Watch: This Is What Trump Did When Event Organizers Cut The National Anthem

by | May 26, 2016 | Headline News | 120 comments


While President Obama can’t even go so far as to wear an American flag pin on his lapel, it appears that Donald Trump is a bit more Patriotic when it comes to supporting American traditions.

The following video was recorded in Anaheim, California where event organizers, pressed for time because of television cameras, opted to remove the singing of the Star Spangled Banner from the agenda.

Trump was none too pleased. Here’s what he did.

“Guess what, we’re gonna do the National Anthem, OK?,” Trump told the screaming crowd.

(Watch at Youtube)

Somewhere on her private jet Hillary Clinton is lambasting staffers for not having thought of it first. We’re sure her team is trying to figure out a way to stage a patriotic display at her next rally.

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    1. RobinHoodC

      Can you believe it?
      And some people still wonder why he’s so popular!
      He actually dares to be patriotic.

      • JK

        The sad part is using the term “Patriotic” has been used for decades to screw us.

        • Ian MacLeod

          Not like since Obama took office (and THAT is the correct word: “took”). Remember? Anyone claiming to be a patriot or being CALLED a patriot by others nowadays is ID’ed as dangerous by the DHS and put on a watch list. *sigh* At a July 4th parade a few years back, I was the ONLY man to stand up as the flag was passing, the only one to remove my hat and hold it over my heart… I had no insignia, no military clothing on (jeans, boots, long-sleeved shirt and a Stetson), and people were talking about the old “patriot” and “the old vet” at the parade for days! As I looked around there at the edge of the street, other men saw me and some at least stood up, and a few hats came off… *sigh* It was automatic, for me, at least. And that was enough to get me recognized as a patriot, and THAT is enough to get me onto a few watch lists as “a likely terrorist”!

          And THAT is damned well pitiful!

          • Feisty Old Broad

            I remember going to the movies when, before the movie, the Anthem was played while showing our Flag waving in the wind and everyone in the audience stood up and placed their hands over their heart….some singing and some not. That will never happen again…..

        • mark

          Patriotism is most definitely a psy ops tools. It has been used as a means to rally people around the nation. It is abused in this manner by politicians on a constant basis.

          We need to turn that table and use the patriots of this nation to understand it’s not just our borders anymore. The real war coming is the “Godless Globalsts vs the Judeo Christian Western Nationalists. One world government or nations with borders. Free men or slaves. I suggest all nations who believe in sovereignty add a white fringe to their flag, uniting the worlds free people, under their unique flag, yet tied to the fight for freedom. Signified by the purity of a white tassel..

          Flags are important, as the ISIS black flag provided by the US government makes clear. It’s a propaganda statement. We need ours now. A white fringe is the ticket.

        • nuthinbutnet

          The term “Patriotic” has been obviously hijacked, sometime ago. Trump is reclaiming the word when it meant something to us. The “old-school” people have a voice in this one, as you can see from the crowds he gets. Despite the Orwellian double-speak or thought we get rammed down our throats, this is being exposed and things ‘dear’ to us, reclaimed, including words.
          The love of our country is unquestioned, and uncompromised.
          But, the love of our government? Not so much, ha?
          Two different things. All we know is one is destroying the other.

      • Jonny V

        Here’s to that bitch Hillary! Fuck her!!

      • Winston Smith

        He dares to APPEAR patriotic… there. Fixed it for ya.

        Sorry, but there is something that just feels wrong about Trump’s whole campaign. It’s just too well orchestrated to take advantage of the frustrations of average people, so much so that it feels contrived rather than organic.

        • Menzoberranzan

          Either way the election goes bullets will fly here in the USA. The free shit army is huge and they won’t work and will burn down entire cities. Muslim savages are already here waiting to strike. A Gestapo army is already in place as well as hundreds of thousands of foreign troops . We are going to have to fight for this country literally.

          • Taxdn2poverty


          • Paranoid

            By your tone am I correct in feeling you think it’s a problem if the FSA burns down the cities it lives in and then the Muslims and the FSA and cops/Gestopo start shooting each other? Hummm I never thought of it that way.? I know a lot of good cops;they are staying home and letting the problem cure itself.

            • Menzoberranzan

              As long as all of the above are dead, We’re good.

          • Winston Smith

            I don’t think that Trump will cut many benefits for the poor for this very reason. Welfare payments are cheaper than the chaos an unfed mass of people without hope will cause. What is really needed is to limit the immigration of low skilled workers and to bring back good paying jobs. If we could do that, then we would diminish the need for social programs and things would fix themselves. And I’m sorry to say this, but some amount of a social safety net is necessary for the orderly functioning of society. The big question is how big it should be and how easy it should be to collect benefits.

            The bigger, more intriguing question though is whether we can go back to a time of good paying jobs for low skilled workers or not. It may be that our advancements in technology have created an economy where that is no longer possible and where the future is one of ever increasing unemployment for those without very special skills. If that is the case, then there is a whole mass of people who will never be able to achieve a self sustaining lifestyle and who will need to be supported by the government their whole lives because there is no place for them. If that becomes the case, then you can expect a radical transformation of society and a possible move towards some form of Marxism out of necessity. It may not mean the total elimination of private property, but it could mean an end to private ownership of the means of production of automated products and services. I am not necessarily in favor of this but see it as one possible outcome.

            • Barbie

              It is not special skills so much as it is the giant corporations moved all of the unskilled jobs to China and other countries for cheap labor. The last two presidents allowed this to happen.

              • Winston Smith

                While I do agree with your statement, I think you need to also consider how drastically things have changed since the turn of the millennium. The old infrastructure that ran the world on first world labor is no longer there. Additionally, we are on the cusp of a major paradigm shift where low skilled workers are being replaced by automation and those jobs are being lost permanently. Even in China, workers are being displaced by robotics with companies like Foxconn deciding they no longer need humans to do the work. (Foxconn just fired 60k people and replaced them with robots. What do they make? One of their largest clients is Apple, but they also manufacture things for most major brands.) This is why I see a major shift in society coming. Throw in the effects of A.I. in the near future and you can see that the future doesn’t need us.

              • Ian MacLeod

                More than that: they ENCOURAGED IT. So the “government” in D.C. Well, D.C. is really three corporations; it’s NOT the legitimate capital of America, the Senate is no longer constituted per the Constitution, and the current President thinks he can write and pass laws all by himself. America needs to scrape that entire POS off the bottom of our boots and move on as a Constitutional Republic!

        • Ind RepDem


          That something that is wrong with the whole Trump campaign:

          are people like you Winston.

          LMFAO LOL!

        • Ron Beal

          I understand your feelings. I had the same feelings about Obama. That old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is – it’s called a scam. While it may not be intentional, Trumps actions will be limited and directed by the economic and military situations that change every day. The “work”Obama has down will haunt the world for years to come- most European countries are anti-American now; Russia has been pushed by the lies of Obama into a position of defense from the world. China has nothing to loose and N. Korea could care less. One rule Obama never applied: Keep your friend close and your enemies closer. That one rule could have made the difference in World War and World Peace. You know where we are now- I would be surprised if Trump ever takes office.

        • Dr. Prepper

          Well it is difficult for the avg Joe Smith to recognize competent humans. Ones that have IQs above 120. It’s not their fault. They have been conditioned to seeing and listening to pandering idiots for yrs. You’ll get used to it in time. God Bless Murica and God bless Trump. #perpwalkhillary

    2. DiMarco

      A President who REQUIRES the National Anthem gets my Vote!


      • Knot Jammin, Jr.

        Well Said Sir!!

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          Trump is Brilliant!!! Hillary would have told the women to carry her bags and order them to stand behind her.

          Did you hear, Obama after his presidency, will rent a 9 Bedroom Mansion in Washington DC for a year at the cost of $22,000 Per month rent. Thus explains why he was begging for a Pension Raise. Personally I think Obama should be put on work-release, ankle bracelet and all, paying back all the Money he fleeced the US Taxpayers out of over the last 8 yrs. About ($10 Trillion) Maybe he qualifies for a shoe shine boy job. Since he is such a great bootlicker.


          • Kulafarmer

            I hope somebody nukes DC on a bright sunny day when everybody who works there is present, i can live with the collateral damage of that if it effects a total douching

            • javelin

              My wife and daughter both work in DC–my wife a nurse at GW university hospital and my daughter is a DPT ( physical therapy) at National Rehab Hospital—fuck you. Hope a volcano erupts and buries you haoles under 3 feet of molten lava and ash.

            • Black Heart

              Too horrible. We don’t want that to happen. I’ve worked in DC off and on over the years and there are some great people there.

              Trump is a step in the right direction, albeit a small one.

              Although radio talker Mark Levin sold out to the Anti-Trump crowd, the Liberty Amendments he proposes should be considered and passed by the states, especially those that take power from Federal judges and impose term limits of congress critters.

              If self correction fails using the existing constitution, congress, and state power of amendment, then PEACEFUL and mutually agreed upon secession must be considered. Perhaps a return to the Articles of Confederation might be in order.

              The last chance to correct Federal overreach was when Richmond refused to let the Confederate Army take DC after the defeat of Union forces at the first battle of Bull Run.

              • Ian MacLeod

                “If self correction fails using the existing constitution, congress, and state power of amendment, then PEACEFUL and mutually agreed upon secession must be considered.”

                The LAST attempt(s) at secession didn’t work out all that well. In fact, THAT’S how the so-called “elites” got D.C. – it’s the repayment for the money they loaned to North AND South to fund the Civil War. The Articles of Confederation weren’t taken well either… As for correcting overreach, it ain’t gonna happen, ESPECIALLY not with the man who redefined it: Obama! Personally I’m STILL trying to figure out how a man SO unqualified – legally, intellectually and morally – to hold that office is STILL warming his ass on the office chair in the Oval Office!

                • Black Heart

                  The LAST attempt(s) at secession didn’t work out all that well. In fact, THAT’S how the so-called “elites” got D.C.

                  Good point, but that was in part my point. Had DC fallen at First Manassas the Union would have quite the war. They didn’t want Lincoln’s idiocy either. As a consequence the old constitution died at Appomattox, April 1865. The last check on Federal power, threat of secession, ended. We are living the results of that.

                  To say that secession didn’t work so well last time, does not condemn the idea forever. Failing a salvage operation that I mentioned via amendments, I see no other way out.

                  Some folks I guess are willing to simply become slaves or vanish from the earth altogether.

          • TheGuy

            It would simply never have occurred to Hillary.

          • Betty Lukich

            I totally agree with you “WhoWTFKnows” Trump will make us a great President. Hillary would bury us all.

            What do the Obama’s need with a 9 bedroom house, at $22,000 per month rent, That is more than most seniors make in a year! I like your idea of putting him on work release, etc. He might be going to be just a butler, and Michelle the maid for this house.

            • sue hunter

              Michelle—maybe she should be the cook, what with growing all her own produce….just sayin’

            • Ian MacLeod

              Hey, I just figured out why he’s so DESPERATE for a third term! Who’ll pay his greens fees when he’s out of office?? And how would he get to all the golf games he has scheduled now without Air Force 1? Aside from which, if he had to fly commercial he’d have to stand a baggage inspection, right? And speaking of inspecting the baggage, the first TSA agent on an airport x-ray machine could likely retire rich (and maybe relatively safely at the North pole) after Michelle first goes through one. Just a leetle less power…

    3. Grits

      He scares the heck out of me but Hillary and Bernie scare me more.

      • Winston Smith

        Same here. I do not trust him at all, but I KNOW the other two are coming for our guns (Bernie supports pistols but has come out for a semi-auto rifle ban). Thus, I have less to definitely lose with Trump than the other two. I do wish there was a good third party candidate that has a real chance at winning, but alas, that is not to be because the public doesn’t think critically enough to vote for a candidate with something other than a D or R after their name.

        • Enemy of the State

          and the funny thing is they can wish in one hand and shit in the other to see what one fills up first , because any red blooded AmeriCan isnt giving up a dam thing ,no matter what Bullshit rules , laws or edicts they claim to enforce against our 2nd amendment right

          only the pussies of this country will lay down their arms , and as far as im concerned they didnt deserve them in the first place

          • Paranoid

            You’ll do, to ride with.

            • Bud

              Aye …I’ll take yur six’es (or ‘point’).

      • BuelahMan

        And that is exactly what they intended from the git go. The theater makes me giggle at those that still fall for it.

      • TheGuy

        Hillary scares me beyond words.

        Bernie not really sure on him. I have no idea where he’d ever get all the money he needs to do what he’s proposing, there’s that.

        Then again, Trump will probably protect the 2nd Amendment, probably attempt to crack down on abortion (and likely fail and come out with a slap on the wrist), probably attempt to crack down on illegal immigration (and likely fail)…

        And double down on “trickle down” economics.

        Pro tip! It trickles down to CHINA! YAY! Look at all that infrastructure “they didn’t build”.

        • Ian MacLeod

          “Hillary scares me beyond words.”

          Agreed! She’d probably have a set of personal drones to operate herself. And that’s just the office staff… *EG* Seriously though, Obama, judging by statements like the one he made about his being good at killing people with drones, I don’t think Hillary has a fraction of the self-discipline Obama has, and he hardly has ANY…

    4. PO'd Patriot

      Trump seems to push the right buttons. Still we’ll see who makes the grade in November. Lot can happen between now and November.

      • WhoWTFKnows...

        Part of Making America Great Again, is Letting and encouraging Americans to be proud of our country again.

        ~WWTI… btw/ the US Flag is American’s Flag, not the Military who hijacks it, and disgraces it with their Bloody Global Genocide. The US Military needs to sport the Monsanto Flag, MacDonalds, or Exxon, just saying. Cause that’s who they represent.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Nothing against that WWTI. Just feel like when he talks I hear PT Barnum’s warning in the background.

    5. Chocola

      He sure is a great businessman. He markets himself very well.

      I am not a USA citizen, but i really do hope he will be the next president of USA.
      Yes, please make the USA great again.

      • Green tip 4 U

        Where you from?

      • Ian MacLeod

        A great businessman? With HOW MANY bankruptcies?? The man needs a new hobby. I just hope the Presidency doesn’t turn out to be it…

    6. anon

      I do applaud that Trump had that lady Sing our National Anthem

      Couple of things. As the lady sang, Trump did stand at attention with his hand over his heart. He had no cover.
      Did you see the people in the audience with hats on and their hands at their sides. They can’t even stand still. How many can sing the first verse?
      I do not care for adapting, “The Star Spangled Banner” with voice infections or performers placing their groups
      identifiers in order to make the anthem, Politically Correct.
      If you can not sing it correctly then don’t sing it at all. Everything in this country has been bastardized in some shape or form and our History is in the crapper.

      I’m going to tell that most Americans do not know how to properly display our flag. They can’t even fold it correctly.

      I’m old school. Flame away.

      • rellik

        I think it is more likely none of those men were in the military. You always remove your cover when indoors. The days of hat racks at the building entrance are long gone. You are right that the old style patriotism practices seem to have gone by the wayside. That is too bad.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Anon,if folks have their flag on back of a truck/in their window ect.,good enuff for me,they are flying the flag.I had a flag pole,would be flying it upside down/sos as this country is in deep trouble.

          That said,just hang the Gadsden flag in a window.

          This is political theater at it’s best,this,pun intended,was a false flag event to get Trump in lime light,

          • Braveheart1776

            Warchild, you pushed one of my buttons when you said Gadsden flag. I’ve got one hanging on the wall in my home. I have a Gadsden flag plate on the truck. I even have Gadsden flag caps and t-shirts. That’s the flag we all need to be displaying right now.

        • Kulafarmer

          Well that,
          And its just polite to remove your hat indoors.

          • Tex

            Those F’ers should have removed their covers. Pisses me off.

            • Kulafarmer

              Only time its ok to leave your cover on would be if you are at an indoor arena for an auction, horse show, rodeo or cutting!

              • MC

                You’re allowed to wear your cover indoors if you’re under arms.

              • MC

                You can wear your cover indoors when you’re under arms.

    7. B from CA

      He is a great showman. I hope he is half as good a President.

    8. Nubmaeme

      I hope he runs this country like the businessman he is and gets rid of all the deadwood in DC.

      • sixpack

        I’ll just be happy if he can keep us out of world war three, until we can figure a way out of this mess. Anything else he might do is a bonus.

        • Nubmaeme

          Amen to that!!

    9. grandee

      Yes, well–bravo to the man who stakes his stand.

      He needs a little help on his Bible stuff.

      Two Corinthians?? 2nd Corinthians Don, 2nd.

      • Sharon

        Get over it. I have heard preachers say 2 Corrinthian’s. What does it matter how you say it? At least he knows it.

        • sixpack

          And at least he didn’t start quoting from a koran or something, like our muslim hnic.

        • Captain Silver

          Grandee just points out a mistake, he wasn’t making a big deal out of what Trump said, but you come back at him all full of piss and vinegar “get over it”! Why don’t you pull your panties out of your crack and settle down. And just because someone calls themselves a “preacher” doesn’t mean they know diddly. Lot’s of preachers are just in it for the money anyway, so don’t hold them up as a shining example of Biblical scholarship, if you even know what that means.

      • Sharon

        Get over it! Makes no difference how he says it at least he knows something about the Bible. I have heard preachers say it the same as Trump.

        • grandee

          ok Sharon. peace~

    10. aljamo

      The song glorifies war, enough of that propagandized mindset. Name one war or police state action that was good for the American people’s interests. America the Beautiful would be more appropriate. Nothing will improve until the psychopathic warmongers are pushed or wiped out.

      • Kulafarmer

        Your an unpatriotic ungrateful POS
        If you dont like our country leave

        • aljamo

          kulafarmer… call me up in dreamland. Patriotism is the dumbing down total control of the masses, “the refuge of a tyrant” people have wised up to that BS, some of them anyway.

      • PatrioticLepruchan

        oh look a Liberal!! You know if we don’t have a military we get invaded right? You’re an idiot.

      • smokey

        Nothing will improve until the psychopathic drug-addled hippies die off, absolutely nothing good has come from them.

        They like to complain about living in a country made by war and enjoying freedoms obtained and kept through war, but just can’t bring themselves to move to the peaceful peoples’ republics and worker paradises of the world, where they know no one will put up with their absolute bullshit.

      • Paranoid

        Truthfully, I’d kind of like one that said: “What part of “stick it” don’t you understand?”

      • Bud

        Doesn’t “glorify war” as it was written about ONE battle only. It is a poets rendition of what they saw from a short distance …and nothing more. Or, if you staunchly believe that it is, then Glen Campbell’s “Galveston” is also a song to “glorify war” (with verses saying, “As I watch, the cannons flashing….I clean my gun, and dream of Galveston”).

        If we had NOT have had that battle, YOU would most likely NOT BE in existence today …think about it.

        Never in my life have I seen America “at odds” with each other so intensely as it seems to have become “in these times” …and us old folks “Don’t Cotton To It” one bit …and we’re willing to DO IT AGAIN (fight), if that is what it will take to keep America strong.
        The way everyone is attacking each other is precisely what the media (and other advertisements) are placing in peoples minds to induce them to violence, anger, hate …ALL OF THE THING THEY NEED TO ENSURE TOTAL DISRUPTION, CONFUSION AND DEPRESSION. Shit like telling us our Constitution has been dead for 20 years and likewise for The Bill of Rights. If that were true, there would not be ONE (legal) firearm in The USA …I should think (and that ain’t gonna happen “on my watch.”

    11. Vet1

      Brought a tear to the eye…

      • Sgt. Dale

        I( too had a tear ion my eye.
        What was great was that he took time and did it, and did you hear in the back ground the folks singing along?

        Obullshit has put this Great Lady on her knees, If Trump is elected she will stand up and then STAND PROUD!!!!

        If it goes the other way she will be 6 feet under.


        • Vet1


          It brought to mind, a time when America shined from within;
          when there was right and there was wrong, when a man spoke plainly from his beliefs and lived and died by them…

          I read those who say if you haven’t taken up arms by now, then your words have no weight of force. That you’re just another keyboard commando…

          I say strike out on your own now and you forfeit your life for nothing. You will be labeled, “just another crazy” and your struggle forgotten before the sun does set…

          We are in a war between good and evil. Today there are no absolutes. What was once thought degenerate and not to be spoken of, is now the toast of our nation’s capital…

          How does an individual overcome this???

          You hold the line the only place you can. In your home, your farm, wherever circumstance does find you. You prepare for what you know to be coming. Those who hold the reigns of this once great nation could not care less about you and yours, personally…

          Get fit, go to the gym, speak always what is true. Get with likeminded people and stack it deep…

        • Vet1


          What we have today is a war between good and evil. What was once though degenerate and not to be spoken of, is now the toast of our nations capital. Our children indoctrinated in the very schools which our tax dollars provide. With federal funding wielded as a battle axe against us..

          I still remember when America did shine above all others. The lessons ingrained into my heart…

          “…in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…”

          America still speaks to her sons and daughters. Her siren call has been perhaps diminished by those who over the years have implemented their diabolical design…

          However, here at the farm, we still hold these truths to be self evident. We still fly the Stars and Stripes and strike The Union Jack…

          I sometimes read those who say if you haven’t taken up arms by now, you have utterly failed. That you are nothing more than a keyboard commando. I say strike out alone and you will be labeled a crazy and not even make the morning paper…

          Where do we hold? At your farm, your home, where circumstance does find you in that day. When the fight is irrevocably foisted upon us, we will all individually make our stand as one of many who would not bend the knee…

          Get fit, go to the gym, find like minded people and prepare…

    12. Braveheart1776

      Aljamo, that’s right. Take out DC, NY, City of London, Hollywood, Tel Aviv. Most of the world’s problems solved.

      • JK

        Sir Braceheart11776. AMEN to your truthful spirit.

      • aljamo

        Braveheart1776… you left out Rome and the Vatican.

    13. Kulafarmer

      God bless America!
      God bless all the Veterans out there too, thank you!
      So many have quietly and unceremoniously served and lost their lives so that we can be free.
      So God bless America, and bless those who would stand for us.
      Thank you.

      • hammerhead

        KULA , well said sir.
        But im afraid that those that served and/or lost their lives gave us the ability to act like dumbass entitled sheep.
        That was not the intend , but thats what has happened.

        Best we can do is honor those who gave so much , and not because the FED says its a holiday dammit , but rememberance should be everyday.
        “Some gave all, all gave some”
        Billy Ray Cyrus

    14. Magpie

      From an Aussie from down under. Never, ever forget your heritage. While many on the left have tried to strip The National Anthem from you, stand firm. I have heard your Anthem many, many times but until recently I didn’t know the story behind it. Let me show a video clip to those that may not be Americans to show the strength of those great men and women who gave alll in America’s past for the freedoms of today. This is the America the world respects; not some two bit trampled on socialist cesspool that Obama wants. Stand proud and I pray that Donald Trump will be your next President and make America Great Again!

      STAR SPANGELLED BANNER story behind Americas National Anthem

      Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It

      • smokey

        Thank you.

      • anon

        Sounded liked some cat was being skinned alive.

        As far as Obama and his administration. They have called American’s. Terrorist, Cowards, Unpatriotic, Racist and other names because we did not believe in his policies.

        I would not piss down his throat if his guts were on fire.

        • Bud

          But of course Anon. “label” Americans as being EVERYTHING THEY ARE…that way it is OUR fault, and thus justifies them flat out shooting us for being a terrorist (because “Blue Lives Matter”). I’m not sure what THAT is going to lead to, but shouldn’t it be ALL LIVES MATTER? (except for the ones that obviously needs killings)?

          Remember “Major Payne” said that to his Superior Officer at the first of the movie? “The General is telling The Major that nobody is left in the world that needs killings?) …close enough…

      • Babycatcher55

        Because he’s not an American, he’s Indonesian.he has no loyalty to this country. It was not the land of his birth. I’ll bet money Kenya was…

        • Braveheart1776

          Babycatcher55, there’s a video possibly still at youtube where he admits to being from Kenya. Video might still be up.

        • smokey

          He could have been born on the 4th of July in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and he would still be the un-American Maoist-Leninist that he is.

          There are a lot of them out there.

        • Bud

          With about FIVE Birth Certificates I would venture to say that he’s Kenyan (and has changed his name HOW many times)? At least three… (And, of course, ALL that paperwork was dispensed of well before his birthright would be challenged). “Cover up” means he is NOT LIKELY an American, shouldn’t you believe”? I do, without any question.
          The sob has done NOTHING to improve upon America. But has done everything, according to carefully made plans LONG BEFORE HE TOOK OFFICE, to ensure the crippling of the nation so as to make us vulnerable to many things (things that would not have phased us in the least 10 years ago).
          Turn off the damned tv IN EVERY HOUSE and then watch how many “problems” just ‘vanish’ …because no bs will be pummeled into your minds such as is being done now (to the extreme).

      • hammerhead

        Yeah , and take the Oath of Office behind closed doors.
        How can anyone not see his contempt for the US and our way of life ?
        Socialist pig………

      • sixpack

        Even the evil hagillary had enough sense to cover and shut up for a minute.

    15. CaptAmeica

      What is this, No Crotch Salute?
      Or is that where Obama’s heart is in his nuts.
      It is what he thinks of the American people.
      Trump is going to give us the Change that we Hoped for last time.

    16. Satori

      patriotism “the last refuge of scoundrels” ???

      I’m old enough to remember Spiro Agnew

      he was REAL “patriotic” too

      people who wave the flag and the Bible too much
      make me nervous

      • hammerhead

        HAHA , True that SATORI,
        I fly my flag proudly as a symbol of freedom and a way of life.
        There are those that drape themselves in it as a way to cover their evil agenda’s.
        I wont stand with those folks.

        • Braveheart1776

          Satori and Hammerhead, I know exactly what you mean. I grew up around what are today called evengelicals so I know their mentality like the back of my hand. I broke away from them in the 70s but that’s another story for another time.

    17. straight shooter

      I am glad someone has some BALLS………

      GO BIG T

    18. Slayer of Sacred Cows

      You guys realize that the pledge, national anthem, et al are indoctrination tools used to create subservience to the state, right? They have no place in a free society.

      • smokey

        Right, nihilistic anarchism and hatred of your country and it’s history are so much better for the people.

        • Bud

          Very nicely trashed ‘Slayer’ (brainwashed). Thank you smokey!

    19. Wake_Up_America

      I think TRUMP is the last great, white hope and if he can’t save us and this country, well, its done, over, we are fucked my fellow red-blooded real americans.

      • Bud

        Is it possible to do THIS? —-> What would be wrong in letting TRUMP become fully aware that everyone packing heat in this country is RIGHT BEHIND HIM (and if needed, we can get very, very nasty towards those who would have us kneel down and give it up, when it hasn’t even started …not really and not yet).

        TPTB are ‘scared shitless’ of exactly THAT happening, and thus are doing all they can to deter it. As long as we, as Patriots to America and all she ‘truly’ stands for (and not what has been DONE to her for the past 8yrs+), it REALLY WON’T BE ALL THAT DIFFICULT to place everything back into alignment.

        We don’t need Chinese ‘trinket’ flooding our market when we have the capacity to create all of those things ourselves. In fact, I do believe I’d rather live in 1800’s style and be free than to keep “what is” and be a prisoner in my own country …that’s NOT why I “fought for America” as a career. There are about 50 million more vets who stand the same ground.

    20. mallardhen

      Has anyone noticed that Obama is bad mouthing Trump to other world leaders?
      He needs to keep out of the election as he is no longer in the game , using his office to bad mouth the candidates should be stopped as at this point he has one vote just like the rest of us but as I see it he is using his power as president to influence foreign governments, if Trump wins, to be uncooperative without even him a chance.

      He has been going on and one about Trumps inexperience about world affairs this will only give the impression that Trump can be easily be lead.

    21. Ron Beal

      I am reminded of Michelle’s comment saying ‘all of this over a damn flag…’
      I am really happy with all Obama has done: revealed the Democrat Party; Split the Republican Party, exposing the Elite, and finally, he gave us Donald Trump!. No pun intended, but the difference in black and white.

    22. YH

      Well done Mr. Trump! Very classy! Patriotism never goes out of style.

    23. Ron Beal

      Look at the world, even from the view of CNN – it is the same; Never in modern times has a country placed over two million soldiers in the battlefield prior to the starting the war. Numerous commentators have observed the immigrants have a ratio of about 10:1 of young military aged men to women. Wake up folks!! Time is of the essence.

    24. Jay

      Mr. Trump is ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum and he is all out of gum.

    25. T-town

      My motto for this election is “Actions speak louder than words” I have seen what Hilary does or doesn’t do, as the case may be, and that aign’t pretty. Time to give Trump the chance to “do something”

    26. Old Guy

      Its a dog& pony show. There isn’t any viable Political or ballot box solution.Even if Trump is the real deal and wins the presidency ( which is very doubtful) we are still pretty much done for. Too many takers and too few makers is not sustainable no matter who is elected. And Im optismistic about one thing. There are not a great amount of healthy folks who are self reliant and have know how that have prepped. So that means the numbers who come out the other side and pass on their DNA will be the cream of the crop. The survival of the fittest will be a great culling tool. those too stupid and weak to make it wont be a burden any longer. And by the looks of things the lions share will not be white skinned or black skinned. Those two races are largely unfit land wales. It will be those little wirey brown skinned hard working folks from our southern border.

      • anon

        Old Guy

        “And by the looks of things the lions share will not be white skinned or black skinned. Those two races are largely unfit land wales. It will be those little wirey brown skinned hard working folks from our southern border.”

        That’s a hell of a note.

        • Old Guy

          yep a hell of a note. Im very white a decendent of Vikings and Germans. And Im disappointed & disgusted at what my race has become. Fast food hormone fed lazy fat obese land wales. even the little kids are too fat. The lions share are parasites who are a part of the free shit army. They cant live without air conditioning or a cell phone. Most depend on the government to enable them. I know its not what many want to hear but that is the way I see it. Take a look at a people of wal mart video.

    27. sixpack

      The globalists want to strip us of any identity, personal, national, even gender. They fear that we might find our souls and remember who we are and from where we came. THAT, could unite us.

      They fear us, because unlike the EU, WE ARE STILL ARMED – and they know there are too many of us who are NOT drugged up and indoctrinated.

      Too many of us are still alive that remember what it was like to not get groped at the airport. We remember when we could take our savings in CASH, and go to the auction or whatever, and not be afraid of some cop confiscating it. We remember what it was like to have clean drinking water and a big garden.

      We remember when girls could be girls, and boys were not ashamed to be boys – or white. We remember when gender wasn’t subjective. We remember when you could work a hard day and come home, knowing you’d be paying your bills without a credit card. We remember when “Land of The Free” MEANT SOMETHING.

      Those who have done this to the world, should be VERY afraid…

      • anon


        It is now the “Land of the Free Stuff and I am going to get mine”.

        If those in Congress think this country is done, then we are on life support and it is a matter of time before the plug is pulled.

        • Bud

          What plug? Doesn’t matter, let them “pull that plug of yours” as it won’t affect me “one way or the ‘tuther’. And there are millions of Americans “just as capable or MORE SO” than myself who’ll not give a sweet damn about it either.

          We know what is wrong. We know what is required of us to fix it. Can’t depend 100% on Trump to do it either. HE HAS to have our “undivided” support (which is what the DemoRats are going crazy trying to accomplish …”divide his supporters or put ‘doubts’ into our minds).

          I just hope he has Level 9 Armor ‘head to toe’, as Hillary herself would waste him and then walk two feet to a podium to be indoctrinated.

          As for Obama “behind the door” Indoctrination …it never happened (which is why he has no fear of being ‘slain’ for not keeping his Oath of Office …..he never took it see)? Right then is when we should have screamed “FOUL” ….and many did but were squelched VERY quickly and quietly, and ignored because THEY WANT AN NWO//Islamic nation instead of an America. They’ve trashed everything they have, and now want our beautiful country (and America has the prettiest places on earth, and we still have all the natural resources we need to do it all by ourselves).

          FIRE UP those steel mills. Get that coal out of the ground (hell, Obama also wanted to explode every last coal mine to MAKE SURE we would not be able to access it ….THAT is as “bastardly” as they come folks).

          Who here has not yet been touched by an Obama EO in one way or another? Nobody! None of them legal but all of them instrumental in the disassembly of our infrastructure and political values (as they once were, and originally meant to be).

          MOLON LABE

    28. Mr Smith

      Was Trump for real then he would get a JFK haircut !

      It’s all for the viewers and you are watching a play when it comes to the elections and the next president of the USA is female and she got her position by sleeping with an ex-president and taking part in 3 way sex parties.

      Crime might not always pay but sex does

    29. KY Mom

      Multinational Special Forces Training Exercise in Tampa

      -Included troops from a dozen countries
      -Rappel from buildings
      -Fire hundreds of rounds

      ht tps://

      ht tp://

    30. aljamo

      KY Mom… Tampa, Florida mostly NY, NJ yankee know it all interlopers, try as you might, you can’t fix stupid,

    31. Anonymous

      Trumps campaign may seem “orchestrated”, I say I’m glad he takes the time to really plan out an event. What he says/has said has lite a fire under the backside of the establishment; demoncat and republican, as well as set hair on fire all over the map. It’s about time that we have a REAL candidate that says what he means and does what he says. Now I am realistic about what he may and may not be able to get done but for the last 25 years we’ve had to suck on it and be in the back seat, I’m ready to get back in the DRIVER SEAT. USA-1

      • Marc White

        Drivers seat to wear? I’d love to know.

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