Watch And Learn What An Economic Collapse Looks Like: “I Hope You’re Taking Notes”

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    The following article has been contributed by the ever insightful and always informative Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper. Daisy is the author of several books, including her latest The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide to Whole Food on a Half-Price Budget.



    Did you hear the news? “Greece Says No to Further Austerity Measures!”  Did you shake your head and say, “Wow, the nerve of those people refusing to cut their expenses in the face of all that debt”?

    I’m no financial expert, but I don’t think that tightening up the budget was really what they were turning down.

    I think that they were turning down the opportunity to continue under the tyrannical rule of the EU. They were breaking free.

    What they were actually turning down was another series of huge loans that would put them further in debt and further under the oppression of the European Union loan sharks.  They said no to another entity controlling their finances and destiny. Collapse or survive, the voters loudly stated that the Greek people want their country back.

    This weekend I wrote about independence: it comes from not requiring anything that another person has to provide for you. And I believe that is exactly what the Greeks decided this weekend when they voted to discontinue allowing foreign entities to control their financial affairs, regardless of the cost.

    So here’s the big question:

    Is this the collapse of Greece, or is it a new beginning for the place where civilization actually began?

    It will get worse before it gets better

    The banks aren’t going to take this lying down. Already, the access of banking customers to their money has been strictly limited. The banks have been running on electronic funds for more than a week now, only allowing small withdrawals and online banking to take place.

    This was in preparation for the very vote that occurred. Now that the Greeks have refused bailout money, a bail-in is going to occur, right from the customer’s accounts to which they have been denied access. Mac Slavo of SHTFplan wrote:

    With the very near possibility of collapse, amid a shortage of cash and short term money, banks in Greece are poising themselves to “bail in” during financial emergencies by seizing customers bank accounts…

    …It should be a stark reminder who will carry the costs of failure – the people. Once again, it is the public who bears the losses, and the private clubs who enjoy the profits.

    There’s more. The country runs almost solely on imports. More than half of their food and nearly all pharmaceuticals are brought in from other countries. Fuel and other supplies come from far away. With the ban on monetary transfers outside the country, they can’t pay for more imports and the shortages have already begun.

    People are unable to access life-saving medicine. They can hardly even acquire aspirin. Store shelves are bare as Greeks rush to purchase as many staples as possible while there are still a few things in stock. It seems to me that the kiss of death for a country would be to stop providing for its own necessities because that simply gives too much power to others.

    Watch and learn what an economic collapse looks like

    We are getting a bird’s eye view of an economic collapse. This is Economic Collapse 101, so I hope you’re taking notes.

    What are the things that stand out in your mind the most? Here are the two major takeaway lessons that I see:

    1.) Any money you have in the bank is not actually yours.

    2.) The inability to produce is going to be a death sentence.

    This is not the first “bail-in” we’ve seen. A couple of years ago, Cyprus “taxed” deposit accounts and helped themselves to half of people’s savings in order to salvage the system’s debt.  Laws have been passed in both the United States andCanada making “bail-ins” legal and the first probably course of action should the S hit the F.

    There are a lot of similarities between the United States and Greece.

    We are encouraged to put all of our wealth into the hands of others through checking accounts, savings accounts, direct deposits, automatic withdrawals, and retirement funds. This means your money is just sitting there, safely tucked away for the rainy day on which the government and/or banking industry decides they need a bail-in – with YOUR hard-won savings.

    Secondly, our debt is astronomical. We are a country that has been running on a deficit budget forever, since the late 1700s. Our nation was built on debt. But since 2008, the debt level has increased so astronomically that continuing on this course is highly questionable. We are riding on a bubble that has gotten so large, it’s going to pop, and bursting of it will be dramatic.

    Finally, statistics in 2011 showed that we produce about 80% of the food consumed here in the United States. That’s the good news. The bad news is that since then foreign trade agreements have seen that number plummet. What’s more, our society is consumer-driven and it relies mostly on imports that were made with slave cheap labor overseas. Because of this, we could easily find ourselves in a similar position as the Greeks should everything go down hill in our own economic situation.

    What can we do to prepare for a Greek-style collapse?

    The answers can be found by observing the goings-on in Europe.

    1.) Get your money out of the control of others. It’s probably obvious by now that the phrase  “money in the bank” no longer rings with the same certainty that it used to. Your money is ONLY yours if you hold it in your hand. Your retirement and savings accounts can be plundered. We watched it happen in Cyprus and we’re about to witness it in Greece. Keep enough to pay expenses like mortgage, property taxes, etc., and put the rest into different types of assets. Hold precious metals and tangible goods. Learn more about financial strategies for preppers HERE.

    2.) Prep by stocking up on things that may not be available tomorrow.  Right now, the folks in Greece are learning the same difficult lesson the people in Venezuela have learned. Shortages in necessities closely follow economic crises. Now is the time to stock up on tangible goods like food, seeds, ammo, and personal items.  Learn how to build a pantry on a budget HERE.

    3.) Start producing. It’s time to channel your grandparents and learn to provide for your own basic needs. Self-reliance is the key to surviving an economic collapse. If you don’t already possess these skills, learn to garden, preserve, sew, and build. No matter where you are, there are steps you can take to produce things for yourself. Check out this roadmap to self-reliance.

    4.) Learn to be less reliant on public utilities. We’re already seeing this happen in cities like Detroit, where thousands are living without running water. I’m not suggesting that you invest in expensive generators – because it’s unlikely, should an all-out collapse occur you’ll be able to acquire fuel to run them. You need to learn to live with less energy. Invest in renewable items like solar lighting. If you can, have a well installed on your property. Learn to stay warm and cool without electrical power. This is not about the grid completely going down – it’s about that moment when your budget is so tight you have to make a choice between keeping a roof over your head and keeping the lights on. Being able to greatly reduce your usage could mean the difference between being able to afford your power bill and sitting there in the dark.

    5.) Be prepared to defend your home and family. As the situation becomes more critical, you can expect chaos to ensue. First, there are the rioters who pillage and destroy as part of the mob mentality. When everyone is focused on survival, you can’t expect cavalry to arrive in the form of 911. Secondly, as supplies become more difficult (or impossible) to acquire, it’s a pretty sure bet that people will want what you have. We need only to flash back to any number of “Black Friday” sales to see what a determined mob of shoppers looks like – and those folks aren’t even hungry. Here’s how to get prepared to protect your supplies, your homestead, and your loved ones.

    When collapse is the question, self-reliance is the answer

    The Greeks have chosen to take back their power, now that they are on the eve of complete economic devastation. They’ve voted not to be dependent on hand-outs from the European Union, because they’ve learned the hard way that with those handouts comes a life ruled by others. Of the two paths available to them, both are rocky, but by turning down the latest bail-out, it appears that they’ve finally had enough of the manipulation and control. They just said no to debt slavery.

    As every prepper knows, we can’t expect to be rescued. Waiting for FEMA, 911, or welfare is not the answer during a crisis.  We can learn a lot from what’s going on in Greece. It’s the height of arrogance to think it can’t happen here. We can wrap ourselves in the American flag all we want, but it’s not a magical protective garment that somehow insulates us from the results of our tax-and-spend economy.

    Being gloomy isn’t my thing, but I predict a serious financial crisis for our country in the months ahead. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been writing about our impending economic issues.  Watching the situation unfold in Europe only makes me feel more certain that our way of life is about to shift dramatically.

    As long as our society has more dependent people than self-reliant people, we are on a clear course to economic disaster. There’s still time to insure yourself against a future of hunger and desperation. But don’t wait.  If you try to make a bank run when the intentions to raid accounts becomes clear, you’ll have missed your window. You’ll be standing there in the long lines with everyone else, watching your life savings vanish into the government’s pockets. If you try to stockpile as the shelves become increasingly bare, you will be battling everyone else who has just realized that restocking isn’t going to happen.

    If you wait to prepare, you may be sentencing your family to a life of desperation. Once it all starts to crumble, it will happen fast, and it will be too late. We are witnessing our future. What will you do to prepare for it?

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide To Whole Food on a Half Price Budget.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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      1. There was a gentleman from Greece that used to post here and maybe still does. I’d love to hear from him and get an update. I hope he and his family are weathering this latest storm.

        • I miss Manos. I wish he would keep us updated. If he sets up a PayPal account, I will help him out as I know others would as well.

          • Excellent article Daisy!

            “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
            -Edmund Burke

            “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

            I too am watching what is happening in Greece.

            Re: “It’s time to channel your grandparents and learn to provide for your own basic needs. Self-reliance is the key to surviving an economic collapse.”

            Agreed! Here is another useful source.

            How to Survive Hard Times – website with lots of useful information.

            • What exactly is “channel your grandparents”???

              • I interpreted it to mean “look to” or “learn from” your grandparents.

                • It’s witchcraft KYMom. I won’t be doing it!

              • Channeling is a new-age type term where a person becomes a conduit for another person – a spirit in the other world would be allowed to use a person in this world and their body (voice, hands, eyes, ears…) In the process, usually the channel has no memory of what happened and no control (which makes it dangerous for the person channeling.) Depending on the spirit, the spirit’s mood and intents, the original meaning could be a truly bad thing to do.

                I take it in this case to mean “allow the lessons and attitudes of your grandparents to flow through you and out of you, moving your hands and voice to do what they learned was necessary and right.” Become that other person for a bit and let their knowledge help you. Pretend to be them. 🙂 My wife and I joke that when we hear certain attitudes come out of each others mouths, it’s channeling the person. “Get off my lawn!””OMG I’m channeling my great-grandfather!” (Laughter all around!)

        • His name is Manos.

          • I wish him the best. He was a good poster

        • That was Manos…… Some folks still talk to him

          • Manos is still in touch daily here..have had 9 days of updates from him as the crisis unfolds in Greece…it ain’t pretty folks!

            Will gladly share his correspondence should any one be of interest..



            • I’m interested and am certain most others on this site are as well. Would he mind if you posted his comments here? Please let him know we miss hearing from him and hope for the best for him and his family.

              • Please do let him know that we are thinking of him and hoping that this latest crisis only slightly affects him and his loved ones. I always got the impression that he was a good prepper and had a good head on his shoulders.

                What a time to be alive!

        • Holly Crap. SILVER TOOK A DUMP. Todays low $14.59. Closed at $15.13. There is some massive manipulation beating this metal up. I said anything below $16 is a buy. Keep stacking and pack away some silver. Who knows where this is going. I rather holding Silver than worthless paper paper money.

          • Funny thing this. U.S. Mint to suspend the sale of Silver Eagles for two weeks, because of lack of silver. Price is down, but people are buying like crazy. Supposedly over 2 million ounce sold in July already. This is paper beat down that will eventually end, so hang on for the ride. Don’t dump your silver in a panic. I have quite a bit of silver and if I sold I would “loose” quite a bit of money if I did. Need nerves of steel sometimes. For those who were thinking of buying, it might be a good time to come aboard. Just saying.

            • I’ve never purchased any before. Where do you recommend buying coins from?

          • I’m overwhelmed w/online sites to buy silver from. Correct me if I’m wrong but 1st choice should be the American Eagle & then the Canadian Maple, right? What company do folks recommend purchasing from?

            • The Silver Eagle is the way to go and likely the most popular coin if you are looking for a well recognized halmark.

              However, I’d also suggest looking into “junk silver” as an option. These are essentially Half dollars, quarters and dimes dated before 1965. These coins with a manufacture date of 1964 or before are 90% silver.

              First, you will pay a lower premium on junk coins.

              Second, they are well recognized.

              Third, in a situation where you may have to trade precious metals for food or other supplies they come in small amounts so you don’t have to worry about cutting pieces off of a .999 one ounce coin like an eagle.

              A healthy mix is the way to go.

              With respect to dealers…. You can purchase locally and/or online.

              JM bullion at is one of the nation’s leading online dealers… full disclosure, they are one of our advertisers, but if you check out online reviews you’ll see something like 50,000+ positive feedback marks for this company… So online, check them out.

              Money Metals exchange at was recently voted the top bullion dealer in America and they also offer precious metals IRA products.

              A local dealer should also be able to provide you with whatever type of silver you may need (coins, bars, junk, etc.).

              A couple of articles of interest:




              Hope that helps.



              • Thanks Mac!

            • Midas Resources is reliable.

          • Yes it’s flying off the shelves and the USA has ran out of eagles, dear we are fucked.

            But wait a second because OPEC cuts production when they want prices to go up and zero headge has been screaming like a bitten dog as the price of silver has continued to drop!

            I will take your $16 and raise you $12 which is my buy signal and yes, before i forget, if China needs money then since we are told it has so much silver then could they not dump that onto the markets or is that just being silly 🙂

        • I’m just thinking out loud here, but for the first time in my life, and I’m in my sixties, I’m afraid. But the good news is the fear gets less, and less the more I prep. Prepping is a good courage ointment. It soothes the jitters one has while waiting for the first shot to be fired; Gives me hope that there is a fighting chance to make it through the living hell that is coming our way; teaches me how precious yet fragile life really is; also shames me for not doing a better job at all levels of life, but in the end at least we didn’t sit with the timid souls in the bleachers, we actually, for better or worse, unsheathed our swords and entered the arena. Fear is conquered! Blessings preppers.

        • Check out Fernando Aguirre’s Surviving Argentina site (google ferfal) Will get a similar take, but from the 2001 meltdown there.

      2. Yup

      3. Great article Daisy, I will be watching Greece closely and prepping harder as our own SHTF situation draws near.

        • Is this article an ad for ” Heirloom” seeds of doom?

          • anon ’85 – yea, stay away from the “heirloom” seeds, keep with your ready made GMO seeds. It sure is doing one hellava job on ‘ya brain.


        • Thanks for another great article Daisy.

          Regarding item #3, consider signing up for classes on pressure and water bath canning, and food dehydrating through our local county extension office. Right now is the time of year that those kinds of classes are offered. They also offer classes on making soft cheese, bread, salsa, etc., and etc.

          • Canning 40 lbs of leg quarters today.

            Tomorrow, chicken broth with the waste meat on the backbones.

            Also canned 12 half pints of blueberries for my teas. yummy!

            • Do you have to remove the bones first, or do you can the entire quarters? I buy canned whole chickens when I see them cheap, so I was just wondering if it is possible to safely can whole chicken legs/thighs.

              • Six…missed you the last week. I can chicken with bone in. I can get 4 thighs in one qt.

              • I like to can just the meat, saves on jars. As I use canned meat in noodles and such, no use for the bones. Pressure cook, then deskin and debone. You can then take bones skin etc and roast them in oven to make a browned mess then add water and cook for stock, With spices etc.

              • Thanks guys, I’m going to look into canning chicken thighs. I got a good stock pot just today, so I’m building up my canning accessories as I am able. I really want to learn to can, but first, I need the utensils.

        • Staples smaples—just buy paperclips they are reuseble. RE-lax everyone, this has been on the way for years. If you aren’t ready by now you aren’t going to bein the next few days. How many of you remember all the people 2-3 years ago wondering if they had a few months more to get ready? Just keep up slow and stedy, if people panic it’s over. Spread calm wherever you can. Yes, I’d like another 18 months, but I’m ready now.
          I can see to many peple hyperventalating, relax. No one can tell what’s going on. If we have learned anything in the last few years it’s that none of the talking heads know any more than we do. You want an extra bag of rice, fine, but don’t go overboard; keeping your head is far more important than the rice.Sorry to interupt with this post but I can feel people getting to worried, use brains not emotions,

          • Now please pardon me while I call all my people and tell them to panic.

            • “use brains not emotions,”

              Can you please explain that concept to my wife ? LOL

            • “I’m telling my people to get into canned food & guns” Funny, that advise from a Gremlin always applies.

      4. Economic Collapse is being caused by special interests. Actually greeks are being very civilized so far….I want to see the cockroaches behind the collapse being hanged by every tree in town(s) and do a rope dance. That would be a joy for the humanity and I really can see the world is very close it and the payback day for the chosen minority behind the money exchange game.

        • Daisy is wrong about the Greeks. They didn’t vote to take back their country (but it could happen). They think they voted to keep getting their freebies, but not have to cut their lifestyle or go back to working for their goddies.

          Sorry Greeks, but the days of being retired longer than you “worked” are over.

      5. Most people are still singing that Mothers of Invention song “It can’t happen here”. They have consumed a big pitcher of the Fed’s Kool-Aid.

      6. Daisy Great Job!!!!
        TPTB are nothing but spoiled rotten kids. If they can’t have it their way they will try to kill you or your Country.

        I have already learned from the Greece. Most of them haven’t PREPPED and now they are doing what they can to get through the hell TPTB are going to put them through.

        Just heard that Food and Medical supplies are being held off coast and over the boarder. Also heard that TPTB are going to try and pull off Cou de tau. We will see!

        Man I love this site when people try to help people.
        Keep Prepping. Buy your Silver and Gold. It was going to go up like a rocket!


        • SGT…MAAAN, we are so hosed. Your advice is spot on…
          Remember to rat hole a big wad of Dollars Yankees for last minute shopping. I keep bundles, each containing $500 in 50’s, $300 in 20’s, $100 in 10’s, and $100 in 5’s. Being able to make change will be important.

          Stock up BIG on Gold and Silver NOW. I have a member of our group who owns a coin shop. The wife unit works for him, so I get a kinda inside scoop..bullion orders are now being delayed. What used to be a 2 day turnaround is now at least a week.
          The premium on 90% is going up, and it is harder to get the denomination you want.
          Last week he received a large gold order the bullion group had included slabbed coins in order to meet the quantity requested…WTFO???

          Fortunately (depending on which side of the fence you’re on) A lot of people are still selling over the counter, a lot due to being hard up, but also people are selling as the price is currently low and they are worried about it dropping more…Foolish monkeys…

          My biggest problem is that my place is turning into a blivet!!!

          Man it’s going to be spectacular!!!

          • Off the subject, but really spooky…

            Russia Celebrates Independence Day By Flying Strategic Bombers 200 Miles Off California Coast
            Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/06/2015 – 23:00
            As Americans stared heavenwards at the sound and fury of incendiary devices lighting the dark to celebrate their independence from an over-taxing monarchy, there were other fireworks going off in the skies above Alaska and California. As Fox News reports, two pairs of Russian bombers flew off the coast of California and Alaska – forcing the Air Force to scramble fighter jets to intercept both flights, according to two senior defense officials who did not confirm if the bombers were armed. As Free Beacon adds, it was the second time Moscow dispatched nuclear-capable bombers into the 200-mile zone surrounding U.S. territory in the past two weeks
            ———“nuclear capable bombers”…!

            • Hope somebody informed the Russians that Washington D.C. was a good 2,000 miles plus East of their location.

              Dear Russians,
              Washington D.C. is NOT in Washington State.
              Please make a note of it!

              • Tony…..LOOOOOL.

              • Thanks Tony, from a Washingtonian.

              • True, BUT Seattle/Tacoma, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Long Beach ARE in range.
                And if launched over the North Pole, no reason a Bear H bomber can’t hit New York or DC.

          • NOBODY,

            Speaking of silver, saw this a few minutes ago at Zerohedge…

            “And while the US Mint rarely issues press releases to confirm such adverse matters, moments ago this was confirmed by Bloomberg:

            When will the Mint restock and resume sales?

            In other words, no orders until August.”

        • Sgt. Dale,

          Right!!! This was a great article and I heard the same about food and meds. I think they are going to try and use those items to pressure the Greeks into submission. I bet Putin and other BRICS step in and help before that. It is interesting and the collapse may have begun in front of our eyes.

          A buddy of mine is/was a full bird colonel in the army and three years ago he said his briefing all said watch Greece, and that Greece was the powder keg for real economic trouble. But army Intel (and I am an army vet) tends to be the worst of all the military Intel units…..

          Keep your powder dry,

          • The BRICS can’t control their own economies: none of them. China’s stock markets are in FREEFALL. Russia has cut off power to the Rebels in Ukraine.

            Call it the “Revenge of the FED”. These are NOT random events. No one should believe they are.

            Putin is not going to do, cannot afford to do, shit for Greece.The Russian auto industry has lost hundreds of millions of dollars, and Russian companies must repay Western loans with DOLLARS, which are almost twice as expensive as they use to be against the Rouble.

            China has DOLLAR RESERVES which they can use to buy Greek oil & gas leases. Greece will sell these assets or partner with China once they exit the Euro Zone, repudiate or freeze their debt, and restore their own fiat currency.

            Its a brave new world, and the NWO is tightening the noose. Engage. 🙁

            • You are prob right, DK

            • DK –
              “Russian companies must repay Western loans with DOLLARS,”

              Whats stoppin them from sayin FU ?
              All loans and repayment agreements are only as good as a handshake in the end .
              I have never understood how a paper contract to repay a loan is any different than paper money or paper gold .
              What prevents default ?
              Ya cant hold your money , ya aint got money, whatever it is.

              Are we gonna send repo men to russian ?

            • About Russia’s supposed dollar debt—you might rethink that idea. Russia isn’t stupid.

              here’s your link

              ht tp://

              Russia has gotten out from under the bulk of it’s debts that must be repaid in dollars. They knew this was going to happen, and they refused to be owned by the IMF.

            • Where did you come up with this information,MSN? Seriously, have you even been to Russia recently? The economy is booming and people are enjoying their summer. Quit getting your news from lame stream media. There are no shortages of anything in Russia right now. Even in the most remote villiges in Eastern Russia. They are having some flooding problems in Southern Russia. Maybe you can be sensationalist about that.

      7. Interesting and O/ tp://

        take out the space between the T’s

        read the story, than read the comments .. theres a lot more awake people than we think .

        and plenty of interesting view points

        With you In Arms

      8. A couple articles ago, I asked about buying silver, because it was the only thing I hadn’t done yet and that I had everything else including 65K rounds ammo. Someone asked what I was going to do with 65K rounds of ammo.

        A situation like Greece is why I have 65K rounds of ammo. That and 5 years of tiolet paper, paper towels, trash bags, Ziploc bags, a water purification system……. and enough wood to heat my house for 3 years.

        Now, THAT is money in the bank.

        • The time to have bought silver was 15 years ago. I bought $1,000 bags of junk silver for 3,200-3,500 FRN’s. Stuff really was junk….ahahahaa….you could buy it for 30-50 cents under spot.

          Even at today’s depressed price of silver, a $1,000 bag of real money runs close to 4x that….and the premium is about 5 bucks over spot now. (APMEX)

          Little behind you on ammo….only about 40k rounds.

          Little ahead of you on TP….about 10 years worth.

          And just finished up cutting my wood this morning for heating season 2017-18.

        • What idiot still has a pile of Euros in a Greek bank?

      9. Just checked silver prices….$15.00/oz Wow can it really go much cheaper? On the other hand ground beef 15% fat @ $4.00lb if you buy 10lbs or more.

        • I told y’all a week or two ago, that silver and gold had another low to get to before they would start climbing 🙂

          • BJ, you’ve said a mouthful!!!

      10. Time to take funds out of the bank,leave enough there to pay bills. It may be worthless in any event but you’ll be one up on everybody else on toilet paper. This country needs to go through a little deprivation just to remind people what is important. Most on here will fare well but the rest of society will learn the hard way how to cope.

        • Jim in VA.

          A little deprivation might bring people back to their senses. There are many on this site that are well prepared. I am 15 feet above sea level so if those big waves come. That’s Life.
          Greece is way different than the USA and if we have bank holidays or the government starts confiscation of items. The people will become most violent. Home invasions will begin as food becomes scarce. I mean to tell you also it will be the food many have grown very accustomed to. So the shelves will not have to be completely empty for home invasions to start.
          If you have to stay in place and defend, I hope you have the material to reinforce your home. I am a firm believer in sand bags and some type of body armor. Make a plan and use a Checklist.
          There are people who are better prepared than me. I have made my plan and will make adjustments but it is all I can maintain. Remember some is better than none.
          Zero to thirty days people will be stressed. Thirty to sixty days people will be in shock. Sixty to ninety days people will freak out and many will begin to die.
          Lots of variables to consider.

          • I hear ya Slingshot!

      11. “Things are going to get interesting in a couple of months”. Stock up, ammo up, pray up.

      12. Would you believe, one of the items I will include is an A/C tech certificate! Not too expensive and takes about 2 weeks in a local study class. Yep, keeping your a/c and refrigeration systems working might be a lifesaving maneuver. Not to mention a really serious barter trade for extra income and assets.

      13. Watching Greece has made me kick it in high gear.
        Praying we all make it!

        • I suggest you all watch China. Greece ain’t nothing compared to China’s impact on economics. what you find out should be putting you in hyper-drive!

      14. I sitting on 2 years of food way too much ammo, ready to use solar, batteries,inverters,cables solar panels, controllers …
        SGT USMC 1966-72

      15. How many Americans do you think could find Greece on a map of North America?

        I bet 25%. LOL

        • “A”
          Very good point. I bet you can get at least 25% finding Greece on a North America map. If you look just West of Commyfornia you will find it. I think?
          Damn made me laugh my ASS OFF!

          • Hi Sarge, you and “A” are way too optimistic. I bet 98% of the young generation don’t even know what the constitution is but they are being educated each day on the media about the exact size of Kim K’s A$$ and the joy of rainbow love.

            • The new education includes gender identity studies and gay rights studies. I can’t find it right now, but I just read an article about parents wanting to opt out of those classes for their kids.

              here’s a couple other similar links I found

              ht tp://

              ht tps://

      16. Just heard that the banks in Greece are raiding safe deposit boxes and putting the cash in the ATMs .
        Aint that a sweet thing to do ?

      17. Daisy is one of the best contributors here, hands down. Common sense advice with minimal fear porn.

        Now that long term food storage, solar power and water needs are handled, I am going to jump into canning. And when I say canning, I mean glass Ball jars and lids.

        How many here have tried this? Do I really need a pressure cooker for starting small? Can I just boil them in a big pot with the same effect? Is it true most pressure canned things last at least 1 year, some much more?

        Anyone got a link to a primer?

        • “T”
          Yes and No on the pressure cooker. As you read up on this you will find that you can also find you can use your fridge.

          I just got done using some tomatoes we canned in 2010, and they tasted as good as what we canned in 2014.

          I’ve started drying everything from Tomatoes to Bananas to Onions to Potatoes, to Beans, just to name a few. I like dehydrating better than canning I use less room in storage.


          • I prefer drying to canning also. Much easier, lighter, takes up much less space. Getting ready to dehydrate zucchini and yellow squash. That’s about the only thing my garden is producing right now.

        • TOWNY –
          This book covers EVERYTHING and then some.
          I recommend highly, be safe.
          ht tp://

        • It meat that you have to pressure cook

        • Unless you plan to live on tomatoes and vinegar pickles you NEED a pressure canner.

          • Agreed Luke.

            Pressure canning is the only way to can low acid foods (which most are) and meats. We even can bacon when we slaughter pigs in the fall. We have a thousand or more jars, and many thousands of lids + a case of Tattler lids.

          • And apple sauce doesn’t need a pressure cooker. So far that is all I have canned. But I have a pressure cooker I got for sterilizing lab instruments when I was a home school teacher.

        • Everyone get a large dehydrator and dehydrate everything…videos on utube. Items last around 30 yrs. in glass jars with small oxygen packs. Very simple to do rather than canning. The bigger the better…can do a lot all at once. Cost is about 10 cents an hour. Go to utube and learn…then go to sporting good stores to buy. Well, worth it.

        • Pressure cookers are for quick cooking, you don’t need that for small batches.

          Stock up on jars, lids, and rings, now. When everyone jumps on the canning wagon, good luck finding the stuff.

          Paraffin, too.

        • Ball, the people that make your lids, puts out a primer on canning. Yes, you can can without a pressure canner. But it needs to be only some kinds of stuff. tomatoes for one can be done in hot water. I don’t know of any home canned stuff that won’t last at least a year, lots of stuff lasts far longer. I’ve made jams and jelly that has lasted for decades. Likewise several kinds of relish last for years. Please note a pressure cooker is not the same as a pressure canner. They can be but you have to pay attention. A pressure canner needs a flat bottom so the jars don’t move. Some pressure cookers don’t have that. Most canners are larger than cookers, so they cool down slower than cookers, so the canning time needs to be increased slightly if you use a cooker. Canners are sized for jars, cookers are not. So just start reading it’s all possible and not that hard.

      18. So ya
        Thought ya
        Might like to
        Go to the show

        To feel the warm thrill of confusion
        That space cadet glow

        Tell me is something eluding you sunshine
        Is this not what you expected to see
        If ya wanna find out what’s behind these cold eyes
        You’ll just have to claw your way through this disguise

        *Cue Waiting for the Worms*

        Would you like to see
        Brittania rule again
        My friend
        All you have to do is follow the words…

        Looks like it’s about Germany’s turn to be on the receiving end of the crap they pulled twice in the last century.

        Have fun with that, Kaiser. I’d suggest we help you out but that’s a big ol’ NOPE to that one.

      19. Most people are still singing that Mothers of Invention song “It can’t happen here”. They have consumed a big pitcher of the Fed’s Kool-Aid.

      20. Abit on topic of self reliance, recently i did a small research on topic of energy generation, and since the solar solutions only work as it rains, i found that a small hydro powered generator can produce a decent amount of power, clean and it can sustain it. It does cost more than solars but combined you most likely won’t have any power shortages, which they tend to occur during shitty situations.

      21. The text starts with two completely wrong assumptions:

        “I’m no financial expert, but I don’t think that tightening up the budget was really what they were turning down.

        I think that they were turning down the opportunity to continue under the tyrannical rule of the EU. They were breaking free.”

        Has the author ever been to Greece or ever read the news at all? The Greeks themselves are saying the contrary: that they want a debt relief, but want to stay in the Euro zone.

        And no-one has ever talked about leaving the European Union (EU). Why on earth would they? They get hundreds of millions in various direct political transfers and subsidies every year!!! The drama is about debts.

        Before joining the common Euro currency, Greece was more or less a third world country. Under developed, thouroughly corrupt but cheap tourist resort for the richer countries. When I visited in 2000 or 2001, all the cabs were 20 year old clunkers. By corrupt I mean both the oligarchs as well as “grass root” citizens. The goverment and bureaucrats cheat, but so does everybody else. Subsidies, pensions for dead people and no building is ever finished (to avoid taxes). Ever tried to get a receipt at a restaurant or cab?

        They even cheated their way (with aid from Goldman Sucks) into the Euro! For a decade they’ve borrowed cheaply and the infrasturcture is in better shape than many so called rich countries. (When I visited Greece again in 2009 all the taxis were brand new Mercedesis, but still no receipts.)

        But they spent the money with no reforms and now can’t pay back. Again! In 2012 they already had a haircut plus new loans. Both from IMF, ECB but also quite a lot from fellow Euro zone countries, i.e tax payers. But no reforms; the Greek government budget has just kept growing despite all the talk about austerity. Corrution possibly worse than ever. Now, only 3 years later, they are defaulting again. But this time the rest of Europe is fed up.

        Although my country (and others too) were/still are hit by the recession, and have to borrow far too much ourselves, we actually had to borrow even more to lend to Greece without interest! And my country already has among the highest taxes on earth and has already had real austerity measures: increase of the retirement age, cut down on already low military expensis (despite a long border with Russia), deteriorating roads and school buildings and ever larger school classes etc.

        We pay higher taxes (on income, gas, cars, spirits, VAT) than the Greek, have a higher retirement age and my personal share of Greek loans is some 3000 Euros. That’s 9000€ for my family in losses if the Greeks default. And I did not lend voluntarily to an already bankrupt country. Our politicians did. After they were forced by bigger players. Please do not call me a loan shark!

        And now Greeks voted “democratically” that they don’t want to pay back. But they insist on staying in the Euro zone, hoping for both debt writedowns AND NEW LOANS to spend!!! There is another reason too. They would do even worse with their own currency.

        Why? Because they only have two industries; shippping owned by the rich (don’t pay taxes) and tourism (use cash as much as possible, i.e. pays very little taxes). And government. A weak currency would not really help, as they have nothing to export, but their imports would soar. They even import most of their food! As their tourist hotels are normally well booked anyway, a weaker currency would only lead to less income!

        I’d happily kick these abusers out of the Euro zone and EU (and take the losses before its too late), but the banks can’t do that without going under and thus it won’t happen.

        I do not wish ecenomic hardship on anyone, but then I’m also not responsible for the well being of any people who think they can get wealthy by voting for stupid promises. And I honestly don’t know what would save them. Their competitors from Eastern Europe have far lower wages and are used to work hard. Greeks can’t even compete for simple restaurant jobs. At least all the waiters I saw were British, Scandinavian, Dutch etc (mostly hard working students), but never Greek…

        • “that they want a debt relief, but want to stay in the Euro zone.”
          Thank you , a point missed by the author.

          And corruption, woah boy !, I have had first hand conversation with a recently immigrated (legal) greek.
          He told me that paying off officials was standard day to day BS ! Fraud and graft are the rule of the day .
          Seems without cleaning up the corruption , there can be no solution.

          The US is gettin there !

          • Just heard on Hagmann and Hagmann tonight he got email from
            Greece saying government there has spies in public places and if anyone criticizes the government in public they get followed and beaten up. Not really a democracy then is it?

      22. Greece, Italy, Japan, The USA, China and the UK aren’t going to ‘collapse’ as the establishments in all these countries will lose power!

        I think there will be some hard economic times ahead as the west continues its decline but not a collapse.

        Stop worrying.

        Prepare for something more realistic – like a flu pandemic or terrorist attack on the power grid or other vital utility.

        God bless:)

        • Richard – being optimistic is no way to go through life.

          You will eventually get burned by your own ignorance.

          • Actually, Richard didn’t say to be optimistic. I take his remarks to mean what he said, to be realistic, sort of taking the middle ground. And I hardly think his remarks qualify as “ignorance”.

            I’m realistic about what the Bible says about “seeing the trouble ahead” and preparing for it and then trusting in God. We who read the Bible know where all this upheaval is leading. The end times are here. I’m realistic about the hard times that are coming, it’s out of our control, I can prepare, and I trust in God (because He promised and He is faithful).

            • Thanks AnneMarie.

              I don’t think God will allow the end of times. He loves us all and still has faith in humanity in general. The establishments and corporations are what god doesn’t like and want s to punish but he can’t punish them without us being punished.

              I’ve done some preparation like having food and water in storage but I can only afford a fortnight’s worth. God will help keep me strong and prepared.

              God bless:)

      23. Please remember and NEVER forget that during any bail-in certain accounts are ALWAYS, and will ALWAYS be white flagged = such accounts are never touched as these so called elite people have connections whereas the sheeplings like you and me are completely ripped off by the Tyrannical powers that be. Also remember what Louis Basenese wrote about the Mayflower Maneuver and that is that the financial well-being of certain elites is ALWAYS preserved through he instigation of preventive pivotal actions prior to SHTF.

      24. Check my recent post on the previous article. I have just let out somemore info, that you may find hard to believe, with a few interviews backing up Usasecurity with the likes of George Green and Pete Petersen. These two inteviews is most serious interviews every done one calapse and the upcoming SHTF EVENT, AND what Pete Petersen tells us is coming to America. Listen to two men who use to work for the cabal. You will read my post, and ask wtf? then you will know that i am telling you the truth after you listen to both of these men. Its time that we get to the next level. Yes people, we are dealing with something much more serious. I believe that that posted Usasecurity is a white hat that has been monitoring our coments and Mac’s post and did that to make me respond and to let out more info. It worked who ever that guy was, because now you know i am telling the truth. Daisy Luther ask the question? Is Greece not where civilzation began. The question is where does it end. I am some very serious info that i am going to unload in the near future on this site. See my last post on the previous artile. You will ge the jist of it.

        • HCKS –

          Never heard of George Green & Pete Petersen. Are they independent reporters or government insiders? What makes these two guys to be a credible source, that is if you are able to disclose their background or not. -thanks-

      25. A very cranky old woman was arrested for shoplifting at a grocery store.

        She gave everyone a hard time, from the store manager to the security guard to the arresting officer who took her away.

        She complained and criticized everything and everyone throughout the process.

        When she appeared before the judge, the judge asked her what she had stolen from the store.
        The lady defiantly replied, “Just a stupid can of peaches.”

        The judge then asked why she had done it.
        She replied, “I was hungry and forgot to bring any cash to the store.”

        The judge asked how many peaches were in the can.
        She replied in a nasty tone, “Nine! But why do you care about that?”

        The judge answered patiently, “Well, ma’am, because I’m going to give you nine days in jail — one day for each peach.”

        As the judge was about to drop his gavel, the lady’s long-suffering husband raised his hand slowly and asked if he might speak.
        The judge said, “Yes sir, what do you have to add?”

        The husband said meekly, “Your Honor, she also stole a can of peas.”

        • Bwhahahah! Love it!

      26. The article may take a few hrs to upload since i am on my work computer.


      27. I took my money and bought some remote parcels of cheep land. none of them are very big. build a deer stand in them. and hid a cashe of useful stuff there. Go to COSL for info about Arkansas tax forfeited land.

      28. Of course, the Greeks are sick of compound usury and the financial terrorists that run the world.

        Voting for this or that will not matter to the bankers that run the world.

        They own your ass, too. Or do you think those trillions of FRNs .gov pigs say you owe WON’T be latched to your butt? Dream on serf. They will tax you until your ass is raw to get their penance from you.

        It is how the debt system was set up and it will only die, screaming and clawing, when the hydrocarbons are no longer cheap and plentiful.

        Keep your eye on the fracking defaults and the per capita energy use to find out when the collapse happens. The world economy is based on cheap energy… not fiat paper.

        • “and the per capita energy use”

          Now thats interesting…….
          Just got some info from the electric co-op here.
          It would seem EVERYBODY is using less to offset increases due to restrictive EPA regs put on electric providers.

          In short since demand has fallen , why build more EPA compliant power facilities?
          It would seem the Agenda21 blueprint is pushing forward.

          BTW – Michigan is losing 9 coal plants this year !!!

          • ERR, within the next year, sorry.

      29. This Greek crisis is a kind of microcosm that I’ve been using to push those on the fence into preparing. Still, I keep my neighbors thinking that I’m just one of them. I’m just a regular old workaday schmuck in their eyes. My wife has really had her eyes opened. I show her video snippets of Greek ATM lines and empty stores and just say ” Imagine that shit happening here with the entitlement population.” She’s on board and buying extra TP and groceries now. She’s always been more than OK with the constant presence of weapons, though. She always asks as we drive through some of our regions more “benighted” areas, ” You DO have your gun, don’t you?”. Duh, you mean gunS, Honey! Prepared means always ready. Condition yellow.
        I do intend to get more silver but because of the imminence of the situation, I feel like I should be buying more food right now. Ammo’s good, have a few pounds of silver coin that I mostly bought preparing for Bankruptcy ’95 and Y2K. I’ve been at this since I ETS’ed from the Army twenty years ago. The difference now is that everyone is warning of it and discussing collapse.

      30. It can’t be that huge of a crisis, if the EU is willing to wait until Sunday to meet and decide Greece’s fate.

        Secondly, If Greece goes down, so does Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

        Wait and see until Monday. Until then, keep stocking your beans and weenies.

      31. Tony Montana, George Green was working for the elites and use to meet with Kissinger..Pete Peterson is a scientist who was working for the cabal and was told about the calapse and the environment calapse that is going to happen. I highly recommend that you listen to George Green part one and 2. And listen to Pete Peterson a three parts.. a realy big surprise awaits. I cannot post but what I know until most of us on here listen to both of these men.

        My scientist friend is at Pete Petersons level. The reason why Usasecurity came on here is I believe that be saw what was happening to me and leaked out the info to make people listen. Its obvious that he is possibly a white hat. The white Hats are the general and others military who are in direct contact with Plejaren Et’s. Tony, you may have noticed that no one has posted like that before, I have been in this board for almost 2 yrs, and no one does that. I promise you that after you take the time to listen to these two men’s interview, it will put the pieces together.

      32. The next prep. Is to go MGTOW,
        Men Going Their Own Way.
        The country has been taken over by Marxists via feminism.

        Now if you are happily married, please stop reading now.

        MGTOW comes down to the fact that men are just a utility of value to women.

        So you can still have sex with women, just never marry so you are not subjected to their spending habits and you will never be their divorce slave.

        Youtube has many great videos on this.

        Many men have been finding great brotherhood of men at MGTOW.COM

        In my own life I work with some nasty women. MGTOW taught me to keep my mouth shut around them… they have nothing to fuck my life up with.

        I have never felt more free and happy in my life. No more chasing women. They are not worth yhe trouble.


        Feminism is so arrogant that it cannot fess up to the fact that some men just are not made for marriage. They will not respect this as feminism was born of Marxism and designed to steal a man’s freedom.

      33. Learn how to build a gasifier, like I did. Then, you’ll be able to run that generator off wood.

      34. It’s pretty straightforward to stash beans, bullets, blankets, and bullion, but two really Important things many peppers overlook in a collapse scenario are obtaining water, and refrigeration. You will either need a well bucket or hand pump if you have access to a well – and even if you have a well or not, you will want some heavy duty water purification. If the taps don’t work, sloppy people are going to mess up a lot of formerly clean water sources and could even contaminate wells in your area. Second would be to get a setup for a good 12V refrigerator you can run on solar. You will want to safely stash that half eaten quart jar of food you canned.

      35. Sorry Daisy but are wrong on this one. The Greeks borrowed beyond reason and can not repay what THEY borrowed. I would give more credence to them if they cut back on their (Greeks) profligate personnel spending and lived on their own productive efforts. They will not and workers (Germans) who have supported them should not have to scrimp to enable their wasteful ways.

      36. I watched an interview with a man who owned a restaurant on one of the Greek islands. He said that a good deal of the produce necessary to run the restaurant was imported: lemons, olives, onions, etc. I was amazed to hear that because Greece has the ideal climate for growing these things.

        How it is possible that the people allowed themselves to end up in that situation of having to import what they could grow themselves? And then I thought of the U.S., which allowed most of its factories to leave, so that we have to import the things we need. If what happens in Greece happens here, then aside from food we grow ourselves, a lot of what we need to survive won’t be available.

      37. MGTOW, welcome to the board, you are 100% in the money..i have been told I have issues with women. Yes I do and I do not let then use me for anything those days are over. Let’s see how those nasty arrogant women fare in Jade Helm 15, environmental and financial calapse, and civil war, I am already laughing at them. I have been told what this faith it already. I am tired to find one who is aware a d awake, and have failed miserable and have given up on it completely. These types of women do not exist not even in Texas. I won’t rescuing any of them.

      38. MGTOW has freeded me from relationship bondage.

        If prepping is about freedom, then MGTOW is the next step for indivuduals.

        I am focusing on rental property and rent to manless women. My lunch money came from feminist rent…govt. workers.

        Seems a safe financial strategy.

        Puck up a paint brush and acquire real estate.


        I AM NO LONGER A RESOURCE TO ANY WOMAN. They are now my rental resource. Fair market value rents for all.




      39. I am so sorry that you (and other MGTOW’s) have had issues in the past finding a decent woman. We’re not all rotten and spoiled. There are some good ones out there, believe me.

        Just keep doing what you are doing and the right one will come along.

      40. Nope.
        Done and much happier, free, no drama, more money,no to to lists and the dreadded, “How was your day.”

        I eat what I want, keep odd hours and feel free again.

        Once you go MGTOW, you get addicted to the peace.
        No woman hate…I just do not want a woman in my life.


        I now focus on my real estate and rent to the endless parade of manless women.


        So glad I figured this out.

        I love collecting rent from empowered women.

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