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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

    Between now and elections, I’d like to request that you remain on HIGH ALERT. The United States isn’t the fairytale land of opportunity that Hollywood films of the 1990s sold the world on; it’s a VERY COMPLEX country, with many ulterior motives going on behind the scenes.

    One can really get caught IN THE CROSSFIRE and end up becoming a pawn in SOMEONE ELSE’S game. Right now, that theatre is the elections and it’s played on the GRANDEST of SCALES.

    The soul of this country is what’s AT STAKE and that’s a fight that NEITHER SIDE is willing to lose without taking the ship down WITH IT.

    You’ll see trash dug up about Biden’s and Trump’s pasts; any SKELETONS they have will be exhumed. It’s going to get STREET-UGLY!

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    The reason that markets ARE CHEERING ON blindly to these insane valuations is because, FUNNY ENOUGH, the economy isn’t recovering quickly, so more stimulus IS EXPECTED.

    The Federal Reserve has essentially formed a partnership with investors and it’s acting in a way THAT ENCOURAGES risky behavior.

    It’s a fair assessment of the situation to realize that this generation of new investors, which are at present TRADING LIKE MANIACS, do not yet realize what risk/reward is in a FREE MARKET, where the central bank is not manipulating prices.

    Since the MARCH CRASH, what has been their experience, after all?

    1. The dollar has gone down for FIVE MONTHS in a row, so that confirms their notion that printing is debasement of currency. 
    2. Silver was the top-performer for the 2nd month in a row, up 15.4%. In 2020, silver is up JUST OVER +55% and gold hit an all-time high in early August, so that’s FURTHER CONFIRMATION that central banks are creating too much liquidity.
    3. Apple Inc.’s market cap is now BIGGER THAN all of the Russell 2000 index:

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    They keep chanting that STOCKS ONLY GO UP, and are actually seeing the so-called evidence of this in REAL LIFE, so you can readily understand the type of THINKING BUBBLE these traders are in. In their minds, this market is heaven and they’re there to enjoy the fruits.

    In contrast with this stock market mania, gold stocks FOLLOWED CLOSELY in the footsteps of gold and have not yet recovered from the August 5th all-time high for spot gold prices. That day, the gold stock group of companies ALSO TOPPED.

    The way we see it, this UPCOMING EARNINGS SEASON will highlight just how robust this industry has become and next week could be one of the best POSITIONING OPPORTUNITIES we get in 2020.

    In light of this, we’ve been finalizing an INCREDIBLE PROJECT; it is our FIRST-EVER fully-diversified portfolio of natural resource companies:

    1. It includes a silver company, which is still 50% below its 2016 HIGH!
    2. A gold miner, which is in a league of its own.
    3. A NEW gold producer!
    4. A company that we’ve profiled in the past which is up AS MUCH AS 900% in 2020!

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      1. Ya I’m skared shitless……

      2. As far as DC never changing, it seems that it has no choice but to adapt to the new global political climate with China and Russia having surpassed America militarily, in addition to China that has surpassed America economically, directly as a result of American businesses in China dating back to Nixon that ended the bloodbath in China and the endless revolutions that all failed until Nixon opened trade with China and American businesses started moving there. So, the Chinese communist cultural revolution ended up adopting American culture of capitalism, and in America, the Marxists are totally clueless that it is the reason for China’s success. 

        Andrea Iravani

      3. The secession of Southern states in 1860 and 1861 was not merely some act of mindless rebellion (because secession is not rebellion). They understood that the exercise of States Rights were absolutely necessary for their freedom. The federal government insisted on dramatically curtailing states rights in the effort to further empower the federal gov’t and centralize the national economy. The South understood the Fed. gov’t would ride roughshod over them, turns out they were so right. Lincoln statists and his mercantilist cohorts wanted (just as today) states as mere departments, part of and totally subordinate to the federal gov’t. Unlike today, average citizens understood and took the 10th Amendment seriously, Southerners simply could not accept giving away their state and individual rights to overlords who wanted to manipulate them for their own purposes and profits.
        It is very unfortunate slavery existed, but this is not why states seceded, nor why the South fought so hard. This is modern day propaganda that is easy to pass off because so many people have been inculcated in revised history. Delegation after delegation went to Wash. DC stating the desire only for peace and commerce, but Wash. would not have any of it, they wanted everything on their terms. Lincoln refused to remove federal troops (he was actually in the process of bringing in even more troops in an act of bad faith). The Confederate gov’t asked Wash. repeatedly to peacefully leave Fort Sumter and take all their equipment with them since South Carolina was now territory of the Confederate nation. The rest is history.
        The point is, TPTB and its officialdom minions never act on behalf of its citizens. Ultimately, it acts only for its own interests. Gov’t is not your friend, it sees your relation to them as a managed disposable resource; to tax, to fight its wars, to develop its resources (both natural and man-made), to manipulate for its own purposes, for whatever it wants or needs.
        Today it is more insidious than ever, there are powerful secret and quasi-secret entities, under the guise of gov’t, who do not want to merely control you, they want to disempower you and destroy you. They want to drain your wealth through inflation, taxes, the export of jobs, and lower wages, to further concentrate wealth. They don’t want a middle class, they don’t want an intelligent and truthfully informed citizenry.
        It’s main goal is to permanently alter the demography and culture of of the US. This goal is not actually primarily based on Marxism, or or any philosophical or political ideal. Rather, ideology is used as a tool. It is based on something much less noble. Its real roots and causes are based in little more than a tribalistic hatred of cultural tradition, whites, and Christianity. It is that in a nutshell. As we get closer to the general election, look for more disruptions and chaos. Should Pres. DT be re-elected, there will be upheaval. All orchestrated of course by nameless and faceless entities – no, it isn’t the Russians.
        If the Dem. nominee is elected, the real trouble for we traditional millions would start immediately after he assumed office. We don’t know all he and his ideological handlers have planned (but you can be sure they already have an extensive, comprehensive agenda ready to put in place). You will see the elimination of the 2nd Amendment and free speech in practice. More taxes for everyone including the middle class, more costly military deployments in endless wars that do not benefit Amer. in any way, the federal takeover of local zoning laws – look for low income housing and complexes coming to your suburban neighborhood, the curtailment of private and Christian education, the PC (which is actually Marxist) controls on everything in public for speech and behavior, gov’t mandates designed to reduce our standard of living, and a massive influx of third-world immigration are only a very few on the list. Of course they’re not telling you about their real agenda before the election. They despise this country, and they despise YOU.
        Secession is the one and only action that would undo all this. Constitutionally, states have always had the right to go their own way (even today) to maintain their own culture, traditions, laws, etc., and make their own like-minded alliances with each other. Secession will cut the Gordian knot.

      4. Sure, we have issues. To those that want to destroy our country. I will preface this statement by saying my family has friends and family of all races & darn near all countries-of-origin. Some of my ancestors were chased out of the beautiful farmland in valleys of Switzerland. Those Anabaptist (later Pennsylvania Mennonites) farmers saw similar Christians exterminated by the dominant religion in that region of Europe. My wife’s Huguenot ancestors had a similar experience. Her black ancestors came from northwest Africa. Some of my other ancestors of Cherokee & Choctaw ancestry were forced onto the TRAIL OF TEARS and relocated from their ancestral southeastern U.S. lands to what is now southern Oklahoma. Those ancestors were unable to win the wars with the superior forces, equipment, & organization of the American nation. This is a microcosm of the historical record. Eventually the descendants of these folks that experienced tremendous hardship, embraced the American Dream. We built this nation, many descendants grew food, and generations of my ancestors served the military to perpetuate our society. It’s still a work in progress. The chaos mob should know that we will NOT ALLOW the TEMPER TANTRUM CROWD to destroy our nation. Semper Fidelis.

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