Watch: The Stupidity Of Some Americans Is Absolutely Mind-Boggling

by | Jul 3, 2015 | Headline News | 266 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    “A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance. And a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the Power that knowledge gives”
    -James Madison, 1822


    America has a rich history of liberty, hard work, and innovation. It’s that culture that has led it to become one of the most powerful nations ever to have existed on this planet.

    But with the good comes the bad, and there are also a lot of stupid people out there.

    Case in point: The following video shows Mark Dice along the beaches of southern California asking passers-by their thoughts on July 4th, why we celebrate, who we fought, and in what year we declared our independence.

    The responses coming from adult Americans are simply astounding.

    (Via Infowars)

    If you’re wondering how it is possible that these people, clearly educated in American schools with English as their first language, could possibly be so dense we direct your attention the video below, where high school graduates were asked similar questions moments after they received their diplomas.

    If you (or your kids) had any trouble with these questions we urge you to watch some American History documentaries, perhaps starting with America: The Story Of Us (available on DVDand streaming).

    You can also check out an incredibly insightful documentary coming from a more non-traditional view of American history.

    A True History of The United States:

    If you are like many others and wondering why our freedoms are being limited, restricted and in some cases, completely eliminated, consider the following quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson:

    “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people”

    The obvious lack of an educated citizenry in this country is likely the single most important contributing factor to the overt tyranny being implemented across this once free nation.


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      1. Stupid people don’t question authority.

        • Lets define America, as we should not be lumped together. Yes you have the innovative sucessful proactive, then we have a corrupt Government that squanders all that wealth on foolish adentures, trillions missing from the pentagon. I call it outright theft. Where are the investigations? As the idiots wave their atars and atripes romorrow remember the Trillions of our Tax Dollars that are missing. That is Treason. Hang the biotches from poles as a reminder. F-n thieves!!

          • First off…our ” tax” dollars go to servicing the debt to the federal reserve. Been that way since 1913… These criminal politicians have borrowed what they needed ALL along. That’s why they have transferred our wealth from our pockets to theirs… That’s why there’s no gold…

            • Interesting article about those who signed the Declaration of Independence

              “So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots.

              It’s not much to ask for the price they paid.
              Remember: freedom is never free!”

              They Signed For Us
              Declaration of Independence — Would you be committed enough to sign?

              “Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

              Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died.

              Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured.

              Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

              They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor…”


              • They had to fight for their fortunes because they couldn’t find enough poor people willing to do it for them.

                • Are you that ignorant on purpose. . . or is it that you were repeatedly thrown to the ground head-first as a baby?

                  • Gosh,that really put me in my place and destroyed every argument I ever made.

            • Repost…
              (original post still in moderation since this morning)

              Interesting article about those who signed the Declaration of Independence

              “So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots.

              It’s not much to ask for the price they paid.
              Remember: freedom is never free!”

              They Signed For Us
              Declaration of Independence — Would you be committed enough to sign?

              “Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

              Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died.

              Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured.

              Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

              They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor…”

              Personal Liberty dot com

              • Nice post KYM

                • ditto, KY!

          • WWTS,
            agreed, this stuff should have been in the news and people should be in jail and or hanging from a tree for treason! our country has fallen long ago! and won’t turn around unless WE THE PEOPLE , take control as mandated in our constitution and make it happen!!

            • WE THE PEOPLE – is exactly what Old Coach had said:

              The Old Coach says:
              Comment ID: 3410942
              July 3, 2015 at 3:47 pm

              “Stupid people don’t question authority.”

              Unfortunately, Old Coach is right because WE THE PEOPLE as in the numbers game are STUPID and COMPLIANT to their MASTERS.

              WE THE PEOPLE such as those who participate on sites like this one are a huge MINORITY. That does not mean things cannot be fixed, but it’s one hellava long shot to achieve.

              It’s to the point now with me that I don’t know what is more dangerous.

              WE THE PEOPLE (sheeple mentality)
              The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

              What I do know is, that both of these conditions need an extreme makeover. America has become one giant asshole, and it needs an enema to flush out the disease that has been plaguing the rest of us.

          • All countries have corrupt governments and that is the fault of the sleepy citizens who do not demand better.

            The United States of America, even in its current state of decline, is still made up of a unique populace. We are a caring people and supply the world with lion’s share of the charity the world receives and stand willing to help all in need. We are ambitious and inventive and are responsible for many of the life changing technologies you experience today. We are the number one destination for the oppressed seeking a free life. And even with our current growing police state, we still experience a level of freedom not found in other parts of the world. And one more thing, when we re backed up against the wall and forced to fight (free from political restraints)we do not lose.

            • The USA government takes from the people and redistributed it as the big boys see fit. The people have little input. When the USA corporation gives charity to foreign governments it with strings attached. There is always a motive and agenda behind that charity. When the American give to a charity it is almost always ripped off. Look at all those disease charities such as cancer. They don’t want to find a cure plus we already have natural cures for most disease and the key is prevention not finding cures. Also, where did all the money go that was given to the red cross for Haiti? And that is the tip of the iceberg.
              As far as being the most free country. That is just in your mind. We are not close to being free or the most free.

        • My father and I were just having this very conversation. I just retried from our local police force and he asked

          “how many of the officers would knowingly violate someone’s civil rights if they were ordered to?”

          I said All of them would. None of the new generation of officers were taught of the founding principals of our freedom and our founding fathers. They all grew up being preached to by raging liberals so they think socialism is the savior for America.

          So, Happy 4th of July, because it is no longer Independence Day.

          • This must vary quite a bit from department to department. Only police officers with a liberal/progressive point of view can be quoted in the press, but they do not represent the set of all police officers.

            There are about 900,000 law enforcement officers in the U.S. compared to 316,000,000+ (not counting illegals) of us. About one police officer for every 400 of us. Yes, they have weapons and some training, but so do many of us. They also rely heavily on inter-agency cooperation balancing resources as needed. If we reach a tipping point, there will be no place with extra resources to deploy. They are on their own.

            Consider the 100,000+ patriots in NY who did not register their weapons when the law said they must do so. In WI, a few years ago, they issued 160,000 licenses to hunt deer. Presumably, all of them have firearms and some may even know how to use them.

            It won’t be a walk in the park (for them) if police turn against our citizens. Most of the protesters in Ferguson were not armed. Just imagine if they were, then apply that everywhere at the same time. Not a pretty picture and certainly nothing to look forward to.

            • But the cops and the military are organized and armed to the teeth. Organization is always stronger than individuals. And probably the majority of patriot organizations are infiltrated. When the government decides to bring the hammer down they might do it one individual at a time and one area at a time. Also, account for all the people in this country who will side with the government or sit it out.

              • Tell that to the guys who fought and are still fighting in the middle east. They are fighting an uneducated, unorganized people barely out of the 19th century. And we are losing,

                • The usa goes into small wars and plays around until they accomplish whatever it was they were after. Then they pull out. Perpetual war seems the objective more than winning wars. Pretty stupid to think that the greatest war machine ever can’t annihilate a small country if that was the goal. Nothing is as it seems.

              • No standing army has ever achieved victory over a guerrilla force – well, not in the 5,000 years of recorded history, anyway.

                Any military commander worth the name knows he needs, at the very minimum, a 25% numerical advantage over his opponent to emerge victorious. A 50% greater force is better; a 100% greater force is a virtual guarantee.

                Legal gun owners in the US enjoy, at the very minimum, a 3,200% advantage over the forces of Duh Gutterment.

                Do the math, if you’re able.

                • Dream on

              • If I was a cop or soldier, I wouldn’t follow orders to deploy against Americans for the simple fact that not only I, but my entire family and everyone dear to me has to live among the people I’m supposed to attack. No way in hell is that worth any kind of paycheck. Having to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life among a population who is nearly entirely hostile and knows who I am and who my family are? Nope.

          • “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”
            -Thomas Jefferson

            “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”
            -Thomas Jefferson

            “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
            -Edmund Burke

            • Nice post. The whole goal is non-violent; rather, it is one of education and information dissemination.

              Charleton Heston noted “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.””

              Or again “Politics is downstream from culture.” — Andrew Breitbart

              • TEST,

                I believe the culture we see now in the U.S. is the result of many years of planning to weaken and destroy it.

                Your post about Charleton Heston reminds me of The 45 Communist Goals for America brought to light in 1963.

                Take care!
                KY Mom

              • Cultures are prisons of the mind.

              • Hey test you old wind bag. I detest Mao and Pol Pot but after reading some of your scholarly bs I am beginning to understand why they eliminated the intellectuals.

            • “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” – George Bernard

              “The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity.” – Robert Anthony

              “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
              Edmund Burke

              • You got that right especially the first one.

          • That is why it is sad I see so many good policeman, like you, in a rush to retire. I know it is hard, but good police need to stay as long as possible as a public service, and to train the young police.

          • JS “All of them would. None of the new generation of Officers were taught founding principals,” etc…. right, and that new generation would be Gen X.

            At least half of that generation should be institutionalized. Pretty much everything they’ve taken over has turned to crap; from law enforcement to health-care to customer service to indoctrinating children instead of teaching them, not too mention removing prayer from the schools…you name it…crap…Gen X.

            Have a Happy 4th! Off to watch a fabulous fireworks show not put on by Gen Xers.

        • You are correct Coach, & there is no fixing stupid.

          • Well, there is, but the PTB don’t want to use it.

            Anymore than slave owners wanted their slaves to learn to read.

        • After you folks are done here google: treeincarnation the science of meaning. Take an open mind with you especially you religionists. Begin listening to: the looking glass key. You will find that mirrors don’t exchange left and right instead they turn things inside out on the surface.

        • “The obvious lack of an educated citizenry in this country is likely the single most important contributing factor to the overt tyranny being implemented across this once free nation”.

          My daughter, who is in nursing school, has excellent grades. However, when I say anything about how corrupt our country is, she gets really angry, puts me down and talks about what all her professors tell her. Her professor told her that most of the stuff on the Internet is made up.

          Eventually she will wake up, I’m sure. But its really sad because there is the “official view” and its so prevalent its really hard to wake people up. Money talks louder than most peoples’ consciences.

          • i USED to leave that shit slide….but in the last couple years, i tend to get down and dirty, and not let them get away with that shit…i would point out to her how the gubmint prints the “unemployment report” as 5.3%….right?…then i go to the gubmint’s OWN WEBSITE to point out that there are only 61% of the workingage people with jobs….how do they get 5.3 with THAT math….inflation numbers you do the same thing with…show ’em the gubmint websites, and how they do THEIR math, then show YOUR numbers…the gubmint has made it VERY easy to show their lies…all WE gotta do is point them out….you just gotta show em how dumb they are… facts when you see them so that later on, they are readily available…..gotta edjumucate the dumb masses!

      2. And on Oct 20th of this year, the IMF is expected to announce a reserve currency alternative to the U.S. dollar, which will send hundreds of billions of dollars moving around the world, literally overnight.
        ht tp://

        • Copperhead: What is your source of this information? If it’s not from the IMF but rather one of the hundreds of bogus sites like Alex Jones, et al. then I’m going to have to call, as you Americans say, “B.S.” If it doesn’t come to pass, even by year’s end, I’ll be back so that you can publically admit that you’re a fool-AGAIN. The only real question here is “Are you going to man enough to admit you were wrong”? I think you might be, but time will tell.

          • Ah, Professor Higgins, my favorite troll. How are you, old boy? While the timing of these events may not be accurate, the events will eventually take place, old chap. The global economy is not quite what it used to be, thanks to your friends the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. You may rest assured that all elitists will eventually face retribution for what they are doing to common people. BTW, I’m also a commoner and bloody proud of it. I would highly recommend you go and hide along with the rest of the elitists when the time comes if you wish to survive. Cheerio! [SARCASM AT ITS BEST]

            • Braveheart,

              People with intelligence don’t need to be told when a remark is sarcastic. On the other hand, people like yourself, well, nuff’ said.

              • not everybody in the room is a genius, anon 1176. SOME(admittedly VERY few) in this here chat room called shit hit the fan plan don’t have that keeeeen sense of the obvious that you possess, so why don’t yuh lay off the old guy?….he’s just tryin’ to hep out sum of U.S. dimwits here that aren’t as smart as you…okay?….or, said another way, mine yer own fukin’ bizzniss! you may pick whichever interpretation you like. maybe someone here can help you suss it all out if you can’t tell where the sar-chasm lies.

                • BCOD, thanks for that. anon1776 can go f#$% himself.

                  • Braveheart and bcod,

                    Thanks for proving my point gentlemen, Your responses say everything about both of your levels on intelligence. Recess is over now so please let the adults talk in peace, ok?

                    • LMFAO, anonymous genius…i always appreciate a good laugh!

              • anon1776, I’m not sure that everyone here would recognize the sarcasm in my response to Higgins. It’s always possible some people would mistake it for something else. As you said, people like me; well I believe I have a higher IQ than the trolls that come here and it’s the same level as all of the regular people who come here. On the other hand, people like you; well you can believe what you want and you know what you can do to yourself.

            • Braveheart, You are a smart person. You just made my day.

          • Higgins, Jim Rickards details this in depth. He has impeccable credentials. I suggest you read him. In sum, the “reserve currency” will be the SDR. Is this assured? No. But he sees it as the most likely outcome, timing approximate. He also says we could, alternatively, go back to some kind of gold standard, or see social chaos, or there could be some kind of “kumbayah” depreciation event done in an orderly fashion. You can read his most recent books for youself,, and google his credentials. No need for name calling.

            And no, he doesn’t guarantee x will happen, or a specific timeframe.

            • I think the leaders of the EU KNEW financial problems lay ahead.

              7 Key Events That Are Going To Happen By The End Of September

              “July 28th – On May 28th, Reuters reported that countries in the European Union were being given a two month deadline to enact “bail-in” legislation. Any nation that does not have “bail-in” legislation in place by that time will face legal action from the European Commission.

              So why is the European Union in such a rush to get this done? Are the top dogs in the EU anticipating that another great financial crisis is about to erupt?”


            • Rickards also said Greece will never leave the EU. It looks like its happening I respect rickards but take what he says with a grain of salt hea very close to the CIA and other alphabet organisations to beleive everything he says would be nuts when he works with the enemies. Can’t believe he writes for the daily reckoning. Bill Bonner is the man

      3. I used to read Supreme Court decisions just for the proverbial grins and giggles. I once read a decision, and unfortunately cannot remember or find it again, from the late 60’s regarding a civil rights issue.

        In the decision was written “the single greatest threat to democracy in this country is the abject ignorance of the people”.

        Boy did they nail that one.

        • allow me to reprint a post from quite a while back.

          stupid people……that’s our nation’s problem. we got too many stupid people. they are everywhere, and i’ve been thinking for a few weeks now on WHY there are so many stupid people infecting our society. i’m 58 now and i can’t remember this many stupid people around when i was a younger man. they are EVERYWHERE. the problem is that we have sooo many laws now to protect the STUPID from themselves, and they breed MORE stupid people. we have laws to make sure stupid people can get a job for example….i REALLY believe that a lot of stupid people get hired into government jobs because the human resources hirers know we would be paying for their welfare payments if they weren’t given these gubmint jobs. they have been instructed by their superiors to hire the handicapped(stupid) to keep the welfare roles lower. think about it, we protect the stupid from being cleansed from the genepool by making laws like:
          wear a lifejacket in a boat
          wear a helmet riding a bike
          don’t put your hand in the tigers cage at the zoo
          label on cigarettes to say they’ll kill you
          can’t take a glass bottle to a sporting event…gotta be plastic so nobody gets cut
          can’t walk down the street in public with a beer
          no jaywalking
          gotta have seat belts to drive a car
          sign saying “no diving” on a 200 foot high bridge
          mcdonalds coffee MIGHT be hot
          ladder sign saying it MIGHT be dangerous to stand on top
          don’t put your fingers in the fan blades
          these lawmakers got it so VERY few stupid people can get killed any more. back in the day people DIED for doing stupid things, now they just keep breeding more stupid. i tell yuh, the genepool needs more chlorine…..get RID of some of these laws. just too many stupid people for our country to not have a serious breakdown SOON! once it DOES all blow up, will it take a few generations to get back into balance? or will mostly stupid people die off? hmmmm… for thought……appologies to all you STUPID people out there!

          • the thing that gets ME is how absolutely DITZY some of those girls sound!!! just no clue at how STUPID, and how ashamed they should be at not being able to answer such basic questions….yeesh….sickening.

            • BCOD.


          • BCofDoom…..

            You are SO right.

          • BCOD, you’re the same age as me. Excellent post. You took my thunder but that’s OK.

            • sorry braveheart,….just never thought you would have anything to say on the matter…hee hee and i think a lot the same BECAUSE we came from AMERICA(now dead).

              • BCOD, no apology needed. Great minds do think alike. Take care. Hope you had a good 4th. I got stuffed with BBQ.

                • thanks, had mine today.

          • Why not just let the constitution take care of all these problems along with a little help from the bible.

      4. Best wish to all on this 4th. The 4th of July is the 17th day of Ramadan. Like 9/11/01, it is a significant day to the Ragheads, so be alert….and watch out fur them hogs!

        • America is fucked then. Many tens of millions of dumb-asses here.

          • That includes the trolls.

            • @Braveheart

              If you’re referring to me as a “troll”, you know what you can do with yourself. Sorry if I don’t buy into the “fantasies” that pollute this site.

              God Bless you and watch out fur them hogs.

              • Tomorrow on the 4th of July, wave all your flags, Confederate and Stars and Stripes. Etc.. These are our flags, our heritage, that no one will destroy or diminish.. Its just more hate and theft. More devide and conquer, when ww need ro ask our Government what they got to show for $18 Trillion missing of our our tax dollars, bitches!! $5 Trillion missing the Pentagon has no accounting of. The F-35 program is a disaster. The Fraud- F-35 performs less than the plane it is replacing.

              • Them Hogs, oh no, NO WAY I was referring to you. Sorry if you thought I was referring to you. I didn’t even mention any names. I know you’re not a troll. I always enjoy your posts. Have a good 4th and watch out for them hogs.

          • Zero.

            Bring on the reset. I want to hear people really bitch and moan.

            ” You can’t do that! This is America”.
            ” I have to feed my six children”.
            ” Where is the government help.”
            ” I’m gonna get mine”.

            When your out celebrating tomorrow, look at your neighbor. Just how stupid is he? Wave and smile.

            You know damn well the country is fake and we are going through the motions to make us feel better.

            • When America acts like Greece, then for all practical purposes, American will become like Greece.

          • Maybe we can stack them up and use them for sandbags.

          • Americans began dumbing down, not long after the British set sail for home after the Revolution.
            That’s what happens when you remove the educated classes from a population. You’re left with the agitators who committed treason to removed the ‘dictitorial’ British government …. And those same agitators then put themselves in power and became the same dictatorial government that we pretty much had in the first place!! Only now instead of paying taxes to the King …. We’re now paying taxes, levies and tariffs to an Elite few who think they’re Kings!!! Yup, were stupid.

            • Cede, let me get this straight. So you believe we were wrong to want a country of our own and go to war against the British Empire to rid ourselves of their tyranny and gain our independence. The founding fathers were agitators for liberty, NOT replacing one tyranny with another. So you’re saying my ancestors who fought in that war died in vain, all for nothing? You would’ve made a better poster child for the article, I’ll give you that. You’re the moron.

              • It turned out so good didn’t it. You can revolt all you want but then you need enough sense to replace it with something better. And that ain’t another organization. All organizations turn bad sooner or later.

                • What part of “…good men to do nothing…” did you not get?

              • You can call me what ever you like Braveheart. You’re entitled to an opinion. I’ll refrain from taking a cheap shot back at you though. It tarnishes ones character to lower ones sights.
                As for your ansestor dying in vain? It depends on which side he was on I guess. Giving ones life in defence of the country or die fighting for Freedom is the dumbest reason for anyone to die. The object of the game is to stay alive and make the other guy die for his country if you can. Wars are fought by good men, with good intentions …. And generally on opposite sides. Wars aren’t usually fought by our political leaders up front. Cause there too busy walking there black ass around a golf course.

                As for the founding fathers being great guys? They were politicians. And just like every other politician in history they entered politics for one reason. To gain power. They took power off the crown and gave it to themselves. That’s why they chose to become a Republic instead of a Democracy. And if you don’t know the difference between a Republic and Democracy then you need to learn, because it’s impossible to adhere to both ideals

                If the founding fathers could of, they’d have been out playing golf every chance they could just like the useless clowns in politics today. It’s all about them

        • you’re a moron

          • Anon.

            There are many morons like me. Hahahahaha.

            • Slingshot, you’re NOT a moron. I know you’ve got your head on straight and I always enjoy your posts. Anon is the moron.

              • Braveheart.

                Most people are scared. We upset their comfort zone.
                They want something to fix the problem but can’t bring themselves to do anything. Those couple of quotations are nothing compared to what people will be saying later.
                Their actions will be even worse.

                • Slingshot, that’s true, but the day is coming when they won’t have a comfort zone anymore, so that’s what I prepare for.

                  • Don’t furgit yoor fluffy cushion cuz. I know how much yoo missed it last time you bugged out down here.

            • What do you people expect to change.

              Our educational system? Change our Government by our Votes. All three parts are up to snuff (sac). How about our banking system. Do you thing that race relations are doing well and what do you think the world thinks of us.
              Should we continue as we are now, what will the country look like in five years. Hmmmmm.

              Take a look at the bunch of MORONS asking for your Vote to be President.

              • “Take a look at the bunch of MORONS asking for your Vote to be President.”
                Out of 335 million people to choose from,
                yes, a bunch of morons and worse.

              • The politicians aren’t morons. Tyrants and traitors yes but not morons. They have the people figured out. It is the people who are fools. The people aren’t even close to figuring out anything and that includes most of the patriots and constitutionalists.

            • Slingshot:
              If you are a moron your in good company!;-}.
              I always wondered if that what I am, yeah I checked I’m also a moron and proud of it.
              I would say that if you are and I am there is a lot of good old morons on this site.
              Morons like you have their SH&* together.
              We might not always agree, but I’m proud to know you.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

              • NR and slingshot, I know I’ve got my shit together regardless of what anyone calls me. I know I’m in the right place.

                • Braveheart:
                  Now I know that I’m in good company!;-}
                  Glad to have you on board.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

                • Brave. Think of the time you waste making up scenarios and talking about how you will handle the numerous threats trying to get you. Now think about living a life. Fear is consuming as well as hate is a cancer. Your “comfort zone” is one of paranoia and Walter Mitty thoughts. You are an old man who wastes his precious time arguing with people on the Internet. Nothing lasts forever. Our system will crumble and you will eventually be right. A long time dead but vindicated.
                  You keep up your “educating” folks.reading your thoughts, I would categorize them as humorous insane rambling.
                  Step away from the computer and go talk to actual live humans. Step out of your comfort zone and stop threatening imagined evil as if it’s happening now.

                  • i’m perplexed how you write this stuff while asleep, Tunyzarc. you’ll get awakened with a cold slap in the face SHORTLY!

                    • bcod,

                      What’s the problem? Has somebody threatened to rain on your little fantasy land? Maybe, with your vast extent of brilliance, would care to elaborate for everybody exactly when ” SHORTLY” will be? Of course, your answer will be ” nobody can say exactly when but it’s gonna be SHORTLY ’cause I KNOW it is!”

                    • sure, anon, i’ll take a crack at answering you….nobody can say exactly when but it’s gonna be SHORTLY ’cause I KNOW it is!

          • The morons are you fools who don’t understand that most people don’t want to spend their lives trying to keep a government in check. And it wouldn’t be necessary if you organization minded constitution loving bible thumping enslaved social insects would stop unleashing those damn organizations on us.

        • Aggravate??

          I know how it all ends, minus a few details. Still the same I know that hasatan and his power crazed narcissists will be obliterated to non-existent one day while I and mine are enjoying a wedding party.

          • BJ. Yea. I read that book too!

      5. Sad very sad…

        • Lets see if any Jews Wave American Flags tomorrow.

          • Yeah, you go around and knock on doors of houses with flags on them and ask if they’re Jews.

            When you find one, talk as big as you post here.

            Get back to us on what happens to you.

          • Lets see if we can go 5 minutes without the obligatory Jew baiting. As a matter of fact, I”m sure Jews like Dr. Marvin Olasky, U. of Texas prof, editor of World Magazine and messianic Jew will be, or Dr. Fred Schwarz, creator of the Christian anti-Communist Crusade would (if still alive), conservative blogger Jonah Goldberg will be, Charles Krauthammer will be, staunch anti-communist David Horowitz will be, messianic Jew Dr. Joel Rosenberg will be, Ben Shapiro, senior editor of Breitbart will be, and a host of other Jews.

            What we will NOT see if you guys giving your every five minutes idiotic Jew baiting posts, as you have no clue about category mistakes

      6. America has truly become a very sad place. Even though this information is nothing new, it just re-affirms everything that I have been witnessing and that I’m not the only one that is seeing the downfall of this Nation.

        In fact, just for shits and giggles. If you would like to see more of the dumb downed mass’s in this country. At 8:00pm Monday Night and Thursday Night at 8:00pm every week. Just turn on your T.V. to the appropriate station and you’ll be watching WWE’s RAW or SMACKDOWN.

        Never mind the circus show charade taking place in the middle of the ring. Focus on the audience. Full grown ass men and women wearing or dressing up as their favorite wrestler. Notice how emotional they get when their wrestler gets hurt or behaves badly out of the ordinary.

        It’s hilarious, but completely sad at the same time to see grown ass adults getting lured into such trash. Don’t matter in the country this circus show travels to (north, south, east, or west) it’s all the same when it comes to the audience.

        Thousands upon thousands of dumbass’s across this land called America. Some people wonder why I choose to live a secluded lifestyle to a certain extent. Crowds – large or small tend to be full of dumbass’s that I have nothing in common with.

        • TM, I understand where you’re coming from. I’m stuck in an urban area for now so I see it all the time where I live. But once I get to the BOL…..totally different story.

        • Amen, Tony Montana. I too live a secluded life, even from dysfunctional family members and prefer to be quiet and alone.

        • I haven’t turned on my TV in months. There isn’t anything worth watching.

          • Mr Bill – you are absolutely correct on that. The line of work I’m in, I get cable t.v. and internet for free. Every once in awhile I’ll do some channel flipping to see if there is anything worth while to watch, and all of it is pretty much the same garbage. I usually end up watching PBS, nature show or something about our Solar System.

      7. TH, best wishes to you also. I’ll be watching for a hog alright…..the 4th is BBQ day for braveheart. Watch out for those ragheads and all other scum trying to destroy our country.

        • The most dangerous people in this country occupy the halls of power in Washington D.C.

          • Anon4 – And don’t forget the Monsanto Crime Family. “He who controls the oil controls a nation, he who controls the food controls it’s people.”

          • No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session. Mark Twain

      8. …and the classic poster children for the ignorance cited above are the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting leftists.


      9. Mac, thank you for that quote from James Madison. I couldn’t have said it any better. We are truly a fallen nation. The fruit falls right under the tree. Sad but true.

        • A citizenry that is not mind controlled is more important. Our so called educated citizenry hasn’t accomplished a thing. The people have been mind controlled from the start. That is why they accepted black slavery, white indentured servants, and genocide of the Indians and the rape and murder of Indian children in government schools. Mind control is why Americans accepted the bogus constitution that is mainly about business with a few rights of the people thrown in. It is why they accepted the fed reserve and still to this day worship the antihuman psychopathic forefathers that made all that hell possible. King george was a saint compared to what the americans put in his place. The mind control is deep.

          • Charles King, your post sounded good EXCEPT for what you say about the founders and the constitution. What we have TODAY is definitely mind control, not from way back when.

            • The forefathers weren’t near as wise as we give them credit. They were interested in power and money and who gets to control it just like every government and every ism. A wise people would never allow a government to get such a foothold. The only necessity for government is to build a strong defense to protect the people against monstrosities like the usa. Those forefathers committed crimes against humanity and it was the accepted way of doing things. And that same lineage is in charge today doing the same thing across the globe. Judge them by their actions. Todays circumstances didn’t just happen overnight. It grew out of dark hearts. We weren’t taken over. It has been there all along. Btw hold the constitution in front of you and see how many bullets it will stop.

              • I think you’re logic is bent Charles. Our forefathers wanted a case where one person couldn’t rule; Executive orders, secret courts, unreadable laws…; makings for a Mien Kamph!
                Twist a bit more and ‘see the writing on the wall’, this govt wants all it can take. But remember, it’s the bankers who are ruling. Too big to FAIL, was an exercise in control to exploit “we” the taxpayers. So, remember the Alamo and the Boston Tea Party. I’m native AMERICAN, North American Native, not usa citz but was in the USN: I consider myself an American Fighting Man.
                I believe the current govt has a plan and you and I are not included.

                • I think your logic is bent. You recognize that this government is controlled by bankers. Then who the hell do you think controlled you when you was in the navy? You might think you was a fighting man for the people but thats all in your mind. You was defending the bankers and corporations.

              • The Constitution has stopped bullets from fascists like you for well over 200 years. And it needs to do it again.

                And no one said the founders were perfect. In fact, that is the genius – they knew it too, and thus built in check and balances.

                It gets VERY tiresome reading the unthinking bloviations of you types on this site.

                • You call me fascist!!! I am calling for the sovereign individual to arise. And I am calling on the people to shake the mind control. The constitution stops nothing. Blood and guts is what stops fascism. And that comes after you shake the mind control. You don’t need a piece of paper to tell you that you are being fukd and who is doing it. Look at what they did and are doing not what they say.

              • Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control. These three alone lead to sovereign power.
                – Lord Alfred Tennyson

                Our republic was founded under some basic tenets that served to make a new country develop into the greatest country this world has seen to date. “power”/responsibility is given to those who understood and promoted the tenets of our once great society. Nowadays, people who do this are culled out as racist, bigots and cast aside by the “free **** army” as some like to call them. We are becoming a third world country because we have third world people leading it. We have accomplished this by sitting on our hands and doing nothing about it.

                Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood — the virtues that made America.
                – Theodore Roosevelt, 1917

                • There are two important concepts that freedom loving people must understand. The first is: any organization no matter how benign at the start, will if given time, exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top.

                  The second is: the oldest form of socialization is the social insects who are so specialized that the individual cannot exist outside the organization. All organization points that direction. All organization points that direction. All organization destroys the sovereign individuals within that organization. Organization is the road to enslavement and eventually extinction.

                  That is the nature of organization. The perfect example is the usa government and the people of the usa.

                  • A small gov is the only way to go. The primary responsibility of a government is to manitain an environment such that working class citizens can thrive. When our working class is doing well we all do well.

                    As you are saying, our current government has morphed to a monstrous entity taxing businesses into oblivion all to feed the welfare class. Taxing the working class all to feed the welfare class. The bridge is out and we’re running out of track.

                    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” 
                    -Sir Winston Churchill
                    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
                    Margaret Thatcher

                  • Rednek you claim that the constitution turned this country into the greastest country the world has ever seen. More accurate is the bankers and corporations turned this country into the greatest industrialized war machine the world has ever seen and then used it to impose their will on the rest of the world. They gave us alot of material goods and play things in the process to keep us working and loyal. Now it looks like they are about to discard us.

              • Charles King… are a moron.

                • Anon4

                  This place is becoming a regular Moron City. Hahahaha!

                  I’m a moron.
                  You’re a moron
                  He’s a moron
                  She’s a moron.

                  Wouldn’t like to be a moron too. ;0)

            • It is the responsibility of every American Citizen to be informed and him / her hold our Government responsible. Yeah its yours and my job. Dont like mybtaxes going ro BS F-35 lemon programs.

          • Wow. A drone/shill and his psychological projection, put on display for all to see. If you actually knew history, you would know that slavery was an issue from the get-go, and the Indian question is a massively complex question (ever ask yourself why the Pawnee and Crow helped hunt the Sioux? Ever look at a map of the Cree boundaries vis-a-vis the other tribes, when they got guns first? How do you think the French & Indian Wars (so called) ended up impacting the native tribes who sided with the French? And are Metis in Canada white or Indian?

            King George, of course, went literally insane. If you think George Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison were insane, that is your prerogative. But if you think that, you are more likely engaged in psychological projection.

            But thanks for posting your uninformed opinions here! Nice to see how shallow you leftists are in your breadth of thought

            • I am not a leftest or any other bs label. Open your mind. Stop worshipping other people even the forefathers. They were all organization minded people and that is why we are in this mess. Your real enemy is organization minded people. All organizations will, if given time, exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top. A perfect example is the usa government. Shake the mind control and inform yourself about organization vs the sovereign individual. Google it. You don’t even know your enemy.

            • So all that history justified a genocide on the indians and rape and murder of their children in government schools? They were making it ok until our forefathers brought hell on earth to them. And slavery would never have been an issue if the forefathers hadn’t installed it in the first place. And now that same lineage is bringing hell on earth across the globe. To hell with your scholarly attempt to justify those anthuman psychopaths.

      10. James Madison on the Obama gov’t 1788:

        “There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” —James Madison, speech to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

        Oh yeah… EPA Causing This Summer’s Rising Electricity Rates
        Due to EPA regulations, you’ll start to notice that your electricity bill is more expensive this summer. The Energy Information Administration predicted that Americans will spend 4.8% more on electricity this year than the last. Is global warming causing air conditioners to run more? Nah, it’s just EPA regulations that are causing power plants to close because they are not deemed green enough. “Consumers are receiving the dim news as utilities take tens of thousands of megawatts of coal-generated power offline to comply with a host of EPA regulations and because of the sharp increase in cheap, domestic natural gas,” The Washington Times reports.

        • No need to worry about rising rates since the Supreme Court just ruled coal fired plants do not have to limit emission of toxins such as mercury. As an aside, what is wrong with a clean environment? If the environment is not habitable, there will be no economy. Enjoy the breathable air while you can. Actually, it will be your children and grandchildren that will be faced with these problems. Quite the legacy you loving parents are leaving them.

          • Sadly, you are quite uninformed. Right now, it takes more energy to start and stop coal fired plants to make up for the intermittent nature of your green power. No one is saying we should pollute the environment. But that isn’t the issue with you warmer types, who haven’t a clue that CO2 is not only not a pollutant, it is plant food. Nor do you have a clue that there has been ZERO global warming since 1998.

            By all means put in scrubbers on coal fired plants. But note that all the billions being put in to the scam of global warming are BILLONS that do not go to clean water, sanitation, food, mosquito abatement, etc. KILLING millions – mostly children – for a non-issue that leaves Al Gore, Solyndra cronies, and BIG GREEN MONEY with billions while millions die.

            The blood of these children is on YOUR hands.

            • Test, if you’re worried about clean food and water, you better have a serious conversation with the corporations polluting the planet for profit. Solyndra–it was Bush that instituted the loan. Global warming–last year was the hottest on record and this year is expected to exceed it. The glaciers are melting, the scientists have measured the sea rising off the California coast, and in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the melting permafrost is lowering her house so she can’t see Russia anymore.

              • You’ve bought into the leftists false doctrine. Global warming doesn’t exist.

              • last year was not the hottest on record. scientists have come forward and confirmed that data was manipulated to give that appearance.

              • On global warming.

                It does exist, it is real. In fact it is so real that the ice from the last ice age, is still retreating towards the North Pole.

                Nothing to be alarmed about, it is just the Earth going through it’s cycles of warming and cooling.

                Now, I will agree there is too much pollution and environmental toxins that play a small part, but to the degree that the “Climate Change” people say. bull caca!

                At one point in the earth’s history, there was “no” ice covering anywhere. Was it cold in places, I’d say yes. But glaciers did not exist at that particular time, according to people that are way smarter than i.

            • Aljamo you got it. Some real weird stuff going on this site. The jew inudates every institution and positions of power in this country. The usa military fights the jew wars and arms israel to the teeth. Nobody in the government dares speak out. You can tell who is in power by recognising who you have to tiptoe around. There are even laws in many western countries against telling the holocaust truth. Even if the official holocaust story were true no laws should be against freedom of speech. Be very aware of people who try to stop truth about the jew. Some of them are mind controlled others are paid.

        • My Solar topped off today. It said go burn some free energy, from the sun, so I went inside and let the AC/ kick in. Like an icebox. Get off the corrupt taxing grid. No taxes with Solar. My payback return is 3.75 years for the initial layout. It will also power the well pump and electric gate. Again like 14 turkeys today, just yards from my door. Get out if the Cities people asap: Aka: Rat Race/ Death Traps.

        • Test. Nice tactic changinging the subject to epa. You ain’t what you portray yourself to be.

      11. The important Joseph Story on the recent gay ruling by the corrupt SOTU:

        “The truth is, that, even with the most secure tenure of office, during good behavior, the danger is not, that the judges will be too firm in resisting public opinion, and in defence of private rights or public liberties; but, that they will be ready to yield themselves to the passions, and politics, and prejudices of the day.”

        —Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

        • Gay people suck. It’s what they do.

      12. Wow! Just like the guy from Italy I’m not American and I was taught this in history class in the 70’s.
        And they wonder why more and more people are choosing to home school in the States.

      13. Oh, and don’t forget this quote, from the hero of this administration, Saul Alinsky. A fitting – for the left – tribute to their hero Lucifer:

        “Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

        I did an undergrad degree in education, and I was FORCED to read this by my leftist/fascist professors for one class. They thought they were making little radicals to go out and create more ignorant little leftists. They made a radical alright. Only not the mindless, leftist, ignorant one they had hoped.

        • Actually it is the youth of America that overwhelming support the right of gay marriage. You can call them brainwashed if you like, but they are the future and have the right to have their collective voices heard. If you oppose this law you are in the minority. That is just the way it is. And save the BS about people marrying animals and pedophiles gaining legal rights to have their way with children.

          • aljamo, uh, don’t know where YOU”VE been, but a majority of people in this country are NOT leftist and DON’T support gay marriage. And the majority of youth are brainwashed by the commie colleges and universities, no question about that. The Bible is clear concerning homosexuality. Every nation that ever approved of it has been destroyed. The US will not be spared a similar fate unless it makes a 180 degree turnaround.

          • There were 30 some states that vote AGAINST gay marriage, including CA.. Some “overwhelming support.” And the pedophile issue is not so absurd to Harry Hay, arguably the founder of the gay rights movement in the US, and one whom education czar Jennings called his hero, was a member of the communist party and championed the rights of pedophiles (see ; 8 min Youtube on this at Wikipedia says the same at

            And as to whether the youth support it or not, a.) they supported a fraud for president, and b.) many youth supported Hitler incl. the Hitlerjugend That worked out really well.

            There is a recent peer reviewed study in IL. that proved gays molested kids at a greater rate. Not that that fits in with your PC propaganda, and Dr. Maria Xiridou’s study showed the AVERAGE gay marriage has EIGHT outside partners per YEAR. Outcomes for education, drugs, depression – all higher in kids raised in gay homes, EVEN in gay approving cities like Amsterdam, SF, etc.

            Don’t give us your gay horsemanure. We see through it, mon ami.
            You don’t know about Jesse Dirkising, and never will hear of him… at least until now. Young Jesse was a 13-year-old middle school boy from Rogers, Arkansas, who was tied up by two homosexuals and repeatedly sodomized and abused until he died. Or more appropriately, murdered.

            Don’t look at this story coming to a newpaper or TV near you. But when you are done, do a Google search for Mary Stachowicz, a woman who was murdered by a homosexual acting out his hate crime against a straight woman with whom he didn’t agree.

            Yes, this is the great gay day in the darkness. Just like Hitler’s “victory” that led him to the suburbs even of Moscow. Funny thing. Those victories, based on fraud and arrogance, didnt pan out now, did they?

          • What aljamo either is ignorant of, or lying about:

            The further society drifts from truth, the more society will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell. As if on cue:

            Well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.”

            And one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”
            Lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement.

            Extra credit: Gay supporter Floyd Corkins’ attack on Family Research Inst, where he was going to kill as many as he could and then stuff ChikFilA sandwiches in their dead mouths, or that gay supporter who tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church – WITH people in it. Or you could have been at that meeting that I was personally at, of parents of elementary school kids, whose meeting was VIOLENTLY crashed by radical gays, and then utterly LIED about in the media the next day as the crashers somehow being the victims (go figure!) Or you can just leave it at the modern Kristalnacht attempts at destroying the businesses of florists, bakers, photogs, etc. who happen to be free, independent thinkers. Not agreeing with the radical gay Nazis is VERBOTEN!!

            In fact, in New York, a man and wife were forced to close their biz hosting weddings on their family farm, and were fined $13,000 for refusing to have gay marriages in their very own home. The same thing happened in Grimes, IA, where an elderly couple, who ran the Gortz House Gallery, after graciously declining to host a gay wedding, starting getting vicious and violence threats, including these H8TE filled messages, “You are mean, rude, selfish, mother f***er racist sons of b**ches from hell,“F**k you, f**k your God, f**k your religion.” Another person who goes by the name “Micky” wrote, “Betty, you’re very old and almost dead. How do you both feel, knowing that America, and the world, will be a better place without you?“ Isn’t that thoughtful! This from those selfsame people who call themselves so concerned about “hate!” In Colorado, a baker named Jack Philips not only faced jail time but had to close his bakery for believing gay marriage went against his conscience, when some gay couple tried to FORCE him to bake a cake for their wedding.

            In Oregon, another baker fell afoul of the gay Nazi Brownshirts and their judicial Kristallnacht, and are being forced to pay a homosexual couple around $150,000 as penalty (money and power – what the left, and gays, worship). The New Mexico Supreme Court held that Elaine Huegenin, a photog, violated the state’s anti-discrimination statutes when she declined – out of the basic right to think freely and live according her conscience – to photograph a gay wedding. Newspapers may next be forced to publish homosexual wedding announcements, in violation of their existing editorial control over what they publish, and I give it a few years before the book burnings start by the radical homosexuals. Even pro-same sex marriage, libertarian, John Stossel has said that the gay marriage movement “has moved from tolerance to totalitarianism.” But hey! Nothing says “love wins” like gays insulting people with posts like “your Savior is a fraud” and “you’re a hateful bigot who doesn’t deserve free speech.”

            Even a few fair minded gays get it: After the forced resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, the influential gay blogger Andrew Sullivan wrote, “The whole episode disgusts me—as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society. If this is the gay rights movement today—hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else—then count me out.” Not long after, the ultraliberal Bill Maher said on Real Time, “I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked.”

          • EVERYBODY should read Aljamo’s post. Seriously. So what he is saying is:

            Because it is the wave of the future, it must be right (the wave of the future in Germany in the 1930s was Nazism, and of course Marxism in the USSR. Famed writer Lincoln Steffens wrote about the USSR “”I have seen the future, and it works”, and Walter Duranty of the NY Times waxed even more eloquent about it. Yep, the youth and wave of the future. Kinda like the Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend), right?

            Worse – and this staggered me – this guy has ZERO clue that all his protestations are based on is **preferences**. WHY, dear Aljamo, is bestiality, polygamy, and even (shudder) pedophilia wrong? You have ZERO basis for saying that, other than your current biases, which will change when the political winds change. Multiple legal commentators have noted there will be polygamy, and there was already a movie called “Zoo” which “gave a sensitive portrayal” of some guy who died having sex with a horse.

            The youth accepting something or not means NOTHING. As noted, the Hitlerjugend should give anyone a hint. And you willfully ignored the VAST number of states that voted AGAINST this miscarriage of justice.

            But, your “wave of the future” takes the cake. You do not KNOW the future. Worse, the whole video by Mark Dice shows the utter IGNORANCE of the youth – and you apparently take that ignorance as something that informs the youth’s support of gay marriage.


            • Test:
              If we could still give someone a thumbs up I would try to give you 100, both post were great and very well put.
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Remember what you said about BS, bestiality, and paedophilia, Aljamo, you are going to have to eat those words in a few years.

            A case was filed in Federal courts yesterday seeking a declaration that polygamy was constitutional.

            Count the days.

        • Test, I take my hat off to you for surviving a communist college and not coming out brainwashed with their BS.

          • BH, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, and went to U of Illinois for undergrad and one grad degree, then U of British Columbia for another grad degree. The propaganda was as thick as swamp miasma. I woke up slowly but surely after experiencing arrogance, hypocrisy and lies from the left on a repeated and ongoing basis.

            Thanks to their hubris, they have made a committed, articulate foe of me, and I am never going away. And there are hundred more every day being created just like me. My closed friend, in Canada, is a former hyper-leftist, who is now VERY conservative, and authors While he is Canadian only, he would match any one here for his conservative/freedom/liberty leanings. Check out his site if you want – it’s good (he’s a Ph.D candidate in maths). The truth is, the battle is world-wide for freedom – US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Germany, Africa, etc. And we are in as much of a danger of losing our freedom as ANY time in our history, particularly with the two vile verdicts by SOTU last week

            • @TEST…

              Anyone with half a brain, eventually ends up conservative or libertarian. (the smarter ones become libertarians)

              You can always identify the folks on the lower end of the common sense scale….they are called liberals. (or progressives, or leftists…take your pick)

              I enjoy your posts.

              • Anon4 – I completely disagree

                The smarter ones, do not pick sides!
                We stay out of their political circus show because we do not belong in their arena. If I had to make a choice for what I stand for – it would be Constitutionalist.

                Though it is not and has not perfected, it is a platform for building on for the betterment for humanity. Unfortunately, the basis of this platform has been dismantled and skewed with over these last few decades.

                The Founders gave us a Tool to work with, yet it has technically disappeared from existence. The principles of the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights have become an illusion. We are Governed by criminals who disregard the laws of this land and make up their own in the process to better themselves.

                A person asked me yesterday what I had planned for the 4th of July. I told them absolutely nothing, staying home and enjoying the outdoors. This person goes on to say “wow, sounds boring that you are not celebrating with other people”.
                I then say to dumbass person – “what is there to celebrate?” Celebrate more tyranny, celebrate Un- Constitutional laws, celebrate a Government that does not Represent you or I, but rather represent themselves – should I give you some more examples?

                Needless to say, this person thought I was a complete asshole after making such a statement…but I would like to think I gave her something to think about after I had left.

                This dumbass person was my lovely, eldest sister of 53 years of age. The typical dumb downed American who is unable to see the World for what it is. I love her, but you can’t fix her.

            • The left right issue is only propagated by mind controlled fools and paid opposition. What a suckers trap. Republicans and democrats are damn fools controlled by the same bankers and corporations at the top. All that nonsense is used to devide and conquer and keep the focus off truth.

      14. After watching those videos all I want to do is cry. This country is in a world of hurt and my children and grandchildren have to live in it long after I’m dead and gone.
        It is hard for this old fart to understand why the younger people are so DA** stupid. I guess you have to go to college and get your masters in stupidity, because the high school kids and a foreigner knew more than the college age students did and some middle aged people.
        No wonder why as a country we are about to crash and burn.
        Well, when this country crashes it will not take long for the population to drop. The brain dead Zombies rule now in this country.
        I’m wondering if one forth of those people ever watched the history channel or read a history book. By their answers I would say NO HE!! NO!!!
        God help us PLEASE!!!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        Ps. I hope you all have great 4th. Please get out the Declaration of Independence and read it to your kids and if you have them your grandkids.

      15. If you doubt the stupidity of Americans, just drive around for about half an hour in any town or city, and pay attention to what the drivers around you are doing (or not doing). You will see drivers not paying attention, crossing multiple lines, turning too soon or not turning into openings, driving through a school zone marked 35 except 25 during school hours – and putting on their brakes to slow down to 25 – on a weekend, driving the wrong way up an angled parking lot, etc, etc…

        • NorseMan, I see those same things in my area every day. You don’t know how many close calls I’ve had with dildos on my city’s streets.

        • Or go to a store and watch how unaware people are when they park their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle so you can’t get by. Or they pull out in front of you or back up into you.

          • Charles, don’t forget – that after they have bumped into you, they glare at you as if you were at fault!

            Most don’t say anything, they just send off a nasty glare and walk away with their head up high as if they were Royalty.

      16. Watch: The Stupidity Of Some Americans Is Absolutely Mind-Boggling….

        I am starting to get used to it.

      17. ADL Poll: 85% of Greeks Believe the Jews Have Too Much Power Over Global Finance

        A new poll by the Anti-Defamation League found that the majority of Greeks continue to hold anti-Semitic views about Jewish control over finance and the global economy, despite a recent drop in anti-Jewish attitudes in other parts of Europe.

        Greece—which faces the prospect of economic default at midnight on Wednesday—surpasses Iran and trails just slightly behind Turkey in the percentage of its residents who hold anti-Semitic views.

        In total, 67 percent of Greek respondents agreed with the majority of a list of anti-Semitic statements included in the survey. Other European countries, particularly France and Germany, have experienced a decrease in overall anti-Semitic attitudes in the wake of recent attacks on Jews.

        According to the ADL poll, 90 percent of Greeks agreed with the statement that “Jews have too much power in the business world” and 85 percent agreed “Jews have too much power in international finance markets.”

        In addition, 70 percent said that “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust” and 51 percent said “Jews don’t care about what happens to anyone but their own kind.”

        Over one-quarter of respondents also said they believe the number of Jews reported to have died in the Holocaust has been “greatly exaggerated.” One-third said Jews are “responsible for most of the world’s wars” and 41 percent agreed that “People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave.”


        • 85% of Greeks appear to be more intelligent and perceptive than about 90% of Americans.

          • Must be the ouzo.

          • Those same Greeks are mostly socialists who believe that it’s the responsibility of government to provide for them.

            I have no love for the banksters, but the Greeks have been spending themselves into oblivion for years. Now that the bill is coming due, they blame the Jews. Hmmmmmm….where have we heard this before? Oh yeah….Germany in the 1930’s.

            So they’ll swap socialism for fascism/Nazism…which won’t do a damn thing for Greece..or anyone else..but will make them feel all better about themselves.

            As Maggie Thatcher said, “Socialism works great until you run out of other peoples money”.

          • mR.pINK – I think “appear” would be the key word here.

        • Knowing the history of a lot of the jews, those in position of power/influence anyway….it doesn’t take a lot of brains here. What does take some real brains AND wisdom is to also know the history of the greeks (and I’ll add romans) and to know better than to listen to them either or follow them in anyway shape or form.

        • “The news of my demise has been greatly exaggerated”.

          Samuel Clemons.

        • Mr piNk, Most Jew in Conventration camos died of diasentary. The gas chambers were used to kill lice. Only 2.1 % of the US Population is Jew, but they command a 33% representatuon on the US Supreme Court. We already see where this country is headed.

        • Thumb’s Up!

      18. Alrignt, Mr. Pink. We all know you are just a re-named Jew basher. Come clean and tell us your old name.

        Yes, there ARE issues with a certain subgroup of East Coast, Ivy League, leftist Jews. But they are in it with others, like the Rockefellers, Brzinskis, Hillary, ad nauseam. We get it. Just don’t start back in on your samesame old “every story is Jew bashing.” It’s really old, it’s really simplistic and it’s really boring. We GET it. Ok?

        • original old name?

            • This is all so entertaining. The world is blowing up in oh so many ways. People are turning on people. Satan must be laughing his head off at what has been wrought. I know I am.

              Yes mR. pINK won’t you say your name. Let me guess your name. The question puzzling you is the nature of his game. Brahhaaaaa!


          • You tell us. Its the same old same old.

            I have no problem discussing the issue. Just give it a rest… for once. And go back to whatever your original name was. Why the ruse? And stop your incessant category mistakes.

            And besides, Rockefeller, Hillary, Brzinski, etc are not Jews. The problem is broader than you let on. Nor do you tell us why the New York Jewish leftist cabal is so anti Netanyahu. There certainly is a certain SUBSET of left wing, NY based, Jews that have a disproportionate involvement with the destruction of justice, but it IS a subset. And you refuse to give any credene to Jews like Dr. Marvin Olasky, founder of World Magazine, conservative and messianic Jew; Dr. Fred Schwarz, MD – founder of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, and another messianic Jew; Dr. Joel Rosenberg, yet another strong conservative messianic Jew; former red diaper baby David Horowitz, a anti-communist stalwart; Ben Shapiro, who is now sr. editor at Brietbart; Jonah Goldberg, another stalwart conservative writer; Charles Krauthammmer, an articulate conservative, Dennis Praeger, yet another. The list goes on… but I wish your post wouldn’t. This all Jews all the time is reductionistic, and frankly, a bit narcissistic in that you assume everybody wants to read about your one track issue every day, no matter what the subject.

            A lot of us here just get tired of your incessant Jew bashing every five minutes. Maybe you can start your own website.

          • Pinkerton. Druid. solus lupus. digs… need I go on? You have as many names as vile posts. You’re a typical shape shifter. PATHETIC.

            • Hey everyone, now we have a new troll using MY moniker? This f#$%er needs to move on!

          • Acid in drag?

            • LOL Jim ——– Oh Snap!

        • @TEST….

          Maybe he’s a reincarnation of Goebbels…or maybe even Hitler himself.

        • And who is to say those you named are not crypto jews.

      19. Tired of ignorance? MIT has most of its curriculum online, for free: You can’t get a degree without paying, but you can still *learn.* Home schoolers, enjoy!

        The OpenCourseware Movement took hold in 2001 when MIT started recording all their courses and making them available for free online. They currently have over 2080 courses available that have been downloaded 131 million times.
        In 2004 the Khan Academy was started with a clear and concise way of teaching science and math. Today they offer over 2,400 courses that have been downloaded 116 million times.
        Now, the 8,000 pound gorilla in the OpenCourseware space is Apple’s iTunes U. This platform offers over 500,000 courses from 1,000 universities that have been downloaded over 700 million times. Recently they also started moving into the K-12 space.

        All of these courses are free for anyone to take. So how do colleges, that charge steep tuitions, compete with “free”?
        As the OpenCourseware Movement has shown us, courses are becoming a commodity. Teachers only need to teach once, record it, and then move on to another topic or something else.
        In the middle of all this we are transitioning from a teaching model to a learning model. Why do we need to wait for a teacher to take the stage in the front of the room when we can learn whatever is of interest to us at any moment?

        • It costs a king’s ransom to become a communist. I’ll pass on it.

      20. The clenched fist of DC tyranny will never let the truth be known.

        History class is state propaganda.

        When they unearth the ruins of the former United States…a mere hundred years from now, they will marvel at the stupidity of the liberal left and the righteous right.

        The only trace of the republic left will be a couple small colonies of libertarians that told the state enforcers to fuck themselves and headed for the backwoods.

      21. Back in the 60s in civics class our teacher used RSPAR pronounced “RASPAR” to remember the First Amendment. Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Redress. Unfortunately, these are rights we are losing fast. Free speech is already gone.

      22. We’re surrounded by boneheads,
        Seems to be getting worse and worse, is getting so i hate leaving our farm, even just a trip to the hardware store tests my patience.

      23. ““No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” (Just go to any leftist/lemming “Yes we can” chant in if you need proof)

        HL Mencken

        BTW, the actual quote is not the one above, though a good gloss: His actual words were:

        “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”

        Over time, this longer quote came to be paraphrased and misquoted, most commonly in the form “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

        In the column, Mencken continued his thoughts about the public’s choices in reading matter and politicians by adding:

        “The mistake that is made always runs the other way. Because the plain people are able to speak and understand, and even, in many cases, to read and write, it is assumed that they have ideas in their heads, and an appetite for more. This assumption is a folly.”

      24. More evidence why Billy Graham recently called the US worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. As if Common Core wasn’t destructive enough….

        Sex Ed Conference Touts Alternatives: Bathe, Shave And Role-Play Together
        November 20, 2014 12:51 PM

        Seaside, Ore. (CBS SEATTLE) – Controversy is surrounding a sex education conference in Oregon as the event has hosted students as young as 11 years old. The conference gives tips on masturbation, using internet porn and quirky alternatives to sex. Lesson plans taught at the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference include tutorials on porn websites, pamphlets on sexting and information about “teledildonics,” or the remote use of sex toys over the Internet, KOIN-TV reports.

        Full disgusting story at

      25. I’ve told my wife on several occasions that I pray neither son nor daughter ever have children. I don’t want to leave them on their own in this shithole.

        • I hear ya…I think bringing a child into the world in this day and age is a real bad idea. If I were of childbearing age, as much as I like kids, I wouldn’t have any. Not in this effed up world. Forced vaccinations, GMO’s and CPS psychos with power, just that alone would scare me, let alone everything else…not too mention, pedophiles with rights and school teachers having sex with students, crazy destructive people who are allowed to inspire rebellion, mind-wash and indoctrinate kids instead of teach them. Nope. No way. If I were of childbearing age wouldn’t have kids.

      26. Had a talk with a teacher today, and we discussed common core. She told me that I just don’t understand it. That it really is teaching the kids higher math. so I asked why the kids can’t count change without a calculator. She told me basic math just isn’t important anymore.

        After watching the videos and talking to that teacher, If the children are our future, we are so fucked.

      27. A country’s strength depends on an educated public. Obviously the USA is growing weaker and weaker by the day.

        Beam me the flock up Scotty. There is no intelligent life on this planet.

      28. “Start by watching America the Story of Us”? Are you kidding me? That show was full of bullshit skewed towards its Bank of America sponsored corporatist agenda.

      29. I can count to potatoe. I use my EBT regularly. What do you mean, there’s more to citizenship than that? How mean-spirited and cruel of you.

        If the interviewer had asked those questions anywhere in the US the answers would have been no better. None of the people questioned knows the first thing about the Bill of Rights. if it were voided tomorrow, none of them would understand what the fuss was about.

        What you saw is the fruit of one hundred years of statist-dictated curriculum. The tyrant likes an ignorant citizenry because they are so easily regimented.

      30. Stupid people you say. What about voters who plan on voting for Bush or Clinton? They are the stupidest humans that walk. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. “When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use it’s peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.”s founders”. State of Union address 1-91 G.H.W. Bush. “We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans”. 3-11-93 Bill Clinton. “Something terrible happened to us on 9-11, and that gives us the right to interpret all future events in a way that everyone else in the world must agree with us”. 4-16-03 Bill Clinton. “A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there’s no question about it”. 7-27-01 George W. Bush. “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda” 5-24-05. Have fun voting! “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed”. Mark Twain. “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it would not be needed until they try to take it away”. Thomas Jefferson

        • Aljamo, now this post I can agree with you on. good post.

      31. Every generation gets stupider the brainwashing is affective on young minds. I’ve heard young people say only cops should have guns. They are complete morons that believe the cops are gonna protect them. If you try to explain why this is wrong they look at you like your a crazy. I don’t bother explaining it’s pointless. I was looking in one of the pouches in a work truck and found this little old book with a fabric like binding. In faded words it said story of America. It immediately grabbed my interest . I couldn’t wait till lunch so I could read it. It was awesome it told about white settlers becoming friends with the natives. About glorious battles noble men who were real leaders and didn’t compromise their christian beliefs. It was a well composed piece of literature that inspired pride in America. These new history books are a fucking joke they do not talk about America like the old book. The book was over 100 years old. The guy that drives the truck it was In said to me you like that ha. I said sure do where did you get the book he said he found it and wanted to keep the true story of America with him to keep his spirits up. It saddens me that young people will not know the reason America is great is because people feared The Lord more than their foes. This is how it should be the righteous will prevail god keeps his promise to his children. I don’t want to be all religious but the founders were and god put his hand on them. With gay marriage win and other wrongs going on looks like the hand of god has come off this nation. People are not changing for the better so it’s just a matter of time before the shit goes down. Glory to the real America. Amen

        • Asshat, AMEN to your comments. Good post.

        • Asshat:
          I have to second Braveheart, Great post
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Most Americans are stoopid, cause they never get the truth. TV is powerful propaganda brain washing tool. Then you have Radio Talk Show windbags that inflame the ignorant. Newsprint? Pfffftt. Haven’t subscribed to a newspaper in years. Seek the truth people. Never let up, never give up, and when you are all out of ammo……Fixed bayonets.

      32. Many Americans are both stupid and evil. Yes, there is such a thing as fixed Universal GOOD and EVIL. (Sorry all of you Ayn Rand worshipping Libertarian Paulbots)

        Example: They elected Barry the Fairy TWICE! enough said

        • Them hogs:
          Boy you hit the nail on the head, good one.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      33. Ah, now I understand how Obama was elected not once but twice.

        • He wasn’t elected… they just counted funny..

          • EXACTLY !!!!!!
            HE WAS PLACED!

          • Chauffeur

            In the words of FARRAKHAN on Obama.


            YOU WERE SELECTED………..

      34. Test… I believe you are being paid to defend Israhell from the emerging truth being revealed. Your defense is falling on the ears and eyes who reject your defense of the propaganda that controls the police and war state. The U.S. Corp. pays the British whore Israel, it’s bastard offspring, in the attempt of total worldwide tyranny. An example, look at what these psychopathic demons did to Libya. Your message could not be clearer.

        • aljamo,
          You hate filled bag of pus. Always the joos. Really get old. Israel is right on the verge of being destroyed yet they rule the world. Funny how they keep getting wiped out yet they are so powerful. You are a sick puppy and should get back over to the left wing hate sites where you belong.

          • john w. … read what you just wrote, it makes no sense. Who is attacking Israel? It is the other way around. Israel is the attacker. Are you forgetting the jews controlling Israel hate Christians and everyone else except their phony greedy selves? Which tiny country has hundreds of undeclared nukes? Who benefitted from 9-11? Who would not exist without U.S. taxpayer fleeced dollars? The answer is Israel to all the above.

            • Who is attacking Israel? Why, just about every Middle Eastern Country and every whacko Muslim. Israel has a large Christian population, which lives in safety, unlike every other Middle Eastern Country. But don’t let facts get in the way of your stupidity.

              • Oh come on sharon. You can’t believe that bs.

        • Aljamo, you are a bona fide idiot. A moron. You need to just knock it off. No one needs to take a nickel to put your hateful posts down, we’re doing it for free, that’s how distasteful your insane belief structure is to intelligent people.

          Petty little hate-filled deluded underachiever.

          You are what you post.

          • Smokey, that’s a damn good one.

        • Aljamo you got it. Some real weird stuff going on this site. The jew inudates every institution and positions of power in this country. The usa military fights the jew wars and arms israel to the teeth. Nobody in the government dares speak out. You can tell who is in power by recognising who you have to tiptoe around. There are even laws in many western countries against telling the holocaust truth. Even if the official holocaust story were true no laws should be against freedom of speech. Be very aware of people who try to stop truth about the jew. Some of them are mind controlled others are paid.

          • On this site you can say any derogatory thing you want about blacks, mexicans, young people, etc with little opposition but talk truth about the jew and the mind controlled fools and the paid opposition jump right in your face and successfully intimidate that truth.

      35. mR.Pink, thats a serious analogy..what I am trying to figure out is how in The hell did they go from Spartans to fat, beggars and allowing their country to be taken over by the Rothschild Banking family and created a debt based economy and economically destroyed by the Vatican. I don’t think they are smart. I think they are a nation of ideots. We American definately have and edge. We have woken up and have scared the crap out of the cabal.

        • Spartans and Greeks were two separate nations civilizations. If you don’t even know that then why post your nonsense. get some edumacation.

          • They were all Greek, or Hellenic. Spartans, Athenians, Thessalonians, etc., formed separate city-states or nations.

      36. The ideots and stupid people will be educated by the Nato, Russian and Chinese soldiers during the invasion. What kind of answer do be expect ot get from some stupid blond high school girl, what? A constructive answer..women unfortunately most of them are extremely stupid. None of them, I mean none of them are preppers. When women tell me that they are preppers they tell me that their husband has bee m prepping, not them, their husbands..this is a major disaster in the making. I gotta chill for a few days, got to get my car fixed before I break down again and get crunched in the streetx crushed to death or even so rest run over. I don’t have to worry too much about soldier and jihadist in Houston.

        What to know something that really scars the crap out of me breaking g down in the middle of and intersection.

        The average texting dip sh..t teenage ideot or texting ideotic punk would gladly finish me off and paralyze me from my neck down, and now I have a whole set of new problems. School is out and these useless ideots are tearing up the roads speeding and driving badly. I will be back soon.

      37. WTF is a ideot?

        {idiot is unable to spell idiot}

        Why you mad all the time? You need to lose some of that tension that you have been building up. You for sure need some good ‘ol dickNcider

        • dNc.


        • dickNcider, I agree HCKS’ skills in english can stand some improvement, but I can still decipher his posts and I understand where he’s coming from. Most likely he’s mad for the same reasons as any of us would be.

      38. I asked my family,
        “Who did we gain independence from?”

        husband~england, i think. when pressed he offered spain, then went back to a firm england.

        oldest daughter~Great Britain
        youngest daughter~france. then asked her 16 yr old son who proceeded to tell her just how france helped us win our independence from england.

        grandson is my hero. 🙂

      39. Dick you have the best handle I’ve seen yet.

      40. All this talk about the gays. Get over it. It is the law of the land. Anyhow we have been taking up the ass from this administration for some time now.

        • It’s the law of the land in the sense that 5 out of 9 elderly judges who are unelected, answer to no one, and can never be voted or removed from office have just said they agree with some lower-level liberal judges that the Constitution somehow contains secret code words that imply far more is written there than actually is.

          What are you going to say when they overturn themselves? That’s the law of the land, too.

      41. People are hopeless. I was watching a home improvement show. The host had the man of the house assemble a toy box using a nail gun. The man asked “Don’t I need a license for this?”

        I just saw a commercial for a service that you call with a problem and they pick out someone to help you out. For example, plumbing, pet grooming, etc. The guy in the commercial is talking to a representative on the phone and asks if they can get someone to fix a faulty light switch. Gee whiz, what a manly man, who can’t even replace a light switch.

        These people are like a girl that country comedian Minnie Pearl described this way: “She not only didn’t know anything; she didn’t even suspect it.”

        • Exactly. My daughter asked her husband to fix a leaky faucet. He picked up the phone and started to dial. She asked what he was doing and he said “I’m calling my handyman”. She said never mind, I will fix it myself and proceeded to get her tools and do just that”. Needless to sat- they are no longer married. My boys can cook and clean and my girl can fix things. Smart kids.

      42. I’m a former Marine. At my last job I worked with another former marine. We were working on Independence Day a couple of years ago and he stated that my coworkers were ignorant the history. I said no way. So I asked them to explain the holiday. It was true! They didn’t know when, or who from, or why, or anything! Any of them! I’m a nurse and work in healthcare. It’s disgusting.

      43. My girl just started a YouTube channel. Her handle is prepper Paige. Go easy on her, this is her first and no we are not in NY. I am a Giants fan though. I have been trying to think of ways to get her more involved and all the rain we have been getting, I couldn’t think of another way. If you guys disagree (even though I take her hunting and teach her how to make fire), give some suggestions. Thanks.


      44. Its not only the younger generation of White Americans who are dumber than a box of rusty hammers, folks.

        I have an old, former US military buddy who is 74 and this guy has actually boasted to me that he never reads anything except the sports pages when he picks up a newspaper.

        This old geezer is also marginally computer literate – but, again, he only uses his computer to check his yahoo finance page to see how his stocks are doing, and then he moves directly to ESPN’s website to check to see how his favorite IQ of 80 black thug infested sports team is doing.

        The guy is a Simpleton. It pains me to even attempt to have any sort of intelligent conversation with him about past or current events.

        • As a power plant operator we had free time in the control room when things ran well. I read non fiction books to pass the time including “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. One night I was reading and another operator that played video games stated to me, “I never read a book in my life” in a bragging tone of voice. I looked up at him and replied, “And it shows”. The entire control room broke out in laughter.

          Being ignorant is one thing. Bragging about it is another.

      45. The American people are a product of their politically correct dumbed down ‘education’ system and the elite controlled MSM. The people themselves are not necessarily to blame for their ignorance. They might find it the path of least resistance to go along with what is being shoved down their throats, but it is by the design of the elites and their puppet government that the populace of this country is ignorant as a hog walking around in the meat house.

      46. jews are the root of all the worlds problems
        we need to remove the jew from all aspects of our world
        wall them off and sterilized these satanic animals
        and let them become a foot note in the pages of history

      47. Man I struggled in school graduated in 1971 at the age of 17 I feel now compared to what I am seeing now that I have a college degree.

        Boy you guys are going to be in a heap of trouble when it all goes down.

        Let me give you what your words are going to be.


      48. These are the same people who will follow the libs right to the FEMA camps. All I can say is ” enjoy your stay”. Wishing every patriot on this page a Happy 4th of July. We understand our history, heritage, and our rights.

      49. I have to comment before I take a few days off from the board.

        Braveheart, slingshot, Sarge, Northern Reb, and others, thanks for backing me up. You guys are some of the few posters that have been reading my post for several months about what I was told. I have information so sever that I can’t risk posting on this grammar is bad because I am always in a hurry and have to comment fast and get back to work or run my errands, work out, tens to preps, etc. Because if what I know about Septembe-March 2016. I have been making moves and having meetings with movers and shakers as to where we are going as far as shtf striking when we east expect it. I have been readying you post and I know that you prepared for survival. Based on what I know by reading your post is that you are in the 3-5,000,000. A Lot of people on this site are not.. Brave, keep prepping my friend it’s coming and it going to hit really hard.

        Test I am backing up your post.

        Test, I back up you putting Pink in his place was right. I have. Business and I do business with Jews,..they are good people and they help me alot, in fact it’s was my Jewish bookkeeper who helped me straighten out my finances and helped get me off the streets and taught me how make my business work. Jews are the best business people around and this is a fact.. so I don’t support Jew bashing. The Jews I do business with are aware of the bad Jewish elite and don’t like them..

        Jewish Pathways Taking the next step
        By Rabbi Ken Spiro.

        Jewish pilgrims help the founding fathers to write our constitution.

        The first patriot to get shot during the revolutionary war was a Jew. His name was Francis Salvador. The most important financiers of the revolutionary war was Haym Saloman.he donated over $200,000.. to the patriots.

        President George Washington remembered the Jewish contribution when the first synagogue opened in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1790. Its was called Touro..Synagoue and it was Shephard in. He sent his letter, dated 17,1790.

        “May the children of the stock of Abraham who dwell in the land continue to merit and enjoy the goodwill of the other inhabitants. While everyone shall sit safely under his own vine and fig-tree and there shall be kine to make him afraid..

        George Washington.

        I am also of Jewish blood, since my great grandmother on my mother’s side of the family was a what does that make me.?

        Others on here keep attacking me, but you never hear negative Jew comments on my post..i have friends who are Germans and Jews. I also have friends who are black and Mexican. Yet my black friends are taking about prepping to protect themselves from blacks and thugs, and really worried about what those types will do, because my black friends are business owners and are successful people and do not associate themselves with n…g..r thug trash..its the gangster thugs that we will attacking them and the regular populous that is concerning them.

        They are prepping to protect themselves form black dred loch thugs. Trust me it’s not white that they are worried about.

        They are prepping to protect themselves and family from their people, this is the new world that we are living in. One of them already has his shtf location is east Texas ready..and I am invited by him to go his if shtf hits. So for the black posters who may be on this site reading my post, the supprise is that I am not a racist.

        When I get information from scientist and key people who are telling us what coming and you see the cabal rolling in military and equipment into out cities, you better take notice, then you see that they are killing scientist and other people like the recent killings, then what I see people follow me in my city, I take all the bashing and attacks on me is exactly what I expected to happen, and it means that I have disclosed accurate into in what’s coming. We are not going to able to relax anymore from this pint of July 2105 unward..this is reality one in one.

        Mac post the articles and waits to see the response. My job here to get the info out..that why we are here. People in here that th?k that grammar is and issue must be able to read between the lines..

        Climate change will be the result of Nibiru, environment destruction, revolutionary and civil war is coming, it’s going to happen, the American people are going to go balastic by November time frame, this is what I believe is going to happen based on what I was told. So I am taking a few days off from posting to get my car fixed so that I can go to work and do my job to prepare for what coming because most people are working to buy new cars show off. Chit chat with other idiots, or ideots, as if it matters if I use and I or e, and they now he what’s coming and it’s better that they don’t know, this give us preppers time to get supplies and prepare for what’s coming. Ever see what a hurricane on the coastline do to shelves in Houston, if that from a storm in the gulf, then figure out what’s going to happen from a joins class planet entering between Mars and Earth with a massive asteroid belt dumping off asteroids into the moon and the earth. You things the DUMBS are here just for the hell of it. Even the elite have prepared. They are the biggest preppers you have around. They know that they ain’t save 340,000,000 people. They have from what i was told leaked out info so that the people into know will prepare to save themselves. Still we are looking at 3-5, 000,000 survivors, thats the survival figures that we given to the scientist.. so all you jokers coming on here, agency azz clowns, etc you think that you can change my war of thinging telling crap about I need to relax, you are stupid people. I am prepped out and I am still having emergencies like the car suddenly breaking down, and other crap causing me problems and I am a prepper, but you see I am also a problem solver because I have everything lined up the parts are ready and I will be back on the road by Monday, because I have to vest mechanic, the best friends..i have helped them they have helped me, and we have each other, this is what we will be doing when shtf strikes. I will talk to all to get to work and solve temporary problems. Oh man, I can brace for the impact now, since I just posted.


        Agency azz clown,and retard

        Super moderator

        • “They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in… It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.”

          Quoted by George WASHINGTON, in Maxims of George Washington

        • Dude… For the first time I have to admit that you’ve won me over. I’ll be reading your posts in full from now on. Be blessed HcKs.

        • HCKS, please come back soon. Your posts are like a breath of fresh air for me.

          • Braveheart,

            Of course they do, hcks posts almost make YOU sound intelligent, and that’s quite a trick in anybody’s book!

            • anon1776, f#$% you. I’ll take HCKS over a useless POS troll like you anytime.

        • Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf,

          Very good post!

          We all have unexpected emergencies that arise and need to be attended to.

          Hope you get your car repaired quickly.

          Take care!
          KY Mom

        • HCKs
          Don’t be gone to long. We need you here.
          You are one of those morons (sarcasm) like Me, Braveheart, Sgt. Dale, Slingshot, Eppe, Them Hogs to name a few, that have their head on straight and I am DA@& proud to call you my friends. We need your input and insight on what is going on in the world.
          Catch you in a few days I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off also to spend time with my twin grandsons.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • There are Jews just like there are Americans who don’t know what is going on and don’t care. And there are Jews who hate non Jews but play the game to get what they are after. If a Jew is nice to you it might be sincere or might be deception. Politicians are the same and most use deception. Whatever the case when it comes down to the nut cuttin the Jew Will side with the Jew.

      50. The objective (by a Marxist regime) is to re-write history by demonizing a culture/heritage, or just by not teaching it ! The teachers in the state run system have to dumb down these kids in-order to manipulate their minds into the new global communist/fascist system, while at the same time, creating tension between the kid and the parent.

      51. Pretty sure Mark Dice also found lots of people who know full well the reason for celebrating the Fourth of July, but that wouldn’t be a funny video.

        That said, people nowadays actually are less informed about current events. Years ago we watched the news and read the newspapers/magazines with a thirst for knowledge. Nowadays people have short attention spans and just skim the headlines and then get back to texting about nonsense; being “connected” doesn’t mean they know what’s going on out there.

      52. Remember, the US government runs the Dept. of Education. The results are not surprising.

      53. Jeremiah 50 and 51 have ALL the details about what is coming. As well as Isaiah 13, 14 and 47 and Revelation 17-19.


        Followers of The Way are instructed no less that 7 times in the Old and New Testaments to Come Out!

        Spiritually as well as physically.

        Believe it or not now but everyone will believe it when the ten horns come in fulfillment of The Word of God.

        His Word is and will be the FINAL word on the matter.

        Ignore it at your peril.

      54. In 1960 I personally met President Truman. Yep, I actually did. My parents tell me that I shit all over his trousers. They also tell me that he changed my diapers.

      55. A fact about the Second Amendment most Americans have never heard

        The Second Amendment: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

        “Well-regulated” circa 1787 meant, simply, kept in good order; well-trained and equipped.
        -EricPetersAutos dot com

        AP history textbook rewrites the Second Amendment.

        Here’s the Constitution’s wording:
        “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        Here’s the AP history textbook’s reworking of the text:
        “Second Amendment: The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia”

        The revision interprets the Second Amendment in a way that concludes that the only way it’s constitutional to “keep and bear arms” is for a person to be part of a “state militia.”
        -Godfather Politics dot com

      56. This Is Why The Euro Is Finished

        “It’s simple, the euro is finished. It won’t survive the unmitigated scandal that Greece has become. Greece is not the victim of its own profligacy, it’s the victim of a structure that makes it possible to unload the losses of the big countries’ failing financial systems onto the shoulders of the smaller. There’s no way Greece could win. The damned lies and liars and statistics that come with all this are merely the cherry on the euro cake. It’s done. Stick a fork in it. The smaller, poorer, countries in the eurozone need to get out while they can, and as fast as they can, or they will find themselves saddled with ever more losses of the richer nations as the euro falls apart. The structure guarantees it.”

        “And if you dig a bit deeper still, there’s no avoiding the fact that the IMF hasn’t merely known this for months, it’s known it for years. The Greek Parliamentary Debt Committee reported three weeks ago that it has in its possession an IMF document from 2010(!) that confirms the Fund knew even at that point in time.

        That is to say, it already knew back then that the bailout executed in 2010 would push Greece even further into debt. Which is the exact opposite of what the bailout was supposed to do.”


      57. Most people are like the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry. They go after the symptoms and ignore the root cause. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. This experiment called the constitution didn’t work out. Open your minds and try something different.

        • the constitution works just fine!….it’s when you start dickin’ with it and not following LAWS that things get turned around…if we followed the LAWS of the land, things would be fine….but there’s no rule of law anymore….think cops killing innocent citizens on FILM, and getting off scott free….politicians lying on camera, then when elected, doing the exact opposite….why don’t we have a law AGAINST that one

          • Butt crack you say the constitution works fine then you give examples of how its not working fine. And you could make that list a mile long. The big boys go around the constitution all the time. The constitution is like a prostitute you can do anything you want with it.

            • like i said, i never repeat myself.

      58. Americans don’t know why we celebrate the 4th of July also don’t understand their National Anthem.
        And that’s Oh, say, can you see, not Jose can you see, dingalings!

      59. Read the Declaration of Independence and think about the U.S. Government.

      60. Why is people acting as sheep such a concern? Even in the bible we are referred to as sheep, so what would one expect from the American population to blindly follow?

      61. Then there is that other ‘green eggs and ham’ demographic. Those on prescription drugs! Between the natural born buffoons, indoctrinated idiots and pharmaceutical phuzzies, it is no wonder the replacement of freedom and liberty by tyranny and fascism has been a cake walk.

        And you must give the Devil his due. The sons-a-bitches got us to pay, at a profit, for our own destruction by way of prescription drug payments, educational funding, movie ticket prices and consumer advertising costs for mass media.

        • JW Jr.

          Country’s really screwed up.

      62. the embedded video, “A True History of the United States” doesn’t fit with a good deal of stuff that I have read about Lincoln or the North’s policy with the South. I am not sure if some of this video is true, the British element, or not; it sounds plausible, but I would suspect that the whole situation was more like the false either/or dichotomy we so often see. Lincoln was part of the banker/industrialist establishment in the North. The north imposed heavy tariffs on the south. Had Lincoln the intent to save the union all he would have had to do was end the tariffs. the slavery was not a driving issue. The video also presents the Union of the States as indissoluble. No state signed the constitution without expressly making it known that it also had the right to withdraw. Contemporary language makes that clear. it was the united states of america. citizens were citizens of states. they didn’t say they were american. etc. there is more in play then what is presented in that video. either it is part of the story, or it is a misleading piece of propganda to shift the story.

        • MWK You didn’t mention the love fest concerning FDR. If this “True History of the United States” is what this website is is promoting, then we are all being sold down the river. I’m so disappointed. Watch it all if you can.

      63. Those people aren’t THAT stupid, they’re just ignorant. They can’t answer the questions because they were never taught US history in schoo! All a part of dumbing us down.

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