Full Obama Speech: Hints At Gun Control: “This Could Have Been Any One Of Our Communities”

by | Jun 12, 2016 | Headline News | 123 comments

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    Shooter’s Father Says This Was Not About Religion… Orlando Nightclub In Gun Free Zone… Pledged His Allegiance to ISIS on 911 Call



    Obama hints at gun control it speech to Americans…

    “This Could Have Been Any One Of Our Communities”

    Watch President Obama’s Full Speech to the nation here (5 minutes, 49 seconds).



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      1. It’s yet another phoney script. No photos of ANY real victims, no blood running down the street, NO responder HAZMAT due to AIDS, etc. I call this fake.

        Yes indeed, it’s the largest fake mass shooting event ever scripted.

        • Not every mass shooting is a scripted fake. If this one was scripted, the shooter woulda been a white, racist, gay basher, NRA member, Bible thumping, veteran. And not a muslim terrorist which is what faux news is actually calling him at the moment.

          • smooze

            “If this one was scripted, the shooter woulda been a white, racist, gay basher, NRA member, Bible thumping, veteran.”

            I don’t think so. The inclusion of those on a watch list being forbidden firearms ownership needs to be framed, for their purposes, around Islamic people, to get it passed. It won’t be codified as such so once its law it can be used against whoever they desire.

            The timing of this, just prior to the Democratic convention, is suspect. Can it be non scripted? Definitely. Can’t say yes, can’t say no, just say, maybe.

            I’m not knowledgeable about Islamic names but his name sounds more hispanic. I think his last name was Americanized.

              • Wilson

                The Lone Wolf angle you mention is enlightening. The debate starts in a place that many agree with and then over times goes elsewhere. Its boiling a frog.

            • You see Obama Likes to invite Muslims into the US with a Free Pass, then help them get a Gun, probably Free of charge, like he did with ISIS, create them, train them support them and fund them.

              The Point of this is; Get the HELL out of the Cities and Populated areas. Run for the Hills. Team up with like minded people and create your Neighborhood Watch 3 Man Militia. Those who will try to stay and defend a city out of EGO, will be slaughtered. Read all about Stalingrad, or watch the Youtube Vid. The people resorted to cannibalism in the end. Did not matter if it was friend or foe, they ate people to survive. That is how bad it can get. Hell, 50 people being shot happens about every weekend in Chicago. Obama’s Home town before he came from Zimbabwe.


          • smooze

            “If this one was scripted, the shooter woulda been a white, racist, gay basher, NRA member, Bible thumping, veteran.”

            I don’t think so. The inclusion of those on a watch list being forbidden firearms ownership needs to be framed, for their purposes, around Islamic people, to get it passed. It won’t be codified as such so once its law it can be used against whoever they desire.

            The timing of this, just prior to the Democratic convention, is suspect. Can it be non scripted? Definitely. Can’t say yes, can’t say no, just say, maybe.

            I’m not knowledgeable about Islamic names but his name sounds more hispanic. I think his last name was Americanized.

          • Bozo just needs to put michael’s dick back in his mouth and stfu.

            • I vote this for best comment of year so far!!!

              • o’bey-me might want to go to HIS town, shitcago for some ideas on how to make america great….oops!…guess that’s what he’s already done.

          • Smooze: I agree. The last thing that the Muslim Administration wants is a Muslim Shooter to spoil the Party line that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

            This has “Jihad” all over it and adds further evidence to the reasonableness of TRUMP’S narrative to stop Muslim immigration; as the shooter’s father is an immigrant: under what circumstances, I do not know.

            Engage. Deport !!! 🙂

          • smooze, remember what Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said in 2009 in his Wall Street Journal interview when he was Obama’s White House Chief of Staff?

            “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

            This guy was being tracked by the FBI. Our government was well aware of this individual. The government wants more gun control, period. But they need a big enough event to slam the door on the Second Amendment for good. This may be just such an event. Liberal politicians will milk this for all it’s worth.

          • no its scripted. the last two took place at the gates of a military base and at a facility for the developmentally disabled. they are trying to see what buttons to press to get folks to rally around gun control. If its not the children, our military, or our developmentally disabled, why not target gays? after all, they already have the community organizing apparatus in place, and the social media zombies can be seen as “cool” for hashtag-supporting the gay community and pressing an anti-gun policy or candidate….

            • You don’t see them attacking Jewish synagogues do you? Its the Muzzy worst enemy the Jews. Why are they not attacking the Jews? So what this tells me is the Jews are behind this False Flag, just like the rest including the USS Liberty. Just like the Boston Marathon Bombing, that was run by a Foreign Israeli Security Company, and the airport attacks like the “Shoe Bomber” which he went through a US Airport run by a Israeli Security company. The DHS is Run by Jew Zionists, and dual Israeli citizens, hiring Israeli for US Government contracts.

              Its FIXED, the hook is set, and the carnage will continue until Americans give up all their guns. That’s their plan. Well who’s the real enemy here? tic tock get a clue.

              Then the Jews Jump on the Gun Ban Kick, like Ex-Mayor Bloomberg, Nancy Polosi and Chucky Schumer. Its all a FIX. To disarm America, And that AINT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN ON MY WATCH.

              See a pattern here. ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. They are already here Domestic. Look around at their Zionist names. They live among us. Raping us.


        • RETARD

        • Actually several news casts show friends carrying wounded people away because there just aren’t enough ambulances, or space in hospitals.

          I don’t question that this happened, I question that it was a videotape like Hillary Clinton claims? I question that it was our government that trains and equips terrorists, to which the FBI turns a blind eye.

          Our government is corrupt. Nothing they say can be trusted.

        • The only reason i do not think it was staged is because the Gov is to damn incompetent to pull something like that off. However the official story is indeed crap. Most likely the FBI radicalized this guy and helped him get armed and then set the stage and allowed him to this. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out he was border line retarded or known to be mentally ill. I bet he was even flagged on the background check when he bought his guns but that was overridden by the FBI.

      2. Just doubled up on my daily weapons carry, the muzzies just announced today they’re all set to go at anytime in the usa.

        As a side note, I wonder how many gays become trump voters today.

        • lena …are you gay? lol

          • Anonymous,

            Does it matter who is gay?

            This weekend gays, liberals and communists in Ametica discovered they are on the menu. And not in a nice way.

            The smart ones realize the progressives like Hillary have sold them out, unto death.

        • NOW can we have our concealed carry, WITHOUT infringement?and NO, i don’t give two SHITS that it was in a drinking establishment. an armed society, is a polite society…it would have turned out MUCH different, if a few of those patrons were ARMED….

          • The designated carrier?

      3. They called for a state of emergency after the fact? The shooter is dead. Other than getting 50 people to the hospital, why is there a state of emergency calling down martial law? It would make more sense to round up Muslims “for their own safety”.

        • Come on now, you know darn well that only white Christian gun owners will be stopped and harassed. Muslims are protected by the Chief Muslim Obama. Hillary will take this to the White House and look out for total gun confiscation.

        • The muslims safety? Sure, see how that works out for ya. Take a few into your home so they can have their way with ur children. JA. Why would u b concerned bout their safety. Don’t start no crap won’t b no crap.

          • Gdawg
            I put that in quotes so you might possibly note sarcasm. Didn’t work.

      4. Rebecca

        I think the “State Of Emergency” is symbolic. We live in Florida and there is no martial law occurring.

        To clarify to everyone while Florida has a couple of million carry permits there are ‘Gun Free” zones. For right or wrong any establishment where the primary purpose is the serving of alcohol (as opposed to a restaurant) its forbidden to carry a weapon even if so licensed.

        • “To clarify to everyone while Florida has a couple of million carry permits there are ‘Gun Free” zones. For right or wrong any establishment where the primary purpose is the serving of alcohol (as opposed to a restaurant) its forbidden to carry a weapon even if so licensed.”

          That can not be correct, if no guns were allowed in the club, then no shooting could have taken place… (rolls eyes)

        • Most of Orlando is a gun free zone. It’s at Disney’s corporate request.

      5. What a quandary for Obama! Does he protect the Muslims, or does he cry over the gays? Two separate protected groups and he has to choose.

        • Vicky

          Neither, he focuses on, “The Gun Did It”.

          • don’t forget those damn pointy knives!….if they take the guns, they gotta take the knives too. we can easily pass legislation to make food processors sell everything sliced, so viola!, we don’t need those damn pointy knives any more! sarcasm off.

            • Knives are fine as a revolt of the citizenry armed with sword is quickly and easily dispatched. Read firearms laws from around the world and reek of civilian control not crime control. Military type firearms banned. Military calibers banned. Such laws don’t even give plausible lip service to crime control.

              • Kevin2, I’m keeping both my guns and knives. MOLON LABE

            • … and the sticks and stones too …

          • Kevin, that O’Nero will focus on the “evil black rifle” meme should cause any sane, responsible journalist to stand up and show O’Nero that the bullshit bingo card has been filled out completely. And in doing so state in all due seriousness “Do you honestly believe that a firearm got up at 2AM and took a stroll for some ice cream but got angry and shot up a gay night club?!?!!?”
            That question will never get asked-even by Faux News.

            • watch “one america news network”(OAN)channel 616 on fios, to see what the REAL response by a CONSERVATIVE bunch of gun toting patriots are saying. liz wheeler at 7pm will SURELY have some wise words on THIS one. if you’re a conservative, check them out.

      6. If this is real, and like many, I am suspicious that it could be a false flag, the logical thing to do would be to stop bringing in Middle Eastern People and put those who are here either in an internment camp, under surveillance, or deport them. But if logic prevailed, there would not be terrorists in America, unless America was a Zionist Occupied Colony being sacrificed on the altar of the globalists. Say, what were they talking about in Dresden. This mass murder distracted me from the Bildeburger meeting being held at the site of the greatest mass crime ever perpetrated in history, the firebombing of Dresden during WW2. Go to You-tube and watch “Hellstorm”.

        • Don’t give me that Jew crap. The globalists want to annihilate the Jews because the globalists are Satanists and Satan wants all the Jews dead.

          • um how fast was that truck going when you fell out and bumped your head barn cat?

            really ? you gotta be disinfo of some sort , I mean look at history ,then after you research bout 10000 years um get back to us ?
            globalist= current jews

        • B from CA……. You are an awaken high IQ individual. The Zionist tribe always use the perfect tactics to make believe the events are the fats of everyone else except them.

        • B from CA, I have the same suspicions. False-flag is written all over this incident. Now the LGBT crowd will be screaming for gun control. I’m getting the same feeling I had at the time of Sandy Hook. I believe that gun dealers’ business is about to have another spike. The MSM said the shooter had an AR-15 and a handgun, but also “an unknown device”. A bomb vest, maybe? I think we’re about have a shitstorm.

          • I should have held on to SWHC at just under $10 / share.

      7. Where is the words Muslim -Islam Hate-

      8. Staged Op. We all know it.

      9. Now is the time to call a timeout on Muslims coming in. Hillary says she is going to increase it. ISIS called for attacks during Ramadan…and they delivered. when are people going to understand that we are still at war…muslims do. This guy was on a watch list twice but the Justice Dept. put a time limit on them….DUH!

        • Jim, I’m just south of Mordor-and no, I’ve a gut feeling that this shitshow ain’t over by a long shot.

          • Second.

            The muslims hate the gays, but you know that’s not what will happen next and if one guy can kill and injure that many; the potential is now almost umlimited.

            Think i’ll be staying out of any place where guns are prohibited from here on out, the muzzies now have the green light to go at anytime and anywhere.

            • when you “stay out” of those gunfree zones, make sure you let management know WHY you won’t patronize their establishment….i had a conversation with AMC theatres manager a few years ago about their theatres being gunfree zones, and how i don’t feel safe in there, and she informed me that they hire off-duty sheriffs to patrol their theatres and i thought, oh, ok, i feel better now about the no gun thing….but a couple months later, i realized that there’s always a cop car out front when he’s working…but OFTEN, there’s no car out front….back to the manager, and i let her know i saw a hole in their plan……..haven’t been back since…..time to start everyday carry.

              • BCOD, I’m getting the same feeling I had in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. Looks like Obola will prove to be a ‘great gun salesman’ once again.

              • If you carry right, you can carry anywhere.

            • Lena if that’s true why do Muslims say its ok to have sex with young boys? Been happening all over Europe.

      10. Y’all givin them queers and trannies all that airtime! I thought this was a STRAIGHT site. Looks like it’s just straight QUEERS! I ain’t comin here no more.

        • we appreciate it!

          • BCOD, a SISSY troll came here? No surprise there.

        • Gayway, no we don’t have any of your kind here. We’re all STRAIGHT, so move along, sissy.

          • Brave, B crack, I think that’s wwti playing his game again.

            • Ketchup, doesn’t matter who it is. He can still take his stupid ass away from here.

              • Yea, Gayway, ole butty.
                Butt Crack of Doom is a Handel. A “nom de plume” – Not a through- down challenge to the Anally Adventurous.

        • GOOD. Away with yoy faggot bitch GW. Maybe ur family will be next

      11. God dam. Wat is it gonna take for these pro immigrant and pro Muslim fucking moron liberals to wake up ?? Shut the fucking gates. Can u imagine Roosevelt as prez if this shit happened? Sure lets let more of these rag heads in. I see no problems. Isn’t this the definition of insanity ? Watch being out in public places folks. U can’t trust any of these ragheads.

        • They are still coming across our southern border. shut the damn thing down and vet the rest of them. I’m betting Trump got some gay votes today.

      12. Let more Muslim refugee’s into the country and more illegal aliens cross the boarder. The only way this country is going to do something about this is when we have these SOB’s choking us around the neck. Only then will we do something.

        How many more on their way to Florida.

      13. Gun control grab, why else. Senator Nelson D-FL speculating a lone wolf killer. Marco Rubio is a dumb ass fraud. Inside job no doubt, be very afraid of them terrorists. Omar Mateen, probably a rejected gay himself, wanted to be a law enforcement type.

      14. We will find out now if not ever how smart trump is and h is seriously he wishes to help this republic. With the correct phrasing and emotions he could hammer the liberals into pulp for the next week. And at the same time gain support among those who are on the fence about his run. All it would take is one quality speech spoken like a real American and again the proper phrasing. This is his moment to win in November. We shall see.

        • You’re spot on!!!

      15. And, this stupid moderation pause makes it almost worthless to post here. I’m thinking about going back to not posting as it’s impossible to get or maintain a conversation here. Best all, keep your powder dry. Rangers lead the way.

        • If we do not moderate comments there would be literally thousands of spam comments on every thread.

          We will be implementing a user account system soon for those who would like to have a unique screen name and have comments pass through without moderation.

          Thanks for your patience.


          • Cool,,,
            Gonna change my name,

            • bet we still recognize yuh, kula!

            • Why ?

            • I think there is only about three citizens of the state of Hawaii posting on this site, I doubt we will be screened by the system. We are the canary in the mine!

          • A simple sign on with an annoying but effective captcha would help you and us Mac. I understand the spam fight, I will hang around for a bit, hopefully it gets worked out. Thanks

          • If that means Email address and ID it’s been nice knowin you Mac .But I gotta go.

            • It won’t be a requirement. Nor will you have to submit any legit info 🙂

              Though, a working email address may be necessary to confirm the account (but a fake temporary one is fine too).

              It’s the only way for us to securely allow un-moderated comments AND Thumbs Up / thumbs Down features.

              You will still be able to post as a “guest” with your preferred username WITHOUT logging in.

              I hate it when sites require logins — it should be optional and it will be here.

              Thanks for your feedback 🙂


        • WAY tooo many simpleton trolls on here as it IS, sig….it doesn’t take long for the site(mac) to recognize you, and you’ll be able to post right away soon….just don’t say stoopid shit, and you’ll be recognized….hell, you’ll probly be recognized if you DO say stoopid shit.

          • BCOD, Acid Etch’s posts are always easy to spot, especially when he uses all caps.

          • I cannot guarantee I’ll never say stoopid shit, but I can say a lot of shit. ?

        • Sig, hang in there; it took a while for my posts to appear and many times they flat out Disappeared as soon as I wrote and hit “Submit comment” and I just about gave up altogether. Extremely frustrating!
          I may still go “read only” in the future for Opsec, but what will it matter; they say being on the site here blows Opsec.
          Like I think Observer said when they come for you or your weapons with full military gear and mraps, best go quietly or be a blood stain on your porch, what will you do?
          We are superior in numbers, yes, but since we are spread out all over the USA “they” can have local swat teams pick us up, or off, one at a time.
          I agree we’re in a hopeless situation for a once free country. It’s gone and not coming back.
          I still think our best bet is a worldwide emp. Fry the chips!

          • Try using alternate software:

            TOR (The Onion Router)


      16. Orlando is a fairyland shithole anyway, full of muslims. When I was a kid, before Disney, Orlando was a one red light dinky little cow pasture.

        • Yup Aljamo.,.
          I remember when Orlando Int’l airport was a Quonset hut.

      17. Does anyone know if the shooter was a Democrat or Republican?

        We can throw that in the mix. But I am sure he was a good boy.

        • Breitbart just reported that he was a member of the Fl Democratic Party (as a voter). Hmmm, how the libbies gonna spin this one??

      18. A member of the most intolerant group on earth, shoots 50 people who are a part of the second most intolerant group on earth… Ummm… Why do I care? This is left-on-left violence. They can have at it.

      19. These Killers are spawned from the Muslim population.
        Not just a few- armies of these killers. The Muslim
        communities do not rat them out. Keep the Muslim crap out of this country.

      20. Islam is for peace. This has nothing to do with Islam or any of the millions of decent law-abiding Muslim citizens. This is the act of a hate filled homophobe…
        Other such bullshit statements to be repeatedly broadcasted on mass during the next several weeks until the sheep swallow their lies and moronically go along with the white genocide agenda. We are being replaced.

        • Except across the middle east the religion of peace regularly imprisons and executes gay people.

          It has everything to do with Islam in this instance.

          Though, I will agree that not all Muslims feel this way. There are certainly moderates, especially westernized moderates.

          • YES, there ARE muslim moderates, for sure, and i’m all for leaving them alone….all THREE of ’em!

          • Not all muslims are terrorist but most terrorist are muslim.

        • Read chapter 9 of the Qur’an. You will find the verse that proves your statement wrong. And if that doesn’t convince you then pick one of the peace loving muslim countries and go live there as as Christian,gay,or anything other than a muslim. Be sure to take your daughter and wife. Then come back and share your experiences with us. I’ll wager your feelings will be changed.

          • seen it, true

            • My bad. I should have added “sarc”

      21. God, this TV BS coverage will carry on for weeks. Where’s the Mickey Mouse and Goofy take? Oh that was the crooks Governor Scott and AG Bondi, acting like they give a shit about dead gay people, please. What do all these talking heads do besides being a part of the establishment? Absolutely nothing!

      22. This will fare swell for the recent push to allow males and transvestites etc into womens bathrooms in every public school and gym showers at schools etc eh.

        Now whenever any normal sane folk make waves or complain about this agenda, they will get stiffled and silenced pronto fast by bleeder heart libs and fags and lezbos when they cry “antigay” or “antifags”.

        you Know this would work to benifit those perverts since look how swell of a job at silencing folks it has been by calling folks a racist or antisemite.

        Todays americans especially Whites so Fear being labeled such slanderous vile names, It has become The main fastest method to clear out guests from a house party!

        IE: Gets Late?…party attendees wont leave?…No problem!

        Simply…Wait for a short Lull in conversations, then, loudly ask something akin to “Gee has anyone else noticed how Many jewish folks are on TV news and within usa fed govnt agencies lately?”

        I guarentee you can set your watch by that method…It takes just about Two minits flat to create abject Panic and empty your house party guests out…

        Only downside is None will ever invite You to their parties any longer!…But so what right?..Who needs Pals like that so fearfull of stupid names designed to stiffle free speech and debate anyways.

        if any here watch TV news?…Please post a report if such happens whenever now anybody opposed to that new mixed genders bathrooms etc speaks out about it if they get shut down fast due to greater “compassion” for perverts.

        Soon it will change to “oh so…You just want to kill SIX MILLION More Fags right?!”

        • a better way to empty your house would be to put the dishes on the floor, and let the dogs lick them clean, then pick ’em up off the floor and put ’em back in the cupboard…..works EVERY time.

        • Them Guys, NOBODY ever stiffs or silences ME. I don’t give a shit what they call me, either. I don’t live my life according to any libturd’s view of me. They can all go stuff it. BTW, I just threw up watching Obola’s speech a few minutes ago. My ordeal for the day.

        • TG, Correct. It’s already been mentioned on talk radio. “gender fluid” monsters are equating it to the holocaust. Perpetual victims, just like the poor ol’ muzzies.

      23. well…..I guess these lgbt types should think about carrying more than just their peckers.

        What’s in your lifeboat…..BA.

      24. I’m glad I live in the backwoods of south ga and away from all the city

        • Bowlegged Cowboy

          Are you near Homerville?

      25. Don’t recognize my email?? Shit y’all send me email updates 2-3 times a week

      26. I find it very interesting that this happened just before the Senate Judiciary Committee takes up an amendment to the
        Electronics Communications Privacy Act, which would allow the FBI to monitor and retain browsing history without a warrant.
        Just sayin’

        • Ramadan always brings out the crazies. They’re more in tune with their Almighty, Satan.

          • Ramadan always brings out the crazies.

            I think they either stay in or don’t eat or both during daylight at that time.

        • The thought had crossed my mind as well.

      27. It’ not gun control that is needed, Obungler, it is MUSLIM control. What do you think will happen when the radical Muslims come marching in to SF to forcefully implement their idiot Sharia law on the radical gays?

        Or didn’t you unthinking leftist think that far ahead?

        Violence against any innocent person is wrong – not that Islam, the religion of (human) pieces, seems to understand that.




      29. This is BULLSHIT. All initial reports indicated two shooters, 2 dead, 10 injured, but have been expunged by google. see jimstone.is for full report and the TRUTH.

      30. I could give a shit less about this. Other than to saying who ever thought this up did it right.
        Using Muslime to kill gays.

        Good Christians know that the two are wrong in their Life style and religion.

        You want a false flag or something to spur a Gun Grab, Well you have it.


        • Sgt., I don’t see this as a FALSE FLAG….

          What they needed was a white, Christian Bible tottin’ male for a quality event…

          This scenario will only help to wake up those idiots still sitting on the fence at to whether owning a firearm or two might not be a bad idea???

          Hard to spin without smiling that the Islamic extremist had nothing to do with it…

          …or maybe he’ll pitch this as another case of workplace violence??? low life son of a biaaaatch!!!

      31. I agree Kevin 2 they need to carefully write the legislation to keep guns from only violent groups like blacks and muzzies. They have the problem with gun violence. I know plenty of people who have been gun owners for years without any violent outbursts. It’s very unfair to include everyone in this gun control. They will come out against high cap mags and automatics the 94 assault weapons ban all over again. I’d suggest anyone with a few bucks to go grab your drums and high cap mags if you don’t have em now. They are coming for them.

        • I’m a Libertarian. The law abiding are just that. Blacks especially need protection as they are preyed upon by other blacks. I’m a Constitutionalist, “Shall Not Be Infringed” means just that. Let the chips fall where they may. The Left and Right like to pick and choose through the Bill Of Rights. I don’t, they’re an entire and complete package.

          My concern is that they will propose rolling “Assault Rifles” into NFA34 with an amnesty period like GCA 1968. Registration leads to confiscation.

          • Libertarian/Constitutionalist. Hmm, I won’t ask…
            I DO agree that The Constitution is our Law of The Land and The Second Amendment was written to uphold The First (and all others to varying degrees). Indeed, ” …shall not be infringed.” cannot be written ANY MORE CLEARLY and yet with even the BEST of the political liars and “benders-of-phrases-and-meanings”, they’ll NEVER ‘warp The Constitution into anything different that what it is, The Law of The Land. If they do, that means they’ve stopped observing “it” as The Law, and thus are committing treason or tyrannous behavior (endangering US) …or both. There-in, “ousting themselves” from the right to remain in office.
            All it would take is a “slight shove” from We The People (with lots of rope and lots of ‘boots on the ground’, and via The Law of The Land reestablish everything that THEY believe has been deviously taken away …with none of them the wiser to the fact that we ARE THE WISER (much to their dismay) …and so the bullshit flies everywhere in their attempts to CYA as they continue to push and push ANYWAY!!!! Amazing stupidity or just their personal refusal to admit they have failed.
            The “few” in the world who wish to dominate the many will NOT get away with such thing in OUR country. To go any further than they’ve already done (which will also be repealed in full), is to tighten that noose a bit tighter with every anti-American move they make.
            ALL OF JAPAN decided to NOT attack the USA for one reason, everyone is armed and they knew they’d never dominate such a people. Now, after years of planning our demise by burying us in races of every creed and color, they believe that through their own ‘unConstitutional laws’ (which would take about 600 years to read them all) and other “lies and deceits” that we will bow down and accept defeat. Wrong!
            The Law of The Land has always allowed us an “out” for such a foreseen government, which is exactly why our Founding Fathers wrote it as it is …to prevent The Feds (tho at the time they did not ‘have a clue’ who in gov would become tyrants), from doing exactly as they have done.
            Tearing it all down, I should think, would be a walk in the park as compared to allowing them to conquer and THEN suffer the consequences …do you not agree? We DO have a choice, and only one “in my humble opinion” (and in my book).
            We ARE a Free People, and we are a God-fearing people …and that right there will be their undoing (as good has always trumped evil, and always shall …as it is written whether believe or not).
            I believe EVERYONE should at least ‘consider’ (those here who are regulars), to be Constitutionalists (because you are certainly neither Demorats NOR Republicans (those are names invented to convince The Sheeples there is a difference of sorts, when the lines have become so blurred it no longer has distinction enuff to bother with. But, to say you are a Constitutionalist “says it all” with no question at all as to what you mean or what you believe in and stand for. One Republic Under God, with liberty and justice for all. ‘So be it’.

            You are now at war. The enemy? Our own government and everyone and anyone remotely ‘in collusion’ with them, stateside or overseas. Justice comes from the barrel of a gun when matters have degradated to these degrees, and so justice they shall receive until each and every last one has been eliminated or subdued to the degree they are no longer a threat of any kind. Until then, WE ARE AT WAR AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS QUITTING …(if you do, you and yours shall die quickly, or agonize for their lifetimes in far less than desirable conditions). no no no! *AND —->there are NO rules! DO notice that “our gov” also know that there “are no rules” and are playing “it” for all they can, and THEIR LIVES (also) hang in the balance from those above them “on a global scale” should they fail. 🙂 So sorry, but they shall fail miserably and if you think differently, go to hell. (They’ll be more to follow to keep ya company shortly).

            Happy Hunting and keep yur butts down…

      32. I do not think this was scripted,except in letting in many foreigners to help fuck up country,dudes parents were foreigners.This also goes against getting ammo(pun intended)for a gun grab.

        They say fibs watching/interviewed dude,the cops took their time(perhaps for good reason)before hitting the place,says to me on so many levels we are on are own and hell,need more armed citizens.

        I love how thay say do not judge religion by a few nuts but yet willing to ban all guns as a few are used by nuts,hmmmm….

      33. Remember the pictures of the rioter destroying a police car. We’re did the cop go without his car? Did he walk home? Did he leave his rifle in the trunk? I guess it’s a publicity thing ? Can anyone figure that out? The cop wanted a new car so he left his old one to be destroyed.?

        • I guess with 50 wounded we will see ambulance after ambulance taking away people . How many can they fit in each ambulance? 2 so they’ll have to be at least 25 plus ambulances . On the news . More than sandy hook I should think.? Was there any wounded there?

          • Many were taken out in pick up trucks.

      34. Another of the Progressive (stealth communist) “gun-free-zones”. When will the dummies understand that “gun-free-zone” equals kill-zone for the terrorist scum. Criminals don’t care what our laws say – is it that hard to figure out?

      35. Picture circled wagons with pioneers surrounded by indians the pioneers standing ready to fight the indians. the indians sharpening their tomahawks and leering. In comes the Obama cavalry who disarms the pioneers and then wink at the indians as they leave. that is how things will go here. this will be used to its full effect by Hillary and Obama

      36. if someone was carrying a gun then maybe the killer would had been shot long before he managed to take 50 people out but the press who are paid by the state won’t be asking any questions like that one.

        You government gives both immigrants and gays special rights and it is they who keep letting then in to the country because the corporations only want to pay slave wages to the rest of us so maybe it’s time to go after the men behind the curtains instead of being a dog that barks at a flying bird.

      37. “This Could Have Been Any One Of Our Communities”
        ———-WRONG ANSWER, ASSHOLE BAMA!! Our 98% white European descendant local population ensures the 2% play by the rules. When you invite more people into any area than there are jobs you get crime, your schools fail, the children get dumber, the parents get fatter. When your area exceeds 2% welfare then you are guaranteed crime, your schools fail, the children get dumber, the parents get fatter. DUHHHH BAMA? You know there are places nearly all white-European descent that haven’t had a murder in over 150 years. How about places where the only crime committed are speeding ticket and failure to yield.

      38. How about revoking all citizenships since WWII unless the person has a job that earns six figures annually for each of the past ten years. You allow the scum of the earth in, what do you expect?

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