Watch: The Moment A Driver Shoots And Kills Gunman Who Randomly Attacked Him At Illinois Gas Station

by | May 11, 2017 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    A man pumping gas in Illinois was randomly confronted by a gunman who approached his car, drew his weapon and attempted to kill him.

    Police say a man dressed in the orange jacket in the video below is Ronald Morales. After apparently staring down the driver who was pumping gas, Morales hastily approached the man, gun drawn. He opened the passenger side door in what appears to be an attempt at exchanging words, but the driver had already seen Morales draw a weapon. In turn, he drew his own weapon and a shootout ensued.

    Morales was shot, quickly turned and ran out of view of the camera and subsequently collapsed and died a short time later.

    Police say the driver will not be charged because he acted in self defense:

    The video proves once again that the Second Amendment saves lives, because determined criminals who intend to harm innocent people will absolutely get their hands on a weapon regardless of background checks or waiting periods.

    Incidents such as this one play out across America on an almost daily basis.

    Justified Self Defense: Mom Kills Armed Intruder with Shotgun; 9-1-1 Operator Gives Her the OK To Shoot:

    “She had no time to wait for police… so she pulled the trigger.”

    An 11 Year-Old Demonstrates Gun Control:

    “Not Only Good Judgment But Also Good Marksmanship, Striking Only the Intended and Lawful Target”

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      1. Perp brought it on himself!

        • Roy

          Hello where in NC are you?


        • Is moralas a Mexican name?

          • Its Hispanic, as in of Spanish/Portuguese roots. Cuba, south America, and yes central America as well.

            but if that’s all you got out of this article and video, you’re an idiot. Violent criminals come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. I don’t care if your name is Smith, Morales, or Gandhi: Pull a gun on me, you get multiple rounds of .45acp delivered right to your door at no cost to you, the consumer!

      2. Ain’t I been saying it

        • The Mom Baby Video is like 5 years old.

          • YPDB< I remember that video and article on that OK incident. she thought she had to ask for permission to engage in self-defense. BS with CAPITAL BS! No one ever needs permission from anyone for self-defense. When your life is on the line, you do what you have to in order to survive it. don't even worry about any BS laws restricting self-defense. I don't.

            • BH,

              Ditto, almost threw up when the idiot talking head babe assured viewers that under OK law the victim was allowed to defend herself. This is why nobody watches lame stream news any more. OK law? How about natural law?!


              See if you can find info on the 11 yo girl in Montana who some years back defended herself against two burglars. They were illegal immigrants. Had a gun that they stole from their previous victim (who they killed). Well, turns out the 11 yo girl (who was home alone at the time of the break in), was a state champion skeet shooter. One perp paid with his worthless life, the other had his cock and balls shot off.

              I just love these kind of stories with happy endings.


              • Should have mentioned: I practice shooting with all three of my kids; 2 boys, 1 girl, 8, 10 & 12 yo. Don’t have any worries about their ability to handle themselves (or a problem….) when the need arrives.

                Personally, I think a lot of these libtards are going to be surprised by how prepared a lot of us are when shtf.

                • Slap Happy, welcome and I agree wholeheartedly. Especially your point about ‘natural law’. Forget about manmade law.

                  • Braveheart1776

                    Actually legally they have terms for it. Malum Prohibitum is prohibited because man said so. Malign In Se is prohibited because its evil, murder, rape, theft.

                    Interestingly the legal profession understands the difference however it doesn’t matter to them.

                    • Malum not Malign

                • What do you think of teaching your 13 yr old daughter by the desentistization method?

                  Loading up about 5 extended 10 round magazines in her Glock 42 I bought her, and get her used to firing rapidly, dropping the mag and reloading as opposed to standing there 30 seconds per shot as she takes aim, etc. Get her over ther timidness first, and then concentrating on accuracy? Any thoughts?

                  The only problem with that of course was the indoor range master tapped me on the shoulder and advised “no rapid fire.”

                • I was 11 years old when I picked up mu dad’s 32 cal and shot at an adult man who broke in on me home alone, and the dude was white and holding a knife. He was really after me and not our stuff. I sent him fleeing. I wish I had hit him, but i missed with all three shots.

                  Sometimes the only way the world makes sense is when you force it to. I’m white and in my mid 50’s now, and would not be here if that gun wasn’t laying there on the mantle in our home for me to defend myself with. I’m sure of it. I hate liberal gun grabbers, they are the equivalent of the scum of the earth.

            • My dog ask me the other day if it was all right to bite the intruder that was on my property.

            • The US Constitution’s Amendment II is our (We the People) License to Carry. It is a Constitutional RIGHT. “…the RIGHT of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” What part of that clearly written statement in the English/American language is difficult to understand?

          • Yea, that baby is prolly out red neck’ n liquor stores by now.

      3. Yep, you been saying it

      4. Rule #1. Don’t brandish a firearm

      5. Most people die in gunfights due to poor tactics rather than skill. Both screwed up but at least the good guy won.

        • Gandhi, I’m also glad the good guy won and survived. The spic got what he deserved and was probably an illegal alien anyway. You play with fire and you will get burned. Fact of life.

      6. Morales lacked the morales, oops

      7. Shoot through the widow silly.

        • Why mess his car up?

          • Meh? Turn it into insurance as a rock chip

      8. Passenger caught in the crossfire haha I bet that slurpy was spilled.

        • I will bet you that wet stuff isn’t slurpy juice. lol

      9. I used to buy pop and lottery tickets at that gas station years ago. Good old Elmwood Park,
        IL. The cashier is behind bulletproof glass. Bet you both of those guys were convicted
        felons. That’s life in the big city.

        • that’s what surprised me too – justified shooting – but both are likely bangers and convictions up the ying yang ….

      10. When I think about the horrible thing that occurred years ago in India– when this young woman entering a bus with a male friend and then she was gang raped, tortured horribly!! and then run over by the bus, as they tried to kill her– when I think about that incident and I think about the incident where the young woman here shot the bastards as they entered her home– There is NO DOUBT about the importance of females being armed, well trained in the use of fire arms. Only a gun puts a female on the same level with a man– physically speaking.

      11. Good job.

        Should have kept shooting him.


      12. Looks like the perp had a pop gun compared to the car owner.

        Note to self: Maybe it’s about time to get my CWP and start keeping a closer eye on my Glock 21.

        Assailants will now just as soon kill you as look at you.

        • Try Hornady Critical Duty 220 gr +p 45 ACP. You will thank me when the 450 ft-lbs of lead helps the perp To the promised land. Really since only one shot will be required it is cheaper than emptying your mag of 9mm to watch the perp run away.

          • Nothing replaces accuracy. Hickcock and Earp stood still (which is supposedly safer as movement draws attention, stationary disappears) and deliberately aimed. Hickcock used a .36 cap and ball 1851 Navy, far far underpowered. The idea that any handgun is a good man stopper is a fallacy, granted some are better than others but with modern expanding projectiles the gap has narrowed. If your real good with the 9MM but marginal with the .45ACP by all means the 9MM is your best choice. If your good with the .45 ACP hats off to ya, use it.

          • Hmm. So how do the Hornandy’s cycle in the Glock?

            Currently have some old Federal Hydroshocks. I hate to waste them at the range.

          • Gandhi, you may know a little about guns from shooting on the range but I’m guessing you’ve never killed an animal. Bet you’ve never pulled a mushroomed bullet out of a body. I guarantee if someone shoots you with a .22 you aren’t going to run away. I’ve been hunting for decades with every major type of gun and about every major caliber so I know very well what each one is capable of and believe me, no one is going to run away after getting shot by a 9mm that wouldn’t run away if it were a .45

      13. i was about 13 when i got my first gun,,an i used it the wright way , i also had to clean it after using it ,,my father was a capt in ww11


        The race that we the people need to kill and exterminate from this planet to stop the enslavement.

        This link is for the smart people on this site. You may need some more evidence of what I am talking about. It is outright scary. I have verified this with my friend that’s a mason and this specie is still alive and they are behind the masonic order. Karen Hudes blew this crap out into the open, this is why I am talking about it right now these days.

        That is the group that Trump, the administration, his banking buddies and all major governments of the would answer to. This conehead group has bases on the dark side of the moon, the moon is a spaceship, its artificial. The giant Steve Quayle is talking about is all real, yes, underground all over the planet has humans who stand from 12ft to 35ft. Do the math. Don’t listen to damn thing that is on TV if its coming from spicer, Trump, government in general. They are all liars, compulsive liars, sicking as it sounds and this is reality. If you ever see what in the books that mason’s own, you would probably shit your pants. Aliens own Earth, run the planet, all the banks, built them, own them, designed the entire financial debt system, enslaved us. FACT OF LIFE.

        Is it interesting how universities simply ignore the evidence and see the real facts for your self. The history channel and the fraud that it is must have forgotten to show who the real pyramid builders are. These coneheads are the annunaki. These conheads are the ones that are causing us all the problems.

        Every why trolls keep attacking me. keeping you all against me is better for the cabal.


        • Don’t know if you need to up your meds or cut down on them.

        • We need to get rid of the banksters race.

      15. Finally some good news.


        • AMEN!

        • Yeah what good news B from Ca – Your wife finally got her nose job?

      16. I GOT WOOD 🙂

      17. JUSTICE……..

      18. One down……so many more to go

      19. Good… Punk got what he deserved.

        • No he didn’t, article said he drove away?

      20. all thugs deserve the same fate. Arm up America and shoot these ganstas down in the streets. May his worthless soul burn bright in hellfire.

        • It would have been cool if the gas pump exploded like in the movies ? ?

      21. Elmwood Park does not allow trash like that to live in it. Good people, good cops. Asshole was probably spillover from Chicago. Elmwood Park is still run by old school Italians. Wife is from Elmwood Park… also Italian.

        • The crap is starting to move west of Harlem Avenue. Its like trying to hold back an avalanche. They want to move in so they can destroy it. Look what happened to DuPage
          County. The garbage from the city moved out there and ruined it. It’s only going to get worse.

      22. The guy in the car looked like he had a full size pistol? So much for one shot stops? Seems you need a bullet that’s considered powerful enough for hunting ? 357, 10 mm, and up? Although I read that going through the caves in afganistan some say the 45 acp. With 230 grain hollow points at 950 fps works best? I’d take the most powerful pistol I could get my hands on.

      23. Now that’s what I’m talking about !

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