WATCH: Hollywood Actors Want to Ban Your Guns, While They Make Millions Promoting Gun Violence

by | Jan 1, 2013 | Headline News | 183 comments

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    We’re not sure if the Hollywood actors depicted in the following anti-gun promotional video are hypocrites or just plain ignorant of the fact that they have played a large role in promoting violence with handguns, semi-automatic rifles and weapons of mass destruction, all the while making millions of dollars in the process.

    Many have made their careers in movies that are so violent the body counts literally reach into the thousands.

    First, take a look at the original promotional video (if you can stomach it) where actors like Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner demand a plan to stop gun violence.

    Then, check out those same actors when that video has been creatively spliced with scenes from their very own movies, where they advocate mass killings and the use of all manner of weapons, including fully automatic assault rifles.

    Their hypocrisy has no bounds:

    Videos via The Daily Sheeple

    To those Americans who believe in the responsible ownership of firearms for the purpose of self defense, hunting and the necessity of the right to bear arms for the security of a free State, this is the irrationality and failed logic we face as we enter an unprecedented Constitutional battle.

    Many of these people calling for a plan to end gun violence seem to ignore the fact that they themselves are proponents of the very violence they are advocating the prevention of.

    Just like the politicians who would strip us of our right to bear arms, many of these actors have armed bodyguards and demand armed security at events that they attend.

    Since they’re putting together a plan, maybe the first step should be the banning of all movies promoting gun violence, the forfeiture of all future royalties of those movies, and a seizure, by way of 100% taxation, of all past income generated from such movies.

    If we’re going to blame gun manufacturers, ammunition manufacturers and responsible gun owners for the violence, then shouldn’t we also blame Hollywood? If we’re going to be irrational about all of this, then we need to go full-out and just ban and seize everything!

    How’s that for a plan?

    Here’s another plan: Boycott Celebrities Who Want to Control Your Guns


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      1. the same assholes who own the media pay these assholes to convince the sheep that since celebrities want you to disarm then it is the only sensible thing to do.

        if you’ve never seen the highest paid whores on this planet….well now you have.

        • It is time and they are right, but it is time for us as consumers to ban them. Make it a point right now to not pay to see any of these actors, stop going to movies and do not watch their programs. Lets get the word out tell a friend, write the personality and let them know we no longer care to support their wealth.

          We all sit here and respond in writing to each thing we read, well it only takes a small group to make change happen. Turn off the channel when they appear, stop supporting their causes, send letters to stations that air them, we can make a change but we need to stand together. I have said it before be it the terrorist government or Hollywood if we stop sending the money they will have to wither up and die or just go away.

          • I think the two most effective rebuttals are these:

            “In the 20th century, governments killed ⅓ BILLION of their own citizens, NOT including war. Mass murder by government dwarfs all private violence. We will not relinquish our most effective means of defense against tyranny and mass murder.”


            “FIRST: Disarm Israel to prevent the mass murder there
            THEN: Let’s see how that works.”

            • John Q,
              Why such hatred against Israel? You always spout out “Zionist” this or that, whats the deal with that? 90% of the people who even talk like that are Jihadis and you don’t seem like that to me, so what is the deal.

              All of the Israelis I have ever met here in LA are about as conservative as can be and think that Liberal Jewish people are spoiled arrogant dumb asses. Not my words, theirs.

              I am not an Israel or Zionist drone, but they have been an ally of the US in the Middle East for years, and you seem to consider them the devil incarnate. I agree that many of the Libs are Jewish, but the Libs are everything. Whites, blacks, hispanics, asians and purple aliens. Liberalism to me is more like a mental illness than a religion or race. Liberalism to me is more like the German people in the 1930’s who thought they were the center of progressive thought and that the Governments had their best interests at heart. Remember the old NAZI propaganda films of government backed cruises for German workers? Government backed worker programs? Those right wing NAZIs?

              Oh wait, the National Socialist Party (NAZIs) were lefties. Just like the German people, the Liberals are under a spell. Look at the similarities between the Wheimar republic and us in the Modern US. It will scare the **** out of you. But our kids are being taught revisionist history. The American Civil war was fought to free slaves, not to maintain the republic. Abe Lincoln is now a vampire hunter, and the only reason the south was able to win victories is because they were aided by blood sucking vampires (in that cheesy movie Lincoln Vampire slayer), and not because they were determined to maintain their way of life and their voice for how they were governed, and were tired of people who were hundreds of miles away imposing their views and morals (sound familiar? That alone should scare everyone.).

              Google land mass Obama 2008 and it will show you that Obama lost 74% of the land mass and only won the urban centers which is where the electoral college awards its points.

              This issue is not a Jewish/Zionist issue, it is a Liberal/Control issue. I agree that several of the top Liberals are Jewish, but this is a control issue. Jesus was a Jewish carpenter. If this was a Zionist/Jewish controlled action, Israel would be the cherry on the sunday, not fighting for its life. I have been to a real concentration camp when I was a soldier in Germany, I know where that line of talking goes. And what might be the preferred group one week is the target the next.

              Just my 2 cents. Keep your powder dry,

              • Allies don’t destroy each others military assets. USS Liberty

                On the afternoon of 8 June 1967, while in international waters off the northern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, Liberty was attacked and damaged by the Israel Defense Forces; 34 crewmen were killed and 173 wounded. Although severely damaged with a 39-foot-wide (12 m) by 24-foot-high (7.3 m) hole amidships and a twisted keel, Liberty’s crew kept her afloat, and she was able to leave the area under her own power.

                • For many years the American media said that “Israel receives $1.8 billion in military aid” or that “Israel receives $1.2 billion in economic aid.” Both statements were true, but since they were never combined to give us the complete total of annual U.S. aid to Israel, they also were lies—true lies.

                  Recently Americans have begun to read and hear that “Israel receives $3 billion in annual U.S. foreign aid.” That’s true. But it’s still a lie. The problem is that in fiscal 1997 alone, Israel received from a variety of other U.S. federal budgets at least $525.8 million above and beyond its $3 billion from the foreign aid budget, and yet another $2 billion in federal loan guarantees. So the complete total of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel for fiscal 1997 was $5,525,800,000.

                  One can truthfully blame the mainstream media for never digging out these figures for themselves, because none ever have. They were compiled by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. But the mainstream media certainly are not alone. Although Congress authorizes America’s foreign aid total, the fact that more than a third of it goes to a country smaller in both area and population than Hong Kong probably never has been mentioned on the floor of the Senate or House. Yet it’s been going on for more than a generation.

                • Timothy, you are correct there. The ship was in a warzone and got strafed. No doubt about it. Now look at how many soldier have been killed by friendly fire over the years. D-Day our bombers killed hundred in the bocauge…. shit happens. I am not defending them saying that they were right, but stay out of a warzone and you wont get shot at (even though they were delivering supplies to the allies). Good point.

              • I am not an Israel basher, but how about we cut off the massive aid $$$ sent there and see how much of an ally they are?

                • Their not anybody their like you and me, except overpaid dipshits thats willing to pull their pants down in front of the camera.

          • Guns, like politicians, are a necessary evil in a dangerous world. Fire both of them at the first opportunity.


            • We don’t need politicians in this world, we need leaders, we need a cleansing in this country and the hacks in DC know it, thats why they want our guns.
              Illinois Senate President John Cullerton is introducing a TOTAL weapons ban bill in Illinois tommorow, no grandfathering, no exceptions, subject to confiscation by the Illinois State Police. HOWS THAT FOR LEADERSHIP? I think the second shot heard round the world is going to be fired in Illinois. COME AND TAKE EM FUCKERS!!

            • OK Sorry off topic. I just got a virus threat at 7:28 pm 1/1/13 reading these posts and had to shut down and restart. Have been getting them on Prison Planet also. I was listening to RFR 2 nights ago and the computer turned off the show, logged off, and turned itself off. I was just sitting here watching it ( and cursing ). WTF? Is there some kind of conspiracy at hand? I get bitched at if I ever ask questions like that to anyone I know. Maybe these posts and others like them are pissing some people off. If so, GOOD!!!.

              On topic I don’t go to movies hardly at all but like to sometimes. It sucks to see sh*t like what these assholes are spewing. ( Sorry but this has got me cursing again ).

              A few years ago Jamie Foxx tried to stop the execution of an ( accussed ) LA gang member on death row for 25 years for 4 murders of innocents, not gang related. I never went to a movie for him anyway but I absolutly do not go to one with him in it since. The same goes for alot of the others. Two faces on these bastards. Besides disney has not stood for anything good from what I had seen, when my kids were little.

              • “Tookie” Williams, O.G. for Crips / Bloods ?

          • I was doing some thinking about future gun legislation and there is MAYBE some positive issues to think about that it may never happen. If you look at this fiscal cliff thing, BO wanted 250,000 dollar tax level to be where it would go back up to 39.6%. Well, even with the wind at BO’s back from the recent election, he still caved in to 400,000 for single earners and 450,000 for a family. BO talks big, but seldom has the backbone to follow through on what he says he is going to do. This might be the saving grace for gun rights, BO being too weak to follow through on banning anything. Just a thought of hoping that gun rights will be left alone. I think you would all agree, this sure would be nice.

            • Quick question: if they pass a law demanding that you pass a second background check for guns you already lawfully own, would you submit? If they demand your mugshot and your fingerprints, like you’re some kind of criminal, will you comply? That, my friend, is far more important than whether your gun ends up on their list

              • I’ll register my firearms right after I register my dictionary.

                That would be never.

                • Crazy Horse,

                  To my ever lasting shame I did register my assault weapons in 1994 in the CA Assault weapons registration and one gun had to be turned in (I sent it to Nevada and sold it rather than turn it in).

                  Why did I do it, you might ask?

                  As a cop, I knew that rifles were not registered like handguns in CA and really couldn’t be traced. That is why they were doing the assault weapons ban and registration. BUT, I bought them at our police academy to save money and the Chief at the the time said he was going to make an example of anyone who did not register their assault rifles. Since I bought mine at their store, and friends at Internal Affairs said that they were going to go through the academies records to see who had bought assault weapons, I knew I was screwed.

                  Just an FYI when it comes to bans and how they get you to comply. I was young, stupid and Idealistic about how the system worked. The older cops (I only had 5 years on at the time) told them to F/O. With age comes wisdom. Everything those old timers always said came true. They had seen several regime changes, seen the new laws passed and changed over the years and they knew what was coming.

                  Last year I had been told that ATF agents jammed some young kid at a local range I go to for having a 30 round mag on an AR. I was told they used the excuse, you are too young to have owned a pre ban gun or mag and let’s see your registration card for using a 30 rounders in that gun. The kid was like 19 and they were right that he didn’t have one and seized the kid’s gun. I didn’t believe the ‘rumor’ and dismissed it. HOWEVER, now on the range’s web site, on the front page, is a big box saying “If you are going to shoot an assault weapon at the range, make sure to have your assault weapons registration card with you.” It would appear by that statement the rumor must have been true.

                  There was an old saying by an old warrant officer in the army once told me:

                  “Age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm every time.”

                  As a rookie I laughed at him. As a vet, he was a genius. I have now seen how political appointees and power hungry folks will use fear and intimidation to get their ends. I wish I had known about it in 1994. Oh well.

                  Keep your powder dry!

              • @ SonOfSam. That is a nightmare of a second background check that is beyond unfair. I would think that this would be some sort of grandfather clause that ALL guns owned before the new law would be exempt from this. Hell, let’s hope to God that nothing like this ever passes for new firearms being bought. This gun rights issue is so horrible, and it is only really going to hurt the honest people that have done nothing illegal. that is the way these sh^& laws work, they don’t help crime, they make it pure misery for the person that is honest and causes no harm to anyone.

                • The logistics of a ban such as the one mentioned would be enormous. Any such ban would come with huge fees to pay the expense of said background checks, etc. People living paycheck to paycheck would largely be finiancially unable to comply.

              • Flying trunk monkey
                says HELL NO

          • Here you go the crap has started get set for all states to adopt this



            The ISRA has learned from a credible source that Illinois Senate President John Cullerton will introduce a so called “assault weapons” ban on Wednesday when the legislature returns for its “lame duck” session. Cullerton hopes to ramrod the bill through and get it to Governor Quinn for signature by Friday. If he is successful at doing so, nearly every gun you currently own will be banned and will be subject to confiscation by the Illinois State Police.

            Based on what we know about Cullerton’s bill, firearms that would be banned include all semiautomatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Pump action shotguns would be banned as well. This would be a very comprehensive ban that would include not only so-called “assault weapons” but also such classics as M1 Garands and 1911-based pistols. There would be no exemptions and no grandfathering. You would have a very short window to turn in your guns to the State Police to avoid prosecution.


            1. Beginning Wednesday, call your State Senator and politely tell him or her that you are a law abiding firearm owner and that you strongly oppose Cullerton’s gun ban. Also, be sure to call your State Representative as well and politely deliver the same message. If you do not know who your State Representative please call the Illinois State Board of Elections at 217-782-4141.

            2. Forward this alert to all your gun owning friends and family members. Be sure to tell them to call their senators and representatives as well.

            3. Post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards and blogs to which you belong.

            4. Join or renew your membership in the ISRA. Encourage your friends and family to join as well.

            5. Make a generous donation to the ISRA by clicking the link below. We are in desperate need of your financial support to help beat back the onslaught of gun grab bills coming our way in 2013.

            • How many of these rich losers spend several weeks out of every year in drug rehab???

            • 6. Call a moving company. A mass exodus of producers from an already bucklling state would get their attention.

        • It is the mass holes who idolize these phony little dumbos. The millions they make and the exposure they have allows them to actually believe that they are superior to us all and will only bow to the anointed one. They are the kings muses and become nothing when the light on them fades. Most of them are vile, greedy sinners who influence children to wish they were just like them. They allow the fake light of the paparazzi to crown them and somehow in their little minds make them better than anyone else. The media feeds their narcissism and the mass public idolizes them as gods. They are over paid whores but they never get my money or my admiration. I look down on the hollywood scum and when the shtf, they will not know what to do, or how to survive very long with their plastic lives in ruins. For the intelligent human being, they are a joke but unfortunately for the masses, they are supreme beings.

          • i’ve pretty much made it my life mission to make sure my kid doesn’t grow up idolizing the disney channel scum. we have to be the ones that our kids look up to. be the morally upright citizens we want them to. talk to them. sit down as a family to dinner. unplug out children.

            • You’re absolutely right. The govt uses Hollywood to promote their plans. The sheeple can’t put two and two together. They don’t understand that the actors promote violence via their movies. Thw sheeple say “(insert celeb here) said guns are bad and to ban them. That must be the right thing to do.” These are the same actors that promote underage drinking, drug use, and coitus. Our children must know that these actors are just that: actors. It’s pathetic.

              Be smart, strong and long live the few old school Constitutionalists!

          • Who really cares what any of these fools think? They put their britches on just like everybody else, one leg at a time. If we are lucky the next civil war will breakout in 2 places at once, Hollywood and DC.

            • There are a few good guys in front of the camera.

              Sam Elliot comes to mind. I’ll never forget his response to a LSM interviewer, who was bashing his support for the 2nd amendment.

              Sam looked her square in the eyes & said:…You’re a special kind of STUPID, aren’t ya?”


              • Or how about rosie odumbo trying to trip tom selleck
                on gun owner ship

                • is that the same as rosie o’fatass? rosie o’dumbell? she has armed guards also, so i’ve heard…….

                • Rosie fired a guard for refusing to carry a gun.

              • they seem to have missed ted nugents opinion also

        • “IF YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THE HIGHEST PAID WHORES ON THE PLANET..WELL NOW YOU HAVE”…Those word should be etched in stone! You are my new hero!

        • Hey folks, looks like someone took “their video” and souped it up some & have thrown it in their faces!

          3:25secs…be sure to watch to the end!

        • Asian Prep — Seen ’em and learned not to support ’em. I won’t even click to view the above-posted video. And why it’s posted here, I don’t know…..we have bigger issues and I doubt anyone here but the trolling Progressives will support their Hollyweird blather.

        • Couldn’t agree more!

          These media whores bow down to the oligarchy of Bolsheviks and despise the rest of us who are pro Bill of Rights ..

          They make untold millions celebrating violence and death but would run like cowards if ever faced a real life not a one ever served their country..nor would they..

          No wonder they all flock to Pennsylvania Avenue on a regular basis…as they all are sick narcissistic hypocrites much akin to the 535 ass-hats and potus who supposedly represent us!..NOT!

          And they have the likes of ALL the social medias who idolize,fawn, and promote them..

          Truly we are in the last days of Rome much akin to Caligula…


        • Tell all the Actors that we give up our guns and they get rid of their security guard

      2. Every last one of them are hypocrites !

        • Jamie foxx says ” I Get to shoot all the white people ”

          So if someone goes in and shoots up a hockey game or swim meet does that mean we can blame him for insighting voilence

          • another halfrican weighs in. fucking dolt, that jamie foxx is……..

      3. Hollyweird is filled with twinks, like that is news? More afraid of Marxists who want them.

        Hell, if they are ever gone, watch the SHTF then as there will be nothing to stop the shit storm from turning into a hurricane.

      4. LOL……..

        I hope this vid was e-mailed to everyone of those hypocritical actors!

        Remember, today is the attack on the 2nd Amendment tomorrow it very well may be the 4th and 5th Amendments that the politicians go for!

        • We could try to email this video to them, but it will doubtless be blocked by the armed guards watching over the gated communities they all live in. After all, they are the “important” people; they deserve that protection, but not us serfs and peasants.
          But its not only them, its their children as well: that asshole David Gregory on NBC — you know, the one who violated the DC gun laws by brandishing a 30 clip on his show — has children that go to the super exclusive Sidwell Friends school. They have an ELEVEN MEMBER SECURITY DETAIL at that school, and I’m quite sure they are armed with something much more than harsh language or paper spitballs. Funny how THEIR children get armed guards, but when we propose to have the same at OUR children’s schools, well, that’s just outrageous and unnecessary!

          For me though, far worse than the hypocrisy of these fools is the hypocrisy of proposed legislation that states we will need to go through ANOTHER background check for firearms we have already legally purchased! WTF???? Isn’t that like having to interview for the job you already have? Even worse is the proposal that we be fingerprinted and have our mugshots taken. To which I say:


          I am not a criminal and I will NOT be tretaed like one. I haven’t done anything wrong, and I haven’t broken any laws.

          I, for one, think we should start a petition and tell TPTB that none of us is going to submit to fingerprinting, mugshots or the “double jeopardy” of a second background check. I’d be the first one to sign that!

      5. These are liberals, so they don’t count because they are very concerned about us.

        Its never their fault. Never.

        It is always the other guys fault. Movies don’t kill people, the right-wingers with guns do. Right?

      6. Not another dime will be spent by me for anything with these hypocrites in the cast.

        What causes them to think they are superior, thus requiring armed bodyguards, while they believe that my family and I should be defenseless?


        • You’re a Daisy if you do.

        • I couldn’t agree more Daisy. There are already certain actors and actresses I won’t pay to see, and now I can add to that list. Although, I know that I shouldn’t spend money on ANY of them!!!!

          I really hate Hollywood!

        • Amen sister. I was totally appalled by the hypocrisy of this…and I have always believed that Hollywood violence lent itself greatly to what is happening or being replicated!

        • Could someone create a list of who these actors are? I don’t pay much attention to celebrities and they all look alike to me. But I would like to discourage others from seeing their films. It would be handy to have a list of who to boycott.

          • There is a list on the link at the end of Mac’s article.

      7. I HATE COMMIES!

        • Foreign or Domestic.

          • We are all here back slapping and high fiving being the few conservative Patriots left in this country, but what are we really going to do about the rape of this country?I love this site and most of the posters, with some exceptions, but we are nothing more than the worst troll on this site because we do nothing more than bitch!
            Its time to stand up People! The attack on your Liberty started years ago and we have been circle-jerking each other for way too long and I, for one, want these COMMIES out of power. I will not have my life ruled by my “public servant”! We need to rise soon or its over. remember that as your last thought when you hit the pillow tonight.


            • Read this yesterday. If you or anyone is really interested in what the progress of the gun law proposed by the whores in congress and above, this is a great outline of the progress. The reality of it is so credible to give one pause as accepting truth. Anyway, a good read.

            • BRW
              good luck with that,,brother,,,


      8. Subject: FW: New hunting accessory
        Click here:

        **Admin note: PR, it seems the link you posted was a dead link. Can you repost please? thanks. **

        • It’s an old youtube about Metal Storm.

          Sorry it was e-mailed to me like I posted it.
          Again Sorry

          • Oops, not sure what happend, post ended up in the wrong place

      9. Mac, I couldn’t have written this article any better myself. Hollywood is literally another world; always has been. I don’t believe for 1 minute anyone in Hollywood is ignorant. They all know exactly what they’re doing. If their violent movies were real life instead of entertainment, we would’ve already had another civil war and wiped each other out. I’ll say to the celebrities the same thing i say to the politicians and everyone else: GO MAKE LOVE TO YOURSELVES! WE’RE NOT GIVING UP OUR GUNS OR ANYTHING ELSE. OUR RIGHTS COME FROM GOD, NOT FROM ANYONE’S MANMADE GOVERNMENT AND ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE. YOU WANT TO TRY AND TAKE THEM, “GO AHEAD PUNK, MAKE MY DAY!” How’s THAT for a plan? Braveheart

        • I really like The Patriot, Mel has done some pretty solid stuff, God save us all, the pres will sign an EO and declare martial law and start trying to collect our guns in the name of national security because of ALL THE VIOLENT CHATTER ON THESE WEBSITES! I get a real bad feeling about this stuff.

          • Kula, that jug eared fucker in our White House is thirsting to take our firearms and make himself dictator, and that has NOTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH ANYTHING WE SAY HERE!!! You think we can avoid a confrontation with this evil man and the dark forces at his back by watching what we say? Not likely!

            The King is a tyrant, whether we say so or not. We might as well say so


              • Good point BRW!

                He is a rather ‘shitty shade’ of yellow!

                • halfrican beige……..;)

            • What that kucfer(can’t write it, you know)in the white house has accomplished, once again, is removed the topic of conversation from Benghazi to gun control.
              Ya think??

      10. I DO appreciate the irony of the hollyweird crowd boohooing about violence while making their careers portraying such violence.

      11. How long has the court been listening to the jesters? 500 years ago we would have told them to shut up and juggle.

        I’m finally to the point where I am done getting agitated by these people. I’ll continue to do what I can, prep where I can, and raise my family as best I can, but time is better spent on things other than concerning ourselves with what any of these people say or think.

        Esse Quam Videri

        • How about…

          Ex Gladio Libertas

      12. Pretty much all I have to say is, “FUCK THEMMM….ANNNNDDDD….THE HORSE THEY RODE IN ON”!

        • cut out the middle man and just do the horse…it’ll be easier to look in the mirror tomorrow.

      13. Anyone born before 1960 knows how much Hollywood started pushing the Marxist agenda in the mid-late 60’s. It’s been going on ever since in all forms of media.

        As I see it, our guns are they only thing stopping Obama from turning this country into a Dictatorship, extreme maybe, but true.

        • I’d say that statement was “Justified”!!!

          • “Justified” Also a show about Rednecks and feds shootin’ up everything LOL

            • I didn’t see Timothy Oliphant on the list. I doubt he’d stick his neck out like the rest of those poop-butts. That goes for Tom Cruise also.

        • He proved his arrogance by giving the government employees a raise by EO,
          In my mind that was him taunting us as if to say check this out and what ya gonna do about it.
          Let the bodies hit the floor.

        • Dennis Hopper should have used a 45 instead of his middle finger.

      14. I say boycott all of it- Hollywood, Pro Sports,Broadway,Etc. and yes all of government.
        The end is here, another quake in the Artic, soon this old world is going to split wide open, be prepared

      15. Commies and Libs have always been the epitome of hypocrisy.

      16. Now I know why Ben Hur and Moses were my favorites.

        • And I forgot the other favorites:

          such as sayings of

          Go ahead, make my day….
          Dying is not much of a livin….

          The Good, Bad, and Ugly
          Outlaw of Jose Wales

          We need the real leaders in Hollywood back.

          • “what is that sound ”

            ” An ak 47 sir the preferred weapon of our enemy ”

            Heartbreak ridge

            • Or maybe from a fema office ya never can tell

            • “… I’m mean, nasty and tired. I eat concertina wire and piss napalm, and I can put a round in a fleas ass at 200 meters…so go hump somebody else’s leg mutt face, before I push yours in…”

              Heartbreak ridge

          • “A coward dies many deaths , A valiant but once ” julius caesar

        • Cant beat those old John Wayne westerns

      17. All I have to say, if they’re serious about ending gun violence, then they should donate every cent they made from a movie in which gun violence was displayed.

        But I’m not going to hold my breath – the hypocrisy in hollywood is almost as bad as it is in D.C.

      18. Being famous they have armed bodyguards and if they chose (and they haven’t a felony record) a carry permit too. They’re the elite and hold permits in THE most restrictive places like California and NYC.

        Don’t ask these people their opinion because they truly live in fantasy land. Ask those who are still living from the 1236 people in the Bielski Partisans.

      19. holly voo doo wood
        save the last dance for me,,,,,,


      20. Daisy, I’m with you all the way. Not a single one of the morons in today’s Hollywood can hold a match, let alone a candle, to the likes of Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Richard Widmark, all the ones who played in the old Westerns, etc. To everyone, I must confess. The movie “Braveheart” is one of my favorites and NOBODY plays the underdog like Mel Gibson. The cabal who runs Hollywood has been trying to destroy mel Gibson for almost 2 decades now because of certain movies he’s produced based upon true stories have way too controversial for them. The same celebrities in that video demanding that we give up our guns have all been in movies full of gun violence and have each made millions of dollars, tax-free, for their efforts. Like the 2nd video says, “CELEBRITIES AND ALL OTHER ANTI-SELFDEFENSE PEOPLE CAN GO MAKE LOVE TO THEMSELVES!” Braveheart

      21. “Lets Kill All the White People!” Hey, bro ~
        I have not attended any movies with you insipid
        people listed in over ten years. The majority of
        the public subscribe to netflix, the other majority
        waits until the movie comes out on dvd to watch it.
        The movie industry is broken and will never be fixed.
        I don’t have any children. How much does it cost now
        to go to a movie ~ $10.00? Matinee ~ $6.00?? Popcorn,
        your big slurpy, ect. It all adds up. There are only
        two actors I go to see ~ Tom Felton ~ Draco, in HP.
        The other is Dan Radcliffe ~ From HP.
        I don’t watch violence, gore, blood and guts,
        excessive profanity, “Take that you mother f*cker!”
        Scare or Shock movies, or anything with a Morale that
        beats me over the head. What happened to the 1920’s,
        where Entertainment was Larger that Life and Entertainment? This is a jump on, Sieze the Moment campaign, it will fade quickly. Ellen Degeneres shooting
        a pistol, “Hey People, Do As I Say, Not As I DO!!!”
        Thanks for the clip Mac, I have seen it before and was not
        impressed than, or impressed now.

        • Emily
          First off if you kill all the white people you won’t be getting anymore welfare checks because we are the only ones financing your whatever colored ass you are ! Secondly I also have not gone to the movies I’m years, not because I didn’t want to but because I and everyone else had to take care of your fat ass, ” Bitch “, go chock on you EBT card I

          • @ tk4usa You fool! Emily was quoting a piece of trash from the video.

            • Sorry, from Emily’s opening remarks it appeared she was trashing whites, and I am sick of that. Sorry Emily did not mean to offend you.

              • Lol!

        • For what it costs to take your kids to the movies you can buy a dang good book – just saying.

          Heads up for other Mums to help them as I realise not everyone has lots of confidence in their own teaching ability. The products below can even help children with fairly severe special needs.

          clicknread is a very reasonably priced online phonics programme for beginner readers. Mimio Headsprout reading followed by comprehension will enable even children on the ASD spectrum to read and UNDERSTAND language though it is more expensive. (Mimio is a poor man’s subsitute for years of language therapy).

          Amblesideonline contains a booklist of age appropriate free pdf literature and book recomendations that will develop the critical thinking skills so missing from our kids school curriculum.

          Way too many people are leaving school functionally illiterate. Ignorance is a large part of the reason tptb are getting away with so much. Reading comprehension is the first block in the arsenal of skills needed to help our young people resist “groupthink”.

        • Emily
          i was going to ask you to marry me,,,but if you remember movies from 20s i probably couldnt handle you honey


      22. How about the individuals involved donate all their royalties for past and future violent films to Children’s Mental Health Projects? It might help undo some of the damage they are helping to inflict upon young minds.

        I’m a firm believer that free at point of use evidence based clinical mental health facilities need to be made available so that noone is left scared of the voices in their heads. These facilities NEED to be residential when the clinical evidence suggests that this would give the best long termoutcome for the child/youth. These facilities also need to be easily and immediately accesible to those who need them, and care in the community needs to actually include real bone fide care not abandonment. Anything less and we are not “thinking about the children”.

        Luvvin the comment re the jester Southpaw – can I note that one down for posterity? So, so true!

        I’m not a film buff, nor a gun buff (was a child witness to a gun crime)yet I have always understood that a gun is only as dangerous as the loony toon holding it. In the UK knife crime rates(same shit different tool)are getting silly in some areas. 9/10 times the perp was mentally very unwell and left untreated. If you are still unsure take a look at the Aussie violent crime figures in recent years – don’t make the error that they did ffs.

      23. happy new year to my fellow preppers…may God watch over you and your loved ones…be safe and be careful; it’s going to be a wide ride……………….to the morons in hollywood-JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! NOBODY, AND I MEAN NOBODY GIVES A RAT’S ASS WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. SO JUST SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND LET ME LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I SEE FIT. SUCK IT HOLLYWOOD.


        “HollyJooWood” trots out their zionist baby jesus killer paid MK-ULTRA PROGRAMMED traitor painted propaganda luciferian sex slave whores and zionist commie political puppet prostitutes … ;0p

        To tell me … its wrong too naturally defend myself my life my family’s life from tyrannical greedy criminals foreign and domestic by any means necessary at my disposal .


        ;0) “HollyJooWood” and the real life zionist illuminati sex whore Beyonce can go back to F’in themselves silly like they do at their HollyJooWood orgies drug and sex parties and leave how I choose to Live My Life out of it !!!

        It’s time the HollyJooWood propaganda mk-ultra zionist baby jesus killer disease was cleansed sterilized clean by a angry mob with rope , torches and flame !!!

        Zionist owned California can’t even manage itself … they have balls to think they even have the right or can manage the rest of Free America , let alone tell us how to live !!!

        Revoke Cancel commie California’s membership to the Republic of America !!!

        Let em’ live in their own self created commie zionist paradise of Californication !!!

        And leave the rest of Free America out of it !!!

        ~FMKP ;0p

          • Wife of admitted gangster drug dealler Jay Z

            • And a boody guard to boot;>) sorry, too much booty…

              • Huge guard detail needed to cover all the acreage on THAT booty!


      26. Oh man here we go again. Another year of this shit. I can’t take much more. The articles are scrapin the bottom of the barrel more and more. Lets see how mnay leave THIS year. Freakin Manos prob comittes suicide over the articles, not the auterity in “so called Greece”… where he “lives”….wink wink nod nod.

        • Freakin’ MANOS, IS ONE OF US…evidently you’re NOT!

          • …and so was Guizzra(sp?), the dude from Latvia or Lithuania.
            He hasn’t posted here in ages. He was a good dude & kept us well posted, per the events in the Baltic’s.

            I pray he & his family are well!

        • Beanbag ~

          Manos is a personal friend of mine.

          You are not. You need to STFU.


        • beanbrain, you misspelled ‘brain.’

          • ~~beanbrain, you misspelled ‘brain.’~~

            And scraping, many, freaking, commits, and austerity!!!!!

      27. ILLUMINATI Agendas. Celebrities 666 Ok Sign. ( New World Order ) New!!

        Uploaded on Mar 5, 2011

        ILLIMINATI & their agendas for new world order…..Celebrities who sold their souls, must see!…Depopulation, vaccination, microchips……666 ok sign….New!


        see link below for proof …

        ~FMKP ;0p

        • Beyonce Knowles taken on a renaming of her character? Sasha Fierce is the rebirth of Beyonce. Artists in the music industry are reborn to take on new personas. The artist receives this new persona from a programme called the Monarchy mind control programme. Basically and in an overtly simple way, the programme alters the mind of the artist by various sexually, spiritually and emotionally traumatic means. The trauma then allows the artists spirit to be broken, once the person is broken down emotionally, physically and spiritually the ‘handler’ reprograms the artists mind by allowing a new dark demonic spirit to enter in. This demonic spirit has a name which the music artist then takes on such as Sasha Fierce. The programming allows the new dark spirit to use Beyonce’s body to perform, Sasha Fierce what controls old Beyonce performances on stage or when producing a music video.

          This knowledge however bizarre it may seem is how the occultic system works to manipulate the music used to eventually indoctrinate the artist. Once the Artist is indoctrinated with a ‘set programming’ it is easy to manipulate what the end product of the artist. The end product means that the lyric content and music videos are meant to propagate and promote an occult agenda.

      29. I prefer Clint movies anyway.

        • Clint is a hack but I love him. Like John Wayne, he brought out a sense of pride in being an American that is loooonnnggg gone.

      30. They are useful idiots.

        They push the left’s agenda.

        Meanwhile, they are among the “rich” being targeted by the left’s redistributionist policies.

        They are kissing the hand that seeks to oppress them.

        If the left has its way, they will one day be putting on shows down at the communal farm, advocating for the latest five year plan for grain production.


        see link below for proof …

        ~FMKP ;0p

      32. If the people in Hollyweird truly believed what they said, they would renounce their multi-million-dollar movies showing them firing guns right and left, but money talks louder to them than principle. Do as they say, not as they do, right?

      33. Chic a boom, Chic a boom, don’t you just love it.

      34. I will not comply with this unlawful request. They can put a thousand puppets on stage to parlay their propaganda and the response is still the same.


        • These so called stars got out the votes for obama

          But their is no way they’ll get the Illegal guns out

          His voters aren’t going to cough up their guns legal or not

          • we are back to moderation i thought that went away

            • Only Nina is allow. He back to his Joo talk and no one cares. Someone will bitch and some big talk from the site will happen then nothing to come of it. Just the $ to be made.

              • *hands FBP a kleenex*

      35. i rarely listen to hollywierd anymore i’m not at all suprised that they would do this…

      36. Hey Tkuusa,

        I am a white person, caucasian.

        I was referring to the black brother who

        was ‘joking’ about killing de white folk.

        Perhaps you should watch the video to discern

        what people are posting, idiot. Never been

        on welfare in my life, and do not have a fat ass,

        as You Do Bubba… I can send you back to grade

        school if you have trouble reading.

        • Who decided if it was fat or not.

        • Jamie Foxx Praises ‘Our Lord And Savior, Barack Obama’

          Don’t forget the video of these words.

      37. tk4usa, I don’t know your background or Emily’s, but I don’t recall any of Emily’s posts in other articles saying she’s on the public dole. I doubt if she is, but how would you know for sure? We all come to this site learn and share information about survival-related topics. If you have some survival-related tips to offer us, fine, we’ll be glad to read them; otherwise, stop making personal attacks on people you don’t know. Braveheart

      38. Don’t worry everyone, the southern San Andreas is tettering on breaking, been over 310 years since it last broke. WHEN it breaks the energy from the fault will be directed right at LA and near to hollyweird, and this true hell hole will get hit with 3 minutes of intense shaking, even more if the breaks goes past the creep zone to the northern section of the fault. It will not be a Northridge type of disaster, it will look more like something from Kobe, not quite Haiti, but strong enough.

        Since the sicko news is totally obsessed with these prima donna f’s, there will be much more coverage of the suffering that the stars are going through than the people that have nothing and are poor. Star worship is something that has been one of the downfalls of society because these ass monkeys are the largest phonies on the planet. These “stars” are nothing but hypocrites and would die inside if they lost their fan based worship of them. This is one place (hollyweird) that deserves an earthquake, more like a volcano under IT. What a cess pit.

        • @BI

          So are you saying we should load up our supplies and go save them?

          I went to the Rolling Stones concert in Oakland when after the freeway had sandwiched and killed around 70 people. It was ugly and I wish that on no one.

          Thanks for the update

          • @ Ugly. I would try to advice almost anyone of an upcoming earthquake to help save them. Hollyweird I would not. This place is a sick cancer that has warped minds and not been good entertainment, but done tremendous damage to the country and world. Crime has exploded as TV and movies from this hell hole have glorified people dying and suffering horribly, increasing in sickness each year. Tumors like this when Mother Nature wants to flatten it, I say bring it on, absolutely no loss.

        • i hope not. my family and i are still here.

          • @ asian prep. You I will try to warn for sure. The two earthquakes in Scotia Sea and Balleny Islands if you follow the plates on a globe it converges right in central california. The state is in the target zone of possible, not as much as Mexico and South America, but still quite possible as the recent polar earthquakes in the same locations have lead to earthquakes in california before.

            What fault are you nearest to where you live? I would worry most about the Newport-Ingelwood and the Whittier-Elsinore faults in the southern california region. Other faults seem to be a few decades away from breaking that could devastate the are unless like in Mongolia decades ago in which a strike slip set off a bunch of blind thrust faults, that the San Andreas sets of those dozens of faults in the are.

            For every 2 miles of fault that breaks you can expect 1 second of shaking. This means that when the San Andreas breaks from the Salton Sea or Mexcio up to at least Parkfield you will get 3 minutes of shaking, more if it jumps to the north past the creep zone. Don’t let anyone tell you it will be a 7.7, this is an utter lie meant to not scare people. It will likely be 8.1-8.4 based on the amount of land that will break and the amount of slippage that will occur from 310 years+ of stress that has built up. Watch the Cascadia fault as this was about the last time the Southern San Andreas broke, about 1700. The central San Andrease went in 1812 and so did the New Madrid.

            • that one gave me chills. less than 6 months and we’re out of here. i’m always keeping a close eye on your posts. i can’t even begin to imagine the nightmare of 3 minutes of 8.4.

              i think it’s unbelievable the amount of work you put in to this. our hat’s are off to you. more power, BI and as always, THANK YOU.

              • asian prep…I just hours ago read 3 future predictions of people that Prophecy…every one had the west coast, Cal, Washington, and Oregon sinking.
                I’m in Ky and on the edge of the New Madrid Fault I know how you feel.
                If I was able to move, where to? East coast is gonna slide into the ocean, west coast is, and most states other than Ky have nuclear power plants…so what can we do??

                • i just posted at the EMP topic. earthquake? where i’m at? screwed. not sure if you folks believe Major Ed Dames and his Kill Shot vid but i find it funny how all of a sudden all this topic is the creeping back up. i suppose with all the nuclear plants going fukushima then it basically is the end game. safe to assume so? f*ckin A i hope not…..

        • ive never looked up to anybody in my entire life ,except the lord and my parents

      39. Yo Be informed, If Kalifornication falls into the sea, that would make Washington forget about the gun thing for a while 🙂

        • isn’t that what they call a too-fer

      40. I watched some of that video, couldn’t stomach anymore of looking at these pieces of rat feces. How could anyone look up to this total filth. I could not even see a cockroach having any respect for these scum suckers. If God has a nice medium sized asteroid that has to land on the planet, let it be in hollyweird. I know others out there would say Israel, Washington DC, China, or others. My favorite location for a nice football field size asteroid would be hollyweird, and it would slow down just enough for all those hypocrites to see it coming from the atmosphere.

        • hello all! this is my first post and I’m sorry it has to be negative one as I’ve enjoyed this site for a longtime @BI hey I know that video is bullshit…..but basically putting the mojo on all Californians really sucks. I eagerly look forward to you predictions and appreciate the effort you put into this work, and depend on this efforts to help me manage one of the main worries in my mind….also the reason I started to prepare. So while there are many reasons to despise California you guys need to keep in mind that were not all assholes here!!!! I have owned my own biz for many years, keep my nose clean, and recieved my CCW in 2 weeks when many are taking 6-12 months or never getting one. I dont know anyone in the Sheriffs dept. I did it on my own, so keep in mind there are good people here! before you start dropping your trousers on us. keep up the good work and more focus on San Andreas would be nice

          • @ cali-kid. I am never an absolute person, I do understand that there are decent good people in almost all areas. As I told asian prep I will attempt to warn people to save them whereever they are. Those ass monkeys in hollyweird are not people, they are the backwash from toilets. While I would not push a button to cause an earthquake to annihilate hollyweird, I surely would never NOT push a button to stop one. Hollyweird is a parasite on the world, a leech of the cancerous type and the sooner there is a 7+ right under the Hollywood fault zone the better. The rest of the area will only be affected a little worse than Northridge.

            People out there lie to you about what will happen WHEN the southern San Andreas breaks. It is not going to be some mid 7 range. The amount of displacement in 1857 earthquake was 29 feet, and in SF in 1906 it was 21 feet. That segment of the fault down in the Salton Sea to San Bernadino mountains should be moving about 1 and 1/2 inches to tops 2 inches each year. Doesn’t sound like much? Well after 310+ years of being locked that means at 1 and 1/2 inches x 310 = 465 inches of stress built up or almost 39 feet of displacement built up. SEE THE DANGER?

            The energy from this will almost certainly continue past Wrightwood into Palmdale right past the Grapevine and all the way up to at least Parkfield. That is more than 325 miles of fault break. One second of shaking to about 2 miles of fault break = 3 minutes of intense shaking. It is more the duration of the shaking than the shaking that will bring down the buildings. It is also the speed of the energy waves as many studies have been done that say because of the shape of the fault from here it will be hypersonic.

            IF the momentum is enough to bypass the creep zone and even force the creep zone to slip, it could easily continue to right to SF and south of Eureka into the ocean. The SA is at least 800 miles long, perhaps longer. 800 miles divided 2 miles is 400 seconds or 6 and 1/2 minutes of shaking. This would be high 8 range much like the mega strike slip that broke in April that no one said was possible. WELLLLL.

            I personally feel it will stop at near Parkfield and be between 8.1-8.4 in size. I feel that the Whittier-Elsinore will break slightly after the San Andreas goes, good bye Temecula. I feel that 2 or 3 other thrust faults will also break that are decades away right now from breaking from the energy release triggering them, range mid 6 to high 6 range. This is what likely happened when the 7.3 Landers earthquake occurred, it likely cause the Northridge quake 1 and 1/2 years later.

            In short, southern california is going to look like Haiti. There is not a single manmade structure that can withstand Earth movement directly on a fault, not even NORAD could. They can talk all they want about the hundreds of feet tall buildings swaying and being fine. If the foundation under them is not so fine then forget about it. Unless there is some empty pocket under the crust, california will not sink into the ocean. Parts of the coastline where massive liquidification occurs could slump into the water though.

            The real issue will be the fires, and IF there is an intense Santa Ana wind condition during this time of the SA breaking, southern california will look like Dresden, Germany after the allies bombed the crap out of it. By the way Santa Ana wind conditions are high pressure systems that add some atmospheric pressure to the ground and can sometimes to the final straw that broke the camal’s back, especially around earthquake faults that are near canyons.

            The longer the fault goes without breaking the more catastrophic it will be. You my friend are living on a 2000-5000 megaton ticking time bomb. 6.0 = 1 megaton, 7.0 = 32 megatons, 8.0 = 1000 megatons of energy. The weather is not worth it, besides the smog is the worst in the western hempishere other than Mexico City. I advice anyone to get out when they still can. Southern california is a death trap unless you are isolated much away from the population centers.

      41. @ Be Informed ~ Cal. is a cesspool. I lived there for
        5 years. Worked in a hospital there. I agree, let Cal. fall into the ocean. This is the mood I am in right now after viewing that stupid video clip. Roger and out.

      42. Great video, I had a good laugh. Now that’s how you engage the opposition, I wish the coward Republicans would learn the lesson of how to take offense and smack the libs with their own idiocy.

        Now for my conflict:
        I can not stand George Clooney’s politics but O’Brother Where Art Thou is one of my favorite movies. There’s a lot of music that I enjoy but not the artist as a person. There’s products that I use but oppose the CEO’s politics. I love the Mormon’s tenant of stocking food, taking care of body and soul and looking out for members of their community, I’m not particularly religious but I’ll continue to follow their example of self sufficiency and preparedness.

        I’m an amateur musician that plays out at open mics. I don’t drink but I play at dive bars, wine bars, coffee shops and lodges. The closer I get to Portland Oregon the stranger the crowd gets. I’ve learned to tolerate many things and music styles that I was once very opinionated on. I guess I’ve mellowed out because I’m not riled by Hollywoods hypocrisy, actually it’s kinda reassuring, I would think that the world was coming to an end if they were in support of expanding gun rights and to arm up, it give me that warm and fuzzy feeling of normalcy.

      43. after readin all the comments I forgot what i was goin to say;

      44. Your not American Hollywood shit.Your fat,double chinned spoiled metro sexuals.You are slack,weak and deserve what you get.

      45. Hey Hollywood! If you want them….

        ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

      46. I’m am not one to grouse but why is it that when 20 white children get killed, all of hollowwierd comes up with their form of we are the unarmed world? What about the 300-400 children slaughtered in Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, New york city, oh, did I mention the politically correct euphemism? “other than white”, one other thing, each of these cities has the most draconian gun laws on the books. I miss the days when actors and actresses just plied their trade and stayed the hell out of politics, they need to shut the f*ck up! I love the second video, priceless!

        • What about all the children killed by drones in Afghanistan I just read about today???
          What’s your take on that Hollycrites??

          • Notice there isn’t a drone Ban,

            We are going to have 30,000 drones in the U.S.

            But arern’t Drones proven to be getting people Killed

      47. Boycotts work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Interesting how this is the one play dropped from activists’/progressivists’ playbooks over the last few decades. The puppeteers don’t want the new generation of activist puppets to do anything that would actually be effective in protesting banks, bizes, etc.

        Starve the beast(s). Cut your cable TV. Don’t go to movies. Don’t buy any fanboy crap. Use cash, not plastic. And in a somewhat related vein, cancel any subscription to any Gannett publication, avoid their advertisers, and tell them why.


      48. @Tk4usa ~ Thank you for your apology. I can see why it happened, I should have been more clear in my beginning sentence. I get sick of it too, I used to work in a place where the blacks acted as if it were 1960 and tried to make the white folk be defensive.

      49. HYP-O-CRITES?????

      50. This is just icing on the cake–I already have a list of known actors that supported the fraud, Ostupid(George Clooney, Jamie Foxx, Mel Gibson)that I refuse to watch, and now I can add these to my ‘do not order’ Netflix.

      51. It must be contageous the hypocrasy that is. Last week I had a little conversation with a coworker about 2nd amend and our God given rights. You know the conversation that you have where you stop to explain every other phrase for example” no sweety theres no such thing as a 30 round gun, I think you mean magazine capacity”
        “no no the guy said 30 round gun”
        “If you say so”
        Anyhoo after that exercise in futility, and a tirade of anti gun blithering from her she pipes up and addresses the crowd” has anyone seen D’jango ? Its awesome???????????

      52. Hollywood and the idiot actors who live there should focus their attention on making a movie I can actually sit all the way through without turning it off becuase it sucked so bad. They need to all get together and star in a movie that doesn’t completely suck balls for a change. This Jammie Fox clown is the biggest moron in Hollywood talking about how he killed all the white people in his latest film. I guess it escaped Mr Fox’s attention that the man who wrote and directed the film is white and he was nothing more than Tarantinos house boy while making the film. lol Mr fox…go watch Tarantino’s whole body of work….real black people friendly isn’t it? hahahahahahhahaha ” did you see a sign on my house that says dead ni**er storage”? pulp fiction
        Did they kill all the white people in that one Jammie ? I did notice one black dude got boned in the ass by Sid the gay biker. Yep….black people friendly indeed that Tarantino is.

        • Dont watch & listen to their immoral movies & songs those maggots & blue bottle flies live in a lala land of shite & depravity ( hollywood). I live in the real world amongst real people I disowned the TV long time ago and limit my internet time so I can do real things outdoors in all weather & not in shopping malls with the I wanna be a celeb generation

        • And the other black kid got his head blown off in the back of the car by a white guy….

      53. lol ^^^

      54. Stupidity Is In Our Genes? I Don’t Think So

        I stumbled on a couple of articles that seemed rather unusual to me. Both articles try to explain possibilities for why there are so many morons among us. Both possible explanations serve to divert attention from our inadequate education system, not-so-secret government experiments and the flood of mainstream media propaganda. It also serves to gloss over the poisoning of our water and food. Perhaps it’s an explanation for the ridiculous antics of the Hollywierd stars in this video.

        A quote from one article states: “Women infected with Toxoplasma more often report that diplomacy is not their strong point…that some people have the power to impose their will on others with hypnosis… and that they have a weak instinct for self-preservation: in situations where somebody else might be afraid, for example being alone in a forest or in an empty house at night, they remain calm.”

        …”that some people have the power to impose their will on others with hypnosis” — boy, how close to describing a Manchurian Candidate can you get, without actually using the word “Manchurian”?

        We’ve all seen government papers on mind control programs like MKULTRA. Could this be a reminder that anyone could be a victim of mind control? Or is it a warning?

        Some information in these articles seem to have a bit of truth in them, though. Could this be an attempt to desensitize people, for when they begin locking people up in the near future, claiming they are mentally ill? What better way to get the zombies to cheer for every patriot that is imprisoned, than to convince people that there was some “bug” responsible for their behavior?

        Could this be a small hint that the government has perfected it’s nanobot research, in relation to their mind control programs? Could the government be ready to deploy those nanobots on the population? Would we ever know it?

        The idea that humans are “evolving” naturally into stupidity is ridiculous. In one article there is a quote: “I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to suddenly appear among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companies, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues,” he writes.”

        He might have a valid point, because people who lived in 1000 BC could think freely for themselves:

        They didn’t have the mainstream media blanketing their thoughts with propaganda.

        They didn’t have the MPAA war on “intellectual property”, they could have a thought without fear of reprisal.

        They had a REAL, fact-based education system, rather than a “re-education system” might induce people to think critically. Without having someone tell them what to think, people tend to draw their own conclusions naturally.

        The idea that it is in our genetic code to devolve into utter stupidity is ridiculous and insulting. I wonder if they realize what their message is…Scientists claim big “advancements” in science, while concurrently declaring mankind is genetically devolving into stupidity. I guess they must think that everyone BUT themselves is getting dumber…I whole heartedly disagree.

        I see that they prove their own theory.

      55. Boycott the celebs/idiots/hypocrits in this demand-a-plan bullshit video? HELL YES! Go one step further and boycott all the crap coming out of Hollywood. Refuse to go to any movie theatre to support these clowns and purveyeors of filth and hypocrisy. If gun owners and supporters of the second amendment would stick together and refuse to pay a dime towards their lavish lifestyles, maybe they would just shut TF up and get a real job. I need a few ditches cleaned out and some rotten horse shit moved out of the composter. Hey, Cameron Diaz and Beyonce’, bitches grab a shovel and bend over.

      56. It’s time to counter with Tom Selleck and Steven Seagal. Two decades ago I heard Seagal give a speech at a pro gun dinner and briefly met him. Throw in Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis for good measure.

      57. Typical, Hollywood libs. Its eay when you have money to be so liberal with other peoples rights. Why don’t thay stop making violent moveis if they are so concerned. Money, thats why. Two faced phoneys. Lets ee how they feel when they have a gun shoved in thier face by a person who wants to do them harm. Bet they crap thier pants and wish they ahad a gun on them. IDIOTS, who play God with your rights.

      58. Hollywwod Libs. Easy to be like that when you have money and don’t have to live in the real world like most of us. They live in secured mansions with body guards, we don’t. We live in the real world. They would feel different if they had a gub shoved up thier ass by a person out to doo do them harm. Bet they wish they had a gun on them then. Its amazing how phoneys like that want to play God with your rights as an American. Why don’t they stop making violent moveis if they care so much. Money, thats why. You bunch of two face assholes. Go back and hide in your money and leave the real world to those who have to live in it. Idiots!!!

      59. Writing as the minority, Judge Ann Williams said the state was within its right to ban weapons in “sensitive places” like government buildings, universities and churches, in the name of public safety – a typical anti-gun mindset which is as antithetical to the letter and spirit of the Second Amendment as it is illogical …….

        (the act of carrying a gun is, in and of itself, done to improve “public safety”)

        Illinois Court Strikes Own State’s Unconstitutional Ban on Concealed Carry

      60. The Hollywood sheeple in the People’s Republic of California should put their money where their mouth is and refuse to play any character that uses a firearm. I doubt that will ever happen since they make so much money using (or misusing) firearms in their portrayals of mostly over-the-top scripted mayhem.

      61. Something about Sandy Hook doesn’t add up for me. We’re not even over the Aurora shooting and this comes along. First of all it happened to the most innocent people on the face of the earth. Then it happened in a ‘not so friendly to gun’ state. And to top it off, no one seems to really know what the truth is surrounding this incident, my, even the fall guy’s gone, zippo.
        So here’s a little thought to ponder;
        Someone (lord knows who) comes along with this Aurora event which has the potential to freeze up Hollywood, a major source of revenue for many, are they not? Cliche, ‘follow the money trail’.

        With the Aurora shooting threatening their revenue stream, Hollywood doesn’t waste time with a follow up; The Sandy Hook massacre.

        ‘You really think your gonna shut us down, boy’? ‘Well let us show you how we roll’, and with that; Checkmate!
        ‘And by the way, not only will we make sure you don’t do that again we will make sure you don’t have the tools to do it with’. ‘PS: Up yours with We being responsible for this. We will continue to publish murder, rape,theft, etc. to this nation of dumb m.asses while putting out our pathetic little anti-gun videos’. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, homey.

        I dunno, with Hollywood putting out all this filth, seems THEY are responsible. FOCUS ON HOLLYWOOD. And when the monkeys start chattering about gun control, FOCUS ON HOLLYWOOD. Show them how THEY share responsibility as they partake in this pathetic circus.

        I’m taking a serious look at cleansing this beast (Hollywood) from my life, and that includes the NFL. As a nation we are standing on the brink of moral and financial ruin. Just say no to popcorn and the back button.

        Peace with you

        • VJ..I unplugged tv/cable 4 years ago–saved a bit of money and simplified an area in my life.
          Dh started reading and we never looked back.
          No magazines, no newspapers, no movies EVER.
          Yep-Netflix, but I get to choose what I watch, when and who I watch.
          And a few actors just got added to my s**t list with Clooney, Jamie Foxx, and Mel Gibson.

      62. @SnakeEater ~ I am still lol at what you posted,
        you’re too funny!
        ( I have had rattlesnake before and liked it)
        I had to study film for a while in college,
        that is why I brought up the 1920’s.
        Everyone was trying to forget the depression
        and worldly events.
        I just remember the films being lavish,
        colorful and ‘big.’ I would say “I do” to a
        like minded soul such as yourself anytime. 😉

      63. @SnakeEater ~ I am still lol at what you posted,
        you’re too funny!
        ( I have had rattlesnake before and liked it)
        I had to study film for a while in college,
        that is why I brought up the 1920’s.
        Everyone was trying to forget the depression
        and worldly events.
        I just remember the films being lavish,
        colorful and ‘big.’ I would say “I do” to a
        like minded soul such as yourself anytime. 😉

      64. Emily
        i figured as much,,but i`m tired of all the doom and gloom in here thought i might get a belly roar out of someone,,,
        now you live in florida i think right???if so mind telling me which coast???i have many prepper friends on the west coast,,,some in the cape canaveral area also,,,

      65. @Snake ~ I live in UpState New York.
        Between Buffalo and Syracuse.
        Just as long as they are like
        yourself, like minded prepper
        good guys, similar to many here.

        • emily
          i forgive you,,,hahahaha if you ever get down my way give a shout,,let me know you are coming,,,i`ll show you what an elephant trap looks like,,,


      66. Not a single one of those celebrities can be called an actor, capable of performing a role. They are action figures and one-liners, dressing the sets in between explosions and car chases. They would stand out as dead wood in so much as a high-school Shakespeare festival.

        Their celebrity is created by the media for the media.

      67. No Batman movie no Batman shooting.

      68. I haven’t owned a tv in years. My grandma used to say its of the devil and years later, I realized she was right. I did watch tv when I visited relatives awhile back and it was so awful– its much worse now than it used to be, I had nightmares after seeing all the junk on it… even during commercials when they adverized upcoming movies… it scared the crap out of me. THAT’S THE REAL REASON FOR ALL THE VIOLENCE. WHAT NEEDS TO BE BANNED IS TV AND VIDEO GAMES. IF THE PRODUCERS REFUSE TO CLEAN UP THEIR ACT… BAN TV!!! (And throw the a..hole actors out of work!!)

      69. I DO have a plan… simple: throw away the tv!! When we were kids, we played outside. We had healthy habits, healthy play time. Nowdays, kids watch all the filth and violence on TV…of course, there will be violence as a result. Throw out the tv, kill the jobs for these traitorous actors and actresses– that’s the REAL cure!!

      70. Boycott guns and Hollywood. Good idea!

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