Watch: This Thug Tries To Rob A Store Where Every Customer Is Armed

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    People who support gun control often argue that it would be disastrous if everyone was walking around with a gun at all times. They fear that it would make firearm accidents more likely, and in the event that a robber or a mass shooter is on the loose, there would be a chaotic hail of gunfire from all directions.

    It’s a silly argument to make, considering that even in states where there are loose gun laws, and where it is easy to obtain a concealed carry permit, only a minority of citizens carry guns at all times. But for the sake of argument, what would happen if everyone was armed in the vicinity of a violent criminal?

    Perhaps this footage of a liquor store robbery in Brazil can answer that question. It shows what happens when a robber tries to hold up a store where every customer is packing heat.

    The footage, which was originally posted on Liveleak, is dated May 31st, 2017. The gunman enters the store with a motorcycle helmet to conceal his face, but appears to drop his weapon after he walks past one of the customers. Then he is shot after every customer draws a gun on him.

    Not many details about this incident have been released so far. It’s not clear if the robber survived. It’s also not clear if the customers were plainclothes police officers, or if they were ordinary citizens. Though the latter of those possibilities wouldn’t be far fetched. For starters, you’ll notice that the customers aren’t sporting the short, military style haircuts that most Brazilian cops have, nor are they all carrying the same type of firearm.

    Also, Brazil has one of the highest violent crime rates in world, and their gun laws that make it very difficult for most people outside of law enforcement to carry firearms in public. However, more than a third of the guns in that country are unregistered, so clearly most people are ignoring their government’s onerous gun laws.

    It’s very possible that in the footage, we’re seeing several civilians break the law to protect themselves and the cashier.

    Regardless of who these people are, it just goes to show that the best crime deterrent isn’t a cop who will show up five minutes after a victim calls 911. It’s people who are armed, and on the scene when a crime takes place.

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      1. I must be blind, but I couldn’t tell who shot the guy.

        Also…the guy in the white shirt sure looks to be military or police type to me.

        • I’m thinking the heavy guy on the far left pulled out his gun and fired from the waist, causing the bad guy to drop his weapon and go down. The guy to his right fires when the bad guy tries to reach for his gun.

          • The People of the UK need to see this video. They banned guns there, and the murder rate increased, they banned knives and the murder rate climbs. Prime Minister May’s response to the Muslim Knife slashings? Restrict the Internet even more. No kidding. That’s all she’s got, is take more citizens rights away.

            That Robbery would not happen in my area. Everybody I know carries. Except the dopes and druggies who have felony arrests. And they are usually so wacked out you could push them over and they’d fall on the floor.

            • Theresa May is an appalling prime minister. Watching her hobble about on her high heels like a drunk pigeon as a terror attack was launched on parliament was priceless and symbolic of her weakness and inability to act on terrorism. The British once had a tough female prime minister but they have mistakenly extrapolated that women and dykes are somehow better at running security operations when in fact they are no better and even worse as we see now. Young girls and women have been brutaly murdered by these terrorists in the past months and the weak female prime minister has no idea what to do.

              • Dont confuse Black Crime as “gun Crime,” the rest of the country manages to obey the law and live peacefully, and their weapons manage to not commit a homicide on their own.

          • One guy in a white shirt exits the store right after the shooting, suggesting that the stupid gun laws are being ignored and he wants to steer clear of the aftermath.

      2. Chicago citizens need to see this video!

      3. Poor robber.

        • you might say he’s been “reformed”!

      4. I guess he could not afford body armor, sad.

      5. Amen brother for the regular guy that carries!!

      6. Way it outta be world wide. Would break up shit like what happened in London the other day. Them wide eyed dumb shits in the land of “Butter Pie” can’t even carry a folding pocket knife legally.

          • That was cool! Thanks.

        • PO’d Patriot, that’s why I’m glad to be American-born and bred. I carry whatever I choose and don’t even think about legality. The criminal scum don’t think about legality when they do the things they do. They don’t play by any rules, so I don’t either. When I’m confronted by anyone, I just do what needs to be done. all I care about is getting out of that situation alive. Law doesn’t matter when your life and your loved ones’ lives are on the line.

        • I’ve been to London many times. It’s truly pathetic how criminals have way more rights than the law-abiding citizens there. You have absolutely no right of defense whatsoever there. You can’t even jab a pencil into your attacker’s eye in self-defense without being arrested and charged while your attacker gets a slap on the wrist and free healthcare.

          London is truly a pathetic liberal cesspool, as is Paris too. They get what they sowed.

      7. Guns don’t stop bombs.

        Guns don’t stop the IRS from taxing us to death.

        Guns don’t stop politicians and news people from lying.

        Guns don’t stop the Federal Reserve.

        Guns don’t stop VD.

        But guns sure stopped this poor stupid son of a beatch.


        • The bullet stopped him

        • They can stop all of that. Use or lose em.

        • He wuz a good boi. He didn do nuffins. He wuz turnin his life aroun.

        • Guns only do what they’re told.

      8. Can’t fix stupidity. Imagine that; trying to rob a business where EVERYONE is carrying. I can imagine it with our own ‘African-American’ trash. They never have two brain cells to put together anyway.

      9. That was quick.

      10. Get this….The Brits released “all” the Muslim suspects involved in the Manchester attack. Many were on watch lists, some had previous criminal records, and most had espoused jihad, sharia, and death to the west on their twitter/facebook posts. In other words, the Brits (and us too) cannot do a damned thing to these insects until they actually kill. Because the defense is that since they haven’t done anything yet, you can’t prove they will…therefore you must let them go. Otherwise they will get an atoaneee and sue for false arrest and file a civil rights violation for racism/discrimination.
        Their using our own laws & filthy lawyers against us.
        I want a freeze on “all” immigration for 20 years. I want “all” the refugees from the turd-world nations that have come in under asylum over the last 20 years deported. I want “all” the mooolims on watch lists detained indefinitely in internment camps, like we did to the Japs during WWIII. And lastly, and most importantly, I want “all” the insects that have been convicted of terror (like Maj. Hassan) to be summarily execute by firing squad.
        This is WAR….and until we take the gloves off, define the enemy, and go all to destroy the enemy by any means, we will lose this WAR by attrition…as we are losing it now.!!!!!

        • I want a 50 cal

      11. And one other thing…I want “all” the attorneys that have represented these insects in discrimination and civil rights violations to be indicted for aiding and abetting the enemy. And I want them in prison…!!!!

        • J, no sandape who attacks me will even live to file any kind of suit. Dead sandapes tell no tales.

        • Not in prison, swinging from a tree is much better for them.

        • Good point on the attorneys and a good and simple outcome for this thief. Lawyers are a very big part opf what is wrong in USA today. Professional liars and distorters to create any shadow of doubt and or push many PC agendas as a defense of a crime. SPLC is a good example to the extreme.

      12. The right to self protection is built into us by nature, the fight or flight instinct. Only when a populace has been well-conditioned can this be overcome. That’s when the REAL tyranny starts. And, fortunately, there will always be some who will resist the conditioning.
        What is the 2nd Amendment?
        “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
        Questions- Are these just words on an old historical document? Does it mean the amendment gives me the right to own a weapon? What if those words had never been written? What if the amendment is changed, or removed, or somehow reinterpreted by a court? Even the highest court in the land?
        Answers- They are not just words on a document. They are the firmly-held beliefs of the men who formed this nations government. They reflect not only their understanding of how various governments had operated throughout history, but also, a deep understanding of human nature. The founders knew that, given the opportunity, some men would inevitably attempt to install themselves as rulers and oppressors. The founders were determined not to allow that. The ‘people’ would always have the force necessary to resist evil.
        And it was evil in the very government they were establishing which they wanted to oppose. They knew human nature. The 2nd Amendment, as well as the rest of the Bill Of Rights and, indeed, the entire U.S. Constitution, is directed at the GOVERNMENT, not the people.
        The Constitution tells those in political authority exactly what their limits are. It reminds all who would hold office, whether elected or appointed, that there are strict limitations on the powers of their office.
        More specifically, the 2nd Amendment confers NO rights to any group or individual. It merely states that they already HAVE those rights.
        As for court rulings, licensing, permits, and such- What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand? No court, legislature or bureaucratic entity can take what is has not given. The people’s right to bear arms did not derive from government, hence, it can not be deprived by government.
        The right of self protection is inherent in all humans. It comes from God and only He can limit or remove it. Or, if you prefer, the right comes from Nature. Either way it is not revocable by people. Except under specific instances.
        When people collectively choose to alter or surrender certain rights, by referendum or the action of those chosen to represent the will of the people, only then is the alteration of those rights legitimate. And the people always retain the right to reclaim those rights. I don’t recall any election, at least on a national scale, concerning the right to bear arms, do you?

        • You gave up all rights when you willingly became a tax slaves and they used the money to hire Feds

          • You became a US Government Slave when your Parents applied for a Social Security Number for you at birth. Basically a Federal Pen Tattoo’d tax slave. Congratulations! If I had it to do all over again, I would have went the Sovereign Citizen route.

            • Sovereign citizens don’t exist. You would have to own your own army.

          • this is what they want us to believe

            Aint happening with this guy

            they gonna have to fight me for it .. feel lucky?

        • @ Smokin Okie
          You coved the gun rights issue 110% !
          Good to hear from you ??
          Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

      13. SmokinOkie, glad to see you back and that was one of your best posts ever. Nothing in there I’ll ever dispute.

      14. AWSEOME !

      15. You said it Mac. Americans should be very careful when they enter the tyrannical cities of New York City, San Francisco, or other ready-to-be-kill-zones. Those places have disarmed their citizens and made a target-rich-terror-zone of their city limits. The second amendment is not a suggestion – “….SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

      16. Dude went down like sack of potatoes.

      17. I think the video is from Brazil. They have some real good videos of bad guys getting “adjudicated”.

      18. Every study on crime and or firearms proves time and time again, that 99.99999% of American gun owners do not commit crimes or use our firearms in any dangerous or improper way.

        December 28, 2016 Gun-controlled Chicago fast-approaching 800 homicides
        for 2016

        At first, the 2016 murder figures for gun-controlled Chicago drew attention by hitting 500, which was 32 higher than the total number of murders in 2015. Then the number of murders rose to 700, followed by a Chicago Tribune report that the number of murders between January 1, 2016, and December 6, 2016, hit 731.

      19. Soooo having a non violent felony conviction 38 years ago keeps me from having the right and means to defend myself. That block should fall by the wayside after no incidents in that period of time. They restored my voting right a few year years after, that should include the restoration of the right to self defense.

      20. good

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