Watch These Leftists Admit They Prefer Venezuela’s Abject Poverty To America’s Wealth Inequality

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    The concepts of fairness and equality should be viewed as a duel edged sword. On the one hand, these values teach us to give everyone a fair shake, which certainly makes for a more stable society. But on the other hand, when these values are held above all else, the results are nightmarish. You see those consequences take form in every socialist country.

    This is precisely the problem with the Left in our country. They think that equality is the most important value. When they look at a problem like the vast wealth inequality gap between the rich and the poor in this country, they think the best possible solution is to make everyone equal. But if you think they want to bring about more equality by making the poor richer, you’d be sorely mistaken. More often then not, they’re more than willing to make us all equally poor.

    That may sound ridiculous at first. After all, you’d think that even rank and file socialists aren’t aware of the fact that their ideology makes people poor, because anyone who knew that would surely abandon this ideology. They don’t really think that it would be better for us all to be poor rather than live in an unequal society, right?

    Unfortunately that’s not the case. Conservative commenter Ami Horowitz recently interviewed several people in New York’s East village, and explained to them how Venezuelan socialism is causing misery, violence, and poverty, and asked them if they would prefer that to the wealth inequality of the United States. Their responses were just as shocking and dumb as you can imagine.


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      1. Hahahahahahaha…. Bout all I got…

        • It’s hard to believe that these people and millions upon millions more are this fracking stupid.

          • Well, no matter the disaster the urban geniuses will be the first to die or be enslaved.

            • Best meme I read all day:

              “It’s called Karma, and its pronounced, ‘ha ha, fuck you!'”

              • Dumb article. The video is very vague in its questioning. All of Venezuela is not out there rioting. Its just all the news you get is the Violent clashes. Like if you lived in Europe and all you see in the news for America is Antifa and black lives matter, that is NOT a representation of America. Its more phony propaganda. When I think of Income equality, that means there is a standard pay for a certain job regarding Gender. But Males get paid more in America than females for the same jobs. So we have income inequality as well. Some states pay more for wages than others, Income equality is a fallacy, its dependent on supply and demand, experience, location, etc. There is no income equality anywhere. I’d like to see the Video Tape of all the hundreds of other people who said something different. All this guy showed was commie socialists interviewees. Fake News.

                • Crack:

                  Your assessment is spot-on. I’m getting tired of watching videos pointing out how allegedly “stupid” Americans are.

                  Poorly educated by the Communist Academics, and brainwashed by Liars on TV fake news, it is no wonder young people are confused.

                  What this video shows me is that our people have been intimidated into being yes men. People who go along with whatever someone connected to fame says. Going along to get along because opposition is impossible.

                  No, it isn’t. Step back. Think for yourself. If you don’t know, admit it to yourself. That’s the first step in learning

                  Have you seen videos by Christopher Bollyn? He shows how IsRealHell brought down the Twin-Towers. Interesting.


                  • B from Ca. You hit it. My oldest is 28 and used to think like these people while he was in college. He graduated and is now an accountant. His thinking is completely opposite of what it used to be. I think partly because he’s out in the working world now, but more because of what he does for a living. He tells me that, especially small businesses are struggling to survive because of taxes imposed upon them. He has finally realized that tax cuts spur business growth and creates jobs. This is a kid who used to hate that thinking. I say if you want what Venezuela has, then go live in Venezuela.
                    Stay quiet Be smart

            • You are just another Keyboard warrior who has, and will, sit by idly while America is destroyed by these Idiots. We have all allowed this to happen by our inaction and simply playing defense all these years. we are all complicit in America’s downfall. Best of luck in the upcoming communist Amerika

          • we are slaves for a reason

          • Menzo, no surprise for me. My area has it’s share of stupid-ass libturds also, not to mention a total libturd city govt. Never heard of this AMI HOROWITZ character. That sounds like a tribal name. It was a member of the tribe who wrote “The Communist Manifesto” and “Das Kapital”. Typical chew.

        • i hope they stay in the venezuela paradise.

        • she is a hahahahahottie. i would pretend to go along with her too.

      2. Amazing how not one person he spoke with had an original thought of their own. This age group, although probably educated at our finest institutions, is not capable of thinking logically and expressing an intelligent thought. They seem to find it easier to just agree with what they perceive to be the right response. Sad!

      3. You’re right there menzo that fool sucking on the icee will be eating dog guts if he’s lucky if not a pack of dogs or his fellow morons will be feasting on his rib cage.

      4. Off Topic: North Korean Situation is Far From Over

        A Furious China Responds To Latest Sanctions: Demands “U.S. Immediately Correct Its Mistake” Or Suffer Retaliation

        “Less than 4 hours ago, the US Treasury announced that in the the latest set of actions targeting North Korea’s “WMD program”, among the entities sanctioned would be several Chinese and Russian companies and individuals. We said that “what this latest round of sanctions will achieve, is to further anger Beijing and the local population.” Well, we didn’t even have to wait all day for China to respond on the next morning as it traditionally does, and according to Reuters citing an embassy spokesman, Beijing was so furious with the US “provocation” it scrapped its own protocol of waiting during a “cooldown” period, and instead ripped right back, “urging” the U.S. to “immediately correct its mistake”‘ of sanctioning Chinese firms over North Korea, to avoid impact on bilateral cooperation.”

        “Since the US will not “correct its mistake”, either “immediately” or at any time, China will have no choice but to escalate, in the process making any credible diplomacy involving North Korea impossible, forcing” America’s hand when it comes to North Korea, now that the diplomatic option is out of the picture.”

        h ttp://

        • The Chinese are a bunch of goose stepping communist turds,,,,

          • Nailbanger, the MAINLAND Chinese are definitely POS. The only GOOD Chinese I’ve ever known have been from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

            • Almost all the ones ive met are rude pushy little fookers,

      5. The American people have been rendered powerless and muted as to effecting change beneficial to their future. How could Trump not know what he was up against, he did.

      6. It’s true that the concepts of fairness and equality are a double-edged sword. I believe in being fair to everyone I deal with and try to treat everyone the same. You want an example of ‘income equality’ at work? Look no further than Cuba which still has a Soviet-style economy. EVERYONE gets the same amount of money for whatever work they do which is equivalent to only $20 US. Food and all other basic necessities are still rationed to this day. People still have to stand in those long lines outside any particular stores hoping to find a particular item in stock. Socialism has never worked and never will. Failed everywhere it’s been tried.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          No doubt Cuba is one screwed up place but if one looks at the numbers it beats Haiti.

          The greatest contributor to communism was the people like Henry Frick at US Steel. Organized labor getting legal protection with The Wagner Act of 1935 leveled the playing field enough while retaining capitalism. Communism can’t sell to someone treated reasonably. Like Clinton and Obama being the greatest arms salesmen in history their are unintended consequences.

          • Kevin2, on the flip side of that coin those union dues get spent on causes supported by the Democratic Party. I’ve never been convinced that ALL of those union members even agreed to that. I don’t think all of them support liberal causes.

            • No doubt about that. Actually the Union Members opinions weren’t canvassed. Regardless the best recruiting agent the communists ever had was the ultra greedy capitalist. Give people close to a fair shake and they’ll pee on communists (with the exception of paid subversives). Interestingly those praying the subversives to promote communism aren’t communists themselves. Behind the communist curtain lay a capitalist in hiding. George Soros is a prime example in modern times.

              The Bolshevik revolution actually was financed by wealthy financiers in London and New York. Lenin and Trotsky were on the closest of terms with these moneyed interests both before and after the Revolution. Ford built truck factories in the USSR. One cannot sell weapons W/O an enemy and if one doesn’t exist then they must be created.

        • “Socialism has never worked and never will. Failed everywhere it’s been tried.”

          It depends how its defined. It didn’t hurt northern Europe and they’re far more socialist than the US. They don’t have Camden NJs. It’s all a question of degree. When socialism provides a solid safe net yet still retains the Rule Of Law and private ownership of property it can work reasonably well. The US has corporate socialism. The banks take the risk and the taxpayer get the bill. MIC bleeds the coffers dry yet little is said about those trillions. Let some sob get Social Security and everyone is up in arms.

          Pure capitalism will eat its young.

          • If you define “socialism” to mean something else entirely, of course it might work. But it won’t be socialism.

            There aren’t enough working people paying taxes and producing things to support all the rest.

            • Archivist, when the takers start outnumbering the producers, that situation can’t last forever. Not sustainable.

            • So what is the definition of the nations in Europe? Are they capitalist or socialist? If they are capitalist then the US has a way to go before it reaches their level of redistribution. If they are socialist I don’t see Camden NJ’s there so their form, far more advanced that our form, obviously is working.

              “There aren’t enough working people paying taxes and producing things to support all the rest.”

              US people aren’t funding the USA, the world is. The USA strong arms nations by several means to use the US dollar in international transactions. If all else fails, the monetary and politically covert (yes the US monkeys in elections all over the world) the last resort is the military. This use of the US dollar gives it value far far far above its actual worth. Actually its the linch pin of the US economy. It is accomplished with a symbolic relationship with the Military Industrial Complex. They need money and they also are the facilitator by being the bully boy for their financiers. The US in the end, even with this grossly prostituted arrangement then borrows money, created out of thin air from the Federal Reserve. Its inherent inflationary effects that would crumble any other nation is exported, diluted into the world economy. Three quarters of the US money and money credits is not in the US. Wars aren’t being fought for freedom, democracy, terrorism. They are being fought to sustain a crumbling empire. Why crumbling? Because if you have to use your military to enforce your economy your days are numbered. That occurred starting August 1971.

            • Sure there are, the government just needs to take a bigger cut!

        • Dep Bravefart says this today = I believe in being fair to everyone I deal with and try to treat everyone the same.

          You are so full of shit. Yesterday you were calling the Chinese “Chinks” and I say you don’t have the balls to call them that to their faces. You would go home with 2 black eyes and a boot up your ass old man.

          • CSS, get off your high horse. OK, I wasn’t specific enough in that one particular post. There are certain groups I have no use for. MAINLAND CHINESE WHO BELIEVE IN COMMUNISM are one such group. The only GOOD Chinese I’ve ever known have been from Taiwan and Hong Kong. They’re NOT the same as mainland Chinese; totally different breed. I know I haven’t done a damn thing to you so get off that high horse before you get knocked off.

      7. “Watch These Leftists Admit They Prefer Venezuela’s Abject Poverty To America’s Wealth Inequality”

        Why am I not SURPRISED???

        As I have said plenty of times before … “America … is chuck full of fk’n RETARDS.”

        [disclaimer] no offense to actual retards … they are smarter than the average American.

        • FTW, damn right, just like the retard that keeps coming after me.

        • yeah, but they didnt mention they dont have to work either

      8. It looks like most of the people interviewed have means beyond what they would have if wealth were equalized… sooo, They should be happy to give me their excess, right?

      9. Stupid people need to get off their lazy asses and make something of themselves if they want to have a good life, NOBODY OWES THEM ANYTHING!
        The time draws near

        • Nailbanger, you said a mouthful with that one. No one is owed any damn thing. This is America, not Canada or Europe.

          • Im just not so sure when these idiots started thinking America the land of opportunity became synonymous with America the land of freebies and handouts,,,,
            You hear it all the time from politicians and people whining that we need to help this group or that,
            But what else would you expect when we really dont have the manufacturing sector we once did, im tellin ya bud, were screwed if theres a war, it takes a long time to build manufacturing infrastructure and we havent got it, we certainly arent going to get the SJW idiots to strap on an apron and pull up their gloves and go to work, they want to shop at Whole foods with their EBT card and play video games on their government supplied smart phone,,,,

      10. This stuff happening in Venezuela and other global spots is coming soon this country. Ever been to some of the large (spent a lot of time there) 3rd world type cities such as Houston or Miami. Open your eyes.

      11. I thought the same thing. If they only realized what wealth distribution would really look like.

        If everyone earned the same income in the US, they would have $30,240 per year. (per BLS) With two or more wage earners per household, people get by okay in the US.

        The median income for the world is $2920. With two or more wage earners per household, people are still starving in diverse places.

        So no, the people answering really haven’t thought much past the theory of everyone having something but not thinking from where it comes from.

      12. Tell us about Houston.

        • Houston is packed with illegal aliens, foreigners, foreign workers, H-1B Visa jumpers. Not to mention no definable culture anymore and roads and streets that look like the surface of the moon, high crime, and garbage strewn all over the place. I lived there for years and was happy to finally leave. Except for the horrible conditions of the streets and roads, Miami is basically the same.

      13. Terminate useless eaters, problem solved! This worked well in 1940’s Germany.

      14. Shouldn’t surprise anyone. The goal of Leftism and its offshoots (Communism, Socialism) is to make everyone equally miserable.

      15. Envy and self hatred. Pure and simple.

      16. I get the email updates from the world socialist site that Google attacked by making it hard to log on there in the attempt to kill free speech. Some of the articles make sense that fight for workers rights. Income inequality has always existed and has become hyper presently with all the gains going to the top. Where does that reality lead to?

      17. Communism has what it calls the labor or industrial army, of intentionally-under-employed people, who it would conscript into menial labor, at will. This is done by design. It is not a banking mishap or social collapse. They are creating cheap labor, on purpose.

        The West has a sort of ‘gulag archipelago’, except with crisis houses, where indigents are shuffled around and forced to perform menial jobs. This is arguably a driving force in human trafficking, as the fruits of their labor can be sold and resold, and the people are legally forced, from poorhouse to poorhouse, or into a jail.

        ^ This is conceivably the bulk of society. Rubble, rabble, and human wreckage, forming the foundation of the social pyramid.

        Wikipedia calls it “rural tenancy”, but it’s in every spare room or serviceable shelter, of the cities and suburbia, about now, so help me God. Desperate people, no better than starving Venezuelans.

        Even beneath the proletarians in Ami’s video.

        I would personally like to imagine that proles then support Ami’s higher, bourgeois living standards. Like the steps of the pyramid or foodchain.

        I’m sorry, but I feel that he is sheltered.

        We’re making fun of hipsters. We’re steering them into rhetorical ditches, yet bring no order to their disorganized worldviews. It’s because he doesn’t have the key, to solving the puzzle of it all, I guess.

        We have the same, basic, issues, just keep it from the streets and the light of day. It’s everywhere. These people possibly have more freedom than us, to be in the open.

      18. The long developing nightmare in America is freemason dictated. Proof is everywhere. Masonic Revolutions; The Slaughterhouse of Osiris. Twelve part 10 minute videos on youtube. The all seeing eye, Lincoln, JFK etc the results. Statue of Liberty from freemasons also, it is not what it is proposed to be.

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