Watch: “There’s An Effort Underway To Tear Up The Constitution” As The Economy Nears Collapse

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Headline News | 53 comments

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    When it comes to state of our economy and the corruption of our government, most of us are on the outside looking in. We see the results of our government’s collusion with corporations and banks, but we don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors and how it all works.

    Catherine Austin Fitts knows. As a former director of an investment bank, and a former Commissioner for the Department of Housing and Development under President Bush, you could say that she used to be an insider. As a result, she knows how the elites in the financial sector and in Washington are fleecing the American public, and driving our nation into an economic collapse.

    In a recent interview with Greg Hunter of, she reveals one of the reasons why our government is determined to undermine the US Constitution. It’s so that there’s no way for the elites to be held accountable once their house of cards comes crashing down.

    There’s an effort underway essentially to tear up the Constitution, because they want to make sure it’s torn up and doesn’t provide a legal mechanism to enforce, once everybody figures out that the money stolen during the financial coup d’etat is going to hit their pocketbook, and hard.

    That “financial coup d’etat” she is referring to, is the process by which corporate and banking interests are looting the public sector all over the world, typically with the aid of corrupt government officials. It’s been going on for a long time in America, and it’s about to come to an end as the system nears collapse. And according to Fitts, you’ll know that this game is up, when the pensions begin to run dry. Then you’ll see a process of “controlled demolition,” where the most bankrupt pensions are finally allowed to fail, and millions of Americans realize that their pensions are worthless.

    What we’re now starting into is a process of what I call controlled demolition. So when Dallas says you either give us a billion dollars to fund up the pension fund or we’re going to cut benefits, or CalPERS has started scaling back benefits for different members depending on their municipality, that’s what I call a controlled demolition. So you have people all over this country who think they’re going to get a pension benefit of “x” and what they’re about to discover is they’re going to get, you know, 50% to nothing of what they expected. That’s a controlled demolition.

    And that’s the real reason why the mainstream media is so focused on the phony Russia-Trump collusion narrative. It’s not just to hurt Trump. They’re trying to distract us all from the fact that the establishment in Washington isn’t going to bail out the average American as the economy crumbles. They’re going to continue to finance America’s overseas empire while the rest of us sink further into poverty, and badly needed infrastructure projects go unfunded.

    …Let’s go back to [Trump’s political] campaign. You had one group of people running who wanted to rebuild North America, and Trump’s message was very much rebuild the North American economy. You had another group of people who wanted to strip the United States to continue to promote empire

    …This is why they want to talk about Russian interference in the election. They don’t want to talk about the fact that they’re proposing massive increases in the military-industrial complex budget and that means no money for health care, no money for tax reform for the middle class and the poor, no money for the kind of infrastructure that will really rebuild communities. So there’s a real breakdown here between the two policies and the budget nobody wants to change. And we’re gonna have to change, we have no choice.

    It just goes to show that when a government like our is on an unsustainable path, it won’t change course. Our government would rather fly off the rails and take us all with it, which is exactly what’s about to happen.


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      1. It does not matter what the scum elites and their minions do because the end result will be the same. We are going to kill them.

        • Agreed! Should start practicing man tracking now.

        • The bigger problem is wading through the sea of minions that need to be dealt with (who BTW will be fighting for their very lives when the realize they are expected to be speed bumps between the angry hordes and the elites they are loyal to)… The minions know they are screwed (exactly like the Venezuelan Police and military), but it will be all out save themselves once the “event” ignites the civil war. They will believe they are holy and right to do what they do to “save the country” while denying they are the very cause of the civil war and are hoping the Elite they serve will save them somehow, and step in to compromise with the people they screwed over, but that isn’t going to happen, they knew deep inside they were expendable, but chose to serve them anyway.

          • Damn good post Neal!

        • August will be an interesting month to watch the sky

          Meteor Shower on August 12, 2017
          “There is going to be a meteor shower on 12th of August, 2017. According to astronomers this will be the brightest shower in the recorded human history. It will light up the night sky and some of these might even be visible during the day. This meteor shower is being considered as once in a lifetime opportunity as the next meteor shower of such kind will be after 96 years.”

          Total solar eclipse across the U.S. on Monday, August 21, 2017
          “On 2017 August 21, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses the United States of America.

          The path of the Moon’s umbral shadow begins in northern Pacific and crosses the USA from west to east through parts of the following states: Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina (note: only a tiny corner of Montana and Iowa are in the eclipse path).

          The Moon’s penumbral shadow produces a partial eclipse visible from a much larger region covering most of North America.”

          • thanks mom…will check out both of ’em!

        • well, find out their names and addresses now and post them so people will know where to go for revenge.

      2. What Constitution Mac???? The only one I know of was torn up, shit on, pissed on, and buried a long, long time ago, by our criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government. Watch and listen to the treasonous United States Corporation criminals in action in Las Vegas Nevada right now, and tell me there is a Constitution. Stop being FOOLS and living in mass delusion for your children’s sake, and understand we have already been conquered.

        • yes, ron, as i recall we gave our constitution to iraq back about 8 years ago, as we weren’t USING it anyway….

      3. Most people that are living on either a private or public pension are not paying attention. Not all, but many. They are going to be shocked when they get .50 on the dollar. Those folks will be the lucky ones. Imagine being told you are getting .20 or .10 on the dollar? That will be a huge wake-up call for lots of people.

        There isn’t enough money in the pension guaranty fund to make people whole. Nor are there enough taxpayers to tax to fund the public pensions.

        • Where do you come up with this dumb A$$ crap??

          • dumb as a box o’ rocks, i tell yuh!

        • In the video she made a wonderful remark. The government is willing to spend 27 trillion to bail out banks that continue to fail, but they don’t want to spend 4 trillion to bailout pensions. With baby boomers retiring in mass, bailing out pensions is exactly how you do supply side economics in this environment. Instead there is a grab for cash and a race to the bunkers. The elite fail to grasp that money is fiat, and in a bunker economy, fiat currencies will be worthless.

          Her comment on precious metals is the G-7 control PM prices and they won’t let anyone make a cent on it, unless they lose total control. War is the deep states number one device for controlling the price of precious metals and world economies.

        • is ONE place you can get educated about the pension crisis in amurca. anybody doesn’t know we are in big trouble has got to dumb as a box of ROCKS.

      4. This is the true horror unfolding, not ISIS or North Korea or Russia or other smoke and mirrors. All these distractions are meant to keep us from noticing the nation is crumbling from within.

      5. When you steal $10 at the point of a gun its robbery, when done to employees in the billions its business. Laws were in place from the Great Depression to regulate business. Over time the American ideal (nightmare) took over and deregulation became the guiding principal. From allowing stock buybacks (once considered fraud and illegal). To the abandonment of Glass-Steagal. Through allowing companies self regulation (a bullshit phrase if there ever was one) of pension contributions the financial fox has control of the entire coup.

        “An uneducated man robs a train”. “An educated man steals the railroad”.
        President Theodore Rosevelt

        • In the meantime Jeff Sessions wants to crack down on marijuana because it contributes to violent crime.


          • Exactly Kevin2, The War on Pot is for several reasons. 1. To protect the Pharm Drug Industries monopoly and 2. To keep the Prisons 100% occupancy Rate for the Corporate Prison USA and Wallstreet profits.

            But Jeff Sessions is ignoring Hillary’s crimes like “Pay for Play” amd Global Gwnocide and the Clintons Murder Trail of Blood Money. When the government is lawless then goes the population towards lawlessness. There is no justice in this country anymore. Its all. “Do as I say!”

            Americans all need to sit down and strike, and all stop paying taxes unto this fraud of a Government. Stop feeding the beast and stop feeding the lying MSM media. Cut the TV Cable cord and start going for bike rides instead, since there is no affordable heathcare in America. Its all fraud and fleecing of Americans. You get sick or hurt, can’t pay the massive bill, they destroy your credit and ability to get credit like buy a decent car to get to a decent job which pays little. So stay healthy, go bike riding instead of watching the boob tube. TV and MSM destroys your brain’s function to independently think. People have no problem paying $125 a month to watch shitTV, but cant afford to buy a bicycle. Really?

            • CSS, good points. I gave up TV many years ago. Nothing on it that appeals to me anyway.

              • No teevee?

                How do you know which way to point your furniture?

            • You still pay taxes to the genocidal murderous treasonous psychopath criminals from the inner bowels of the pits of hell in Washington DC, in a collapsing Police State hell on earth????? WTF???

            • I am just wondering what this big bill called healthcare actually gets us.A study says doctors are wrong in their diagnosis 88% of the time.Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death with pharmaceuticals the forth leading cause.Last I read we are 28th in infant mortality.and our autism rate is 1 in 45,etc,etc.What are we paying for?

            • CSS I agree. As I’ve seen posted here on shtf before, Trump also knew Sessions was going to do this because he is also in bed, so to speak, with Big Pharma just like Sessions. Both Trump and Sessions, and the rest of them for that matter.

              When Trump promised at his campaign rallies he would leave the legalization of recreational pot up to the individual states as it currently is he knew he was playing both sides—the anti-pot and pro-pot recreational legalizing voters. Trump played both sides of the issues because he didn’t want to risk losing voters on either side (which he would have) when he knew all along Sessions was going to put a stop to recreational pot, one of the many reasons Trump picked Sessions. Both are Big Pharma guys, all for them, not for we the people, the voters.

        • I remember hearing the arguments that banks needed the regulations lifted, so they could compete with foreign banks, state owned banks and multinational banks.

          For every regulation they lifted on banks, they created five new regulations for controlling and fleecing the public. The little people have a lot of cash in 401K accounts. The 1% want that money really bad. When Greece had financial problems the first thing they did was just withdraw 20% of everyone’s bank deposits. The super wealthy of Greece had investments around the world and were essentially untouched.

      6. Those with tremendous wealth bribed politicians and enforcement bureaucrats through campaign contributions (legal), stock tips (illegal), future employment (quasi illegal) and a host of other means (largely illegal, some highly criminal) to either change existing law for their benefit, making that which was felony illegal merely unethical to stopping enforcement of laws that they haven’t got around to removing yet.

        Yes its a run on sentence because its a run on problem.

        Corruption is not in the system, corruption is the system, its institutionalized.

        • The people who do the above are communists catalysts.

          • Actually, it sounds more like 1930s style fascism.

        • 401K’s are Ponsi schemes, People dump billions into this Gambling Roulette Table for the pros to fleece monthly. They know when the deposits hit on what day of the month, driving the stocks higher, then they cash out. Its a money train for them and you get holding the bag of paper IOU’s. Take Nov 2008, when it all crashed, how many 401K holders took 20% to 40% hits on their accounts. And many people worked their whole lives and contributed, then could not afford to retire because their 401K’s disappeared.

          Today its hedge funds front-running and algorithms that skim off every trade no matter which way the stock goes. Any movement creates income for them. Its like driving a car with a hole in the gas tank, you loose and keep having to fill it up. The Public has been bailing out Government and Wallstreet and the Banks for decades. They spend way more than tax payers can pay in. What a racket!!

      7. The people are the living document you idiots

        If we say no collectively , or at least above half
        They can go pound sand

        It’s We the People

        • The constitution does not exist for you corporate citizens. It was abolished in the US Corp bankruptcy in 1933. Have you ever signed anything swearing your a US citizen? Too bad so sad 🙁

          • I get what your saying

            Like pushing an illusion

      8. Tear up the Constitution / WHY would they do anything so silly ? Right now, people have the illusion they are free…..why rock that boat ?

        Instead, they will continue to do what they have since the War of Southern Independence….ignore the Constitution and do whatever they like.

        When is the last time a State lived up to it’s Constitutional requirement to pay it’s debts in gold/silver ? (Art1, Sec10).

        The Supremes ruled in the 40’s a private wheat farmer that never sold a grain of it into the local market, much less across State lines was subject to the “interstate commerce” clause, and fined for planting wheat.

        Jeff Sessions thinks the police taking your property with zero evidence of a crime, and with no compensation to you, is hunky dory.


      9. Seems a democratic Republic can take only so many traitors. Paracites, Soddomites, In unity we stand, In diversity we fall. Can Trump turn a pigs ass into a silk purse?

      10. Obviously only the government and police state protection of the criminals running the show now matters as pure evil reigns supreme. Internet censorship now underway, truth no longer allowed. Actually this has been ongoing for some time already as the screws are only being tightened down for the final seating. I did read where Trump wants to cut some veterans pensions, hopefully those are the lifers who collect obscene gobs of money. He certainly can’t be talking about the disability pensions at a certain age with service connected disabilities. Yeah right! Looks like the shit is about to hit the fan all over.

      11. Still planning on moving out west somewhere somewhat safer if there is such a place, just going to wing it. If the police state civil asset forfeiture goons stop me they might as well kill me before I refuse to be searched and ripped off. I can’t get that thought out of my mind as a distinct possibility. Very upsetting.

        • The problem out west is water. Pick a place with water.

      12. Look up the star of malek or balphomet. And see the children of Satan.?

      13. The Bolshevic communists can’t be reasoned with , can’t be bargained with, have no pity or remorse, and absolutely will not stop , until we are dead.

      14. Will many of us have to do what many of our ansestors had to do? Sacrifice their lives to save their families? We didn’t ask for this. Our backs are against the wall? Will the third world rule. And if so , what’s the outcome?

      15. And then they have to escape the ~300 million guns in the hands of Americans who will be looking for scalps!

        Booting the Constitution means a no longer a recognized government! And war against their enforcers! Unconstitutional / Martial a red line they should not cross.

      16. What MORONS…tear up the contract between them and the people to make tyranny legal?? The idiot asshats tear it up…they NO longer have a legal leg to stand on…
        This is why we have the 2nd amendment…The constitution belongs to and lives in the people….Stock up on tar and feathers…we’er going to need a bunch…

        • Stock up on lots of rope too and find a favorite hanging tree. I have a few really big Great Oak Trees for that on my property.

          • You aint gonna hang anyone. The hard fact is most people are not killers. Folks by and large will not do what would be necessary to restore our Republic. I raise a garden and livestock. and the varmits are always trying to get a free meal at my place. I caught a baby raccoon last nite in my trap. And most folks would relocate it and have it be someone elses problem. I can assure you that varmit will never get the chance to destroy my corn or have a chicken dinner. However from the number of varmits I trap I thing Im the only person in my area that is being proactive. I just don’t see any folks with the proper core concept that have the mental mindset to hang anyone. They might kill out of desperation or fear but not to water Jeffersons tree. Think about it Would you? Should you? Could you? And can you live with yourself afterward?

            • Yes X4

      17. Just because some folks are realist and know that its a lost cause and America will never be great again. That doesn’t mean they have given up. We all know the government and most of its agents simply only give lip service to our rights. We know and they the fast food fed fat lazy obese citizens will never resort to the second admendment tools and water Jeffersons tree. Im not surrendering. Im actually praying for divine intervention. And I see signs of it probably because im looking? Trumps election is one sign. The internet becoming what it is today is another. I am very skeptical ive not seen what I would call proof. However In still hoping for Nibiru or the sSan andreas and New Madrid to really let go. Maybe some space weather event that takes out every satellite? Maybe a combination of a whole lot of little things. There is power in prayer. And KARMA eventually rewards and punishes everyone.So rather than waste time & money or even giving some halfbaked revolution free rent in my head. I am prepping to hopefully help me & mine to survive the great culling & 90% die off. And then live a stone age existence for quite some time. as for arf’s statement about a legal leg to stand on? OK the smartest person in the world Marylin Von Savant she stated you can go to court with every law in your favor and have a iron clad case and lose. Because of the whims of the judge or the jurors. So when the government shill judge agrees with legal tyranny the common citizen No longer has a legal leg to stand on. And ive yet to hear of any of those judges being tarred and feathered. And I don’t expect I ever will. Making empty threats in the internet yep that will make them tow the line!

      18. All very excellent comments above. There are a LOT of overdue natural seismic disasters, any one of which would crash the system. Could be the San Andreas fault, the Cascadia Subduction zone, the Long Valley Caldera, the Hayward-Concord fault, and probably others we do not yet know about. Gene Roddenbury once commented that one did not have to nuke LA to destroy it, just cut the water off.

      19. This is what a ROTTEN to the core Empire looks like as it dies, it keeps pulling up the skin to cover up the rot in doing so to maintain the façade of “freedom and liberty and justice for all” the common man is abused and criminalized in order to keep the appearance of Constitutional Republic..but it cannot over come the rotten stink of a corpse being manipulated by the Elite and the bankers. Its dead, and people would rather hold their noses and nod along with the façade than FACE THE TRUTH and be personally responsible for doing something about it….It is someone else problem and responsibility is the game they play, or magical mystical army or cavalry of righteousness will come along and save them….America is about to take a final fatal blow that will slice through all the cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias and outright lies we tell ourselves in the mirror and the deadly reality of the world we actually live in is going to come bursting through.

      20. All part of the PTB’s simple formula:
        1. Collapse the U.S. economically, destroy the dollar’s reserve
        currency status.
        2. Collapse the U.S. physically – using a cyber takedown of the
        power grid. After a TBD amount of time, once they have
        achieved their desired level of depopulation…..
        3. The NWO will ‘save’ us by bringing grid back online
        4. The IMF will bail us out financially.
        > The U.S. will then be a wholly owned subsidiary of the NWO

      21. what government fails to realize is that the constitution protects them as well. remove it and we have enough veterans who know well how you operate and where the control will come from. it will be removed and armed forces commander appointed to stand and look the world in they eye and tell them we are ready are they? Our armed forces are occupied by patriots. as such will not follow orders against our freedoms. I didnt say our constitution because it doesnt give us our freedoms. our armed forces protected this nation before we had a constitution it will again. we have enough of brass forced into retirement by obama that knows how to protect us and we have our Mad Dog that our heroes will follow to the gates of hell and then quench its fires.

      22. ” Our armed forces are occupied by patriots. as such will not follow orders against our freedoms. ”


      23. “It’s just a piece of paper.” George W Bush

      24. Sure there’s a solution to bankrupt pensions, etc. Just do what Illinois did: raise taxes MASSIVELY on the little guy. No need to stop cronies, corruption, etc. etc. Just scam us poor unwashed masses, like the fascist left in Illinois just did.

        The cool thing is that you have a passel of ignorant leftists that as soon as you say “socialism,” “Obama the Dear Leader” or some other leftist shibboleth, they support ANYTHING they perceive as politically correct or left. ANYTHING. You could say “Beyonce and Obama support turning you into Solyent Green” and they would support it.

        My fav was where the fascist left used to have have the Republicans pushing granny over a cliff with their scare tactic over healthcare… then a year later you have Zeke Emanuel telling old people to NOT get tests, care etc., and that vile, ignorant, disgusting Bill Nye, the Kim Kardashian of science, telling old people to die to stop faux global warming (of course, Bill himself, Geo Soros, the Clintons, etc are all excepted). So, leftist, is it good or bad to push granny off the healthcare cliff? Or do you think people are so utterly stupid we don’t see you hypocrisy? (Truth is, the left IS that stupid, and they DON’T see it, but that’s another story)

        Simple! Next question!

      25. When all is said and done, I believe the best way to prep for potential events like this is to get debt free.

        In regard to pensions, it continues to baffle me how the burden for them isn’t placed on the public employees that receive them. Why should the rest of us pay for above-market pension plans? Make them pay a higher percentage into them to shrink the unfunded liabilities that can’t be met.

        I’ve planned for years to expect nothing from pensions. I invest on my own and prepare for SHTF that way.

        I agree the government would rather “fly off the rails” than admit it’s not the answer to everything.

        Thinking this through for years, I don’t see the economic collapse as a negative thing, but a chance for more freedom as people lose faith in the government as their provider and healer.

        That of course doesn’t mean we won’t go through any pain. But those going through the most pain will be those that need the government to make it through life.

        I don’t see an economic collapse in a way of total devastation, I see it more in the sense of a large number of government handouts being cut off and the people relying on them not knowing how to make it in life without them.

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