Watch: “Good Americans with Concealed Pistols Translates Into Crime Reduction”

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Headline News | 361 comments

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    It’s easy for supporters of anti-gun polices to suggest that all law abiding citizens be disarmed and for gun ownership to be restricted, because most of them haven’t grown up in high-crime areas where they live under the constant threat of being assaulted, raped, mugged or murdered on a daily basis.

    But when you see the reality of private gun ownership and how it actually helps to not only stop crimes in progress, but prevents them from happening in the first place, you can no longer ignore the necessity of having an armed citizenry, especially in cities and states where criminals will knowingly prey on innocents because they have absolutely nothing to lose.

    Case in point: Detroit’s new police chief James Craig once worked in California, where it is a common occurrence for Sheriffs and Chiefs to deny concealed-carry weapons permits to their residents. They often do so without even reading the applications.

    Concealed weapons permits at that time… it was an act of Congress to get one. Police chiefs just did not author or give approval for that.

    As Craig noted at a recent press conference, this was his orientation, because everyone was doing it. He was, by all accounts, one of those government officials who restricted Americans’ ability to protect themselves.

    But he soon changed his tune when he realized that maybe these gun toting radicals were on to something.

    So I go to Maine and there are stacks of CCW’s, and I was denying them because that was my orientation.

    What was interesting about Maine [is there are] lots of concealed weapons permits.

    My orientation changed very quickly.

    But here was the key with Maine… It’s one of the safest places in America. And it’s not like crime is non-existent. Certainly in Portland, Maine they had gangs, they had narcotics suspects, they had shootings.

    But clearly suspects knew that good Americans were armed.

    Craig made similar statements last month, where he specifically noted that law-abiding citizens carrying guns leads to lower crime rates.

    “There’s a number of CPL (concealed pistol license) holders running around the city of Detroit. I think it acts as a deterrent. Good Americans with CPLs translates into crime reduction. I learned that real quick in the state of Maine.” (WJR 760 AM)

    There’s a reason that self defense killings in Detroit spiked to 2200% above the national average in recent years. Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings have left their police force decimated, response times in the double digits, and criminal running rampant. This left residents, especially in poverty-stricken areas, with no other option than to depend on themselves.

    How many innocent people who want nothing more than to be left alone have preserved their way of life because they had a firearm on them when they were assaulted by those who would do them harm?

    According to Chief Craig, over 300 legally armed Americans successfully defended themselves in Detroit last year. Opponents of concealed-carry will group that statistic with criminal homicide in an effort to cook the numbers, but in fact those incidents are considered justifiable homicides. There were likely hundreds, if not thousands, of other unreported incidents in which a firearm was used to prevent a crime.

    We often hear anti-gun proponents tout “common sense” policies that restrict the ownership and purchase of self defense firearms, but common sense dictates that by doing so law abiding citizens will be the only ones without guns. When you restrict private gun ownership, only the criminals will have them. A perfect example of this is the city of Chicago, where private ownership is restricted. Cops are outnumbered 500-to-1 and have likened the city to tribal warfare in Iraq.

    As James Craig suggests, when good Americans have access to firearms, and are allowed to carry and use them in situations where their lives may be threatened, most criminals will think twice before attacking a random person on the street.

    Now, THAT’s common sense.



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      1. Get off my lawn!

        • NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE should be disarmed by these anti-gunners as long as they are not maniacs or criminals. I say this again, the violent crime rate in england is 4 times as high as the U.S> because they not only have disarmed people, they have taken away ALL means of self defense including pepper spray and stun devices. You better equip the criminal predator and you give them the advantage.

          I truly hate the way these anti-self defense creeps will try to fool the public into thinking they are safer with self defense control. The ONLY ones that this control affects is the law abiding citizen trying to live their life and be safe. The criminals are not the ones that are going to stop using the weapons, that is why they are called criminals.

          There is not much difference in the sentencing of some criminal scum that robs someone with a gun and robs someone using a nice solid lead pipe or sharp instrument. The other difference is that the VICTIM is the one that is that much more vulnerable and at risk of serious injury or death. I hate anti-gunners and anti-self defense knuckle draggers, they belong in zoos with the title under the cage of “Homo-asshead”.

          • Obviously Chief Craig in Detroit is no relation

            to the POS Chief obaaa-ma in Washington.

            • Hope he doesn’t plan to fly anywhere soon.

              • Amen to this article. Common sense!

                • I saw that on the news, I hope this acknowledgement leads to some changes in Detroit. I used to go there for work for a few months…great location for filming any post SHTF movie lol.

                  • Some folks (liberals) just don’t it. Everyone is on their own but the big lie that’s been told over and over again is that, we the public, are not to matters into our own hands, but rather leave things up to the authorities. One of my favorite sayings is “When seconds count, the police are minutes away”. On Dec.31, 2011, a young mother and widow called 911 because two men were trying to break into her home. After 20 minutes, the police still had not arrive, young Sarah McKinley shot and killed one intruder who was holding a 12” knife and wounded the second one who fled but was capture just outside the home. My other favorite saying is “Call 911 and die”! Several days ago 28 year old Timothy Davison was travelling on I-81 in Pennsylvania and became an apparent victim of road rage. Timothy was being followed and even rammed by another vehicle. He called 911 and kept driving because he was unarmed, as reported by his family, Timothy didn’t like guns. A few minutes later the driver pushed Timothy’s car onto the median by ramming and pushing his vehicle, disabling it. The other drive then walked up and shot the unarmed Timothy, killing him.

              • Anybody hear from TACTICAL lately?

                He’s been AWOL for +2 weeks now..

                • Anyone out there know when (Piles) morgan is going to be fired from CNN? When a true anti-gunner loses their job, even from craphead crackerjack news, it gives us all a pause to grin even a little. (Piles) of (Manure) is someone that would fully support banning everything that might harm the criminal in anyway.

                  • Slightly off topic here, but speaking of CNN, I just heard some really terrible terrible news!!!! Evidently, Exon-Mobile just laid off 25 Congressmen!!!! I’m just waiting for CNN to run that news item again to confirm. In the mean time, I’m watching this other news item about Angalin Jollie. She’s now adopting American kids!!!
                    It’s getting tough!
                    I picked up my mail today. I had two letters. One was a pre-declined credit card, the other was from my bank!!! They sent one of my cheques back with “Insufficiant Funds” stamped on it!!!
                    I’m gonna have to call the bank tomorrow and ask if they meant them or me …..?

                    I know things are bad ….. But when the chips are down, you really have to throw it back in their face and laugh!!

                    I was talking to a friend of mine today. He said he’d been feeling suicidal lately because he couldnt get a job!!! I asked if there was anything I could do to help? but he said he was fine now. He’d called a suicide hotline and got a call center in Pakistan. When he told them he was depressed and suicidal, they got all excited and asked if he could drive a truck?

                    Awesome. See!!! There are jobs out there!!!

                    On a sad note however, some other friends and neighbors of mine are now in jail in Mexico!!! They got caught trying to cross the border from the US side to Mexico. I heard they are Ok and fine. I believe they’re being flown home to the States on Friday after Mexican Immigration finger print and photograph them.
                    So I wonder….? If your a ‘wet back’ coming North ….. Does that mean you’re a ‘slide back’ going South?

                    Well, that’s my post tonight …. Better go as I’ve got a game of miniature gold with some CEO friends tomorrow. Cut backs ……
                    Haha ….

                  • As a Brit, I can only apologize for inflicting Piers Moron on your nation.

                    I’d take the Constitution over that slimy Toad any day.

                    Our rights to keep and bare arms under the 1689 Bill of Rights are now totally disregarded by the establishment, despite still being in force.

                    Don’t let them do the same to you!

                  • Don’t forget to also fire Bob Costas.

                  • NEWS FLASH!!!

                    CNN Pres Wants Network to Stop Doing News

                    Jeff Zucker cut his teeth on the Today Show and considering his time at NBC this is the least surprising news ever. It’s obvious that CNN has no future as a news network.

                • I heard he was a ringleader in the big Aryan Nations bust out in Idaho.

            • If he’s a police Chief, he is a politician and a scumbag. You do not become a police chief in a large city without fucking people over on the way up. Time to take off the rose colored glasses. He is a rat bastard just like the rest of the politicians.

              • Agreed all cops firemen any government employee is a taking parasite who produces nothing. we have far too many taking parasites and far too few making producers. It is simply not sustainable.

                • Hope your house never catches fire or you need a cop one day.

                  • Shoot I had a house burn to the ground. And I was at the time member of the local unpaid vollentier fire dept. Folks told me you burnt it for the insurance. I replied it was paid for didn’t have any insurance. They stated you dummy you shoulda had insurance. Need a Cop? Cops arrive after you have been a victim of a crime. Cops want a lot of criminals. It behooves then to have lots of crime. Plenty of crime justifies their parasite existence. The Court,s judges, lawyers , Law enforcement ect. all must have lot of crime to fund their parasite existence. Cops are the bought & paid for enforcers who will willingly trod on your God Given rights outlined in the counstition & bill of rights. Cops and firemen are not heros They are paid parasites who produce nothing.

          • You folks are lucky. In your neck of the woods the pro self-defence movement is gaining traction while over here politicians and unelected bureaucrats in patronage appointments make things ever more difficult for gun owners. The law-abiding ones I mean.

            I’ve stated multiple times how nigh on impossible it is for a mere mortal to get CCW in Canada. But the real kicker is how some politicians and members of the judicial get theirs rubber-stamped, sometimes even without a valid Restricted (handguns with a barrel over 4.05″ in length, all ARs, some but not all long guns with a barrel less than 18.5″) and often get their gun, ammo and range time courtesy of a law-enforcement agency and taxpayer dollars.

            Even the very large majority of our cops isn’t even allowed to take their service pistols home (even if they do have proper “regular gun owner” storage available) and even fewer can carry off-duty; that privilege is usually reserved to officers in remote locations or those in “sensitive” positions like SWAT or gang/drug/etc units. And just to make it even MORE fun, those cops who ARE allowed to take their guns home are immune from the prosecution a law-abiding gun owner would face in the case of gross neglect, such as when an officer on her department’s tactical team had her whole kit stolen, including an AR-pattern carbine with full-auto capability and 8 full-capacity mags after she left it in plain sight in the back of her unlocked car when she parked in front of her home. A regular gun owner would have been faced a number of unconstitutional (for us) reverse-onus charges under our Criminal Code and Firearms Act.

            And while I can’t say how bad it is for you, the moment a gun is used by a mere law-abiding mortal for self-defence over here, the citizen is GUARANTEED to be arrested and initially charged whether or not the gun was fired or even loaded, or even remotely pointed at the perp; simply being seen by the scumbag holding the gun is enough for that to happen. And should you use a Restricted Firearm, you can bet the farm you WILL be charged with improper storage because do our ridiculous laws and even more ridiculous LEOs, even if your unloaded gun was lawfully sitting in a quick-access safe with loaded mags next to, but not, in it.

            And even bare-handed self-defence is a nightmare to prove as the “winner” of any confrontation is instantly the criminal, even if you subdued and detained your aggressor until the badges and flashing lights show up.

            • That’s why you should have fought the Brits and written a Bill of Rights.

              Or just take ours. We’re not using it any more.

              • Well said Southron.

                • Thanks, DRD5508. But whisper next time. CV’s panties are in a wad again because of their inferiority complex.

                  • Here we have a well spoken Canadian who’s giving us a heads up on what the NWO is doing in his country and you guys are pushing him away. Some of us are interested in his opinion. Please stop making us all sound like “stupid Americans”.

                  • I’m in agreement with C.G. here. Canadian Vet goes out of his way to point at the nose on our faces we clearly cannot see.
                    — Miss Dee Dee

              • Not this shit again. Seriously, we HAVE a Charter of Rights, but our government, like yours, treats it more like a list of suggestions they may or may not heed than a set of unalienable, God-given freedoms.

                And it is not because we peacefully achieved independence that we cherish our freedom any less than you do. In fact, I would bet my last dollar every man who fought in the War of Independence including George Washington would have preferred a peaceful resolution to years of war.

                So please, spare us your American supremacism in favour of something constructive.

                • truth hurts, eh?

                  • I love it when people that don’t know the first thing about fuck comment where they have no business doing so. A little too much watching the walking dead and other apocalyptic (zombie)movies and forming a plan because “you know how it will be in a hostile AO” or you took some bullshit class and thinking you’re prepared. Drawing a bead on a target at the range is worlds different than doing it to a live (read human) target and adrenaline will only carry you so far.

                    I highly doubt that CV needs defending, but get off him. A peaceful solution is always preferred to the horrors and atrocities of a “live fire” event.

                • Peacefull independence is for sissy’s , eh

                  • Said by someone who has never spent any time in a war zone. Here’s a hint: saying it fucking sucks is one hell of an understatement. And I can’t imagine it being any nicer in the late 18th century.

                  • Anyone who has ever been deployed and hasn’t wished for a peaceful resolution is either someone with serious problems or someone that has never been beyond the wire.

                  • DK, need I remind you your Bill of Rights is also derived from the Magna Carta?

                    And while I am well aware of the language used, the Crown is also our generic term for the government and the prosecution side of a trial. We choose to honour our origins as a British colony. Perhaps to you it doesn’t mean anything because we didn’t fight a war for our independence but hey, you are entitled to your opinion.

                    Also, natural rights apply to everyone equally. Period. Perhaps they are codified and governments seek to appropriate them, call them a Bill of Rights or a Charter of Rights or whatever but they remain unalienable, God-given freedoms.

                    And look at your own rights. Your own government acts as though you have a “List of Suggested Privileges and Suggestions We May or May Not Grant Based on Whims” instead of your actual Bill of Rights. Canadians and Americans might be in different boats but we’ve both hit the same iceberg and have the same holes in our hulls.

                • Canadian Vet: Your rights are not God given and therein lies your demise. Check your Charter of Rights, they are derived from the Crown.

                  Can you say, “Magna Carta”, Thank you, Mum ? 🙂

                  • DK: you just cannot help yourself can you? You have to belittle people and just be a prick. Leave the guy alone, he is just as awake as anyone else on this board.
                    Quick question: You have harped on everyone for YEARS about engaging. What have you done besides run your damn mouth to protect the bill of rights that has steadily eroded in the states.

                  • I’m sorry, but do natural, God-given rights apply only to Americans, or are men only selectively created equal?

                  • Mate I’m a Kiwi living in Australia. Seriously, we have more freedoms and rights than you could possibly imagine in comparrison. Mums Magna Carta is OK for us, at least we know where it is. Where did you guys put your Constitution? No, Im just kidding, the world knows what Bozo the Clown did with it and what he’s doing to you all.
                    Flying up to the US for a holiday (vacation) just isn’t fun. The airports feel like the TSA are doing to people, what the Welsh and Australians do to sheep. Herd, push, prod and feel up. I guess that makes the TSA a bunch of SHEEP SHAGGERS!!!
                    But the people are nice, at least the ones I’ve met. Exept for this one guy that sat beside me on a bus. Very weird. Note to self for next time I come visit the US … Stay away from public transport.

                    As for wanting war over obtaining peaceful resolution? Easy to see who’s never served in the Military in a combative operational area.

                  • DK, I have to take you to task over your response to Canadian Vet. I’ve always been under the impression that God-given rights apply to the whole world, not to just the USA. I know what the Canadian Charter of Rights says but I don’t buy into their concept. Canadian Vet is only asking you some legitimate questions but you belittle him. I’m also aware of what the Magna Carta says and believe it applies to people everywhere, not just the USA. I don’t buy into any ‘selective equality’ crap. Sounds communist to me. renegade/braveheart

                  • Rusted Spur: If Canadian Vet believes his rights are the “natural rights of man” he is NOT awake. As a Canadian, his rights are granted by the CROWN!

                    If Canadians want to claim their “God given rights” then they need to throw off the yoke of the inbred “royalty” who own the country and its Parliament, who put their pants on the same way WE do; one leg at a time, and have a Revolution that forever separates the people from the CROWN, as OUR Founding Fathers did.

                    That is not being a prick, that is stating the FACTS. Get real. While all men and women are created equal, governments and Constitutions are not. Bottom line, the Canadian Charter of Rights is merely a list of permissions granted by the CROWN. Read it!!!

                    Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

                    There are many ways to engage now, without violence and prior to armed civil war: whether it is organizing a Freedom Cell and becoming politically active, donating to worthy Patriot causes like Sheriff Joe’s investigation of O’Bummer; contributions to Freedom Watch, Larry Klayman, Orly Taitiz, EFF or others who are making a direct impact upon the PTB who need OUR financial assistance; or infiltrating local political groups and questioning their activities while trying quietly to spread the gospel of personal liberty and American Constitutional Rights.

                    Your engagement of your enemy is limited only by your imagination. Get one and get involved. The rights you save will be your own !!! 🙂

                  • For those of you looking for a MEANINGFUL way to engage the PTB, I submit the following link and suggest you send them one of those $10 bills you have tucked away in your number ten cans:


                    United, WE are invincible. 🙂

                • No worries.

                  • Let’s hope they get to build it, over and over, watching it get destroyed each time.

                • Yes, CV, old George would have preferred not having to kill Brits for freedom. Too bad for them they didn’t give him the option. By the way, tyrants never do, Sherlock.

                  • I will give credit where credit is due, the War of Independence probably had a lot to do with our ability to negotiate independence instead of doing things the bloody way. After all, colonial wars are damned expensive and well, war just sucks.

                    However, despite what you might think, our ties to the Crown are only a tribute to our history instead of shackles and we are free from these same tyrants, albeit full autonomy is less than 100 years old.

                  • Canadian Vet has seen more action than you stupid fucks that are insulting him. I would rather fight beside him than all four of you fat ass couch potatoes.

                • CV, don’t let some peoples arrogance get under your skin…we just don’t really have a very good grasp over here of how difficult you have it there. I’m a midwife, and my mw buddies in Canada tell us all the time how lucky we are down here to have the freedoms to help birthing women do what THEY want, not what some beurocrat says needs to be done….keep your chin up, as they say, and stay warm!

                  • A, I hope you’re not referring to me in that post. I’m also standing up for Canadian Vet. If you’ll notice, I took DK to the woodshed for his treatment of Canadian Vet. renegade/braveheart

                  • Braveheart. No, I know where your heart is at. you are a good man.

                  • Braveheart: Woodshed? LMAO!!!

                  • Braveheart: You say you have read The Canadian Charter of Rights? In America WE pledge OUR oath to the US Constitution. In Canada they pledge their oath to the CROWN!!!

                    Free men and women? I think not. A bigger illusion than OUR own under the NWO. Engage! 🙂

                • Canadian Vet, your points are very well taken by me. I wish I could do something about the retards on my side of the border, but I have problems with them also. You would be surprised how many of us are opposed to the supremacism practiced by the US government. renegade/braveheart

                  • A, I’m glad to hear that. sounds like your heart is in the right place also. I’d be willing to stand beside Canadian Vet myself.

            • Something is keeping you in Canada.

              • As his name would suggest, I’m assuming CV’s a fellow patriot, being a like minded individual that places much love for country and its people. There are a lot of instances where bad things happened, and people have the choice of jumping ship on a sinking vessel, those of us that promised lives on the line to protect a way of life, its society and cultural heritage tend to not impose an expiration on these promises. Unlike most armchair generals and keyboard commandos, We’re not blinded by intricate glories of combat and its promises of medals, because in the end, medals that collect dust are nothing compared to the mental scars and trauma the unfortunate have to deal with. So don’t pay others no mind CV, children often speak of war as a game when men speak of it as a past reality. If you ever get the chance, look up Rise Against – Hero of War.

            • I guess it would be easiest if you just shot him and buried him in the backyard instead of calling law enforcement.

              • Im sure that has crossed his mind.

          • Good evening, BI, and I couldn’t agree more. I won’t be disarmed, period! MOLON LABE renegade/braveheart

          • Well, you know they are not going to let up, and it will continue to get worse. Thier goal is a new soviet union style Amerika, and that can’t happen if citizens are armed.

            There are rumblings of an “American Spring”. There are a few noteworthy people trying to orginize a march. I’d wager it will end like so many others, co-opted/controlled/misdirected, etc. Or if it actually gained traction, it could well spark the parasite’s final play…

            Operation American Spring?

          • It truly goes to show how good, sensible people have been oriented (brainwashed) into unreasonably, illogical and unconstitutional positions.

            The enemy has been at this a long time. Its a life long process they have down to an exact science but it is refreshing somebody who has been drinking the cool aid can turn an about face and better yet be so vocally outstanding for their about face.

          • Even people who have committed some kind of non-violent crime should be able to defend themselves. I’d be very careful about taking he stance that ONLY the most pure. “law-abiding” people should be allowed to defend themselves…we’re ALL well on the way to becoming “not-so-law-abiding” in the near future.

            That is, if we can believe what the majority of people say about “resisting” the push against our constitutional 2nd amendment.

            Let me remind you that virtually EVERY criminal was once a law-abiding citizen at one point….they might have been somebody JUST LIKE YOU OR ME.

            • Exactly! The only difference between some so-called criminals and the rest of us, is that we have not been caught. There are so many laws that we all break several every day.

          • In Germany you can not purchase a baseball bat. Yes, that is true. A local foreign exchange student from Germany was surprised to see them on display at WallyWorld. Okay, beat me with a bat as I shoot you with my gun.

          • Duck Dynasty, Globing warming idiots stuck in south pole ice,…. Liberal police chiefs finally waking up….. the tide is slooowwwly starting to turn as average Americans have finally reached their wits end…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS (Armed teams…)

          • BI,

            >>”NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE should be disarmed by these anti-gunners as long as they are not maniacs or criminals.”<<

            What I find interesting is that the Second Amendment does not specifically deny weapons to criminals.

            However, in my opinion, the clause which addresses "A Well Regulated Militia…" implies that an individual be of sound mind and good moral character to be granted membership into said militia. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

            • @ YH. I would not want to be defending the U.S. from domestic or foreign attack and have to worry about the character behind me shoot me in the back for the hell of it. Common sense, you don’t give a weapon to someone that is going to use it against your fellow citizens. Common sense is that how many people are not criminals and completely trustworthy to help you defend both of your homes. The 99.9%+ of the people that are responsible with firearms are never given the credit in the media. It is only the one or two nut jobs that goes postal that the anti-gunners use for their agenda to disarm everyone, the 99.9%+ that are trustworthy with firearms.

              It is like revolting everyone’s driver licenses because a MUCH higher number of people that ever use firearms irresponsibly drink and drive and cause terrible accidents. Or that even a higher number of brain dead asswipes text while driving and cause even more of a percentage of accidents. Someone that is selfish enough to get into a car stoned out of their minds and drive and risk killing a family or families in a multiple car crash should absolutely not have a driver’s licence. The same goes with guns and someone that is going to go “terrorist” and kill a hoarde of people because “Mr. Binky” or some pink elephant told them to. It is just basic common sense and logic. A commodity that this country and most if not the whole world is desperately deficient in.

              • BI,

                >>”It is just basic common sense and logic. A commodity that this country and most if not the whole world is desperately deficient in.”<<

                You hit the nail on the head. Common Sense is at the very core of the arguments surrounding the Second Amendment. The Founders had a different sense of common sense and assumed that common sense in the future would have had at least as much clarity as it did when the nation was founded. However, as we have seen time and time again, there is very little commonality in contemporary common sense where the 2nd Amendment is concerned.

                For simplicity sake, I don't make a distinction among who is armed. When both good and bad people are armed, it functions much like a balanced mathematical equation. When bad people do bad things, good people rid themselves of the problem permanently so there are no future incarceration costs incurred. No overpaid lawyers. No celebrity felons on death row. No long drawn out appeals process. And most importantly, no obscene Presidential pardons to get in the way of keeping society safe.

                Thanks BI.

              • @BI…right you are! every DAY there are HUNDREDS, if not thousands of crimes prevented in america by people carrying guns and putting them to GOOD use when the situation arises. i remember the halfrican talking about sandy hook just after it happened. he said we got to get guns out of people’s hands, because if it saves even ONE CHILD’S LIFE it will be worth it! i personally can’t see how saving one kid’s life would be worth disarming THOUSANDS, or more like MILLIONS of americans so they can no longer protect themselves from violent crime! thereby causing the DEATH of litera1ly THOUSANDS of innocent “adults”…(AND children)PER YEAR!would it be to much to ask for the CONmander in charge of the SPITEHOUSE to just take a bath with his TOASTER? for the sake of your country, please, barack, JUST DO IT! you’ve done MORE to destroy america than any other single person in HISTORY! seriously, it’s time to fall on your sword! OKAY?

            • Was a time in America when a man “paid his debt” to society and had his rights restored thereafter…now you pay and you never get it squared away….its part of the plan…make everyone a crook/felon,give everyone a criminal record…our founders never figured a true violent criminal(murder/rape/mayhem) would be drawing breath to be let go upon society…now you do nothing and you pay…hence they had every intention that a person was restored after they paid the debt….

          • Are the queen and leaders safe, well that is all that matters after all. For its population to have actually given up the right to be armed, makes no sense to me, did all those countries just think no guns peace on earth.

          • Yes BI and it looks like a Chicago Judge just ruled in the peoples favor declaring the gun ban unconstitutional.

        • The 2nd Amendment is my concealed license, I don’t “ask permission” to defend myself.

          • .02, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! We all have the natural right to self-defense. Our rights come from God, NOT FROM ANYONE’S MANMADE GOVERNMENT! MOLON LABE renegade/braveheart

          • I always tell my friends only a pu$$ie needs a permit to carry.

            • You going to pay the Felony Bail?

              • You need to know the law and work inside them.. here is the loophole:
                If you are visiting or passing through Washington, Washington law allows individuals to transport a handgun in a vehicle without a concealed pistol license if:

                the handgun is unloaded at all times

                A person shall not carry or place a loaded pistol in any vehicle unless the person has a license to carry a concealed pistol and: (i) The pistol is on the licensee’s person, (ii) the licensee is within the vehicle at all times that the pistol is there, or (iii) the licensee is away from the vehicle and the pistol is locked within the vehicle and concealed from view from outside the vehicle.

                Every licensee shall have his or her concealed pistol license in his or her immediate possession at all times that he or she is required by this section to have a concealed pistol license and shall display the same upon demand to any police officer or to any other person when and if required by law to do so. Any violation of this subsection (1)(b) shall be a class 1 civil infraction under chapter 7.80 RCW and shall be punished accordingly pursuant to chapter 7.80 RCW and the infraction rules for courts of limited jurisdiction.

                (b) A violation of this subsection is a misdemeanor.

                So you see, all you have to do is keep the pistol locked and cocked with loaded mag at ready, slam in mag, drop slide- boom. ALL legal without a license.

                • Plus it is NOT a felony if the damn thing is loaded and second even WITH a CPL you still want to be as far away from any shooting you might have done before the police show up or they will shoot you. No one sticks around and waits for the cops unless you have a death wish.

                • Other states require the ammo to be separate from the gun. The magazine being considered part of the gun. Its good to know the laws in the states you travel through and live in. That said, if I Really need it, the Law doesnt matter to me as I will take my chances. I agree with your 2nd ammendmant post, I just try to avoid fines and court if possible, but not at the expense of safety.

                  • I just don’t like the idea of

                    (a) having my fingerprints/guns on record

                    (b) PAYING for a right which at that time makes the 2nd Admen a privilege.

                    Call me crazy, but in my mind when you start asking permission and paying for pieces of paper, your right is now in their hands as a privilege and that I will not do. Laws or no damn laws.

      2. Amen!

        • Off Topic, but timely with this very cold weather.

          5 Cold Weather Injuries to Look Out for (And How to Treat Them)

          “You also want to avoid tight fitting clothing – especially boots. Tight clothes inhibit your blood circulation as well as the circulation of the warm air your body naturally gives off. Pay careful attention to and protect your ears, nose, fingers, and toes – these are the places that will most likely experience a cold injury.”

          “…it’s best to wear several layers – as you become more active and your body heats up, remove outer layers to prevent overheating and sweating. Also, drinking plenty of water is always key to your survival in any climate.”

          Signs, symptoms and treatment for:
          1. Chilblains
          2. Trench Foot
          3. Frost nip
          4. Frostbite
          5. Hypothermia

          Survival Life

      3. Anybody notice that Mac Slavo spelled backwards is Ovals Cam? What does this all mean? Isn’t there something in the Bible about this? I couldn’t resist it.

        • Scramble up all the letters and it also spells “Vocal Son”

        • LOL! Oval “Office”s Cam! Let’s Keep It Going!

          p.s. This is just for fun. This place is without a doubt, the best, most informative, preparedness site around….even though it has been drifting away from preps lately.

          • I already know how to be prepped.

            I want to know more about why I

            should be prepped. Thanks Mac.

            Five stars from your gunny buddy.

            • Hey You….

              The first rule about fight club….DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHTCLUB.

              The first rule about preps….YOU’RE NEVER FULLY PREPPED!

              It’s the new year. Today is supposed to be the most miserable day of the year. I say “screw em” and lets have some fun….if for today only….

              • Your rules…..not mine!

          • At least there are some people left with a sense of humor. Humor is neccessary for survival. Sometimes you have to sit back and take a break.

            • Maudy, I have a sense of humor and it shows here on occasion. But I couldn’t laugh when I couldn’t get a post to go through under my name and had to modify it to get the posts to go through. How dare anyone tamper with the good name of braveheart. Never let me find out who was responsible for it. renegade/braveheart

        • yes maudy, and if you add a few more letters and change them around some more it spells “i couldn’t give a FAT RAT’S ASS!….and i say this in the most respectable way possible! LOL

      4. when guns are outlawed,only outlaws will have guns.


        • when guns are outlawed,only outlaws will have guns.
          -And all resposable people will be outlaws.

        • Old geezer you are correct. And I will be a outlaw with nothing to lose but my life and its about over anyway. There isn’t now and hasn’t for quite a time been a viable ballot box or political solution. So where does that leave us? Im guessing between a rock & a hard place.

      5. Since regular people are always on the scene of a violent crime long before the police arrive, usually because they were already there before the crime occurred, why shouldn’t they be prepared like the police to use deadly force if necessary to stop an armed and dangerous felon? As a former Texas Peace Officer, I can’t begin to count the number of incidents I had to respond to that could have been prevented if a mature and rational person already at the scene had been armed…

        • Thanks Ol’Grey and Amen!

        • Ol’ Grey Ghost, welcome aboard, and I have to agree, when we get into situations like that, WE ARE ON OUR OWN AND HAVE TO FEND FOR OURSELVES. WE HAVE TO BE OUR OWN FIRST-RESPONDERS! When it’s really seconds that count, LE are always at least minutes away. I handle situations myself and don’t even call 911. MOLON LABE renegade/braveheart

          • renegade/braveheart — revised handle?

            Too cool! Most fitting, my friend.

            • Good evening, Gunner. I didn’t really want to change my handle but due to someone tampering with my good name, I had to do something to get my posts to go through. so I added renegade to it; hell, I’m a renegade anyway. renegade/braveheart

        • Amen…just got back from Stockton CA to visit family. Did the right thing and brought a CA legal pistol (yes thats possible). Considering Stockton’s reputation, especially growing up there, I’m not one to go back without some form of protection. Well anyways, staying at a mother in law’s place, with in laws still living there, I notice a sister in law constantly bringing her shady boyfriend around the back rooms. Turns out not only the boyfriend was a convicted bank robber on parole, he was dealing drugs right out of prison. Ironic i find out about this AFTER my p229 gets stolen right? Anyways, I also found it idiotic and hilarious when he came back to apologize after selling it saying ‘If I knew it was your gun, I wouldn’t have stolen it’, and my sister in law ready to throw down with my 7 month pregnant wife in his defense…gotta love it.

          • With family like that,,,,
            My supposed family isn’t that bad but i have no use for them,,,
            When TSHTF ill shrug my shoulders and say oh well, enjoy yourself,,then remind them of all the nit picky crap they dump on me almost weekly.

            • Aww…I can see the pouty faces from here…

              I know plenty of them too.

            • hey brother K, did you get to have cocktails with the 2 big bootied elitist biatches?

          • Oathkeeper. Ever been to the Graduate? My drinking days hangout.

          • @A, no I haven’t after I turned 18,I enlisted asap to get out of dodge How is it? But to others, I had a feeling it would get worse, but to a point where an ex con shows up not knowing he still has my gun, and the police literally taking hours to show? Not exactly a place I’d like to live anymore. Supposedly the sister turned around, but if push came to shove, I’d be hesitant to arm her with a sling shot.. Taser or knife? Maybe… A good thing I’ve been looking into Escrima/Kali for myself and the family.

          • Your bad- NEVER let anyone know you are packing.. I don’t even tell my wife. NEVER show you hand in poker and NEVER flash you weapon in public. You should have had that weapon secured in an ankle holster and only taken off if you are showering where it is locked in the bathroom with you. NOW, depending on how you obtained that weapon, your gun with the numbers quite possibly pointing back at you is out on the street in Stockton– BAD DEAL:

            • .02, agree about never showing your hand. I tell/teach people never reveal your weapon unless you intend to use it. Ever see fear in the face of people that are being robbed or a gun is flashed? Scary, but seeing the fear on the face of a punk/varmit with a 357 or my 40 pointed at him is priceless, because the shoe is on the other foot. And yes they have tears running down their legs.

            • Knowin CA CCW laws and their difference with TX laws, i made a bad move of not even brining a holster, with the gun in a locked box, etc. Rest assured yes the lesson’s learned, luckily insurance covers it, the gun is reported stolen, and because of my policy, I get a new firearm. Good thing I’m back in texas, if good old sister in law decides to bring anither shit bag around, at least I have the rights of castle law, with a new pistol no less 😉

        • Ol’ Grey Ghost-

          Nice web-site…

        • Mature and rational, that is the tough part, isn’t it? Those mature and rational folks are hard to find on a normal day, let alone, an adrenaline packed, stressful day.

      6. Ok let me get this straight. What you are saying is if there are less victims there will be less crime? Gee who would have thought of that? *shakes head*

        • Exactly

          This guy had to work in not one but two different states to figure this out ?

          Why is this man getting face time and a podium when he should be getting big blue pin button for his shirt saying.


      7. there is hope for detroit after all.
        But really , he has to let folks arm themselves because detroit has a 30minute responce time .
        there just arent enough police to go out and investigate every call. He knows this and he also knows he wont be getting more officers anytime soon .

        • Isn’t Detroit mostly moooslum?
          I suspect it will be be the first large city with religious riots…
          Surly best to be armed if you live within 2000 miles of city limits 🙂

          • Dearborn Michigan.

            • I stand corrected…they’re close though right?

              • yea , dearborn is a suburb .
                the place is gonna light up when the large muzzie populace meets one of the largest militia populace.
                I am glad i dont live anywhere near there !

          • 2000’s a bit much dontcha think xD

            • 🙂

        • I’m from the mitten originally, moved to PA two and half years ago when my job moved to the Baltimore area. I took one look at Maryland’s gun laws and decided it was better to live in PA.

          That being said, I was back there for Christmas; most of my family is still there. The night before I left I walked up to a local watering hole I used to frequent to see if any of my old drinking buddies were still around/alive. (I’ve been sober for eight years). Anyways someone made a comment about if I was ‘packing’. I laughed, and said ‘Seriously? This is Detroit, I didn’t come here with just a sausage in my pants’.

          • NEVER show your hand in poker and NEVER tell anyone you are packing.. damn people get your shit together here. OpSec remember? The last thing you want is anyone to know you are packing..period.

          • OK people I am going to let you all in on a little secret I tell VERY FEW. I wear a pair of these and have used them twice in self defense and this makes the “knock out game” head to a whole new level.


            NOW, the reason I say NEVER let anyone know you are packing is because just about any pistol goes for 4 to 500 bux on the street, or a hellova lot more if it is a nice Colt 1911 etc. So lets say i am a bad guy with a pair of sap gloves in my pocket, you just shot off your mouth about your weapon and I see an easy 500 bux sitting there like a duck frozen in ice. You go to the bathroom, I waltz in and “smack” you are out and I have your weapon and a $500 bill. These gloves work so well you will not believe it, you don’t have to connect perfectly, even a shot in the ribs with take a person out right there. So again, NEVER show your hand.

      8. Running out of material there Mac…

        Been waiting for more info.. But here it is..not so mutch. I have had a concelled permit for five years now
        just now renewed per application waiting for the next five. A t least Im leagal in Virginia, But at anytime I can be Illegal! Once concieved as being illegal then anything goes. (Anarchy). Beware thugs..We pack heat to
        FOR REEL!!
        plan, prep, stand up!

        • Reel Issues, you have real issues with your spelling.

          • Bas(s)tard, look who’s talking. You are right though but that’s what makes this site so mutch fun. People right the whey they talk and thunk. I did give you thumb ups.

            • DRD5508, welcome back. renegade/braveheart

              • braveheart, been doing a lot of research,writing, and speaking. Thank you.

            • Basstard is a play on words. Bass , because I love fishing , Tard, because it’s self deprecating humor. get it???? I’m hilarious !!!!

              • Maybe his is reel because he likes fishing ??

                • Anon, great addition ‘reel’. Enjoy both of you guy’s humor, especially Basstard.

          • So what.

          • Maybe he’s dyslexic!

        • Reel Issues, I’m carrying in my truck everywhere I go and my only permit is the 2A. MOLON LABE renegade/braveheart

        • Reel,what part of the 2nd includes permits?!

      9. BOOM! Scared ya! Kaboom, No fear! Lmao

      10. Talk about the MSM blowing smoke up our ass, they never miss a lick. Now that the whole country is locked in a deep freeze, the news is( What is the Polar Vortex?) They say warming conditions in the Artic may actually be the root cause of the insanely cold winds hitting the US. Now if you buy this BS something is insanely wrong with your head. Trekker Out. And I Have Some Carbon Credits For Sale!

        • I’ll trade you 1 Obama promise for 2 carbon credits.

          • Highspeed, you got that backwards. It would take 5 Obama promises to buy 1 carbon credits. Surely no one is stupid enough to buy an Obama promise. Trekker Out.

            • Wouldn’t be too sure about that, Trek.

              Apparently 53% buy them promises hook,

              line, and sinker.

              Stupid is, as stupid does.

            • Mountain Trekker, I’ll give you Obama and you can keep the carbon credits, I need neither. Appreciate the barter system you are providing here, keep it going. Ain’t bartering fun?

              • I’ll trade one halfrican for the second amendment.

                • anybody interested in tradin’ a lyin’ african for an african lion?

              • Trek, throw in a few TSA criminals and you got a deal. Don’t use the ‘n’ word, please. The pres only deserves an adjectives ‘punk’ ‘criminal’ ‘liar’. He is half white and a cheap example of both colors.

          • I’ll trade you both of them for a turd. then at least I have something I can use to fertilize the garden…

          • Don’t need either. I make an ‘Obama Carbon Credit’ every morning.

            • I have a case of “Obama Carbon Credits” for sale along with some oceanfront property in Arizona. financing available.

              • I think we should all use the subtitle “renegade”.

                Looks good on you braveheart.

                • I thought it was just understood that we are all renegades.

                  • I thought it was understood that we were all, well… pacifists.


                  • Sixpack is right. Last time I checked preppers/survivalists are still considered to be renegades and in an article last year, Daisy said preppers are the last group of independent thinkers left in America. Independent thinker=renegade.

        • Some of us know the real reason. Nibiru.

      11. I love how these screw heads believe your guaranteed 2nd amendment right is or should be optional at their discretion based on where you live according to their crime statistics. Who do they think they are? I have no respect for people that make the rules that they either don’t have to follow or aren’t affected by them or the circumstances that required the rules in the first place. Take a walk in my shit!

      12. I agree 100 percent. Armed citizens deter crime, even crime at the top.

      13. Scenario; You are in a 7-11 to buy a slurpee…. 6 or seven patrons standing around. All have open carried firearms. What is the likelihood of some punk hoodied dirtbag trying to pull off a heist? If some purp was dumb enough to try it, the coroner could just pick them up curbside. Savings to the taxpayer? Priceless……. just sayin’

      14. Detroit is no joke,if you drive the freeways here through
        the city you better be packin heat. The surrounding burbs
        are gettin worse too. CPL testing very soon with me new .45acp
        And Dam it cold out

      15. Prepared Pastor,
        Agree 100% with the Get Off My Lawn. Got a Tee shirt that proclaims that bit of wisdom. An armed society is a polite society. Stay armed and everybody stay warm…

      16. A armed society is a polite society,gee….there is a surprise!That said,seems the handle Warchild is blocked,I like the wormwood handle(very H.P.Lovecraft!)but really liked my original,no idea why it is blocked.So,to Brave/Sarge/Genius/Hunter/HD/Hawaiian guy?/and all the others including new one to the flock PK,goodbye,no idea why my original is blocked but refuse long term to put up with it,will occasionally try my old handle and also peer in to forum but refuse long term to give up original handle,that said,you hear some Tull on the radio know that I am there in spirit!Take care all,whatever the future may bring!

        • Wormwood, sorry to see you go; don’t give up on this place. I had the same trouble on this article and the last article. I changed my name and all of a sudden they start going through again. I hope it’s only temporary. I’m not giving up on this site and I can still use the name in my comments. braveheart/renegade

          • braveheart/renegade is that you cuz, is that you. didn’t mean to make you mad, had to sell your prepps needed the cash. You said them prepps was for hard times. Bring more soon, bring ole Bertha. Redneck Pawn paying top dollar for shotguns. Cuz you is brave but you ain’t no renegade.

            • NGIC, while I can appreciate your humor, I know good and well you ain’t part of my family. You don’t know what part of north GA my family’s in and won’t [OPSEC]. Plus, I’m more renegade than you ever thought of being. You don’t know what I’ve been through in life. You don’t know any of the things I’ve ever done. You’ll never know the things that I know.

              • Happy new year Brother,,,
                Hope its good to you!

              • Renig, now Cuz you know what they say, you can fool some of the people some of the time. Just cause you left North Georgia and try to act like you don’t know your family back here, that’s alright we forgive you. First you try and act like we don’t know each other, and then you say your more renigade than I ever thought of being. Cuz how would you know that if we ain’t family.

        • Warchild / Wormwood-

          Every time I jam to “Thick as a Brick or Aqualung” I promise I’ll toast yer legacy w/ a Sam Adams or Marker’s Mark on the rocks!!!

          Hate to see ya go AWOL, bro’…

          • Hunter:

            Warchild leaving? Braveheart cant post? Tactical gone. Yental left us. What the?????

            Warchild, dont leave us. Your posts have always made too much sense.

            • Howdy, Granny. Had to make a change to my name to get the posts to go through. where there’s a will there’s a way. I’m not going anywhere if I can avoid it. We’re losing some good people in Yental, Tactical, and Warchild. we need people like them here. renegade/braveheart

              • Braveheart:

                If you would go away there wouldn’t be any ‘hero’ to fight off the ignorant trolls.

                I welcome lively debate on any subject, but if someone doesn’t agree with a subject that is posted I like to see some history behind their debate. Just name calling does not cut it.

                Thanks for putting nasty trolls back under the ignorant bridge where they belong.

                • Granny-

                  In truth Braveheart is the Sgt. at Arms, here at the plan.
                  He’s the real-deal, always consistent, take no prisoners/straight-up,squared away soldier…and what you see/read…is what you get..24/7/365.

                  ..if nothing else, one must respect him for his consistency and courage for calling the shots, as he sees it!!!

                  -salute to ya Braveheart, you’ve earned it, bro’!-

                  • Hunter, thank you for those kind words and I salute you also.

                • PO’D GRANNY:..Them Troll Zio Khazars just can’t handle so many Goy’s N’ Da Hood…For aprox. 70 yrs now since end of WWII, all they needed to do to stiffle All debate and discussions, was to whine(none can whine like that tribe does!) and Cry their famous “antisemite nazi” slander.

                  And it always worked swell to shut up all the goyims…But now today with so many folks wakeing up, we have seen first a total rebuke of those who play the Race card for negroe issues….And…A Gradually more vocal majority now doing the same rebuke when words like nazi or hater or antisemite is used in the same way to stiffle free speech. Very soon I predict, both calling folks a racist and a nazi antisemite are going to cause them more troubles than if they remain quiet.

                  Its like a massive Tidal wave sweeping across america now, with more and more white folk standing up for whites, and free speech regardless what subject is spoken of,or who is saying it.

                  Notice we have Not seen Jessie jackson barley at all the past 4-5 years now…Jessie used to be a regular on every tv news station almost nightly for the longest time. Always mumbleing rants against whiteys and calling them all racists. Blameing white folk as the only answer for every stupid monky action, every welfare bitch with 12 kids and 10 daddys who never remain to Pay for them kidz.

                  But ever since the word racist has lost it’s mojo, Jessis long gone except for once per year mandatory showups at some lib kommie dnc function…Soon Al Sharpton will get the big Boot!….Then all folks will have left to concentrate on ending is folks being called nazis & antisemites.

                  Even in state if Israel! Just last night on RT tv news they showed a Massive Protest of tens of thousands of African Black jews, out in main streets of israel protesting that black jews in israel are being systematically rounded up and herded into Concentration Camps!…Netanyahoos right wingers party have stated several times that from now on all people in every nation MUST begin to call israel the “jewish state of israel”!

                  But they only want a 100% white looking jewsih state…So they been concentration Camping the black jews untill israel can find another nation to agree to accept close to 100,000 black jews into Their state! As If eh!!

                  African states has already said a Loud NO way!…Next they tried Sweeden, same story a Loud NO thanks!

                  Last I heard they are trying to swindle the Swiss folk into takeing in the black jews…

                  Ironic that the majority of MSM and Polititions that calls whites in usa racists and seperatists on a daily basis, are of the same Tribe yet never do we hear israelis or netanyahoo called such vile names eh…

                  It soon will happen as even usa msm cannot forever pretend to not see or notice events like that. especially now that RT tv news did an expose with film footage of protesting black jews inside israel eh…RT film showed nice photos of the huge Concentration Camp Prisons used to detain/house the black jews…And not a single black jew has committed ANY crimes! Their Only crime it seems is being a Black jew in israel when most white Looking jews want em gone for an all white jew israel.

                  Such Utter Hypocracy no?…Won’t be long now and their name calls will also lose its Mojos too, then way more americans will start to speak Their minds freely too…That will create a snowball efect of way More awakened folks!…We are on the Cusp of some real changes alright….Just wait and see…Soon, very soon awake folks will be a majority nationwide in usa!

                  Then all the current Arrogant loud mouth monkys and khazars aint going to be so arrogant and loud…They’ll be too busy running and hideing!

                  Just wait and see what 50 years of Pent up, pissed off-ness, looks like when unleashed by 50-100 white folks who are too fed up to hold it back any longer..And the entire world Knows its way past due! None of them kommie clowns will be able to blame anybody But themselves for so pissing off us folk the past 50 years…I can hear hoofbeats in the distance now!

                  • TYPO! That should state 50-100 “MILLION” white folks! sorry for the typo error. Cant type as quick as I think it.

                  • Oh look, the antisemite dropped another turd. How many green “flies” will land on your shit this time? Did you send out your special alert to your Jew bashing “friends”? Is satan paying you by the word, or by the post?

                • Granny, thank you for those kind thoughts. Besides, jumping on trolls helps make my day go better.

                  • To everyone, zpak sounds like Peterson posting under a different name. even if I’m wrong on that point, all the same, he’s still another troll.

                  • FU braveheart

                    I used to read your posts with interest, but since you clearly support the Jew bashing crowd here, no more. Yeah, I know you’re cryin’ now.

                    It’s unfortunate that not everyone can feel welcome on this site. I originally came to shtf because I am a prepper.

                    I own guns and believe the 2nd Amendment is the underpinning of our rights.

                    I am a conservative libertarian. I believe in a return to Constitutional government and more traditional values.

                    I believe in hard work, family, and thinking for myself. I am well read on many subjects, and am not easily led.

                    I do not believe in conspiracy theories, propaganda, or group blame. I am wide-awake and enlightened without them, thank you.

                    I believe in individual rights, not group rights. Everyone must stand equal before the law.

                    I believe in God.

                    And yes, I am Jewish. And I refuse to back away from a fight. I’m not going to sit idly by while scumbag Jew bashers spread their disinformation and conspiracy theories, their revisionist histories and replacement theologies.

                    And I do not believe in censorship. The antisemites will continue on because there are enough people willing to believe their spew. They’ll continue on because they have no other animating principles in their lives. Their souls are twisted.

                    So with all that said, I’ll be looking for another prepper site where I don’t need to be subjected to this bullshit. It is still a free internet and I am free to go.

                    To those who have tried to defend the Jewish people now and again, I thank you.

                    And yeah, I know, I won’t let the door hit me on the way out. Shalom.

              • I cant even get the site to open properly on my PC,,, i phone works though, today anyway, yesterday not so much

                • Solar activity is high now.
                  Check out solarham …..everyday!!
                  Your posts may not go through due to “dropped call”
                  Effect going on from flares and such.

                  Y’all keep preppin’

                  • No, pretty sure thats not it,, have a wireless router at home and pretty much only sit around making a nuisance of myself when im home and bored or taking a break so rarely on the mobile network,
                    Good info to keep in mind though! Tnx

                • lots of issue with mine y-day also…silver docs, wrsa, sgt, email, etc…Doc has a post that he is being hit and they are on it.

                  Better this morning.

        • Hey GUYS—IF ANY OF YOU USE A ROUTER, TRY TURNING IT OFF FOR A COUNT OF 10, THEN TURN IT BACK ON AND OPEN YOUR BROWSER AGAIN. This changes your IP address. If Mac is having some trouble with his server software, THIS MIGHT HELP get your posts through.

          • We should all be turning that damn thing off, when we’re not using it to access the internet anyway…less RF radiation.

            • Sixpack, I don’t even have a desktop. Just a couple of laptops, one at home and one at work.

              • Okay, then you’re laptop should be reinitializing your IP when you turn it back on and it accesses your wireless internet connection (unless you’re hard wired and don’t turn off your laptop. ever).

                I was just suggesting a possible solution, sorry it wouldn’t work for you BH.

                • Sixpack, that’s OK. I found another solution that saved the day. Like I said before, where there’s a will, there’s a way. No way I was going to give up on posting.

          • I think you mean modem instead of router. In many case this will result in releasing the IP, as long as the provider issues you a dynamic and not a static. In some cases the modem will need to be turned off and unplugged (so it doesn’t request the same address) for as long as 5 minutes

        • Wormwood/Warchild: Please don’t leave. There are those of us newbies who still need your experience and knowledge. Stay….think of it as your good deed for the day….everyday….


          • PK,you are in good hands here,way more knowledgeable folks here then me,will try old handle but if am being scoured from the site for some reason,well,perhaps I take a hint and bail,they want me gone will just block my IP ect.As long as my handle has something with Warchild will try now and then,but if they keep getting blocked ect. just going to give up.Anyhow,enjoy the day and prep for tomorrow all!

      17. There are a whole lotta so-called criminals who are not criminals at all and are denied weapons.

        This is now the US of Everything Is Illegal (or pending).
        Also damn near everythig is a felony now.

        See the tactic here. You’re a criminal because you spit on a rich man! No gun for you!

        90% of all laws are B.S.

        • HP, welcome aboard, and I have to agree. Make it more like 95% of the laws have no legitimate basis to them. Nothing government does these days has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. renegade/braveheart

          • And they’ll keep writing laws until we’re ALL criminals by law…watch and see. Either that, or they’ll get us all declared “crazy”.

            • Sixpack,BH and HP…Legal is a form of law…,Lawful is the substance of law! Since we have no substance to our money, there can be no law. If we cannot pay for anything, only discharge our obligation to pay, we cannot own anything and hence, everything is either legal or illegal and that is determined, always and ever by the “Bastards of Banking”, aka, “The Banking Bastards”. There is no law, there is no money,there is no Constitution or America, except to the extent that the “Bastards of Banking” find it necessary to maintain the illusion that the greatest government ever conceived by the mind of man, still exists. Now the catch;everything that was done a hundred years ago and also in the thirties when we were all captured by the 14th amendment was and is based upon fraud and there is never a statute of limitations on fraud! We can simply tell the “Bastards of Banking” to go to HELL and we will totally be in the right because we can declare that the Coinage Act Of 1792 defines the American Dollar and that the “Federal Reserve Note” doesn’t quite come up to standards! Until the American people understand the money issue, nothing good will ever come of this damnable Government which is in its entirety, a captured entity and subservient only to our Masters!!

              • Well, I agree with most of your post, except for “Since we have no substance to our money, there can be no law.”

                That’s simply not true.

                We have always had God’s law and Common Law is older than our constitution. There is also a “Moral Law” and the value of money has nothing to do with any of it.

                Further, because SOME people don’t follow the law, doesn’t mean there is no law…it just means we need to get off our asses and ENFORCE THE LAW.

                However, I whole-heartedly agree that “Until the American people understand the money issue, nothing good will ever come of this damnable Government which is in its entirety, a captured entity and subservient only to our Masters!!”

                Banksters and their usury is destroying the world, and until we start hanging those thieves, we’ll never be free.

                • Sixpack,You mean well and I am sure that if I knew you ,I would befriend you but consider this,..Moral law has to do with the hearts of men and is the reason Mac has this site..,Common law is expressed through an Article3 courtroom which does not exist in modern America. Because we have only fiat currency,Federal Reserve notes as money,credit money,there can only be Article 1 courts which is the law of the sea, Admiralty jurisdiction and all Judges know this. It is why they will tell you to not bring up up the Constitution in their Courtroom. You have mentioned God’s law and in that you are correct. It is eternal and will prevail in the end as it always has.You are a good man and I shall consider you my friend. Good luck in the coming days.

                  • AURELIUS-

                    Cool handle..but why not go ahead & type “MARCUS AURELIUS”?
           honor of the last good/great emperor(also a decent philosopher in his own right).


                    Sir, if you don’t mind delving deeper into “Article 1 vs. Article 3” courts/courtrooms. I would appreciate such in the extreme!!!!!

           also very interested in Maritime law vis-a-vie Common law and how they’re tied into the above!

                    Have just this week, endeavored to begin research into what you’re alluding to.
                    What’s the frilly gold fringe purpose/reason outlining the US flag, found in every courtroom..and what legitimacy/standing does it confer/represent in any given courtroom?


                    Any links/web-sites you recommend would be appreciated!!!

                    ***..I just hope you see this post/request, before this thread goes stale.

                    ..thanks much.


                    BTW..Senatus Populus Quel Romanum-(SPQR) you, sir..again, cool handle!

                • Six Pack you correct, no matter what even in the worst SHTF situation the Ten commandments will still be valid. The universal law of cause & effect (KARMA) is always present.

              • Well said AURELIUS and very true.

            • Well sixpack,I guess there will be a lot of armed”criminals” in the country!

      18. Illinois is the last state to recognize CCW. The State is still dragging their feet on it. I have an aquantance who is a laywer, formerly a prosecutor. He has always been against handgun ownership. I saw him the other day and he told me he was going for his CCW training. Figures. Liberals are always against other people having guns. Hypocrite and liberal are inter-changeable words.

        • …so is liberal and cry-baby, scaredy-cat, etc…

        • Better late than dead, I always say! Maybe that’s what he went to law school for, to learn what doesn’t work…glad he’s finding out the right way to defend himself!

      19. To bad we do not have more Police chiefs like Craig that is not afraid of telling the truth.
        Bravo Chief!!! keep up the good work and keep telling the truth.
        I hope they do some good. My prayers are with you.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

      20. Mac, I’m having trouble posting comments on this article. Had the same trouble with the last article also. what gives?

        • Hi Renegade — Not sure what the issue may be — it seems WordPress commenting had some issues on a previous article due to the volume of comments. It’s something that is affecting comment replies when comment counts exceed 500 and has been reported to WordPress but does not yet have a fix.

          Hopefully it is no longer a problem on this article — if so, feel free to contact me at mac@

          Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience.


          • Mac I heard if one person made over 20 comments on an article they got banned for a week. Maybe this is what happened to my Cuz braveheart. Now some troll is trying to use his good name by adding renig on to it. Now this troll renigade/braveheart may get banned too. Am I right?

            • NGIC, OK, that’s it, I was laughing at you previously, but now you’ve done it. You’re calling ME A TROLL? Now I know you’re full of shit. everyone here knows better than that, so go f#$% yourself.

              • braveheart enjoy it, don’t be annoyed at this guy/gal. You’re allright with most anyways. “can’t please all the people, all of the time” and this is what makes this country great: proving the left/libs and ignorant wrong.

                Even if you were a troll, I appreciate your input and know we’re comrades. I am a anti-gov’t troll, always looking for truth. Smile!

                • DRD5508, thank you for those thoughts. I’m not so much anti-govt. per se, just “anti-evil, corrupt, out-of-control govt.” in particular. If we could go back to what we had under the Articles of Confederation, just imagine what this country could be like today.

                  • Brave…remember our founders felt govt to be but a nessesary evil at best…and otherwise unbearable…its okay to be anti-all that crap :)…govt is best that governs the least…so the Articles were good…they interfered the least… :)…good day my friend!

                  • DRD5508 & Braveheart-

                    “….if we could go back to what we had under the Articles of Confederation, just imagine what this country could be like today….” -(BH)-


                    Guys, we would have a nation where “MERIT” (talent/honor/intelligence/common sense & ability) was revered and rewarded!!!

                    ..and sloth, lying, ignorance, false victim-hood & parasitism would be reviled/rejected in the extreme!!!


                    We lost it..eons ago..when we allowed govt to cater to the lowest common denominator types in society…and using our hard-earned monies (via taxation) finance such lunacy!!!

                    ..and it was done by design/with deliberate intention and malfeasance, by those who control the purse-strings!!!!!!!!!!!

            • this NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin talks in code… it SOUNDS like it’s in english, but it doesn’t make SENSE!(kinda like twitter)…it’s what his mom used to do when uncle-daddy moved in. i have it on good authority that he had sex with his FIRST cousin by the time he was 14….and he had sex with his SECOND cousin…about twenty minutes ago. i hear he works at a porn theatre cleaning up the cum puddles. he’s so disgusting, even his SISTER gave him a wrong number! i think we should take up a collection and buy him a bottle of jack daniels and put him on a rollercoaster…

      21. Everyone, this is still braveheart, but I can’t get my comments to go through under my name so I try a different name, and voila, they go through. someone’s tampering with the good name of braveheart, but I’ll accept the name of renegade for now. I have to call BS on this article. A cop from California, a state so bnrainwashed that even cops are taught that individual self-defense is evil just like the gun control lobby teaches, transfers to another part of the country, wakes up, smells the coffee, realizes le’s been lied to by the people who trained him back in Cali? NEGRO, PLEASE! Can’t trust anyone from cali. MOLON LABE braveheart/renegade

        • renigade, you ain’t foolin us. I’d know my cuz hand writin and your tryin to use bravehearts good name and make him look bad. So troll you’ve crossed the line. Don’t know where braveheart is but you ain’t him. Come out braveheart where ever you are. If you can cuz come on down to North Gorgia where you belong. And renigade if you keep messin with braveheart he’ll kick your ass.

        • Braveheart–any time I have this type of problem, I just reboot.

          • JayJay, that was the first thing I tried but it didn’t work. Hated changing my name in any way, but at least that worked. Now I’ll try changing back and see what happens.

      22. Mac, this is still braveheart. someone’s tampering with my good name so I can’t get any post through under that name. I change the name and they finally go through. What gives?

      23. Regardless how well he does lowering crime his job is now in jeopardy. Detroit is not Portland.

        Bless him for his honesty but he is now in a dishonest city with a political machine that I believe is far more concerned about appearances than results. THOU SHALT NOT support an armed citizenry. Clausewitz said, “War is politics by other means”. As they say in war, “The truth is the first casualty”. The same holds true in politics.

        • That statement is about war, not society run a muck. Talk to a vet (perhaps you are one yourself). War is war. Too many thugs (politicians included) is not war. No comparison. He is in the right mindset for helping the great city of Detroit.

          • smoopa

            I’ll agree he is doing the right thing. I applaud him.

            Carl Von Clausewitz wrote a book titled, “On War”. Its studied by military commands around the world and is a required reading at the US Army War College. His statement is correct and accepted as true, “War is politics by other means”. The very purpose of war is to obtain a political concession. The first casualty of war is the truth. The truth is conspicuously absent in politics as it is in war.

        • kevin, there is a big disconnect between government in detroit and its pro-gun citizens.
          Both sides (all sides) are pro gun , but have alot of different views on “who” and “where”.
          Open carry is legal in michigan and well practiced .

          • I should add that the chief knows that if he wants the support of the people , then he needs to be pro-gun.
            Even the union thugs here are pro-gun .
            The libtard government is just a corruption machine and really couldnt care less about gun laws , their only care is lineing their pockets with fiat currency .

            • Sorry for my ignorance regarding your local politics. Its just my observation that urban Democrats in the north (and many in the south) have an anti gun agenda. Regarding lining their pockets urban politicians of both parties are of questionable honesty.

              • its a strange city , total disconnect from the rest of the state politically .
                There have been attempts through the years to annex detroit, i say give it back to canada and just call it windsor west .

      24. Thanks Mr. Craig for your service in Maine…that’s part of why we live here…think I’ll go out and target practice maybe get some coyotes.

        • I have a summer home in Maine. If we could give southern Maine back to Massachusetts, we would have a pretty awesome state.

      25. There really is no argument about the issue any more. For those anti gun people they have their minds made up. Government stats show over and over again the lower crime rates with more guns. It just comes down to what the Administration wants to do period. So we can debate, argue and try and convince people to believe that it is not the guns that are bad, but bottom line is they are going to do all they can to disarm us or kill us. Personally I am done with arguing the facts, in the meantime stock up my ammo while I can as the prices up here just keep going up and up. Ya’ll have a great day and God Bless. Keep your faith and your guns.

        • Did Canada eliminate the Parachute Regiment? They were determined to be too far to the right if I remember. Help me out on this.

          • Not quite. Disbanding the Airborne was a purely political decision made by the Chrétien government after a few of them documented their torture and murder of a Somali kid back in the early 90’s. The inquiry from that made public a lot of ugly crap and instead of a change in leadership at the Airborne and letting the military sort things out through our disciplinary, administrative and legal channels, the government decided to just disband them and then mandated that each of our 3 Regular Force infantry regiments would have a Jump Company in their 3rd Battallion so the same number of parachute-capable troops be maintained.

            And you know what’s funny? The Airborne was our “Green Mission” special forces unit at the time and they were effectively recreated not that long ago when they stood up the Canadian Special Forces Regiment (CSOR) in order to take over JTF2’s Green missions and to provide their operators with backup and/or screening for some of their mission and are based right where the Airborne was set up, in Petawawa.

            • And now I know. Excellant reply.

            • CV: Was that thing in Somalia in late 93?

            • CV: Was that thing in Somalia in late 93?

              • 92 if memory serves. In 93 the Airborne was busy being crucified in the media for its ugly and unacceptable internal practices, and that was the last nail in the Airborne Regiment’s coffin.

      26. You mean, a huge liberal city with a crime problem finally has a mature adult with a lack of BS-political-double-speak running its police force? I guess he isn’t planning on running for political office as a democrat in the future. I do not know anything else about the man, but what a breath of fresh air. A person in charge who publically admits that he was wrong in the past, tells people why he was wrong, and then takes action to correct wrong-minded policies. If this kind of person had been in charge of Detroit the past 40yrs or so, would that city be broke right now? I think so. Mainly because the unions would have voted him out yrs ago. Common sense and straight talk will only get a politician so far. Question is, how long before MSNBC, Sharpton, Jackson, et al attack this man? Won’t happen, the best thing the anti freedom/gun MSM can do is ignore him. The story will eventually fade, and the ignorant sheep won’t be exposed to the fundamental truth we all know to be true. Ho Hum.

      27. The Wookie is still in HI.

      28. Is divorcing your wife a prep?


        Is lining up hookers a prep?

        Hey.. if I have to shelter in place…not with the old lady!!


      29. You KNOW it must be bad when the Chief of Police for a major American City ENCOURAGES its citizens to carry. When I went to visit relatives who lived in Detroit in the mid 80’s; I thought it was pretty nice.

      30. Its always the same with liberals, progressives ect. They come to understand what common sense tells the rest of us when its way to late. Detroit is now a complete piece of shit, there are no more good guys left to arm. Another fucking joke caused by the wackjobs of America. Reset is the only fix.
        Our contribution to push the reset this weekend was the purchase of piglets (yum & Yummy).

        • Holy shit! Someone unlocked the wacko cage. Hey shit for brains, with wacko’s like you around this gun toting, dirt worshiping, fiscally responsible lib is happy about your comment because it gives credence to your lack of intelligence. Tone it down and read a book fuckstick.

          • I’m sorry but…
            Are you using that new random word generator I’ve been reading about?

          • Smoopa, we are glad to hear from you, but could you tone down the f bombs and name calling? They really aren’t necessary to the conversation, and make you look ignorant….thanks.

          • Smoopa, your first post was good, but your second post sounded like a troll. which is it going to be?

            • What post was good? The one he mentioned talking to vet? Apparently he has no respect for us veterans. Met a few like him years ago from a distance because they knew spiting on people would get their necks broken. Complete lack of webbles.

          • I’m going to have fun having a battle of wits with you lib smoothshit. As usual shitbags like yourself only spew shit without any facts. The are no fiscally responsible libs, only fiscal pedophiles. Keep that gun close if you are to continue to talk shit like this to people who are at war with liberal/progressive/communist as I am. Good luck pal. Their will be none left this time.

      31. Hope he makes it…Detroit needs him…spent the day fixin the workshop and getting the animals tucked in from this cold(below zero as we speak dropping to -20F dead air temp tonight not counting wind chill…oh well)…temps rose last evening and it started raining!!????…rained till 330 4 O’clock AM then back to snow…temp dropped over 30F today as that front came through…heavy wind tore the fabric roof off my hoopshed workshop…tools all covered with snow…GRRRRRR!…at least it wasnt ice…got her fixed took air line to the snow and got my tools all cleaned off and reorganized… then got all the critters into warm hay packed areas so their feet don’t freeze…nasty!…put 100 watt bulb under hood of Ladys truck and a battery charger on…all water lines dripping…hot cup(or three)of cocoa/coffee/tea and warm feet up by the fire 🙂 …gotta go back out in a bit and check on things…probably several times through out the night just to be safe! Y’all stay as warm as you can and be safe 🙂

        • One other thought…I closed the vents down on my root cellar as the cold air was really cooling it down (35F at head height)temp came up some after I did that…those of you with similar such things may wanna check on that…

          • This cold weather exposed weak spots in my preps. I’m in NE indiana in a100yo House. Snowstorm in last night, 12″ snow with ice underneath and blowing and drifting. Temps have been in the negative teens. Before I went to bed I put tape around the doors and windows where I could feel the cold. Then I cranked the heat up to 76 so if the power went out it would take longer for the house to cool. Sure as shit at 2:40am the power went out. By 9:00 it was 55 in here. I tried to run my furnace off my inverter but my batteries were too weak. I broke our the kerosene heater and managed 60 which is doable. Power came back on at 2:40 pm. Long story short if a mega shtf were to occur I’d be slightly fucked. I do have some backup plans but wasn’t going to use them at this time. I feel bad for the utility workers that dealt with this shit. You folks at least have me in better shape than I was last year. Stay safe friends.

            • N. Rockwell:
              Glad to hear you are up and running.
              Stay warm and keep prepping. It never fails that each time you turn around you find something you missed to do to being prepaired. You can not be preppered fully for everything but you showed that you still had a back up ready for your heat. Good job.
              Keep prepping.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

              • Thanks. This is a small country town so most everyone was fine to some extent. Even though my neighbors don’t visit this site many are like minded and sure as hell would never give up their right to carry. My one neighbor has a shit ton of guns that would drive the libs crazy. I came home late the other night and he had snow blown my drive and sidewalk clean. Progressives will never understand.

            • Glad it all worked out for you…it was nasty last night…but things could be worse…the thing is we learn from our mistakes and adjust our methods before we really get slammed and its all on the line….stay warm my friend! 🙂

        • Hey, cousin, (from a hole dfferent family)
          I could not agree with more not only Detroit, but the the hole darn country.
          Where are you? That is the same nausty weather I’m get here in Illinois with about 10 inches of blowing snow.
          beenstuck at work moving snow for the last 16 hours and freezing my tail off. Boy, I hate winter, must be this old age thing creeping up behind me!;-(

      32. Detroit was way better before the globalists brought globalization to the USA. It wasn’t the liberals but a group of liberals and conservatives that voted for it. This is what ou have now in congress, a group of globalists who destroyed our tarrif barriers in order to allow companies to move offshore and realize gross profits by paying people $2 a day. it is that simple.

        • Yes, it is, thank you.

        • It was on purpose. The UN & NWO decided that the Us middle class had more than their fair share. So the middle class,s jobs where redistributed to third world places.

      33. All of Us Americans already have a Guaranteed Gun Permit. It’s called the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Signed, sealed and delivered. And we don’t need nobody’s stinking permission. “Yeah, Come n’ take it sucka.”

      34. Yesterday I was staring at the boob tube, turning my brain into oatmeal. When I miscalculated and sharted. That’s right. Catastrophic failure of my “O Ring”. Fortunately, I am a prepper. I was wearing my industrial strength “Depends”. I learned this trick here on this blog. This is the best prepper site on the web.

        • I’d never heard it called an O ring. Is that short for Obama ring?

          • It is now, Archivist.

        • Maudy that funny. Just this week I was outside working. I felt the urge and ran to the house. Quickly peeled off my coveralls and long sleeve shirt. I didn’t get the bib overalls down fast enough and soiled my underwear. I told my wife it might be time for adult diapers.

      35. testing 🙂

      36. Important video to view while it’s still available:

        Molon Labe – How the Second Amendment Guarant3ees America’s Freedom


        DVDs available at



        Written and Directed by James Jaeger (FIAT EMPIRE, CULTURAL MARXISM, CORPORATE FASCISM)

      37. This police chief don’t mean shit. If he went back to California or went to New York he would again deny CCW because that is where his bread and butter comes from and not the concern for citizens protection or analogy to Maine’s safe state. He is up to his ass in alligators and is looking for help. He should call Obama and have him send more armors vehicles.
        Hell, if he had balls he would allow OPEN CARRY. It’s a Wild West Show there anyway.




        PAY ATTENTION TO THE FACTS INSTEAD OF LIVING IN YOUR SAD PAST and that sad horror you had to endure watching Harvey Milk get shit.

        Now I feel bad that you had to witness it — BUT F*CKING MOVE ON BABE!

      39. @ braveheart. Maybe you should try to put a * or some other symbol like ^ in front of your name. Could it be that the computer is not recognizing the e-mail that you are using and thus it is being sent through moderation? You contribute a tremendous amount to the site, hope you can resolve this really soon. Could be like that 404 error message that comes up with certain key words.

        • BI, thanks, but the modification I made to my name did the trick. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Besides, I’m a renegade anyway, so what the hell?

          • renegade/braveheart

            Same here braveheart..unable to post comments for 2 days


      40. After reading all these I was trying to think of anyone that I know that doesn’t carry. I cannot think of one person that I know that doesn’t have a handgun on them or in their truck. The guys I know that work in town are mostly permitted and the guys out in the country just carry.
        So many people do, I just assume everyone has something on them.

        • That’s the idea. Everyone carries. Kinda makes it hard for the bad guy to pick a victim. Bad guys are predators. They’re not going after someone who can hurt them. They go after folks who cannot defend themselves. Everyone carries. Pass the word…

      41. Nothing beats good ‘ol common sense.

      42. Beef is fed with extra 12%, horses fed with extra hay/grain, chickens with 100 watt bulb @ 46 inside temp., dog house with 100 watt insulated republican conservative lite bulb, bloc heater plugged into 7.3 diesel, long handles on. F.U. Yellen.

      43. I was waiting until I saw a police chief have the audacity to put on 5 stars.

        • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

          Thanks for the Laughs.

      44. Jim Kunstler’s 2014 Forecast – Burning Down The House

        Life in the USA is like living in a broken-down, cob-jobbed, vermin-infested house that needs to be gutted, disinfected, and rebuilt — with the hope that it might come out of the restoration process retaining the better qualities of our heritage. Some of us are anxious to get on with the job, to expel all the rats, bats, bedbugs, roaches, and lice, tear out the stinking shag carpet and the moldy sheet-rock, rip off the crappy plastic siding, and start rebuilding along lines that are consistent with the demands of the future — namely, the reality of capital and material resource scarcity. But it has been apparent for a while that the current owners of the house would prefer to let it fall down, or burn down rather than renovate.


        more …

      45. Off Topic ~ Regarding Weather ~
        Great Britain is getting whalloped with terrible winter
        I would love to hear what Lonlonemum from the U.K. has to report on the weather there.
        Where I live, it is 5 degrees, and a -15 degrees wind chill. The wind is up and howling like a banshee and there are white out conditions.
        By this weekend it will be 40 degrees.
        This weather is hard on the body.
        Stay safe out there, everyone.

        • Cold weather like that kills germs and bugs that infest plants and trees.

          We had a period of 10 days of the high of around zero…colder at night.

          Take advantage of learning about something that can kill you.

        • Last night was yet another with force 9 winds. This has been sporadic since before Xmas. Public transport and travel has needed to be carefully planned over the holiday season.

          We sold up & fled Londistan in the autumn. I’m in a rental at the moment, with the cash ready to make my property purchase. You guys will ALL understand what I mean when I say some villages we originally looked at with a view to purchasing a new permanent home have now been ticked off the look see list as totally unsuitable due to flood or other defences proving themselves to be inadequate. I like hill country, but that brings a risk of landslides in bad weather. From a prepping perspective for us on a personal level I see this year’s bad weather as long term blessing in disguise tbh.

          I have to find a new home suitable for my both my son and my 80 year old mother to reside in, so the state of the roads, pavements etc matters. In this part of the UK that awful pc culture hasn’t yet arrived in town,people don’t censor their speech. It’s odd as it results in LESS racism or predjudice towards my ASD kid than we experienced in Londistan.

          Over on the East coast my Uncle is one of only two doctors on a flat Island off the Essex coast. He’s had a HARD winter! He’s been flat out busy so we haven’t heard from him since before Xmas when the first storms hit. He started life in West Africa and my parents fostered him when he got to the UK, he turned out pretty good. My Dad was of the old school, which is how a street rat got through medical school lol!

          I’m hoping that once spring arrives I can persuade him to relocate his four children and his lovely teacher wife to my end of the country where people still operate on a basic level of decency and manners in daily life. (Also a doc around is damn useful when shtf!). Where he is thousands are homeless, due to flood and storm damage, yet the bbc doesn’t bother to report it though it’s only about an hour and half’s drive from londistan. Where he is people are not having a good time at all.

          For most of us, it’s just a case of using our common sense around here. Friends have learnt which brands of waterproof jackets and boots do what they say on the tin. Luckily where we are neighbours help each other, camping, rabbiting, foraging and that sort of thing are the key leisure activities so most people have sensible supplies at home as a matter of course and the elderly that don’t have country style skills. This means I’m not concerned if there is a powercut for any length of time as having neighbours that have 3 days to a weeks supply of food, candles, camping stove, first aid kit etc as a matter of course means I’m that much safer too iykwim.

          I’m very glad DS is homeschooled as the worst storms hit at night and mean you can’t sleep. No way would I want to be a sleep deprived teacher of 30, 5 year old’s in a system that doesn’t have the sense to permit them an afternoon nap today. DS won’t be doing woodland crafts or beach studies this week due to storm risks.

          The funniest part of the storms was on Xmas Eve for us. The pub in my local high street had it’s slate roof blow clean off 1/2 mile down the road. This meant that on the busiest shopping day of the year the street was closed by the emergency services to make while they made the structure safe. At a time when retailers need every penny they can get through their tills I did find myself feeling sorry for them.

          From my perspective I’m worried about my internet connection staying reliable as we’ve had a few powercuts. DS does 6 hours tuition a week online and I do remote tuition and consultancy work as our only source of income right now. It’s a real concern and I’ve already had to utilise friends homes a couple of times, (thank goodness people like the homemade preserves and soaps I’ve used to barter broadband time).

          My other concern is that my Mum is still in Londistan as she hasn’t sold her property yet and this may delay the progress of her sale. For all the abuse of Muslims and certain ethnic minorities on this site at times, it’s worth pointing out that it’s individuals from those oft slated groups who are checking on her daily and done other minor repairs etc she needed due to storm damage this season. Not every young black yoof is a disaster in the making.

          The bill for clean up in some areas is going to be astronomical when this weather front passes on.

          • Lonelonmum, haven’t heard About the bad weather over in the UK. it’s too bad that you are having such a hard time finding a place to buy, but better to always be cautious. What is ASD? Curious here in MN. Currently -20 degrees F.

            • @ What? in MN ~ ASD is autism spectrum disorder, (ASD).

          • @lonelonmum ~ Thank you very much for your informative post. It sounds as if you have a good head on your shoulders, and are aware and taking good steps for you and your family. Please continue to keep us posted.
            You and your family, stay safe.

      46. I am a ‘20% PERCENTER’ … what are you ???

        * 20% of the Once Free ZOG AmeriKan civilian population will refuse to license or register their Firearms under a Illegal Criminal Tyrannic Fascist ZOG FEDGOV unconstitutional firearm confiscation program .

        3% PERCENT of the 20% PERCENTERS will Fight Maim and Kill to protect their Natural Born AmeriCan Constitutional guaranteed Bill of Rights .

        WHICH ARE YOU ???


        • OPSEC fail.

      47. Let’s take a FIREARMS OWNERSHIP Poll …

        GREEN THUMBS – you will turn in your firearms to the U.N. ZOG FEDGOV DHS ZIO-NAZI GESTAPO .


        * i am a bloody red thumb .

        ‘which are you ???’

        ‘FIGHT OR DIE !’


        • lol ;0) i forgot the site censors you with red thumbs .


          PLEASE TAKE THE POLL .;0)

          thank you .


      48. Three things to ponder:

        1- Braveheart, with respect, just so you know, it is public knowledge that “Renegade” is the code name given by the Secret Service to the President, or at least his vehicle– I know JFK’s name was Lancer, not sure how they come up with the names, and also not sure what the names were for Carter, Reagan, and the other occupants. I would love it if you called yourself another “R” word, like “Resister” 🙂

        But I will support your renegade name regardless!

        2- Everyone, pay attention to the frigid temperatures not just in the USA but around the world– it seems the HAARP machine has been quite active.

        Another reason to pay attention: you see, while everyone is inside trying to keep warm, the evil doers can spread their foreign soldiers, already repeatedly here in our country, all around.

        Hard to see them when it’s snowing, frigid cold, etc. as they arrive by train, by major highways, etc.


        By the way, check out your local train stations– mine has had a police trailer parked in a paid parking spot for weeks. If I was evil I’d cart it away and open it up. But I’m not evil and have no such intention.

        Anyway, given this frigid weather, maybe it’s time for some recon teams to do some scouting and reporting of anything that seems “out of the ordinary” [such as a police trailer in a train station marked “operational unit” in an area with just about non-existent crime– opsec prevents me from saying more.] Scouting/doing Recon is one way you can take the fight to THEM!

        [By the way, what could be inside these things? Supplies? Bullets? Guns? Medical supplies? I’m baffled. Any ideas?]

        As to the weather thing, my point is that they are manipulating/modifying the weather (just like they did God’s perfect food to create genetically modified seeds/food which now gives people cancer in record numbers) in order to kill us, trap us, defeat us, dispirit us, and inflict chaos on us.

        3- So don’t just watch the logs in your fire, have a team out doing periodic recon. Organize some teams.

        Just don’t watch your six, watch your 12, 3, and 9 while you are at it, or get a team together.

        Know who your enemy is– she/he is anyone who wants to deprive you of basic God-given rights under the deceptive guise of helping you “feel” safer while doing so. The right to live. The right to be free. The right to be defend your life. The right to be free from tyranny. The right to eat. And I could go on and on.

        Anticipate your enemy.

        Trust your gut. Always.

        Out think your enemy.

        In short, don’t let the enemy use the frigid weather to lull you to a warm sleep or numb your senses or distract you from the fact that our economy seems to be collapsing. Or distract you from the possibility that under cover of bad weather something wicked this way might come.

        When the crap hits the fan, it ain’t gonna hit it, it’s gonna take it out. What is that crap? Multiple things– happening all at once: power outages, new pandemic viruses sickening and killing people, gas shortages, false flags, martial law, etc. We already seem to be under martial law. You don’t think these people would make it “easy” on us, do you?

        This cold weather could be intended to keep us off guard because we do need to keep warm! So DO stay warm, but also stay alert! In the times we all live in, warmth and awareness go hand in hand.

        Don’t listen to me. Just Trust your Gut. It knows when something is out of place. Feelings-wise, or visually. That little police trailer is way out of place. Something’s up.

        – The Lone Ranger

        “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.” (and all of you!)

        “In a time of univeral deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

        “I sense a disturbance in the Force.” – Darth Vader

        “I was born at night but I wasn’t born last night.” – common saying

        • Lone Ranger, thanks for that info about Secret Service applying that name to the president. If they use a good name like that on monkeyboy, then I’m dropping the name right now. I won’t be associated with that POS.

        • Thanks, LR—interesting, enlightening post.

      49. Lone Stranger, your right they are out to get us. I was out hiking today doing recon and trying to stay in shape. And it was cold and windy. They never got me, but both of my dogs got caught in leg hold traps. Thank God neither had a serious leg or foot injury. Trekker Out.

        • hello?

        • Mt trecker. If you where on your own or public land hiking and your dogs got caught that is the trappers fault. My self I trap only on my own land. I use the large conibar body grip traps. Every canine I catch is dead. When you take your dogs hiking with you that gives them permission to go there wether your with them or not. A responsible pet owner keeps his pets on his own property. Ive had cattle ,goats and other livestock harassed and killed by free roaming dogs. I now have a jenny that kills dogs & coyotes.

          • old guy,I was on public land and don’t have an issue with trapping, use to do trapping myself, used conibar and leghold. What ticks me off is when they set these traps right in high use areas that a lot of people run their dogs. They make these sets where they don’t hardly have to leave their truck. Trekker Out.

          • Old Guy-

            Ditto here, pal.

            I’m country..and the city slickers (18 miles away) always dump their mutts here-abouts when they can’t feed ’em anymore, female is pregnant etc..etc.
            Its gotten so bad that we’ve had packs of feral mutts competing w/ coyotes!

            This past deer season, I ended up killing 11 wild dogs & 7 cats vs. two deer (6-point buck & the lead doe)!

            –(I hate cats!!!)–

            …got 4 coyotes too!

      50. testing 123

      51. A lot of incidents are stopped before they happen. You’re walking along. There’s a group of thugs coming toward you. When you start to cross the street they follow you there. You show them your gun. They walk away.

        • That happened to me , i was in the woods last november and i saw a herd of thugs , i showed them my rifle and they all ran away .:)

          • Which is why I don’t understand those advising to keep your weapon hidden when in public?? 🙁

            Unless the perpetrator will get more thugs to help him do his evil??

            • Jay, with just a tad of training, anyone can get that weapon away from you post haste. Check out Krav Maga, works like a charm and is easy to learn.

              • 02,find truly qualified Krav instructors very hard,would love to train in it while still have the youth,will then just go with the Thai Chi flow.

            • you don’t want ANYONE to know you have a weapon until it is out and barking.

      52. IF YOU LIVE IN CALI or anywhere else along the WEST COAST it’s time to move EAST OF THE ROCKIES or to the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE .

        * especially if you are HIGH RISK … pregs , have babies or children .

        -Video Sparks Japan Radiation Fears At San Fran Bay, C.A. Area Beach-

        Health officials are investigating radiation levels along the San Mateo County coast after a video surfaced online showing Geiger counter readings five times higher than normal at a Pacifica Beach.

        Fears of radiation reaching the West Coast began just days after the March 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant – triggered by the massive Japan earthquake and tsunami – with amateur scientists snapping up the existing supply of Geiger counters within days of the explosions.

        GET OUT of CALI / WEST COAST / ALASKA and HEAD EAST or SOUTH for a few 1000’S of MILES !!!

        N.O. ;0p

        link below …

        • * no amount of radiation is even remotely good for your physical or mental health … NONE .


        • * very real physical evidence proves the 3/11 (sounds like 9/11 ;0p) FUKUSHIMA JAPAN NUKE PLANT REACTOR ATTACK and the TSUNAMI TIDAL WAVES was a ISRAELI jeeew MOSSAD / AMERIKA CIA MAN-MADE ZOG FALSE-FAG nuclear bomb / fusion bomb ATTACK , a deliberate ‘ACT of WAR’ ATTACK upon JAPAN and the JAPANESE PEOPLE of SOVEREIGN JAPAN by ZOG AMERIKA AIPAC and ISREAHELL ZIO-JEEEWS .

          * who are both controlled OWNED by the BRITISH false inbred royals of ENGLAND and the zio-jeeew family ROTHSCHILD (who are known illuminati freemasons fascists zionists … NWO ZOG ) .

          N.O. ;0p

        • Yup I am thinking Texas gulf coast.

          • The gulf is dead too. Stinks bad.
            no life to it.
            Keep preppin’


        This makes it very clear – the burden to defend and or use deadly force, is a RIGHT that lies with you personally to ACT accordingly and appropriately should you fear for your life and/or limb.
        Affirmative duty to protect. Cf. Reciprocal obligations;
        South v. Maryland, 59 U.S. (How.) 396, 15 L.Ed.433 (1856) (the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local law-enforcement had no duty to protect individuals, but only a general duty to enforce the laws.);
        DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, 489 U.S. 189, 109 S.Ct. 998, 1989 (1989) (There is no merit to petitioner’s contention that the State’s knowledge of his danger and expressions of willingness to protect him against that danger established a “special relationship” giving rise to an affirmative constitutional duty to protect. While certain “special relationships” created or assumed by the State with respect to particular individuals may give rise to an affirmative duty, enforceable through the Due Process [489 U.S. 189, 190] Clause, to provide adequate protection, see Estelle v. Gamble, 429 U.S. 97; Youngberg v. Romeo, 457 U.S. 307, the affirmative duty to protect arises not from the State’s knowledge of the individual’s predicament or from its expressions of intent to help him, but from the limitations which it has imposed on his freedom to act on his own behalf, through imprisonment, institutionalization, or other similar restraint of personal liberty.);
        Bowers v. Devito, 686 F.2d 616 (7th Cir. 1982) (There is no constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen. It is monstrous if the state fails to protect its residents against such predators but it does not violate the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, or, we suppose, any other provision of the Constitution. The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties; it tells the state to let the people alone; it does not require the federal government or the state to provide services, even so elementary a service as maintaining law and order.); (No duty to protect) = Rule 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss;Cf. Reciprocial obligations;
        Warren v. District of Columbia (444 A.2d 1, 1981) ((O)fficial police personnel and the government employing them are not generally liable to victims of criminal acts for failure to provide adequate police protection … this uniformly accepted rule rests upon the fundamental principle that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular citizen … a publicly maintained police force constitutes a basic governmental service provided to benefit the community at large by promoting public peace, safety and good order.);
        Hartzler v. City of San Jose, 46 Cal.App.3d 6, 120 Cal.Rptr. 5 (1975) (The administrator of the estate of Ruth Bunnell who had been killed by her estranged husband brought a wrongful death action against the city whose police department refused to respond to her call for protection some 45 minutes before her death. Mrs. Bunnell had called the police to report that Mack Bunnell had called saying he was on his way to her home to kill her. She was told to call back when Mack Bunnell arrived. The police had responded 20 times to her calls in the past year, and on one occasion, arrested her estranged husband for assaulting her. The Court of Appeal held that the police department and its employees enjoyed absolute immunity for failure to provide sufficient police protection. The allegations that the police had responded 20 times to her calls did not indicate that the police department had assumed any special relationship or duty toward her such as would remove its immunity.);

        Davidson v. City of Westminister, 32 Cal.3d 197, 185 Cal.Rptr. 252 (1982) (A husband and wife who were assaulted in a laundromat while the assailant was under surveillance by officers, brought legal action against the city and the officers for intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress and for negligent investigation, failure to protect and failure to warn. The Supreme Court held that: (1) the mere fact that the officers had previously recognized the assailant from a distance as a potential assailant because of his resemblance to a person suspected of perpetrating a prior assault did not establish a “special relationship” between officers and assailant under which a duty would be imposed on officers to control assailant’s conduct; (2) factors consisting of officer’s prior recognition of assailant as likely perpetrator of previous assault and officer’s surveillance of assailant in laundromat in which victim was present did not give rise to special relationship between officers and victim so as to impose duty on officers to protect victim from assailant; and (3) victim could not maintain cause of action for intentional or reckless infliction of emotional distress, in view of fact that it was not alleged that officers failed to act for the purpose of causing emotional injury, and that in the absence of such an intent to injure, officer’s inaction was not extreme or outrageous conduct.);
        Westbrooks v. State, 173 Cal.App.3d 1203, 219 Cal.Rtr. 674 (1985) (The widow and sons of a motorist who drove into the void where a collapsed bridge had been, brought action against the State, county, and county deputy sheriff. The California Department of Transportation (Cal Trans) was aware that a violent storm with heavy rains had caused a bridge on State route 118 to collapse. A county deputy sheriff had observed the beginning of the collapse, reported it and requested assistance from Cal Trans. A jury award of $1,300,000 was reversed in part by the Court of Appeal which held: (1) the county deputy sheriff had no duty to warn drivers that the state highway bridge had collapsed during the storm, and his efforts to warn drivers did not in any way increase the risk of harm to users of the highway, and therefore the county was not liable to motorist’s wife and children; and (2) the judgment was upheld against the state because the Cal Trans was notified at 1:52 a.m. and at 2:35 a.m., but no Cal Trans personnel nor CHP officer appeared at the scene until 5:45 a.m., and that such delay was unreasonable.);
        Ne Casek v. City of Los Angeles, 233 Cal.App.2d 131, 43 Cal.Rptr. 294 (1965) (In an action against police officers and city for personal injuries sustained by Kathryne Ne Casek when she was knocked down on a sidewalk by two suspects who had been arrested by the officers, the Court of Appeal held the amount of force or method used by a police officer in attempting to keep an arrested person or persons in custody is a discretionary act for purpose of application of doctrine of immunity of government officials from civil liability for their discretionary acts, and therefore Ms. Ne Casek who was injured by two escaped suspects who had been handcuffed together could not maintain an action against the arresting officers based on the officer’s alleged negligence in using insufficient force to keep the prisoners in custody.);
        Susman v. City of Los Angeles, et al., 269 Cal.App.2d 803, 75 Cal.Rptr. 240 (1969) (An action was brought by several landowners against the City of Los Angeles and the State pleading eleven separate causes of action for damages arising out of the Watts’ Riots’ of 1965. The Court of Appeal held that none of the allegations presented was sufficient to show any duty owed by any of the officials named as defendants to act to prevent or avoid the harm suffered by the plaintiffs.);
        Antique Arts Corp. v. City of Torrence, 39 Cal.App.3d 588, 114 Cal.Rptr. 332 (1974) (A silent burglar alarm installed on the premises of the store operated by the plaintiff was, during the course of a robbery by two armed men, activated at 3:32 p.m. and the alert message was relayed to the police department.
        The dispatch message to the units in the field was at 3:43 p.m., and a police unit arrived at the scene of the robbery at 3:44 p.m. The delay in the transmission of the dispatch enabled the robbers to complete the robbery and escape with jewelry and merchandise in the amount of $49,000. The Court of Appeal held that Govt. Code section 846 provides for immunity if no police protection is provided; or, if police protection is provided, but that protection is not sufficient.. “The statutory scheme makes it clear that failure to provide adequate police protection will not result in governmental liability, nor will a public entity be liable for failure to arrest a person who is violating the law. The statutory scheme shows legislative intent to immunize the police function from tort liability from the inception of its exercise to the point of arrest, regardless of whether the action be labeled discretionary’ or ministerial.'”);

        • Old vet, everything in that post is true, I’m sad to say. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled numerous times that law enforcement have no obligations to the public, period. So when we get into situations, WE ARE ON OUR OWN AND HAVE TO FEND FOR OURSELVES. WE HAVE TO BE OUR OWN FIRST-RESPONDERS. FORGET ABOUT 911 UNLESS YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH.

        • Old Vet-

          Your documentation merely reinforces my intention that, should I be “on the road” & caught amidst a spontaneous riot or whatever…to empty several mags worth of 124gr Speer gold-dot 9mm or .45 185gr. Hornaday XTP (both hand-loaded & depending what I’m carrying that day) get the remaining thugs/hoodlums running…then “HAUL ASS OUTTA THERE”.

          ..shots will be ‘center-mass’,…license plate is covered w/ see-thru plastic ‘prism’ cover (y’all really need to get one)..that only reveals # via direct behind standing eye level view(traffic cameras are thus impotent)***

          ***if you keep yer mouth shut, chances are you’ll avoid having to hire counsel…..just saying!

      54. Incoming CME ~~~~ALERT!!

      55. @ 1happycountrymom. That area, AR1944 sure has some potential for a big X flare, and it is Earth facing for the next couple of days. Something to watch closely as there is enough energy there for a X flare that would affect the planet’s electronics. There might be a good light show with the auroras in the next few days if this region let’s loose with something larger than the recent high M class flare.

        • And now we have our X-Class flare!!

          People should fear God, not man.

          Keep preppin’

      56. Some positive news… IL Sunday was the first day the general public could apply for ccw. >4500 filed applications (more than obamacare applicants in same state) and an expected 1000 applications per day! Link on drudge. Also, this bastardly story…

        o.dailycaller dot com/all/2014-01-05-parents-call-police-for-help-cops-show-up-and-kill-their-18-year-old-son#1

      57. Call me paranoid, crazy, or get the straight jacket, as for my family we are not eating anything that comes from California, Oregon, Washington or the Pacific Ocean period. The cover up is in full swing, because if the truth be known, would put an end to the West Coast and Alaska. Radiation levels are going through the roof. Japan is done as a country because of the radiation coming from the nuke power plant. When they can no longer hide the truth, this very well could be the event that takes the world down. And yes very much of our food comes from these areas. Just be careful and watch what you are eating.

        • I think there’s way too much hysteria about Fukushima and not enough objective truth. Yes, it’s a problem. No, it’s not going to destroy Japan or kill the Pacific Ocean or affect us in America or make life unlivable in the northern hemisphere.

        • Weve done the same Old Vet. We wont eat salmon or tuna either. Got some thats canned from a few yrs ago but once we eat it we figure thats it in our life times.
          Theres so many lies and coverups from the radiation caused by Fuckushima.

          • I have 100 cans of tuna left bought before Fukishima and about 6 months after BP disaster. Treat it like it is the last–I use my canned chicken first.
            It’s like the chemtrails; if it is such an altruistic activity, why the propaganda, the lies, the secrecy. Bragging would be happening if it was a good thing, broadcast 24/7.
            Same with Fukushima.

            I haven’t had baked fish, etc. since we used the last bought before Fukishima and after BP mess.

            • You could buy atlantic cod or halibut. Wild caught from the Greenland and Iceland area, they dont go anywhere near the pacific.

          • @Calgacus…same here in my part of Canada. Unless the fish comes from local waters/lakes OR the Atlantic Ocean, we do not eat it. Haven’t purchased anything from the Pacific for over a year now. take care, CC

            • Know what you mean. We only eat some atlantic fish wild caught. If were fishing its only in certain spots and then its trout or bass.

      58. Too little, too late or just what the hell are we worried about?

        Nothing is done about nothing till it hits your doorstep. Take any subject. Crime, Stock Market, Fukushima radiation. On the other hand, where do you run to escape it all. Some people don’t have a care in the world while others hide important issues from the public eye. Really does not matter for even if it gets into the public eye it is soon covered up and forgotten. Except for people like us who are consistently trying to connect the dots. Remarkable how the major topic or concerns always slips back into the shadows. You would have thought by now it would be more than 1% or 3% that have awakened. Or are many that stupid, never to be awakened. Don’t fit their lifestyle. Have more important matters closer to home to think about. Thousands of hits for each thread and only 40 or so regular commenters. Something does not add up. What are we missing? We have no way to calculate what our efforts to educate on survival or preparedness has any impact on the outcome of any event. Sure many have brought tons of guns and ammo. What about the others supplies and gear. Our only communication is sites like this one. I would like to see more people prepare but that is not going to happen. So I wait for the proverbial, “Chickens to come home to roust”. Hoping to pass on what I have learned.
        Deep down I think it’s too late.

      59. This is a great site. I like Mac! I like Mac! How about a brief background story from Mac, about Mac? After all, no one has ever seen Mac and Superman in the same place at the same time. Therefor, Mac is…..Clark Kent. I knew it.

        • The Rules of SHTFPLAN CLUBHOUSE

          1st RULE: You do not talk about SHTFPLAN CLUB.

          2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about SHTFPLAN CLUB.

          3rd RULE: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.

          4th RULE: Only two guys or gals to a fight.

          5th RULE: One fight at a time.

          6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.

          7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.

          8th RULE: If this is your first night at SHTFPLAN CLUB, you HAVE to fight.

          * some things are best kept secret .

          * would hate to see @mac get paid a visit by the NWO ZOG GESTAPO NSA FBI DHS ZIO-NAZI JACKBOOT THUGS and be BLACK-BAGGED in the middle of the night .


            • Nina’s MOM-have you nothing else to do except post your BS links? Enough already and I will not read anything else you post again.

          • I thought the whole thing was idiotic BEFORE I read the crap about the Jews.

            • huh ???

              @Barn Cat … ;0P go suck on a … (use your brain here).

              Do you honestly really think i give a sheeit what you ‘THOUGHT’ ??? or think about anything .

              The very fake illegitimate modern jeeews are HUMANITIES number #1 TERRORIST MILITARY THREAT GLOBALLY and FINANCIALLY , have been since times of Jesus Christ and will remain so till EXTERMINATED or DE-NUKED , DISARMED of all NUCLEAR and CHEMICAL WEAPONS .


              ISREAHELL jeeews DID 9/11 ! PROVEN FACT !

              so take your traitorous pro israel zio-jew bullsheeit some where else .

              i’m awake to who you jeeews really are , your fake religion , false god , ENTIRE CRIMINAL FRAUDULENT GRAFT ridden 2000 year HISTORY and what you illegitimate fake zio-jeeews plan to do to once free AmeriCa and the WORLD over the next 50 years !

              so please @Barn Cat … GO F*CK A GOAT ! i hear you jeeews love looking like goats on fake jeeew holidays .

              N.O. ;0p

              • Israel jeeew Mossad To Begin Targeted Murders On American Soil

                Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International.

                Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has forbidden the practice until now, these sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

                The Israeli statements were confirmed by more than a half dozen U.S. foreign policy and intelligence officials in interviews with UPI.

                With the appointment of Meir Dagan, the new director Israel’s Mossad secret intelligence service, Sharon is also preparing “a huge budget” increase for the spy agency as part of “a tougher stance in fighting global jihad (or holy war),” one Israeli official said.


                see link …

              • Obama Administration: Yes, We Can Kill Americans on US Soil

                The controversy, arising out of the drone war, that President Obama has the authority to assassinate US citizens abroad in non-war zones just got even more disgraceful.

                The Obama administration’s Attorney General Eric Holder sent a letter in response to persistent inquiries from Senator Rand Paul, who vowed to block the confirmation of John Brennan to CIA chief if the White House didn’t respond. In the letter, Holder maintains that the President does have the authority to kill US citizens on US soil without any due process.

                “It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States,” Holder wrote.


                see link …

              • Die in a hole.

                • I should have said, NinaOs mom, die in a hole.

        • LOL…. 🙂


          • For Maudy Fricket…..

            Re: Mac and Clark Kent…


      60. The NSA and most Federal agencies bought their computers from an Israeli owned company some time ago. The computers were equiped with back doors, so the Mossad would know what the US govt. knows. They let the NSA take the blame for what the Israelis steal. Just because we don’t see Mac, doesn’t mean they don’t. They know what brand of toilet paper he uses. Where he got it and how much he paid for it. And which hand he uses. There are no secrets to them. Even if someone disappears, there is a computer program to ID who is away from their daily routine. If they don’t show up, a red flag goes up. They become a person of interest. As does everyone who has ever had contact with them. And it is really worse than this.

        • +10,000 to ya Maudy!!!!!!!

          Amerika, per our gubbermint, is enemy occupied territory!

          .. every day more Christian gentiles “awaken” to said ‘FACT’….

          They/we notice its always the tribesmen who sponsor/introduce “X” gun-control bills in the Senate or the House…they’re/we’re aware that Obummer’s(unconstitutional) czars are 99% tribesmen..that Wall St. is 100% kosher..that Madoff/Blankfein/Yellen/Bernanke/Greenspahn/Volkner etc..etc, are ditto!

          ..and that they were/are the architects of free trade/NAFTA/GATT/WTO/NWO/CAFTA/TPP/AGENDA-21 etc..etc.

          ..they also manipulated us into the Iraq/Afghanistan (& almost Syria/Iran) quagmire, whose cost in (our gentile) BLOOD & killing our Republic!!!

          ..We’re bleeding to death financially!

          ..but more so, in the loss of honorable men..who believed the lie..”that they hate us for our FREEDOMS”.

, ZOG(Obummer regime) denigrates the wounded warriors/other vets by financially/politically F$*%ing them over, per manifold nit-picking dictates!

          (i.e)–“you’re too stressed soldier..sorry, the 2nd amendment doesn’t apply to you anymore”…or, sorry ’bout the loss of yer legs/arms/face/manhood(dick-balls)…we gotta save $$$ money….yer disability payment must be reduced/cut.


          Folks are now following/scrutinizing the $$$(money)trail/links/dollar flow to AIPAC/ADL/SPLC/NAMBLA/congressional campaign donations, plus other anti-GOD, anti-Christian, pro-perpetual war, anti-Christ, homosexual-pedophilia advocating organizations/anti-Constitution groups/foundations..and discovering that the $$$$ always originates/reverts back to…the synagogue of satan crowd.

          …the so called modern, 20th-21st century…JEWISH ESTABLISHMENT.


          ..ditto, more folks are delving deeper into O.T. theology and finding that the religion/belief system of Abraham/Jacob/Moses(etc..
 in direct 180* opposition to Babylonian Talmud-ism(see modern Judaism) as it is practiced.

          ..and now enforced, via top-down decree/executive order/kosher sanctified US-ZOG govt control….today.

          –all to gentile/Christian(inspired & created) Western Civilization’s misfortune–


          IMO, those who proclaim to be CHRISTIANS..will soon be ‘quantified’ by our choose between the worship of the “synagogue of satan”…or worship/fealty unto the “SON-OF-GOD” and his sacrifice/suffering/redeeming message/gift.

          ..thus, if one is of zionist-Christian type believer, you should at least pray, that modern judaism’s Rabbis/followers/congregation/or secular types…repent of their wickedness/sins against GOD & humanity.

          …and come unto and seek the light..the truth and the way!


          ..sans that..they remain the enemy of GOD/Christ/the Holy Spirit…and us gentile CHRISTIANS who believe otherwise!!!!!

          Should they fail to seek his mercy…let GOD sort ’em out!


          ..y’all know the drill.

          • I think you are going to be in for quite a surprise when the God of Abraham smites you down during the Tribulation.

      61. We are ants as far as they are concerned. No need to lose any sleep over this. This is a public blog, with paying advertisers and links to other sites who also link back to this one. No secret site here. Not fight club. Public and wide open for all the world to see.

      62. CONFIRMED: Terrorist Organization Trained on US Soil by US Military

        Series of mainstream admissions of US & Israeli state-sponsored terrorism.

        It appears that not only Israel, but the US in tandem with Mossad have been training, arming, financing, harboring, and directing the US State Department-listed foreign terror organization (#29) Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) since as early as 2005 where MEK terrorists were brought to Las Vegas, Nevada to train. The April 2012 New Yorker article, “Our Men in Iran?” by Seymour Hersh, elaborates in detail how the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) trained a listed terrorist organization on US soil before sending them back to Iran with weapons and money to carry out “anti-regime terrorist activities.” MEK is suspected to be behind a rash of assassinations targeting Iranian scientists, as well as handling patsies in a string of international bombings US and Israeli officials attempted to pin on Iran.

        see link …

      63. what Civil Liberties ???

        Obama Administration Asserts Power to Kill Americans on US Soil without Charge or Trial

        The Obama administration has officially served notice to all Americans that it has the power to kill you, in your home or anywhere in your country, without charge or trial, if it really wants to.

        Responding to a query from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who has been threatening to block the confirmation of John Brennan as CIA director, the Obama administration has asserted its power to kill Americans on US soil without due process of law.

        Mother Jones reports that Attorney General Eric Holder replied to Sen. Paul in a Tuesday letter, affirming that the president can indeed order the use of military force against Americans in the United States in “an extraordinary circumstance.”


        see link …

      64. One police chief down, hundreds to go! Hang in there Braveheart,we got your back!

      65. So i guess whats going on is Michelle Obamma is staying at Opras on Thompson Rd at the old silver cloud, for her 50th, opra is having her 60th, may be a soiree???
        The DHS presence is still there, still blocking access to a public right of way so the royals are safe!!! What are they worried about, we dont have open carry, dont have concealed carry, cant even have the guns and ammo in the same case if its in your vehicle and cant have loaded magazines,,, i guess the royals like dishing out rules then worry nobody will like them,
        Afterall this is the most transparent administration in history, yea, transparent that they are hippocrate tyrants!
        They can suck me

        • Im quite sure we can watch the interview between opra and mammy obammy on the opra show, she likes filming these intimate q and a sessions from her compound

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