Watch This Angry Foreigner: Here’s What Happened In Sweden When Muslim Immigrants Swarmed Their Country

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Headline News | 234 comments

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    Editor’s Warning: In certain countries and on some internet platforms the following videos are considered politically incorrect, hateful, and racist. Under some legal systems those responsible for the production of this content could be imprisoned or put to death.


    Just about every developed nation in the world is willing to take in immigrants and especially refugees seeking asylum from war torn or politically tyrannical regions. In the West especially, the native populations have contributed time and treasure to give those who are less fortunate a better opportunity in life.

    But what happens when foreign migrants start to take advantage of their new found homes? What happens when those refugees refuse to speak the native language, follow the laws of the land or assimilate in any way to the new culture?

    It appears that all over the world, most notably in present-day Western Europe, immigrants from countries with completely different world views and legal perceptions are moving in and pushing their agendas on the natives, often with full support from their elected representatives and their media mouthpieces.

    In an incredibly insightful opinion piece from an Angry Foreigner living in Sweden, we learn that it’s not just Americans who are fed up with the political correctness being forced upon the people by politicians, feminists, cultural groups, and immigrants themselves.

    As you watch the video you’ll no doubt notice some key parallels between Europe and the United States. For all intents and purposes you could swap out the word “Swedes” for “Americans” and the points being made still ring true.

    I have never come across a country where nationalism is one of the biggest taboos… to the point where it’s considered to be racism.

    Because if you love your own country and your own culture the most then you don’t love other peoples’ as much and that’s not equal. That’s not progressive.

    Nationalism is only ugly when Swedes express it.

    When immigrants express a desire, a will to preserve their identity and their culture then it’s charming because, remember, they are the ones with the culture… not the Swedes.

    This is a must-see video via Market Ticker. We encourage you to share it with others:

    How long will it be before American culture, as well as our fundamental laws, are disintegrated to the point that rape is decriminalized, racism against the native populace becomes accepted and and mob rule becomes our new judicial system?

    Perhaps we’re already too late, as it appears that said disintegration is taking place right before our eyes.

    Here is a necessary follow-up and warning from Bill Still:

    And just in case you think there is no foreign threat and that all of the above is nothing more than racist, right-wing blather, we direct your attention to the following video in which a European woman who speaks fluent Arabic captured the comments of refugees in her train car.

    This one will get your blood boiling.

    Via The Daily Sheeple:

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      1. You want to immigrate,
        You want free shit?
        Go away!

        • There’s a reason these mid east countries have been at war (including with themselves) for a thousand years.

          There can be no peace with Islam if you are an “infidel”

          This is their religious doctrine. There is NO WAY they will abandon those teachings, which means peace and assimilation can NEVER be achieved.

          • I’ve seen the first video at another site previously. It’s time to stop all immigration from anywhere. We have a situation right now which is not sustainable permanently. all these foreigners getting freebies from us will bring down the house of cards eventually. These people have been told by our own government, feminazis, civil rights activists, etc. that they DON’T have to assimilate into our culture, DON’T have to learn English, DON’T have to respect our traditions and customs, DON’T have to play by any of our rules, etc. The foreigners all need to leave. The communist scum who stand up for them also need to leave. None of us have any f$%#ing obligation to accommodate any foreigners on anything. For the foreigners who ARE playing by all the rules, it’s different; they can stay. But all these other foreigners who came here illegally and want to abuse our nation and people, they need to get the f#$% out! We don’t owe them shit!

            • The Suisse never accept immigrants from anywhere hardly ever. And if they do you have to be highly educated or rich or have some quality that makes the mean of the country higher.

              Schweiz voters are adults with common sense.




              • Acid, another good post. Looks like you’re on a roll here lately.

              • Unfortunately, to some degree Assid Etch is correct, however, you’ll see what happens when the govt. pushes the citizens too much. And that is about to happen. America will never be the power that it used to be, but those patriots that remember and still hang on to our heritage, will stop the Globalist’s whereas the Swedes gave in. It will be ugly but it will show that we still have the will and resolution to stop the Tyranny of the One Worlder’s.

                • Rocquedog, spot on. There are still people in this country who love it and think it’s worth saving; I’m one of those. The Swedes gave in because their minds are gone from decades of brainwashing from socialism and the PC crap. Except for Switzerland, Europeans are retarded. Except for language and culture, their political and economic systems are the same.

                    • The bullets that are aimed the heart of western civilization are black and brown but they are being fired from Zionist guns.

                    • It’s the leaders of every country that bring to bear the conditions where citizens become paralyzed and enslaved–but, the people let it happen because of empty promises they fall for and keep voting the wrong leaders into office. When oh when will people ever learn they cannot get something for free–there is always a price and most often when it comes to politics the price the people pay for the free housing, free education and health care and freedom from violent terrorist attacks (such as 911) is their own freedom. Benjamin Franklin once said those who would trade freedom for security deserved neither (paraphrased) and that is applicable here.

                  • Europeans (with few exceptions) are incapable of critical-logical thinking, they don’t know history incl the crusades, Ottoman Empire, Charles Martel and a thousand other historical events. The cowardly gelded beta males will stand by as their girls, sisters and wives are raped or taken as sex slaves. When the killings start, there will be people lined up for execution, as all infidels will be eliminated. Europeans are stuck in stupid, lacking enough brain cells to think for themselves and oust their hijacked pro Muslim gov.leaders like Merkle the traitor, etc. America is next as their are few Americans that can think critically and know what Muslim immigration has planned. Apathy and stupidity reins here. We still have guns. See: and, etc.

                • Sorry Guy, The KJV Bible begs to differ with you. A One World Gov’t and the NWO WILL come to exist and take over. And the U.S.A. or America is never mentioned once in any way, shape or form. That all means that some how in the near future, our once great country will either cease to exist, or become a slave state, or get hit with a EMP device. Sorry, but you just need to read the book of Revelation, Ezekiel and Daniel, that unlock the ‘Last Book of the Bible.’ The Rapture will take away all REAL, true Christians. [email protected] –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

                  • Thomas–good to know there are fellow Christians contributing on this forum, but brother, we do not all agree about being lifted up in the rapture and avoiding all the calamity. first, there is no such word in the Bible, second Christ’s coming here is to stay here and reign for a thousand years–so I wouldn’t plan on going anywhere and His coming will not happen until after the tribulations which both you and I can plainly see are in the beginning stages and will, as you said, get far worse. So, for the faithful there is no rest while in this life and we have to continue to fight for what is right no matter what else happens or we’ll not be invited to the greatest and best part to come. When the Savior returns I’m pretty sure He will want to see those of us who’ve stood our ground for righteousness sake and will be returning with all those righteous who’ve lost their lives throughout time who are eligible to take part in the first Resurrection rather than the second…which will be a grand reunion for sure!

                    • Amen to that Trish Holmeide!

                  • My view is the same as some Puritan commentators, namely, that the Islamic hordes are the locusts of Abaddon / Appollyon of Revelation Ch 9, sent to afflict an ungodly western world (which is the ten kingdoms of Daniel’s vision).

                    Perhaps there will be an eventual backlash against them that will lead to some kind of ban on all forms of religion, including biblical Christianity. In the meantime though, in the name of “equality” the Locusts of Abaddon will be afforded absurd leniency while those of us who love the Lord will be increasingly persecuted (also in the name of “equality”). The latter has already started, with believers being hounded in the courts for refusing to bake cakes for Sodomite weddings.

                    • Jay, you hit the nail on the head–we don’t even have to guess that the tribulations have started already anymore–it is obvious to any and all believers and some are being martyred already such as the kids at the Oregon college who were shot in the head by that gunman if they admitted being Christians and our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East, and now even India is taking steps to further limit Christians and all other religions besides Hinduism and turning a blind eye to the abuse and murder of our Christian brothers and sisters there. I made up my mind years ago to be subservient to the laws of land in the US no matter what until or unless they started taking my freedom to worship as I please away–that’s where I draw the line and it is getting pretty close to being completely disabled by the evil powers that are in charge today so I am getting prepared to relocate and join others patriots and Christians to protect ourselves and one another–because even those who profess belief have so denied the Lord in their lives they choose evil every day rather than striving to be more like Him (the Savior) and are of no use to me or the Lord!

                    • What prompts a “Christian” to speculate about locusts, when, in more than 100 verses, God explicitly warns us about a clear and present danger, the adversaries to all mankind, the leaven of the Pharisees, the synagogue of Satan?

                      “Hear, O foolish people, and without understanding: who have eyes, and see not: and ears, and hear not.” Jeremias 5:21

                    • John Q Public: Sorry, I didn’t realise we were meant to ignore the passage in Revelation about the locusts of Appollyon. Thanks for setting things straight for me.

                    • Jay in UK: I just did a study on Rev. 9 and what you said makes sense. Authorities and leaders everywhere are allowing Muslims to do anything incl. rape and murder, and police stand by. America is trashed morally, culturally and spiritually. Few can relate or even care. Apathy rules even in older people. Churches do nothing as they are entertainment clubs, refusing to speak out on issues. Politicians are corrupt and on the take. Best to form underground/house churches keeping groups small and communicate with other groups.

                    • Laura, it’s the same in the UK for most of the so-called churches, i.e., they are entertainment clubs. I also believe that small house groups seem the safest way to fellowship now. I perceive a great persecution coming and suspect that the current use of the gay agenda is a means to wage war on the Lamb, during the course of which we are going to be hounded and perhaps eventually even put to death.

                      In the UK they don’t just want to teach 5 year old kids about “equality”; they want them to have sex education too. Aside from this opening the door to legalised peaedophilia on down the line, it will long before then make it possible to take children from Christian homeschoolers (like me) on the basis that I am refusing to promote gay rights and sex acts (including Sodomy), and give them to homosexual foster couples.

                      I think Christians in the West need to start thinking how to be many steps ahead of the trouble that is brewing for us.

                    • I know my Church has some built in protections–namely that before couples are able to marry in the Church they have to be interviewed by a Bishop and individually found to be obeying all the laws of God according to the gospel–which means they cannot be engaged in any immoral behavior including premarital sex or homosexuality–both of which are an offense before God. So, until or unless they repent and clean up their behaviors the Church cannot condone or authorize their partnership and the couple will have to go elsewhere if they want to proceed without fulfilling God’s requirements and His blessings within the Church organization.

                    • And why the heck are they even going into a rigged up legal system to begin with? WHERE is the right to commit fraud on ANYBODY coming from? WHERE is the actual obligation to endure the fraud of ANYBODY coming from? Why don’t people demand to know real answers, not made up B.S., about why they have to bow down to a court system that forces them to GAMBLE with their life, limbs and property? Since no one has any kind of guaranteed outcome of a court trial, then it must be a gamble, right? Even people who have later been shown to be 100% innocent of all charges later on, have been forced to pay very steep prices for that gamble after being forced to make it! Why is that? I wrote a paper called The Legal System Equals Gambling, how many here have read it?


                  • The woman in Revelation who gives birth to the man child – she has the wings of a great eagle who carry her off, thereby protecting her. The eagle is the recognized symbol of America, so I don’t think we’ll become a slave state; we’re more apt to be protecting Israel until Christ returns. Do I think we’ll get badly attacked? Yes – that’s how they’re going to finally push through the Real ID Act…all in the name of national security. It’s like Ben Franklin said: those who trade off freedom for security deserve neither security nor freedom. Too many will give away everything all under the guise of “being safe”.

                  • Are you seriously quoting the KJV? One of the last major edits of the most edited text in history.

                • USA will be split into pieces.

              • It’s too late for Amerika. It’s too late for Europe. At least Europeans can read… it makes it easier for them to understand the printed directions leading to their own demise. Poor stupid Amerikans have to wait for it to roll up their driveway.

              • Great video !!! LMAO !!! This guy was great !!! Speaks English like an American, curse word verbs and all !!! 🙂

              • We have been so dumbed down is it too late.Were in a hole so deep . Only a higher power can save us.

                • The reason we are in the hole you describe is because we, as a people, turned away from God and as usual when we try to do everything on our own we lose our way without god’s inspiration and light. So, in fact we have always needed His help every step of the way–whether or not He will intervene to pull us out of the hole we are in this time is dubious for we all know these are the last days and He has made it clear His intention to allow the tribulations described to transpire before His second coming. I believe He is allowing us to go through the refiner’s fire to test our steel–those who survive (spiritually) will have proven they are made of celestial material capable of withstanding His glory and presence. But, that’s just my belief. He will do as He pleases and in His own time for His own purposes that we may not be able to fully understand as human beings.

                  • Turned away from God trish? Did Jesus not tell us who were the children of satan. Do you say he was wrong? Are these people not in the highest positions of power? Should we blame someone else? Who’s to blame except the ones in power?lie to your self. You will feel better.

              • You are right on AE

                • Besides the efforts in the school system since the early 1950’s to dumb students down and teach revisionist history etc. I still have to wonder about the effects of making us drink poison (fluoride) eat GMO foods and wonder what they are spraying on us in those chem-trails–and if any or all are producing the desired effects of turning normally bright and capably thinking people into mindless robots? Or, did they concentrate poison on the cannabus plants knowing the majority of our youth since the 1960’s would get ample dosages to make their brains backfire? Just curious how they have achieved their goals so effectively. Khrushchev said they’d take us over and do it through health. education and welfare from the inside out..and I say he hit the nail on the head–

              • Who has 17 of the top universities in the world.america does,dumbass,your country does nothing.we do all the heavy lifting,also helping in humanitarian way,you have never did anything for deserve what you get with those ragheads.and america has done most of the inventions that have mattered,airplane,car,lightbulb,electricity,phonograph,internet,so on ,goggle,facebook twitter,every search engine.and your military is pathetic.what has your country ever ever done,and you are so irrogant. Go fck urself swede

                • LJ……my American friend… are all that is wrong with your country… stepped aside from WW2 for monetary reasons until you thought it appropriate to join in…to replace the british pound with the petrodollar…..your generals continued to wage war in WW1 right up to the last minute slaughtering many of your own servicemen and others… seem proud of Google, FB and twitter…..FFS …..btw….the Internet has been attributed to Tim Berners Lee….a British person….without it there would be no FB, Twitter and Google….but still, you continue on your merry way of how you made the world what it is (and don’t be too proud of how it has turned out with your forceful ‘democracy on nations that don’t want it)….now fuck off and if you ever come to the Highlands of Scotland then look me up, i’ll be awaiting your presence….BTW folks….I think your bible, in End Times….references how the King of the South eventually invades Britains shores…but is repelled by the stubborn and patriotic Scots and Irish Celts, which is the turning point for his demise…..reminds me of the Roman invasion a wee while back….we told them to fuck off too, after they took most of England they tried their shite on with us….and we ‘set aboot them’ as we say here…..also, the central point of all this misery is being orchestrated from paedophile central,,,,the Vatican….if we destroy that in all it’s Lucefenariasm ‘splendour’ then the quicker this can be turned around….ALL orders for all problems are centralised from there… child murdering Lucefarian worshipping maggots

            • No ham for you!

              • Everything this guy said that happening in Sweden is a carbon copy plan of whats occurring here in America. Its the same blueprint and plan that is executed ad naseum

                • That last video did indeed make my blood boil.

                  This shit is all part of the plan. You know, I’ve been more tolerant than most, for my entire life…NOT ANYMORE. My patience and tolerance is really running thin these days.

                  I can now understand how mentally unbalanced people can flip the freak out at a second’s notice and start killing people. That last video made me think about such a thing.

                  If we don;t rise up and stop this madness, the entire world is done. I hope Russia wipes every one of their terrorist targets out, so there’ll be room to ship the rest of them back where they came from…and I don’t mean in first class — I mean in a shipping container, like the damned animals they act like.

                  • Sorry to hear the video had that unsettling affect on you, but I am pretty sure those who would oppress us would use your stated response as just another example of how hot-headed and irrational we patriots are and why we shouldn’t be allowed to exercise our 2nd Amendments rights. Please, if you will, try to be a little more cautious about sharing on the Internet how you feel as there are other people out here who may not be as balanced as yourself who feed on such things and could be encouraged to go out and do something irrational–just further justifying the claims of our enemies.


                      If they think they can judge me by whatever I type on an internet blog, they’ve got another think coming.

                      PC crap? I don’t want it.

                      If “they” are going to come after me, they won’t need to rationalize a reason, they’ll do it no matter what I do, so I will continue to be true to myself.

                      If honesty becomes a crime, so be it.

                    • Trish, welcome aboard, and while you make some valid points, we can’t be held responsible for the actions of other people. People can go out and do things even without ever coming to this site.

                    • Yea don t do anything just sit back and let it all happen .

                    • Wolverine–I didn’t say sit back and let things happen. You are obviously very passionate about what is happening and what you fear is going to happen–just like the rest of us, but you can say these things without putting down everything everyone else says. I’m looking at all those FEMA camps and how hard Obama is trying to stir things up wherever he can and believe he wants us to start getting violent as an excuse to initiate Martial law–that’s why he wants a race war, that’s why he wants to bring all the immigrants here and give them the red carpet treatment right in our faces. He wants us to boil over and say and do violent things as an excuse. He’s now got a special czar appointed to go after “domestic terrorists” that he and the “Southern Law and Poverty Center” have determined are fundamentalist Christians and those in any of the patriot organizations. We need not give Him the excuses he is itching for before we are fully ready to challenge him and his NWO buddies–otherwise he will pick us off one by one–every word we say here is going directly into their little memory banks and can and will be used against us all they have to do is put in our names and all the evidence of a person’s militancy will come right up! So there is a whole lot of difference between being a laid back door mat and being wise enough to work toward getting prepared and not saying or doing things that could get me arrested under Obama’s regime.

                    • Sixpack – I think Trish just told you to take the 1st Amendment and shove it up your a$$.

                    • Mars–don’t put words in other people’s mouths. I said no such thing and Sixpack already responded appropriately so don’t try to start something. It’s just that kind of misreading and jumping to conclusions that gets people all riled up for nothing…save your energy for something that really matters and maybe stop trying to cause ill feelings when none were intended on either side of the fence!

                    • Did George Washington do something irrational . Did he use violence . You bimbos want to play patty cake with a determind enemy . Who gets to to fight us out . You ?

                  • Sixpack, I love how you and I end up on the same page and in the same book. These ‘refugees’ have nothing but bad intentions toward all of us. The situation in Europe; well, the Europeans brought it all on themselves by agreeing to take in those Muslims and now look at the price they’re paying for their decision. I don’t have any sympathy for the Europeans. They made their own bed so now they have to lay their stupid asses down on it. Europeans, except for Switzerland, have always been morons anyway.

                    • Sixpack, BTW I found your response to my question about sending the faces or hearts. I’ll give it a try next time around.

                    • A lot of good sense there! The only problem with allowing Europe to suffer under the EU is the EU gains strength and one day under their command they may decide they want to redistribute the wealth and resources of the US a little faster than our politicians are currently doing and could unite all of Europe–along with the Russians, Chinese etc to declare war against the US unless we fork it over to sustain their unquenchable hunger and thirst for other people’s hard earned money!Not to mention a lot of innocent people in Europe are being harmed because of the stupid, treasonous decisions of their new masters!

                    • Awwwww.
                      Don’t fall foul to that bullshit Brave.
                      Leave it for the pussies.

                    • Hey USA .. It’s called TTiP
                      Look it up.. Brings the USA under the EU

                      Obama has fast tracked .. It’s game over or civil war when the fruit of that comes to bear ..

                    • It’s called the TTiP which Obama has fast tracked
                      US coming under EU law through trade
                      No wonder it’s secret .. The fruit of it will be the cause of civil war

                    • Are you the same person who told me to live in the USA for a year before I dare make a comment about it?

                      Now here you are, an expert on all things European! And that’s without you ever leaving Hicksville county and getting most of your news from Fox and the National Inquirer.

                      Most of the recent problems regarding immigrants is because of the ineptitude of America’s foreign policy (which is basically to bomb 3rd world nations back into the stone age and let others sort out the mess).

                      The brain power required for such ignorance, bigotry and sweeping statements leaves me gobsmacked!

                      By the way, where would your finger point to if asked to locate Switzerland on a map?

          • Well said ANONYMOUS. Readers, don’t forget that “infidel” means all the rest of humanity. If you don’t practice their particular version of moslem – they consider you an “infidel. They also use a term, “takiyah”, that instructs them to lie to “infidels” to achieve their goals. Do you still want to give CAIR credibility on the news media?

            • Trish, every one of the European nations, BEFORE the EU was formed, were already ruined by their own socialistic policies and had their own issues. Once they all joined in under the EU banner, it really became a nightmare. Our own people are barely making it now and just don’t have squat to give up to these foreigners coming in. I don’t see how a 2nd civil war/2nd revolution can be avoided now.

              • I understand where you are coming from–many feel the same. If we had real patriots running our government things could turn around pretty rapidly–states could nullify all these stupid and destructive federal mandates and rules and laws and get on with the business of protecting the citizens so they could go on about their own pursuit of happiness bringing an enormous amount of prosperity back into their respective communities and states. There are people serving notice on individual state assemblies of the people’s intent to extract justice by doing just such things–and others are putting together federal lawsuits to stop these evil doers we seemingly have allowed to crawl under our tent to wreck havoc trying to destroy us, but it all depends on one vitally important thing. Are we worthy of God’s help and intervention any more? Some truly have been faithful, but as a nation in decline how many are willing to repent and turn their faces back toward that same God who gave his inspiration to our founders and allowed them to bring forth the greatest document since the Bible to earth–giving it freely for all to have and cherish who would! How many are willing to be self-controlled instead of government controlled–meaning obey the natural laws of God and man without being forced into it? This nation wasn’t designed for law-breakers, the lazy, corrupt and warmongers–it was designed purely for those who could and would obey the simple laws everyone knows were given from God, but all nations and people’s subscribe to–such as the ten commandments and the beatitudes! How many are capable of obeying just the simple motto “do no harm?” And, if God intervenes are there any with the internal fortitude to rebuild this nation under those principles anymore? In other words, as in the case where Lot pleaded with the Lord to spare Sodom saying “even if there is just one worthy will you spare the city?” And, the Lord agreed to allow him to try to find that “just one” fully knowing even Lot’s wife would fall due to her lack of faith and fears. I pray we can muster those with such fortitude to rebuild and turn things around and the Lord will take mercy on the many who have remained faithful and those willing to repent–but I fear our true numbers are very few and we have all grown soft in our personal resolve to change ourselves and our nation for the better.

          • fucker lucifer

            • YEP.
              You got that right Jimbo.

            • Our own presidents from both parties have allowed, encouraged and set the Muslim Brotherhood up in high places within our government–someone please tell me how and why both Bush and Obama appear to be working toward the same goals if they are not taking their marching orders from some “higher power?”

          • anonymous,
            You sir are absolutely correct, they are taught as children and are so heavily brainwashed by the stories of going to a higher heaven and all the benefits that with most of them in a very poor state they will never change. I have been over sea ALLOT and most people here in the US cannot comprehend what these people will do and think nothing of it!!I am afraid by the time enough us people wake up we will be over run with them.

            • apache54–I believe that’s the plan of the NWO folks to help hasten the decline and complete economic collapse of the West and usher in their NWO where no one will have rights and everyone will be enslaved who they allow to live (they have planned to eliminate 75-95% of the world’s population claiming the need for “sustainability” when what they really mean is so they can control the masses.

            • The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on this planet.

          • Isn’t it obvious.

          • Yup….what you said. Those animals need to be contained in their middle east shithole countries and NEVER allowed to immigrate into any country outside of the middle east. They will doom Europe, and they will doom America all in the name of political correctness. Most of America needs to wake the hell up, but I’m afraid it’s already too late….

          • These are not immigrants, they are INVADERS who are seeking to add our country to the list of conquered countries.

          • These attitudes are simply INSANE! Sweden has an ancient history – and any of the politicians insisting that Sweden needs to consider immigrants to be the ones with a “culture” and Sweden and Swedes may not talk about it because they have NONE is also simply not true OR sane. I think in these cases that Swedish politicians, judges and others in authority need to be booted out of office so fast and hard they BOUNCE! They are a part of what looks to me like a long-set plan to destroy the country by destroying it’s identity and any reason for pride – things we ALL have a right to! Swedes have worked hard to build their country, and they are constantly being denigrated – by those in power! I think people there need to learn who and where those “leaders” are getting their instructions from. I refuse to believe that so many people suddenly become senseless bigots against their own country and culture when they achieve some political power! It’s time for Swedes to take their country back – along with some other countries I could name.

            Seriously – Sweden’s leaders act like people who have been given “or else” instructions such that they can either come across as utter, fools and self-haters, or as corpses, and their loudmouthed followers have been eating the wrong mushrooms or something… There is a power moving now in the world I can only call “Evil”. It is insidious, and infected places seem to suddenly lose any sense of good taste, good logic, but worst of, they seem suddenly unable to ACT to correct what most know to be WRONG. Power is usurped and given to the undeserving and inept, while elections are stolen, and those who CAN see the truth and DO speak out suffer sudden deaths, commit suicide out of the blue with no prior indications or something else interferes with the formerly normal processes of running the country WELL, and for the benefit of those who live there, which MUST include with those who BELONG there and contribute to it’s culture and wealth. “immigrants” who attempt to tear their new society apart and remold it into the land they just left need to be reminded just whose country it IS. As for those cry “Bigotry!”, they need to be reminded just why they left the culture they are attempting to recreate in their new land and why supposedly left their old one in the first place. If they miss their old homeland so much, perhaps they should consider returning and fixing IT instead of warping and destroying land they’ve come to! And again, as for the politicians supporting this insane attempt at restructuring, they need to be cornered and told they must either give up to authorities exactly WHO is blackmailing or bribing them, or if they’re actually sincere and BELIEVE the tripe they spew, they need to be FIRED… and perhaps offered some therapy.

            The Swedes need to look carefully at Muslim countries. They will see a gap between the rich and poor that is so great, in any civilized country it should be considered a crime (I speak to my own land, America, with that as well as to Sweden!) There can be NO excuse for it! And look at the levels of violence, especially rape, against which women have essentially NO protection! They are assumed to have cooperated voluntarily without three witnesses – MALE witnesses, of course, as women are too unreliable. Sadly, no male will testify against another male, and the penalty for illicit sex is generally death.

            The world is going insane, people. The Powers involved, human and otherwise, have all but signed their names across the skies. They stride across the world leaving their huge, destructive footprints everywhere like children kicking their way through smaller children’s sand castles, and they do so all but unopposed. We are ALL going to die, but it’s given to few to choose a genuine Great Cause to lay down our lives for. Now it’s not our countries – ALL OF THEM – that are at sake, it’s the entire ecosphere, it’s all of civilization! We are dead whether we act or not. The question is, what will we leave behind for those who follow after we are gone? Will they laud us and be grateful? Will they hate us for our cowardice… or will they not even be permitted to know that we ever existed? That is, I think, up to us – for a short while yet, anyway.

            • My apologies; I meant to add this:

              I can’t say whether Islam is really a religion or not, but it’s the only one I know of even CLAIMING to be a religion in which God encourages lying to those it’s followers intend to conquer. The principles involed are, I believe, Taquiyya and ketman. They will claim that they want peace and commerce with you, but if it seems possible to them, it will quickly turn out to be the peace of the grave for you and yours, and “commerce” as far as I can tell means that they keep all that was theirs and tax you out of what was yours – until they decide to conquer you. Though I will grant that I am far from being an historian, the only thing I know of that can prevent this outcome is more and bigger weapons than they have. Any country should consider long and well before dealing with those of Islam, never forgetting that their ultimate aim is to take your own country away from you along with everything else that has been yours unless you join them. For them there IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.

        • Don’t send them away… take’em out while they’re still standing there…. otherwise, they’ll be back with even more of their own because the scout that was sent out in the first place will report back just how easy it’ll be to swarm them (“them” – that’s us folks) in the main wave…

          • Jerry you are correct, there goal is to convert or kill infidels and there is NO compromise!!

            • apache54

              Their goal is to kill the infidel. The immigration of Muslims into the USA is very dangerous. There are good Muslims but with the world as it is, why would we invite and support those who mean to do us harm. Why would we take a chance with even one being a terrorist without first doing a background check. With the help of television, can the peaceful here already (youth) be radicalized to further terrorist action (Boston) on our homeland. Once that begins and their numbers increase, what other forms (La Raza) will engage in the same manner. They don’t need guns or implements of war. Just knife people on a busy street to incite Jihad.

              There are those who want to stay in political power. Immigration would give them the chance to take away the 2nd amendment. Some want to usher in the NWO.
              To destroy the USA. Enslave the populace. Tip the scales in their favor for whatever they want.

              Who do you trust?

              The Bankers?
              The Pope?
              The President?
              The Congress?
              Rockefeller and his cronies?

              Are you Ready?

              • Once “the government” tries to take away ANY Amendment, Americans – a great many at least – will start realizing that Washington D.C. is a group of corporations and not the legitimate government at ALL. With Obama ignoring the Constitution as he has, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already. The information is spreading rapidly, though, and more and more people are getting it. The prevalent belief in D.C. seems to be that the Constitution is just a bunch rules that can be altered by whoever happens to be holding office at the moment is dead wrong. Americans aren’t used to Royal Decrees that can alter any law or document, though, and we wouldn’t react well to such an attempt. There are specific procedures for altering that document, and some parts of it CANNOT be altered without triggering the realization across America that those making the attempt do NOT have our best interests at heart!

                The Founding Fathers stated specifically and repeatedly that the Second Amendment was written for the (repeatedly) expressed purpose of allowing Americans to protect themselves against invaders OR against a government that has unilaterally decided to become a dictatorship! I don’t think D.C. has realized it yet, but rounding Americans up to take us to what they have carelessly and more than once labelled “re-education camps” would be a Final Mistake, and separating family members from each other would be the last straw. It would announce to the country that it is being taken over by an illegitimate government that is illegally TAKING power away from it’s rightful holders – We the People. The news would spread like wildfire, even if the Grid was down, and there would be another Civil War, this time against our own mind-controlled military and U.N. troops. The U.N. has been sponging off of us and robbing us blind for so long they think we ARE blind. They’d learn quickly enough that that particular assumption is wrong when those powder blue helmets become a “Free Fire Zone” signal across the continent!

                • Ian–the US government has been “separating families” in alarming ever-growing numbers since the feds usurped the responsibility of our Sheriffs to protect our children along with their parents in their counties and constitutional domains. Once the feds got hold of it the politically motivated tyrants and the corrupt joined forces to divise means to turn the entire operation into a child trafficking scheme–Clinton put the icing on the perverbial cake by upping the ante on each child’s head so the states could prosper rapidly by taking more children and placing them in foster care forcing the parents to endure dozens of social service re-education treatments before their parental rights would be terminated without due process of law and their children would then bring the ultimate federal bonuses that never end because the agency got the right to continue collecting social security benefits for a child whose social security number has been changed once they were formally adopted. Now CPS steals children with impunity and doesn;’t even bother with warrants to enter homes nor excuses to take their babies. To add insult to injury the Family court system is, itself, corrupt and doesn’t offer due process because it is not a court of justice at all! It is there merely to drag out the events in order to gain the most amount of money possible from the federal government and to keep dozens people associated with the case working and the state coffers to grow. But, I don’t hear any human outcry except the crying of the thousands of families and children (except for the ones that have died in state suctody who can no longer cry) being victimized. It’s truly amamzing how Americans have been brainwashed to believe that CPS is necessary and good and social workers wear wings when, in fact, they are totalitarian sadistic government employees doing their master’s will. Perhaps when the government starts taking YOUR kids or grand kids without reason and without due process of law you might begin to wonder what’s going on, but meanwhile you and millions of Americans are completely in the dark. That’s how I think the government will have their way when it comes to taking our weapons, our properties and our welath–by really good propaganda, through corruption and by stealth then one day everyone will wake up and find everything they cherished will be gone so there will be nothing left to fight and die for–just as the Swedes decided.

                  • You may be right, sadly.There needs to be a gathering of those whose kids have been stolen by this illegitimate D.C. “government’s” flunkies! Those who support them need to be there too. The Constitution is still being ignored by the Obama “government”, and he is vulnerable to multiple impeachment charges. If people would just understand that D.C. is an “elite” holding of three for-profit corporations, a place chocked full of Luciferian symbolism that has NO legal power beyond it’s borders, they’d realize that we HAVE the power to do what’s needed! I can only conclude that the MASSIVE poisoning of the American people coupled with mind control exerted by television and other clandestine exposures has rendered the majority of us hors d’ combat before a shot has ever been fired! If we do not stand up and assert our natural human rights, we’ll all be to ill to fight soon, legally or any other way!

        • satan is A real asshole



          • Acid, all of Europe except for Switzerland has that syndrome. Just another name for being retarded.

            • I disagree that the people of Europe are “retarded.” And, I can tell you “SAtcokholm syndrome” is very real and does cause captives to take the side of their enemies out of sheer fear for their survival because that’s what kids do who are taken from their parents and thrown into foster care–Anyway, we might want to consider how long the people of Europe have been sprayed with Chem-trails and had their food supply saturated with GMO’s and other toxins to bring the population more under government sponsored mind-control? We are just beginning to know or understand what all is in the food we eat and may never know what they are actually spraying the skies with for plants, animals and humans to be exposed to etc. And, keep in mind, the people of Europe never get to experience several hundred years of freedom and independence the way we have been able to do. They were used to being ruled by over-rulers and various Monarchy etc–that has never been the case in the states as there were two hundred relatively free years before we started having problems with the King of England that culminated in our war for Independence. Europeans have never had what we have to lose in the first place! And, while we can joke and pretend they deserve what they get remember Obama and the rest of the global elite have their sites on the US and are implementing their goals on a daily basis to turn our nation into just another state in their North American Union along with Canada and Mexico and if they do (succeed in current trade agreements etc) we will be no better off than the Europeans!

            • Braveheart, I think you and I may have mixed words over opposing views before, but from what I am reading, seeing, and experiencing, the muslim immigrants seem to want US to accommodate them. They want to come to our countries because its not a shithole war zone where they don’t have to scrounge for their next meal. Which is fine, but they’re coming to our country so they must aaimilate to our culture and society and share theirs not demand we cater to them. Fuck that. Accept the rules or really; go back home. Before you know it, this huge mass of refugees will be warring within themselves and us because of the same reasons they can’t get along with back in the mideast. And they will call us intolerant, though I wouldn’t shoot you because you went to a different church.

              • Many of them want to live under Islam-based laws, and that would never work here! The first time they took a 14 year-old girl out back of the mosque and blew her head off for being raped (their law says she participated voluntarily, so they kill her having illegal, immoral sex). She’d need three witnesses to exonerate her – but they all have to be male, and no male will witness against another male! A religion like that is something I don’t even wish to be around.

        • Only thing left to do is start fighting back, literally. It’s a war, people. The leaders of this country, the apologists for the islamonazi scum, the liberals, idiots and traitors like little dick Durbin, Hillarious Clinton, all the self hating Jews and whites…if we don’t make them go away, and soon, all will be lost. All.

        • kill them ! it’s the Viking way of dealing with invaders…

        • We will have to kill the muslim trash you know. Hope ya’ll are ready. It’s not a sin to kill satan’s helpers.

        • This obviously is an agenda driven by the world’s power elite to usher in the one world government, not only here and in Sweden, but all over the globe, to destroy and demoralize the existing middle classes across the globe. To make life so miserable that the masses will look to any solution that presents itself.

          NEVER give up your arms. Start picking targets now. Stay frosty.

      2. Israel doesn’t allow immigration.

        • And they spit on christians and call them goyem.

          • No they don’t.

            Ever been to Israel Genius?

            Your a fucking liar.

            • No, of course our pro-Pestinain/anti-Israel contributor has not ever been to Israel and has not seen the government there operate with Arabs in high leadership positions as well as Jews etc. Nor, how Israel provides work for any and all–regardless of race, religion etc. (try that in the Gaza strip!)and protects it’s citizens from the daily onslaught of scuds and other devices lobbed at them from the Hamas controlled Palestinians, nor the stark difference between what the productive people of Israel have developed and the backward and de-humanizing conditions in most the Arab world making everyone (not just women) suffer! Blame everything on Israel when what they were give was just a sliver of land and they have made it bloom whist their Arab brothers are so enmeshed in their backward beliefs and culture all they want to do is destroy Israel for simply existing! I guess this is a good case for the old saying “misery loves company” as our anti-Jewish/Israel contributor seems unwilling to be happy until Israel no longer exists and all the misery of the Palestinians and their ilk can transform the land into a garbage dump just as they have everywhere they go!

            • Your the fing liar.

          • Genius is not an appropriate moniker for you.

            • He posts the same shit as WWTI did.

        • B, look at how small they are. They barely have room for the people they already have.

          • Yea … but they sure are making room for themselves aren’t they Braveheart?

            Evicting Palestinians from East Jerusalem & abroad. Confiscating Palestinian land that does not belong to Israel is making up the difference and giving them some extra wiggle room for the Israelis.

            • FTW.
              What fucking space biscuits are you munching on?

              • That was a true statement. If you were to check the old maps, you’d find that Israeli “settlements” are ALL built where there was once a Palestinian town. They gave little warning, then before dawn on the last day, they line day sometimes, and e up and then march through the town killing mend, women, children, even pets.

                Did you know that police in Israel are issued batons that especially for beating Palestinians Ariel Sharron who said something like, as long as America was watching, if they had to they could kill as many Palestinians as they needed to one at a time instead of hundreds – their preference. As long as they dropped their numbers to or below 5% it was fine. Also, any Palestinian can be arrested any time without charges, and can be kept in prison as long as someone in authority wishes. They like to interrupt the educations of Palestinians who are almost ready to graduate from university with a degree JUST before, or as much as a year before they’re due. All of Palestine is a concentration camp. I’d not go there if you paid me. My guess is you won’t believe me, so I suggest that you check it for yourself.

            • Why not open up your home for them then?

              Your a dumbfuck muslim sympathiser.

              • Palestine is the birthplace of Christianity and no. I am not a Muslim sympathizer, in fact. I detest any Religion that kills in the name of their God.

                Contrary to what you say, not all Palestinians are Muslims.
                Though it is the majority, there are still a good portion of various secular groups of Christians living in that Region.

                Maybe now is the time you take back your “dumbfuck” statement, because if anything. That Title is starting to look way too good on you.

              • FTW–that’s funny( “what…space biscuits are you munching on?”! Best laugh I’ve had all day and so appropriate! Thank you for the good laugh!

              • Yes take them in your home.Give us your address we will send them.

            • Americans don’t realize that about 30,000 Hebrews were living in the area alongside Arabs, and at the time they were friends. Converted Khazars who were then Jews (but NOT Hebrews) got their funding from Britain, whose time in the land had run out, and they began the killing – by murdering a young doctor who had gone to Britain to try to get that funding stopped. THEN they went after the Arabs. They routinely commit murder, arrest and imprison Palestinians for years, even DECADES without charges, beat men, women and children to death… It’s a very cruel, inhuman occupation. Their own writings say that Palestinians can NEVER make up more than 5% or a bit less of the population, and they must be content to be virtual slaves.

              Meanwhile Israelis are assassins to the world. Since they ran out of WWII war criminals, they take contracts, like “the dancing Israelis” of 9-11. Hebrews, meanwhile, do not go to Israel to live, saying that God has not yet spoken and told them they may return. Personally, having learned how they treat the Palestinian Arabs, I would not go there for any amount of money. And I’m POOR.

        • Israel has many Palestinian Arabs living peacefully within its borders. They are quite happy there as life is far superior to living under Palestinian rule.


            Israeli crackdown turning life in al-Issawiya to ‘nightmare’

            As Israeli authorities increase restrictions on Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, residents of al-Issawiya say humiliating inspections by Israeli forces have turned their lives into a “nightmare.”

            “The Israeli occupation is trying to practice a policy of humiliation at the military checkpoints in the main exits of al-Issawiya,” said Hani al-Issawi, a member of a local committee to defend land in in the town.

            “Residents are not allowed to leave the village in groups. Every single person must undergo inspections,” he added.

            Men, including the elderly, are forced to pull up their shirts up and sometimes take their trousers down upon entrance and exit to the neighborhood, while many undergo physical inspections.

            Female residents of the town are often searched by female soldiers who decide whether to carry out physical inspections or to check their bags and identification documents.

            Israel forces on Oct. 14 closed roads leading into the neighborhood with concrete barriers, setting up make-shift military and police checkpoints for all residents to pass through.

            The move was made shortly after Israel’s security cabinet announced that Israeli police are now entitled to “impose a closure on, or to surround, centers of friction and incitement in Jerusalem, in accordance with security considerations,” according to Israeli media reports.

            The same day, Issawi said: “The Israeli occupation forces closed most of the village’s entrances with concrete blocks and earth mounds.”

            As some 19,000 residents of the neighborhood are forced to use a single exit for pedestrians and another for vehicles, Muhammad Abu al-Hummus a member of a local follow-up committee in the town told Ma’an: “They are being inspected, sworn at, and humiliated at these exits.”

            “Every morning, queues of schoolchildren, workers and employees are seen waiting in front of the checkpoint,” he added, saying that inspecting a single person takes two to give minutes.In addition, schoolchildren need to take two buses to their schools: one that reaches the end of the closed road, and a second that the children reach after passing through the make-shift military checkpoint by foot.

            Around 3,400 Palestinian schoolchildren leave the neighborhood every morning for schools in Jerusalem, while around 3,200 schoolchildren from neighboring areas attend schools inside al-Issawiya, including two schools for people with special needs, Abu Hummus said.

            Issawi told Ma’an that Israeli soldiers have “emptied their schoolbags and deliberately thrown books on the ground.”

            In response to the Israeli crackdown, Palestinian factions in the neighborhood announced general strike on Tuesday.

            The strike was announced shortly after Huda Muhammad Darwish, 65, died after being delayed from reaching a hospital at a checkpoint leading out of the town.

            The elderly woman had suffered breathing difficulties following clashes in the neighborhood, in which tear gas was fired. Her family tried to rush her to hospital, but locals told Ma’an that Israeli troops ignored that there was a sick person in the car, delaying them at the checkpoint.

            While punitive measures have increased over the last week in response to a series of stabbing attacks that have left at least nine Israelis dead since Oct, 1, Issawi pointed out that Israeli forces had started “collective punishments” against the neighborhood months ago.

            Israeli soldiers frequently storm the neighborhood and often spray sewage and tear gas at residents and in their homes. Predawn military raids are regularly carried out, where young men are detained and Israeli forces ransack homes while families are sleeping inside.

            Israeli rights group B’Tselem last week called the Israeli government’s response to the recent escalation in the area as “the very inverse of what ought to be done” toward ending recent violence.

            Al-Issawiya is one of several Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem that has come under such restrictions. Israeli forces on Sunday began installing a large concrete wall to separate the Palestinian neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabbir from the illegal Israeli settlement of Armon Hanatziv.

            While a similar order was made for al-Issawiya, Israeli media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered that plans to erect separation barriers around the town be scrapped, after pressure from members of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

            desertpeace wordpress DOT com

            • Be careful FTW, you can’t speak truth about what “the chosen” are really doing, you’ll offend all of their worshipers and get censored. The more I read about Israel, the more I wish it was blown off the map.

              • Crumbs.

              • Fuck ’em & their Sympathizers – if they don’t like the truth, then maybe these secular groups should be treating others with decency and love instead of dehumanizing them.

                • Talk about one’s giant leap in exaggeration! Who do you think were the driving forces behind the US constitution and our Bill of Rights? I suppose now we are to believe the founders were all non-Christians and Jews and were the communists and humanists of their day! Get a clue–if it were not for the beliefs and principles imbued in the Judeao/Christian faiths there wouldn’t be any constitution of the US and our nation as we have come to know it and understand it would have gone bye-bye long ago!

                  • Most of our Founders were not Christians, though they knew how important Freedom Of Religion was important to have in the Constitution.

                    It was important for those to practice, just as much to those who did not practice. It’s true, most of our Founders where not Religious, but knew how important it was to be protected because of the persecution that had been taking place in Europe.

                    The Constitution and the Bill Of Rights has nothing to do with having a Religious / Christianity background. America was NOT made on Christian morals. Anybody believing that has been propagandized.

                    People can make the dispute about our currency “in god we trust” written on it…. sorry to inform you, but their god is not what you think it is and has absolutely no Christian value relevance to it.

                    • FTW–don’t know your age range but obviously you were taught revisionist history. Have you ever read any of Historian, David Barton’s works? I also will point out the Black community and their contributions were “whited” out to suit the revisionist and may Blacks are not only surprised, but hurt and angered that they were not fairly represented in history after the revisionist’s got done painting our founders as racist, non-religious pigs. Blacks were not only here at our founding but fought along side Washington for our Independence from the King! In fact, many paintings portraying where there was clear evidence of Blacks attending meetings or engaged in work with Washington were re-pained to cover up their skin color altogether. So, I advise you looking further into our country’s founding and the men (and women) whose thoughts and ideas were made manifest in our founding documents and you will see decidedly Christian and historically Judeao leanings, thought, and beliefs among the majority of those who participated. And, this is not to mention when this nation was first founded it was dedicated to the “glory of God” until later people thought better of it and revised it to indicate this nation was for “We the People” instead.

                  • Actually, Jefferson got much of the philosophy he used in his writings, as well as some of the principles used in the Constitution – from Iroquois Indians. There IS a Jeffersonian Bible, copied from his own personal one. He had razored out all references to miracles from the New Testament. He was a Deist, NOT a Christian. The same went for many of the Founders.

                  • The Founding Fathers were mostly Deists. They believed that there was a Creator, but most were not Christians. Most of the general run of individuals WERE Christian – after centuries of either being Christian or being tortured to death.

                    • Ian, wheere the heck do you get your information about the founding fathers not being Christian but mostly Diests? Then taking a cheap shot across the bow about the run of th milol people were mostly Christian after hundreds of years of being tortured etc. I’d say you are throwing your opinion around a little loosely as if it were gospel when, in fact, it isn’t and it really puts to shame the contribution the solidily Christian religious beliefs of most of the founders employed. In fact, if one were to take the principles and doctrines from the Bible and place them side by side with the principles of the constitution there would be hardly a difference other than one intended to help people live in freedom in this country and the other about how to live spiritually free according to the will of God so that we can eventually live with him in His abode. Don’t know what your agenda is throwing bad information around about the founders and making sarcastic and erroneous inferences about why the majority of folks were Christian, but I do know a whole lot of low information people have fallen for revisionist history that was categorically incorrect and purposely written so as to deny us our heritage. considering how the revisionists also had all the portraits that showed how Blacks took part and were valuable contributions to the revolutionaly war re-painted and the Black faces painted white instead I’d say someone had an agenda to deny everyone their heritage.



          FUCK THE TRIBE


          THEYRE OK

          • Yessum.

          • Acid, I’ve seen Barbara Spectre’s video. She needs to have an ‘accident’.

            • Braveheart–you really need to get a new Mantra. Quit blaming everything on the Jews–if you will actually learn and study what is going on you will find those who are involved in this worldwide effort to create the NWO and thus bring us all into submission (those they allow to live) are from every conceivable nationality, blood line, ethnicity, and race. The numbers may impress you sufficiently to let up a bit on your favorite scapegoat!

              • So what are you, the new personality police? You’ve just been critical of what people are saying, always talking like you know what’s best for us do say and/or do.

                If you’re getting your jollies by (pa)trolling people…just write the damned ticket and move on already.

                • What’s your problem bitchpack? who the hell do you think YOU are, the god damned site moderator? If you don’t like her comments, then just scroll by and stfu already, sheesh!

                • Sixpack, while I appreciate the thought, Trish is nothing compared to the trolls. Actually, Trish sounded a lot better than the trolls.

              • Trish, not blaming any particular group, but I am primarily concerned with the NWO/one-world agenda being pushed. I don’t even focus on the players and/or promoters but I do know I will stand and fight against it. My late wife was from Castro’s Cuba and lost part of her family to those commie bastards. She had already experienced a socialist police state. I learned more about such evil from her than from anyone else around. Nothing wrong with my mantra and no scapegoats for me. I just want to live free and if necessary die in defense of freedom.

              • Look up what Washington ,Jefferson and franklin said about the Jews and Grant , and Sherman . And just about everyone else .Then tell me your the one who is right.

                • Lone wolverine–it doesn’t matter who over-generalizes against an entire class of people to lay all the blame on–it is simply wrong because it is impossible. Impossible because both you and I could find many Jews who are not a part of anything–they’re totally un-involved in anything and haven’t a clue about anything you are trying to put on their plate. And, even those Jews who are a part of the entire scheme of the NWO are far out numbed by the number of people from other diverse backgrounds involved who are not of Jewish ancestry or belief–in fact, I would venture to say no one involved in the NWO scheme believes in any god, nor are they members (except in name only) in any organized religion because they all think they are gods and that’s why they are trying so hard to do what they are doing–they think the people of the earth are just animals they need to coral for their own purposes–some have even openly complained how they are being “put upon” to have to take on this huge responsibility of ruling the earth with such loathsome creatures to rule over. Bill Gates doesn’t have an iota of Jewish blood nor does Obama and yet they are big players in the game. Everyone in the Counsel on Foreign Relations and many more subversive organizations, I could endlessly name are a part of the scheme whether at the top of the pyramid or at the bottom and the majority are “White” men from every conceivable background and heritage from all over the world. It’s not just Jews involved!

                  • How many things were ounce believed impossible. What group ownes 96% of the media ? What group admits to owning and controlling Hollywood ? What group controls the FED ? What group is 3% of the American population and 40% of the Supreme Court? What group is less than 3% of the American population and 75% of the congress and Senate? What group is the largest and most powerful foreign lobby in America? What group forces a (K) emblem on food products or stages a boycott if you don’t pay up? What country prohibits imigration or marriage to anyone not there religion? What group did Ben Franklin want to prohibit in the constitution? What group did George Washington say was more dangerous than a foreign army ? Bet you can guess? But of course that just a coincidence . And who said . They will call themselves Jews ( but they are not true Jews). They are the children of satan. They are fake Jews . They are liars. Just like their father satan.

                    • Wow, so basically in your mind anyone who does something to contribute to the decline and fall of this nation and puts forth effort you see as enabling the forth coming NWO is a Jew–even if he or she isn’t “really” a Jew but actually a child of Satan–is that the gist of it? Can’t argue with that because in my opinion it is irrational and my brain doesn’t work in those types of abstracts that I can make any sense of it to argue about. I do think it’s interesting to note that certain cultures do not deal with banking interests at all and rely solely on an honor system built into family “connections. I know the Mexican people who come here do not go without money to buy cars, homes, or to send a com padre who dies back home–they simply put out a call to all other of their Mexican acquaintances and the word goes far and wide until they have what they need and they likewise return the favor almost like a sacred oath. The Vietnamese and Asians and I believe many from Middle Eastern backgrounds also engage in such practices and tend to pay cash for what they need rather than use any form of credit card. It seem to have fallen on the Europeans whose ancestry included serfdom’s, indentured servitude etc. who definitely have fallen pray to the never ending cycle of enslavement with debt–and most accurately you have described ownership of a great deal of our debt to Jewish families such as the Rothschilds, but if you will investigat a little futher back you will see that the Jews always had to find ways to survive in a world that rejected them and very early on started accruing wealth by offering a service to Kings and Landlords who could not take all their valuables with them when they traveled and even if they were just going to visit a nearby Monarch it could take months for them to return. They had to find some way to ensure their valuables to be there when they returned and some very enterprising people of Jewish ancestry and tradition began to offer such a service–for a price. And, knowing the Kind (or whoever would be gone for several months) also began to loan money or valuables out to others –for a price, just as long as they were returned before the King did. Thus, was the start of the modern banking system. It just happened to be Jews who first began to offer such a service, but never-the-less it was how many of our modern day banking interest families got their start and have grown to the size and importance in the world that they are. Now, I suppose if it had been a Hungarian who first started offering such a service I’m sure you’d say the same about him and his posterity because all things money and debt are from Satan and I fully agree–at least about the debt part!

                  • Not all “players” – not even MOST of them – are Jews of any sort. The “elites” however, claim Jewish descent, or most do. There’s also a huge difference between Orthodox Hebrews (who will not go to Israel – they say that God has not yet spoken and told them may return, nor do they support it or it’s actions) and the Khazars who converted to Judaism who form the Likud and the leadership. I think you’re generalizing more than those you’re arguing with, though that seems to be what you’re accusing others of.

                    • Ian–I don’t claim to know all the various braches of the Jewish faith etc. All I know is how very tired I am of hearing people with less information than myself blame the Eurpoesn Jews for everything going wrong in the world–most especially the effort to create a NWO and enslave the world. Worse yet, when some one tries to point out their faulty logic they then claim that it doesn’t matter what lineage anyone comes from if he or she is a part of the NWO aparatus or crew they are automatically Jews! And, the real arguments that need to be made are tossed out with the trash.

                    • Trish your brain has been corrupted . It’s not your fault.

              • For some reason your last reply to me allows no answer. Have you ever heard of the Jeffersonian Bible? He razored out all references to miracles, healings, etc. The majority of the PEOPLE – not the leaders – were Christian, and many of the leaders were as well, but there was quite a fight to keep Christianity OUT of government, though much about the rights the Constitutional Convention wanted to preserve was still based on a lot Christian beliefs. Jefferson got a lot of the philosophy he used from the Indians, as well as using what he felt were the better ideals of Christianity. Most of the Founders WERE Deists. You could do some reading yourself.

                The Constitution is being ignored by the Obama “government”, and he is vulnerable to multiple impeachment charges. If people would just understand that D.C. is an “elite” holding of three for-profit corporations, a place chocked full of Luciferian symbolism that has NO legal power beyond it’s borders, they’d realize that we HAVE the power to do what’s needed! I can only conclude that the MASSIVE poisoning of the American people coupled with mind control exerted by television and other clandestine exposures has rendered the majority of us hors d’ combat before a shot has ever been fired! If we do not stand up and assert our natural human rights, we’ll all be too ill to fight soon, legally or any other way!

                • The reason Jefferson razored out specific scriptures according to what I’ve read was to basically do a cut and paste he could carry with him of the verses he so loved to use when discussing faith with so many other intellectuals withwhome he came in contact in his travels. I suggest you check with some non-revisisonist historians to add to your already large assortment of information and see if perhaps there were not other reasons than you have been led to believe for certain habits and behaivors.

                  • How do you know what Jefferson meant? Unless you are a disinformation expert. We are all not stupid enough for your program. Try somewhere else.

              • I don’t know why there’s no option to reply in your comment to me above, but there isn’t, so here’s what I have: I learned about their being Deists by READING. A LOT. Not all of them were of course, but at least many were. I doubt anyone took a comparative census, but there were a lot of Deists and Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were two of them. I’ve read of more but it was awhile back so I don’t have more names for you. If you want more detail and specifics I suggest you do what I did: read a LOT. I’ll admit to having an advantage there: I’m disabled, so I’ve had lots and lots of time to read. It took me a decade to get so much as a diagnosis out of the VA (after civilian docs and hospitals kept throwing me out assuming that since my main symptom was extreme PAIN I must be angling for opiates. Now, after 7 back operations, I have lots of time to read again – and to type.

        • na ,they are up to their eyeballs in Arabs already…

          • Thank you Ian for having the patience to reply to trish . I believe it’s useless to argue with the enemy. They will always have a lie that sounds good for an idiot. They depend on people being stupid. And most are. There is a fight coming . And we can see the enemy here. We can’t let any of them escape. They will just start over. This house cleaning must be complete.even if it’s family. Do your duty .or be a traitor.and suffer the consequences .


      4. Watched the reporter on cspan ask a question, about immigration the number and how it will
        Affect the USA and they quickly faded out all the sound and changed the programming.

      5. Si vis pacem, para bellum. Not much more you can say on the matter.

        • If you want to make a point, why don’t you try making it in english — this is America, where we still are allowed to speak our own language…at least for now.

          • Sixpack, couldn’t agree more. English is the only language I speak and I won’t learn another language. If someone speaks to me in some foreign language, they can forget it. I refuse to go learn any kind of mumbo-jumbo.

            • I can speak four, but I think it’s rude to comment in a foreign language on an open ENGLISH blog, only because it seems the comment is meant to be exclusive, to only the people who speak that language.

              It seems to me, half of the purpose of commenting on a blog, is to communicate your thoughts to everyone else. In that case, communicating in anything else just defeats that purpose. I hate going to an American-based blog and having to translate part of it.

              That’s just my opinion and my own personal issue.

              • sixpack.

                You can speak four languages? I can hardly speak one. Hahahahahaha!

              • Sixpack, that’s OK, I do agree.

          • “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

          • Latin is the root of all Romance languages, you should broaden your horizons a bit. If you’ve missed his point, try translating into one of your four languages, should be pretty simple for you.

            If you want to learn a Romance language, learn Latin first, you’ll have a much easier time at it.

            • Yea Smokey, Latin is the root of all romance languages .. pfftt …. if that is the case, then why is Latin a dying language?

              I learned Latin when I attended Catholic School, and guess what?
              That is where it stayed, and I’ve never had the use for it unless there was a book that was written in Latin – there simply is no place or room for Latin anymore in this day an age.

        • Si vis pacem, para bellum

          is a Latin adage translated as,

          “If you want peace, prepare for war”.

          • The US already has the largest standing military operation in the world–exceeding all others several times over. It ain’t how big we get that counts it’s what our military is called to do that makes the difference. Going over there to save terrorists who can supposedly save other terrorists so they can fight the rightful leader of one country or another just because it doesn’t fit the script that the NWO guys want is just a waste of US lives and resources.

        • …and yes, I know what it means – if you want peace, prepare for war. This foreign invasion shit is getting to me.

          • Six, same for me.

          • Six–

            “Illegitimi non Carborundum”……..

            • They ain’t getting me down. I’m just speaking openly about how I feel.

            • Illegitimi non carborundum

              is a mock-Latin aphorism meaning

              “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”

      6. Meanwhile, we are giving away America one refuge at a time. Eventually there will be more refugees and illegal aliens than american born citizens. It’s time to take bake America, close our borders and tell them to stay the F out.

      7. Has anybody ever read Anders Breivik’s manifesto?

        He is the guy that killed 67 people at a summer camp in Norway and set off a bomb in Oslo.

        His entire manifesto was about immigrants taking over Europe. He called it “multiculturalism”. It was a really interesting read on the crisis.

        Breivik’s motive for committing the largest mass shooting in history was to bring attention and political change to his cause of anti-immigration.

        Read it. It was a real eye opener and really applies to the immigration crisis taking place in Europe right now.

        • John Stiner:

          According to link to article; the Norweigian Police conducted a drill prior to event and man was dressed in police uniform.

          Same as drill on 9-11-2001.

      8. Stuff what happens to Swedon after they did the dirty to Juilian from Wikileaks with the fake rape stories from two party slappers/wana be gold diggers.

        Men in Swedon have to sit down when taking a piss in case it upsets females and the state kidnaps children from parents in the name of political coretness.

        Letting Islam take them over will be a step in the right diection as far as i am concerned.

        • Mr Smith.
          You Sir are a bleeding asshole.

          • What kind of response is that .Sweden is now the rape Capitol of the world . Is that what you want.

      9. One more thing about Anders Breivik.

        Apparently in Europe kids go to summer camp that is run by political parties.

        In the United States when kids go to summer camp it is usually something like the Boy Scouts or Wilderness Explorers.

        But in Europe they got to their version of Democrat Summer Camp or Republican Summer Camp.

        I thought this was shocking because it would be the same thing as the Hitler Youth indoctrinating the young children.

        • The Founding Fathers were mostly Deists. They believed that there was a Creator, but most were not Christians. Most of the general run of individuals WERE Christian – after centuries of either being Christian or being tortured to death.

      10. Who needs someone to come here,refuse to assimulate,refuse the culture,food,language,etc. go back to your sand boxes where you’ll be more comfortable. You hate us anyway and we don’t care for you. If I go to another country I’m expected to abide by their rules and speak their language if I plan on staying. Its either a two way street or no street. Try taking over somebody else’s country,this one belongs us.

      11. Our Resident Muslim in the White House will have more Muslim refugees coming to the USA. They will be as thick as Fleas on a stray dog. They will remain quiet till the numbers are sufficient to begin the transformation to Shaira Law. They will not assimilate.

        I do not think we can withstand the problems with immigration. The cultural differences. Racial differences. Monetary differences. Political differences.
        Instead of being a Melting Pot we will become an defective Pressure Cooker. We are overwhelmed as of now with many issues and it is not going to get better.

        Embrace the Chaos. It’s a coming.

      12. Tell me if I’m wrong:

        Aren’t these people from these Arab countries all Semetic people. Don’t Semetic people teach that God is in them alone and everybody else is garbage and their women are all whores to be raped with impunity?

        • Israelite’s – they believe they are the true direct descendants of Jacob. Though there is no proof of this, they just say it is so.

          Yes, they truly believe that they are Gods chosen ones and everybody else is pure filth, which gives them the excuse to do immoral and unethical things to other human beings.

          It’s this kind of lunacy in Religion, that if a person actually believes this nonsense – is called propaganda

          Why would a God, creator of all. Design and institute an abundance of different nationalities, yet only have one Race to be superior over the rest?

          Does this make any sense?
          Of course it don’t, and if it does. Then this God that you worship is an asshole.

          • FTW–you are mistaken on several points–“Israel–which was the entirelty of the “faithful” members of the twelve tribes–or can be considered the “Church” now-a-days were “chosen” not so much because of their own precious behavior, but because of the awesome act of faith of Abraham who knew and believed in God so much he was willing to sacrifice his own mortal “only begotten” son. (Seems God was giving insight into what was to come when He, Himself, willingly allowed His “only begotten” son to be sacrificed for the world many centuries in the future). That act of faith was rewarded by God indicating his progeny would be as the numbers of the sands in the sea and that any who would or could be considered worthy of entering into heaven would be members of his family. Even today, the true Christian must be adopted into the family of Abraham (presumably in spirit) when they are converted or presumably they will not be worthy to enter into heaven. That being said, we are only aware of Judah because they and they alone have pretty well stuck together–the other Tribes are scattered around the world and will be gathered together in the last day.I believe when Abraham cast out the pagan handmaiden and her son, Ishmael, in order to stop the discord and any confusion as to who would be rightful heir to his blessings and God saved both her and her son and blessed Ishmael also saying his seed would be as the sands of the sea he would become the father of all the Arab world and eventually one could say the father of Islam. So, basically while both the Arabs and the Jews are Semitic they have been at odds since the beginning–and God’s rightful blessings have been denied to the Arabs compared to the other descendants of Abraham who are of the 12 tribes–who have prospered and advanced accordingly. It is unfair to assume Judah is the only tribe so chosen for blessings by God when it was actually Joseph (not Judah) who, indeed, finally both save his brethren and achieved the blessing and carried on the covenant between God and the tribes that were because of Abraham. Hopefully this clarifies some of the mystery regarding “God’s chosen people” as I know many people have never bothered reading the Old Testament (or the New for that matter) and only know what they have heard.

            • Jesus of Nazareth. I quote. They will call themselves Jews , But they are the children of satan. Yea your right he’s wrong .

            • There are very few if ANY Hebrews in Israel. Those living there now and calling themselves Jews are mostly converted Khazars; certainly the leadership is. I also suspect that when everything goes to Hell in a handcart they’ll UN-convert and head PDQ! FYI, when they got their funding from Britain to invade and “retake” Israel, there were around 30,000 Jews – Hebrews mostly – living there quite peacefully with the Arab population. Israel is wherever Orthodox Hebrews gather and worship according to the Old Testament. It ISN’T in the Middle East – not now, anyway. The Orthodox say that God has not yet spoken and told them they may return, so they haven’t.

          • agreed.

            • I have never met a Jew who believed the rest of humanity was garbage because of their physical linage or otherwise. In fact, I doubt anyone who reads this article has either–so where are you getting your info? HMMMMMM…think I’ll wait this one out to inform everyone to the veracity of your claim.

          • FTW can you show me where in God’s creation He calls any race “superior over the rest”?

            Chosen does not mean superior.

            Nor were they chosen because they were superior.

            It doesn’t matter what a race thinks of themselves. It only matters what God thinks of them.

            • Spot on grandee.
              Just wait for the pseudo replies to be added.

            • Start with the Torah – according to scholars, the Torah was written before the creation of the World! Can you believe it? … didn’t think so, neither can I!

              Read the delusional religious doctrine if you like, it’s full of fictional stories and characters, but comes complete with a lot of entertainment in the process.

              • Finally, someone who has actually read the scriptures! Thank you FTW!

      13. I would have to agree with the people who say close the boarder. Only way in is legally. Anyone caught coming in illegally will be sent to Antarctica. No bullshit Antarctica. Let see them run home when the first two or three land there.

        The other option is fertilizer!!!!!!!
        If you are a lot like me you are sick of this B.S.



        • Way past sick.

        • Invest in a pig farm, maybe?

      14. You can Rant & Rave all you want. The die is cast. It’s coming here to the USA and no one can stop it. Ready or Not!

      15. It’s all in the master plan to destroy us. America as we know and love must at all cost go down, because the elites of the world can not completely rule everything and everyone as long as we stand. This why WWIII is going to happen and it will destroy a vast part of us one way or another. While the world is down licking their wounds after that is when they step in. It’s coming folks and there is not one DAMN thing we can do to stop it, just slow it down for a little while. Prepare for that day and be safe.

        • You got that half right. The only other country standing against the NWO is Russia, the only other “Christian friendly” nation.

          We’re not alone. The elites have to take down Russia AND us.

          There just isn’t anybody else left to fight.

          • I take from your comment…

            “There just isn’t anybody else left to fight”
            That you are referring to governments?

            Never underestimate the fortitude of the individual and their allies.

            This will not only become a fight for our very survival but our Judeo-Christian identity also.

            Judging from some of the comments made here the enemy has already gained the upper hand.

            • “Judging from some of the comments made here the enemy has already gained the upper hand.”

              My thought exactly.

          • Sorry to say you are almost completely correct–the one thing we have in our favor is we are for the most part a God loving and believing people and can call on our maker to intervene on our behalf to spare us the final tribulations as they pan out…I do not believe the Lord intends to sit still while all the candles of liberty are blown out and we are immersed into total darkness for the remainder of time. His command to take the gospel throughout the world necessitates there will be some liberty somewhere that allows people to exercise their faith. I, pray for this daily!

            • Thank God for people like you. xXx

      16. I think they should send them all to the West Bank.

      17. Posters referring to ‘people wanting free things’ misses the point of the exercise.

        1). It creates past precedent that is used to create the illusion the Constitutions are out-dated, archiac, racist, and etc.
        2). It creates past precedent that government not the Creator grants or revokes rights, liberties, and freedoms.
        3). Property rights goes; the Constitutions are effectively DOA.

        “How long will it be before American culture, as well as our fundamental laws, are disintegrated to the point that rape is decriminalized, racism against the native populace becomes accepted and and mob rule becomes our new judicial system?”

        Sustainable Development declares every man, woman, and child the regional government’s human capital and resource.
        Right now, it is not deemed binding unless the government is perceived to implode/explode or otherwise collapse justifying seeming but planned UN interventionism.
        Those Peacekeepers are downright brutal, and the populace are seen as human capital and resources, which is why rape and brutality is quite common place.
        Mob rule, it’s already heading in that direction cupped with Apathy that is needed for Godwin’s Law.
        Then, there’s population control to consider as Neo-Malthusians and Random-Evolutionists revive 1907-1960 US Population control measures championed by Malthusians and Eugenics Movements.

        4). In Big Government Advocacy, the central government is master to its territory regents aka States. When it mandates territories to do something like jobs/works programs, it expects it down under threat of withdrawn financial aid or military force.
        Lets just say from the jobs/works programs ‘recruitment’ if you were planning on GOODing to Rural regions, governments are prepared to follow China’s footsteps.
        China dispatched Death squads around Rural China to funnel refugees into Urban and often previously abandoned cities. Those Rural Chinese who fail to reach the so-called ‘safety’ Urban regions face the death squads.
        No, death squads are not trained in covert ops or anything resembling battlefield strategy and tactics unless you count total war or scorched earth akin to Sherman’s March.

        The point is creating the past precedents that allows a debated point towards Absolute Authority.

      18. Yep, whole fricking world is going to sh…t..Good luck trying that here is America.



        • Hcks.
          Its here already.
          Its just a matter of time before they let it off the leash.

        • How is it that NO ONE seems to know that Washington D.C. is 3 corporations, and NOT the legitimate government?? Obama is a CEO and no more. Look at the last Census papers if you have any – there’s a trademark copyright sign after the terminal “S” in the name UNITED STATES, INC. Have you noticed that the UNITED STATES is always written in caps on official documents, designating it the name of a corporation? The same goes the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC. No power in D.C. has any (legal) power outside of it! The Infernal Revenue is a private, for-profit collection agency registered in Puerto Rico, and they have no more legal, Constitutional authority to do what they do (or to carry weapons to be used against the American people in collection of fraudulent debts) than anyone else has. It’s also unconstitutional to levy an uapportioned tax, or a tax on the wages of workers. Check it out for yourselves!

      19. My brother inlaw lives in Belgium. We speak to him almost every day. Here are some of the things they are going through due to the immigrants.
        The displaying of any Christmas decorations are forbidden, it may upset the immigrants. That means no stores can display, you can not have lights or a Christmas tree that can be seen from outside of your home.
        Beginning Nov.1, 2015 government officials will begin going house to house inspecting your property if it is found that you have a spare room, garage, basement, or attic you are obligated to house a refugee. If you do not, you would be subject to losing your property. Also you will be required to feed and clothe the refugees from your own pocket.
        If you do go to the store you take your life in your own hands. These immigrants do not know how to stand in a line to pay for things. They just simply push their way in front of others, absolutely no manners at all. Getting any kind of pork products is almost impossible, apparently even the sight of pork upsets these people. So the native people have to go without.
        The residents of some towns have been told not to venture too far away from home due to the increased crime.
        Residents have been warned to not attend church because church goers are being mugged by those from the religion of peace.
        The children in public schools are required to study islam so they can better understand them.
        Oh and the opening paragraph in this article is correct, even in what was once a free country.

        • Sounds like the people in Belgium need to rise up against their govt. Anyone wants to take my home to give away to some stinking foreigners had better bring body bags for themselves.

          • The utter capitulation of Europe to the “religious” prejudices of a minority of fanatic religionists is pitiful! I wonder when they’ll start allowing executions of women for having illicit sex? (In Islam this can mean a woman was raped without having three MALE witnesses (women are unreliable) to say it WAS rape, so the assumption is that she participated willingly. This is an entire culture that stretches across the Middle East who believes this is a “righteous, lawful, Godly attitude”. They believe in worse things than that, too. The True Believers in Islam have my pity, but not my respect. They’ve had this literally pounded into their heads as they pounded their foreheads into the rug while studying. The permanent mark (a brownish callus) it can leave on (depending on how enthusiastically they pounded while rocking back and forth) is considered a mark of honor and deep religiosity – a sign that this person studied very hard and faithfully.

            THAT is what we are up against. They can lie to infidels – God has okayed it – and when they die, if they make it to Paradise they (the men, I mean) will all be 90 feet tall and look exactly alike. One-upmanship is discouraged in Paradise, I assume. There is also a class of spirit there who are all perfect females, ready to have sex any time at all, as often often as the men wish. This isn’t a choice, though; it’s the nature of that spirit, decreed by God.

      20. Invaders,not immigrants will be anti gun. So overtime when American citizens who cherish the 2nd Amendment die,so dies off guns.

        • Not gonna happen. Or at least, not until those who cherished gun rights – and the Constitution – are all dead. Such an alteration or removal of the Second Amendment will be a clear signal that D.C. and it’s occupants intend to make America into a totalitarian state. I can’t speak for others, but I will never live in a totalitarian state – one way or another.

      21. wow, all I can say is wow. in 1983 I signed up for the Marine corp. I have flat feet and was declined. But the reason I attempted was because of the hostages in Iran.
        I wanted to protect those hostages from the goat humpers.
        I was decimated that I didn’t get my chance.

        here it is decades later with another limp dick president
        and looks like I’ll get my chance soon. I don’t do drugs, but sometimes I read these stories and feel like I’m having a bad trip. Anyone else feel this way?

        • “C”
          We all do!!!

        • Affirmative! As Sgt. Dale just below here says, it looks like you might get your chance after all! You don’t have to be sworn in to do what must be done, and there are a LOT of us vets, even beat-up old farts like me, who’d be glad for a brother (or a sister!) armed and ready to fight for this country and the Constitution we swore to uphold and protect! We may wind up having to fight for our own homes, and that’s as far as we get. No matter; it’s still America, and I’ll still fight for it, as per the Oath of Service I took. It had no expiration date that I remember, nor did give a minimum or maximum size of the part of America we had to have before we COULD fight. *grin* Just remember: those of The Enemy you take with you are your Honor Guard in Hell; and make sure you don’t go alone!

      22. “It appears that all over the world, most notably in present-day Western Europe (Saudi Arabia North), immigrants (Muslims)from countries with completely different world views (Caliphate) and legal perceptions (Sharia law) are moving in and pushing their agendas (Islam, murder and mayhem) on the natives(naive citizens), often with full support from their elected representatives (treasonous cowards working for the top of the pyramid elite, not the citizens) and their media(propaganda arm of the treasonous governments) mouthpieces “

      23. citizen…you are the “new normal”. join the crowd,you are not alone.

      24. thats why i just another 100 rounds of 00 buckshot
        they come for me i will not die alone

      25. we are all from the same race people,humans,aliens. what ever you consider yourself wake the f&$k up already. when is it gonna stop. lets put our race,religion,and sick idealogys aside for once please. We are destroying ourselves and our planet. look around us everything is messed up. and everyone is pointing the finger at each other so sad. Peace to mother earth take care everyone.

        • That’s nice, kumbaya, and all that stuff.

          It’s our country, we like it, we’re not happy with invasion.

          If you’re not disposed to fight for your country and culture, at least have the decency to get out of the way of the people who will do your fighting for you.

      26. I believe this is happening because the powers to be want it to. This will help with their one world government agenda. Once you strip away your personal and national pride then they will begin to mold you into the good little world citizen they want and control.

        • You are right on the money! The people of Europe already fell for the EU that now guides, directs and commands all authority and why they are being made to take in these millions of refugees. Switzerland has just finished an election that firmly upheld their right to self-governance and refusal to allow millions of refugees enter their country without any credentials or anything else. The elections made a strong turn to the “right” against the pressures from the left and Belgium (where the majority of conspirators of the NWO get their marching orders. If we elect the right person to office next time and stand together for this nation we might be able to turn things around. If Hillary gets in there will be no place to even move to get away from it.

        • yep.

      27. Texasprepper, I agree, but I never said I would adopt their platform. I don’t accept anyone’s damn propaganda about anything.

      28. Post a severe LA earthquake the residents faced with looting complements of the children and grandchildren of the 1993 LA Rodney King riots will again go to the gun store and be shocked by the waiting period. This waiting period in the wake of the infrastructure damage and lack of communication may be a de-facto ban as a NIX check might not be possible.

        Good luck; beware what you ask for because you might get it. Those lucky enough to be within a 1000 ft of a school should not forget to tell the looters that this is a gun free zone.

      29. Wonder why Israel is so adamant about eliminating Islamic and even Christian Arabs from their lands?
        I am willing to bet Israeli’s are doubled over in laughter at the Euros dismay of seeing their now borderless lands become under Islamic tribal lawlessness.
        I have no feelings of pity for the peoples of Europe in regards as what they now cannot control, the babysat generations never weaned from state control of mind and social orderings can now easily be pointed out as stupidity in regards to their non proven liberal arts attitudes of multiculturalisms.
        Now the years of building artificial playlands, or bordered play pens, can no longer keep the filth of the world out of soon every facet of past life, conforming cum bi ya society who forgot how to fight as their controlled environments brought them down to points of not even of any real mettle or worth even unto themselves.
        GOnna be interesting to see how any industrial growth or even present sustainability will be able to maintain any monetary base for a liveable society.
        The very charity money and provided lifestyles will go to multi otganized petty thieves such as what the true economy of ME and Central Asia runs upon is life of shit.
        The moneys will go to religious groups who will demand the old Euro way moves aside in favor of Arab cultural retardation, in its new Islamic Levant.
        It will not be just Middle east for ISIS type groups and their Levant building no the new much easier softer europeans will pay the cost .
        The US pepple are even dumber than bricks and are as kow-towed by their government leaders as are the FN women of Islam to their males.
        The huge bureaucracy of every Euro USband Brit may be thinking their asses are safe but they will soon find themselves as un managers trying to find a center that is so far back in time they cannot comprehend its power.
        Gonna be interesting to see the limp dick Willys and Weeping Wlows faces when their words on paper arebsjoved up their asses and they become ignored.
        Don’t worry they will conform to the new masses needs in order to keep a paycheck.

        • I really think it will boil down to people so afraid of upsetting the Muslims because of their penchant for violence and bloodshed they will bow just to keep their heads! Those who are truly converted to the Christian religion (or maybe even others) will not bow and they will be martyred the same as ISIL is doing to those they view as infidels in the Middle East. But, the NWO guys think they can control the Muslims obviously so are more than willing to stir them up and have them invade everywhere they can do damage to further their cause of complete economic collapse where they will assume control and dominion of the entire earth (or so they think).

      30. Welcome to Canada, carbon copy of Sweden. We give everything away to foreigners. We are done kjts become a joke. And now we have a Liberal government. You come here and get the world on a platter. My girl gets into a car accident hit by an immigrant and she is reduced to begging for welfare. She is 39 has never been unemployed since age 15. The shit driver who hit her only pays increased ins costs. So why is the Canadian worker now injured and left on her own. This is not fare and shitty.

        • Doesn’t Canada have some sort of Disability payment they offer those who can’t work anymore? I know they have a private company managing their retirement funds actually making people earn dividends which is a billion times better than in the US where politicians steal all the money to make good on their freebie promises to the welfare class so it’s going bankrupt in a few years..but I thought Canada was smarter than that.

      31. New Term

        Space Biscuits. Same as Milk Bone’s, only more mind expanding.

        “I say there son, are you paying attention to what I am saying?”

        Foghorn Leghorn.

        • Over the years I’ve owned multiple dogs and always take them with me shopping and out and about. The banker never fails to give me those wretched things for my dogs even though I keep telling all of them in over 40 years of dog ownership I’ve never had a dog stupid enough to eat one of those dang Milk biscuits! Obviously, the average dog in this country is far smarter than some of the people roaming about–it must be the effects of long-term use of drugs or something…

          • Trish Holmeide.

            When I was six or seven years old. My friend Kelly and I ate a bunch of Milk Bone Dog Biscuits. I told him they were dogs biscuits. Kelly said, “They taste like cookies, try them”. I did and we ate a quite a few laughing and saying Milk Bone every so often.

            • I forgive you and your friend, sling shot. Your frontal lobes were not yet fully developed so you were more “retarded” than the average dog!

          • Evidently my PUG is a lot smarter than you or your dog Trish. She loves ANY kind of treat and grateful towards the giver as did my previous Pug. Maybe it’s the love they have received from this now 81 year old prepper.

      32. We all know there’s a fight coming.

      33. Braveheart, I think you and I may have mixed words over opposing views before, but from what I am reading, seeing, and experiencing, the muslim immigrants seem to want US to accommodate them. They want to come to our countries because its not a shithole war zone where they don’t have to scrounge for their next meal. Which is fine, but they’re coming to our country so they must aaimilate to our culture and society and share theirs not demand we cater to them. Fuck that. Accept the rules or really; go back home. Before you know it, this huge mass of refugees will be warring within themselves and us because of the same reasons they can’t get along with back in the mideast. And they will call us intolerant, though I wouldn’t shoot you because you went to a different church.

        • I wouldn’t mind so much having real refugees (such as we had with the Vietnamese Boat people) come here even if they did sorta stick together in their own little communities if #1 I saw some women and children and they looked war-torn etc, but all we are seeing is young healthy males , very few women and fewer still children–makes me wonder did they leave the most vulnerable behind or throw them over-board on the boats etc.? and #2. They came here to take advantage of the opportunities to be productive citizens (like the Vietnamese did who all pooled their resources to open thousands of small businesses that both kept them off the welfare lines and ensured their children learned how to work and also stay productive people and pay into the system rather than take out of it). Other than that I don’t care which God they pray to unless their God tells them to cut my throat–there’s where I draw the line!

          • NO FUCKING MUSLIMS!. They are not sweet little puppies needing a good home. You people don’t seem to get it. You want to give them the benefit of the doubt and then in ten years they turn on you in their little communities and try to cut your throat. People please wake up. There will be no assimilation unless it is us that assimilate to them.

        • If they come here willing to work, obey the law – and they can obey their own Muslim religious laws all they like in their own homes as long as it doesn’t involve torture or the death penalty! – I see no reason they shouldn’t do fine. On the other hand, if they try to force America and Americans to enact and obey laws based on their religion, they’ll find themselves on the short end of THAT stick! Yes, there IS a difference between Europeans and Americans.

      34. Please share this video with everyone you know. This sickness will spread in the United States and to your town.

      35. The dark side of unchecked and/or illegal immigration is disease and criminals entering the country.

        In the US…
        Massive new surge of illegals at border; 10,000 caught in September
        The Washington Times
        (current link on Drudge Report)

      36. Why won’t any politician or any one just say . Make it a one hundred thousand dollar fine for hiring or renting to a illegal alien. Problem solved?

        • Several reasons why that won’t work to contain the influx of immigrants–not just Muslims–but from all over the world! #1. We still have vestiges of our constitutional rights and liberties and you cannot (despite trump’s bold claims) just tell people they have to charge one certain group of people astronomical rents over all others and you can’t just fine people who offer legitimate and legal employment to those who have–according to our government–legally migrated. Now, if you were Hitler that would work fine.

        • Lone W:
          The open border invasion of the US is a symptom of the problem. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE CRIMINALS WHO CALL THEMSELVES ELECTED OFFICIALS WANT THE INVASION. So they will never do anything to stop it or impede it.

          Americans can’t protect themselves until they end computer ballot boxes and elect officials who are not TV pretty and connected to money. Find a morally sound man/woman who is NOT connected to money and can’t fund themselves into dogcatcher and you may have a good patriotic American elected official.

          Right now in Europe and America and probably Canada and Australia and New Zealand, the majority of the people in state and national offices DO NOT SERVE THE NATION OR THE PEOPLE OF THEIR NATION, they serve money and whoever pays them the most to sell out.

          This is the reality. The only cure at this point is to get on your knees and beg God for His protection and intervention because half the nation is willfully blind and the “leaders” are dancing as they grab handfuls of cash from selling out and literally selling you and me.

          God be with you.

      37. When the Muslims start “Disappearing,” they’ll get the hint fast.

        • They def. need to “disappear” and FAST.

      38. My answer remove all the meat but pork. kill all the cattle and chickens and goats. starve the basters out.

      39. ALL Muslims should be dealt with, plain and simple…

      40. It’s happening in the UK too…….not as bad as Belgium or Sweden but the Elite’s are trying to put it upon us……..seems ironic that a Swedish politician pointed out when they were struggling to cope with the numbers, rather than say “no more”….they demanded Britain took in more……well, fuck off we said (a minority of us)…but our Liberalist politicians are trying to change that….sad thing is, we can’t buy guns to defend against this….but I do have one very small glimmer of hope for you all, if you believe in this stuff……fact is this will happen, the NWO is making it happen, Russia, who seem to be fighting it, will succumb to the NWO at some point, probably with a guarantee from the NWO that it will not affect them so much (a lie), so it will happen……..which led me on to Nostradamus’s ‘predictions’….now I don’t subscribe to any religion or mysticism like this but i had to snigger when I read some extracts Nostradamus apparently ‘predicted’….this particular excerpt I found amusing….it goes like this….

        “The Antichrist invades Britain

        In his European campaign, the Antichrist will attempt to overtake Britain, particularly to seize its naval forces for further advances. England will resist and initially will fend off the advance, with support from the U.S. However, it is likely that the Antichrist eventually will overcome England, and the more passionate members of the underground will flee to Ireland and Scotland.

        **** The Antichrist will not succeed in overtaking the entire island. Northern England, Scotland, and Ireland will not succumb, possibly aiding the reunification of Ireland to fight the Antichrist. Patriotic and stubborn Irish and Scottish spirit will play a favorable role in turning the tide.*****

        The British prince, a member of the English royal house, will be eager to lead his troops into battle to defend his own and neighboring countries that have treaties with Britain. He will confront the Antichrist’s forces in two major engagements and will be defeated in one. He will be outflanked and will have to retreat in disgrace.

        Nevertheless the opposing forces will curse him because he will be a valiant fighter, and his brashly engaging in battle will have disrupted some of the Antichrist’s carefully laid plans for the conquest of Europe. The man will return to England, and the population will give him a hero’s welcome for his bravery, despite the defeat.”

        find it on page 5 of this link –

        so…….it’ll be us ‘stubborn’ Celts that will kick the antichrists arse apparently (or ‘ass’ as you say in the good ole U.S. of A)…..we’re a stubborn bunch us Celts….friendly but don’t fuck us off or else….but many of us (or should I say many of the Chattle here) are brainwashed, like all the others…so much so to the point of hypocrisy where we see people complaining about racists who speak up against immigration yet the following day those ‘Liberalists’ will be complaining about the benefits those immigrants will receive as pensioners lose their benefits to aid the refugees… the fight will be long and hard and without support from the chattle….mesmerised by their iPhones and FaceBook likes that they need to feel their existence and lifestyle is ‘up’ there with all the goody two shoes that are helping to make this a perfect, multiculturist Utopia….and don’t quote to me about the SNP and their Independance campaign….the SNP are the worst of all Liberalists who are using the Scottish flag to grow support for their ‘Independance’ campaign….whilst wanting to dissolve one Union and sign away all scottish heritage and laws to the EU….the big fat EU gravy Train….and the sheep are following……so, when the big day comes, get over to scotland or Ireland, we will take you in, and then we can fight back together

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