[WATCH] Seal Slaps A Kayaker With An Octopus

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    An incredible video is showing the moment a seal used an octopus to slap an unsuspecting kayaker. The video was captured by Taiyo Masuda at the incredible moment a fellow kayaker was hit in the face with a large octopus.

    Kyle Mulinder, a self-described “GoPro content creator,” was having a chill time kayaking off the coast of Kaikoura, New Zealand, according to Mashable.  Then, a seal suddenly pops up out of nowhere with an octopus in its mouth, and slaps it against Mulinder’s boat, while also accidentally slapping him in the face with its tentacles.

    Taiyo Masuda, another GoPro videographer, managed to capture the entire scene as it unfolded quickly and posted it on his Instagram account. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

    In an interview with Yahoo 7 Australia, Mulinder explains that the group was well aware of the fight between the seal and the octopus before he got a face full of tentacles. Apparently, the octopus and the seal had been struggling for a quite some time when both briefly disappeared deep beneath the surface. They then reappeared again when the seal decided to throw the octopus at Mulinder’s kayak.

    “He thrashed it in mid-fight and my face happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Mulinder told Yahoo 7 Australia. “I was like ‘mate, what just happened?’ It was weird because it happened so fast but I could feel all the hard parts of the octopus on my face like ‘dum dum dum.'”

    The octopus clung onto kayak after being thrown by the seal. Mulinder was finally able to get it off with the help of his instructor. According to Mulinder, the octopus was fine after the whole ordeal and was placed safely back in the water. There’s been no word on how the seal is doing, but considering it was the one throwing around a large octopus, it’s probably just fine.


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      1. Nature. The struggle for life goes on and we are part of that struggle.

        When I saw “Seal slaps a kayaker with an octopus”, I thought it was about the black entertainer married and divorced from a white German (I think) supermodel.

        Or, perhaps, something about the total domination and enslavement made possible by the Federal Reserve.

        Funny. Both the video and the title of the article.


      2. I imagined the Navy Seals had downgraded their weapons of warfare. ?

        • If you want to get into a great outdoor sport take up kayaking. I have an 15′ ocean fishing kayak with 2 outriggers behind my seat and a rod holder in the front. I have caught shark off my kayak. I have skimmed across the Gulf grass flats and caught Spotted Sea Trout by trolling with live shrimp. I have gone down to the FL keys paddles a few miles off shore and went scuba diving off my kayak for lobster. You can also set a few crab traps with a kayak for meals. Lately here I have been kayaking every weekend in the fresh water canal out to the main river. You can get into the back waters for some fly fishing of the flats with just a few inches of draft. My kayak will also hold a bug out bag if I need to escape really deep into the swamp to hide from threats.

          You can get a really nice 12 ft fishing kayak for about $550. I have about $1500 into my 15′ sit on top kayak complete with a stainless steering rudder. You can anchor for shoreline fishing and the best part, no gas bill and you get really good upper exercise. I then go biking for lower leg exercise. Get out there folks, its a blast and you can put it on a car roof rack or I even adapted a flat bed trailer to haul a half dozen kayaks if I like. Take a life jacket, whistle and a emergency kit with a signal mirror and plenty of sunscreen. I also carry a poncho incase it rains, No problem. A kayak will get you out to all the inshore fishing holes. Or go spear fishing with finds and a mask and snorkel. I can paddle 4 to 5 miles in just a few hours. Its a healthy sport.

      3. and now we know what passes for seal humor. I bet it was laughing its tail off in its own way.

      4. Wow, little slow there, should have grabbed it and stuffed it in the hull,
        Those are good eating!
        Taco poki anyone!
        Deep fried octopus!
        Squid luau!
        Thats a good one, clean squid,
        Pound it with tenderizing hammer
        Cut it into small pieces
        Cook it in coconut milk with taro leaves(spinach will substitute) until its tender

      5. Slapped in the puss with a pus.

      6. That considered getting “bitch-slapped” ocean style?

      7. Another day of shit hitting the fan… at least for the octopus.

      8. I would’ve had to shoot both the seal and the octopus if they had attacked me. It’s not even my cup of tea to be out in a boat.

      9. Thought this was going to be a bitch better have my money moment.^_^

      10. People felt under threat, or shortage, or a sense of moral duty to the octopus. It was play. Slap the seal back.

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