Watch: “The Global Food Crisis You Need To Prepare For Is Now Imminent”

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    Grocery stores may still be stocked with food and most Americans are still able to keep their family’s fed, but with 50 million Americans requiring government assistance to do so and prices on a seemingly never ending rise, how long will it be before the situation becomes unmanageable?

    The global food crisis you need to prepare for is now imminent.

    For the past six years the world has consumed more food than it has produced. As a result, global food reserves are at the lowest level since 1974, when the world had 4 billion people. Today we have 7 billion.

    Like a person living paycheck-to-paycheck, the world is now living year-to-year when it comes to food supplies.

    According to the U.N., world grain reserves are so dangerously low that severe weather in the U.S. or other food exporting countries could trigger a major hunger crisis next year. The U.N. also warns that supplies are so tight and reserves are so low that we literally have no room for an unexpected event in 2013.

    We are already seeing prices rise significantly this year, with corn rising 31%, soy beans rising 28%, and red meat rising 20%.

    In the west higher food prices are a manageable burden for now.

    Americans spend about 10% of their after tax incomes on food… But in the developing world some households are spending up to 50% of their income on food, which is usually the basic essentials like bread.

    An increase in food prices can mean riots, revolutions and chaos.

    Video excerpts via

    Watch: The Global Food Crisis & Bernanke’s Recipe for Disaster: Three Major Disasters That Could Lead to a Food Crisis Around the World

    Any number of disasters, natural or man-made, can cause food prices to skyrocket to such levels that the most basic essentials like corn, rice, wheat, and soy beans become almost impossible to acquire for the majority of the population.

    Another prolonged drought, a war with Iran that restricts the flow of oil, or a rapid collapse in the US dollar’s purchasing power could all lead to unprecedented worldwide pressure almost immediately.

    We’ve seen what happens in countries where the populace is forced to spend 50% or more of their earned income on food. Despite how the media portrays it, the riots we’ve seen in the middle east, Greece and Spain have been largely fueled by cost increases in food and the inability of individuals to provide the basic essentials for their families.

    Americans have been, for the most part, immune from these pressures thus far. But the social safety nets are very quickly becoming overburdened and prices at grocery stores are rising consistently and without pause.

    With the consumer economy coming to a standstill, continued central bank monetary easing, job losses and wage reductions, and the urbanization of millions of people, it is only a matter of time before Americans are forced to spend 50% or more of their paychecks just to stay alive.

    When that happens, look out, because what comes next is something that, up until now, we’ve only experienced on television feeds from the comfort of our living room couches.


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      1. I can’t afford to stack silver or gold, so I stack Chef Boyardee and ammo. To me they are just as valuable.

        • You cant eat gold. Forget about it.

          • Kidnapping will become a growth industry.
            I keep a safe of silver and also cases of jack. to have resources to get a loved one back.

            Ever think of that… your kid vanishes and you get a note they want something in return to get them back. This is big in south america.

            Typically they want cash, but in a collapse… metals, ammo, booze…and food.

            • Dunno how to tell you this, but sometimes, kidnapping ain’t going to be for ransom. For example, any passably pretty girl would end up getting pimped out in fairly short order, you know?

              A better idea is to have a like-minded community built up, and nobody is allowed to go out alone.

              • I agree but in some neighborhoods (like mine)people don’t even talk with one another. I’ve tried and they are so deeply convinced that there are no problems they need to be concerned with. They wouldn’t know a smoking gun if it was stuck up their ass.

                • The trick isn’t to ‘spread the gospel’ as it were, but to just get to know them for social reasons at first.

                  Establish a reputation as a friendly person, and start making friends… you can take charge and do the prepping thing as things begin to make the neighbors nervous – one neighbor at a time.

                • @Scott

                  go with what OQ says… if you’re really concerned about your neighbors — or relatives– just get to know them, and then point out the relevant lessons to be learned when things happen, as they happen. That way, you won’t be speaking from a purely “theoretical” point of view, but from a practical one as well.

                  Believe me, I know what you’re saying: if people would use their logic and common sense, then they’d agree with you. But if people were really being logical, they wouldn’t vote for the idiots we have now in charge of things, and the situation might not be so dire

                • I am in the same situation. Be careful even if you do approach the subject, because most people have normalcy bias and won’t do anything to prepare even as things turn worse. But when the SHTF, they will remember that you have the extra food. I already had one neighbor see my smallish stash of food and comment they’re coming over if they ever get hungry. I guarantee you they’ll be one of the first knocking at my door.

                • Exactly. Also, you get the reputation of being the “crazy” in the neighborhood, but they might remember what you say just long enough to break down your door when things go south. Our neighborhood is just as unfriendly, but at least we don’t talk about anything that could do us in later.

                • Where I live is the same way and they say get to know every one around you. They don’t believe there is a problem!

              • Just call: hate to be a buzzkill, but why would you get your person back? They will take everything you got and then some…you can’t think that rules of law or honor will apply.

                • On an objective basis?

                  You could set something up, then use that to set up an ambush for the kidnappers. You likely won’t get your friend/family-member back, but at least the kidnappers will think good and hard before visiting your community ever again.

              • This video is a perfect illustration of why .gov wants us disarmed. They want us throwing rocks while they shoot.

                • They will do what Stalin did which is starve us out (hand in registered guns for ebt refill) Then will come rationing of the fuel and food , then in order to get your food/fuel you will be obliged to hand in all weapons or starve the choice is yours.

                • Thumbs up times twenty

            • Just call it out: I agree; also, if pets are stolen,(cats or dogs) they’ll be eaten; keep them in the house or fenced area; But chickens, rabbits, goats, horses, cows will be taken for food; donkey, hog, goat farms and horse stables in my area will be targeted unless they are guarded. This is why small/community groups working together to protect each other makes sense.

              • Like to see them steal my Pitt-bull. They better shoot him or they are going to be dinner… If he’s hungry enough.. Nah my man can take down a 250#+ hog no problem, imagine what he would do to you.

                Yeah run out and buy another lap mutt because other then a snack during hard-times they serve no other useful value.

                An talk about dumb, wouldn’t know what ‘gettem’ meant if it were spelled out in doggy treats..

                Ran into a lady clutching football mutt in the store the other day. The little nervous coward had the nerve to bark at me. The lady looked frighten when I said “I’m about to go get my Pitt-bull out the truck and bring him in the store.” She made haste to the exit.

                Yeah get to know the neighbors so you meet the morons would own such as nuisance.. I think not… I’d get more intellect out of my pit…

                Sry for rant just struck a nerve with the steal/eat my animal comment… not gonna happen here..

            • Regarding that safe read the book Surviving Economic Collapse in Argentina. The author lived through it. Smart people got two safes. One with some wealth in it and a second well hidden with the main wealth.

              People would get taken at gunpoint home and forced to open their safe. The lucky remained alive.

              Gated communities became the norm for anyone with anything. Pay the guards well too because the criminal gangs bribed them to just not be too diligent.

              • A good neighborhood will be defined by the quality and number of guards and the hieght of the wall. This is already somewhat true in heavily populated areas.

                • Bob

                  Here in Florida gated communities are quite common. I think non gated communities will where affordably possible become gated in the future.

              • I know a wealthy woman who thought she had provided for all… too bad

                she did not count on the BETRAYAL.

                Died, with all her wealth and animals.

                So tell us what was that all about?

          • You prep to survive don’t you? Gold is for dessert, after SHTF. The chaos will end. But you must resist the coming confiscation to truly enjoy that sweet satisfaction.

            • Gold and PMs are useful, just that they have a slightly lower priority than shelter, water, food, and defense.

              • silver can be used to make collidel silver,the worlds oldest and best anti-biotic

                • Then, please tell us why

          • We shop at a large grocery store that caters to the Massachusetts crowd who come up here on the weekends and holidays. The store has half the inventory that they used to carry, constantly running out of things that normally are in abundance. This is quite unusual and has been ongoing for months now. I asked why and they acted surprised, said that no one else has complained.

            Every company that caters to the public in a large way, is becoming complicit with what the government is mandating. The large chain grocery stores, the pharmaceuticals, and now the gun and ammo manufacturers. We are being lied to and will be the last to know when these things are just about gone; food, guns, ammo, 2nd amendment, freedom of speech, you name it, it is changing at a whirlwind pace. Soon, our country will be unrecognizable. This is real and it is coming down the pike now. Get ready and be prepared to suffer because the are determined to have their way and no one is stopping them anymore.

            • Live free; a lot of the ‘dollar’stores are packed with items. Talking with truckers, many have said it isn’t worth their time/money to truck back east during the winter months. That may have something to do with the inventories. Truckers also have told me, due to regulations, fewer drivers want the east coast run. The slack is being picked up with illegal/Mexican drivers.

              • I did a stint as an over-the-road big rig driver in 2010. I can tell you that the government HATES trucks. Not really sure that regulations are much different than elsewhere because it’s mostly federally regulated, but the east was just not built with big rigs in mind. It’s easy to lose a mirror on one of those lamp posts RIGHT THE HECK ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD…it’s very easy to get off onto a low-weight road accidentally and get tied up so that you can’t get turned around, too. Give me 40 acres and I’ll turn this rig around, and all that.

                The general drift of goods for years has been west-to-east. Cheap crap comes from Asia, is unloaded, and then trucked east. It sucks to do a run from Cali to NY, for instance, because the only way you get back west to get another load is if you luck onto a UPS load or something. I always did what I could to stay as far west as possible because I didn’t want to deadhead back west after even a decent run.

                Now, of course, I’m back programming computers where I belong. But it was quite an experience. One of many things I learned was that you really REALLY don’t want to be anywhere east of the Mississippi when the collapse comes, for a lot of reasons.

              • I’m with you on that. Don’t do walmart for food and without them we still have many choices. Been catching sales on rice a lot lately.. Buy 1 get one free etc.. I’ve been filling up 5 gal buckets we are getting so much.

                Oh and pasta too. Many sales running on that too..

                Hey, all you need during shtf is some rice or pasta with a little scrap of meat and your good. Through in a can of veggies and shit you liven like kings…

            • This probably isn’t any more threatening than the fact that every retail business is in a profit squeeze. Just wait until Obamacare kicks in to see that get much worse.

              It’s not that there’s a shortage of goods, it’s that inventory costs money. Shrinking inventory is one of the first signs that a retailer is about to go out of business, BTW.

            • stocking less due to rising inverntory costs wal mart has a lot less nowdays I can tell b/c of the widening isles shelves that are less deep and converting the walmart down the street into a superwalmart out of the same sized old store. changing is right but for the worst the new obama scum bag amerika new Babylonia

              • As I understand it, Wal-Mart doesn’t “pay” for inventory. Maufacturers and suppliers put goods on the WM shelves, and are paid when that item is scanned out. And they (suppliers) quit moaning about it years ago. What are they going to do, threaten to not supply Wal-Mart? haha!

                • Large companies always treat new suppliers well until they become dependant upon the large customer’s business. Then the squeeze begins.

            • 1)They don’t want their capital tied up with shelf items of low return or slow turn around items.
              2)They know when the SHTF, only essentials for survival will be bought.
              3)They don’t want their money invested in items like clothes pins, toothpicks, etc. when TSHTF; things that aren’t on the list of things to need when stuff folds
              4)They know what’s coming??

              • Dunno about you, but I fully intend to stock up on clothing as a post-SHTF barter item.

                Unless you have a 18th century textile mill sitting in your neighborhood, you’ll seriously want and need cloth for the long-haul.

                • You are right about that. I shop at the local Salvation Army and GoodWill and I stock up particularly on jeans of all sizes for men, women and children. Boots and coats too, along with belts, bootlaces etc

                • I’ve thought about the clothing thing. Seems to me if there is a 90% die off then clothing will be the one thing in long supply at least till it starts wearing out.

                • Ive been stocking up on all the clothes I wear all the time, levis, t shirts, cabelas perfect hunter boots and socks, and such, and a half dozen full sets of multicam battle uniforms, figure those may be a good item to have, pretty heavy duty stuff, lots o pockets for carrying stuff. clothes are going to be pretty hard to come by, boots?? impossible! also been picking up rolls of heavy fabrics, 16oz cotton duck, waxed canvas, etc,,, got a roll of about 14 yds of kevlar figure it may come in handy too.

                • Clothes???!…(in my best cheech voice)…we dont need no steeennnking clothes!….Mwahahahah!
                  just a loincloth and a coonskin cap…bowie in my teeth and a full magazine in my peashooter…point me towards the enemy lines and turn me loose!eeeeeehhaahhhh!… yep got lots of clothes but I couldnt resist 😉

                • @Caroline

                  No offense but from the sound of things you might have prepping confused with hoarding. Let the po folks get the clothes they need for there kids. Stick to adult sizes… You wont be able to pack that shit no how if you have to retreat…
                  Everybody assumes it will be like a slumber party with no power. People you may have to head for the woods. Best be ready to pack lite as a plan B. If they start kicking in doors you gonna stay home? Hope you got plenty of Kevlar and ammo…

                • I bought a case of edible undies. Killed two birds…

              • Toothpicks,man that hits a nerve, does anyone know where you can buy a wooden toothpick. Still made in America? I cant find any,I refuse to buy chinese

          • “You cant eat gold. Forget about it.”

            You can’t eat your credit card either. What’s your point?

            • You’re both missing the point.

              Credit cards (or debit cards, or cash) are a means to an end as long as civilization holds up. You use them to get what you need.

              Gold/PMs do the same thing after civilization goes ‘splat.

              Thing is, neither is useful in and of their own, but can be useful once you’ve gotten the basics squared away.

              • I say that you prepare on all fronts. I invest in all sorts of precious metals: gold, silver, steel, brass, lead, etc etc etc

                I’ve also invested in things like a fireplace/stove and some composting barrels, as well as limestone, annual rye grass seed, and Miracle Gro. Just by burning ALL paper and cardboard and other similar materials, as well as composting all organics, we have cut down our trash to just one or two bags a week. Not only is this useful now, it would also be useful if there is a sudden full scale collapse, at which point there is not trash collection of any kind. Its also useful in the event of a “semi melt down”: things get fubar, but there’s still a government, and they want to raise revenue by charging 50 bucks per bag of trash collected.

                We’ve also gotten very good at feeding the soil which is beginning to help feed us with the annual rye grass, which has bacteria that fixes nitrogen directly from the air into the soil. The limestone is very useful for breaking down human waste — we’ve already conducted some experiments with that, as gross as it might sound. Again, lets say there ISNT a total breakdown of society: what if they try to charge you ten bucks every time you flush the commode? It sounds outlandish, but tell me you can’t picture them trying to do that. And tell TPTB wouldn’t be selling it as some great big “earth friendly” nonsense to all the head nodding sheeple out there. Meanwhile, our so-called “betters” will continue to live it up as they always have… no need for THEM to change!

                • the housing bubble bust of 2008 created a huge problem for the hardware/building supply stores everywhere..first came the smaller inventory orders, then came the lay offs, and then half the lights in the store and the heat or ac got turned off..most of these places are still just hanging on to their business/stores by the skin of their teeth.

            • Anyone who wants to send me their “useless” gold, I’ll take all you got. I’ll even pay the shipping charges.

              Please; just post “can’t eat this gold”, and how much you want to get rid of, and I’ll know who you are.

              Thank you. Thank you very much.

              • I understand your point and your motive, certainly, but it IS valid when someone states you cannot eat gold. Gold and silver bugs always seem to get offended at the statement saying “you cannot eat gold”, etc. This is true, and many get offended because they somehow interpret this as a slur. it is not a slur it is fact, but it is also fact it is prudent to have *some* physical assets such as gold and silver, just as it is important to have other physical goods such as salt, corn meal, flour, other basics that one can also use to barter, etc., but it is not just gold and silver.

                I would rather have a years worth of food and basic materials to survive and help assist family and friends or someone who just needs sincere help. Better would be for them to prepare but not everyone is able to do this, so it is important to be able to extend a hand to those who ask, they need not know what you have or how much, but we have a responsibility to assist but each case is different. It takes much discernment in order to decide who to help.

                If someone is hungry, they are not interested in gold/silver, etc., they want food. This does not mean gold.silver are not important to possess, it just means some things take precedent over other things in certain circumstances…such as not being able to eat gold, but you can eat FOOD and drink water, hopefully clean water.

                If in our preparations, we become so self absorbed as to ignore the needs of those around us and our neighbors, we serve no useful purpose in our neighborhoods, and become selfish, and these type of hard core preppers are the same folks that threaten to shoot anyone who even attempts to get close. This attitude alone will make coming difficult situations more tense because everyone is seen as a threat, when in reality, most would just be looking for some help and are not a threat. Desperation often causes people to do things they normally would not…let us not add to this desperation by being selfish and self centered to the point of excluding helping your neighbor. Afterall, love your neighbor as yourself actually means something. It does not mean you have to help everyone, it does mean if you are capable, and have the means, then do not turn away someone who simply would ask for a little food. We must overcome the temptation to become an ‘island unto ourself’. This mentality is destructive but too common. it does not hurt to look out for those around you, doing what one is capable to do to lessen the degree of desperation and fear that will be rampant. Not everyone can move or spend thousands preparing, so each one must take little steps if they have little to work with. The whole entire preparatory mind set is easy for those who have the resources…for those that don’t, they are not a threat in most cases, they simply lack the resources, not necessarily the desire.

                Just be watchful and ready to help ease any suffering that one is able to do, with actions that are done in an attitude of grace.

          • Right. You could only use it to buy property, vehicles, guns, or large amounts of any asset.

          • You can’t eat dollars either.

          • You can’t eat Chef Boyardee either. YUCK!!!

            • I used to stock TONS of the Chef . But after Hurricane Charlie I never want to see Beefaroni again. GAK!

          • You can’t eat federal reserve notes either. Whats your point?

            • Off topic but all this eating made me think of it.

              You can’t have cooikes for breakfast… but you CAN have cookie crisp!

              … so you’re saying you can have cookies for breakfast, then.


              This was the harbinger of slathering obese doom…

          • Can’t eat dollar bills either, numbnuts!

          • I anyone is smart enough to get their retirement money away from pension funds/401(k) now, before the market crashes again, this is the ideal time to stock up on any and everything one might need, and that includes preserving a portion of your wealth with precious metals. Silver alone is the ONE big investment opportunity left to us. Gold is for long-term preservation of wealth… if you have it.

        • Like you, I am stacking everything I can. I have 3 seperate gardens and can everything. I do believe people need to be purchasing mason jars and lids for future use. And don’t forget to save every kind of seed you can find. If you haven’t done so, plant some fruit trees and grape vines. Anything you can grow will really up your chances for survival.

          • Have you figuted out anything to do with stuff like broccoli or cauliflower? just curious, I ask people this all the time, greens of any sort are another one I wish there was something we could do to preserve them, always looking but havent found a way yet.

            • KF,

              Dehydrate them and then vacuum seal. It works.

              • Yes, dehydration works well.

            • Kulafarmer, we grow about 100 broccoli heads in the Spring season (our larger growing season) and I freeze about 3/4 of the harvest. Any fall-grown broccoli has to be eaten, not processed because the tomato and bean crops are pretty big and I only have 2 hands. lol

              Here, I blanche trimmed broccoli and then vacuum-seal in the Foodsaver bags. I realize this method is only as good as the electricity that runs the freezer or the Foodsaver. In grid-down situations, we’d be forced to eat more seasonally. We could, of course, dehydrate some broccoli but it’s not how we currently preserve broccoli for off-season eating.

              Most broccoli seed is hybridized now. The majority of heirloom or open-pollinated broccoli has much smaller heads and has a longer growing period but we’ve moved to those varieties. We still grow some hybrid broccoli and one hybrid pepper so if we lose that seed, it won’t be a big deal. Everything else we grow in our 3 veggie gardens is open-pollinated for seed saving.

              For us, we can grow greens year round (zone 6). In the garden area, greens need some protection against freezing. In the greenhouse, all we do is set the stat to turn on at 40-degrees which prevents freezing. In hot weather, I can grow lettuces and radicchio in the summer by only using heat-tolerant varieties (non-hybrid). And I’ve saved seed for years so I select seed from plants that are heat tolerant and slow to bolt.

              I’ve also grown potato seed during the winter in my greenhouse! The growth rate is much less than the normal season but to take one potato and turn it into 4-7 seed-size potatoes is worth the effort if you only have a few to hold over. (Was given a few starter tubers by a potato breeder and that was my way to get more before growing them in the field.) FWIW….hope this helps.

            • dehydrate fresh and frozen. You can do darn near anything this way.

            • Have you ever made Kim chi with your broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, chard or any rabe? This is a great way to preserve veggies. Anything goes, you can even use stumps & rabe of broccoli and cauliflower. Salt, ginger and cayanne pepper. This keeps for a very long time.

            • The florets of broccoli and cauliflower can be pickled. The stalks of broccoli can be grated and lactofermented into a type of sauerkraut.

              Greens can be dehydrated and crumbled into powder. But, depending on where you live, there are greens that will grow year round under row covers, inside a low tunnel, or on a window sill. So, eat your greens and allow some to bolt in the summer to collect seeds.

              • Rabbits and chickens love it. Even dogs eat broccoli.

            • Yes sir an answer to your question is to par boil them. Then after that put them in freezer bags or vacuum seal them what ever you like. You can look up what par boiling is and how on you tube or google. Good day

            • @Kulafarmer,
              I dehydrate fresh vegetables, then vacuum-seal them with a Food Saver. I also did this with several bags of frozen vegetables (peas, carrots, limas, green beans), thanks to a tip that I read on this forum. I might try broccoli and cauliflower next.

              Here is a link that shows how to process and dehydrate greens


            • We do can some of our broccoli, including the stems after peeling them. The only reason we do this is because we like broccoli soup made with raw milk. It gets too soft for much of anything else. Pickled cauliflower is good for snacking. Add some hot peppers if you like heat. We also can spinach. The jars aren’t full after processing and they may lose some nutrients but a little goes a long way.

            • I add them to stews or pasta sauce, then can or jar them. For me, it’s also about saving your own personal energy: if all you have to do post-SHTF is to heat something up, rather than actually cook it, you save all the wear and tear on yourself gathering burnables and such

            • If you have a dark colored car, after the crash and before it grows into the ground, park it in the sun. Makes a good big dehydrator.

            • Make a brine and pickle them. With a good seal, they’ll last for years.

            • wash then blanch them in boiling water for approx 3 minutes,immediately chill in cold water,put in zip lock freezer bags and throw in the freezer.yum yum

            • Thanks for all the good input folks,,, its looking like pickling for the floretts will be the call, they dont can so well for some reason, just dont last so long, not sure why, is really the only thing I havent been able to get to hold. the greens I am trying dehydrating, only one I have had much luck with is the kale I grow, make big batches of Kale chips, most of the greens dont last too long without refer though, the kale chips dont last too long because we scarf them down as fast as we can make them…luckily we have pretty much year round growing here, but if peeps are roaming around stealing shit it may be hard to keep it growing,,

            • Broccoli and Cauliflower dry really well, as do mushrooms. You can look at my website. Everything there is free. Feel free to print the materials off and put the pages in a notebook so you have the info when the grid takes a puke!!

          • I agree Highspeedloafer! I purchased lids and pectin yesterday and noticed pectin is up a dollar over last years price. I have lots of fruit growing in my yard and was able to put up many different types of jam this summer. I have raised beds and believe seeds will go up in price soon as THEY know we rely on them for our food source.

          • Bingo. Mason jar lids are going to be mighty few and far between if a perlonged emergency pops up. Stock up NOW.

        • It’s Insane. A can of Progresso soup is 2.50. Milk Is 4.00 dollars a gallon! It cost a single person about 65 bucks a week…1 week for food. Not to mention the 3.40 a gallon to get to the damn store and back! God Bless and keep prepping

          • DUDE IN UK WE PAY $9 A GALLON

          • yes thats right imagine paying

            5.85 Pound Sterling = 9.513742 US Dollar

            PER GALLON

            now you know how we feel

            • Out of concern for just that, I’m keeping my Honda ST1300, a mere 50 mpg.

              What’s sad is I now pay what I did as a kid to fill my truck as I do now for my motorcycle.

            • And 80% of that is tax.

          • In our area, Progressive (depending upon the type) is almost $4.00 a can

            • In way I think they are foretelling the return to canning

              BE Prepared. Can. Or if you can’t, then buy lots of canned soups.

              $4.00 a can is the REAL price when adjusted for inflation

              but how many of you could make hundreds of canned ones

              for less

        • I had a military col. tell me gold and silver wouldn’t be worth nothing,the collapse would be so bad,HE said AMMO would be the new money,then food,booze,tools and so on,THE LORD says this is going to be the worst FAMINE the worlds ever seen,AND IT JUST so happens OBAMA is busy emptying every ware house of reserve food in the nation,guess where its going “THATS RIGHT TO HIS FRIENDS IN CHINA”..ARE THEY PLANNING A FAMINE…..SURE LOOKS THAT WAY TO ME……….HUMMM,a gun grab,no food,no power,no water and MAYBE A WAR,me thinks america better wake up fast………….

          • You are right Arizona. Most of our grain goes overseas to China. I work in the industry. We load it in rail cars and send it off to ports 110 cars at a time. Worldwide we need a above normal production year (2013) to provide a small cushion for 2014. 3% reserve in the corn crop now (lowest ever)!

          • His friends in China are pushing for disarmament for US citizens too.

            Chinese State Media Demands US Citizens Be Disarmed

            The Chinese government stated, “Their blood and tears (of these victims at the school) demand no delay for the U.S. gun control.”

            (breitbart dot com)
            Direct link below

              • My guess is when the powers that be bring in the peace keapers they will be Chinese; no wonder they’d like us disarmed.

            • i read that too. when china wants us unarmed i say arm every american citizen.

            • good luck with that,Americans are waking up and ain’t goin to disarm!

              • I wonder how many would just roll over. All the buyers rushing gun shops probably aren’t planning to just turn around and hand them over after they have just paid panic prices.

            • My how things have changed. Back in my youth in the 60s and 70s whatever China said about anything was ignored at a minimum and most likely just scorned. I can’t imagine the press wasting ink on such a story back then. Now you will hear, “Well China thinks it’s a good idea”.

              Who in America in their right mind gives a shit what China has to say about our rights? Those SOBs killed millions of their own people and wouldn’t think twice about killing millions more if they felt it was necessary to advance the collective.

              Right is wrong, up is down, good is bad while bad is good. The word convoluted best describes times today.

              • Right on Kevin…Im old school and not pc and I dont give a flip what the commie chinks want or say…I remember their past too and ours!

              • The Chinese have purchased a large chunk of our debt. They are financing the Obama spending spree. It costs money to keep 46 million food stampers happy and voting. And when it comes to trillion dollar wars for nothing, an open line of credit is unbeatable.

                That may be why so many RINOs and Socialist Democrats lick the boots of the ChiComs, even working as consultants for the PRC after they leave DC!! And, most of the hardcore Maoist intellectuals in academia are dying to see America’s standard of living reduced to a third-world level of subsistence. Those microcephalics came out of the colleges and into government. Look at the insanity of Sunstein, Dunn, Van Jones, Chu, Browner, Panetta and other pinheads!


              • @ Sherry

                We are all friends here, don’t hold back tell us how you really feel.

          • Considering that it is only a few days until the first day of Winter and the Missippi is so low that they are blasting rock to try and deepen the channel I would say that next year unless alot of moisture arrives will be a complete collapse for the corn and wheat crops. Big storm hitting the plains right now, maybe that will be a start. West Coast sure has had it’s share of rain.

            • Yes we need a really good year or things will get dicey! And it is not starting out too well with the winter wheat production areas still in severe drought. Stock up now! Prices on grain based products have been quietly going up for some time. The subsoil moisture levels in the corn belt are not at optimal levels yet either. We need more rain and snow to make things right.

          • @Arizona, for the most part, I beleive it is too late for those not awake. I’m just keeping myself to myself for now. If I can help others in need, I will.

            • Hey brown shoe you need to rethink your SITREP, focus on becoming a model citizen and bow to your masters…..(SARC)

              Standing by in SC, Out

        • just a thought brother if your money is short go to store like cosco and you can get 5gallon pails of rice and beans for under $100. they are cheaper than most prep stores and last 25 years freeze dried. do a search for long term food storage and you will see. you will get a lot more meals that last longer than can goods or for more money amish canned meats like yodders last over 10 years. good luck!

          • Hey Jimbo you don’t to go to Costco you can sign up on line and they’ll deliver those items to your door – most of the time at no extra cost (not sure right this minute at the height of the commercial season). I put a $125 Costco emergency order on my tablet for my wife; if there was a last second she could triple the order with the cash I have her carry and survive 3 months no matter where she is. That is on instore ready to go items not the long term buckets as you have referenced.

          • I go to Sam’s club, buy a 50 lb. bag of rice for $18, buy a couple 5 gal. pails for around $3 each, put the rice in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, (A few more bucks) then seal the bags with my home clothes iron… A bucket of rice done like this runs about $15.

        • The reason they are prolonging this thing is so the FRAUDSTER BANKSTERS can steal as much as possible while getting prepared themselves. They know the whole thing is a CHARADE.

          You would think Marxist-loving communists would arrest the Wall Street fraudsters who have caused this calamity, but no, no, no, they’re all in on it together! These Monsters are completely shameless, compulsive liars!

          They still have not even arrested and convicted Jon Corzine of MF Global, who ripped off his own clients by the billions!

          NYC is the most corrupt, backward, faggot-infested city in America. Even in third world countries, they know and admit they are corrupt, yet NYC Monsters just have to pretend, that’s it!

          Then there’s WHORE CULTURE. Beyond the demise of this “Republic,” you have the harlots in purple finery (religion is collectivism) making sure to ruin the country forever. Monica Lewinsky, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Pamela Broadwell – all of the feminazi whores do everything possible to sabotage individual freedom and liberty in order to have Government as their husband. Their real husbands end up having to light themselves up into flames on the steps of the New Hampshire courthouse.

          Free contraception, free abortions, free childcare, free police, free money itself – the whores want government as their own husband. IT TAKES A VILLAGE! Even Ann Coulter, the psycho, advises the repeal of the 19th Amendment, so whores do not end up in control of the State. Yet it’s already happened…

          When Rush, recovering drug addict, sugggested that a whore not use taxpayer money for free contraception, he was targeted and lampooned by MSM. The moral depravity of the Monsters has no low – it will only get worse.

          Fraudster banksters print the bills and the whores give them the lap dances. Together they have turned the moral compass upside-down irreparably. Both go hand in hand.

          All of them are MONSTERS.

          • How do you end up with Sarah Palin lumped in with the rest of that trash. You drank the MSM kool aid on her.

            • C`mon …. Palin. Duh. Buy a dog!!

          • You hsve mental problems if you put Palin in with the rest of those names. Lefties always have a hard time telling the difference between those who have value and the worthless they worship. Admit it you voted for Obama both times, own up.

            • @John W./ Limfagtango

              You may be a pusillanimous sissy girl IF you think Palin is not a Feminazi Women’s Lib kinda gal. When asked in an interview which female politican she admired most, she stated Hillary Clinton! You have no knowledge, insight, or recognition to know what’s going on. You have pulled the wool over your eyes. Sarah Palin a self-admitted Feminist, and as such, is a pure collectivist.

              You fools who think this is a Left vs. Right thing do not belong on SHTF. That issue has been resolved on multiple occasions on posts here done by Mac.

              There is no such thing as Republican vs. Democrat – they are all STATISTS.

              You are an intellectually deprived person, sitting in a morass of depravity and ignorance and blindness.

              It would be better for you to sit silent, while your Chinese government issued boy toy disarms you, and makes you cook dinner for the money you owe her.

              • I think Palin struck while the iron was hot and cashed in. She’ll say what she thinks her audience wants to hear. Maybe she decided to cash in and ride the thing down as it augered in. She knew she was done politically anyway.

                The Pelosi crowd was obviously terrified of her, that’s why they expended so much money and effort to trash her. You don’t waste resources on non-threats.

                Would still like to marry her for a few months.

          • Hey! You’ve just won the Prize!

        • Actually, whole grain rice and dried beans are much less expensive and more nutritious. Suggest you get some rice and beans. They can be cooked in the same pot (after overnight soaking of beans) and, with some oil (olive, etc.) will be much better. Rice, beans and oil can keep at room temperature, so no storage challenges.

          • Hey You –

            Beans and grains are WAY healthier than a lot of the packaged foods that people stock up on, but rice is not a good food to eat daily – too much of it is contaminated with arsenic, even organic rice. Brown rice has even higher levels of arsenic than white rice, although it has more nutrients. You should not consume rice more than once or twice per week, max. I’d suggest mixing your beans with other grains for variety and vitamin content. We really like wheat berries cooked like a pilaf with beans and dehydrated veggies.

            Also, unless you want scurvy or rickets or some other disease caused by lack of vitamin C and D, it really is important to have SOME source of these. Also, a lack of vitamin D causes kidney stones, which would be a real nightmare in a SHTF world. You can sprout grains or store up some fruits and veggies but these nutrients are vital and you can’t get what you need simply from beans and rice.

            ~ D

            • D girl is onto the “organic” scam.

      2. An increase in food prices means a long overdue slap to the hyper breeding population. Guess people are not smarter than yeast.

        • great attitude, M. prices get so high those you seem as “hyper breeding” will starve, and you think it’s a good thing? attitudes like yours fit in very well with those who wish think they know what’s best for others. may you either starve along with them or become a casualty in their acquisition for food.

        • M,

          Glad someone else said it before me. I am tired of hearing about how these mindless, hyper-breeding (as you put it, M) masses are going hungry. I very simply couldn’t care less. Let them starve, good riddance.

          I have prepped and provided for myself and the one human I brought into this world and that it is my responsibility to raise.

          And before someone on here comes back with a religious-slanted reply, do me a favor? SAVE IT.

          • I am not in favor of ANYONE starving to death, not even people who couldn’t care less about me. That being said, the fact remains that WE CAN’T SAVE THEM. We just can’t! The only people who have the resources to save those people are the inhuman assholes deliberately causing all this suffering. If any of that lot had a heart, this shit wouldn’t be happening in the first place

          • White people are the only race that is not breeding like a bunch of bunnies. all other races ignore the population control stuff.

        • Err, what “hyper breeding” are you talking about? Most first-world nations are seeing declines in birthrates, and everyone else (with few exceptions) has a stabilizing rate. This includes such massive populations as China and India (China’s one-child policy has been keeping populations there stable for a long time now).

          Hell, Japan’s birthrate is in the toilet, with its demographics skewing hard towards older people.

          Don’t get me wrong, we still have an overall growing population, but I suspect it’ll crash here in the next 30-40 years as the baby-boomers start dying off.

        • A lot of Christians have big families too.

          • Oh my, your ignorance is showing.

      3. Hello, been reading for a while, first time poster. I mostly just wanted to post to give help to some of the people who were on the fence like me. Basically, it’s like this, stop thinking of preppers as crazy hillbillies and start thinking of prepping the same way you look at Health Insurance. You think nothing of paying for insurance and most likely wont need it but when you do need it you thank your lucky stars. So speaking of the food crisis, stop thinking of stockpiling food as foolish waste and start thinking of it like Insurance.

        • @Dullknife are you ready to be fitted for your tinfoil hat yet? Boowahahahaha just kidding , and nice post.

          • ill take one in size 8

          • tinfoil hat? did someone just call me?

        • Welcome to the family.

        • @DullKnife -Welcome to the Plan conversation. You have indeed made the right choice on which side of the fence to jump. It may be thought that you are preaching to the choir, but I have watched the comment / reader numbers increase exponential over the years. In fact, not long ago I went all the way back to Mac’s 1st article and read forward. This clan has grown into a nice healthy community.
          (@mac, didn’t read all of the articles, I only wish I had that much idle time; though I have many bookmarked 😉

          My point being ~ new people come in every day. We may never know who we direct to the correct path.

          Drop bread crumbs every chance you get.
          ~..~ wee

          p.s. folks, don’t forget to help keep the site up and running; some things aren’t as free as they appear.

        • Welcome! The things we stock up on are things we use and consume weekly anyway so nothing is going to waste. We mostly buy when we find bargains and so we have actually saved $$ in the long run anyway.
          We keep a list, by the computer, of somewhat perishable items, that we will fill up a couple buggies with at the local grocer, when/if a shtf scenario unfolds over a two or three day period. If we get hit by an overnight EMP, or total shutdown of the monetary system, then we will just survive on what we already have. What we already have, is better than all the gold and silver we just “thought” about having.

        • congratulations,,, I started storing stuff a few years ago, now we have refined it a bit, I stock a lot of grains and stuff, have been making a lot of bread, its easy and inexpensive and really good, but watch the waist line, geez, anyway, my point is, we have had a few almost dizasters, I say almost because they didnt really materialize, Tsunami warnings actually, but they could have been a real problem if they had been on the scale of the Fukushima tsunami, so any time someone snickers about your food storage or emergency gear or bug out bag, just smile and know they will most likely be one of the first people headed for the FEMA camp, while you are mixing up a nice pot of stew or some pasta or something,
          If the stuff you stockpile is stuff you cook with all the time you will ALWAYS have a good reserve and always be on schedule and have a system you can count on, remember to figure out alternative ways of cooking stuff that doesnt take gas canisters etc, some dutch ovens and cast iron skillets are huge for their versatility. Amazon has some cheap, fresh rolls made in a dutch oven over a fire, unbelieveable, and most of the bread recipes are all non perishable items, go nice with fresh veggies or soups

        • Greetings DullKnife! Welcome to the forum and thanks for the input!

          I agree 100!

        • @ Dullknife : as Morpheus once said, “Welcome to the real world”

          I myself think beyond prepping: every prep I make is actually a blow for my own personal independence. I see the selfishness and blindness and cruelty and plain un-American attitudes that are prevailing these days, and I want no part of it. the more I prep, the less I need to have anything to do with the kind of assholes who would trample you for a flat screen TV or a new pair of air jordan sneakers

        • Yeah, Dull knife

          Just what kind of insurance are you talking about?

      4. Good article. Currently my family is spending $300 plus on food each month for 3 people. We can only add about two cans to the preps each month as well.

        • $300 per month???
          You must not eat much.
          Groceries for my family of 4 runs between $200 & $250 per WEEK.

          • You must be eatin’ “high on the hog”, Justin Case.

            • Or he has 2 teenage boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

              • Pfft…
                With 2 teenage girls you could go thru that in TP and beauty products per week

                • It all depends on where you live, what you eat, any dietary restrictions, and what foods are local/native versus shipped in.

            • My thoughts too but didn’t want to be first to say it.
              At my house, it’s not uncommon for me to prepare $2 meals..and we DO NOT go hungry here.
              I LOVE my storage room; never have to leave the house for much of anything.
              I even canned creamed cheese!!!
              Tonight, hash brown casserole with baked ham on side, beer bread, and tea.
              At the most, a $5 meal for 2.

              • Jay Jay: you forgot the turnip greens and butter beans.

                • Hey, don’t forget the popcorn and some butter. Sams has a gollan of popcorn butter substitute for about $10.00. and of course the salt!

                • Oh, country girl…around here fried sweet potatoes($15 half bushel), purple hull peas(farmer’s market), corn on the cob(picked/froze myself from grower), cooked apples(climbed tree and canned), cornbread…all the time.
                  With meals like that, we don’t need no stinking meat!!!
                  Turnip greens are hard to find even in the dad grew them EVERY fall. I miss them.
                  But my sweetie brought me turnips this week from a friend…and keeps his eyes peeled for greens…hmmm–ummmm–good eatin’ there.

            • eating healthy is expensive if bought from a store.
              Need to start thinking on all year gardening mini green houses and such. if your going to have electricity after shtf with solar or wind or hydro power look into things like He who will survive, will be he who will GO ONE STEP FURTHER.
              “But what if we do not have power?” WELL GO ONE STEP FURTHER I SAY!!!

          • We don’t buy expensive food. We have a pretty poor diet in comparison to others. Once in a while we will get a steak. We usually always have hamburger. At the moment, $300 a month is too expensive for us.

            • GK: My wife & I lived on generic mac & cheese for a couple years when we first got married – $0.25 a box!
              That’s something I will never eat again. blech.

              2 teenagers, 1 boy, 1 girl.
              I can’t garden where we live, no space, deer & elk eat everything, HOA frowns on shooting Bambi in the driveway.
              Fresh fruits & veggies cost more than canned stuff. Canned veggies taste like crap anyways.
              Hormone-free milk is more expensive than gasoline.

              I don’t know about “high on the hog”; but we do eat well, with a variety of barnyard animals and sea creatures.
              Every meal has an entree (protein), fresh veg, starch at a minimum.
              I like to cook. 🙂

              And the “beauty products” budget is a bit less than the food budget 🙂

            • My Dad and a few million Italian Americans damn near lived off of Pasta Fazole (beans and pasta soup/stew) pasta and wild broccoli (rabe). It powered Rocky Marciano and Joe DiMaggio.

              If you want to eat cheap that is also nutritious and tasty check out the real Italian food. They fed large families well on very little money. It can be done.

        • Good job Grego, my wife and I are under $200 with one eat out treat per month, but I have a good garden supply that contributes, a lot of fruit trees and an almond tree so we get some extras. I trek to Nevada (live in CA) about once every 5 or 6 weeks to work on my property there and bring back several pounds of rattle snake which contributes for a few weeks each time.

      5. If your not prepping, your just inepting… That includes food.

      6. This is why one of the soundest investment people can have is a pantry full of canned foods, and other long term storage food. Also seeds are a good idea, along with the proper hunting needs and plenty of ammo. It is also an excellent idea to learn the gathering knowledge that the pioneers and American Indian knew, and especially learn so botany and what plants are safe to eat in your area. Also many plants have chemical properties that aid in helping cure sickness.

        Food will go up in price a lot as it become harder to buy and obtain. Those canned goods you buy today could be valued at many times in the future what they were bought at today’s prices. Probably dollar for dollar one of the best investments with your money you can get on any stock market.

        • @BI & JOG. I’m so far behind on my reading that I think I’m first.LOL.
          From what I can find, or better yet – not find any comments from you guys, our Terra Firma and all things swirling solar are semi-stable.?. If I’ve missed something, would you please update this one small human, in the act of, being.
          Many thanks. ~..~ wee

        • I agree whole heartedly @ BI. Before I put a dime in to any other investment I will have enough food stored that I feel comfortable.

          Just a suggestion, Dinty Moor beef stew is very good. Highly recommend it.

          God Bless!

          • @ Norse Prepper. I tell you, sometimes I am shocked at the shear amount of intelligence and wisdom expressed by the people on this site. I have seen true stupidity like that incredibly awful article about preppers being selfish, and these retards that want to take away our self defense. Then I see the common sense approach expressed by so many people that WORKS. These radical liberals want to take away all of our basic freedoms that WORK for all of us, including the liberal extremists that are too ignorant to realize just how wonderful freedom really is.

            I see time and time again just how when freedom is restricted just how suffocating it is, and how it leads to other terrible problems. just look at california, the lawyer capital of the world that has boa constrictor laws on pratically everything. The state is a cess pit, it is the most polluted place in the 50 states even though they have every EPA law on the books. The crime rate is out of control even though they have gun control that of some European countries. There is vast unemployment even though they have all sorts of laws favoring the worker. People leave the state and they cannot believe how free others live in other states.

            It really irritates me to see how people are so willing to give up their freedoms on a whim without even giving a single or second thought what this will bring about. I am just glad there is still people here and the 1% that think for themselves and value freedom. It is far easier to lose freedom than to gain it back once it is lost.

            • BI,
              I live in CA and I agree with you 100%. As most on here know, as a former LEO and vet, the gun laws in CA are Draconian. And they are gonna be used as the blue print for the rest of the nation soon. Stored supplies are a thing of the past here. I went camping over Thanksgiving and the people in my camp tripped out that I keep my motor home stocked for full time. They thought i was paranoid. When they saw i always have a 30-30, 357 revolver and 10-22 stored under my bed, they thought I was nuts. But when I started telling them my views and used facts that they could look up on their smart phones, they got scared….. I like my friends that I ride with, but they have a life expectancy of minutes in a real disaster. The one that understood and agreed with me was the one gal with 5+1 in the oven children. She understood and agreed with everything (except the gun issues)…..

              Free thinkers are still out here, but they are rare

              • JJ you aren’t alone – but you soon will be. My wife will retire in about 9 months then we’re bugging out to NV permantly. I’m 4th generation CA, ex LEO both local and federal and can’t wait to bail. By the way I got old so I cashed in the 30-30 for a lever 357 to go with the revolver. My wife liked the set up so much I doubled down and got another pair and she does 38 sp out of them. Its a great set up and the anti’s aren’t going to kill these like they will our AR’s.

                • Jim, the anti’s aren’t going to kill yours, YET. Incremental is the word.

              • Well holy sh*t, a leo that loves liberty. Can you direct me to the unicorns please Mr. Jackboot Taxfeeder.

                There is nothing more perverted in life than a leo claiming to love liberty.

                F*ckin Benedict Arnold.

            • Amen BI…Amen

            • California was once the flower of the USA. Now it is a liberal’s paradise full of low IQ morons who can’t think for themselves and elect nutjobs to the senate and house. Jerry Brown their governor was known as Governor Moonbeam in his first go around forty years ago. If one wants to see the results of unrepentant liberal policy look no further. Last in education, one of the highest state income taxes and nothing but illegal aliens to show for it.

            • Hey BI, I just wish that I had learned how to express points so eloquently.

              Didn’t happen. I was a statistic.

              I got screwed by the PTB

              But it sure is good to know that I could have (if things

              had been different) maybe I could have been intelligent

              and smart in order to help people.

          • @ NorsePrepper….someone mentioned “frybread” on yesterdays thread (think it was bad American) just can’t find it now….do you or anyone out there have a recipe for that? Thought it would be a useful one to have if the grid goes down…thanx in advance, and take care! CC

            • Buy the book, “Live On Wheat”. It has alot of Fry bread recipe’s that do not require many ingredients. And they’re good.

        • Not canned! Dried foods. More nutritious and longer lasting.

      7. DON’T NEED FOOD …

        I don’t know About the Rest of you Regular Posters … I though am truly Pissed Off .


        * Once done taking back washington dc … we then march on wallstreet .


        ~ N.O. ;0p

        • What’s wrong with you? Was this supposed to be funny, or are you really that ill?

          I guess that you do it for the attention.

          • WHAT ? ;0p IT TASTES JUST LIKE PORK FROM THE PIG … JUST ADD BAR-B-QUE SEASON TO TASTE boil it real slow … yummy ;0p slurp

            Cannibalism was once a part of daily life during the Popes Christian Crusades many a “Man of God” ate his fellow man … And the way things are going in the World … they will soon be once again !

            Don’t knock it till you try it Saved by Grace ! ;0P

            If you attend Mass on Sundays you eat and drink of your false gods body every Sunday !

            So you and every other Christian are actually a practicing Cannibal yourself if you think about it !

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • We know that the bread and wine don’t become the literal body and blood of Christ. We know that His teachings must become part of us just as food becomes part of us. The God of the Bible is the only true God. Someday you will bow your knee before Him and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. You can do that before you’re thrown into hell if you refuse to repent.

            • C’mon. It’s one thing to disagree with religion or the god concept, but don’t be a douche. Have a little respect for these people. So far, my atheism has not been dishonored by the christians on this site. I make my beliefs, or lack of, clear but I don’t intentionally insult people in the process.

              • Thanks Tim, you are a stand up guy.

              • “Body of Christ” anyone ? Extra Crispy ! ;0P

              • Militant Christians and militant atheists are equally distasteful.

        • Ok, Coco Puff, we can march but is there a

          MAC DO NOT

          along the way?

      8. Get yourself some chickens, learn to garden indoor and out. Make it your business to learn 1800s farming techniques. Get some heirloom seeds, start a compost heap.
        Re-rout your rainwater. Get a cheapo solar gen (at least you can have some way to provide light and charge batteries). Get a wood stove. Do these things now if you haven’t allready. Time is running out and only you are going to be able to help you.

        • Well said. Your disaster stores will only last so long. You must also prepare for a permanent change in living where food, fuel, water, electric, etc become so scarce or unaffordable that you must produce your own.

          • Nice to hear some reason!
            I have been trying to get my family to start thinking about that sorta stuff, when theres no money, even if things are still lurching along, that meter from the electric co is getting un plugged and handed back to them, what little money comes in will go to water, if both water and money disappear, guess well be refugees cause it hasnt been raining much and donk know how long we can streatch the reservoir out, otherwise im figuring on taking a step back to the mid 1800s for everything.

      9. I hear people say they can’t aford to prep. You can go to Wal Mart or other stores and buy canned goods for .68 cents a can, 12 cans to a case, around 8 bucks a case. Simple math, 5 cases of food for around 40 bucks,about the price of a carton of smokes.

        • Actually, I find even better deals at Big Lots! and Aldi. BL has Bear Creek dried soups for $2.50/$3 a bag (8 servings, just add water), and BC is the good stuff people pay 2-3x as much for at Whole Foods. At Aldi, I go to the discontinued rack for hella crazy sales. They were getting rid of their scalloped potatoes and stuffing for 50c a box!

          But where my real savings comes from is at the regular grocery store. I shop at a store that has really good sales as it is, and they take coupons a month expired. Combine the two, and that’s when I’m walking out with KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce for 9c and Bar S hot dogs for 19c. (Bar S sucks, I’m a Vienna girl all the way, BUT, if you fry them in bacon fat and add lots of garlic and paprika, they’re pretty darned tasty.)

          • Not trying to be a jerk, Lori, but boxed food is exactly what I do NOT buy.
            Yeah, it’s “filling”, but it doesn’t have much in the way of nutrition.
            I generally try to avoid eating things I can’t pronouce or things that have more than 3 syllables.
            If “polyhydroxymetholhydratedsorbatazol” is in it, it’s NOT in me.
            And the only hot dogs I will buy are “jew dogs”; Hebrew National. Only buy them once or twice a year, but HN dogs don’t have quite so much pig toenails in them as other brands.

            • Viennas are all beef too, but just not Kosher (those wacky Austrians have no problem using rump meat for one reason or another haha). Me, I’m of the “Meat’s meat and man’s gotta eat” persuasion, and yep, I’ve eaten my share of head cheese, ham hocks and beef tongue as a kid. If it tastes good, I’ll eat it.

              I buy whatever’s on sale that we’ll eat. Hubby could care less about ingredients, and he makes twice as much as I do, so his vote wins on buying strictly on sales. I do make salads and stuff too, so it’s not like we live strictly on sides.

          • Watch the High Frucose Corn Syrup

            Not such a good deal

        • Our Aldis still has .49 cent canned goods. If one watches for sales, I mean real sales, canned goods are .39 cents.
          I got Libby’s AND Best Choice peas, green beans, and corn for .39 cents many, many times lately. And these were .95 cent cans.

        • Question is, can you afford to not stock up? Kind of like not being able to afford a lifejacket for your boat outing on lake Superior.

      10. Why Can’t Americans See the Obvious Truth?

        Published on Aug 6, 2012

        In America, in America’s US Government, Israeli Zionist are the Enemy of the State.

        So why can’t the US military forces see the obvious truth?

        • The usual brain-dead Nazi crap. Why hasn’t this guy been banned?

          • Yeah, Mac – is there nothing seditious enough to get a troll banned from this site?

            • @Barn Cat / Old Coach.
              I may mistaken but I don’t think Mac bans folks. One of the main, MAIN, reasons I hang out here is because it is a refuge from what is systematically being destroyed before our very eyes… a Republic based on laws we should / claim to embrace. ?Got that pocket constitution handy?

              It could be noted that this site is free to enter, post, read, educate, and ignore as desired. Vote up / down, skip what you disagree with, state your objection or agreement, run away with information as you see fit… etc. etc.
              Or you can just decide to not visit if it disturbs you too much. That’s the price and reward of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. No voting peeps off the island. (careful, someone might not like what you say when it becomes a 2-way street).

              In CoCo’s defense – he mumbles strange things and always calls to my mind a wonderful quote ‘I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells’… Dr.Seuss. CoCo makes me think outside the box, validate what I call wee’s truth. To be honest, I think I’d be oh so very happy if he was my neighbor. Because, he has never deviated; you know how it hangs with him.

              So I beg, plead, that you don’t call for banning folks. That’s where it all starts – as you see happening rapidly from our public, elected, servants. Some begin to think they know best how the rest should (fill in the blank); and then – BAM, it’s now a law that everyone abides by whether you like it or not, constitutional or not.

              Just a little thinkin’ from my little patch of grass.

          • The Zionist mafia that runs the US and Israel is NOT the Israel of the bible.

            The State of Israel is an evil criminal enterprise OWNED run by the Family Rothschilds.

            It is not of God. “Israel” is a people, a evil political entity.

            These Israeli Zionists are not godly, they are evil and they are frauds.

            Many are atheists and satanists. Any who claim to be religious put the Babylonian Talmud above the scriptures.

            The Talmud is not scripture, it is the opinions of rabbis and much of it is pure evil.

            • CrackHead,

              How about giving the bong a rest. Your Zionist rants are BORING.

              Stay Brave Israel

              • Quote : “Stay Brave Israel” are you serious ???

                you don’t know the real israel one bit if you say such a comment nor do you know the the truth of 9/11 .

                ignorance is bliss @high noon . you must live in a paradise of blissfulness .

                ~N.O. ;0P

                • All Anti-Coco Poofs

                  Coco Puff is trying to get your psyche to

                  move forward

                  Never, ever

                  kill the messnger!

          • Hes telling the truth. Whos behind the gun ban? Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, Emmanuel, Lautenberg. Jews. They didnt learn anthing from the holocaust. Nothing whatsoever.

            • Maybe because this time they plan on being outside the ovens.

          • Just f*ckin great. My favorite alternative sites are now being hijacked by nanny state wanna bees.

            Should we call the pre crime thought police on coco? Did he leave an owwie booboo on your delicate sensabilities?

            Learn some rhetoric and another few layers of skin. Or dont forget to wear your knee pads when you go see big brother you sissy.

            PS learn the difference between zionism and judaism you bigot.

          • My mouse has a secret feature I call a scroll wheel.

        • (1 John 3:15 NIV) Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him.

          • @ Barn Cat.

            FYI, the NIV is not a REAL Bible. It is missing over 64,000 words of God out of it. It’s NT is based upon the Nestle-Aland and the United Bible Society Greek Text. Both of these texts are based upon manuscripts that are corrupt.

            An English speaking prepper, needs to “stack high to the rafters,” the King James Bible, which is an accurately translated Bible based upon the true Bible words.

            Because the NIV is missing thousands of words of God out of it, it will never produce the faith that you need to overcome all things that might hit the fan in any worse-case scenario.

            The NIV is the translational choice of the one world order of the globalists for their one world religion, and there is a plan in the making to take out the Revelation completely out of it, to replace it with the Book of Hermes which says to kill all those who do not take the mark of the Beast, but not in those exact words.

            • The newer translations (since the ’50’s) of the Bible are funded by the Elite controlled National Council of Churches, a liberal one world org. tied into the WCC; goes back many decades. Started printing “newer” Bibles in the 50’s with the Revised Standard. Each newer version did changes, removed words, whole sentences, water down meaning. I wouldn’t even call them Bibles. Mainline IRS controlled churches are run by liberal clergy from liberal seminaries who produce gelding “preachers” with a certain agenda to incl.a social gospel of works. Home churches or non 501c3 unregistered meeting houses are real KJV- N.T. churches. Folks, leave these IRS controlled churches now, and form real churches with like minded folks/family worship.

      11. The Judaic New World Order is Very Real and it IS NOW in CONTROL OF AMERIkA !



        ~N.O. ;0p

        • It will be a short brutal event , logistics are simply not in place for anything else. Too experiment starve yourself for a week and drink minimal water. Then see how much hostilities you are up for engaging in.

        • Coco…many don’t separate the Jews from Zionist Jews.
          I get it and have read lots about the Zionists.
          I don’t believe they are the ‘chosen few’ the Bible speaks of.
          Many just think of Israel and don’t think of Zionist Israel. You’ll get there. Keep trying.

      12. Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who kept their swords .

        -Benjamin Franklin

        • Matt 5:9

          “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God”.

          • Blessed are the peacemakers , cause nothing says F U quite like a 45 long colt round in the face.

            • Or a 12 ga. being cycled.

              • Truely a beautiful sound,

                Unless of course your not the person holding it.

                Then it is a very intimedaiting sound

      13. These Fascist understand, know and are aware the jig is up. The American People understand the whole Global Criminal Synicate of Govenmemts and officials are GUILTY!

        Their whole economic system is based on Criminal CIA/Intelligence Fraud, Espionage, Bribery, Extortion, Racketering, False Flags and Murder. The Criminals are running scared. The goal is to disarm The American People and institute the NWO of a Global Fascist Corporate Bankster Authoritarian Police State World Government.

        The PsyOp and murder of children needed to have the maximum psychological effect on The American People. Make no mistake, the psycopath evil doers are preying on The American Peoples fear, anger and sympathy which creates division. Divide and conquer is The Globalist game.

        • The Criminals ARE running SCARED

          • And they want us to think its our fault

            for living and breathing

            yeah right

            time to turn those tables

      14. any suggestions on starchy plants that don’t require much water?

        high sodium high calorie meat products are what’s taking the most space in the prep pantry now for us. when things really go south it’ll be hard labor all day long and burning through 3-5 thousand calories a day will be clock work. whether it’s foraging or finding water or tending to the garden. it will all be some hard work.

        not sure if potato plants need much water. hopefully those jerusalem artichokes are low maintenance plants. the rice and beans that we are stocking up will not last too long. an alternative source of carbs will be essential.

        • asian – red potaoes and wheat .
          neither require huge amounts of water and both store well. and remember never to plant potatoes in the same place twice , rotate with wheat and corn .
          best of luck.

        • Sweet potato. High in fiber and vitamins. Also they grow on somewhat poor soil; the greens are edible and high in protein; they store well in the ground and last a long time out and they are easy to propagate (from the shoots that come out). Plus you can eat them after you collect shoots to put in the ground. Overall, sweet potato plant produces something edible from May ’til December or January. And plant them amongst your landscaping …not just in a garden.

          • Just last week I harvested my sweet potatoes. I had close to 100 lbs. Plenty for my small family and to share with neighbors in exchange for other produce.

            I grow my sweet potatoes in large containers. I use inverted tomato cages and train the sweet potatoe vines up the cages. They look just like topiaries. I place other pots with flowers and herbs around these large containers. Nobody has ever guessed what I am growing. I have received several compliments on how lovely my yard looks.

            If anyone here is new to gardening and wants something easy to grow I highly recommend trying sweet potatoes. Marc is exactly right. They are high in fiber and vitamins and store really well. Just do a little homework on how to grow them in your climate and the proper way of curing.

        • Asian Prep –

          Look into potato towers – you can grow a LOT of potatoes in just a couple of square feet with those. If you decided to build one, take an old hose with holes poked in it and place it in your tower before adding the soil and potatoes. With this, you will use less water because you don’t have to thoroughly soak the top layer to get water down to the bottom layer.

          I haven’t grown jerusalem artichokes but plan to try some this year.

          Also, root veggies like parsnips and rutabegas are pretty low maintenance.

          ~ D

          • I live in Idaho. I have potatoes all around me and they are easy to grow in garden. The problem I see is even in the newer sub-division that I live in there are about 120 homes. Of those, only about 3 have gardens and Im one of the three.

            People in USA have become way, way too dependent on easy food. Those days are being shortened.

            • ugly 100% I agree ppl have been spoiled by easy food, easy heat, easy power. I guess it is why I stress less. I know shit is going to go bad fast in a hurry, and painful. I have starved to the point of almost not being able to move. That was the point when I started preparing my skill sets to survive without a pantry full of food, and without supplies. One step further.

              • Oh Anon Leg…

                that’s deep that’s


                but damn deep

          • I live in Idaho. I have potatoes all around me and they are easy to grow in garden. The problem I see is even in the newer sub-division that I live in there are about 120 homes. Of those, only about 3 have gardens and Im one of the three.

            People in USA have become way, way too dependent on easy food. Those days are being shortened.

          • Daisy…Did you try this yet? I only got about 5 lbs of potatoes out of my experimental tower. How did yours do?

            • JRS ~

              I did try it out. I got about 10 pounds from my tower. For my small city lot, growing that much food in two square feet was a definite bonus.

              My yield was reduced because I moved in September, though, so I had to harvest about a month early. I think I would have gotten a lot more potatoes if I could have left it for a few more weeks.

              I plan to compare this year by planting an equal number of potatoes in rows vs a tower – I think it will be an interesting experiment.

              ~ D

              • Oh, that’s why I love Farmers

                They push through the bullshit

                and get the goal done

      15. I do think many dont quite realize how many people there are now on the same size planet. If anything happens to further disrupt the food it could very well be very bad. Yes, learn how to become closer to the earth. I had an older man tell me that.

        Also, if and when the time comes, one will need to be prepared to defend what they have. However, I do feel Gods word teaches that we should also help our fellow man where we can. I pray for the wisdom to know the difference when and if the time comes.

        • Matt 5:7

          “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”

          • Keep reading. Matt 10:34 “I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword”

        • And we think we have a monopoly on nut cases.

        • And we think we have a monopoly on nut cases.

      16. Canning is definitely a good idea.I go to a local butcher that raises his own beef and pork and grows non GMO feed for them. Every couple of months they clean out their walk-ins of extra meat and orders that were never picked up. I got put on the list to get their excess and they give it to us free of charge. Will be making and canning vegetable soup with the free beef. One good meat to can is beef heart. This is nutrient dense meat and butchers can’t seem to give them away. They can be bought for less than $1.00 a pound(free for me). I pickle mine in quarts. They are especially good for snacking or when playing cards.

        • Dude you must be from Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa

      17. Folks, please remember to load up on a few long rifles of whatever kind. At my local gun store, they said they just raised AR’s by 500 dollars each and magpul pmag prices have doubled. Not trying to hijack thread, just wanted to add that if we’re preparing for scarcity and tyranny, firearms will also be crucial.

      18. them bastards got a two for 1 deal out of this tragedy..shut up a tesimony for the libor scandal and targeted the preppers..And possibly the biggest attack on our 2nd in passed years.

        stack it to the rafters, and not just food

        • VRF

          They honed the art of manipulating people and governments to a razors edge in the cold war years. They are very good at being very bad.

      19. Psalm 104:14-15

        (Sing praise to the Lord)
        ” He causes the grass to grow for the cattle,and vegetstion for the service of man, that he may bring forth food from the earth, and wine that makes glad the hearts of men. Oil to make his face shine and bread which strengthens man’s hearts”.

        • There is no doubt that we need to have a food storage and also learn about the food produced from the land. The Lord did not create all plants as weeds, many are edible and have been for centuries.

          Time to learn in 2013….

          • Several mo reader 1st time comment.Idont know if anybody has looked into Mother Earth News website? They have all back issues from No1 in 1970s thru 2012 on cd for less than 50$. More info on early farming than you could read in a year.

        • If whatever the New World Order wants to bring

          They FEAR


          That we Might know what they are up to.

          And that my friends is our hope

          The New World Order FEARS

          And it’s because it’s real

          it means something

          We can defeat them.

          If they fear then we (people of this planet)

          have already won

          Don’t give up

          We have a FIX

          now zone into the target

          and make that target count

          Pinpoint accuracy

          Take the coward New World Order out

          with One shot

          for Humanity

      20. The father Lanza (VP GE Capital) is also off the hook for roughly quarter million dollars a year in ex spouse/child care costs. That’s a nice bonus

        • WOW ! Thats cynicail.

        • From all I have read the Dad willingly gave her that much money. It was his idea.

      21. Greetings to all! I’m a longtime reader…first time poster. I just wanted to say my friend and I have found a great place to buy longterm food items for unbeatable prices. Has anyone here ever gone to an LDS distribution center? The people are very nice and more than helpful in building your food storage. We go to the one in Brecksville Ohio. There you can pack your food in either #10 cans or mylar pouches. They carry the basic food supplies like wheat,rice,sugar,oats,beans,ect. You can see and print out their price list at They do not require you to be a member of their church either, these are just good people willing to help anyone in need. I hope you all have a Safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!

        • @gardenbird, welcome aboard. Glad you introduced yourself.
          LDS have a grand reputation with the clan here. Thanks for keeping it refreshed in the discussions. I reciprocate your wishes.

      22. This is what the Alinskyite’s Cloward-Piven plan has been working for.

        Now all they need to do is instigate a Black Swan event, and their dream of eliminating five or six billion unnecessary peasants comes to pass.

      23. Easy there, folks! This report comes from a source which is, to put it politely, a bit thin on credibility.

      24. Off-topic:

        I got an abundance of nasty emails regarding the article I wrote about the “Psy-ops War on Preppers”. That’s okay – I didn’t expect non-preppers to really “get it”. But following has to be the most awful one – I truly can’t believe that someone would say this!

        “You think Adam would have been such a good killing machine if his crazy mother did not teach him to do so?

        I hope that your kids are killed at the next school shooting. Maybe then you won’t be so pro-gun.

        You and the other preppers should all rot in hell. You and those like you caused this tragedy.”

        • Daisy, you wrote a good article. I’m so sorry that you had to take the nasty fallout and also a threat against your children. Typical commie-Progressive with all of their hypocritical ‘tolerance’ shit. (BTW, all emails and comments are associated with a specific IP address. FWIW, you can report it to abuse or postmaster of the domain where the email originated. Don’t know if it would be reviewed, though.)

          Look at it this way — you are pissing them off!!

          • And who the hell gave her a red-thumb? Where are YOUR contributed well-read articles, you POS?

          • Well Daisy I’m sorry they have to be jerks like that, but look at it this way; you know why you prep when the world is fill of sick minds like that.

        • The blogs on the MSM are all angered and anti anything to do with GOP, guns, food storages, cash, etc.

          1984 is here because the technology of deceit is here. The sheep are controlled. They are doing what Hitler did and that was to blame someone for their problems and then came the wars.

          They led 6 million to gas chambers and the public accepted because they believed the ‘lie’ that their economic ails was from the other people.

          We see this same thing being created today. A deliberate lie for division. And then, wars.

        • It never ceases to amaze me at how illiterate people are. Your article was spot on. I put the link on facebook. Along with the comment how sad it was that someone who participates in recreational shooting, raises children to think for themselves and don’t go to the grocery store everyday are crazy.

        • Daisy,

          No much you can say to psychos like the one who wrote the vile post to you. These are scared, ignorant, depraved and dangerous individuals who write such threatening responses. Unfortunately there are many of them all around us, so beware but be strong in your convictions and beliefs. They would like nothing better than to destroy anyone who does not agree with their small minded perspective that lies outside of reality.

        • Ms D, I look forward to your comments – off or on topic.
          I know you don’t let the lame get under your skin, it goes without saying that you are much beloved here. All who matter are those who know your true nature~ the rest in LaLaLand can (sadly)/will reap what the row they sow.

          True fact #725: I’d wager much that you breath a little merciful sigh at even the vile folks who were bent on throwing garbage at you. You raise the bar, as always.

          ~..~ wee

        • Daisy,

          You wrote a great article! It is very sad that idiots would write such cruel things. Apparently, some people don’t want to hear the truth.

          Take care. Be safe.
          KY Mom

        • Daisy..just remember..birds chirp…dogs bark and idiots blather,cant help it,its just their nature…keep on keepin on!

        • Left wing liberals are not logical. They operate at the child level where they are the center of everything..

        • Never mind that the mother “cared” so much about her son that she turned him into a drug-crazed monster. This is what passes for “mental healthcare” today?

        • Hey people who know they’re dieing

          will say alot of things

      25. Well since this article is about food I want to ask about a sponsor link and see if anyone has any feedback. The link to to the guy with the terribly long aquaponics books / manuals for $37. It didn’t appeal to me because I don’t enjoy fish but at some point eve fish will taste fine when hungry. Anyone buy it, any feedback? When I google aquaponics it seems like I just get commercial vendors?

        • @Jay, I’m much late,… always;
          but in case you look back to this comment. Perhaps GOOGLE isn’t necessarily a friend… just sayin’.
          Bread crumb from me – might find that a more friendly search engine – they exist 😉 but they don’t have the budget or desire of GOO/GLE to stalk you.

      26. Stack it to the rafters.

      27. Aquaponics :
        Aquaponics /ˈækwəˈpɒnɨks/ is a sustainable food production system that combines a traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. In aquaculture, effluents accumulate in the water, increasing toxicity for the fish. This water is led to a hydroponic system where the by-products from the aquaculture are filtered out by the plants as vital nutrients, after which the cleansed water is recirculated back to the animals. The term aquaponics is a portmanteau of the terms aquaculture and hydroponic.

      28. FYI – don’t forget to add a few #110 Conibear Traps to your prep resources! A hungry person will never know you’re serving dog or cat stew for their labor!

        Each (1) #110 Conibear Trap – $6.99

        6 #110 Conibear Traps – $34.99

        1 Dozen (12) #110 Conibear Traps – $69.99

        • I hate cat!

      29. I keep a little notebook of ‘important things’ and in it is ’10 foods to store FIRST’:
        *peanut butter
        *dried milk
        10.1..chocolate, sugar, honey
        Now, if I was just beginning to store foods, etc. I would start here.
        (I have no wheat, but am good for a long, long time on all other)

      30. I just have one response for the powers that be:
        Assimilation is futile, you WILL be resisted!

      31. Some #10 cans of Mountain House couldn’t hurt. They make some good dishes for freeze-dried.

        • Walmart has Augason Farms beef stroganoff #10 cans with real beef for 21 and change (just bought a case). They also have the Chicken Fettuccine for $23 and change with real freeze dried chicken. Costco flyer just came out with 2 cases of Augason Farms Chili Macaroni for $199.99. Great opportunity to have some actual meals on hand.

          Personally I like to buy the Augason Farms “cream base” soup mix, freeze dried corn and other veggies and make up my own soups and meals as it is much cheaper in the long run.

          • Those sound real good.

      32. Daisy, you wrote an excellent article. I’m sorry to hear about the hate mail you received. It shows how brainwashed they are. They have no ability to think for themselves. They accept whatever MSM and government tell them as gospel and it never crosses their minds to question the propaganda, do their own research, etc. When you said we preppers are the last group of independent thinkers, that really hit home to me. Even where I work, I’m the only person who “gets it”. The people who sent all that “hate mail” to you will be in for the rudest awakening of their lives when TSHTF. In the initial phase, all of the nonpreppers will be dangerous. Last night, I reread BI’s article from 5-12-12 titled, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?”. That article was the best description of life for nonpreppers in post-SHTF I’ve ever seen anywhere; it truly says it all. I’m going back out shopping tonight; stepping up my prepping on everything in light of these shooting incidents. We preppers and gun owners are now under the worst attack from MSM that I’ve ever seen. The last time I saw it like this was in the aftermath of Waco. A lot of innocent people were killed at Mt. Carmel by the feds, including children, but according to MSM, that was different, that was OK, because they were allegedly “wacko”. Everyone, get all you can while you can. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

      33. During the French Revolution a months wages was 1 loaf of bread. Got a LONG way to go till that happens. 1 global year of bad crops would do this though.

      34. Mac:

        “Iowa, good to see you. quick note:“Project Iowa v1.0″ (code name for our forum beta) should be up and running the first week of January. Just wanted to give you a status update ”


        “Project Iowa v1.0″

        On behalf of the State of Iowa, I accept this great honor bestowed upon us. I’d like to thank God…

        “Our Liberties We Prize and Rights We Will Maintain”

        Thanks Mac. 🙂

      35. Im preparing for the collapse ither to be a slow gradual grinding slowdown till it comes to a stop in which there will be chaos, food shortage & no control it will also give society time to adjust to 3rd world conditions or die off (going back to the dark ages) which is just fine as it will give Prepared people the upper hand. But the more i look at things & study nwo philosophy, ideology and their blueprint for a cashless society I suspect that they will attempt every way possible to create a acute financial crash in which society will have little time to,adjust improvise & also to throw off the shackles of banksterism and in that massive state of confussion they will come as saviour of the world with a microchip cashless society. Im am shifting my prepping from the slow crash to transient collapse in which their will be only a small window period to getting out of society because every living soul will be forced to take that mark rich poor prisoner everyone so the only way for me is to go bush hobo i am long walk training and forcing myself to eat less people think im just doing fitness & into outdoor, nature, hiking/camping but ive benchmarked myself to cover 75 miles fisrt 3 days on 1 meal thereafter i may survive a week or a month on my supplies and what i can forage who knows but i will make it very hard for them to find me (diminishing return for amt of manpower equipment & effort)

      36. If food being over-priced can cause chaos this means that they need to remove guns from the citizens before this global food crisis happens so that they don’t use them against the police in case that riots break out all over the place and police have more control over the situation. The big excuse to remove guns from people is the tragedy (and tragedies) that have happened in schools over the last 10 years. We have a very creative government, very sneaky…

      37. FAKE!!!!!

        False Flag..

        anyone here know anyone first hand who has been directly involved in this?

        I bet the answer is No..because it didnt happen..

        no father of a shot and lost daughter acts like this..this person is a fraud..

        or this entire thing is a fraud

        go to you tube and type in this
        “Sandy Hook School Shooting Robbie Parker Actor Exposed Smiling Laughing”

        this guy needs to be investigated who the fuck he independant report of who he is , and who paid him.

        link below if Mac will allow.

          • WTH????? I see exactly what you mean! I had to replay those first few seconds a few times to be sure I could believe my eyes.

            Something is very very wrong here.

            • @VRF

              I had a creepy feeling the first time I saw this man interviewed on TV. He didn’t seem authentic – he doesn’t act like a grieving father – fake emotions. Are they hiring stand-ins so the real parents don’t have to face the camera?

              This video leads to others that are calling this a false flag.

              I can’t believe that an entire town can be convinced to participate in an event this serious, if it isn’t real, and that nobody in the town would come forward and speak the truth.

              I don’t know what to believe any more.

              • not to mention the reports of a second or possiblly a 3rd shooter?

                Kid was interviewed and said he saw a guy face down with cuffs on before they cut the interview..

                you dont cuff a dead person..

                also the person that ran into the woods ..where are these suspects and why are we not hearing any more about them?

                yes we did hear AND see this on the reported news..but no more mention of them

                • VRF….why the media has not answered anything about the man in the woods has puzzled me too. If innocent, all they (MSM) have to say is that he was questioned and released and found innocent….but the MSM silence on this issue boths me.

                  This terrible murders of 27 people happened. But I am not totally sold on any motive yet.

                  Because the MSM has not said anything about the man-in-the-woods, even though they reported and showed film of it, it opens the door for questions and theories.

                  Here is a theory. At the County Fair what is the most popular show? It is usually the Hypnotist. A Hypnotist will usually ask for volunteers ant then he goes thru the ritual and decides who stays and who goes back to the audience. He wants those that he can hypnotize and manipulate for his show. Then his show begins and we see people doing whatever he asks.

                  Maybe there were 2-3 of these people hypnotized for such a terrible event. Basically do as told. The main gunman got in and did what he was told to do. The other(s) may have ‘came-to’ and realized what was going on, so they ran.

                  They were caught and this was shown on tv and reported early in the event. But the SS took them away for questioning. Something happened and now they are gone. For a proper burial the SS wrapped them and dropped them in the ocean.

                  Dead men dont talk.

                  Just an odd-ball scenario with no facts. That is why I wish the MSM would address this issue. Maybe they will?

              • Guys,

                This stuff went on. Real kids died at Sandy and real folks died in 911. We need to remeber these kids and teachers, and also 911….

                Now, do we know the whole story at Sandy or 911? Of course not. There is more to be told that will not be told.

              • In 2005, on a whim, I went to the CIA website and clicked their Help wanted ads.. They were hiring… Hairstylists, makeup artists, set designers, etc…

          • The more I look at that video along with others that seen it it looks like a hoax. The smiling guy does not appear to be the same guy later.

            With this modern technology we know that TPTB can fake stuff but don’t discount people doing it too.

        • You know, VRF…I have read articles asking where are the victim’s families in many tragedies lately.
          I just read the families can’t have the bodies??
          The bodies were sneakily removed when no one was around at midnight??
          Has anyone REALLY spoken to a parent?? Has anyone spoken to any of the victim’s families??

          Research KOA 007. Scary to say the least.

          • over 3000 dead from 9-11..anyone on here directly related to any of those who lost thier lives?

            I have never met anyone directly related to any of the so called victims of the 9-11 attacks..I know a shit load of people and they know people etc… I have asked this of many people, and never have I been given a direct response to it..

            Yes i would expect them to prove it with out a sliver of doubt, but if they were directly affected that part would be easy..

            • I cannot explain that father AT ALL. I am mystified.

              But I do have both a friend and an ex-boss who live there. The latter has a first grader in SH elem. And this tragedy is most assuredly very real to them. And neither is one to go along with any government “program.” Their kids are OK but they have been long-time friends and neighbors with several of those directly affected.

              And yes, I am familiar with 9-11 victims. Not only in the building, but rescue workers and others. It’s one of the (main) reasons we moved away from New York.

              The problem here is I imagine not many on the board would live in the NYC area … which likely limits personal exposure to either of the events in question here.

              Real people are victims in both cases.

              • maybe i should have made myself more clear, Do i think there were victims in 9-11, yes..and are the buildings gone..yes..were there first responders that may have gotten hurt or killed, yes possibly..but 3,000 lives?

                3,000 people touch very very many more people, lets just say on a low count..each of these 3,000 people had 5 direct members of thier own family, than 5 more cousins, and 5 more inlaws, and 5 friends..3,000×15 thats 45,000 people that would be directly impacted by this event..

                and that is a low number for sure..

                I’ve never met one or talked to one or know anyone who could the number be much much lower, yes, but that doesnt negate the lie of 3,000 does it?

                • sorry math off,, 3,000 x 20 = 60, follow me?

                • Nina say his friend was there. Stated his name just the other day.

                • Yes … 6 degrees of separation kind of thing. If we can all get back to Kevin Bacon…

                  I don’t know. Maybe people don’t like to talk about it? I know I don’t. It’s not something most people can relate to, makes them uncomfortable and the survivor feel awful to rehash. A lot of New Yorkers never leave NY either. Kinda like a fish bowl.

              • I’m not EVEN suggesting the children didn’t perish or disappear.
                I’m speaking of something much more evil and deeper satan-wise if those parents don’t get their children to bury.
                I’ll say no more. I’m on enough damned lists.

            • Just what exactly are you trying to say? In a nation of 300 million three thousand most dead is a very small number. The chances of anyone like you knowing any of those people is slim. Unless you live in the New York area and worke in finance or insurance.

        • As I asked a few threads back…how do we know for certain any of this is real?

          • Any of what is real? The kids being dead? Who did the shooting?

          • Oh its (probably) true theres dead people involved there always is and its doubtful even this govicorp could pull off a totally faked incident on this scale…so no,that wasnt the point…as far as who did the shooting?…now that is open for scrutinizing…also did he shoot himself or was he offed so as to keep it all managable per the official line?
            The point I made before was simply that unless we were present at any particular event and that event touched us,its very likely that we have no idea what actually took place…its not that complicated…most people get their info from one of the alphbet soup organizations and make their judgements based on that first impression they got from there…its already been shown in the few days since this school incident that the first news reports were for the most part wildly inacurate,the batman shootings,waco,ruby ridge,ok city…think back,what was the first impression you had on hearing about any of them?…compare then to what we understand now,today about those incidents?…alot different Id hope!
            Now as to govt being able to create/control/project/massage(whatever) a story or an incident that either actually took place and is being manipulated for a cetain reason or something that didnt happen at all to poison the minds of the people towards either another group or situation…Id say they can and they do based on the history I have lived and that Ive studied and on the work Ive done in political circles and working with related groups…news gets bent all the time and in some cases pulled out of someones backside on a moments notice…if it flys they ride it..if it flops they sacrifice someone as a way to absolve themselves and save their percieved credibility…till the next incident.
            Just stuff to think about when youre mind is quiet and youre just contemplating things…its difficult to paint a thought picture…to get people to think about the other angle or an abstract thought process but its my intent to get people to ask the hard questions of themselves and not just be content with what appears to be the truth(I make myself do that)…the older I get the more I find its usually not what I was told that turns out to be the truth…just question everyone and everything and maybe youll find out whats really going on…nuff said for now..thanks!

        • It’s way too big to fake and from the perspective of those who would desire to have an event dramatically alter the US there would be no interest in faking it. Since when did TPTB care about human life? Hell they start wars for money and power.

          Is this being used to alter the US, for sure. Is the MSM on the bandwagon? Absolutely but why stage grief from a parent when that will be in abundance?

          If this guy is not for real it’s difficult to believe TPTB could be so sloppy to let this video out. Something damn sure isn’t right but that something just might be this guy having an extremely unusual personality. If he is an actor he better not quit his day job.

      38. You may not like guns, and choose to not own one. That is your right. You may not believe in god, that is your choice..However, if someone were to break into your house the first two things you’re going to do are
        1. Call someone who has a gun and 2. Pray to god they get there in time.

      39. Stack it to the ceiling.

        And not just food.

      40. Hello all, been reading this site for years and finally decided to post. We raise our own chickens and if I grill or bake one I always save the carcass(turkey too). I stick them in the freezer till I have oh maybe 5 or 6. Put all in a big pot, boil until all the meat is off the bone. Strain the meat and save broth. Now this takes a while but dig in hands first removing any small bones. Fill the jars with the meat and broth. You can add celery, onion and spices if you like, then can. You would not believe the amount of meat that is left on the bone and is not wasted.

        • Misty

          I do that for the broth for future soup. I freeze it for later use.

          Doing this was a given before food got so cheap. My grandparents wasted nothing. My parents wasted little.

      41. our gov is very sneaky which is why they have so many commies backing them

        • Sneaky, corrupt govt. and a really stupid population. What could go wrong?

      42. research what was needed to survive in the late 1800’s as that is what we are going to need once again. families are not close like they where back then and this is going to be a problem…try and bring your family close together again if it is possible. be very careful of anyone you bring into your family unit…as gradpa would have said “pay attention and listen to what someone says, they will tell you who they are and just what their actual intent is.”

        • I’ve been lurking here for a couple years. This is my first posting. I’ve always been a bit skiddish about posting my opinions on the Internet. But the quote from your grandpa, compelled me to respond.
          “pay attention and listen to what someone says, they will tell you who they are and just what their actual intent is.”
          I was, maybe, 12 years old when my dad told me, “Learn to be a good listener. There is something to be learned by everyone…I don’t care if its someone ready to fall off a barstool.” And daddy is right. I’ve it seen over and over, how people like to hear themselves talk, they listen to nothing! We need to be listening.
          I thank everyone for all the valuable info supplied here.

      43. A response to extreme pressures was used back in 1944.

        Many here will use it again and mean it when we choose to say… “NUTS!”

        Y’all Beware! Courtesy of General Anthony McAuliffe – 1944, Bastogne.

      44. hello to you all out there tonite and thank you for the warm welcome! I just watched the robbie parker video and wow…I am stunned…I have a 13 year old son and if anything ever happened to him i wouldn’t be able to BREATHE let alone give tv interviews…and laugh about it…so sad and so sick…

      45. Don’t worry. Michele has a plan: everybody born in an odd year only eats during odd months. Everybody born in an even year eats during an even month. Problem solved.

      46. About buying canned goods. I use to go to Aldis,but where I live now there are none. Also I have found when many Chain Super Markets have cheaper prices,if you check their “best by” date is about up. I have eaten canned goods that the “best by” date was 5 or 6 years past and they were still good. But when buying I want a “best by” date that is as far in the future as possible.

      47. I’m not worried. I have 50 cows, no need for freezers since they can be eaten as needed. Have enough food for 1 yr and always have. I can feed about 30 people if need be. If you show up hungry I will feed you, I won’t shoot you. God has blessed me and I will share and I have much land and can feed more if they will help plant and harvest. I also have the knowledge God gave me to get this done. I don’t have money but I have many talents I may need to use. I will enjoy using these if God requires it. Have a Very Merry Christmas. Bill

      48. Farmer Bill…

        I recommend you read the book “Lights Out”… Having 50 cows makes you a target, so make damn sure you have something to protect yourself… And I’m talking more than a shotgun, like a few of those AR “machineguns” that .gov is trying to take away.

        We are in for a rude awakening… and the world is so interconnected that when one falls, we’re all going to feel it. It’s amazing that us few can see the writing on the wall… there’s so many things adding up right now from a global debt collapse, to war, to famine… EMP? Crazy world… prepare but continue to live and love life to the fullest.

        Cheers to all.

      49. Folks, it has come to the time, when some hard decisions need to be made. I hear many preppers talk about getting together with like minded souls, and this can be a good thing. I also read, as some on this blog might say, about trying ones best to convince others to prep. I say this is bad business, These sheeple aren’t going to soon foeget who told them to prep. it’s time to only speak to those who you KNOW without a doubt, are in the same mindest as you.
        I personally feel that will all the publicity that prepping has gotten, mostly bad, it’s time to shut up, and take care of business.
        The ruling class is telling you, in no uncertain terms, that if you prep, you’re a suspected terrorist. if you own a gun, your’re a suspected terrorist. Things aren’t going to get any better, only worse.
        The handwritting is on the wall. As the economy collpases, and we have these wack job shootings increase, and they will, the public will look for a scapegoat. And you know who that is.
        Batten down the hatches, keep prepping, and learn to keep quiet. The real bad times have started. The events that you suspected might happen, are happening like clockwork. truly dark times are coming. good luck.

        • I’ve spent the last few years trying to talk to my two sisters about prepping. I began forwarding prepper and economic type articles to them. My younger started at least buying extra canned goods, then finally bought a pile of the freeze-dried from Costco. My older sister doesn’t keep much of anything in her home, and I do worry. My mother went from skeptical to making improvements on a small piece of land in central Texas so we can all go there if Houston has a SHTF.

      50. Has anyone been talking about loss of soil structure and quality throughout all this? It takes nature thousands of years to create soil and you can’t just strip it of it’s nutrients and structure and attempt to replace it with chemicals forever. The Sahara Desert was forest once. Once it’s gone it doesn’t come back. Even without any economic or political b.s., the soil is getting tired and people who set themselves up as it’s slave driver will continue to thrash it. I see that as a major food security issue, for a species like ours, with our size, quantity, habits and appetites.

      51. Looks like Sandy Hook is the false-flag that they are definitely going to use to take away the guns. Have to, the impending food riots, wide spread joblessness, homelessness, starvation, lack of prosecution of the bankers who did it to us, will be impossible to control, if the people have guns.

      52. You guys missed someting important, Twinkies…they last forever, give you a nice sugar buzz too…Of course, the best things to have are in order…water supply, food supply, fuel/energy/heat supply, first aid/medical supplies..somewhere in there you need a means to protect and/or hide these things too. As far as neighbors go…forget about em…the more people who know you are “rich” the more likely they will talk to others who want your stuff, and the more likely you will have to gun down those same neighbors or their friends and relatives…live quiet, appear poor and live in a shack that looks like it already has been raided..or that is so pathetic that nobody would bother breaking into it..keep your stashes in several places, and have a fallback for rented storage facilities…don’t waste your efforts…don’t you think somebody with bolt cutters is not going to open them all up since there is nobody there to guard them and nobody there to defend them when the times comes?

      53. The GMO crops are more expensive to grow and have a much lower yield. The quicker we get these disease causing crops out of the picture, the better.

        Commodities not only going up because of supply/demand and inflation, but are also going up because of market manipulation in the futures exchanges along with the derivative side-bets.
        Your morning coffee has gone up not just because of shipping costs and price of production, but mostly because of paper market manipulation.

      54. Historically in food shortages there are three diseases caused by lack of fresh fruit (vitamin C is only good for about 2 years), lack of fresh vegetables, and shortage of meat. In long term food shortages being able to produce is more important than stockpiling. Even small intown yards can produce quite a bit of food. Why would you want to be dependent on stockpiles that eventually run out? If you learn how to save seeds and propagate plants, you can help your neighbors also. But why bother when there is food stamps and every man for himself?

        YOU SAY IT CANNOT HAPPEN IN AMERICA. IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING IN AMERICA. Get some dried food and some water and you can go out into the woods and hide out. There is not continous fighting in war. You will fight like one day in 20 or 30 days ect.
        Our founders did it so we can too. Without GOD nothing will work. Learn a lesson from this and never let it happen again. THERE IS 84 MEMBERS OF CONGRESS THAT ARE REGISTERED COMMUNISTS. MANY OF YOU VOTED FOR THEM. DEMAND THAT THEY RESIGN.

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