Watch Putin Hammer Obama: “Not Grounded In The Real World… Absolutely Unprofessional Politics”

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Headline News | 83 comments

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    As airstrikes in Syria heat up, so too has the rhetoric from both sides.

    The Obama administration claims that Putin’s military, which now include the globally feared Spetnatz special operations teams, are attacking rebel forces opposed to Syria’s President Assad.

    Russia, on the other hand, says that the so-called rebels are actually ISIS terrorists that have been funded and armed by America.

    These comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin responding to a U.S. journalist are essential watching as they shed further light on President Obama’s failed middle east policies, especially as they relate to the Islamic State. Moreover, they provide insight into Putin’s motivations for taking action in Syria and how he views the current U.S. administration.

    Via Truthstream Media:

    Who on earth armed them?

    Who armed the Syrians that were fighting with Assad?

    Who created the necessary political and informational climate that facilitated the situation?

    Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the area?

    Do you really not understand as to who is fighting in Syria?

    They are mercenaries mostly. Do you understand they are paid money?

    I consider this absolutely unprofessional politics. It is not grounded in facts, in the real world.

    Can they [Obama Administration] not think a step ahead? We don’t stand for this kind of politics in the U.S. We consider it wrong. It harms all parties, including you [U.S.A.].

    (Watch at Youtube)

    To the President of the United States, the Vice-President and all other relevant people… Tell them that we do not want, or look for any confrontation whatsoever.

    It should be clear that the propaganda machines are in full swing with outright obfuscations and geo-political machinations coming from both sides.

    We have entered the next cold war. But make no mistake, this time just as before, it could very quickly turn hot.

    The Russians have already warned of nuclear consequences should they be pushed into a corner and they are regularly flying strategic bombers along the West coast of the United States as a show of force. Moreover, they recently renovated over 5,000 nuclear shelters in and around Moscow.

    And on a personal note, Vladimir Putin is certainly not happy that the Obama administration has seized assets from Russian politicians and business men while also threatening the personal fortune of the Russian President himself.

    Wars have been fought over much less.

    Perhaps one day historians will look back at 2014 and 2015 and pinpoint these years as the beginning of the next great global conflict.

    For more videos like this one visit Truthstream Media to examine reality and the news, uncover the deceptions, pierce through the fabric of illusions, know the real enemy, unshackle from the system, and begin to imagine the path towards taking back our lives, one step at a time

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      1. I never really expected the day to come where Russia would have the political, moral, and strategic upper hand against us. I think that sums up about how far we’ve fallen. Syria is now a powder keg with multiple nations shooting Roman candles at it. I doubt an escalation between Russia and the US will start WW3, but most likely the Iranians massing near Israels northern borders. Quite frankly, it’d be nice for something to just kick off. A little tired of the scharade.

        • I believe you may get your wish.

          The Roman Empire lasted something like 1000 years. The American empire won’t even make to 100.

          Terrible times await us.

          • @Breathial…..

            (clears throat) …if I’m not mistaken, the USA has been around around some 239 years…give or take.

            Not disagreeing with your ultimate point though.

            We’re a rotting corpse right now…just need someone to bury us.

            • Only been world power a super one for a hundred

              • Not really, the point that the US become undisputed was when the Dollar took over from Sterling. That point was when the UK and France annexed the Suez Canal and the US used its Dollar clout to threaten the UK and French economies.

          • Ummmm…do you know what the prefix “Bi” means, well it means 2…do you know what “Centennial” means, well it means a century,so you put those two together and you get 2 centuries or 200 years…in 1976 we celebrated our “Bi-Centennial” of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Not disputing the fact that our days are numbered just YOUR numbers lol.

          • Putin for US President! (He was born in Hawaii and has a birth certificate to prove it.)

            • “The Russians have already warned of nuclear consequences should they be pushed into a corner and they are regularly flying strategic bombers along the West coast of the United States as a show of force.”

              WHO WROTE THIS SHIT? The Russians have been doing flyovers on our coast, just as have we been doing over theirs, for DECADES.

              Yet THIS writer strings it together with unrelated issues to make it sound like an imminent threat. Russia warned of “nuclear consequences” over the NATO build up and Ostupid sending live nukes to Germany to be pointed at Russia.

              As for fleshing out their bunkers, THIS STUPID COUNTRY WILL LEAVE EVERYONE BUT THE ELITES TO DIE. At least Russia is looking out FOR ALL OF IT’S PEOPLE…unlike the U.S.

              Mac, you’re sounding like another warmongering govt shill.


              Because you SUCK at world politics. You sound just like Faux news, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the paid govt shills.

              Huge fail, when you can so easily be debunked.

              • You hit the bullseye perfectly, Sixpack.

          • hey dumb ass, the USA hit 100 years in 1876,, they hit 200 years in 1976,,useless eater…

            • Idiot, you make a valid point but no need to ridicule someone. Your moniker sounds perfect for you.

          • So much for the future of the Muslim Brotherhood that Obola co-founded with his half brother. 🙂

            • durangokidd said:

              “So much for the future of the Muslim Brotherhood that Obola co-founded with his half brother. :-)”

              The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928.

              Jeez… are you that ignorant of history???

          • Just out of interest, Rome was a republic for 500 years before it had an emperor and the Roman Empire of the West lasted for 503 years, while the Roman Empire of the East that was based in Constantinopolis lasted right up until 1453 when it fell to the Islamic hordes.

        • He did mention how Russia didn’t forget that they helped us with the “War of Independence”…seemed directed at the population not the politicians…maybe they would help again?

        • White wolf, I agree. The Russian Air Force is proving to be far more effective against ISIS than those others. Some of the ISIS boys are supposedly dropping their weapons and running home to mama. The African virus might as well just back off and get out of there since he never intended to destroy ISIS anyway. Go Russia.

          • Braveheart,
            yes Russia is showing its might, and our scumbag in office has shown he is a Muslim and a traitor to the US and needs to be tried for such, BUT also think about it! every country who has NOT followed suit with the people who control the world and do NOT have super military’s have been taken over by the US, follow the money and you’ll see why!

            • Then I take it, you think this article is BS as well?

      2. Obama is way out of his league — he knows it and so does Putin.

        Russia is playing No-Limit Poker while Obama plays Uno.

      3. Hey Vlad, go bomb Israhell and get this world chaos over in a week. And we Americans want this parasite monkey off our backs as well. Thank you and keep up the good work. We cheer you on for exposing the truth.


        • Who cares at this point. Reading this site it is apparent that most posters have an unhealthy desire for collapse. News flash, you don’t know what you ask. It’s not like a movie or game and a lot of you apocalypse tards will die along with innocents. One poster going by “braveheart” is very unstable emotionally and needs help along with a few others.

          • There is a troll posting under anonymous who claims we are all unstable and need help. Troll, l’m just fine regardless of what you think. And no, I don’t wish for the collapse but we all know that one day it’s going to happen and no one can prevent it. I’m prepared and still prepping for it. I will do my best to survive it. What about you, troll?

          • Anon.

            There are so many of you. How do I know whom I am talking to. How about you Anon’s all pick a name to help out.

            As you have read before,

            “I was crazy when I got here, but I’m all right now”.

            You see we are on the other side of the coin. Most people don’t give a shit because they are afraid or sucking off the rest of us. Our side don’t give a shit either because we are tired of the shit. Do you really think we are going to get people back on track if there is no pain involved? Yeah there will be innocents killed but the world is a dangerous place to live.
            They are already killing children on the street right now and the only way to get rid of EVIL is to Kill it. And you can’t do anything because of the way the laws are written. The day is coming when people will say, fuck the law. You better be ready. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

            • Slingshot, AMEN. That day is when TSHTF and all the laws will go straight down the drain. It will be vigilantism time, anything goes, and no holds barred.

        • It’s Obama who’s Anti-Israel.

          Get over your anti-Semitism.

          Your nothing but a brainwashed Obama lackey.

          • The “war on terror” is nothing more than Israel’s foreign policy. By pretending that our middle eastern reign of terror is legitimate American foreign policy, it obligates American taxpayers to foot the multi trillion dollar bill. It obligates American soldiers to fight and die. The neocon policy advisors are mostly dual citizens with no loyalty to America. We have zero truth in mainstream media. Guess who dominates it?

        • WhoWudda – Israel is not the problem. It is total jerks of your ilk that is the problem. You seem to be just about as ignorant, if not more so, on knowledge and professionalism in foreign affairs.

          • I can vouch for that, Mildred. He is a real piece of work that has no rationality of reality. Trolling me by various monikers has been his main objective here, because he knows i have his number; but, more importantly he knows God has his number….you know, the one he does not believe in, as well as Jesus and his 12 apostles, that he calls…faggots.

            Just sayin’

            • YOU talk about someone’s lack of rationality! That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Going by recent posts looks like more people are waking up and have YOUR number.

              • Nothing’s changed in the past year or two. There are only a few heathens that post here because they can’t handle the truth. Many readers have more decency than to troll all the time, and never add anything positive.

                Guess which category you fit in with?

                • Well, let’s see now. Now about the ” Not a phony Christian category”. I guess I could make up a lot of long winded bullshit stories for everybody too, if that’s your idea of adding anything ” positive”.

      4. Its because the whole world is watching Obama screw up over and over again. Or as his puppet instructions command him to do.


        • And while we’re all watching THIS dog and pony, The TPP is getting ratified by Congress. RIGHT NOW.

          The TPP gives big corporations like monsanto the right to SUE the govts of countries, if they pass laws that hinder corporate profits.

          Don’t want GMO’s? — too bad.
          No mandatory vaccines? — too bad.
          BPA makes people sick? — too bad.
          Don’t want mercury in your drinking water? — too bad.
          Too much lead in the paint? — too bad.
          Don’t like asbestos? — too bad.
          Want to keep your national forest? — too bad.
          Don’t want solar panels all over public lands? — too bad.
          Want to preserve endangered species? — too bad.
          Want clean air? — too bad.

          If your country’s laws or regulations cut into corporate profits, too bad for you. They can SUE your govt to change it…AND YOU PAY FOR IT!

          IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? If not, get a hold of your congressperson and tell them what you think of TPP. Do it quickly.

      5. Obama:
        #Vlad please give my balls back.
        #You’re a bully
        #Come on man ur making me look bad.
        #Call me…..

      6. The way the current administration is handling everything, and Croni-Congress just lays back and lets the crap keep rolling, it’ll probably take an outside nation like Russia to end the BS and wake up all the sheeple…as much as I hate to say it.

        • SP, I thought I would never say this, but I would welcome Russian help to get rid of the African virus.

      7. Obama is getting his butt handed to him at our expense. Needs to be run out of office. A total embarrassment!

      8. Our record of taking out dictators has lead to chaos in both Iraq and Libya. Who knows what other shenanigan’s
        are taking place in surrounding countries.

        Maybe its time for our smart people in D.C. to realize that the folks in these Middle East countries have a culture far removed from our Western values.

        Time to butt out of the Mid-East.

        Let’s protect our own borders….

      9. Putin just goes to show what good leadership is like.
        We have Obullshit in office and the World is laughing at US.

        This is what happens when people vote with their hearts and not with their brains. (That is if the whole damn thing wasn’t rigged to start with????)

        I have a gut feeling that there will be a fight between NATO/US planes and Russian planes in the very near future.

        Going back to how I have always felt. Let them clowns in the middle east kill them selves off, and stay the hell out of it. Shit they been doing this for over 1500 years. Or take them out, and turn the place into glass. There are two solutions that I can see.

        The middle east is where the 3Rd World War will start. I just have that gut feeling again. I hope I’m wrong.


      10. Remember that it only took a single bullet from a single assasin to start World War 1…..Which eventually led to World War II, culminating from the war reparations imposed on Germany after their defeat in World War 1.
        YES….wars have been started for a lot less. And also remember, never in history has such an incompetant dangerous fool had this much power.

        “I am become death, the destroyer of Worlds”.!!!

        R. Opppenheimer July, 1945

      11. At least Obama is better than Putin at reading a teleprompter. Not that his fascist and Fabian socialist advisors have anything of intelligence to put on it.

        • Unlike oblackass, Putin does not use a teleprompter. He has to have INTERPRETERS because of the language barriers. REAL MEN speak for themselves.

      12. No Sgt you are not wrong. WW 3 has to start somewhere and all the major players are in Syria. The bible clearly states Damascus will be destroyed. WW3 is just going to be a prep for the big and final battle of Armagedon. It is a scarey thought but true. The really sad part about this other than all the innocent lives lost in the collateral damage is most folks do not have a clue what is even going on. We are on the brink of WW3, I don’t really know for certain if there has ever been a straight election in the USA considering these leaders are selected and not elected. One other thing I agree with is just wait and see what types of weapons will be unleashed in this next big war. Most don’t have a clue what these countries have to use. Pray for peace, hope for the best but always prepare for the worst situations because one other thing left out is the jihad that is coming to the western world. It will be much worse than what is happening in Europe now. God Bless ya’ll and keep the faith

        • Every Western country has been flooded with Islamic radicals and it will only get worse, as it is in Europe. They are going with a plan to turn urban populations majority Muslim: and then that’s when they go jihad. The utter chaos they can unleash in urban areas will bring major capitals to a halt and in turn stop the Western economic system from functioning. A taster was the unrest in London in 2011. The government there could not regain control of the streets for 4 days.

          The highest office in the US has been bought off by Sunni elites and that is now becoming more and more obvious to most people. This is why the war on ISIS went nowhere.

          WWIII: It will be a bloody mess with all hell breaking loose in the Middle East: full-scale war between the Russian alliance and the US alliance. In the West, radical Muslims will unleash civil unrest in all major cities. They will follow the script they have tested over and over again in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. For the ordinary person, it will be total fear and panic: an aggressive government will draft the youth and be cracking down on everyone. While at home, neighborhoods will be in chaos and people will struggle to get to work as the police are overwhelmed. This is the price we pay for allowing so much corruption to take hold of the government.

          • FT.

            May it come in Spades.

          • Our brigade is ready and waiting.

            Don’t fear the Islamists.

            • Agent Skinhead

              1500 to 4000 troops. Impressive.

            • You arent one of the Jew hater skin heads are you?

      13. How is that “Hope and Change” going for you. Just when you think it can’t get no worse. Bam! There it is.

        When you look at the big picture. This country is becoming a third world nation and if we are not careful it will be a banana republic with a dictator for a leader.

        • Another dam good reason to stay armed and frosty

        • The sad thing about this whole situation is that the Republican president that will take over after Obama (hopefully) will not be able to fix anything because the military strength of America has been decimated.

          • yup , and as i said above ..

          • Oh, the Republicans are in on it too! …Remember Cheney-Bush and 9/11???? Obama is merely their Manchurian candidate to keep their seat warm, much like Medvedev does for Putin whenever he has to be “out of ‘office'”. There’s no real choice but YOURSELF for President or any other government office. Governing only ourselves, defending ourselves against those who won’t govern themselves, and defending against those who attempt to govern us are, as Jefferson put it in his Declaration of Independence, the “new Guards for” our “future security”.

            • yep.

        • Sustainable-

          Charlton Heston comes to mind.

        • Both Vox and ValueWalk BANNED my ass from the comments section — I guess I should see that as a badge of honor.

      14. Sorry to repost my comment from awhile back:

        Comment ID: 3455766

        October 5, 2015 at 6:33 pm

        Prepositioning and securing an open passage for a warm water port that Russia must have. Russia is showing that NATO and the U.S. (West), are no more than empty suits. Folks the Bear does not scare easy. Now look at what Russia is doing in the Artic and with their Nuke Subs. Soon there will be the loud cry: “TO ARMS”!

        Get ready!!!


      15. All that matters is that stories about Putin calling the U.S.’s bluff in Syria have been knocked off of the mainstream U.S. media’s front page news in lieu of yet another curiously timed mass shooting.

      16. Obullshit has been stepping in the same pile of dog crap since his first day in office, and he ‘s quick to blame someone else for having to scrape the crap off off his shoes. He’s going to get a lot of us killed if he’s not removed real quick. Things are heating up. All of the idiots that voted for him twice will be the ones screaming the loudest when everything falls apart. What a WPOC

      17. This is what happens when a country is run by idiots who replace knowlegable leaders in the pentagon and military with more idiots….

      18. “ISIS” was created, supplied, staffed and financed by the West to be confused (in the minds of government-loving Americans) with the “rebels”, otherwise known as the real Free Syrians (the few who may be left) in order to: a) use that confusion as an excuse for the U.S. to bomb the real Free Syrians in the name of bombing “ISIS”; b) be used that way by a proxy such as the fake enemy Putin, over whom the U.S. can claim they have no power to stop; c) be used as a terrorist agency to enforce whatever compliance the powers-that-be want to enforce on the people; d) be an authoritarian “Islamist” replacement for Assad should all the other steps of keeping him in power fail.

      19. I live in Wisconsin. Do you think we’re the safest state from being attacked?

      20. Yes the world is laughing at you America, get use to it. You are now seen as weak and vulnerable. How embarrassing.

        • Yeah? Test the theory.

        • You are truly mistaken. It is our GOVERNMENT which is weak, not the unspoken majority of the American people.

      21. Obama said he would have more flexibility after he was elected to his second term. Could this all be orchestrated to usher in one world govt? Germany is throwing out its own citizens onto the street to house these goat humping ragheads. Most of refugees aren’t even Syrian. I smell a rat and I believe Putin is spinning his agenda just the same as obama spins his. They have to give us someone to blame remember?

        I just read that Hilary’s server was backed up by co in CT. Some of her shit accidentally ended up on the cloud. Employees raised suspicion of hiding “shady shit”.

        On a positive note, I planted over 200 plants yesterday for fall garden and got onions and garlic in ground for next year. Deer coming into plots. Damn little squirrels that ate all my Muscadines and figs are hiding since squirrel season started. Added another 42 acres of land to my investment in self reliance. It’s near a wildlife refuge, good deer, occasional hog. At this point I’m investing in tangible goods. Will start to stack a little more PMs in the near future, but other items more pressing right now.

        Anyone have a LIGHT weight design for a solar oven that you like to use? I’ve looked up several plans, most seem to be heavy, unless they ar that fold up material like you see car windshield sunblockers made of. I was thinking a luan box with hinges so it’s collapsible, and finding that foil-lined inspirations foam board to line the inside with, and a plexiglass top. Not sure how to construct sun reflectors to go around the top. Ideas?

      22. The definition of liberal is not being able to think one step ahead. The concept of cause ad effect means nothing to them. Children think this was until they mature. Something has arrested liberal mentality somewhere along the line. Perhaps due to our wonderful school systems?

      23. Putin:

        You don’t have to bomb us. Just walk in through the border with Mexico. You and your troops should sign up for food stamps, medical for those battle wounded, and a check for your pregnant mistresses, wives, and other friends. Your kids can go to college in a gun free zone. no I’m not kidding. That’s how it works here. If you hate our guts and threaten our existence, we’ll bend over backwards to accommodate.

        • Awesome expose’ of the Truth…here in Unified Socialist Absurdistan (USA).

          …kudos “B” from Ca.

      24. Obuma and the criminal federal gubermint created ISIS, ISIL and all the other terrorist organizations. The U.S. government is the largest terrorist organization in the world. Bar none! Put obuma and most of congress and the feds in prison where they belong.

      25. Kind of interesting how the US has been scheming and planning the demise of so many dictators. The dicktators we needed to get rid of are actually in DC.

        • Down with the dicktasters!

      26. Need to get Obama, Kerry, and Hillary onto the sworn witness stand – then ask some real questions!

        • You must be joking, ha ha> witness stand, right. The courts are a joke which is not unlike this entire fear porn site.

        • witness stand = gallows

      27. So now we are up to over 200k displaced Syrians who will be allowed inside our country? If only 5% are islamists??

        Trojan horse?

      28. Not sure who created who- who is bombing who. But I do know that both governments are evil. The only difference in us and the Russian subjects is that we still have our guns.

      29. America will never fall as long as we can print the dollar. We will be safe until then.

      30. Thanks SHTF for posting this informative and encouraging video. For decades US foreign policy has been unilateral directives, forced sanctions, and paid alliances – all with an innocent, political, salesman fake smile. At first, I wanted to applaud Mr. Putin’s clearsightedness and humble, moral disposition to resolving these constant conflicts and fiascos. But now, I think that he is a world leader with access to the Mike who is tired and only saying what EVERYONE is coming to recognize – that all these clown politicians owned by the banks and business are deliberately and openly committing moral crimes – they are criminals – and everyone can see it. High time someone at the leadership level called them on it !!!

      31. Thank God for Russia… a global force for good!!

        Go Mr. Putin, go!!

        Bomb the living crap out of the US backed scum that is attempting to overthrow the sovereign government of Syria.

        Bomb the living shit out of the US creation called ISIL!! –who was armed and trained by the US traitors operating out of Benghazi before that operation was brought down by fire and lead.

        And just why does the USA want to overthrow President Assayd? –because he is a tyrant? –because he is gassing his own people? (actually done by CIA operatives).

        Noooooooooo… it’s because the western backed interests want to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria into Turkey and into Europe–this is why all US backed death and destruction in that country.

        Wrap your stupid flag-waving skulls around it please.

        • Shinamen whats up? It seems only you and Obama call them ISIL.

      32. Is Last The End?

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