Watch: Greeks Fight For Food: “I Never Imagined That I Would End Up Here”

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    People reach out to take fruits and vegetables distributed for free by farmers during a protest against high production costs outside the Agriculture Ministry in Athens

    (Pictured: February 6, 2013: Greeks reach out to take fruits and vegetables distributed for free by farmers. Over 100,000 pounds of food was not enough to feed everyone.)

    Once a bastion of European success and center of tourism, the country of Greece has become the harbinger of things to come for the rest of the world’s developed nations.

    Not long ago Greeks were enjoying high paid salaries, early retirements, excess cash, and seemingly never ending economic growth.

    Today, just a short time after a financial collapse that rocked global financial markets, Europe’s darling has turned into a frightening example of what happens when governments and their people take on more debt than they can ever hope to repay.

    The end result is a warning to the rest of us.

    Hundreds of people jostled for free vegetables handed out by farmers in a symbolic protest earlier on Wednesday, trampling one man and prompting an outcry over the growing desperation created by economic crisis.

    Images of people struggling to seize bags of tomatoes and leeks thrown from a truck dominated television, triggering a bout of soul-searching over the new depths of poverty in the debt-laden country.

    “These images make me angry. Angry for a proud people who have no food to eat, who can’t afford to keep warm, who can’t make ends meet,” said Kostas Barkas, a lawmaker from the leftist Syriza party.

    Other lawmakers from across the political spectrum decried the images “of people on the brink of despair” and the sense of “sadness for a proud people who have ended up like this“.

    People have seen their living standards crumble as the country faces its sixth year of recession that has driven unemployment to record highs.

    The free food handout in Athens began peacefully as hundreds of Greeks lined up in advance outside the agriculture ministry, where protesting farmers laid out tables piled high with produce, giving away 50 metric tonnes (55.11 tons) of produce in under two hours.

    Tensions flared when the stalls ran out of produce and dozens of people – some carrying small children – rushed to a truck and shoved each other out of the way in the competition for what was left.

    One man was treated for injuries after being trampled when he fell to the ground in the commotion.

    “I never imagined that I would end up here,” said Panagiota Petropoulos, 65, who struggles to get by on her 530-euro monthly pension while paying 300 euros in rent.

    I can’t afford anything, not even at the fruit market. Everything is expensive, prices of everything are going up while our income is going down and there are no jobs.

    Reuters via Zero Hedge


    Desperation, sadness, poverty, disbelief – these are the horrors that await the unprepared.

    While European (and U.S.) officials would have us believe they’ve mitigated the crisis in Greece, the fact is that this experiment in centralized governance is, in its entirety, on the brink of collapse.

    We’ve chronicled the desperate situation in Greece for the last few years.

    Personal accounts from some of our readers express their fear and uncertainty as political and socioeconomic conditions have deteriorated.

    Shortages of life savings medicines and food have led to widespread riots and looting. Food has become so expensive in Greece that it has become unattainable for many, prompting the Greek government to authorize grocery retailers to sell expired food at discounted prices.

    On a national level, Greece’s manipulation of economic health numbers and their ability to repay loans has left them unable to meet their financial obligations and has led to talks of their exit from the Euro, a move that has the potential to destroy the European currency system altogether.

    The debts have gotten so high that the country faced the possibility of a complete collapse of their power and gas infrastructure when local utility companies were unable to settle their agreements with regional suppliers – an effect caused by their customers’ inability to pay their monthly bills.

    This is what it looks like when a system collapses. Sometimes it happens overnight in a waterfall event. In the case of Greece, a country that has the backing of the world’s two largest central banks, it’s been a slow but steady process of grinding down all aspects of life.

    A similar grinding down should be apparent in other Western nations, namely the United States, where we’ve seen employment decline unabated over the last decade and tens of millions of people added to government funded social safety nets like food assistance and disability.

    Make no mistake. We are Greece.

    Now is the time to prepare for the desperate situation that will soon be in America. For millions it’s already here.

    Every day we edge closer to disaster. Life in America as we have come to know it is in the midst of a massive paradigm shift.

    It will no doubt be difficult. But despite the challenges, with the proper mindset and preparation, perhaps we can avoid being one of the many who will be depending on handouts when the worst comes to pass.


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      1. Coming to Amerika. Count on it !

        • Coming to the unprepared in Amerika. Count on it.

          It will be a lot less severe for those who have food stored for a while, and a way to protect it.

          The problems are always when masses of people try to get limited resources (handouts). If you don’t need what is being given, you should be able to avoid trouble.

          • True but those conditions will spread to Amerika. It will still make things difficult even for those that are prepared. When society becomes unhinged it will be scary. I have prepared to the best of my ability. I live in an apt complex and I surely am not looking forward to those conditions. That’s why I don’t say a word about my prepping.

            To quote Gerald Celente…”When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT !!!

            • How sad. We can give all the advice and warnings people need but if they don’t act on it, they get Greece.
              What has happen to Africa over the past 30-40 years was a warning also.
              These people that have caused this will pay on judgement day. Stay prepping folks; water, food, seeds, extra clothing, blankets and ammo.

              • Those depending on the government for their reserve food may be in for a shock.

                China has agreements for large purchases of corn and wheat from the U.S. Since the U.S. is in debt so badly to China, I assume they will get their bushels first.
                Years ago, the U.S. used to keep large surpluses of corn and other grain … just in case. But, that is not the case now.

                The article below is 5 years old. With the drought, I wonder what the current situation is? What effect will the drought have on prices of corn, wheat and other grains?

                US Grain Reserves Dangerously Low (AAM Concerned with CCC Inventories)

                As of 2008, “Our concern is not that we are using the remainder of our strategic grain reserves for humanitarian relief. AAM fully supports the action and all humanitarian food relief.

                Our concern is that the U.S. has nothing else in our emergency food pantry. There is no cheese, no butter, no dry milk powder, no grains or anything else left in reserve.

                The only thing left in the entire CCC inventory will be 2.7 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America.”


                • I hope they get all the GMO-roundup-ready corn, wheat and soy beans they can float back to China.

                  • not that it would matter. they poison their own people. re: melamine scandal about 4 years ago.

                • {{{With the drought, I wonder what the current situation is? What effect will the drought have on prices of corn, wheat and other grains?}}}

                  Ky Mom, I’ve read more than one report a dry growing season is expected again this year.
                  Trtuh?? Only God knows.

                • I live in a cattle ranching area. Due to drought last year lots of herds were largely sold off. Not enough grass to cut hay in many areas last summer. We count on showfall to fill the dams in the spring. So far this winter we again have below average snow and above average temps. No water = no cattle and no hay. Hoping we will make enough this next year to cover expenses. A nice blizzard before spring would be most welcome.

                • Any Californians please confirm:
                  A friend of mine works at a low income clinic in a western state. They told me that they have been seeing an influx of californians. The californians moved to a new state because California has stopped providing welfare and free medical to welfare families. So they are moving to neighboring states and their welfare systems and free clinics are now having to absorb the influx.
                  Anybody in Cali know about this?

                  • The only thing that I heard is that they are starting to crack down on fraudulent welfare and medical claims (Finally!). They were planning on cutting some welfare benefits too.

                  • We have them here in Iowa. As a matter of fact Iowa is getting welfare refugees from all over…The IA legislatures doesn’t care as they want the bums that vote demorats here. Us taxpayers…we care but are overwhelmed. Voting at the polls no longer matters. Voting with your feet does. Wyoming or bust!

                  • I’m a Californian and have been working with low income populations for around 3 years. Many of the free and low income medical clinics that I have worked in have made a conserted effort to accept more low income (more aptly “no income”) patients as opposed to turning them away. In Los Angeles county there has been a expansion in county funded medical coverage for indigent populations, the rational being that this is a stepping stone for this demographic that will soon transition into federally mandated health insurance programs. Low income clinics are heavely competing for this demographic as it can increase future revenues if they are already servicing this population when mandatory health insurance is implemented. Yet the patient demographic that seems to be benefiting the most from these programs are Hispanic and African Americans. I encounter less Caucasians and rarely Asians or Middle Easterns that benifit from or can even get into low income clinics. I’ve even witnessed systemic discrimination against non-Hispanics in one of the clinics I worked at. It seems that when members of the middle class fall on to hard times they have a difficult time getting into low income clinics, because they are not yet destitute. For this group it would seem logical to move to another state with a lower cost of living, waiting for one benifits to kick in, while one still possesses the means to do so.

              • DRD5508,

                The main reason we have these problems throughout the world is we, as a group, are hoping someone or something takes care of the problem for us. We, as a group, have become welfare recipients. We are hoping the political class provides an environment which will allow us to have food, clothes, and shelter. If not then they will get theirs on “Judgement day”. The answer lies in our own hands and our own actions. Perhaps we should create our own “Judgement day”, not unlike Bastille Day.

                • the elite will sit out the rioting and choas in underground bunkers set up in kansas, colorado, west virginia, et al. imagine marshall law: no food, pestilence and disease running rampant while the health care system is unable to deal with it. massive rioting, all being monitored with drones, controlled by local authorities or quasi militia with shoot to kill orders if you get out of line. wanna run off to the country? you can due to transportation limitations. you want food or medical attention, off to a fema camp so they can control you. the laws, the facilities, the infrastructure for this scenario is already in place. but do not think for a minute your senator or representative is dealing with any of it, they are safe, underground, continuing to govern, and will not pop back up till after the worse of it, which may take years.

            • “struggles to get by on her 530-euro monthly pension”

              Think of the millions of romanians who struggle to get by on a 100-euro monthlu pension… or less!

              • TB – yup Romania has it HARD right now! Not “important” enough to make the news in the West sadly. (My stepson and ex-mil live there) If you are there right now please let people know what’s happening.

                Those who are smart are unplugging from the system and getting to be as self-sufficient as they can while there is still time. Noone can be 100% self-sufficient but even the ability to raise a few quail on your patio or grow a few sprouting seeds in your apartment may shortly make all the difference to your family’s well being.

                The average Greek is a proud man, hardworking and VERY family orientated. One thing that irritates me particularly is how the MSM have been trying to portray the Greeks as a lazy, incompetent race in recent years. With a strong tradition small business and independence of spirit media descriptions bear no resemblance to the nation so many loved to visit.

                They are being blamed for factors beyond the ordinary man’s control as part of the overall redrawing of the map of the med by tptb. Yet bartering and other means of coping have sprung up everywhere, and noone can say they have not tried to protest at every turn at the injustice they are being served.

                America and the UK as nations sadly have much higher rates of welfare dependency/famiy breakdown/reliance of corp employment/social issues in good times than the Greeks. When our turn comes for the banksters axe to fall I fear that we will not do as well.

            • I’m sorry to say this… truly I am… but…

              Your landlord has a key, and he’ll evict you if you change your locks…

              • I don’t know what to even suggest.

                To me, a storage unit would be better than the apartment. But only just barely. And those things get hot inside…

                • Yeah, I have a storage unit and its packed full of stuff- canned food, seeds, toilet paper to last years, furniture, tons of covers and sleeping bags, a bug out bag, etc… but that’s about all I got (besides SUV). No home.

                  • Even a storage unit would fall under the same hazards as a rental unit.

                    To wit: if the owner of the storage unit gets desperate, he/she might start going through units looking for food, weapons, whatever…

                  • I have gone with a 27 foot travel trailer (Feather Wieight), an F150 to tow it. It is stocked with 90 days of food. That is my wife and I’s bug out bag unless you consider the 72 hour packs we have in both of our cars.

                    I am looking for a box truck like a U-haul for additional storage and back up tow vehicle. With my two bee hives in the back of the truck, 5 rabbits with cages and hope to get 5 chickens we should with the rest of our family who have similar set ups be able to evacuate to a pre-set very large National Forest & BLM location 3 hours away. Below the snow line and running water at all times of the year.

              • This is not true. I cannot evict you for Changing your locks. I am a landlord for a large REIT and if you give good reason why you want that lock changed (use you head)I cannot stop you. You do have to give me a key. In the event we need to enter for an emergency. Do I check that key when you give it to me….NO. I make a note in your file that you feel unsafe because of this or that. Hang that key in the lock box. Case closed and no other thought is given to it. In the event we need to enter your apt. we usually give you notice, make sure you are home to answer the knock and I do not have to use that key. In the event of a real emergency and I forget you changed your locks that door is being breached. We may hagle over the cost of repairs. You remind me that you gave me a key and ask what the hell my problem was. Case closed. Just saying.

            • @Rodster:

              Good Day Sir.

              Get a ball cap and a t-shirt with FEMA on it, so if you have to answer the door, you can tell them you just got back and that they(fema) have extra stuff(pointing your finger ,giving directions).

              Seriously, I hope you have a BOL.

              On/Off Topic? — :

              Anyone else feel their shorthairs rise, thinking ’bout obummer’s jaunt out of country in March. False flag with deniability? D.C. maybe, or other east coast locale?

              “A panic situation on your part, does not constitute an emergency on mine.”–author unknown by BA–

              Right now I’ve got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone: “the chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall”, “john has a long mustache, john has a long mustache”. –Red Dawn–

              ….I’ll see you on the beach…..BA.

              • BA: I agree with you on the false flag, the only thing I feel to watch is when and where the First B-TCH and the young ones, are home or gone, but if they go with Emperor in Chief or are out of town by themselves look out.

              • BA:

                Going to Israel in March, isn’t he? Would be a great time to pull a false flag of some kind.

                “Not One More Inch!”

                KySSG . . . out.

              • “A panic situation on your part, does not constitute an emergency on mine.”


                The Ultimate FUBarbarian…

                There is something profound about that word BA…

                • @Piper Mike:

                  Thanks for the Garfield post. I have heard and read that quote, but never who to give credit, again thanks.

                  FUBARbarian –kinda ketchie–lol

                  …NOMI….I stand with you….BA.

                  • BA,
                    I used to have the cartoon pinned to my cork board at work…
                    When people would come in panicking, I would smile and point to the board…

              • dont dress up as FEMA and walk down the street the prepper next door might just shoot you

              • It’s like Afghanistan. They’ll never stop.

          • Coming to New England Monday. Three days after Sandy they were in the dumpsters…

            • Very good point.

              • Eagledove ~

                You’ve been MIA – good to see you!


                • Hello Daisy; I have been putting a lot of hours in at work , plus Saturdays. I’ve been sick and had to put SHTFplan on the back burner for awhile. So it’s going to be hit and miss for awhile. 🙁

                  Thank you Daisy for your comment. 🙂

                  It seems like when I am not here.., it’s like missing an episode of Days of our Lives. 😉


              • If you live in your vehicle, can’t you park near enough to protect the storage unit?

              • Cindy–I read of families evicted that rented storage units and when the manager left, they put their family inside and slept there.
                Tried to be gone before the manager returned each morning.
                Yes, all the evil banksters, the evil corporations, the evil judges, and evil legislators have a special place in hell with all their names on the doors.

            • I suspect that there are plenty of people in NY who live out of dumpsters on a full-time basis. No way to know if those dumpster diving were victims of Sandy. Might have been a media-staged event. Too many photographers for it to not be staged. But yeah, soon enough it will be the real thing.

          • Weak, deserving Americans will act like the Greeks in the photo to the nth power…we have seen a sampling during the holidays.

            …and we ain’t seen nothin yet!

            • Actually lastmanstanding, you have already observed many Americans act WORSE during Black Fridays and any NBA title match!! And it is much worse, with the daily flash mobs in NYC, beatings, destruction, mass theft…

              And when gas goes past $6/gal, and when a gallon of milk goes to $10, and the average family starts spending >$10000/yr for IRS approved health coverage…those 60″ LCD TVs, XBOX360s and iPods will no longer mean a whole lot!

              And then it will be easier to recruit hungry and impoverished youth into the SS–, er, I mean, Civilian Security Force, with food and health care. And free pressed brownshirts!!

        • The sad part is that ALL aspects of self-reliance are not only villianized now, but are under direct legislative takeover. No, it’s not enough that Adam Lanza’s mom was a prepper and therefore somehow responsible for Sandy Hook, or Jimmy Lee Dykes has brought all doomsday bunkers under the propagandized attack of the media, but statutes, acts, and codes (hardly law) have been passed or are in the that process for:
          1. the Food Safety Modernization Act give your personal agricultural freedom to the FDA,
          2. EPA retains to the right to your rainwater,
          3. the Federal Reserve Act controls your ability to do business and make a living,
          4. the NDAA abrogates your right to due process of judicial law,
          5. a soon to be UN mandate controlling alternative media and the internet strip 1st amendment rights,
          6. the Federal Gov seizing your resources in the event of a “national emergency”
          7. and the new gun legislation to strip you of your basic right to self-defense.

          So they get all the food, water, shelter, money, speech, and resources and you can’t physically or legally (through the court system) defend yourself against them or the mob.

          Damn! I’m glad I got that Obama phone and a some food stamps on my plastic card. I’m sure it was worth it as my Greek brothers and sisters are now realizing.

          • “A law which is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void.” Marbury vs Madison, 1803
            Revoke all gun control laws.

          • They can write these types of laws in one hand and S*** in the other! We’ll see which one fills up first.

          • Stop paying taxes and they won’t be able to pay the military/policemen to enforce their unjust laws.

            • @Cindy….I am sorry U have no home….how do U survive? No family close by? Glad you have wheels to get around….Sounds like you have your “ducks in a row”(with storing as much as possible in your storage unit…

              I hope it’s ok to ask these questions,(as I don’t usually ask personal questions)…but your position is quite a worry to some of us…..wish U could hook up with a “like minded” person! (take care of yourself,) CC

              • CC, I was thinking the same thing about Cindy. As long as my family members have a home I will too. I have been stocking up as much as possible, and I could manage to live with almost any relative. There are a few I would rather live in my car then with them.
                I have also been stocking over the counter medicine and have kept my anti depressants even though I have been off for over a year. When things get bad I can trade or donate the pills to someone who needs them. There are going to be a lot of craziness out there in our Prozac nation.

              • Cindy–
                And since CC started it–can you tell us what part of the country you are in and would you move??

            • Cindy: People have been doing that in subtle ways and it’s been increasing as of late. It’s called by many name; the tax dodge, the swap market, and many others. What folks are doing is trading service for service. A dentist needs some plumbing work and the plumbers kids need some fillings; problem solved. Both get what they want and the transaction doesn’t go onto the books of either person. No income reported means no taxes paid. As taxes and regulations become more unbareable, more folks are doing this. Now’s the time to get an extra skill if you don’t already have one. Gold, silver, and lead can also be used if you don’t have what they other person wants. Good luck and good bartering.

          • The only thing I’ll be getting from the traitors might be a free body bag ‘cuz —wait for it——they don’t get shit. Even if I give them lead, they will pay for it.

            I started my preps because I live in an earthquake danger zone.I continued building my preps because I also live in an economic danger zone. I intensified my preps because I now know I live in a Charlie Foxtrot traitorous world of FUBARbarians and someday I may be called upon to defend myself at great length.

            “I choose the wrench —“cuz fuck em” –Good Will Hunting —

            ….stay the course…be safe…BA.

            P.S. FUBARbarian is mine, I just made it up. You can borrow it, if you must, lol… and yours…BA.

            • I just thumbed up your “FUBARbarian”.

              Love it, will be using it often!

            • you made that FUBARbarian your bitch….ala Talladega Nights.

              • @VRF:

                praise indeed,lol

                Thank You Sir



          • nah, just keep “voting” for the menshaviks, I mean republicans, they will save Amerika…

        • The article calls this a recession!

          looks like a full blown DEPRESSION!!!

        • What a bunch of dumb asses — no one should feel any sympathy for these guys!

          All they had to do was print their own money, enough to finance a huge global military, and force everyone to accept their Greek Drachma’s at the barrel of a gun.

          A really big Army with patriotic soldiers. All ready to invade and kill and PUT A BOOT UP THE ASS of any country that got out of line.

          That’s the American Way!

          … and we are the richest nation on earth for this reason.

          USA! USA! USA!

          • Printing funny money, like all countries, is what Greece did/does, but the commies at the head of the trough got it all. Sort of like in the U.S. where bommies commies got it all.
            Here in the U.S., we don’t have soup lines like in the 30s; we have food stamps (50,000,000) that if persons in lines of two columns would stretch 17,000 miles.

        • It’d already here. 47,000,000+ on food stamps which would make a soup line 17,800 miles long if it wasn’t for the food debit cards that transfer the lines into supermarkets all over the Us. Wait until that line is 20,000 miles and 30,000 miles long as unemployment goes up along with food and fuel prices. No, WE are Greece, but our government is just better at hiding it.

        • Here on Cape Cod all the major stores were empty of bread frozen food and dairy..milk gone completely!


          A noreaster headed here for 1 lousy day and everyone panics.

          Just imagine a real crisis..

          Damned if I could only procure more ammo asap..

          • You have GUNS on Cape Cod? Ohhhh Myyyy God.

            • Slingshot

              We are but less(statewide)than 5% of the population by 2012 stats that are legal gun owners..FID, Class A & B Combined!

              Ammo here statewide is nearly nonexistent..including standard 22lr..

              Bought the last 40 cal S&W brass(250 rounds) last week at the local store…

              Was planning a road trip off Cape tomorrow to the largest arms store in N.E.Mass(2hour drive) to procure .556 and 9mm brass in stock,but this damned noreaster snowmageddon will prevent travel to our destination in time..
              The best of plans are laid to rest..

              Maybe Monday will suffice..if still in stock.

              We are few here.but economics prevent moving elsewhere..

              and we’re still better off than N.Y. STATE..

              just saying…

              • where in cape cod are you? I lived there for 17years in mashpee and truro before heading south in 2003

        • rodster,the LORD says america is going to have a FAMINE,the worst the world has ever seen,HE said the women who had abortions,will wished they had the children for food,hes been warning his children for years about it,TELLING them to prepare,and they aren’t listening still,get ready its about to get started and millions will perish,there will be an accompaning war to,america will be glad they have their weapons still cause the chinese have no mercy,and there coming soon,get ready…………..

        • Greece is far better off than America in at least these respects…..they don’t have 25 million illegal immigrants, 50 million blacks, and addiction to cheap petroleum to transport goods and fertilize crops and a government that prints and buys-up it’s own false currency to have to contend with when the whole sha-bang comes apart.

      2. English version of “I can’t believed it happened here!” coming soon.

        • It will be poetic…

        • Coming to the UK first as they are moving into their third consecutive downturn.

      3. Coming to American cities near you!

        47 million Americans on food stamps…modern bread lines.

        • I say it’s already here, example A:

          “47 million Americans on food stamps…modern bread lines.”

          Greece and Spain and probably Italy are already in depressions, but they are for all intensive purposes functioning countries with cars, planes and public transit running unless there’s a labor strike or local riot that day.

          I say the central governments are able to pull strings for years still until some war happens to come by and they can use it to straighten themselves out.

          Until then, expect daily smoke and mirrors as those really suffering are left to fend for themselves, how many stories do you get about how bad things really are in Detroit or how the hurricane sandy victims are recovering; while the governments keep playing their recovery tune.

      4. We can get food stored up, and everything else we need.

        What we can’t get now is the intestinal fortitude to live in such an environment. Death and poverty will be everywhere.

        Everything the slaves are used to being provided is going to stop, and they will have no idea how to be or live free and rely only on themselves.

        They will end up in FEMA camps.

        The question to ask yourself now is do you have what it take to avoid being forced into one. That is what we are ultimately prepping for. Our own freedom once the criminals leave the plantation.

        • I expect the gubmint to help them out at first until they collapse themselves. That’s why I have NO doubt that the gubmint’s minions will be going house to house looking to spread your wealth to others.

          • I will be happy to share plenty of lead from the end of my gun…

        • QUESTION:

          Europe always seems to be one or two steps ahead of America when it comes to Socialism. Our Elites often times use Europe as a role model for failed policies.

          With that in mind, does Europe have FEMA Camps or their equivalent?

          Does having a disarmed population circumvent the need for FEMA Camps?

          • Europe IS a fema camp…

          • @???:

            You nailed it Sir. The EU is one big FEMA camp.

            No guns, no safety, no freedom.
            Know guns, know safety, know freedom.

            ………..rubber BIScuit………BA.

          • ????,YES, YES and no they want the mark of the beast on everyone and the FEMA DEATH CAMPS will give it to everyone who shows up for help,after the mark they’ll be killed,or sent to slave labor camps in china,they didn’t build those camps to scare anyone,there to despose of dead bodies and depopulate america………..

        • Who are you calling slaves? People who pay taxes so a single woman can feed her 15 illigitmate crack babies are the slaves. Midieval serfs only had to contribute 1/3 of what they produced to the “goverment”. Most taxpayers are worst off than serfs.

        • God’s,

          I fully intend to be up front when it comes down. Can I look forword to seeing you up front as well??



          • DPS: While I believe that the bulk of local LEO’s will stand with the American People when push comes to shove, the Global Gun Grabbers should take note of the rogue cop in LA who will be taking many with him before he goes.

            100 million American gun owners, ALL members of Seal Team America, and many as trained as this individual,could make short work of gun control freaks in very short order, if unleashed.

            Is it any wonder that Nappy is afraid of US?

            • @DPS,DK,idP,GC:

              I stand with you.


            • durango kidd,nappy as you call him,AIN’T afraid of anything,he has underground bunkers,he has his own military,he has the stupid police gang,he has the us military,he has the foreign military who are here,and he has LUCIFER,to help him out,believe me he ain’t afraid,his time in america is short 2300 days(jan20,2009-)obamas the anti-christ,soon america will come to see the truth………….

              • Nappy is Big Sis. She has voiced her fear of veterans.

          • Got your back!

          • I have informed my wife and mother that when the UN occupies an American city, that I will be going off to war.

            If it is wise or necessary, I will see you at the front. God has not issued His orders yet.

            • There will be no “front”. There will be pockets of resistance, more and larger in the Rocky Mountain States and Appalachia.

              • I’ve always said that if I didn’t live here then it would have to the Rockies. Mountaineers are the same regardless of geography.
                A good friend’s husband is Greek. Moved here to marry her. They are going over to see family in a couple of weeks. He is from Thessoliniki(also called Salonica) and said that that area even those a sizable city is in good shape. Also the rural areas of the mountainous north are doing well. The problem is Athens, which has been a giant boondoggle of government employment and a massive welfare state.

              • and the militia will send in drones, find the preppers, and take them out individually.

            • GC: They occupy New York City. The second responsibility of Seal Team New York.

            • DK,Bad,Ip and Gods,

              When that time comes be gald to watch your six or for that matter be looking forword. God has not issued the order yet, but he sure has hell been showing us signs..

              NOMI -CATIMF,


              PS Ya’ll think its about time to starting trading e-mail addys?

              • Once Mac gets the system up connections will be available. Lots of time. No rush.

              • i think i would trade emails with like minded people in my area, or the area i want to move to. i want to get a parcel and raising small crops and animals for self sufficiency, but would like to have a network to converse with too. there ought to be a way to find networks of people. how?

            • The UN wont occupy Jack shit in America. Why would America have any need at all for the UN. America spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined. Like the UN will join in. There simply is no point. Trust me, it is the men and women of the US military that the population loves so much that will be occupying cities. Cant speak ill of American troops though so Americans feel better when they say UN instead.

              Also, the rest of the world views America poorly and would not want to help America. This may come as a complete shock to many in the States but most of the world does not like Americans and would not do anything but watch it burn.

              I like most Americans but the States need a serious purge of its entire social and moral fabric. Back to the beginning people. Constitutional government works, not this travesty that is currently the USA.

              We Canadians need a purge as well. We pay for abortions and do the gay marriage thing. Yeah we suck too and we will pay for our sickness in due time.

              • It’s my understanding that Canada and the US and some other nations as well have a mutual agreement to use their military to fight insurrectionists in each others countries (since their constitutions forbid using their own militaries domestically). Anyone else familiar with this?

                • Not going to happen. There is no way that the whole of Europe could match the American people even if that were true. I have a feeling that other nations would use the USA military but it would not work out the other way around.

                  Wink wink, fingers crossed agreement.

                  • Gravlore: How many usa folks would it take if we moved to canada, to join your patriot folks and become a large enough voter majority?

                    If like usa barely 1/2 there go to vote then its what?..15 million Total canada votes usually?

                    What if several million of Us came there and like other imigrants I heard of demand citizenship etc?

                    All it would take is one single election cycle to overwhelm and take over entire fed gov of canada and elect Our own canadians that think as we do.

                    Then rapidly change canada into a const nation based upon usa const etc. And install Our bill of rights with guns etc. Then tell all asshole kommie libs get out if you rejct our ways. They can move here to usa to replace our folks who go to canada! kinda a switcheroo.

                    It may sound goofy at first but Think on it. Canada is 1/10th usa population and likely 1/10th total voters eh?

                    What if 5-10 million of us came over, we can create a massive unstopable force and do so 100% legit and Non violently by voteing ourselves new officials You guys vetted ahead of time.

                    Canada is almost exact same as usa in every way as far as land mass(bigger in canada) resources, Whites,patriots, etc right. All canada needs to fix it right and make canada lke usa used to be when still good(50+ yrs ago minimum) is enough xtra patriots to take it all over and remake it so. So How many xtra voters is needed to do so?

                  • @Angelo Mysteriouso

                    The problem is we do have a ‘conservative’ government, and this is our ‘right wing’. I voted for them and they suck too. We need a new national party like ‘The Wild Rose Party’ in Alberta.

                    I understand what your saying but it would be unlikely to happen unless there were a total government collapse here and then you came. Even if that were to happen it would cause problems and more than likely some sort of civil war due to ‘outsiders’.

                • Washington’s Vision is the future of America. Fore warned is well armed. Lock and load.


            • And will your mother be letting you out of the basement to go?

            • Gods Creation: I’m with you all the way. They already all but occupy NYC.

            • yea he has,I work for him 24/7,he has shown me everything,there will be a surprise attack,the military will be shooting up towns across america escorted by none other then the police gang,he has been warning his children for years to prepare for war,famine,invasion and nibiru…….NOW you have been warned,make the best of it…GODS CREATION……….daniel 8:11/8:12………..

            • GC, my familiy has also been so informed. See you there.

          • Nope you cannot, hopefully 500 or more yards away, if my eyes hold out. I may be stupid, but no way am I going to voluntarily go up front saying: “Here I am. You who”

            • WOW! Off topic but good info!

              Just seen on new rt news show “Truthseeker” guy showed in Mich and one other state I missed name of, he shows main street in what looks like GREEK town area of Detroit(I am 99% positive it is there greek town) New fancy street lamps has secret listening devises inside lamps!

              His main show theme tonite is about Drone kills on american citizens but is also showing how feds dhs and fbi is recording all conversations on streets level as they walk or stand near lamps with recorder devices in it!

              Just like the UK eh!…Watching and Now listening!..We need mass organizing soon if we are to prevail I think.

              We Need a general patton big time eh!

      5. Isn’t this the very reason that we all prep….! I wish that the people of this country who think that all of those who prep are just nut cases, would use their minds to see how close we are to this very scenario!

        • I realized how close we are after I saw Michael Ruppert’s movie “Collapse”. It thoughtfully explained how we got here.

          • Spot on. I saw Collapse back when it came out. Really eye opening stuff. I think it highlighted the big thing that coming, the collapse of the petrodollar system. When that happens, then we’re really screwed.

            Who has heard of the petrodollar system?

        • jp, they don’t see the news/reports we do on sites like this. Haven’t you talked with people about resent and past events and they say “where’d you hear that?”. Most have put all their eggs in one basket, called the government.

          • DRD5508- how right you are;these “sheeple”have the ostrich syndrome-they bend over,put their heads in the sand,their asses stick up and there’s only two basic things to do with such:STICK IT OR KICK IT.TAKE YOUR PCK!!!

            • @dfisherman

              Shake, Shake, Shake.
              Shake, Shake, Shake.
              Shake that Bootie.
              Shake that Bootie.

          • Most people have been avoiding the truth for so long, that avoiding the truth is all they know. When you describe events such as this to them, they can’t believe it, because they did’nt get the fun cliff notes news clip about it, during thier daily entertainment.

            The glazed look of fear, followed by a verbal attack on you, is most likely what you can expect, for the time being…And when push comes to shove, they will be the first to turn on you.

            • Beautiful day today–60s…and since I hadn’t been away from home since before Christmas, and my SUV won’t start if I don’t drive it every once in a while, I went prepping some more.
              I had two persons at two stores look at my cart and commented I was one of those(for loss of word)??? and as they struggled to remember the term, I said yes, it’s called ‘preparation mode’.

              No one has ever commented that before–and yes, they were 30 miles away; so I’m not worried.

              Can you ever have enough ramen noodles and chicken noodle soup?? Just kidding. I have great preps.

            • JustMe, good point “avoiding the truth”. They become the proverbial zombies when hit with the truth. And what JayJay said and went through I believe many of us have as well. When I make purchases for prepping, my wife and I shop with seperate carts. We buy the same items without overloading our carts so as not to draw any attention to ourselves. We generally shop within the last week before the horde get their monthly gov’t hand out.

        • In a way, its good they are so clueless…otherwise,. prices would sky rocket. Hope I can prep more before everyone finds out

          • Smartest thing said on this site all day, most people are bait, and won’t even last long enough to eat the three days worth of food they have. Look around how many people do you see you’d want to have on your side.

      6. Scary times ahead I am afraid. For those of us who are prepared I agree the hardest part will be seeing the unprepared suffer. We will all be very busy protecting and feeding our loved ones.

      7. Anyone heard from Manos?

        • I sure been thinkin about him a lot lately

          funny how for quite some time we had not heard anything coiming out of Greece, almost like it was a media black out..chances are is is a media black out.

          • What worries me about Manos is lines have been cut, no contact. If you every thought about buying a ham radio, soon would be very good……

            Amazon has some great prices. CB’s ain’t going to cut it. Hell I’m 200 miles from Smokin Okie and would not be able to talk to him via CB…

            Oh and btw Smokin your drive is still MIA, hope you find him soon.


        • me,

          Not a word and I have sent him a few e-mails.



        • Cyprus is actually in better shape than Greece due to the spending for oil and gas leases, Russian off shore banking, and a new immigrant law opening the door for rich Chinese and their money.

          He will be OK!

          • Cyprus will be in better shape than Greece right up until the Turks decide to take the entire island for Islam and a revived Turkish hegemony.

            • If they take it, that is.

        • Manos was not real. Cmon. Geez.

        • I finally got a hold of Manos.

          He’s okay. He told me that he and his family have what they need to survive, but that the situation is very grim. As JRS mentioned, the sailors are indeed on strike, so nothing is going on or off the islands. If something isn’t there, it is no longer accessible.

          He asked me to post this message for everyone.

          Stay alert.

          what started in Greece, was the beggining of a global experiment.

          All measures were implemented without reaction or resistance, with the excellent use of the psychology of masses, and the “divide and conquer” dogma.

          Voices of reason and logic were condemned as terrorists.

          Be safe dear.
          Watch your kids.

          Our kids is the future.

          (I’m going to copy this and paste it into the comments on the new article so everyone gets a chance to see it.)

      8. Don’t despair all you welfare recipients, send Obama a S.O.S text on your ObamaPhone when the SHTF, he’ll be right there to assist you with some hope and change. Heh, heh.

      9. Happy 100th birthday federal reserve! Why wont you die already?

        • Why haven’t we killed it already is a better question.

          • The answer my friend, is not written in the wind, It’s written in the NYC Federal Reserve Banks and in The City of London, the one square mile (semi-autonomous) financial district of London.

      10. When I train martial arts our Instructor often states its the one who’s mind can move forward, not get stuck, move around the problem, find another way… who wins the fight (even the “crazyer”, who is not afraid…). These are paraphrases, but they seem applicable in that mindset is one of the most important tools in overcoming adversity. Its where one starts by going through the stages of grieving (DABDA, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and accepting. this is not to say we don’t get stuck on say anger or not go back to it we just have to move on to acceptance so we can prepare…) for the loss of the “american dream”… So while we prepare don’t forget to sharpen your mental, emotional, spirit, and physical “muscles” too. Strong work people.

      11. Mac, a very grave situation,, and great article. I can vouch for the severity of life in Greece first hand.

        I live and work in Greece part time, providing certain products to the Greek shipping industry. My apartment is in a blue- collar area between Athens and Piraeus. When I am there, I zip around on a 250 cc motorbike to see customers. Gas is about $ 11/ gallon, so it a lot cheaper than taking taxis. I work with a couple of great local guys, know their families well, and have many good Greek friends.

        So how bad is it? Our own business is a bit immune as it involves international shipping. The money I pay my guys there is of an amount much greater than what most Greeks make, and so my guys are able to support about four extended families each as a result. Many of these families had businesses – restaurants, car rental agencies, convenience stores – now, all gone, closed up for good. Some of the fathers from these families have moved abroad, executives and small business owners now working as construction laborers or bus boys in places like Australia, the Uk, the USA, not even making enough money to feed their families back in Greece. It is a tragedy of major portions.

        Police protection has broken down somewhat. Stepping in for local protection are members of the Golden Dawn party, who some characterize as facsists. Actually, most are simply patriotic Greeks fed up with corrupt politicians and their central banker overlords. Greece, by the way, has the largest in ground gold reserves in Europe, not to mention offshore oil and gas reserves. Many Greeks think that these central bankers, in collusion with the govt., are breaking the country on purpose so as to steal the country’s resource wealth. So what else is new?

        But although they are disarmed, Greeks are a hearty culture with deep religious beliefs, an emphasis on the family, and a demonstrated capability to survive authoritarian rule. Many Athenian city dwellers have families on one or more 135 inhabited islands, where locals can grow their own veggies, olives, keep goats for cheese and milk, and get by just fine. In fact, most of the food being given away in Athens comes from the rich farmlands of Crete. I know one lady that actually keeps goats in her Athens apartment, getting by selling goat cheese (feta).

        So as bad as it is in Greece, Greeks do have the advantage of being closer to the land and more self- sufficient than urban Americans.

        So folks, don’t think for a moment this will not happen in America. And in the USA, we have dozens of cities like Athens, the exception being that very few, if any, of the inhabitants of our cities have ever had to endure anything like the hardships Greeks face today.

        As an international business guy, I have spent years studying economic systems, bankers, and political systems, always following the thread. I used to think that conspiracy people were all a bit crazy. But no longer. The globalist agenda is very real indeed, and they are doing every thing they can to bring freedom loving people down into the mire of serfdom. That’s why I have been a serious prepper for many years. No doubt we are headed for some very ugly times. It has been purposefully engineered this way. Yet I m not scared. There are plenty of us old school Americans out there that value our liberties, value our Constitution, and understand that it is imperative we push back, and push back hard when the SHTF. We can beat them. We will beat them. So folks, get ready, get organized, and keep prepping and Chronia Polla, (long life)!!!!

        • Ralphie, thanks for sharing this with us. Your first hand accounts are similar to the many that have been shared with me from people in Greece and other parts of Europe.

          We can pretend like this is not happening just because they don’t play it on the news, but the reality is starkly different than the narrative that has been given to us.

          I just don’t see how we avoid a similar breakdown here in the US — I mean, really, just looking at where we are as a country now is pretty scary.

          It’s hard to imagine there are tens of millions of people that are completely ignorant of not only how bad things are right now, but how bad they may be 1 or 5 or 10 years from now.

          • MAC,I can tell everyone,RED DAWN was a movie,but it was also a warning movie,THERE’S a real RED DAWN coming and it will be a hundred times worse then the movie was,I can’t stress enough about getting ready for war,the lord says FAMINE will start right away and the blood will run down every street in america,we have 8 nato nations ready to attack us when the order is given,as I understand there will be a terrible earthquake and OBAMA will claim there here to help us,NOT SO there going after the guns,and then herd everyone into fema death camps,so get ready I’ve seen the whole thing and saying its going to be BAD just don’t cover it……..good luck……………

        • Ralphieboy…Are the Greek sailor on strike now?

          • Hey JRS,

            Greek mariners, among the world’s best, don’t go on strike, but port workers can and do far too often, even going so far as preventing passengers from getting back on cruise ships. Some of the other radical activists – actually a small minority, have, at times, blocked off access to tourist sites like the Parthenon. The great majority of Greeks are against this, just normal folks trying to feed their families. Mac is right on in that the USA press ignores the real conditions there.

            Frankly, I am surprised the Euro has lasted as long as it has. But it can’t last much longer, and when it goes down, we’ll have SHTF all over Europe. I was in Spain a few weeks ago, and it is pathetic. France is not in such good shape, Rich folks in these countries are taking their cash out in record amounts, stashing money in Switzerland, Dubai and Singapore. The flights from Athens to Zurich are always full. Gold and silver bullion, if you can find it, sells at much higher premiums in the EU than in USA. We’re lucky in the USA to have great suppliers of prep food and other items. not so much he case in Europe. You gotta remember too that the people there have been so conditioned by their socialist masters that in many countries people have no idea what they can do own their own, and you see this look of fear, and hear it in their voices.

            We’re not too far away from the same thing happening here. Maybe one day historians will call it the Great Unravelling,provided, of course, there is any pen and ink left to write with.

        • Midievil serfs only had to pay 1/3 of what they produced to the “goverment” Both NY and HI have state and Fed tax rates higher than 50%

        • Thanks for the boots on the ground commentary. Usually when I see up close and cropped pictures of crowds my first thought is that I’m being shown propaganda and I instantly go into the skeptic mode. It’s nice to have an experienced perspective with the picture.

          • I can relate to that feeling of being fed so much propaganda, that it becomes hard to feel it all truth or bullshit

      12. All, if your preps were done on a continous basis, slowly yet, continually, you should be be OK, for a while depending on the amoun. But you better watch you back or lose you shirt (sort of speaking) because when the rocks drops, only ripples will remain. Keep on preparing for the future.

        • Cornbread and beans with a slice of onion was my favorite food while a child during the depression. They are still my favorite foods. Beans provide a complete protein with all the 20 amino acids in sufficient quantities per serving, unlike rice, wheat and potatoes. So lay in large quantities of beans.

      13. Edited by me to add a few modern day relevant terms

        “Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with these war-like preparations which cover our waters and darken our land. Are DHS, TSA, Federalized local police necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? Have we shown ourselves so unwilling to be reconciled, that force must be called in to win back our love? Let us not deceive ourselves, Sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask, gentlemen, Sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? Has our federal government any enemy, in this land, to call for all this accumulation of miltary rounds of war and surveillance? No, Sir, she has none. They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the federal government have been so long forging.

        “They tell us, Sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a DHS guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.”

        As you read those words, remember that Henry was 39-years-old when he spoke them; that he was the father of seventeen children; that among those in the audience were Thomas Jefferson and George Washington; and that he was every bit the Christian as any American who has ever lived–including us Christians today.

        Sheriff, if you are going to take a stand, you must take it now! Mr. Police Chief, if you are going to take a stand, you must take it now! Soldier and Marine, if you are going to take a stand, you must take it now! Pastor, if you are going to take a stand, you must take it now! Mr. and Mrs. America, if you are going to take a stand, you must take it now!

        Let me remind readers, too, that my constitutional attorney son and I are in the process of publishing a brand new book designed to give Christians the tools they need to be able to properly understand that the Bible nowhere teaches that they should be willing to disarm themselves under any tyrannical order to do so. The book is entitled, “To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns.” The book will be released soon, and we are now taking pre-orders.

        Keep Your Arms

        I submit that we are able to defend our liberties and defeat attempts by modern would-be tyrants to enslave us as much NOW as we were in 1775. It starts by settling the matter in your own heart that you are NOT going to surrender your semi-automatic rifle no matter what law is passed in Washington, D.C. Next, let your elected representatives and senators (both State and federal) know in no uncertain terms that the protection of our Second Amendment liberties is an absolute litmus test for re-election–political party notwithstanding. Thirdly, if your sheriff won’t take a stand for your right to keep and bear arms RIGHT NOW, vote him or her out of office at the earliest opportunity. You might even consider issuing a recall petition against him or her. And if your pastor will not take a stand RIGHT NOW, vote with your feet and leave his church and find a pastor who will. And while you’re at it, stop listening to these radio and TV preachers who keep telling you that it’s wrong to resist tyranny. They are aiding and abetting the enemies of freedom.

        To quote Patrick Henry again, “Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?”

        I say, again, if you are going to take a stand, you must take it now!

      14. By the way, Manos, if you are out there, would love to meet you when I get back to Greece in a few weeks. We’re all thinking about you back here in the USA.

      15. This article has me thinking of Manos at the moment; I hope he’s OK. To everyone: We’re in the process of becoming Greece. GET YOUR STORABLE FOOD, WATER, WATER PURIFICATION ITEMS, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, HYGIENE ITEMS, EXTRA CLOTHING, FOOTWEAR, CAMPING SUPPLIES, ETC. AND SOMEMEANS OF PROTECTING YOUR SUPPLIES; GUNS, AMMO, ETC. NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN! For the nonpreppers who refuse to wake up, God help them; they’ll pay for their ignorance with their lives. I have my own supplies and the necessary means to protect them. Going shopping again this weekend. best wishes to all. braveheart

        • Braveheart,
          Totally agree with ya. I just spent another $200 on vitamins, Sambucol, Tylenol, TP, paper towels,soap, lots of nails & screws, lots of coffee, scotch, whiskey, and assorted other extras.

          I wasn’t out of anything but keep getting this nagging feeling to get more while I still can. Also, picked up some more gun cleaning supplies.

          • Good shopping list, Kindle! I just scored a bunch of organic vitamins at a going-out-of-business sale. We now hhave a few years’ supply of C, Zinc, D3 and Niacin.

            While I love a good sale, I always hate to see stores going out of business.

            • I even bought some D3, 1000 IU from all the good advice I’ve been getting here. The Dollar Store has a 6 pack of emergency candles for $1. Each one burns for about 5 hours. Bought 10 more of them…I got candles coming out the yang. Forgot the Crisco though…

              • I know I’m screaming to the choir, but Tang will come in handy for Vit. C, AND squelching that after taste of bleach in your filtered water(if that is your method)…and Vit. C powder has a much longer shelf life than Tang.
                Just sharing, folks.

                • Got lots of tang. Good mention.

            • SPROUTING FOLKS!

              That flame above is the flame of excitement in bringing to the discussion table sprouts for cheap, full nutrition. I’ve been relying on a canister of super food a month for complete nutrition, but it is expensive on a small pension, and the coming need for independence in food acquisition drove me to sprouts as an alternative. Wow! Have I been wasting money! Anyone up against it financially will find economic relief by making sprouts the main dish or cup du jour. No need to buy supplements again. I’ve yet to sprout, having just ordered five pounds (yields 60 lbs.) of various seeds for $24 + $14 shipping. Thirty bucks for a sprouting kit and nature will provide you abundant survival food. Forget the canned goods. I have cupboards full and that too was a waste of money compared to what a few sprouts can do in providing the life force the body needs. I never would have thought of sprouts as an alternative food source had I not remembered the almost immediate effects upon eating a half-cup of a friend’s sprouts a few years ago. The energization of my body came on like a venous drip. It made sufficient impression to come to mind again. I’m grateful for that. Below are two links that will give you a quick but thorough education on what sprouts contain and what they do to you. Even the poor will now be able to feed their neighbors. I must be missing something. It can’t be that easy. Also, in a belated realization, my enthusiasm in bringing sprouting to the attention of people already into survival is misplaced, for I’m preaching to an educated choir. Oh, well; this post is already composed so it’s posted.



      16. @ approx 03:45 CDT

        Morning BI,

        Kaktovic, AK. is one of the Alaskan chain of northerly magnetometer stations…same just deflected 375 nT…vertically. Specifically this was seen on the ‘H’ channel (West-Eart). Also the remainder have also shown significant deflections as well, to lesser degree. Please note it is common for KAK-AK to deflect more than the others for various reasons…but this is a really large deflection…watch for ‘polar bears’ here.

        Additionally, an ‘interesting’ coincidence occurred yesterday. The 6+ precursor that preceded the 8.0 occurred at about 00:07 UTC as I read it….then 19 hours and 30 minutes later SWIFT began logging the onset of a new GRB pulse. In 2004 the same thing happened approximately 22 hours post-Sumatra.

        Incidenatlly, there is at present nothing in near Earth vicinity to be provoking the deglections we’re seeing. A mild CME will become operant at about 08:00 UTC Friday, Gotta go, long day Friend,


        • JOG- thanks for the update. I don’t often comment on it, but I really appreciate what you and BI and others here are doing.

          • Agreed, Smokin’. Sometimes (usually) my brain cells are pre-occupied (dog-dead tired) and not quite grasping at some of JOG’s reports, but I’m strangely comforted that he& BI, et al. have our back.

            I anticipate thes posts “Warning, Warning, Will Robinson” for us. My prayer is Mac will invent / find a way that we have a go-to forum. Some days I just don’t have time to read everything.
            I’ve even had day-mares (Moms know what these are) that I failed to follow up. Especially since winter didn’t come to my corner of Texas and it’s plantin’ season coming up way too fast.

            ~..~TG, stay alert every chance you get.

            this has grown on me like a barnacle – I find it fits just fine; reminds me of echos of past the when some Texans found grit in a small 4 acre path of Earth that contained the Misión San Antonio de Valero (unknowing visitors would be surprise at how small it is – how BIG their hearts must have been no matter what political stripe you want to paint on how it went down / who was right / wrong, etc) that those brave souls might just have found solace, in after thoughtful prayer, something like….
            ‘you want some, then come get you some!

        • @ JustOneGuy. I really don’t think that this is a coincidence. I was curious about that super flare on November 3, 2003 to see what happened with this, and 2 weeks late the Aluetian Islands had a 7.8, 3 days later the Soloman Islands at a 6.6, 6 days later there was a 6.6 on the Mid Atlantic Ridge at the equator, and 4 days previous there was a 7.0 in Japan. Now this X-flare that was either a 28 or 40 was not directed at the Earth but produced some of the best Auroras seen in decades. Could it be that the CME have to be directed right at the planet to help trigger earthquakes soon after?

          I did see something interesting that I have observed. The really big earthquakes in the past seem to be more when the moon is at the perigee, the closest points to the planet. While the 6 and 7’s seem to occur more often when the moon is at or near the apogee, most distance from the planet. This 8.0 occurred within about a day and a half before the moon was the closest to the Earth. I have always believed that because the moon is so close to the planet that it is one of the largest trigger reasons while faults break when they do.

          This one web site allows anyone to key in any year and see what the moon was like during any disaster, the apogee, perigee and the phases. I have done this with many earthquakes of the past. People can also key in a war year and see how close it was to the new moon when the sky was the darkest, and how close this was to when an attack occurred. Example would be when Israel went after Iraq’a nuclear reactor, it was within 5 days of the new moon. Here’s the web site for those interested:

      17. Post Collapse Survival info for preppers patriots :

        * buy and carry a concealed can mace , straight blade full tang knife 6″ inch blade and a concealed carry pistol with extra mag or re-loader . carry them every time you step out of your house (they can’t protect you if you aren’t carrying them) , on your waist holstered , forward front from your hips so you have natural easy quick safe access practice drawing them .

        in all my investigation in post collapse societies from around the globe that have happened over the last 25 years , every survivor always talks about getting mugged in their own driveway or right in front of their homes just when they think they’re safe , when they’re guard is down , only go out in day light hours and secure your driveways and homes 24 / 7 , keep bottom floor locked up , doors and windows locked at all times . travel in packs groups teams .

        beware of armed scam artists home invaders robbers rapists coming to your front doors posing as cops feds gasmen ups fedex postal carrier etc etc , i.d. who they are call their companies for verification of identities , i.d. their vehicles license plates color description make model .

        Predator or Prey the choice is yours After the Collapse .


        • You are giving good advice. But I am sure you are just trying to lure us in to a trap. There is no way you have found peace with the word and are willing to allow every “Type” of people read your knowledge.

          Come on whats really up. We all know you only care about the “people” like you.

          Keep up the good advice more of the people you say are undeserving will survive from your truly good suggestions.

      18. 6 YEARS???

        … I’m a corpse.

        ASSUMING Los Angeles didn’t go Rodney King the Sequel in the first five minutes, best I could do around here would be two, maybe three.

        Of course, that assumption is false…

      19. do you think that Greece might have gone down a different path had its citizens had the right to keep and bear arms and the ability to resist the government’s continued overspending over borrowing…..

        • Have we gone down a different path?


        crisco candles work incredibly well and bright flame .

        use a standard 6 inch candle 1/2 – 3/4 inch thickness , fill a typical 9oz glass with crisco vegetable grease HALF FULL , shove candle down middle of glass , fill with crisco till up to candle wick top .

        light and enjoy .

        burns very clean no smoke bright and lasts 10 hours .

        i loved it so much when i tested it , i bought a extra can 2 qrt of crisco and another box of 24 candles .

        this is a must have item … you can also use aluminum foil , crisco and cotton balls to make fire starter gel packs . burns right in the tin foil when cut OPEN and lit .


        • What are you trying to actually help or are you
          justifying all your greased up purchases.

          Oh you forgot to mention you only give good advise to “Certian people”.

          • Very good Don’t reply. Have you decided a new plan. I got to be hurting bad that you can’t say what you want to to me in a public form. OK we keep it private then.

            If you have decided to help all no matter what “They” are. I salute you and will endorse these good ideas you are pasting on for last few days.

            Let see how long you can last before your true “Colors” come out. I hope I am wrong.

            • The Borderline Personality

              The Borderline is psychotic , in the original, psychological meaning of the term: he/she is not in control and not in touch with reality. To the Borderline, a softly spoken word of advice can be construed as a threat on his/her emotional stability. An outsider’s viewpoint that the Borderline is not in touch with reality often ends in a bitter and irrational dissassociation from the outsider on the part of the Borderline. Often, the Borderline ends up very much alone and victim to his/her disillusions.


            • Types of Stalkers

              Stalkers come from every walk of life and every socio-economic background. Virtually anyone can be a stalker, just as anyone can be a stalking survivor. There are some general categories that stalkers fit into.

              Remember: Even though there are general categories of stalkers, that does not mean that every stalker will fit neatly into a category. Stalkers can have any characteristics and come from any type of background.


            • How to Handle a Stalker
              By eHow Contributor

              Print this article

              How to Handle a Stalker

              Stalkers: Are a Real Threat

              There are 1.5 million victims of stalking each year. One in twelve women will be stalked at some point in their life. 46% of stalkers exhibit violent tendencies. Almost half of all victims of stalking suffer post traumatic stress disorder. Not all stalking victims are women. With these things in mind, everyone should know how to deal with this potential threat.


            • Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. It may include the making of false accusations or statements of fact (as in defamation), monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information that may be used to harass. The definition of “harassment” must meet the criterion that a reasonable person, in possession of the same information, would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress.[1] Cyberstalking is different from spatial or offline stalking in that it occurs through the use of electronic communications technology such as the internet. However, it sometimes leads to it, or is accompanied by it.[2] Both are criminal offenses.[3] Cyberstalking shares important characteristics with offline stalking. Many stalkers – online or off – are motivated by a desire to control their victims.[4]

              • why are you sharing this info with us now sir?

                • ‘Cause he’s a commie.

        • @After the Collapse…..Thanx for the great tip….keep those tips coming, the more we learn, the better we will be able to survive…..

          We used to have a guy on here(Copperhead) who was constantly sending us lists of “stuff” and recipes too! I like to go back and read his post on Oct 12th & 17th(If I remember correctly)… many great survival tips!!

          If you see this post Copperhead, Please join us again…Take Care, CC.

        • Like Ive stated before its the only good use the is for crisco…thats what it was invented for…lighting.

      21. White House: No more information about drone killings will be released to public

        White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that the Obama administration will not be releasing any more information about the controversial use of drones to kill American citizens.

        American Patriot: To the Lil’ Red Commie Israel owned Whore White House in Wash DC , Kill anymore Americans with your Drones and your going to start noticing lead poisoning is hazardous to Red Commie FedGov American Traitors .

        That’s a Promise … We Know who you Are and Where you Sleep !


        • So you decide to lead the charge. Good go get your lead dispenser show us how its done. Go ahead show. In the end you are all talk.
          You will be the first out there crying for help. You will be screaming when they fall that there is no one left to pay your internet salary.

          • Who is this anal opening? CIA = Criminals In Action?

            • @RS:

              ..that’s just FBP. She has an itch in her seventy year old cunt for our friend AtC…..


              ….dear, please wipe your chin….


              Good Day Sir.

              …just picked up a used Winchester carbine in .357. Great price ‘cept for the FFl transfer here in cali($100)…..suuuuweeeet…lol.

              …..which one is Pink……BA.

              • Just feeling the love.
                “She has an itch in her seventy year old cunt for our friend AtC…”.

                That is why he is buying up all that Crisco. He will need it.

              • @BA congrats on your recent acquisition , been looking for a quality old (10 years or older) model .357 lever cowboy myself or pump for the last 3 years . i’m turnin’ green with envy .

                check out buying extra trigger springs , tube mag springs and a armorers manual for it , so you can do your own repair maintenance .

                keep your powder dry and ammo clean .


      22. Who’s to blame for the coming collapse?

        The short answer is, we all are. We have all been willingly led down the path of progress and unending growth. We continue to push the limits of our environments ability to provide for our needs.

        Many people like to blame poor governance, lazy people, or even go so far as to blame a conspiracy of central bankers and the elite. But reality would suggest something much different and more fundamental.
        Energy. Plain and simple. It has been shown through studies that our ability to grow and expand is directly proportional to the availability of affordable energy.

        It is understandable that people want to blame politicians, governments or elite cabals for the worlds problems. They want to place the blame anywhere but upon themselves and the lifestyles of never ending consumption and debt that they have chosen.

        Now why we are not being encouraged to live more simply and sustainably can easily be blamed on the powers that be as they will milk us for every consumer dollar they can while the dollar still have value. But they are not forcing us to buy their products or to take on debt. That is our choice.
        Occam’s razor states that: ‘All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.’ Energy IS the simple explanation and it makes perfect sense.'s_razor

        So if you are looking for someone to blame, look no further than the closest mirror. Ask yourself how much you can provide for yourself rather than depending on the energy hungry systems of transportation, manufacture and global exchange for your needs.

        • Excellent explanation,Timothy.I agree that the bankers have taken advantage of the situation.They have the “privileged” info the common man does not.

      23. When we see these outrageous reports of what’s happening, we naturally get angry at the globalists who have intentionally done this. And our hearts break for Manos and others in Greece who suffer because of it. But, please folks, don’t let this overwhelm you. Don’t let it sap your energy from preparation and use it all up in expressing anger.
        Say your prayers for Manos (many of us here are doing that). And vent your frustrations. But don’t wear yourselves out emotionally. Keep prepping. Scour the stores for ammo, restock the tp and food in your pantry. Keep looking for the radio, solar panel or water filter you’re going to need. STAY the course. Don’t burn it all up in one place.
        We’ll soon be fighting a multi-front war. In many areas, we already are. Stay focused on the tasks at hand. I’d rather use 10% of my energy to curse the bastards, 20% to load, and 70% to aim, than to lose perspective and miss the shot. You know what I mean. The clock’s ticking… Stay The Course!


        • Smokie, agree with the multi-front war. Enjoyed the writ.

        • And always remember that, “An unconstitutional act is not a law. It confers no rights. It imposes no duties. It affords no protection. It creates no office. It is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed. Therefore an unconstitutional act purporting to create an office gives no validity to the acts of a person acting under color of its authority.” -Norton v. Shelby County, 6 S.Ct. 1121
          Revoke all gun laws.

        • I’m right there with you in spirit, Okie. We’re going to do that ourselves, down in Florida.

        • yep

        • It’s just getting interesting. Would HATE to miss the fun…

      24. BRAINS!!!!!!!

      25. What we have is a conundrum. Or maybe an enigma. Or an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. Those big words confuse me.We have a crisis of cheap hydrocarbons that is taking down the world economy. Several billion liabilities will, according to the elite,need to be liquidated for them to survive. Starvation and death are what they bring to the common man.Hang some bankers.

      26. Still time to escape the cities Go-Go NOW !!Move to the country while you can!!!!!

        • I am not sure moving to the country is much better than the city.

          I live in a small town in northern Wyoming (one grocery store and a gas/convenience store.) Today our weekly newspaper has a story with two warnings:

          The Associated Foods warehouse (where our grocery gets 90% of its goods) has closed. Our local grocer is not sure where he will get food for his store in the future. 56 people at the Billings store have been laid off and 50 more at the Helena warehouse. The next best option is the warehouse in Salt Lake City, which will add 370 miles to the travel time. The second part of the article was that the Sweetheart bakery in Billings has also shut down “forcing grocery stores in both large cities and small ones across the region into full-blown scramble mode to find replacement loaves of bread, buns, and other baked goods for their customers.”

          So 90% of our groceries have dried up and we also have lost our source of bread and baked goods. I suppose we could still go to Walmart (60 miles away) They get their goods from Salt Lake City. But having to supply all of northern Wyoming and most of Eastern Montana will put a strain on Salt Lake’s resources. I have already been noticing that WalMart’s shelves have been mostly empty lately.

          • Neva:
            Your first “test”….it is super easy, although time-consuming, to make your own breads, and other baked goods! No better time than the present to either learn, or practice. The home-baked ones will keep just fine, and you know what is in them.

          • Now you know how the Globalists in Government intend to remove the people in the northwest under Agenda 21: they will simply starve them out.

            Can you say, ” Game Preserve” ?

            • DK, is right.
              This is part of the Agenda 21 “Wild lands” conversion.
              By taking over corporations, and shutting them down…
              I’m sure, those folks haven’t quit eating or buying.

              If they pull that around here, I’m already raising chickens and eggs, I’ll plant corn and I go full bore.

              Oh… I forgot… they’re making small time operators ‘illegal’… good, then we go underground…

              I can see me standing on the street corner in town with carton’s of eggs in my long coat…”Psst… hey meester… wanna buy a carton of EGGS? Only a hundred dollar… this week.”


          • Seems like you folks are in a quandary…
            Move, or, get busy…
            You also have OPPORTUNITY.
            Need a local bakery, look for a baker.
            Need flour, find a miller.
            Connect to wheat farmers, or grow it. Whatever you have to do.

            Scour for skills, or learn, the only way to overcome the bastards and coming hyperinflation is to convert yourselves from consumers to PRODUCERS.

            In the depression, whole communities turned to producing pototatoes and raising rabbits and chickens.

            Everybody gets a kitchen garden, tell the governor of the state F*** YOU if you don’t help. WE QUIT. (Paying taxes that is.)

          • In the country you have land to grow food. I live in Lewis County, Washington, West of the Cascades. We haven’t grown much more than hay for years, but this year the West Coast counties had a grain conference because local distilleries and bakers would like to buy local grains. I am coordinating an effort to grow canola for biodiesel and now that there is a local market for the grain we can rotate it with barley. It’s a challenge to find all the equipment needed, especially combines for small acreage, but it seems worth doing. With jobs going permanently overseas, people have to think in terms of starting their own businesses.

            • That’s the way!
              Find old fashioned horse drawn equipment or even pictures or museums and figure it out, find some out of work metal workers, build your own… that’s what we used to do. Pound swords into plowshares…
              Just do it without debt… and you’re thousand percent ahead, even if it ain’t pretty…

          • neva. sounds like someone YOU!!! should start a bakery.

          • THIS is some scary news…but also a huge opportunity for the initiated

        • Unfortunately there are a lot of people that are trapped with underwater home mortgages or jobs, that they are anchored there.

          • Move your stuff, burn them down. Collect ins, pay off mortgage instead of rebuilding. Keep land. (if you can get away with it. Might help to be ‘out of town’ that week.)
            Move into a tent, rv, teepee, whatever you can manage.

            I have considered this, RV is being set up for solar and a wood stove. Mobile BOL.

            • Either they burn, or the fed-corp-gov gets them, take your choice thumbdowners.
              The time will come, when a lot of folks would rather burn them down, than let the enemy of humanity have them.

            • Burn my house down? Sorry, but I live in reality and that reality is prep for the worst but live in the normal life where we go out with friends and have backyard BBQs like any other normal person. I’m not going to commit insurance fraud AND destroy my home just because there “might” be SHTF down the road.

              • Context Arkaden….context.

                For many the SHTF, when their life is destroyed by the bankers, and their company moves their job to China, like myself. S… Hits TF, sometimes one by one.

                I haven’t done it, we’ve gotten by, just barely. But that’s ok, poverty builds character, and prepping skills…

      27. Gentle Reader,

        The picture looks like any American shopping mall or Wal-Mart at Christmas. At least they are all standing and no one is being trampled to death. Very nice.

        • Well put, Ms Manners! Lately, there seems to be more savagery at a Wisonsin State Fair, an outdoor rap concert in Oakland, a JuneTeenth celebration in Seattle, a Friday night in the Bronx, the 4th quarter of a Raider game, a World Series celebration in Frisco, and a free pep rally at Syracuse U.

      28. Ya know its kind of like the old story of the frog in the pot of water. I am hoping most know of this analogy so I do not have to type so much. Many people I know keep asking when is it going to hit the fan? The conditioning process has been so effective unless the hard times hit them right between the eyes they simply do not see it, even then it is hard for them to do so. The game of distraction has been done so well done that most people are busy with the important things in life like American Idle, Pro sports, all the good tv like MSM. It is so bad that I have seen people who could not put food on the table for their children but somehow manage to pawn the tv for a case of beer. So anyway sorry for rambling, but the fact is the poop has already hit the fan here in North America for millions of people but the government continues to help supporting them or just does it as in Canada here. The true indicator for when it really hits the fan is when the government says sorry we can no longer support you. This is the day they have been setting up for decades. And of course by then the majority of the population will do whatever it takes to eat including a trip to Camp FEMA. These folks wont have to be forced to go they will simply line up and wait to be fed like the sheep most of them are. I pray for them and would love to see more wake up but to be honest very few will. Have you noticed how difficult it is to share the information we have with these modern day zombies? Point is it is already here. This is the new normal. drones, TSA, checkpoints, fear of police, abuse of power, illegal wars, gay agenda in the military, schools, and boy scouts, the list goes on and on. We as a population have allowed this to occur as this was done right in front of us over the years, hidden in plain site. Baby boomers and now the generation of someone owes me a living. Well enough said because the fact is when it does hit here it wont be as bad as we believe beause most of us in here have done things to prepare. The rest of the population will sleep through it and when they wake up if they do it will be in a fema camp. Pray for our counttry. Pray the good Lord does not completely leave just yet. The dark times are not to far away and for many of us they are here. The judgement of North America will be harsh. If you do not believe as I do that is fine but the dark days are coming regardless. Pray for your families, freinds, neighbors and country.
        May God Bless you all

        • @MikeinCanada…..Loved your post…(just need to separate your paragraphs)as for some of us who are over 50/60 have a hard time reading …..seems like it all runs together..(grin)

          But I loved what you said, and thanx for reminding us all to keep praying not only for our families and friends but also for the Country as well…..and may I add (our Countries leaders) take care, and keep preppin!! CC

          • I agree, CC. I thought there was a recipe for “frog soup” somewhere in that post….glasses musta’ been a bit dirty…….

          • Here’s a tip for all of the old timers who can’t read as good as you used to. Hold CTRL and then tap your + key. It will make things MUCH easier to read. When you are done reading and want to go back to browsing, hold CTRL and tap the – key. Try it now, you will see what I mean.

            • Thnx from an old fart for the tip. Had a little trouble seeing the + key but I found it after a little adjustment to my distance(playing trombone with the keyboard..hehe 🙂 ) Anyway keep on keepin on.

              went to local walmart this morning they actually had some ammo, 12 & 20 g, 3 or 31/2 ” target and bird load was it. but that was more than in the last month.

              Pray, prep and pray some more


        • Agree with Canada Canuk….I would up only skimming Mike’s post cuz it all ran together. My eyes are over 50 and need eye breaks…..please

        • When SHTF happens and has been going on for awhile, wages will become just survival level for most people. A silver dime will be able to buy a mans labor for a day. Maybe even a WWII silver nickel. Most people in the world work for that now. Globalism now coming home to roost.

        • Excellent points, MIC and sad but true that so much of the population cannot put 2 and 2 together. I think most people, including the ones not self absorbed and takers think that something of the magnitude as shtf is just too extreme to conceive happening and when you remind them of history, it almost seems too unreal to conceive because for the most part we have been in relative peace and prosperity for many decades. Add to that it is just downright hard to imagine such evil, but it does exist.

          The writing is on the wall and for him who has ears to hear.

      29. Start learning gardening and other skills, it may get you your next meal when SHTF. Anything one can do off grid will add to your being able to survive. We’ll make Greece look like a picnic in the park when things get really out of hand. Get everything and anything to help you exist and use for barter. I don’t see the dollar improving. Virginia has legislation in the pipeline concerning their own possible currency. % years ago who woulda thought?

        • just hauled two loads of horse manure to my garden. takes two years of composting to get the soil right. You MUST start YESTERDAY! Do not trust in theory,but your own experience. The price is simply too steep- starvation.

      30. Pardon my typing….not % but 5 years.

      31. oh my i just realized how much I rambled up there.
        Ya’ll take care where ever you may be. By the way for all you people who are Christians who believe in the pre trib rapture, please watch the movie after the tribulation, free on youtube. And if we spoiled folks here in North America think we should not have to be here and endure the hardships of the tribulation then I say go and pratice your religion in China or north korea. Or really in many many countries where they kill us and torture us. Or you can always go to the bible and look at John, Paul, Stephen etc and tell them there was no need to suffer. God bless and once again my apologies for going on and on. I don not usually do that.

        Love ya’ll and keep the faith

        • mikeincanada, I still teach and show people that pre-trib is a lie. The churches have been under attack with false teachings for years, especially prophecy.

        • BUT…Harold Camping said…

      32. An idiot Americans are STILL lining up to buy gold and silver. Not even images of hunger will get through to these dunderheads.

        • Many all ready have enough food. Where else should we put all our wealth to bring though the next phase of this economy

        • JJ-“AN Idiot Americans.” Really, and where were you educated? “Hello Pot-This is Kettle!”

      33. Hey has anyone heard from Manos lately?? This must be fake because the MSM has not reported on this!! We all know they always tell the truth; artificial sweetners are good for you and Anna Nicole married for love!!!

        Based on the gun sales some of the sheeple are waking up. For most of us though we are seeing the sheeple panic buying guns, ammo and a lot of other stuff. And hey: I’m no longer referred to as the relative with the Tin Foil Hat. The rest of the family is talking and they are saying we should have listened Dad.

        I thank God my children are doing well so they can afford to PrepUp, but there are many items they will have to purchase and hope the arrive before the crunch.

        They can stock up on most things, but the specific weapons, calibers and ammo just are not out there right now.

        I hope we have more time but some big money is betting against the markets by purchasing 100,000 put options with April expiration’s. In dollars, that’s over a $11,000,000 bet!!! Do you thing someone knows something?

        Good luck to all as the global propaganda movie comes to an end. It’s going to be like the Wizard of Oz when everyone finds out its all an illusion.

        • There are some very… very… very basic preps us urbanites have NO CLUE what to do about. Any ideas appreciated.

          1. When the sewage stations stop pumping, if you’re downhill of them… you’re going to be in the middle of a bloody swamp.

          2. Similar to #1… even assuming the swamp thing doesn’t happen… where do you… erm. Defecate when you’re on a 1/10th acre plot of land?

          3. A well. I think you’re going to have a hard time digging one without anyone noticing.

          The rest I could figure out. These 3? Kind of bloody essential. What do I do?

          • number 1…eventually, you have a couple days…max, if you are lucky.

            number 2…you are sol. Again you can stick for a couple days.

            number 3…you are sol…again. Ground water may or may not be close…if close you will contaminate it with #2.

            Better plan on bugging out…sorry but that is reality.
            Not everyone can bug in…God be with you and help guide you. Millions in towns and cities will have this problem due to grid down.

            City water needs electricity…city sewer needs water to keep the solids moving…without treatment plants running it will become unsantitary very quickly.

            • That’s what I was afraid of.

              1. I can cap off the toilet drain pipe etc. but this probably only buys me a few more days.

              2. Burn it?? I think someone’s gonna notice. I thought about a composting toilet but I have a hard time believing it’s going to work. Never seen it in practice, and that’s a shit load of compost (pun intended). Worth a shot I guess. Only other thing I can think of is a bucket with trash bags and hurl the trash bags…???? I have no idea where.

              3. I can store enough water and am attempting to find out how to get an acceptable production rate out of seawater, as that is readily available to me.


              If I’m right about Point 1… I’m screwed. Plain and simple, screwed. If it goes any farther than Argentina, that is.

              Which is… really not great because I could probably afford 2 years’ worth of abject dirt poverty subsistence level preps very soon.

              Aaaaand they’re useless.

              My other option was a boat. I may have to look at the boat thing. I have no idea how I’m gonna afford that. It ain’t gonna be a real pretty boat, that is for sure… and I have no idea how to be The Skipper.

          • Here is where to start!!!

            1. Security; without security you can lose your life in a second.
            2. Air; if you cant breath your dead in 3 to 5 minutes.
            3. Water; without water your dead in 3 days.
            4. Food; without food your dead in 3 weeks.
            5. Shelter; depending on conditions, without shelter you could die anywhere between minutes and months.

            That’s as basic as it gets, plan accordingly.

      34. Evening All.

        What is happening in Greece will come to us all eventually. The need to prepare, particularly with the ability to grow our own fresh food is no longer something for, next year, next month or even next week. We need to start now, raising the seedings on windowsills until the weather is good enough to plant out.

        The time is now.

        Take care

        • Good evening Burt !!! 🙂

        • Get the guns back throw the Labors in the channel.

        • yep

        • Good to see ya Bert: But here in the US I tend to disagree, People keep talking about the sheeple waking up, Well the day they do isn’t the start of things, it’s very close to the end.
          We have 48 Million on food stamps, 7 million on disability, Plus Social Security, and 3 million in jail, I have no idea about Gov employees, retires and medicare etc. But the point is we have close to 100 Million people on Gov pay. As long as these paychecks cash and will support people nothing is going to happen. The sheep will sleep. Why shouldn’t they? (From their perspective nothing is wrong)
          The day they don’t, it’s over. They cannot prep we saw how when a few thousand extra went to buy guns it all stopped. It would be the same for TP food anything, These people have no food, no heat,no gasoline, most of them have no car, no nothing. They cannot leave the city, they cannot walk 5 miles.. I figure the 100 largest cities in the US will be effectively dead in less than a month.
          The food isn’t in the city’s, it’s in storage on some farm in Nebraska. The Gov has predicted if we get a bad solar event 90% of us will be dead in a year. I’d like to know how many are gone in 90 days. By spring there will be fruit trees everywhere, and all the land you want. The trick will be surviving until then. If I remember correctly England was not able to feed itself in WWI. I’m afraid the same thing will be there only faster. The only thing that will save a person is keeping very low with a few friends. In a fairly short time there will be lots of land.

        • Sprouts have 10-30 times the nutritional value of the vegetable they will become if planted. Sprouts are ready to eat in approximately 3-7 days. You only need water, no fertilizer, or sunlight.

      35. The picture could cause me a flashback. No joke meant. As I have said before I have been at food distribution and some just getting trample would be reported as a no activity day. It will get worst.

        Soon they will just dump the food in the street and drive away. Then at one point they wont find anyone willing to risk their lives in the trucks.

      36. Read in the story people with children in hand rushed the last truck.

        I have seen what happens to those carried children.

        Note to Zombies. Next time I see what I did again. I wont be under orders to not interfere.

        • It does NOT take a village!


          Is that your kid? I thought not.

      37. “In the case of Greece, a country that has the backing of the world’s two largest central banks, it’s been a slow but steady process of grinding down all aspects of life”. And THEREIN lie the culprits: CENTRAL BANKS! Like locusts, they systematically and rapaciously DESTROY entire countries for the sake of THEIR ill-gotten profits and because they CAN! In the case of the USA, if anyone STILL believes (in the general population) or THINKS the Federal Reserve believes that The People will ever pay back $16trillion, well, I gotta a bridge you can buy cheap…Debt-created money was NEVER designed by the Illuminati TO BE PAID BACK!! It was designed to blood-suck countries for as long as possible until the deliberately-designed economic collapses are invoked to cause the chaos *they* need to effect THEIR NWO order of serfdom and poverty for the REST of us. Would that Greece had only done what Iceland had done, that is, to tell the Central Bankers “GFY”!

      38. Buffalo gone. Whiskey.

      39. This is coming, and sooner than a lot of people think. Just look at how our government won’t put a budget or a cap in place. They want to spend and tax and tax and spend instead of cutting back on unnecessary things like giving money to our enemies.

      40. Sterling silver, someone will take your supplies only if you let them. the feds keep making clear they are going to war against the people. it’s only a matter of time before it starts. You don’t have any obligation to anyone who has bad intentions toward you. Forget about the courts and the ballot box. We’re all going to have to have to go to the cartridge box; there’s no other choice now. I’m not giving up anything I have to anyone, period! BJ, the post you made earlier was right on target. Braveheart

      41. not only has our economy been deliberately collapsed

        but a very real police state is being instituted as we speak

        read it and weep for the America that was…

        “the police state is real

        The Bush regime’s response to 9/11 and the Obama regime’s validation of this response have destroyed accountable democratic government in the United States. So much unaccountable power has been concentrated in the executive branch that the
        US Constitution is no longer an operable document.”


        “The Obama police state will be worse than the Bush/Cheney police state. Unlike
        conservatives who in times past were suspicious of government power, Obamabots believe that government power is a force for good if it is in the right hands. As Obama’s supporters see him as a member of an oppressed minority, they are confident that Obama will not misuse his power. This belief is akin to the belief that, as Jews suffered so much at the hands of Hitler, Israel would be fair to the Palestinians.”

        • I haven’t watched the video yet, but I read that according to Harvard Law School’s definition of Police State, the United States is a Police State.

          Former guy under Reagan said the United States is a police state. He said, “of course he will take the guns; can’t have a police state and armed citizens”. Well, he was wrong. He didn’t get them and he ain’t going to!

      42. Kindle, I’ve got some of those items on my list except for the booze. I’m a reformed alcoholic and if I touch 1 drop, it’s all over for me. I’m pretty well stocked, but I always feel, GET MORE, GET MORE!, especially with food and water. There’s really no telling how long SHTF will last. Daisy, I’m with you about good sales and seeing any store go out of business. That means one less source for preps. When true SHTF finally hits in the US, think Greece millions of times over. braveheart

        • Quitter.

        • I rarely ever drink…not even one a month. Got the booze for barter.

        • Braveheart..I can relate–for me it’s Ritz crackers!!!

      43. Let us also not forget Greece is not the United States. In the US the collapse will come much slower. First we will see one municipality after another declaring bankruptcy and with police protection dwindling there will be more and more property crimes. If the federal government does not come to an agreement over cuts, the federal govt. may shut down for a period. If this happens 47 million people will be looking for their food stamps, except they will either be delayed or not issued at all. Should this happen, we will see riots and flash mobs storming some of our major department stores. It will be worse in major urban centers while rural areas will remain relatively safe. This is the time when I predict that the govt. will start with confiscation of our privately owned weapons – for our own protection of course. Thereafter the collapse will speed up as more and more govt. agencies will be without any money from Washington. I may be all wrong and I hope I am, but it sure looks pretty bad. What happened in Greece can also happen here, except it will take much longer to affect all people. I will for one continue to prepare myself and my family and if I am wrong I have lost nothing. If I am however right I know my family has at least a fighting chance to survive. What scares me even more, that some deranged mind like a McVaigh will commit some heinous act, claiming to defend our nation from tyranny. I hope I am wrong and it all will resolve itself, but I am no longer convinced.

        • Gunny: You are right Greece is not America and I have voiced that difference here before. Greece had a debt to GDP ratio of 4 to 1 before their system failed, and they did not have the banking system that WE have.

          Say what you will, I am not here to defend the GB’s but the American banking system IS different and can handle the stress of collapse, because WE have already had the collapse.

          This is the aftermath for US.

          Another dip is coming and another serious reversal in the stock markets, but WE have been here before. It will get worse before it gets better. But it will get better if the Globalists in Government do not do anything really stupid.

          Another collapse is possible, but unlikely. Its more like death by a thousand cuts. The economy will likely stay at its current level for another six months. An upside will not manifest until this time in 2014.

          Everything will be timed for the elections of 2014. Which could give O’Bummer total control. That is the real danger now that his true agenda is on the table.

          Better Republican than Communist.

          • thats the plan dk. the question is , will they pull it off as planned. i think them, you and your type have pushed the envelope one time too many. The bag of goodies is empty.its human pshychology that you people think you understand , but because of your greed and insatiable appetite for fiat, you have missed some of the finer points. you have gone to the well too many times.

      44. My Dad grew up in the “Great Depression” and told me how

        it couldn’t possibly get any worse than that again.

        I’m almost glad that he’s no longer here to see that he

        will probably be proven wrong.

        • Red Pine,

          My Dad grew up in the depression. He told of most his meals consisting of oatmeal and when the family was fortunate they once in awhile had baloney. He grew up in Hell’s Kitchen in New York. When I was a child we were poor but we always managed to have plenty of good food. On our dinner table we always had a plate of bread. My Dad, even though we always had enough food, would always wipe up his plate with a slice of bread. He never got over that experience of being hungry in the Depression.

          He used to say, in the ’90’s before he passed away, if we have another Depression it would be horrific because of the lack of character and integrity of the population. I’m pretty sure he was correct in his assessment. Wish we never have to find out but, I’m afraid we likely will.

          • We are already seeing it. I was a child during the depression. Times were much better then. People took care of themselves then and they cared for their countrymen.
            Not so today. Commies everywhere.

      45. You can be one of the people in line begging. Or you can be one of the people on the truck with 50 tons of food to give away in protest. Its all up to you. Food is pretty cheap at the moment.Might want to put up a little extra. Dont you beleive for one second the USDA reports on how much grain we have stored. Read their website everyday, and watch how they “revise” the estimates all of the time. I know this has been reported here many times in the past, but is worth repeating.
        Trucks are plentiful today, no real shortages anywhere in the country. China continues to be a strong buyer of food grains. I really cant blame them, they know they are sitting lots of FRN’s that they need to get rid of. 30% of our winter wheat crop is already lost for this year,It could get worse if we dont get some moisture in the growing regions. I have a feeling it is going to get very interesting this year.

        Y’all take care.

        • The USDA will never tell the truth…miserable self-important vermin who hate the people…they have so messed things up they wouldnt dare tell the people the truth…that theres not enough food anywhere in Americato last more than a few weeks after anything happens…USDA/FDA/FB…all have crossed over to the enemy!

      46. People are their own worse enemy. They do the damnest things and you can’t tell them anything.

        “When it hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you”.

        I Love It!

        The invisible bread lines (EBT and SNAP) are doing their job from drawing the attention on the public eye. Shall we include the vast amount of tent cities and social services outlets. Les Miseriables, as has been stated before. The New Army of the Damned. We are not far away from food riots and is well within the realm of possibility of empty supermarket shelves. Leading to of course, food truck despersion to the populace.
        How far off before it appears?

      47. Let’s all look at some facts about Greece why this should never have happened:

        -Population is only 10.76 million people.
        -Land area is 50,443 sq. miles, about the size of Alabama.
        -Arable land 19.8% or 9988 sq miles of arable land.
        -1077 people per sq. mile of arable land.
        -Located at near perfect growing zone, about 35-42 degrees north.
        – Industries: tourism, ffod and tobacco proc., textiles, chemicals, metal prods, mining, petroleum.
        -Chief crops: wheat, corn, barley, sugar beets, olives, tomatoes, wine grapes, tobacco, potatoes.
        -Natural resources: lignite, petroleum, iron ore, bauxite, lead, zinc, nickel, magnesite, marble, salt, hydropower potential.

        With all this, why are only 10.76 million living in conditions that are third world? Extremely bad management. When you have enough arable land to grow more than enough food for your citizens and export much, why the hell is anyone fighting for food? Bad government.

        This just shows that the U.S. with under 500 people per sq. mile of arable land, a massive breadbasket for many countries, that people here could be in the same situation because of an asinine government. The U.S. has almost every mineral that the U.S. and other coutries needs, yet the country is near bankrupt. The U.S. has the most advanced industries, yet the jobs are being sold off to the enemy China. I am too disgusted to talk about this any further.

        Just like in yesterday’s comment # 1115605 in response to Todd’s question, a 6.5+ did hit. Just like I said this is kind of cheating because it was an aftershock of the 8.0, the earthquake registered 6.6. The distant precursor quake in the Mid Atlantic Ridge though was likely the reason behind this as this area that was hit in the past big earthquakes followed in the Santa Cruz and Soloman Islands regions. I would still give a decent chance of the other areas in the comment yesterday as potential targets between now and Feb. 21. Further plate boundary earthquakes will further clear up where the next big earthquake is going to hit.

        • Spot on. Only thing that you forgot was to mention the central bank…or is that what you meant by “extremely bad management?”

      48. I talked to a German nurse whose mother is in Germany. She said they were having a real bad time. Germany was one of the better ones in Europe but its failing now. Gas, in our money, is $8.00 a gal.

        When O’Relly said this, they better sit up straight.

        Bill O’Reilly Warns Of Economic Collapse ‘Disaster Could Be Coming’!

        • good point

          for a long time now
          Germany has been the powerhouse of the European Union
          it’s been the one holding things together
          but now ???

          “”German industry seems to be drowning in the financial crisis,” said Carsten Brzeski, an economist at ING Financial Markets. ”What started off as a relatively normal correction from very high levels has developed into serious collapse.”

          the countries of the European Union
          are falling one by one
          just like dominoes

        • When I lived in Germany from 2004-2010 gas cost more than that. Traffic on the autobahns during holidays was epic.
          Construction (big construction) EVERYwhere. The German economy was booming. Very different from ours but quite robust. This is not an advocation of socialism in any way.

        • O’Reilly is a commie.

      49. If you live in or know someone who lives in the northeast you better be prepared. Winter storm Nemo is headed that way. Even Bank of America is warning people to have plenty of cash. FEMA is freaking out. The snow will be measured in feet not inches according to the weather channel.
        I bet this one will be as bad as Sandy but people will not pay attention.
        Drudge report has plenty of info.


      51. So how is the economic weather in Iceland these days?
        It seems it doesn’t have to be this way.

      52. Off Topic ~ The East Coast bracing itself for a
        Super Snow Storm of Epic Proportions.
        I live in Upstate New York. They are calling
        for a “Medium” snow storm starting at 1 a.m. through
        Saturday 5 a.m. The weather up here changes like the wind. My vehicle is filled with gas, and I have preps. This scenario makes me glad I do prepare.
        NYC, Boston, Rhode Island, parts of New Jersey look like they are going to get pulverized. Another superstorm,
        2 weather conditions colliding together. Just what the
        East coast needs. What a weather mess.

        • Emily –

          It’s going to be especially awful for the residents of the almost-2000 homes that still don’t have heat and running water. I feel really badly for them.

          Stay safe and keep us posted!


          • Damn, we know who you are.

      53. For area bw Buffalo and Syracuse where I reside, bad
        weather starts Friday at 1 a.m., and ends Saturday at 5 a.m. I have to make an apt. at 1:30 p.m., after that, I plan on hunkering home and staying home.

        • Emily sounds like were neighbors, good luck to ya, if anyone can take the snow its this region like the sayin goes if you dont like the weather here just wait 5 mins. Be safe!

        • @ Emily. The one bright spot to this storm is that it is happening now rather than 6 weeks ago. The Sun is almost 10 degrees higher in the sky, which means that mess will melt sooner and more daylight hours to help it melt sooner. The worst time for a catastrophic snow storm is around the first day of winter to about the second week of January. The Sun angle right now is about the same as Nov. 2, so at very least the time will be reduced of misery a bit more. When a disaster like this comes in we can all look at a little bit of uplifting bit of news like this.

      54. I’m speechless …

      55. A sad state of affairs. I feel for all those that are going through these trying times. I hate to think of anyone going hungry, especially the young and elderly.
        The greek people don’t deserve this kind of treatment.
        Heck, nobody does. I don’t even want to see the misled and ignorant people suffer. Without calling their names or nationality, the ones that want to see Americans die. Most of them are just following their leaders and not their hearts.

        It’s the leaders that will ultimately do the suffering.

        Our leaders in America have brainwashed and lied to the point that our majority will still say they are doing what is best for us.

        While the majority stay consumed with their little worldly matters, they allow the leaders to take us down the path of a doomed economy.

        The writing is on the wall if people would just wake up and see it. The writing is that we are, and have been, living a war based economy. The figures say it all.

        Every dollar that goes to the Fed gov. from taxpayers income taxes; Ninety-four percent goes to the military complex. It has become our basis for jobs and growth. The defense spending, annual budget went from a billion dollars in 1970 to a record high in 2012 to nearly a trillion dollars.

        What happens when that budget gets cut. Job losses that trickle down the chain and end up causing the price of everything to increase. What is going on now with the defense spending? Cuts.

        The billionaires have gotten filthy rich from all the wars and increased spending on defense; while the infrastructure, education and social security system has just about collapsed.

        Our so-called leaders have profited and yet we see figures coming from those same leaders that say, “every American, man, woman, and child, owes x amount of national debt.” Talk about laying a guilt trip on people.

        Don’t despair, just try to live as though it’s the 1800s again, and don’t borrow money. Get back to basics. The basics of living is what will get you through with God’s help. It won’t happen over night, but with the right frame of mind and heart you can do it.
        Better to start now, rather than being thrown into it like the majority of Greece and other countries that will soon follow.

      56. The prezident & flotus is not my mom & dad. I know who my mom & dad is. People that want gun control should move out of the country and give up all rights (and leave their ass-sets.

        • Chris Rock is a stupid dick.


        • People who want gun control should move to North Korea. Those people don’t have guns and they are all very happy.

      57. very interesting article concerning the Cascadia earthquake fault

        there WILL be a MAJOR earthquake there
        it is just a matter of when

        “The next great Cascadia subduction-zone earthquake will kill thousands in Oregon and cause at least $32 billion in economic losses unless preparations are radically overhauled, a state panel says.”

        “There will be no water or sewer service, no electricity and no ATMs, telephones, television, radio or Internet. Willamette River bridges will be impassable. Food will soon run out.”

        “”Oregon, or even the entire nation, has never witnessed a disaster of this magnitude in modern history,” the report said.”

        if that isn’t a warning to the people of that area
        I don’t know what is
        they didn’t mince any words as to the seriousness of the situation

        • Art Bell used to say when the big earthquake hits it will result in a portion of CA, OR, and WA breaking off and falling into the ocean. Bad news – all my preps will go to waste. Good news – I won’t care.

      58. POTUS and FLOTUS (A little traveling music,please)

        Brought to you by Chris Rock.
        Who’s your Daddy? Your Momma is!

      59. We make $165k together.
        When you factor in saving for college and retirement.
        We never eat out, take vacations or do shit.
        I eat cut o soups for lunch.

        Things are bad economically as the currency fell 44% since 2000.
        This has all been planned.

        To prep up.. Cancel TV and cell phones for a year…no eating out, no movies.
        Just stay home.

        Then…when the currency crashes…you’ll feel safe knowing that you were one of the well prepared and not like the hungry soul in Greece.

        If you have a spouse who is skeptical…
        Have them not eat for three days…then see how they feel.
        That got my wife’s head right.

        Time to get real. The US has been taken over by socialists and commies.
        Their goal is to crash the economy.

        Obama sold off the strategic grail supply.

        It’s wake up time.

      60. Have you’ll read about the ex-cop who has gone on a killing spree in southern California? (With a gun, of course). Strange how these stories just keep popping up, one after the other, just after congress was debating over the UN’s smalls arms treaty….

        • @Cindy
          He is not the run of the mill crazy’s. He was one of them. Dead Man Walking for sure. How many more lurk within the ranks as times get harder? Lots of questions will have to be answered, or NOT.

        • Cindy,

          These storys are the norm in case you haven’t noticed. Not everything is a conspiracy, nothing strange about it. This guy is a vile criminal, in case you haven’t read about it, Chicago and every other large city in America is full of them. More reason for the good guys to keep their guns, last I heard, this thug is still on the run.

          • Glad my truck isn’t blue…

            • Glad he isn’t driving a Freightliner. I’d spend 70% ducking…and it’s hard to shift down here on the floor.

      61. that was one depressing video….part of me feels pretty bad for the Greeks….another part is just angry at them for letting their country go to hell…but what really depresses me is that present day Greece is the USA in the very, very near future…….dark days, indeed

      62. One Country, One Fuhrer, (Leader, i.e. Dad and Mom)
        One People = Just like the Nazi’s. Is that what you want Chris Rock?
        Chris Rock is a sleeze that should be working at a car wash. Some idiot producer decided he had ‘talent’
        and elevated Chris to that status he has today.
        I can’t stand the man. This opinion is based on his big
        mouth and actions, not the color of his skin.
        Folly Wood is a cesspool. They need to fix it.
        O.k. I’ll calm down now, that CR just irritated the heck out of me.

        • Put on some Nugent or Cash…its the antedote for stupid like kiddie rock 🙂

      63. Ein Volk
        Ein Reich
        Ein Fuhrer

      64. Manos, wherever you are, our prayers are with you.

        Always look forward to your posts, as you tell the reality, not the typical MSM lies and sensation.

        NOMI – CAGTMF!

      65. I noticed in the news today that officials were advising those in the path of this extremely dangerous winter storm to stock up on necessities… will be interesting to see what occurs following the storm….will people have gotten prepared? One hopes, after Sandy, that they have learned from their mistakes…..
        My prayers are with them….

      66. when you see stuff like this that is happening you know that (excuse my language) shits getting real. Now i know most people here know that it has been like that for a while however it amazes me that some people still would continue to deny it.

      67. Hey WTF, I’m so tired of hearing BUDGET CUTS I COULD UP-CHUCK, how in the hell can you have budget cuts when you don’t even have a F’N budget. How long has it been sense we have had a BUDGET out of those clowns in D C. We don’t know how much the alphabet agencies are really speeding, now do we.

        Yes they are all in it up to their eye-balls. We need to start voicing our concerns about the Federal Budget that is what I say. OH HELL IT WOULDN’T MATTER ANYWAY!

      68. I’m not as knowledgable about all the banking/economic craziness as some people here. But banks (including BOA) are now urging people in the New England area to tap their ATMs and make sure they have plenty of cash on hand.

        Does anyone know what kind of impact will the economy and the markets see with the combination of a virtual “run on banks” because of everyone in NE tapping mac prior to thisa storm and the stalling of business due to this storm literally bringing NYC and especially NE to a complete standstill for a few days while they dig themselves out?

      69. I’ve watched this video several times. My initial observation is, what is that frustrating lettering across the screen?!! My second observation is, I do believe Greece is suffering, but this video does not substantiate that fact. Someone has his son on his shoulders, as if it’s a festival or parade. I’m just saying, be analytical when you view videos like this.

      70. FOB-
        It seems that no one learned a thing from Sandy down here in NE Pennsy. I drove past the grocery store and it appeared that the typical last minute rush to buy anything and everything is going on.
        I had an unprepared friend tell me that she went in earlier and the shelves were getting bare.
        …and we’re only supposed to get 3-8″ max down here.

        The sheeple will NEVER learn.

        We occasionally get some pretty sh*tty weather in this area during the winter anyway…PLUS we got hit pretty hard by Sandy just 4 months ago and still people don’t seem to have learned or prepared for ANYTHING.

        There is no hope for some people.
        oh well.

        If I get snowed in then I’ll use the day to do an inventory of my preps, rotate my stock, & clean my self defense tools…..maybe get some sledding in with the kid 😉

        To everyone in the NE area, stay warm, stay indoors, and stay safe!

        • @After….sled with the kid first:) Then when he/she is happy and tired, you do your thing….I take great comfort in knowing there are people such as yourself raising a new generation….:)

          Be Well, Be Well Informed, Be Well Prepared….and grab the happy when you can!


      71. Amazing that Greece sit on one the most MASSIVE natural gas deposits ~ while all of this is going down.

        Sad ~ The Planet is in an end game. Don’t know if food prepping will save you ~ it could all just be seized like in the Holodomar.

        And neither would your guns ~ the other guy has arms as well ~ and then drones….don’t even have to send troops in anymore.

        Very strange times indeed ~ wonder what this next storm will bring ! Follwed by a VERY close shave with an asteroid on valentines…….


      72. 70% to aim.

      73. Militia Leader, 28, Gets 26 Years for Tough Talk

        Schaeffer Cox, leader of the Alaska Peacekeeper Militia (APM), was sentenced on January 8 to a staggering 26 years in prison after he was accused of plotting to kill government employees. But those who know the 28-year-old believe he is a good patriot who has been railroaded by theFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and federal prosecutors because of his outspoken beliefs and opposition to tyranny.

        “I put myself here, with my own words, and I feel horrible about that, and I hurt my family, and that’s who’s really paying,” he said at a hearing in federal court in Anchorage.

        • Patriot Militia Basics 101

          Look folks … if your going to form a Militia remember these rules .

          1.) If your going to “Kill a Fed” don’t plan it with 500 other people . 1 Person – One unknown Militia Lone Rifleman Marksman shooting from concealment at 500 meters with a .300 Win-Mag bolt action rifle is all that is necessary to clean house .

          2.) If you are stocking up on illegal firearms ammo and explosives don’t brag about it to the whole world .

          3.) When you form your Militia keep it to 3 , 7 , 9 man teams , decentralize the control structure of the militia .

          4.) All operational information is on a ” Need to Know ” bases only .

          5.) If there are 5 Militia Members in a gathering 4 are Fed’s FBI .

          6.) Wait be patient , don’t plan any operations , don’t attack harass any specific Red Commie NWO Fed Traitor , just WATCH THEM , gather intel , train , stock up , arm up , prepare .

          Directly Attacking any FedGov Target right now is pointless , IT JUST JUSTIFIES THE FEDGOVS PRESENT ACTIONS , wait for the planned DHS Big FedGov False-Fag , wait for the Big Crash Collapse False-Fag then go Active during the ensuing chaos .

          7.) If you do go Active Militia Operations – do it anonymously , disguised , leave no evidence or shell casings . ONLY BY REMAINING ANONYMOUS WILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES BE PROTECTED !

          8.) BE PATIENT . YOUR DAY IS COMING , LET THE FEDS FINISH DESTROYING AMERICA FIRST , LET THE FEDS CRASH THE DOLLAR FIRST , then Activate your Militia Teams and go Operational on all chosen Traitor targets then , during the Chaos of the Collapse .

          Till then Chill and Prepare .

          Also instead of calling it a Militia , call it a Garden Club , Book of the Month Club etc etc and only work with people friends you’ve really known personally for 5 years or more . If someone asks you if they can join , tell em’ to form their own Teams with folks they known and Trust .

          Decentralization of the Militia Organization is Key to your Militia’s Survival at this present time .

          Until the BIG NWO ZOG FEDGOV TRAITORS FINANCIAL FALSE-FAG killing the America Fiat Dollar and the ensuing chaos , your just playing with fire , eventually your gonna get burned by the FEDS .



          • Admit nothing. Deny everything. Demand proof and make counter accusations.

            And never ever verbally consent to a search of your person, vehicle, or home – demand that they obtain a search warrant.
            Even if you have nothing to hide!!!!

        • Lesson learned—DO NOT speak about killing politicians..stick to Sex Crimes, Drug Smuggling, Child Molestation, Alien Smuggling, White Collar Crimes,
          Computer Crimes, Domestic Violence, Assault & Battery,
          Vehicle Theft, Robbery, Gang Crimes…but stay away from speaking about killing politicians!!!

      74. Emily, glad to hear you’re all prepped; stay warm and safe. I went to Sam’s Club this evening and bought $300.00 worth of supplies. Going back shopping again over the weekend. braveheart

      75. Greetings,
        These are a few sites that I’ve found to be affordable for bulk goods. If you’re not already aware of them you might want to check them out.

        Bulk Foods has $5.00 shipping with a wide selection of sprouting seeds, baking supplies, spices…etc.

        Johnny’s carries heirloom varieties.

        Chewy’s pet foods delivered to your door are cheaper than I can buy them at my local farm store & they have a wide selection.

        Bulk Apothecary is wonderful for making your own soaps, lotions, candles and for oils.

        US Plastics has great storage solutions for all applications.

        Every time I go to do a “shop” I wonder if it’s the last time it’ll be an option. Our drive to the store is 90 miles each way so, every trip counts and I wouldn’t know how NOT to buy in bulk. With what we have on hand we’re easily able to go a month between shopping trips. It worries me a bit that when talk of the shtf starts that people say, “I know where I’m going”, and they mean my house. I tell them not to come empty handed and be ready to work. We grow a lot of our own food, make our own soaps and candles, forage for wild edibles turning them into syrups, jams, wine…raise chickens, turkeys & ducks for eggs and meat. Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own food stability both in quantity and in quality.
        That’s my 2 cents….Keep Preppin’

        • Folks might want to avoid Johnnys seed company…they carry alot of PVP(plants that are patented)alot of these are connected to folks associated with monsanto and such…just a heads up.

      76. Zombie Road
        a dirge
        Copyright 2011 by Piper Michael

        There they come,
        walking down the road,
        eyes of sorrow,
        of life they sewed.

        Clothes in tatters,
        hair in natters,
        zombie eyes, all rife with pain,
        its in the eyes, they look insane.

        For economy and bankers toys,
        left them all, without the joy,
        they live on now, they only hurt,
        footfalls in the road of dirt.

        A government of lies, did sew,
        a world of pain and grief, did hoe,
        a money gone and in the wind,
        food and comfort, they did sin.

        Suits did lie, and made their mark,
        and all they stole, was on a lark,
        to take your wealth, from you and yours,
        like underhanded greedy whores.

        A poor man robs you with a gun,
        a suit pretends, you are his son,
        and it was said, in joking ways,
        a poor man eats, a rich man plays.

        Lookie there, what comes our way,
        a zombie man, in clothes astray,
        but he cannot put off the shoes,
        the Suit of perfidy, he did choose.

        Clothes of tatters, hair of dirt,
        bag of possessions, filled with hurt,
        but what does give them all away,
        dirty wingtips, all asplayed.

        Catch him up!, our cause of pain,
        Hang him up, yell the insane,
        Kick him, torture, and pain is his,
        and time is done, a fiery kiss.

        Then carve him up, and give out shares,
        Comeuppance comes in hungry stares,
        as banker Q, comes off the fire,
        and a hearty laugh from all is sired.

      77. I am going to quit eating. That way my body will evolve to where it needs no food.

        • 🙂
          When you figure out how, let us know…
          OH! Wow… I got it, sit in the Sun and become a plant, let it rain on you… soon, you’ll be pushing up daisies…

        • LOL, let me know how that works out for you.

      78. @ Slingshot – Thank you, I did rip that off from a radio talk show host last night.
        @Braveheart ~ Thank you for your kind words. There is a Sams club near me, I go there once a month. Now that I have more time, I would like to explore the store. I have read here that Sams has some good prep foods.
        @DieselDan – Thank you for your well wishes, the same to you, keep warm, safe, + secure.
        @ Daisy – Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them.
        @Canyon Cupcake- thank you for the prep links. Some I have heard of, some I have not. I do not have any pets, but will let my friends who own pets be aware of chewy.
        Thank you everyone and Mac, I learn so much here, as well as many others.

      79. 2013,
        The system is coming unglued. The dollar is being slowly dumped. Dr. Willie predicted the housing/mortgage crash months ahead of time. This is not anything new to us, but, another dot to add to the pile… since he has a lot of inside info.

        You might have the rest of the year to get your shite together.

      80. I grew up in upstate NY and I really don’t see the big deal. We had lake effect snow storms all the time. I loved them cause I could go out and make money shoveling snow.

        It really only effects the people who live in the boonies and can’t get to the store for what they need. But those people generally stock up as it is.

        • I think people take a lot of stuff out of context due to greater media coverage. It’s like all of a sudden earthquakes and tornadoes and hurricanes and storms are happening.

          There may a slight increase in the severity of these storms due to global warming, but there frequency is no more than it’s ever benn, there is just more news coverage now.

      81. During WWII, farmers ran their tractors with wood gassifiers. Didn’t need the scarce gasoline since wood chips were easily avaiable. Presently there are pallat-mounted woodgassifiers with generators availiable to provide the 3rd world countries with cheap electricity. I got my plans for a wood gassifier from the folks at Mother Earth News and plan on buiding a few of them to provide electricity for my family and some of my friends.

      82. The whole of Europe is heading into a new dark age as Communism spreads out like a canker and drags everything down to the lowest common denominator. I wonder if this leftist filth which has destroyed the world since 1945, will re-introduce another Collectivisation period with the delights of artificial famines.

      83. A good friend’s husband is Greek. Moved here to marry her. They are going over to see family in a couple of weeks. He is from Thessaloniki(also called Salonica) and said that that area even those a sizable city is in good shape. Also the rural areas of the mountainous north are doing well. The problem is Athens, which has been a giant boondoggle of government employment and a massive welfare state.

      84. That scene looks like the ammo department at my local gun shop.


        The tax increase stole our lunch money. Now we survive on cup O soups.

        I say… let it all collapse.
        Don’t spend a penny…then they will see what voting for a socialist president did to the country.

        NEVER turn in your guns folks….no matter what.
        Make them come to over 100 millions homes.

        Obama is NOT our slave master.
        He works for us!
        If they pull any third term bullshit…then it’s time to scream.


      86. It just people in a riot over free stuff. It happens everywhere the entitlement mentality is prevalent. If they we truly staving the farmer would have nothing to give way.

      87. This could happen all over the world — and yes, the United States — as our soils are

        continuing to be poisoned by pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, and deadly GMOs.

      88. IT SAYS,, his rent is 350euro a month???//?????? WTF? HE IS A DUMBASS HE SHOULD OWN A HOME BY THAT AGE.

        HELLO,,, RENT?
        I was 35 when I paid mine off.

      89. Greece is ahead of the US in infant mortality rates.

      90. It’s like staring at a future America. Scary stuff.

      91. Greece is a Profit Center of Goldman Sucks. Who needs people!!


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