WATCH: “Keep Obama In President, You Know! He Gave Us a Phone! Food Stamps, Social Security…”

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Headline News | 456 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

    Margaret Thatcher
    UK Prime Minister (1979-1990) 

    We’re living in two Americas.

    One understands that our economic situation, debt levels and social welfare expenditures are untenable.

    And the other believes that if they can just vote the right people into office they won’t ever have to work or worry again. They are under the assumption that their phone bill, food, electricity, rent, medical bills and retirements will be taken care of from cradle to grave. In their perfect world, the government creates the wealth and redistributes that wealth to everyone. Where this wealth and money comes from is anybody’s guess.

    If you’re part of the former, then the following video recorded at a Mitt Romney rally near Cleveland, Ohio will make you absolutely sick…

    Via The Daily Sheeple:

    Imagine for a moment what happens when the money runs out, or prices rise so high that America’s social safety nets can no longer provide the basic necessities for life.

    Hat tip RG and Patriot One


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      1. Oh man. We are so screwed.

        • @anonymous, your right, were fucked big time!!!

          • Wre did all the Obama supporters come from below in the posts. I am glad to see they are looking at prepping but why would they be here. I know dumb question.

            • Watch that video about 20 times in a row, and you’ll be laughing so hard all the anxiety of the collapse will dissipate

            • The South had it all under controle before the civil war …………….hows it workin for ya now ?

          • Bring on the collapse!!! We need a social cleansing in the worst way. I work one full time job and two part time jobs so this baboon can call her peeps!! I hope she will at least will call the dentist (on my dime)what a POS!

            • And I have a sister, her daughter, and her daughter on welfare, disability/SSI.
              It IS on our dime.

              However, they pulled all one’s teeth, and won’t get her dentures.

            • Well. In for a penny. In for a pound.

            • drillerman,

              Yea, bring on the cleansing, you are no different than the government that you all claim is trying to kill us with chem trails, fema coffins, mass killings in the works. Your way of saying it (social cleansing) is just a little more sterile sounding. What a bunch of hypocrates you are. The most rediculous part is when you spout God in the mix and say things like (God help us all), don’t you mean God help me with all my preps and hatred for the ones you call (sheeple). You got some explaining to do when your number is up.

            • Social cleansing, ethnic cleansing, what’s the difference? Heil Hitler comes to mind, a lot of his fans here.

            • Yes, TommyBoy – BABOON. If the shoe fits – don’t matter what color it is.

            • Baboon? That ain’t right.

              That bitch is as big as a mountain gorilla.

            • A collapse or a emp would be just the right thing to fix this un repairable system we live in and the turd face you see in this video and the ones behind her will be the first to go.I hope and pray we can get this social cleansing underway.They can pass what ever laws they want and it does not mean shit to me they will never take the prepared.These people are the weakest of the weakest.We are gonna need heavy equipment to bury that many bodies.Many of these turd’s will kill each other when there food is gone and they cant get a signal out to there homie’s cause there free cell’s are dead.We as a country have trusted this crooked gov.time and time again and now we are on the brink of total meltdown as a country.Population is the root of our problems world wide until it is lessened there will continue being more and more problems,1 idiot+1idot=3idiot’s+3idiots you see were this is going?Only fix is a mass extermination by either governments or the people ,or both.I have 2.5 acres that join up to 35000 acres of national forest in south central Mo..Am looking for a few good people that are on the same page as I am .I will be leaving Ill.Before the new year starts.

            • fkin apes

            • Most of them crowded places are overflowin with rats. The only way to get rid of em is extermination.

          • Reserving comments. Bleeding heart crowd on this site let me have it. I Can’t handle the criticism.

            • Don’t worry Rick:) – you won’t hear it from me! I believe in feeding hungry children, not lazy grown-ups! 😉


          • was this stupid bitch on that free lunch post the other night? Pretty sure.

          • On a lighter note, has anyone ever put this scenario in their heads; I know it makes me laugh: When SHTF, there’s going to be all this rioting and looting, and I’ll bet the banks are going to be among the first places to get hit… I gotta say, its frighteningly hilarious!

        • Yep

        • Yes, we are screwed. In the meantime though, somebody needs to slice this up into a tricky dub-step track and have some fun with it. I’d rather die laughing than crying.

        • You can thank Lyndon Banes Johnson for this one, well, really his parasitic masters. The end result of this is the end of America, or rather just one more of a million cuts. Most people, Whites in particular do not want to face the reality that is coming to them. I reccomend you read ” Civil War Two “, by Thomas Chittum.

          • Sixtys reply.

            Right on, JustMe. Says.

          • I reccomend you read ” Civil War Two “, by Thomas Chittum

            I read that book in 1997 and it changed the way I look at whats going on forever. I think you can read it on the net for free… will help you out with that.

            • You got that right. Watch your six.

        • I would get an obamafone, if I could figure out how to remove his stoopid f**king flag from the background image.

          Isn’t Cleveland 0-3 ?

          Do you think the gubbermnt is tracking her calls.


 safe….stay the course…I’ll see you on the beach…BA.

          • OMG—do you think this is a tracking device to find and kill the useless eaters when TSHTF???

            • If so, then give them all one or two!

            • Kinda makes you A-hole pucker ;0)

            • Sorry Jayjay,
              But who in the hell would want to track that useless eater?
              No, I think most of the useless eaters will eat each other.
              Doesn’t it just make you recoil when you watch that video?
              That is the face of a deadly savage in a grid down situation.
              Can you just imagine trying to reason with that pos?

            • “Yes, evry buddie in Clevelan in low minority got OBama Phoe. Keep Obama in Presiden ya know.”

              There is not way anyone I know that would hire such a twit. Talk about playing the welfare stereotype to a tee.

            • jayjay: They won’t have to track people like this when the SHTF. These people will be in the streets in force; demanding that their needs be met: flash mobs moving on Wal Mart and other distributors for whatever they can carry.

              Now you know why Nappy has ordered the extra ammo and those really cool armored vehicles.

              Just saying. Exit the major cities. They will become a kill zone when the SHTF.

            • Don’t need no device to track em, just hang a bunch of bananas. They’ll all come running.

        • These folks don’t give a damn if the next President is a Martian or Satan himself, they just want their “free” stuff from the rest of us. Leeches one and all. I take that back, even though a leech is taking blood it also cleans the wound. These video parasites have absolutely no socially redeeming value whatsoever. Pretty sickening.

          Time is the great equalizer, and in a few years their day of reckoning will arrive.

          • I’ve said this repeatedly (but not on this forum)that Obama could be caught naked, in bed with two teen-aged boys, and it would not affect the Obamazombie’s opinion of him in the least.

            His base will vote for him for two basic reasons:

            1. He’s black.

            2. They think he’s going to give them free stuff.

            NOTHING ELSE matters to them. NOTHING. They are impervious to reason.

            I’d call them idiots, but that would be insulting to the real idiots out there. They are beyond stupid.

            • Walt,

              I think it goes far beyond just skin pigment. It cuts across every racial line imaginable. I think it has more to do with the free stuff he promises than any combination of factors coupled with a (frothing at the mouth) fanatical, deep seated, materialistic, self-entitlement psychosis contaminating much of the population.

              I’ve never seen anything like it before. This level of fanaticism is downright scary when we know the gravy train is slowing down and the free stuff is about to end. I can already see the battle lines drawn if violent social unrest erupts here in the states.

              Clearly by the billions of rounds of pistol and rifle ammo, drones, fusion centers, and armored vehicles that Homeland Security has on purchased, one might think they were preparing for the next American Civil War or Revolution.

            • Lock n load em in, brother. The rats are goin down when the free shit gravy train comes to town. Set the bait and catch em all. Then send that gravy train down the tracks and watch em chew each other up when the gravy train crashes.

          • yh: you are hitting the nail on the head and it don’t mean “jack”if they be black/white/yellow cause those types never had and will never get nothing cause they want it put in their hands-disgusting to all working people and yes,they’ll probably be the first to die,either from lack of food&water or trying to take mines and yours-aim straight bro.

        • Screwed?

          Hell ya!!!

          In more ways than any of us can surmise.

          This is how the elite look at all of us..

          total useless eaters..


          • Posse: If this woman is an example of a “useless eater” then maybe the elite are justified to believe that some Americans are useless.

            Give me, take me, buy me, please me.

            The woman in the video has the mind of a child. If she is an example of the “”47%” that Romney has identified …. Romney was right.

            • Once again the 47% includes those who work and do not make enough to pay federal incometax ( which we all bitch about on this site as being a false tax forced upon us. )
              It includes those who are retired and payed the payroll taxes for Social Security ( which we all here on this site not too long ago bitched that they are touching our money that dosn’t belong to them ) SO yes I would say they are right to feel entitled to Social Security and medicare. They invested forcefully into it. Now as for the 7.9% that are the wellfare mommas they should get out get a job and get off wellfare. Also out of the actual number of the 47% who are assholes the 7.9% 7000 make over 1 mil a year good to know the 1% are part of the 47% :)

        • watch the howard stern vid. That will really mess you up. Google howard stern questions obama supporters.

          • That is what happens when your public education system is 25th in the world. Why is anyone surprised?

        • Department supervisor called in a black guy to tell him he was fired.
          “You firing me cause I’m black!!”
          No, said the supervisor, we hired you cause you’re black, we’re firing you cause you’re useless!!!

        • She got one thing right Romney sucks too!

          • Yesh – the trouble is, she has no answer as to WHY he sucks…kinda telling right there.

        • “In the long run, the greatest weapon of mass destruction is stupidity. – Thomas Sowell

        • Yeah, they really WANT to be independent, they just don’t have the means. Sure.

        • @Anon,

          I disagree. “We” are not screwed. That woman in the video and the legions like her are most definitely screwed.

          “We” are preparing. “We” are awake.

          • Yup, and i’ll rally around the US Constitution.

        • I’ll rally with those that think we should get back to the US Constitution as the Law of the Land. We’d avoid so many problems if we did.

      2. where’s MY damn Obamaphone???

        unfortunately that woman is a “spokesperson”
        for the “entitlement class”

        • You dont get an Obamaphone if you work for a living. I work my a** off the for a non profit animal shelter making less than nothing and have NEVER asked for any kind of assistance. Not even reduced lunches for my kid. Btw im a single parent….

          • Take the lunches..better you than those leeches.

            • The reason she don’t get the free goods and can work for LESS than nothing is because her SINGLE ass has a guys pay check. She sure is whinning alot for a proud person.

          • No, your child has 2 single parents. It takes two !!!!!!!!!!!

            • Not when dad is dead. And for the record the reason i can survive is because i was raised to work hard and live on less. I dont need a man to support my life, or a woman for that matter if you are now thinking im gay. Just smart with money and i dont piss it away on things i dont need. Quit making assupmtions you look like a jerk. And why are you here busting the balls oft people who have thee audacity to take care of themselves, shouldnt you be following obamas blog or something?

        • “””unfortunately that woman is a “spokesperson”
          for the “entitlement class””””

          Actually, she is the poster child for population reduction. Makes one wonder if the elites will be doing us a favor by cutting the population in half because you know that type will be the first to perish.

          I am ashamed of myself for saying that, but more ashamed that my country mass produces people like that.

          • There is nothing to be ashamed of when the truth is spoken.

          • I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. God help us.

          • They will either die, or be leading the horde coming out of the cities looking for your preps

            • @Jim:

              good thing I have stored lots of soft food for the toothless horde.

              lollololol…just sayin’

            • If the majority of the hordes “looking for preps” are anything like this toothless wonder, we ain’t got much to worry about. She probably had to have a wheelchair or heavyduty wagon to get her lard ass around at the rally. Her type can’t keep their mouth shut long enough to sneak in on anyone to steal their preps, even if she were able to make it out of the city.

              She is setting a fine example for the youth. LOL
              However, she is a fine example of the folks that will be screaming with horror when their last, bag of chips and twinkie is gone. I would hate to imagine the wailing and sobbing in the cities when they realize the Odramas,Reids, and Pelosis of the world could care less about them starving to death.

            • You are so sadly mistaken. They won’t die or be in the hordes — people like this will be given supervisory roles in the FEMA camps.

            • I can outrun that one!!
              And I’m 62!!

            • then in either case, they will die…

            • If this POS is the worst of our future ‘fears’, bring it on. There isn’t enough intelligence or cunning there to worry about.

            • Jim(another Jim): That won’t last too long. Most of these welfare queens and princes are to fat and lazy to move either fast or far. They’ll wait around expecting some ‘guvment man’ to come to them with a check. By the time they realize that ain’t happening, they’ll riot, for a while. But being hungry and way out of shape they won’t get far because they’ll too weak by then. And if we’re hit by a total shit-storm that means the power’s out and no running water soon after that. Lack of proper sanitation and clean water will do the rest. Most of us aren’t going to need as much ammo as some suppose for defense because these fat loafers will be dropping like flies from disease. But that will create a sanitation nightmare unfortunately.

            • Hell DHS and Big Jan will all have their hands full beatin em all off with a stick. I’ll be laughin my ass off!

          • You sound like a Nazi. Why dont you go into your basement and blow your brains out like your hero Hitler.

            • Go back where you came from Ted. Nobody wants you here.

            • Ted: say pal, perhaps you could give us demo, I can provide the gun if needed. I’ve got a .357 that’d do just fine.

            • Is that Ted Kennedy from the grave????

          • Well then if you want less folks like this welfare momma then you should be for abortion and planned parenthood. Too late now, we got tons of these welfare moochers low iq hordes.

            • Right or wrong, abortion has been legal for quite some time now. Yet we still have these welfare types. Perhaps there is some other more final solution that you abortion promoting liberals might suggest.

            • Larry, Stop and think a minute. I know many here like binary, black & white answers (do one thing and one thing only to solve this problem). But that just isn’t how the world works. Who do you think are having abortions now at a disproportionate rate? Rich white women? No.

              From the Guttmacher Study:

              RESULTS: The abortion rate declined 8.0% between 2000 and 2008, from 21.3 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 to 19.6 per 1,000. Decreases in abortion were experienced by most subgroups of women. One notable exception was poor women; this group accounted for 42.4% of abortions in 2008, and their abortion rate increased 17.5% between 2000 and 2008 from 44.4 to 52.2 abortions per 1,000. In addition to poor women, abortion rates were highest for women who were cohabiting (52.0 per 1,000), aged 20–24 (39.9 per 1,000), or non-Hispanic African American (40.2 per 1,000).

              So, do the math. With illegal abortion, what do you think the welfare roles and other demographics would look like?

          • GC – don’t be shamed. I couldn’t agree more. Makes one wonder who the NWO would like to help run things when the parasites are gone. Survivalists maybe? Who would be more qualified?

            • I think the NWO wants more qualified slaves, not freedom seeking people to help the run things. They may want to get rid of the parasites, but at the same time they want to kill the idea of individual freedom.

          • 48 hours and she’s done after the crash

          • Creation,

            I think you may be a minion of the anti-christ. All in the name of God of course, and facebook is your little minion. You have a lot of followers, or should I say sheeple that buy your crap.

          • I said on another site: Put down your crack pipe, close your knees, turn off the hip-hop and get a job. Oh wait. You’re dumber than a sack of rocks and never got past the 7th grade. You’re too stupid to hold a job.” She is one of Holder’s people.

        • The term “useless eaters” has never been made more clear than today.I think those banksters are on to something!!

        • i am a black person and i am just ashamed and embarrassed to see my people act like that. was that even english she was speaking. she is the very reason why people of other races see most blacks as poor and lazy, even tho that is not the case. i work for a living, pay my taxes, and is a helpful member of society. she is the very reason why i can’t wait for the SHTF. because when it does and they come to my house to rob it, i will have a .223 round waiting for each and everyone of there asses.

          • It’s not just ‘your’ people Omega… This women happens to be black… I am certain that just as many, if not more, white Americans behave in exactly the same manner. A large number of ‘our’ people – Americans – think exactly like this women.

            The system is broke – and in my humble opinion it CANNOT be fixed. A system reboot is necessary. And I think it’s coming.

            As my good friend Rick Blaine often says – this is not going to end well.

            • Amen! Mac is correct OGK, It has nothing to do “color” it seems to be a “western” ideology.

            • Or Ron White’s beauty: You can’t fix stupid.

          • OGK, trust me, it’s not just black people that act that way. It is only black people that get displayed for public consumption to build a stereotype. I would bet on that same street there was at least one equally stupid white person.

            She doesn’t make black people look bad, she makes all Americans look bad. Including those who happen to be black.

          • Omega, not a race thing…I know lots of whites that speak and think like that..nlow, yes, they are obama supporters.

          • She is not “your people” any more than she is “my people”.
            My friend & I were talking the other day about how long it’ll take the looters to show up in my neighborhood, assuming they start in the city.
            We figure there’s more than a few armed citizens throughout the 15 miles from downtown to me.
            And, for every house that shoots back or shoots first, the looters will spend some extra time there killing, trying to make a point about how shooting at them is a bad idea.
            I think the looters numbers will be somewhat diminished by the time they get here.
            Which is good; I don’t have nearly enough ammo to get them all.

          • This is another problem. Most Americans (regardless of race, income) can not write using proper grammer. Use of words like “there” (denoting a place; like ‘he moved over there’), or “their” (referring to people; like ‘each and every one of their asses’). Not picking on Omega, have seen this problem accross the net.

      3. She has not had the same opportunities (educational, economic, etc..) as many of us. I don’t like it either. We are a society quickly unraveling into the state of corporate takeover…

        • Her opportunities were only limited by her obviously low intelligence. The schools were there. The libraries were there. Entry level jobs were there. She could get ahead if she had the good sense to work hard and try hard.

          I was poor. I didn’t get free lunches. I had to eat a bag lunch outdoors in the first grade, no matter what the weather. We did get our 3 cent half-pint of milk every day. I only had three changes of clothes for school each year for all 12 years, and when I didn’t grow much, I had to wear the same clothes 2 years in a row. Then my brother had to wear them. I worked hard in school and got scholarships and loans to go to college. My parents couldn’t help at all. They did drive me to college at the start of the year and came back to get me at the end of the year. I worked at or just above minimum wage for 5 years before I got a better job. Then I got an even better job. And then I retired a few years ago.

          She is a prime example of how stupid and lazy half the people in this country are.

          • @Archivist….

            The problem was not her lack of intelligence (though admittedly, she is a moron), but her lack of character.

            She believes it is perfectly ok to live at the expense of another. In other words….she believes in legalized theft.

            I stated on another topic that it is my belief that the most violated of The Ten Commandments is the one that says, “Thou shalt not covet.”

            That is the sin of the entitlement class. Not only do they want what those who work for a living have…but they wish that those people did not have it.

            Covetousness is the defining character quality of the entitlement class……and those who pander to them.

        • Scott,

          You are absolutely right in what you say. These human beings have been manipulated by the government, the educational system and by many of us. This president is determined to make life just bearable enough for them, in order to get re-elected. When a child is born in an environment like the one in the video, they have no chance in hell of getting out of the sickening mud pit that they are raised in, they end up like the woman in the video, who probably can not even spell her name on her own. This is what we have done to our country. We claim that we are so concerned with world politics yet have nothing but disdain for our fellow man. You will get no respect for your admirable comments on this site, at least not much. The bullies that are on this site are no better than the marauding gangs that they say will come after their stuff, they are simply more civilized in the way they say things like, thin the herd, let them die since they are useless eaters, the people here, are not the ones that you want to reach, they have little compassion for anyone but themselves. The ironic part is that they are the ones who in the end, the very end, will not be able to talk their way out of what God has in store for them. Go to another site where you will be heard and respected. Many of the humans here are just itching to see blood and will justify their actions in the name of protecting their own. I would stand a better chance with a gang of criminals than I would with these trigger happy miscreants.

          • Tommy boy,
            Are you suggesting that Scott, leave
            But you will stay with us heartless bastards?

            • Slick, Yea, I like reminding you thugs what you really are. If Scott can stomach it then perhaps he should keep writing here as well. The funny part is that most on this site probably are on the government dole and just sit at their computers all day spouting how much better they are than anyone else and how they are going to kill as many as they can if they ever get the chance to. Most of you are itching for the world to explode so you can use your preps and watch everyone else just die. Pretty sick and twisted. The really ironic part is that when and if the SHTF, it won’t be at all the way you envision.

            • Once more.

              When the time comes to stand we stand togeather.
              If we do not we will fall.
              As we went over we are going to wait til it is too late to do anything.
              It is going to take black, and white, hispanic, and eurasian, asian, and euopean. WE NEED TO BE TOGETHER.
              This is global. It seems we only worry about local. ( meaning the US. ) Hey hows spain doing? They got thier ball rolling. The masses are gathering there eh? they waited too long. We are doing the same. Fuck ppl get over liberal and conservative.
              When the shit hits that has got to go on the back burner.
              Preferable would be BEFORE the shit totaly hits.
              I do follow the rule “we all work, NO ONE quits.” We will all have our parts to play be it defense, offense cooking, teaching etc etc. You can only be part if you ARE PART. 10 is strogner then 1, 100 stronger then 10, 1000 stronger then 100.

          • What bullshit. My father was a switchman on a railroad. He worked his ass off his entire life. I’ve had a job since i was 13 years old. I’ve worked my ass off my whole life. I’m now considered one of the “evil rich” by useless mouths like this…
            One of my most trusted friends grew up in a small village in Nigeria. He worked his ass off too. No one handed him ANYTHING.
            Self-rightous idiots like Tommy boy turn my stomach.

          • @Tommy boy….

            A little self-righteous there, aren’t you bud?

            • Walt, ole Tommy boy thinks he is god and god speaks through him. If you don’t believe me, ask him and he will confirm that god says so.

        • Scott, this woman has two advantages over me: she’s female and she’s a minority. With those two factors in her favor, she would be hired for many jobs before me. However, due to the lack of intelligence she has displayed in this video, it would be said lack of intelligence that keeps her from progressing in life, that and her sense of self-entitlement to government handouts paid for by people such as myself, who want nothing from the government but to be left alone.

          • She is also an SEIU member, so there are many places you could not even work unless you pay tribute oops, dues, to that corrupt master…

        • Scott: In this country, are you a moron? This is the land of opportunity for all to take advantage of. This isn’t the Jim Crow south of the 1950’s anymore pal. If you’re an able bodied person and don’t make it, it’s your fault. I came from a poor background. Well, my father finally got us to the middle class by working 12 hours a day 6 days a week. I went into the military, got the GI Bill, went to college and got a good job. No one handed me anything, I worked hard for it. I have a friend who came to America not speaking English; she learned English very well, got a job, went to school and is now a nurse. I teach a citizenship class twice a year and people are hungry to become citizens and take part in the American dream. They work all day and them come to my class at night so they can fully participate in our country. If you can’t make, just look in the mirror for the person who failed you. Your liberal playbook using “white guilt” doesn’t work anymore pal, so please cut the crap.

          • Good for you Gregory8. You also have had everything given to you in life. Where do you think tax dollars go? All of us have worked our asses off. But what you fail to understand is that YOU have been working for the corporate neocons without even realizing it…

            • Scott: By whom exactly? No corporation gave me anything! I worked farm labor jobs 10 weeks every summer starting at age 12, yes, it’s legal in California at that age until I went into the military where I earned very little but got the GI Bill as compensation. My last year of high school I also worked full time at a gas station and went to school full time. I got a 3.0 that senior year, earned, not given. So no one “Handed” me squat, I worked hard for it. You SOUND like one of those lazy (socialist) liberals who’s never busted a sweat on any job, got a blister, or served in the military because in your elitist little mind, these things were ‘beneath’ you. Well, keep pontificating from that tired liberal handbook from the 50’s and 60’s that says minorities can’t make it without the benevolence of good white liberals like yourself. It must be tough for you carrying the ‘White Man’s Burden’ on those soft, weak liberal shoulders of yours. How do you do it and also avoid working for the “Corp”? Your just amazing !!

      4. Its not the safety nets that are the major problem. Its the safety hammocks like this waste of space resides in that needs to GO

        • You do have to admire the designers of the powerchairs in stores. Takes a strong motor/gearbox assembly to haul these lardasses. I wonder how they keep the batteries from catching fire?

      5. Holy Crap!! I am in love!! I am gonna move to cleavland to be with my sugar momma. And she ain’ts got no teefesus naither.

        • I’d like to know if a George Soros organization like Open Society or MoveOn:
          1. bussed her out there
          2. gave her a sign
          3. paid her to spout her “pearls of wisdom”?

          • SEIU sign in the background.

            They get bussed around the state and paid $11/hr.

            Article w/this info linked on Drudge.

        • Hey bob,

          I think you need to take an ex-lax.

          • So if Bob takes an Ex-Lax, then pretty soon the next thing he’d be doing is taking a good Tommy boy.

          • Is tommy boy the biggest effin idiot in the world or what? He is even more retarded than his hero obama.

        • Thanks for the laugh, bob.

      6. Right now I’m making violent retching sounds. The MSM then has the balls to decry Romney’s 47% comments. I hope this gets lots of play in alternative media. Fat chance this EVER get reported by the MSM.

        • Just send to all your email contacts and add…<> one week, it will be in every household with email access.
          I did.

          • Just send to all your email contacts and add….please forward… it didn’t print—for above.

      7. A Biblical plague of LOCUSTS across America.

        • And By “These Beasts” was one Fourth of mankind killed….

          Then next I saw in the vision…Millions of Patriots fully Armed and all shining white…..After a short while, there were very few such beast left.

      8. Why isn’t there an I.Q. minimum required to be able to vote?
        Obviously, sh!theads like this retarded loudmouth welfare recipient will all be voting for the Muzlim One.
        May God help us all…

        • IQ? Hell, you don’t even need an ID!

          • No that was a lmfao moment thanks for the chuckle and your right all the people that pays taxes to give to these clowns – WE ARE FUCKED if he gets a 2nd term

          • AMEN…BROTHER!!!

          • If there was a minimum IQ requirement half the population wouldn’t be able to vote thanks to the the public indoctrination centers (Public Schools). I attended a parent/teacher meeting today for my 7th grade daughters ADVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) class and I shit you not the teacher spoke exactly like this woman. Time to start homeschooling.

            • Perhaps we can now better understand the reasons our Founding Fathers originally only allowed Whitemen/Landowners to Vote….They sure were very smart on all other issues eh…Maybe this issue also.

              Govner Wallace when he ran for Prez back in 1960’s..

              “The Only solution to all their Integration and Forced Bussings, is to Keep Us and Them….Seperate…Us and Them seperate”

              Gov wallace was ahead of his time too.

          • or live in the U.S.

            • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

              September 28, 2012 at 10:00 am

              Perhaps we can now better understand the reasons our Founding Fathers originally only allowed Whitemen/Landowners to Vote….They sure were very smart on all other issues eh…Maybe this issue also.

              They were so smart they brought them here in the first place 🙂

          • Darn, you beat me to that one!

            • Oh, to clear that up–this was to mac’s Id declaration..or non-id.

        • Look at it this way… Romney is elected. Make the rich richer and the poor poorer, economy eventually fails because of it. Obama is elected…keeps the poor happy, but they’re still poor, take a few extra pocket change from the rich and still the economy plunders because of no balance.

          It is a lose lose situation. Lets stop pushing blame on the people who don’t know any better and unite under one common purpose. PREPPING, because no matter what we do, political parties, jobs, it is all meaningless. Our future will be a violent, and a dangerous one.

          If we all agree that the dollar is doomed and we will eventually collapse…why are you all complaining about people mooching off the government? At least they aren’t working their asses off for money that is worthless, that is described as illegal in the constitution. Just remember that next time you get your paycheck…was it really worth it?

          • “At least they aren’t working their asses off for money that is worthless, that is described as illegal in the constitution. Just remember that next time you get your paycheck…was it really worth it?”

            What a load of bullshit! I’ve known about the falsity of fiat currency for years but I still work my ass off.

            It’s an issue of morality…we work because it’s the right thing to do. If you can’t fend for yourself your simply a slave to someone else.

            • No, you are the slave. You can not survive in this world without working or a form of income. You claim that working is the “right thing to do”, but you do it for the wrong reasons.

              In this modern day you can not walk into a wooded area and start building a house. You can’t take your weapons out into the woods and start shooting animals for food. You can not simply farm land. You need permits to do these things. You need permits and license and a lot of MONEY so that you have a “right” to exist and survive. If you do not have proper license and permits and attempt any of the above, you will be incarcerated because it is considered criminal activity.

              The government has taken ALL of our God given rights and are now taking away one of the remaining few, freedom of speech. They force us to live a life that we may not want to live. You are a slave, perhaps a different kind than what has been seen in the past, but slavery has just evolved to a whole new level.

              If we are forced to follow rules and regulations at the penalty of incarceration or even death, are we not slaves? We are slaves to society and more specifically to our appointed governments. Appointed is the key word here, not permanent, not forever lasting, and not infinite. We each have our own conscience, our own soul, and our own minds that can think independently from one another and make decisions. We all have the ability to choose our fate, to pave our own path through life, but we allow others to tell us what we can or cannot do. Who truly has such a right to control our lives? Only the people we ALLOW to do so.

          • No matter if Obama or Romney get elected, the rich will be getting richer. The difference is that with Obama, the poor bastards trying to pull themselves out out the muck will be held back by regulations and taxes (that the rich can afford) thereby insuring wealth disparity.

        • Your comment is more than insulting to those with low I.Q. Our son, I.Q. of 70 (supposedly), knows more about politics than most. He watched the video and thought this woman was “a nut job because Obama has done nothing but run this country into the ground”…and not because he mimics his parents. We don’t talk politics very much in front of him. He watches the news, reads the Internet, and makes his own decisions. BTW, he is voting this year, for Romney. “Retard” comments really make you sound like the idiot.

          • “He watches the news”

            There is your problem. I don’t watch the news, because it is the most narrow and biased form of information on the planet. The news is what makes people ignorant in this world. Always research. Don’t read one article and call it a day. Read several articles on all the same subject and separate the facts from the opinion.

        • This is why the founders had some stipulations as to who could vote….they foresaw people like her who had no “skin in the game” who would then use the vote to rob the ones who had to give that pound of flesh….voting is a much about responsibility as about a right…if not moreso…perhaps we need to revisit the sufferage issue in light of what we see happening,after all TPTB wouldnt be getting very far if only freemen and women with a vested interest got the vote!

          • @ Reb
            Heresy! Heresy!

      9. Watching this makes me want to pull my hair out!!!! This kind of shit is what’s keeping me from being a free man. All of the beggars want to keep this same power in place since 1913, damn these bastards!!!!

      10. Ya’ll are a Buncha Racists prepper cracker Muthafoo’s … Ain’t Ya ???

        *the AmeriKan Fiscal Debt problem isn’t her and her brood … it’s the industrial military complex “department of globalist eugenics conquest thievery and tyranny” which uses up 80% of AmeriKa’s cash and then a few 10’s of trillion more .

        Duh ! ;0P

        Besides it’s fake fiat $$$ monopoly money any ways . Not worth the paper it’s printed on .

        Go physical While you Still can .

        Ya buncha racist prepper crackers !

        ;0P pssszzt


        • Polly want a craker? No. Too much chorlestoral.

        • For heavens sake Red Queen, can you tone it down a little? You have so much information and I understand that it might be urgent but you not making any points here. If fact you may be turning people away. Damn man, don’t you know we are on your side and that most people are brain dead?

        • Ya buncha racist prepper crackers! By Red Queen.

          What gives you the right to assert that label upon all that come here to share our thoughts. I’m a little slow here tonight but I am catching up. Just because we do not agree with your point of view, we are racist? I think that most of us are solid ground participants.

        • Take your black, white, or Muslim ass and go get your phone.

        • LOL. I wuz wunrin wherez you beenz, Nina.

          • I knew that crackerhead couldn’t stay away. I saw his post a day or so ago and said I bet my left Begonia that’s crackerpuff using a new alias.

            • Come On. Let Crackerhead, Red Queen or Coccopuff Crack head say what he wants. In low tone of course. Learn from him. Don’t silence him.

            • @slingshot, once you sort out all the gibberish, there ain’t much left…

        • Show your proof that we are racist. Or you better be able to name names. You are going even farther into the twilight zone this time.

          And I am the one still in forced moderation on every post, no matter what its content is. At least I am not afraid to stick to my original handle.

          • Come on Facebook. Who put you in charge. I have high respect for your commentary but do you think it is a little over the top?

            • Honest question. What is over the top. I truly want to know where he get these ideas. That it this time.

            • What does this help prepping

        • The video was of a black woman but I work with a variety of low income races and most of them in my area ( which is very racially mixed) are white. So this is not a racist thing! This is a “where is your head?” thing.
          This woman is enslaved by her own laziness and she is not alone and it is not based on her race. Lazy comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. And sadly she is destroying herself by living this way.
          Yes I am angry that I support 47%, many of whom choose not to work when they can. But I am also angry at those who set this system up. There are some states that have systems that help while retraining for skills and changing thoughts and dreams. And those programs work and rebuild lives. This program just dumbs people down.

          • I would like to add…most, not all, but most of these folks on welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, WIC, etc…really and truly do not have a clue where this money comes from they spend each month.
            Seriously, that isn’t taught in school. When it’s generational welfare, they never even think to ask.
            Now, that’s one sad condition; to not even care; just go to the mailbox, and there it is.
            We are really ‘done’ as a nation–turn off the oven.

            • That’s it, JayJay. They don’t care were the money comes from. They don’t care as long as they get it once a month. Mother Fucker!

            • they don’t even have to go to the mailbox anymore, it magically appears on their card each month.

          • Cant deny at least up till recent massive recession stuf…Since 1964 Prez LBJ era, say till 2008…VAST HUGE Majority of welfare queens and their Hoards of kids has consistantly been African Blacks varity.

            Same as Extreme hate inspired Violence…How many white riots in last 45 yrs?…ZERO! Many african Looter-Riots eh.

            If its not about “Race”?…What Is it then?…If some folks here is so filled with white guilt and believe “we are all the same” etc…Sorry I aint buying that crap. No we aint…And I REFUSE to EVER have any white guilt unless I someday actually do something to feel guilt for!

            I aint never owned a single slave african black…Nor any brown or white ones neither!

            And I had zero to do with the famous HolyHoax & the majical 6million neither…If anyone call me a racist or antisemite or whatever else…Ok no big deal. I speak facts and truth, so make me a nice shiny Badge to wear..

            Kinda like a army Medal of honor and name it USA RACIST/ANTISEMITENAZI…Award…I Promice to daily wear it on Outside of shirt or coat and wear it Proudly!

            Anyone ask whats it for?…I say cause I speak Truth and Facts even if others are too afraid to!

            Get rid of white guilt and PC crap too. Its really alot better that way….Or remain an asshole dem lib kommie and stay far away for your own good when shtf.

        • Red Queen, please stick with the decaf.

        • nina, go take your meds

      11. OK, I may get some thumbs down for part of what I’m saying, but I have to tell it like it is. The woman in the video is totally brainwashed and retarded. We all know it’s not government that creates wealth, but PEOPLE WHO WORK AND DO FOR THEMSELVES, PEOPLE WHO PRODUCE A GOOD OR SERVICE THAT IS IN HIGH DEMAND. We who work for what we want and need are taxed to death to provide for these freeloaders who refuse to do anything for themselves. RRight now only half of the population is working and paying taxes into the system and the other half is living on that revenue in the form of one government program or another. As time goes on, until TSHTF, that ratio will get more lopsided and those programs will start losing revenue. Think of the outrage if any of those programs are simply cut, not eliminated; life would get too interesting too quickly. In the case of minority people on these programs, they’ve been taught that there’s no opportunities for them, that white people owe them for the past, etc. NOBODY IS OWED ANYTHING FOR ANY REASON! Black people have had all kinds of opportunities available to them for the last 40 years thanks to affirmative action and discrimination against white people, especially against white males. Some of them take advantage of the quotas and set-asides, but a lot of others don’t. When TSHTF and those welfare and disability checks stop coming and EBT cards stop working, the freeloaders are going to be the most dangerous of the nonpreppers to contend with. I’m ready for them if they want to try anything with me. Going shopping again this weekend. Take care and keep prepping.

        • Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

        • I don’t know about welfare, but plenty of people need disability because they can not physically work. EBT is widely abused, yes, but some people if not most, really need it just to put bread on the table. Your number one responsibility is to take care of your family, and if you don’t have a job, you must do what you have to. Took my dad nearly 2 years to find a job. He was living off his 401k and unemployment the entire time and food stamps.He depleted his savings of roughly 35 grand that took him years to build. When he finally found a job as a marine mechanic, he took it for 10$ an hour. That is nearly 6-8$ LESS for a starting position in his field. But it was the only and highest opportunity he got in that 2 years. Sure he could have went over to mcdonalds working minimum wage…but it wouldn’t be worth it. He used to make 18$ an hour before Sea Ray laid him off when the economy hit the pooper..

          • From what you say your father is not the one we are talking about. EBT and other programs should help the ones that need a boost. But you said it yourself. Your father WORKED for his savings. He wasn’t born into it. As you stated your story. I have no problems paying taxes that helped your father.. And will not complain if he need a little help while he starts his new work.

            • Your right FP

              I make the mistake of defending statements like that but in this instance I know both sides and you are completely correct. Some people need help and thats ok. others, like this “woman” refuse to work even though they are able bodied and live better than people like me who work 40+ a week. But at least I can live with myself… dunno how they can

          • There is another perspective on the EBT cards and SS disability. Case in point. A lady friend of mine is about 60 years old, her spine is so weak and fragile she could become paralyzed at any time. In severe pain most of the time. She also has COPD.
            After about a year with no income and trying to get on disability, she had to start getting EBT. She has worked all her life and the SS Administration denied her disabilty because she is able to sit up and walk around and drive an old worn out car. She is having to pay an attorney to appeal and she is finally up for her hearing after 20 months. What is wrong with this picture? I’ll tell you. She isn’t fat or black and she doesn’t have a half dozen snotty nosed kids tagging along with her. It is her money and she can’t even get it.
            Now, how could anyone say this woman doesn’t deserve to get food stamps?

            • Good post. There are many physicians who know of people like your friend who cannot get disability and when they do get it, if they haven’t worked enough for high enough wages, it is a pittance. Only good thing for your friend is that w/an attorney, she may get a settlement for all the years she was denied.

              At the same time, frauds seem to be able to game the system and receive SSDI while being able bodied.

              People on disability are limited by the government as to hours they can work. If they need the medical assistance, they are trapped forever. If they utilize medical care and also earn over the allotted amount, they have their disability check docked for the medical expenses. If they have minor children they must choose between EBT and EITC, at least in my state.

              I know folks with congenital problems who hate the system they are forced onto. They are not voting for the Imposter who calls himself Obama.

              Everyone needs to educate themselves as to the system in their state, It isn’t a gravy train for everyone.

            • Fed Social Security is NOT anything to do with “State” anything. Fed soc sec. disability is Not an easy to get on.

              Must wait till One Year After off work due to disability just to first apply for it.

              Usually most everybody, except for several listed disabilities who get oks in 60 days or less, all others Not listed usually gets denied. Then you must reaply/appeal denial..

              Then, again, most get denied second time. Then and Only after two attempts can you re-appeal for an In person Administrative fed “judge”(not a real judge as in criminal case etc) Decision. Wait up tp 60 days longer for answer decision from judge hearing.

              If Yes oked, they must pay you going back to first applied but only a max of 12 months back pay. But it usually takes as long as 33-36 Months to finally get in front of judge and be aproved. 3 or nearly 3 yrs!

              Then yes you get backpay from one year prior to first filed. Or All of the wait time of 36 mo or so.

              But if you wait Longer than one year to first file after off work?…You Lose any months more than 12 mo back from off work time frame.

              Soc Sec disability is dealt with by No Less than aprox 35 Different agencys-doctors-specialists-labor board review guys etc etc. It is NO Piece of cake. Nothing like “welfare” to be aproved.

              AND, Unlike welfare or ebt cards You Must Work and Pay into soc sec for at minimum of 10 yrs, and they count back 5 yrs worth of “quarters of a year”…Or, 20 quarters out of 40/ 10yrs.To get avg to base bennifit by.

              Too many people confuse soc sec disability AND soc sec Retirement as another free welfare scam etc…WRONG!

              Believe you me…If you can “Scam” soc sec disability?..You are probobly Hodinis Brother, Whodunit.

              A Real Miricle from above is eaiser to obtain.

              Young folks today get brainwashed by professors and MSM and folks who do Not know what they speak of but think they does. Many get pissed to pay into soc sec after constatntly told “It wont be there for You!”

              Nobody knows future if it will or not. Website Gurus who sell Gold etc write articles of crash Tomorrow! Buy Gold from Me Now!…Soon to go to 10,000$$$ per OZ!

              So why dont They Keep it if so true?

              Everyone who ever worked since aprox 1934 Paid into soc sec. It was sold to boomers and our parents as, same as Insurance policy but Better as it is covered by Fed Gov!

              Ok so we ALL believed it was A-OK…Wouldn’t You?(to
              the Young folks) Yes you would, as we all did Back Then.

              Aprox. 75% of soc sec Recipients Both Retires and Disabled, get aprox avg of $1050-$1100 Per Month. NOT ALOT EH!

              Some get less some More but max is probobly around, $1400 per mo now(?)….Like it Or not, weather or not it remains for todays workers as promiced etc?…RIGHT NOW Today 2012 There are aprox. 75 Million who get a check.

              ALL(except small kid dependents of disabled, or kid age 18 or up and is retarded cant work etc) All main group who get a check Today are TOO Old to work or Disabled.

              So if todays “Youth” geeked up with much bs from various entities about, Youth wont get none of soc sec etc…Maybe so, maybe not?…Maybe scam talk to convince youth to abandon soc sec etc.

              But either way, if todays pissed youth think SHTF will be bad/chaos etc?…Go ahead on and help them who wish to end soc sec ASAP so You save a few percent of weekly gross pay…BUT Do Not complaign when ADDED to that SHTF Chaos you now ADD 75 MILLION More who will Really be Pissed Off Many times worse than even You Youth think you are now!

              Do Not think 75 Million Elder americans who Worked , most all their lives, and Paid in same as You do Now! While we Too wondered if we’d get Our checks after Our Parents died etc?….Do Not believe Our 75 Million folks will simply go sit on a Curb and wait for starvation and Death, so that todays Youth can Keep a few more dollars in pocket and we wont become alot more like that “Chaos” crowd etc….What Other Choice will we have?

              We cant move in with todays Youth as most of Them still lve in mommies houses!…Or has own kids and familys right.(Or maybe Fate will be We need use Our soc sec to Assist Your 1/2 of usa folks if Your jobs etc go bye bye? never know!)

              Regardless What the Fuck any neocons/banksters/libertarians or whatever else tells you stuf….We too worked and now are old…Yet still youthfull enough to REFUSE to sit on a curb and die off so Todays Youth will be happier!

              Ever swat a Massive Huge Hornets Nest?…Force 75 Million old folks off soc sec for hairbrained neocon plans to let Wall Street “handle” all soc sec cash etc!! (so wall street greedy bankster tribe can also steal soc sec too?!)

              And You youth and all others like that WILL fast find out what a real Hornets Nest does when It is Pissed off!

              SORRY its so long to read…But I get Mad when so many confuse soc sec as I decribed with welfare queens scams etc.

        • “”””We who work for what we want and need are taxed to death to provide for these freeloaders who refuse to do anything for themselves.”””

          Braveheat, you must begin to understand that your “tax dollars” do not pay to finance government programs. They are 100% interest payments to the Federal Reserve. Not one penny you pay in goes anywhere but the banksters pockets.

          Every penny to pay for these programs comes from the printing press. The only freeloaders you support are the banksters.

          When people realize that, maybe they will quit paying those thieves and blaming it on the poor who are reaping the benefits of the printing press while they pay the owners who run it to destroy and steal their wealth.

          • HOLY SHIT angelo finally something we can agree upon. Those who pay into SS all their lives and feel entitled to it, and they should it was thier money. And the difference between them and the welfare mommas. Fuck me I never thought we would agree.

        • Disability/social security was PAID FOR by people who worked until they couldn’t work any more. You shouldn’t lump them in with welfare recipients as freeloaders…please, think first, type thereafter…

          • what disability is for and what it is being used for today is 2 defferent things.
            i can show you family after family that claims im not on welfare i got s.s.i. that never worked a day in there life,now for the kicker there whole family are disabiled also,give me a break these people are abusing it bad,there are very few that have s.s.i. that deserve it more people abuse it than work hard and now cant..if you never worked for around 20 yrs your family should be supporting you not the goverment(well me,since thats where they get the money)

            • The documentary ” The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” for example.
              White is the family name, but they are all, in fact, white folks.
              This is not a skin color thing.
              This is ONLY to point to info on how SSD has become a lifestyle for some. Truly eye-opening for those of us that own an alarm clock.
              If the opening video was too much for your BP, don’t watch WW of WV.

            • westsider us:…Either them idiots are just saying it is disability soc sec? Maybe because embaresed to say it is welfare?….OR..You are full of Crap!..Scroll Up a few posts and Read my former posting it describes the fed rules/laws etc. NOBODY is scamming disability as You described it…..Perhaps since obammy for elected, some Illeagles mexicans are scamming it now?…

              But I refuse to believe that without Solid Proof or links to actual sites and NOT simply a “Blog” opinion site etc!

              NOBODY let alone entire familys gets soc sec disability as You described it. Only Kids Under age 18yrs old are included “IF” Dad or Mom is soc sec disabled. And then each kids check is paid to Parent and is aprox. 1/2 of parents amount. AND I do believe there is a LIMIT on number of kid dependents same as fed tax limits etc.

              Anything else is simply MIS-Info told to you?…OR your wrong or you are BS…..Read my prior post above.

            • Standing too many months on the unemployment line is driving Americans crazy — literally — and it’s costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

              With their unemployment-insurance checks running out, some of the country’s long-term jobless are scrambling to fill the gap by filing claims for mental illness and other disabilities with Social Security.

      12. I lean more towards Obama, but she is just “Ignunt”…Makes me sick.

        • You lean more towards Obama? Seriously?

          • I am not rich. Romney does not benefit me. Obama does not really benefit me either, but at least he acknowledges and seems to understand the poor side of life.

            But at the end of the day, I will not be voting because I fully believe the president is nothing more than a fall man. Congress has the power, the president is just the guy that makes speeches, signs stuff and pretends like he is the most important person in the country. When congress does bad, and the economy fails, they are never looked at by the people. The president is. Keeps the heat and pressure off them.

            • David,

              One of the many great things about this country is your right to have an opinion and be able to voice it. (At least for now). We are losing our liberties daily and unfortunately the candidates we should be voting for will never make it on the ballot. That said, you not being rich should have nothing to do with your decision to exercise your right to vote. Romney is not my first choice, but Obama down right terrifies me. I will be casting my vote for the right to bear arms to defend myself and my family, for the unborn and for the sanctity of marriage amongst many other things. I would encourage you to do the same. You may not be rich now, but if the current occupier of the White House gets four more years, you never will be.

            • Whether Obummer or Mittens is installed, America is toast. The parasites are in the middle of thier final power-play. Congress and/or the Senate are controlled by the parasites as well, and have no real power anymore. The fix has been in for 100 years now, and all you see is the bill coming due, the parasites are making thier final power-play. The Grey State is Amerika’s future, unless people wake up.

              Please review The Grey State movie trailer. And please forward the vid.

            • David,

              Actually, Ben Bernanke has the power. He controls the economy and the money supply. Obama is just a figure head who apparently takes orders from Russian President Vladimir Putin, former KGB Lieutenant Colonel, and most of Congress are mouthpieces for the various special interest groups almost all of which are working against us.

            • @David…

              I’m really, really, really glad you aren’t voting.


            • In the most recent developments, Senator Obama himself, in a video recorded interview Saturday night with David Brody of CBN News, said three times that National Right to Life was “lying” in asserting that he had voted against a state bill virtually identical to the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. He did not directly address newly uncovered documents that had been released by NRLC — documents that proved that he had done exactly that, contradicting four years of the Obama cover story.

              David, think about that —obama is okay with throwing live, breathing, crying aborted babies in the trash can.
              Think hard and then justify your vote.

          • mitt is nothing better leaning either way is suicide.
            For obama the only thing needed to ever be said is NDAA signed. Fuck the welfare bullshit NDAA is a direct attack on all of us.
            As for mitt lets see Originator of obama care, can’t take a stand on anything besides giving more tax breaks to the wealthy, By his own stupidity he thinks the Middle class makes 250k a year. Yeah go check that interview out 🙂 And hey how stupid does one need to be for “When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no — and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem.” Just ….
            Read more:watch the video 🙂

        • They economy will collapse during the next administration, regardless of who is elected.

          When it collapses do you want a big government socialist radical in the driver’s seat or do you want a free market business man in the driver’s seat?

          The choice couldn’t be more clear.

          • To baracalypse:
            I assume you to mean the guy who “offshored” his wealth to avoid paying taxes.The “free market business man” who used his “shell company” to destroy so many other businesses and RUIN thousands fellow Americans who lost their livelihoods as he enriched himself and his “three car wife”(perhaps one of many,as endorsed by his religion?).Let’s be quite clear about who this “vulture capitalist” really is.Ol’ bully boy Mitt NEVER ran a successful business.He DID get quite rich by impoverishing others.
            And HE’S the best that the “red tie” part of the “REPOCRATES” club can offer up to lead AMERICA?
            Sad,dark days are coming upon us

          • Baracolypse:….Heres Your Pal Romney at Bill Klintons “GLOBAL Initiatives” wooptido event!!

            On page 2 of Time magazine’s October 1st issue, featuring Bill Klinton On The Cover,as a global problem solver, managing editor Richard Stengel acknowledged that Time was a “media partner” behind the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2012 annual meeting.

            Time reports that Stengel moderated a panel on “Creating Value for Business and Society,” in which the magazine says that he “made plain the core challenge: That the profit motive is sometimes at odds with the broader interests of society at large.”

            What about involvement with the former Democratic president being at odds with the need for objective news reporting about Clinton, whose wife is Obama’s Secretary of State? Also, Obama White House press secretary Jay Carney served as Washington Bureau Chief for Time magazine.

            Some of those listed as speaking at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) were, in addition to Stengel:

            • Nicholas D. Kristof, Columnist, The New York Times
            • Piers Morgan, Host, CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight
            • Charlie Rose, Executive Editor and Anchor, “Charlie Rose”
            • Fareed Zakaria, Host, CNN-GPS

            Investigative journalist Marinka Peschmann tells AIM that the media relationship with the CGI is another example of the “unholy alliance” that existed during the Clinton Administration.

            “This is nothing new,” she told AIM. “The media have been sacrificing the truth for access to the Clintons and other power-players for a long time now.”

            This year, MITT ROMNEY Spoke to the group, endorsing foreign aid and free trade and praising Clinton for helping “the downtrodden around the world.”

            “Once again President Bill Clinton is playing politics masterfully by having President Obama and Romney speak at the CGI,” she said. “Now they both owe him, instead of just Obama for his keynote speech at the DNC. Bill Clinton did the same thing during the 2008 Presidential contest with Senator John McCain and then Senator Obama attending. It was a smart move on his part.”


            Pat Caddell suggested that one of Romney’s advisers, Ed Gillespie, is unconcerned about the media bias problem and winning the race because he has been a partner in a lobbying firm with former Clinton White House counsel Jack Quinn and will make money no matter what happens on Election Day.

            He said, “The corruption in this town is so great. Everybody in Washington seems to almost be on the take…when you have firms that have Ed Gillespie in business with Jack Quinn, who was the counsel for Bill Clinton, and responsible for the pardon of Marc Rich, among other things, is because everybody in this—those people on K Street, in both parties, are about arrangements and money.” And those of “J”(tribe) Street Parasites are Worse Yet!

        • David – Thumbs down for leaning towards Obama, but plus 1 for quoting Shirley Q. Liquor. To “her” just about everyone and everything is “ignunt.”

      13. Is that even english?

        • Ebonics.
          AKA welfare slang 😉

          • Yiddish, aka Usuary scam $$$ machine Tribe slang.

        • I see the need for a translator on at least part of what she said.

      14. Well that answers it all for me!!

      15. everyone knows who’s their neighbors and who is not ,when the stampede comes its gonna be a buffalo hunt

      16. Thank you, slingshot. Just remember, that government never produces ANYTHING; it takes away from those who produce something and gives to those who don’t produce anything. it also screws up everything it touches.

        • @ Braveheart

          I have been learning some good and bad things here at SHTF. I want to know how people react to certain stimilus and that may be a cutting edge advantage. I value everyones comment and that may enforce or retract from my “center” point of view. There are no wrongs or no rights, as the daily actions that affect our lives change from day to day. If we can believe all we read. Yet, there again it is what what we believe that counts

        • @ Braveheart.
          During WW2, the Japanese soldiers would consume, large amounts of saki, (rice wine), before a Banzai attack. Thier officers would fill them with shades of honor to die for the Emperor Hirohito. Do you feel it may be the same with patriots, facing overwhelming odds? To die for freedom.

          From one who may consume large amounts of alcohol.

          • @Slingshot…

            I do not intend to make it my goal to die for the cause of freedom.

            I will however, when TSHTF, make it my goal to assist others who would deprive me of my freedom, in meeting their creator as quickly as possible.

            • ” The goal is not to die for your country. It is to make your enemy die for his”
              MacArther or Patton??

            • @Rick:)..

              General George S. Patton said, and I quote….

              “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it, by making some other poor dumb bastard die for HIS country.”

      17. I dare Hannity or O’Reilly to end their programs with this video each and every day until November 7, 2012.

        • Hannity et al Wont! Because it seems the Entire cabal of fox neocons and carl rove, and several other repubs standard high rank advisors keep believing they Must Ignore 65%+ of White america.

          In order to somehow convince African and Mexican(including illeagles) voters to vote repub finally.

          Seems every election cycle repub advisors chase an elusive never in last 50 yrs gotten votes, even though with most White votes they can win with a huge Landslide bigger then Reagan did.

          Carl Rove and hannity etc rather Abandon whites(throw us under bus) for votes of africans and mexicans that not only they never got…But never need anyways!

          Kinda like a guy with a Foxy Babe wife who rather try to screw the neighbors Maid while maid refuses to acknowledge hes even alive!…Then ends of Loseing Both wife and maid!

          Not since 150 yrs ago(civil war era) has such a swell Opertunity for ANY politition from ANYWHERES existed, with so many Highly Pissed Off-Fed Up to Max White folks Ready to vote for a Pro White Pro usa Man.

          Yet they All totally Ignore Every Single issue We care about!…..Romney, like McCain= Designated LOOSER?

          So far sure seems so eh…

        • Let them all end their propaganda shows with it. I’ll never see it.

      18. When there is really equal opportunity that some may choose to willfully ignore while seeking entitlements then there is room for criticism of that particular group. You speak prematurely, with great bias and very little objective fact. Maybe others should elect to sit in smelly apartments, surrounded by cats, while churning out superficial comments pretending to be an oracle of doom. Does this “job” pay well? Are you on food stamps?

        • …..huh??….

        • I know a lot of minorities who worked hard and got themselves and their fammilies out of the ghetto. Many white people too. But if you continue to just sit on your butt and do nothing but talk and watch tv, you arent gonna get anywhere.

          • that’s how one gets to the emergency room…

        • I think what he is saying, is that it’s wrong to call this woman stupid, just because she’s a moron.

          I’m not sure, but I think that’s what he said.

          • Sounds alot like Eli the Weasle to news anchor PBS(?)

            Eli:”Yes You have proven that what I wrote and claimed happened, never did…But…I..Still Believe it! And so should You Too!”

            By Infamous “nazi” hunter,Eli”the” Weasle after again being Busted for his many, many lies in many books he wrote.

      19. im sorry for saying this but not sorry really, I like all people but many blacks sue and want stuff for free and not work for it. that is why we are a 3 world country. look how well england and germany you name it, whites knew what it takes to make a country great. other races did too. but too many blacks are deadbeats but not all of them. its the truth.

        • Wy is everyone sorry or ashamed of the truth. Politic correctness is the cause. It just like you r kids. If we let them do wrong always they will always do it.

          • facebook page is a racist. i know plenty of white people who speak this ignorant, and plenty of black people with utmost class. This just feeds into your air of superiority.

            • What statement make me a racist. I hate every person that brings this country down equally.

            • Butburger…Yes but what happened is this…Prez LBJ did welfare and Jimmy Penut farmer Carter Prez, did Afirmative action(aka Reverse Racizim Against Whites).

              That all causes a Ripple type effect see…Ever see any Old, 1940’s Tarzan Movies on TV?…..Well Many Africans used to work alot on tarzan movies etc…You know the Really CLassy type as you mentioned…

              But then they heard of usa welfare and afirmitive action(reverse racizim against Whites), so they Quit good movie jobs to get Freebbies!….Now the Poor bastards cannot afford to Dress in such Fancy High-Steppin-Outfits as worn in Taezan episodes!….Now That was Class man!

              Chickin Boones in Noses! Peacock Feathers sticking out their Asses!…And tiny Bells on Toes!!!

              I do miss the classy african days….Boycott ABC! Bring Back Tarzan movies and put africans Back to work!

            • Buttburg – if you know “plenty of white people who speak like this” you NEED to get a different set of friends! Hell, if I knew a lot of black people who spoke like this – I’d have to get new friends!!! This leech is trash.

          • Facebook, I am ashamed because I know that these people are still Gods Children, no matter how stupid they are.

            I have a mildly retarded son, who many would pick on if they could because he is not like them. That woman is, to a large degree, a victim of circumstance.

            There is, or should be a conflict, within everyone who thinks she is inferior, even based on video evidence that is overwhelmingly confirming that she is lacking in some major ways.

            I try to resolve it by believing she is special in some way that we can’t see, or that she can not show.

            So yes, I am ashamed of what my logic tells me about the video because it does not meet up to what I feel God expects of me when looking at those who appear to be worthless.

            Some things just make no sense in life, and that is one of them. Remember John Coffee in the Green Mile. Everybody has some gift from God, and many can not be seen or understood by the majority of people.

        • it wouldn’t be so obvious if they could just shut their mouths and stop screaming for what they think they are owed…

        • There are a lot of blacks in Germany. They think and act like Germans, not some oppressed “African-Americans” group deserving special treatment because of sins of the past.

          • It’s true in many other countries as well. I don’t think I’ve seen an equivalent group of people in any other country. Oppressed minorities? Yes, sure. But what we’ve created here in the US? Hardly.

          • Larry america Has manytimes forgivin african blacks for Their sins of the past. It aint never enough though!

      20. I’d worry more about the $29 trillion banks were given. I assume people are less angry about that becaue the recipients were not mainly poor manorities?

        • good point

          there are two welfare classes in this country

          one at the bottom of the economic spectrum
          and another at the top

          • Correction: Two Parasite Classes in this country.

            Ziojew banksters, and, African Blacks.

            With a New Third group fast gaining steam…Illeagle Msxicans.

            America now has More Parasites, than an ally dog mutt with Fleas!

            Whats needed is a Train load of Hertz Flea Shampoo for animals!(Kosher seal aproved…natch!)

        • no, they are angry because they are too stupid to put 3 and 3 together and get 6.

          The republican ranters on this site are hilarious, they just do not see the stupididty of blaming dumb democrats for what has been coming under both parties for a very long time.

          Prepping means more than a pile of cans in the shed. It also means recognising what is really happening.

          • Actually….many do see.

            The banksters and the entitlement class will be dealt with differently when TSHTF.

            The entitlement class will simply be ignored and allowed to fend for themselves as best they can. Those who come to the realization that they must work and hustle to survive…will. The rest will die off.

            The Banksters will be swinging from the light poles.

            • Fuck that. Death is not the most horrible thing that could happen to them. Take from them everything let them live in filth. Let them remeber what they once when they stole from us. Let them be the ones we use as grunts eating slop. Why let them off so easily? You do not know true coldness. Mental anguish and pain can last a long time. Never said I was a nice person just a neutral person.

            • I’m sorry, Anon Legion! I hit the wrong button and accidentally gave you a thumb down instead of a thumb up!

          • Thumbs up! and I have been a dumb republican for many years.

        • You might want to research what the banker recipients of the trillions have to say, and what they really think of Americans who have been forced to incur thier debt. They are shameless leeches, and before it is over, they will squeeze America for more.

          • Good points, one and all. I almost left because of the self eating circle-jerk going on, but these comments made it worth it….

      21. Has anyone put together that the same 47% that Romney talked is the same 47% that voted for BO in the first place? Half the country thinks they are entitled to free everything. I cant help but wonder just how many welfare babies this woman has had?

        • And how many generational welfare grandbabies.

      22. Also, the majority of people on welfare are white. When U add in the Wall Street corporate welfare recipients plus weapons manufacturers, that’s almost 90% of the budget.

        • Wow, you are ON POINT. thanks!!

        • Also, the majority of people on welfare are white

          OOps..not true, Econman…
          ~~~Aid to black and Hispanic welfare recipients is greater in proportion to the size of their populations than is aid to white recipients~~~

          In other words there are more whites in America, therefore more whites on welfare.
          But, % of blacks on welfare is greater than white %.

          • That is damn problem. It is not how many black’s or Latino, or whites whatever race, creed or a alien from the sirus cloud. They are unemployed or on welfare. Damn it, they are Americans. Republican or Democrat. We need good paying jobs.

          • I said what I said, nothing more. Most people think there are more blacks on welfare than whites, even though whites makes up the majority of the country.

            It’s the same thing as when people say the rich pay more money in taxes. Of course, they make more money. But, the super rich like Romney pay a disproportionately lower rate because they tend to derive most of their money from interest income, stocks & bonds, etc.

            Now why do U think the media always harps on blacks on welfare & the rich pay more in taxes? Both are convenient to make people mad & not look the % of X. Most of the black & white people I know are stupid enough to think that either Obomber or Romulus is a choice. Ron Paul was THE choice but both groups were too stupid to see. Now, Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of all living side by side will be realized – all unemployed & broke together. I do not think that is what he meant though…

          • you are correct jayjay but that is whiteys fault,we keep the black man down.It is our fault they shoot each other and commit so many crimes and our shools cause them to drop out.whitey’s fault for everything.

      23. This is a culture in the city’s that’s been around a long time.Bt most important,it was done on purpose.

        • The Johnson Admin.’s “War On Poverty” was designed to purposefully disenfranchise minorities through things like giant apartment “projects”, new versions of the ghettoes Irish & Italian immigrants were living in in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. Also, the “War On Drugs” was used with the Rockefeller drug laws to disproportionately lock up minority men.

          These same laws will now target white males & whites as it was more socio-economic than race. The rich have been fucking the poor & middle class since before Christ or Muhammed or Buddha. Only when a strong middle class develops does a country function @ top notch efficiency. But, since the fascist leaders of the US have killed the middle class, history shows us what’s next is revolution. That’s why DHS is buying billions of hollow point ammo. It’s not going to only be aimed @ the blacks & it’s not because they want to talk nicely over a cup of joe. It will be aimed @ all the disenfranchised.

          Obomber is a perfect CIA installation to get all the malitia hot & bothered enough to do something stupid. A black man was allowed to become president because it achieved a strategic goal. Look @ how it’s gotten all the closet racists to stupidly, once again, vote for another Republican fascist that will kick the red states in the balls again.

          How many times to people have to vote either way to realize it’s a scam, same as fiat funny money created out of nothing.

          All of U on this board have to work to earn money, yet the Fed can create it & dole out $29 trillion to the same crooks who created the mess. The woman in the video is not your enemy. All those on this board are closer in socio-economic level to her than Obomber or the super rich Romulus.

          WAKE UP. they are trying to distract U into fighting her & not the people that destroyed the country U claim to love. If U do not know your enemy, U fight the wrong battle. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, until U vanquish the common enemy…

          • @Econman, “WAKE UP. they are trying to distract U into fighting her & not the people that destroyed the country U claim to love. If U do not know your enemy, U fight the wrong battle. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, until U vanquish the common enemy…”

            I’d give you a hundred thumbs up of I could. You hit it on the head. That hopeless, fat black woman CANNOT hurt us in any important way, But the hopeless, fat RICH people can do some damage to all of us. She’s not influential enough to be of any real concern.

            • Sixpak: “Not influential enough to be a concern”…Maybe not Now this minit. Wait till Hoards of Her type again rampage and rape-pillage-loot-destroy and BURN DOWN another white city or town…

              Perhaps Yours next time!…Some of you guys memorize all the usual old wornout dem liber bleeding hearts slogans, all designed to Absolve Negroes for All wicked bad behaviour. Must be a bad case of Extreme White Guilt a few here suffers from…That and some PC too.

          • Here, you are sort of least in my case.
            I haven’t forgotten the enemy is corporatist assholes.
            Or the wealthy hiding their wealth in other countries’ banks.
            But, either one, rich, corporate CEOs, or the welfare mamas sitting on their porches drinking Heineken or watching soaps while we all work for their food stamps, when they can’t get food because of a famine—are not welcome in my home and will be turned away.
            I’m an equal opportunity ‘do I look like Krogers to you’!!!

      24. This video just makes me sad…..many people are truly missing the point!

      25. This phrase originates from Rome in Satire X of the Roman satirist and poet Juvenal (circa 100 C.E.). In context, the Latin metaphor panem et circenses (bread and circuses) identifies the only remaining cares of a new Roman populace which cares not for its historical birthright of political involvement. Here Juvenal displays his contempt for the declining heroism of his contemporary Romans.[5] Roman politicians devised a plan in 140 B.C.E. to win the votes of these new citizens: giving out cheap food and entertainment, “bread and circuses”, would be the most effective way to rise to power.

        NUFF SAID

      26. Why does this site say I’m posting too fast…? No I’m not. I’m not exactly a fast typer.

      27. Economan,tekroanin …the truth is hard for some to see. These people are the modern day breadlines. Probably as many whites on the dole as blacks. Doesn’t really matter. The country has been bankrupted by endless debasement of the currency, endless war on brown people and “foreign entanglements” we were warned about.Like I’ve said before… Your masters love it when the “house slaves” look down on the “field slaves”. We are all going down the drain together. Junk away.

      28. THIS IS IT. The problems we face today exist because the people who WORK for a living are outnumbered by those who VOTE for a living. Need we have to say more.

        copperhead out

      29. It is really sad that this is where a lot of people are. I really do not want a shtf
        Event but sometimes I wonder if it isn’t what we need. I know this will get lots of thumbs down but we kind of need to weed out some of the stupid. These kinds of people with the entitlements mentality are helping bring down this country. Back before all the entitlements neighbor helped neighbor and churches helped people in need and people would never of thought of asking for a hand out unless they absolutely needed it and sometimes not even then. We need to get back to that and leave the government out of it.

        • Well said.

        • Churches still help people. A couple of years ago our church bought groceries for a lady who in turn dumped them in a creek behind her house. She was looking for cash and the groceries made her look like she had plenty. Her neighbor gave me quite an education. These people (she was white) only care about getting what they want. Because we didn’t help feed her drug need with cash, she talked down about our church to anyone who would listen. I am sure the events that are coming will thin the entitlement herd, but at what cost to the rest of us?

          • I do know churches help people I wasn’t saying that they don’t but as you pointed out so many want the money not the help. The problem is the people ( the entitlement group) I live in a small rural area but even our small town has issues with that, our churches try to help with the food and shelter but most of them want the money for the booze and drugs. They have no appreciation for the help.
            And it will be at a cost a lot, nothing comes easy we are in for some very hard times, it may thin out the entitlement herd, but it will be at a high cost for the rest of us.

          • @Highspeedloafer….

            Can you imagine what she would have done if someone had offered her a job? LOL!

            • Unfortunately I can imagine that.

        • yeah but, the churches won’t buy them a new car and pay for their crack…

          • When I was younger it was a totally different type of Crack we was all after. It could smoke, but still wasnt the same as todays.

      30. That video gave me a good laugh. Very reminiscent of Peggy Joseph.

        I have no delusions or expectations of Obama giving me much as a bag of Cheetos.

      31. cyber attack against the big banks

        I’ve had trouble accessing my account for two days

        kinda scary
        glad it was only temporary

        next time…..

        • Make those balances go “PUFF”.Zero.

        • this time.

      32. Note to self, need more ammo.

        • No doubt.

      33. Econman and tekroanin seem to understand that it doesn’t matter who gets free “bennies”. The country is bankrupt and these are the people on the modern day breadlines. All your labor has been wasted on bailouts, wars to kill the brown man,and “entangling alliances” we were warned about.As I’ve said before…Your masters love it when the “house slaves” look down on the “field slaves”.We are all going down the drain together.

        • If more cash causes Inflation?…Why does More demand for Goods equal Lower prices at wallmart or kmart etc?

          They base low priced goods on massive deamnd for goods.

          Maybe we are all seeing it backwards…I mean..What if US Congress retook money control and booted scam bankers.

          Then eleiminated All forms of Usuary(intrest) and Still printed cash as now(fiat)…But made All Major resources like Coal-Oil-Electric plants-etc Public/State/People owned.

          Then set Fair prices on basic needs like, home elec-heat-gasoline-etc…Fair to Us consumers, and enough prices to pay workers Fair wages etc.

          Kinda like Alaska oil pays every resident aprox.$2500-$3000 per yr cash.

          Now what if Every Adult got a check Intrest free money for say a livable amount like $2000 per month each.

          Them who want more can also work any job desired and still get a check.

          I see zero reasons if intrest(usuary) was eliminated, and Real Honest acountings were kept, America cant keep printing fiat as now only JUST for USA Citizens…NO cash for corps-banks-wall street-Other nations etc.

          We have all the necessary resources and OIL to last several Hundred years or Longer. We still can make our Own steel etc like before.

          If zero intrest exists we wont owe anybody it. If congress prints cash to SERVE People instead of People serving Cash(and scam bankers etc) it would work swell.

          Everybody keeps saying look out! Print more and inflation will kill it all. Not if People get the cash and Use it to Live and Buy american made. Laws can also make it illeagle to Gouge prices due to more demand.

          If kmart can do low prices even if more sales occures why can we as an entire Nation do so and Fair to us all.

          Just because so many tell you all their economic stuf, dont mean it cant be done if done PROPERLY with ZERO usuary intrest.

          Germany Fixed it all in 4 1/2 yrs, from 31% Unemployment down to Less than 2% Under 5 yrs time.

          Germans Ended all intrest…30 yr mortgage?…No problem and NO intrest. Make 360 equal house paymts, and You own it free and clear!

          Thats how Muslim nations do it too…ZERO intrest By Law.

          See any filthy Rich Swindler zio banksters there?…Nope!

          Its main reason usa is Attacking and bombing em into stone age. To force intrest fed reserve banks into their nations!..Number one main reason and MSM wont tell You this.

          Money can and Has been entirely based on Labor and Products and needed Services work. Germany showed us how. It works and very well too.

          And Before anyone makes wild claims of msm bs or faked history…NONE of germanys massive recovery was due to ANY slave labor,(not any, nor jews either) and None of it was due to Any war weapons etc…

          Yes that was done but Afterwards and due to Other things etc. Less than 5 yrs and we can do xact same here only way better with way more natural resources here!

          Gov can keep printing cash as needed as long as needed if done as I explained here. No intrest fees and NO gouge prices from greedy stores etc…Fair to ALL sides or folks.

          I know it goes against the grain of all the so called “experts”…But You NEVER ever heard Shiff or others never speak of how Germans did it after wiemeir did you?…Be Honest now! No you aint heard it and They Never mention it. I bet they Know of it though!

          Its in Their intrest too to Keep the system as it is now cause look how rich they all got so far eh!

          Research Germany after WWI apeox 1931 era see for yourself. They did it and we can too. Prosperity like we never yet seen…ZERO USARY Intrest is KEY to it.

          BOOT Banksters and make Money Work For Us people Not corps or banks or scam swindlers individuals full of Greed!…Check and read it. Its real 100%.

          Why do you think We never was taught this stuf about germany in school?…Because They do not want us all to Know of it!…..What is total Ruination to a bankster?…LOSS of USUARY!

          • We do not have several hundred years of oil left. Global discovery peaked in the 70’s and global production peaked in 2005.

            Expecting to continue under industrial conditions will only worsen our problem by draining valuable resources into industry rather than into reorganizing our society around agriculture and land stewardship.

            If continue as a species to think like a virus, then we will die like a virus as we consume, pollute and render useless our host.

            • People don’t want to hear about peak oil. The easy to get oil is gone, extraction is becoming more expensive, demands for oil are higher than ever. And the pollution resulting from drilling is taking a serious toll on the Earth. If people knew how many fresh water tables have been polluted by drilling, they may have second thoughts about oil being more important than clean water.

            • As Justme says, I’ve read the shale oil is hard to get to and requires more oil reserves to process than what is being used now, the crude.
              So, anyone wanta use 2 gallons of oil to produce 1??

            • I attended a conference last month about gas drilling. Attendees & presenters were the folks drilling for & extracting oil & gas.
              It does NOT take 2 gallons of oil to extract 1 gallon.
              You might be thinking of the ethanol thing.
              In fact, natgas prices are currently so low, many producers are actually “flaring” the gas from their wells.
              That’s right; they’re just burning it off at the wellhead.
              There’s no way to store large amounts of gas. Like the electrical grid, there is no storage system; just generation and consumption.
              There’s a lot of good information at this site, but an awful lot of complete bullshit, too.
              Do you guys just make shit up?

      34. Left/Right paradigm hypnosis is what I call it.

        Everyone on the left says it the the people on the right and vise versa. No one wants to pull the curtain back and see “The Great Oz” (NWO elite who run both sides).

        Blame the ignorant minority and boast about IQ.

        I won’t vote for the lesser of two evils.
        I don’t eat with the lesser of two evils.
        I don’t hang out with the lesser of two evils.

        Go run to the polls and vote. Gotta keep that election scam going right?

        “Presidents are selected, not elected.”

        ― Franklin D. Roosevelt ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

        That was quoted over 68 years ago, yeah we are fucked.

      35. And when the end comes, she and all like her, will follow the pied piper to the FEMA camps. And for those that don’t, DHA will be more than happy to use up all that ammo they are buying to encourage them. Here’s to the useless eaters.

      36. This is why it is so awful that someone like Gary Johnson is not in a three way race with BO stinkbug and Rombot. Jesse Ventura brought up something that made me sicker than anything, that in the country that is suppose to be free, that a third party is not even allowed to debate with the other two parties. Talk about censorship of the election process. “F” both parties and the entire two party debacle. The American people are royally screwed with either obummer or romper. The American people and the country are going down either way. I just can’t wait until this election crap is over, I rather watch some of the more boring sporting events than this spectacle.

        • @ Be informed

          Just as 4 guns is three… so on and so forth. Two choices on a ballot is really none. Jessie is absolutely right. Knowing what I know from my research I see preppers in a certain light. You have to have a certain amount of insight to have that mindset. What I dont understand is how it can get caught in the stagnation of this left/right paradigm. I’m ranting. done.

      37. Jesse is talking about running in 2016

        lets hope he enters the race

        and lets hope there is still something left of the country by then

      38. Maybe someday the Obama voters will thank the Romney voters for supporting them…

        I doubt it.

        • they already are—publicly.

      39. The “damage” of entitlements are pocket change compared to what the globalist bankers have inflicted upon the public. Actually the very reason for a significant portion of these entitlements are the result of policies such as Free Trade and Financial Deregulation that the globalist bankers facilitated using both political party’s in majority numbers.

        Camden NJ the poorest city in the US (and holding that un-coveted position is getting more difficult daily) was once a thriving center that was part of the American Dream. Obviously it’s a nightmare now. No “entitlements” were necessary when New York Shipyard, RCA and Campbell Soup employed the city’s population. Camden preceded Allentown by almost two decades with it’s demise of the once mighty Steel Industry.

        The people so many despise are taking crumbs while the bakery was stolen.

        If your doing ok ask yourself this; with all the trends you see how long it will be before YOU become one of THEM?

        • And this, is why these comments are so …retarded.

        • Tis why we prep and keep our eyes open. So we do not become THEM.

          • Yep, Nailed it.

          • Facebook Page

            “If your doing ok ask yourself this; with all the trends you see how long it will be before YOU become one of THEM?”

            You know what they say, “A recession is when your neighbor gets laid off; a depression is when you get laid off”. Round two is coming.

            Assume your 40 and plan to live until 80. You have 40 years of supplies? I’m prepped too, so what? Assume you have a farm in Nowhere USA. Let times get too rough and TPTB will confiscate everything you have and bring an M1 tank to do it.

            With your eyes open you can see, read and count. The cash this is costing is pocket change next to the bailouts. A Federal Court has ruled that if a brokerage house managing your IRA that illegally raids your account and looses it another brokerage house gets first dibs (like there will be second dibs) on that money if it was owed to them. You can best believe if it’s lost in the market it was owed. You think your above loosing everything? At least 10 million Americans thought the same thing and they thought wrong.

        • And why are the big businesses gone? Why isn’t there any steel being made in Gary, Indiana (former murder capital of the world)?
          THe union wouldn’t take a $2 and hour cut to keep the doors open…even though their average wage was more than DOUBLE the rest of the community average. No shock the doors were closed. They felt ENTITLED to a higher wage, even though the company couldn’t be competitive.

          Now compare that mentality to our COUNTRY…that same entitlement mentality is why the country is going the way of the Gary Steel industry. Close the doors so the entitled can then blame the company.

          • Walli

            “And why are the big businesses gone? Cheaper labor, not $2 less cheaper but boo-coo cheaper W/O any environmental laws, employee safety or other civilized things we expect but the globalists don’t want to pay.

            The US textile industry traditionally low paying and non union has fled the country for virtual slave labor in Asia. That industry paid $8 to $15 per hour. That was WAY TOO MUCH when 50 cent hour wages can be had. You think a $2 cut or $10 cut is enough? Your kidding yourself. Oh, Vietnam is willing to work for 20 cents and hour and some of these jobs are now fleeing China.

            Thank God those Steel Workers and Auto Workers made every dime they could get and hopefully they saved a lot of it to help shield them and their kids, grandkids.

      40. This is “America’s New Reality”. People born from 1915 until 1958 grew up knowing that to get ahead in life one must work for what they received.

        Since the 1960s people began to slip through the cracks and survived. Example: Communes. Now we have people who live off of the government handouts who are lazy, drug users and qualify for food stamps, Social Security programs that encourage dependency.

        President Obama and his Administration as well as the Senate and the House of Representatives has put this system of vote buying into place.

        Socialism is where we are headed.

        I’m voting against Obama and everyone who is currently in office at every level of government. I want to get those people out of office. They sure as hell don’t represent me.

        • 1982MSGT

          “I’m voting against Obama and everyone who is currently in office at every level of government.”

          The place to put your vote is in the primaries otherwise your generally trading off one paid for politician for another. The establishment sees to it that choice A or B is still their choice. If collectively a pile of political unknowns flooded both Houses in the primaries in at least two elections considerable political power would return to the citizens.

          Changing teams doesn’t matter. Changing the players on the teams matter.

        • How do you stand Master Seargent, on the way things are panning out. Former E-5 Navy to let you know.

        • A private company, owned by George Soros, called SCYTL, which is headquartered in Spain, has been contracted to count America’s “votes”.

          We are so far gone, that people who think thier votes actually count are saying nothing about Americans not even being able to count thier own “votes”.

          “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decided everything.”- Joseph Stalin

          Next stop, The Grey State…

        • I continue hearing an ad for one in the senate race in Ky..drug testing for recipients of welfare or govt. assistance programs.
          It happened in Florida.

          • Are bankers on this list too?

        • I fail to see the relation of communes to government dependant citizens. Communes were formed so that people could gaurentee their community could sustain itself without government interference or assistance. In fact, I would argue that if more people had followed the way of communes we would not be in the mess we are in right now, life, technology, and civilization would have maintained sustainable levels of consumption and our financial pyramid scheme would never have developed. This is why you can’t fall victim to the right vs left dichotomy, because it is an illusion. People like the one in this video are a minority. Most people recognize if they want to live they have to work, wether it be growing their own food or assembling products in a factory. Ignorance and diviseness work against us not for us.

      41. Lost a lot of respect for this website. The “Obamaphone” program did not start under Obama – research it. I like the prepping themes and the stuff related to the economy but this latest stuff Mac Slavo is posting seems very Pro-Romney (i.e pro “two party system”) to me in what I thought was an otherwise politically neutral site. If all you do is attack Obama you and never say anything bad about the Mittster than you are no better than the MSM hacks you claim you despise.

        Obama sucks for plenty of other reasons than this inain one which is a non-sequetor at best and a lie a worst.

        And as for Romney, don’t even get me started on that chump….

        • @ Colin

          Well said, and those sre my thoughts also. I have been expecting this website and the posts to be cognizant of this left/right paradigm nonsense.

        • @ Colin. I have one of the basic philosophies that I feel that every that cherishes freedom should use. NEVER support anyone that signs into law anything that dilutes or waters down the freedom of the 2nd. amendment. The 2nd amendment is the only thing keeping us right now from camps and being hauled away from a tyrannical government no matter whom is the leader. Rombot as I can remember signed into massachusetts law all sorts of ANTI-2nd amendment laws. We all know that BO wants to take away anyone’s guns. Romper though actually went against the 2nd amendment with the signing of a pen. This should scare the hell out of anyone that would support such an individual.

          This is why I personally would never support someone that would piss on the 2nd amendment. ROMBOT did just this. He is only a white version of obummer. It won’t matter, but Gary Johnson 2012, or Ron Paul, or write in a true patriot like Jesse Ventura.

        • lighten up colin…did the humor aspect of this post by Mac fail to tickle your funny bone?

          …by the way….I did not know your momma lived in Cleveland….lololololololololololololololol.

          just kidding…I apologize……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..not………………………………………………………………………………..

        • Colin

          This site is stock full of left/right paradigms

          and but a few of us are here to hold the front-lines

          keep on posting though..

          we’ve got your back


        • Please see: by Mac Slavo

          I can certainly understand your point based on a single article at this web site — but there are hundreds of them on this web site…. I am no fan of Romney or Obama, but I simply could not ignore this video…. I mean.. Watch it…. does it mean i support Romney by posting it?

          Please also see: :

          The move to disenfranchise a significant voice of the American people demonstrates yet again that unless you tow the Party line, your vote really doesn’t matter and what you have to say is irrelevant to the establishment.

          While Governor Romney may have thought it was a good idea to re-appropriate legitimate votes from Ron Paul for the benefit of his own campaign, it shows that the Republican Presidential candidate is just more of the same and willing to silence the voices of millions of Americans in the process.

          I will happily lambast BOTH of these candidates when appropriate…

          Thanks for reading,


      42. 99% of the time I disagree with the Elite’s plan to get rid of the “useless eaters.” And then I see a video like this and wonder if they aren’t on to something. Go ahead, thumbs down, but you know the world would be better off with less stupid people.

        • Whatever

          “99% of the time I disagree with the Elite’s plan to get rid of the “useless eaters.””

          So 99% of the time you have humanity? Your here, there is hope, work on that 1%.

          I cannot entertain the idea of the legitimacy of the “Useless Eaters” statement anymore than the legitimacy of the WWII NAZI belt buckle that was inscribed with “Gott Mitt Uns”.

          • Can you deal with making them support themselves. Like just cutting the cord. What would be your plan. They need a real kick in the ass. And even the preppers here are having a hard time looking at the truth.

            Think it out. What is going to stop all of this stupidity. Can we keep going on like we are before all is loss. Summit a better plan and I am there.

            • Facebook Page

              Your focusing upon the wrong enemy.

              If we continue to de-industralize and with it loose it’s wealth creation does it really matter if that damn woman was pacified with a cell phone? Hell the body politic has been pacified with low interest rates and huge sums of money injected into the system feeding the bullshit “service economy” for two decades.

              Better plan? Politically organize and put forth viable honest candidates in the primaries of both parties. Make it that if we vote Dem or Rep we win rather than loose. Stop infighting.

              If they cut the entitlements tomorrow the layoffs in private industry would be massive. You have any idea how much food the 40+ million on food stamps buy? Any idea what their purchasing power however individually limited contributes to employment? Cutting them off the public dole solves nothing UNLESS WE CREATE WEALTH AGAIN by making things.

              The Powers To Be are depending upon a fragmentation of the masses. They foster and feed it. They’re dependent upon it. Don’t play into their hands.

            • I did not for a second let the “government” off the hook for their part of the destruction of jobs here in the US. And will agree that all of these problems are intermixed. Government, Unions, People thinking they deserve more, on and on there isn’t enough Internet space to list all to blame. And I agree all those undeserved $ given out to the undeserved of those programs do help the economy. I truly do understand that the flow of money is very important to the creation of wealth. But all it is doing is extend the pain and increasing the amount of destruction there we be when it inplodes.

              I have just seen many ideas some that are very good and would work if we as a nation could take the pain. We can’t, We won’t, Never happen on its own. So somewhere we need to just say stop.

              I do not believe this is fixable. We as a people are not strong enough to do it. Many of us are but as a group we are shit. Yes thinning the herd is a Mean statement. There is no other way. We do not need to start over. We just have to back up and take a hard look. We can not support the system we have created. We were wrong if we thought this would work. We were fooled by our own hopes and wishes.

              We are not going to be playing Mad Max, We are going to have a few months of nightmarish times. Then a few years of some of the hardest living conditions that current man has ever seen. Then there will be a time of rebuilding lives. Our generation is screwed. OK. My Grandchildren won’t be if we could just get this party started.

              We say help we are past the point of helping anything but our own little piece of this world right now. I can’t help Kevin, Kevin2, Daisy, Burt, Clint, Netranger, God Creation or even Ninaa. But I can get ready to help the first person I meet when thing start to grow again. We can then start over. Not like let go back to nature and live in the woods. More like this time let do it a little slower. Don’t try failed idea again. Allow risk award success, punish failures. Yes let the weak fall to the waist side. If you can succeed step aside. Sorry this world still will need ditch digger and burger flippers. Everyone is not smart enough to be a business owner or a leader. Their must be followers and we must just all understand there is a hierarchy in this world. There has to be something to strive for, a better something or what the reason for being here. We have allow to many people to believe it is OK to be a piece of shit.

              There are so many enemies to this that there is no way to focus on the real one.

              Once again I forgot where I Saw this.
              It is killing itself. We just have to survive its death.

              And due to Teck these day the rebuilding will have to be planet wide scale. We are to interconnected. I even think it time for the strongest on the block to go around and take out all the bullies. But not just go away after. Stay and build. If we are tired of seeing all the misery in the world. Let go and stop it. Not just meddle go and stop it.

            • Long before I would let people go hungry I would clip a 50% tax rate on all investments made outside of the US. That will make someone think twice investing in third world slave labor. Want to flee to a better place? I would make the nations we protect do it themselves. Want to move to tim buck two? Just remember tim buck three might invade them tomorrow, good luck. Want to be safe? Stay in the US and INVEST HERE.

              I’m concerned that there are way too many people that can contemplate “culling the herd”. Hell times age not even hard by standards that have historically fueled such an insane thought. The very idea of such a thing is savage and below what we pride ourselves in being.

              Just in case a reminder is needed regarding our “Mission Statement” here it is.

              We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

              Ain’t no mention of culling the herd.

            • They will not support themselves. When it is taken away, they will take it from you. They (and by they I mean most people who are not awake and aware) will know only to use violence to aquire the things they need to live. And I have no plan, besides for me and my family. But, can’t you see, but cutting the cord, the population will be reduced for reasons stated above. The governement need not fire a single bullet. Simply leave them to fend for themselves. They can’t. Of course they need the votes from the useless eaters first. That is, if I believed in voting. Which I don’t. But that rigged game topic is for another thread.

            • Before the general de-industrialization starting in the late 1960s culminating with the Free Trade agreements handouts like this for the most part were not needed. The grandparents of the “welfare families” worked in the automobile manufacturing industry in Detroit, RCA in Camden NJ, and US Steel in Allentown Pa. The number of people on food stamps doubled in the last few years. That increased population on assistance worked and paid taxes up until the third world got their job.

              Many more very hard working people are just one economic bump away that is out of their control from joining these ranks.

      43. I wonder if she knows anything about precious metals.

        • HAHAHAHA…seriously, thats funny.

        • I’m sure the pawn shop down the street does.

      44. Just more useful idiots for the coming NWO

        • I thought Tuesday was Soylent Red day…

      45. We should all bug out, not because of SHTF, but because the tax base would implode.

        Think of it as passive-aggressive resistance.

        Someone would HAVE to do something about these policies then. Somehow I don’t think that China will lend us that much.

        • China hasn’t been loaning us anything since QE1, Its all “Bernanke Bucks” and has been for 3 years. Secret service is tasked with preventing counterfitting, but the federal reserve isn’t even counterfitting any more this QE isn’t even printed money it is electronic. Spooky thing is how do you pay a negative intrest rate on deposits? And if that is the case why would anyone have an account? I see a greater threat long term from the elite, who pull in welfare, although the “less fortunate” who get gibmedats will be more immediate, and possibly over a good sight picture. The bankster would try th sell their own grandmother as cherry to keep their golden tit, but the lower class bred and trained will do their rock, and botttle throwing.

      46. Off topic question:
        could someone explain what a “troll” is?

      47. I just puked in my mouth a little bit watching that thing. I hope we have a collapse soon so pieces of shit like this will be gone. Sorry so blunt but things like that take food out of peoples mouths that really are proud to work for their money.

        • Why did you say you are sorry. You either mean or not. Are you afraid to stand behind your statements. That attitude is a bigger problem then she in the video represents. As long as we are “Sorry” we lose.

          • Sorry for the events they could have adverted.
            But not sorry for the events that befall them.

      48. U think Greece is bad ? We ain’t seen nut in yet lol … I’ll skimp on the food and get more bullets 🙂

      49. She is right about onee thing, obomney does suck.

      50. One word: Parasite

      51. One word: Parasite

      52. I don’t see why people on a site like this would be arguing about supporting this or that presidential candidate. It should be obvious to anyone who reads these kinds of websites that our system is broken, our resources dwindling and our only escape is back to the land, simple living.

        We are not being held back from a bustling, grand civilization by politics, we are being lied to by politicians who promise that impossible future.

        We have burned through our energy endowment on this planet and there is not enough energy capital to build a ‘green’ energy infrastructure. We are broke energetically and financially.

        Once we realize this we can stop wasting our time talking about who will be the next president as if it will make one damn bit of difference.

        We need to start prepping as much as possible as individuals, as families and as small communities. The big cities? Sorry, you people are not gonna make it unless you make it out before the SHTF.

        • No we haven’t.

          But we deliberately and persistently refuse to pursue the one energy solution that could at least slow this mess down.

          However, we ARE helping China build it.

          It makes my head hurt.

        • It was started in 2008 under George W. Bush.

          UH, wasn’t Ole George replaced in 2008?? Like in Jan. 2008??

          • Um. No?

            Election Day in the United States of America is the Tuesday following the first Monday in November In 2008, election day was Nov 4, 2008.

            The ignorance that does prevail…

            • To me?? Oh, I thought George was still president until inaugaration day in Jan.
              Stupid me.

          • Patriot Act: is an Act of the U.S. Congress that was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001. Should of been removed on this date. Not 2008.

      53. Wow this country is fucked up.

      54. That’s a lot of soul cooking.

      55. omg….that HAS to be the dumbest woman alive in that video……..lmfao

        how sad is that? seriously. this woman is allowed to vote ???
        I fear for this country.

      56. That is the funniest damn thing I have ever seen and the saddest at the exact same time……there are millions of people just like her in every major city in america. I wonder what will happen when they don’t get their welfare check?

      57. Something to keep in mind is that the government CREATED this person. She is just a sample, there are millions more of people who have the gimme gimme mentality.

        The government “educated” her (I use that term loosely for the obvious reasons), fed her, paid her, gave her presents (like her phone) and housed her.

        If she wasn’t brought up properly by parents with a work ethic, how was she supposed to combat all that brainwashing and Stockholming and be a hardworking person?

        As unsavory as watching this woman is, you have to realize, she is a victim of a government that wants millions just like her!

        This is all part of a plan to create a unshakeable group of supporters, happy to give away their freedoms in exchange for a new phone.

        • Where do you draw the line?

          • But it is YOUR freedoms that they give away….and you and I can not out vote them there are more of them then us……

          • Slingshot

            At my front door if they try to take my stuff.

            Take care

        • Sadly Daisy I think theyre happy to give/take away yours and my freedom in exchange for a phone or other trinket….

        • What you all are saying is right – and it goes in line with my statement.

          You’re right, we can’t out-vote them. This base was created for that very reason.

          By enslaving those people, the government manages to enslave the rest of us.

          Unless there is a complete cleansing of the government and policies as they stand, this is the world we live in. With this many voters voluntarily held hostage by the system, that’s not going to happen peacefully.

          Recognize who the enemy is – it’s not an ignorant brainwashed zombie – it is the people who molded her into the person she is.

          • Daisy–Sort of, but not completely agree.
            My sister, brother and I are not welfare, gimme-gimme, ‘I’ll sit on my butt while you do that for me’ kind of folks.
            We are good stock from a hard-working brick mason, and a waitress/industrial worker.
            Now, where did that welfare mentality come from for my drug addict sister–that was passed to her daughter–and then her daughter, 3 genertions.
            It WAS NOT learned and neither was she a product of the govt handout programs.
            I have no answers here, but it isn’t always black and white.
            I will say this; the second and third generation of welfare in this case is all they know, so, yes, that was learned.

        • It’s been awhile scince Iv’e seen that! LMAO

      58. “We’re living in two Americas.”

        That might be the most intelligent statement of our time. But it might be wrong. We might be living in (((a*3.1416)x a bunch)cubed) America.
        (Where a = “entitlement”.)
        (3.1416 is because a lot of people want a slice of someone else’s pie)
        (Where “bunch” is an unknown value but you know it’s a lot)
        (“Cube” brings the formula into reality)
        This might possibly correspond to the number of votes the Liberals will get.
        Make you fell warm and fuzzy, don’t it?

      59. How do these comedy clips(4 clearing spam) relate to this story, and our country?


      60. Packwood’s Law: Sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from evil. (Governments like stupid people- for the very same reasons that religions do.)

      61. Thats the funniest thing I have ever seen and the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life at the exact same time. There are millions of people just like her in every major city in America. How can someone be so completely clueless to reality? WOW. I wonder what her and people like her will do when the freebies run dry? She is digging her own grave and doesn’t even realize it. Poor thing…I bet she doesn’t have more than a 1 day food supply on hand…she will be a corspe soon….bank on it…..and all like her….the welfare checks are going bye bye along with the value of our dollar very soon…I seriously hope each of you is ready. Some of you think this wil be a slow steady decline. WRONG. Mystery Babylon’s ( America’s ) judgement cometh in ONE HOUR. That hour comes ever so swiftly.

        • I wonder if her house is big enough for a 1 day food supply.

        • Oh, If your talking about Daisy you better stand by and rig for foul weather,

      62. * will

      63. Democracy: the god that failed!

      64. number 1) have a big jar of vasaline, you will need it when you get to the camp and they bend you over
        number 2) why dont we all just get all the free help we can and get this shtf ball rolling
        number3)convince everyone we know to do the same, and not pay any more tax, mortage etc…
        number 4) i think every one in america should not go to work for two days, no gas, no bank use, no grocery store, no tardmart oh, i mean wallmart, we can do it , look at the numbers, at 20% unemployed, how many more wont work, how many more cant work gotta be at least 35% – 50% poulace, lets do it……

      65. I read –and no, I can’t source it–that 3 working families paid taxes to support 7 families that don’t work.
        These figures jarred me–can they be accurate???

      66. Hell, I Can’t keep up with all the shit being posted.

      67. The only country that has balls is ICELAND..they said no to the banksters and put them in jail…..our Congress writes new laws allowing the FED to bail out the banksters and laws to detain anyone more complains…NDAA, Government Buildings Act..this country has no balls …we just do what we are told…hell the tea party went to DC and cleaned up after themselves…see where that got us…they should have stayed in town till congress removed them…but they drank the DC kool ade..and here we are again… voting for the same scumbags that have screwed us and the nation…go figure

        • every democratic country has the means to fix this problem, just change the nature of the people you vote for.

          If, collectively, we refuse to support compromised party fuckwits who cannot identify conflicted interests we might find there are decent individuals willing to represent us. While we play the party game all we will ever get is those who are prepared to prostitute the common good for their party donors.

          GO Iceland!

      68. Video:

        Is this the voice of Elmo after 5,000 years of smoking?

      69. Christ almighty. God help us because we are truely fucked.

      70. This article makes it seem Romney would be any better for this country. That is laughable. Both are push up increasingly closer to collapse.

        Voting for either is a complete waste of your vote.
        Believing in either is a complete waste of your mind.

        • *Both will push us increasingly closer to collapse.

          Sorry about that, embarrassing. I started the sentence with a different thought.

      71. @ Mac Salvo.
        Lets get on the stick. What you think of the commentary so far? As the chess pieces have moved about the board, in the commentary sense, How do do feel the way the wind blows or the game evolves?

        • The thumbs down. Why not?

      72. Thank you for calling Obama Telephone & Telegraph. Here at OT&T your call is important to us. Please listen carefully, for our menu options have changed.
        Press One for Spanish
        Marque Dos por Englis
        Press Three if your phone battery is dead
        Press Four if your phone was stolen from your car at the 7-11
        Press Five to be automatically connected to your local food stamp office
        Press Six to be connected to a local bail bondsman
        Press Seven if you can’t remember where your phone is
        Press Eight if rioting in your neighborhood has destroyed nearby cell towers
        Press Nine if your phone was confiscated in a police raid
        Press the Star key if your phone was stolen at gunpoint
        Press the Pound key if your phone has other service problems
        Press the Tic-Tac-Toe sign if your phone has no Pound key….

        • Press any key to return to the menu
          …if you can’t find any key, that’s your beer, put it down and find your phone.

        • Damnee, Smokin’, I like your stuff.

      73. I don’t think any ‘movement’ is going to effect the change that is required because people don’t want to live that kind of life of working the land and providing for their own means. They want to push buttons, make a paycheck and go buy what they need. That is what got us into this mess and it is what keeps the mess going.

        There is one solution and it is called deindustrialization. We need to return to agricultural lifestyles and shed about 60 to 80 percent of the population.

        Short of that we are living a fairy tale of ‘jobs’, growth and easy living.

        Those who know how to farm organically, how to collect seeds and store food as well as how to operate firearms for defense will live, the rest will die, probably starving or getting shot trying to take from someone who has prepared.

        Politics will not solve our problems because politics is there to ‘make things better’ but in actuality, things will continue to get worse far into the future, not because of right wing or left wing politics, but because of energy. It’s that simple.

        Yes, there are lazy people, and there are people who would let the corporations destroy the world for profit, neither of these people or politics can confront energy decline. They are meant to control growth and development.

        Since we are facing degrowth and simplified lives, these political ideologies do not work either way.

        Unfortunately the government cannot help us because ultimately, we are not willing to face the truth. And politicians are a reflection of the people.

        There will be massive rioting like in Spain right now, there will be martial law, we will be damn lucky if our nuclear facilities and waste storage plants are powered down safely before things get too bad.

        Good luck people, hating and casting blame serve no purpose to solutions, only to egos.

        • And that is it in a nutshell. EROEI. Better fatten up your larder and polish up the shootin irons.

        • Timmy is 100% Wrong on 98% of all he wrote. You sound like a total al gore treehugger drone pal!

          Stop paroting and believing all that de industrial crap. Stop the fake running out of all oil etc crap…NO we aint!

          We have PROVEN oil available NOW from JUST utah/colorado rocky areas of Shale oil.

          At Least a Minimum of 2.5 Thats Two and One Half, TRILLION barrels oil and aprox at least 1/2 That again from Proven Gull Island alaska already Drilled and Tapped and Capped off till needed. And other Off shore oil.

          Plus 60 to maybe 100 Billion Barrels oil in Montana and Dakota NOW being drilled and alot of super great Jobs there TODAY NOW!

          Get Rid of 80% population so YOU can be a Farmer and eat to live?…Fuck You and all your phony Tree hugger liberal whacko crap theorys stolen from every enviro whacko You ever heard of right?

          Just believe all you hear as long as who speaks it seems like he cares like Al Gore right?

          Where do so many libs come from…I bet you went to Collage eh?….Or are you still in high school?

          Sorry to sound so mean but enviro whackoizim like yours is so worn out and how many times do we need Prove it wrong?…Like Gun Control antigun Sara Brady types…Gee eveb a Full 53ft semi trailer paked full of 200 Million individual Factual Truths to debunk it is not enough right?

          Peak Oil!! Oh No!! Global warming! Oh NO!! Hurry Hurry we Must get rid of 80% POP, or 250 Million americans so Liberal enviroboy can remain alive…

          What if say some Hells Angle Biker type decides YOU need to Die off and ASAP NOW!?….Thats ok too with You eh?

          I know a few folks who say its the Peak Oil enviro whack crowd like YOu who should be stood up at a wall and shot!

          Gee do You agree on their views too?….Read up and Learn facts not crap agendas Please ok.

          • I have been studying the energy situation for years. Your statements show that you are entirely educated by the industry and media regarding our energy situation, however you have not been educated by the facts.

            Fracking and ‘Tight oil’ are a drop in the bucket of global or even national consumption. The only reason those resources are being exploited is because of the high price of oil.

            We have already extracted the low hanging fruit and now we are getting into the dirty, hard to get stuff that will only increase in complexity and cost of extraction.

            You my friend, are the one who needs to use facts not media and oil propaganda.

            As for decreasing the population, that does not need to be done via genocide, it can be done over time using policy that encourages less children.

        • Timothy

          “There is one solution and it is called deindustrialization.”

          Taken from the Pol Pot playbook.

          Your nuts.

          • Oh I forgot. Your calling for deindustrialization while typing on a computer.


      74. Holy poop!! That video turned my stomach. Why isn’t she working? Obviously if she is out there she could get a job holding a sign. People, that is what’s wrong with America.

        • Why would anyone hire someone like her? She is unintelligible.

      75. In the long hours of deep conversation, we might need a lift our spirits

        Beatles/Birthday. Play it loud.

      76. …Id say most hard working honest regular Americans dont mind helping someone whos in a bad spot,especially a kid….BUT Id also think that most dont expect a person to stay in the bad spot and build a house there….ya we need good jobs in America… but does anyone really believe that people like this would riot to get one?…and sure… to an extent she is the product of a corrupt govicorp system that encouraged/aided/abeited/enabled her to be this way…if there were no system to keep her this way,then she’d be gone…so whilst the govt bears a certain responsibility in this; the fact is she has to want to be this way….situations and circumstances affect us all but its how WE choose to respond to them that decides how we end up(for the most part) absolving her of any responsibility for her situation is not doing any favors to her and the millions like her,its too bad theyre like this but Im not gonna accept blame for a bit of it,Im responsible for myself and mine and I took care of that…me, you, anybody could just say screw it and go on the dole…if… we have no respect for ourselves or others…Im certainly NOT saying theres never a time for charity/help for a person who hits a wall in their life but likewise theres never a time when anyone deserves to be carried by others who of their own free will have not consented to do so…its called personal liberty and responsibility….I want personal liberty and I accept the responsibility that it entails…I expect/accept no less from her!

        • This video is a good example of “FREE STUFF”. Keep on giving people!!!!!!

        • 100%

        • Right you are Reb.

          There is a segment of society that, in my book, come in a close second place to the type shown here(in the video). They are what I call “career couch taters”. For whatever reason, there are a lot of moms out there who have helped make the lives of their sons (and some daughters) a free-riding,lethargic,waste of human existence. What I’m talking about are grown men(and some women) who have never moved away from home, or did so for only a short while. I know of many, just around our area, that are in their 50’s and still living off momma. Mommas in their 80’s still waiting/coddling, on their spoiled little pieces of worthless crap, hand and foot.

          It makes me sick as they drive momma to the store and act as though they have done a days work. I’m not talking about those that have moved back in with Ma or Pa to help take care of them in order to keep them out of the nursing homes. No, these worthless shells are sucking the life out of the system and taking every handout they can. They will drain their momma’s and grandma’s last dime and ounce of energy so they can lounge around and play with the remote all day. This type behaviour didn’t just start with the failing economy, it’s been going on as long as I can remember.

          I put most of the blame on the lazy assed sons, but Momma has to share some of the burden for not kicking his sorry ass out the door to live on his own.

          The leeches of society are thicker than thieves.

      77. And everyone gave me thumbs down on my school lunch comment. Live with it people! You have created a socialistic society!

        You better prepare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Marx would be so pleased.

        • I doubt Marx would be pleased with the corporate welfare state we have created.

      78. there is a bright side to this – when S does HTF at least tptb will do everything they can to keep the cell service working. dowb side is the mobs will hsve phones and be able to mobilize their flashmobs

      79. “Keep Obama in president!” Just priceless.

      80. Well, I think I am done tonight. As per my expectations this site is the best. Mac Slavo has articulated a barrage of subjects that would confound the most solid prepper. His clientel of commentors are second to none and thier want to help others is commendable. I would ask that you be considerate and not condensating of new posters whatever thier point of view. All claims being a possibility till proven false. I want to thank you for all you have contributed. Unknownly.;0)
        There are other sites you may see me on for a short time.
        See you on the other side. Going to ground.

      81. yep…..its over

      82. When the SHTF the jigs are going to go hog wild. They will revert back to such savagery that it will be unfathomable. Folks I can’t say it enough, it will be an ugly situation and it’s around the corner.

      83. My God,I have seen this attitude so many times, these individuals think that life is about a free ride. Well it’s not and at the end of the day everyone is going to have their own wake up call. Be it the lady in the video, her family and friends or the people with great jobs who still sign their grandkids and adult kids up for free state medical insurance. We cannot support so many eating at the trough of the state, rich and poor alike are now on some kind of handout! I have spoken out about this to people many times, I lost a friendship over my outrage that a person with an excellent income
        had signed up family members for all kinds of “free” benefits from the state! This society as it stands is simply unsustainable. We are headed into the worst of times there is not doubt it.

        • Friendships should be stronger than that…That is just sad. Someone elses financial business should be none of your concern and hardly anything to throw a fit over.

        • I lost a friendship over my outrage that a person with an excellent income
          had signed up family members for all kinds of “free” benefits from the state

          Good for you–principles do matter..but, someone wasn’t doing their job for that to happen.

      84. I read something that makes me even sicker than the type people of the “toothless wonder” video here.

        The satanic sadist queen, Madonna; said, “We have a black muslim in the White House.” I have to agree with her statement and I guess it is the only thing I agree with, when it comes to her. At the very least the commander-n-theif is a sympathizer to radical islamists, more importantly the Muslim Brotherhood, and should be tried for treason.

        Check out this story by one of my favorite writers and whistleblowers against the libs and whackos…..

      85. nice. very inspiring.. LOL!

      86. Maybe this lady (?) could get a job at McDonald’s serving you burgers and fries? Would YOU hire her after interviewing her? Neither would McDonalds. That’s just it. Some of these people are not lazy, but are just very undesirabe people. Some people have a drive AND an ability to rise above ignorance and poverty, some do not. Others, like this woman, are mentally handicapped by drugs or physical abuse or neglect, self inflicted or not. I can’t imagine someone desiring to become like this person.

        Regardless of the claim that we are all born equal, that is just not the case. I have seen more than one filthy rich person with a personality just as grievous as this woman, but the money makes it possible for them to assimilate into society, or to become an eccentric recluse. No money leaves you naked to society with all your inequities exposed.

        I feel sorry for this woman, but I do not pity her. She obviously has a very poor self image. Look in her eyes. There is no sparkle, no light, no window to the soul. She is dead inside. Her body lives, but her spirit and soul are gone. Bought out by food stamps and an Obama phone. Can you imagine settling for so little? And even having that given to you? No one who knows the meaning of independence would allow themselves to become so destitute, unless circumstances made it impossible to progress.

        But you know what? Many of us are about to become as destitute as she is, and for NONE of the same reasons. We have drive, we have ambition and we know the meaning of independence. Yet, with no money or no job, we are, or will become, just as hopeless and helpless as she is, and just as naked to society. Some will choose suicide. For even some of the best of us, hope will not spring eternal. Some will even start seeing things through her eyes.

        Terrible thought, isn’t it?

        • I agree. Let her have the needle.

        • She could be a banker or politician. She couldn’t be any worse than the 1s we have. If U gave her the reigns of the Fed, she’d probably print up money by the trillions & dole it out to friends…the same as the guy who runs the Fed & has more degrees than a thermometer!

        • James, James. Oh yea of little faith. I’ll never be as “destitute” as she appears to be. I have too much faith and Prepper Sense. It’s a choice. Does she have faith and salvation? Only she and the Father knows.

          I can’t feel sorry, or pity someone that says they vote without a conscience.

        • “””Yet, with no money or no job, we are, or will become, just as hopeless and helpless as she is, and just as naked to society”””

          You ain’t prepping are ya??? New here???

          I will NEVER be as hopeless and helpless as that sad human—we here at SHTFplan are preparing for when there are no jobs, therefore will not be hopeless.
          Get a grip. PUH–LEEZE!!

          • No jayjay, I am not referring to those who have prepared and I’m not that new here. I just have moments of disgust and not always as upbeat as I should be. All of us have our bad days and are entitled to them with all the shit we have to deal with.

            Yes, I have prepped for the last four years. That doesn’t mean that everyone who preps will be successful at protecting that stash, or not have it confiscated. I don’t mean you or me in particular, but there will not be a hundred percent survival rate of all those who prepare. Maybe some cannot afford to prepare enough. When their limited supplies run out and they have no job or enough money put back, no hunting or bartering skills, it will indeed be hopeless. Who here knows exactly how long this crap may last? I’m just saying that IF we wind up stuck out, it will seem pretty hopeless, as this woman’s character, and just as destitute. None of us are super-human.

            Maybe it will be over in just a fortnight, and we’ll all survive and prosper again afterward. How’s that for optimism?

            Let me re-phrase that statement. “Yet, with no money or no job OR PREPS, SOME will become just as hopeless and helpless as she is, and just as naked to society.”

      87. A SEA SHANTY.

        A captain fine there do be,
        and he sails the salty sea.
        Obama, loved by loyal crew,
        he uses lube ‘fore screwing you.

        Oh hi diddle de dee,
        oh hi diddle do doh,
        Oh hi diddle de dee,
        it’s off to war we go.

        A captain cruel there do be:
        he too sails the salty seas.
        Romney, feared by all the proles,
        no lube for ye, now spread yer holes.

        Oh hi diddle de dee,
        oh hi diddle do doh,
        Oh hi diddle de dee,
        it’s off to war we go.

        Now some do say, they’re both the same.
        If this were true, ‘twouldst be a shame.
        For when I’m prodded up my tube,
        ’tis best when captain uses lube.

        Oh hi diddle de dee,
        oh hi diddle do doh,
        Oh hi diddle de dee,
        it’s off to war we go.

      88. money better spent would of been a tooth, that stinking free loading bitch

      89. Every month I look at my phone bill and shutter at the cost. Wow, a free phone, all that is required is to vote for Oboma. NO THANKS…..

        • The obama phone was in place before obama. Sorry but hey its all Gov. not just obama he is just the current assjacket. Just like we see no soup kitchens because they been converted to EBT cards. Things are in place have been, just updating with the times. Not saying good for them,or go team but it is ALL GOV. not just one side or one person 🙂 maybe we need to get in on our reps who are there. obama this obama that, well hey gov. hey congress hey senate, unless obama is all of these ppl. ( even tho he pretends he is with that exec. pen of his. 🙁

          The cell phone distribution program did begin in 2008, the year Obama was elected president, but that is a coincidence. Let’s look more closely at the facts.

          Notice that earlier we said Link-Up helps fund “installation.” What installation does a cell phone have? None. So why is installation part of Link-Up, which is under the Lifeline program umbrella? Because, the whole thing began back in 1996 when the Federal Communications Commission authorized the programs for landline phones. At that time it provided discounts on landline phones only, for obvious reasons.
          and from another site.

      90. As I said on my site… “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” – Benjamin Franklin

        • Absolutley Scott!

        • Or this???

          “The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.” Alexis de Tocqueville

      91. This site is clearly pro republican right wing. I need to find another site. I wish we could leave politics out of prepping. It is somewhat ironic that you all claim to hate politics so much, yet you argue about it if someone doesn’t agree with your views.

        • I think most people here are in favor of people taking charge of themselves, but fail to see the Republican party is absolutely no better at it.

        • @david:

          this site is not reresented by this one article

          plenty of prepping only articles to choose from

          we are six weeks from an (s)election, the conversations will be political

          most posters here are not left or right

          obummer is demo(n), so demo(n)s get the short punch, just like bush four years before

          our views are different

          we like to argue

          we are free thinkers

          stay or go….you are exercising a Right, feels good huh, and God bless you for doing so…..

          maybe you should stick around to see who swings the next dead cat and rich99 is an asshat..

          …be safe…stay the course…I’ll see you on the beach..BA.

          • BadAmerican, you are my hero. Thank you for reminding us what America is really about!

            • @NWPrepper:

              Thank you for your kind words.

              I am not your hero, I am your brother.

              I got your six.

              …be safe….stay the course..I’ll see you on the beach..BA.

      92. The phone is a BHO reelection device. the can push out Obama get out the vote messages. Like ” Tail Gate party 1000 feet from your polling place. Free Beer, Cigarettes” Believe me that will get them to the polls.

      93. If I were running the Romney campaign, I would make an ad out of this video and put it out there for every voter to see.

      94. Universal suffrage. You gotta love it. Most studies indicate that a voters IQ should be no less than 90, in order for representative government to work.

        • They say Bernanke’s IQ is off the charts, yet…

      95. Democracy at its finest. Can you breathe and walk at the same time m’mam? Good, step this way please, you may cast your vote between one crying or one happy clown.

      96. “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”-Thomas Jefferson

      97. You should only be able to vote if you have skin in the game. i.e. you pay property taxes, income taxes or if you carry a rifle into battle for your country.

      98. What is so sad is she is not in the least bit embarrassed.

      99. And it gets worse. In my medical office, these patients come in, on Medicaid, and ask for MRI of their neck and their back, and pain medication. They are not even listening to what you are trying to tell them because they are so busy on their cell phones.

      100. a complete and utter idiot with not one ounce of brain in her useless body. she is an Obama tron robot brainwashed by her color to say anything he wants them to say.

      101. God, this woman is SUCH a douche! Tell me, besides her “free” Obama phoe, how is her life any better than it was 4 years ago!?

        • Nunjobiz:…Her life is better in that two yrs ago HObammy passed out Free bottles of Cocobutter Tanning Lotion!…Just look at how her Tan has improved since two yrs ago!…I jez Luvz ma Hobammy!…He alway Gimmdats!

          BREAKING NEWS!! OBammys campaign managers just announced they will truck Free Beach Sand into the Artic area so to entice Eximos to Vote Dem while sunning with seals and Penguins!

          TV’s Iceroad truckers show drivers were chozen to truck the sand! Should be seen in two weeks more episode!

          Hobammy hopes for Truckers votes too now!

      102. Journalistic circles in particular like to describe the press as a ‘great power’ in the state. As a matter of fact, its importance really is immense. It cannot be overestimated, for the press really continues education in adulthood.
        Its readers, by and large, can be divided into three groups:
        First, into those who believe everything they read;
        second, into those who have ceased to believe anything;
        third, into the minds which critically examine what they read, and judge accordingly.
        Numerically, the first group is by far the largest. It consists of the great mass of the people and consequently represents the simplest-minded part of the nation. It cannot be listed in terms of professions, but at most in general degrees of intelligence. To it belong all those who have neither been born nor trained to think independently, and who partly from incapacity and partly from incompetence believe everything that is set before them in black and white. To them also belongs the type of lazybones who could perfectly well think, but from sheer mental laziness seizes gratefully on everything that someone else has thought, with the modest assumption that the someone else has exerted himself considerably. Now, with all these types, who constitute the great masses, the influence of the press will be enormous. They are not able or willing themselves to examine what is set before them, and as a result their whole attitude toward all the problems of the day can be reduced almost exclusively to the outside influence of others. This can be advantageous when their enlightenment is provided by a serious and truth-loving party, but it is catastrophic when scoundrels and liars provide it.
        The second group is much smaller in number. It is partly composed of elements which previously belonged to the first group, but after long and bitter disappointments shifted to the opposite and no longer believe anything that comes before their eyes in print. They hate every newspaper; either they don’t read it at all, or without exception fly into a rage over the contents, since in their opinion they consist only of lies and falsehoods. These people are very hard to handle, since they are suspicious even in the face of the truth. Consequently, they are lost for all positive, political work.
        The third group, finally, is by far the smallest; it consists of the minds with real mental subtlety, whom natural gifts and education have taught to think independently, who try to form their own judgment on all things, and who subject everything they read to a thorough examination and further development of their own. They will not look at a newspaper without always collaborating in their minds, and the writer has no easy time of it. Journalists love such readers with the greatest reserve.
        For the members of this third group, it must be admitted, the nonsense that newspaper scribblers can put down is not very dangerous or even very important. Most of them in the course of their lives have learned to regard every journalist as a rascal on principle, who tells the truth only once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, however, the importance of these splendid people lies only in their intelligence and not in their number- a misfortune at a time when wisdom is nothing and the majority is everything! Today, when the ballot of the masses decides, the chief weight lies with the most numerous group, and this is the first: the mob of the simple or credulous.

      103. like ann coulter said….what obama is doing is “enslaving” the poor….so call it new form of slavery…theyve no clue their sitting in the belly of the killer shark..

      104. Thats telling ’em ghetto-mammy! Das right, we gone vote fo oboma fo fo mo years!

      105. This is one crazy lady! Talk about no education at all. This is exactly what Obama relies on so he can buy his votes for presidency. These idiots really think that he has all this money stored away for them and are either too stupid to see that the working people are taxed to death to pay for all their “free stuff” or they probably don’t care even if they do know it. They would be thieving leeches and steal from all the working people just as long as they got their freebees. What truly selfish and horrible characteristics to have. They should be so ashamed of themselves, it is disgusting….

        • You obviously don’t get it. Nowhere in this article did it say that Obama created the program. The lady in the video is the one that clearly doesn’t know what happens in DC. All she knows is her fellow “brotha” is in office and she gotz her a free phone. We (well most of us anyway) know that Obama didn’t create the program. The article on TP does not discredit the video, only that Obama did not create the program. Maybe somebody should explain that to the lady in the video. Maybe if she knew it was created under Bush then she would be calling it a BushPhone.

        • Does anybody ever expect truth from “Dink Progress”?

      106. Oh boy… How about a good thinning of the gene pool?

        • Patience my friend…the chlorine and floride…they be workin!

      107. No matter what, the two whip’n boys are ISRAEL and BUSH for everything. I’m not saying they are perfect BY NO MEANS. So RED thumbs have a field day. I’m just sick of hearing that, there are a HELL’ve alot more out there that can take some of the blame to. THATS JUST ME!
        Copperhead out

        • i agree copperhead they were not perfect but no country comes close to being as good as america and israel. i am sick of the left blaming everyone but themselves and this lady on the video can be bought for a cell phone. my god i hope those idiots were paid to say that bull crap and not that they really buy into it.

      108. That will probably be the “national civilian force” Obama was talking about. (“just as strong, just as well funded”). Remember that speech? Can you just imagine having something like her rule over you? Better wake up, and wake up fast! Since alot of them are brain-washed from lterally birth on up that the white folk are devils, it won’t be a problem for them to round us up for basically whatever.

        • Hitler youth syndrome

      109. My tax dollars are paying for this? I don’t know, maybe after working very hard to earn a living for my family for the past 33 years has deranged my mind. Maybe the poor, lazy freeloaders deserve a free phone… and free everything else.

      110. “Excuse me, I speak jive.”

      111. One of the Roman Emperors told the Roman people to give him their liberty and he will give them spectacles ( entertainment ) .They did it .

      112. CORRECTION: It is “Fool Stamps”…..and I quote!

      113. Look folks if BO thinks he is going to lose they will Flash Mob thee polls to reek havoc and mayhem. That’s what the phone is for. They will over whelm the polls with unregistered voters and illegal aliens to say people were denied the vote.

        I urge everyone to vote early. The flash Mobs are meant to keep you from the polls and setup the law suits.

        • How about posting a squad of Marines at the polling stations ……….flash mob DOWN .

          • That would be discriminating against Flash Mobs. More lawyers please!!

      114. The free phone program hands out 250 free minutes a month and you get 100 bonus thank-you minutes for every welfare or food stamp recipient you refer (so this lady must have 100,000 minutes by now). At this rate, why would anyone want to crawl out of bed before the crack of noon, miss Oprah, or stop eating Oprah’s free promo KFC when Club FED will take care of you from cradle to grave?

      115. LMAO. sneaky Obama! Stating a phone program in 1996! How’d he do ?

        • Phone rings.
          Grandma stop getting your Social Security Checks and go out and get a job you useless 90 year old. Is that what you mean?

      116. I wonder how many more useless parasites that caricature of a human being has spawned in her lifetime.

      117. Has the thought ever occurred to these types of people to actually help themselves?? Imagine voting for someone simply because that person is willing to take care of you from ‘cradle to grave’. Whatever happened to folks working, and doing for themselves and their families.

        Even the most menial labor and mundane job offers a couple of things a handout never does. And these are some opportunity for advancement, and self respect.

      118. During the great reset that is about to occur, people such as this lady in the video will simply starve. Eventually the musical Federal Reserve credit card runs dry, and then government benefits will cease, stop, end, finished, gone and never to return.

        Everyone needs to be prepared to:
        1. Grow and hunt for their own food
        2. Move their money in to tangibles (gold, silver, ammo, farm land)
        3. Group up with neighbors or like-minded preppers to defend their homesteads from looters, desperate refugees, and organized criminal gangs
        4. Prepare to educate your children at home
        5. Start a home-based business to create barter goods
        6. Move away from cities, where the concentration of government dependencies live
        7. Be ready for the Second Great Depression with a duration of 10 to 15 years
        8. Provide your own medical and sanitary services – no more calling 911 for ambulance.
        9. Have 1 to 3 years of stored food for your survival group. During the first year of the Great Reset, millions will starve to death. You will need to hunker down to defend your home and family. Spending the day plowing the fields makes you a very attractive target.
        10. Have a deep store of non-GMO garden seeds. Seeds are cheap. Buy 5x what you need. Use the extra for barter and trade.
        11. Learn traditional skills using hand tools. When the electrical grid goes down, all you have is your hands.
        12. Get skills. Learn how to shoot a battle rifle. Learn how to plant a garden. Learn how to can and dehydrate food. Learn how to raise chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys for eggs and meat. Learn medical skills.
        13. Body Armor – Get it now before you loose the opportunity.
        14. Have your family fully outfitted for camping and hiking, because you may need to bug-out. Better to go for a long camping trip rather than be a refugee. 200 years ago, men were able to build a full log cabin with just an ax and man power. That would be a good skill to hve today, in case you need to escape up into the mountains.
        15. Ammunition – better than gold and silver in the 1st year of the great reset
        16. Medical supplies – whatever you have will need to last years and years, so stock up now while cheap. Have a fish tank and lots of fish antibiotics. Be able to sew sutures on yourself or family members.
        17. Have a good gravity based water filter, such as Big Berkey with many replacement filters
        18. Need a fireplace to heat your home and cook meals. Access to propane, natural gas, and electricity will cease.
        19. Improve the defendibility of your homestead.
        20. Do everything by the books. Stay legal in all your actions. Stay off the radar of law enforcement agencies. No matter which state you live, you can live within the law and still prepare. In fact, befriend and support your local law enforcement officials. Support the rule of law. After the Great Reset, support the return to rule of law and return to constitutional government.
        21. Love your family and build strong family bonds. When all said and down, a good life is about building a loving family, however you may define “family”.
        22. Teach your children self sufficiency and self reliance. Where do all the welfare queens learn their behavior? Answer: from the parents, or from lack of parents. Where I was born and raised, a man is not a man, unless he feeds and clothes his children from the sweat of his work. Teach your children the value of hard work.

      119. Measure what the government can do for you , by what they can do TO you from the assistance . You have to pay in some way .

      120. It’s easy to fool and control those with no brains or thoughts of their own, when all they think about is themselves.
        Give this women a million dollars and I bet she would spend it in one week- On Herself!
        Could these people be Aliens dumped here because they were rejects on their home planet? LOL.

      121. It’s to bad this program was put in place during the bush administration. Most American people are ignorant and would like to place blame on the other “team”. Just the other day I was at dinner with some friends. They had one of their buddies tag along who felt the need to express his utter disappointment with the election. He mentioned that if the republicans would have had at least 6% of the hispanic vote they would have won. Then he said its to bad that all hispanics want is a handout.

        I own two homes, my vehicles are paid off, I graduated college, I served in the USMC for 5 years, I hold a lucrative job as does my wife, I am 26 years old, oh yeah and I am hispanic….

        American’s are so utterly clueless they will use just about anything to perpetuate their hate.

        Welcome to the United Corportations of America, they keep us nice and fat, tell us what we want to hear, and send our jobs overseas. The only allience they have is to the shareholder, their puppets are our politicians.

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