Watch: Body Camera Catches Baltimore Cop Planting Drugs During Arrest

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    Few things in life are more terrifying than an encounter with a police. Fortunately, most encounters prove to be uneventful, and leave us with nothing more than a speeding ticket and a sour mood. But nonetheless, being stopped and questioned by a cop under any circumstance can be nerve-wracking, because the police have a lot of power over us. All it takes is one encounter with a really bad cop, and your life can be ruined.

    That fact should be abundantly clear after a police officer in Baltimore was recently caught planting drugs at the scene of a crime, which led to an unnamed suspect being wrongfully imprisoned for months (he has since been released). Strangely enough, what exposed the officer’s crime was his own body camera.

    In the beginning of the footage you can see him dropping what looks like a bag of pills on the scene, before he walked down an alleyway with two other officers. After the audio turns on, he can be heard saying “I’m going to go check down here, hold on,” as the other officers laugh. He then returns to the scene, and grabs the can that he just put the drugs inside of moments before.

    It has to make you wonder, how often did this sort of thing happen before body cameras were invented? How many totally innocent people are in jail right now because of cops like this?


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      1. How many totally innocent people are in jail right now because of cops like this?

        Too many to count

        • He wasn’t planing drugs, he was returning the drugs he just stole!!!

        • No doubt, everybody in Prison, claims they are innocent.

          Big Question is Charlie Manson Dead??, or was this a fake hoax. Anybody who can post a legit link first, that answers this question accurately gets a prize.

          I will send you an official IOU $100 on US paper Fake Money. I guess there are lots of $100 Bills floating around in my area, that are amazing real looking, but fake.

          • There is an old saying, Cops got the best dope out there. I saw a cop on another site bragging about all the knives he has taken off people and kept the knives. And was saying how long it took home to sharpen all of them. I had a key chain Swiss Army knife taken from be by a cop once, never got it back. F-n thieves. Had another steal about $80 Buck in cash from me during a traffic stop. Funny how I was left with just enough money to bail myself out the next day to the dollar. Cops are all on the take in one form or another, including raping women in their squad cars, etc. Besides body cameras the Cops need to be wearing GPS ankle bracelets to track them.

      2. One who did the deed, and two to watch. That makes three (count them, 3) who are complicit in this fraud.

        They will all get off with nothing on their records.

        • I bet one of the cops told on the other one. Police departments nowadays are a bunch of back stabbers, there is no code of silence anymore.

          • JS, when we have to look at cops the same way they view us, you know something is wrong in this country. And cops always claim to be smarter than us and better than us? Just more of that federal brainwashing.

      3. What has or will happen to him?

        Prosecution for possession of drugs (he most likely didn’t have any more legal right to be in possession of illegal drugs than anyone else does) and for obstruction of justice as well?

        • This is probably fake news. There are no news articles supporting this or just a twitter post?

          • A quick internet search yields the same story from NYT to Daily Caller. Nice try at being a cop shill tho.

      4. I have been posting for years. When a cop looses in Civil court he should be docked 10% of his pay until the debt is paid off. Where-ever he goes, into his retirement from his pension even.

        Like he’s even going to be charged.

        • It is extremely rare that police ever loose in civil court.

          The reasons are as follows:

          1) sovereign immunity protects the officers and department
          2) the officer is acting under the scope of their employment so the employer is responsible.
          3) The officers typically don’t get sued because they have no money, the departments are the ones with deep pockets.
          4) suit typically has to be filed in federal court as a 42 usc 1983 lawsuit. Not that many lawyers are federal court certified.

          • JS, didn’t you hear? Cops AND attorneys and judges are all above the law. They don’t have to live by the same rules we ‘civilians’ do. Must really be nice to have a badge or a law degree.

            • That should have been #1 on my list!

          • I beat Cops charges in the courts 75% of the time. Half the time they don’t show up for court. After I have my court date rescheduled several times.. It messes their schedules up and not worth, just one or 2 people to show up to court for, then go in front of the judge and say not guilty and the case is dismissed. The other wins are ask the Cop if he has his squad car maintenance records of his vehicle with him. Ask him if he knows what his tire pressure was that day he pulled you over for speeding? When he fails to answer any questions, ask for a dismissal. Put the Cop on trial. It also helps if you have the law on your side and look for that loophole he is not prepared to counter. Most cops have the mentality IQ of an average high school kid.

            Just saying..

            • “Most cops have the mentality IQ of an average high school kid.”

              Generally State Troopers have very high standards. In NJ its comparable to the FBI. Local and city vary, for the most part they’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      5. That is bad. That area looks poor and run down so I am guessing the perp could’ve afford bail (for 10 pills) and spent several months in jail. This is sickening.

        If you don’t have a dash cam, why not?

        • The real question is why?

          Who gives a crap about this person? Are there not enough real drug dealers running about, maybe the suspect was F-ing this officer’s wife.

          • More than likely, the cop knew the punk was crooked and or he was a typical coon running his ghetto yo-yo mouth and the cop had enough of it and said I will show you monkey boy you. I don’t blame some cops for what they do. Look what they truly have to deal with on the regular, especially in the ghetto city mess…

      6. Black and brown folks have been saying this stuff is going on for decades now. If you blindly support the cops YOU are complicit too.

        • Can’t we just be against the blacks and browns without being complicit?


      7. This is nothing new, there is just more eyes and awareness of it today. Imagine what it was like with no body cameras, no public attention?

        • The more i look at this video the more i think it is fake.

          • shill

      8. Mother fluckers! the ones that stood and watched are just as guilty. This is why the ranks of the police departments have turned into criminal cartels. No good men will stand up.

        • Why does this article not report the names of the arrested person, or show that?


          • super shill…they’ll come for you soon.

        • Bctruck, welcome and I agree. There’s no honesty or integrity left in law enforcement, not to mention their anti-public mentality.

      9. This is fuel for all of the anti-cop rhetoric and discredits legitimate arrests.

        • Nobody will care unless an unarmed black person get killed.

        • Brian, corruption in LE is REAL. They discredit themselves with actions like this; nobody has to help them. I’ve had 3 relatives in LE previously who quit because of things like this story here. They all told me, “This isn’t what I signed up for.” LE belongs in the same sewer with gangs, illegal aliens, etc. Plus they are brainwashed at the academy to be totally against the public. That federal US VS. THEM mentality. They don’t serve the public. They serve government. The federal and state supreme courts have said that many times. They don’t even care about the public. When you get into a life-threatening situation, you are on your own, you have to become your own ‘first responder’. Take responsibility for your own personal safety. Never dial 911 for any reason. It will backfire on you.

          • I agree. YOU are your own type of 911 my friends. Be armed and trained and be ready to do what has to be done for the good of your family and yourself. Call 911 and it will be more trouble that it’s worth in the long run. You are GUILTY no matter what, until, until you prove yourself Innocent. How many times have true victims called 911 and they end up dead or shot or in silver love chains? Think about the innocent white woman murdered by the coon ape Muslims black pig in MN just the other day. MN is seriously messed up and chuck-full of all the no good muzzies!

      10. Those two cops looked like two dumb dudes.

        Almost nobody with brains wants to be a cop any more. In a city where I lived, they trained a bunch of people to be cops because they got the funds. Then they let them go because they didn’t have the funds to keep them.

        I asked why they trained a couple hundred people if they had no money for their salaries. I was told, “because unless we use the money for training, we won’t get it next year even if we have money for salaries.

        The government is too big. There is no way to properly distribute and manage funds. Waste, corruption, incompetence abound.

        That trio of stooges is disgraceful. There are many ethical policemen and women who risk their lives in a thankless profession. One good cop lamented to me, “I should have become a fireman, everybody hates cops, but they love firemen”. I agreed and encouraged him to go to night school to become certified as a paramedic. Then apply for a position as a firemen once he was vested in his pension at the Police Force. I thought this guy was going to kiss me, he was so excited thinking he had found a way out. I hope it panned out for him.


        • He would have been better off quitting government all together.

        • B, that’s right. Firefighters and paramedics are the only first responders that earn my respect because they help people. Cops don’t help people because of their anti-public mentality. I hope that guy did become a fireman or paramedic. He’d be much better off and would be able to live with himself.

          • Exactly the FF/Paramedics are there to help you. The cops are there to beat you up, and take you to jail.

            • Firefighters expend most of their effort justifying their own existence. Look how much equipment/personnel is dispatched to every call. They’re not the heroes they’re made out to be.

        • BCA: So true, Gov’t is beyond HUGE now. How much of local state and federal funds are spent on salaries, benefeits, pensions, and on and on, huge sums of OUR Tax dollars…think about it people. And this whole pension situation is going to blow the god damned roof off of things. I think people deserve pensions but not close to 100$ of their salary while working for Christ sakes.

      11. Part of the ongoing war on people in service to this criminal governments bust them fleece them and lock them up directive mentality. I want to take a trip out west by car with nothing on board illegal, just some good old American cash. Is that illegal? It is as if shelter in place is the order from on high. Paranoia strikes deep. Stay in line and they’ll still come and take you away.

        • stay away from crowds…..

      12. That was a very large bag of rock cocaine? They were 50 to 100 dollars each? They planted what will get that guy 10 years? Or killed in prison?

        • I think crack cocaine is just a ticket nowadays. no jail.

          It won’t be long before murder is a fine only offense.

      13. Remember how John Oliver made everyone aware of the horrendous abuses carried out by police departments in the name of “civil forfeiture”? And then it was curtailed for awhile because Americans were losing more money to police departments than to burglary? Well thanks to AG Jeff Sessions…’s baaaaack!!!

      14. The predatory practice has become so prevalent that in 2014, for the first time on record, law enforcement officers took more money from Americans under federal forfeiture law than burglars stole from their victims.”

        Civil asset forfeiture is so blatantly unfair and prone to abuse that Institute for Justice Attorney Robert Johnson wrote that he was eager to find anyone willing to defend it. Johnson finally heard a feeble defense from Jeff Sessions, our new attorney general and at the time a U.S. Senator.

        Disturbingly, Sessions’ “defense” of civil asset forfeiture amounted to nothing more than an assertion that the law is all right because most of the people who lose property are dope dealers, which we know isn’t always true. (He’s a staunch pot opponent and going forward is going to ban recreational pot from becoming legal) Why punish everyone for the dope dealers. Even if that were true (and it isn’t), it still fails to address the due process problems inherent in these laws.

        I’ve had a major issue all along with Trump’s pick, Sessions, for Attorney General, and it’s now seeming that they hold similar views. When asked about civil asset forfeiture in the meeting with sheriffs, Trump made them happy by saying that he could see no reason to change a law they like. So much for draining the swamp.

      15. the solution is anyone been arrested for drugs by these 3 should be released 7 have records expunged & compensated. Te cops should be thrown in jail!

      16. Baltimore has had a bad reputation for years. No big surprise.

        • Like Philadelphia, NYC and Miami are any better? Phila couldn’t keep their elite narcotics strike force off the take as they have been disbanded for corruption back to back over a few decades. They were to the point of actually selling dope they confiscated. Internal Affairs was Sgt Shultz “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing” even though they had homes in Stone Harbor NJ. The FBI has to get them.

      17. NYPD lieutenant Steve Anderson testified in open court. That police ruteinly plant evidence to gain busts and promotion. Check out the truth about finger prints. And your DNA is every wear your dead skin flakes off and blows to. They can get anyone they don’t like. Or disagree with.

      18. Did anyone besides me notice that the kwap who planted and then ‘found’ the plastic baggie with the drugs inside it didn’t even bother to put on a pair of gloves?

        Whenever crime scene ‘evidence’ is handled, in order to not contaminate the crime scene or contaminate any evidence at the crime scene is it not standard kwap procedure to require the use of latex or nylon gloves? Thus, in this case, the only fingerprints or DNA that would have been on the outside of that plastic bag would be that of the kwap who planted the drugs, right?

        Was this just another example of the kwap being a complete moron, or might it suggest that he knew in advance that the forensics unit would go along with his illegal planting of the drugs and deliberately overlook the fact that nobody’s prints except his were on the plastic baggie?

        I tend to lean in the direction that this kind of kwap corruption is not restricted to the street level and it isn’t limited to just an occasional ‘bad kwap’. I am convinced that this kind of criminality is pervasive and wide spread and that it extends up and across the chain to every nook and cranny of law enforcement.

      19. This is what corrupt cops do. Who polices the police. No one cops are above law. No justice. What is the crime for planting contraband on someone. Possession is 9tenths of the law.

        • As my dad used to say, who is watching the watchman?

      20. Those no good criminals in Baltimore deserve everything they get!

      21. Ive never encountered a good cop or lawyer. There might be some? but I doubt it. They produce nothing. Parasites.

      22. You cannot trust police, period. FTP.

      23. Not sure if my eyes are getting bad, but I don’t see diddlysquat happening as the article claims! Appears to me to be just another cop hating fake news story. Disappointed in SHTF to post this garbage. My thoughts are this is bullcrap. Yeah, there are bad cops, but if any of us had to deal with the scum of the earth these guys have to, how many here would remain pure? Hmmm??

        Still don’t see what the article claims in the video. Dubious, at best!

      24. JS, it’s not fake when there’s a video. We know he planned on editing his body cam video.
        You’re so against this, either you’re a troll or a bad cop.

      25. Kind of weird though now everyone is against cops or these ones, but this site or most on here a while back when those cops were either acquitted or charges dropped for Freddy Gray were all….. Yay… and wanted Mosby fired.
        If you supported the cops when Freddy gray was basically murdered by a nickle ride but now call them ass holes your a hypocrite.
        Same god damn bunch of cops that did this are the same kinds that just got acquitted and yet no one could care less earlier?
        I say their all crooks you see three knowingly watching the guy plant drugs do nothing then later probably testify that they found drugs not one but three if the one is bad and the other two are letting him do it they all three are bad!
        Guess what Mosby is the same prosecutor here on this case as well so my guess is all calling these cops pigs now were the ones calling for her dismissal not long ago!
        Stop being hypocrites.

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