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“The Cartel Has Completely Devastated The Metals Market… Causing Serious Problems In Other Minerals Outside Of Precious Metals”

Mac Slavo
July 23rd, 2017
Comments (49) Read by 8,691 people

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With the world seemingly in economic and geo-political shambles, those concerned with the real possibility of collapse continue to position themselves in precious metals. As highlighted by SGT Report in the five-minute metals update below, physical acquisition of gold and silver continues unabated, with Silver Eagles once again hitting month-over-month sales records in July. Moreover, the supply of gold appears to be dwindling. Coupled with heavy investment demand, this suggests that prices may soon jump to the upside as investors continue to shift into the asset class of last resort and larger gold and silver mining companies move to lock in physical assets through junior mining acquisitions.

But gold and silver aren’t the only metals that are seeing demand outpace supply. As noted by First Majestic Silver CEO Keith Neumeyer, the attack on precious metals has led to serious problems with the supply of other metals, as well. Zinc, which is used for everything from power generation to automobile manufacturing, is one of the world’s most essential production metals. With continued mine closures and increased supply issues Neumeyer, who is also the largest shareholder in mining company Zinc One Resources which currently sits on one of the highest grade zinc assets in the world, says that there hasn’t been a single major zinc deposit discovery anywhere on the planet since 1990. This has resulted in a huge gap between global zinc supply and demand, suggesting that prices could rise dramatically.

There is a huge shortage right now in the Zinc market… Because of the low silver prices… the manipulated low silver price… has made zinc mines also uneconomical… the cartel has completely devastated the metals market to the point where it’s causing serious problems in other minerals outside of precious metals… zinc is the fourth used metal on earth… 

Watch this essential Five Minute Metals Update from SGT Report:

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 8,691 people
Date: July 23rd, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. John T. says:

    They are attempting to control everything. Stock prices, real estate market, treasuries, metals, you name it. Global finance is their playground.

    But the system will always balance itself out.

    It’s only a matter of time.

  2. Zombiedawg says:

    Record demand eh…
    Must be why my silver is now worth 2/3 of what I paid 2 years ago.
    Recoup and sell…

    • Anonymous says:

      sell now?!

      yes, if you bought at the 2011 peak you have taken a hit. but keep in mind that the last 6 years since that peak the broader markets and investment community have been inundated with reasons for why everything is awesome. I think we all know better and when this thing finally snaps there will be a run on gold/silver that’ll make 2011 look like warm up.

    • Traitor Hator says:

      Regardless of current prices . Silver will be worth much more then paper? They will kill the dollar , reset, Then you will by law have to turn in your silver for Amero’s? Then they wait a while , and do it all over again. Harvested? Sheared? A hair cut? They really need the cash? They need things . Can’t get enough of that yellow stuff?

  3. Anonymous says:

    When they start construction on the wall and other Trump infrastructure projects we can see metals like zinc, iron, cement, etc. go up substantially.

  4. Rogue Observer says:

    They are going to drive these prices higher as more cash is infused into the system to keep it afloat. Inflation. It’s everywhere. It’ll only get worse.

  5. Self employment and barter are the only safe harbors.


  6. Silver has always been manipulated…..wait until demand outways supply. Its not a matter of if….its a matter of when.

  7. Old Guy says:

    The scrap metal market had been controlled by a certain group for well over a 100 years. It went sky high for a few years when the overseas factory’s started bypassing that certain groups scrap brokers and set up their own agents buying directly from the USA. those container ships came across the Pacific loaded with imported stuff and went back loaded with scrap to be recycled into more crappy imported goods. Now they aint even bothering to haul the metal containers back. They have been scrapping brand new things they cant like air conditioners to retrieve the copper and other metals. They run those container ships aground and burn them out to cut them up for the steel. Last ditch efforts to try and stay solvent.

  8. Asshat says:

    Stopped turning in my scrap metals for now. Yards aren’t paying so I find uses for it in my little projects.

  9. Asshat says:

    Just seen a local news story about Amazon. They wanna get robots to pick and pack shipments. They say they can save 20 percent on labor costs. They say the machines can pick 50percent faster than humans. Scumbag company trying to automate jobs. They don’t deserve to operate in any community. People need to stop spending their $ with gangster companies like this. When there is no more jobs cus of automation we will all be gov slaves and socialism will rule. Get ready people store food. food is the weapon of control buy it cheap stack it deep. Have a means to produce it yourself. Get fit stay active. Be self reliant. Refuse consumerism. Scumbag corporations are gangster run and refuse to own their responsibility to the community they operate in. When the self driving car comes out there will be major job losses. Down with corporations.

  10. F16hoser says:

    Great! So when is 100/Oz Silver gonna hit??? This year maybe??? Next year??? It’s obvious who’s still in charge.

  11. Ketchupondemand says:

    I’ll buy more silver when it gets down to $10.

    • Genius says:

      I wouldn’t hold my breath for 10 dollar silver but you can score sterling silver items at yard sales cheap on occasion. You can also run an ad on craigslist or the local paper offering to buy gold and silver for 92% of spot (more than pawn shops or coin dealers) and get it that way too.

    • CrackSummSkulls says:

      katsup on the brain is hording condiment packets in his bug out bag. Owns nothing real. Silver at $10? LMFAO!!!!! You missed the boat as usual jackass. Now go cry in your soup and open another packet of katsup for flavoring. lol

  12. Archivist says:

    So I should start saving those new zinc pennies too?

  13. aljamo says:

    Aluminum pennies can’t be far off. Or no pennies, aluminum nickels, dimes, quarters. Aluminum too expensive, fractional paper coinage.

    • TEST says:

      Aluminum pennies. Exactly what the Romans did, only they didn’t have aluminum.

      Canada has gotten rid of the penny.

      Silver costs around $15 – $17 to produce. Any time you can buy something under the cost of production, I’d say you have a good deal.

      Yep, the scam will continue… until it doesn’t. The AG (silver) and AU (gold) train is leaving the station. You may be independently wealthy and don’t need to be on the train, but a 10% allocation as insurance just might be a reasonable thing to consider. But, suit yourself. No one knows the future… but my guess is that $222 trillion in unfunded liabilities in the US ain’t gonna resolve very well.

    • Genius says:

      Remember wooden nickles?

  14. aljamo says:

    I have some 1940’s aluminum franc coins, big and light. I have bought silver at around $17 per ounce plus $3 over. Waiting for the price to reach $23 to break even on this seesaw as they will probably charge $3 to buy them back. I’m not selling them though. Are these subject to civil forfeiture also? Coming and going it seems almost futile.

    • Genius says:

      They cannot sieze what they cannot find. If you have them laying around or in a safe then yes, they will sieze them.

    • CrackSummSkulls says:

      You can buy .999 Fine 1 Oz Silver Rounds for about .79 cents over spot at “GainesvilleCoins” online and have it shipped to you. Even small amounts is just $1 over spot. Why would you spend more like $3? That’s crazy. I have a local coin dealer all set up so when I sell he will charge me just $1 under spot as a “sell commission.” And I can do this in person.

      Do you shop around and plan ahead, or get fleeced like stooped sheep?

      • CrackSummSkulls says:

        Or when the idiot late comers show up to buy silver, I may sell mine for $3 over spot and cash in big time. Do you have a plan?

      • aljamo says:

        CrackSummSkulls…don’t own a credit card and never have, so Gainesville coins splat. I did buy a bunch of brilliant uncirculated dimes, quarters and Franklin half dollars twenty years ago cheap compared to coin shop prices now. Those coins demand a premium, all shiny with no wear.

  15. TEST says:

    Another Hilary/Obamacare critic found dead of “unexplained cauases” at 34. You know the drill, of course. Latest reports from the corrupt judiciary is that he “drowned while looking up in the rain,” though of course there is always the usual “fell asleep on the railroad tracks (this one was actually really used – seriously. A great list is at https://patriotpost.us/pages/72). The there is always the good ol’ “Slipped on a banana peel in the shower” gambit.

    Wonder if he said Hilary “had large ankles” or something. Obamacare Critic With “Enormous Impact” on DC, Dead at 34 of “Undetermined” Causes or http://joemiller.us/2017/07/obamacare-critic-enormous-impact-dc-dead-34-unexplained-causes/

    Just another in a long line of anti-ObamaCare, anti-Corruption, anti-Clinton,, Clinto email investigators and vote fraud investigators happening to turn up dead lately.

    Time to maybe bring back Neil Young’s “Four Dead in O-hi-o” anthem. Except make if “400 dead with the Clin-Tones”

  16. TEST says:

    Please vote for your fav. Clinton opponent death ruling:

    1. Died of drowning while looking up during a rainstorm
    2. Died by slipping on a banana peel in the shower
    3. Fell asleep on railroad tracks (this one actually had an Arkansas judge ruled that it happened this way)
    4. Shot himself with the trigger finger being the little pinkie on his left toe.
    5. Drank too much water
    6. Bluetooth on car caused car to drive off 1,800’ cliff in remote Iowa farmland.
    7. C02 poisoning from global warming
    8. Flew into Ft. Marcy Park with no mud on shoes and died from the fall
    9. Overdosed on bad emails
    10. Died from a Tomahawk hitting in aspirin factory in Sudan after Clinton needed to divert attention from Monica (another true one).

    • DMONIC says:

      @ TEST: Number 11- Died from drowning in the Sahara desert during a drought.

    • 'Yeah, right says:

      #12 Died of suffocation with brown shorts over his head. Shorts were found to be brown from flatulence attributed to the brown shorts that Hitler used prior to 1945. Also the shorts were probably also used to gas at least six million other brown short sniffing fanatics. These shorts are also the German precursor to inventing flypaper. NYT B.S. x-1.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The metals supply is dwindling. Total B.S. The thieves and the fixers always get their hands on it. The thieves steal it and the fixers keep on stacking and filling their private vaults. The thieves and the fixers can shove it. And so can the paper players.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Digital driver’s licenses are on the way. What happens if somebody is pulled over by the cops and their phone isn’t charged or service is down? Sorry officer I can’t pull up my info it’s temporarily offline. Some people just won’t be smart enough to have the hard copy license or maybe hard copies won’t be given out at all in the future.

  19. DMONIC says:

    Oh for fucks sake! Now you are trying to sell people on the fact that the CARTEL owns the metals market? Damn MAC, getting a little desperate now aren’t we? Why not report some actual REAL news? And not regurgitating some twisted fucking fantasy of Jerry’s, please.

    Honestly, I really come here for *most* of the comments. Now that the fucking nutjob HiCKS is gone, should be better. That retarded little bastard saw commie chinks EVERYWHERE. While everyone is entitled to their opinions, they certainly aren’t entitled to spreading their DELUSIONS. It is still mind boggling to me that people here actually believed his deranged rantings. But I digress.

    MAC- stop putting these BS articles out there. It used to be beneath you.