Watch This Teacher: “Preaching Crazy Conspiracy Theories”

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    Jason Glicker is a substitute teacher at Grosse Pointe North High School in Detroit, MI.

    He recently had a discussion with his students about various topics that include September 11th, World War II, and false flag terror attacks. What makes Mr. Glicker’s approach a bit different from anything his students have ever heard before is that he doesn’t exactly subscribe to the “official” stories surrounding these historical events.

    Rather than following textbook curriculum, Glicker chose to share some alternative ideas. One of his students happened to capture it all on video and share it on the internet. Now, parents and mainstream media outlets are up in arms, because according to them, his theories are a bit “bizarre.”

    Substitute teacher taped spouting BIZARRE conspiracy theories in high school physics class

    A student at a public, taxpayer-funded high school in Michigan has clandestinely filmed a substitute teacher preaching crazy conspiracy theories in front of a high school physics class last month.

    Note that The Daily Caller takes special care to let you know that this is a “public” and “taxpayer” funded institution. We’re not exactly sure why that’s important, but apparently if taxpayers are paying for it, then there can be no open discourse or theoretical discussions about any topic except for what the government and teachers’ unions authorize.

    The “crazy conspiracy” theories that can be heard on the video include suggestions that 9-11 may have involved members of Pakistani intelligence services who were funded by the CIA and brainwashing of the terrorists involved. Glicker also went so far as to suggest that President Roosevelt and members of the military had foreknowledge of an impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, something that has actually been verified by countless independent sources and recently made into a documentary by the BBC. He also mentioned that governments are often complicit in attacks that are seemingly executed by the enemy, though are often funded or organized by the very people who then point fingers at others. It’s another “conspiracy theory” validated by decades of facts including the Reichstag fire that gave the Nazis a leg up in Germany and the completely staged Gulf of Tonkin incident cited as the start of the Vietnam war.

    Other topics discussed include the crazy notion that the United States sold guns to Mexican drug cartels in something called Operation Fast and Furious, as well as the Iran/Contra affair in which agents of the U.S. government facilitated the sale of weapons to Iran.

    Here’s video of the “incident”:

    (Video via The Daily Sheeple)

    The student who recorded the video was later quoted as saying, “it is inappropriate for him [Glicker] to indoctrinate students without facts or logical discussion, especially in a physics class.” It is, however, apparently appropriate for this Mensa candidate to have his cell phone on and recording during physics class. We’re sure this particular social networking butterfly would prefer to spend his time working advanced theoretical equations that he can then post on his Facebook page or Youtube channel for all the world to see.

    Of course, the “facts” in all of the aforementioned events are not only disputed, but logical discussions about them are widely available all over the internet, something this particular student could have easily accessed on the very cell phone with which he recorded the lecture.

    “I like it when kids are engaged and they’re actually interested if I have something to say, they seem like they want to hear it. I will definitely tell them,” said Glicker when asked about his non-traditional  method of teaching.

    The real indoctrination, at least for the student who caught this on video, has been successfully fulfilled and he can now join the ranks of his fellow police statists currently being educated throughout America.

    It’s shameful, but unfortunately a sign of our times, that anyone who questions the status quo and the official story is subjected to public ridicule by the very people who are supposed to investigate and keep our government in check.

    Had anyone in the mainstream media, or the student who made the video, taken just a single hour to open their minds to other possibilities they would have learned that most of Glicker’s theories have, if nothing else, at least some semblance of fact and credibility.

    Of course, this is the new America, where free thought and open discussion are relics of a bygone era.


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      1. Most people are stupid. Young ones even more. I no longer care.

        • An open mind is a terrible thing to waste.

          • Good teacher!

            • UH-OHH , That dont sound like “common core”.
              Somebodys got some splainin to do.

              • If he was a mensa candidate, I’ll bet he gets in now, in exchange for…

                • Bad dog, Mr. Glick, no biscuit!
                  You’re screwing with a system
                  that only wants to crank out
                  Manchurian Candidates.

                  • It is really simple. Strive for the truth no matter how unpopular it is with most or even everyone. That truth can be totally outlandish or something that is obvious and right under anyone’s nose. Whether it is climate change, some planet X, aliens visiting the planet, NWO, bankers, WHATEVER. Each topic has a truth behind it, something that explaines it ACCURATELY. Science and numbers can also disprove something that is a myth like a 300 foot tsunami generated from a Canary Islands collapse 3500 miles away.

                    There is so much real truth out there being hidden. There is also a lot of pure horsesh$% out there that doesn’t even deserve credit as a National Inquirer story. All one can look for is the truth and be allowed to present their side to an argument. It is the job of someone that calls a story outlandish and rubbish to prove or present debatable evidence of some sort to counter it. This is what is called seeking the truth about an issue. This is all any of us want is the truth no matter what it is so we can far easier deal with it.

                  • @John Q.

                    Kudos for writing that primer!

                • @ Be Informed,
                  “Science and numbers can also disprove something that is a myth like a 300 foot tsunami generated from a Canary Islands collapse 3500 miles away. ”

                  Thank you. I don’t know if that’s been talked about here before, but it annoyed me from the first I saw it on some “fear porn” on a show on the History Channel or maybe Discovery Channel.

                  Not to denigrate all “fear porn”. I find some of it fascinating; but presenting things that are absurd on their face as inevitable events really bothers me. It strikes me as being as inherently irresponsible as shouting fire in a crowded theater.

                  But I think you missed the mark on your final sentence. I think most people only want confirmation of what they’d prefer were true. Anyone can be guilty of that (myself included) but others make it a lifestyle.

                  • BI, good evening, and once again, AMEN to all of your comments. It’s amazing how you and I are always on the same page. I always strive for truth. I totally reject propaganda, regardless of the source. Give me truth over propaganda 24/7/365. Yes, there are times when truth hurts, but I’ve always known how to deal with truth. anyone who can’t handle the truth, just how the hell do they get thru life?

            • @Iowa…NO….NOT A GOOD TEACHER!

              It’s Physics class. TEACH PHYSICS. F=MA, GM1M2 / R2, Angular Momentum. Not cultural theories; at least not in that class.

              Every month part of my mortgage payment goes to fund town taxes of which, a majority goes to funding the school system. I’m paying for Phyics, Math, Science, English.

              What I’m not paying for is personal commentary; neither republican, democratic, or any measure in between.

              It’s not a commentary on the teacher’s beliefs; it’s a commentary on job performance. And I’m sorry, but on job performance, it is a fail.

              • “clandestinely filmed a substitute teacher ”

                Key word being substitute.
                While i agree with your position , this guy probably has no clue as to the proper curriculum.
                He is a baby sitter , nothing more.
                Didnt have any time to prep for the class , just showed up and goin ad lib .
                just sayin …

                • Howdy, Hammerhead. Substitute or not, mega kudos to this teacher for his “non-traditional approach”. the student who said it was “inappropriate” for the teacher to go against the “conventional wisdom” is nothing more than another brainwashed moron who accepts the govt. position without question or reservation. Hooray for independent thinking.

                  • @ braveheart. How correct you are about brain dead conformity. Coventional wisdom is constipation of the mind.

                  • That student is as dumb as a bunch of rocks! We really are rewarding the zombies.

                    Scientific endeavor is all about challenging conventional wisdom. If he’d researched some of his teacher’s theories and come up with some challenging, coherent arguments against, I’d have some respect.

                    As it is, the student needs to put his phone in his bag, switch it off and pay attention. As an ex-teacher, and a parent – I’m annoyed that the school has not suspended him from lessons to clean the school toilets until he learns some manners. Mobile phone out in class time – HOW RUDE!

                    Any fool can be a candidate for mensa, but you can only join if your IQ is higher than your dog’s. (hint – if shtf then the dog comes with, and I leave that student at the road side!).

                    As for the teacher – there are LOTS of home school groups out there that would welcome him into their midst. In today’s climate he must have known when he opened his mouth he was ending his tax-funded career.

                • The video is 4 minutes long. What was discussed the other 56 minutes? Fill time is all this is. The rest of the time was spent teaching your precious physics bs. At least the students got 4minutes of actual thinking. Screw you scrooge.

              • You’re exactly right. Instead, the teacher should’ve taken the collapses of 3 buildings caused by 2 planes and used physics to prove how absurd the official story is. He could’ve taken the time to use physics to demonstrate the impossibility of a Boeing 757 fitting through the hole in the Pentagon that was much smaller than the diameter of the fuselage of the aircraft, not to mention no damage caused by the impact of the wings. Furthermore, he could’ve used physics to prove the near impossibility of one of the hijacker’s passports surviving the impact into one of the Towers, unscathed, landing near a sidewalk a few blocks away from the trade center. Also, let’s not forget how easily he could’ve disproved the government’s “pancake theory” of these 3 towers falling at near free fall speed, using PHYSICS. Finally, he should’ve used physics to demonstrate the claim of recovering viable DNA from one of the hijackers, as was used to identify them, was an infinitesimal probability.

                Indeed, shame on this substitute teacher. He should’ve gathered his class material from before heading to class that day. Instead, he pissed his opportunity away to truly open the eyes of the youth with his speculation and opinions, rather than altering the subject matter and still teach the topic of the class. Yet another wasted opportunity.

                • JoeRepublic, I agree the teacher should’ve gone further but he did get off to a decent start. the question now is how many of those students were interested enough to start doing their own research and/or ask questions. the outcome will be interesting to see.

                  • The teacher only had 4 mins out of 60 to light just a tiny spark ……………

                    sadly the rest of the lesson had to follow the common core curriculum.

              • …if they were really using “physics” to explain the WTC implosions..then that has everything to do with this discussion…go eff’ yourself…

                RJ O’Guillory
                Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

                • rjogill, you missed joes point , read his post again.

              • Wrong B*ttwipe,

                Youre paying for children TO Learn.
                And learning they are, along with critical thinking in this teachers classroom!
                And NOT learning in the traditional Public indoctrination that goes on today otherwise and gets passed as ‘education’

                • the point bill , is he was off topic.
                  Not about the content.
                  Think before you type.

              • Totally agreed CELLAR SPIDER. The thumbs down are from people who would be ALL OVER this guys ass if he were preaching something they didn’t like.

                • Under more “normal” circumstances, I’d agree with you and Cellar Spider. I don’t believe the state of public education has been remotely “normal” at the high school level for two decades or more.

                  Teachers, substitute or salaried, SHOULD restrict themselves to the topic of the class, and OUGHT TO refrain from indoctrinating the “skulls full of mush” before them.

                  That said, that preferred circumstance of reason, logic, and, most of all, restraint among teachers largely does not exist.

                  Additionally, a substitute teacher in class for one day cannot indoctrinate. He has neither the time nor the power to give kids the alternative of either believing what he says or choosing to leave.
                  Likewise, salaried teachers (despite having the requisite time) also cannot indoctrinate, as the children do not have the option of leaving, or even of disbelieving the teacher … at least, not without damaging their grades in the class.

                  What most public school teachers do is brainwash their wards.

                  Unless public schools have added to the curriculum a specific single class to which “indoctrination” or brainwashing is restricted; then all indoctrination and brainwashing takes place in a class with a different ostensible subject … whether that’s English, or History, or Science, or Health class, or even Physics.

                  So any introduction of information or ideas which differ from the standard politically enforced ideology and which challenge the students to actually USE their minds (an essential part of deprogramming) MUST also take place in a class of a specific subject. A class/subject where such information and ideas not only challenge the ordained programming, but also happen to be “off-topic”(i.e., not teaching strictly physics in Physics class, or science in Science class, etc).

                  I applaud any attempt, with even the craziest of theories, which challenge both the minds of the students AND the standardized programming.

                  To complain about one substitute doing the exact same thing (albeit with contrary ideas and information) that salaried, unionized, pre-brainwashed, public school teachers do every day to millions of children across the country seems a bit hollow.

                  • “not teaching strictly physics in Physics class, or science in Science class, etc”

                    I realized that was redundant. Pick another class of your choice.

                    Gym, perhaps.

              • Cellar Spider

                I agree. Physics class is for physics. If he was ion a History Class he would have some latitude.

              • Cellar Spider, in the eyes of the “educational establishment”, his job performance is poor. Sounds like your view as well. If you believe he should’ve been doing the standard public school brainwashing, then f#$% you!

                • @1braveheart,

                  The irony is this. I absolutely agree with many of his viewpoints. In fact, if he advertised for an open roundtable discussion at a public library or something, I would be the first to sign up.

                  The facts though are this.

                  One, Glicker will never teach in any surrounding school system ever again. He will be blacklisted.

                  Two The liberal teachers will use all the affirmations as to what he did (much to my dismay on this site) as an affirmation to their longstanding daily practices of interjecting their personal liberal beliefs into the classrom thereby propagating their indoctrination theory.

                  And of course, I, who am on the front lines of this teacher bias simply because I send my kids to school, have to deal with it on a daily basis.

                  • Spider

                    Sadly I believe you are correct in the long run. Good teachers will not seize upon teachable moments for fear of being filmed by a student, such as happened in this case.

                  • Cellar Spider, I apologize for flying off the handle so fast like I did. I’m just so sick of the communist indoctrination in the schools and what those scum “educators” are doing to the minds of American schoolchildren. the curriculum is totally unjustifiable. Once again, I’m sorry for misunderstanding your position.

              • I have to disagree Spider. Your taxes are indeed going towards education, so when an educator is presented with a teachable moment why shouldn’t he seize the opportunity.

                B.S. or not, what Mr. Glicker did was seize upon a moment and engage the students in an exercise critical thinking. Its really a shame that the student filming wasted it.

                Not all teachable moments fall within the prescribed parameters of the classroom curriculum.

              • Cellar Spider, do you mean he’s not good because he doesn’t conform to the ‘conventional wisdom’, the govt. propaganda? I say hooray for independent thinking. Kudos to this teacher for trying to rescue some kids from the brainwashing dept., for trying to teach them critical thinking skills. The kid who attacked him is the dildo, not the teacher. this is one teacher who ROCKS! In case you never noticed, your tax dollars are paying for kids to be brainwashed with communist garbage such as hating their country, hating their parents, hating their culture, hating themselves because of some alleged wrongdoings in the past against minority groups, etc. These so-called ‘educators’ can go make love to themselves! If you believe in what they’re doing, then you’re a lost cause.

              • He could have easily taught these dimwitted snitching student with no brain, about all the laws of physics that were broken on 9-11. Then the dumb brainwashed students could reach the logical conclusion that the 9-11 official story is hogwash.

              • CS
                We have to consider that those teachers on the other side are doing their best to indoctrinate our children. So those teachers who see things for how they are should get their truths in when they can.

            • I do what this Rabbi did in Overtime everywhere I go.

          • It is inappropriate for any teacher, especially a substitute teacher, to espouse their personal opinion on or about topics other than that for which they are paid to teach.

            Politics and physics should only be linked during war or revolution. And then only to determine whether Traitors should be hung or shot by a firing squad. 🙂

            For those of you defending this guy, would you support him if he were preaching gun control? I didn’t think so. That principle, like leverage, cuts both ways.

            If students initiated a conversation about a topic other than the required subject, the teacher should point out that the new topic is not what “we are here for and if you really want to discuss this it would be better to do that after class”.

            Engage your employees or have them indoctrinate your children on your dollar, one substitute teacher at a time. 🙂

            • DK, if you’re just being sarcastic, OK, if not, you’re at the wrong site. You know us better than this.

              • BH: Better than what? Some people were support his right to interject his political views into a Physics class where he was being paid by the taxpayers to teach Physics.

                The issue is not what he was preaching. The issue is whether he was entitled to create a political discussion in a Physics class and push his political views, when he is being paid by the taxpayers to teach Physics.

                That is not what the public school was paying him for and the student was right in calling him out. Is this any different than Piers (I Need A Hole in My Head) Morgan using the public airways owned by Americans to preach un-Constitutional Gun Control?

                NO difference! 🙂

                • DK, the teacher was trying to save some kids from the brainwashing that YOU KNOW takes place in the schools. what could be wrong with that? he was challenging his students to THINK FOR THEMSELVES, TO QUESTION THE GARBAGE THEY’VE BEEN TOLD, TO RESEARCH FOR THEMSELVES, ETC. According to you, what this teacher did is anathema. You sound like any of those school officals who I’m sure will shortly deal with him if they haven’t already. Sorry, DK, I don’t see how you can believe in any aspect of this system knowing what it’s really like. PLEASE wake up and smell the coffee.

                  • BH: Live by PRINCIPLE and the issue is crystal clear. To inject your partisan view (or his) into a classroom setting intended for Physics makes you no better than the libtards who also have an Agenda and an ax to grind in the public schools. And they are doing it!

                    The PRINCIPLE must apply across the board, (including the Board of Education) just as the US Constitution must apply to all political/legal issues, ie gun control or illegal immigration.

                    When you say that YOUR bias is ok to be taught, but the liberal view (Agenda 21) then you are being hypocritical and have lost the argument before it has started.

                    I know you are not the brightest light in the room, but you need to get a clue and argue on PRINCIPLE, not on emotion. 🙂

                  • DK, my argument IS based on principle, not just pure emotion. Look at what the libturd curriculum is doing to the minds of these kids as well as to our entire society in general. I’m not being hypocritical about anything. The “educators” don’t even touch upon our views, period! It’s as if we don’t even exist. There’s no question what their intentions are toward the kids, and they’re not good ones, either, not by a long shot. We’ll have to just agree to disagree on this one.

                  • BH: Your argument is NOT based upon PRINCIPLE. It ignores the basic issue, which is … “what should be taught in a Physics class?”

                    If the teacher had taught the Physics of 911 without injecting his personal bias then the PRINCIPLE would not have been breached.

                    When you allow this guy to insert his personal bias into a Physics class, then you open the door for all of the liberal teachers to teach what they want, rather than what they should be teaching.

                    You cannot allow teachers to define the curriculum. THAT is the PRINCIPLE. Imagine an English teacher telling her students that they shouldn’t read Shakespeare but should learn Spanish instead.

                    Duh! McFly, Mcfly, anyone home in there? 🙂

            • The durango kidd says:

              “Engage your employees or have them indoctrinate your children on your dollar, one substitute teacher at a time.”

              They (the children) have been subjected to indoctrination/propaganda for over 160 years.

              Google “Horace Mann.”

              You too are a victim of indoctrination DK; you just can’t see it through your hubris.

              Engage your employees and be enslaved by them one vote at a time. Boobus knows this as “Democracy.”

              The false left/right paradigm appears to be alive and well in the Fascist States of America.

              And just think… you voted for it!

              • YMWW: Guess what dimwit? You fall into that category too. You did go to public school didn’t you? Everyone is “indoctrinated” in some form or the other. The difference is that by the time we are adults we should be able to think for ourselves.

                I assure you, my thoughts are my own, based upon what I want to believe. That is my choice. Life is about expressing what is inside outside. Everything you read here from me is the real deal. I am transparent!!! 🙂

                • Very few agree with your brainwashed ideas durango. The votes prove this.

                  • Iona: I am not running for office so I don’t give a FUCK about your vote. I am stating my opinion, as is my RIGHT, trying to inform and enlighten some imbeciles who do not understand the difference between PRINCIPLE and personal bias.

                    Stand upon PRINCIPLE as enumerated in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and WE win every argument against the liberals.

                    Argue issues on personal bias and America loses. 🙁

            • Folks, as noble as this teacher is, DK, as often he is even if we do not like the message, is correct.

            • Luckily this country is not full of non-thinking stooges like you durango kidd. This teacher had every right to do what he did and more. Telling the truth is not a crime. And if you can’t handle the truth, too bad.

              • Iona: Take your head out of your ass. The issue isn’t “truth”; either his, yours, or someone else’s opinion of what is true. Personal bias does not trump PRINCIPLE.

                The issue is whether this substitute teacher, or any teacher for that matter, should be preaching their personal bias in the classroom, rather than the subject for which they are paid to teach.

                Are you always in a fog? 🙂

          • His personal OPINIONS on UNPROVEN conspiracy theories do NOT belong ANY classroom. Period.

            If you allow HIS, you have to allow those you don’t agree with.

            He was WRONG.

            And he doesn’t need to be subbing anymore. Probably why he couldn’t get a real teaching position.

            • Who the f#$% yanked on your chain? I thought Mac barred you from this site. You better move on. We don’t want to hear your crap. Mac, look who’s back.

            • Exactly. Instead, we should have you sub and introduce the kids to the evils of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, eh?

          • A mind is a terrible thing

            • and it must be wasted
              in our lifetime
              before it hurt somebody

            • To mind is a terrible thing … too.

          • I know the Lackawana six were dating American women.

            This guy is full of shit.

        • “DHS seeks nationwide license plate tracking system” (

          The American Police State becomes more and more blatantly a police state, little by little. That’s how to do it– according to Hitler.

          • “DHS seeks nationwide license plate tracking system” (

            The American Police State becomes more and more blatantly a police state, little by little. That’s how to do it– according to Hitler.

            • I believe I just received an email that this has been put on a back burner–the money is not there.

              • the moochers have nothing but contempt for those carrying them

              • Unlimited money is there for the Fed to create. At least until the dollar dies and then it’s game over.

          • “Little by little” means by the time the next step is implemented, we all should’ve forgotten about the last step. I haven’t forgotten about the last 10 steps, so this is anything but “little by little”.


          Never forget that where you see rebellion, it arises from terrible privation and loss of hope. Nor forget that where you see privation and despair, you will soon see rebellion. It does not matter whether Egypt is governed by the army or the Muslim Brotherhood, by a dictator or a democrat; what matters is that the Egyptian people cannot get enough food, water or fuel. It does not matter whether Iran is governed by a cleric, a moderate or a Southern Baptist; if the people do not have enough food, water or electricity, the government will fall. And that won’t solve the problems.

          It’s hard to even imagine how Egypt could find any relief from its intractable problems. Formerly oil rich, it must now import oil for its people; formerly blessed with abundant grain reserves, it must now buy 70 per cent of the wheat needed to keep its people alive. The loss of the oil income, and the new expenses, mean that the government cannot afford to keep subsidizing bread and fuel, in a country where cheap bread and fuel is the difference between subsistence and privation, between hope and despair.

        • Amazing, it’s neither here nor there, but damn this student for videoing this teacher, but if he had made a video on some Liberal teacher we would all be calling for the teachers head. Just remember there are many shepards in the world, of all different ilk, and Sheeple are always ready to follow one or another. So just becareful which shepard you follow. Of course “we’re” not Sheeple! Trekker Out. I’ll Know My Shepards Voice.

        • Many people here are stupid. They don’t believe most of the things the government says. But when the government unleashes propaganda against foreign nations like Russia, China, or the Middle Eastern nations, they are so eager to believe anything the government says. Technically, people here pick and choose what they want to believe, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong.

          • “Many people here are stupid.”

            At least one person here is stupid.

            I find your choice of foreign nations telling. What lies did we tell about the USSR? That they were a communist totalitarian police state? Ditto China.

            Was “the government” position on this propaganda universal? Check Ted (I killed a girl & got away with it) Kennedy’s trip to Moscow in the 1980’s.

            Do we universally say mean things like Middle Eastern nations are, with one exception, Muslim politico-religious systems? That they want Israel destroyed? That most of them desire a unified Caliphate? That many are state-sponsors of terrorism?

            But, forgetting these specific examples, have you never heard of the Anti-War movement(s)? Never seen a damned dirty hippie?

        • In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
          –George Orwell–

        • For decades, most Americans have been stupid. To not care definitely puts you in that category. Thank God there are some who aren’t stupid. Those are the ones that can easily figure out the official 9-11 story is a fairy tale only dimwitted stooges would believe.

        • there is no information here about the Kardashian’s…this isn’t even newsworthy


        • The boy was rewarded by being indoctrinated as a Gov’t Youth and Glicker’s citizenship was stripped and never heard from again. Not so far fetched is it?

      2. At least he has the balls to color outside the designated lines. Good for him. The ones that bitch about it can go to the camps.

        • @wrong; I agree and I give him a lot of credit to try and open the minds of some of these kids. But no one should be surprised about the end result of ridicule and mockery.

          • History is written by the victorious rather than by objective observation. Likewise, what is considered “rational” and “official” is determined by political paradigms and media indoctrinization. Orwellian doublethink (supporting two conflicting concepts or ideas simultaneously while “reasoning” them both) is all to common, especially in publicly funded institutions. Its a shame that our youth are too ignorant to know the difference between a teacher who compels critical thinking skills while analyzing facts and evidence instead as opposed to teachers who spoon feed state perpetuated propaganda.

            • +100

            • Bless you! (Yes I’m a public school teacher…from MI in fact) I’m having a hard time with my seniors who don’t understand why we’re reading 1984. Thank you for the allusion to Eric Blair.

              • Curse this tin foil hat idiot for mentioning things like how US aircraft carriers were conviently not at Perl harbor, the admittedly falsified Gulf of Tonkin event, USS Maine, ect. Shows why monitors are desperatly needed in all newsrooms.

                • “Shows why monitors are desperately needed in all newsrooms.”

                  Not to worry. That’s imminent. The O regime’s got your back.

        • Totally agree. We should send every idiot that believes the 9-11 official story to the FEMA camps today. After they’re dealt with at the camps, the national IQ will double.

      3. They have been teaching our kids to have a closed and brainwashed mind so they can easily control them as the become adults, looks like some of it is paying off for them, at least the home schooled kids have a better chance and maybe some regular school kids do IF they have good PARENTS!!

        • Like maddog posted in a previous article, politcal correctness is tyranny of thought.

      4. DRIVEN TO TEARS….

      5. How BIZARRE!

      6. This guy could teach my kids any day!
        What a novel concept… a teacher who challenges his students to think and do their own research!

        • Charles Feney, I agree. He reminds me of teachers I had in school back in the 60s and 70s. for the most part, public schools were a totally different world back then. I, for one, appreciate someone like him trying to give kids some critical thinking skills and trying to deprogram the communist garbage from their minds.

      7. At least with all the new FCC agents in News rooms across the country, free thinking like this corrupting young minds should end. The ministry of truth will provide the sheeple with any info needed to graze peaceably from the governments hand.

      8. Sorry to go off topic so fast but does too much snow cause mental illness?

        Cause I’m feeling kinda mental today..

        The Shining was a great movie.

        Remember the last shot of Jack? Frozen solid with that great look on his face…

        • Lifelong Alaskan here, the voices in my head can never agree if snowy weather makes you nuts.

          • Wrong

            You are quite right, but it’s the loss of sunlight
            that supplies us with vitamin D that causes the
            depressing state of mind. Dealing with all the snow
            only adds to the misery.

            Some people take vitamin D supplements to help combat
            this, others use sun tan lamps, and the luckiest devils
            get to go to Florida or Arizona for a few weeks and
            come back so revitalized that people that had to stay
            behind here would like to slug them in the kisser.

            • I have had to up my dosage of Vitamin D–from 2 tablets to 8 daily to prevent night spasms….ouch, they really hurt.
              I had one Tuesday morning that made my muscle sore for 3 days; hurt just to walk. 🙂

              • Jay Jay, How many units are you taking? Hopefully you are not getting toxic with metastatic calcifications. This is a danger with Vit D.

                • Just be sure you get adequate Vitamin K and any calcium problems related to Vitamin D are resolved. (Vitamin K comes from broccoli and brussel sprouts and such).

                • I am 63 and on NO meds–I’ll be fine.
                  Thanks for the thoughts, though.

                  • Jay Jay, A while back there was an incident in the Ukraine where some people mistakenly used an oil loaded with Vitamin D resulting in an epidemic of Kidney stones and metastatic calcifications.

                    We do use high dose Vitamin D now to specifically treat Vitamin D deficiency and we use different forms of Vitamin D to treat hyperparathyroidism in kidney failure patients and to bring calcium up in patients with low calcium levels. I have not used it to treat cramps. I also am not familiar with the use of broccoli and brussel sprouts to treat calcium problems.

                    Good luck! It sounds like you are pretty healthy otherwise. Congratulations.

                    Concerned in Louisiana

          • Mine seem to have reached a concensus…they dont know…personally I think theyre all nuts 😉

        • Vitamin D supplements work wonders in the winter. Try some you may be surprised. My wife and I use them regularly during winter.

        • Ok this may sound a little weird… A full spectrum light, like the ones used for pet lizard/reptile habitats could help if you haven’t seen the sun for a few days.

          • Mouse,agree with you completely,a full spectrum light does help one who suffers from SAD(seasonal affectual disorder).I like to call it the grow light for my mind!I have one use nightly as I do a lot of reading,seems to help.

            • As a bonus you can grow some really nice weed too. That will make you feel even better.

        • “Remember the last shot of Jack? Frozen solid with that great look on his face”

          I barely remember my last shot of Jack…..Daniels

        • wrong , dont talk about snow.
          Its snowin again today, with 50mph wind .
          UHH , this hammerhead wants to get back to work.
          Can i dig a basement in six feet of frost.
          Damn DOT is puttin up frost law wieght limits soon .
          PLEASE , winter end. must be global climate change caused by global warming , caused by the carbon footprint of Al Gores jets.
          Does too much snow do what?

          • We here in Ky. had a 70° high yesterday.

            • @JayJay,

              You’re spoiled. We had a high of 40, then 4 inches of snow and blizzard conditions until noon today. I yearn for 70. 🙂

              • Oh, we have some night time teens coming next week.
                I’m ready; in Ky.

                I like when those posting let us know what state they are reporting from. 🙂

                I promise I won’t come steal your preps. 😉

            • RED THUMB!
              High 13 Low -3

            • Raspberries!… 😉

        • Yes, psychiatry has that one covered. Seasonal Affected Disorder, SAD. I heard one recommend seeing a therapist for this. I would have never have guessed such a recommendation would be made.

          • By any means possible they want everyone to see a therapist…poor therapists are lonely even with all those voices in their heads….mmwwahhahahahah!

      9. I thought this was called academic license/academic freedom that all teachers are entitled to exercise n the public schools.

      10. That’s why it’s important to teach your children at home “outside the box”

      11. Amazingly enough this should be core teaching at its finest imho

      12. School teaches you to learn only what they tell you to learn. Thinking is forbidden.

      13. He will reach the minds of some because of this. Some students and some people who hear him online will refuse his info but some will question. That is the start of learning the truth. If you never question you will never learn.
        Good for this teacher who actually tries to engage the minds of his students.

      14. The student is the perfect O’Bummer Youth, brain washed by Mein Fuhrer and his minions.

        • Future Brownshirt.

          • You see a future brown shirt,I see a future target.

            • Howdy, Warchild. Let any of those “Obamanistas” come to my place for any reason and they will be targets. come to my place targeting me for any reason and you will be targeted in return. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • W.C.
              Brown shirts and Blue Helmets!

              • Damn,really hope not Sarge,but any attention paid to events going on in this country really makes it seem almost inevitable,time will answer I suppose.

      15. The kid should be glad that he had at least one teacher who strayed a little and made the class interesting. I had an algebra teacher who took time to show us how to calculate square and cube roots on paper. He showed us an old grammar school math book to demonstrate more stuff that wasn’t taught in school any more.

        He also brought a TV and let us watch the world series, Tigers vs. Cardinals, in 1968.

        • Hey Arch,a side note ?Did you get out and stock up on them Little Debbie snack cakes?The answer is no shut off computer and get rolling!

          • The snow is gone now. But we had a big thunderstorm this afternoon. Just got back from restocking the Little Debbie cakes. They don’t last long. The Swiss Rolls are better if you keep them in the refrigerator. For one thing, the chocolate doesn’t stick to the wrapper, so you don’t miss any.

            And I don’t shut down the computer. I try to keep it busy 24/7 downloading. I’m currently downloading old engineering books from google and When I get tired of books, I’ll switch to magazines or music. If you haven’t been there already, you need to check out They have thousands of books, records, old time radio shows, concert recordings, and videos. The Grateful Dead donated all their concert tapes. And they have the Wayback Machine which archives old websites. They archive every website they can find, and for sites that change often, such as CNN, they archive them every day. My personal website doesn’t change much, so there is only an old copy of it there.

      16. Maybe the third time is the charm…

        Kudos to Glicker for engaging his students and challenging them to think outside the proverbial box.

        Its a real shame that the so-called “Mensa candidate” completely missed the message.

        • I wonder if the student who recorded the sub would recognize himself in the movie The Killing Fields? Seems like he’d be a good post “Year Zero” youth trained by the Khmer Rouge. My mind is now riffing on possibilities of “Ground Zero”/”Year Zero”…

        • Any Mouse, yes, it’s a real shame about that kid, but if that kid wants to be a dumbass that’s his choice. Stupid is as stupid does.

        • Certainly evident this so-called Mensa candidate is NOT Mensa material. Just a whining, sniveling, useless robot.

      17. The government actually has a law that enables it to determine how the many is spent, and the requirements for continued funding.
        In the case of schools, it means since it’s taxpayer and governmental funded; it means only the official story/narrative is accepted. This is one of the reasons Philosophy, diplomatic history, international affairs, and the like are not offered prior to college courses if at all most of the time. This limits the discussion, and the narrative related to the politics, political environment, and etc that the government teaches children.
        When I was in High School and even some political science college courses, the Constitution wasn’t taught but merely referenced in full in the back of the books. The college course’s book was actually called “Approaching Democracy”.
        In high school, the book was over 1500 pages, and it:
        1). Biased against Republicans, I used to be able to name the points of credit given on my fingers.
        2). Lincoln went from a Republican-Whig from elementary school to just a Whig in High School.
        3). The Democratic-Republican Party is virtually never mentioned.

        Even in 2008, the police and SS were hostile. They turned a campus into a makeshift fortress complete with snipers on roof tops, and they wanted everyone indoors when McCain arrived as well as threatened arrest if one didn’t comply.

        • Teacher Dared to speak out on fed govnt/Tribe’s Top Two Holy Grails of disinfo and misinfo, WWII &9/11

          Can’t wait to see what happens if he dares to question their famous “six Million” numbers eh!

          • Them Guys; Have you seen the new book out Hitler In Argentina the documented truth of Hitlers escape to Argentina, by Jason Cooper as long as we are on the conspiracy theory subject! Sometimes truth is better than fiction!!

            • Sorry! By Harry Cooper

              • THINKER: no have’nt heard of this new hitler escaped(again!) book. Didn’t some eli da weazel type guy already do such a book?….One thing for Certain Thinker, if this guys book is filled with proper accepted tribe propagandas galore. The Discovery and History channels are sure to do enhanced movies or series of shows on it.

                I am STILL waiting(40+ yrs now) for those TV(Talmudvision) channels to do at Least one single accurate show or documentary, about the Truth events perpetrated 20 yrs before anybody ever even Heard of hitler…I am speaking of acurate show on Jewdeo-Commies Soviet USSR atrocities.

                While the tribe owners of said TV stations obsess over their phony six million numbers, they continue to Ignore those 250-Million dead souls crying out from Their graves for justice, or at least a one time Notice of what really happened during the era before nazis were known of eh.

                I doubt I will live long enough to see such a movie or documentary ever made though, as long as TV and ALL MSM is Tribe owned/controled.

                ps: let me know if You find any good worthwhile info in that new book Thinker!…Thanks, Them Guys( the ones yer mamma warned ya about! or she should have anyways!).

        • In my junior year we had “youth and the law” class. It was exactly what it sounds like. It was the very first time I heard the words “never admit to anything, insist on your constitutional rights to make the govt prove it”.

          I’ll never for get that class. DCCHS, Bloomfield IA, 1976

          Go Mustangs”

          …sorry, got a little carried away there…

          • Know it well. Have had family reunions at the community park for many years. Go mustangs!

            • I wish I could go back.

      18. This going viral is dangerous to him.
        Remember the name Jason Glicker when he needs legal support.

        He does something most of education wouldn’t dare touch with a long stick and will need the people’s support.

      19. another great read by Selco

        True Nature of Survival

        the money quote

        “But point is that lots of people died in that short period before realizing that things aren’t the same.”

        to roughly paraphrase Darwin
        it’s not the biggest and strongest who necessarily survive
        its the ones that recognize first that change has occurred
        that things are different now
        that the rules are different

        • Wow, just watched the video, poor gazelle was still alive while the monkey was eating him…

      20. Meh..
        Conspiracy theories are just that.
        What is real and verifiable and BLATANT is enough to fill our plates today.

      21. Parents, be sure to insulate those young from the truth.
        Can’t have them knowing our govt. is run by evil now.

      22. Great read “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” trilogy by Matthew Bracken. Last book may be an insight to the world in the near future.

        • I really enjoyed all of those. Great reading.

        • Maddog, I ordered that trilogy on Amazon 3 weeks ago. I’m working my way thru “Domestic Enemies-The Reconquista”. VERY INTERESTING READING!

      23. That is par for the course for any tyrant out there.

        Information control has ALWAYS been means of the elite to control the masses. Are no mistake, it isn’t a new phenomenon. As an example, look as to how the Catholic Church silenced so many men of science during the Renaissance, men such as Galileo Galilei come to mind here.

        Also, look at how some hard line Muslim groups would outlaw all learning for the vast majority of people beyond the Qu’ran.

        These two examples are only two pieces of evidence supporting my theory of information control. However, in the Western world, it isn’t religious bodies making these rulings anymore. It is the media and celebrities that censures unpopular beliefs and crucified their proponents. As an example, David Suzuki has recently gone so far as advocating life imprisonment for politicians who wouldn’t support the anthropogenic global warming fallacy and that scientists who disagreed should be blackballed and pushed out of academic circles.

        I would even go so far as saying that within academia, including teachers, one MUST make their views and findings (or at least their interpretation) fall within the boundaries of “accepted truths” unless they want to be branded undesirable and completely discredited.

        Those who dare think outside the accepted box, at all levels, face the risk of being discredited at best, with other fates being locked up, “being victim of a tragic accident/crime” or “committing suicide”.

        • celebrities who testify to congress , its a damn libtard parade !
          i will post a link below.

        • Once words have come out of our mouth we can never change them around or put them back. This man may have not done this perfectly but he at least tried to do something.

          • Can’t unring a bell.

            • Or unscrew the Prom Queen!

              • 🙂

        • Canada Vet: Not sure where David Suzuki parks his auto at?

          But Am Certain he Parks his Head Up Al Gores ASS!

      24. Good thing he didn’t tell about the 9 trillion– yes 9 trillion– unaccounted for in the defense dept., namely the Pentagon.
        Is that a way of saying they lost it??

        • Sorry–only 8.5, not 9 trillion”:

          “$8.5 TRILLION In Taxpayer Money Doled Out By Congress To The Pentagon Since 1996 … Has NEVER Been Accounted For”
          The Pentagon is the only federal agency that has not complied with a law that requires annual audits of all government departments. That means that the $8.5 trillion in taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996, the first year it was supposed to be audited, has never been accounted for. That sum exceeds the value of China’s economic output last year.

          • and that announcement was made on Sept. 10, 2001. We all know what happened the next day.

      25. RBS to lay off 30,000.

        • RBS is over 80 percent owned by the British government after a 45 billion pound taxpayer bailout in 2008 to stop it collapsing.

          Does this sound familiar??

      26. G.W. Bush said we won’t tolerate “these outrageous conspiracy theories” concerning the events of 9-11. Obama said we “have a problem with those who disagree” with the official account of 9-11. GD liars, the both of them. When it comes to 9-11, all of the self called leaders and posers of authority are lying sacks of shit. The available evidence is overwhelming that the towers were nuked. To pretend otherwise is the height of a conspiracy theory. Arabs with boxcutters is pure stupidity. If we don’t stop the lies now, we are all dead.

        • Aljamo, I totally agree. Not one sitting President since Lincoln has or ever had a leg to stand on concerning any issue. Especially Bush Jr. and Obama. BOTH OF THEM CAN GET F#$%ED AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED! We may never get the whole truth about how 911 was carried out, but we do know the .gov official version of it doesn’t hold up. That bucket leaks like Swiss cheese.

          • I’m sorry, but when you wrote “leg to stand on,” the first thing that came to mind was FDR.

      27. Sister Mary Elephant would never allow this sort of thing in her class! But. alas, as Michael Savage says, the red diaper doper babies are now in charge. So, of course, zere will be no kvestioning of zee oh-fishul storee. Off to zee gulag wit him!

        • This guy better learn another skill. As a teacher, he’s finished.

      28. I say HELL YA! GREAT TEACHER!
        Let us clone this guy and get him into 1,000’s of schools. Maybe he can kick start some of these kids into the truth.
        I’m not saying everything that happens is a False Flag, but most of them are.

        • And our kids should be equipped with minds capable of sorting out the differences between fact and fiction.

        • Sgt. Dale

          We might need to clean up our language a bit,
          but SHTFplan should be an extra-curricular
          course in every public school system in the
          USA for the future patriots of our country.

          • OutWest, does that mean I can’t jump on ncjoe anymore? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

            • That didn’t come out right.

              • We’re from the Popular Front for the Free Ejaculation of Palestine!

                We”re going to kill your women and rape your cattle!

          • O.W.
            Like they never heard or used the words before.
            Ya I agree we need to set an example.
            This would be a good place for them to learn.
            I will have to watch my spellin. Becasue if they use this for a skul they need to know how to spell.

          • Hey, that’s a great idea. I’m 63 and I learn something worthy every time I visit.
            Thanks, guys.

      29. The elites founded the expression: “conspiracy theory”. That batch of non-thinkers in the class room will fit in nicely with the re-set. They will learn nothing, earn nothing, and be nothing! The zombie apocalypse is right in front of your eyes! That guy will probably never work again!

        • He would if I had a school.

      30. Well done, teacher. For those whining that “it’s a physics class, so teach physics”, this is an information war. I know that sounds like Alex Jones but that’s what it is. Teach truth whenever you can because they are trying to pull the veil over the next generation and following generations. 9/11, like other big historical events, changed the world. 9/11 was a lie and murder. Do the research, open your eyes and mind or get out of the way. Peace.

      31. Howdy, Sarge. I agree with cloning this teacher. Produce a carbon copy of him for every public school in the US and just imagine what kind of results we would start seeing. School boards everywhere would be up in arms.

        • Brave:
          I have a friend that is our group that is on the school board, fighting the good fight. He told me once that he would like to pull his hair out because of the B.S. that they bring up at the schools.

          • Sarge, I realize that NOT all teachers believe in the libturd propaganda. I know there are still aome people whobecome teachers for the RIGHT reasons. My sympathy to your friend on the school board. I don’t envy him one bit.

        • I wonder if the DOD guy really means “literally.” So many people today use that word when they really should use “virtually.”

          If Snowden really copied absolutely everything, NC needs to install a state historical marker in front of Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City to commemorate Snowden’s birthplace. Maybe they should do it anyway.

        • @ Gwyn. It would take something in at least the 6 range to do much more damage than has already happened there. This area around Fukushima is as tectonic as California, expect 5’s every few weeks. It would be another tsunami that would be game over. I am watching the Aleutian Islands, Kuril Islands, and the Kamachakta Peninsula in the future for just such a tsunami. Even off the coast of south central Japan could generate a killer tsunami for Fukushima. I can only imagine an enormous wave coming in and washing that whole toxic soup into the Pacific. At that point a higher force will have to come to the aid of this planet.

      32. “If the American people really knew what we had done, we would be chased down the street and lynched.” — President George H.W.Bush to White House correspondent Sara McClendon, 1992

        need I say more
        when it comes to “conspiracy theories” ???

      33. Clothes Make The Man

        I bought a couple shirts at the Goodwill store. Way cheaper than Wallyworld plus, I just like shopping there. I picked them mostly because they were study, durable work shirts (and did I mention cheap?) One of them just happened to have the name of an electric utility, and the name ‘Earl’ monogrammed over the pocket.
        Then, a few weeks later, I stopped in at a truck stop at 5 in the morning, which happened to be in an area that just got hammered with one of them global warming blizzards. There were utility workers from all over the country in the area, trying to get the power back up.
        The gal behind the counter evidently looked at the monogram and mistakenly thought I worked for the power company. She smiled, way nicer than she would to a typical truck driver, and asked, “What do you do?”
        I was a bit taken aback and said, “I beg your pardon?”
        She said “I don’t mean to be nosey, but what is your job at the Megazap Electric Corporation? Are you a lineman or something?”
        Realizing her mistake, and deciding on the spur of the moment to have a little fun with her, I said, “Actually I’m an engineer.”
        Then, while she smiled an admiring smile, I said, offhandedly (The way you’d say ‘Oh, I’m just a rocket scientist’) “Yeah, I used to climb poles, but that’s a young mans job. Today I mostly work in the office, designing new sub stations and re-routing 12 gigawatt mainframe junction networks. It’s all pretty boring, really.”
        As the manager walked up, she beamed at me, “It sounds fascinating! Working with all that power! It must be dangerous too, huh?”
        “Well,” I said nonchalantly, “Working out in the field, we do occasionally have a close call. Like, just yesterday, we had a reverse polarity backflow through a 6 gig duplex. Made quite a flash, but, since my men all had their protective gear in place, nobody got hurt.”
        She continued to beam at me and her manager, a middle-aged fellow, asked, “You been with the electric company long?”
        “Oh, bout 28 years” I lied, “but I’m almost ready for retirement. Besides, all these new remote monitoring sensors and computerized surge reduction circuits have taken all the fun out of the job.”
        As I walked out the door, inwardly smirking at my little joke, he followed me.
        “Say, Earl, I need your expert advice on something.”
        He led me out back, to a fenced area next to the trash dumpsters. Unlocking the gate, he showed me in to a huge green box, anchored to the concrete. It evidently had something to do with the stores electric service, though I hadn’t a clue what it could be.
        “We’ve been hearing a buzzing sound coming from here every now and then. Plus a kind of burning smell, though we’ve never seen any smoke. I called a local electrician and he said it was fine. What do you think?”
        My mind raced. Silently, I said to myself ‘How in hell would I know? I’m just a truck driver’ but, gathering all my wits (they made a very small pile) and putting on a layer of BS so thick you could trip over it, I scratched my head, leaned over the box and pretended to study it. A serial number plate gave the date and name of manufacturer, nothing else.
        I said “Yep…. it’s a Veribond Oh-Seven Hundred alright. Thought so when I first glimpsed it. Hmmm…. I’d say you probably just have a slight phasing misalignment. Either that, or it needs a recalibration in the multi-circuit system generator. Either way, it’s nothing serious. Have your local utility guys come look at it, soon as they can.”
        He pulled a scratch pad and pen from his pocket and started to write, “What did you say they should look for? A multi-circuit…what?”
        “No need for you to remember it. They’ll know exactly what to do with it. Besides, these young pups today, know a lot more than us old codgers. If I were you, I’d trust their judgement over mine, anyway.”
        He thanked me and went back inside. When he was out of sight, I scampered back to my truck. As I pulled onto the highway, I made a mental note – ‘Never EVER pretend to be a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist, no matter how much fun it seems like at the time…’

        • Awesome Smokin…

        • Smokin:
          That was a true blue truck drive tail if I ever heard one.
          Thanks for the laugh.
          S.T.S.F.P. .NR. N.S. N.REB

        • Replace the flux capacitor and thermothrockle.

          • Change out the thingmajig and the doohickie and you’ll be OK.

        • SmokinOkie, you’re awesome. I’ll take you over any other comedian anytime {EXCEPT FOR JERRY CLOWER AND ARCHIE CAMPBELL].

        • Smokin,
          If I ever become a Telemarketer I pray that I never have to attempt to sell you a timeshare.
          Great story
          — Miss Dee Dee

      34. This can be compared to the analogy of ‘freeing a mind’ from the “Matrix”. This is just as dangerous and just as important.

        When Neo was first approached they had to test him and see if his mind was already questioning life and the official ‘narrative’. After awhile they told him to “follow the white rabbit”. Only after gauging his initial interest, they setup the meeting with Morpheus. WE… need to be like Morpheus. We have to determine if a mind is ‘ready’ to be freed or not. You simply cannot and will not free a mind unless it is ready, period.

        You need to gauge or determine if people are ‘ready’ or willing to free their minds and wake up from the nightmare of this world, the Matrix. If you start throwing information and wild theories at them via a shotgun approach that this teacher did, you just draw laughter and the attention of the agents…not something you want to do. You really need to be selective just as Morpheus did. Choose your targets carefully and purposely. When you get to know people you start dropping little crumbs of information here and there to see if they walk on…or stop to pick them up. Before you can offer them the red or blue pill you have to do the initial legwork, otherwise you are wasting your time and making yourself a target.

        If you do your work well you will begin to identify those who are ready to be freed and your work will get easier. You cannot, I repeat simply cannot save everyone as much as you might like to. Be very selective and remain focused and you will find this your job easier to do. We call this the Morpheus approach.

        As much as Mr. Glicker may have meant well, I’m afraid agents are already onto him. 🙁

      35. Unfortunately I’m not surpised by the student’s reaction. All children are being brain washed every day by our socialist\commie public school teachers; common core is the marxist cherry on top. Another decade or so and TPTB will have just the kind of “American Citizens” they have dreamed about. I’m nearing the end of my enlistment and have often thought about going into teaching to attempt to counter the liberal teachers out there. After seeing this, I’m not sure it would do much good.

      36. If you would present credible, verifiable evidence for your conspiracy theories, maybe you would ne be viewed as crazy. However, you have no credible, verifiable evidence for you conspiracy hypotheses. I will not even call them theories because they do not rise the level of a theory. As I look at the ludicrous crap you idiots spout, I am reminded of a saying attributed to Mark Twain. Supposedly, Mark Twain sad, “People believe everything I tell them, except when I tell the truth.” That s how you morons are. You believe outlandish crap that cannot be supported by a shred of credible, verifiable evidence and pooh-pooh such truths that you are a collection of deluded, if not mentally ill idiots.

        • NC:
          Stick and stone may brake my bone but names will never hurt me!;-P
          Also NC It takes one to know one!;-P

          • I know you are, but what am I?

        • NC Joe
          At the twin towers why was it the only piece of evidence that it was ATTA flying one of the planes was his wallet. Nothing survived but his wallet. Come on now you got to believe that was planted.
          I believe it was ATTA’s wallet they found, it could have been one of the other guys, but what I’m saying is a wallet that is a stretch. Don’t you think? I’m going to get gross here but all they found was small bits and pieces of people from the towers. Notheing from the planes, When they crashed they were turned into hamburger and the cooked at aound 3,000 degrees. And they find a wallet for a Hijacker?
          I’ve been a cop for almost 30 years and they had these signed sealed and delivered in record time. I don’t think that ATTA told the towers who was in the other planes. Do you?
          You think for one second that they could figure it out that fast. This should have taken months to figure out. Unles they knew it wsas coming and they did nothing.
          You n eed some evidence. I gave you just a little. Thanks for the debate.

          • Sgt…..None of that bothers me any more if the sheeple want to believe it–just their dumbness showing.

            But, when people don’t ask where 1000s of pieces of desks, toilets, refrigerators, freezers, floor beams, concrete, computers went…then, we have nations watching us and I am real ashamed of our intellect level.

            Try smashing 50 cars of steel and see how long it takes to pulverize them…and you had 90+ layers of steel and concrete.

            • J J
              I don’t think NCJ will answer. because he knows I got him.
              Just like the bullet laying on JFK bed. If that wasn’t a plant I’ll eat it.

              • My reply was to you and others here.
                thanks for making this community feel safer.
                You’d be a nice, patriotic neighbor to have and most here don’t have that.
                I was in Tennessee for 57 years; middle Tennessee, 20 miles north of Nashville.
                Good luck mooving there–they are kicking ass there passing good constitutional bills and inviting Beretta from Maryland to Gallatin. 40 miles from me here in Ky.

                • JJ
                  We are still looking. I hope we find something soon. And thanks for the compliment!!!

        • NCJOE, F#$% YOU! you’re the one who does exactly what you accuse us of doing. You don’t even have the good sense to quote from Mark Twain. You’re the one who is full of it. You better hope I never see you face-to-face because I will kick your ass! Go f#$% yourself!

      37. no good deed

        goes unpunished .


      38. Game Over: Total Collapse Is Imminent

        It is estimated that total derivative exposure of the financial system is between one quadrillion and one and a half quadrillion. A quadrillion is 1,000 trillion dollars and it has largely collapsed. The entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of all the world’s countries in 2011 was approximately 77 trillion dollars. GDP is an economic term for everything that is produced for sale. The American middle class is being asked to bear the burden of the entire derivatives market collapse which totals over 16 times the net value of the entire planet. No amount of bailouts can ever cover the loss. This is simply the bankers way of transferring what is left of middle class wealth before the final collapse.




      39. The last part of the teachers rant about fast and furious about trackers being put in with the guns and the tracker did not work??????
        First of all I doubt that there were any trackers at all and it was a push by Obamma and his minion to try to steal our 2nd Amendment away from us. HA, HA, HA, IT FAILED WE WON
        I like this teacher because he has an open mind and said what he felt was true. Right or wrong, he has that right, but I wonder if he is still teaching???
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

        • There were no trackers, working or not. They let the guns out of their custody and had no idea who had them or where they were, once they left the store.

      40. Who would have thought?

        Rocker Ted Nugent Apologizes for Obama Comment

        Rock musician Ted Nugent has been an outspoken friend to many conservative politicians in Texas. But it’s unlikely he’ll get an encore in the Texas governor’s race after blowback from his appearances this week with Republican candidate Greg Abbott.

        Abbott, the Texas attorney general, took heat for inviting Nugent to join him at campaign events. Nugent has suggested treating immigrants like “indentured servants.” He was quoted last month calling President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel.”

        Nugent apologized for that remark Friday in an interview with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson. His apology came after Gov. Rick Perry and Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky criticized his language as inappropriate.

        “I do apologize–not necessarily to the President–but on behalf of much better men than myself,” Nugent said.

        Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis are the leading contenders to succeed Perry, who did not seek re-election after 14 years in office.

        • Eppe, that shows just how bogus Ted Nugent really is. Did I read correctly that Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son,claim the remark was inappropriate? Well, that alone shows that Rand Paul is a sellout. I wonder how his father feels about that?

          • Makes me wonder if Ted had some “outside influences” make him say what he did?
            He was pretty vocal about the big o

          • I think maybe Nugent was trying his best not to come right out and apologize to mongrels for comparing Obama to them.

          • Rand Paul is not a sellout.

            NONE of these Republicans need to be aligning themselves with a self admitted pedophile, draft dodger, and general scum of the earth.
            Ted Nugent will HURT not help. You watch when they start dragging out his videotaped rants. Lie the news interview he did.
            He wants his face in the limlelight is all.
            I don’t think ANY of the R politicians want HIM speaking for THEM.

            He is a total idiot. Rand Paul knows better than to let himslf be aligned with that moron.

        • These people are the product of the same
          ‘education’ that is doled out by our government…
          If you have seen this already, remember many have not…
          Subject: brain cramps
          The scary part is that we admire and look up to these people!
          Brain Cramps
          Question: If you could live forever, would you and why? Answer: “I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever,”
          –Miss Alabama in the 1994 Miss USA contest.

          “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.”
          –Mariah Carey

          “Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life,”
          –Brooke Shields, during an interview to become Spokesperson for federal anti-smoking campaign.

          “I’ve never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body,”
          –Winston Bennett, University of Kentucky basketball forward.

          “Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in
          the country,”
          –Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC.

          “I’m not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president.”
          –Hillary Clinton commenting on the release of subpoenaed documents.

          “That lowdown scoundrel deserves to be kicked to death by a jackass, and I’m just the one to do it,”
          –A congressional candidate in Texas.

          “Half this game is ninety percent mental.”
          –Philadelphia Phillies manager, Danny Ozark

          “It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.”
          –Al Gore, Vice President

          “I love California. I practically grew up in Phoenix.”
          –Dan Quayle

          ” It’s no exaggeration to say that the undecideds could go one way or
          –George Bush, US President

          “We’ve got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?”
          –Lee Iacocca

          “I was provided with additional input that was radically different from the
          truth. I assisted in furthering that version.”
          –Colonel Oliver North, from his Iran-Contra testimony.

          “The word “genius” isn’t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like
          Norman Einstein.”
          –Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback & sports analyst.

          “We don’t necessarily discriminate. We simply exclude certain types of
          –Colonel Gerald Wellman, ROTC Instructor.

          “If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.”
          –Bill Clinton, President

          “We are ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur.”
          –Al Gore, VP

          “Traditionally, most of Australia’s imports come from overseas.”
          –Keppel Enderbery

          “Your food stamps will be stopped effective March 1992 because we received notice that you passed away. May God bless you. You may reapply if there is a change in your circumstances.”
          –Department of Social Services, Greenville, South Carolina

          “If somebody has a bad heart, they can plug this jack in at night as they
          go to bed and it will monitor their heart throughout the night. And the
          next morning, when they wake up dead, there’ll be a record.”
          –Mark S. Fowler, FCC Chairman

          • Eppe, no doubt about it. Those are just some of the “better known” morons.

        • What was the offensive comment?

      41. I am an educator. I currently teach Physics. Without having the few minutes made available before the kid starts filming I believe we can’t possibly know why this teacher went off tangent. But, he seems to have the students engaged and if you have been even remotely near teenagers lately, you know engaging them can be a struggle.

        Teachers are protected, whether we like it or not. And that guy has every right to sue that kid. Kids have lost court cases over this type of stuff in the very recent past.

        Having stated this, sometimes teachers do go off topic on purpose to engage in a conversation covering something the kids have questions about. I have had some very in depth and political discussions with students in a science classroom, on purpose, in order to get them to think.

        For example…when I teach them about Tesla we learn about what he did and then how the bulk of his research is now currently locked away. We then talk about why is it we learn about Edison as a kid, not Tesla? This leads to amazing conversations.

        When I teach them about the physics behind stealth or sound weapons or other unique types of weapons, I explain to them that if we know about it now that means the technology is at least 20 years old. This leads to even MORE interesting conversations.

        I had my students recently write a paper (Yes! A research paper in a science class!) on the following topic, “If wifi is dangerous to the public’s health, should the government restrict its use?” They had to go learn about wifi, explain the physics to me, then support their answer with solid research.

        To not have Socratic style discussions with students is asking kids to conform to what we want them to learn. Rather, as educators and parents, we should engage in the conversation. Discuss, dissect, research, argue about it…because that is what promotes discovery and change and hope! The very foundation of the USA is our ability to question and ask and speak and be creative. Without that, we live in a dictatorship, swallowed in communism.

      42. got a 5-6 round pocket hide away revolver or auto-pistol ???

        think about it

        you might want to get 2 two .

        so you can do a “bronx reload”

        something light and easy to shoot .

        .380 ruger lcr or a taurus wheel-gun .38 / .357

        worth having now on you in the days coming to ZOG AmeriKa .

        n.o. ;0p

        * p.s. :

        you might might also want to start carrying a fixed blade boot dagger or icepick as well in your waist belt band , a small tazer , an a small can of mace in your pockets . look around online and shop smart you can totally arm-up for close quarter combat defense on the streets for less than $300.

        it only gets worse from here .

        • Love my ruger. Used it to deter a nosey up to no folder peeping in my moms beauty shop tonight. I just pulled it out of my purse and laid it on my lap. Visible from outside. He just went away.

        • The fastest reload is another gun.

          • That’s what he said. He called it a “Bronx reload” but you can find it in Wictionary as “New York reload.” You carry an backup gun so when the first runs out, you pull out the backup and continue firing.

      43. Obama Admin Prepares To Disarm America


        The guns have always been lurking out there with this administration. Even after the big battles… like when Obama could not get a bill passed after Sandy Hook… It was ONE day to breathe easier… ONE… cause you KNEW he would be back to scheming immediately… So long as he’s in office… he’ll NEVER give up… No matter how many times he lies about it.

        * ummmm yeah if the puppet prez kenyan fairy in the wash dc big white political whore house tries to take my sheeit … someone is gonna wish they’d packed a lunch and made out a will to their kids and wife .

        and it ain’t gonna be me .

        n.o. ;0p

      44. In case some did not understand my comment above, this was done by “The Police”
        “Driven To Tears”

        How can you say that you’re not responsible?
        What does it have to do with me?
        What is my reaction, what should it be?
        Confronted by this latest atrocity

        Driven to tears

        Hide my face in my hands, shame wells in my throat
        My comfortable existance is reduced to a shallow meaningless party
        Seems that when some innocent die
        All we can offer them is a page in a some magazine
        Too many cameras and not enough food
        ‘Cos this is what we’ve seen

        Driven to tears

        Protest is futile, nothing seems to get through
        What’s to become of our world, who knows what to do

        Driven to tears

        Kinda explains where our school system is at…

      45. Here in Toronto Ontario, Education system really sucks– If you think your school system sucks, try imagining your kids going to class and forced to learn Homosexuality is normal. A team of 50 homosexual(well paid) goes routinely to every grade school preaching–Homos are normal folks–join them in fun. Worse they do valuations of the kids.What a sick society :^(

      46. In Windows 7 & 8, is a ‘color inverter’. It’s in the Magnifier. Open it up, then set it aside, you will need this later.

        Then, go to the south pole on Google Earth. Position the continent so it fits the screen of your monitor, then turn on the color inversion app. All the ‘snow’, will turn earth tones. While the center will turn from white to black. Scroll inward towards the pole, & see dozens of white ufo orbs flying about!

        Is it a star gate? The south polar opening? Or, a black hole about to swallow the Earth, yet (as usual) covered up until it’s to late?!? Try it, it works!! (And also works, where ever true photographic images of Antarctica are shown.) Try it at the; Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica. You will find, that there is no snow there, &, they know it….

        (Like it? Please Share!! It’s all true.)

        • Buddy, it has to be true. It’s on the internet.

        • The most dangerous black hole is between moochele’s legs.

          • Are you sure there’s a hole there?

            • Lord, I apologize and be with the starving pygmies down in New Guinea.

      47. EPPE:
        I was on a school board for 6 years I had a two year term then when I ran again it was a 4 year term, back in the 80’s.
        My first two years was good and the board could run the school system according to the laws that governed us, but in my second term thing s changed.
        All we (the board) were figure heads for the new state and federal guide line and mandates that they through at us.
        Now the school systems in this country is no longer ran by and for the people in said districs. The fed’s mandate everything and tell the boards that they have to do and come up with the money to pay for said mandates and the don’t care how high they have to over tax the people.
        There were 3 other board memebers and myself fought back and we were told if we did not follow ther mandate that either the school would be shut down or the Fed’s would come in and run the school system. By not giving us any federal aid, and that the school would not pass inspections.
        So I did not run for a thrid term. I would not and could not kiss the Governments A$$. Plus I was tired of being the FEd’s whipping boy by my constituents. The last year I just to my constituents to call there State and Federal Rep’s and Senators, You see we had no control over anything important anymore.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • You just confirmed the last two lines in the song above…
          Protest is futile…

        • See, this is why everytime Durango Kidd says to get involved, (start at the local level), it just isn’t going to do any good. The Feds control the purse strings for EVERYONE, down to the counties and cities.Sure you can bang your head against a wall, but better to get yourself right and let the damn politicians swing in the breeze.

      48. Selco’s latest post emphasizes steering clear of riots and protests. Well that is very well for a survivalist to do. I’m not going to criticize Selco.

        But what if the founding fathers would have avoided dissent, riots, and protests? Never forget that 90% of the Colonials were against the Revolutionary War and independence; they thought it best just to kiss England’s ass like all their other possessions. Sheeple then, sheeple now. America was promulgated as a libertarian dictatorship; the founders crammed the Bill of Rights and freedom down the throats of a populace who wished to be slaves.

        Did you know that the country is split about 50-50 in their approval of the NSA? The whole reason why we have the 4th Amendment is because of British use of Writs of Assistance (mass search warrants with no probable cause). The complete apathy to the PRISM program is absolutely mind boggling and completely disgusting. This is how a truly evil fascist police state beings. This is why we have to defund the GOP and get all the neocons out of DC.

        There is no excuse for losing heart. Contact your Representative. Public opinion does make a difference. Speak out. Fight till the end. Dont lose the sacred fire. Remember, your descendents will ask what you did when Amerikkka was going to shit.

        The founder of Israhell said that miracles do happen but you have to work hard for them. The people of Ukraine cry freedom. But if they get their independence the aid money from Moscow will stop flowing. Watch how quickly they beg to be under hegemony once again. Just as long as the faces of the puppets running the government change. That is not a real revolution. This is a proxy war between superpowers because everybody wants control of the oil pipelines through Ukraine.

        • “Contact your Representative. Public opinion does make a difference. Speak out. Fight till the end. Dont lose the sacred fire. Remember, your descendents will ask what you did when Amerikkka was going to shit.”

          News flash: America has ALREADY gone to shit.

          Talking to your “Representatives” is a complete waste of time.


      49. Who was it that wired $100,000 to 9-11’s Atta ?
        Someone from Paskistan’s intel agency, correct ?

      50. OOPS! Harry Cooper

      51. Just stick with facts and what can be proven and if ignoramuses can’t dispute the truth with facts then being called a conspiracy theorist is a compliment from a fool.

        • When the secretary asked the detective what information he needed

          Just the FAX, mam

        • “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” 😉

      52. Someone needs to tell this teacher that he is supposed to be teaching common core not common sense!

        “Please think of the children”

      53. Last semester I taught a college course dealing with the US electrical grid and alternative energy to Construction Management majors. This class covered the actual economics of electricy production, the technology behind it, and calculating the cost and ROI of energy efficiency upgrades to buildings. Most were not remotely interested in it, DESPITE my nearly continual examples of how this would impact THEM personally in the near future. I discussed how this administration’s war on coal will drive up our electricity costs and SHOWED the actual math behind it on the board. Yawns and pig-stares.
        I DID get the attention of a few of them when I offered an extra credit assignment of watching the National Geographic special “American Balckout 2013” and writing a paper on it.
        The very last day of class I did a 20 minute lecture on the Federal reserve system, fiat money, and refered them to the video “The Money Masters” that can be watched on YouTube. Out of 24 people, I think maybe THREE “got it.”

      54. I grew up in this area. It is actually Grosse Pointe, Mi. I am surprised actually. Grosse Pointe is such a conservative town. Shame on the student for not using his hacunna matta (menasa) brain to actually form his OWN conclusion as to what the facts are. Typical. Just do as Mommy and Daddy say. This type of person is so weak, that even with such smarts they FOLLOW the pack, instead of using their GOD given gift to see through the farce. These students should be our future, not weighing down the masses. The student could be famous for blazing a new trail, but decides instead to.follow the brain dead masses. So sad…

      55. Thank you, Your Honor.

        Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I have only 4 short, simple questions for you.

        Did the student get arrested and suspended for recording others WITHOUT their consent/permission?

        Did the parents DEMAND their kids’ history textbooks be thrown OUT because they perpetuate the lie that LHO killed JFK when there is a clear pic of LHO in the TSBD doorway?

        In short, did ANY of those students do ANY research to confirm or DISconfirm the contentions of the substitute teacher?

        Did this substitute teacher, Mr. Jason Glicker, get a Letter of Commendation in his file for “stimulating the thought of touch-screen dependent (addicted) youth who lack the willingness to exercise their minds, instead of their fingers on their not so smartphones”?

        Ladies and Gentlemen of the SHTF jury, the answer to EACH of these questions is a resounding “NO!”

        And the REASON for that, ladies and gentlemen, is LAZINESS– SHEER Laziness!

        No one likes to THINK anymore!

        No one likes to pull themself AWAY from their Cable, their PCs, their iPads, their Phones, when DUTY and DEMOCRACY come CALLING! In short, when something WICKED comes this way– the SUPPRESSION of the TRUTH, and the PROSECUTION of ANY individual who DARES to ask why the Emperor has no clothes on!

        So when you all go back to the Deliberation Room to examine the evidence, I think you will agree with me that it is a Travesty of JUSTICE when a Teacher hired and paid for STIMULATING thought gets charged with MAKING young people THINK by having CHALLENGED them!

        For doing his DARN JOB!

        You see, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve put the WRONG person on trial here today.

        So when each and everyone of you go back to that deliberation room, you make SURE to send a CLEAR, RESOUNDING, and UNambiguous message to the ENTIRE community, this great State, and your Country, that WE, the COMMON Men, WE, the COMMEN Women, will NOT stand for TYRANNY masquerading as people whose “rights were violated” all because their young adult children were made to THINK! Imagine that!

        And to get an Education founded on TRUTH and Socratic questioning, INSTEAD of being dished out a steady diet of lies that has them, and their parents, mind you, SO bloated and SO pigged out that they stand to be eaten alive by the Russian and Chinese soldiers ALREADY on our soil and their minions who have carefully taken their places in the back of our courtroom to make sure you put the icing on their cake.

        DON’T put that icing on their cake, ladies and gentlemen.

        This isn’t Communist Russia.

        This is the United States of America, a country that DARED to defy the Queen of England, a country that DARED to defy the tyranny of red coats, all so you and I can enjoy the immense freedoms we have today..

        Send those Red Coats PACKING, ladies and gentlemen, and restore the good name and courageous professionalism of a young Man named Mr. Jason Glicker.

        Mr. Glicker single-handedly had the courage to stand up for our democracy in that classroom, and then invited our youth to accept the responsibilities of being true patriots and resist the tyranny that surrounds our borders and has infested our very country.

        But some people want to call that a CRIME, ladies and gentlemen, IMAGINE THAT!

        You and I know the REAL crime here!

        And now, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, our democracy rests in your hands.

        Yes, in YOUR hands. I URGE you to restore the GOOD name of Jason Glicker and send a MESSAGE: that we will NOT surrender our Constitution, our Liberty, and our GOD-given Freedoms to ANY enemy– OUTside our borders, or even those INSIDE our very educational institutions.

        Thank you, Your Honor, I rest my case.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.” – Clarence Darrow

      56. Shouldn’t he teaching physics?

      57. When this student is old enough they should put him in a uniform and send him to the front line of wherever the next US invasion is taking place.

        I am sure that ths experience will cause him to remember with great fondness and respect the teacher he once sought ti make an example of.

      58. And remember children, it was 19 Muslim fanatics who were directed by a man in a cave (the conspiracy ringleader) to fly large planes and make a few acrobatic moves without much flight training.
        Also remember kiddies that Osama confessed to 911 on a video tape that was released to the world.
        That tape is without doubt genuine and Osama is clearly on that tape.
        Ignore any and all claims that come from anything other than government approved sources.
        If you have any doubts, consult the hundreds of expert paid operatives that swarm the internet, to confirm the official stories.

        Well, it’s almost time for lunch children so be sure to drink plenty of water as our great first Lady instructs.
        We’ve put plenty of fluoride in it to keep you safe from tooth decay.
        Ummm, fluordide is yummy children.
        Drink up and shut up.

      59. I noticed that a young man in the class room was actually engaging the teacher in discussion…realistically, it is pretty hard to try to explain to young teenagers (if not to adults) why you believe what you believe to be the facts in a very condensed amount of time. In presenting things, you have to appeal to one’s logic and critical thinking…as a society, we’ve certainly lost that. Look at it this way…the teacher will not be forgotten by this class because of the controversy and if anything…he planted seeds. Maybe in not a very persuasive way, but he planted seeds nevertheless. That’s all one can do. It is my belief that if there are ignorant students, there are ignorant parents. If you have a set of parents who believe everything they watch and read…then there is a likely chance the children will also be this way. Half the problem is that this teacher was talking about stuff that these kids had never even heard of so it went over their heads. But if they are smart they will take the ball that was dropped in their lap and either run with it or drop it/walk away. The other approach was to make a presentation of sorts and tell the kids that they should examine the facts and then make up their own minds…when planning to persuade people, it’s always in the delivery/execution of those ideas…careful planning.

      60. It’s another “conspiracy theory” validated by decades of facts including the Reichstag fire that gave the Nazis a leg up in Germany

        You’re using this lie, Mac Slavo?

        The burning of the German parliament was carried out by the Dutch Jewish communist Marinus van der Lubbe. He was found at the site, half-naked, because he had used his own clothes to start the fire. He confessed proudly to the police. A somewhat deranged man, and a member of a “euro communist” (not loyal to the USSR) cell in the Netherlands. He was in Germany with his group, hoping to carry out terrorist actions. The rest of the group also confessed. When it was time for triel, all of them confessed again.

        From where do we get the lie that the Nationalists started the fire? From the Communist Party in Britain. Communists always, always, always accuse their enemies of their own crimes, as a way to confuse the public. They abolish democracy but call their targets “undemocratic”. They attack immigration critics outside their homes, and the media declare that “racists” attack immigrants, when it’s the other way around.

        The British communists held an “alternative trial” where they declared that it was the NSDAP that started the fire. With zero proof, it was just propaganda. And the British media owners helped them by blasting this “alternative trial” all over the front pages.

        Will you continue to use the communists’ lie, Mac Slavo? Or will you tell the truth about what happened from now on?

      61. Not sure why every kid alive thinks they need a phone from Star Trek and in school to boot…strange world…wonder how many of these phones are obummer phones or otherwise paid for by you and I?…oh well back to planting tomatoe seeds…good ole low tech stuff… 🙂

      62. The generation that is coming up through the ranks is the most brain-dead group of snitches that have ever existed. A total waste of carbon.

        • If they are brain dead then we have to start to take some responsibility for that.

          Home or private school. Volunteer with kids in your community. If an elder man “adopt” a single Mum’s son and be “pops” to them in an informal way.

          Do what you can to help this generation of children, as if left to the state alone, we all know where they’ll end up. It doesn’t matter how small or humble your actions seem, as even the smallest acts of kindness and wisdom can have a lasting impression.

      63. I certainly think freely, which is limited, if/when at all, only by what may be right, well, good, just and proper. But my freedoms of thought may, by no means, be limited by any of the opposites of these graces. Wrongness has no way of attaching to the endometrial wall of any birth canal that could put the product in my hands and control. I don’t even as much as “touch” any of the opposites of the above enumerated graces, nor may these touch me, and I am fast accelerating to the point of “no return.” No return to what, except MY OWN SELF. I am taking everything that is mine and leaving “thee” with all that is “thine.” Isn’t this splendid? I don’t see more than a handful that I will take with me when I leave “thee.” These few have been gathering around me throughout most of my conscious life and being on this planet. I’ll be taking a few with me physically, and the remainder in memory. But what is biggie judgment all about except achieving in the absolute of what I want and need? Does any exist that would dispute with me on anything that I be? If so, pray, let me see “thee.” I seem to enjoy the most orderly existence of any creature I’ve come across in my “Jason and the Argonauts” journeys. When I came of seasoned age, I seized everything that has ever touched me, even in my dreams (via lucid dreaming), and have no intention of doling out any more of what is mine except under the strictest judgments and procedures issuing from me and none “other.” Thus, if I have a look-a-like running around, beware of taking receipt of his/its products, as they are bogus. Ha, ha, ha.

      64. Maybe the brilliant(?) physics student can explain to me, nobody else can, how the World Trade Centres were removed in 4 hours instead of FOUR YEARS. For surely in physics, (and with a little common sense), when a building collapses it should leave a pile of rubble approx 20% of it’s original heaight. We should have seen 2 piles, each 100 meters high(!), composed of millions of tons of heavy twisted steel girders, concrete, glass, wiring and plumbing, sanitaryware, office furniture and equipment and 3000+ humans. Not forgetting the 2 central cores 500 meters high(!!!) of massive steel girders and the lift shafts and lifts, as the floors ‘pancaked’.

        That’s what I would have asked the physics class to explain, not mumble about Pakistani Intelligence.

      65. what’s MORE important is what’s learned AT HOME!….MY kids know not to believe everything(anything, for that matter) that comes from mainstream media.

      66. Too bad there are not more Mr Glicks out there to teach students to think for themselves, to observe a different perspective and research alternative thought. This is why I will never put my child in a public school. There’s no room for alternative thought, if it’s not in the books, it doesn’t exist.

        The kid was just doing what he was brainwashed to do. Remember how hitler youth was trained to report on their own families, friends, etc?

      67. I forgot to add, my friend’s daughter in her senior year was told by their American govt teacher that if anyone ever discussed anything “inappropriate” about 9/11, they would be booted out of the class. This happened back in 2010.

        • I would have considered that an invitation, no, a requirement, to start discussing something truthful about 9/11.

      68. Probably the most truthful class taught in that school all year.

      69. The kids in this school district are all getting a well rounded education, The school s are some of the best in the state people in the area try to sneak into the schools. This teacher should have never come in to a physics class and talked about the topic he did, he was there to sub for physics not a history class. This man will never sub in this district again and I am happy about that, I don’t always believe the government all the time but I do think we know the story with 9-11.

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