Watch: Cop Goes On F-Word Laden Tirade After Being Told “God Bless You”

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Headline News | 397 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Why should all police officers and citizens be equipped with a camera during their interactions?

    These two clips are only the tip of the iceberg.

    After being ticketed by a police officer one man said “God Bless You,” only to be lambasted and threatened with arrest. For what is not exactly clear.

    As Paul Joseph Watson explains, it may be because police officers have been trained in a culture where they believe that the people are their servants, rather than the other way around:

    These clips only serve to highlight the fact that many officers across the country see the American public as their slaves and they think they can abuse and threaten violence against for no reason whatsoever.



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      1. Anonymous

        So, saying “God bless you” is grounds for detainment or imprisonment?

        But verbally abusing someone and threatening their life and liberty is somehow justified?

        I don’t know if this kid was being sarcastic, but that shouldn’t even matter.

        This guy should lose his job.

        Dirt Bag.

        • Stan522

          I guess he should have just said go eFf off!

          • Marcus

            that’s the problem… the guy didn’t give the cop an excuse to arrest him or smack him around so he went the f-k off.

            • Tucker

              One tactic that these jackbooted thug sonsabitches like to use in order to create an excuse to arrest people, is for them to move their bodies so close to the citizen that they physically ‘bump’ the citizen, who then feels a sensation of losing their balance, and the natural human reaction to that sensation is to reach out with your hands to latch onto something in order to stabilize yourself. In this trick, the closest thing to latch onto is the arm of the jackbooted thug who is leaning into you.

              Once the thug has maneuvered the citizen into ‘touching’ the thug, then the one inch dicked slab of worm infested hyena shit will girlishly ‘claim’ that the citizen is ‘assaulting’ a police officer.

              That gives these arrogant assholes the ‘excuse’ to start beating the shit out of you, throwing you to the ground, pulling out their nightstick and savagely beating you and maybe even deciding to taser you until you’re laying there on the ground, screaming and doing the funky chicken.

              If the situation happens to occur in a place where multiple jackbooted pig sadistic freaks are in the vicinity, they’ll all rush over and join in the ‘fun’, each fighting with one another over who gets the best open shot at kicking the proned out citizen in the head or face or balls.

              Make a note, folks. When SHTF day arrives, and a WROL situation arrives on our doorstep – I will predict that exactly zero of these psychopathic jackboots will emerge on the other side alive.

              • Outlaw

                Yup, this has happened to me before, exactly as you describe. How the fuck are you gonna knock someone hard off their balance, then accuse THEM of ASSAULTING YOU when they grab you to keep from busting there head on the concrete?

                • Anonymous

                  And at the same time they play to the cameras and yell at you “Stop Resisting.” The after they beat the shit out you they charge with with resisting, so you cann sue them for your injuries. Oh they know how to work the system as they have all the power.

                • lower40

                  yea i had my run in with one of them ,during hurracane season we took a bad hit ,gov. declared a curfew ,may as well call it like it is ,martial law ,what else do you call it if you get arrested if you go out at night ,well it took 1/2 my roof off i spent all day tarping and securing the place (no electicity no comunication) went out that evening to try and find some food (this was pre prepper years)cop pulled me for being out after curfew(my bed time) wound up having to eat a big shit sandwich to keep from being arrested ,didnt want to sit in jail for a week or two till some one missed me ,took me a good while to get over it,thought for a long time how to cut his fucking head off and put him in a gator hole

              • Guesty McGuesterson

                This is when pull a trick of your own out of the basketball playbook and “sell” the foul to the referee (your video recorder) by simply falling backwards onto the ground when the cop bumps you. Then the act of aggression falls squarely on the cop’s shoulders, should the vid ever need to be presented to your attorney (and the cop’s super, and the world at large via YouTube, etc.).

                Use psychology as your own best friend – just like the cops are trained to do – and make the cop look like he’s carrying as much of the blame for the situation as possible.

          • Anonymous

            F-n…Power Tripping Punk Pigs. My list is growing….

            • Anonymous

              Paul Craig Roberts has good post at his site about “something doesn’t smell right about US Ebola response”… I have been thinking the same thing.

              The lady nurse complaining about being quarantined– wonder if she is paid US shrill… the US has a policy: get the people crying for exactly what you want them to do… we complain about her not being quarantined.. perhaps that is what TPTB wants– getting us crying for quarantine measures… then Ebola spreads (sure thing if Obummer an the CDC get their way) and then put us all in FEMA camps… and then get our guns…

              • southside

                Sure thing,Anon. I was thinking about this Ebola thing,too. A “Deadly” disease that have people miracously recovering,going to the White House,hugging the prez. Something is NOT RIGHT here. I just don’t know what it is.

                • Anonymous

                  Cause the Whitehouse has been busted. Ebola was a false flag to get everbody vaccinated. But is counter productive to Obamas other scheme of importing 34 Million illegals. Cause if there is an Ebola threat , than you can’t just let 34 Million illegals walk into the US without some kind of blowback. Folks Obama is playing checkers with himself declaring “King me!!!”

                  • Indy Colts

                    Last week I posted how ebola was a hoax and got a lot of thumbs down. Here’s the one link again from an African guy that makes some sense.

                    ht tp://

                • Not so fast

                  You can bet each hand was washed and inspected multiple times before the big O touched it.

                  If it’s so hard to get, then why is it a problem in Africa?

                • Anonymous

                  South side. You are retarded. No..really, you are retarded.

              • SterlingSilver

                When SHTF, I wouldn’t want to be a cop. It’ll be like being thrown into general population wherein you face the guys you arrested. Retribution is a bitch!

                • Tucker

                  Bingo, Sterling Silver.

                  Here are a few questions to ponder. When SHTF Day arrives, will there be any tree limbs that won’t be decorated with the corpse of a jackbooted pig thug? When SHTF Day arrives, will there be any fence posts that won’t have a pair of severed jackbooted thug pig testicles nailed to it?

                  Heck, if I were a kwap, I’d be seriously preparing to quit before SHTF Day arrives and I’d be burning all of my old uniforms or any personal items or photographs that might be found and expose the fact that I had been a jackbooted thug pig. I’d also advise that ex-kwaps move to another city, where nobody would know that they used to be a jackbooted thug pig.

                  Payback time is coming, without a doubt.

                  That’s my friendly advice for any preppers out there who might also be jackbooted thug pigs. You folks have a few special preps to be concerned about – that the rest of us regular, sane, decent people who haven’t spent their entire lives acting like sadistic assholes don’t have to worry about – and I’d advise you not to procrastinate.

                  • BJ


                    That’s why I say, learn who they are now, where they live, who their familoy members are. It doesn’t matter whetgher you quit, retire or what…..once a cop with that kind of personality adn mentality, always a cop and a threat to humanity, to freedom and liberty…..take them ALL out…active, ex or retired!!

                  • Guesty McGuesterson


                    You’re correct that the cops who act like this should be identified and monitored, but you’re absolutely wrong in suggesting that we “take them and their families out”. Not only should their families never pay for mistakes they themselves didn’t commit, but you know full well that self-defense is warranted only when there’s an immediate threat to life or property. To do otherwise means abandoning the moral high ground, which is exactly what these cops have done.

                    I hope you aren’t suggesting we become like them. That kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

                  • Indy Colts

                    I know I’ll get some red thumbs for this but I have encountered good and bad law enforcement in my life. The good ones that deal with the arm pit of society each day and uphold the constitution never get any press. There have been officers that I was so pleased with that I would have given them a tip if they would have asked.

                    It’s always the turds like this guy. I don’t support the police state but I also think like most things in life, there are good and bad.

                    Just my 0.02

                  • BJ

                    @Indy Colt,

                    It is absolutely impossibkle for a cop to do his job and uphold the Constitution. Learn the Constitution and about true law, so you will understand and know this.

                  • Anonymous

                    Here’s another side of the coin-

                    Off-duty cop finds $125,000 cash in the middle of the road, finds owner, returns it to him.

                    ht tp://

                • Old Libertarian

                  Hi Sterling and Everyone Else,

                  I may not be the most popular for pointing this out, but…

                  It seems to me that Shit is hitting the fan. Daily. In mostly small, slow motion train wreck style, but also in some big ways.

                  And, to my mind, the timing is being carefully orchestrated such that all of us who are ready to rock and sort things out will never do so until it’s too late.

                  How much more do we need to take before we rise up and say enough is enough? Have we not enough examples to do so already? Do any of you really believe that the next election or the one after that will sort anything out and return sanity, constitutionality and a promulgation of liberty to our nation’s government?

                  I for one do not (not even a single one of those three important issues), and I don’t believe that the majority of you do either.

                  As for solutions, I have on multiple forums (including this one) suggested the idea of escalating national strikes as a final warning before the “festivities” begin. But no one is into it.

                  I fear for us, because at the rate we are going it will be too late once we do decide to act, and the world will suffer greatly for it.

                  Old Libertarian

                  • BJ

                    Excellent post Old Libertarian…..bravo!

              • Smokey

                Cuomo and Christie both began 21-day quarantines for West Africa arrivals, then Cuomo met with Obama and quit the quarantine program for NY state. NJ, under Christie, is getting lots of negative media coverage and the nurse is raising hell. I smell a rat, I’ll bet a lot of the reason behind it is to dump on a potential GOP candidate for 2016. We all know Cuomo and Obama are just the slimeballs who would cook up something like that.

              • home stead

                Same here Anon, none of this makes sense. And the people in power are all so lazy about the ebola “crisis” that it makes me think there is no crisis, the few in the US are being paid to act sick so the unwashed masses will panic and beg for dotgov to save us. We are being set up I feel it. Just dont know what the end of the story looks like. Still no current picturesfrom the ravaged ebola countries even with 10k now dead hmmmm

              • Lucille

                She’s an intelligence officer with a government agency, that has already been established. Duh!

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Chicago Cop Sentenced After Breaking 89 Year-Old Man’s Hip

              On December 12th 2013, an officer named David Barrett walked into a shell station at 10601 S. Cicero Avenue on the Southwest Side of Chicago (Oak Lawn) and began yelling at the cashier because of some kind of problem with the gas pump.

              Then, an 89 year-old man named Vincent Detolve asked him to stop cursing obscenities, and the officer pushed him to the ground in response, breaking his hip and tearing his right rotator cuff.

              He proceeded to cuss other people in the vicinity out some more, and then the cop left.

              There was one problem with the officer’s perceived immunity; a citizen who knows who to hold ‘public servants’ accountable wrote down the officer’s license plate number and called the Oak Lawn police department to report him.

          • possee


            • possee

              Officer “MacCloud” you say?

              Certainly not officer “Friendly”

              Barney Fife on steroids

              Enjoy the day


              • BJ

                Pigs are like slinkies, absolutley worthless. But they sure bring a smile to your face when shoved down a flight of stairs.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              also: A federal civil lawsuit filed with Texas Southern District Court back in May accused Mata of assaulting the minor five times, on five separate occasions, all while on duty. The suit alleges that the attacks took place in abandoned houses around the city as other Pharr police officers stood by and watched.

              The lawsuit also accused the department of engaging in a cover-up to protect the officers from criminal charges, as well as not conducting a rape kit or immediately testing the evidence.

              The lawsuit was filed against the officer, the City of Pharr, the Pharr Police Department and the Pharr police chief.

              Claims against the City of Pharr and the Pharr Police Chief Ruben Villescas were dismissed, however the motion to dismiss Mata was denied.

              The Pharr Police Department did an internal investigation, but the family claims Chief Villescas told them not to hire an attorney and that he would personally take care of the allegations against the officer, Valley Central reports.

              While the officers were terminated, neither Mata, nor the officers who allegedly watched, initially faced any criminal charges for the 2013 attacks.

              Got to hand it to these Pig Cops, they sure Protect their own.

              • Genius

                Regarding the families of out of control police. If they don’t agree to the policies and actions of theyre father/son then they are condoning it. If theyr’e husband/son is an abusive asshole pig then they need to lay down the LAW! If you continue in this job and your actions I will divorce/disown you immediately! Same with military families. If they think it’s ok then they are also guilty of perpetuating the crimes of the relative. Kids probably don’t have much say and probably hate them anyway so they get a pass. The wives and parents of these thugs are guilty though by approval and should be dealth with accordingly. If my dad was a thug pig I would disown him and rat that fooker out for everything he has done. Sound harsh? Think about it a bit longer, the wife or parent of a cooksucker like that IS JUST AS GUILTY by condoning it and not saying anything or even worse respecting it! Only an asshole could love an asshole so that makes them both assholes. In a uniform is the last place I would ever be in shtf! Like the post above said, find out now who these pricks are and do as thou wilst… 🙂

                • Genius

                  Sgt. Dale, I hope you know this is not directed at you in any way. There are good people in the PD. Problem is they are few and far between. More and more people are getting seriously pissed at the actions of the thug brigade. I know you will most likely walk away when tshtf and throw your badge etc. away but please do your community a favor if and when you do, point out all the abusive psyco fookers in your dept. and hand them over to the people. That my man would command some serious RESPECT! I trust you will do the right thing, I hope so for the sake of you and your family, your a good man…

        • Swinging on a star

          Proverbs 29:11

          A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back.

          James 1:20

          For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

          James 1:19-20

          Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

          Psalm 37:8

          Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.

          Romans 12

          Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

          Proverbs 15:1

          A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

          Romans 12:19

          Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

          • Hillbilly in Ok.

            You left out the best one!!

            Ecclesiastes 7:9
            Do not hasten in your spirit to be angry, For anger rests in the bosom of fools.

            • Marcus

              But the Lord is the true God: he is the living God, and the everlasting king, at his wrath the earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide his threatening.
              Jeremiah 10:10

              huh, go figure.

              • Anonymous

                What an ignorant sap. Where is god living? Around the corner. Maybe next to santa clause and the tooth fairy.

                • casual observer

                  Oh God! You mean there is no Santa Clause?

                • Marcus

                  someone missed my point, namely that anyone can take a line out of context from the bible and make it mean whatever they want.

                  And for the record, I have faith in the living God and no, that does not make me an “ignorant sap”. Taking the time to post a knee-jerk insult from an anonymous username says more about your uncertainty in your own beliefs than it does mine.

                  God bless you.

                  • Guesty McGuesterson

                    Agreed, Marcus. A person who’s well-grounded and humble never feels the need to degrade others.

                    “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

                    — Eph 4:29

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  HE lives in my heart.

            • John Q. Public

              “But I say to you, that whosoever is angry with his brother, shall be in danger of the judgment. And whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council. And whosoever shall say, Thou Fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.”

              Matthew 5:22

              • BJ

                So according to you three, we ware to lay down and take it like little slaves?

                • Swinging on a star


                  Not according to us three, according to the bible. If you are so inclined to study the bible then you will understand.

                  Psalm 144:1

                  Of David. Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;

                  • BJ

                    Good thing the founding fathers didn’t have that same meek attitude

                  • Netranger

                    BJ, the founding fathers did not read the castrated, shackled version of The Book and they had not been subjected to 200 years of “Government is God” drivel that passed for preaching like many of our currently confused brothers on here. The founding fathers knew the difference between killing and murder and they knew that violence, like anger, is not necessarily sinful or bad. Like all who repeat the supposed words of the prophet, “Money is the root of all evil.” The REAL Book says “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

                    Dear family, do not confuse the cleverly crafted word magic formed from the sacred words of The Creator with His actual words and their true meaning. Hear instead the words of experience: THOSE WHO BEAT THEIR SWORDS INTO PLOWSHARES WILL PLOW FOR THOSE WHO DON’T.

                    Similar to The Jawbone Mass Murderer, aka Sampson, and his hair, I pray that America’s testicles will miraculously regrow after theyve been cut off by taxes, the police state, government drone factories, corporate church preachin and welfare. I hope your prayers are the same.


                  • BJ


                    Thank you for sound words of wisdom, unlike the emasculated here.

                  • Anonymous

                    And Bible Thumper standing on the corner preaching the babble BS, when SHTF, will get a bullet. You have been forewarned.

              • whoWuddaThunkIt

                He who has attitude problem and smarts off to thou, gets it.
                Badass 5:56.

                • AMartinez no not that one!

                  Good one!

                • Scot Ulster

                  They should be tried under rule .303 (that’s a Breaker Morant reference if you didn’t know.)

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    Prepare Folks… Get your Tea Bags, Sand Bags & Body Bags in place.
                    As not to raise suspicion. Heavy duty black thick construction hefty bags will work just fine in a pinch. Shovel and pick axe.

                  • Guesty McGuesterson

                    Is that a British saying LOL??

                • Genius

                  “The trouble is that the stupid people–who constitute the grand overwhelming majority of this and all other nations–do believe and are moulded and convinced by what they get out of a newspaper..”
                  – Mark Twain 1873


              • Anonymous

                Off the subject– but tons of chicken recalled… possible contamination…

                This is just lovely!! I am vegetarian and almost never eat meat (except fish, which I love!!) but today I had a piece of chicken– first piece I’ve had in years… and they tell me could be contaminated… just my luck.

              • Tucker

                Looks like the Christ-insanity folks are out in force.

                I’ll bet anyone of you people a $100 bucks that way back in the former USSR, following the 1917 takeover of Russia by the jewish Bolshevik Communists – that every one of those over 66 million White humans of Russian and Ukrainian descent that were savagely murdered by those jewish Communists – probably spent their last days and final moments spouting the same Bible verses that you are all spouting today, and yet, their Big God in the sky not only didn’t lift a finger to save them – but, He arranged things so that the descendants of those jewish Bolshevik mass murdering Communists would be able to seize a second historic White European nation by the hair of its head (the USA) within a short span of 100 years, whereupon these butchers are now gearing up to slaughter another 66 or more million White, bible-thumping, IQ challenged, nose picking stupid humans.

                So, er uh, excuse me. Can any of you christ-insanity folks explain to me whatever happened to the old adage that went like this: “The Lord helps those who pull their heads out of their asses and help themselves?”

                I might not have remembered the precise wording of that quote, but I think I’m reasonably close.

                The main point I’m trying to get across here is this: Put down your Bibles, roll up your sleeves, go to your gun cabinet, inventory your battle supplies and grow a pair of balls and stop bleating and crying and begging for the Big Guy upstairs to save your asses. Help save your own asses by being willing to FIGHT your enemy.

                And, if you (we) manage to win – then, sit down and offer thanks to your Big Guy in the Sky.

                • Mike in VA

                  Tucker and Bj

                  I am sorry you feel that way. There have been many that have died in the name of the lord. The bible stated that many would. There reward and help comes after they leave here and go to there true home. God did not promise an easy life here. In fact he promised we would be persecuted and despised. There are people being persecuted, tortured, and beheaded in the middle east right now because they refuse to change from Christianity to Islam.

                  Regarding putting down our bibles and going to the gun cabinet. Also regarding the founding fathers attitude. If you look at the founding fathers they tried everything possible to settle issues with England prior to resorting to war. It took years before the declaration of independence was crafted. I hope this gets settled but I fear it will not. Because of the evil of the people in power. They are not interested in anything but power and money. We should all try to fix this in every way we can to try to avoid violence. If violence starts then it will hurt every one of us in some way or another. People we love will die in front of us and our children will see war.
                  Do all of you really want that without trying every way possible to settle this first. Violence is the last resort.
                  Regarding the bible and violence. I think the turn the other cheek verse is misrepresented. Jesus through out the money changers from the temple himself. If it comes to the point that violence starts then I will have the new testament bible in my front shirt pocket. It went under barbed wire, through mud, rain, heat, over obstacles and down repel towers. My son had it with him everywhere he went in basic training at Fort Benning Georgia. In my hands I will have my favorite weapon which is my M14. I will have my Glock on my side and my .380 in my pocket. I will have my zero tolerance knife. I will pray that the Lord is with me and will protect me. Then I will do whatever I have to with one exception. I will never deny that the lord exist.

                  There is one thing that is really bothering me the last few days. It is all the hate for certain jobs or races on here. There have been so many world leaders throughout history that have had that hate. They all failed in the end.

                  We became the greatest country in the world because we were founded on Judao Christian Values. They left England because they were persecuted for different beliefs in Religion. They came here and established a country intended to give every man the right to worship any religion they wished or not believe at all. They had love in there heart for all men. If they did not they would have not been so selfless. George Washington was offered the chance to be king and turned it down. What man today do you know that cares enough about his fellow man to do that. Yes this country has made many mistakes. But the founding principles are what made it the greatest country the world has ever known. Going away from those principles now may make it a thing of the past.
                  If we cannot love all of our fellow men and women then what king of country will we have if we win this in the end. Is it going to be one where all men should be treated equal and given the right to pursue happiness. Also a place with freedom to speak your mind and worship or not as you see fit.
                  My fear is that all the hate that is spewed lately will be the end of us. If we cannot establish freedom for all and not just those that some people like then we are doomed. In fact we will come out on the other side with a country that is worse then the one we have now. Freedom will only be available to a small group that has certain beliefs.
                  Do you all really want that. If so then we will be no different than any other country of the past and the American dream is truly dead.

                  • Pissed Off Granny

                    Mike in VA:

                    I would like to agree with you. However, Judeo/Christian is an oxymoron and has no place in real Christianity. What does YOUR Bible say about people who do NOT believe in Jesus Christ? That Judeo that you are pitching at us does NOT believe in Jesus Christ.

                    Have you skipped over the book of Revelations, Mike. It tells you that the enemies of Christ are allowed to win for a season. Do you NOT believe we are in that season?

                    Jesus Christ does NOT tell us to love everyone. That is Glen Beck drivel. Jesus Christ tells you to NOT invite that Christ hater into your home or even bid him good day, or you will be considered a partaker of his sin.

                    We have allowed lies to creep into our country and religion. Lies that have allowed our enemies to hijack our government. Get yourself ready with your supplies, guns, and ammunition, because Revelation is playing out as we speak.

                    You have NOT been given eyes to see if you bother to read that Chapter in that Book and you cannot see what our future holds.

                    God and his Son, Jesus, throughout the Bible tells us what we were to do to His enemies. And it was not a flowery word called love. God HATES the enemies of Christianity and He expects the same out of you.

                    It is his LOVE of his people, Christians, that HE will be back to rectify the mess we made out of this God given country. As the pace of the antichrist quickens I see that happening in the not too distant future. Better get square with Him before that transpires.

                    He is the final judge, and you cannot FOOL him.

                    Watchman Bible Study

                    biblestudysite dot com, truth lives there.

                  • Old Libertarian

                    Hello Mike,

                    I believe that the phrase “turn the other cheek” is meant only to apply when planting seeds, if you know what I mean. If we offend someone when “preaching” then and only then are we to turn the other cheek. I don’t believe that the Bible, or God wants us to be second class citizens.

                    Now, with regards to violence, I think it’s just about time for the tree of Liberty to be watered. I don’t want it to be so, not at all. But since we have marched, boycotted, talked, put up with and gone along to get along with way, WAY WAY too much lawlessness from our public servants already it is in my opinion time for a last ditch and most serious effort before the take back begins.

                    How? We organise a day for national strike, meaning nobody goes to work, nobody buys anything for 24 hours. Seven days later we do it again but for 48 hours. Another seven days later we do it again but this time for three days, and so on and so on. It would certainly get attention, and quite possibly solutions. But if not, THEN I say it’s time.

                    Old Libertarian

                  • BJ

                    “To live at peace with all men when at all possible” has passed Mike in VA.

                    If you can’t see that and who the enemies are to liberty, which the spirit of the risen Christ gave us, then you are blind.

                • handofgod

                  Your sacrilege will not save you from the 2nd death. If you don’t know what that is, more’s the pity.

                • grandee

                  It is sweet to die in the Lord. Heaven much better than here.

                  • passinwiththewind

                    You are so right, Grandee.

                    Tucker is the one with his head up his ass. He thinks he can win against the beast with a S & W and his chest thumping. One little drop of spit from the Beastmaster will wipe him or anyone like him, off their feet in a split second; without divine intervention.

                    The Words of the Lord are insurance against all the principalities of darkness that are gaining ground against the masses of sheeple.

                    Instead of putting their Bibles down, they need to be picking them up and shaking the Word at the devil and all his followers (liberals), and saying “bring it on, because our God is mightier than your god = a dead man walking”.

                    Folks, this is the year we have been waiting for. Not a year based on a Gregorian calander, but the one God observes, the Hebrew Calendar Year.

                    We are almost a week into the 2nd month of the year 5775, but more importantly; we are less than eleven months away from the “great shaking” that precludes the end of this age. All signs and indicators are aligning with God’s hand on them to show the falling away that has taken place by the likes of the atheistic posters here.

                    The “shaking” is like unto a whipping given to a misbehaving child. it is meant to turn a rebellious person back to their Parent/Guardian. In this case, it will be to give a rebellious nation a second chance by hitting them where it hurts the most, their money pockets.

                    By this time next year, the economic situation will be totally different than what it is today. The wise and Godly, will be prepared and will drift thru unscathed by the crashing waves of financial destruction.

                    Don’t believe it? Then make a copy of this comment and read it back to me on Oct.31st, 2015, here on SHTF.

                    If I am wrong, I will make a personal apology and admit any misconceptions i made. I am not worried about that happening.

                    People, get your house in order, and get your souls prepared; it is gonna be different in this day and age and the beginning of that change isn’t far off.


                  • BJ

                    I liked all of your post, except the liberals part. You are fooling yourself if you think that only liberals are the followers of the evil one. Trust me, God does not look at politics or party affiliations……..we have not ONE righteous politician in the district of criminals….not ONE!

                  • passinwiththewind

                    Yep to most of your response,

                    As a liberal/democrat, a person votes and condones abortion (killing/homicide of the unborn fetus) and gay marriage/sex. That is my point.

                    Anyone that votes or follows a liberal agenda; whether repub or damnocrat, or even an independent, is guilty of supporting a liberal agenda, even if they don’t call themselves such. They are one in the same. No straddling the fence on this.

                • Marcus

                  so according to you, one can either believe in god or roll up your sleeves and work for change? You have a very limited view. Not only is there no reason you cant do both, but that’s actually a founding principle of Christianity: Get up and make the world a better place.

                  And to answer your question, the adage “god helps those who help themselves” is actually an ancient Greek proverb, originally unrelated to Christianity. While nor directly related, it does sum up what ethical Christians should be doing.

                  Mock us all you like, but the true Christians are the ones who are in fact rolling up their sleeves and donning their armor.

                  • Pissed Off Granny

                    Marcus and PWTW:

                    Both great posts.

                  • BJ

                    I think? they tie that non biblical saying to the bible through that passage in James about faith without works being dead. JMO

                • Guesty McGuesterson


                  Look up your history, dude. The “shot heard round the world” that started the Revolutionary War was fired in the Battle of Lexington on Apr 19, 1775. The colonists were mustered to action by none other than the pastor of the church in Lexington. The Christians of that day knew their duty well, unlike the confused masses today.

          • whoWuddaThunkIt

            Swinging… Oh yeah just start reading your Bible verses to the Cop. That will make it all better. Bwhahahaha

          • Paranoid

            Kill them all, let God sort them. Proverbs According to me. 1-1

            A Smith and Wesson beats four Aces. IBID

            When in doubt, keep shooting. ”

            Cleanliness maybe next to godliness; But running out of Ammo is inexcusable ”

            When n doubt; forget the pelt. ”

            Lots more lets here yours.

            • the renegade braveheart

              I refer to Proverbs .22LR, .380 ACP, and .30 Carbine. Also Psalms 12-gauge.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              For the fun of it I won’t sort any of them out. All the bible thumpers dogs cats thieves rapist terrorists will all get dumped together in the same mass grave. You can all pray together for eternity.

              • Swinging on a star


                What a sick and vile statement, you won’t sort any of them out? Are you saying that Christians who are being massacred all over the world because they do believe in the bible and innocent animals, (dogs and cats) should be put in the same category as thieves, rapists, terrorists? I believe you may have Satan living in your soul, but that will be up to God to decide when you leave this temporary existence called life on earth.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Swinging. Christians have more blood on their hands through out history that about any other group. Put your babble down and go read a history book/ Google “Christians & Genocide” for starters. “Holy-er’ than thou”

                  • Pissed Off Granny


                    All that Christian genocide you are talking about was because we have been fighting the same PTB you rail against since the Book of Genesis.

                    Are you saying that the Bolsheviks and communists were Christians when they did all the killings since 1900?

                    You need to bone up on your history, sir.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    PO’d Granny. Are you saying the Native Indians here in America were the Powers to be, and justifiably slaughtered? I know my history. How about we talk about the Salem Witch trials for starters. Religion is a twisted warped cult, always looking for somebody to fry. We just need to erase all these cults and brainwashing from our societies, period and of every religion. Religion will be the death of our planet. Doing a bang up job so far.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  You know as well as I that even WWTI will have to bend his knees in the end.

                  We will be there to see that!

                  • Swinging on a star

                    Pissed Off Granny,


          • diesel

            Psalm 144 “blessed be the lord my rock , which teacheth my hands for war and my fingers for battle”……over 2000 years ago the”man” came as a savoiur lookin fir sheep to follow him….in the last days he returns as a conquerer on a white horse with a flamin friggen sword with the saints and an angelic host to make war against the enemy…..stop thinking like sheep people.u are not sheep!!! And this is not two thousand years ago.

            • Condor Day:4

              Incogman: 101…

              All you nation-wrecking Marxist Jews and Israel-Firster HasbaRATs, braindead White Multicults and FOX Kwans, sicko Sodomites and Lezbos, perverted Pedophile Molesters, freaky Gender-benders, greasy Illegal Mestizos, cocaine-crazed and criminal Negroes — or whatever bizarre combination of the above — all of you scumbags had better beware that commenting here risks incarceration in my SPAMblinka concentration camp!

                • Navy Vet

                  sixpack … The woman is a forensic epidemiologist by training. That means she goes into the field to track down the associations between infected people to determine the source of contagion.

                  If that makes her an “intelligence officer” then I must be a priest because I attended seminary.

              • sixpack

                I forgot about the link

                Your comment is awaiting moderation.
                October 30, 2014 at 5:55 am

                Here’s some news worth discussing:

                “Anti-quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as intelligence officer by the CDC”


            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Remember when the world was flat, and the dragons and demons that lurked near the edge. Fear keeps idiots held back.

              • concerned

                That would certainly explain you responses here.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            The People who quote Bible verses, need to realize, your faith is based on a false hoax. The Bible has never saved a single soul yet, nobody has ever received everlasting life. It is a set of beliefs to keep you in bondage to their Institution. To fleece you financially and rob you of your dignity and and rational thought processing of reality. The weak tend to flock to this false hope because it is some easy path to some heaven parking lot, instead of doing the hard work to clean up this earth. You think going to Church weekly and donating your money to some hucksters will guarantee you any place in a hoax place called heaven? Do you home work, until you can bring a single soul forward to prove that they were granted everlasting life, and prove that they are like 200 years old or 400 years old or even 1000 years old, your beliefs system is based on a hoax. Its like promoting buying lottery tickets but nobody ever wins. And you devote your entire thoughts, money, and life into this fabricated hoax. If you believe in your religions so much, then you don’t need to be a prepper, or stock up food, or by any guns or ammo, cause God will save you, as the Bible says. Just pray a lot and you will be saved. I guess if you also prep, then you don’t have much faith in the bible. So why then keep spewing these babble verses even when you also claim to be a prepper? Do any of you ever connect the dots in life and add 2+2 up? Do the math. Would you keep playing a lottery when there is never a single winner? You just can’t fix stupid can ya? A lot of people truging through life doing the same things they always have done for generations just because that what they did. How about you be the generation that can think for yourself and stop depending on a useless hoax.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              I will add, I have to deal with this Bible Babble in my own family. I have 2 sisters, both Gullible and easily duped. When my Father died years ago, just before his funeral, my little sister said Dad was going to hell because he was a sinner. I ripped into her bigtime and said she was full of shit. But She had no problem taking the Devils Money, Part of the inheritance split 3 ways. Hypocrite. Then not but a few years later this Religious AHole Blew all of her inheritance, and when that money was gone he put my sister up to calling my Mom to scam her out of $15K more. My mom asked that I do an investigation into him, and boy, just 2 phone calls to his previous business partners,I unraveled his entire BS Scam. And he also was a Couples counselor at their church to top it off. Imagine that.

              Then my older sister who just got her clocked cleaned by a Religious scammer who dupped her after her last divorce, when This new flame would sit her down at the kitchen table reading bible verses. He dupped her into buying a house together before they were married, paying off all his debt, she sold a 2 house, took that money and paid off her primary house and his duplex, then when that was done, they get married,and then after a few years, this Religious Ahole files for divorce, and claims she owes him $750 / Month in Maintenance, plus have of her wealth.

              So don’t tell me about this religious righteous BS. This is what I witness and has such a destructive impact on my own family. I keep warning them and warning them but they are stupid, gullible and sucked into this religious fleecing. Look up Affinity Fraud. Churches are a honey Pot for fleecing. And why the military loves religious people to join up. Easily duped.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                I forget to add in the above post, my sister who said Dad was going to hell ended up marrying this Guy who fleeced her was also an EX-COP, to top it off. She gets double wacked by an religious ex-Cop Ahole.

                • shootingblanks


                • Pissed Off Granny


                  The truth is that God gives all of us “free choice” to do whatever we choose in life and what and how we conduct our ‘religious’ life and beliefs, right or wrong, is up to US.

                  What happened in your family would grieve God the same as it does you, but HE is not responsible for their conduct.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    PO Granny, So are you then saying a Priest is not responsible for the rape of the child? And God Mourns the same as the child? Please… One thing about Religious folks they can justify most anything. That does not cut it in my Book of Integrity. I have more honor than half of any congregation out there.

                    You don’t every hear about Firefighters beating the crap or raping anybody do you? I helped save hundreds if not thousands of lives. Rarely is I ever get a thank you. I know full well what honor and integrity is and Honesty. I tell it like it is, and I don’t care if people don’t like what I say. You can accept the truth today or deal with it tomorrow and be surprised that I was right.

            • handofgod

              I pity you. That would not stop me from ending you, but I do pity you. You buck at truth obviously unable to discern wisdom. You place faith in yourself and call Christianity a hoax. If you remain set in your secular ways and don’t recognize that you are an unrepentant sinner…part of the problem, your earthly life will be empty and your eternal security forfeit. Were you to have serious questions about what you clearly don’t understand, i.e. God, faith, sacrifice, love, salvation, retribution, earthly and eternal punishment, I would be happy to help you understand. It seems though that you have everything figured out. Try this on…”even a fool is thought wise when he keeps silent” That’s a proverb you could benefit from even if you reject faith entirely. Cheers my friend, and God bless you.

              • Pissed Off Granny


                Where did you come up with “the priest raping a child and wont be held responsible” crap. Not anything in my post said that. If your “free will” here on earth and the way you choose to live does not pass muster on judgement day……the Lord has planned for that.

                You, WTTI, alone, are responsible for your soul. The dirt nap you talk about being the final goodbye….that is not so. Your body takes a dirt nap forever. Your soul is a different story. It wings it way to Heaven, there to await the judgement day. If you have chosen to not be saved through Jesus Christ, your soul will then take that final nap you talk about. It will be snuffed out in the lake of fire. That is the second death one poster talked about.

                I will not be posting more religious comments to you WTTI. God will decide what your fate will be. Make fun of Him and His people at your own peril.

                God saw fit to place you in the best country in the world. Without his help we will not be able to hold on to her. Time will prove either you or me wrong. I can truthfully say I am on the right side. Thank God for Him loving me enough to let me know that!

        • Jake

          The argument is always that these few bad apples ruin the barrel. I would say the barrel is thoroughly ruined because I can’t think of single pig I would want at my house or in my life. I can’t remember the last time I had a positive experience where a cop was involved. They are always dicks at safety/DUI checks, they are dicks at football games, they are dicks when directing traffic. In their eyes, they are the master and we are the slave. Part of the problem stems from the militarization of police. Who will guard the guards? There is a push in my state to have a citizens review board of all instances of state police misconduct but as you can imagine, it is being fought tooth and nail.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Jake, the militarization of civilian law enforcement, aka I call FEDERAL BULLSHIT, HAS ruined cops all around. Corruption in LE started back in the 80s with the civil forfeiture laws, then after 911 with the creation of Dept. of Homeland Security and giving out federal grants like they were candy to buy military weapons, vehicles, etc., all the brainwashing DHS has done to LE recruits, it’s no wonder the public can no longer trust them. When we have live in fear of cops along with common criminals, you know something is terribly wrong in this country.

            • Warchild Dammit!

              I do not live in fear of cops,but do fear I will become someone I never wanted to be this shit keeps up,was not in my life plans but may be a necessity.

              • Tucker

                I think we all kind of share your fears, Warchild.

                Incidentally, the TV show “Walking Dead” is – despite what I have been seeing it turn into, i.e., another vehicle to push the anti-White Cultural Marxist agenda – a fairly decent educational platform for Whites who have the same concerns as you do. When our survival is at stake, there can be no hesitation or second thoughts about what we must do in order to prevail over any threat to our continued existence.

                The main character, Rick, who used to be a cop before the Zombie Apocalypse arrived – I find to be a fascinating individual, because he, perhaps more so than any other character in the show, has experienced a huge moral and spiritual transformation. Having once held a job that required him to present the image of being a moral paragon of law abiding, law enforcing virtue – he has transitioned out of sheer necessity to being a cold blooded slayer of any enemy who he feels poses a threat to himself, his family, or to the group of fellow survivors who he feels responsible for leading and protecting.

                Where Rick Grimes is at now, is where we might fear to someday be – but getting there is essential to our survival.

                • BJ

                  Big difference though at least for me, when in comparison to Rick of that show…..who shows typical cop type A personality “I am in charge menatlity. The differenc eis that my type A personality will be shown and practiced ONLY over my own family…wife and children. And any son of a bitcvh who tries to show it over me in a shtf/wrol situation will be dead as soon as the situation presents itself if I have my way.

                  No one but God, or any whom I choose and ask for guidance will be telling me and mine what to do. I just want to be left the hell alone.

            • Kevin2

              “Corruption in LE started”

              When the first cop took money to look the other way. I figure it was within the first hour of the first day of their creation. Prohibition, illegal gambling and later drugs offered too much money.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Kevin2, let me rephrase that. Corruption in LE increased and got way out of hand when the civil forfeiture laws were passed. it actually began way back when police were first created. My mistake.

                • Kevin2

                  I’ll agree with that. Civil Forfeiture legalized and therefore by extension accelerated the unethical taking of private property without due process.

                  The public has been conditioned that crime was so high they needed to allow drastic measures to thwart it. The reality is violent crime which is most feared is less than half of what it was in the early 1990s. This fear makes what should be unacceptable behavior by the police very acceptable as long as it happens to someone else. The ridiculous notion that if your charged you must be guilty dovetail fits into this equation. The nonsense statement ,”their aught to be a law” resinates from those too damn lazy and cowardly to even think of defending themselves. This mindset fills juries and has allowed blatant
                  unjustified excessive force by police to go unpunished in the rare cases that they come to trial. The Rodney King beating is but one example.

                • Sgt. Dale

                  The Department just used the Forfeiture law on a guy that has been arrested 5 times for DUIs. If they won’t stop driving their cars the only thing left to do is take it away their vehicles . More than likely he will drive some one else car until he kills himself or someone else.

                  • BJ

                    And why don’t you educate all the fine folk here in regarads to the truth about DUI’s, their main purpose and how the legal limit got dropped to .08……for now anyway.

                    The safety idiots in DC want to now drop it to .05

                  • AZClimber

                    BJ… Give them a break, they’re just pennies from heaven, as per this scum bag…

                    h ttp://ww

                  • BJ

                    Absolutely fucking incredible. And most the boot lickers here probably see no problem with this. I am sure this pig is a real nice guy and a good ole boy like our friednly fraudster Sgt Dale.

            • Anonymous

              Yep brave. No corruption before the 1980’s. Hahahaha

          • Navy Vet

            I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the two big problems with policing in this country are prosecutorial discretion and qualified immunity. Of the two, qualified immunity is by far the biggest problem.

            When an officer has NO FEAR of loosing his job and pension or in most cases of even facing disciplinary action in the department for simple and egregious failures, that BY LAW in most jurisdictions the officer is exonerated from, what outcome would one expect other than more and more lack of discipline and outright lawbreaking among officers that the general populace expects to and that the officer takes an oath to uphold the law.

            I understand why qualified immunity was put in place. It was to stop frivolous lawsuits from lawbreakers and unscrupulous attorneys that were trying to subvert the justice system.

            However, as is so often the case with unintended consequences of a law with good intentions, qualified immunity has escaped the law’s original intent and is now used as carte blanche to allow officers to remain unaccountable for any inappropriate action they take while on the job, up to and including outright provable murder.

            Until qualified immunity laws are nullified, and officers are held accountable to the same laws and regulations that citizens are, policing in this country will continue in the direction that we have seen over the last 30 years and get worse.

            • Netranger

              When it gets bad enough we will find out often that 4GW does not recognize the basic principle of qualified immunity. If the people pursued rogue cops in a way that was ten percent as energetic as the way the jackboots are after Frein, things would change rapidly.

            • Hunter


              “..When an officer has NO FEAR of loosing his job and pension or in most cases of even facing disciplinary action in the department for simple and egregious failures, that BY LAW in most jurisdictions the officer is exonerated from, what outcome would one expect other than more and more lack of discipline and outright lawbreaking among officers that the general populace expects to and that the officer takes an oath to uphold the law.”


              Agreed, per your intended conclusion!



    ’re one of the sharp-knives in the drawer here!

              That said, reflect on the government’s current media melodrama, per the cop-killing sniper manhunt in PA!

     come we’re kept in the dark, per his alleged motivations / reasons..and why no documented paper examples thereof?


              Intelligent folks..take notice, per the manpower being expended / deployed by the…”authorities” an effort to locate / isolate and eliminate…one guy…whom they’ve decreed a ‘threat’ to the system!


              ..can you imagine the resulting resource strain on govt, if 8-10 additional PA guys..with similar talents, suddenly deciding that they’re gonna do likewise tomorrow?

              ..per the law of exponents…what if 800 simultaneously..followed suit?

              ..or a mere 8,000 nationwide???


              ..most folks advocate the philosophy of “starving the beast”..go Galt they say!

              ..OK..I get that.


              ..but the one thing that isn’t obvious in “Atlas Shrugged” (the fiction novel) is…

              ..its not the generals, the kings, the presidents or the CEOs who decides when a program or a war is no longer..cost effective.

              It is the accountants of the regime / corp!


              That’s why I’ve always believed / said:

              ..our merely to become…too expensive!


              Think about it!!!

              • Navy Vet

                Hunter … “..our merely to become…too expensive!” I have thought about it and I agree, as long as expensive is spelled attrition.

                As to the guy in PA, the reason we’re not hearing much through media sources is OPSEC on the part of the hunters (no pun intended). The hunters have no idea what comms capability this guy has. Therefore they give no info to the press so as not to tip off the hunted.

                Personally, I think this guy has vamoosed. Maybe not initially, but surely lately, despite the fact that there have been sightings reported. The sightings are, I believe, propaganda for the local population so that the virtual martial law they’re living under is “justified” and psyop against the hunted, trying to make him make a mistake.

                He has, so far, out foxed them and they’ve brought in tracking consultants, specialists that know how to track people in the woods and they still have no idea where he is. There was an article this week about a balloon with long range and I assume infrared camera’s aboard to try to get a line on him. So far no joy.

                It’s my contention that they won’t catch him until the snow flies, if he’s still in the area. His advantages so far have been good overhead cover and knowing the area much better than the hunters. The overhead cover is rapidly disappearing. If he’s as smart as he appears to be, he’ll be on the move when the snow flies and many miles away when the snow stops.

                • Hunter

                  Agreed sir!

         I said in the initial post:

        ’re one of the sharp-knives in the drawer here!


                • Enemy of the State

                  Just one thing I’ve learned

                  when “over head cover” falls to the ground, if you know how to use it and know what your doing in the woods that “Over head cover” becomes ground cover ..and can even be used much better then when it was in the trees

        • FreeSlave

          The Christian church I’m a member of has policemen and other LEO’s as members. They’re good guys as far as I know. Haven’t got to meet them or see them in their line of work.

          There’s another dad of a boy on my son’s soccer team who’s a cop and he wears hats and t-shirts that say “Prepper” on them. I maintained op-sec.

          I despise gangsters with badges as much as the next guy, but there are some good LEOs out there who we need to support and encourage.

          • sixpack

            I’ve met a couple of decent cops, but they were retired. I have yet to meet a cop on duty, that I could tolerate for more than a minute or two.

            Hell, I’ve got family members who were LEOs and/or military.

            • BJ

              Your’e better than me, I can’t stand the mere sight of them.

            • Tucker

              Ever notice how kwaps have a default manner of speaking that sounds like a robot? Emotionless. Cold. Mechanical. Not one hint of being in possession of a pleasant demeanor or polite disposition.

              Except, of course, when some lowly citizen dares to verbally disagree with them on some issue and tries to engage them in a cordial discussion. Then, they explode and begin spewing rancid gutter sewage and all sorts of vile and disrespectful profanity and threats of bodily harm.

              Its either the robot or the foul mouthed jackbooted thug tyrant, never anything in between.

              They’re all psychopaths, folks. Mentally and psychologically highly unstable.

          • Kevin

            If thy were good LEO’s, then they wouldn’t turn a blind eye on the bad ones. They wouldn’t tow the blue line.

            • southside

              Look at it this way,if they don’t “look the other way” for bad cops,they may not get the help when they call for assistance when they need it

              • mark

                They should .man up and do the right thing or get out and get a real job they are qualified for. I suggest delivering parts for a NAPA store. Or maybe work at a donut shop.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                South,then they should get a new job.When your job description includes turning a blind eye to state sponsored armed goons tis time to move on!

                • Kevin

                  Thank you for the link. It was a good read.

                • Kevin2


                  Yep thanks.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Churches are really good at bringing you all together to separate you from your money.

            • Pissed Off Granny

              Think about it WWTI. Whose fault? The church or the gullible public. Going into a church that has all the trappings should tell the ‘goer’ that the “money” they are donating is being squandered on splendor. If you are willing to give your hard earned dollars for the right to sit amongst the trappings….hey, have at it. Some quiet time in your bedroom with the Lord will serve you just as well, if not better.

              The latest:

              What is the $5 a month scheme of Joel Osteen. Those greedy bastards are NEVER living high enough on the hog!

        • FuckingPissed

          He should have shot the pig and then said ‘bless this poor bastard’s soul.’

        • Da Yooper

          Just goes to show how unstable people are being selected to be police officers.

          • oicu812

            Even if they are decent people to start with, before becoming le, they usually become indoctrinated thru the nature of the beast called a modern day officer, and then the power tripping begins.

            When SHTF, all the bad cops will be just ordinary citizens and will refrain from talking down to people or they will be left looking “up” at people.

            I feel sorry for the good LE that is out there trying to “serve” and “protect”, while just wanting to earn a paycheck and support their families. They are caught between a rock and a hard place because of the types in this video.

            God Bless Them!

            • Eddie

              The cops duty is to serve and protect, right? But who do they really protect, the people or the state? Answer is the state!

              • Navy Vet

                Eddie .. “serve and protect” is a common misconception. Per many courts and including D.C superior court, the police have no obligation to protect anyone, at any time, any where. Thus the phrase “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”.

                See this for further reference:

                ht tps://

              • Anonymous

                Todays Cops are taught that everybody, but their own, is the enemy. So they have this “Us against Them” mentality. The Cops want respect but many don’t give the public any respect. They are just bullies with a gun and badge.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              let’s leave the good cops in america ALONE!….BOTH of them!

          • DC

            I think it shows just how unstable we have become as a society

        • Acid Etch

          When I was in high school one of my classmates was a pig’s son. He got arrested doing 140 in an old Camaro while drunk on the interstate. They let him out of jail and buried all the records of it. He bragged about it.

          I started carrying because a pig reached in my car window and choked me for no reason when I was a teenager. He stopped me on a dark country road and accused me of smoking pot when I did not have any and did not smell like it. I had no criminal record and was talking normally to him and he accused me of being a “little smartass”. That kind of shit can fill a man with RAGE. Especially when cops are never punished for their misbehavior.

        • RW

          I now have to teach my child that law enforcement is the greatest danger in her life. The chance encounter of her with law enforcement resulting in false arrest, assault, brutality, and even being murdered by an encounter with police exceed that of being mugged, rob, or raped on the street. Police no longer “Serve and Protect”, but “Arrest or Kill”. Law enforcement are under no obligation to protect people. The sole duty of police today is to arrest and act as revenue agents for the city and/or county and enforcer in which they are employed to protect those in positions of power against the common people.

        • Iowa

          Almost reminds you of what Moses did to the “servant” beating a fellow Israelite…

        • The Old Coach

          FAKED! Infowars again.

        • Anonymous

          The Cop should have punched the kid in the mouth preaching that Bullshit.

        • BigB

          Remember Milton Hall. A retarded homeless black man shot down by 8 officers in 2012 for acting like a caged animal. No charges ever pressed on any of the cops involved.

          So go ahead and vote next week. Because it is working so well for all of us.


        • Not so fast

          Videos show only and exactly what they are intended to show. None of us where there to see what happened before this occurred. We don’t have the whole story.

          There are about 900,000 law enforcement officers who make between 12 and 14 million arrests each year. Each year about 30 Americans are stuck and killed by lightning. You have a better chance, statistically speaking, of being killed by a bolt of lightning than running into a rogue/bad cop. Do you worry abut that? I doubt it.

          If cops are so bad, then why don’t we just eliminate the profession? You will never hear anyone say this, even in Ferguson. For if they did remove all law enforcement, in a week it would be much worse than the Zombie Apocalypse most of us are worried about.

          So don’t get on your high horse until you walk a mile in their shoes.

        • SkyCop 7

          I absolutely agree. He should lose his job. Even though we should keep in mind that police officers face a onslaught of verbal abuse, he should in no way have lost his temper and began with indecent language and threatening to deny the man his freedom of movement (thrown in jail). I was a police officer for 22 years and maintained control of my emotions. That is your job as a police officer and that is what the public expects.

          • Colorado

            If the police can’t handle their responsibilities they should seek other employment. The cop should face assault charges for swinging those cuffs around and threatening the young man. I’m talking felony assault with intent to commit great bodily harm.

            Anyone who makes any excuse for the officer’s behavior is part of the problem.

        • Bubba-J

          Cop want lose his job or even be reprimanded. One line in video proves this, it is “it is “under internal” investigation. Cops and any government agency should never be allowed to investigate itself.

        • Legion3440

          Anonymous says: “This guy should lose his job. ”

          Hah! that’s a good one. Not going to happen. Why?

          Because the state protects the state’s instrument of control. That instrument is the state’s claimed monopoly on violence. The violence coming down upon our heads by sociopaths in uniform acting under color of law and supported by and protected by the state.

          The state protects its actors by shielding them from the consequences of their actions via recourse through the state’s claimed monopoly on dispensation of “justice” via its legal system.

          The state wants 100% instantaneous, unquestioning subservience to its agents. Sure they give lip service to citizen’s rights but it ends at that.

          There is no system sanctioned route to systemic change. If voting actually changed anything it would be illegal.

          The strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must.

          The day of reckoning is rapidly approaching. It may not happen all at once. It may not happen in an organized fashion. But remember>Everyone lives somewhere. Everyone has something to lose. Everyone can feel loss.

          Nothing will change until the state’s perpetrators of violence fear the consequences of perpetrating the violence.

          Those consequences will never occur via the state’s “justice” system because the problem IS the state’s “justice” system. BUT there can be justice outside of state “justice” system.

          >My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<

      2. eppe

        To all the great posters here at the ‘Plan’, we all go thru hardships in life, and we can only make the best of the situation we are placed into. I try to have this kind of attitude, but it is hard sometimes. Let this help you be a positive person…

        John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, ‘If I were any better, I would be twins!’
        He was a natural motivator…
        If an employee was having a bad day, John was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation.
        Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up and asked him, ‘I don’t get it!’
        ‘You can’t be a positive person all of the time. How do you do it?’
        He replied, ‘Each morning I wake up and say to myself, you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood or…you can choose to be in a bad mood
        I choose to be in a good mood.’
        Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or…I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it.
        Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their complaining or…I can point out the positive side of life. I choose the positive side of life.
        ‘Yeah, right, it’s not that easy,’ I protested.
        ‘Yes, it is,’ he said. ‘Life is all about choices. When you cut away all the junk, every situation is a choice. You choose how you react to situations. You choose how people affect your mood.
        You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood. The bottom line: It’s your choice how you live your life.’
        I reflected on what he said. Soon hereafter, I left the Tower Industry to start my own business. We lost touch, but I often thought about him when I made a choice about life instead of reacting to it. Several years later, I heard that he was involved in a serious accident, falling some 60 feet from a communications tower.
        After 18 hours of surgery and weeks of intensive care, he was released from the hospital with rods placed in his back.
        I saw him about six months after the accident.
        When I asked him how he was, he replied, ‘If I were any better, I’d be twins…Wanna see my scars?’
        I declined to see his wounds, but I did ask him what had gone through his mind as the accident took place.
        ‘The first thing that went through my mind was the well-being of my soon-to-be born daughter,’ he replied. ‘Then, as I lay on the ground, I remembered that I had two choices: I could choose to live or…I could choose to die. I chose to live.’
        ‘Weren’t you scared? Did you lose consciousness?’ I asked.
        He continued, ‘…the paramedics were great.
        They kept telling me I was going to be fine. But when they wheeled me into the ER and I saw the expressions on the faces of the doctors and nurses, I got really scared. In their eyes, I read ‘he’s a dead man’. I knew I needed to take action.’
        ‘What did you do?’ I asked..
        ‘Well, there was a big burly nurse shouting questions at me,’ said John. ‘She asked if I was allergic to anything ‘Yes, I replied.’ The doctors and nurses stopped working as they waited for my reply. I took a deep breath and yelled, ‘Gravity”
        Over their laughter, I told them, ‘I am choosing to live. Operate on me as if I am alive, not dead.’
        He lived, thanks to the skill of his doctors, but also because of his amazing attitude…I learned from him that every day we have the choice to live fully. Attitude, after all, is everything.
        Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.’ Matthew 6:34.
        GOD Bless you….

        • KY Mom

          The Mayonnaise Jar

          A philosophy professor stood before his class on the first day of the semester. As class began, without a word, he picked up a large, empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

          The professor picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. As he shook the jar lightly, the pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked again if the jar was full. The students again said it was.

          He then took out a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand fit in the crevices. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous “yes.”

          He then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured their entire contents into the jar. The students laughed.

          “Now,” said the professor, “this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things – God, your family, your spouse, your children, your health, your friends, and your favorite passions – things that, if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

          The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car. The sand is everything else – the small stuff.”

          “If you put the sand into the jar first”, he continued, “There is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important.

          Pay close attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Take your wife out to dinner. Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups. Maybe even play another 18. There’s always time to clean the house and fix the disposal.

          Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.”

          One student raised her hand to inquire what the coffee represented. He smiled and replied, “I’m glad you asked. It just shows that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend.”

          “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.” Proverbs 4:26

          • maddog

            Good one KY Mom. Good words to live by. I need to show it to the wife because every time I say I’m going fishing “There’s always time to clean the house and fix the disposal” she says there’s no time like the present to get to work stop procrastinating.

            • hammerhead

              I get that from the wife too.
              But , nobody is bithin when i fry up fresh fish !

            • fishandmud

              @ maddog : I take the wife fishing with me. Cuts down on the bitchin

              • sixpack

                I wouldn’t even consider marrying a man who wouldn’t want me to go fishing with him. Fishing is one of my all-time favorite things to do.

                • Mike in VA


                  I will go fishing if you will go hunting. Win win for me I love both.

                  • oicu812

                    Fishing is “one” thing and hunting is another.

                    My little woman does go fishing with me and we get along well doing that. Especially if she gets in one of her “overly” chatty moods, I relocate to another hole for a while.

                    That ain’t so easy to do in a tree stand or still hunting. Besides, hunting is “my” quite time to reflect on nature and have a little talk with Jesus sometimes.

                    The only thing she likes to kill is bugs and bees.

                  • sixpack

                    No problem, I bow hunt hunt too…well, not since I became disabled, but I sure would if I could.

              • hammerhead

                FISH !!!!
                OH NO ! Dont even go there , LMAO.
                Sittin on the water alone allows a man time to ponder bigger thinks in life that dont involve his own small worries , and to contamplate on why beer never stays cold in a cooler .

                • sixpack

                  Marriage is why fishing boats have two ends…so both of us can contemplate the universe in peace.

                  • sixpack

                    If you want to fish, fish.

                    If you want to yak, go to a bar.

            • maddog

              Six thumbs down for a joke? This site has become full of assholes and idiots.

          • Mike in VA

            Ky Mom

            You are always awesome and constantly provide good prepping articles and news stories. They have always been valuable and show how good you are.

            The last few articles have been special to me. They have come at a time that I needed it. Maybe the good lord put you in my path. You are an inspiration and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

          • Canada Canuk

            @KY MOM: Thanx for sending those ‘words of wisdom’ to us, you do so much for us and I for one would like to say ‘Thank you’, again…..Hope all is well in your world! kisses to you and the ‘girls’…take care, CC.

        • Socrates


          I don’t care what ANYONE says about you or your posts.
          You simply ROCK! Take a bow. 😉

          • Navy Vet

            Such inspiring words from both eppe and KY Mom. Thanks to you both.

            • maddog


              • maddog

                sarcasm still evades many here.

            • Anonymous

              What’s up with all this Religious crap? Bless this bless that. You see how far that religios crap got the guy in the video? Anybody pulls that phony bible thumping crap with me will get slapped. Worse after SHTF. I’ll send you to your maker fast.

        • stu johnson

          Thanks for that story. Last Saturday night a guy named Mohamed or something like that made a left turn right in front of me and I crashed into his car with my Harley. I must have landed quite hard on my hip and butt as they are very bruised and sore. I’ve been somewhat up as I only got a few staples in my head, but if my head hit as hard as my butt I’d likely not be here. Now after that story I’m determined to be more positive. The PD took me to the ER and they were very respectful! That’s them to a guy with a patch on a Harley!! I’m still careful around them guys, polite and not profane, they don’t have to know what I’m thinking. Also I ride a Harley and have a sports car, not like you would think a gun nut prepper type would appear. OPSEC.
          Have a good night Stu Out.

          • Nopittypartyhere

            Glad you are okay and lived to tell the tale.

        • Mike in VA


          Thank you so very much. We all need to be reminded of our attitudes at times.
          Thank you. Today has been frustrating and now I am smiling.

          God Bless you

        • WhyDieLost

          Eppe, Excellent post on “choosing!”

      3. Turnthekey

        make a contribution to society. kill a pig.

        • monkeywrench

          and put the carcass on the front steps of your nearest moooslem friendly place of demonic worship… 🙂

          • maddog

            A Savage listener for sure.

            • monkeywrench

              truly… an enigma…
              some will see… some will not…

      4. maddog

        I once received a ticket for running a red light on a rainy thanksgiving day riding home on my motorcycle after a weekend of duty in the Navy. I did run the light, however there was no traffic, cold, raining and I did slow to an almost stop to be sure it was clear. Did I mention I was on a chopper and would have been killed if I wasn’t careful. Anyway, after receiving my ticket I got back on my bike and said happy thanksgiving to the cop-per. She said if I said another word she would arrest me and take me to jail. WTF

      5. Mountain Trekker

        What is this the hate a cop site? Trekker Out

        • Waiting in Idaho

          Only when they deserve it. Someday there will be a reckoning.

          • whoWuddaThunkIt

            Karma’s a Bitch. Wait when shtf and everbody is armed to the teeth. Anybody in a uniform will be a target. Cops have a list of enemies and they will take it out on any body in a uniform. That’s my predictions.

        • Socrates

          @Mountain Trekker

          It’s called ‘Guilt by Association’. Some departments are over-flowing with bad cops…the few good ones that remain are soon cast aside.

          It’s no surprise that soon *anyone* wearing any kind of uniform will be a target, plain and simple. Why? Because people *do* tend to remember the negatives more than positives when they are mis-treated. When the time comes (as in the near future) those in positions of so-called authority are going to be held accountable. It won’t end well, mark my words.

        • Sebastion T.

          Ann Musser, 41. recently underwent massive abdominal surgery for ovarian cancer and had been trying to survive a regimen of harsh drugs.
          She forgot about the dog license fee. In her sickness, she went for a prolonged period without opening her mail. Musser also failed to see any additional notices of her unpaid renewal application. Afterwards, Ann got caught up on their mail, and paid Massachusetts the $5 they demanded plus a $25 late fee. But there was an outstanding warrant.

          She tried to see a judge to clear it, but 3 hours of waiting was all her body could handle. On Friday, March 21st, 2014, a cop pulled over her husband as he entered their driveway. The husband had left his driver’s license inside the house. The officer told him to get both his and his wife’s licenses from inside. Once he ran Ann Musser’s license through the system, the warrant appeared. Musser was put into handcuffs, and taken to jail in tears.

          • sixpack

            Oh yeah, THAT was “justice” all right /sarcasm off/

          • guanoman

            It’s been said before, cops are just the revenue-generating arm of the local government. Forget real police work. That requires too much effort. Extortion? Now that’s a whole lot easier. They go for the low hanging fruit – the law-abiding tax payers. The cops and the municipalities know that those folks will actually pay money to get out of trouble with “the law”, whereas the criminals and illegals won’t pay a dime, ergo, no cash for the system.

        • BJ

          It’s hate tyranny

          • Hunter

            Sometimes I wonder about that too, BJ.

            ..although perhaps, w/ a generous dose of steroid induced physical / psychological mania, methinks.


            True story:

            Years ago (my loosely-termed dojo / club) participated in ‘amateur’ 3 round martial arts bouts in various competitive events, that usually included 8-12 schools of various disciplines, conducted on weekends..a round robin affair, really.

            –(again, this is at the amateur level, per competition)–


            ..thus, the combatants wore protective padding/armor and cushioned wrap around brain-buckets, forearm / hand / feet padding up to brown-belt level..where the headgear and chest/torso stuff became optional in competition..

            –(yeah, we had to sign a waiver back then too, once you reached that level of proficiency / skill!)–.

            ..unless it was a local (same school) intramural event, where it became a mere sparring scenario w/o said gear, against an opponent you hadn’t seen in 2 months..


            ..anyway, one of the things I picked up on..early in the big games(adult-class)..was the surprising number of young “COPS” whom were ‘sport participants’ also, so to speak.


            ..let me tell you straight up..85-90% of those guys were..simply vicious, when it came to winning the bout! They didn’t care about penalties / deducted points..or drawing blood.

            ..they wanted to ‘HURT’ you!!!

            -(although their huge mass, slowed them down somewhat)-


            Afterwards..when we hit the ofttimes noticed that the really brutal cop/competitors…all seemingly suffered from…’small-cock syndrome.’

            ..maybe it was the steroids..maybe not..who knows?


            For the record:

            I’ve beat 3 of them on points & have the cheap medals to prove it..

            ..conversely, I lost to one, on points..ten years my junior, in another final(my last competition @ age 44) the silver though!

            ..the winning thug talked mega trash in the shower/dressing room (big time) amongst 40-45 other competitors…pissed me off too..

            ..I said:

            “..tell ya what Rambo, you ain’t wearing a badge now & ya won the gold today..but you really wanna see who’s the better man..

            ..give me an evening w/ your wife and I’ll guarantee you that, she’ll throw rocks at you in the morning!

            ..the laughter that ensued in the dressing room was epic!


            Found out 2 years later..Rambo was advised to resign from the force..and is now a ‘probation officer’ in a neighboring county!



            ..choose wisely, the environmental situation and location to make your stand!!!

        • guanoman

          Growing up, police cars used to have emblazoned on the side ‘To protect and to serve’. Now, I’m hard pressed to see that on ANY police vehicle. These cops think they’re untouchable and that they can treat the average Joe like garbage. This is how it starts. I’ve lived overseas back in the 70s. The cops in the country I lived in were scary. If they didn’t like you, they’d make things up about you so they could arrest you, beat you up or worse. Every day that goes by, the cops here in the U.S. are getting closer to the criminals that were cops in that foreign country. And every day, the resentment towards our “finest” men/women in uniform grows. Do I trust cops nowadays? Not a chance in hell. They’re drunk with power and hide behind the badge, thinking they’re untouchable. So, is this an ‘I hate cops’ thread? Not yet, but as these cowards continue to abuse their positions, it will happen – sooner than you may think.

          And people call these cowards heroes. Not even close….

          • Camerman

            They Changed their Motto To “We treat you like a King!..Rodney King!!

            Semper Fi

          • Kevin2

            This is what happens when societies decay. As the decay accelerates this still will become more common.

            Andy Taylor and Barney Fife are long gone.

        • FuckingPissed

          Because the pigs are pieces of scum-ridden filth who protect our oppressors.

        • Acid Etch

          Fuck you old man.

          My SHTF list grows every day.

          • FuckingPissed

            AE- Fuck you too. I’m 40 and I’d stomp your teeth out before I buried you, punk.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Acid. I have to keep buying more ammo, cause my list keeps growing daily. Added a few more numbskulls to the list today. Not written down of course. OPSEC. LOL

          • maddog

            Making friends again I see.


            ACID ETCH

            Do you hate the world because everything you say just about gets hidden ?

            Just asking you have the right to express you feeling but could you please educate me a little more?

            Thank you

          • the renegade braveheart

            acid, if I ever catch you harming someone for no good reason, you’ll get on my list that fast and be wasted.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I gave you a red thumbs by mistake. Sorry!

          • the renegade braveheart

            Good evening, Sarge. What is your take on this story?

          • Mountain Trekker

            Sgt. thats all right, I’m about ready to jump ship on this site anyway. I’m actually kind of at a loss for words, which is a rarity for me. And it doesn’t particularly pertain to todays comment or vote. I just see a lot of people that comment that I wouldn’t want covering my back. Trekker Out.

            • Sgt. Dale

              I’ll be there for you!!!

            • passinwiththewind

              Hey Trekker,

              Don’t worry about it. Do as i do when SHTF becomes a little too overwhelming, “take a break”. Don’t let your inquiring mind get the best of you by clicking on. Go fishing or take on a project or something to get away for awhile.

              Believe me, it helps. I put more time in the Word and was shown some very enlightening things.

              BTW, thanks for the heads up on the .50 cent cans of veggies at Wallyworld. We bought two cases each of peas and corn. We can’t grow either with much success, so this price was a real help.

            • PKLL

              MTrekker: Where would you go? Where did BI, JayJay, Faith, and all the people interested in actually giving helps and information, etc. go? I want to go there…


              • PKLL

                Addendum: I know that there are still many here who are very helpful; but as time goes on it seems harder and harder to wade thru the pile of stink posters, just to hear those voices of reason, wisdom and humor.

                If you SHTF veterans go, please share where you are heading…


        • Mike in VA


          I completely agree. Every ticket I ever got I deserved because I had broken the law. I even had a case like maddog above. It was two o’clock in the morning and I came to a stop sign. No one else on the road. I slowed to almost a stop but did not stop completely. It made me mad but technically I broke the law by not coming to a complete stop.
          I am not saying there are not bad cops. I have met a few who act like they are gods gift to the world and can push people around. The power of the badge has gone to there head.
          What I am saying is this. In general the majority of police are just like you and I. They care about people and are only doing there job. There are bad people in every group, organization, or community. For every cop that uses foul language or gives a beating there are thousands who don’t. This is just another division that the government and the media is trying to cause. They do this with race, sex, religion, the environment, the military, the police, the rich and the poor.
          It is there plan. IF they can get the general public to hate the police then what happens during a collapse. The people attack the police and the government can come in and help the police. Then the police have no choice but to defend against us.
          I have said it before together we stand. Divided we fall.

          Just did a quick count and I know 12 people in law enforcement. Everyone from an F.B.I. agent down to a local deputy. Out of the 12 I can honestly say 1 is worthless. He has that I am superman for all and gods gift to women attitude because he is a deputy. He is one of the guys you would see wearing swat attire at a football game. Just and idiot.
          The other 11 are nice caring guys who have families. If any one of us on here tried there job for a month our opinion would be different. The public they come in contact with is rarely ever nice to them. They get called to take care of drug addicts, husbands and wives fighting, drunks, child molesters and abusers, rapist, murderers and robbers.
          That does not include the general vehicle accidents, traffic violations, and shoplifting. They have to spend hours in court and most times the people they have dealt with are let off with a slap on the wrist.
          In all cases they don’t know what crazed idiot may have a gun. Maybe the person has aids and has a needle in the pocket.
          Then there bosses and politicians Monday morning quarterback every decision they make. They arrest many of the same people over and over again. Political correctness has gotten into the police departments even more than it has in the rest of the world. Many of the officers I know have started to hate there job over the past few years. They also have stated that the world is getting worse. They are fighting a losing battle against crime.

          Here is an example. I have a cousin who has been a police officer in the city I am closest to for 14 years. He was a county officer prior to that.
          He was given a new officer to train. This new officer came from a local county and had been an officer there for 12 years. They were in the patty wagon. They got called to a bar. There was a male and a female in a fight. They arrived and the two people were intoxicated. They had both in handcuffs and it took a struggle to get them both there. My cousin had the male on the side of the van and the other officer had the female at the back of the van. The female was still struggling, using foul language and struggling. She spit in the officers face. He through her into the back of the van. She got a black eye when her face hit the floor of the van.
          My cousin was called in and chewed out the next day. He was told that he should have been at the back of the van and that the lady should not have been treated that way. Both individuals were using foul language, were abusive, and had struggled. My cousin said he had arrested them 3 times before for the same thing. Then he was chewed out for it.

          To all on here. Be honest and tell me. If you were the officer that had been at the back of the van. IF the lady had spit in your face after trying to fight you and cussing you every breath. What would you do?

          Please consider the job that the cops do and what they have to put up with before you condemn them all. The press rarely gives you a story about a good thing a police officer does.

          If I get red thumbs I don’t care. Everything I put in this post is accurate and true. I will not allow the press, government or anyone else cause me to hate, blacks, Mexicans, homosexuals, cops, the military, Jews,all Muslims, or even liberals.
          That is there plan and they seem to be succeeding in causing anger and hate. Now on top of all the other threats we are sitting on a powder keg of Anger that is growing in the American people.

          Think about it!

          • Acid Etch

            Fuck off, idiot.

            The pigs in these videos were threatening non-violent individuals.

            I hope it happens to your children piece of shit.

            • Mike in VA


              I think you need to read my post again. There are bad people in all of society.
              As far as you go. Temper Temper. I think anger management classes may really help your reading comprehension.

          • BJ

            you are a brainwashed fool and a statist at that.

            • Mike in VA


              I am sorry you feel that way.

              • BJ

                If you think you deserved every ticket you got for breaking a “color of law” code and not a true law…..then you are.

                • Mike in VA

                  Cops don’t make the laws. If you know them and break them whether you agree with the law or not then you have no argument if you get stopped.
                  The argument has to take place in a court room.

                  • BJ

                    Wrong again….you really need to study up on constitutional law….which is thee only law. The things you refer to as law are not law at all, they are color of law.

                    No wonder we have lost so much, most people never knew that they had it to begin with….geeesh….disgusting

          • Legion3440

            Mike in VA says: “The other 11 are nice caring guys who have families.”

            It don’t matter if you are fundamentally a good person if you are a state enforcer of over reaching micro laws perpetrated upon the citizenry by an over reaching permanently entrenched cartel who recognizes no limit to its power or control.

            >>IF YOU ENFORCE THIS SYSTEM, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.<My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<

        • bigben

          to MT

      6. hammerhead

        WOW , this cop thinks he’s POTUS or something.
        Whatta a turd, hope he gets canned .
        Then he can become a leftist lobbist or white supremist or maybe a good little liberal shill for ACLU .

        Kinda reminds me of the dude that hired prostitutes and now advises the state dept on womans issues , so i guess the perfect job for him would be supreme court justice.

      7. fester

        “heee’re piggy piggy!”


        got ammo?


        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Everybody….How many times have you heard these words?? “Yeah, think you are a bad ass? How about you take that gun and badge off and see how much of a bad ass you are.” I heard this phrase all my life which means nothing has changed over time, except now the Cops are finally being taped and recorded.

      8. Cellar Spider

        The Cop’s Sentence.

        6 months desk duty while taking anger management classes.

        1 year K9 work until 25 years of service.

        Retirement, Full Pension, Medical For life.

        New 6 figure job with Private Security Firm.

        A lifetime’s worth of swap stories with other retired cops about how we the people are scum.


      9. fester

        huh ?

        Alan Greenspan: “QE Failed To Help The Economy, The Unwind Will Be Painful, “Buy Gold”!”


        this zio-jew s.o.b. told prime time zog amerika a few years ago that ‘gold’ had not monetary intrinsic value.

        and now he’s shouting for all to hear…

        “QE Failed To Help The Economy, The Unwind Will Be Painful, “Buy Gold”!”



        “Amerika is a dead country walking on it’s last few fiat dollar’s.”



        got phyzzz?


      10. Todd Savage

        WOW, what nice JBT’s. I would have asked them for a customer service comment card to mail in to the PD…I’m sure that would have gone over well…ROFL.

      11. the renegade braveheart

        this is obviously another rogue cop who has had way too much of the federal koolaid courtesy of our friends at DHS [SARCASM ON THAT FIRST SENTENCE]. I go the extra mile to steer clear of today’s breed of federally brainwashed cops who are nothing more than local, county, and state counterparts of the feds. I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating for newcomers here. THE FEDERAL AND ALL 50 STATE SUPREME COURTS HAVE RULED TIME AND AGAIN THAT LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES HAVE NO OBLIGATIONS TO THE PUBLIC WHATSOEVER. THEY ‘PROTECT AND SERVE’ GOVERNMENT, NOT WE THE PEOPLE. ESPECIALLY WITH THE STUPID FEDERAL ATTITUDE THEY HAVE TOWARD US THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE PUBLIC ANYWAY. WHEN WE HAVE LIVE IN FEAR OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AS WELL AS REAL CRIMINALS YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG IN THIS NATION. End of rant.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          How many times have you heard these words?? “Yeah, think you are a bad ass? How about you take that gun and badge off and see how much of a bad ass you are.” I heard this phrase all my life which means nothing has changed over time, except now the Cops are finally being taped and recorded.

        • guanoman

          Wasn’t one of those rulings Gonzalez v. Castle Rock?

        • Acid Etch

          There is nothing, nothing, not anything else in the world, not even all the rest of the government corruption, that gives me the rage like a dirty cop does.

          Don’t tell me how much shit the cops have to put up with. If you can’t control your emotions, find another job fucking pussies. You need to be the rock of the community.

          • Mike in VA


            Most are even though they have to put up with way more abusive shit from people than you and I do. We only hear about the dirty ones.

      12. Copperhead

        Sorry off topic:

        Folks no matter what the outcome of the Mid-Term Elections are; the NARCISSISTIC, MUSLIN, (add what you want to the list), someone else’s fault President (I use that term lightly) will not take the outcome laying down, no sir. This lame duck (better words out there) will not go to the corner sit down and suck his thumb (?). He will cram down our throats as much E O- BULLSH~T has humanly possible. IMHO we will not last for two more years. If we think things are bad now, what are they going to look like for the next two years? If we happen to make it till 2016 absolutely no sane person would want to be President and those that do needs their straps pulled a little tighter on the old straight jacket. Just maybe the reset button will have been push before then, but that’s two more years down the road (Heaven help us). Back to the Executive Orders only Congress with a big pair of BRASS N~T’S (B-N) can put a stop to them with a simple NO F~KING FUNDS to execute them with. Alas there are no B-N’s in Congress any way. Oh well no treats just tricks for Halloween this year.


        • hammerhead

          Thats why i have said watch out for whats gonna happen after the 2014 midterms.
          Obama is gonna unleash a whole pack a EO’s .
          Not gonna be pretty , for sure.
          Your not alone in feeling the noose tighten .
          KATIE – BAR THE DOOR!!

        • Navy Vet

          then we have two MORE of hearing about the 2016 presidential race with this (expletive deleted) as the currently anointed front runner for the Democrats:

          ht tp://

        • maddog

          Ocommie and his gang have already said they will legalize 34,000,000 illegal aliens by putting out the bid for the work. If anyone has never heard what his pals have said you need to do your required patriot reading. They promote splitting the US up into 8-10 sections controlled by various commie countries. They promote forced sterilization. They promote culling 80% of world population. I could go on and on. Look it up if you think I’m bullshitting you. If you red thumb don’t be a coward and prove I’m lying. These people are going nowhere. I’m sticking to what I told my wife when the POS was elected the first time. “YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE LAST PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES”.

          • Mike in VA


            I don’t disagree with you. I don’t think it is just Ocommie and his gang. Well maybe I could put it this way. Ocommie’s gang is all politicians and the big money that tells them all what to do.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            You are exactly right Maddog. I posted a link for FedBiz website that clearly stated up to 34 million cards to be issed to new arriving illegals. If Obama wants a war with the American people, then let it rip the gloves are off.

            People, get your battle rifles, ammo, body armor, kelvar helmets, night vision, red dots, knee and elbow pads, a good pair of boots, hydration camel backs, gloves, camo and guilly suits, backpack full of MRE’S READY TO GO. Be the Minute Man ready to deploy to protect the motherland. This is the real deal. We may only have a few weeks till after the midterm elections is over before Obama rolls out his devious plan. So acquire all the items I listed above while you still can. WWTI.

            PS. Get all the rest of your preps in place too with at least 6 mths of food. Water, Gasoline storage, etc.

        • Mike in VA


          I will vote because it is the only avenue I have. I just don’t think it will matter. I always vote republican but it is my opinion they are all in it together. Just one goes about it a little different than the other. They will not stand up against Obama. The lame duck session is going to be a big problem I fear. You can say well if Republicans get the senate they can change what happens during the lame duck. I just don’t see it happening. The Republicans will not even try. If they do they will lose but I just don’t think they will.
          Everyone of them has forgotten the oath they took. They are supposed to be in service to you and I. Instead now they are in service to money and power. They are intoxicated with money and power and only care about getting elected again.

      13. KY Mom

        Off Topic…

        Even small clusters of Ebola cases could overwhelm U.S. healthcare system…

        “The U.S. health care apparatus is so unprepared and short on resources to deal with the deadly Ebola virus that even small clusters of cases could overwhelm parts of the system, according to an Associated Press review of readiness at hospitals and other components of the emergency medical network.”

        Yet, the State Department had plans to bring FOREIGN Ebola patients to U.S.

        The document detailed “the EXPECTED PRICE PER PATIENT, with transportation costs at $200,000 and treatment at $300,000.”

        Who would pay the bill? … of course U.S. taxpayers

        Thankfully, “A State Department official signaled Tuesday evening that the discussions had been shelved”

        Self-quarantine is NOT working…
        Ebola doctor initially ‘LIED’ about his NYC travels.
        NYC Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, “at first told officials that he “self-quarantined” and had “isolated himself in his apartment.”

        Only AFTER detectives reviewed his MetroCard, he admitted he rode the subways, dined out and went bowling, etc…

        Maine Nurse, Kaci Hickox, is refusing to observe quarantine order…
        Steven Hyman of the New York law firm McLaughlin & Stern told the Bangor Daily News that Hickox will NOT comply with Maine’s requirements to remain under quarantine for 21 days.

        “She doesn’t want to agree to continue to be confined to a residence beyond the two days,”

        Hickox “tested negative in a preliminary evaluation.”

        “In Maine, a quarantine comes into play only when people have had contact with Ebola patients; others who’ve been to the three countries will be monitored, officials said.”

        • Navy Vet

          I’m re-posting this from the last thread as I want to give everyone an opportunity to read it or not.

          Here’s a two part article re-posted from survivalblog on a possible in home treatment protocol for Ebola, with references and a mega load of links to supporting info:

          via westernrifleshooters:

          ht tp://

          ht tp://

          Here’s Aesop’s take on home treatment of Ebola:

          also via WRSA:

          ht tp://

          I understand that the last article stands in direct conflict to the first two. I post them for information only. Read them or not, your choice.

        • Mike in VA

          Ky Mom

          I decided to try to help people like you always do with your post. Experienced preppers already know most of this and may be able to add to my post.

          I just have a feeling that people are beginning to wake up so hopefully it is useful to someone. I sent this to my son as suggestions for a class he was going to give to his unit. I wish I had his final presentation. I will try to get it.

          I know this is a little junky the way it is written but it was just suggestions for my son. I don’t want to retype it all.

          Security and Safety

          1- Always be alert and aware of your surroundings and of the people around you.

          2- Do not be easily distracted or take your eyes off of someone you feel looks suspicious in a possibly dangerous situation.

          3-Make casual eye contact with people when walking.

          4-Always carry ID and enough cash with you in case you need it for an emergency or to call a taxi, etc.

          5-Whenever possible, buddy-up. Remind your buddies to stay alert. Now as a member of the armed forces you are always a possible target. The public around military bases knows when pay day is.

          6-Always inform family or friends if you are traveling, and give them itinerary dates and locations you will visit.

          7-Turn and go in the opposite direction of the car if a stranger approaches offering a ride. If possible, write down the license plate and description of the car. Stay alert and try to notice the same vehicles that seem to always show up near you.

          8-Turn and go in the opposite direction of the car if a stranger approaches offering a ride. If possible, write down the license plate and description of the car.

          9-Stop and look around if you feel unsafe entering an area. You may want to return at a different time. Trust your instincts.

          10-Speaking of instincts. Your gut feeling. Your sixth sense or whatever it is. People say that dogs or animals can sense danger. Question – Has one of your pets just not liked someone for some reason? The truth is humans have this sense and it is much stronger than any sense an animal has. They just have not trained themselves to be in tune with it. They second guess there own feelings. ( I feel like something is not right. Oh well it is just me. Everything around me seems normal ). You can reference the book the gift of fear. I believe as a soldier we must trust our gut. It is right most of the time. It may save our life.

          11-Avoid isolated bus or train stops. Otherwise, continuously look all around you. Be aware. Don’t stay in the same spot and make yourself an easy target if at a bus or train stop and feel unsafe,
          Don’t open you purse or wallet while boarding the bus; have your fare ready.Keep flashy jewelry out of sight.
          12-Be aware of escape routes for emergencies, and post phone numbers of the Police and Fire Departments in your cell phone so you do not have to fumble pushing many numbers.

          13-3 principles. A – Get out B – Hide out C – Take out. Where are exit places right now if gunshots are heard? Where are the exits? Can we make a hole in the wall to create and exit? Where can we hide and get cover and concealment right now? Did you notice the layout of the building when you entered? What can we use as barriers? Can we barricade the door? What can we use as weapons right now?

          14 – Always be aware in public places like theatres, and restaurants. What are some security measures that we could use. ( Never set with your back to the door. Sit in an area that is easy to get out of or gives you an avenue to move quickly to take out an attacker )

          15 – Military bases are normally surrounded by not the best areas of town.

          16 – Occasionally take a different route home or going to work. Don’t keep the same pattern and become predictable.

          !!!!!!Avoid danger spots like quiet or badly-lit alleyways, subways or isolated car parks. Walk down the middle of the pavement if the street is deserted.

          Consider heading for a public place; somewhere you know there will be other people, for example a garage or shop.

          Avoid passing stationary cars with their engines running and people sitting in them.

          Try to keep both hands free and don’t walk with your hands in your pockets.

          Walk facing oncoming traffic whenever possible, to avoid curb crawlers.

          Keep your mind on your surroundings – remember if you are chatting on your mobile phone or wearing a personal stereo, you will not hear trouble approaching.

          Be extra careful when using ATM machines. Make sure nobody is hovering nearby and don’t count your money in the middle of the street.

          Trust your instincts and take action if you think you are being followed. As confidently as you can, cross the road, turning to see who is behind you. If you are still being followed, keep moving. Make for a busy area and tell people what is happening.

          Beware of someone who warns you of the danger of walking alone and then offers to accompany you. This is a ploy some attackers have been known to use.!!!!!

          17- Stay away from walking next to buildings. Walk farther out on the sidewalk.

          18 – When you get commissioned and sent to you duty station there are several things to consider.

          19 – Your vehicle. Always have emergency cash, first aid kit, fix a flat, ect. Actually my advice have an emergency go bag.

          20- Understand since we are currently in several conflicts around the globe there are people who have said they will kill American Soldiers so never let your guard down. ( There have been shootings at Fort Hood and other military bases ) ( In todays world you here of mass shootings like the Colorado theatre, offices, Washington Navy Yard ect. ) You never know when it may happen but we as soldiers must always take security serious. We are targets. The world we live in is changing daily. There are threats to soldiers and this country that increasing on a daily basis. We live in a crazy world now and I would hate to find that one of you did not get to go home to your loved ones because you were not taking security serious and were not alert about your surroundings.

          Go Bag List

          A- water and food

          B – flashlights, batteries, candles, sterno.

          C- first aid kit

          D- Weapon ( Extra Ammunition )

          E- Fishing line and hooks.

          F- Emergency Blankets and ponchos

          G- Extra Clothes

          H- A power stick for extra power for cell phone.

          I- Good boots or walking shoes

          J- Toilet Paper

          K- Gloves

          L- Matches, Lighters, and several ways to make fire.

          M- Water purification tablets or a water filter

          N- Emergency Cash

          O- Compass

          P- Pens, Pencils, and Paper

          Q- Duct Tape

          R – A good knife

          S- Rope or Parachute Cord

          T- Personal Hygiene Products

          U- Bug Spray

          V- Camouflage Paint

          W-Wet Weather Gear

          X- Trenching Tool

          Y- Hatchet

          z- Important papers. Insurance information, Emergency contact phone numbers, List of family phone numbers, List of your current medical history and medications, maps, List of phone numbers to contact your unit.

          Drivers License and Military I.D.

          You most likely will be driving long distances when you get leave. Keep your vehicle maintained. In your vehicle keep several things

          A- Fire extinguisher

          B- Several cans of fix a flat.

          C-Jumper Cables

          D- Flares and road cones

          E- Tire Gauge

          F- A power pack for jump starting the battery with no one around.

          G- Ice Scraper

          H- Tools

          I- Cell phone Charger

          J- Proper Jack, Lug nuts, and Lug Wrench and ensure you have a regular sized spare tire.

          K- Small solar or crank radio

          L- Registration, Insurance Information, Emergency Cash

          M- Oil, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid, Antifreeze, Gas Treatment, and Windshield Washer Fluid.

          N – High Temperature Tape ( Can be used to temporarily fix broken hoses )

          O- A good flashlight, extra batteries, and a battery powered lantern.

          P – Lighter, Matches, and Candles.

          Q – Toilet Paper

          R- Food and Water, Extra change of clothes, and rain gear.

          S- Maps

          T- Weapon

          U- Knife

          V-First Aid Kit ( With Advil, Antacid, Imodium, Cold Medicine )

          W- Blanket

          X- Fishing Line and Hooks

          Y- Duct Tape

          Z – A towing strap

          These list may or may not be complete. You can add whatever you think will be necessary for long trips in case you run into trouble. For the ladies feminine products should be added.

          Always do regular maintenance like oil changes, tire pressures, and check Tire wear. Always check the tire pressure and fluid levels prior to making a long journey.

          Please my friends, take this seriously. You never know in todays world when you may be called upon to save yourself or the lives of others. Let us always stay alert, stay prepared, and be able to tackle any challenge that comes our way. It is our duty to do so.

          • The Old Coach

            Pressure cans of fix-a-flat rarely work, and the propellant gas is highly flammable.

            Tires on every vehicle you own should be pre-treated with “Slime” to prevent unexpected stops due to air loss.

            Even my mower tires are Slimed.

            • Mike in VA


              Thanks for the tip.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Check the tire pressure in your spare tire they loose 5 to 8 lbs of pressure per year. Carry a 12volt tire pump also in your car with a tire plug kit and a pair of needle nose pliers for pulling multiple nail punctures. Carry an empty gas can and siphon shaker hose and extra radiator fluid and can of oil as well. Also keep a spare set of windshield wipers handy. And get a good locking gas cap. And a first aid kit in the car with Quik Clot and a tourniqet.

            • Mike in VA


              Good additions man. Thank you.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            7 & 8 are the same thing. Maybe the guy in the car is giving away free candy. Bwhahahaha

          • MommaD

            Mike,good lists, and I have always believed that if my dog don’t like you, neither do I .

          • KY Mom

            Mike in VA,

            Great list and advice!

            Thank you!

      14. hammerhead

        Did everyone see the article over at MSB about the FED land grab?
        Way to many folks are rightin this off as just retribution on the Bundys.
        I would say that is a cover for the big Agenda21 push going on undr Obams right now.
        Hope evryone is payin attention.
        The fed is stealin land , claiming ownership and nobody is blinkin an eye.
        3 MILLION ACRES ! Nobody can even go there ! WTF !

        • maddog

          excuse my ignorance. what is msb?

          • hammerhead

            Nobody is ignorant when seeking info , just yet to be informed .
            Modern Survival Blog

            • maddog

              Thanks hammerhead. Apparently there are 4 fucking assholes that think differently.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Hammerhead, yes they are doing it under the guise of protecting nature by shutting roads down. It is a Harry Reid scheme to probaby build another Area 54 situation. Another wake up call is the South east corner of Colorado while the military has taken over for their war games. They control that entire SE corner of CO. Look that uo folks.

      15. WhirledPeas144

        Every organization has a culture. Culture develops over a long period of time. Bad culture usually develops with weak or poor leadership. But good leadership can change culture over time.

        If citizens respect the law, usually police will respect the citizens in return.

        • guanoman

          I respectfully call BS on your statement. If you ‘respect’ a schoolyard bully, you’ll still get your rear handed to you by that bully. The only respect a bully knows is someone knocking said bully on his ass and giving him a bloody nose. If cops keep pushing the people, the cops will be the ones with the bloody nose.

          This is a great video that shows what will happen to cops soon enough:

          • maddog

            Not sure where this was but I personally don’t think the American sheeple have it in them for this to happen here. They’ll smoke another joint and pretend it didn’t happen. Sorry its just what I see on a daily basis.

            • guanoman

              Sadly, I think you’re right.

        • Kevin2

          You can respect the law but if your unfortunate to have an address with a 3 and they have a warrant for an address with an 8 and are not careful kiss that loving dog good by.

          The problem is even when they’re 100% wrong they protect their own and in their position they have a tremendous amount of resources to accomplish just that. The problem is many officers knowing that take liberties and bribes with very little fear of reprisal from the “Justice System”.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            First i f all lets define what a LAW is. A Law is basically a threat. If you violate the law threat we will lock you up. But there are many illegal laws on the books. Because if you violate a law and there are no victims harmed there is no loss of rights breached or violation. The key to this is “Was anybody harmed by what you did?” And why Jury Nulificatuon is so important, cause if nobody eas harmed then there eas no crime. And you shoukd be set free to go on your way unfettered. Speeding in your car is a unlawful law is you did not harm anyone. It is a revenue raising scheme by the P2B to fill their coffers with extortion money using illegal laws. Never talk to the Pigs and request an attorney. Plenty of videos out there of what to do if a PIG pulls you over.

        • Ms.X

          You are full of s###.

      16. SheepDawg

        Off Topic for this thread, but seeing how this is a prepper site and not a hate copper site, I’ll post anyway as the upcoming forum on this site isn’t up yet. And here we go….

        Was looking for some batteries to put in a toy for a child and went to look at my rechargeable since I can’t see wasting brand new AAs on something like a toy. Maybe *my* toys, but I digress. Found my old eBay specials, some Duracell rechargeable/hybrids and some old Radio Shack ones too.

        It surprised me that the Duracell and Radio Shack batteries were still OK while the 2000mAH eBay specials that performed so well for many years were as of now, unusable. Got my money’s worth out of them though. NiMH’s outlasted alkaline cells in our digital cameras which had a voracious appetite due to our propensity towards shutterbuggery. I may try to revive these dead ones and use them in a Joule Thief circuit to re-purpose them as solar LED lights. Or not.

        This is a reminder to those of you who keep rechargeable around for SHTF purposes to keep the relatively topped off or at least don’t let them sit around in a discharged state. That is, if you expect them to still be serviceable when the moment of need arises. Going through mine and charging up the whole lot. Sorting out the bad from the good. My charger indicates which ones are bad if the charging light goes out in a few seconds to a few minutes.

        Next project: Remove the NIMH 3.7V batteries from my ‘shake’ lights and wind up lanterns. Will replace them with ultracapacitors. Longer life with more recharge/discharge cycles before failure. Wouldn’t want to rely on those wind up lanterns after several years on the shelf – probably wouldn’t work very well with a discharged NIMH battery that has sat around too long. One of my ‘shake’ lights barely works now as it is.

        • JRS

          I have some old NiCad C and D cells for my mag lights that are probably 15 years old but still take and hold a good charge.

          OTOH, I have some fairly new NiMH AAAs in my remote that are probably on their last legs…alkaline standards seem to last longer. I guess they have a lot of charging cycles on them.

          I use 900 mAh 3.7 Trustfires in my home made vape stick. They only last a couple days if I’m hitting it hard, but they seem to have quite a few cycles in them.

          What are “ultracapacitors”?

          • SheepDawg

            Also called supercapacitors. Basically, they are a double-layer capacitor. It’s sort of in between a battery and a regular capacitor. Doesn’t have the power density of a battery, but is far above a regular cap. Something I’ve been thinking about lately for power storage and increasing the run time of my wind up lanterns. I was originally planning on using some re-purposed caps pulled from equipment, but then learned about supercapacitors.

            I have one of those jump starter battery packs with a sealed lead acid battery that fails to hold a decent charge and was toying around with the idea of swapping out for some ultracapacitors (same as supercap). While it wouldn’t run a radio, for example, nearly as long as the lead acid battery, it would provide enough of a boost for jump starting without the eventual fade that comes with the lead acid batteries.

            I tinker with stuff – modifying the device to my needs or wants. Or, just because I can 🙂

            • the renegade braveheart

              Copperhead and Hammerhead, I agree. I feel something big coming between now and Christmas.

              • Copperhead

                RBH: The best EARLY Christmas present you can give yourself is being settled into your BOL. The SH~T is about happen soon. Take care my friend.


          • The Old Coach

            Probably getting harder to find, but Lithium-Ion cells are just the right voltage for white LEDs. Min voltage 3.0 volts, full charge 4.2 volts.

            I used to collect all the “failed” computer batteries from my IT guy at work. Dell Latitudes used eight 18650 cells. (18mm diameter by 65mm long.) The charge control circuit is what usually goes bad, leaving the cells in OK condition. Hard to buy bare cells today, you will probably have to buy or collect cellphone batteries and take them apart.

            Hard case Li-Ion cells will hold a charge for years. All my emergency lights have been converted. My first couple of conversions were done in 2002, and still work fine. Unfortunately the length and diameter do not match the common dry cells, so a little soldering may be necessary.

            You need a special charger for them; they must never be charged past 4.2 volts, nor discharged below 3.0 volts. Chargers are easy to buy from model airplane supply places online. Or Amazon. Or evilBay, if you trust Paypal not to rip you off.
            Most work off a 12v car battery.

            • Hunter

              Thanks for the tip, coach!

        • the renegade braveheart

          Sheep Dawg, I’ve tried rechargeables in the past and wasn’t impressed with them. So I just keep a shitload of AAA, AA, and D batteries stockpiled for my electronics.

          • Miss DeeDee

            Hello Braveheart,
            Thank you for the greeting yesterday. Much appreciated. I left you a note there. I hope you read it.
            Take Care,
            — Miss Dee Dee

          • The Old Coach

            Both NiCad and NiMH (Nickel Hydride) cells have a stupefyingly high self-discharge rate. They also dislike being held at full charge for long periods of time, (weeks or months.) Back when NiCads were all we had, companies and L.E. that used them a lot in portable communications equipment had “cycler” devices which would drain the cells and then recharge overnight. I still have two or three of these from the days when I first started flying electric RC aircraft.

            The upside of both, when compared to Li-Ions, is that they don’t mind being discharged 100%, (indeed they prefer to be flat for long term storage!), and they tolerate moderate overcharge, so they are generally easier to manage without complex electronic charge management circuits between the battery and the device it’s powering. Lithium cells are the polar opposite, as I posted above. For stuff like my emergency flashlights I’ll take Lithium every time. But then I’m blessed with 15 years experience using them in RC model airplanes, and already have all the charger and balancer equipment.

      17. Cop crapper

        Fuck the police and get ready to stand against the fascist fucks when shed. Cops are loser dipshits who barely made it through high school. Small penis chumps on a power trip,

      18. Smooth Criminal

        I never thought I would agree with the Ferguson protesters, however they were spot on about shooting at the police. These subhuman, pieces of crap deserve whatever comes their way. To be honest, and this is going to sound horrible, I cheer when a cop is killed. When the two cops were killed in Vegas by the husband/wife team, I actually went out and bought a 12 pack, while “F the police” was playing on the radio. True story.

      19. KY Mom

        Japan Reacts to Worsening Fukushima Disaster By … Reopening Nuclear Plant Near Active Volcano Which Is About to Blow

        What could possibly go wrong?


      20. Mr Rodgers

        eppe, Ky…Congratulations both of you!

        Folks, both these stories, rendered here for us to see, by some of our peers, represent ‘differing points of view’…that is to say, different ways of thinking of things, new ways. THAT is always a hallmark of Intelligence, wheresoever one encounters it, No? Dwell on it for a bit, please.

        That said, up at the ‘Hedge is an article by Martin Armstrong titled, “Martin Armstrong Rages “Government Is Corrupt & Rotten To The Core”…as well we all by now know rather clearly. So…we all come here – daily – in many cxases, and RAIL against the MACHINE, venting our frustrations openly. To be sure it likely FEELS rather good to do so, does it not? However….

        WHAT does all that accomplish? Really.

        Instead, I ask you to consider that there is absolutely no WAY in Hell that any improbvement is ever going to come to pass UNTIL somebody, SONEWHERE actually sits down and THINKS up a REPLACEMEMNT for the SHIT we see all arond us everywhere today. Anyone here have a problem with that particular assertion?….see me ‘after class’ if you DO.

        In the meanwhile payhaps you might want to sit and THINK for a just a bit on the notion of ‘WHAT will wWE replace all this WITH?” Now mind you I am not asking yo to take on the whole task alone…that is what places like THIS are FOR People…where “WE, the People…’ gather and hash-out what constitues ‘Right and Wrong’. Mr Armstongs article is – I think – a passably good atarting point for any such train of thought, thus…

        In truth, I have spent much time contemplating the question “WHERE did it all go SO wrong?!”, that is – EXACTLY – WHAT did we – via the Founders – fail to CONSIDER in forming this grand experiment, leading to these ‘United States’.

        Rest assured that NO solution to ‘what we SEE’ can come to pass unless there come CONSENSUS amongst us…many of US. Where then does THAT begin?….it begins here…and in a thousand other places like this and then becomes a WAVE that washes over the OLD, removing it, in prepartion for the Dawn that is coming…the one that you have waited all your lives to see the LIGHT of…

        As you might well guess, I have a few small notions of what that might consist of. Have ANY here wondered why I am come back to this place? I will give you a hint…I beleive that WE are gweater than the mere ‘sum of our parts’, that WE can surmont the errors of the World ‘as it IS’ – IF and only IF – we determine to ACT for the betterment of ALL (and not just a few here or there!) and then begin to place RESTRAINTS on the greedy and the self-serving. Dwell on that for a time.

        In the event that none can be found that are of a ‘metal’ sufficiently strong to ACT, to restore GOOD to this Nation, and indeed, the WORLD, then I and mine will be complelled to ‘close the door’ to the place where we are now, to await the End that is so clearly appointed for all Humanity. Rest assured, WE will endure beyond that point with only the most meager discomfort; HOW will you fare if that comes to pass? Hmmm? ASK yourself that question, earnestly within the silences of your Soul.

        I am come here with purpose, returned amongst MY PEERS for a purpose. That purpose will be served – either to the left or to the right – regardless of how you choose with respect to what I have put here. In the first case, the BEST case, a groundswell of THOUGHT will sweep outward from places like this…those will gather together and become a wave so gweat that we will remake the World…as it WAS intended to be, else…

        A final few will be brought forth to where I am now, with me and with MINE…and we will watch as the World falls into an Abyss so dark and terrible that I FEAR for every Man, Woman and Child who yet remains within the World, unable to see beyond the constructs that have been injected into your minds. We – here – will ABIDE and persevere when all the rest are GONE, utterly forever.

        In both cases, the Dawn will come Friends, it only remains to be seen WHO will see it as it comes. Will you be there? I pray you WILL….every last one. Rise above fear and prejudice, BECOME what you ARE, what you were MEANT to be.

        Mind you, what I have set out here today is not any attenpt to foster MY ‘truth’ upon anyone, it IS an attenmpt to find the Truth for Everyone. “The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step…”, yet no such journey willl ever be COMPLETED yet that first STEP is not taken. Enough of ‘railing against the MAN’, figure SOMETHING out, soon…time is becoming shorter by the day…you know this People.

        Therefor, “CHOOSE…and PROFIT..or be DAMNED forever”

        Think THRICE..only THEN act.

        Dwell on it if you will. I will be away for two days, when I am come again, I will SEE what is here…and then, CHOOSE for me and for MINE, at last.

        • SheepDawg

          Wouldn’t mind living in your neighborhood, Mr R. Then again, you probably don’t have salmon runs as abundant as the one in my backyard! I have thought about improvements, solutions and even rebuild options for society and civilization as a whole. Are my answers correct or the absolute way? Doubt it. It’s just my own perspective and I value the input of those who have seen more or add differing perspectives to the discussion. One of the many reasons I have been a regular reader of this site for some time.

          There are those I know that think radically different than I. When I come upon an idea or a problem, sometimes I try to put myself into that person’s mindset and imagine how they might view the issue based on what I know about that person and how they approach things. Not an easy thing to do and like you said, it may very well be a mark of intelligence. Or empathy? Could just be the mark of a divergent mental processing method too since I rarely see that in people around me. Then again, I’m not sure that I am neuro-typical at all. An IQ at least 3 standard deviations above the mean probably indicates that I am somewhere on ‘the spectrum’. Horsepower ain’t everything though. It’s what you do with it that counts.

          • Mr Rodgers

            Morning Dawg, Thinker,

            The ability to ‘think outide the box’ is a characteristic that defines the basis of all success seen by our species from the day of it’s creation. I AM delighted whenever I see that operant around me. Some few here are fully possesed of that trait…many – possibly most – are NOT, however.

            I will posit the following, for the consideration of those here; IF we do not soon learn to THINK through what we (increasingly) see around us everywhere, the decay and slow withering of everything that we have created in 10,000 years of human endeavor, then shortly – IMHO – the weight of those problems will have mounted up to the point that there is no potential option left that can effect ANY return to a system that is passably stable…or productive.

            Allow me to be clear here; that last statement – as a assertion – is simply a ‘death-sentence’ for all organized human activity on thiss sphere. We ‘are what we are’ as a consequence of tandem action in the World…THAT is what distinguishes us as a species from the lower animals…thus, if that is removed from the equation, what then is left?

            Quite naturally, there is LITTLE that can be done in that circumstance…we then REVERT to individual action, ‘civilization’ crumbles and we thereater will not see it’s like again for perhaps a Millenia..or more. As you might suuspect I HAVE dewelt on these things – at length – lo, these past few years, my conclusion is this; if – rather soon – there comes no ‘groundswell’ among People everywhere, then those at the top will effect a final consolidation of wealth and authorty in the World at large – which is only the logical conlcusion of what we see today – that will be simplty ‘insurmountable’ in any real, practical sense. At that point, thoise who exists ‘outside’ of that sphere, that ‘circle’ of affiliations – US – will no longer have, or be gvben ‘choice’ any longer. Mot here continue to beleive that ‘somehow’ they will survive the End that is coming, the one that all here intuitivel ‘feel’ approaching now…to what End I ask…’For what?”…for after that, those who are now empowered will have a grasp so firm on ‘all that is’ that they WILL be ‘Gods smongst Men’, in a VERY literal sense. The time of Pharoh’s is coming again…

            If that come to pass in the World at large, there will be no room for contrtasting opinions…anywhere, anymore. Any left, not within the bounds of the control of those who hold the reins of the system will be anathema to THOSE. Dwell for a moment on the implications there involved….they would not even tolerate your bare ‘existence’, now would they? Surely not, for thier absolute control would thereby be challenged…which they would not be want to allow.

            Friends, one small thing I have leaned in the passage of time is this, “There are NO ‘coincidences’ in Life, none, whatsoever…all that happnes happnes for a purpose and that purpose is always maifest in a very singular way, that is, that all that occurs is both TEST and LESSON, inextricably tied one to the other, by an intellligence that FAR exceeds any we – here – posses.

            You may well then consider what I have left here in similar light; I determined some time ago that ere I ‘clossed the door’ – to me and mine – I was compelled to ‘test’, to ses if any – specifically ‘enough’ – yet remianed from which the slightest Hope of any renewal might spring. I am nearly completely non-plussed by what I see broadly; too few, too self-involved…too mnay micro-focused to be able to ‘concert’ themselves into something MORE.

            Thus, soon, We will ‘turn inward’ and shut the door, there being no further significant probaility that ‘a change’ can come. Then the inneffable ‘PTB’ have WON and there is no possibility of further resistance against such, broadly. “Welcome to the World’ as it is portrayed in the ‘Hunger Games’ Friends. We wil not be there with you.

            ‘Interegnum’…might you should look that word up and study the examples that have occured throughout history previously, that is what will soon come to all..with one small exception, this time it will be forever.

            Well, as said, I must needs be ‘out and about’ for a time…till later then, Everyone.

            Thus, Watching…and waiting.

            Try to enjoy your day today Folks, we have only SO many.

            • Canada Canuk

              @MrRodgers….Know you will be indisposed for a day or so, but wondering if ‘J’ is able to get anything ‘out’as yet….not sure if you said this weekend or not….can’t find that thread now?? Have a great weekend all,CC.

              • Mr Rodgers

                Howdy CC,

                This weekend, Ma’m! 🙂

                As it happens “J” is out in the ‘High Fells’ presently, helping round up the last libvstock we have as yet not retrrieved ere the onset of the real winter yet to come. I am expecting that party to return here to us by Tuesday, proximately.

                THANKFULY, all else is now ‘settled’ and ‘well-done’ and so I have a bit of free-time in the wake of Sol’s recent activities… till later Sweety the sooner, rather tthan later!

                Adios All….

        • Thinker

          Mr Rodgers; I thought for you!
          Personally I Don’t think that this technological world has much of a future. In most attempts to predict the future,people simply describe the present.The damage to this planet,and to the human nature relationships is formidable.Human life simply cannot continue as it is ,and it appears to be heading for a major environmental collapse.The likelihood of an advanced civilization surviving this is very low,based on the ancient passed.Compared to nature technology is very, very fragile, one blurp from the sun and its gone.
          I think the optimum human life looks much like the indigenous cultures,where you live in nature in simple ways,and enjoy the basic and formidable pleasures of human life (like tasting real fruit and sex,not sugar candy and porn) Remember that in such cultures,that entheogens and built in human capacities open much to explore.And is much,much,much more fascinating than egos babbling mindlessly on twitter.
          With that said,technology can be useful in helpful ways, no doubt. A little can go a long way.Just leave the window open and let nature in.

      21. Kevin2

        I can’t root for Bonnie and Clyde.

        • Kevin2

          Because of their actions your loosing sight of what cops do. Some of the violent people they confront would rape then murder your family male and female.

          The problem is that “blue line” of good cops not informing on bad cops. The Mafia’s code of Omertà is more frequently broken. You can’t get retired cops with their pension secured to talk. I suspect its that privileged immunity because the mob guys don’t squeal until they’re facing 25 to life.

      22. arizona

        when I lived in southern California I met very few cops I liked however in Arizona I have not met many I do not as an example this morning going into Tucson here is a dps trooper (highway patrol ) down on the ground changing a tire for two teen guys who had no clue about it I see this kind of action a lot have to really hand it to them at least here they do try

        • Smooth Criminal

          I went to college in Tucson and the cops there are better than others in the state. Much more of a laid back atmosphere. The Phoenix metro-area is an entirely different experience though. They act like LAPD and will shoot your ass in a heart beat.

      23. oldseventy70

        old school cops are a thing of the past, cops who could make a decision and think for themselves went out with the Vietnam war, now cops are not much more than hired thugs and tax collectors with a badge. many were in the bottom 2% of their class and usually the bully of the school yd, other just got their ass kicked every time they opened their mouth so the joined the cops to get even with the world.

        • Kevin2

          “bottom 2% of their class ”

          That may be correct with local and city cops but State Troopers are in a different academic category. You may not like their behavior but NJ Sate Troopers are in the top 5% of their college class. Most would academically quality to be an FBI agent.

          Phila cops? Forgetaboutit.

          • Kevin2

            And make no mistake about it with a little bit of OT they’re making $100K / year too, or better.

            • Sgt. Dale

              So what a football player or a baseball player make close to that every game. That is right for a game.

          • oldseventy70

            I stated cops, not troopers, personally I think the troopers in the state where I live are the best In the country, they do not stop and harass people just because they can, Most deputies that I see are also just trooper wanna bes’

            • The Old Coach

              I have only been confronted by NJ state troopers a few times, (traffic stops). You would have a hard time convincing me that any one of them had graduated high school. NY state even worse.

              Best arrangement for Law Enforcement is what I have in my BO county. No local cops, just the Sheriff, who is ELECTED. If Sheriff Rxxxx screws with the folks, they’ll elect someone else.

              Won’t work in cities, though – they’d just elect the crook they figure will do the most for them. Oh, right, that’s what they do now…….

      24. Parker

        Why is the beloved USA turning into a Marxist Communist country?

        If you want to know the future of a Marxist USA look no further than up north where the British royalty own everything and criticizing the Queen is not only a taboo, but a criminal offense similar to treason and sedition laws.

        The Marxists will promote decadence and filth while destroying God and the family unit.

        Communism was never a good thing.

        The irony is that some of the feminists in the USA originated from the Radical- Feminist capital of the world, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

        Feminism is a component of Communism.

        Only God I fear and no atheist, Marxist scum can change my opinion. God Bless Us.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Parker ignorant dolt. Wake up out of your fantasy.

      25. JRS

        Good LEOs?

        How can there be? They may act nice and friendly and sociable off duty, but they can only be considered sociopaths as they flout the rights of all freemen by applying “pre-emptive” code and statute simply because they say it’s “legal”.

        Legal does not mean lawful and as long as any of them continue to enforce edicts where no harm was caused and there are no victims, they cannot be anything but opposed to my natural rights to travel in this country freely.

        There are NO good costumed clowns or they could not enforce unconstitutional laws. If they actually cared about the rights of the people, they would quit.

        “The only free place on earth is within rifle range of the person concerned.”

        ——————–The Replacement———————-

        • BJ

          Finally another who gets it! 🙂

          • SheepDawg

            Someone who gets it, yes. One perspective to consider JRS and BJ, is that the deception runs wide and deep. There are many who are sleepwalking through life and have bought into the lies hook, line and sinker without even questioning basic premises like “who owns my body” and “where does this authority over others derive itself from”. Without asking these basic philosophical questions, a person tends to rely on ‘experts’ who purport to know more than the rest of us.

            Also, when a cop, judge or prosecutor and their families all profit off of the deception, there is no motivation to examine anything. They become part of the criminal conspiracy to defraud the People of natural, human and enumerated constitutional rights. They benefit directly from these crimes perpetuated against the People, so why would they want to ask uncomfortable questions about themselves. Much easier to constantly update Twitter and check up on the latest size/shape of the Kardashian’s ass-size than it is to think about anything.

            The Matrix was a good analogy to illustrate this problem. Those that benefit from the Matrix are the ones who are the most aggressive in defending the Matrix.

            • BJ

              I know and agree Sheepdawg!

              Excellent post!

              It still amazes me at just how m,any of all walks of life of all ages, have bought into the matrix, hook, line and sinker. The ones that are the most maddening are the ones who proclaim to be believers in Christ, yet deny themselves and others the liberty his resurrection gave us.

      26. rachel

        I guess they no longer teach ethics in police school. The rule of thumb for all emergency personnel when I was EMT years and years ago was: no matter what the suspect/patient does or says always treat them accordingly. Never swear, threaten or make a threat you cannot follow through on. No matter how much of an ass the suspect/patient becomes you as a professional always remain professional and never stoop down to their level. That was a code given to all police, fire and ambulance workers just 20 years ago. WTF happened?

        • Sgt. Dale

          Hell they haven’t taught that in over 30 years in grade and high school. I’ll bet there a Mothers and Fathers out there that have never ever taught their kids ETHICS, and this is were ETHICS should be taught!
          Don’t blame the Police training. If they haven’t learned it before the are 21 years of age its too DAMN late!!!

          • maddog

            Exactly Sgt. Dale. There are way to many sheeple in this country that have neglected their responsibility of educating their children and being responsible for creating decent social beings after their romp in the hay. They get their rocks off and then leave the rest for everyone else while they watch the Kardashie’s and the NFL.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Sarge and Maddog, I agree. A perfect example is Michael brown and his mama. Brown got what he deserved for attacking that cop, then later his own MAMA got arrested for theft. The freeloaders don’t know anything about ethics and never will. working people’s tax money at work.

              • Sgt. Dale

                When did she get arrested? Did hear than one. I guess the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree!

            • maddog

              The libtard conservaturds have arrived Sargent.

          • The Old Coach

            Right Arm, Sargeant Dale. Once they are past 7 years old their ethical mindset is unchangeable.

          • Mike in VA

            Sgt. Dale

            I taught my sons morals, ethics, and manners. It appears there is a lot of parents who failed to do that for there children who post here.

            I wish it were different.

            Thank you for the job that you do.

        • maddog

          Was is the key word along with killing the lord almighty.

      27. European American

        Cops facing internal retribution for their actions? There is an understood code in the Cop family that they stand behind their men and woMEN in blue, no matter what.

        Remember Serpico, the movie, with Al Pacino playing Frank Serpico? Good cop becomes an outcast in the NYPD because he wouldn’t take skimmed drug money from the other cops.

        Here is the man himself explaining the brutal police world of today.

        “The Police are still Out of Control”
        (remove the space between the ht and tp)

        ht tp://

        • European American

          And yes, we see a cop getting shot/killed and the whole force (and neighboring forces) goes on (tax payers funded) overtime to get the criminal. Why is that? Either put out the army of cops when anybody gets murdered or just respond fairly. No, more of the inside police family protection and special attention to themselves.

          Now a days, I feel no sorrow for cops getting shot. Doesn’t even matter whether they are good or bad. Their collective has a stench that is becoming unbearable. The default in my mind is “They are the bad guys, guilty, until proven innocent”.

          Christopher Dorner was a true American hero!

          • JRS

            Your first paragraph really hits home with me since I live somewhat close to this situation.

            They are spending over one million dollars a week looking for this Frein guy and it’s been near two months now and they are clueless with all their copters, dogs, SWAT teams and MRAPS. It sickens me about the effort put into this just because it is only done for another cop and it will all be paid for by taxes from a broke public.

            When interviewed, a local was asked if they were afraid for their safety. Their reply was…”Why should I be scared. He’s not after us, he’s after the cops.”

        • the renegade braveheart

          EA, I have an old VHS copy of that movie. The retired cops in my family were just like him. They refused to be corrupt and they cared about the public. NYPD has been corrupt as long as it has existed.

          • European American

            Not every cop is corrupt, that is obvious, but it “seems” those who truly align themselves with “to serve and protect” are becoming the minority, a rarity, a thing of the past. It seems like the old school cops, even those that might have been corrupt, weren’t at all like what we are seeing today. Today’s police man and women have a chip on their shoulder, out of the gates. Probably raised on, and by, abusive (alcoholic/Rx drugged) parents, violent video games, Rx Drugs, sugar and junk food, Middle East tours, Steroids, etc., just busting at the seams to take out their frustration, anger, hatred for, and of themselves, on others. Ticking time bomb. We’ve all seen the new cops on the blocks. Felt their subtle rage brewing. It’s now being programmed into them.

            All the while, the easier going cops are being intentionally phased out of a system going bad. Militarized cops and the coinciding mentality that cultivates that mindset, is growing. They are not out to protect and serve, they’re out to bang heads, to create havoc, AND they are allowed to get away with this behavior.

            This new breed is not at all related to that of a “peace” officer. Their new dictum is: everyone they meet is guilty until proven innocent, and, before proven innocent: intimidate, slap around, damage the citizen either mentally, emotionally or physically. Create fear, keep them on the defensive. This mode of operating cannot last. More and more law abiding citizens are not going to put up with this. Some over zealous cop is going to pick the wrong (armed) citizen and will get exactly what he/she deserves.

      28. Sgt. Dale

        All I can say is what a couple of morons!!!!!!!!!!
        No excuse for acting that way.
        I they were under me when I was a Sgt. they would get some days of and have to go to anger management course.


        • guanoman

          Really? Anger management class? How about the unemployment line? How about never being able to work in LE again? I was always taught to keep my anger in check and never escalate things. These guys go from zero to psycho in the blink of an eye – no control whatsoever. And you think anger management will cure this level of nutjob? A wise Holocaust survivor friend of mine once told me the only way to take rabies out of an animal is to destroy it. I think these mongrels are indeed rabid and last I checked, there was no cure for rabies.

      29. Turnthekey

        Sure you are nazi. You would probably give them a commendation.

      30. Sgt. Dale

        Must be a bad day for you.
        2 cops out of thousands act like TURDS and they get put on your site. That is right your site not mine, and you can put anything on your site you want.
        I have been here almost a year now, and this is the first time you have disappointed me. I know I’m nobody, but damn man look what is going on!
        The southern border
        Russia in Ukraine, and fling in US and NATO air space.
        Food prices
        Election crap
        China trying to start a fight in the East.
        Iran working on Nuke and Obullshit doing nothing about it.
        N Korea screwing around
        Obullshit dissing Israel.
        An Illegal Mexican that murdered two Deputies that has been kick out of the country 3 or 4 times. Gov. Brown wants more illegal to come in, along with some other IDIOTS that are running the country!
        The BS that is going on in Ferguson.
        Just to name a few.
        I do want to thank you for all the good ones you have, but If I think it stinks I will say so.
        If you want to block me that is your choice. Like I said I’m nobody!
        Sgt. .

        • The

          The “BS that is going on in Ferguson” is related to this. Or did you just mean the whole black people rioting part….

          • Sgt. Dale

            Wilson did what any of us would do if being attacked by a 300 lbs man. Black White Green or Gray!
            He tried to get them out of the street. They were show no respect for the motoring traffic. No respect is the issue here. The youth of the day have not been taught respect and believe they are the only ones to be respected. You know damn well if a black man would have hit one of them turds with his can nothing would have happened (riots) Now if it was a white man that would have hit one of them turds you know damn good and well there would have been rioting.
            Some one? I have no idea who it is that I can prove whats a riot to start some where. You and I both know this. I’m leaning toward the FEDS, and the prez. I can’t prove it but if I could I wouldn’t be around very long. I would more than likely have a bad accident in my squad, if you know what I mean.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I forgot
          Home grown Terrorist
          Gun Control
          Obullshit going to allow 5 million Illegals in.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Sarge, in my book, you’ll always be somebody.

        • bigben

          to Sgt Dale

          I totally agree with you. Thank you


        • The Old Coach

          Easy there, Sarge. It’s just clickbait. IMHO the video is faked, put up by Alex Jones because his numbers are slipping.

          It sure smoked out a lotta hysterics, though…..

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Seriously who goes aroud calling themselves Sarg? Tying to make yourself feel important? You retired yrs ago. Let go!! Find a new identity. That name may get you hurt out there. EGO is a killer.

            • Sgt. Dale

              I would but there are hundreds still calling me Sgt.

              • The Old Coach

                Hundreds of thousands of retired military officers used to be called by their rank. It was so much an honorific that people used to pretend to a phony rank, like “Col.” Sanders. But you’d be too young to know any of that….. “Duty, Honor, Country has been replaced with “me, myself, and I”.

        • Archivist

          I have never had a bad encounter with law enforcement. Of course, I don’t drink, I don’t speed where I can be caught (never had a ticket in 40 years), I don’t go to bars or nightclubs, I don’t hang around after dark in bad neighborhoods, I don’t beat my wife, etc. I just lead a dull, ordinary life.

          The sheriffs I have known were good guys. The current one in the county I used to live in is one of the few in my state who actually signed up at an online site saying he would never enforce a gun confiscation order. My current sheriff seems to be one of us. I would guess he has more groceries stored away than I have. One of the deputies lives several houses down the road and is out in his back yard shooting every once in a while, as do a number of my other neighbors.

          Perhaps those who have had more than their share of bad experiences live in the big cities, which they should have vacated long ago. Or perhaps they have more adventures in the fun category than I’ve had. Or maybe, like Ron White has said, they have the right to remain silent but not the ability.

          Anyway, your local sheriff is the top law officer of any kind in your neighborhood, so it would be best to get to know him or her very well.

          • The Old Coach

            Sheriffs are almost always elected, and have to answer to the people.

            Police chiefs are almost always appointed, and feel answerable only to the crooked politician(s) who appointed them.

            And yes, I know my sheriff. First met him when he came to buy a gun that I had for sale. He had to warn me on the phone “Don’t freak out when I arrive in a patrol car!”.

        • Cellar Spider

          The reason stories about police oppression are posted is because police and military oppression are common characteristics of the downfall of societies throughout history. Each account is an important data point. If nothing else than to guage the increase in frequencies between incidents.

          It is undeniable that the frequency of police oppression incidents are on the increase.

          • Sgt. Dale

            The reason this printed is someone is pimping for the COP HATERS! Watson comes to mind.
            I’m getting sick and tire of Alex Jones two face BS. On one hand he will say he likes cops and on the other hand he finds two cops that screwed up and makes it look like it is all cops. Hate/fear monger like Jones is making me sick.

            • BJ

              Some are getting sick and tired of your two faced BS….

              you are public enemy number one….no matter how you cry and snivel your lying crap…you are a fraud. And like JRS said, there is no such thing as a good cop, you serve the corp and not freedom/liberty or the constitution.

              • Smooth Criminal

                I gave SGT a compliment the other day about being a member of the old guard, however I noticed today he has been siding with the new gestapo police tactics.

                I guess he has to as he knows when SHTF, playing both sides of the fence is in his advantage.

                • Sgt. Dale

                  You must have missed the post up a little higher.
                  I said that these two guys were turds. And that the public should never be treated like this.
                  I also said it is funny how everyone turns against Cops when y0ou have two turds messing up. When you have thousands doing good.
                  Just a question? Why haven’t we seen an article about the Illegal scum that shot and killed two Cops in Comfornia? One of the guys was executed on the same Frigging day his father was shot and killed by a bad guy 26 earlier. On the same damn day!!!
                  No we would rather pick two turds out of thousands and talk about them. WTH!

                  • SheepDawg

                    We place trust in police with extreme prejudice. In court, police testimony is always believed beyond a shadow of a doubt until a clever defense attorney gets them to perjure themselves. Even then, despite perjury being a criminal offense, despite slanderous lies, despite bearing false witness against their fellow man, these ‘men’ are allowed to walk free where another person might do jail time for lying in court. Their honor is never questioned after dishonoring themselves because they are police officers. It sullys the badge.

                    When those we place the highest amount of trust in violate that trust, they fall from grace and fall hard they do. This is what I see as the reason why the bad cop stories garner so much attention. With all the ‘cop worship’, placing them on pedestals and even allowing them to steal, rape and murder with impunity (Blue Wall of Silence and Soveriegn Immunity), people are getting fed up with the double standards and failure of these unworthy men to meet even the most minimal standards we expect of fellow members of society. There is a growing consensus that crips and bloods are less dangerous than the gangs with red and blue lights on their cars.

                    Then when you consider the outright criminal conspiratorial corruption in some departments, it starts to make one wonder why we hire miscreants to do a job that is supposed to be an honorable, respectable position only to see it defiled and trust eroded by the actions of a few (and turning a blind eye to the actions by the many). If those we hire to uphold the law and ensure our rights in thier capacity as trustee, how can the police or government expect regular people to respect and follow the law? There is no ‘do as I say, not as I do’ in a Republic. You either follow the law and protect/respect those you serve, or you reap the consequences of these actions. Don’t complain about thug criminals ruining society if you are doing worse.

                    That said, Sarge…I have nothing but respect for you as an individual and those who serve with honor and integrity. Respect can be earned. Two things that you cannot buy, nor earn: Honor and Integrity. You must hold fast to them because once they are gone, you can never return to being honorable nor can you regain your integrity.

              • AZClimber

                Ding. Winner.

              • PKLL

                BJ: “stink post…”

                Sarg….just ignore stink posts….

            • The Old Coach

              I posted a while ago that this video looks faked to me. Resolution is too good, sound quality too good, the kid obviously is manipulating the camera just before the altercation starts, etc.

              What bothers me most is that Alex Jones thinks he has to manufacture an “incident”, just like those Arabs did a couple of weeks ago. There’s enough legitimate grievance with some cops that faking it seems hardly necessary. IMHO this puts him on par with the Paliswineans who splash an actor with fake blood and perform for the MSM cameras three or four times a week.

              Assuming that Alex Jones knows his audience, what does this say about the members of that audience? After looking at Infowars, do they jump right over to Daily Koz and Puffington Host for another plate of Bravo Sierra with paranoid sauce?

        • Billy Hill

          No offense Sgt (and nothing personal), but we’re done. We’ve had enough. Your “brothers” are abusive, intolerant, arrogant and believe you are above the law and above rest of us. (Hint; you’re not!)

          Your “brothers” are a large part of the problem and there are very few of you that are willing to stand up and shout from the top of the mountain about what the rest of you are doing wrong.

          I respect you individually as a so-called prepper but if I see you on the street you will NOT have my trust, you will NOT have my respect and it will be very difficult for you to earn either. (Not that I think you would even remotely consider trying to earn my respect if we met while you were on duty…)

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Billy Hill. You mean once a pig always a pig?

            This is a good article a Pig beating up a Bible Thumper. Poetic Justice in my book. LOL. Evil vs Evil. Just makes my job easier.

            • PKLL

              WWTI: stink post

          • Sgt. Dale

            A story about two bad cops and you put us all in the same basket. WTH. You don’t see all the good my brothers and sisters do every day because it isn’t news worthy.
            Two cops have to be killed by an illegal asshole from Mexico before they are put in the news. I will bet you didn’t see the story about the officer that pulled the guy out of his burning vehicle the other day. One little news flash about it, that was it. Put a punk in his place and you guys want to hang us all.
            Just look around you right now. Who do you think is holding everything together? It any the Feds. Look what the Feds did in Ferguson. It was your locals Law Enforcement that stop them animals from burning down the city. And they would have if it was for the cops stopping them. Your choice. LEO’s can try and hold a line or we can turn it loose and you can have anarchy.
            No Offence taken. We agree on too many other things. I do also like a lot of your post. They make me think.

            • BJ

              Why do you keep touting this :2 bad cop?” You are lying, and trying to muddy the waters, confuse the subject and your a spin doctor.

              WTF do you mean “2 bad cops?”

              This is all over the place every single freakin day….AND YOU KNOW IT….FRAUD!!!

              There are no good cops, and those who call themselbves Christians who believe Jesus and Gods word are the biggest frauds of all with one hell of a surprise coming one day. Everything about your job flies in the face of the constitution….which was derived from His word and the Spirit of the risen Christ.

              FREEDOM and LIBERTY!

              And as Braveheart (the real one, not the one here who wishes to fornicate with you on a daily basis) said on the torture slab before breathing his last breath………………….


              • BJ

                That was supposed to say, “and those COPS who call themselves Christians……..”

              • the renegade braveheart

                BJ, I am real and I will be fighting for freedom against the NWO, mofo, so go f#$% yourself!

                • BJ

                  I think the Sgt’s balls need a rest, I am sure your chin is available.

                  BTW, your’e too ignorant to know what freedom is in the present or how to fight for it….so how the hell do you plan on doing it in the future?

        • Old Guy

          Its more like two cops out of a thousand are so called good cops. All cops are parasites. Cops produce nothing. The cops pay must be robbed from the citizens. Most cops must write a certain number of tickets. Quotas do exist.

          • The Old Coach

            Is it the line cops’ fault that quotas exist? Or the political masters who appoint their bosses?

            Frankly, I am not much impressed with the intelligence and even the ethics of most line cops that I have met, whether in the line of duty or not. One that I had dealing with was so nearly illiterate that he could not write a coherent incident report.

            But I ask – what kinds of guys will take that job, swallow the political BS, and keep doing it? Not the best and brightest, more’s the pity.

      31. Alwaystomorrow

        I hope both officers wives and daughters encounter the same attitude and respect that they showed these people from someone that has authority over them.

      32. Warchild Dammit!

        Sarge,time to retire completely.I like the idea of folks behind the lines holding on till last minute and leaving by back door with info. and supplies but this nonsense keeps up anyone in uniform going to be a target,not just the ones who deserve to be,the whole country seems to be turning in to a complete rat fuck,damn shame.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Any cop that goes around off duty and still tries to use his title of Sarge has an ego problem and thinks he will be granted special privledges or authority atvantage over others or command respect out of fear that he has the authority to kick your ass deserves to get his ass handed to him first chance.

          • Sgt. Dale

            I used this on my Email address before I retired. A lot of people in town still called me Sgt.
            How about Judge
            Just to name a few.
            Even thou I’m not a Sgt. anymore the guys I have worked with for many years still call me Sgt.
            I think I know what your problem is you haven’t earned a title. Keep trying you might just earn one some day.

          • PKLL

            stink post…

            • PKLL

              That was for WWTI above Sarg’s post…

      33. vtfree2

        You can’t blame the stringed puppets, the monkeys have been trained. Who told them they could behave toward the owners of this “country” like that. Take a guess!
        As always and throughout history: tyrants get their power through the followers of their perceived authority.

        Again, enforcing unjust “law” perpetrated by the de facto legal system.

      34. The

        For both cops, three things:

        #1 – You’re on video, one click and you’re on youtube

        #2 – It is not a crime to tell a cop to fuck off

        #3 – Fuck off

        • Sgt. Dale

          You can’t give punks like this a inch, because tomorrow they will try to take a mile and then you will have real trouble.

          • passinwiththewind

            Sorry Sgt. Dale,

            i don’t know you well enough to make a personal call about your character, and have no animosity towards you as a cop and human being…..however…..

            Your comment here says it all, about the thinking and mindset of all LE….

            “You can’t give punks like this a inch, because tomorrow they will try to take a mile and then you will have real trouble.”

            You “assume” by a few words that this guy is a punk.
            To cops, a punk is a criminal. That very type of mentality causes the trigger happy cops to kill without remorse and definitely without using their head.

            If a cop is that scared and looks at the general population of young people as punks/criminals, then they need to find another profession.

            Just sayin’

            • Sgt. Dale

              He has put blogs on many sights just to get his 15 minutes of fame and this was how he did it. Now if he would have just complained to his boss and not put up all these blogs it would be a different story.

              Ok Maybe he isn’t a punk. Just like some of you guys see two cops screwing, you put all cops in the same basket.
              Thanks for the come back and the debate

              Your last commit about young people being Punks/Criminals. That is all we deal with. We don’t deal with the good kids, and that is a shame. That is why I would get out of my Squad and play BB with the good kids and learn their names, but that was then and this is now. I guess them days are gone. What a shame.

            • BJ

              I been trying to tell all here that all cops, deep down are just alike and the sgt dale here is no different. In fact if anything he is WORSE…because he claims to be one of us and a freedom lover AND a Christian, yet he is not and cannot be because he is and has been a cop!

              • PKLL

                BJ: stink post…

        • Sgt. Dale

          The cop was wrong, but like in Ferguson you don’t have all the details!!! Sounds like the kid is punk, but he still shouldn’t have been beat down for it.
          I have ran into punks like this before and it was everything you can do to just walk away from this disrespect, not of me but of the BADGE!

          • Colorado

            Since you begin your comment that you don’t have the facts, what gives you the wisdom to declare the “kid” a “Punk”.

            There is a punk here but I don’t think it is the kid.

            God Bless you Dale

      35. Satori

        good cop

        Goodcop: Off-Duty Cop Finds $125,000 Cash in the Middle of the Road. Finds Owner, Returns it to Him

        disgusting,corrupt cop

        Deep Undercover: Police Officer in UK Fathered a Child with an Activist as Part of an Investigation

        • RIDICULOUS

          good cop who finds 125,000 cash and returns it- thinks to himself
          “this is a test, I am being watched. otherwise, id be taking this money home”

          ..still bad cop

      36. 41MagMan

        This cop is an absolute disgrace to the uniform he wears, the badge he carries, and the oath he took when he signed up for this job. It is clear that some police departments need a thorough house-cleaning to remove people like this so that those who do keep their oath and actually do “protect and serve” get the respect they deserve. This fellow deserves a big boot up his arse.

        I am thankful to live in an area where the local sheriff and his deputies do a superb job. Crime is low here and incidents of police abuse are quite rare. I dunno… maybe this is the exception to the growing police state across the US but it sure is appreciated by the local (non-criminal) community. We support our sheriff’s department because they need and deserve our support just as we need theirs.

        This is an area that will do better during a SHTF scenario than most. Our sheriff and his department will continue to be an asset to the local community. Anyone coming here to raise Hell better rethink that because they will be facing an outstanding police agency and many well-armed citizens backing them up.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          The problem is that the police unions will back up any pig in a uniform regardles of what his crime is. And they hire pricy lawyers to defend this Ahole to the very end. It is not that easy to just fire a pig for good. He gets like 10 chances to clean up his act.

      37. Archivist

        Today has been busy with solar flares. We’ve had five since noon and an M3.6 just ended a few minutes ago.

        • PKLL

          Archivist: good info, thanks…

      38. StevenKY

        I looked up oficer Macloud’s name on and the state: Florida. It gave the home address and phone number in Loxahatchee,FL which is North of Miami,FL. I just might have to send him a Christmas Card with the note “God Bless You” in the card. Wonder if he will try to beat me up or arrest me for the kind greeting card?

        • BJ

          You should post his contact information here.

      39. Old Guy

        When its all boiled down the cops are nothing more than paid vigilantie enforcers. Taking money to steal money,property & freedom from the citizens.once they start down the path it isn’t long before they sell their souls.

        • Anonymous

          Old Guy…that’s an awefully wide brush you’re painting with! Some cops are just bad to the core, but a higher percentage aren’t. There have been a few times in my younger years when I should have gotten a ticket, but got a warning instead. Not all cops deserve to be labeled “bad”, just as not all people are bad!

      40. WhoWuddaThunkIt

        I have a hot lady friend from the Czec Republic. That was pulled over by a city cop. Days later the cop keeps stopping by this lady’s apartment while in uniform. Basically harassing and stalking her to date his creepy ass. She says she does not answer the door and lives in fear of this Stalking cop. So what does she do? Report him then is found dead. Or retaliated against? She eventually moved. There are a lot of cops out there that need to be dealt with. Off the books per sey.

      41. Copperhead

        Dear friends yes I truly feel some very bad things come our way soon make no mistake about it.
        Again this is my gut feeling. This whole world is ready to explode, every last square inch of it. What stinks to the most highest is all the talk of importing THOUSANDS of refugees from all over the world! The legalizing of MILLIONS, Holy SH~T Bat Man, can we say invading Army here. I feel we know why all the ammo, guns etc. that has been bought and place all over the U.S. is for It’s for the INVADING/OCCUPYING FORCES to be used against our own population. All of this has been planned don’t think it hasn’t. Look for some major false flag events and I mean MAJOR events to go down soon after the elections to start the party. These will more than likely involve multi-events in multi-cities, at the same time; friends again if you can get out of the cities do it now if not sooner. Cities and urban areas are nothing more than death traps. These false flags will give POTUS the justification (in his mind) to suspend the election results and implement all the EO’s (he has already prepared), in the name of National Security and will only be lifted when he feels things are under control (they never will be). What more than likely is going to happen when the first EO’s are signed; (travel, firearms, money withdrawal restrictions, etc.), CIVIL WAR will break out. Sorry for all the doom and gloom, but my gut feeling is at it again. We have a very short window to finish up on preparation and sitting up defense’s where we will be at when it happens. The year 2015 is going to be VERY DARK I’m afraid. I pray to GOD that my gut feelings are wrong.


      42. slingshot

        Sgt. Dale

        Catching a lot of heat? Have had my share of run ins with the police for minor infractions. Traffic violations and youthful beer parties. The patrolman of long ago is gone. Much more for the officer to encounter and more dangerous. After all he has family also to come home to.
        Many LEO’s suffer from Bleed Over. You are blamed for what others do. In some cities the general atmosphere is to be harsh be that is the environment they work in. It slowly grows on them.

        Sgt. Dale, you know who you are. As for playing both sides, that is what your conscience has to deal with after the fact. I do not think this is so for you.
        Hard for you to distance yourself because it is your job. What counts is what you do when the balloon goes up.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Thanks for the encouragement.
          I just get upset when people put all of us LEO’s in one basket. I just isn’t right.
          And to show two turds out of Thousands being stupid, and not show the ones that put their life on the line is not right. I guess you don’t get any air time when you do something good, and we shouldn’t because that is what we are there for.
          Again Thanks!

          • Enemy of the State

            Time for the “good” cops to out the “bad” cops.. or yes, you are all bad then.. m, sorry but thats how the game is played , and your old enough to know that

            if the good guys are not outing the bad then they deserve to be painted with that brush.

            even the cops use this against perps.. hang with dogs get fleas , guilt by association etc.. you know whats right, but not many cops will fight the good fight when it means maybe being singled out for the right reasons or that their fat pension may be on the line

            bottom line and word for that is Coward.. sorry I look at shit black and white , no grey area for those willing to hide from reality

            dont take this personally .. unless Ive hit on something that hits home , that my friend is up to you

            • Sgt. Dale

              I would love to get rid of the bad cops!!!
              TPTB have all the controls. You will see a good cop hounded while a bad cop gets away with just about anything.
              Here is why. If a Cop does something like saving a life the Cop gets the praise, not the Chief. Some Chiefs don’t like that because they want to be in the spotlight. This cop will be under the Chiefs microscope for every little thing he does. If he does anything to the Chief’s friends look out. I could tell you tons of stories but there isn’t enough time. I will tell you one

              Wrote a ticket to a Priest for going 40 in a school zone when kids where present. My Sgt. told me to tear it up and I told him NO. We took it to the chief and he told me to do what I thought was right. I forgot the Priest was just driving around?(school zone) When I stopped him, he asked me if I knew who he was and I told him a man just like me. The Sgt. became Chief, and it was down hill for me until I retired. 10 years of S$%T.
              Now if a cop does something bad the Chief gets the spotlight, because he is his boss. So the Chief tries to hush things up and cover for the bad cop. I hope this answered some questions you might have.

              • t-zulu


                ive dealt with cops on all levels im not a bad guy, I just don’t follow BS laws. most are respectful and helpful, but the ones who do the wrong thing get dealt with on the sly, fucker still walks with a limp

              • Colorado

                Sgt. Your brothers and sisters need to clean your own houses. This does reflect upon you. I’d say if you spent more time working to correct your problems and less screwing with law abiding citizens, we would all be better off.

                Stay safe sir but pull your collective heads out!

            • BJ

              The caeer itself of LEO as anything other than a Sherriff, flies in the face of the Constitution and is wrong. Therefore all cops are bad….they work for the enemy only.

      43. Mike the Gardener

        I know a lot of great cops and some who should be committed. This guy looks like he should be in the latter. Don’t let one cop define or take away from what all the great cops do out there.

      44. Loki Luck III

        Basically, they’re being trained more aggressively assuming that the people are the enemy, but in reality becoming their own worse adversary.

      45. The Prophet

        Got out of the Army in ’69 and joined a large mid-western police department. Left after only 3 years. Why? Too many crooks and political types on the dept. One of my supervisors finally went to prison for 7 years. Another one got shot and killed by his wife. He would have ended up in prison for running a theft ring. I always wondered why they assigned me to the farm country. To keep me from seeing what they were up to. A lot of the cops were “mobbed up”. Associated. What they didn’t screw up was ruined by the political types. Connected. They had juice. Such is life in the big city.

      46. Lucille

        This shit nation only has judgement to face. America will die soon just like Rome and every other shit kingdom, empire or whatever you want to call it. It will end and will become dispersed. The masses will go where they think is best for them to go. In the middle of that some will want to become tyrants and they will be killed by others who also want to become tyrants. Dictators and warlords, these will rise and will fall over and over. Men are like this, the test of Willy’s just like always. Mine is bigger than yours, and so on. Eventually the people will settle with whatever is at hand or not and with whatever they can get or not. The only real threat that I can think of is that the moronic men that have the capability of using nuclear warheads on each other get to doing the same stupid things that the rest of you dumb ass men do and unleash those bombs on each other killing us all in one big bomb fest. Thank you men, for destroying us all!

        • Kevin2

          “This shit nation only has judgement to face.”

          They all do. I’ll say this; “I’m living better than the offspring of my ancestors that immigrated from Italy and Poland”. Blacks in America certainly live far better than the decedents of their successful ancestors that avoided capture.

          JFK summed it up with the statement, “We have our faults but we never had to put a wall up to keep our people in”.

          My gripe is the high moral ground that we claim to virtually exclusively occupy with ostensible excuses like freedom to justify our actions. We were taught to look down upon other nations that in effect were doing the same things for the same reasons. We’re hypocrites; you napalm a village because we disagree with their economics and then pat ourselves on the back for handing out candy bars to the survivors.

      47. toadsticker

        As somebody who has had upset people say, “God Bless You” to me. It’s meant as the kind of comment like when southern women say, “Bless her little heart.” Or in other words, “Go F___ Yourself.” Oh, by the way, I didn’t respond.

      48. Anon

        Good grief!
        I think I am slowly beginning to see why people like Okie and BI have apparently left this site. I started doing some calcs on how much time I have spent reading here and it is scary. I think I am not alone. My advice, being a fellow time waster is that we all put a little more time in constructive endeavors and a lot less arguing on the ether. I’m going to check back in a month or so and see the new list of frequent contributors. As always, where are the discussions about practical matters? If a shooting war starts you will either pull the trigger or you won’t. It’s that simple. Everyone here has talked the talk, now?

        • Sgt. Dale

          I would leave but I just too damn bull headed, and most of all there are some great folks here. Like I said some.
          Every time a cop makes a mistake all shit hits the fan. A good cop does something or a cop gets killed by an Illegal. Nothing is said!!!

          • MongoPissed

            I have heard of 100,000 Jews serving in the Wehrmacht in WWII to fight against atheistic Communism. Our Satanic Jewish controlled media mentions that as often as it does good cops. Some of my local Sheriff’s are my neighbors and deserve the respect they have in the community. I believe the constant bad cop stories in the media are for the purpose of alienating us to all law enforcement, and to make them more compliant to being used against us when SHTF. That, combined with Israeli training and low recruitment standards, often of steroid-addled psychotics, is creating the cops who think it is them against us. I don’t think we should ignore shit like in this story, but recognize that there is an agenda behind it. Be active in your community, and don’t allow cops who become pigs to serve. As a last resort, they have homes. Twenty people in front with a local reporter would be an effective statement.

          • Canada Canuk

            SGT. Dale, Pay no attention to all the cop haters, just continue to do your job the way you do, (you sound like one of the ‘good guys’ to me.

            I always say I wouldn’t want your job, it’s dangerous, and no matter how much you get paid… is not enough! I know I will get red thumbs for saying this, but “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

            There are good and bad in every profession, but personally ,Sge., I have a feeling that you are one of the Good guys.

            Kudos to “The boys in Blue” who Serve AND protect us. Take care all and have a wonderful day! CC.

      49. Miss DeeDee

        I watch a lot of the mis-deeds of our LE departments on Youtube. These two incidents surprise me none as they are presented by Info Wars. The problem I see with todays article is two fold. The first is that it’s intention is obviously bias toward the supposidly innocent civilians. Info Wars often leads the way in telling us about things we should investigate further but in the end they are a money making machine. Secondly, I have to give you my thoughts as to why I have no side in this debate. When I am often asked to give my opinion about the Trevon Martin fiasco I reply ” How the heck could I know what happened ? I wasn’t there. ” When I am asked what my opinion I have regarding the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson I have the same reply ” How the heck could I know what happened ? I wasn’t there. ”
        These two clips shown today obiously are each an edited version and only show the conclusion of the confrontations. Someone here might be able to help me understand what heck happened. I’d love to hear from someone that was truely there at either of these videos.
        Take Care,
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • PKLL

          MissDeeDee: Finally some calm wisdom…we need more of that on SHTF…

      50. Copperhead

        Sgt. Dale: You sir are one of the last Peace Officers we have left. The new batch are nothing more than robots if you will, they can not think for themselves, its only do what they are told, and that my friend is very sad. It’s in the training they receive. Someone said without L E there would be anarchy, well in my estimation we have it now with this new breed. I’m behind you 110%, just stay safe. I’ll watch/cover your six anytime and be DAMN PROUD TO.


        • PKLL


      51. Turnthekey

        Thats right ass kiss more of the pigs.

      52. Kevin2

        Growing up I remember one threat and pretty much if you hid under your desk with your arms covering your head you were going to be ok. Now its crisis followed by crisis. Terrorism foreign, terrorism domestic, mass murder shooting, Ebola or any host of infectious diseases, job loss from Free Trade and then hyper inflation / economic collapse / saving misappropriation / confiscation.

        What’s next green men landing on the White House Lawn?

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Those green men would be a step up from the black man who landed on the whitehouse lawn.

          • Kevin2

            I don’t think his opposition would have been remarkably better. The major difference is the MSM and liberals would have been on them more for their globalist endeavors. Jon Corzine would still have escaped prosecution from the Justice Department and Wachovia Bank would still have only received a $160 million fine for laundering $300 billion in drug money W/O anyone prosecuted.

            TPTB want us to believe that there is a difference in their actors.

            Be thankful he fumbles the ball and hasn’t sent your kid to Syria yet.

      53. Anonymous

        Well, these cops are getting the same training as the ZOG’s IDF. This is just the start, wait until they start shooting your kids in your front yards in the US of A. C’mon scream your hearts out…USA USA USA

      54. Northstar

        I havn’t heard someone talk like that since I was in the Coast Guard.

      55. Lucille

        What a filthy mouth this guy has.

      56. Colorado

        Screw the jack booted punks! Keep recording these NAZI Pigs.

      57. 9404

        Yeah the Officers should absolutely be more professional but the entire video is not being shown. We’re not seeing the lead up to the Officers going off.

      58. FYYFF

        Snarky taunting hipster who is trying to goad a cop and gets told to fuck off. Sorry, I have to go with the cop on this one. The little puke “victim” must be really hurt about being spoken to harshly. No dog in this fight but the guys voice is annoying.

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