rolling greenhouse here. I’ve got to see this in action.

            Certainly, I’m not the only one to notice this cool sounding reply is missing a few basics like somewhere to go. Maybe some small livestock to raise for food. How long would one really last dragging a greenhouse around on a trailer with nowhere to go. Assuming he even has a pickup truck are 55 gallon drums of water the best use of space. If I was going to be ‘the road warrior’ I would fill them with gasoline and catch rainwater in a tarp.

            Survival is a four-legged chair and those legs are food, water, shelter, and security. Focus on those first and build from there.

            • Sure asshole,just for you, because apparently typing a long ass remark is much easier than typing a query in a search engine.
              Glad to see you’re the god of all things survival. For a minute I thought this was a hive mind of knowledge that we all share for the betterment of each other, but apparently small dick losers like you just have to make your little points and nag about every “cool sounding response”. The idea of a small greenhouse on a trailer is not a now one. But it is an idea to keep in mind in the event that you have to leave. I’d love to see you uproot a garden as you’re boning out in a hurry, or were you planning on grabbing a bag of seeds, planting them somewhere else and then starving for 65 days until tomatoes finally grew? There is no such thing as ONE and only ONE way to get something done. This is why we have conversations. So go get a clue, and keep your dick beaters off the keyboard.

            • Interesting analogy though, the bar stool of survival. What happens when I kick out one of those legs, now how stable is it? It’s not the model I would go off of. Let’s see, food,water, shelter, defense. Hmm, you left out medicine and sterility, hygeine, a recovery plan, mobility, dispersion of work, and the continuity of your own survival. How did you plan on washing your clothes, or were you expecting to brave the fight for months or year in filthy clothes, expecting not to get sick? Where are simple things like bug repellent in your 4 leg model? When Ft. Calhoun almost Fukushima’d, all of the still water in NE was creating a massive breeding ground for mosquito’s, and with it, the West Nile Virus. You’d be hard pressed to find an article on it because there was a blackout in the media. But us nearby folks were getting the info, you know, word of mouth, without links to YouTube and such. So yeah, add a fifth leg, Deet, and other prevantative measures.
              In your model for someone owning live stock, what’s the price for a head of cattle today? Do you know what the grain ratio is for cattle? I’ll tell you, it’s $1,500 for one cow. It takes 100 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef. On average, they go through 100 pounds of grain, and 25 gallons of water per day. Did you factor that into your plans? What happens when you have to move them, because after all, they are your source of beef and are also a liability. You don’t want to lose them. So you can tow one trailer, a cow trailer, a storage trailer, or a mobile green house. Now, you do your own cost benefit on that, but if you have to leave, your cows need a lot of hay and a lot of water fast.
              Where’s your medicinal supplies in your 4 legs here? I’m to assume you think you’ll never get sick, not have to bandage a deep or superficial laceration, or slap on a tourniquette. How about making flutter valves for sucking chest wounds, and needle chest decompressions to relieve tension pneumothorax? What do you do when your buddy is going through tracial deviation? For those that follow Selco, he made the statement that in the Bosnian civil war, people were dying left and right from minor injuries. What we laugh at today, they were kdying from. I guess medicine is your 6th leg.
              Hygeine, where is it in your super cool model of awesomeness? This means disinfected water, soap, brushes, toiletries, etc. to ensure you’re clean and your clothes also. Otherwise, you’re asking for sickness. There’s your 7th leg.
              What about continuity? You didn’t mention anything about bartering or trading in your 4 leg approach. How about construction? Did you want your town or residence to stay a disaster zone forever? Let’s say you’re in your retreat and all is well, but you want to fortify your house and build defenses. Do you have what’s required. Is there some kind of garden plot you have to thrive during the hard times? How are you supplying ammo, and fuel or making water when your preps run out? This is a part of the continuity plan; how do I keep this going in my favor? I guess that makes leg 8.
              And on and on this goes. Also keep in mind, just because you may have some super cool 1 million gallon filter and a bag of seeds, doesn’t mean that you have food and water. You have to actually hold in your hands, much like cash today.
              Rewrite your plan GG, sounds like you’re lost in the sauce.

        • In the right location you can build a solar-powered, wood-heated cabin on a few secluded acres for around $10,000. While you are building it spend the rest on a couple years of food storage and an armory purchased from several private sellers. Click on my user name for a video on finding cheap retreat land.

          If you need to stay in Houston for a while longer, advertise that you are looking for an old camper (title optional) on the Craigslist site closest to your land. Negotiate for the seller to deliver it, spend a long weekend building a bonus room for the wood stove, and you have a good start.

          You can dig a cellar for food storage and rent a nearby storage unit for other things, but make sure to stack a bunch of worthless crap in front (I use old tires) in case someone breaks in. If you need a trailer, Harbor freight sells an inexpensive 4’X8′ one that folds up which I used for years. They also have coupons in the back of Reader’s Digest where you can get a small solar kit for around $150.

        • Party like it’s 1999……

        • @concernedplunber:


          ..I hear Karnes City is looking for all kinds of people skilled in the trades…

          …it is quiet, rural, not too much B.S., and some great bbq..

          …hope that helps….be safe…BA.

        • Look for the pasadena on this site…you may contact me…

          piper here

      35. If/when the collapse comes, it will be the result of DECADES of governmental incompetance perpetuated equally by BOTH parties. Why place all the blame on one person (Obama). He does not thrill me, but the alternative thrills me even less. A problem can never be solved unless the problem is clearly identified. Obama nor his policies is not the problem, the problem is the American people, since “we the people” elected the morons whofor decades have been hurtling us down this road. “We the people” created these problems because we were only interested in our own selfish desires, regardless of the long term consequences and/or the consequences to thise outside our special interest group, be it a polita=ical party, religious appiliation, or whatever.

        • No, Obama is the problem. He lied and lied and lied about what he would do. Only hardcore Marxists would have voted for him if they what he was going to do. As always, liberal Democrats LIE about what they want to do. They have to in order to get elected.

          • The election was a setup. McCain had no intention of winning but when he picked Palin as VP no one gave her the word that it was all for show. She really thought they were trying to win which resulted her being trashed not only by Obama but the McCain campaign as well. Not sure how doom and gloomy things will end up but I am fairly certain the nation we knew and enjoyed will be doing some drastic changing fot the worse. I would expect the true oppression to be introduced gradually so as to get everyone used to being abused. One aspect no one has considered is the use of health care to confiscate guns. Own a gun then no health care. Life will not be the same.

          • The Barn Cat hits one out of the Park! (Cheering sounds!)

        • Ah, shut up!

          • There must be two Brian’s on this board as this is the second time I have seen

            Brian says:
            Ah, Shut Up

            And it is not me doing it. Can the board admin person please check this out. Makes me look like an ass.


      36. Oh, good. Right at the beginning of Winter. Perfect. *Checks List*
        Gonna need some more firewood, I reckon.

        • I don’t like wood fires. They let people know you have heat and possibly food. I prefer kerosene heaters.

          I’d be happy with a fall collapse. People would freeze to death instead of starve to death, at least in some parts of the country like where I live.

          • @ BarnCat: Hey kerosene is nice but you better have a bunch of it in snow country. Sooner or latter you have to go to wood. I feel it will take a long time very long time to get back to what we have now. Not in our life time.
            Live free

            • I concur. I have propane for the range, instant H2O heater, and backup heat, but making it my primary heat source would drain the tank four times faster.

              Certainly, there are risks involved, but smoke release can be minimized by using a rocket stove or burning anthracite coal during the day. Firing a masonry furnace just before first light and just after dark will keep a home warm day and night.

            • You could have 8 55-gallon barrels of it to start. Barrels are about two feet in diameter. They would take up about 4′ by 8′ in your basement.

              Eventually you’ll have to go back to wood. But after the first year all those who didn’t prep will be dead.

          • Just live near a politician, they have enough hot air to keep most small towns warm.

      37. Anyone else heard of the gov. actually cutting back on spending. I am a underground miner and every 2 years MSHA (mining saftey and health administration equivient to OSHA on surface) has a national mine rescue compitition in Reno NV the end of July. It has been cancled just yesterday. It was a large event with a equally large award ceremony in Vegas a month or so later. If the gov is cutting back across the board now maybe they are saving for something this fall? Dont know just thinking out loud.

        • No, they’re not cutting back on spending. Maybe a few isolated things but spending has been through the roof and it will continue to be.

        • The recent GSA awards event in Las Vegas, costing over $800,000, got a lot of adverse publicity, as it should have. Everyone has been told, “Don’t have another one of these boondoggles”. So that’s why MSHA cancelled their plans.

        • I think Obama just hates miners.

        • My wife’s $1.25 Million Dept of Education grant was just renewed for another five years. She pays ‘deserving’ high school students to prepare for college.

      38. with the way things are brewing in the Middle East it looks like what’s coming is the Tribulation described in Revelation. “Mystery Babylon” in Rev. 17-18 is the NWO….

        The best prep is to get saved…and now….

        • Jack Be A Voice People to People

          [email protected]

      39. i will be voting this fall even if it is in a foxhole somewhere…

        • your a fuckin retard

          • “You’re” a f#*king retard, I believe, is what you were trying to say.

            Way to win an argument.

            • ROFLMAO!!!

            • Really! I can just see Rich in his parent’s basement, what a retard! When the SHTF and he ain’t got nothing, maybe he will think of all of us at

          • Maybe we should all ignore him. Period. No thumbs up or down. It just encourages him. Takes time away from real responses.

        • Kind of hard to vote if the elections are cancelled.

          • @Barn Cat: Oct surprize no elections and marshall law. This is in response to the blowing up of London this summer. All we have to remember is ( I’m from the goverment and I’m here to help you). Your bus is loading at gate 5. F-ck’em they can eat sh-t and die for all I care.
            Live Free

        • I am trying to get my neighbors on board. I got one thinking real hard and another scared to death. They know something ain’t kosher and are listening to me more and more.

          • King Krazy,
            When the time comes, if it ever does they will be the ones telling the authorities when they are asked that you are hoarding. The operative word for OPSEC leading up to and when the SHTF is STFU. Same goes for relatives and co workers. For starters you have no control who they tell in idle conversation.

          • Keep the neighbors in the dark as a prep and then eat the neighbors. ha

        • That article was written when gold was $371.00. I don’t think it is relevant. And it is not the US dollar that has imploded but the euro.

          Like the article said, John Templeton was 92 years old at the time of the interview …….

          Just saying. Get a grip.

          • Sir John Marks Templeton (November 29, 1912 – July 8, 2008) was an American -born British stock investor

            [You are right…When The Federal Observer first published the following column in April of 2004, it was already five months old and had been published on the Senator’s website in December of the previous year.

            In the three-plus years of the existence of this publication,]

            Would the above place the time at 2007???

            • JJ: The article mentioned the date but I don’t remember for sure and I am not gonna read it again.

              Gold $371? Maybe 2002 -2004.

        • Wasn’t that article written in 2004? If so it’s 8 years old, and the Senator was saying the collapse was eminent then?

          Things that make ya go…. Hmmmmmmmmm???

        • CRASH IS COMING be ready …… when have i heard that before ?? hmmmmmmm….let me think about that….oh thats right about 6 months ago and oh yea a year ago and thats right i also heard that 2 years ago and come to think about it i also heard that 3 years ago and fuck…..i have been hearing that for so long now its almost like hearing my mother tell me to wash my hands before dinner when i was a kid !

          • There you go again rich.

            Here’s the math behind your observation: There are many people who break rank occasionally and try to actually predict our reaching oblivion right around the corner. You can always seize on it as counsel to your fears, or in your case, you can seize it to fulfill the a-hole you feel you were meant to be.

            Or, you can be like most and not brave a reading of the future, just realize, as it has happened over 600 times since time began, it will happen again and every indication is we are on the road that will take us there.

            Perhaps there is a website where people like you get together? Oh, of course not.
            Why would you want to be with each other?

      40. I kinda think obammy will use force to maintain treason in office,and really he has prison to look at if he leaves office along with all his fellow traitors,so nov.elections are just a dog and pony show,for the masses,WAR now that sounds like the way for all the traitors to save them selves from a long prison term,and as dumbed down as america is right now,they would help him kill haft of america to keep their daddy in office,IT will be far to late for them when they realize they chose the wrong path………..

        • yea prison just like they said bush and Cheney would serve……..never happened dumb ass…….wake p dipshit

          • I think you meant wake “up” there genius!

            • WOW… actually DID figure that word out ( the fact that hitting the U button didnt provide the result i wanted ) , your not so dumb after all !!

            • That’s right… it’s about time you realized that ALL of us here have more intelligence in our collective pinky finger than you have in your entire inflated head!

        • No, he’ll never go to prison. He should be impeached now because of his refusal to enforce the law. It will never happen. Republicans would be accused of racism if they tried Obama for all his crimes.

      41. I haye to say this but after today i hope it happens very very soon.the sooner the better then we can start anew until then…..if obama gets re elected it will be a fast fall if Romney gets elected we will still fall but at a very slower pace..I think at the point were at it will happen, just have to ask how fast or slow you want it to happen…Im praying that people are waking upeven now is better than husband does not worry but he is now!!!!

      42. “Fear Porn”, bring it, it’s coming anyway. Between the high heat and Debbie, this is just a prelude. Is that a naked runway on Center ONE on the four dangers to destroy a guy?

        • are you on drugs??????? What the fuck did you just say

          • U don’t like runway?

            • Anonymous, I don’t think Rich99 got it at all! Judging by the red thumbs it must have gone right over the heads of several. But I’m laughing my okie ass off! LMOAO
              Yep, definitely looks like a close-set lawn mower buzzed over that patch of grass! Of course, being a virgin, I blush every time I see it.

            • The grass wasn’t cut, it was WORN off. No grass grows on a regularly used runway.

        • Which fold don’t you like?

          • the one with the flour…

        • I don’t fear porn!

      43. If these fools have all these key answers and or insight to what is going to happen in sept -October… Than can they please post the Next Winning Power-ball #s??

        Folks.. Prep for the worst.. Get ready.. But live your lives.. And enjoy the few summers we are given on this God Blessed Earth..

        Read psalm 90,91,108.. in the new testament daily.. And you will be saved..

      44. Don’t believe the Tribulation is coming? Did you know that the RFID chip is a part of Obama Care?

        “H.R. 3200 section 2521, Pg. 1001, paragraph 1.
        The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that— ‘‘is or has been used in or on a patient; ‘‘and is— ‘‘a class III device; or ‘‘a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.”

        Read Rev. 13…

        • and he will cause all, great and small, rich and poor, free and bond to recieve a mark in his right hand or forehead. i’m beginning to think this spidermonkey in the oval office just might be the son of perdition. he’s certainly lawless.

          • Naw, he can’t be. The son of perdition is referring to Satan only. O-drama is just a worker bee, but a mighty “evil” one.

      45. Armstrong Economics has been predicting this same thing.

        • martin armstrong is an extremely accurate conmic forecaster, and as you said, he is forecasting extreme volatility for Fall. i realize the same has been said for the last few years, but it looks as if the European crisis is now comng to a head, which suggests big market moves to the downside… guess we’ll see…

          • they will simply infuse cash into the banking system which will prop them up for another 4 years or so

            • Rich get ouy of your moms basement and get a job…….bitch

            • COF….YOUR MOMMAS A BITCH and i have a fuckin job so before you say shit make sure you know what your talking about which is why you think this shit is real

      46. If we sit on our a–‘s and do nothing, what do you think our grandkids are going to say gee grandma and grandpa did nothing. Hey they need us to stand up now for freedom and fight TPTB that want to take it, tooth and nail to retun it. I’ve lived my life FREE and our grandkids deserve the same. I for one will give it my all when the call goes out TO ARMS PATROITS. That day is fast approaching! Time for the FAT LADY TO SING.

        • At least I’ll finally get to “lose” my firearms in that canoeing accident.

          • Arkaden

            Some of the blokes on here can send you to the very deepest of lakes, most lost theirs as well you know, sad but true lol

            Take care

      47. Everything hits the fan in Sep / Oct. Cannot anybody see this? The Fedcoats are already planning for it. Guess what? The majority of these guys who are doing amped up HAZMAT training, etc on the local level are freaked out. They have families just like we do. They want a future for their children just like we do. Guess what? The majority of them will join our side.

        I have been heavily involved with all of this for the last 6 or 7 yrs. I am a civilian, but all my connections are within the govt. They are siding with us, not the Fedcoats.

        It’s game on now, after today. It was game on for me several yrs ago. Now I have people joining me and mine in droves. On some level, I think Roberts did this to light the fuse.

        Good for him, he is a very shrewed man.

        Like Thomas Jefferson, I have “sworn upon the Alter of God eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the mind of man”….f the MSM.


        • You are under influence.
          They will be on your side just as they were at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Right.
          They will follow orders and shoot you.

      48. From Chaos comes order. NWO.

        • old southern man- I think a light bulb just came on over my head. (15 watt, old style incandescent) What we’re experiencing now is the New World Chaos. Thanks!
          And everyone, please remember, after CHAOS comes…CONTROL. I see it now. Even Maxwell Smart was in on the brainwashing of us all. I’m so disappointed. I really liked the shoe phone.

        • “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

          Abraham Lincoln

          • Not too often I hear the truth, but thats damn right KY Mom. In the beginning and the end, it all falls on us, people of the country. And not to say Lincoln is a favorite, but many others have known the same. Also pretty obvious as we see what culture the US has adopted over the last century.

      49. I hope the end is soon I.domt.need to prep seems like evry one is doing it.for wont be hard for a skilld scout snyper to thrive ether trade my skills or use them ether way I eat im a nice.guy but me and my family come first amd woth out the cash to prep my only option is to.use.what I.know and that is with my .50 cal and enough time any thing a preper has I have somthing seems like you all have not put much thought in to and I know for.a.fact im not the only x millitary man with a gun that womt let his family starv and we tend to work together just sayin keep the un seen in mind

        • If your aim is as poor as your spelling we have nothing to worry about. I’m guessing you weren’t an officer.

          • I don’t think he was an officer either. I doubt he was even a real ‘snyper.’ Of course, you never know. In my neighborhood several snypes have recently come up missing, so maybe he’s already working on it.

            “OH NO! The crash has happened. It’s pandemonium! Save the women and children. And get the snypes into the basement!”

            • Anytime you wannna go snipe hunting I’ll bring the burlap bag………. with some iced down beers while were snipe hunting.

        • Daisy??? Burt???
          teaser here trying to get one of us to say something stupid so ‘they’ can remove this site!!!

          • Jayjay

            I think so, read the posts from the last few articles carefully, in particular this one and the Obama one. I don’t think there is any intention of shutting the site..way to valuable, collecting information, incitement, definitely. One or two people have come from nowhere, as we all do in the first instance but there is something different about these two, one more than the other. I am not being vague but cautious. If you have time read the posts from the last week, see when they arrived, see the pattern, the type of comments, their suggestions of what the rest of us should do.
            Maybe I am wrong, but generally I am not given to paranoia. We all say we would like to do this and that but we do not make veiled suggestions that others take up arms whilst not entwining what we ourselves intend to do. We all talk about prepping, what we do etc, they do not…and if you are reading this guys and start doing that now it will confirm I am right.

            Read carefully JayJay, alternatively there is a way you can contact me, feel free to do so and I will discuss it with you.

            Take care

            • jayjay, we know the left wants to incite riots i.e. occupy, black movement, etc. it isn’t too far fetched to think they would troll here trying to fire us up. keep the fire in your belly, but wait to finish something rather than start anything. just an observation; i agree with you that there have been new, angry posts.

            • Hey – Kim! You have my email but I have misplaced yours – could you drop me a line? I have some info on prep for you.



        • We get it. You’re tough.

        • I liked the movie Enemy at the Gates.

      50. Just an FYI:

        I’ve been praying regularly for months that God would show me the time of year when the collapse would take place. One night awhile back I went to bed and even before I went to sleep this is what came into my mind:

        I’m outside my favorite restaurant. It’s out of business. The windows are dusty and streaked by rain. There are autumn leaves swirling in the parking lot. (Autumn leaves fall in October in my part of the country.)

      51. I do not see why a dollar crash will occur the rest of this year. They have forced, and will continue to force, European countries to take the bailout – forcing them to into the slave chains of the IMF (lender of last resort). This extension of credit will call for printing more Euros to thinly distribute to the impoverished masses. If the Euro eases quantitatively (more Euros printed), this will create an opportunity for the USD to print more FRNs to keep proportion with the Euro (keep exchanges balanced). I would bet that the extra USDs will go into markets to retain bubble pressure. The US market is the last place that value can be manipulated. When we can no longer inflate the market, it will pretty much be over – all US government revenue streams are drying up. A strong signal will be if the government DOES NOT conduct another quantitative easing this fall … but it will.

        • ????????…..”The US market is the last place that value can be manipulated.” I may have misunderstood your statement. If you are saying the US market is not being manipulated, I have to disagree. The Fed has manipulated the markets from day one. They set the price of money by changing interest rates.They manipulate the stock market with the “Plunge Protection Team”.Whenever they QE it manipulates the money supply.I agree that both the ECB and the Fed are acting together to control the debasement of the Euro and the FRN. It is a race to the bottom and misery for the common man. Hang em all.

          • I have Dish Network so I get channels many do not see. And ones many of you wouldn’t because they come from China and Russia, in English of course. But it always nice to see what others are putting out. And one show is the Kisser Report. And he explain Wall Street in simple words so one can learn what Wall Street is up to. And it seem the use of computer allows user to drive up the market. Harder to bring it down. So if that true then when we see it go down it must mean a lot are leave the market. I hope they are.

          • JRS: I was meaning to say that the market is the last place available for USgov manipulation. They have played out the real estate game (Fannie, Freddie), maxed out T-bills, petrodollar is failing (and therefore so is reserve currency standing), are losing the currency/trade wars, and are just biding their time with their last play of pumping the markets with as many QEs as can be sustained – and if credited nations start defaulting (as predicted), the QEs are over.

      52. I see so much about the weapons side of prepping and too little about the financial side.

        • @Kevin2: How do you prep on the financial side if it is all fiat money? Gold and silver is fine, but someone is going to have to buy it, with what, a different fiat money? Look I feel stuff on the bater side of the financial side is the way for me. Something you can use now when there are no stores open to get anything. To me that will be the money of the future for a long time. I may talk about weapons and fighting to take back our country, but so did our founding fathers if I’m not mistaken. The ballot box dosen’t work, they are all the same. If people think I’m a plant on this site to get intel on them they are wrong. I just got the b-lls to start posting my thoughts and some of my idea’s, if thats wrong so be it. JUST SOMEONE THAT IS SUPER PISSED OFF ABOUT THIS BULLSHIT THAT IS HAPPENING TO MY COUNTRY. Having said that SO BE IT. Enough is Enough. Thats just me!
          True PATROITS Live Free and will Fight to Keep it that WAY

        • A .22 rimfire cartridge will be the new dollar!

      53. Wow! Someone identifying themselves as a police officer claims “it” will happen in September. It must be true, right? Anonymous callers identifying themselves as police officers can’t be wrong…

        • My favorite part was when he claimed he heard it in the locker room as chatter.

      54. When it happens, it will happen in the fall. The winter makes more people vulnerable and desperate.

      55. Hey Mac,

        Brother…as poor as I am I would Greyhound my ass to wherever you are to get this CHAT FORUM up before TOTAL COLLAPSE occurs…

        – Iowa

        • Coming soon!

          • Just like this “collapse” eh? I kid, I kid, we’re all busy. 🙂

          • soon just like soon in 2008 ?????? just asking because soon to me is within a year and soon to you guys is obviously within a century

          • I hope there is a registration for the live chat to avoid ignorant trolls. I’d like to have productive converstaions on here, not argue with shit talkers and nay sayers.

      56. Chill !
        Change is coming without a doubt but don’t freak out about it. Just follow the preps on this and other sights and don’t worry. After all, these are the good old days. Remember (KISS).

      57. In the 2nd largest city in Iowa, I fly a Gadsden all day long across from a school that holds the voting precinct in the middle of Our Hood.

        I’m white, my wife is black, and our children our US. I walk around with an expensive watch and a gold ring. I fear nothing. I’ll move when God Speaks.


        Mac, where is the CHAT FORUM…

        I’ll greyhound my poor ass to help if I you need it.

        • The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike.

      58. There are many others predicting from early fall till the end of the year, as well.

        1. “V” at Steve Quayle (insider info, very interesting):

        2. George Soros gives it 3 months.

        3. Jim Sinclair says it will be weeks, not months.

        4. Gerald Celente believes it will be by the end of the year (yes, I know he has been wrong before).

        5. Lindsey Williams, who has been surprisingly accurate, says “By the end of the year 2012 the dollar will not be needed by the rest of the world.
        “A financial collapse is going to occur that will startle the world. Watch for derivatives to show signs of cracking.”

        6. There have been others having dreams about this fall.

        Take this for what it’s worth!

        • even a broken clock is right 2 times a in 24 hrs

          • Yes, but “V”, George Soros, Jim Sinclair, and Lindsey Williams, all of them among others have ever said there will be a total collapse by a certain time before. They’re willing to go out on a limb this time only. I don’t know about George Soros, and I don’t really trust him anyway, but V, Jim Sinclair and Lindsey Williams are all getting their information from inside sources, and they’re all saying the same thing. Jim Sinclair also has a respectable reputation to uphold.

        • LYNDSEY WILLIAMS has been suprisingly accurate… better relisten to his shit because he has been far from accurate you DOOM FOOL !!!
          I will sit here for weeks and await the NON-COLLAPSE and then listen to you ASSHOLES once again with your next speculative date………negative rate me all you want because im the one laughing while you fools are panicking

          • I hate to say it but I agree with you on lindsey williams. EVERY time I hear him, he tells me to go get pen and paper 10 times instead of telling me what he thinks is going to happen. No, I am not going to buy one of your dvd’s lindsey.

            Who’s panicking?

            A prepaired man does not panic. He thinks and reacts.

            You once posted that you have been waiting for a collapse for four years. , and it takes years so it wont happen any time soon.

            Well our coinage was debased 58 years ago.

            Look at places in the rust belt, they have been in collapse for a very long time.

            Our manufacturing has been leaving for 30 years.

            FOOLS? Why am I/others who believe that a final collapse WILL happen, and IS happening fools?

            Its not our fault you did not see it comming all these years.

      59. Long time lurker here,I’m 20 years old and recedntly started preparing for all this 6 months ago after reading this site and others. My family thinks I’m a lunatic and won’t listen. They tell me it’s nothing more than internet mumbo jumbo. I know better.

        I hope this comment goes through as every time I try to post it gives a 404 error

        • Joe, hang in there, and keep up the good work! you may be able to “ease” your family into prepping by asking them to stock up 3 days supply in case of a weather emergency, hurricane, tornado, snowstorm, etc., depending on where you live. even if they only get some cans of raviloi, water, and a few candles it’s a start. and prepping seems to grow. they may start there and then in a few weeks think of another thing they may need and on and on it grows. “fish quietly with a bobber and hook, don’t throw the whole anchor.”

        • Joe91, welcome to the boards. Don’t fret about the family. Many of us are in the same boat. Keep doing what you are doing. They may come around some day but you know what the right thing to do is.

        • YOU’RE crazy??? YOU’RE crazy?? Have they shopped lately??
          Kentucky and Tennessee farmers are really hurting.
          Compound this drought with last year’s drought and what do we get?? No hay..or gold prices for bales..or killing more livestock that can’t be fed and watered.
          Geeze…you’re a smart one. Keep prepping even if it’s ramen noodles, pasta, and beef/chicken bouillon for flavor.
          My lawn crunches when I walk on it.
          DO NOT forget to store lots of water.

        • Joe, I sometimes manage to convince people it makes sense by appealing to their frugal side (if they have one). My food preps save me a fortune in grocery costs!

          Welcome, and best of luck with the family!


        • Joe, many of us are in the same boat when it comes to family and friends. I find it helps if you point out you don’t have a crystal ball and can’t tell if there will be a natural disaster, economic crisis, European contagion that spreads, trouble in the Middle East, oil crisis, or who knows what? It’s wise to prepare to be on the safe side. If people have trouble with that, tell ’em Prepper thinks their idiots.

      60. Guess who bought some silver? This girl! Husband stats a new job soon and will get free food samples and be able to buy food at cost! He is slowly coming to the prepping side. We will also have ALOT of fire wood seasoned and ready to go this winter. In case the power goes out you know. Wink, wink.

      61. The first warning is from a St. Louis based police officer who called into the Alex Jones radio show on Sunday, June 24th.
        The second warning comes our way via the Silver Doctors.
        the third came today from unflappable Director of UBS Floor Operations Art Cashin.

        Now there’s some people to make you head for the hills when they speak.

      62. i see a collapsing economic system and a morally bankrupt nation.
        we should hate to see a collapse happen but when our rights being taken daily a corrupt goverment and a cowardly congress that wont inforce there power over the president and let him killing other people and pilfer other nations wealth let our punishment come.
        whoever is left after this collapse please do not let this ever happen again.personally i see no other fix but a total collapse of this system before this can even start.
        those who dont remember the past are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over and over.

      63. arguably, the most disturbing thing these days is that so many “conservatives” have been drugged into mindlessness by the democrat turncoat romney… what, besides a drug overdose, would make anyone with a the bare minimum of a brain stem think that the man who designed and signed into law the test case for individual mandate healthcare in taxachussettes would double back on his own creation..???!!! this 0bamination UNhealthcare death sentence will be the undoing of the Ameican economic structure – the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back… tptb will continue to throw worthless green paper newly printed at the problems here and, more importantly, abroad until the overloaded system here at home until it simply implodes… i give it 18 months, tops…

      64. Rich99: I find myself agreeing with you for once. It’s a foolish waste of time to try and pinpoint the exact time of any social/economic event. The track record for these types of things is poor at best. However there are some who visit this site, and I’m not picking on Rich99, who claim that there will never be, nor has ever been a collapse due to hyperinflation. Well, that’s bullshit. Rome from the 1st Century went from 100% silver coins to 0.05% by 244AD. China in the 11th century went from silver or gold to iron coins to pay for their war with the Mongols. Germany is my favorite-1919 a Mark was valued at 19 to 1 USD. By 1923 it was 4.2 Trillion to 1USD. It happened twice in Argentina, 1932 and again from 1999-2002. Also Greece and Hungary after WWII. Russian starting in 1991, Mexico 1994, and in Zimbabwe for years. In every case people starved because they couldn’t buy food with worthless paper money. And in many of these incidences, governments changed radically, for these worse. The barbarians sacked Rome, the Mongols took over China, and Hitler came to power in Germany. So to say that we are are somehow special and not subject to the consequences of debasing our currency as happened to every nation that has done it is just plain idiotic. Now as to predicting when and what exactly will happen is foolish as Rich99 and others have said. But we will suffer some effects of our printing so much money. Better to be a little prepared than not at all.

        • A very level headed, well thought out comment. The US and vicariously much of the western world has enjoyed an unusual confluence of benevolent events in the last half of the 20th century which have resulted in an unprecedented complacency.

          After WWII, US was the only country left standing. We had the military might, we had the factories. We had the educated work force. We had the default reserve currency.

          Plentiful energy (oil), great advances in medicine, great farming (before pesticide resistance emerged), water for irrigation was plentiful, population under control, currency still not yet debauched, Great (Welfare) Society programs had not yet entrenched into the psyche of a new generation, etc.

          How long until the trigger event or the tipping point occurs, or how quickly things unravel…too hard to predict.

      65. Another day, another traitor-John kerry.

        The Army’s pixelated camouflage uniform is getting scrapped — after costing $5 billion and making soldiers easier targets because the design stood out in nearly every environment they were worn in, according to a report in The Daily.

        Of course Natick is also where the interceptor armor is which failed in test against dragon skin armor but the army went with Natick’s anyway because it is in John Kerry’s hometown and he sits on the senate arms service committee.

        • forgot, I pasted that.

        • Washington D.C. is a whorehouse, where the ideals of our Founders have been sold off to Marxists and Muslims.

          President Regan once said that he didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left Him.

          I didn’t leave America, the America I knew as a young man has left me.

          Fight for your freedom, any way you can!

      66. Be sure to return your overdue library books.

        “A mother of five was arrested, handcuffed, and sent to jail by the police in Albuquerque for not paying $36 in late fees to the local library.

        Her lawyer says that the overdue notice — an arrest notice — was sent to her at an old address — so old that she had not lived there since childhood. It was not forwarded.

        Her five young children had to be sent to strangers’ homes overnight.”


        • KY, that’s the kind of stuff you just can’t make up!

          • test…posts are “disappearing”


          • AZ Ready,

            That is protecting the people from those truly “dangerous individuals”.

            • Well, I keep my single shot 12 guage ready for those maliscious, vile, evil library book abusers…damn straight.

              The very idea…heck, they need a special cell just for those criminals.

      67. Alex Jones is an agent Provocateur and a fraud. He’s owned by the Zionist Cabel and he will do and say anything to stir up the stupid sheeple in America in his quest to provoke a violent response against someone in the regime in order to ultimately cause the regime to attack the people with all the force at their disposal which will give the media the excuse to blame the sheeple for stirring up trouble. Alex Jones should be arrested and thrown in a supermax prison in solitary confinement for the rest of his miserable life.

        • Alex Jones like Art Bell is an entertainer with a niche audience. The difference is while Bell is harmless and his callers are a hoot Jones tries to stir things up with half truths and distortions. As for jailing him that is ridiculous. Compared to the Congress and Obama he is a truth teller. He also hits the nail on the head sometimes.

      68. Hello. I sit in South Africa. We have been prepping and adapting since 1994… Well, at least the ones that have survived have…

        • Foreigner

          Hello, where in SA are you if you don’t mind me asking. I have friends in Joburg and Cape town.


          Take care

          • Thanks Lizzie for the welcome.

          • North of JHB.

            I have been purchasing guns and gold. I have a measly 3 Kruger Rand coins. It would be an embarrasment to live here and NOT own any Gold. I need to get some more.

            At least I bought the Gold when the price was 900$ an ounce. 🙂

            I got a neat pile of pistols and long guns as well. Not enough ammo.

            I started prepping in the late 80s and early 90s as a teen in boy scouts. The sands of time disolved my very first Bug out bag (which was actually a shoe box with some boy scout survival stuff)

            I got back into the prepping game recently after Nelson Mandela’s political party’s youth league began threating white people with a race war.

            Lesson learned? Dont threaten your enemies. It gives them time to prepare.

            It is interesting to see how the mind of the American works by reading all this.

            • When Mandels dies you better be long gone. It has been common knowledge for a long time that the only thing delaying the genocide is him. Why the hell do you stay there?

      69. Dear RICH 99,

        You keep saying we’ve been down this road dozens of times.

        I’m 50 years old and I say bullshit. While there may be people out there that have acted like they are acting now dozens of times, I have not.

        I’ve prepped for this scenario since ’09 when the economy in this area crapped a brick and split its butt wide open. Fortunately, I’m an IT guy so my chosen career field hasn’t been hit much.

        The only other time I saw a potential problem was during Y2K. I geared up for a short term bump with a generator and some extra food. Nothing happened. Still have the supreme guality generator and the triple cleaned wheat. Never lost any money on that deal and it gave me piece of mind especially since I still have 99% of it. If you’re throwing stuff out you’re doing it wrong.

        But, I’ve watched economic conditions the world over for years. My father was continually analyzing this stuff. From the time I was 8 years old I could see that one day it would all end. The lie that society has been forced into must end one day. Maybe its wishful thinking but, frankly, we’ve never been closer.

        While I do know people that say the sky is falling every time the DJIA drops 100 points or gold jumps up (or down) $20, we are not them, or at least most of us.

        Personally, I go with the flow. In June of 2008, I told my retirement management guy that I wanted everything put in guaranteed accounts and low risk stuff because its all going to crash. He, however, talked me out of it. I think his middle name is “Richard”. I lost 63.75% of all my retirement accounts because I listened to that idiot. He did also because he was listening to another “Richard”.

        The fact is that our financial system is in its death throws. The fact that many people panic everytime the bell rings on wall street is no excuse for people like to do ridicule honest debate.

        The problem with most people that aren’t in denial like you are is that they want to say that by such and such date something is going to happen. The collapse will be here. I’ve never said that. None of this is a sudden thing. We’re circling the drain. Depending on the flow, we get higher or lower in the sink depending on how much is pumped in.

        Eventually, the well will run dry and the pump will lose prime. We *WILL* drop off into the drain. But, eventually, the well will refill and the pump will be reprimed and things will get going again. Hopefully, this time, the asshats in charge won’t try to pump it so fast and it will be more sustainable. …until they get greedy again and history will, essentially, repeat itself.

        Anyone that doesn’t believe we’re coming apart at the seams is an idiot. But, anyone that thinks its permanent and that they can predict the “collapse” is the other side of that idiot.

        Most of us are predicting the “big bumps” not the full collapse, because, the full collapse will take YEARS.

        So, RICH 99, keep interjecting your insulting dialog and accusing us of repeated delusion. It only goes to deepen your own delusion. We’ve never been here before. Nothing that is going on right now has been seen in history. Fiat currency controlled by a single central bank is fading away. There may be a bump at some point that people will point to as “the collapse” but in reality, we will probably have time to adjust. ….and having a few extra provisions is NEVER a bad idea.

        Do you have insurance?

        • YES I DO HAVE INSURANCE and i have been prepping since 2008 when sites like this told me i had weeks before they were knocking on my door , etc. so dont tell me your crap…..i have heard it all before ….i am mor a veteran at this than you are and you guys must think im a total sheep which i am far from and if the shit hit tomorrow i would be very comfortable and god help anybody who approached my property so with that said… tired of being duped by the DOOM PROFITEERS !!! shit may be bad but we wont have any total collapse

          • @RICH99. I am glad you are putting away supplies, and this shows you are thinking ahead. I do understand those that think the time when SHTF will be awhile away, but it could happen tomorrow. A total collapse becomes more likely with the severity of the situation. There are of course all sorts of “floodgates” to guard against the economy totally collapsing. Whether they will work I don’t know because economics is not one of my strong points. I do understand science though, and what scares the hell out of me is a plague.

            People do not take the prevention of not getting sick seriously. They cannot see germs and therefore it does not register that they could be feeling wonderful one minute and be flat on their back the next hour with a raging fever and bleeding internally. People are unaware of just how fast a pandemic can move across the planet, and how something much, much worse than the movie Contagion in which ONLY 25% of the people died. You get something airborne with a kill rate of Ebola or Marburg, 70-90% and the civilization will not recover, it will totally collapse.

            I truly feel that WHEN a really strong pathogen develops people MUST have supplies ready to go. They MUST know that germs ride on all sorts of objects for certain periods of time. People MUST know what to do so they can at least improve their cahnces of NOT catching the germ in the first place. Terrorism and someone’s own government spraying the population with a pestilence is terrible, but a true civilization ending event will likely come from the horrid stench of some third world country in the tropic region where germs can flourish in the totally unsanitized cess pits that people live in. Nature has this strange way of generating the absolute worst kinds of viruses.

            There are scenarioes that will end human civilization. You have over 400 nuclear reactors that need maintenence that will somehow have to be shutdown while the technicians are still alive. A fast moving airborne extremely catagious germ could flattened the world in days, much like Stephen King’s “The Stand”. Germs are part of the world and people vastly underestimate how they can devastate entire species before a month ends.

            A total collapse will occur when the ICBM’s are launched as the world will look more like the British movie “Threads” more than the 1984 U.S. movie “The Day After”. It will be the ground bursts that kill the population off, not the air bursts. China has had seen 1964 to develop thousands of nukes. India and Pakistan have a few hundred between them. Israel has hundreds. England still retains hundreds as does France. North Korea probably has dozens. Japan probably has a secret nuke stockpile along with other nuclear nations. The U.S. and Russia have thousands each. World War 3 will totally collapse the world, and it might take centuries to recover.

            A super volcano would destroy crops around the world and people would starve on the billions scale. This would likely collapse the human civilization. Humans were primitive about 74000 years ago when the last super volcano TOBA went off and left about 10000 people and why scientists say there is a DNA bottleneck from this time.

            In short, the population needs to prepare for SHTF no matter what. Preparing for the end of the world as we know it also should be considered, because it can definitely happen as I only gave a few examples of how it can fail. There are many others that are just much less likely to occur. No one like anyone to profit from fear as some DOOM profit motivators will do. The best advice is for anyone is to just keep stocking up on what you use everyday so you can live void of society as long as possible WHEN it becomes necessary to do so.

            • I have long believed Japan to have gone nuclear. If warheads have not been assembled, it would only be an assembly operation. All the hard parts are probably done.

            • One of the most intelligent comments i have seen on here and i respect what you have said and with that i would agree 100% !!!!
              very well said and nobody can argue this comment and likewise , my ONLY fear also is a pandemic of some sorts in which i would not really be ready for

      70. The world coming to a end on Oct 21 of 2012 is a Hoax. There is a website call Hoax 2012 Google it . If anything is coming. It is the slow and steady decline of jobs ,People going hungry. A economic situation that will effect us all. Nations or countries that want to be Democratic fighting for their freedom . Wanting to be like the U.S. Will in time create a possible war world wide.?

        • its all a hoax you fool !!! these guys profit from DOOM NEWS which is why i coined the name DOOMTARDS !!!

          • I got you!

            You just come off as a scoffer.

            There will be a bump here and a bump there. Some big, some little.

            I guess you can call me a BUMPtard but I see another one coming, one much like 2008 only worse.

            Good luck!

            • Yea maybe 5 years from now

            • 5 years from now? 2017? Do you really think Europe can continue to slam itself against the financial wall for 5 more years? I do not believe so. …and especially not if we re-elect The Kenyan criminal bastard thief.

              My opinion is that a window of “bumportunity” begins to open in October of 2012 and is shut by Febuary of 2013. This opening is very big.

              But, one never knows until it happens. Best just keep your stuff rotated. I’m 50% down on my fuel right now. Waiting for the drop in price to stock back up with fresh gasoline. If we jump on Iran before I get restocked, I’m screwed. The preps are to smooth out the bumps.

              Everyone wants to point to a single event that causes complete and total collapse, but, in all likelyhood, that won’t happen. It will all just be a slow grind and bump to the bottom where, hopefully, a resurgence of real money comes about and we start our climb back up.

          • Why the hell do you hang out here? How much does it cost to keep six weeks of emergency food in the house which is eaten and replaced with later experation date stuff. Same goes for a generator and other items. I consider anything past six weeks as a waste sice if things go that wrong there is probably no way to survive it. Unless of course you have the good luck to have a farm homestead with a water supply and backup power and the bad guys don’t pay you a visit..

      71. September is no accident. Read The Harbinger.

        • I also advised all to listen to Rabbi Cahn about the harbinger.
          Coincidences abound? or God speaking and sending we peons a message…you decide.

            • Rabbi Cahn is a frequent guest on the Jim Bakker show (yes that Jim Bakker) and I have watched every episode. As I recall he has yet to accurately predict one future event. He spends most of his time aligning our past with Israel’s. An interesting exercise for sure, but we are not Israel. America is not God’s chosen people. We do not appear in the Book of Revelation. We do not share their future.

              That being said we have empowered the killing of 55 million unborn children and what comes around goes around.

        • im tired of reading these morons !!!!

      72. Texas Woman Arrested for Warning Drivers About Speed Trap

        12 hours in jail..cops falsified evidence or “say” she was standing in the street obstucting traffic..she says otherwise..where is the dash cam proof of what the cops say? is it true? or are the cops lieing..again!

        they checked her back pack without concent

        her words..”He couldn’t take me to jail for holding up this sign or he would have. So all he could do was make up something fake about it,” Plummer told KRTK. The officer searched Plummer’s backpack, she said, and threatened to arrest her for obstructing justice, a felony charge.

        well at least the cops werent out solving real cases..or stopping any crime from happining..they were just fleecing the public for thier pension coffers..thats all

        • the po po ain’t necessarily your friend anymore
          you see stories like this everyday now

          the days of Andy Griffith are over

        • It should be a crime to warn people about a speed trap. She should’ve been arrested. 90 days in jail sounds about right.

          The basic speed law needs to be enforced. Too many idiots going too fast make it dangerous for everyone else.

          • @Barn Cat, so YOU want to take away rights now huh?, I think driving and texting should be 90 days in jail, drinkin and driving, 90 days, there’s a whole lot worse things than alerting people of a speed trap

            • You don’t have the right to encourage other people to break the law or to stand lookout for those that do. I’m in favor of freedom but I’m against law breaking.

          • You’re an ass..
            In Springfield, there was a tenth of a mile getting on and off interstate in a little community with a hidden MPH eventually got a councilman fired, a city cop fired, and the community stayed on the matter till it was removed.

            • Barn Cat is anything but an ass, as you put it. Pretty smart if you want my opinion. If you want to warn someone not to speed and hold up a sign with a message about how it kills lives, then do it. Otherwise let the speeders get caught and they may learn a lesson. Alcohol, drugs, speeding, they all are a potential deadly weapon behind the wheel of a car. 90 days in jail for the one who warns them and double that for the speeder. You would think differently if a loved one was killed by someone who speeds but never gets caught. Once out of the speed trap, pedal to the metal.

          • It’s a shakedown, nothing more. You can speed a little during nasty weather if you want. Cops don’t want to get out of their car.

        • Case law supports citizens who warn other citizens about speed traps by flashing their lights.

          This is akin to flashing your lights.

      73. @rich99…could you please name one single empire that has existed since the dawn of time that HASN’T collapsed?

      74. 21 new Taxes in Obamacare. 20 trillion in Gov. debt by 2016, before Obamacare. Time to drain what remains in the IRA.

        • A ROTH is tax free. For now.

      75. every single system man puts together can’t work due to the fact corrupt individuals always end up running things. We have seen this trend over and over and over again throughout history and it will continue until good and moral people stand up and say……ENOUGH!!! These people will NEVER ever stop what they are doing….they must be stopped by force.

      76. The people who control the federal government are scum. Instead of using government power to protect freedom and rights, they use it to plunder and control us.

        Our wealth is being extracted from us by laws that favor big corporations and government. They view us as slaves to be exploited for the benefit of the aristocracy, and it is beyond the point where they deserve what was done to the aristocracy in the French Revolution.

        We hare very unlikely to restore freedom at the voting booths since they just give us preselected candidates, all of whom are either fascists, socialists, or communists, and then promote them through the corporate media companies.

      77. lol would not supprise me, would it you?

      78. I can only hope so. We know there’s no way to stop this so the sooner the better. At least while some of us are still young.

      79. Ineptocracy

        a system of government,where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselfs or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers

      80. Texas college hacks drone in front of DHS

        There are a lot of cool things you can do with $1,000, but scientists at an Austin, Texas college have come across one that is often overlooked: for less than a grand, how’d you like to hijack a drone?

        A group of researchers led by Professor Todd Humphreys from the University of Texas at Austin Radionavigation Laboratory recently succeeded in raising the eyebrows of the US government. With just around $1,000 in parts, Humphreys’ team took control of an unmanned aerial vehicle owned by the college, all in front of the US Department of Homeland Security.

        After being challenged by his lab, the DHS dared Humphreys’ crew to hack into a drone and take command. Much to their chagrin, they did exactly that.

        Humphrey tells Fox News that for a few hundreds dollar his team was able to “spoof” the GPS system on board the drone, a technique that involves mimicking the actual signals sent to the global positioning device and then eventually tricking the target into following a new set of commands. And, for just $1,000, Humphreys says the spoofer his team assembled was the most advanced one ever built.

        “Spoofing a GPS receiver on a UAV is just another way of hijacking a plane,” Humphreys tells Fox. The real danger here, however, is that the government is currently considering plans that will allow local law enforcement agencies and other organizations from coast-to-coast to control drones of their own in America’s airspace.

        “In five or ten years you have 30,000 drones in the airspace,” he tells Fox News. “Each one of these could be a potential missile used against us.”

      81. the news is blacking this story out for some reason..hummm?

        another “Swatting”

        Rye , police are decrying a report of a false report of home invasion..cant read it,, it comes up quickly,, than the screen blacks out

      82. VRF

        Had a look from this side for is coming up on the Rye Daily Voice website. Hope that is of use.

        Take care

        • Thanks, I think it was just that particular website or news outlet that was having an issue.

        • This one just happened.

          1.- The EU will form a fiscal and banking union and sovereignty in Europe will effectively be gone. That said, the elites are afraid of popular backlash and recognize this may be stopped in the voting booth if it’s not shoved through ASAP.

      83. Was listening to a Christian Talk Radio show today called “Cross Talk” put on by VCY America radio. The man who does the show is a 76 year old former Pastor and has a very gentle spirit.
        The subject was Obamacare and Eric Holder. Anyway one of the callers asked what we Americans should do to stop what is happening and the 76 year old Pastor says, “I think that it’s about time we get our pitchforks and surround the White House, to show them what the Heartland thinks”!….need I say more?

        • Jeff

          He has a point…no pun intended. If I wait for the Brits to surround parliament I will be too old to join them.

          Take care

      84. An old friend stopped to see me today. Over the last two years he has built a beautiful home, free of a mortgage on 115 or 125 acres. He mentioned that he also owned another plot with a converted barn (into a house) on 5 acres. He will do a title for deed with me with 10% down. Just so happens to be what my mustang is worth, so maybe bye bye to the mustang and hello to a retreat location. It is my fear, its becoming clear, that the danger is near. Love the GSG-5

        • Mustang

          Sounds like a good opportunity to acquire house and land. Is it in a location that is fit for purpose collapse wise?

          Take care

        • Sounds like a great deal if you can sell the Mustang, just check it all out first — I’m sure you’ve thought of these things: Does it have a well/water? Is there a current perk? What about other rights that were/are assigned?

      85. $400 silver & $8000 GOLD?
        The last time I looked gold is lower than its peak, so how can silver & gold rise to these highs if BOTH metals are DROPPING?
        Plus an event in October 2012 is unlikely.
        Would the USA government really allow police officers to speak out like this in a genuine alert status?
        if the banking system is in distress, the USA government or FED will PRINT MORE MONEY to stabilise the system.

        • What is forgotten when they say $8k gold and $400 silver is that a loaf of bread will be a half an ounce of silver and a box of ammo will be a man’s wedding ring in high quality gold.

        • gee i dont get it …..i completely agree but when i write that i get negative ratings but you have said what i would say and you get positive ratings

      86. Is the collapse coming soon? Only God knows the answer to that. For some people around the world the collapse has already happened. I think TPTB have a plan to keep O-Drama in the Whitehouse. Romney doesn’t have the “Big teeth and ears”. More importantly, the libtard sheeple won’t go along with all the “smoke and mirrors” or “dog and pony show” that they shove at us, if Romney is elected. If things are so bad that they can’t possibly rig the election enough to get O-bummer back in, we will most likely see “martial (marshall, lol) law” enacted via a chaotic event. But we are on
        God’s timeframe, not man’s.

        • And I thought Marsha Brady was taking over.

      87. @beinformed- That usgs “real-time” earthquake map is Bull$hit, I just waited 10 minutes for that quake(6.3) in china to show.(20 minutes from the time the quake hit)

        You watch the earthquake scene,

        Do they always take that long?

        • @kevin. There is often a delay on earthquake information, there should not be, but there is. Real time is not accurate as the USGS has to verify the information, especially in my opinion if it is in an area like southern california in which a big enough earthquake could scare the wrong people. That 6.3 is directly in line with the Himalayans and would show stress in the Kashmir region. Maybe Pakistan is due for another destructive shaker.

          What caught my attention was that 5.8 six hours earlier in the South Atlantic, south of the Ascension Island region. This shows some movement going on with the African plate, as usually earthquakes down here are below 5.5. The African plate affects the Australia and Pacific plate a lot more than people realize. The 5.8 is only a symptom of what is going on, not the cause. I found that earthquakes have to be 4.5 to 4.7 to indicate anything coming, and should be at least a 5.2 to indicate anything in the immediate future.

          One thing that is interesting is to keep a watch on North Korea for them testing their next nuke. Really shallow, less than 1 Km deep means a nuke has likely been tested. It should range from 4.3 to one of North Korea’s fizz bombs to a 5.4 for an atomic bomb. You start to see an earthquake reading of 5.5, especially in the high 5 range or higher this means that probably a hydrogen bomb was tested. North Korea tests a hydrogen bomb successfully and this takes the country to a whole new level. The seismic energy can indicate how large and how successful their test was. Something else to watch for.

          • @informed-

            they say a big quake on one of the cannary islands would cause a 100ft tsunnami on the east coast.

            Whats your take on that island chain?

            • Hiya Kevin

              If you google the work of Simon Day, the chap who first put this forward you will get an idea of what is going on. Some of his calculations whilst not discredited, have been challenged by far more experienced researchers.

              It’s an interesting read. Personally,I fail to see how any of them can forecast with accuracy. Look at the Latuia (sp) Bay incident, in that location it should not have happened but it was the highest landslip tsunami ever recorded, you can still see the scars, late 50’s I think it was.

              Take care

            • @kevin. The Canary Islands and a collapse of the volcanic mass sitting over the ocean has to do with kinetic energy. I seem to always forget this formula for some reason; E= 1/2 (mv2). If you look at what an asteroid impacting the ocean can do, tremendous sized tsunamis can develop, but this is because of the velocity, which is squared in the equation. You have 20-30 miles of mass that could fall into the ocean, but at ONLY 50-100 mph. Most asteroids are coming in at 10.625 miles per second or 38250 mph.

              As you can see the mass of 30 miles doesn’t mean much when the fall into the ocean is ONLY 100 mph as opposed to 38250 mph of an asteroid. In other words you can reduce the size of a screaming asteroid a lot in comparison to the size of a slow moving large mass. In regards to the calculations you can probably say that a collpase of the Canary Islands would result in the same amount of energy of an asteroid of 20-100 metres in size, or an asteroid of about 65 to 325 feet in size falling in the ocean. All depending on angle and density an d the depth of the ocean.

              If a 325 foot large asteroid impact that was iron in 3000 foot water, it would give off 145 megatons of energy. The tsunami when it hit Florida 5500 km away would be 9 inches tall. 500 kilomters away it would be 8 and 1/2 feet. 100 km away it would be it would be 42.6 feet tall. 10 kilometers away or about 6 miles away it would be 426 feet tall. This is where they get the 100 foot tall wave. As its energy is dissipated across distance it loses much of all the original energy.

              When you have enormous tsunamis from underses earthquakes, a lot of water is moved, hundreds of miles and much quicker than something falling into the ocean. The myth about the Canary Islands does not take into account the actual amount of energy that is expelled. Even a 1 km wide asteroid impact at 5500 km away or about 3500 miles away would ONLY produce a 15.7 foot wave. Everybody thinks it would be hundreds of feet tall.

              You can calculate asteroid impacts and distances here:

              It will show how much actual energy and all osrts of blast results, tsunami size, crater size, air pressure, lots more from asteroid impacts. I even keyed in a moon size impact and it said that there would be a new asteroid belt between Venus and Mars, in other words what was the Earth. It is quite interesting to see what will happen when asteroids hit the planet.

      88. Everyone is so up tight about MONEY to me that is the last thing to worry about. When the SHTF money will mean nothing, something physical that you can put your hands on will be where it’s at. LAND- you look out at the land you own thats all there is, it doesen’t have be a lot just what you own. Store your riches and or wealth in HEAVEN. Get right with the man upstairs and he will provide for you down here. Things that you need not want will come to you. Alot of people will say GOD will provide for me after the end, but he is provideing for you now to prepare for the end. Put back the stuff that matters, your life is not whats in the bank account, but what is in your heart. Face what is coming standing up and do your best. So many will say another religious freak, he dosen’t know what he is talking about,so be it what if I don’t know, but what if I do. you have lost everything and I have gained everything. So 70-80+/- years here and it all over anyway, so for me money is my very last thing to worry about. But thats just me
        Live A Free Life

        • copperhead,

          What a practical and uplifting post! +1 🙂

          Thank you!
          KY Mom

          • @KY Mom: Know the man upstairs and sleep thight, tonight and for ever!
            Live Free

            Ps: you are welcome

      89. Even mentioning this unvalidated “police officer” lowers the creditability of this article. Using unverified people making easily made up future predictions is NOT evidence of anything but horrible reporting. The other two sources are much better in that they are people we can verify and fact check with. People have been predicting doomsday forever. Just seems some people thrive on chaos. Myself, I believe in being prepared for the major problems I can face in my area (which is an earthquake, tornadoes are so rare its a 100 year event I refuse to consider them) and national/global problems like an economic collapse. Though people have been predicting system wide collapse for years now (what, nearly 7?) it’s yet to unfold. Does this mean it is not going to happen? Not at all, no evidence supports this hypothesis what-so-ever. But does it mean people predicting and giving dates are just out for publicity, most likely. The government will act in extraordinary ways to save itself; as proven over the last 6+ years.

        So take these type of stories with a grain of salt, be prepared but not paranoid. Live life to the fullest you can. Have fun, spend more time with your kids then you do thinking of preping. Life goes on. Even during the great depression, over half the people in this country were really unaffected. Something to think about.

      90. So preppers did you have a good day – mine rocked!

        I scored 9 lbs of high caliber rifle powder in an off the grid purchase and for about 75% the going retail rate! 9×70 means I could reload up to 560 rounds for the lupua magnum….my shoulder would give out before that.

        Walked to a garage sale today and low and behold they had a “Harbor Freight” table of cheap Chinese made tools, tow straps, etc etc….$40 for twenty four items that will be good for the barter table when that time comes – most were in the package and unused.

        Then my seeds came! I ordered 16 lbs of a variety of seeds just for kibbles I like and nothing extra that I don’t. I was dismayed with the Costco / Survival seed kits so I went right to a farm supply outlet and still spent less than a $100 on enough seed to open a store with after SHTF….

        I might blow $30 on dinner tonight it was such a good day!

        • Hats off to you Jim. It shows us that some people are not just huddling in fear about all the reports and goings on with the politics. They are truly putting their $$ (while their still worth something) to good use. I spend every dollar wisely. Even my badly needed cold beers. When I was bringing in a good paycheck, I enjoyed an occasional six-pack of 6 to 7 dollar premium beer. Now I buy the cheaper(but still smooth tasting,in the bottles) variety for about $7.50 a twelve pack.
          Before someone gets on my case for drinking beer (reasonably), I have a lot of pain issues and refuse to take prexcription medications because of possibly getting into a dependancy issue with them. The beers help me thru the pain and make for a relaxing evening and night. Besides,I’m saving all my homemade wine for the times ahead when you can’t get bottled beer.

      91. First, essentials are sound and the larder is good. Now I have a question for the money guys here. I can afford to pay off my house before the 2016 elections by adding a principle payment every month.

        Would you do this or save the cash?

        Thanks in advance for your advice.

        • CCJ:

          If your income is guaranteed, you have cash assets to see you through a job loss or a medical crisis, replacing a roof or furnace or vehicle,you know your health insurance premiums will stay the same, next look at the interest for that 4 years at your present payment schedule vs your accelerated schedule. How much will you save?

          Next, what is the property tax situation where you live? Will it go up? Will you stay there if it does?

          What is the RE market there? Could you sell quickly, if necessary? Do you plan on staying for a long time? Will the property retain its value? Do you love the place? Does your spouse and your kids?

          We paid off a small amount in total in 2008. The interest rate was very low. We still had cash assets and income. We had a financially tight 3 1/2 years after that. Not having the mortgage payment made a difference, but, we could have continued to service the loan if we had to. Would the total amount of cash have come in handy? Yes, since our property taxes went up 50% in 2009 and health insurance increased by 1/3. Had we not paid it off, it would have been paid off last year, anyway.

          IMO, there is no one size fits all answer to your question. The answers all lie within the comparative trade offs. It is very subjective.

      92. fires in the west, mid west, and northwest, floods in the panhandle…makes me think about the dustbowl of the 30’s….yes, most of these are caused by man, some by mother nature- but our government is promising help to these states and yet our government is having to print the money and cant seem to print enough fast enough to keep up with its spending..i think that our financial collapse has been happening and things are just gonna get worse at a faster clip then recent years. i dont have an inkling when things go belly up, but i will just keep on prepping until i cannot prep anymore.

      93. @ EVERYBODY. There seems to be a battle royal against RICH99 above and the one issue seems to be the crying wolf notion. I can remember before the 2008 crash, all sorts of so called conspiracy individuals warning people of what was to come months before, especially when Steve Quayle’s shows and guests were on shortwave. It happened, not a total collpase, but quite painful. This time it could be much worse, I use the word could be because I am not sure of it. The odds definitely point strongly to it, but nothing is really absolutely certain to happen, I admit that.

        Many preppers become upset that some of their supplies go bad because nothing did happen, and why rotation and buying what you need and use is so important. There are however many other supplies that can be stored in a dry clean condition and be forgotten about until you need them. I personally get candles all the time at garage sales that people practically give away. Candles are a light source, but also can be used to heat up food and water on a smaller scale. There are hundreds of other items also people can store in which it doesn’t matter if something happens now or much later, they store practically forever.

        Rich mentions that he is 43 and was borned therefore in either 1968 or 1969 and grew up during the time in which civil defense was still around, and should still remember those days even as a kid. People were a lot more prepared back then, and took preparing quite seriously. Now it is a joke. When the power goes out you should see how many homes have no light at all, sold all their candles at garage sales. It is ridiculous how unprepared anyone is.

        This is something that is so important. Forget about the economy collapses, there is a whole smorgasbord of other issues out there that can totally f the world in spades that are certainly not out of the realm of possibilities of happening and WILL happen eventually. These are not Doom and Gloom, these events WILL occur with an alomst 100% certainty.

        EMP and a possible radiation storm of the planet. This almost occured about 8 years ago when a X-40 of so super flare erupted on the eastern flank of the sun. Had this been Earth facing the world would still be recovering right now.

        Viruses and bacteria. Throughout all of life on this planet, animals and plants have died off from disease as the number killer. Not asteroids or super volcanoes, germs have killed more lifeforms totally off than anything else. Humans THINK they can solve anything with medical science, yet there are no vaccines for; Ebola, Marburg, Lassa Fever, Bird Flu, AIDS, and other deadly viral hemorrhagic viruses. One outbreak in probably the squalid hot humid perfect petri dish that is the India slums, and the whole world will be EXPOSED. Yes viruses can have the super status of near 100% death rates as this happens in other life forms. Even something as fatal as a smallpox 30-50% fatal would devastate the world.

        War. People have hardly grown to the point of solving problems without fighting. The ONLY reason the third world war has not yet begun is because one side has to make sure they can win. The shear barbarism of other countries and even the way “law enforcement” treats their citizens in “civilized” countries should more than prove human nature.

        Earth changes. Anyone that has been in an earthquake knows that the planet has awesome power. The planet is going to remain extremely hot inside because of radioactive decay for billions of years. This means lots of plate movement, but also means that someday another super volcano will blow somewhere, and it doesn’t have to be Yellowstone to throw the climate into a nightmare scenario. Just in the past 8 years there has been two 9+ earthquakes, a 8.8 in Chile, the largest EVER recorded horizontal earthquake, and increased quake activity all over the place. Might be cycles, but cycles have in the past have flattened empires, like the most recent with Portugal in 1755. Fukushima may be the end of Japan if they are not smart enough to bury the thing.

        Overpopulation. NEVER have there been as many people as there is now. There are only so much to go around. Shortages lead to all sorts of disasters, especially malnutrition that leads to super diseases. The planet’s population is not stablizing, it is growing even faster. There is only so much arable land and energy resources, and WHEN that runs low (not out), all hell breaks loose.

        Pollution. China and India are poisoning the planet, but more importantly they as well as other countries are causing a physical imbalance that MUST be equalized by the planet. For every action there is an opposite equal reaction. Humans cannot pour carbons into the atmosphere and just expect the planet to not react. How fast and violently is of question, but it MUST. That means likely catastrophic climatic weather.

        There are other less severe, but it points to the idea that RICH99 and ironically 99% of the population that feels that preppers are crying wolf, or screaming chicken little. These LITTLE disasters such as hurricane Katrina, Deepwater Horizon, etc. are recoverable in the eyes of the doubting Toms. Most feel that if they can survive through a couple of days of hard times, their friend the government will come to the rescue and everything will get back to “normal”. This has been the way it has been for almost everyone for all their lives. This is a deadly misnomer for what WILL come to this planet.

        One day the world for most people will abruptly change, probably without warning, and all those that failed to prepare will be hit like a boulder just crashed through their home. How can I and others be so sure of this? Because it has happened again and again throughout the history of humans, but also to the past dominant life forms of this planet. It can be an out of control virus that unless someone has prepared in someway, will be a statistic. It could be a brief air raid siren and then a series of flashes and mushroom clouds. Every weapon has been so far used in war other than the hydrogen bomb, so far. It could be anything and wipe out everything, every covenience that so much of the population depends on.

        People can ridicule the prepper/survivalist, but the odds point and favour the people that prepare just out of the mere fact that nothing has happened for so long. Just like those that sit on top of the San Andreas with a smug attitude that it will never move, are living on extremely “borrowed time”. Just look at how when an area fails to get rain for a long time, it usually comes in the form of a super flood. The longer that something doesn’t happen, the worst it will be WHEN it does happen.

        To RICH99 and the other 99% that feel that preppers/surivialist are out of touch doomsayers. The day is coming when all the effort of preparation that so many people have spent so much time with will pay off. I truly implore all those that have the skeptic bug infecting them, to just look around at all the strange events occurring and the breakdown of the planet from the economy and civilization as a whole to the geo-physical part of it. Then say to yourself, is this right? The answer should be an astounding NO. Then start prepping like no tomorrow, because there might literally not be a tomorrow like so many are use to.

      94. Lets be honest, the government with its fiat money could keep this thing going forever. Although I have done a little preparation I think just like after 2008 governments will find another way to kick the can down the road? What makes things differently this time??

      95. B.I.:
        Well said!
        I wonder if rich99 has his towel yet!
        At least we won’t have to feel guilty when we don’t feed him or his Ilk!
        Best to Everyone here!
        Stay cool if you can!

      96. BI…it possibly may require someone a little older than 43 to understand the changes that have occurred say like from …1950??
        I can remember my dad building a wooden garage and not getting a permit; getting groceries EVERY Friday night because that was pay day and no trips to the grocery because you bought for the week and canning supplies, killing hogs, etc. helped.
        Those days of doing without if you don’t have the money are alien concepts to many because of credit cards now…but I remember.
        If my family didn’t have the cash, it didn’t get bought.
        And I can think back now and see so many changes just in a decade or two that I didn’t recognize then and wish I had.

        • @ JayJay. I truly have seen all ages from someone in their 80’s down to a small child trying to prepare, and this is something that actually gives me some hope that the human species is not doomed to the fate of the Dodo bird. To see a 5 year kid concerned about the future and whether their family is going to have enough food for what is coming is wonderful to witness.

          Then you see 80-90% of the people in front of you with only plastic, no cash at all purchasing garbage “food” and it makes you wonder what has happened. I saw this idiot yesterday use a credit card to make a $1.24 purchase with a piece of plastic. This doesn’t make sense to me as this imbecile couldn’t make his charge card work at first. Many people don’t even use money anymore. What will happen to these people if the electronics go down for even a few days? Total chaos.

          I agree with you, there have been so mnay chnges in the past decade, for the worst, that you are beginning to not even recognize the world. This is the way those in control want it, a population totally dependent on them for everything. Absolute control by giving the population just enough to keep them satisifed. Again, thankfully there are still some truly wise people out there, even as young as 5 years.

          • Be informed

            I live in an average blue collar neighborhood..pool care,plumbers,electricians,hvac,construction,landscapers etc..all singular operations .. 1 pick up each.
            Neighborhood folks only talk the weather and run around with petitions for the town meetings.
            Not a garden in site..just well mowed lawns and annuals abloom..

            Drive 2 miles away in the other section of town and hundreds of Mercedes/Lexus.. huge homes perfectly landscaped by the ocean..

            Country clubs and golf courses packed to the gills
            restaurants over flowing
            grocery stores mobbed

            and not a care in the world..

            I feel like a stranger in a strange land..

            I come to this site and many others daily..

            Guess the collapse is all but perception.


            • how long do the for sale signs last before they get a sold sticker on them?

            • @possee. It seems like some sort of Murphy’s Law or something, when people become totally complacent something massive happens to wake everybody up. The problem with this is that the next time something happens, it could be the event that no one is expecting and cannot be recoverable. I think if you were to rate the economic collapse in severity from 0 to 10, it would rate a 5-8.5, all depending on how many safety nets are there in place. The events that rate 9 and 10 are what everybody has to be terrified of.

              A super germ would rate a 9.5 or 10.

              World War 3 would rate a 10 because widespread nukes would be used.

              An EMP from a X-50 flare are larger would rate a 9-9.5.
              A gamma ray pulse would rate a 10.

              A super volcano going off anywhere VEI 8 would be a 9.5 or a 10.

              A rapid polar shift would a 10, not because of the oceans flooding everything like the 2012 movie, but because of the magnetic storms with category 10 force around the planet.

              Running critically low on oil would be a 9 of 9.5 because it would lead to certain mass starvation.

              A total widespread agricultural disease could be anything from a 5 to a 9.5.

              A sudden shift of the ocean currents of the ocean could be a 9.5 just like the movie The Day After Tomorrow.

              In other words there are plenty of events that can cause total collapse and have happened before. The longer that goes without an Earth shattering event, the better the odds of it happening. It is so much like an oasis in a desert landscape to see a young child with more insight than 99% of the population to be concerned that their family will always be able to eat. A rarity than can make anyone that is preparing have a much better day.

              I just do not understand how so many people refuse to store anything extra in their homes. It is like some sort of mental barrier that has gone up that says to store for tomorrow means you are admitting that your sheltered little world of superfiical garbage is coming to an end. The consequences of not even having anything to the non-prepper means that this person might not even make it through a lightweight disaster, and this is to me is beyond ignorant.

            • Not to mention that in some areas even those with foreclosures up the Whazoo there are now bidding wars for houses with banks actually rejecting offers for higher bids. This is in Vegas which has been hammered by the real estate collapse.

          • BI:

            A lot of folks use the plastic for the *point rewards*. I know people who run their entire personal and business expenditures through a card, pay it off immediately and then use the rewards for air fare or whatever else they may need. These are savvy people and they are prepared.

            Ever get dirty looks if you take the time to write a check in a check-out line? Many cashiers cannot even make real physical change and if it takes *too long*, people behind you become irritated at the customer using cash.

            People in some professions know there are periodic shortages for them of essentials. There are even websites set up to inform of these. I know for a fact that when at all possible, folks are stocking up on more than food.

            Consider also that there are product innovations. Dried eggs are an example. There is a new evaporation process that is supposed to be superior to dehydration for eggs, resulting in a better product. Packaging is also changing to include smaller volumes aimed at the single/couple camper/sailor.

            Used to be that you needed to search out specialty companies for provisioning of long shelf life foods or 12v appliances. Now, there are so many companies selling these items that they appear on eBay and at liquidation sites at bargain prices. I doubt these are all cruisers or RVers, because the RVs are sitting on the side of the road or at dealers with prices that get ratcheted downward and the cruising size sailboats are also available in embarrassing quantities at great prices.

            At the other end of the scale, I have spoken to folks who have seriously taken inventory as to what and how much of it they use per year and they have made the decision that a garden or canning, besides a few tomato plants and a few jars of some special recipe, is really not essential for them beyond some basic supplies. I remember back several years ago when the Central Valley canneries were supposedly threatened by shortages of electricity and water for the farmers. People rushed out to stock up on tomato products. The commercial supply kept coming at affordable prices.

            One packet of seeds will produce so many starts that it can be too much for one family garden. One seed saver can supply many others. Some plants can be multiplied from cuttings during the growing season. One year, I supplied 3 dozen people with starts of a specialty tomato from the seeds saved from one tomato. Some years I can’t give away healthy plants.

            I spoke last month to a blue collar couple whose kids are all grown, although they have grandbabies. These people are late 40s, middle class, serious preppers. They lost money on the last two calves they sold. Their freezers are full. They had some incidents due to severe weather that killed some steers and chickens. They have decided to stop raising the livestock for awhile. They know how and have sources and can begin again, if necessary.

            There are a lot of reasons for what you observe and it doesn’t mean people are unaware, not prepared, or foolish.

            If someone has an income and savings and equity, why wouldn’t they continue to enjoy their lives? People do not talk about preps, per se, for a lot of reasons, OPSEC among them. Politics are no longer a safe topic. There are small business people out there who are going through audits from hell in their businesses because they are outspoken and public critics of this administration. The audits are harassment based on one late payment, by 2 days, to a healthcare policy. Nothing will come of it and the government drags it out to increase the attorney fees and the stress. In a police state, people simply keep quiet in public and perhaps whisper to friends.

            I know financially secure folks who are quietly setting up independent alternative income streams. A lot of industries are feeling a pinch.

            Personally, we are drawing down short-lived food stores. We make sure equipment, et al is dual purpose and has a use for camping, the business, the boat, etc. We know how long it takes to restock and we do it slowly to take advantage of our cash flow and bargains. We are also setting up small, independent, alternative businesses.

            I don’t see anything lasting long term happening within a few months. I see just a continued long slow grind with some brighter periods and some gloomier periods. I would not be surprised to learn at some point that the government has set up street actions for before the election and are hoping to control it in order to look efficient. Barring a natural disaster, America may never collapse. We’ve been through drought years, flood years, fires and constrained markets before and we have survived. The administration is not trustworthy and it is front page news. I think they will all slink away to other employment/enterprises if they lose the election and will attempt to come back at us all from other directions, such as keeping the fear pumped up via news releases, *studies*, popular media.

            • @ BlueH2O. I have been getting this error 404 message, but here goes again. Credit is a killer for MOST individuals. Your friends that you know are responsible and know how to use the system to their advantage, this is good. However MOST people cannot be trusted with credit, the temptation is too severe. To most people credit is like giving a chimp a machine gun, with a few extra magazines to boot, and feeling that the chimp will use the weapon like someone that is responsible that has much experience with firearms. Ain’t going to happen as credit has proven to totally destroy the idiot’s life that cannot handle a plastic card.

              Individuals with credit DON’T behave well in the market for one thing as they usually go shopping when they are hungry and end up buying a bunch of crap food loaded with calories and nothing else. At least with cash someone has a set limit and will be more likely to go to the store and only get what they need. With a credit card they see nothing but a number that means nothing at the end of the transaction. People also fail to look for good deals and sales as much because they really are not running their lives on a budget. People just scan and be done, oblivious to how much they just spent.

              Then the idiot gets something that only someone with a low IQ could find as good news when they get their statement from the credit card company. “Congratulations” your line of credit has been raised, because of your timely on time payments you now have x…. number of dollars you can now spend. Giving the imbecile the notion that they are “oh so responsible” and reason to celebrate and go put something that they deserve as a reward on their new higher line of credit. Talk about the old adage that a sucker is born every second.

              Credit is a disease that has put this country into the graveyard with, both on small scale and nationwide. Only those that are truly responsible should ever have credit, like you never give an animal a loaded firearm.

              In respect to nothing happening, you could be right, but signs are pointing to something big. In the immediate future, I would look real close at the Middle East. Each month 5 days before or after a new moon, Israel as a window that the skies are dark enough to attack Iran. The next new moon is July 19, so the window is next between July 14-24. I cannot say the catastrophic events that will occur with a TRUE regional war over there. Everyone is thinking about the election right now and the economy, yet over in the Middle East exists a powder keg that with one spark could end the economy and the election, and perhaps civilization.

              Remember when Hezbollah and Isreal went at it a few years ago. This time Hezbollah has over 300,000 rockets and Syria and Iran will likely get involved before Iraqn is even attecked if Hezbollah starts something again with Israel. You also have a new Egyptian president that absolutely hates Jewish people and Israel. This is something to worry about in the short term on top of the strange geo-physical events that are going on. Just remember, IT can happen at anytime and many times it just does. Always be ready, so a surprise never catches you off guard.

      97. When I first moved to California about 9 years ago I couldn’t understand how so many people could afford homes. Most had very average paying jobs, yet had huge houses, nice cars, pools, RVs, fancy vacations, etc. I scratched my head, frustrated that I could not afford a house, a bit jealous, but knowing that eventually this would catch up to all of them…it had to. Right? But for years people kept spending/buying, living beyond their means. The credit card companies made it possible. The banks made it possible. The government not only made it possible they assisted those that could NOT afford such things. But the people also made it possible. They had a choice and they chose unwisely.

        Then BOOM: 2008 collapse, bubble burst, S*** began to hit the fan. But, there is a lot of s*** and the fan is very big and for the past 4 years more S*** kept getting thrown at the fan. But now the fan is getting damaged and slowing down and spewing some of that S*** right back at us.

        As Be Informed stated, there are many indicators and causes leading to disaster. Unfortunately all that we as a nation and world have done is put a bandaid on the wound of a hemophiliac and because we cannot momentarily see the blood we assume all is good (by we I do mean sheeple).

        Will collapse occur? Absolutely. When? I don’t understand how this can be a question. It is already occurring…slowly…very slowly. Our American lifestyle is fraying, sometimes one or 2 threads at a time but eventually the threads will get to a major seam and when the seam ruptures then the panic will set in. Our humanity and spoiled American lifestyle has been pushed right up to the edge of a cliff by corruption in the private and public sector, greed, laziness, immorality…. It will likely be a perfect storm of these combined with some crappy blows by mother nature. Could that happen soon? Damn straight it could. Could it happens years from now? Yup.

        I am not a hardcore prepper. I don’t have an arsenal. I don’t have a cellar dedicated for food. By I am preparing. And for all of those who laugh at the preppers, do you also laugh at the Boy Scouts? Because their tried and true motto has always been “Be Prepared”. Works for them…works for me.

      98. no more rule of law
        No criminal prosecution of Holder for contempt

        do what ever you want, why not..the government does..our own AG is ciminally liable and he gets a I guess there is no more rule of law in this country

        • vrf-Same oold, same old.

          Same with corzine and dimmon, a dog and pony show

          and they go after basesball players.

          What a joke.

          Could we have expected anything else????

          • the real question is this. when do jamie dimon, lloyd blankfein, jon corzine and even andrew b adler go to prison? tell us barack? andrew b adler made a published threat against this mans life and i guess thats not even enough to go to prison . we know that jon corzine gave you billions and thats why hes not in prison. in the case of dimon and blankfein.its monkey see , monkey do… and they aint seen nothing. how can you ask , even the coldest bloodiest criminals to go to prison when you will not enforce the law evenly?

            • Ever wonder why Madoff got carted off to jail while all these other puke faces get a free pass? Ole Bernie was keeping the funds in his circle of family and friends instead of funneling it to the political cronies.

          • VRF; Kevin:

            There is the use of law as a tool of force against the non-connected or the outspoken. There is the use of intimidation and coercion via the myriad regulations and agencies. There is the use of power to cause humiliation in order to distract and to further the class warfare meme.

            It is probably purposeful. It will probably increase.

          • I guess we shouldnt expect anything less, especially if you are one of the awake, it should come as no surprise..piss you off? no doubt!
            yeah i hear exactly what your saying, they are a joke

            • Yes it pisses me off. I’m there with ya!!

              For once I would like to see one of the crooks in handcuffs going to jail.

              All we get see are people not in their loop, whislteblowers (getting framed),political opponents, and common people go.

              A dream of mine would be Stewart Rhodes or a guy like him as attorney general, arresting ALL the crooks from the last 5 administrations, and sending our military to hunt who flee, down.

              Actually that would be my WET DREAM!!!!!!

        • VRF, Holder will be prosecuted through civil contempt because it’s the Congressional method of choice. The civil contempt charge means that the investigation will be conducted outside of DoJ and Holder will have no influence or power over the investigators. Also, the civil contempt proceedings will be quicker.

          The best part has yet to come. Friday, it was learned that Rep. Issa has wiretaps…..Heh heh

          • I hope your right

      99. Confused by Wi-Fi, SWAT team raids wrong house…

        Teenage girl was watching the Food Network when door came down, stun grenade went off.


        Direct link below.

      100. Pasted-

        A Beer Story Explains US Taxes…
        In A Way Even A Democrat Should Understand

        Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this:

        The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing.
        The fifth would pay $1.
        The sixth would pay $3.
        The seventh would pay $7.
        The eighth would pay $12.
        The ninth would pay $18.
        The tenth man (the richest) would pay $59.

        So, that’s what they decided to do. The ten men drank in the bar every day and seemed quite happy with the arrangement, until one day, the owner threw them a curve. ‘Since you are all such good customers, he said, ‘I’m going to reduce the cost of your daily beer by $20. Drinks for the ten now cost just $80.

        The group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes so the first four men were unaffected. They would still drink for free. But what about the other six men – the paying customers? How could they divide the $20 windfall so that everyone would get his ‘fair share?’ They realized that $20 divided by six is $3.33. But if they subtracted that from everybody’s share, then the fifth man and the sixth man would each end up being paid to drink his beer. So, the bar owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man’s bill by roughly the same amount, and he proceeded to work out the amounts each should pay.

        And so:

        The fifth man, like the first four, now paid nothing (100% savings).
        The sixth now paid $2 instead of $3 (33%savings).
        The seventh now pay $5 instead of $7 (28%savings).
        The eighth now paid $9 instead of $12 (25% savings).
        The ninth now paid $14 instead of $18 (22% savings).
        The tenth now paid $49 instead of $59 (16% savings).

        Each of the six was better off than before. And the first four continued to drink for free. But once outside the restaurant, the men began to compare their savings.

        ‘I only got a dollar out of the $20,’declared the sixth man. He pointed to the tenth man,’ but he got $10!’

        ‘Yeah, that’s right,’ exclaimed the fifth man. ‘I only saved a dollar, too. It’s unfair that he got ten times more than I!’

        ‘That’s true!!’ shouted the seventh man. ‘Why should he get $10 back when I got only two? The wealthy get all the breaks!’

        ‘Wait a minute,’ yelled the first four men in unison. ‘We didn’t get anything at all. The system exploits the poor!’

        The nine men surrounded the tenth and beat him up.

        The next night the tenth man didn’t show up for drinks, so the nine sat down and had beers without him. But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important. They didn’t have enough money between all of them for even half of the bill!

        And that, boys and girls, journalists and college professors, is how our tax system works. The people who pay the highest taxes get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up anymore. In fact, they might start drinking overseas where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier.

        David R. Kamerschen, Ph.D

        • And they pull a John Galt…bring it; time to push the reset button.

        • Greetings Everyone1
          Mr.Kamersschen:your story is humorous,if not quite true.That is not how our tax system works.The tenth man NEVER pays any taxes.period.In fact,if he(or his corporation) were in agribusiness,oil business or any other business connected with the government,he would be being paid by the bar from the start.Guess having a “Ph.D” after your name isn’t what it used to be.Our boy “running the Fed” is certain proof of that.Your remarks:”And that, boys and girls, journalists and college professors, is how our tax system works.” reeks of hubris and a attitude of “you all know so much less than me”!
          Nice try,but I for one know your statements are based on a false premise with a fallacy for a conclusion.
          Have a nice day!
          do you have your towel yet?
          Best to All here!
          Be careful,there are truly evil men afoot out there!

      101. Well, the S has done hit the fan over in Maryland where family lives. They’re all in the DC-metro suburbs and without power. The 2 utility companies (BG&E and PEPCO) say there are thousands without power. There have been 5 deaths so far. Two brothers in law have generators and basic foods stored. The sister in law doesn’t have a genny but she has food. My mother and step-father don’t have a genny, and they’re probably being elderly-mall-rats today.

        The news from that area says people began running to the stores for ice and gasoline. (Is anyone surprised??) People are pissed that their air conditioning has gone belly-up when the temps yesterday and today are 100-degrees or worse. Who wants to bet that the pizza delivery service will be swamped all day? Those folks always want an eeeeasy fix!

        Maybe this event will have a good message for my dear ole mom. Over the course of the past 4 months, I have convinced my mother to have extra items in the pantry. She has enough dry foods to last a few weeks. She told me they have a few gallons of water too. The store’s right around the corner, doncha know. lol

        To her credit though, she has listened about keeping at least 1/2 a tank of gasoline in her car. And she withdrew 3 months of cash from the bank this week after she learned of all the bank-hacking going on. Maybe after this latest SHTF-snafu, she’ll come around even more. No one likes to melt in the heat!

        • Where they going to get pizza from? It is an area wide outage affecting a million and a half people. Miserable in that heat and humidity. A four deep cycle battery cart will at least run a small freezer for awhile and some low wattage emergency lights. Once it is connected to a small solar charging system it should go for days. At least out here in the Southwest this time of year.

          • Oh John W, I was just joking….guess I should have added an “LOL” in there.

            The news is saying there are millions without power in that region now. I wonder if it’ll be business-as-usual in DC come Monday!

            (Still haven’t heard from my folks but they know to come here if needed. We’ve had “the talk”.)

            • Zoltanne,
              I checked on my sister in Raleigh since she is a mess physically and loss of AC would probably kill her. No problems where they are. Hope your folks are doing well. The weather is the main reason I stay in San Diego even though calif. is a mess. 85 in the day and sixties at night in the Summer. Winter we get eighty degree days and sometimes frost at night. Hard to beat but sure would be nice if it rained more. My guess is that if Obama loses and it is close we all better have enough so we can avoid shopping for a few days as the fraud accusations will be flying.

            • @ John W. Air conditioning for your sister In North Carolina can be a problem that can be solved for awhile should the power go out. If your sister has enough money a nice inverter electric generator, such as Honda, that work depending on the electric load should be the answer. A small window air conditioner only takes up about 500-700 watts and using a 1000 watt generator it would only use up about 1 and 1/2 gallons of gas a day powering the air conditioner for 24 hours. At least if your sister can have a cool retreat to escape to she should be ok.

              I would be more concerned that you are in San Diego. While WHEN the San Andreas breaks the energy will be focused northwest towards LA, many faults will break after that much energy is released like it did back more than a half of century ago in Mongolia with a very similar fault system. There is a fault just 2 miles off shore in San Diego that is believed to connect with the Newport Inglewood fault that is a very intense 90 degree thrust fault that last went off in Long Beach in 1933. This could break afterwards.

              I lived in california and the smugness about the San Andreas was unbelivable that no one ever thought it would ever go off. Every year it doesn’t it builds up more energy to be released and that much worse. The southern San Andreas out by the Salton Sea hasn’t gone off in at least 310 years. It is not the shaking intensity that is going to knock down everything, it is the duration. For every 2 miles of fault rapture you get about 1 second of shaking. I went through the Landers earthquake in 1992 that lasted about 35 seconds and that was intense enough, the San Andreas will likely break 300 miles minimum, 150 seconds of shaking.

              I have been paying close attention to the worldwide plates, and there is so much pressure building up to finally release the San Andreas. Just a suggestion, WHEN it breaks try to go east to some of the lakes in the Cleveland National Forest if you can, because water is going to be scarce and terribly fought over with the millions in the area. I think the spanish gangs is what would terrify me if I was there. Stay safe.

        • Folks are really stupid…105 in Ky today.
          Guess what my ac sits on?? 82 with 2 fans in one room and chicken salad(with bread or stuffed tomato) for dinner.
          Guess what neighbor on back porch most of the day has their ac sitting on? 72.
          Now, who is adding to the overload of the circuits tonight IF the electricity is interrupted??

      102. September-October is good for me. I just bought a Trane.

        • yea september -october of maybe 2017

      103. hmmmmm..seems to me that what is one persons collapse is another persons bump in the road…either way, it is good to be prepared for whatever may happen…but i dont appreciate it much when someone looks me straight on in the eye and tells me to lighten up cause aint nothing gonna happen or change. it is just my humble opinion, and nothing more-but i am just not all that worried about financial collapse..and franklly, that has already happened and continues to happen on a daily basis to millions of people around the world day in and day out. this is why i stay prepared for anything as best as i can. i dont have any money or gold or silver to brag about. what i have is paid for, simple and humble as it is.

      104. kevin,

        Man do I have some catchin up to do today – thanks for the info again. Might have to move off the east coat. If I don’t I’ll just wait for the big one and surf it to Atlanta. lol

        Burt, I thought you went to bed! How’s V treating you? One thing for sure, you won’t need any help from me with V.
        Y’all Beware! Ha Ha. Today’s medicine – 2 Coors Light and a tall Crown Royal shooter!

      105. @V……

        “V” says:
        June 29, 2012 at 4:51 pm

        How long have you been here at SHTFPlan? I only wonder because I’ve been here about 2-3 months. I am NO TROLL, are you?

        Once again… the childish sophomoric reasoning and “gotcha” comments here are hilarious!

        How about saving judgment on a person there Walt until you ASK THEM yourself?


        Actually V….my comment about some bridge missing its troll wasn’t even directed at you.

        Being a bit sensitive there, aren’t you?

      106. kynase says:June 30, 2012 at 12:35 am

        When I first moved to California about 9 years ago I couldn’t understand how so many people could afford homes…
        Well, for us in Tennessee, for a while dh and I were puzzled at the size of the homes aquaintances and dh’s business associates lived in.
        Well, we discovered there was a thingy called ‘interest only’ loans. And many were using leasing cars in my frame of mind.
        I’d like to see how that worked out for them; we’re in Ky now.

      107. wall street must believe things are getting better with the market up almost 300 points friday. Just make believe things are great?

        • They’re celebrating that Europe is going to issue more bonds so they can bail out the banks.

          Kind of like being in debt up to your eyeballs and celebrating because you just got a new credit card with a $50,000 credit line.

          You must be rich, ’cause you got credit…..right?

      108. D.C. Is getting a taste what a collapse is like! No water and power.

        • Exactly what I was thinking. We aren’t only prepping for TEOTWAWKI, but also if storms knock the grid down for days or weeks. It’s happening right now. Some are prepped on the east coast and have water and food stored and probably alternative energy sources. How valuable would it be to be a prepper out there right now?

          • @ Norse Prepper. Several years ago the power went out here for all day and the temperature was over 100 degrees, and you should have seen just how few people had electric generators to even operate a box fan to cool off, let alone an air conditioner. Even after hearing the air conditioners going that I powered with the electric generator and remarking how they wished they to had portable power, people soon forgot about their misery they suffered without power and during the next power outage after a thunderstorm blew the power out, din’t have any power.

            I really enjoying finding all sorts of survival items at garage sales, but it also shows me just how people can sell what they need without any regard to being ready. I got 4 and 1/2 pounds worth of candles yesterday at a garage sale for one dollar, would have cost at least $20 at a store elsewhere as these candles were brand new. I said to myself though, why would anyone sell candles that have so many uses. Then the old idea of how people feel that they will never need them, until the next power outage and the batteries in their flashlight or lantern they find have leaked and they spend the night in the dark crashing into each other. Of course they have no back-ups, extra batteries or CANDLES.

            It really is sad just how most individuals have become so dependent on society functioning that they just cannot even think “what if……………….”

        • They will probably all be given generators at the taxpayers expense.

      109. Im sorry,but let the SHTFREAKIN FANNNNNN.Hey Walt,Screw em with that CCard.

      110. To Jim the Cop,your a tool,sorry,but a tool.

      111. Well, my neighbor has THE answer; the most expensive generator on the market; he can power up his whole house and his A.C…AND HE’S PREPPED!!!
        Water for a water blackout?? Nope.
        Food for a shortage of gas/truckers?? Nope.
        PI3 for nuclear plant leak?? Oh, please!
        How much gas does he have?? for that beast of a generator??
        Medicines for long term?? Nope.
        These are just a few things and the entire street are members of this club.
        For them, HELL is on its way.

      112. All rhetoric aside, a logical discussion of the state of the nation is the main criteria. I for one have been watching and listening and frankly am scared to death. In the situation I am in with so many looking to me in case of this calamity .. no one in my family is taking this serious. Walking with their head in the clouds oblivious to all that is happening. I cannot say for sure anything will happen and there again how can it not? But as always with all sitiuations that I have warned my loved ones about they will look to me to fix it. The reason I visit this site is to stay informed on what others are thinking and doing. Can we keep the dicussion about if any of you have already went to your safe places and if so why now? I am not being critical I really am concerned and want to know if any of you who ware way more informed than I can share your vast knowledge and share it with me. I would be forever grateful

      113. i cant believe people think this jim guy is for real!

        • Real or not the sentiments he reflected pretty much coincides with our suspicions. I for one hope that he is not “for real”. It just takes a small portion of common sense to know that we are in for some kind of economic event due to poor judgement and greedy practices in washington. I for one would think that it would be foolish if our law enforcement did not have a plan just in case. The old saying “look for the worst and hope for the best” should apply here.

      114. Right, “collapse by September”….Zzzz Zzzzz Zzzz…
        I’ve been reading these same lines since 1995.

      115. I think the facts are now starting to fall into place.

        The govt is financially toast.

        The constitution has been shredded.

        Gun control will be hitting hard shortly.

        Detention facilities, ammo stockpiling, the UN.

        We are in a lot of trouble.

        Stock up, war is near.

      116. a co-worker’s step-aunt makes $84 an hour on the laptop. She has been out of a job for nine months but last month her payment was $13110 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Here’s the site to read more makecash16. çom

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