Watch These People Sign A Petition To Remove George Washington From The Dollar Bill

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Headline News | 53 comments

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    The race war in America is hitting a fever pitch, and though President Trump may have been partially joking this week when he warned that George Washington statues would be the next to be toppled, it looks like there are large swaths of Americans who actually think it might be a good idea.

    Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer hits the streets to see if President Trump was right:


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      1. Yep,the insanity grows.

        I will be at Boston’s rally tomorrow,hopefully no big deal but do remember though the city has lost it’s way with a large swath of the country this is where the fight for freedom for this country truly kicked off.

        I hope goes as well as possible but things do seem to be running hot in this country,will post after rally tomorrow,(still trying to get a damn video camera!).

        • George Washington is the poster boy for the NWO. If anyone should be on fiat currency it is ol’ Georgy Porgy. Read about how he made a lot of money after the war selling script. Ben Franklin got rich printing fiat money too. This may be over the heads of public school educated NRA members sorry.

          • Huh???

            • Ditto,,, but then again consider the source

            • Told ya, it was over your heads. After the revolutionary war, the iou’s the govt printed to buy goods to fund the war were basically worthless so George Porgy bought them cheap then pushed legislators to have the tax payers make good ? On the fake money. He got even richer.

            • Read about how he was a free mason
              Read about his memorial at 555 feet height = 6660 inches?
              Read about what he did to his beer making competition
              Read about why so many slaves have the last name of Washington.
              Hell, just read something.
              Read about his corruption with the script payments

              Never mind just believe he was a great guy.

              • Back in the 1600’s, 1700’s, and most of the 1800’s Slavery was quite common nor disapproved of. 15% of the Slave owners in the US were black themselves. Ask any black people living in the USA today if they would rather live here in the US, or go Back to Africa and pound it out with the Black Tribes, still whacking each other with Machetes? Nobody is keeping you here today, and you can leave any time you like.

                • I said the word “Tribes” and got put into moderation. hmmm I wonder what (((Tribe))) is controlling the word moderation game here on this site?

                  • the semi-holes- the half-fast indians of florida

                • If I was in Africa today and had a chance to get out as a slave . I’d take it. They feed me ,they shelter me , they protect me . And all I have to do is work. We are all slaves.To the dollar?

                  • Yes, not to mention the cobras ? and the flies

                • Idiot, taxes are the new slavery. So I hope you have a nice drive out of the country, coward

              • Who wrote what you read?

          • Almost became interested until you revealed yourself with snide and unproductive remark.

        • @Warchild, I never thought I would see any of these type of attacks on our Country! Take lots of pictures, and safe travels.

          • I know Boston well as me hometown city growing up,am not looking to get in the fray,just want to witness and may be stuck with just pics if i don’t find a digital movie cam.

            As for Washington,he became the monster he fought in my opinion with the whiskey tax decisions,still am not going to accept a cultural red purge like what happened in China in the 60’s that killed well over a million and rewrote their history to dictators liking.

        • Watch these ignorant leftists quickly REMOVE their signature when they realize they won’t be able to use this for their “free” socialist lunches and welfare.

        • Warchild:

          you are the man

          _be safe


          • ditto!

        • I am SO pissed at these communists that i just ordered some temporary tattoo’s of the Confederate flag, and i’m going to wear it on my upper arm. I just bought some mace too and will wear it clipped everywhere i go in public. If a communist leftie lays one finger on me becuz it does not like my tattoo i will mace that scum in the face. I have a right to defend myself. I don’t carry a gun or knife. It’s legal here to carry mace. After i mace the scum i will loudly call them a Filthy Communist and walk away. I am that pissed at what they are doing. Maybe more of us should proudly wear a confederate flag tattoo!

      2. The communists and CNN want Stone Mountain and Mount Rushmore destroyed because they depict slave owners. The Flag of the United States of America flew over all of the slave states for more than 80 years. It has to go, also. Oh, America is named after Amerigo Vespucci. He was a slave trader. You got it. We have to change the name of our country and everything that carries the name America. If we don’t stop the communists now, they will destroy all of us.

        • I’m hereby starting a petition to remove from the United States any and all persons who honestly think that this country’s history, Constitution, landmarks, symbols and/or any other intrinsic and integral component of this nation. If they don’t like this country, I’ll not argue with them; rather, show them the way out. And should they protest, I’ll simply ask them as to what authority they claim, what right they have to legitimately complain. If they dare to answer that it is by/due to the very laws, the natural ways for a citizen of this country as guaranteed by those same rules; yet, still desire to alter those same……… I’d further petition they be incarcerated in a decent mental institution for incurable insanity.

        • Actually MT Rushmore is a slap in the face to the Sioux Indians. The White man stole their land, killed off all their buffalo, forced them to move to FEMA CAMP like reservations, which most of them died on the trip to the reservation. Then they chiseled the white mans faces into the granite stone like defecating Graffiti in a subway. Go read the book “The Trail of Tears.” You will get the point. Another disgusting chapter in American History of Genocide against the Native Indians.

          • Crack you are correct. However its those stupid Indians fault for being on the white mans land before he got her. now history repetes the middle class land owning white folks are at the very same crossroads that the 1880’s plains indian was. Right or wrong- Good or bad- My fault-your fault- nobodys fault? That’s just the way thing are shapeing up.

          • Indeed. There is WAY TOO MUCH “statue worship” going on in this country. Just because
            something is HISTORY does not mean we should encapsulate it in a damn statue. All of
            those guys are stone cold dead. If taxpayers have to pay for those statues, I say forget it.
            IMHO, Mount Rushmore is one of the ugliest monstrosities in this country. They took a
            beautiful, natural looking place and turned it into an EYESORE. You think old Abe Lincoln or
            Teddy Roosevelt would approve of that thing? I’ll bet you they would say it’s creepy. Enough with all the dead man, deity worship. The entire system is coming down. People
            should worry about THAT.

        • I don’t understand WHY they are getting away with removing and destroying statues, changing names of streets and all else. Maybe our gov. wants anarchy so they can declare martial law? Why don’t we put an armed guard at each of the statues? Why don’t we water hose them? Or tear gas them? They are Violent. They are not peaceful. I heard on the radio today and it was Rush L show, the stand in for him was saying that these scum have sticks with nails on the end of them….(to hurt and kill conservatives). When is it going to stop? There will be blood in the streets. I read that they are now planning to riot in the suburbs cuz mostly “white privilege” people live there! And to erase all of our history is ORWELLIAN — the book 1984 talks about that!

      3. Well I think if you take down statues just because YOU think their racist (not true but hey) I think you should take M.L.King statues down because they think their racist. That’s equality.

        • Not just the statues, change all the streets that are named after him too.

      4. These “libtards” are signing petitions to remove things that they didn’t even know existed until some loser with a petition showed up and then mal-informed them of what they were signing for. Pathetic.

        The Washington Monument is going to have to go. [sarcasm]

        The White House (built by slaves) will definitely have to come down. [sarcasm]

        Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home) will have to burn.[sarcasm]

        Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s home) will have to burn. [sarcasm]

        The Constitution of the United States of America: Burn It! Written by slave holders. [sarcasm]

        The insanity has only just begun.

      5. To quote the beginning speech of Bowie’s great song Diamond Dogs:

        “This ain’t rock’n’roll
        This is genocide”!

      6. I am beyond sick of these filthy simple minded mother fucks! I will fight and defend my country and my WHITE heritage, my white history, my white traditions, etc, etc. Piss all over you shits on the LEFT and BLM and all of those commie wastes’ of life.
        I am ready to take care of all the black statues, MLK and all of that negro garbage.

        • Taking down statues of those who shucked and jived isn’t necessary, someone with a portable welding rig might like to add a few “African” touches to said statues.
          Nose bones, lip plates, spears……..booga bunga!

      7. Next up (seriously, Mark Dice, you need to try this!): Watch people sign up to become Solyent Green to stop faux global warming/help the environment.

        I don’t mean this as an insult, but literally, leftists are some of the most stupid people around. But let me correct myself. Not to parse words, but people can’t help being stupid. But when you are INTENTIONALLY ignorant, that is a CHOICE. So, let me call them ignorant.

        • suicidal blindness

          dumb on purpose to the point of … wait for it…


      8. Lets tear down all the homes of all presidents that have been impeached! Oh yeah,where was Obama on these statues the last 8 years?

      9. It isn’t about race– the basta– was a criminal! He went to the Polynesian islands, killing off most of the men and gave the females to his men for sex slaves… Or maybe it was about race– at any rate, I AGREE THE BASTARD’S FACE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE DOLLAR!! He was a pig!

        • And MLK the communist negroe, should be on all EBT cards!

      10. These people are so fake, they don’t have any problem carrying around and spending these bills with these faces on them. Also sickening is all the radio and TV talking heads spouting that white people are racist, jumping on the fake blather bandwagon to appear righteous and above reproach.

      11. This is all by design to split this country and cause civil war ! And it looks like its going to work. Dumb azz people.

        • Freetrapper: You are so right!

        • Splitting the country is the best outcome

          Whites over here- all others over there

          The others will be freed from White oppression

          Of course they will be freed from White goodies like Cadillacs and A/C, phones, t-vision, indoor plumbing. . .did I leave anything off?


        • It may not come to civil war becuz the government may institute martial law….then we will ALL have to stay in our houses or be shot if we go out in the streets! Them first i say!!

      12. It’s time to get rid of all reminders of hate. Rally to close down the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. It is a symbol and reminder of hate far worse than anything Washington or Jefferson or Robert E. Lee ever did. Once the people mass petition for its closure, then those who really seek to keep the memories of hate stirred up will be unmasked.

      13. I don’t think George got into trouble for cutting down eny cherry tree? He probably got into trouble for cutting young slave girls cherrys. LOL Take his picture off the paper money. I simply choose to not care about it.

      14. This is the “United” States of America, creating divisiveness for the sake of divisiveness is what these jerks are about. Trump was right when he said that after the statues of the Confederate generals/leaders, the founding fathers who were slave owners will be next. There are too many problems to be spending time and money on something that isn’t as urgent.

      15. The communist leftists and other destroyers of Western Civilization want us to believe their revisionist history. They expect a majority of dumbed-down citizens to give up their national heritage by taking everything out of context. In the Wild West horse thieves were hung. Does that make a cowboy or a farmer a murderer? Hell no, when you look at the context of that period. The cowboy or the farmer could die without his horse. That could damage his entire family. Come on leftists – learn how to think within the context of the time.

      16. These people are going overboard. I personally do not agree with taking down the monuments, they represent our history and where we come from. But, if they want to start changing our currency too, what is next? I am still waiting to see what they are going to try and do to Stone Mountain, and when they try what the KKK response will be. That will be interesting and I doubt it will be peaceful.

      17. These demos show that most people have no moral conscience and are just responding to verbal triggers.

        Then, why is George Washington important.

      18. We watched a video on U tube. This black guy I think his name is E T Williams. goes by the title The Doctor of Commom Sense. He did a pretty good rant about the black caucus and the destruction of monuments. We really enjoyed it. He is one black person I agree with.

        • Racist

        • Oh yeah, ET Williams is a real kool dude. I’ve seen him.

      19. We need to replace Franklin on the $100 bill with Martin Luther King. That way, we will always have $100 bills printed and need never worry about them being removed from circulation.

      20. The Globalist and their army of Useful Idiots will continue this, and win, as long as WE don’t stop them.

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