Watch: This Lady Completely Loses Control After Her EBT Food Stamps Card Is Declined

by | Jun 5, 2016 | Headline News | 255 comments

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    With some 100 million Americans now receiving government assistance in one form or another, it’s only a matter of time before glitches or all out system failure leads to civil unrest.

    While we understand that Electronic Benefits Transfer cards, unemployment and other social support mechanisms are necessary for those who may have temporarily come upon hard times in an economic environment wrought with fraud and machinations that have left hard working Americans in dire straits, the fact is that millions upon millions of people feel entitled to the benefits they receive from the taxpayer and have made sitting on the couch, smoking weed, and getting paid a career.

    And when those benefits disappear for whatever reason we can expect the following, but on a mass scale:

    Via TruNews:

    A large woman destroyed a convenience store after having her food stamp benefits card declined, according to a video uploaded to Live Leak Thursday.

    “Call the police, call the police,” the unnamed woman says repeatedly in the video as she lumbers around the store causing havoc. “Call the police. Do your job, do your job.”

    The woman had already knocked some food on the floor before one patron decided to start filming the incident. She appears belligerent as she repeats inaudible and barely audible statements. The woman walks with a limp from an apparent injury as she threw food around. She even throws an empty container of Cheetos at a man who tried to calm her down.

    This isn’t the first such incident and it certainly won’t be the last as an evermore impoverished populace becomes increasingly dependent on government handouts.

    In 2013 we reported that the EBT card acceptance system in 16 states crashed, leaving thousands with no way to put food on their dinner tables. As further evidence of what may happen following a widespread outage wherein those on government assistance have no way of buying food and other necessities, consider what this woman had to say:

    I go to the register and they ask me “how you going to pay.”

    I said with food stamps.

    “Oh, we’re shut down, you can’t pay with food stamps.”

    I got kids to feed. You know?

    And because the government’s down I can’t feed my family?

    What’s going on with America? Now they trying to starve us to death?

    …This is crazy

    …I got six kids I have to feed.

    I’m just trying to figure out how to get something to eat.

    The most recent statistics indicate that some 70 million Americans would be starving in the streets were it not for government programs like EBT and welfare.

    If a foreign power really wanted to bring America to its knees then perhaps the only thing they’d need to do is launch cyber attacks against the social safety net systems that have thus far managed to keep a broke and hungry populace subdued.

    In such a scenario the United States of America would descend into chaos within 72 hours, which is precisely why we regularly urge our readers to prepare for a worst case scenario that sees widespread riots, looting and civil unrest from coast to coast.

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      1. Mindless cattle on the loose. Watch out.

        • Literal “Bull” in a candy shop…

          • That bitch needs to “look into” getting a god-damn job (with six kids to feed)!!! No sympathy at all for her.

            You do need to remember that there will be millions of these useless breathers on the rampage when the SHTF…

            Plan accordingly… 🙂

              • The video had a commercial for Applebee’s before it. LOL

              • Thanks for the link to gorilla cam

            • You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until there is a major “blackout” from a system overload this summer in a major city, emp, or a squirrel that eats through the wrong cable and its takes days to find and repair.

              Madness will ensue. 🙁

            • The sad thing is, that women probably DOES have a job. I don’t know very many people who are not on food stamps this day and working full time jobs. It’s about to go away, because more cuts were made in our county.

              If I had food stamps, I’d be prepping with those, left and right. There’s no excuse for this woman to not have a jar of peanut butter, eggs or bread in the house.

              • i bet she’s got the latest smartphone…wonder what she’s driving?

                • Good thing they didn’t call the police. If they had called the police, the innocent store clerk would have have been shot by the police.

                  • D-Day Remembrance – Normandy June 6th, 1944

                    from an article posted several years ago…
                    “Overlord was the largest air, land, and sea operation undertaken before or since June 6, 1944. The landing included over 5,000 ships, 11,000 airplanes, and over 150,000 service men.

                    After years of meticulous planning and seemingly endless training, for the Allied Forces, it all came down to this: The boat ramp goes down, then jump, swim, run, and crawl to the cliffs.

                    Many of the first young men (most not yet 20 years old) entered the surf carrying eighty pounds of equipment. They faced over 200 yards of beach before reaching the first natural feature offering any protection. Blanketed by small-arms fire and bracketed by artillery, they found themselves in hell.

                    When it was over, the Allied Forces had suffered nearly 10,000 casualties; more than 4,000 were dead. Yet somehow, due to planning and preparation, and due to the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of the Allied Forces, Fortress Europe had been breached.”

                    D-Day Remembrance – Normandy June 6th, 1944

                    • The black Hippo reacted violently
                      When the store refused her E.B.T.
                      With her waddle obese
                      She yelled “Call de police”
                      While the clerks milled around silently!

                    • Hey, all you White Christian men who were drafted by the Rosenfelt administration to go fight against your White Christian brothers in Germany–is this what you fought for? Was it worth it?

                      All you guys who came home missing an arm or a leg from the other wars, the ones the government wouldn’t allow you to win–Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan–was it worth it?

                      Was it worth it, fighting to defend this?

                    • not as violent as American’s cop and armies

              • Its hard to keep food in the house when you have 6 kids…
                I live in a place here everyone is White. I still see things like this and it seems to be getting more prevalent.

                • the BIG question here is, what SHOULD the store owner have done?…and what would be the ramifications….me, i jump her and subdue her, or with gun if available, shoot to kill if necessary when she comes at me, thinking my life was in danger……..too much? what would YOU have done?

                  • Put on a baseball hat or similar face cover, hit her on the back of the head from behind with a #10 can and get outta there.

                    • good one, K…..a can, or padlock, or just about ANYTHing in a bag makes a formidable weapon….just make sure no sharp edges will tear the bag and your weapon goes flying. i walk with a padlock in a sock.

                    • MAC you should watch what you say. Female this POS may be; Lady NO

                  • It should not be a matter of waiting until your life is in danger. The property owner’s rights should always override allowing such a person as her the right to life. She should have been killed on the spot. Shot in the back, beaten to death with a hammer, or stuff a snickers bar down her throat (if they make one big enough)and add a new chapter to “I can’t breathe”. Think of just how much better this world would be if she and millions more like her were dead, dead, dead, and could never produce again. Trash is trash and trash brings flies. thanks

            • The “six kids” does not refer to Mizz Chunky here, but rather the Democrat-fostered leech in the video below that statement.

              Ain’t America great!

            • easy for you to say, maybe she got some health problem and couldn’t work. being judgmental is not part of solution. It’s ok for you maybe, because you are protected by the jew bankers or part of jew zionist society. But never mind GOD SEE EVERYTHING.

        • Watchdog, she had ‘mad cow disease’. LOL.

          • At some point, it becomes a sad reality when the sheeple don’t get a clue and hate to be reproved. They depend on the Gubment for glyphosate ridden hay. No wonder, what we see today is a society full of zombies ready to trash anything to keep the fat bellies happy and full without having to pay a cent and wait for taxpayer handouts. God help us all.

            BTW all, My brother is in the freight forwarding business mainly out of Houston to Asia and Europe. Called me last night and warned me : “No dry goods, commodities, bulk, or food stuff is coming in to the country.” The AZ desert is the home of over 300 rail engines taken out of service. No products/containers to haul. Their 25 year old business is ready to get shut.

            Advice? Prep as much as you can, Venezuela is coming here.

            • Here in Houston as well. Talked to a few guys in the trucking business, drivers and terminal workers. They said business is down 40 – 50% from two years ago. This is very bad.

              • Yea and the population isnt down thats for sure

              • and if you listen to the MSM all is PEACHY!! nothing wrong!! surer allot of people will be in a state of shock when they wake up one morning and all is GONE!! then come the riots!!

            • I reported on another post about two weeks ago….my aunt works for a company that supplies equipment to maintain industrial equipment , rigs, etc. main office does $2m a month. Business down to $500k a month. Her office does $200k a month. She’s down to $100-$150k a month. She supplies a niche group though. Nothing from her shop comes from over seas unless industry approved. No Chinese or southeast Asian metals, etc. US Steal only. She supplies a river boat company. They have 26 boats on MS River. Only 2 running the river. All others tied up dockside with no shipping orders.

          • “Watchdog, she had ‘mad cow disease’. LOL.”

            Now THAT is funny. lol

            That gal in the store is the best ad I can think of for a Taser type weapon… BZZZT! Whump… And calm returns to the convenience store once again. 😉

            • Drag her out by her feet, leave her outside with a note on her that says this will happen to you too if you trash my store!

        • Tip: When buying a down jacket, it needs to be “800 fill” goose down, not polyester synthetic imitation down insulation, as the real feathers are much warmer.

          Don’t waste money on “80 grams of nano puff super special gold insulation!” Those jackets are useless pieces of shit on a real mountain.

          Knowledge is power. If you don’t know what youre talking about, you get screwed. Confucius say: the root of wisdom is for you to call everything by its proper name.

          PS. when hiking in the rain, a windproof jacket and pants coater in DWR finish, either spray on or wash in type, will serve you much better then a rain jacket and pants will. They will adequately keep the precipitation off while not becoming as muggy.

          • Confucis say:

            Rape is impossible because woman can run faster with dress up than man can with pants down.

          • Acid Etch, I liked the “Confucius say: the root of wisdom is for you to call everything by its proper name” statement. If the idiot-in-chief had followed that advice in the middle East, we wouldn’t have the world mess we are in now. The real name of the middle East problem is RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM.






          • wow…

          • Holy mother of pearl , what balls she has.

            • 15 kids? talk about throwing a hotdog down the hallway.
              mandatory birth control if on the government tit.

          • This is in Tampa… And it is THE reason I’ve got my bug-out location as far from here as possible.

          • Maybe she needs a reality show like the Duggars. Except it will not be cancelled because the brother raped the sister.

        • whats that sign say out in Yellowstone park?

          oh ,.. “Dont feed the Bears , it creates dependency”

          than we have this .. Is it any wonder?

          All I gotta say is, you dam sure better be ready

        • Well you got what you vote for liberal failure.

        • Well you got what you vote for liberal failure.

        • The image that is always shown is of a black or person of color. The majority of people on welfare and food stamps are white!

      2. It’s gonna be a bloodbath

      3. The US would be in a “long deep depression” since 2008 if not for EBT, food stamps, unemployment insurance and every other government handout.

        Welcome to the new normal.

        • IF you stop and think about it the feds have set up a war zone, all they have to do is turn off the EBT (assistance programs ) and there you will have INSTANT civil unrest everywhere and it will be enough for the obbutthead to declare his martial law and stay in power, makes me sick to think of this but this very well maybe there plan!!!

          • Apache54, cities will be burning within the first hour and the carnage will be tremendous. The military will be useless and many of them will desert. Military hardware will be laying about for the taking.

          • “What’s going on with America?” Was that video shot in America? I didn’t recognize the people. We are truly fucked at some point.

          • Someone should hack the govt ebt website and shut it down, how funny would that be

            • Like the group Anonymous…they could do it blindfolded.

              • Except that Anonymous tends to be left of center and would have no desire to do so. I see them like I see the ACLU: a group that is sometimes on the right side of things but one that can also be on the wrong side too. Then again, if you find a group that you always agree with, no matter what, then you are not a free thinker and are just a sheep looking to be led.

        • We are in a depression. When 104 million Americans are classified as non-participants of the work force, when we only have 320-340 million in the US, that is 30% unemployed! If we did not have the EBT program, there would be soup lines on every corner of every city and town in America. In most ways an economy is measured, it is now as bad as it ever got during the Great Depression. We are leveraged with debt that was not available during the depression. The US is staring down the barrel of several very real and tangible threats.

      4. Look at how far America has fallen.

        Reminds me of a quote from Remus at Ye Ole Woodpile Report – Avoid crowds.

        • The Black Baboon should have been taken out with a dog pole noose around the neck, dragged out the building like a rabid pit bull. And then shot in the parking lot to put the ho out of her misery. This is what rewarding failure in America generation after generation is all about. Hillary will just be more of the same if she is selected. We can’t take it any more of this. This is the Free Shit Army in action. Be prepared.


          • WWTI, you have no idea how fucking wrong you are!

            That dumb, fat mouth-breathing worthless eater should have been shot in the parking lot to put it out of OUR misery, not hers !!

            • Billy Hill. Very True. It was painful to just sit and watch. You see, if you were the store owner and gave her a smackdown and stopped her rampage, you would have been sued, by Johnny Cockran and the Liberal ZOG courts would have awarded the Baboon, your store in damages. These Nigs know all about BS lawsuits.

              True Story: My buddy had a run in with a Black parking lot Security Fat Biotch, who jumped on the hood of his car, he told her to get off his car, She refused so he drove out of the parking lot. And dumped her off blocks away and drove home. Later, he felt a little worried, and he came back and the cop said you got no problem. A year later this Nig sued his Car Insurance co, for loose teeth fillings, and some other BS for $20K. He was arrested a year later after this incident in handcuffs, and charged with “Assault with a deadly weapon.” Like WTF? Yep his car was the deadly weapon she jumped on and would not get off. It cost him $10K in Atty Fees and Bond at $10K to get out of that charge.

              I told him that HE should have put his car in park, called the cops and had her charged with property damage, illegal detention and kidnapping. He would have owned that parking lot instead of the other way around. So you see why nobody jumped in to stop the baboon’s rampage?

              I would have put a mask on, taken a baseball bat, and split that melon open, then take off.

              btw. Johnny Cockran died a few yrs ago. (If the Glove Doesn’t fit, you cant commit.)


              • If you do intervene in a situation like this, don’t wait around for ‘the authorities’. The just-us system will crucify you.

        • I remeber ole Remus. Liked his blog a lot. I found it only about 2 months before he shut it down. He would always respond to my emails too.

          I wonder if he started anew with another pen-name.

            • YaYYYYYYYYYYYY! Remus’ blog is back.

        • Stay away from crowds
          Most likely the wisest words ever voiced

          • This goes 10x for crowds + alcohol.

            Sure, when I was younger, I thought nothing of going to a bar or a concert or a sports event…. but now, after seeing how fast things can go south (for any number of reasons, from a fistfight to a fire) there is almost nothing that will lure me into a situation of that type.

      5. Sad but true the children will suffer most. What’s taking place before us is just a damn shame. Its gonna get uglier that’s a given. I wouldn’t trade the childhood I had for all the world’s gold.

        • I hear ya. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and feel blessed.

          • I have a ‘old timer friend of mine that just turned 85. He said, “Its a good time to be old”. There is no doubt that the best days are behind us.

        • Most of the suffering will be born by the spawn of sheboons like this. Nits make lice.

        • Acid Etch

          Switzerland keeps out of other countries internal affairs and greatly relies upon an armed civilian population and sane foreign policy. Try to move there. If you don’t bring something to the table they don’t want you. Leave those “Poor huddled tired masses” where they came from. The US doesn’t have enough jobs for our own people.

          Switzerland has government pensions, disability insurance, socialized medicine, public schools and a good solid citizenry.

          • hahahahaha my ancestors left there to come here. I speak German French Italian and Spanish to varying degrees.

            I’ve never been there but I will go someday.



      7. and i’ve always called moochelle the appocalypse cow!….we got a new WINNER!

        • BCOD, that heffer should’ve been stopped and made to pay for everything she damaged. Mad cow disease. LOL! Let all the EBT cards get cut off the whole free shit army will be on the rampage.

      8. though some are abusers of the system but before you judge you need to think about social security that is welfare to do your research be fore you judge dont have any double standards

        • Social Security is not welfare, although the government would certainly like you to think so so they can lump SSI recipients in with EBT card holders. Social Security is something that people that actually work HAVE to pay into, for the promise of a later payoff when they retire if they have no other income. Big difference.

          • Thank You Steve you are so right, how can it be welfare since the money is collected from the paychecks. I taught for 22 years and paid every cent the government asked for for SS they used the money and no doubt got interest on it now it is my turn to get back what I am due, welfare my foot. Some people don’t think any further then the end of their nose.

            • I paid into social security for 50 years. Now that I am 66 I can get some of it back because the limitations on income that reduces ss payments by every dollar you make is now void, in my case.

              Now if I could just get it in a lump sum …. 🙂

          • I paid a ton o money into SS, i damn well better get it back

          • Sorry Steve, in the ss earning statements they say SS is not a right or a promise how much and if you get anything back is up to the legislation and can change at any time. Its from the SS office itself…

        • See Jim in Va. post below. Your reasoning about SS is wrong. I pay in(actually stolen/relieved of my money) and have done so for 45 years now. Its being sucked up not by those who have genuine disabilities,or retired after paying in, but by lazy, shiftless wretches who prey on the rest of us. Its doubtful that it’ll be there for me when I’m eligible. That’s one reason why I prep and include precious metals.

          • Actually Congress raided SS money. Did you take a SS disability survey?

            “Its being sucked up not by those who have genuine disabilities”

            How can you w/o any information make such a claim? You want injustice? Have your wife be a cripple and have workmen’s comp end because the employer Chrysler went bankrupt and they were “Too big to fail”, self insured and not backed up by the State. The successor Fiat uses the Chrysler name w/o the legacy payments.

            There are a whole lot of people that through no fault of their own are getting screwed and you can all sum it down to one root cause GLOBALIZATION.

            • How do YOU know that its not the case? Where’s your info?

              • How could you assume that the majority of anything is a fraud? Is there fraud? Of course. Its illogical to assume the majority is. Even in the land of fraud, Wall Street its not the majority. That minority though steals like there is no tomorrow.

                From the experience of my wife. SS disability was very difficult for her to get. Someone with no knowledge could see her vertebra were broken.

                • Oh, and Clinton did roll the SS fund into the general fund thus compromising its liquidity. That is public record.

                  • Kevin2
                    I am still angry about Clinton sliding SS into the general fund AND raising rates paid in to “cover boomers”. Bush spent it on wars.

                    • Rebecca

                      TPTB bankroll a domestic President when they want more control over the economy and bankroll a Foreign Affairs President when war is on the agenda.

                      War is on the agenda.

          • Thats like my fucking neighbors. They all have ‘autism’ amongst other disorders. All of them get disability. Meanwhile whenever I used to visit motherfuckers would ask me if I want to play games and I’d have to remind them that I don’t have a top of the line computer. “Well you should really get one” my neighbor would say. “I could build you one for $500 bucks.”

            I’d come over with my shit laptop that I code on, bring some mountain lightening and they’d be like “Nah. I can’t drink that. I only drink mountain dew. You really should have brought the brand name stuff”.
            Motherfucker, I’m working a minimum wage job, scraping by, bring over something to drink while we hangout, while you’re sitting on your ass all day, while playing video games on a computer you bought WHILE COLLECTING DISABILITY MONEY PAID FOR WITH MY TAXES.

            After I found out he was a communist I told him my thoughts on why he was a brain dead self entitled cunt and stopped coming over.

            And this seems to be the norm. So many autistic guys who are communists, collecting disability and whining about the fucking world. Meanwhile his dads over there sending his other son to steal shit from neighbors yards and STILL owes me money.

            Fucking parasites. I hope they starve.

            • DevilMayCry, I hear you loud and clear. Sounds like his REAL disability is being a GOLDBRICK! I wouldn’t give him the first freakin’ dollar. If he came to my place for anything I’d give him one chance only to turn around and never come back. I don’t have shit to do with any freeloaders.

            • Please don’t lump all people on the autistic spectrum together. They are not all the same and they have varying degrees of disability. That is why it is called a spectrum disorder. Likewise, it is likely that they lack the social understanding to see why their statements would be insensitive and hurtful. When dealing with someone who is truly on the spectrum, they have a deficit in cognitive empathy, also known as theory of mind. So, they have a difficult time in intuitively understanding the feelings of others. However, their affective empathy is usually normal or higher than a normal (sometimes called “neurotypical”) person. Thus it is sometimes helpful to explain why their statements are either insensitive or hurtful as it helps them to make better decisions regarding such things in the future. Just remember that logic is their native form of communication and that the emotional/social side of communication is difficult for them. Thus, they tend to be far more honest and direct than most people and will usually deal with things only from their own perspective unless someone else’s perspective is well explained to them.

              • Thank you, Winston. I have two autistic kids (neither of which are on SSI, mind you). They should be on SSI, but the requirements for SSI are damn-near impossible to meet if you own ANYTHING. Got a couple cars, no deal. Got an acre or two of land, no way! I am unemployed, my wife is under-employed. Neither of these issues is my kids fault. I have paid in Social Security during the many years I HAVE worked. However, we ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to go on the government dole. We refuse to owe them a damn thing!

          • You are exactly correct. It’s a Ponzi scheme, using current taxpayer monies to pay for the retirees. Problem is, we now have 53 million fewer taxpayers alive to carry that burden, and with price increases, the money doesn’t go as far as it did in the ’80s. People are also living 30 years beyond their retirement date. Start looking for people to start dying within a year or two of retirement. It’s diabolical, but I think the medical community will stop treating those beyond a certain age, so the SS funds will go farther. I hope I am wrong.

          • I’ve been paying into the SS system since 1969. Plan on taking it when I turn 70 in a few years. There is suppose to be (for me) a big difference in monthly payments if I retire at that age as opposed to age 66. I’m not counting on it. Personally, I think SS will dry up before 2030. A lot of you under 50’s are going to get screwed big time. Then again, both the economy & civilization are on the verge of collapse, so why worry about a government sponsored Ponzi scheme in the first place?
            By the way, the US Government is under no obligation to payout SS benefits. The SCOTUS has upheld this ruling several times going back to cases in the 1960’s. Every week, the US District Court here in Southern Ohio hears anywhere from 5 to 10 cases involving denial of SS benefits. Keep that in mind!

            • I recently had a cousin die at the age of 59. Never had a chance to collect anything off all his social security payments into the system over 40+ years. You talk about a screwing. That’s why they try to poison Americans with Franken food products from Monsanto. Cancer causing garbage. Get you to die before you reach 62-1/2.


        • You pay into SS but not welfare…. you do some research how bout….

        • I think I will do my research:

          2 Thessalonians 3:10King James Version (KJV)

          10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

          …what’s in your lifeboat…….BA.

          • Then don’t take the money from by check for SS.

            “2 Thessalonians 3:10King James Version (KJV)”

            Cripples starve? Those too old to work on pension starve? One day you starve.

            • 2 Thess. 3:10 doesn’t refer to cripples and those too old to work. Families are first responsible to feed themselves. But the welfare state has literally destroyed families. Per the US Constitution, the government is NOT responsible to feed anyone.

              • Agreed regarding the Constitution but neither should the Government support Multi National Corporations / Internationalist Bankers at the expense of its own people putting them out of work. Here lay the root cause. Remove the “safety net” after eviscerating the employment and utter destruction will result.

        • Dude, are R U retarded. Working people PAY into Social Security. These foodstampers fuck 6 times and have kids in order to get there taxpayer food.

        • Unlike you, truebeliever, we have done our research and there is no ‘double standard’. There are benefits that are earned, such as employees’ paychecks, and social security payments to retirees. On the other hand, there are benefits that are not earned, such as Earned Income Tax Credits, EBT, WIC, etc., etc., that are gifts from a generous nation.

          Some of these people have literally not worked more than two weeks in their entire lives.

        • Bullshit. The vast majority of EBT recipients are moochers. we all know that. Probably fewer than 1 in 10 are deserving.

        • I draw a Social Security Ponzi scheme check. Its a Ponzi Scheme. Most folks when they start drawing Get every penny they paid in plus interest back within 3 to 5 years. And its never been in any special account so called lock box. The Social Security has always been in the general fund. I started drawing at 62. And for the last few years the social security has ran in the red. Its paid out more than it took in. 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day and fewer workers earning less money. The Ponzi Scheme is failing. If not for the money being part of the general fund Social security money wouldn’t be paid. The land wale in the video is what I commonly see whenever I go to town. Fat obese parasites and cant do anything but waddle. They would perish if not for the government enabling them.

          • ewwww that smell
            cantcha smell that smell
            eww that smell
            the smell of DEBT surrounds youuuu

        • If SS is welfare, why have I been paying into it for 50 years?
          Some people are dumber than cheese. That’s a fact!

        • Truebeliever: As a Christian I must submit that you are a sexual intellectual (f’n idiot). We pay into ss…do you get it…we pay into the system. Also MR. KJV, the Bible says those that don’t work should not eat. Did you flunk parking are or you just stuck on stupid. thanks

      9. Yes your racist troll followers will love this. Somehow though I think the folks who printed up trillions upon trillions of dollars and gave them away to their friends and thereby debased the currency and saddled the nation with extreme debt have a lot more to do with our downfall than some obviously mentally impaired person wrecking a convenience store.

        • Nah steve its just typical of the species tis all.

          • ‘My life for you”.

            Trashcan Man.
            The Stand.

        • steve

          Its interesting that you give bankers a trillion and nary a word but God forbid a low level person get a dime and look out.

          There are professional welfare queens but the three fold increase in it post 2008 was directly related to globalization policies Free Trade with a Wall Street unethical corruption via deregulation complements of the demise of Glass-Steagall. Neither has been addressed.

          • Actually True, The Biggest Welfare Queens are the US military Industrial Complex and about $6 Billion a year in WELFARE to Israel, the Land squatter thieves and chaos creators.

            Again more reward for failure. Failure across the board. You think EBT helps Americans, Who’s pockets does all that EBT Money go into? ANSWER the Fascist Corportions like Big Agra, twinkies, Freeto Lay, Kool-Aid, Pepsi, watermelon growers. “I Got’s 5 Kids to feed” Wel look Lazy Ho, After the first kid, I would make it mandatory they get their Uterus ripped out of their Cunt before they can be eligible and apply for additional EBT food stamps.


            • Big talk wwti
              I know a gal now on welfare in Texas who was married and supported them mostly from her business. Papa started chasing little girls and walked. She soldiered on. After the crash she lost her business. She works 2 crappie jobs and gets food stamps. All you guys disregard the crap done to this country and over 90 million who can’t find a job. Sure there are bozos… not most of them.
              The Bigs raped this country and you want to rip some chick’s uterus out?
              I am considerably poorer than I once was. I am right now listening with gratitude to RAIN on my garden. Most on EBT are victims not perps. They will all go hungry anyway.
              I think most on here know that but rather blame the victims than those scary banksters.

              • folks like the land wale pictured have never worked at any producing job. She has no respect for anything. There is no way to justify her behavior. And there are many white folks who will behave in the same manner. It wasn’t a bankster who trashed the store.

                • Old Guy

                  I have no doubt that the woman in the video is a multi generational leech. The problem is the welfare ranks have swelled post 2008 and the bankers / multi national businesses did cause that. The new recipients were the middle class factory working taxpayer that complained about the queen in the video and then the rug got pulled out from under them.

                  • Funny…the one in one of the you tube videos–the one with 15 children– enraged me more…while I favor helping those in true need…those that deliberately put themselves in harms way….How dare she lecture society on accountability and responsibility…she must have spent half her life in procreation mode…

              • most of the population here use ebt cards, ESPECIALLY those who DON’T need it.
                We see them in the grocery stores using the card, pulling out a nice wad of bills to pay for things (like booze, etc.) that don’t qualify), then go out to a nice late model car in the parking lot and drive off to a very nice home.
                It’s part of the culture, ingrained in so many people.
                (It’s free, go get you some)
                We might qualify for ebt but wouldn’t dare. We both were raised middle class and if you didn’t work you didn’t eat, period.
                You rail on about the bigs raping the country but hold no one personally responsible for their own self made mistakes or misery?

            • Excellent Point, the powers that be love it when we get hung up on the small shit. Meanwhile they rob us blind because as you should know, the powers that be calls all of us stupid niggas!! Meditate on that!!

        • Thank you Steve. A sane comment amongst a bunch of racist. No, your’s is not the only one, but it’s spot on true.

          Most Welfare recipients are white. And if you think they are going to sit idly by when their benefits get cut off you have are an idiot. As much as I don’t like calling people names, many of you here in this site are racist and just looking for a reason to shoot black people. The irony being that the person who stabs you in the back (or even in the chest) will be white.

          • “Most Welfare recipients are white”
            Maybe because blacks are what, 11% of the US population? Duh.
            Percentage wise, Mr. Jazz, that would be an interesting statistic. Not one you’d like at all.
            Huff post?
            “Goes to credibility your honor.”
            You are severely lacking.

            • I read an article that stated 41% of African Americans were likely to be on Welfare. What difference does it make? We are still out numbered by millions of white people who receive aide.

              My issues is someone will post a video like this and equate that to not just all black people on welfare, but all black people period. And a lot of you seem to brush under the table that there are more white people on it than black people. The importance of that being when shit gets cut off, they will be affected too. Not just base heads and junkies or alcoholics, but working people who need it to survive. What do you think they will do when they are looking at their starving children?

              You people need to wake up. Seriously. We, the brown people of this country are not the threat here.

              • Truebeliever: As a Christian I must submit that you are a sexual intellectual (f’n idiot). We pay into ss…do you get it…we pay into the system. Also MR. KJV, the Bible says those that don’t work should not eat. Did you flunk parking are or you just stuck on stupid. thanks

            • Katshup on your shirt.. Blacks account for 17% in the state of Florida’s Population, Whites are about 68%. But a fact is 75% of the Crime and gun related shootings here in FL, are caused by Blacks and which are convicted of their crimes. That is FBI and Justice Dept Statistics.

              Now go eat your greens and chicken. Get rid of all the Niggs in Florida and crime drops 75% over night. Imagine that we got our country back.


              • First and foremost, it’s not your country. That may be the underlying issue with all of you. You think it belongs to you. It does not.

                When it comes to true ownership, I believe the indigenous people of this land were all brown. Some Europeans came and raped, robbed and pillaged from one coast to the other and said this is ours. For which all of you have claimed a stake.

                But being that we are “ALL” here, and it is what it is, the country still is not yours. It belongs to the Native American community and every US citizen (did you know Native Americans are not automatically US citizens?). Being that it belongs to all of us you just have to deal with the consequences of yours and your ancestors actions.

                If anyone should be shipped out of here it should be the offspring of the lying and thieving Europeans. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

        • Steve not everyone loves ghetto scum, and the governments propaganda efforts since the 1960’s no longer work.
          If I had my way fat ebt sows with six kids would be forced to work, or no more EBT. As for getting 4000 to 6000 Earned Income Credit per bastard ghetto child,there would be no more EIC.
          I would prefer forced surgical sterilizations and abortions,that to have to support a bastard ghetto child for its life.

      10. This is going to happen in more places. This will be how Obama will start his martial laws..

        • Once it happens, it could be more than EBT or SS. It could even become a national banking holiday(s).

          No one could get to their money in banks…

      11. Most of us have been paying into Social Security all our working lives. I didn’t chose to pay into it…its required. All I want is what i paid into it,nothing more nothing less. Congress chose to use that money for other things and pay people who never contributed including illegals. What the taxpayers paid into was to be specifically paid back at a later date. Guess what….Surprise!

        • And Mr clinton rolled the ss funds into the general fund and said look at me I balanced the budget, and now you are now just a free loading entilement.

          • anyhow

            BINGO…. you have the answer.

          • yup yup!

        • Most people have no idea how much they paid into Social Security. I checked my statements and found that I will draw out every penny I paid in just three years.

          It is not the government’s job to provide charity. It’s the job of churches and private charities. But the government sucks so much of our money that we can’t support the churches and private charities as much as we want.

          I would support a phase-out of all government social programs if they would also phase out all the burdensome taxes.

          • Exactly correct Archivist. Most get all their money withheld + a reasonable rate of return in 5-6 yrs. After that, it’s OPM….other people’s money. It IS welfare at that point.

            The entire thing was designed around OPM. Take the very first person that drew a check in 1939….Ida Mae Fuller. She worked about a year under the ‘new deal’ program, paid in about $25, retired, and over the course of her retired years, got $25,000 in benefits. HOW ?? OPM…other people’s money is how.

            And that is exactly how the deal still works. You get yours back pretty quickly, and from then on, it’s OPM. The problem is like any pyramid scheme, you eventually run out of OPM.

      12. another example of surplus population

      13. I cannot even imagine how batshit crazy all these people are going to get everywhere all at once when the SHTF!

        • Anonymous.

          Hell yeah! How about those who don’t have all their marbles and on drugs. Hmmmmm.

          Take a look around your neighborhood and what do you see. Right after dark on a hot summer’s night.

          • Anon, that’s right. In the first hours of SHTF, the free shit army, drunks, dopeheads, and other people with NO marbles will be the most dangerous people out there. Bullets will be only solution for them.

      14. First, she’s no Lady.
        Second, when did it become my responsibility to feed your six chirdren?
        Third, maybe if you dinint use your benifiks card to pay for hair and nails, your six little bastards would still have sumtin to eat.

      15. Sorry, that is no “lady”.

      16. How stupid is this person to buy food at a convienence store where the prices are much higher for food?

        • aljamo

          Her HoverRound quit.

          • It’s not her money. She can not relate to the working class that provide the money she is given. Not only should they not be allowed to vote but they should not be allowed to breed.

            • Precisely

            • Who is the “they” you are referring to?

              • Welfare queens. Of any color.
                You seek reason to call us racist.
                Racism in reverse it’s called.

                • No. Not seeking a reason just clarification. The racism is all here in black & white.

        • Ain’t her money, what do she care

        • Few grocery store chains have stores on the bad side of one party rule democrat cities.

          Interesting that Flint, MI has NO grocery stores, not one inside the city limits. They all closed their doors years ago. They only have convenience stores.

          The convenience stores that do brave these communities must massively overcharge for goods to compensate for theft, robberies and destruction like this bat shit crazy woman was doing.

          If the SHTF picture 50 million people going bat shit crazy like this.

          You know she really reminds me of the really fat zombies in the grocery store scene in the movie “Zombie Land”.

          • Not much in the cupboard at the crib, maybe a few bottles of water and a bottle of ketchup in the fridge, a few rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom…

            Drive thru. Eating in the car, crap from the Quickie Mart gotten with the Govment’ Card…

            Tank always below 1/4 full…

            Livin the vida loca.

            • I have a niece who lives like this. Toilet paper from the dollar store at a 100% mark up because she is incapable of planning just days into the future. She hasn’t bought a Sunday newspaper in twenty years, even though a $2.00 newspaper could contain $30.00 in coupons.

              If you choose to try to help her she just becomes a money pit. She gets lots of federal and state aid. It adds up to a huge take. But still she lives like a pauper because of the ignorant choices she repeatedly makes.

              She and her children often go hungry because as monthly check time comes, she has spent everything. That pauper mentality handicaps her. The idea of setting aside just $5 each month for a rainy day is impossible, incredulous, insurmountable, unimaginable.

              • Plan, she bought the one way ticket to poverty, huh?
                Having children w/o a husband, a job, or a plan, there’s the result.
                Got that NightlyJazz? Very simple.
                One way ticket to poverty.

      17. this type of SHTF would be one of the easier ones to deal with. Buckle down let the animals have their riots and kill each other. Come onto my premises looking to loot or for trouble and get picked off before you make It to the door

        • Will you be wearing the isis black hood or a hijab?
          Just so we know…

      18. One in the knee, two in the head. She goes out praying!! This is what our politicians have created and we will be left to clean up. We the taxpayer have no representation and we have no protection under current law enforcement. Lock-N-Load folks!!! The party is just getting started.

        • it really saddens me to have to agree with your comment. it is going to become a very harsh environment…no quarter, no mercy…it is what it is…bummer
          make your peace with your god and go accordingly.

        • We may be entering a time where, we just pile the bodies next to the curb for garbage pick up on Tuesdays and Fridays. And buy plenty of Lye, to cover the bodies to slow down the spread of disease. NO questions asked.

          Got your lists? Let the Great Culling begin.


      19. Definitely a major risk factor and we would see massive riots in less than 3 days in a widespread breakdown situation. Be safe and be prepared.

      20. If EBT cards could only be used to purchase non parishable food preps such as rice, beans, dried milk, sugar, flour, etc. a lot of these people would get jobs so they could eat steak. But as long as they can buy steak, they have no incentive. And they are more vulnerable.

        If Trump gets the presidency, he could help these people by restricting the wasteful spending on candy cereals and expensive crap food these EBT Steak or Starve welfare recipients seem to love.

        Truly, however, the rich thieves and their globalist agenda is at fault. Illegal immigration and poverty are symptoms.

        • B of CA, I would cut off all Monetary EBT and just send them a Hoe and packets of seeds. Make the Lazy work for food, then have to guard it.

          ~WWTI… And All Thieves will be shot on the spot. NO questions asked.

      21. The woman is O’s first cousin.

      22. Have a storm in the gulf and you might want to check your gear tomorrow. Central and Northeast Florida.
        Might have floods, downed trees and power outages.
        TORCON is a Three. Propane lights and gas grills in order.

        • got folks in new port richie (tampa area) fl. was just talking with them this morning about this. they are ready and prepped. it is looking like they might be hit with the outer band of it. here is praying to all those that maybe effected by this weather event.

        • It’s supposed to be near me Tuesday afternoon. My wife and I went through our usual mental checklist. I’ll pick up a loaf of bread tomorrow. Everything else is in order, flashlights, lanterns, candles, matches, food, water, charged up battery to run the scanner.

          I don’t require the loaf of bread, but I like to check out the grocery store to see if the crowd is panicking yet.

      23. Oh, baby!

        I think I found the future Mrs. Boyo!

        I likey, likey.

        What a woman! What a whole bunch of baseball sock wearing, junk in the trunk, I’m gonna throw a EBT card denying tantrum on next weeks episode of COPS, woman!

        • Boyo, uh, you may want to reconsider having someone like HER in your life. You’re just asking for a life of misery. If that had been my store she’d gone crazy in, she would’ve been physically thrown out.

          • Braveheart I agree after she threw the first box over it would have been game over… Not that I would have punched her or anything but she definitely would have seen the door lol

          • Hey Braveheart1776 – – I’m thinking she’d dress out at about 285 to 300. What-d-ya think?

        • boyo, use a stout fishing rod, heavy duty reel, put the card on the line with a fishhook through it.
          You’re good to go.

      24. This bitch thinks she’s entitles to free food because she has kids. She put her trust in a gov beurocracy to feed her and her kids and she’s pissed the failing gov let her down. What the fuck did this bitch expect. If she came to my door I’d tell her to go back to the gov cheese line. If she insisted I give her food she’d get a double tap. She’s crazy if she thinks I’d take a crumb out of my kids mouths for her nigger ass. She had ebt for a long time and didn’t stock up on anything it’s her fault. Some of these ebt queens are getting $600 plus a month for food and eating shrimp and filet mignon. Fuck her If I was the store owner I’d call the police and press charges for vandalism. She cannot get away taking the govs failure to keep ebt program up on the store owner. Where is the justice for store owner. I just went into harbor freight and the girls at the register were talking openly about smoking dope and one girl says she buys her own shit and the other said I get it free. these filthy bitches just talk about this at work in front of customers. Are they nuts. They got the everyone does it mentality. That’s a $10 hr job so you know they get programs. I’m not giving up anything when the gov fails these bums. This is why the culling of the herd needs to happen. These bums will jeopardize the safety of the public at large when the program collapses. I say kill them all and let God sort them out.

        • Asshat, AMEN to your comments.

        • The card was probably exhausted. Funds already wasted.

        • Best stock up & arm up, cause when all hell breaks lose, they will turn into animals who believe they are entitled to break into your home & take the food from your mouth & your children’s mouths,it will make the Baltimore riots look tame, we on on the razors edge of this before Nov election.

      25. “This is crazy”?
        It sure is crazy to have 6 ‘effing kids and depend upon the government to feed them you ‘effing black sow!

      26. send the illegals home….bring back the jobs….make America great again!

      27. Yeah I couldn’t watch both videos the whole way without breaking yet another phone. Here’s an idea. Stop fucking having kids u can’t afford to feed you lowlife stupid shitheads. I’ve been behind these lazy fucks in the store. You can always tell who’s gonna pay with food stamps becaus it’s all name brand and the best meat. I can’t wait for this whole system to crash down. It needs to happen. It is a shame these pieces of trash act like this because there are many people who need financial help. Any wonder y kids living at home longer and longer. ? My adult daughter still lives with me but she knows she can’t make it on her own as a cna and high rent. But she works. These fucking bastards that in dc that let all our jobs go overseas I’d like to see Em on a slow sinking boat in the Atlantic. Half of working people make less than 30 grand a year. Even a tightwad would have trouble living and paying for essentials without some help. Part of this problem is no decent paying plant jobs anymore. All these graduates every may where are they gonna work?? Bring the jobs back and if they call us isolationists fuck Em. But there’s plenty of generational welfare and not even embarrassed by it is what gets me. And quit letting in all these dam rats. Too many people anyway Hear that dc? Not too mention all these “illnesses” you can get disability for. Drunk checks. Fat checks. Stupid checks. Anxiety? Sign up well take care of ya. If we had ww2 now we would get our asses kicked. I don’t see it getting any better. Just waiting for the meltdown. Feel fortunate to be on ground been here since great grandpa in civil war. I got a shotgun and a rifle and a four wheel drive and a country boy can survive. Good song bocephus and true

        • TM, excellent post.

        • Had a friend who was a meat cutter in a grocery store during the 80s. He said you could spot the food stamp gang because the first week of the month they would stroll through the meat department and clean out the best cuts of meat, never bothering to check the price.

          I despise the MIC just as much. Probably 80% of the ‘defense’ budget is wasted. USA is responsible for something like 47% of the world’s military spending. Other countries just get much more bang for their buck.

        • Right on, TM, and it’s gonna be a rough one! Thanks for putting it into words!

      28. Fuckin ebt zombies get out of line heads are gonna roll. They should drug test the ebt crowd you could get most off the program. What that’s gonna hurt kids. It’s not govs job to feed their kids. the parents are lowlifes what’s more important getting high or feeding your kids. Real pieces of shit. I don’t bother with people they are all fucked up and I’m not gonna let their problems be mine.

      29. I guess her tirade started the other day when the zoo keepers at Cincinnati killed her mate and father of her 16 children.

        • The kid thought Harambe was his uncle.

      30. These muslims being flown in are all getting free everything also. I read that cia director John Brennan converted to Islam.

        • The CIA Director story is ‘unproven’. The only thing known is that he did a tour in Saudi Arabia some years back, and nothing else. I’d discount that claim until some proof is offered.

      31. How about get a f’ing job?

        This could lower the price of street prostitutes

      32. Hear that? tic toc tic toc tic toc tic toc tic toc……………………………………..

      33. Maybe she can use the money she would spend on her nails or earrings or nice outfit and buy food instead.

      34. “How am I gonna feed my kids?” Well just like me, have only what you can afford and make sacrifices so they can have it better than you, you leach!!

      35. SIX KIDS.

        Bitch it’s not a fucking clown car, you know?

        Dude have you ever heard of morning after pills? Just saying.

      36. This country is a disaster and EBT cards are keeping the STORES in business, providing low paid jobs to a few people. You think EBT is about poor people but it was designed as corporate farm support. It was a push against backyard gardens, which is what poor folks had prior. History. It always comes back to milking taxpayers to support the Bigs.
        This poor person leaped off the corporate mill and is living the old way with a garden and no debt. You think it will be better when the stores shut down post-EBT? EBT created and paid for most big chains.

        • If that wasn’t clear enough… poor people with no access to grocery stores as you know them may be your future whether you have money or not. Corporate food supply runs on debt… easy debt…. and every EBT dollar supports that system. You may not “get” it but tptb do. People grew gardens. People did not shop in corporate world.

      37. There is a bumper crop of wheat this year.
        So much so they have to store it on the ground as
        there isn’t enough silo capacity.
        Give EBT people a Dutch oven, a bag of wheat per month,
        and a manual wheat mill. Add a few pounds of free
        government cheese and butter and you are good to go!
        When they burn their neighborhoods they can bake
        their bread!
        Give them some pamphlets on how to make ancient Egyptian
        beer. You could probably get them to build a pyramid
        to the glory of Obama and the Democrat gods.

      38. 6 kids to feed? And no way to support them except forced taxation of others who probably did think about whether they could afford another child or not. A walking argument for forced sterilization.

      39. At least hear in Alberta if you want welfare you got a lot of hoops to jump through. such as drug testing job placement programs surprise inspections of your home list goes on. As for me I’m drawing my employment insurance :(THIS IS NOT A HANDOUT) here in Canada employment insurance is Federal I pay directly into an insurance policy. It comes off every paycheck I get marked on the pay stub EI deduction XXX % usually 16-20% I in turn just have to ask for it. As it stands I’m covered for 70 weeks. Its enough to live on.
        There just are no jobs here.
        So what else ya gonna do ?????

        • Similar thing here in America except the unemployment insurance is paid by your employer. You don’t see it other than as a lower wage than you would have gotten if you had been paying it.
          Welfare in America is mainly a political tool to get blacks, Hispanics, and stupid white women to vote for Democrats. White men and Asians in general need not apply. We are the ones paying the taxes, for all the dead beats, and the very few that really need the help.

        • Canada has some welfare programs correct. But here, I can walk through town with 2500$ in my wallet and a 45 auto on my hip without getting hassled. In fact, last time a deputy was parked in front of a church and waved to me….Constitutionalist…thats where its at.

      40. When the attention of the masses is united and fixed on those in power, those in power turn the attention of the people against each other. Here you have the poor and the middle class clashing, at least on this site. Do you not see? We are being played by TPTB in our ZOG. Sure there are people abusing the system. But calling these people cattle is a direct quote from the Tall mud. Think. A civil war is stupid. i’m totally against people thinking they will straighten things out by fighting hungry poor people no matter how deluded they are about their right to government handouts. The people must unite to fight the Banksters who have created this fiasco.

        • One thing if the hungry poor people who are the free shit army are did away with. Then they wouldn’t be voting for the liberal commie cantidates. Get rid of them and their votes. That’s almost a win win!

      41. the people must unite to fight the banksters ? Ok just how do we accomplish that? It seems to me if we get rid of the parasite class that would be a start. Everyone states there are no jobs, Yet millions of illegals come here and go to work. and they are little skinny folks. and one of them will do more work than 4 white guys or 8 black guys. I think it was greedy folks who bought more credit than they can afford who caused a lot of the problems. No bankster ever forced anyone to go into debt. The causes are manifold and the cure is manifold also.

        • Good point: if there were no jobs there would be no migrants coming here. Yet, there are millions coming and getting jobs. There is work but the key word there is ‘work’. You have to actually do some work to get paid. A lot of people do not like that, in particular certain race groups, who have an attitude problem.

        • Before 1913 no one paid any taxes. You kept every peeny you made to spend as you saw fit. Enter the banksters and the selling of the US.

        • Old Guy:

          There are parasites in the upper class as well as the under class. America would be better off without either.

          I am surrounded by Mexicans. Your assertion that they are skinny is not what I see. When people arrive in the U.S. they are not so fat, but within a short time Mexicans and others gain way too much. The educational level of Hispanics is low. Some workers do out perform white’s and blacks in jobs that require physical stamina such as dish washers, field hands/landscapes/labor. On the other hand some of the younger ones are lazy entitled brats who smoke pot and in the worst cases belong to gangs. I have plenty of friends and I have a lot of contact with people of all the races and different nationalities. I am not a racist in the sense that I look down on people. I do believe that Europeans in America and Europe are facing genocide. That is horrific. If the white people don’t develop some racial preservation strategies, they will die out like dinosaurs. Inter-racial relationships are killing the Europeans in America and around the globe. A very small amount of such relationships does not hurt that much. But when it gets to be widely accepted as it has begun to be practiced here lately, it is suicidal and I’m sorry to say but it is racial death. I can no longer condone such stupidity. But this does not justify mistreating minorities.

          The fat black woman in the video is either very dull witted, possibly autistic, mentally ill, diabetic, or just never taught an ounce of respect for other people. I don’t have all the answers. But I know that the people here who claim they would shoot or beat her down are not for real. They are just expressing a level of frustration that is perfectly understandable. If Murder was legal, there wouldn’t be a problem with over population.

          • If a illegal first comes here & takes someones job. they are usually skinny. After they start eating the hormone laced fast food they will fatten like a grass fed steer when put in the feed lot.Wnen I look around at who is doing construction running equiptment and swinging hammers its Mexicans. And they are doing work they never did in their home country. and they are good at it. Im very white ( Scandinavian & eastern European) My wife large percentage native American. And when west of here in Oklahoma and farther west our marrage was looked at negatively by many folks. Here in north central Arkansas nobody notices or cares. and our children are very good looking. Many mixed race people have stunning good looks and very high IQ,s. Back when the former war of 1812 solders where given land grants here in the Ozarks. The chouce of women was limited. and there where many marrages of cousins for many decades. and it still is happening. The sterotype of inbred hillbillies has a certain amount of factual basis. What in trying to say is a persons soul hasn’t any color. And a good person is a good person and a bad person is a bad person. The female land wale destroying the store did so because she isn’t a good person. There are many white land wales who will react in the same manner. Genetics do have a part. Just as a holstien is genetic to make milk and a angus to make meat. Some races of people do have a genetic propensity to behave in a certain manner. Now the white race don’t make good peons or serfs. And peons and serfs is what the powers that be want. So the white race is being replaced by folks who they believe will make good peons & serfs. Electing Trump aint gonna change that fact.

          • America has an amazing ability to turn anyone – no matter the race – into a tub of lard. It certainly has to be the food that is the problem. That woman was just vulgar and vile and unfortunately not an aberration.

            I agree white Europeans are being placed under race attack. It is very obvious and is happening on many fronts in order to overwhelm people. There are some whites who are of a lower quality (the English) who could do with some race mixing to toughen them up and also inject some beauty into their gene pool, but there are other whites who are just fine where they are (Nordic blondes, Italians, Spanish, Dutch, Russians, Croatians, etc.).

            White Europeans need to preserve their cultures and their race. At present, the very thing made to do that – the European Union – has been corrupted and is doing the opposite (handing Europe over to Africans and Muslims). The EU needs to get back to putting white Europeans first and preserving European culture. The world is a big place and the other races are growing quickly to the point that the new threatened minority group today is the white European, not the so-called other minorities (Asians, blacks etc.).

      42. Thank you brave heart. Like your posts as well. Good luck to all of u in the future

      43. Did the police lock her up?

      44. Let her fat ass and her kids learn the hard way that food needs either to be made (grown, slaughtered) or bought and paid for. Her bad life decisions are not my problem nor anyone else’s.

        America has one thing in abundance: fat people. You only get fat through eating too much and doing too little. There is no other way (the number of people with genuine medical issues is very small, ask any doctor or scientist).

        Measures such as EBT should be temporary and for emergencies only (laid off, sick with a disease etc.). Not a lifestyle and not for more than a year.

      45. I wasn’t aware the government gave out those 5 pound cheese blocks anymore, I thought that ended before food stamps came into being. They gave out cans of some type of nasty looking lunch meat. A few other things I believe also. Those giveouts ended decades ago. I think it is JP Morgan that administers the current food assistance EBT. At any rate the warmongering push to control the world moves endlessly forward. Let China have Taiwan, its off their coast. US, get out of the South China Sea, you stupid assholes.

        • hubby’s parents, now deceased, used to get their “commodities” from the gov on a regular basis. Cheese, butter, peanut butter, dry milk and that can of nasty beef stew.

      46. Now, if only we can make the system “not work” always and forever, it will start these moochers on a path to work and responsibility. Our kids are doomed otherwise. Can my one daughter really afford to support this parasite’s six kids?

      47. To bad she did not do this in RED CHINA or NORTH KOREA.

        I hope this pig is now in LOCK UP eating jailhouse swill…….

      48. Wait, why are people on welfare after the greatest recovery ever? This can’t be, everyone is gainfully employed after 7.5 years of Obama’s masterful plan to fundamentally change America.

      49. Food for thought…or just rambling.

        If all these governmental transfer payments were stopped, the economy would collapse. These payments make up a great deal of the US revenue of the largest retailer on earth, WalMart and a good part of many groceries and supermarkets. They would go bust without them.

        Sure, this article is speaking to EBT, but there are huge subsidy programs for big Ag, big Oil, big old people Healthcare, big Banking, etcetera, etcetera.

        You think things look bad now? If all these “customers” were inked out of the system, most people’s jobs that produce the goods these people buy would also lose their jobs. More unemployment.

        The whole monetary system is a Ponzi. All transfer programs are Ponzis also, even if you “paid” into them. They are all dependent on continuing taxpayer input to survive. Meaning those that actually make enough to pay income tax. Meaning that maybe your job depends on these people spending transfer dollars to keep the economy from rolling over. It’s not as simple as it may seem.

        Bust on other countries crashing because of socialist programs, but this country has a whole big buncha socialist programs of it’s own…not good but it’s the hard truth. In fact, income tax is a socialist program in itself. It takes from me and gives to others at the point of a gun. USA calls itself a Representative Democracy, but it’s actually just another socialist government when you break it down. How much are you represented? They do as they want in corporate DC, not as the public wants.

        Because that is what socialism is. It steals your labor at the point of a gun and distributes it to someone else.

        When the windshield meets the bug in the next few years and these programs fail, you will be out of work, too.

        Good thing you’re ready for it.

        • jrs says “It’s not as simple as it may seem.”….i respectfully DISagree. it IS as simple as it seems. the world lent U.S. money, and trusted U.S. to pay it back…now we CAN’T pay it back….simple as it seems.

        • Thank you JRS. I think some of the people on this site have degrees in Actuarial Science. The skew the numbers to fit their point of view.

          It is as simple as it seems. Borrowing money or not. Paying it back or not. When the SHTF there will be a lot more than EBT recipients to worry about. and by the way, 40% of people on Welfare are white. And that is more than the next to races combined.

          Who was that racist white senator who had a black daughter? Didn’t he say something link you may be poor, but at least you are doing better than they are (black people). Talk about drinking the cool aide.

          Most of you will never pull your head out of your azz.

          • Anecdotal bullshit.
            These women in the videos have done nothing wrong, according to your perverted thinking.
            You’re right, we’re all stupid, with our heads up our”azzes”.
            Go back to your night club and coke habit and booze.
            We’ll take care of the EBT recipients for you.

            • These people in these videos have done a lot of things wrong. But when things go down, neither they nor people like them will be the issue. The one’s who come for you in the middle of the night will not be welfare queens, base heads or alcoholics. So if we do not get togeter on one accord, when they line us up they are going to line your dumb as up right next to me.

              Just because you are white doesn’t make you part of the group.

              • just because you’re black, doesn’t mean you’re against the group.

                • Based on the statement I made just above yours, your reply is pretty stupid. If I say they are coming for me, what does that mean to you? I’m getting picked up in a limo for a trip to the Underground facilities in the Ozarks?

                  • I live in the Ozarks. And less than 1/2 of a percent is a race other than white. That one person claims to be a indian. There isn’t any underground facilities here. The KKK is headquartered in boone county. Quit telling lies.

          • If you want to defend that thing for destroying the inside of the store…go ahead…it makes you a participant…rioting by residual contact i suppose. thanks

      50. A certain segment of our society can’t live in the trees or on the ground. Any suggestions as where to put them?

        • Your house.

          • You’re serious aren’t you?
            Bring ’em.

      51. You need permission or a license in this country to do virtually anything however these monkeys can breed generation after generation of baby monkeys that they cannot afford to raise , have no intention of raising right, all on our dime . the same is true of all the african , south american and middle eastern countries all exploding in population due to the aid from western countries all completely unsustainable. I look foward to the great culling thats soon to come .

        • Really good point: breeding doesn’t need a license so it is the least educated, the ones with the worst genes, who multiply the most. What is that all about? And they all get huge sums of welfare. Birth rates are out of control in the poorest places with people who lack the mental abilities to support themselves or grow and advance their economies and societies.

          Things we will never see:

          The Saudi Arabian luxury car
          The Malawian washing machine company
          The Ivorian Apple

          In short, anything that requires brains, stability, advanced thinking and research, is not being made in the countries with the exploding populations. So, they are deliberately ballooning their populations, but can’t come up with the businesses to actually employ the people. Crazy!!

          • I have 6 children. I support them all. Although I completed three years of college, I did not get my degree in Physics/Minor in math. I was burned out. Dropped out for what was to be a year and never went back.

            Even with that, I’ve averaged a 6 figure salary for the last 16 yrs. 5 yrs of college before that and 6 yrs in the Navy before that.

            I see a lot of people on this site referring to others as sheeple when I see you really dumb comments. Makes me wonder who drank the cool aid.

            Being an asshole doesn’t require a license either and a lot of you are liberally exercising you freedoms.

            Interesting footnote. The things that require brains, stability, advanced thinking and research in this country are not being performed by white men as much.

            • And name a thriving black run/ruled country for us?
              Liberia, Nigeria, Mauritania….come on, you can name one, right?
              We’re waiting.

              • Have you ever been to any of these countries? I have. They have a lot going for them. But what keeps them down? European countres that require them to pay them billions of dollars for their freedom. Did they pay Erupe to enslave them? I think not. So why do they have to pay to be free?

                And by the way. Libya was a very thriving country until France decided they wanted to do away with Ghadaffi because he wanted to start an African Union currency backed by gold and do away with the franc. France cound have that. If white people stop meddling in other peoples (countries) business, the world would be a better place for all.

                Since you think I cannot name a thriving black country how well is the US doing? Greece? France, The UK? Australia? The Swiss devalued their currency last year and everyone else damn near had a heart attack. Except those poore African Nations. As they are too poor to notice that kind of stuff.

                • There is an answer for that: you get that money (aid and loans) because you are supposed to use it to create an economy that makes more advanced products and services and then you pay that money back. The problem in Africa is they never did the advanced products and services thing, so they couldn’t pay the money back and defaulted. In Asia, they did the advanced products and services thing and not only paid the money back, they actually have so much surplus cash, they loan it to the US.

                  So what, the Swiss devalued? Go there, they still have lots of advanced manufacturing, chocolate box villages, and on-time, clean trains zipping around the most beautiful scenery in the world. In short, they devalued, but they still make stuff and still live in civilization. Go to Equatorial Guinea, dude, and tell me what you see there…

                  • Equatorial Guinea is a former Spanish/British colony with lots of Oil. Need I say more?

                    I probably do as your response will most like be that it’s ruled by black people. There in lies the problem with this whole conversation and why I say a lot of you are sheeple. A puppet does not control anything. A puppets job is to perform the instructions of the master. A country as small as Equatorial Guinea could look like Saudi Arabia. But it doesn’t because most of it’s wealth is transferred out of the country to Europe.

                    It’s not that Equatorial Guinea is getting loans that it cannot pay back. It’s being robbed blind. Not all Asian countries did the advanced technology thing either. China dosn’t pay back its loans because they did advanced anything. They have cheap labor so big businesses send your jobs there. That loaning to the US crap is over with.

                    Yes, the Swiss are doing quite well. You miss the point. I was not referring to how well they are doing but how the rest of the world isn’t doing so well.

                    • Just look at history: Africa received more aid than anywhere else on the planet. It did little to nothing to develop the place and by the 1980s, most of Africa was worse off than it was in the 1950s. In contrast, Asia, which was poorer than Africa in the 1950s and more under-developed, lept ahead. They did this because they did not wait around for aid and they did not squander the aid they did get (Swiss bank accounts, shopping trips to Paris for the elite). They spent it on industrializing and on infrastructure.

            • Nightly Jazz:

              In this post first you say you have three years of college. In the next paragraph, you say you have five years of college.

              • I only completed enough credits to be a junior in 5 yrs.

        • Marty you are so right, I cant wait for the culling to begin.
          Those FEMA camps when equipped with more and larger cremation ovens will be a big help. Time for the welfare lottery to be gone.It’s not my problem to support other peoples bastard ghetto children, where is da baby daddy is be?

      52. My sister has a Syrian invader family living on her street with the rent and bills being paid for by catholic charities who gets their money from the government and tax payers….

      53. A huge black lady. Wow, I wish you could all see my shocked face.

        • Same thoughts!! It was, like, I did not need to see the video to know what happened. It is the same when they announce on the TV in Toronto there has been a shooting … you just know who the suspects are.

          CBC TV: “That’s right, Jim, police say witnesses heard multiple gunshots and the Cool Dreamin’ night club in Scarborough…”

      54. Give me a break. This is not a “lady”.

        It is a worthless nigger sow that is a parasite off of the taxpayers.

        Please do not refer to a worthless, filthy, nigger sow as a “lady”.

        That is straight out double-speak Marxist BS right there.

      55. This is OLD GOOD NEWS! Give us some more NEW GOOD NEWS about EBT cards failing!


      56. Look at all the privileged white people be racist behind their cell phones and laptops. Cute!

        • I am White and Have NO white privileges , that happens to be another fake lie that Obama invent to divide and control… l have no cell phone or TV, just this computer.. Here are just a small list of Blacks privileges

          And believe me is even long for Muslims and all dark skin people

        • JJ
          Worked my F#$ING ass off for 45 years to become one of those Privileged White Folks. I’M DAMN PROUD OF BEING ONE OF THOSE PRIVILEGE WHITES!!!!


      57. Time for forced surgical sterilization after the first bastard ghetto chile is shat into the world. There is one female contraceptive that when implanted prevents bastard ghetto children for up to five years, this should be used when da baby momma first applies for welfare cause of da chile.
        Using DNA from da baby will allow us to find who da baby daddy is and surgically sterilize him after he sires his first bastard ghetto child. Nitrogen gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless……..

        • Breeding needs to be subject to tests and an application to a scientific gene authority who decide if the breeding should go ahead. The days of natural, uncontrolled breeding need to come to an end. Too many are just dumping these kids on the state to take care of them. I understand the Chinese are going this way. They will have a smarter and healthier population than the West in 20 years.

          • That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve heard you say yet.

            You gonna be the first to volunteer??

            • “G”

      58. The video is a fake. This same video was posted a year ago claiming the woman when nuts because the store ran out of Skittles. You just can’t trust anyone these days.

        • WOW! Shame on you Mac Slavo and Tess Pennington.

      59. These are the people that will be sending the army to bust down our doors looking for food for them. Remeber who to blame when it starts.

      60. Fucking nigger ass ape! Seriously, when do you see white people fucking act like that? Fucking apes are the ruination of society!!!!!!!

      61. Nice hairdo.. nice big hoop earings… nice nail job… very nice clothes… she probably has a nice expensive smartphone… nice big car… etc… abusing the system more than likely…

      62. You should have never had kids in the first place until you were self-sufficient. Get a job, worthless asshole.

      63. All of you are pretty bogus trying to get each of your points across using racism, sexism, and whether or not they are left wing or right wing. It doesn’t matter. She’s a human being. We all feel the same way regardless of ethnicity sex or political views. We are all fucking human. It’s sad that a mother of six can’t feed her family. It’s sad that a we as a country rely on government handouts to stay alive. A legal mafia. We pay our dues and they take care of us. What’s more sad is people think it’s okay to point the finger at people in poverty. You guys are fucking sick.

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