WATCH: Cops Pull Innocent Unarmed Man From Car & Execute Him While Picking Up Kids

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project under the title: WATCH: Cops Pull Innocent Unarmed Man From Car, Execute Him as He Waits To Pick Up Kids in Car Line

    On the day Richard Ward, 32, was executed in cold blood in front of countless school children, he had harmed no one. He had committed no crime, and the only thing he did was confuse a different car for his mother’s car and try to get in it. This mistake, we have all likely made, led to Ward’s execution at the hands of Pueblo West’s finest.

    Ward was killed in cold blood by deputies with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s office on Feb. 22, 2022. Video of his death has been kept from public view until this week after his family filed a lawsuit against the department and the deputies involved.

    “It’s just shattered this whole family,” Kristy Ward Stamp, Ward’s mother, said when announcing the lawsuit on Tuesday.

    “It’s been really, really horrible. I don’t even know who I am anymore, but I’m working on it,” she said. “That’s about it.”

    “It’s infuriating,” Ward’s younger brother, Eddy Stamp, said. “It’s so hard to watch the footage and see what happened with your own eyes.”

    On the day deputies killed him, Dave Lucero, a chief deputy at the time and now the Pueblo County Sheriff told school officials that Ward was “an intruder and attacker” and that he “jumped out of the vehicle” to attack the deputy. As you will see in the video below, this was a blatant lie.

    “To hear my younger brother say that other people’s parents are reading that story and that other kids in his class are referring to my brother as this intruder and attacker, and to have him not know how to even deal with that,” Eddy Stamp said.

    As 9 News reports:

    Ward was sitting in the car with his mother and her boyfriend waiting for his younger brother to get out of Liberty Point International School in Pueblo West. According to family attorney Darold Killmer, Ward got out of the car to stretch his legs and smoke a cigarette. When he returned, Killmer said he accidentally got into another SUV that looked like his mother’s. Killmer said he quickly got out of that car and walked back to his mother’s car.

    The woman whose car Ward entered would call 911 despite no crime being committed.

    “At worst, he had startled a lady by opening her car door, though it was accidental, and nothing further happened when he realized his mistake,” Killmer said. “The officers had no basis to believe Richard had committed any crime, and absolutely no basis to believe that Richard was a danger to them or anyone else.”

    But these deputies were persistent and likely upset that Ward told them he didn’t like cops. So they pressed on, demanding that he empty his pockets and show his ID.

    Once Ward told deputies what happened, they should’ve closed the car door and realized it was an honest mistake. But, instead, they escalated, and when Ward put something in his mouth — which is not a crime — they pulled him from the vehicle.

    Within seconds of pulling him from the vehicle, the unarmed man in the car line to pick up his little brother from school would have three bullet holes in his torso.

    After filling him with holes, the two deputies stood over Ward’s dying body for several minutes, refusing to provide any aid. Not until a fire truck showed up did Ward receive any help.

    “Rather than providing emergency medical care to Richard, such as applying pressure to the wound area or other potentially life-saving measures, both McWhorter and Gonzalez did absolutely nothing,” the attorney Killmer said. “Rather, they satisfied themselves to wait until an ambulance later arrived, by which time Richard had died.”

    Neither of the two deputies involved in the execution of an unarmed and arguably entirely innocent man was ever held accountable. In fact, they were both cleared just weeks after Ward’s death.

    Below is that video.


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      1. Everyone knows what these deputies deserve, and I hope that they get it. If not now, then one day they will. It is a guarantee. There is justice.

      2. These assassins need to be charged with first degree murder.

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