Watch: Mexican Military Battles Drug Cartel Near US Border

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    Whenever a debate rages over the merits of establishing more stringent border controls with Mexico, both sides argue about whether or not illegal immigrants hurt the economy, or if these people are burdening our public services. They argue about whether or not the flow drugs from the southern border is corrupting our youth, or more importantly, if we need to worry about cartel violence spilling over our borders.

    But these issues are referred to in abstract terms. When people argue about Trump’s border wall plan, they hurl their favorite statistics at each other and call it a day. What they really need to experience, is not an argument. They need to see the violence in Mexico with their own eyes.

    They need to see things like the following video. This was shot last week in the state of Tamaulipas, which borders Texas. It shows a firefight between the Gulf Cartel and a Mexican military unit.

    When people talk about the cartel violence in Mexico, it’s easy to compare it to the gang violence that we have here. That’s because when you talk about it in abstract terms, all we can imagine are drive-by’s, intimidation, and street brawls. But what’s going on in Mexico is totally different. It’s open warfare in the streets, just a few miles from our border, and if it had happened in the United States then we’d be talking about it for months.

    Remember that the next time you hear someone say that we don’t need a border wall.


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      2. The Cartel battles have already spilled over into the US and the Cartel has established safe-havens and beachheads already. Unfortunately, the wall will not stop the Cartels from operating in the US or from the US.

        The rain has been drizzling in southern Louisiana where I am at but no substantial flooding yet. Continue to pray for the good folks in Texas and Louisiana who are being impacted by this epic storm. Peak flooding is yet to come according to the forecasters. They will need all the help they can get in the weeks, months, and years to come. As a Katrina survivor I can completely empathize with them. The amount of property loss is staggering. I look forward to learning lessons of survival from this cataclysmic catastrophe. Pray, prep, and establish communities that can work together to help each other. The Boy Scout “buddy system” needs to be multiplied to form communities who look out and help each other. I am extremely proud of the “Cajun Navy”.

        Louisiana Eagle

        • RE the Video. Mexicans are really good whistlers. They have a communications system with whistles. They know and understand all kinds of whistles. I have been in country and see this whistle system at work. Same with Mexican construction crews and dive boat crews, when scuba diving in Mexico. Watch the video again to see what I mean. The whistles are very distinct even in the middle of Gun fire.

          • really good whistlers

            That is because they have side jobs as barkers at the local tourists shops in Cozumel.

        • The Cajun Navy is something to be very proud of. American spirit on full display.

          • The “Can Do” of individual Americans may be unrivaled in modern developed nations. In WWII the “Victory Garden” was started for morale. Low and behold 20% of of the vegetables were produced from the program surprising those in power. Republicans at least give lip service to this human resource, Democrats despise it because its not government. Actually credit for individual achievement (Apple Computers For Example) is stolen by Democrats as Obama said, “They didn’t do that on their own”. Collective, Collective, Collective…….its ingrained in them.

        • good luck to you, laeagle! lesson #1 was sometimes you got to run with the clothes on yer back, if even THAT much….stay dry, and keep in touch if you can.

          • BCOD, JS, All,


            We thought we were somewhat safe being so far east of where Harvey made landfall but it looks like nature’s fury has her mind of her own! It has been raining here for months and the ground is very saturated. I just got woken up by a flood alert a little while ago. You are right about the clothes on your back, during Katrina, I was wearing disposable ‘paper’ scrubs the day we finally got evacuated, I had manned my post with only one change of clothes! I really feel for the folks in Houston. The schools here were closed yesterday but they are opening today. There is a lot of uncertainty with the weather which is predicted to be inclement for the next week and beyond! The ‘Cajun Navy’ has grabbed some attention and truly exemplifies the American spirit of ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ and American exceptionalism at its best!

            Louisiana Eagle

      3. My opinion isn’t worth a darn,
        but all drugs should be legal
        and freely available.
        Members of my family(very dear) have died
        due to drugs.
        I call it natural selection.
        This “war” on drug has to end,
        The cartels need to be killed,
        everyone one of them, brutally and messy.
        Chainsaw style.
        The police that enforce drug laws
        need to be reduced and re-directed.

        • @rellik
          Marijuana and maybe some “soft” drugs should be made legal. Crack/coke/meth and heroin among other should not be legalized. If we do make the soft drugs legal, make them plentiful where they will be the choice of people who take drugs as opposed to taking the addictive killer drugs.
          That being said, drug cartels have morphed into crime syndicates. Human trafficking, auto theft, protection rackets…the list goes on and on. If it’s against the law and they can make money doing it they will participate in the activity. IMHO your not going to kill off the cartels by legalizing drugs.

          • During prohibition bootleggers killed each other for market share. Budweiser does not commit violence upon Miller.

            The entire war on drugs is a scam.

          • Every crack head and meth addict I have ever met started with marijuana.

            If you life is so shitty that you have to smoke dope to feel good, then you need a “come to Jesus” awaking.

            • That crack addict started with beer and cigarettes and candy before that. Tens of millions smoke pot w/o ill effect and don’t turn to harder drugs. The overwhelming majority do not have a shitty life as they number in the millions and come from all walks. Arresting people for this is as utterly ridiculous as the “Refer Madness” film that demonized it.

              Freedom is the concept that each individual should have the greatest latitude in life up until it directly adversely affects others. Its a frightening concept to those that are more comfortable with authoritarian rules governing life.

            • @ john stiner, I agree. They start with the soft drugs, and end up on the real bad drugs. Cigarettes and liquor (in most cases) don’t ruin a persons life…..

        • Relik: Unfortunately drugs will NEVER, ever go away. Too many people like and or need to be “loaded” and can’t deal with the daily grind of day to day life. . .

        • As long as Jeff Sessions is Attorney General legalizing of marijuana will be halted and the futile War on Drugs will continue.

          He’s a staunch opponent who is also in favor of privatized prisons where he wants all pot growers and pot smokers to end up. Trump knew this when he tapped Sessions for AG. Sessions is behind the scenes working closely with state politicians responsible for the delays and also prevention of the legalization of recreational weed.

      4. Rellik,agree completely,but,they legalize all drugs then the cop/court/drug/prison cartels and the parasites that feed off of these cartels will have to get new jobs,couldn’t have that!

        • We should just have no laws at all. Every man for themselves. Then we wouldn’t need police, courts, prison.

          We would just need a shit load of funeral homes.

          • Laws need to be 90 plus percent “Malum In Se” and an absolute minimum of “Malum Prohibitum”.

      5. Blacks on crack and cocain are more violent.

        Whites on pharmaceutical pain killers are more subdued and less violent.

        Afganastan has poppy fields, and the CIA is back in business supplying both legal and illegal drug pushers.

        (((TPTB))) want to put lithium in tap water. Bottled is no guarantee of purity. Get your own reverse osmosis filter system.

        Why did 1400 parents of girls being raped do nothing? Are they drugging the white Anglo Saxon citizens of London and other English cities? What about Sweden, Germany, France?


        • “Why did 1400 parents of girls being raped do nothing?”

          They have no political power. Let them organize to protest and their convoluted laws are used to arrest the leadership because they’re racist.

        • BCA:
          Those sand-ape, filthy Muslims love to rape and attack innocent little white girls…Fact! Muslims need to be dealt with, just like the black coons here in the U.S.

        • Why do black prefer crack cocaine, mexicans prefer powder cocaine, whites prefer meth and hippies prefer heroin?

          It’s not a set up for a joke, just an observation.

      6. The war on drugs is nonsense when Wachovia Bank launders between $378 billion and no one is criminally charged.

        h ttp://

        More opium is being produced in Afghanistan under US control than Taliban control. How is this being transported out to the world marketplace? DUH. At the street level nothing has changed since Frank Serpico in NYC.

        • Obama opened the banks to the drug cartels when we did an executive order allowing the banks to receive proceeds from marijuana sales.

          Before that the marijuana industry was cash only. Couldn’t even use a debit card.

          Now it is a cartel run industry.

          • The marijuana that banks can do business with is legal. Cartels are not involved any more in legal sales than Budweiser is involved in bootlegging. Actually every legal sale takes market share from illegal sales.

            Banks have been laundering cocaine money to the tune of 378 billion that Wachovia was caught at and no one went to jail. Opium (real DOPE) is living Afghanistan under US occupation, can you say “Air America”? More opium is being produced under US occupation than Taliban control.

            • leaving not living

      7. Agreed, if you decriminalize drugs there would be less incentive to sell them. People should have the right to choose what they want to put into their bodies. The war on drugs is an even bigger failure and lie than the war on terror.

      8. Mexican Military Versus Drug Cartel Shootout. all one in the same. The Mexican Guberment wants to take over all the DRUGS. Just like The American Guberment.

        Think I’m kidding. Just tax them and they are legal.


      9. Huge street battles are common in Mexico. I saw one years ago on Borderland Beat website. It involved a convoy of almost 100 vehicles from one cartel going to attack a ranch of another cartel. Did the other cartel flee? No. They ambushed and defeated the convoy. Unbelievable battle. Blog Del Narco is another website for info. Some times schools on the US side of the border have to go on lockdown because of gunfire from battles on the Mexican side of the border. Decapitations and mutilations are still common in Mexico. Recently Mexico broke their own record for homicides in one month. Tough to do. And do you think maybe one or two of the bad guys are here?

        • @ Him, another good website. Thanks! Wish I could find the ambush.

      10. The US courts are unable to handle the large number of people who are committing crimes to get money for drugs. I would say go ahead and legalize the drugs if you can lock up the junkies when they commit the robberies and burglaries, etc. It’s also too easy to think that the corruption is all south of the US border. A lot of US politicians and administrators are dirty with drug money.

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