Was the Election Free and Fair? The American Foreign Policy Establishment Doesn’t Care

by | Nov 28, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ryan McMaken at The Mises Institute.

    There’s at least one good reason to support Donald Trump’s ongoing lawsuits challenging the election results in several states: the US foreign policy establishment doesn’t want you to.

    As Newsweek reported last week, “A group of more than 100 national security experts” from Republican administrations have condemned the president’s challenges to some states’ vote-counting process. These “experts” are claiming these legal efforts “undermine democracy” and “risk long-term damage” to the nation’s institutions. The signatories include people like Michael Hayden, John Negroponte, and Tom Ridge. These are the usual sort of “deep state” technocrats—for example, James Comey and John Brennan—who chime in to defend the status quo in the United States and insist it is an outrage that anyone (i.e., Donald Trump) departs from the usual way of doing things.

    This alleged devotion to “democracy” and “the nation’s institutions” rings a bit odd coming from people like Negroponte and Hayden. Hayden, after all, has supported a litany of spying programs, torture, and the wholesale destruction of the human rights of both Americans and countless foreigners. Negroponte was the first director of national intelligence and has long supported spying on American citizens without a warrant. He oversaw the US-funded terror campaigns against Hondurans during the Reagan administration. Negroponte also enthusiastically supported the US’s 2003 war in Iraq which failed to achieve any of the objectives sold to the Americans as the reasons the war was a necessity.

    Through scandals like the Abu-Graib debacle, unconstitutional wiretapping, torture, and ceaseless paranoid calls for an ever larger national-security state, the American foreign policy establishment has done more to undermine American democracy and institutions than Trump could ever hope for.

    Yet,  these people are now speaking as if they are moral authorities on preserving the rights of Americans.

    Given their clear disregard for basic human rights in recent decades, however, one suspects it is more likely that what really motivates the signatories’ denunciation of Trump’s election lawsuits is a desire to return to “business as usual.” This, after all, would make it easier for the regime to get back to dismantling the Bill of Rights, initiating new wars, and generally doing what it wants.

    This becomes harder to do if millions of Americans begin to suspect that the regime isn’t as legitimate as has been long claimed, and that maybe the game is rigged against those who fail to be sufficiently friendly toward the permanent government in Washington and the so-called deep state.

    But lest anyone think that investigating the integrity of American elections is a worthwhile endeavor, these national security bureaucrats resort to the usual, tired claim:

    “By encouraging President Trump’s delaying tactics or remaining silent, Republican leaders put … national security at risk.”

    The message is this: Dear Trump supporters, if you demand thorough legal proceedings and a careful look at this election’s outcome, then you support “America’s enemies.” We’ve heard a similar sentiment from these people before when the Bush Administration declared “you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.” The message now is: “either you’re with us, or you’re with the Chinese totalitarians.”

    It’s the usual sort of ruse that’s been used by the US foreign policy establishment for decades, and this is only the latest illustration. This same impulse is why the Conservative movement’s longtime leader William F. Buckley called for “a totalitarian bureaucracy” in the United States so long as it served the interests of the American national security state.

    What’s the Harm in Contesting the Election?

    More reasonable people however, should see the value and necessity of a slow, thorough, and public legal examination of the election.

    Regardless of how one feels about Donald Trump, anyone who values fair play, honesty, and the votes of legal voters should want thorough audits and investigations. The question: “how much was this election affected by fraud?” warrants serious consideration and serious investigation into how the election was conducted. After all, whenever political power is at stake, there is no reason whatsoever to assume honesty and integrity are guiding the actions of all involved.

    Fraud occurs with every election, of course. Anyone who claims any election contains no fraud lives in a fantasy land, or is lying. Voter fraud exists anywhere that votes are cast. Anecdotes of fraud in this election are plentiful, from backdated ballots in Pennsylvania, to  “coaching” voters in Detroit. The question is whether or not this sort of thing is widespread enough to change the outcome. In a number of lawsuits, the Trump campaign has suggested that it has been widespread.

    And there’s no harm in allowing the legal process to proceed. After all, in legal and constitutional terms, the US election process is still very much on schedule.

    Contrary to what various reporters seem to think, it is not the case that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “were declared the election’s winners more than two weeks ago, after Fox News, the Associated Press and other television networks called” it. The outcomes of presidential elections aren’t declared by infotainment performers working at Fox News.

    Rather, federal statutes and constitutional provisions stipulate that the Electoral College will meet in December, and the Congress will declare a winner shortly thereafter. This process is in no danger of being derailed.

    It’s too bad that people like Michael Hayden don’t respect this constitutional process, but that’s just par for the course coming from someone who has been director of the CIA.

    For those who actually care about some measure of accountability and transparency from government institutions in charge of running elections, there should be no problem with any presidential candidate demanding a wide variety of legal challenges. This in itself won’t solve the problem of election fraud, and it won’t make the regime respect anyone’s human rights. This wouldn’t make government by majority-rule any less problematic. But it would be helpful to gather more information on how much of a gulf lies between the perception of “free and fair elections” and the reality. And it is the very least that should be done in the wake of an election where the outcome is close, messy, and conducted by politicians who are very unlikely to have the average Americans’ interests at heart.


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      1. Just what do they mean by a “FREE” election? Where anyone regardless of citizenship status can vote? If that is the case, then it’s not a fair election if non-citizens can vote.
        People from other countries shouldn’t be sticking their nose in our business just because they are here. Get legal and then you can vote.

      2. I wish everyone would stop raising doubts about this election.As a member of the saintly Democratic party – we all know I would never,ever cheat,steal,or,do anything unsavory to stack the deck in my favor.For anyone to suggest otherwise is something that I find quite insulting.I am such a good candidate that even the deceased decided to vote for me.Yes sir, I won this contest ?honestly and squarely?.

      3. Howdy Y’all,
        Ever seen the movie ‘Captive State’? The one with John Goodman, yeah? Well that’s what our fellow Humans across either ‘pond’ – East or West – are either currently living under (China) or being prepped for – final stage – in what’s left of the ‘European Experiment’.
        The Elites fully consider us – meaning Thee and Me – to be little more than a ‘Harvestible Resource’ and that single ideation serves as the basis for their absolute lack of anything remotely resembling ethical thought. Those brought up in that type of environment can hardly do other than grow more so inclined with each successive generation…which I’m fairly sure most of you ordinary folks have likely noticed (especially since the entire COVID episode first began) which is exactly what their clear intent is over here, on OUR side of the water.
        Where you might not have connected the dots is this; IMHO, the entirety of the COVID thing might well have been concocted over here and thereafter shipped over there explicitly to set the stage for Mr Biden to ride in on his White Horse to save the day.
        I’m not overly fond of the Chinese business model as anyone who’s read most of my comments here during the time the pandemic escaped mainland China into the World at large will recognize however, after due consideration under the microscope of “Cui Bono” I have since begun to admit the distinct possibility that another explanation might be vastly more plausible. China – or rather the Chinese Elite – are cast in exactly the same mold as are our own Oligarch’s…as were they cast in the mold of their own European forerunners.
        However, the particular mindset of the Chinese admits that once our home brewed variation of Megalomania was absorbed THERE, that it then metamorphosed into something hitherto unseen on Earth in living memory; a Capitalist, Robber Baron’s wet-dream of Absolute Authority without the slightest concomitant Responsibility. That said, the groundwork for achieving a nearly perfect and total control over a host country’s population – aided and abetted by our very own “Do No Harm” Google – sprang into existence seemingly as did Minerva spring from the forehead of Zeus; whole and complete.
        So, initially, we have a Chinese population that simply has to be fed or ELSE insurrection will surely follow, yes? Well, given the extraordinary food pressures China is currently subject to this year…Locusts, Biblical Rains, Army Tentworms to name a few, I can see where the CCP would feel a whole lot less nervous if a portion of their population magically disappeared (though the rains came after the fact) and the price of getting given the perfect cover to implement complete and total controls over their own population was simple indeed; simply allow the virus to pass porous through their own borders during the Lunar New Year onto an unsuspecting World…perfectly plausible thus far.
        So, China is hit first and the initial effects are evaluated and found to be somewhat lacking; what does a poor Elitist do then when their new-fangled, brand-spanking-new virus doesn’t sufficiently thin the ranks of the Deplorables…which they really don’t NEED anymore inasmuch as a Global Robotics revolution is prepped and ready for roll-out as needed….including Agriculture. Naturally, you utilize your pre-prepped Plan #2…utilize the available ability of governments everywhere to utterly to destroy their respective host economies in tyrannical lock-downs which later are (unfortunately for the Elitist) later discovered by the global population to be wholly ineffective at retarding the spread of the pathogen thus setting the stage – virtually everywhere – for mass civil disobedience, hence allowing for an escalating spiral of draconian control measures.
        But…there’s a catch. You see, most of the ‘Higher Cultures’ have long since previously successfully DISARMED their populations and as Mao put it succinctly, “ALL Power flows from the barrel of a Gun”…but, there is ONE civilization left on the planet that is anything but ‘disarmed’.
        So, if you’re an Elitist, your plan – rather naturally – has long since included a rather flexible component with a single central goal; disarm that one remaining population…and then everyone gets to go on permanent vacation- the Elites, that is.
        To that end, you’ve already LONG since corrupted the political apparatus of said nation on every level; Commerce, Banking, the Military, especially the Bureaucracy and less importantly the Political apparatchik’s. After long, media-based conditioning you’ve finally transformed a Nation of Warriors into a Nation of Sheep…almost. However, comes along a guy bearing a different message…one that returns to values previously held, one that ACTUALLY appeals to the People and it all starts going SOUTH.
        That’s about the time anyone with even a modicum of intelligence would have already have drawn up plans to pit the elements of such a Nation against each other, and introduce at the height of that turmoil something guaranteed to generate a 50/50 split – without the remotest possibility of a ‘middle ground – in ideology, throughout the population…and Joe Biden walks in the door, Ta-Da!
        Given what we’ve learned lately about him I’d daresay he’s the real, bona-fide “Manchurian Candidate”…amongst whose immediate announced policy changes is…you guessed it, go after the GUNS. Time and time again, the Left has demonstrated a contempt for the Second Amendment that passes their disdain for every other foundational principle the Nation was founded on…beyond ANY measure, no? A careful appraisal of China’s just recently publically announced ‘Wolf Warrior’ doctrine regarding the conduct of Warfare is EXTREMELY illuminating and I recommend that everyone read up on that immediately.
        In a nutshell, consider the following sequence of events…
        A VERY Un-Civil War begins in the streets across America as the results of the current contested Elections drags on interminably: Joe Biden CLAIMS the Presidency on the basis of the Popular Vote talleys and asserting that as the violence escalates then petitions the UN for assistance in quelling the disturbance. China has already acknowledged him as President, so they have a plausible reason to ‘lend MILITARY support’ to him thereby. All in an End-game effort to get Chinese ‘boots on the ground’ on American soil. If that were to succeed then China would have permanent access to “The Breadbasket of the World”…for they would under no circumstance ever – willingly – remove troops from North America IF they could ever get them over the threshold.
        So…just dwell on it for a bit, eh?


      4. General Wesley Clark told us nearly 2 decades ago that the pentagon (and their handlers) wanted to take out 7 countries in 5 years:


        They are behind in their timeline but the facts show that they are still working this plan thru false flags, color revolutions and other machinations (central bankers, etc).

        We can’t reform a regime that is 100% corrupt. It’s like polishing a turd, it can’t physically be done. It’s time to flush this parasitic infection from our country and get back to our founding principles. The Constitution is an exceptional document …… but it’s not full of exceptions.

      5. Marx, Communist Manifesto, Plank #6
        “Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the State.”

        McMaken, “The outcomes of presidential elections aren’t declared by infotainment performers working at Fox News.”

        Why does a propaganda outlet, which goes against the administration, have the privilege to exist, at taxpayer expense.

        #1 Abolition of private property and the application of all rent to public purpose.
        #2 A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
        # 4 Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

        If you don’t pay for this disinfo, there are legal consequences.

        Yet, it goes against the party line, here.

      6. “… condemned the president’s challenges to some states’ vote-counting process. These “experts” are claiming these legal efforts “undermine democracy” and “risk long-term damage” to the nation’s institutions.”

        Many Americans also believe that election fraud happened. Obviously the people who work for Newsweek do not even know what type of government the USA has. It is NOT a democracy, it has one partially democratic process, elections. Our government is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, where everything government can do – state and fed – is found in writing.

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