WATCH: The End Of America: “We Are All Witnessing The Death Of A Country”

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Headline News | 274 comments

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    With Europe’s immigrant crisis coming to a head and similar events having played out in the United States last summer, it should be clear that what’s happening is an orchestrated detonation of First World nations.

    A new must-see micro documentary from Future Money Trends highlights the insane policies behind the mass migrations and how, as millions of undocumented illegal aliens enter our country through the southern border, we are seeing the very death of a once great nation right before our eyes.

    Watch The End Of America:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    The cultural genocide going on in this country… where school teachers, politicians and community leaders believe we have something to be ashamed about.

    Humanity is ugly. And America’s history is no different. But let’s not pretend that blacks weren’t slave owners and slave distributors. Native Americans went to war all the time over land and killed other native Americans.

    And no, La Raza, California, Arizona and Texas are not yours. At least not for now. And please, if Mexico’s borders really did control those states you would just be flooding into Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. Because if California, Arizona and Texas were Mexico, those states would be shit.

    Although given enough time – and they’ll be there – California is already looking pretty third-world with a rapidly shrinking middle class.

    In southern California, drive down a street where Mexicans are migrating to and you’ll notice a boom in window security bars.

    It is only a matter of time before the middle class is wiped out and America begins to resemble the poverty, violence and tyranny so often associated with the countries from which many illegal migrants originate.

    This micro-documentary is the first in a multi-part series being produced by Future Money Trends. To receive updates when new videos are released we encourage you to click here and subscribe.

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      1. Very good article. Whatever they touch, they will turn to shit, and then they will want more. 0bama, with his hate for America, and his puppet masters who have planned this for decades, knew they would destroy America. Those of you who still support 0bama are as guilty as he is, and you are not going to like the destination once the train stops–you are that ignorant!

        • I have thousands and thousands of bullets and I’m sure as hell ready to start shooting scum illegals, islamic savages, and especially fu cking traitors.

          • “We Are All Witnessing The Death Of A Country”

            LMAO. This country died a long time ago. The only ones who don’t believe it are the sheeple.

            The politician’s know it as do the rest of the world. Why does anyone think hat elected officials have no problem with going against the will of the population? They know there is not enough time for any retribution against themselves before the total collapse of the country if not the entire world.

            All we as individuals and small groups can do at this point is to bury the carcass of our once great nation before the stink of it’s decay sickens all of us to a literal death.

            Save your self. There is not much time left to prepare.
            If you do not take action now you will be a slave to those of us who have.


            • Yep, America has long been gone, only the illusion remains to the sheeple that they have a Bill Of Rights and a Constitution. Sorry, but those have been infiltrated, dissected and much of it discarded.

              The influx of Immigration flooding into America is being done elsewhere across the Globe. This is no accident, there is an agenda to this and as always. We the people will end up suffering for having it allowed to happen.

              We don’t have elected leaders, representing the people.
              When there is no representation, then we must represent ourselves.

              FTW [f*ck the world]
              FTUSOA [f*ck the united states of america]
              FTNWO [f*ck the new world order]

              • I say bring it on Dammit! Any of those kind try to get braindead they’ll be having accidents with my ventilation team while being served lead nutrients!

                • Ah yes, the keyboard commando says beware his toothless bite! 🙂 rotflmmfao!

                  Big words doesn’t equal big action, admit defeat, pray for a mass extinction level event and hope for the best, that’s all will happen….

              • The middle class is being wiped out. The speed of this has increased in recent years.

                Obama’s War on the Middle Class
                “One of the hallmarks of all socialist countries is the is the absence of an independent middle class.

                From the Bolshevik experiment in Russia to socialist Venezuela today, it is necessary for communist leaders to eliminate that class of citizens who are not dependent on government for their welfare.

                Political theorists from Aristotle to Locke understood that a truly INDEPENDENT AND PROSPEROUS MIDDLE CLASS WAS ESSENTIAL TO THE COLLECTIVE WELL-BEING OF ANY SOCIETY.

                The middle class has always, in every society, been characterized by qualities of social restraint and economic realism — a shrewd and skeptical conservatism that serves to restrain the grandiose plans of utopian revolutionaries and embittered reactionaries alike.”

                “It is an ominous sign that the political left, with the loyal support of more than a third of our population, is intent on its destruction.”

            • Seal the border !!! Miine the border !!! Shoot any SOB who tries to cross !!! Death to the New World Order !!! Death to the North American Union !!! Its TOTALLY Constitutional !!!

              If we can secure the border between North and South Korea, with 38,000 American Troops, we can secure our own. BTW, where is OATHKEEPERS when you need them and there is a real threat to American Liberties ???

              OATHKEEPERS ??? 🙁

              • DK

                You would shoot women, children, unarmed people? How far from the border is it allowed to occur? If you catch them in Dallas is it ok or is the kill zone a tad closer to the fence.


                I have an idea. If you want to keep ants out of your home take away their food supply first. Fine any employer that hires an illegal severely. So severely in fact that it’s both a true deterrent and pays for the cost of enforcement.

                • This is the solution. Stop giving it away for free. End the hand outs, the medical, financial, food stamps and education. Stop it completely and those that are here getting all that will disappear, overnight.

                • Kev
                  What you don’t take into account is the large underground economy created by 20MM illegals. All supporting each other. It’s going to take more than a little slap on the hand. These people come from places where living on $2/day is a breeze. These people come from places where they see death on a daily basis handed out by drug lords, gangs etc…. Living on the streets in America on $2 a day is paradise compared to where they came from. This is the problem. They see the violence in South America and they surely don’t want to return. They are highly motivated to stay here. Ultimately it will take force because they will not go by themselves.

                • Employers are not allowed to ask if anyone is here legally anymore. It results in massive fines.

              • You know full well, there are not that many left who care about the US. There are not too many who could just go patrol the border. In any case, you also know by now, the Border Patrol is being hamstrung and gutted. You also know what would happen if real Americans decided to fix the borders.

                The idea that people “Representing Atzlan” can have a free and open forum, podium, maps, and all, shows how far it has gone. But, if any White dares stand against it, you know what happens then.

                White, Western Civilization has chosen racial suicide, because it feels good. Looking the other way, while your people are slaughtered is not as scary as being called a name. Not just the End Of America, but all European countries. Not just our countries, but White Genocide is the end game, and White people refuse to face it.

                • Right there!!! You said it …… White Genocide!!! The end of white/European society, probably has less than a generation to survive. Whites will be pushed out, forced out and breed out of just about everywhere. That’s if internal conflicts don’t break out first. That’s when whites will be burned out, raped and then killed.

                  Europe is so over run by Muslims. They are out breeding locals now by 7-1 in some areas. It’s estimated that Belgium, Sweden, Holland and Germany will become majority Muslims in 20 years. Europe is being strangled and forced into accepting Sharia law.

                  The United States already has 9 million ‘Middle Eastern Muslims’ living here already!!! Add the Latinos ….? 50 million? 60 million? it’s not looking none to good for white’s globally!!

              • As a founding member of OATH KEEPERS, I can say this. We have been every place we have been needed and invited to.
                Where were you?

            • You are so right Bug B,

              The death of America came in 1973 when the new generations allowed the liberals to begin killing the innocent in the womb.
              The souls of those innocent were placed in them, in the womb, upon conception, by our Heavenly Father.

              Now, the pc and liberal mockers of Christians make reference of those fertilized eggs and fetuses, as “tadpoles” without human life or feelings, much less a soul.

              Now, the sinister liberals and atheists are selling the tissue of those aborted/killed fetuses, some even breathing upon the abortion room tables, to corporations that put that tissue in our foods, drinks, and vaccines.

              Fetal tissue in foods and drinks…

              Ht tp://

              James 5
              Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
              Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.
              Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

              Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabbath.

              Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.
              Ye have condemned and killed the just;…..

              Deu 28:53 And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the LORD thy God hath given thee, in the siege…. (last days)

              • sorry, Big B, lazy finger.

                • More like a lazy mind. Any opportunity to hijack a thread and turn it into bible babble, and remember, you have until the end of this month for your big boulders o’ doom to start tumbling down or you’ll be exposed as the fraud that you are.

                  • Anon troll, we already know you’re a fraud, so go back to sleep.

                    • Sorry, but I have to agree with Anonymous on this one.
                      Passinwiththewind seems to have more inclined as being a Westboro Baptist Church Member than an actual Christian.

                      Condemning those who do not agree or think like him on daily basis is not the Christian way. I’m sure Jesus would not approve of Passin’s behavior. If he thinks Jesus is going to condemn those who do not follow him, then let Jesus decide and do his work if that is the case. Until then, Passin just needs to take a seat, keep quiet about it instead of preaching his damning ways onto others.

                      I know there are some good hearted Christians here.
                      I’m sure more than just a few think he can go a bit too far.
                      It is your job to silence him, when silence is needed.
                      He is the typical Bible Thumper who gives the rest of you meaningful Christians a bad rap.

                      Passinwiththewind – I’m sure you mean well, but every article that gets put up does not need your continuous rhetoric of the same ‘ole same ‘ole message. We get it, we hear you loud and clear. What you say, is nothing that none of us have never heard before.

                    • I cannot agree w/ anyone who speaks disparagingly of God and His word. We may not understand as much about His Word as we think we do, but we do believe ‘Him,’ and what He said and meant will come to pass. Maybe not as we understand it on the front end, going in, but it will happen.

                      For anyone to arrogantly speak against God’s word, even though we may errantly communicate it, does so to his/her own peril.We do not claim to have a lock on God’s truth, but we do know some things, and believe them devoutly. May God graciously forgive a rebellious arrogant attitude.

                      We will see who has the last laugh, and it won’t be those who rebel.


                      Son of Liberty

                    • Thanks Braveheart and Son of Liberty.

                      FTW is a typical anti-christian. He wants us to stand down and be a church mouse, while he can spew his liberal rhetoric all over the place. He and his pc correct followers like to cast stones at people like me because they get brownie points from their leaders, and they ain’t Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

                      All will bow down before Him, and acknowledge Him, even the likes of FTW. So FTW, did you “get that”? Have you got it loud and clear? Don’t think you can cause a rebellion against me and it not cost you, for it will. Truth wins out every time, and what you speak is lies.

                  • Go away stupid troll, don’t like bible quotes take a hike! With a handle like anonymous, your probably a sucker punch and run b!tch who couldn’t handle a real fight

                    • I see you’re an expert on being a bitch yourself there, ” anonymous”. Or are you as fucking stupid as you sound, I’m betting both.

                • PWTW

                  You have managed to turn this into some type of religious site. Thank God for Separation of Church and State. I can foresee that another “Crusade” will be perpetrated on the people of this nation. Like the Spanish and the Muslims it will be, convert or die.

                  To me, Religious fanatics and zealots will be another faction to fight because in a religious fashion have adapted those who do not agree with them, “Useless Eaters”.

                  Do what you have to do and what you have to say.
                  You have passed judgment here. I will pass judgment on the battlefield. Congratulations, you just made me your enemy.
                  Useless Eaters”

                  • Chuck you farley, I never saw you as an enemy, but you called it. I will not be praying for you and yours when the waters start crashing upon the coast of FL.

                    You can call on your own gods to help you, you know the ones like wwti answers to. Good bye, ole two faced one.
                    Just because i make a few post that reach out to the lost and to my brethren, doesn’t mean i have turned this site into anything, other than what it has always been; a place to come and speak our minds freely and share something helpful.

                    You have just shown that you are no better than a liberal atheist. Have a good trip on your journey with them.

                    • PWTW

                      Just remember one thing.

                      I never told anyone that they were going to hell.

              • Well said Passin.

                As to this abomination called Planned Parent Hood and it’s subsidy called StemExpress in Placerville Ca. it is a war being won here on he ground. I have been taking part in the destruction of StemExpress for he last three months. These are the people who are butchering babies and selling of their parts such as livers and brains. The barbaric bastards. May they rot in hell.

                I with the help of others have stopped Planned Parenthood from selling parts and whole babies to these people. Now it is time for the owner Kate Dyer to go to prison till she dies and goes to hell. She is the devil incarnate. The El Dorado County DA needs to file charges NOW!


                • This article prompts me to wonder how many Americans would like to head south with RKBA equipment AND some fishing tackle to stake out some great fishing spots down there.

                • Big B,

                  Thank you for doing all that you do to stop Planned Butcherhood.

                  Please e-mail me at [email protected] so that I might see what I can do to assist.

              • Praise the Lord Brother Passin!!!

                Stated like a true Christian my brother…some just don’t get it and when the time comes for judgement, they will be screaming for Lazarus to cool their torment, just like the rich man did…

                Luke 16: 23-25
                …23″In Hades he lifted up his eyes, being in torment, and saw Abraham far away and Lazarus in his bosom. 24″And he cried out and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus so that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool off my tongue, for I am in agony in this flame.’ 25″But Abraham said, ‘Child, remember that during your life you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus bad things; but now he is being comforted here, and you are in agony.…

                If the mockers and naysayers would just take a little time to read the OT and get their heads out the false god they call a iphone then maybe just maybe they would see their future. But then again the Good Book says the unbeliever won’t understand Gods Word because they do not have the Holy Spirit with in them…

                In my prayers I ask God to save who ever He will, (if its in His will) so they may not suffer in Hades.

                Here is another OT verse for them to gnaw and chew on…

                The alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower” (Deuteronomy 28:43)

                Hmmm..sounds familiar, we are living this right now in good ole USA…see God said this would happen if we turned our back on Him…

                I’ll say it once again,
                REPENTANCE LEADS TO REVIVAL AND REVIVAL LEADS US BACK TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and then and only then will He turn back to us and bless our nation once again.

                Praise the Lord for Christians like you my brother.

                you my friend are a loyal humble servant in Christ and I love you Brother and can’t wait for the day when we can be together with God and Jesus and the rest of the saints.

                Loving the Lord Christ Jesus.

                • That is what it is all about. That is all there is. That is why I live today, like i do.

                  It is called our Eternal Home Russ, your’s and mine, and all our sister’s and brother’s also; the kingdom. We were there when the Pride that runs deep within the likes of FTW, Anon, and wwti, got ole Lucifer to rebel and rise up to con the third to follow him. That third, at least a big portion of it, is here, in the flesh, upon the earth, today.

                  God said the “first shall be last”. That “first” to stand up and follow Satan are here in mass, born into flesh, as the “last” of the humans come into being.

                  That is why they have such inner hatred and no tolerance for Christians and the Bible. Just the mention of Jesus, turns them on end because they will not release the demonic forces within them and return to their Lord.

                  They have this weird sense about them that they are waiting for something. See, people like Madonna have it figured out and make no bones about declaring it; Her king is coming, he is coming first, and she is setting up as many young ignorant souls to follow her right to him when he arrives.
                  He will be many things to many people, but to us true Christians, he is only that ole dragon, the abominable one.

                  I am not ashamed for helping some of my friends here prepare for that time that is just ahead. We that are prepared for that, will weather the economic and social collapse for what it really is to us, a bump in the road, a necessary ill that must come to pass for all the necessary end of this age events.

                  That is what it is all about. Many folks here follow Steve Quayle. He was the first of only a handful of true preppers for Christ. He was born again and called, about forty years ago.. You and i Russ were born again and called. Few are chosen. The majority are either straddling the fence, jealous, or just plain mean and hateful toward us, because we were chosen. Now, i know, Big B was also chosen. Son of Liberty, and Braveheart also. And i see Piper Michael is back. There are many, many more that visit this site.. I wish i could name everyone, but my memory escapes me right now, and some have not been outspoken enough, but they soon will.

                  The trolls and evil doers say, “Not here”. “Not on our turf”.

                  What they don’t realize…it is all God’s turf; everything. The only thing that we own in this life, is called “freewill”.
                  The freewill to choose light and life, or darkness and death.
                  That is all there is. When this flesh age is done, shortly, maybe in a decade or so, we will have a thousand years and the Kingdom will be ours that choose light, and Christ. Then freewill will not be an issue, it will be done. We win.

                  I say, if not here and now, then when is it too late to make a stand for what is right, for the “First and Foremost” important part of the prepping picture. Because if you ain’t got Jesus in the time of need, you ain’t got shit.

                  • Pissin,

                    Ya’ll gots to knows that EVERBODY on this here site is a potenshull ENEMY to ya’ll and can turn on ya’ Even ole Russ could turn and a start throwin’ them thar shit coated razur blades at ya’ll! I dun talked to god sum last nite in a dreem and he tole me to warn ya that befur everthang is said and dun EVERBODY on this here board will be a slingin’ shit with razur blades in it atcha! He also said ta tell ya ta stop fightin with them nurses when thay a’ wants to gitcha into that thar straightjacket cause it’s fer yer own good so’s ya don’t get ta hurtin yerself when you go’s a ravin like you duz.

                    • you talk like that in real life?

                  • The anti Christ comes before the true one, that is truth and many will be deceived by the dragon because of his peace policies and will take up that mark. If it were possible, he will deceive the very elect and that is why we all individually need to read the Word for ourselves and pray for our country and fellow man. I love the Lord with all my heart as I am sure most on here do, but I try my best to show His light by how I act and conduct my life, if it is just my family and friends that see that. There are so many that do this preaching while their kids are going to shit. They give them a tv and cell phone to occupy them unmonitored because they don’t have or don’t take the time to teach them as the Lord said. I know so many pastor’s kids that are going to hell in a hand basket because the Pastor is too busy preaching at everyone else and won’t even listen or spend quality time with their own children when the family came first. Way before the church. Get your house in order and take care of your own First. Then if a proper door opens and the Holy Spirit unctions you to gently share God’s Love, then do so. But this is usually done on a personal and one on one basis in love one person at a time and if they want to argue or not receive what you shared, then leave it alone

                • Amen

            • A slave? This mirrors one of my old points, that the ‘preppers’ would form warlord gangs… whether the gang is white or black, that is not something worth having. My response to you would be a .45 in the face. We cannot ‘save ourselves’, we, as individuals, and small groups, can only “put off the time”, until, after being surrounded by ‘bad’ guys, you will eventually succumb. Even if they think of themselves as the Good guys, bad times cause more bad people.

              There are only three ways of fighting evil, and too many of us are hung up on a single dimensional plan; survive, shoot first, then ask questions. Our very intelligence and individuality is our Achilles heel, because the left uses it against you, and we are divided because of politics and religion.

              We do not trust anyone, we do not seem to recognize that we can only thrive as a community… and unless you have a medical degree, an engineering degree, are a farmer, a blacksmith, carpenter, tanner, leather worker, bullet reloader, etc, etc., there are too many necessary skills to list…
              Division of labor, is the only way to thrive outside The System, but we do not trust one another. Thus, we will be taken down one by one, group by group, because too many of us ‘trust The System’ and ‘submit to Godly Authority’, even though they do not really know what it means. Everybody is too busy making money, and that will be our downfall, materialism and those of our own people wishing to make us ‘slaves’.

              The three ways of fighting evil are violence, compromise and withdrawal. Compromise and violence IS The System, and that has worked out real well, eh? We are told to “come out of her”, to “go into the wilderness”, to “trim our wicks, fill our lamps and hide in a back room”, for something wicked this way comes. What does this mean? To create our own alternate society, ways of life, economy, money, bank, even an UnReligion to unite all the sects of Protestants called; WASP, the Sons of Isaac, called; Saxon, was really Saacs Sons. The Clue you need to understand who you are. You are the Ten toes, Ten virgins and Ten horns(shofars), the Lost Ten Tribes, called; The Caucasian race.

              Scream and holler all you want, facts are hard, you are not ‘Gentiles’, for they are the colored races, The Serpent seed of Cain. You are the Sons of Seth, the progenitor of the White race. Its all about race, always was, always will be, multiculturalism and kings has worked out real well, eh? They all want to eliminate you as a race, and create colored bricks in their wall. A wall where everybody is all alike, instead of The Rock you were created to be. In the end, you will awaken, and see New Jerusalem as the only way out, but for the majority it will be too late.

              The Remnant will be those who have “eyes that see”.

              • Piper Michael, welcome back and excellent post.

                • Hi BH!
                  Sometimes, I just gotta… 😉

                  • Bh,
                    Looks like you’ve picked up a new crop of trolls…

                    • @ PiperMicheal,

                      “hey all want to eliminate you as a race, and create colored bricks in their wall. A wall where everybody is all alike, instead of The Rock you were stated to be.” LMAO….white people are so delusional: name another race of people that have committed as much killing as Whites? Name another group of people who NO MATTER where they travelled made it a point to slaughter the natives and steal their resources? If white people as soon concerned about this “wall” or being killed off why didn’t you and your ancestors keep your asses in Europe in the first place?

                    • @Nat Turner,
                      You are right, and I agree with you. In fact, that is one of my Thesis, is that us White folks conquered the whole world, run the whole world, and have crushed the whole world, while, proclaiming JESUS as their savior. Their whole world view is MAMMON, or materialistic ‘anti-Christ’ nonsense created by the Church of Rome. The Holy Mother Church, called The Mother of Harlots, named MYSTERY, who rides the Beast with 7 heads and ten horns, seven continents, ten tribes with their Shofars as the Clue/Symbol. But, preachers continue to preach according to the whims of their bankers, and politicians. This is their burden, and their sin, and their karma, the cups of which, are now full to overflowing.

                      MYSTERY is what Jesus taught against, and what I have tried to uncover for 40 years. Truth required me to throw out most of what I was taught from a child forward.

                      But, that does not mean that the races should merge into one race, if that is what God wanted, He would have created One Race. What most people don’t get, is that the colored races came first, over the process of spiritual evolution over thousands of years and galactic cycles. The White race, was ‘Chosen’ for the Spiritual gift of Fire. The other races were Earth, air, and water. Where, do you think Cain ran off to? The land of Nod. Who was in the land of Nod, his wife? Did you know there were many creation stories, including different Adam and Eve sagas? In one of them, Cain was the bastard child of the Rape of Eve by the Chief Archon, Yaltaboath(variously called; Yah, Allah, among others, the dark god of war, a half serpent ‘god’.) The Church created the Nice saga, for their political purposes, and then declared all other books to be; forbidden/Heretic.

              • Not sure where you got the info on Gentiles…but a Gentile is anyone who is not of Jewish decent

                Gentiles [N] [T] [B] [S]
                (Heb., usually in plural, goyim), meaning in general all nations except the Jews. In course of time, as the Jews began more and more to pride themselves on their peculiar privileges, it acquired unpleasant associations, and was used as a term of contempt.

                A people; nations other than Israel.

                For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the GENTILES; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the LORD of hosts. ( Malachi 1:11 )

                In fact we all come from the same DNA of Noah since it was his three sons who populated the earth…so truly we are one race…the human race…

                If you could enlighten me with scripture of what you speak of it would be much appreciated…other wise it is false teaching.

                A loyal humble servant in Christ Jesus

              • Not sure where you got the info on Gentiles…

                A people; nations other than Israel.

                For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the GENTILES; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the LORD of hosts. ( Malachi 1:11 )

                In fact we all come from the same DNA of Noah since it was his three sons who populated the earth…so truly we are one race…the human race…

                If you could enlighten me with scripture of what you speak of it would be much appreciated…other wise it is false teaching.

                A loyal humble servant in Christ Jesus

                • I think, you should look away from the Catholic tome, and more towards what The Catholic forbid us to read…

                • You confuse ‘Israel’, with ‘Judah’.
                  I suggest also, you read some history, archaeology, Gnostic writings, and try to look up Herbert W. Armstrong.

                  The Saxons are your clue, whether you have eyes to see, is the question… or whether you’ll only listen to ‘Pharisees’.

                  May the Force be with you, in the name of Christ. 😉

                  • Amen Piper!

                    I believed the whole joo only, and all else gentile thing for many years.

                    There is an excellent work done by Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr AUS Ret. that does the job way better than i can explain it.

                    His work on this is here…..

                    ht tps://

                  • Once again more jibberish. I read nothing but the KJV and I’m not a catholic..I’m a Christian, I don’t believe in denominations…so once again, scriptures please..or it is just false teaching….if it doesn’t come from the Holy Bible it just aint so…so once again enlighten me with scripture from the Bible…or can you….?

                    Oh I see now you are a LCG heretic (Herbert W. Armstrong)….that says it all…fall the false teacher straight to hell.

                    A loyal humble servant of Christ Jesus.

                    • Russ, no wonder people don’t take you seriously. You’re even claiming that people who don’t follow the ” correct” Christian teachings are all going to hell. Have fun with god and windbag in heaven as you’ll be the only three there.

                    • @Russ,
                      Sir, then, who do you think WROTE THE BIBLE?
                      King James? Did you read the Letter of the Translators?
                      Translation, from LATIN. ie The Catholic VULGATE.

                      The letter basically said; ‘The King made us do it’.
                      Read it, then get back to me on whether or not you ‘believe’ in denominations. It matters not whether you believe in division, division holds you in its fist.
                      Ann Barnhardt, the Catholic prophetess of capitalism, calls you and I; Infidels.
                      Look it up.

                    • @Russ,
                      PS: you don’t believe in ‘denominations’, but, you tell me to go to hell because I believe different from you?
                      Uh huh. MR. Armstrong had facts on his side. You have, what, some edited scriptures from the Church of Rome and a heretic king? Do you know who the Greatest Heretic of all time was? Jesus.

                      May you awaken one day, and see that Mystery is the Cause of the Divisions of the Ten Tribes. That we all have the True Temple of God within each of us. That we ran away from Judah, and refused to go back to Israel and Judah’s God with their LAW. We created our own ‘gods’ out of ancient stories even more ancient than your version of the Bible. The Saxons is your greatest clue, simply because they chose to REMEMBER their origins, they were Saacs sons, they often dropped the leading vowel back in those days. Thus, the Sons of Isaac, Saacs sons, but in the minds of scholars became; SaXons, there, all fixed with a simple ‘X’.

                    • @Russ,
                      Ok, 1 (One), for you;

                      “A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of Thy people Israel”
                      – (Luke 2:32)

                  • Amen Piper!

                    I believed the whole, “chosen people” only, and all else gentile thing for many years.

                    There is an excellent work done by Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr AUS Ret. that does the job way better than i can explain it.

                    His work on this is here…..

                    ht tps://

                  • Piper,
                    earlier you mention the mixing of races and if god wanted one race he would have created one race. In the Old Testament, it says along the lines of god created “Man” in his image, and it was good. God did create one race, ‘the human race’ in his image, there is no mention of creating different races or cultures. For that you can thank evolution. In your comments on keeping the races segregated and not mixing, you are in fact being ‘unchristian’. I’m Christian”…meaning I believe in Christ, but my God and Jesus are both loving and caring: tolerant of others, not ones to advocate the hate you are hiding behind in their name and condemning people to hell and spewing hatred like seed. And yes, I do have my own mind, God made sure of that, so yes I can be a Christian and believe in evolution as well. I think you need to check that self righteous attitude at the door of your church on Sunday, Let yourself have an original thought, then ask Jesus for forgiveness for how you are behaving, because it is truly Unchristian.

                    • You are so full of self righteous crap on so many levels I cannot begin to teach you on the original ‘Gnosis’ of Jesus. But, you wouldn’t know that, because you are a victim of Orthodoxy just like most of us…

                      God Bless

              • So true! We are the sons of Seth. The 10 tribes migrated across the cacacus mountains or however you spell it and those in Europe started calling us caucasions. Great post! And Bibi has been searching and calling for the tribes to return home and over one million have returned in the last 2 years. Maybe that is where we need to be heading NOW! As USA is not even my country anymore. I don’t even recognize it! So sad

              • Piper Michael, you are wasting your energies focusing on race. In case you haven’t noticed, all races are under attack right now by the entity called the NWO.

                In regard to the serpent seed; they are descended from the serpent in Genesis 3 through Cain. They are hybrids who do satan’s will and are also in high positions within the NWO. Above them are the full blooded serpents/reptillians, and above them is satan. Their main goal is to destroy all those who are created in the image and likeness of God, who are descended from Adam through Seth.

                Jesus Christ remains Lord of Lords and King of Kings and it is the will of God that will be completely fulfilled in his own timing, no matter how much satan and his serpent seedlings scream, shout, cry or stamp their feet.

                • I wasn’t speaking of ‘race’, as in skin color, but in Race Type, or Archetype.
                  The 3 races of men are Spiritual, Animal, and Mixed. What the Gnosis refers to as; Psychic, Hyllic, and Pneuma.

                  Cain, is the result of the rape of Eve, by the serpent ‘god’ Yaltaboath, the Chief Archon or Defective god son of Pistis Sophia, the Aeon of Wisdom, one of the primary beings of the Elohim, also called;

                  The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

          • So what’s stopping you?

            • Waiting for the legal ramifications to lessen. The chaos that will ensue will do. What else? Ain’t gonna throw myself on a f uc king sword. I want to be able to actually use the shitload of ammo.

              • Zero, spot on. In any post-SHTF scenario we’ll be WROL [without rule of law]. Cops will be at home protecting their families and courts won’t be in session. We are all truly on our own.

                • Which is when people really need to pull together for stability.

                  • Braveheart and Tayronachan.

                    I will be “Show Time”.

                    As far as people pulling together. You better know those people you go in with “REAL WELL”.

                    If we all got together, we wouldn’t last a week before we would be at each other’s throats.

                    • Unless you pull together under one Sovereign, like Benjamin Franklin once said, that;
                      “Man will ultimately be governed by God, or by tyrants.”

                      Even the Good guys can become bad in bad times…
                      Thus, my idea is to form the Army of God, which doesn’t mean what you think. It merely means, those ‘Good people’, who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to come together under a common banner… regardless of what you believe, believe this; That rights that stem from God, were a better deal than privileges that come from men…

              • Zero

                “You’re on your own” is what I need to hear. Take no prisoners.

                Careful Zero. There will be those that side with the actions you take to save them and then when we get back to a normal society with turn you in because their conscience hurts.

            • Mainly family. I am still taking care of my 88 year old parents, and my daughters and son in laws and 10 grandchildren are here. That family bond you know. I will defend them with my life, same as you.

          • You forgot moneychangers.

          • I’m so mad I will enjoy killing them too.

          • Zero, same here. time for the ‘reset’.

            • Yes Braveheart, bad days ahead but hoping for better ones after that.

          • @ZERO-
            Oh sit down and shut up. You aren’t going to do anything, no one is, no (white) American Has any balls left for any type of mass civil disobedience.We’re mostly too busy working to feed these welfare parasites to do so, so, We’ll all sit behind keyboards and bitch and whine until even the freedom to do that is gone , then we’ll all sit by and bitch to ourselves until that is also outlawed. If anyone was going to stop the disintegration of America they should have done it years ago. It’s far to gone at this point. The communist/progressive/liberal/facist invasion has been completed unfettered by the distracted and dumbed down populace of these (former) United States.

            • And who are these welfare parasites? The millions of poor whites on public assistance or the RICH WHITE MEN on wallstreet who are plundering this country? And as for this communist/liberal/etc. agenda that you write about who the hell is running that?
              A black guy? A Chinese guy? Hell no, another White person just like you!!

        • Look up Cloward–Piven strategy, brilliantly executed with the Dream act lol.

        • I dreamed Sunday night that Mr. Pres would stage a false flag whereby a phony shooting would be staged (ketchup exploding packets, a Dylan Roof-type stooge to take the fall) and voila he makes a recovery (never hurt in first place but will claim it was near his spine) but now has his Lincoln/Reagan moment and will do what Holder et al tried. From that day, he will have the moral standing to wipe out the 2nd Amendment.

        • I Am Back-Jade Helm 15 is almost over: Anyone know for a fact of anyone actually rounded up and placed in any camps? I want real names from real witnesses, and please, please don’t say it’ll happen, but only at the end. Or that it’s happened but they’re so good at keeping it quiet. There will be some (The Most Paranoid) here who believe that the exercise will continue, but in secret. Can’t wait to give the ‘Big Horse Laugh’ when this TEOTWAWKI also fails to materialize.

          • Professor Higgins

            Where the hell have you been? Like the Lone Ranger to the rescue. Hahahaha!

        • So true!!! Great Video!

        • The final destruction of America may well be Obama’s deal with Iran. My guess is Iran is much closer to having nukes than our government wants to admit. Smart money says they will nail us first, THEN hit Israel. With the US out of the way there is no one left to retaliate. Israel may hit them first, it that happens all bets are off and WW 3 will be in full force.

          • Rocky
            I don’t think Iran would be capable of disabling either the US or Israel. Both have been playing war games for decades and have contingency plans that run deep. If the camel jockeys did in fact nuke us we would turn their sandbox into glass.

        • Said the Bush lover. That family is just as guilty, but your to ignorant to see. Hey don’t forget to worship at the altar of fox. Since you only believe what they say, even thou 90% of all media is corrupt.

      2. Thankfully, the Learjet leftists, the limousine liberals and the Hollywierd hypocrite leftists will all be secure behind their gated communities developed with the money they either looted (are you listening, Solyndra execs and Obama crony Jonny-Boy Corzini??) or from propagandizing the TV watching masses.

        Speaking of Learjet leftists, I word on the street is that Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama and just her and 800 of her Chicago corruptocrats are going to rent out the country of Lichtenstein next month (current residents will just have to take a hike). Hmmmm… wonder if that is true….

        • Learjet leftists will have plenty of cheap labor to tend their lawns, clean their mansions and toilets.

      3. Americans no longer have the will to fight for and defend their country as they have in the past.

        Our enemies have the will to conquer us by any means available and take us over for their own purposes.

        The outcome is predictable.

        • our enemies are here

          inside the beltway

          • FYA – 100% correct! King Putt, O’Biden, The Hags (pelosi, feinstein, billiary,etc) all orchestrating the downfall with the aid of their Trojan Party dumbocrats.

        • Coward you are. You do not speak for me or many.

          • I don’t see you -or many- fighting.

            I do see you -and many- talking.

            There’s a big difference between the two, perhaps one you don’t understand.

            • I stand by my ‘coward you are’ statement.

              • Zero, I back you up on your statement. Let the other side make the first move. That useless troll is just trying to get you to do something stupid. the troll needs to STFU and move on.

                • I’d wager there are many scum feds posting here.

                • You moron, the “other side” already made the first move and you responded by running away like a frightened little school girl so they made another first move then another then another and you did the same every time.

                  And you’ll continue doing it since that is all you’re made of.

                  And you know it, no matter how much you try to pretend otherwise to yourself.

                  And you know I’m right.

                  • You are the moron Mr homelandsecurityman. I’m not throwing my life away for nothing. Not til one of you idiots force the issue. Then we go together.

                  • Exactly- The “other side” has been making “moves” for decades- The Agenda was laid out in front of all Americans since at least the 1950’s in congressional testimony and many publications (communist manifesto). Allowing immigrants free reign in the US, passing out welfare like candy at a parade, Allowing agreements like NAFTA to destroy the once strong manufacturing base of the US and offshoring jobs and people like ZERO and the other Keyboard warriors did NOTHING, And still do NOTHING but bitch about it behind the scenes. And still, now that America Has been and is in the process OF BEING overrun, We (I’m just as guilty) Still sit and bitch- There’s no mass civil disobedience (unless you’re black and burning down your own neighborhood), no massive work strikes or stoppages of the middle class, no million man marches to demand our offshored jobs back or secure borders- We all just sit and whine and bitch while it continues….. Wait When does the new season of DWTS satrt?, Gotta go!

                    • Go suck on your boyfriend’s pecker some more.

                    • Now THAR’S a reel tellignt post to make thar zeeero, ya’ll almose got as much brane power as cuz!

        • There are plenty of Americans standing ready to fight to the death.

        • I know many Americans ready to fight and die for this country.

          • Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we’ll do. We’ve already allowed the enemy to build up their numbers at our gates, to a point of being overwhelming.

            we should’ve stood up BEFORE the outnumbered us 100 to 1.

            • Target rich environment

          • Then WHERE THE EFF ARE THEY???? WhY are the “OATHKEEPERS” not guarding the southern border that the Feds REFUSE to secure? Why are the OATHKEEPERS or any of the others who took an oath to uphold the constitution (including me) Not demanding massive work stoppages, organizing massive movements or marching on DC and demanding the arrests of all the traitors in congress and the white house? Where are these Americans you speak of and What the EFF are they waiting for? Too busy working to feed the tax system, the welfare parasites and their own families (in that order) I’m sure. ALL OF US ARE NEUTRED AND NO ONE HAS THE BALLS FOR MASSIVE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ANYMORE- PERIOD

        • As in for a country, what is there to defend?
          There is nothing to defend, when the country itself has been gutted from the inside out.

          Only thing to defend, is yourself and others like you.
          Everything else is a potential enemy, and treat it as such when the time comes.

          America never had any enemies until Washington D.C. and the Military Industrial Complex decided to interfere with other sovereign nations.

          I’m really surprised that other nations do not like how America promotes democracy ——[sarcasm]

          • America has always had enemies from the start. They are called heathens. You represent a dumbed down part of society that only makes excuses and never actually does anything. You are the masses of pc thinking idiots that want to take Christianity and God out of everything. You made a statement that you will help put Christ back on the Cross when He returns, did you not?

            There in lies the problem, heathens like you!

            • @PWTW- And what have you done??? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone right? So you accuse those others of doing nothing yet WHAT have you done? Have you organized a massive march on Washington to redress all our greivances? Have you called for massive work stoppages of the middle class until the Manufacturing base is restored here in these U.S.? Have you volunteered to patrol the border and stop criminal invaders from Latin America? What, SPECIFICALLY, have you done to further the betterment of America and stop it’s decline? to demand an end to the D.C. corruption? What? Anything? Please just honestly answer the question- Look and tell us WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, SPECIFICALLY? anything else is False bluster and bravado- that is all

      4. I just read an article by Ray Gano at Prophezine about Argentina’s collapse. Argentina was a wealthy country like the U.S. and corrupt politicians bleed the country dry, just like the U.S. All of our politicians should see a short rope tied to a tall tree. I don’t believe that the U.S. can be saved at this point. Kim Davis is sitting in jail because of her Christian Faith. When the Charlston AFB powered down for 12 hrs. Russia put its military on high alert and launched there largest most dangerous nuke sub towards the Pacific. We are living in the Twilight Zone. The Sept. SHTF is coming our way. As I’ve mentioned before, Sgt. Dale, Eppe and all of the others who frequent this blog are the Salt of the Earth. Stay safe everyone. Its time for eyes and ears to be wide open.

        • “T” REX
          I want to thank you for the compliment.
          But I’m just a regular guy. I try to do my best, but I know I fall short many times. I pray that God has mercy on me.
          Please my friend watch your “6”

      5. It is our fault. But it is not too late.
        Time to stand and say “This is my Country, and I’m PISSED.

        No more P.C. Bullshit!!!

        Illegals should be deported. I don’t give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut if you are one minute old or your 100 years old get the hell out of my country, that my forefathers fought and died for, and I’m will to do the same!

        LaRaza Screw you, and the pony you rode in on. Go back to Mexico where you belong!

        Black Lives Matter/Nation Of Islam Go pound sand and go back to that shit hole you call the Middle East and Africa.

        Very soon the WHITE MIDDLE CLASS will rise up and say NO MORE. There will be blood in the streets and when the smoke clears we will have our Republic back. It is coming. In the 60+ years I have been alive I have see this get hot and hotter. Very soon you will see flames.

        RANT OVER!!!!

        • Amen Sgt. Well said!

          • Yes indeed Sgt. Well said.

        • Striving every day to be polite, respectful, and considerate of our fellow citizens as people of European descent are prone to do, as well as Christians we are called to love one another. But when the times comes to defend what we hold dear (God, Family, Country, community) it will be soooo much easier to identify the traitors, invaders, and criminals. The easier they are to identify, the easier to ‘exterminate.’

          • Yes, ” exterminate”, spoken like a ” true” Christian, and you wonder why nobody listens to you other than your fellow nutcases.

        • I hope you’re right. I know I am ashamed of our govt and the PC socialists who believe they are Americans. You can’t be an American, while owing allegiance to anything or anyone but this country and the people in it.

        • Sarge, AMEN to both of your posts.

        • Sgt Dale- You are a good human and patriot and I agree with Everything you’ve said- up until you stated “very soon the White middle class will rise up…” I wish I could believe that, I wish it were true but it is not. the White middle class will simply sit and bitch and do nothing to correct any of it, as we have for decades. We’ve all known this stuff was happening and did nothing.
          Stay safe.

        • Another delusional white male: if this “illegals” that you write about wee deported tomorrow this economic would enter a PERMINENT depression the next day cause enltited white people such as yourself feel you are too superior to do backbreaking jobs for less than minimum wage. And as for going back to Africa Black people won’t be in this country if YOUR ancestors didn’t bring us here in the FIRST place to build this fucking country for free! So fuck off with all this talk about “this is my country.”

          • Good one Natty. LMAO


            • No problem BigB, we all got to laugh at the truth sometimes, it makes it easier to swollow☺️

          • Little Nat
            First…learn how to use spell check. Your spelling is just as bad as your logic. Fubared.
            Your people didn’t build ****. How do you expect anyone to believe a people who lived in mud huts could build this country? They were just here when it happened. Blacks were sold into slavery by blacks. Your own people sold you down the river. Apparently, black leadership in Africa knew of the slacker/welfare recipient gene even back then. They packed your ancestors butts on those ships and good riddance. Partied like it’s 1899.

            • “People who lived in mud hut” lol. Where do I start with you: so why were Africans brought over here to work on plantations, build roads, etc.? Shit it was Africans who built the White House! Also, check your history asshole: the Romans learned from the Greeks and the Greeks learned from the Egyptains, who are not White or Arab, but were Blacks! And there were Jews who helped the Nazis, so does that not make the Nazis responsible for the holocust? And even if you were correct, does that not make White people responsible for Africans were TREATED after they came to America? Reconstruction? Jim Crow? How’s my spelling now sucker?!?

              • Nad is off his meds again.

                ???And there were Jews who helped the Nazis, so does that not make the Nazis responsible for the holocust??? According to your offset logic, it seems your trying to blame the Jews for the Holocaust but you plugged in Nazi? To much of a concept for your little mind to fathom?

                ???And even if you were correct, does that not make White people responsible for Africans were TREATED after they came to America????? No it does not. Not in any way shape form or fashion. I bear no responsibility for the way blacks were treated fifty or a hundred years ago. Nor does any other white person. Black leadership put this BS out to the black community years ago. Back then the concept has some weight. Nowadays, the reason the reason they keep pushing this BS, there’s big money in hate mongering. Fara-CON doesn’t live in a shack. The blacks who sold other blacks into slavery, do they have any blame? Are blacks running down to Africa looking for “restitution” from them? Of course not. The deep pockets are in the US.
                The problem with the black community is that they are stuck way back in the 50’s. Their leadership continues to perpetuate the “downtrodden” black man being beaten down by whitey. Whitey could give a damn these days. We are busy trying to make a living. We don’t have time to worry about blacks problems. Especially trumped up, rehashed 50+ year old BS. If blacks still believe in this BS and allow themselves to be conned by their “leaders”, whitey writes you off as a bunch a dumb asses. Fifty years. Two generations. Tens of billions of dollars invested into the black community. Your still, after 50+ years, pretty much stuck in the same place. All of your own doing. GROW UP.
                If blacks can’t keep up it’s because they aren’t trying. Period. Social Darwinism at it’s best.

                “How’s my spelling now sucker?!? holocust” Your spelling still sucks. Whitey’s fault of course.

      6. Alex Jones is ranting about the same thing on his show today.

        • Alex Jones has been outed as being a shill.
          Plays both sides of the field.
          If you listen to him, then you should realize by now how he never talks about the true enemy.

          There are certain topics, subject matter, and persons of interest that he will never talk about or expose.
          Alex Jones aka. regurgitated info-warrior!

          A blind man does not need to see what Alex Jones is all about. All the blind man has to do is listen to Alex to understand what and who he truly is.

          • We have heard it over and over again. We get it. You don’t like Alex Jones. Who really gives a shit what you do, or don’t like.
            You need to take your satanics to many of the Satan worshiping sites, and leave us alone.

            Your continual anti-American babble gets old. That is all you know, troll. Repeat, repeat,repeat,repeat,repeat ====a broken damn record. skip skip skip, repeat repeat repeat repeat.

            • Take his ” satanics” to satan worshipping sites? You’re officially in the too far gone and never coming back to reality zone there preachy boy. What YOU need is some quality time with a damned good psychiatrist and maybe a long rest. You]re nuts, period.

              • We’ll see who has the last laugh, oh boy.

      7. AR sighted in…M1A sighted in…Garand sighted in,1911 sighted in…..bow sighted in….axe polished…..slingshot ready…pile of rocks ready….booby traps….well you know…

        • J I V
          This is good to know. I will let you know when I’m in range so you don’t shoot me!

          Aim Small Miss Small!

          • My sights recognize the good guys Sgt. Dale,have no fear.

      8. SGT: RIGHT ON!!!!! The longer we wait to stand up the less likely it will happen, way to many thumb using PUSSY’S out here to give a rats ass, but you can count on this 60+ to do his part till my last breath when ever its starts. Let it start tonight. I say shut it down and let them start the games!!!!

        • I am in with you. Let’s start tonight.

          • Anonymous will feed them hot lead from my ventilation team….I sure will. Rambo is scared of me.

      9. I just went to SQ’s web site and read about the Muslim refugees in Europe that are raising Hell wanting to be treated better and to get to Germany faster. This is a global trojan horse for Europe and the U.S., Islam is nothing but a disease. It infects everything that isn’t already infected by it. America will burn from the BLM, Muslims, O’bullshit and his man wife do nothing for the country but just tear it down. This is lock and load time.

      10. If the Southern border was sealed with a wall/fence and backed up with force to stop this flow of invaders the following would happen:

        Invasion by millions would stop.
        Criminals coming in this country would stop.
        Drug trade would stop
        Anchor baby business would end.
        Human trafficking would stop. Sex-trade etc.

        Question is: why are politician’s of both parties allowing this to continue?

        Everyone should be asking what is behind this madness of allowing open borders.

        • hey i agree there should be a wall,, but they been digging under the fence for years to get here..
          we will also need ground penetrating radar to detect tunneling,’cause you know as well as I a wall isnt enough

          • The influx would slow to a stop, if they just started getting picked off by random sniper fire. They’d think twice before sticking that toe into the mud, if they knew they could be dropped before they got in knee deep.

            • Agreed 6 pack…

            • Friggin’ wall would cost too much. Sniper teams every 2000 yards or so wouldn’t cost that much. Both cost effective and mission effective.

        • “Question is: why are politician’s of both parties allowing this to continue?”

          The Agenda – the continuance of degrading & destroying America.

          No country will be deemed better than another.
          No country will have borders.
          No country will be considered a sovereign Nation.

          Implement Agenda 21
          New World Order comes into acceptance among the people because the “failed policies” that have been put forth up until this point.

          ***[sarcasm ahead]***

          Step right up, and get your RFID Chip/BARCODE.
          Get your up to date state of the art Vaccinations.
          Don’t forget your weekly allowance of GMO Foods before you return to your designated living quarters.

          This is all for your well being, and the for the good of the world. Submit, comply, and be the good slave you know how to be.


            • FTW: Correction! One country will remain as true seperatists etc…At least according to Israel’s NuttyYahoos recent babbelings and speeches…He says not only will israel only contain white looking ashkanazi khazars(he calls khazars another word) but is also going to include in its national laws and constitution that Israel is to be run by and based upon Talmudic Law only!

              While 300 of his associates orgs here in usa keep bashing whites here as seperatists and nazis etc and raaysis!

              The Same 300 or so orgs demanding the continued influx of non white 3rd worlders here and in euro nations as well.

              The Same orgs behind antigun crap laws and deamnds!

              Same orgs behind fags and lezbos and abortions galore!

              oh which precicely all 300 are Now unable to be Named here due to recent censors who whine or cry when such Truth is posted up here.

          • “Question is: why are politician’s of both parties allowing this to continue?”

            Dems = votes
            Rebs = cheap labor

            • Sorry but that…Reps=cheap labor

          • I rest my case, preppers and Christians.

      11. “They’re Coming To America.

        By Neil Diamond.

        Play that a few times.

        • NO.

          • Sixpack, not only NO, BUT HELL NO!

      12. All these turds coming across the borders in the USA and Europe and the shit of the world.

        They are bring their shit religion, Their bugs. Their diseases. Let them stay where they are. Or face LEAD poising. I believe that it is coming.

        My prediction.
        We will not see 2020 coming before this happens!

        • If Christians were fleeing Europe to Syria these very same Syrian muslims would man their borders and kill the “invading infidels.” Screw ’em, we owe them nothing, especially our sympathy. Trump is right – our political leaders, including the Europeans, are idiots.

          Islam is a political system like communism or fascism. They are ruled by a handful of ruthless people who will brutally torture and kill any who oppose them.

          I’m just sick over how the U.S. has declined into a nation of immoral, weak, and useless people. I don’t want a civil war but, if it happens, it will be between people like us here who believe in a strong traditional America ruled by laws and those who don’t. No mercy.

      13. Eight years ago I was visiting and staying with my sister in Turlock, California, a mixed community in the San Joaquin valley filled with Mexican migrant and agriculture factory workers and transplant white people fleeing high housing costs from the San Francisco area to the west. The small city of Turlock was mainly known for medic alert bracelets and honeydew growing distributed nationwide. Living a block from the downtown area the Mexicans had mostly overtaken the housing. A white friend of mine was visiting and decided to walk to a small grocery a few blocks away at dusk. He got a half block down the street and was surrounded by three Mexicans, one who pulled a fence plank off a fence with nails sticking out, threatening him. He kept walking and ignored the trio finally moving into a lit area where they backed off. A police man came by and was told of the incident, the cop told my friend he should have shot the weapon wielding person. My friend was not armed. The white cop knew of this person after the description was given but would not pursue him. Another couple of incidents were shots fired into the next door neighbors house and a rock thrown through my sisters big plate glass front window. Nothing ever done either time to find the guilty party.

        • Not being armed ANYWHERE was his first mistake
          Going it alone and being white was his second mistake

          sometimes you have to let natural selection take its course

        • Sad sad place to be, aljamo. I have been through that area.

          I made the statement that any white person in their right mind would get the hell out of those places. Woe be unto those that own a house in those areas and can’t sell it, or rent it.

          • That’s right pissin, everybody knows only white folks will be allowed in heaven, what the Hell was god thinking when he created other races than whitey?

            • stfu, troll. You and FTW need to go to Madonna’s satan worshiping site. You will be well received there, and we didn’t need or want your kind to begin with, cause we had enough of that with wwti and Aciditch.

              • Right pissin, because ” Heaven” is only open to old,{ over 60} white hillbilly rednecks who worship George Wallace. I mean hey, who WOULDN’T want to spend an eternity with a great and wonderful group of crankcases like you, right?

                • I can only imagine what smart ass comments you come up with when the legions of Angels are hovering over you while you are pissing yourself and crying like a little baby cause you are having to bow down to the King.

                  You will be whining and crying, Oh i was just kidding and teasing, and i really didn’t mean it, but Christ knows your every thought and word, it’s all recorded for that day.

                  As Christians look on, you will not have a friend anywhere, cause there are no atheists there to back up your mockery and lies. Have a good trip, loser.

                  • And I too, can only wonder what kind of religious drivel you scream at your nurses every night when they want you to take your medicine so you won’t be a danger to yourself or the other poor bastards in the nuthatch.

      14. Your Mama’s were wrong. Violence does work.

        • Agreed, it is very much effective … if used properly.

          • Violence can be a very cleansing thing.

      15. Keep moving.

      16. I honestly don’t know if we can salvage the country in its current state. The extreme left is just as zealous as the extreme right in their beliefs and no amount of talk will change it. Even if we patriots could take the country back, I can’t say that I have any desire whatsoever to share a country with all the liberal morons and neocons out there. I believe we’ll rip ourselves apart and in the end we will be two, maybe even three separate countries in the end…

        • I think we can. Gonna take a lot of neutralizing and will have to be done several times to eradicate what needs to be weeded out. Going to need those with strong will and stomach.

      17. Reality check; Yes the United States Military is by far the best in the world today. We have the best equipment, and trained warriors to use it. Now for the reality check, we have not fought a formality enemy since World War II and we have been in a large number of wars since then, but almost all have been against Third World opponents in as much as the vast majority of the enemy we faced where just in their military for 3 hot’s and a cot and had no fight in them. Look at Korea (still there), Vietnam (ass kicked), Iraq (still there fighting), and Afghanistan (still there fighting), so you see we have not faced a major power since WWII. Do not think that our enemies have laid back sucking their thumbs all this time, NO WAY. You say that NATO facing Russia is a powerful force, just look at it as a whole fighting force; way to many different countries to be effective, why; the logistics of resupply for all the different weapons systems is a night mare let alone the issues of commutations with just all the different languages spoken. As with a lot of armies, NATO is not immune with the ranks fill with those that are there for 3 hot’s and a cot and at the first shot fired will go back home to family make no mistake about it. So you see the United States just may have their hands full in WWIII. Again the United States has not faced a powerful force since WWII. All this is MHO.

        Copperhead Out

        • What you say is true. We’ve been stomping on men with sticks and stones, and innocent, unarmed civilians. I fail to see how we, as a country can be proud of that. I am a vet. I’m not proud of our recent “accomplishments”. I’m too old and disabled to go fight the Russians, and I pray we don’t instigate that. We’re NOT ready for a country like Russia.

          The millenials will piss themselves if they have to face a REAL army. Like Russia or not, the truth is the truth. We can’t hide behind drones forever. Eventually, we’ll have to stand toe to toe.

          We had better do something before that. We need to start right here. Right now. Or the NWO will prevail.

          Unfortunately, we can’t even be civil to each other in simple discussions. The vitriol and hate is staggering, even over stupid little things…I harbor little hope for us, if we can’t even control ourselves in a comment section.

          Go look at some of the last articles. The majority of the comment section is nothing but people pissing on each other, name calling and hateful remarks. We’re DOOMED if we can’t get it together better than this.

          • Sixpack, you do make some valid points, but the trolls are responsible for what the site has turned into. Everyone knows I jump on the trolls ONLY when they give me reason to, but I’m always civil and respectful to the good people on this site. What can anyone do as long as the trolls keep coming around?

            • Most people are civil here. It is only a select couple who turn every discussion into a foul screaming match. You know the ones — they can’t disagree without name-calling and slander. There are comment sections where 84 out of 134 comments were name calling and hateful slander, instigated by one or two people. I even had to scroll back up to the top to see what the original topic was.

              No, BH, you’re not the problem. Didn’t mean to suggest that you were. They know who they are.

              • Hey 6; by THE way… thank you for your service to the country…

            • Anonymous says to bravefart. If they don’t agree with you or your butt buddy Dale, then they are a TROLL!!

          • SixpackI agree with you. America has been “diversified”. There is no sense of overriding national will. There is no clear moral code to unite us. We no longer share a national heritage and many of the traditional mores that bound us together were destroyed long ago. America is a fragmented she’ll of its former self. I don’t think many of us will bind together in the next crisis. What is an AMERICAN. I could have told you Asa child; an American was a fierce individualist, bound by hard work, fair play and an overwhelming sense of national pride. An American believed he could achieve whatever hard work and faith would bring him. We’re we perfect in applying these principles, no. Can anyone define what we are as a nation today? Do we have a national character today? Can we even agree on the most fundamental tenants of right and wrong today? We are living on borrowed time as a nation. What happens to the world when the “illusion” of America is gone( very soon I fear), it will burn like a great funeral pyre.

            • Interesting….a nation built from streaking land from Native Americans, using stolen African labor is only NOW becoming diversified? A nation in which the post World War Two White middle class was created with loans for schooling and homes; unionized blue collar labor: and suburbs that were connected by federally funded highways and roads that was denied to other racial groups is somehow an example of “hardwork and fair play”?? LMAO, what type of drugs are you on?

              • Continued: you had over 1 million black men who fought and came back home after world war 2 and they, like white veterans, qualified for low interest VA housing loans and loans for college education. However, DUE TO WHITE RACISM most black veterans could not purchase a home as MOST white owners/banks would not allow them to purchase these homes (redlining). Furthermore, over 500,000 black veterans were denied access to a college education because “traditional” aka WHITE ONLY colleges and universities would not let them attend. How’s that for freedom and the pursuit of happiness?

      18. Here’s what’s going on… The dentist that killed the lion, he goes back to his practice today. There is media from around the world, this is all that’s in the news, and there are only 3 ( three) protesters.thats right frigging 3. Showed up. So tell me who the trouble makers are.

        • The MSM, of course. In other news, hillary had bought/bullied enough delegates to get the nomination no matter what we want, and she says she’s ready to throw down.

          Excuse me while I puke….

          • She’s ready to eat some hair pie.

      19. Folks if what is being reported about what Russia is doing in Syria is fact, well it could start tomorrow. The fuse gets hotter and hotter everyday. Soon it’s going start burning if not already. Prepare.

        • So … Russia wants to help Syria eradicate ISIS & Al-Qaeda from their country, and the United States has a problem with joining in on this joint effort to fight the War On Terror?

          If the United States indeed has an issue with Russia involving itself, then it should be noted to those …..

          That the United States funds, operates, and feeds this proxy army of degenerates. Military Industrial Complex is using this proxy army to destabilize Syria and other nations abroad to further their agenda.

          Only reason why the United States does not have boots on the ground in Syria and or Iran, is because Putin told them they would have a problem with Russia and China if they involved themselves directly.

          China and Russia sees Washington D.C. for what they are. An Empire wanting to rule the World, by their terms, rules and regulations. If you or others are believing the negative rhetoric coming from the MSM, then you are being deceived by propaganda.

          The War On Terror needs to end, but it won’t happen by the means of pussified Americans. It will have to come from another Nation(s) to do the work, that America can not or will not do.

          War On Terror = FRAUD/HOAX, ISIS/Al-Qaeda supplied & paid by US Tax Dollars.

          • THE WAR ON TERROR WILL ONLY END, WHEN WE HAVE IDENTIFIED AND ISOLATED THE REAL TERRORISTS. The men behind the curtain. The instigators with their own agenda.

            They are the rabid dogs that need to be put down mercilessly. More people in more countries will need to wake up first.

            • “The men behind the curtain”

              Right you are, and lets not forget to include those cunts like Hillary and Feinstein in the mix as well …. lol

              • Every dog has it’s bitch.

                • Amen girl…

      20. Burn there House Down!

      21. Really mac? how about you post my damn comments ass

        • @lolzngiggles,

          That ought to get it done. LMAO


      22. so what are people waiting for to take action-it there one event which would signal Lets Roll ?

        • Dogsandcats.

          Nobody going to do NOTHING till it is at your front door. Then YOU are going to make the decision to fight or submit. What can you expect? Forceful entry and removal of loved ones. Physical harm done to your family. The removal of your personal property. The destruction of your personal property.

          So get your stuff together/ready and sit down and wait like the rest of us.

          • yep.

          • I couldn’t agree more!!

          • That is one way of dealing with what is coming slingshot. It isn’t the only way and IMO IT IS A LOSING PROPOSITION. If we do not find the will to identify our enemy and take the fight to them we are lost. Yes I understand the possible cost of such action but in reality it is the only way to win in the end. Many decent Germans saw what was occurring in there country in the 1920 s and adopted the same attitude. If they don’t come for me, I’ll keep my head down and hope the storm passes me by, how did that work out for them.

            • Bigbluedrew.

              Take the fight to them? I have tried to put a team together and that failed. We can’t even get together here and I am going off to fight with absolute strangers whose fighting capability is highly questionable. Might as well walk out on the expressway at rush hour.

              The more I read. We are not going to make it.

              • Yea, In my farewell to you, I see you are right with that statement…”we are not going to make it”.

                why? you are doomed from the start when you remove God from the equation. That my ex-friend is where your world has come to despair and agony. You think you can do it all on your own. You sure you ain’t been drinking from the same kool-ade pitcher that wwti drinks from?

                That is exactly his mentality, I have done it all, and i don’t need no God or anybody to help me… I am mine almighty.

                Well, it is about over with on this site. The days ahead will not be about prepping anymore they will be about surviving. Just remember what I said about the dividing of America and the rising waters. prepare accordingly, and better hope you have a lot of luck, because you evidently have no faith, or even know how to achieve it.

                • PWTW

                  Shocking wasn’t it. See you and others would not listen and you were caught up with your own agenda. God does have his place in all our lives but he should not be forced on others and evil must be confronted.

                  But I can not stand others telling me I am going to hell. That is for God to decide. You can warn people that ones actions can lead you to hell but you can’t tell a person he is going to hell. There is a difference. To quote scripture is fine and to praise God is fine but for those who are Not So Religious have to read it or hear it all the time. There is a place for all that and it is called Church. To make “God’s Wrath” the cause for whatever goes wrong.

                  There were very few people I could depend on in my life and that is hard lessons learned. Your right! The only person I depend on is me. Then maybe a little help from God after.

                  • When did i say you were going to hell?

                    I have not said that anyone in particularly is going to hell, although many, in fact most, are. That is not by my words, it is God’s.

                    I can’t “pass judgment”, as you say i have, you are a bald face liar. I have never told anyone that they are going to hell, flat out.

                    I have said many times that certain people are doomed to hell “if” they do not repent and accept Jesus. That is what my bible teaches, so that is not passing judgment. That is stating a fact as is in my bible.

                    Don’t blame me if you don’t understand scripture.

                    • Umm, Passin’

                      Yes, you have told certain people (including me) that they are going to hell. If you are truly unaware of saying this …. then you don’t have to dig too deep to find these posts in previous articles – if indeed it concern you.

                      As Durango Kidd would say:

                      “IT’S IN THE ARCHIVES”

                    • FTW,

                      Don’t waste your time on this nutjob. He lies back and forth whenever his own words come back to bite him in the ass. He knows damn well what he’s said and then tries to wiggle out of it with excuses a five year old kid could see through. It’s a losing battle trying to introduce reason and sanity to the truly mentally disturbed like this one, he’s too far gone for anything but professional psychiatric help now.

                    • Show me, dumbass. Where is it?

                    • Look, I’m not wasting my time with a psychotic child with a Jesus complex. ok? I notice that you like to ignore other posts where people reply to you, specifically where Spudweb asked you earlier in this thread, { or are you going to pretend you never “saw” it”] about exactly what YOU have ever done but sit on your old ass and bitch and moan. Don’t want to get involved with THAT one now do we? No, the truth would be that your just a useless, old nutbag who only lives to preach his mindless dribble about how the world is doomed because of a Madonna tour or something equally insane. Your a lost cause, nutjob, go and eat your jar of baby food with your plastic spoon, if they even trust you with that much of a dangerous utensil.

      23. We have bought and paid for politicians and crooked banksters that have sold us out for a few pieces of silver. Our system has slipped but I am not ready to give up on the patriots in this great country. God have mercy on them when we have had enough, because we won’t.

      24. The folks who are screaming for the death of white people are making a grave mistake, by mistaking our civility for weakness. If they do carry out these crazy demands by their leaders, they will wish they could put the genie back in the bottle. A wise man once told me, there is nothing more violent and deadly than provoking a peace loving, gentleman into committing violence, which he has worked hard to avoid

        • Amen.

          • Word…

        • My weapon(s) of choice are not racist!
          It cares not about ones color, genetic makeup or heritage.
          It’s only concern is protecting me, and those like me.
          Anything else labeled is considered a potential health hazard.

      25. My country may be going down but I’ll go with her but fighting as I go…there is nowhere else to go.

        • I know what you are saying Jim but am afraid we are too far gone for saving. Better to burn it down and rebuild on the ashes using the tenants this country was first built upon.

          The perverted nation we have today has no resemblance of what both this country’s original intent was. Our politicians and TPTB have for personal gain corrupted every facet of society using our freedoms against us. Our schools are no better than the Koran training that is what is called school in the Middle East.


          Dam I am wordy today. Don’t normally post much anymore as there are a lot more articulate people here than back in the JOG / BI Hey days. Howdy guys.

          • Big B. you had better increase those posts, o you have to answer to my ventilation team.

      26. The ultimate solution is to have three countries where the US is now. No way around it.

        • Then, once busted up into three smaller, weaker countries, TPTB NWO clan can just walk in and squash the remainders. They know there is power in numbers. Why do you think the global agenda has been to break up countries into little, broke sections, where they can easily come in and take over?

          Go back and do your history. From China to the old USSR, Africa to the middle east, THE GOAL HAS BEEN TO INCITE CIVIL WARS AND DIVIDE THE PEOPLE.

          We are no different. THIS is our version of the break up of the Soviet Union. We’ll be much easier to manage once we’re divided. There IS a pattern…Wait and see.

          • And before you argue, the EU does not count. Those idiots can’t get together on anything. They’re a “union” on paper only…and for the NWO big banksters.

            • no good changes can happen untill the Shekels are first removed from the shabozz goy leadership we have in zog occupied usa fed govnt.

      27. There are some good ideas in “The Executioner” series of books by Don Pendleton. Find the first two and read them. I know it’s fantasy, but there are still good ideas in them.

        The first few books of the series were posted earlier this year in the alt.binaries.e-book newsgroup. Get a newsreader software, such as News Rover, and try it out.

      28. Damn near every white person in America is an illegal immigrant (descendant). What the hell are you talking about?

        Yes, Africans had slaves. But they were not treated in the same manner as Europeans treated slaves. Get your facts right.

        Yes, Native Americans went to war with each other. But they did not commit genocide on each other like the American Government attempted to do. The US passed out blankets with Smallpox on them. Killed the buffalo in order to starve a nation. Attacked women and children to wipe on the next generation. The Native Americans did not make treaties with each other and renege on their word later. An Indian giver actually refers to a white person who made promises to the Native Americans only to change their mind later and take back what was given.

        American history, as distorted as it is, was written by the victors. Do you know who Nicholas Trist was? Look him up.

        Yes, this country is dying. But not because latin Americans are coming over the boarder or because of crimes committed by African Americans. Both of these can be mitigated. What cannot be mitigated is the rape of the economy by (pause for affect) white people.

        There has always been crime and it has always been manageable. I’m sorry for those who’ve experienced it on a personal level and who’s families have been adversely affected by violent crimes. I am not trying to take away from you in any way. But that is not what ills this country. And for those who buy into that BS, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

        Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex and big business as a whole. Kennedy tried to do something about it and got JFK’d for his efforts. No president after JFK has tried to help the people. Not a democrat or republican.

        I am a middle class African American. I want to stay where I am and move up. Not down. WE ARE ALL SCREWED. Yet some people want to point the finger and lay blame where there is no blame to be had.

        Open your eyes people. I truly believe it’s to late to save the economy, but I don’t believe it’s too late to prevent the amount of pain coming our way. We have to go through it. Why does it have to be so bad?

        • Eisenhower and Kennedy were both “white people”. If you truly wanted to save America, you could start by putting some sense in your riotous, violent brethren. By separating themselves from “whitey”, they are working for the NWO by dividing the people of this country, making us all weaker.

          You say this is whitey’s fault?

          We don’t feel the need to speak almost a totally different language, wear our pants around our knees to look different, and act like we ARE different. A vast majority of blacks think that going to prison and being gangsta’s is cool, even a badge of honor. Even your specialized music celebrates your separation from the rest of us. Whitey doesn’t think being locked up in a cage is cool. It’s something to be avoided if possible.

          YOU DON’T WANT TO FIT IN. Like the Mexicans, you want everyone else to tolerate YOUR ways. Well, your ways are not doing us any good on the whole.

          You want to save America?

          Then stop trying to separate yourselves from other Americans.
          Celebrate AMERICAN culture. OUR heritage (assuming you were born here too). Stop calling yourselves “African-Americans” and just be proud to be AMERICANS.

          Put up or shut up. You can’t have it both ways.

          • Sixpack, AMEN. give us fire and brimstone.

          • Sixpack, you are wrong. There are plenty of young white kinds who wear their pants around their knees. Try to speak a different language and do just as damn shit as your African Americans. The difference is many of them have a support group that will pull them out of that life at some point. But some of them do not. Where do they end up?

            The problem with most people on this forum is you look at a group of African Americans who do violent things and blame all African Americans. Your logic falls apart in that you don’t look at a group of white people who do violent things and blame all white people. Why is this, because you are white and you don’t do those things. News flash, I am African American and I don’t do those things either. We as a people are not trying to separate ourselves. A vast majority of African Americans do not feel that way. You have bought into the media BS hook line and sinker.

            Yes, Eisenhower and Kennedy where both white. That does not give every white person a pass. Just like African American gang members does not mean every African American is a thug. Are you trying to “put some sense” into the Klan, skin heads or other Caucasian hate groups? Why would ask me to do it on this side of the color line? Just as it is not your fault what the klan does, it’s not may fault what AA thugs do.

            When you all stop lumping all brown skin people in the same lot as those who commit crimes that’s when you’ll find those who are able (and hopefully willing) to stand by your side and defend this country. I say hopefully willing because we have trust issues. And for a damn good reason.

            I’m a prepper. Every member of my group is white. Why, because not mamy African Americans are serious about preparing for hard times in the same manner as preppers are. Those who are a few and far in-between. In don’t have time to seek them out. A couple of the guys in my group look at me kinda funny. One of them even stated that everyone last one of his friends are racist. That’s fine. Just remember when the shooting starts, you are firing in the same direction as I am. And as long as I’m not standing in from of him while shooting in the same direction, everything should be fine. that’s called putting petty differences aside for the common good.

            So what is your takeaway Sixpack. Simply this. Not all African Americans are thugs, violent, want to separate ourselves from society, wear our pants at our knees, on welfare, trying to suck the life out of the country or any of that crazy stuff. If you closed your eyes to the color of a person’s skin I’m sure you’ll find a lot of brown skin people who are just like you.

            • NightlyJazz,

              With my husband’s (former) job, we had the opportunity to travel to and live in a number of different states and countries.

              We have met good people of many different heritages.

              Keep prepping! May you stay safe!
              KY Mom

              • Thank you KY Mom. May the Lord bless and keep your family safe.

                • NightlyJazz,

                  Thank you! May the Lord bless, guide and keep your family safe too!

            • “There are plenty of young white kinds who wear their pants around their knees.”

              Yeah. We call them “whiggers” because they can’t remember what race they are.

          • One last thing. You want us to stop calling ourselves African Americans? When you go to the library, where do you find books on “African American” history? We are not the ones who separated ourselves. White people did it. And now that we are stuck with it, you want to blame us for it.

            Thank about that for a moment.

            • You’re either American or your not American. African-American, Mexican-American = Not American. These terms are offensive to me. Normally used by the welfare class to distinguish themselves such that the correct type of welfare is parsed out.

              • @Redneck you can thank your ancestors for the racial divide!

                • @Nat
                  No Nat you can thank minority leadership for that. They refuse to accept the fact that this country has it’s own unique set of social values. Instead they drive wedges into American society by pushing divide. Mexican-American and African-American are the two labels used to SEPARATE themselves from American society.
                  I have worked with many Hispanics and Blacks. Many were Americans in the true sense of the word. Military, hard working and did their job well. Took care of their families etc…. They live the American dream. Stood on their own two feet and became successful.
                  On the other hand… there’s the welfare recieving, “I ain’t no white man’s bitch”, nasties that separate themselves from the core values and social norms that made American society so strong. The feed on hate.

                • @Nat
                  No Nat you can thank minority leadership for that. They refuse to accept the fact that this country has it’s own unique set of social values. Instead they drive wedges into American society by pushing divide. Mexican-American and African-American are the two labels used to SEPARATE themselves from American society.
                  I have worked with many Hispanics and Blacks. Many were Americans in the true sense of the word. Military, hard working and did their job well. Took care of their families etc…. They live the American dream. Stood on their own two feet and became successful.
                  On the other hand… there’s the welfare recieving, “I ain’t no white man’s bitch”, nasties that separate themselves from the core values and social norms that made American society so strong. They feed on hate.

        • Thank god, a voice of reason!!

      29. We can all choke on a 25,000 DOW and a $800/Oz Gold price.

        • I’ll buy gold @ $50. I depend on corporate and Gov’t bonds. Dow can crash, I don’t care.
          America’s problem is Democrats. When I was young my neighbors dressed up their kids and went to church. Across the river in Compton they slaughtered each other on Sunday.
          I repudiate black culture. I repudiate Moslem culture. I can
          and do co-exist with just about everyone else.

          • Heading out to New Zealand tomorrow…and the Maori’s are getting along great with the Brit whites and other cultures…seems to be the most safe (except for an earthquake now and again)..and best place to settle for now. I am running from a possible econ collapse here..where the immigrants will be in worst spot..with their EBT cards not accepted…and more Democrat issues…Liberalism is a mental illness…I am in the middle ..and pretty ready for anything that could occur..and I do NOT use banks at all…They are all criminals…take care..

        • YES. I hope gold goes down just a little more…I’ll get me some more.

      30. Nine slain and forty six injured in Chicago over weekend.

        Stock Market up 390 pts.

      31. Not just the death of a nation, its the death of the west. Russia, China, Iran are manufacturing the crisis in the middle east. The refugee’s are leaving in droves and it is part of the plan. They are spreading out all over Europe and also some are coming to America. They will NOT adopt western culture they will be a muslim poison to society. Economically, Culturally, Legally, the perfect storm is taking place before our eyes and Americans are still asleep! Russia is supplying the Syrians with aid while Kerry is “warning” them, what a joke. Russia is helping Iran with a missle defense system as you read this. Real American’s had better get ready.

        • This is Obama’s last gasp. He’s pushing as fast and as far as he can before he’s out. He wants to “transform America” just as far as he can before he loses the authority to implement his communist policies and directives.

          There needs to be a complete sweep of pretty much every federal agency after he’s gone. Whomever gets elected president from the republicans had better be ready to act fast and have their ducks lined up. If not, then and only then will the country go down the tubes.

          And no, I don’t think Trump would do what is needed if he were to be elected president. Who would? A respected and sharp former senior military officer…and not Betrayus for crying out loud. Someone who is old school, who was a Cold Warrior, who understands the raw realities of the world, who is a good and clean-cut family man, who knows the difference between a marriage and a perverted affront, who is unquestionably loyal to this country, and who is unafraid of the devil himself.

          Retired General Vallely comes to mind. Others?………

          • David Hackworth (but he’s dead, so….)

        • “Russia, China, Iran are manufacturing the crisis in the middle east.”

          USMC1982 – YOU FAIL – Your post resembles everything that FOX or CNN is reporting, yet you are too lazy to investigate the information for yourself.

          The “manufactured crisis” has been created by US FOREIGN POLICIES. If it wasn’t for the Bombing Runs and Drone Strikes on Civilian Populations, these people would not need to flee their countries!

      32. I am starting to get a wee bit concerned.
        I have seen 3 Muslim woman ragheads, at different time intervals, one with a burka covering her face. The colleges up here have started, and one Muslim woman was with a college student. The college student did not smell, but her mother with the costume on did. It was disgusting. As far as I am concerned, they are Not Welcome Here. I don’t give a s**t if they are decent human beings. Take their costumes, and their belief system, and go somewhere else. Just looking at them, to me, represents all the horrific acts done by Muslim’s over the years. Am I Stereotyping?
        Yup. And, I am not sorry for it.
        I continue to prep, and need some more ammo for my 32.
        I hope everything is still standing by October 1st, guess I will have to wait and see.

        • Repent and you will be forgiven

      33. Parts of Texas, California, etc. all were once a part of Mexico.

      34. You all would do well if you get copies of the following.

        Morse code.
        Military Flag alphabet identification
        Military phonetic pronouncement of the alphabet.
        Citizens band Freq.
        F.M. Freq.
        A.M. Freq.
        Semaphore Pictorials of alphabet and communication usage.
        MSDS material hazard sign information.
        Identification by color codes of gas bottles/cylinders.

        Are you ready?

        • Thanks Slingshot

        • Got it all, including hidden government frequencies.

          You also need shortwave frequencies for worldwide stations and for prepper nets. If we are EMP’d, shortwave from other countries will still be available. And you will be able to contact hams in other countries.

          • So can I get a list of frequencies? Please and thank you.

      35. Oct 1st, you will all look like paranoid fools. You all said it would collapse. Now you will have to move the date farther down the road as you have for the last 3 years. Fear Porn is like a drug business, and you are the junkies.

        • Agree Anon.

          On Oct 1st if nothing happens or there are no more indications that there will be and incident. I will stand down. Instead of getting into the politics, banking, religion and trying to help others. I will do more research into the camp and survive section. More gardening and exploring other avenues of enjoyment.

          The gear will be there and I will be attentive to the news but trying to get people to do things for themselves. Nada!

          Although this is a great site I feel that the subjects that needed to be discussed were traded off on those that only had argumentative valve. Lacked substance for the benefit to survive. What does it matter what the banks are doing when trying to learn skills to survive the collapse is more important. We have wasted too much effort and time on those subjects and my want to help others has waned over time.

          We shall see.

      36. WOW! WTF. If been on this site for about a yr now & thought the articles were pretty informative. Until I got to this one. And I thought the regular posters were “like minded” individuals. Until I started reading the replies here. You guys don’t realize it, but you sound worse than the government. No, that doesn’t mean I’d rather see boots on the ground in my hood. But it does mean I don’t see a favorable outcome for many of you. It’s sad that you can’t see past the hate in your heart to understand what’s really taking place.

        Why are Syrians fleeing their country? Because the U.S. is bombing the shit out of Syria saying are going after ISIS. Thats utter BS. They are after Assad. Always have been. And most if not all of you know this yet you blame the Muslim refugee. People don’t just up and leave for no reason. Especially those with deep ties to the country. They were not fleeing Assad yes ago. What has changed?

        All of you mouthing off about ventilating people have a lot of this wrong. This is not an opportunity to kill. Find common ground with the people you know & defend your communities fm those who wish to enslave you (us). Truth be told, you’ll never accomplish much without us. The brown races of the world.

        • bravefart will feed them all hot lead.

      37. My Leopold on my 300wm is ready out to 1500yrds. Accushot on ar 15 can split a hair at 300yrds. Saiga 12 stops anything with in 50 yards. I passed the SS test with my custom Glock 17. When the war starts which no one wants but America needs I am ready. I will defend my country and my family with my life. But may God have pity on my foes because I won’t. Its amazing what improvised munitions or booby traps you can think of when you try. FM 5-31,TM 31-210 and the good old STTU !!! As Nathan Hale stated I regret that I only have but one life to give for my country. Long live the Founding Fathers !!!

      38. My Leopold on my 300wm is ready out to 1500yrds. Accushot on ar 15 can split a hair at 300yrds. Saiga 12 stops anything with in 50 yards. I passed the SS test with my custom Glock 17. When the war starts which no one wants but America needs I am ready. I will defend my country and my family with my life. But may God have pity on my foes because I won’t. Its amazing what improvised munitions or booby traps you can think of when you try. FM 5-31,TM 31-210 and the good old STTU !!! As Nathan Hale stated I regret that I only have but one life to give for my country. Long live the Founding Fathers !!! 2

      39. Anonymous is NSA

        • Plan worked

      40. I had to add a 2 it would not accept my post. I am ready!!!

      41. If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine !!!

      42. US Aerial Surveillance Impaired Off The East Coast Until October 1st Due To “Military Activities”

        “It appears that aerial surveillance across much of the East Coast will be impaired until October 1 due to “military activities.”

        “This notam has caused considerable alarm and much confusion, while giving pilots little time to prepare. The long duration, ambiguous language, and short notice of this notam are all cause for serious concern.”

        “Due to military activities, the TCAS and ADS-B surveillance may be unreliable in the airspace over Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and extending approximately 200 nautical miles offshore, from 1 a.m. EDT (0500z) Sept. 2 until midnight EDT (0459z) on Oct. 1.

        Pilots are advised that the traffic alert and TCAS may fail to establish tracks on nearby aircraft and may fail to receive traffic alerts (TA) or resolution advisories (RA). Operators should be aware that tracks may first appear within close proximity to their aircraft, and may immediately go into TA/RA status.

        Pilots are advised to maintain an increased visual awareness in this area. If operators believe that an aircraft should have triggered an alert, the incident should be reported to air traffic control as soon as possible.”


      43. None of these illegal aliens are interested in assimilating to this nation. They will all come, carve out their areas and take control of them. The violence from criminal Hispanics, Chinese, Muslims etc is going to pick up exponentially in a matter of a few years as people war against each other for territory.

      44. Abortion is a good thing. Unless these Bible thumpers want to adopt and pay for raising these indigents? Hey passing how many crack babies have you adopted?
        crickets again….

        Any how Genesis 2:7 says a fetus is not a living being. If you take the time to really read the Babble.

        • In your case it would have been. WWTI shit for brains.

        • What are you doing skulking around the site, oh shit for brains?

          I thought you hated the articles that Mac posts?

          Are you so weak that you come crawling back on the back page and make yourself feel like you have done something worth while.
          You are a lost piece of dog turd, just waiting to be swept away by rising waters.

          Abortion is killing. You will see that one day, but that day may be too late for you.

          How do you see yourself as being so much better than an innocent life that is snuffed out before getting the chance to live? No, you are a pathetic demonically possessed loser.

          Piss off.

          • That is not very Christian like behavior Passin’.
            You should show some compassion, moral and ethical standards … especially – if it’s towards your common known foe.

            • Yes, that is what a Christian WOULD do. It is NOT what a hate filled nutjob would do.

            • How would you dog turds know anything about what a Christian should do?

              As far as I can tell, neither of you qualify. But there is time left and when you are scared to death of the events that are coming, then it’s probably a real good time to learn.

              Being Christian does not mean taking any crap from dumb atheists.
              You pukes have a lot to learn.

              i am glad i got you pussies to show yourselves and grab some rope. lol, right, I’m the nutjob, and i need help. lol.

              • Pussies, eh? Well, we’re NOT the ones clinging to some mythical sky being like a security blanket, are we? I’ll bet you were always the last kid to be picked for a team in any sports event at school, always alone in the playground being talked about by the normal kids, and DEFINETLY THE LAST ONE TO EVER GET A WHIFF OF PUSSY! Just keep telling yourself that ” You’re ” the normal one here nutcase, that way you’re less likely to harm anybody else or yourself. You really DO have some serious mental issues and you had damn well better be right about your predictions for this month or you’ll be caught red handed with nowhere to hide or able to lie your way out. In short, you’re going to be LAUGHED off this site once and for all.

        • @WhoWudda,

          You should be more worried about them meth babies, a lot more of those around.

        • Abortion a good thing? Yeah, I guess if you devalue life and enjoy playing with dead babies hearts by starting them up for fun, then taking a pair of scissors and cutting up through their face so you can get to their brains. It’s all so interesting yes? I’d rather die a horrific death than hurt the unborn in any way shape or form.

      45. woohoo, the end of america and the rise of a new country, TEXAS

        • TEXAS has it’s fair share of problems like every other State. Give me a break on the rise of a “new country” nonsense.

          Texas is just as guilty as any other, when they supply illegals with taxpayers monies to live and thrive in a cesspool called America.

      46. Cruz is giving an awesome speech in front of the White House. I think we need to turn Iran into a parking lot.

        • And what do you think the Iranians will be doing while we are turning their country into a parking lot? Just sitting asking why us?

          Iran already has a bomb. Probably a few. They’ll use them if we (or the Israelis) attack them.

          • Turning into burnt dirt!!!

      47. The MSM sees “migrants” flooding Europe.I see Islam spreading totally unchecked. At least our “migrants” are mostly peaceful Catholics!

      48. Mexico does not look like shyte…there are beautiful places there.. Don’t let people tell you that Mexico is nothing…It is a good ‘failed state’…in that cops are NOT on your back all the time…and yet many, many safe places…Go visit Mexico and see for yourself….

        • 100,000 dead from the drug wars. No thanks. Mexico is a cesspool of corruption.

      49. I’m looking forward to the best days ahead. Of course, not in this world, but the world of eternal life, where the streets are paved in Gold, as I walk through those pearly Gates right into the Mansion that has been built for me. If I were to dwell on the mess that our leaders of flesh has created, and those who follow after them for their own gain, I would be in a world of Panic, just like I am reading in these comments. I’m here to tell each of you, there is a better life to come, you don’t have to believe me, and you can continue living in your fearful life, or you can look up for your redemption draws nigh.

      50. Ibeen working in California picking produce for about 10 years and I ain’t seen a single black out ther in that time, so unless you are prepared to get on your hands an knees and pick your own salad or stand over a nuckin figger with a whip, I suggest you think twice about deporting the Mexicans

        • Pretty sure you can get your point across without the “whip” comment.

      51. Who cares. This is a world of everyman for himself

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