Watch: Bruce Lee’s Only Recorded “Real Fight” Is Finally Revealed: His Speed And Power Are Stunning

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    He is the best known martial artist of the last century. And while Bruce Lee has countless movies and demonstrations available for viewing, something we’ve never actually seen is the founder of Jeet Kune Do in a full-on fight.

    Now, according to Bruce Lee Central, a recently restored video of Bruce Lee fighting one of his top students, Ted Wong, has emerged.

    Wong was a dedicated student of Lee’s, and never trained in any other styles, eventually going on to become an instructor of Lee’s pure form of Jeet Kune Do.

    In the video, Lee demonstrates his stunning speed and power, as Wong takes numerous beatings but keeps coming back for more:

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    This article first appeared at


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      1. Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee is a good read and a man can learn something from it.

        • Indeed, and there are 2 more books that go with it. His method of dividing the body into target quadrants is interesting.

          Would have been an honor to spar with The Master.

          • Sorry, but the master had no time for you. Bob Barker trained Bruce on how to act though.

          • Even though this was not a real fight, it would still be fun to smack people in the mouth.

          • Two Wongs don’t make a white

          • The Four Gates principle comes from Wing Chun as do simultaneous block-punch, body shifting and the centerline. Jeet Kun Do can be seen as an evolution of the principles of Wing Chun to modern fighting techniques.

            • I would like to have punched Bruce Lee right in the mouth. Mike Tyson said,”everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

          • I divide the opponent into quadrants too: Nose, Neck, Nuts, Knees

        • It was not a real fight because they had pads and a referee. Plus Bruce was fighting a retarded midget.

      2. This isn’t what I call a real fight.

        A real fight is one that takes place in a back alley with someone trying to stick a knife in you.

        And no matter how good you are, if the guy with the knife can touch you he can cut you and if he can cut you he can kill you.

        Every time you strike against him you give him something to cut.

        Street fighting takes a lot more than stylized martial arts form, it takes both a desire to kill and a willingness to die instead of running away (running away usually being the best option if survival is your priority).

        Best advice, stay out of back alleys and off of crowded streets where you can be attacked but not get away.

        • You have no idea what you are talking about. Trained martial artists can kill in the ring just as easily as on the street. The fact that they are able to restrain themselves is a testament to their skill.

        • Agreed I took on the entire football team In highschool. I took a beating but I dished it out too. Unfortunately I was the only one arrested because I had a skateboard with me and was charged with a weapon even though 14 200lb+ football players were fighting a 165lb kid by himself, this happen Cuz I took the quarterbacks gf I left her soon after for being a stupid bitty, however the quarter Back and I became friends after the fact and I found that he was a local boxing champ and he’d never gotten a whining like that before. Long story short I married his sister so I won completly in the end

          • This is awesome story man! You can make a story worthy of reading in a book or magazine.

            Again – awesome!

          • Was his sister ugly?

          • Jtx,

            That is an awesome story! Congratulations! I hope you are still 165 lbs and working out regularly. A lot of us put on some weight after we got married.

            Louisiana Eagle

      3. I was always told, if someone is faster or a quicker boxer than me, to tackle them on the ground ASAP, and go to wrestling. I just carry a 9mm these days, faster than any Bruce Lee move. And remember the 40 Yard Rule with knife attackers. The fastest sprinter out there can run a 40 Yard dash in 4.22 seconds, and stab you, in about as fast as I can pull my weapon and fire a few rounds at a moving target coming at me as I am yelling stop stop, bang bang bang bang bang….

        That Kung Fu Crap works in countries where Guns are outlawed.

        • Crack:

          I think you are missing the importance of “Kung Fu crap”.

          It is simply not practical to go around shooting people all the time. Once in a while, you will need to be able to fist fight or just block a punch. Most fights begin when you least expect. There is no time to get distance between yourself and a would be attacker. Guns definitely are lethal and can kill even a Bruce Lee, but like I said, you just can’t go around shooting people all the time.

          Do you remember that video of Muslim men surrounding and molesting girls in a swimming pool. If Bruce had been there he could have intervened. I don’t think you would be able to float with a gun strapped to your chest. And I think there are prohibitions against swimming while armed.


          • Bruce lee’s trained kid was kilt by a 9 mm ?

          • Fun fact: Bruce Lee practiced concealed carry.
            (A .357 Revolver, to be specific)

            • Only in amerika

            • Now I know why they wear those baggy outfits.

          • There is a place for everything! There is nothing wrong with knowing how to fight with your hands and feet, with weapons, and when appropriate to let your feet get you out of harm’s way as fast as you can (AFAYC)! The best strategy is to avoid trouble but sometimes it comes looking for you! You have to assess the situation lickity split and look for your advantage. Weaponize whatever you can before engaging.

            Louisiana Eagle

        • Kung fu crap doesn’t even work in gun free zones, they are still government tax slaves.

      4. Bruce Lee was a perfectionist who never stopped perfecting his physical fitness. He used electricity on himself to work muscles. He got into street fights to practice and perfect his style. He married an American white woman and had one daughter and one son, Brandon Lee, who died from a gun accident.

        Bruce Lee set up his school in Oakland, California. It is rumored that Chinese leaders objected to Lee’s sharing secrets of the mastery of hand to hand combat with nonChinese. Lee was a super respected star of martial arts films in China.

        He appeared as a character on TV but was rejected by the studios for the lead in the TV Series, Kung Fu, who failed to recognize the universal appeal he possessed.

        __ “be like water”


        • Yes, the sex offender David caradine was a sweet grass-a-hopper.

      5. B,damn you,was going to use the “water” phrase!Shooting ones self in the head with a for movie firearm made to only shoot blanks is while sad not a accident but stupidity,that said loved the original Crow flick.

      6. I wrestled in high school. Can an MMA , Guy beat a karate guy? Is it all the same? An American freestyle wrestler Olympic gold metal winner beat them all? Could Ali beat Bruce Lee? Weight classes? Thank God we have guns?

      7. That was more of a demo than a fight. He was light years ahead of his time. To him Jeet
        Kune Do was about truth in combat. Notice how Lee and his opponent both spar using the
        southpaw stance. He believed that your most powerful hand should be your lead hand. Most combatants rely heavily on the overhead right as the “haymaker” punch. He thought
        the orthodox stance converted to southpaw was more effective. He had a knack for timing
        kicks and punches perfectly. Weight distribution in a boxing stance is about 50/ 50 in each
        leg. Lee favored a weight distribution of 60/ 40 ( front leg/ back leg ) for a more effective
        attack. He would watch fight films of Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson for hours. From them he
        learned about mobility and counterpunching. I remember when I was in grammar school and the big news of the day was hearing he had died. At the time, that was huge.

      8. My youngest son is a Bruce Lee fan his whole life. At age 7 started out taking Goju ryu , then Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Escrima. Then at age 15 we found someone in our area that taught Hung Gar and Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, and at age 17 he was promoted to assistant instructor. He is now thirty and stays in shape using Kung Fu, and yes everything changes in a real street fight. He says you really fight dirty then. But the principles of Kung Fu help prepare you for that street fight. I used to get worried when he first started to bend rebar using his lower trachea. It was conditioning and also a mental thing my son said. It still makes me nervous to watch him do it. It’s really sad that Bruce Lee’s life was cut short, and also his son’s life cut short D/T an accident on a movie set. Bruce Lee was a great and dedicated athlete. Waiting

      9. I would like to clear up am not putting down Brandon personally as came across upon reading.The set for the Crow though was rife with acts of stupidity including earlier some folks (crew) playing Russian roulette with said pistol/making rounds out of live for blanks ect.I would say whomever was in charge of security there in regards to safety really dropped the ball and from what I have read this whole damn production should have been put on pause till a better attitude in regards to safety was initiated.

      10. Bruce married strength, speed and technique via his most powerful weapon, the mind. Far ahead of his time, like a true pioneer, he captured the essence of what worked, discarded the inefficient, perfected and assimilated moves into his personal style. For example, in the clip he leads with his power right hand, normally reserved to the rear in boxing. In the clip he uses takedowns, stop kicks and wing chun hand movement. His legacy was to spark interest in the martial arts like no other and show the world that is was more than brute fighting, it was in fact, artful. NOTE: Brandon his son was shot, not Bruce. Lastly, draw speed and acting under pressure are martial skills, so having a weapon does not by itself make a warrior, its simply an edge.

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